Between Barbarians and Fanatics

For most of human existence, the great conflict was between ordered civilization and chaotic barbarism. The Bronze Age societies had to contend with barbarians from the north. The Greeks and Romans had to deal with various barbarian tribes to their north and east. Medieval Europe had to deal with the Viking raiders and the Mongol invaders from the east. Then there were the Muslim invasions from the South that threatened Christendom. The story of the West has been the story of fighting barbarians.

By the time the West reached the Enlightenment, barbarian invasion was a thing of the past. In fact, it was inconceivable. The Nordic people were just as settled as the rest of Europe. Their days of raiding and pillaging were over. The idea of Asian tribes crossing through Russian into Europe was equally ridiculous. Of course, the Muslims had been beaten back and were no longer a threat. In fact, it was the West that was now heading south into the Middle East and Africa. The barbarians were no longer an issue.

Instead of organizing to keep the barbarians from coming over the horizon, it was the West sailing over the horizon to conquer the barbarians. The thing is though, all those years of organizing to defend civilization from the barbarians, however one wants to define the terms, meant a degree of internal vigilance. There could be no tolerance of internal actors and actions that weakened the social and political structures. Civilization was a near run thing so anything that weakened the West internally could not be tolerated.

The Catholic Church gets a bad rap for being intolerant of science during the Middle Ages, but that’s mostly left-wing nonsense. In an age when dissent could pull the support posts out from society, intolerance of troublemakers made a lot of sense. Of course, from the perspective of the secular rulers, a theological consistency, one that supported the order atop which they presided, was seen as essential. Anything that threatened the internal logic of the social order, even unintentionally, had to be treated very seriously.

That meant an extreme intolerance of religious fanatics. The post the other day about the Flagellants is a good example. The Church and secular rulers suppressed the movement because their fanaticism threatened order, by questioning the legitimacy of the Church. After all, if God was punishing people with the plague, that implied the Church was not on good terms with the Almighty. Throw in the fact the Flagellants were preaching about a coming age of bliss and it is easy to see why the Church suppressed them.

The point is, the West was good at policing the ranks for fanatics, because they had no choice. The very real threat from beyond the borders coupled with the fragility of the feudal order meant anyone coloring outside the lines was a mortal threat. As the alien threats receded, the need to impose a uniform intellectual order receded with it. While it resulted in a great intellectual flourishing in the West, it also let all the fanatics off their leash. The result is the West has been convulsed by fanaticism since the Enlightenment.

That’s how you have to look at radical ideologies like Marxism. These theories defy observable reality and imagine something that has never existed. There’s simply no way for a sober minded person to accept the idea of the worker’s paradise. Only a true believer is willing to commit their life to something that has never existed on earth. It is the same cognitive tool set that allows someone to think they can appeal directly to God or conjure miracles, simply because they believe. The fanatic is the fuel of radicalism.

In The Inequality of Man, the great natural scientist J. B. S. Haldane argued that fanaticism was a Judaic-Christian invention. That’s most certainly wrong, but he was not wrong to think it had been a feature of mankind for a long time. It is the fuel that drives a people to build a great culture. As we saw in the last century and now in our present age, it is also the fuel of great raging destruction. Other than allowing the rage of the fanatics to run its course, no one has yet to come up with a way to meet the challenge of the true believer.

That really is the challenge of this age. Lacking anything resembling a unified religion, our overabundance of fanatics are free to indulge in whatever is handy. One minute they are threatening order if gays are not allowed to marry. The next minute they are tearing down the borders, inviting in the barbarians our ancestors pushed over the horizon. It’s as if some strange mind virus is sweeping our societies, turning the afflicted into berserkers, beyond the reach of reason. As a result we edge closer and closer to collapse.

What’s happening in America, at least, is a replay of what happened in the Pennsylvania colony at the founding. The eastern part of the state was home to many fanatics, convinced they were part a project to immanentize the eschaton. To the west were the borderland people, living in the hills as pre-settled people. In between was where the civilized people lived, just looking to live peaceful, orderly lives. Eventually the middle aligned with the east to keep the hillbillies in the west from overrunning the middle.

To a great degree, this was true for the country as a whole. The emotional energy of the crazies, mostly located in the northeast, fueled the expansion across the continent. The Indians never stood a chance, not because of technology, but because the pale face was driven by a sense of destiny. It powered the northern conquest of the South and the expansion of America into a global power. It came with a price. Just as Pennsylvania is still dominated by Philadelphia, America remains captive to the Northern crazies.

That said, geography kept the crazies on their leash into the 20th century, with the exception of the Northern invasion of the South. As technology made it possible for the fanatics to extend their reach into every corner of the country, the threat of nuclear annihilation forced a degree of discipline on the elites. With that gone, the fanatics were free to run wild, pulling at every support beam and cable they can find. That’s where we find ourselves today. There are no barbarians at the walls, just our own fanatics.

If the West in general and American in particular, is going to survive this age, it will mean coming up with a way to control the fanatic. Perhaps it will mean finding a DNA test to look for the lunacy gene or simply change the culture to fear fanaticism. We were once willing to do what had to be done to ward off the barbarian.  Maybe we learn how to cull our herd in order to remove the crazies, no matter how unpleasant. Civilization lies between the barbarian and the fanatic. Both must be tamed if we are to survive.

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  1. OT: Zman, any chance of a special election “thread” so we can talk shit about the Dems getting blown out?

  2. Most of this craziness and fanaticism comes from women, who are also extremely vindictive toward opponents….When the West gave women power, it caused this explosion of fanaticism and holiness spiirals..Now it can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

    • Super-vital point about women, pyrrhus.
      Thanx to how Feinswine, Biden, etc. handled the Kav orgy, we now have a glorious chance to start to put the genie back in the bottle, enough to make a big dent in the broader outlook.
      This orgy is a wake-up call to Western men (and sensible women), that I hardly dared dream of, until it happened.
      This orgy rubbed noses into the extent to which the SJWs care nothing for due process.
      Even some black guys can see parallels, between Kav and Emmett Till, enough that they now can entertain becoming MGTOW.
      The feminists could very easily soon see themselves very much on their heels, so that more normal women mostly shun them.

  3. I’ve come around to the idea that the lunatics running the asylum will be cast into the void at some point. I’m not so doom and gloom anymore, and it will be interesting to watch.

    • They tend to self destruct, plus they don’t really reproduce either. It’s a disease model, and this flare up will run its course.

  4. The explosion of fanaticism is a byproduct of our extreme affluence and it’s handmaiden, the welfare state. If you get up in the morning and have to struggle to eat and protect yourself, then being a realist will help you survive. Conversely, if the minimum basics of survival are readily provided by government handouts, then you will have lots of leisure time to engage in your fanatical behaviors. If the penalty for fanaticism was loss of government gravy, it would disappear overnight.

  5. Fanaticism and lunacy are the fig leaf over the top of group conflict. Whites are presently losing to arabs, africans, mestizos, and the diaspora. Fanatics exist in all camps, but only whites have their defensive fanatics suppressed and allow them elsewhere. All religions including Christianity and Judaism, when practiced by non-white tribes, are ethnic neutral or offensive. Only white religion is self-abnegation made faith.

    • Only a white nationalist could be tone-deaf enough to watch that piece and think that the white nationalists came out smelling like roses. The guy fell for nearly every trap that the interviewer laid out. Every normie who watched that piece (which, thankfully, was probably very few) went away thinking “my god, there really is a big racist conspiracy!”

      And don’t mistake my pragmatism for “blackpilling” or being insufficiently “pro-white” like WNs are wont to do. The work that IE is doing is good, important and necessary. That’s WHY they shouldn’t talk to the media; he straight-up admits that their work requires subtlety and circumspection, yet here he is blasting it out to a few million actively hostile listeners who will now be on high alert and actively policing the perimeter. Dumbass.

      • At some point, white nationalists have to broach the topic of white nationalism. It’s likely that the first few times this topic is raised, the normie listeners will recoil. But that is the only way to convert people to ideas with which they disagree. At some point, you have to mention it. Dumbass.

          • Ask the circa 1990’s Serbs and Croats. The violent break-up of Yugoslavia is the endgame of any ethnic nationalist movement. White nationalism will break-up the US into hate filled warring tribes that will make the Yugoslavia or Rwanda look like a Sunday school picnic.

          • Of course that does NOT mean that the US needs to import more and more people from abroad, far from it. End illegal immigration, close the borders and significantly restrict legal immigration. The USA needs be kept the way it is. Enough of importing the world’s problems over here. If immigration is not curtailed, white nationalism will rise up and the country will break apart in a series of bloody ethnic conflicts.

          • The United States of America will either grow to become the universal empire, or it will die.

            I have a strong preference.

        • Softly, softly, catchee monkey

          I think the “dumbass” was meant for P. Casey.
          The Today Show, for godsake.
          If that ain’t an obvious trap, I don’t know what is. It’s an uncovered tiger pit.

  6. Compare and contrast:

    Tucker Carlson: “To modern Democrats, America is an economy with land attached, it’s a massive private equity scheme from which they are benefiting, its people are interchangeable humans widgets to be discarded and replaced.”

    Jennifer Rubin
    “If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness. yes!”

  7. Since the left is fanatical about tearing down Western culture, traditions, history, and even our people, we need to fanatical about defending and preserving it. That’s the fanaticism that’s been missing. Our side has been apathetic about defending the West. It should’ve never got to this point.

    • “apathetic about defending the West”, largely because the danger was, until quite recently, very obscure.
      Only in the last few years have the SJWs, and their MSM allies, really started to let it all hang out.

  8. As a derivative topic, the Saudis (no saints themselves) understand better than most the thread posed by fanatics and that Saudi society is in no way ready to cope with the kind of invitation to fanaticism generated by an open society. They correctly assessed that the agitations of Mr. Khashoggi represented an existential threat to Saudi society and responded accordingly.

    Our fanatics now insist that the US is somehow obligated to jettison the Saudi relationship just because some asshole “journalist” played with fire and got burned. One wonders whether the progs at the Bezos blog accept any responsibility for fate?

    Meanwhile Putin is playing it cool and #winning. We are governed by dullards.

    • A Saudi is murdered on Saudi sovereign territory by other Saudis in the middle of Turkey, and it is our problem?

      • J Kushner apparently having given the Saud prince intel file names of Saudi dissidents.

        Sounds like a setup of both MB Salman and DJ Trump.

        Plus, Khashoggi, son of the arms dealer, is now a martyr for the NYTimes. Coordinated Tribe work here, yanking strings with implied threats of future pressure.

          • Yeeks, you’re right. Is Salman stupid and vicious enough to take such easy bait, or was he sending back a message of his own? (and his guys bungled it with typical Arab efficiency)

  9. The magic trick we must perform is transforming the anti-white fanatics into pro-white fanatics. This may be as difficult as it seems. I have a number of anti-white fanatics in my family (and I love them). They believe that because they are anti-white that they will be granted an exemption from the punishment of whites. If we can convince them that no exemption is forthcoming then they might flip to pro-white.

    It’s unfortunate that the white family has this fanatical strain but we have to work with what we have and try to harness it.

    • They (your family) have no idea what’s coming as the number of clannish, low-trust brown invaders increases. White people can be so naive, so trusting of outsiders. I suppose it’s an evolutionary trait, where cooperation with others was necessary for surviving the cold bleak winters.

      As for virtue-signaling, Kevin MacDonald has an interesting theory that whites valued their reputation greatly, to be someone others could trust. An essential survival mechanism. Maybe telling the world what a good person you are is part of that? The Brown invaders aren’t going to care how many Facebook “likes” the GoodWhites have accumulated.

      • Let the brown hordes boil off the weak minded whites. The remaining core will be liberated to do their thing.

    • A lot of folks thought after 9/11 that people would sour on Muslim immigration. They didn’t, they went back to being self-absorbed fools.

      I suspect to get your typical self-loathing white to flip will be hard and bloody, with many going to their deaths rather than admitting they were wrong.

      But it gets worse. When SHTF, these people will sell you out if you prep or aren’t one their pod people. I certainly keep my distance from such people.

  10. “There are no barbarians at the walls, just our own fanatics.”
    I do take exception to this observation. Southern California is pretty well colonized by millions of barbarians in the form of illiterate, unassimilated, undocumented and illegal Mexican immigrants. The fanatics in Sacramento have showered them with welfare, housing, healthcare, education etc. at the expense of the middle class taxpayers to such an extent that many true Californians must flee to escape finsncial and cultural death.
    And the further irony is that Trump, who has not succeeded in getting funding for the actual wall whose raison d’etre is to exclude such barbarians, is threatening to use military force at the border to prevent a horde that has grown to about 4000 and has made it from Honduras to the Guatemalan-Mexican border with the explicit goal of “invading” America. The fanatics will no doubt welcome them with open arms and the contents of our wallets. Thus, a military engagement at the border which authorized live fire could deliver a twofer. All it requires is the proper resolve by our CIC.

    • A military engagement with live fire at the legislature in Sacramento would pay even greater dividends.

    • Except that the cucked CA middle class were the ones that handed over the keys to the fanatics. Every single gun grabbing measure has passed overwhelmingly. My sympathy for CA taxpeons is non-existent

  11. I’ve seen liberal democracy compared with arson: it releases a ton of stored energy, creates a beautiful spectacle, and utterly destroys any structure that used to exist. With that analogy in mind, fanaticism could be likened to the actual chemical combustion process that makes fire spread.

    It’s a complex issue because in a multipolar world, every nation or empire is incentivized to do this in order to get ahead of the others. Long-term, it’s always chaos and destruction for your country, but in the short term, some other country could gain military supremacy.

    It’s a straight-up prisoner’s dilemma problem, with no real solution so far. Every country has to cooperate in order to avoid the liberalization cycle. That will never happen, so the “solution” some people have is global governance (AKA globalism). That’s an even worse idea for a multitude of reasons that everyone here already knows – but when you consider the dilemma, it’s easy to understand how they arrive at that solution.

    • I think the short-term “gimme dat” plays a much bigger role in their decision making. Global governance means mega-graft, and the “gimme dat”s want to line up for their share, just as they did in Caracas.

    • And here’s how the “gimme dat”s get established. The government puts up taxes, regulations, permits, zoning, licenses, and easements so that the average guy can’t build a career or start a business. Box him in so there is no way out. Then a bunch of them will resort to “gimme dat”, courtesy of the government. Those same government operatives that strangled the private sector then offer “dat” to the masses, overseen by themselves, with a tremendous “skim” to the system that enriches those same government people. The loop is closed, the circle is made, and, voila, Venezuela.

      • You’re sounding a bit like a libertarian, ancap or some other type of anti-statist (AKA a fanatic). History shows that good governance leads to civil society. Regulations and zoning are good things; I don’t want someone to be able to set up a factory or abattoir next to my house. I don’t want quacks claiming to be medical doctors. In the USA, government-enforced racial segregation led to the most positive economic and social outcomes in American history for both whites and blacks.

        The problem isn’t government, it’s liberal democratic government. A strong, secure, intelligent aristocracy has no incentive to deceive or oppress the majority of its subjects, and throughout most of recorded history, they generally didn’t.

        What if governments didn’t have to lie in order to skim off the top? How much does it really bother you to have to pay rent or HOA fees?

        • There are laws and regulations that reflect the mores of the society and the ones that are purely bossy. The bossy laws (E85, anyone?) are the ones I can’t stand. The bossy ones are also the ones that box people in and piss them off.

  12. Off topic, so apologies. I was in a very large advertising agency the other day, and in the midst of normal business I overheard some creatives openly discussing a project where the object was something regarding “tax reform.” This is a major firm with huge clients like an automotive manufacturer and a soft drink conglomerate. Ad agencies have been converged for a long time, but this is a new wrinkle. They are becoming openly political and are paying employees to engage in activism. Masks falling everywhere.

    • ??? This anecdote makes no sense. Is there a point to this story?

      So there’s a tax reform project at an ad agency??? And???

    • As the Guest poster indicates, can you clarify a bit? I’m going to assume the company hired by the ad agency had nothing to do with tax preparation, reform or policy and the ad agency wanted to interject it. Is that what was going on?

  13. Bonus book recommendation: Paul Johnson’s “Modern Times” is very good on how the “fanatical type,” who might have gone into fire-and-brimstone preaching in earlier times, moved seamlessly into totalitarian politics in the 20th century. He singles out Lenin as the outstanding example of this type.

    • Thanks, BR. I’ll plan to read it. I liked Johnson’s “Intellectuals.” Short bios of Rousseau, Shelley, Marx, Ibsen, down through Lillian Hellman. Last chapter: “The Flight of Reason.”

    • Agree 100%, and would extend that characterization to the entire P(lenty of) J(ews) Media. Cucks all.

  14. “The West was good at policing the ranks for fanatics…if the West in general, and America in particular, is going to survive this age, it will mean coming up with a way to control the fanatic.”

    Well, sure, but the reason why we are not currently policing or controlling them is because they are policing and controlling us.

    The only way we are going to survive this age is revolution or separation.

  15. “the West was good at policing the ranks for fanatics, because they had no choice.”
    Something this History Major knew intuitively but never stated that clearly.

    I would say that the barbarian threats were not “inconceivable” during the Enlightenment. The Barbary Pirates and their Sea Jihad was in full swing in Mediterranean well into the 19th Century. Until North Africa was fully colonized, there was a steady flow of captured Europeans sold into slavery in North Africa. Anyone on a boat or near the coast of the Med was at risk.

    Most of France – not at risk. So maybe that’s one reason why they went crazy first and the rest of Europe had to put that craziness down.

    • Yeah, Drake, the Enlightenment was really going strong, before it was really clear that the Ottomans couldn’t take another shot at Vienna.
      Belgrade was only permanently liberated in 1717, and that permanence wasn’t clear until many decades hence.

        • Yah, that’s when Lord Byron, the poet, went over there to assist the Greeks in ridding themselves of the Turks. Before they left Athens they stored ammunition in the Parthenon and it was blown up, with the damage visible to this day.

  16. On the subject of mind viruses, I strongly recommend the 2008 film Pontypool. Taken literally, its premise is ludicrous. However, when seen as a metaphor for the ways in which memetic mind viruses infect populations, it’s brilliant.

  17. ” It is the same cognitive tool set that allows someone to think they can appeal directly to God or conjure miracles, simply because they believe. The fanatic is the fuel of radicalism.”

    Sounds like the Grand Inquisitor. I guess that’s why we can’t let the masses read the Bible.

    23 “Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen, it will be done for him. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark, 11:23-24

  18. For starters, the people who want to bring Mexican and Central American peasants to the U.S. for a better life could be deported to Mexico or Central America to help the peasants over there, in their own countries. Same applies to Middle-Easterners, Africans and Asians — all the well-meaning but destructive ‘rescuers’ should be deported to help whatever people they’re bent on saving over in those native lands. That would probably cull a lot of higher educated white women who would learn hard lessons. So be it; they can share the horrors of reality with other dopes thinking of following suit. Speaking of higher education, we need to destroy our education system, from pre-school up through post-doctorate, and start all over, curricula to be determined by white Christian men.

    • I feel the same way about missionaries. Make them stay permanently where they do their “work”.

    • Plus, all those rescuers would spread white genes to the savages, uplifting them, which is the stated purpose anyways. Plus, the hatters and soys would get some heirs, which is what they want.

      Worked for the Aztecs. Mexico is the 11th richest economy in the world.
      Pussyhat conquistadores, the world is yours!

    • I am not sure where you are going to find “Christian” institutions to do this as the schools that were founded to train male Christian leaders, like Harvard and Yale were, Georgetown, too, for Catholics, are now just branches of Camp Runamuck. Sorry to use the cliche, but that ship has sailed.

      • Oh, my fantasy was not for ‘Christian institutions’ to do anything. Once we’ve destroyed the entire schooling system, white Christian men — individuals who are well read and great thinkers — would determine the curricula for whatever schools we would replace the old system with. The less involvement these white Christian men have with government or institutions, the better.

  19. A huge perception problem for the normies is that all of the Leftist Marxist crazy has been packaged up into something they can consume, once the educational system and the media get through with them. The crazy has been made to appear normal. The sheer lunacy of Liz Warren’s Cherokee conceit gets nothing but the occasional raised eyebrow. In a normal state of affairs, she would be prescribed with bed rest and a case of vodka, along with the promise to never speak in public again. The disassembly of all of this brainwashing is going to be difficult and painful.

  20. We are worth saving. What I don’t see anywhere is a viable 4th gen war strategy that can fix the sheer number of fanatics. I suppose in history 50k could be fixed by societal policing, today something much different is called for when it’s 60M internal nutcakes.

    The 3 percent fantasizes a 4GW, thinking they can fix things with opportunistic sniping. I repeat myself, 60M fanatics.

    Only thing I see correcting the conscience of the world would best start with a sublime cull, and it would be better if nature was the opposition during round one. Perhaps a new Ebola strain, clears 35% of the world, all tribes hit equally around the globe. That event alone could cause more return to rational thinking in survivors than a 1:7 twist rate.

    Maybe a political/financial collapse, where the same percent disappear through starvation. Take your pick, it just has to be biblical.

    Then round 2 can kick off, if it’s even needed, for what’s left of the Left.

    I’m reading Hemingway “For Whom the Bell Tolls” again. To remind me I have much to live for, but reminder I am a MAN, I have a DUTY to life itself, and a RESPONSIBILITY to my Neanderthal ancestors and history since ever, of men acting with decency and honor in opposition to barbarians.

    The nuckle dragging Neanderthals in my blood and genes will come in valuable, no matter how this goes down.

    • The numbers may be smaller than you think. Only one data point, but it does come from deep in enemy territory. Was at a political strategy meeting recently and some of the “old time” hands who have still have strong relationships with the “D” operators say that the middle ground Democrats are terrified of the Jacobins that have taken over the party. But none want to take them on because they can mobilize 200 screaming harpies to swarm every political event you try to schedule and spend 24/7 plastering social media. Certainly that is the case with the local Democrats–where middle aged peri-menopausal shriekers in genitalia hats have taken over and shout down any who dare challenge their hegemony.

    • The original Colonies had a population of 2.5 million; a self-managed Republic was possible.

      Steyn has noted that successful states such as Switzerland and Singapore were roughly a million or so; size matters.

    • Don’t bet on nature doing our work for us. She has her own schedule. As for a political/financial collapse, the elites have so rigged it, it’s not going to happen without a outside actor.

      Hoping for this has been one of our major screw ups for the last 40 years. It turned us into passive losers while the Left took over.

      That said, the Left has made it clear, they want us dead and gone by any means. They are very explicit on this. This means once they get back into power, they will curb stomp us. Via open borders and judicial fiats, BigTech black listing us and gangs of anti-fa given carte blanch by local Dem officials.

      We will not get a “do-over” or “respawn” if this happens.

      And it may be soon.

  21. “One minute they are threatening order if gays are not allowed to marry.”

    Woh, woh, wo, Woh…

    It’s you religious people who are the fanatics on this point, trying to prevent us from sharing the right to marry that heterosexuals take for granted. Earlier in this century you were denying “marriage licenses” to mixed unions in the south. That was the whole idea behind the putative marriage license, denying others the rights you enjoy. Before that you were burning withches on the hillsides.

    • Great point. The biggest reason for the culture war was the monopolisation of morality by the christian church – and this war won’t end till they are permanently out of business.. or we are back to the Dark Ages.

      • I await your list of successful non-Christian cultures that gave their blessing to homosexual unions.

        Can’t find any? Well then don’t blame Christianity for what appears to be a universal, species-wide aversion to non-productive sexual behavior, aka perversion aka sodomy.

        Christianity offers unique and delightful insights on the everlasting problem of how to live, and why living matters; that’s what all the great religions do. It may all be smoke and mirrors, like a really good Pink Floyd concert from the 80s, but don’t act stupid and pretend that (a) sexual morality in Christianity differs in any palpable way from that of other belief systems or that (b) your unhappiness is in any way the consequence of Christianity. The good news for you is that you now live in a post-Christian society. Go forth and be happy.

        Just don’t be a dick about it.

    • The “tell” is that the gays fight for a church marriage. If it was purely an economic and social argument, then state sanctioned “civil unions” would be the appropriate alternative. No, this is about infiltrating a religious edifice that looks down on gay unions and bringing it to heel. We will be made to obey.

      Why would gays want to participate in a religion that does not fully accept them?

    • I’ll agree with you on the mixed unions. But if we go beyond one man and one woman, what is the limiting principle? What is the justification for banning polygamy, bestiality, incest, etc. I’m not saying gays are equivalent to those, but what is the principle to ban them? And realize that once there are no limits, you have repealed the estate and gift taxes. So at least there’s that.

      • DLS: “what is the limiting principle? What is the justification for banning polygamy, bestiality, incest, etc?” I’m pretty sick of people not being able to make a point, but only insinuating some point, by putting it in the form of a question. I didn’t agree to an interview so try being a thoughtful person and answer your own question!

        • I don’t understand either DLS’ comment, or your reaction to it.

          But I can’t resist comment on DLS’ point, or rather question:

          “We seek a limiting principle. What is that principle?”

          Answer this for yourself, DLS. The bounds of sexual union are not a constitutional or philosophical matter. You get that? You get that the super-majority of our nature was settled and established before the Enlightenment, right? Like, almost all of it? That I enjoy eating steak ‘au point’, hugging attractive women or taking a quality morning shit are not pleasures I learned from Voltaire or by reading the Federalist Papers. You get all that?

          Good – now we can talk. You concern yourself with limiting principles. OK, so we all know that on an interstate highway that posts speed limits of 65 that we can drive 70 at least; where’s the limiting principle?

          If I can drive 70 without the cops caring – indeed, blowing past me – then where is the limiting principle? Why can’t I just go ahead and drive 100?

          Where’s the limiting principle?

          That’s a question for you, DLS. You might not like my own answer because it is not as elegant as the original puzzle. It’s like answering Zeno’s Paradox, you know, the tortoise and the hare; there is an answer, but it isn’t as cute or ‘gotcha’ as the question.

          • “I don’t understand either DLS’ comment, or your reaction to it.”

            My reaction was to the slippery slope “where does it end?” tactic, especially as used by the anti-gay marriage crowd. The rhetorical question schtick is nearly the only way people discuss things anymore. Pat Buchanon can’t write a column without a question mark at the end of every sentence. It gets old. We legalize firewood? What’s next? Burning babies?

          • The concept of a limiting principle is a standard part of lawmaking and interpretation. It’s not a riddle or paradox. If you read Supreme Court cases, you see this question asked all the time. The answer to your speeding question is that 65 mph is the limiting principle. If you or the police choose to not follow the law, that’s a separate issue. My own answer to my question is once you move past the 3000 year old rationale for marriage, you have no logical reason to outlaw any type of marriage. Here are a few examples:

            -A young man wants to marry his father to inherit his estate with no taxes.

            -A woman marries her best friend to give her a huge tax-free cash gift.

            -An old man wants to marry his 18 year old granddaughter so she can live off his social security for the next 60 years after he dies.

            -A man wants to have 5 wives.

            If you don’t believe these things will happen if legal, you’re very naive. The people in the above examples can simply parrot gays, and say no one should tell them who they can marry. My limiting principle is those things should not be legal. If you can’t name your own limiting principle and why, you are simply dodging the issue, or saying there should be no rules. If so, fine. But then we also need to rewrite many of our existing laws, the tax code, welfare and social security rules, etc.,to handle this change.

          • Our “limiting principle” is a moral consensus we reach in a democracy, which dictates that we do the least amount of harm. We don’t need a freaking bible to tell us what’s what. Your examples are ridiculous and the law could easily prevent such abuses. Let’s face it, you dream of sucking dick and you want to punish everyone else for it.

          • Keep going. You’re doing such a great job of convincing people. Just look at your vote totals.

      • Marriage licenses were legal proof that the heirs of natural union had title to their parents’ assets. Used mostly by the propertied class. Less than half of common people were licensed in marriage, as few owned property.

        A tradesman would come to town to work on a cathedral, a local girl would have a couple kids with him, then he would leave for another job elsewhere. She would stay with family, and have a couple more with the next tradesman to come. Common law.

        Licensed marriage is law for the heirs. Gays don’t have heirs.
        They can hire a florist, photographer, and speaker for any damn ceremony they want.
        I wish the State would stop kidnapping other people’s children for them.

        • No, decades of government research has shown that two sperm’s chromosomal load can be transferred into an ovum. Then the government will mandate a female carrier to produce true genetic offspring. Women’s names will be put into a huge lottery like on the movie Dragonslayer.

          • two sperm’s chromosomal load can be transferred

            All you people think about is transferring loads.

        • yeah, that’s how it worked — exactly nowhere but africa. do you know how much food cost in the olde days?!

    • That’s pretty much the essence of the progressive agenda. Attempt to use civilized peoples’ own innate decency against them. Frame degeneracy and a corruption of an age-old institution as a shared right.

    • Gardnerian Wicca I presume?

      Gays were never satisfied with civil unions. They wanted to be mainstreamed and being seen just as acceptable as a hetro married couple instead of the freak show they are.

      Denying marriage licenses to mixed couples was a good thing society wise.

    • Every homosexual is by definition a sexual deviant. That’s not a Christian-only norm but one that predates Christianity by several centuries and has existed in every major civilization known to man. The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Israelites, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, etc. all condemned homosexuality in no uncertain terms, or at best tolerated it so long as it was kept on the “down low.” Same goes for homosexuality among the native peoples of Mesoamerica and South America. NONE of these civilizations treated or considered homosexuality as normal, much less socially desirable. Even the ancient Greeks, who many liberals and gays like to claim regarded homosexuals relationships as normal based on one or two sources quoted out of context, condemned such relationships.

      More to the point, in ALL of these civilizations/societies marriage was defined as a union of man and woman. NOWHERE do we read of any of these great societies accepting or acknowledging any union between homosexuals as legally binding. “Homosexual marriage” is an entirely artificial construct that only came to exist within the last 30 years of social justice weirdness.

      Simply put, open homosexuals need to be become “shovel ready projects.” And the 90%+ of normal people need to stop pretending that homosexuals can be accepted in mainstream society without accepting even greater sexual deviancies, e.g. pedophilia, etc. becoming normal in the future. I find it disgusting to see many of the so-called conservatives out there appealing to gays for their votes and support, as though that won’t come with a price tag.

      • the greeks condemned homosexuality?! please provide documentation for that claim. unless Sparta (for example) is not in your version of greece.

        • There is a widespread notion that because certain Greek writers praised the love between men in certain plays, myths, etc. that Greek society condoned such relationships. But if you read Plato, Herodotus and other original sources, you cannot help deducing that this was not the norm in Greek society. There are two schools of scholastic thought about homosexuality in ancient Greece. One posits that the practice of open homosexuality and pederasty was something only favored within the uppermost ranks of society, and even then only by a minority of them. Ordinary Greeks disdained the practice or at least did not laud it. The other school argues that there is no reason to believe that homosexuality was viewed as any less desirable than heterosexual relationships. It also doesn’t help that modern writers, mostly gay themselves, dominate the latter school as they argue that ancient Greek homosexuals embraced porto-modern notions of homosexual identity. That’s an anachronism and nothing more than wishful thinking.

          The most widespread and socially significant form of same-sex sexual relations in ancient Greece was between adult men and pubescent or adolescent boys. It was understood that men or boys who engaged in such activity flouted social norms. A male who allowed himself to be penetrated was viewed with disdain even if his “love” (which we should really read as “dedication” or “loyalty”) for his fellow man was lauded. For ancient Greek writers an philosophers, the most significant relationship in their society was the friendship between males. But that was balanced by the need to bring forth new lives and sustain the polis. That’s another way of saying that the default rule within ancient Greek poleis was that homosexuality was not favored. Even amongst the Spartans, the practice of pederasty within the training camps for juvenile boys was not something lauded or celebrated. What was celebrated was the bond between warrior males that was strong enough to sustain them in combat. Outside that utility, Spartans expected their menfolk to make babies, as they were a minority tribe surrounded by a much large population of helots or they feared would swamp them at any moment.

    • WTF do you think the point of marriage is? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not for two men playing house together to be able to enjoy some tax breaks while they’re having sex with other men anyways*.

      Marriage isn’t some hedonistic “right” to be “enjoyed”, though it’s telling that this is how you look at it. Marriage is a responsibility, and solution to a problem – it places constraints on the more antisocial sexual behavior of women and “alpha” men, while giving the “beta” men capable of building a civilization a better chance to have kids, who will be raised in a stable environment** and will grow up to continue the cycle.

      Take the breeding out of the equation and marriage doesn’t make much sense.

      *try to tell me that’s not the reality of gay marriage

      **inb4 he says kids adopted by gays turn out fine, ignoring the reproductive aspect

  22. No, the reason stuff like Marxism, feminism and other chit house ideologies is that they start with flawed but plausible foundations. Once you accept those, all the ensuing comedy and hilarity is a cake walk. Especially if you are a comedian and a clown. Look at our leaders – the best could make a killing on stand up comedy.
    Like any modern man I have huge problems with classical Christianity. The mythology of the crucifixion is a lot to swallow for a man like me. But whatever – there are such things as miracles, saviours, heroes and demons and monsters. I have seen them all. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes too, and that is easy to forget in these days of fanatic SJW’s.

    It behooves is to remember that WE are the heretics, the lethal threat, the enemies of all that is well and good … for the Leftist Man. I think we are going to have to kill him before this is over or we will be sacrificed to his gods ourselves.

    • I see our Good King Jesus as an archetype, a worthy example to follow.

      The Face of our people, to whom I would give my love and my heart.

      Doesn’t need magical “proof”.
      Not related to the slaveraider’s El of the Old Testament. That is a Book for a different People.

      Constantine was a Roman pagan until his wife baptized him on his deathbed. Julia picked out the holy sites such as Calvary, Joseph’s Tomb, etc.

      (The actual tomb of Jesus’ family was found in 1967, in a row reserved for lesser royalty.
      All were there, except Him. His tomb was empty; but, the unmarked tomb next to that held an unnamed crucified man.

      The body- we do not know who, or if it was a plot, or a myth- had been placed to prevent it from being desecrated or venerated; the sixteen soldiers guarding the empty tomb told the truth, and were executed. Their jailer, a former legionnaire, believed his mates and joined them in honorable death as they were marched naked to freeze to death on a frozen lake. Many Roman soldiers saw Jesus as Mitras Returned, Cyrus the Redeemer come back, as did the Greek-speaking urban Jews.)

      • Of course the Prince, as illegitimate heir of Emperor Tiberius and Miriamne (Mary) Herod, was furnished a lineage to David, as the Herods were and are seen as “Arab tax collectors” rewarded by Rome with a puppet throne.

        15 year old Mary was given to a 42 year-old widower, Joseph, to give the “child of the holy ghost, a child of Jove”- slang meaning a royal bastard- legitimacy, as did the lineage.

        Jesus, a child of civilized Roman law and honest Levantine trade (not slaves), thus gains double legitimacy as a representative in this atheist’s eyes, as well.

      • Um, Constantine was baptized by Eusebius of Nicomedia, d. 341. His wives were Minervina and Fausta. His mother, St. Helena, is the one who visited the Holy Land. See St. Helena and the True Cross.
        Constantine was not a pagan until his deathbed.
        “Constantine the Great converted to Christianity in 312 which is ‘now almost universally acknowledged’; painted the Christian monogram on his army’s shields; opposed the persecution of Christians; practiced forbearance toward, signed an edict of religious tolerance for, and issued mandates restoring rights and property to Christians; published decrees giving religious freedom to all; built several Christian basilicas and churches; restored Christian property; aided the bishops and became involved in all affairs of the Church; supported Christian communities, parishes, kingdoms; held Christian synods and councils; a statue of himself and silver coins were decorated with the Christian monogram; he read the Scriptures and organized Christian religious ceremonies; made Sunday a civil holiday; freed Christian soldiers for religious services; the ‘Sol Invictus’ was adopted in a Christian sense; he spoke of God’s providence; claimed divine protection for Christians; an Oration to the Assembly of Saints attributed to Constantine is a model of contemporary Christian apologetics; refused religious honors to the Roman Senate; induced his mother Helena to become a Christian; asked that fifty copies of the Christian scriptures in ‘magnificent and elaborately bound volumes’ be used by the churches in the city.
        If the man was a pagan, he was a very bad pagan. ”
        Where do you get “child of Jove”?

        • I am undone! Well done, as memory fails me. I’ve gotten my Julias, Theodoras, and Faustas mixed.

        • For those who may be muddled in their memory of things Constantine, I suggest the novel “Helena” by Evelyn Waugh.

          “Sources” opine that this is perhaps his weakest novel, but I disagree on that score. The style is unusual for Waugh, somewhat akin to “youth fiction” in its simplicity.

  23. Part of the problem with the Flagellants from the Church’s point of view was that the Flagellants challenged the Church’s role as the sole source of grace through the sacraments. The Flagellants essentially promised grace by mortification of the flesh and fanatical devotion to holiness that did not need the intercession of the Church. Although vastly different in almost every way, the Flagellants presented something like the same challenge that Protestantism would later. Both denied the authority of the Catholic Church as the source of grace.

    • And remember the Church was getting serious money in those days selling forgiveness(edit: indulgences) so those Flagellants where directly threatening the revenue streams.

  24. Well, don’t let schiz run your country.

    Somebody created an economic miracle in the midst of a worldwide Depression and tried to move some fanatics east and south, so we stopped him and allowed a revenge genocide against his people after the war was won.

    This is why you don’t let this branch get control of your messaging and finance. They’ll do to you what they did to their own Sephardi normie majority, betraying them to actual slavery in New Babylon and forcing them towards slave settlement in Palestine to fulfill prophecy.

    That, plus creating Islam and Protestant wars against the Roman demographic that created and spread Christianity, an expression of what is in the white peoples.

    Now, instead of copying Christian culture, other peoples are copying the successful imperialism of the fanatic culture:

    Haaretz: “Scientists discover gene that predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to schizophrenia

    Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases”

    They make shit up and believe it- and then they act forcefully on that belief. Against their own and others: don’t let schiz run your country.

    • Apologies, folks, but it turns out Schiz-controlled companies in America supplied Russia and Nazi Germany right through the World Wars and the Cold War with it’s cultural revolutions (the 60’s), to keep the pots boiling.

      Now we have billionaires Adelson and Singer on one side, with Haim Saban and Gyorgy Soros on the other, bringing the Western froggy pots to full boil.

      The Soviet slave economy experiment faltered, so we’ll try multinationals outsourcing instead. Anything to break those Westphalian heretics.

  25. Several days ago, I wrote about my “Conservative Inc” friend who likes to virtue-signal about the need to compromise with the left on facebook. Recently I told him we need to ban all Muslim immigration into the West because they don’t belong here and there’s nothing more important than defending Western Civilization. He was aghast at my intolerance and responded with “Well what about “—insert name of mutual Muslim acquaintance—” ? He’s a great guy! Sigh. That’s the kind of thinking we’re up against.

    • Public policy should never be predicated upon “______ is a great guy”, but fanatics routinely justify their contentions by citing the (supposed) quality of some outlier.

      Lefty always wants to make it personal. Charting the course for policy requires a dispassionate examination and evaluation of groups, not individuals here and there.

    • “Perhaps it wil mean finding a DNA test to look for the lunacy gene…”

      You’ve already got one.

      There are actually three destructive forces, running both rampant and in tandem: 1) natural home-grown crazies, 2) alien fifth-columnists, and 3) invading barbarian hordes who have learned the trick of posing as hapless, helpless refugees, using their women and children as biological weapons to invade in a way vastly more effective than an armed horde — aided and abetted, of course, by 2), who have of course figured out how to weaponize 1) by means of the cuckoo effect.

      One would dearly like to believe otherwise, but alas it’s all just the same old joke it’s been for centuries:

      Statement 1: Goddammit, it’s the fucking Jews again.

      Statement 2: Now now, don’t be hasty, this is a complicated problem, we don’t want to be anti-Semitic, we need to study the issue from many angles, and then I’m sure we’ll find the real….

      Statement 3: Nope, sorry, turns out you were right. It’s the fucking Jews again.

      • “A favorite pastime in the future will be to drive down to the giant mile-high electric fence, and laugh at the Chosen trying to scheme their way in, away from their glorious Pets of Color, so they could start subverting us all over again. ”

        That one, that made my day.

        Who brought ’em in the first time, just so they could screw the Irish-Scot farm laborers and then seize control of Tobacco and King Cotton?

    • Ah the fallacy of “the one good nig***r I know” – give them a million examples and they will always exclaim! “.. but I know one good one!”

    • It doesn’t matter if X is a great guy if he can daisy chain in relatives. Do we know if his brother is a great guy? His dad? His cousin? Will his son be a great guy? These you can’t guarantee even if x is a great guy. And his relatives don’t have any pressures on them to be great guys if they got a free ride based on knowing Mr X.

      • Doesn’t matter, really. I simply don’t care if Ahmed is a great guy. And I even don’t care if all of Ahmed’s cousins and nephews and brothers-in-law are great guys, either.

        The plain, simple, inescapable fact is that Ahmed and his entire crew want to date Becky and Cindy and Taylor and Liz. And they want to live in the nice country which they didn’t settle, in the nice neighborhoods they didn’t build, in the nice communities they didn’t foster, and all at your expense. And this is not acceptable. It will never be acceptable.

        You can call it racist, you can call it witchcraft, you can call it Cthulhu-ph’nagen-nyarlathotep-t’keli-I-li, I don’t care. White countries are for White people, they are not a parking lot or the lobby of some international hotel.

        I don’t care how nice Ahmed and Gupta are. Ahmed and Gupta have no business being in a country already built and filled by Bob and Sally. Especially if Ahmed and Gupta spend all their “private time” dreaming about killing Bob and raping Sally, and then importing Mehmet, Sanjay and Fareed to live in Bob’s house with all their cousins.

        Ahmed and Gupta need to bugger off back to Filthistan, tout-suite. I am quite sure that Glorious Filthistan, We Shall Ever Be True is definitely NOT a shit-hole.

        And even if it is, I simply Don’t. Fucking. Care.

        • Amen to everything you said, Lester.

          Sometimes I try to explain it to people this way:

          When your parents die, who gets their house, money, etc.? You do, right? [Or you and your siblings if your parents had other children]. I don’t get your parents’ stuff and neither does the next door neighbor or some random guy off of the street. The neighbor, the random guy off of the street, and I might be the nicest, most decent people you’ll ever meet, but your parents wanted to leave their legacy to their child/children. Ahmed might be a great guy.* But our people created this society. Our ancestors built this country and gave it to us. I want to give it to my descendants. Let Ahmed and his descendants inherit their own society/nation. This one is ours.

          * I won’t really have a high opinion of Ahmed but I say that he might be a great guy just to illustrate my point to the normie I am speaking to.

    • Your cuck friend needs schooling in elementary reasoning. First, banning new immigrants is not the same as expelling old ones. Second, this mutual Muslim acquaintance of yours – does he believe in Shariah law? It wouldn’t necessarily make him a bad guy if he did; after all, people can’t help what they are instilled to believe. But it would make him a potential problem, especially as the neighborhood fills up with many more of his like-minded friends who, needless to say, may not all be ‘great guys’.

      Of course the fundamental question – the one your cuck friend has been trained not to ask, lying under his nose as it is – is simply whether, as a matter of national policy, the USA or any non-muslim country benefits from Muslim immigration. Ahmed may be the nicest man in town, and I may be an asshole; so what? My claims as a citizen and taxpayer take precedence over his. He in fact has no claims whatsoever on me or my society, any more than I have on his.

      These are simple points that even a Conservative Inc type might lose a little sleep thinking about.

      • Yeah, “as the neighborhood fills up with many more of his like-minded friends”, what’s to stop them from acting according to Islamic tradition, to built a quasi-totalitarian atmosphere?
        According to the Wiki article on “Apostasy in Islam” (in the section “Apostasy in the recent past”),
        “more than 20 Muslim-majority states have laws that declare apostasy by Muslims to be a crime…. The violence or threats of violence, against apostates in the Muslim world in recent years, has derived primarily, not from government authorities, but from other individuals or groups operating unrestricted by the government”.

        Contrast this “more than 20”, with the number of, say, Christian, Jewish, or Confucian-majority states making apostasy a crime.
        I’ll quite wager, that the number of such states making apostasy a crime is at or near zero.

        • A huge fallacy of the Left is thinking that other cultures operate in and perceive the world as they do. Reality can be a b*tch.

          • Yeah, Dutch, and it’s esp. disgusting, when they blow off evidence which all-but clocks them in the jaw.
            Look at how they reacted to Sam Harris’ pushing the obvious after 9/11.

    • Churchill had them pegged a long time ago.
      “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

      • Drake- That’s a great quote. It’s too bad we have re-learn the things that the Men of the West knew and wrote about.

    • And that “great guy” would vote for sharia law if muslims ever came close to a majority. It’s just like Derbyshire says about blacks. Many are reasonable and nice, but get them in a bubble with only other blacks, and they can be whipped up by the crazies into believing all kinds of conspiracy theories.

  26. “There’s simply no way for a sober minded person to accept the idea of the worker’s paradise.”

    Lately it seems that futurists are pushing the idea of a “non-worker’s paradise”, where all the jobs are taken over by robots. The “worker’s paradise” which was pushed relentlessly by commies and socialists will never come to pass, as the proletariat will be pushed out of whatever jobs they’re capable of doing currently.

    Workers of the World, where are your chains now? where’s your anchor? are you just going to drift away, or wash up on the rocks?

    • The globalist financial press is always warning of “labor shortages”, but yet most of the world is awash in laborers. If there really was a shortage, we would see rises in compensation enough to boost white fertility rates, or the movement of employers to the Third World instead of Third Worlders to the First World.

      • We have seen a certain amount of movement of employers to the Third World, and, in the Trump years, some rise in wages.

      • >>>The globalist financial press is always warning of “labor shortages”…

        Just background, and a talking point, to support the mass immigration model.

        There is zero shortage of labor manpower in the USA, but there is an distinct unwillingness to pay a living wage to legacy Americans. But at least The Derb can get his tires fixed at 12 bucks per.

    • If the robot future ever came to pass, I’m sure the results would be similar to open borders and free trade. The plugged in globalists would benefit, GDP would be half a point higher, and middle America would be gutted.

      • Consumers would buy what the robots build. The connection between ability to consume and the performance of useful work would have to be cut to keep inventory moving. It would be socialist distribution, which has never worked yet, but “this time will be different” because we are positing an absence of material scarcity.

      • Other robots. Google “robot Sophia declared citizen”, “humanoid robot received first credit card”

  27. >> Other than allowing the rage of the fanatics to run its course, no one has yet to come up with a way to meet the challenge of the true believer.

    From beyond the grave, Mr. Pinochet begs to differ. He can’t speak, but a successful and prosperous Chile can testify on his behalf.

    Helicopters. We just need more helicopters.

    • How soon we forget.

      Another analogy is the use of the death penalty for violent crimes in medieval & early modern Europe. Such chlorine in the gene pool is necessary.

      • Roman legions killed enough crazy Gaul alphas to let the Gaul betas get a wife and start building civilization.

          • The historical record indicates that they did not. They settled down and became a stable Roman province for 300 years.

          • And when new Barbarians arrived from the east, they fought and died alongside Roman legions, to defend their common civilization.

    • For the more squeamish, natural selection works nicely as well. Deprive them of free $$, free housing and let nature take its course.

      Identity politics means that your skin color determines which team you’re on. And you have to play whether you want to or not.

    • I don’t actively go looking for lefties to get into arguments with – but when I run across one making a stupid argument I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut or my fingers from typing out a response.

      What I’ve started doing over the last couple of years – once I get the argument to the point where leftie is openly arguing for tyranny, is to tell them this:

      ” I hope you realize that when you win and get this liberal utopia that you’re arguing for – that I am going to join up. What I mean by that is – that what ALWAYS happens when a commie tyranny takes over is that all the useless idiots get sent to the camps. Somebody needs to work in those camps – THOSE guys always survive – the fact that we’re still finding Nazi prison camp guards alive all these many decades after WW2 ended – testifies to this fact. The government needs reliable workers who aren’t radical lunatics. The radical lunatics and useful idiots go to the ovens. And that’s where I’ll be – standing at the gate – laughing my ass off – and kicking you in the nuts as you walk thru on your way to the oven. You’ll get dead – and I’ll get a pension – so go ahead you fucking dumbass – keep making your argument – I need a better retirement package”

      You’d be surprised how insane this makes people.

    • Bullets are cheaper, more accessible and just as effective. Helicopters are just more dramatic.

  28. The Cold War was a very handy excuse for at least keeping the lunatics out of power for a few decades. As soon as the Soviet Union fell apart, the crazies started to drop their masks head leftward at warp speed.

  29. The young people are against you

    “See, the party knows that if everybody votes, it can’t win. That’s simple math. The Republican electorate skews sharply older and white. Polling from The Roper Center at Cornell University says whites went for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 57 percent to 37 percent, while people of color strongly supported her, African Americans giving her 89 percent of their vote. Trump also lost big among young voters, but won big among their elders.”

    • That just shows us that universal suffrage must be abandoned, as democracy clearly doesn’t work outside of a homogeneous New England small town.

      If you do not pay net federal income tax, you have no logical reason to be voting. No representation without taxation.

      • You are totally correct.

        I would add that the voting age should be raised to 30 years of age; those on public relief should not be allowed to vote and those individuals who are on the Federal payroll should not be allowed to vote.

        Federal employees will always vote for bigger govt to save their jobs and get pay increases and heftier benefits than non-public sector workers. Nothing wrong with wanting to keep your job or get more pay, but just don’t ask the citizens to fork over the cash.

        Also, it would really be beneficial if some law or Constitutional Amendment
        were enacted prohibiting those in govt from “exempting” themselves from any law or regulation they impose upon the citizenry.

        • Maybe women should be denied the vote unless they 1) are married to a man who’s eligible to vote and 2) have children. Women are huge part of problem these days, imposing all this nonsense they’re told and believe on to decent people minding their own business.

        • I do not classify ANY sort of government job in the same realm as I classify private sector jobs.

          I can’t think of ONE single government job that is actually productive. Not …. a ………. single ……one.

          There are many private sector jobs that are not exactly productive in the strict sense – BUT, private sector jobs still rely in large part on people actually paying for them to keep them going. Therefore there is a natural check and balance on these non-productive jobs getting out of control.

          This is another way of saying the same thing you’re talking about, no taxpaying = no voting. And govt. job = no voting.

          The thing people forget in the current day – and I attribute this to DECADES of leftist indoctrination…. is that society used to function just fine (probably functioned better in fact) – before we had a large government. If people wanted something they took care of it themselves – or joined a society of like minded people to get those needs taken care of.

          There was no “voting” to get stuff from the Feds – because the Feds simply didn’t have any capability to give you much of anything . I remember reading somewhere that around the turn of the 20th century – the most exposure the average American got to the Federal government – was seeing their local postal worker. That was it. No foreign wars, no federal agencies crawling up your ass, no federal laws on horse emissions or buggy construction -etc.

          When Toqueville toured the United States one of the things I remember reading was that he was impressed by the largely well read population, and the amount of societies that existed to handle social problems and other *societal* issues. People did not look to the government for salvation. If they were a fanatic – they went to Church. Which had a natural restraint on how bad their behavior could be allowed to be – because different religions meant competing power centers.

          I’ve read a number of paleocon writers who have pointed out that the public school system has become the progressive left’s church. In that that is where the minds are indoctrinated with the religion of leftism.

          The overall point here is: find me ANYBODY on the right, who is willing to tear down the institutional implementation of leftwing progressivism that this country is infested with.

          The candidates are extremely few – and extremely far between. Although the “restrict voting” sentiment is definitely something that appears to be growing by leaps and bounds. 2-3 years ago when I would make that argument I’d get beaten about the head for expressing it. These days what I see is an awful lot of nodding heads – at least among white males.

      • Women’s suffrage is a suicide pact..Women should not even be eligible to run for office..We have seen the results for a century.

    • Yeah, and as the older white people die, the young white people become older and smarter. See how that works? The POCs will always vote for free stuff, but the white age groups will remain stable, and will actually become more conservative as the brown tribes grow bigger.

    • And what of this reported phenomenon that those cohorts following millenials are far more ….. traditional, conservative, sane ??? How are we to judge that?? Dare we place any trust in it ?

    • The young will inherit the earth. If they want to destroy it with stupid choices, there is only so much us oldsters can do about it. Sooner or later, the world will enter another “dark age”. So be it.

      I’ve lived most of my life in a “gilded age”, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Sorry, punks, you get what the generation before you leaves to you, combined with your own decisions. Looks like you will go “0-for-2”. I’m not so sure that’s worth bragging about.

    • Young people who are discriminated against via Affirmative Action and other minority set-asides will wise up. No one likes to be a chump. Well, mostly no one.

      • Most whites are chumps. This especially applies to the alt-right set.

        They passively let the system a** rape them and their kids and do nothing. Instead they obsess over SAT and ACT scores so junior can be sent to a Leftist indoctrination camp called college and be turned into a debt serf and get mentally f**ked up.

        People here like to rip into Liz Warren as a fraud. But at least she took advantage of AA, set asides and quotas to work for her. She was smart enough to realize there are no DNA tests for people who mark Indian as part of their ethnicity on a college or job app. It is taken on face value. It opened doors for her that are closed for all other white people.

        I respect her a lot more than most alt-right types. At least she gamed the system to her advantage.

        It’s a system that the special ed set of alt-right doesn’t get. The system is unethical and openly hostile to white males. Yet instead of figuring out how to game it and make it work for us. Our side just pisses and moans.

        • You seem to be describing what I’ll call the ‘Sean Hannity’ conservatives, the kind of people – mainly men – who still watch football while scorning Colin Kaepernik, who still brag about the deals they get via Amazon Prime while scorning the internet moguls and decrying the decay of local business, whose literary taste begins with Ken Follett and Tom Clancy, and ends with Mark Levin and Bill O’Reilly, who take out second mortgages so that their kids can attend “good schools”, all the while bragging that their gun collections and freezers full of venison shall shelter them from the apocalypse.

          Glen filthie describes memorably his life as a man surrounded by left-wing maniacs. I have such people in my family, but they aren’t the element I am forced to swim in. No, I live in the Sean Hannity / Rush Limbaugh / Fox News / Bill O’Reilly / NFL update / what’s the latest outrage from Rachel Maddow smartphone world… an everlasting paste of pseudo-tough guy bullshit from which there is no escape, and which adds nothing to the cause of cultural survival. If Rush is on, I have to listen; if Sean is on, I have to listen to it; if we’re sitting down for lunch, out come the phones to scroll through the latest outlandish headlines from Breitbart or the Daily Caller.

          Anyway, I think you are being unfair. Alt-right people are talking about exploiting the “Warren Strategy” even as we speak – check out Rotten Chestnuts, as an example, the home of one of Z mans most astute commentators. You want Cloward-Piven? You want Alinsky? You want rebellion against capitalism and so-called ‘free markets’? Look to the alt-right! You got it!

      • Could be. But liberalism is a powerful and enduring illness, like malaria.

        A lifelong friend of mine, a mathematician, spent three years doing shit part-time work at obscure colleges before finally landing a career gig at another obscure college. His mother, a feminist academic, an outright Hillary fangirl, always said that it was a clear example of unjust academic hiring – that if her son were female, or better yet black, he’d have gotten a dozen offers straight out of grad school.

        Meanwhile both mother and son, 25 years later, are permanent voters for the enemy, owners of Michael Moore boxed-sets, whole-foods lunatics, etc.

        Young people, meanwhile, have been submerged from pre-k into this bizarro world. I am not optimistic.

    • Yeah, yeah – I’ve been hearing that for 25 years. Every few years some doofus in the mainstream press seems to think it’s news that people tend to be liberals when they’re young and get more conservative as they get older.

      • Increasing conservatism with time may be the natural course of events, when the commanding heights of a culture are somewhat politically balanced and there is an openness to ideas. But sad to say, that simply is not the case now in almost any Western country. The ideological clampdown is real. Growing more conservative is not acceptable and very few aging people have the strength of character to sail against the prevailing winds.

        True, an “underground economy” of thought exists — this blog is a prime example.We will see if it can cross the brain-blood barrier and become an actual influence.

    • Every year, somebody posts that drivel or something like it. And every year the GOP manages to win elections. Why?

      Because you know what happens to “young” voters? They become “old” voters through a biological process known as “aging” and a psychological process known as “maturation”. Eventually those easily-manipulated young people enter the work force and the world, and they have to clothe, house, and feed themselves along with those people they call family. Then they start to notice that as much as they would love to help every soul, the simple fact is that through experience they realize they cannot do so, and that every time the subject comes up, some loser comes along demanding they pay for it. This, as they try to feed, clothe, and house themselves and their family.

      The quickest path to any dispute generally runs through somebody’s wallet.

      And then there’s the problem that there are fewer and fewer of them as population growth declines, fertility rates decline, and more and more of them realize that having children is a luxury for the rich.

      The same rich who raise their kids in a splendor that those kids are not going to give up without a fight.

      Anyway, you can post that to your heart’s content. It is a healthy reminder that the people who hate this country, hate Western Civilization, hate modernity, hate everything that the West has done to drag mankind out of the gutter…those haters want to destroy every remnant of that and turn it into…



      But they’re not quite sure what, and a lot of them like to wear black masks and beat up old people at intersections in Portland.

      • Finally. Good point. I assume we all know this includes women, although some believe that different chromosomes and genitalia should affect the right to vote. It’s odd that there is more stereotyping (it goes pretty much like this: nobody should have the right to vote except for the group I belong to) than on many leftist sites.

        Sometime go through a piece and the following comments and count how many times you see gross generalizations: This groups is —–; that group is; those people are —–; all ——– behave ——–;… when it’s more important than ever that we stick together according to ideology. This ruins many excellent discussions that get started here — that then trail off into individual posts expressing gripes against various groups.

        Talking ideas, rather than dividing people into segments and assigning characteristics to them, is ideologically sound; imitating the identity group mindset is copying the left –the last thing we need.

  30. RK theory? Progressivism and virtue signalling is the self distruction mechanism which plagues the west.

    • Schiz culture versus empathy culture.
      Culture is genetic expression.

      The innovations of culture then encourage or suppress expression of traits.

      What kind of society do you want?
      Oktoberfest or Pussyhat March and Pride Parades?

  31. Unfortunately, the fanaticism is seeping into the South. Sometimes I wonder if we’re worth saving.

    • So do I, I rarely see anything or anybody I would like to keep seeing 20 years from today, heck make that 2 days from today.

      I am very inclined to let the Left have it’s way and start from scratch after they are done destryoing everything they can.

      PS. I would like to keep the technology though

      • I had a similar thought. The left is letting the barbarians in only to gain electoral advantage. They only believe in diversity if it gives them power. But if they already were firmly in control, they would happily build the wall. But then we would have to live under socialism. What a choice. I guess we just have to keep fighting and hope for something to break our way. Trump has been a nice finger in the dyke. For now.

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