Modern Genocide

If you conquer a people and wish to eliminate them, the classic way is to kill all the men and marry to women off to your males or sell them off into slavery. This was the favorite way of solving tribal conflict in ancient times. Alternatively, you could just slaughter everyone you found, which was another way to eliminate problem populations in the ancient world. This was fine for small populations, but it usually included driving off a large portion of the defeated population, as mass murder is difficult to execute.

An alternative to mass murder is to do something a bit more subtle, something the English employed at times on their island. Instead of slaughter, they would simply ban the cultural expression of the conquered tribe. People want their descendants to remember them and they can only do that through language and culture. If you ban that language and culture, you erase the memories of the people and their connection to their past. This leaves them with nothing to fight for and no reason to fight you. More on that here.

In modern America, we see that happening as America’s alien ruling class works to solve the problem of numbers by flooding the country with foreigners, pitting groups of whites against one another and replacing white culture with garbage culture. The latter effort has been with us since the 1960’s, when black ghetto culture was sacralized by Hollywood and the media. Today, blacks are treated as objects of worship. Whenever a black gets upset, a pogrom is launched against whites in the name of anti-racism.

The old way of pretending that non-whites could function in a white society was to recreate the white shows, but with a black cast. The Jeffersons were a black version of All In The Family. The point of the gag was not to replace whites, but to supplement them with the newly included blacks. The audience was expected to see that blacks could do all the same stuff whites did, in terms of functioning in society. That still maintained their black identity, but fit it into the greater culture, alongside the white culture it emulated.

The new weapon in the culture war on whites is to erase whites from the past entirely, as if white people are the alien visitors and the foreigners were always here. The Cheddar Man hoax is an explicit example. Recasting King Arthur as an African is another example of blackening the past. Television shows from the past, which stared whites are being recast to exclude whites. The show Magnum P.I. no longer has white men in it, instead using a Latino, who presumably swam over the Rio Grande into Hawaii somehow.

The point of these efforts is to erase history, by retelling it in a million small ways to exclude whites. It’s easy to write-off television as gutter culture, which is certainly true, but the war on whitey is a total war. Our alien elite is now taking the very basics of white America and vulgarizing them in such a way as to make them alien to us. Nothing says “white America” like Norman Rockwell so those images are now being turned into propaganda posters for degeneracy and white genocide. That’s the right word for it.

The alt-right buys get grief for throwing that phrase around, but this is exactly what is happening. The culture war today is about the alien over-class otherizing white males, divorcing them from their past and pitting them against white females, who are encouraged at every turn to support Team Brown. Rather than kill all the males, as conquerors did in the ancient world, the modern conqueror un-persons the males, cutting them off from their past, their present and their future, by making them strangers to their own women.

It is tempting to excuse this stuff, as you see with older commentators like Steve Sailer, who still cling to the hope that this can be peacefully resolved. Chuckling into your sleeve about it being an example of “cultural appropriation”, turning the language back on the Left, probably feels comforting, but it is sadly mistaken. It’s not harmless agitation. The current American ruling elite does not simply hate old white America. They are defined by their hatred of white people. It is literally who they are why they exist.

There can be no reconciliation with people are are trying to murder you. There can be no peace with people who repeatedly say there can be no peace. This is the ultimate red pill, as the cool kids put it. The Armenians could not believe the Turks would actually murder them, even as the Turks were murdering them. Armenian leaders were sure there was someway to resolve the problem. The lesson of history is you either fight to the last man or you submit as the last man. There’s no peaceful solution to genocide.

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  1. Nothing in this post is new.

    Nothing in these comments is new.

    Same talking points as we had back in 2001 during White Nationalism 1.0.

    Same points as they had in 1989 in mimeographed copies of Instauration.

    Nothing changes but the medium.

    Nothing changes because they won a long time ago.

    This was always much bigger than us, and them.

    There’s nothing left but internet and death.

  2. The Marxist have been destroying American culture since before Frank-the-cripple was president/commie lover. However, the Muslims will finish the job when they wipe out the communists/Marxist and finish the white genocide started by the communist/Marxist.
    Iran had the help of communists during their ’79 revolution but you do not see any communists in the Iranian government.

    Gird your loins America and fight the Democrat/Marxist and the Muslims.

  3. “The lesson of history is you either fight to the last man or you submit as the last man. There’s no peaceful solution to genocide.”

    The right will flounder until it realizes that guns and fists aren’t the only ways to fight. Conservatives and libertarians have been content to let the left win all cultural battles as long as they could buy guns. Now the left controls almost all institutions including churches and increasingly all the right can do is dream of dying in a blaze of glory.

    The right needs to develop an aggressive, winner mindset. The right needs to learn that economic warfare and civic struggles are also fights. Instead of just homeschooling and sticking their heads in the sand, parents need to drive the left out of their school districts. The left would never allow the alt right to control theirs. The right pays the taxes in red areas so it needs to use that to force change. The right needs to use their economic power to crush the SJW invested companies instead of bitching about them then buying their products and watching their shows anyway. And the list goes on.

    As is the right is full of bluster but can’t get its act together to do much of anything significant let alone wage some type of possibly suicidal armed struggle

    • You are sadly deluded in your appraisal of “the right”. If you think we are blowing smoke about what we’ll actually do with all those guns we own, you are woefully mistaken.

      It is the Christian way (read the way of Western Man…White Man) to keep peace as long as it is possible. We do not wish death upon the Left, rather we prefer they be educated and enlightened as to the advantages such a position offers.

      There is an old truism that states that “very often kindness is mistaken for weakness”. It particularly applies here. It is a lesson that will be hard and painful for the Left to assimilate.

      I dread those days of blood and tears, but I have no doubt they are coming. The Left has no use for “Live and Let Live” as we do. They will not be satisfied with anything less than our extinction. If they think we on the Right will accept that outcome, then let that be their epitaph.

  4. A lot of incident we see today aren’t even issues in Reagan Era

    Mexican immigrant assulting Fox news host daughter?

    Because Majority made them believe think How “entitle” they are

    If you want to make Entitlement status definitely needed “perpetrator class”

    Its “Inquisition” for power and wealth

    Inquisition was political correctness in medieval times
    Christianity was Liberalism in medieval times
    Jesus was “Democracy” in medieval times
    Every body should believe in Jesus, the absolute good
    Opponent will be politically incorrect, a Satanist

    This kind of process is impossible when majority won’t cooperate with inquisitor
    But, That’s not in the case when Majority believe Jesus

    Jesus are popular because he said Every Believer are saved from Poverty and Disease, Even Death
    Democracy is very popular because it’s said Voter are saved from Poverty and Disease
    Greek philosophy Very unpopular because it’s said certain people are never saved from hostile environment

    I’m Afraid Liberalism will Dominate Western society at least next hundred years

    It’s going to be our Dark Ages

  5. As someone already posted first we must identify the enemy.

    White nerds enacting revenge for being ostracized, a small cabal with heavy influence in media, banking and politics or some evil ,shadowy New World Order figures ?

    Then again after showing this picture to the women in my family they merely shrugged their shoulders . Also spent a brief moment with neighbors this weekend far more wealthier and educated than I carrying on about “white man privilege”

    Perhaps it is just as simple , “I have met the enemy and the enemy is us”

  6. Men are the carriers of culture. Give women the power to shape your culture, and your culture is doomed.

    Harsh. But also true.

    Note: Strictly speaking this applies to the male imperative and the female imperative. And there is a crossover of these imperatives in the opposite sexes. This crossover is self-amplifying in time and leeds to soy-boys and man-cnuts.

  7. Not to counter-signal Z Man – I agree 100% w/his post above – but…I’m stunned to report I just saw a good new movie about our history on Netflix. Netflix! “The Outlaw King,” about Robert the Bruce, has many similarities to Braveheart. Not a great film like Mel Gibson’s masterpiece, but considering it’s a brand new, made for Netflix product…I have to admit I’m in a state of shock how good it really is. I’m so used to seeing garbage and clicking off after 10 minutes…but this is pretty damn entertaining and “close enough” to historical accuracy not to be offensive. One brief street scene where a few black extras appear (captured during one of the later crusades?)…ridiculous but no non-whites appear anywhere else in the movie. Chris Pine does a creditable job playing Bruce. The soundtrack, including several classic Scottish ballads, is excellent.

  8. I like getting to the crux of the situation. So many seemingly can’t speak the truth about what is happening. I believe the last warning will be total gun confiscation. Shortly after that will come the real killing. Then we will all have to make a choice.

  9. Tangential, I know, but the Turks delegated much of the Armenian-killing to the Kurds, our current favorite regional “good guys”. So the Turks could focus on killing Greeks.

    All the Middle East conflicts combined are not worth the bones of a single American infantryman. Bank on it.

  10. Technically it is (meme) memocide, not genocide.

    Imagine if you let Native Americans live, but eradicate every bit of what remains of their languages, their cultures, and histories. What would remain – the genome would but what would it matter?

  11. Judging by the facial expression of the woman in the new „Freedom of Speech“ its title should rather be „Harassing the Speaker“. She really has that „Excuse me!? You didn‘t just say that!“ look on her face.

  12. Does the Z stand for Zimmerman? And by alien elite do you really mean Jewish – even though you will never say so?

    • Upvoted. I am not anti-jew, yet neither do I worship them or their gods, plural, but I have long suspected Z is tribe and he wants acceptance. Which ultimately must be denied if this is the case. And I am not interested in ever becoming affiliated with jew haters, I simply acknowledge certain patterns are hardwired into us including the ashkenaz.

      The question is legitimate.

      • Altlander, if your boomer enquiry is directed towards me, I affirm that like Z Man I am GenX post ’65 birth. I also volunteer that at least one cheek/spit test verifies zero jew blood or any other non-northern-european DNA flows within my veins. None whatsoever, zero.

        I was raised in a town that was 49% dutch reformed and 49% german with a considerable percent comprising recent immigres from post-wwii germany. One of my friends growing up, who was my bff for decades until recently when I finally believed and had grown tired of his degeneracy, was essentially the rabbi’s kid in my part of our state. I heard, interloped, intercepted and otherwise came to know Jews far and wide as I traveled with them starting from a young age. I don’t hate jews. But I do know the reformed ones living inside the USA and they are 99.9% dedicated, even if they won’t acknowledge it, to the destruction of western civilization as we were taught. Again, I don’t hate them, I simply force myself to look at the unmistakeable facts presented.

    • I doubt this is the case, but regardless, remember that Paul Gottfried is among the most valuable (for our side) and impressive American intellectuals on metapolitical matters for decades (I dare say ever, since he appeals to European thinkers and tradition, while I think American mercantile bourgeois democratic-capitalist individualism, stretching back to the Founding Fathers, is central to how we’ve arrived here). Here’s a quote from Paul Gottfried:

      “…the right has been almost entirely vestigial, since the end of fascism, and the arguments that take place within our political discourse are almost entirely arguments of the left, we’re arguing in terms of leftist ideals, human rights, universalism, open borders, global democracy, whatever, these are all values of the left, and what becomes distinctions between right and left in our time, or conservative and liberal, are arbitrary….there is no right, the right has been pretty much eliminated, and just exists in spots in the Western world. Eastern Europe of course is different, you do have right and left there…”

      “I also suggest that this belief in liberal democracy is essentially a leftist belief, because it assumes universalism, something like human rights, ideas that really come out of the left-wing of the French Revolution.”


  13. And I thought Rockwell’s original work was unrealistic (the centerpice Turkey in the original, if to scale, would weight about 35 lbs.).
    This one’s just plain dumb. For one thing, the Africans would not be sitting side-by-side with Whites if at all possible. They’d also be rowdier. And that (what appears to be) loaf of bread? Really? Not a turkey, or more likely, a bucket of KFC?

    • It’s not that the portrait is unrealistic, it’s the direct overlaying of non-whiteness/non-heterosexuality to the characters in the original portrait of Rockwell (as Z-man has wisely pointed out). This is no different that the early Christians taking over pagan temples as churches and later on the Islamics taking the churches over as mosques. It’s the equivalent of my dog on a walk pissing on a tree to signal “he’s now here”!

      If I recall correctly, I’ve see the theme of the original Thanksgiving portrait of Rockwell redone a few times in years past with all minority families and such variations. Somehow these were respectful to the original theme and intent. But Z-man is right, the “artists” cited are not intending to pay homage to the original Rockwell theme—which was a universal American theme of family and unity—rather it’s more like my dog pissing on a tree in the dog park.

  14. As far as I am concerned, it’s all over. We gave it a shot with Trump, but there was no follow through on the midterms. Now the bad guys are setting out to steal seats, and the most the normies do is “tisk, tisk” the thing.

    We are the remnant that understand what we had, and still have in places. And how we got there, and why. We will be mopped up over time. My family doesn’t get any of this, and, in a sense, it is OK with me (it has to be). They will never know what I know, never understand what I am proud of, and never learn what is a fundamental part of me. It all goes when I go. It is their loss, as far as I am concerned. Given that they reject what I hold dear, it sort of relieves me of a certain burden. These sites will be deplatformed soon and we will be on our own, and I suppose our paths will occasionally cross here and there, perhaps without us knowing it. It’s been a hell of a trip, has it not?

    • Not to be melodramatic, but Dutch’s comment is heartbreaking. However, I must say that we can’t quit because life is surprising and you can’t foresee how things will turn out. The only certainty is that you will lose if you don’t try. We are duty bound to fight.

      • Know what we are up against. The work “Hidden Tribes” identifies us as “devoted conservatives” (which is neither here nor there) and we are 6% of the population. Perhaps 20% of white males ( Z-man has talked about this before). We are the only ones who seriously consider the minority IQ question, and the only ones who believe that the Islamic so-called religion is the Muslim problem, not misguided individuals. We are the only ones who don’t buy the “blank slate” idea. No doubt, we are the only ones who understand that 2A is a human right, not some legal privilege we have been granted. Beyond that, we don’t have sympathies, we have principles. Those who are nominally on our side, who are not us, don’t have principles, they simply agree with us on some things. We are outliers. I am not throwing in the towel, but I am trying to be realistic about what we are up against. And I am learning to hold close what we believe and live by, because they are special things that few even understand are out there for all of us.

        • I’m a supremely pessimistic person, but remember that history can be highly unpredictable, and regardless, the ideal of Oswald Spengler’s Roman soldier (which may be a myth, but no matter) still stands for all Men of the West:

          “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honourable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

          Find meaning and purpose in continuing the fight, perhaps even hope that your ennoblement and ascension above the mass by doing so will carry forward into the metaphysical (ex. Valhalla).

    • Yes, it’s been a hell of a trip. I’m a first generation American. Never thought my children might be the last generation and never, ever thought they’d not experience the America I grew up in. But here we are.

  15. This whole thing, I’m sorry, it’s funny as hell. Better to learn how to make your own culture people. Young people, move back into the cities. You’ll learn a lot about your many enemies and maybe actually do something for a change instead of typing in computers. Plus, they can’t very well attack you without attacking themselves. You can blend in. Learn a little finesse.

    People who jabber about a hot war are talking crap. The feminists aren’t going to allow it. Their way is seduction and persuasion. They sidle up to violence but cannot do it themselves. If you attempt something like a white’s only area they will probably first send in blacks to tie you up in court with a hundred lawsuits. There are so many options open it’s comical. They won’t even need drones.

    And finally, has it occurred to any of you that Trump is a born and bred city boy? The only guy in America with the savvy to take them on. Now, why is that?

  16. My wife and I were talking with a super- harmless normie couple in their 70’s (their TV is locked on Fox and infomercials for goofy cookware). I told them the latest about Tucker Carlson’s daughter being called a c*nt in a restaurant and they were shocked. Then this lady shocked me. She said, “Where are the snipers when you need them?”

    Maybe we can win this thing after all.

  17. The Zulus can be resisted by a small, determined force. Always remember and never forget the Battle of Rorke’s Drift: 150 prevailed over 4000.

  18. So, a dindu re-did Norman Rockwell.
    That’s so easy, it doesn’t much shock well.
    I’ll plumb tell ’em to shelve it
    When they come for “Blue Velvet” —-
    They might cast Chaka Khan as Dean Stockwell!

      • Stresses, my dear chap, stresses. English-language poetry relies on rhythmic stresses, not syllabic counts. (Though they’re frequently both congruent.) If you want to count syllables in poetry, look to Japan, or Marianne Moore.

        But please stay away from the Charles Olson, it’ll give you a nasty rash.

  19. What the heck are they eating in that defiled Rockwell? It certainly isn’t a delicious juicy roast turkey. It looks like a big brown chunk of elephant shit. Maybe that’s why all the wogs in this act of cultural vandalism have shit-eating grins? (Also, sources tell me that Tiny Duck is the bearded hipster on the left.)

  20. This is more subversive than you think. There’s no baby in the original and there’s no turkey on a platter in this picture. Note that the baby is on the plate. The mother is offering the white baby as a sacrifice to be eaten.

    • There is a baby in the original. In a subtle prophetic reference to our national sin of abortion (to facilitate our “Freedom from Want”), on the plate in the foreground is the head of a baby…disguised as a potato.

      See for yourself.

  21. That is a powerful, well-made argument. Well done, Zman.

    My feeling is until we go back to a tribal construct in society, where you protect and encourage and promote your own kind–the very people who are like you and want to like you–then there is little hope. We have invited our enemies in to our midst, lionised them for very little, simpered over their limited talents, given them status and benefits, defended them in the courts with the most convoluted laws, used them as springboard for attacking our own people and yet still cannot understand why they have knives and guns and bombs aimed at us.

    There is no peace in their hearts, and so there can be no peace for us. We may have to build many walls and man the gates once we pull up the drawbridge, though I suspect that the weakness of the whites will always be that, one day, someone will say ‘Hey, why don’t we be nice to the world and let them all come here to take what they want.’ Thus the cycle begins again.

    If the anti-whites succeed in their aim of destroying what we in the west have built up then these barbarians will, having turned it all into another Mogadishu, flee because once we whites have gone there will be no one who cares to preserve anything. Someone said once that all the North africans who now live in the Netherlands will not repair the dykes when they break down and the land floods. They will leave because they had no interest in maintaining it in the first place.

    The whites who promote multi-cult will realise, too late, what they have done. Something about riding a tiger but not daring to get off.

  22. I strongly advise you click the link to the fully NYTimes article. Look at all the “post-globalist” Norman Rockwell’s. Drink them in deep, stare at them hard. Let the natural disgust reflex harden your heart and steel your resolve.

    You are not suppose to just ‘get along’, you are suppose to die. Full stop. Just go the fuck away to the history books whilst we co-opt your entire culture and rewrite it in our image. Because the reality is, we are far far too uncreative and low IQ to create on our own. So we will simply plagiarize all your great works and remake them in our shambling disfigured image.

    200+ years from now on our current trajectory (if unaltered) you will see a missile silo control panel somewhere in the mid-west. The mocha brown people standing around it will remember it was built by the Pre-Cursor Race. The Nephilim. But they had long since been eradicated. They will have no earthly idea how to use the panel that controls the weapons of the Nephilim.

    The village shaman has told stories that the mystic panel can unleash the power of the sun against your enemies. A spear from god, tipped with nuclear fire. But the technology and the way to even control it has been lost for at least a century.

    Getting more and more frustrated the Mocha Browns of the FUSA start to revert back to their base nature. They light incense around the panel, and sway in rhythmic chanting. The more aggressive among them start to hoot, howl, and throw shit at the panel hoping it will somehow spark it to life. The witch doctor shaman shakes his head sadly- “It probably would have been best to keep one of the Race That Came Before Alive.”

    Already worked into a bloodlust for wanting to unleash the Weapon of the Sun against their enemies, having coated the entire control interface with shit, the aggressive Mocha People turn their rage onto the witch doctor for breaking for the First Commandment: “Orange Man Bad, White Man Worse”. The use a black metal object nearby shaped sort of like a spear which was also said to spit fire at one time to bludgeon the shaman to death. Then they return to chanting and praying in front of the ancient artifact.

    • If the multiculties get what they really want, the world will not look as orderly, serene and prosperous as those pictures.

  23. Caption contest: Currently taking submissions for what the conceptual SJW/Divine Dindu/Diversity Moloch re-working would be for the notorious National Lampoon magazine cover, “If You Don’t Buy This Magazine, We’ll Shoot This Dog.”

    It’s as red-blooded an American sentiment as anything in the Rockwell canon. No reason it shouldn’t get the Treatment as well.


  24. Is it no longer possible to leave comments to NYT articles, or did they just disable comments for the Norman Rockwell article?
    Comments (I think) are one way to throw sand in the gears, no?

  25. Doesn’t that just describe the America the progs would have us “embrace”. Rather than abundance, family, and gratitude, you have pozed fools pretending to be happy with burned bread, stale vegetables, and third-world grittiness.
    I’ll pass.


    • The left’s cultural arrogance seems surprising now, in ways that would have seemed strange as recently as 1990 or 2000. One of the fortuitous trends for the left has been the revival of the cities, from 1960 to 1990 the major cities underwent considerable decline with an increase in crime. Chicago and Baltimore are the two big exceptions to this revival. Time will tell if this trend continues or not. Rising pension liability and student debt cannot go on forever.

      • With exception of two black neighborhoods, which are the origins of most crime stories you outsiders hear about, Chicago is a safe city and most certainly safer than London, Toronto and Sydney in terms of crimes other than gang murder. The feds succeeded in decapitating black illicit drug distribution networks and the latinos took them over. These latinos appreciate publicized crime is bad for business and so they don’t shoot up the town like the negro did.

        Our city’s population has been declining for decades given deindustrialization and, in material part, because the blacks here have been relocating to the southern states from whence their forebearers came. Chicago has been gentrifying and pushing out those blacks to the left side of their gaussian curve.

        Whites and other demographic groups here enjoy increased wealth as a consequence of the fleeing folks. Our issue is public debt and related public liabilities but in all other respects visit here — in June or September through October — and tell me we aren’t “revived.” I earn at least as much compensation from my professional gig as I would in the Bay Area or Beltway or NYC and my expenses are a modest fraction of what I would pay to live in those places.

        • Chicago is not a safe city. Unless you think getting carjacked and shot in the head for it is safe. All in Lincoln Park. But, one can believe what one wants to believe.

    • You have used the word that has been stricken from American English language. The one word that struck fear in the hearts and minds of the leftist progressives as there is no snide reply to it. The word which essentially has been thrown down the Memory Hole to eliminate the discomfort it causes to the leftist, commie, racially diverse mind..:”Gratitude”. Nevermore.

    • Ben Franklin proposed the turkey as the national bird, as opposed to the bald eagle. It is, of course, the sine qua non of the Thanksgiving meal. I suspect the “artist” replaced it with a loaf of bread because he couldn’t handle the Vegan outrage his otherwise woke vision would garner. He is nothing but a coward and a fool.

  26. How can we remake Zulu with a truly diverse cast? Eliminate all whites, of course (the essential point of diversity) but who replaces them? Mestizos? Blue-hairs? Filipinos?

    I also look forward to a diverse remake of Grand Illusion, where the German POW camp from WWI is filled with nothing but Guatemalans and the guards are all Han Chinese.

  27. Most of the Republican party are little more than Judenrate, happily assisting in drawing up the lists. Recently re-read “Eichmann in Jerusalem”–for which Arendt was un-personed in many circles for daring to suggest that elements of the Holocaust were have been logistically infeasible, but for the cooperation of the victims. Even Eichmann was surprised with the willingness of Jewish leadership to help him in his task.

    Learn from history.

  28. A lot of White Americans would look at the multiracial Rockwell painting and know in their gut that it’s wrong. But in their head they think it’s right. They actually think America is meant to be multiracial. They’ve had the “America as an idea” as opposed to a “blood and soil” concept hammered into them for a lifetime. I’ve never met anyone in real life who knows about the Naturalization Act of 1790. The “only whites of good character” part is shocking to them.

    • Yes, the axis of head and heart is where it is at.

      But 1790?

      We are in a particle accelerator of lies; where big lies are pushed onto the people at light speed, splintering into a thousand pretty lies. There is no history, only Progress and the perpetually morphing Instagram collage of badfeels that needs to be replaced.

      For the left tail of the bell – growing darker and fatter by the minute, there is no yesterday, let alone the taproots of Western Civilization. They are passengers on a train without origin, disembarking at a grand mall that has just sort of always been and so of course always will be.

      The middle of the bell have a small collection of nostalgic polaroids in a shoebox under their bed. Every so often they thumb through this quaint history of theirs, its origins eclipsed by the warming glow of their precious new media. Factories were supposed to be replaced by server farms.

      The feathered corners and sepia haze of these clippings of time are comforting, but also a source of a strange angst, a stirring tragedy in the making. The young ones react with detached irony, while the older ones worry about these kids and their “existential” problems. “Thankfully,” they all say, “there is an app for that.”

      The right tail plods on, forming increasingly remote outposts of intellectual debate, think tanks and policy farms that work feverishly to slow the grand Progress to a speed at which the big lies can produce a manageable array of pretty lies such that their 401k’s compound as promised and their precious 1.0 children can matriculate in a properly credentialed fortress insulated from the very progress they embrace, albeit with more reason and “common sense”.

      Sure the mall is now unsafe and looks nothing like what they remember, but that is what Amazon is for. Yes, 1790 happened, but it was kinda racist dontchya think?

    • The fact is that a lot of the multi-culti crowd completely disagrees with that idea that America allegedly is.

      If you can’t attack them (white globohomo accepters) on the racial angle – then attack them on that.

      Ask them ” what idea exactly is it that you think America is?”.

      Once you’ve got your answer – then fill in the response with all of non-whites who argue differently.

      Going to the 1790 argument is going to make a lot of these people just shut down, but they’re going to have a much harder time arguing against the evidence from the here and now that the multi-cultists want any American ideas dead and buried.

  29. The only reason magnum PI was a success was because of the star power of Tom Selleck. That was the driving force. There was nothing startlingly novel about the premise, unless it was the location of Hawaii.

    It would actually be more novel to use something like a tranny as a detective.He/she could change gender back-and-forth to solve the crime. Dip into the men’s room to find the subject, and then get a taser from her purse stashed in the ladies room.

    What for me proves the conqueror/conquered nature of the whole situation must be the way A black man and white woman always depicted together.This is to take the temperature of the population. This is like waving at red cape in front of a bull or it should be. If you do this repeatedly to a bull, and it just turns away and crops grass or something, then you know you’re dealing with a castrated bull. By depicting a black man with a white woman constantly to white men and not getting a response, they are proving to themselves we are thoroughly pacified. “If they will tolerate this, they will tolerate anything!”

    • That’s because most men are estrogen dominant any more. Plastic in the food containers, hormones in the meats and dairy, pesticides and preservatives on and in everything else, they all contribute to xenoestrogenic dominance. Which can, if begun early enough, permanently change the behavior of the male, as well as even damage the higher functions of the female brain. People joke about soy face but I doubt it started with soy lattes. It began much, much earlier. The obesity epidemic is both a cause of, and the result of, this phenomenon.

  30. French pres Macron at WWI memorial:

    “Nationalism is treason.” (Meaning Globalism is patriotism i guess.)

    And the U.S. Mid-Term “elections” are being overturned at this very moment.

    Good luck, White males(White females remain the most sexually desirable females on earth so they will be spared). The “Cultural War”has gone hot and you’re targeted for destruction.

    • President Micron can go f himself. Practically who damn family went over there twice to bail the French out.

    • What a jerk Macron is. I guess he doesn’t know that at scientific conferences held in France where everyone speaks English, everything must be translated into French. My son went to one related to his field and because of the extra time all that nonsense took, he was afraid he’d miss his flight back home. The one frog at the meeting asked him for a ride to the airport — naturally the ugly American had a car. The traffic was heavy when the frog in excellent English suggested a short-cut and he made his flight.

      Hypocrisy and money grubbing.

  31. You know, the actual purveyors of this stuff are low-level. In Britain, for example — which is far more rotten than the USA — all these people live on government “arts” grants. It wouldn’t take much to shut them down. Similarly, you can’t disrupt CNN at the source — all the things they would’ve done had the “MAGAbomber” been real would stop it; those guys always get caught. You can, however, “influence” the local rag, the local Big Network affiliate. You can’t get to Soros, but you can get to the professors he funds down at the local U. Soros, the CNN bigshots, et al travel with massive security, and call call out SEAL Team 6 if they’re threatened. Local yokels can’t. The bigshots live in gated compounds you’d need a tank to bust into; the local bigshots at your midsize city rag / tv station have to shop at the same stores we do. Everyone knows where professors live. Everyone sees the local emmy award winning broadcaster at the supermarket. What I’m getting at is: They can pump out all the interracial-couple, gay-normalizing, all-Latino advertisements they want. If nobody at the local paper will buy them, nobody at the local tv station will air them, because concerned citizens “persuaded” the ad buyers, program directors, etc. not to, then nothing happens. “Think globally, act locally,” is how I think the save-the-earth types put it…. you know, hypothetically. I preemptively denounce you all.

    • It’s certainly a very good strategy for us since we don’t have the resources or talent to confront kingpins directly in most cases. Not all but most.

      Targeting their assistants who actually carry out their masters dirty deeds is much easier. As you say, they aren’t protected at all and very accessible through various means. Just a matter of finding out their names and addresses via a bit of ‘social engineering. And if they have a Social media account, so much the better.

      This also applies to the ad agency executives and the kingpin’s law firm and accounting agency that keeps his empire afloat. You want to make a Soros type sweat. You go after his people that maintain his empire.When his accountants don’t return his calls you will see true panic.

  32. How about this for a book idea?

    “Z’s Rules for Radicals”

    You better hurry up and write it or else I will.
    Might be a a real best-seller!

  33. These arent even paintings. They are heavily edited photos. White nationalism is not just good for white people, it’s good for the world. No one can create what white people have. They lack the skill.

  34. Although the dim outlines of cultural genocide were evident to discerning individuals as far back as the 1920s, this attempt to directly attack all institutions of Western Civilization and its cultural symbols did not come into hard relief until the years following WWII. It seems to have accelerated every year since then. I have often wondered, as far back as the 1980s, when thinking whites would begin to understand their peril…when they would begin to understand what was being done to them. When the Media Class recognized their power over shaping public opinion in the 1960s, especially after they managed to railroad Nixon, they immediately set out to impose their agenda across many lines of attack: news, sports, entertainment, and fashion. They have never let up this relentless, merciless attack on us. And year by year, it has become more unhinged, more vitriolic, and more explicit. As I say, I kept wondering as far back as the 80s if anyone would take this threat seriously. If you take the threat seriously, you are ethically bound to take action to stop it. The great question in our current era is whether enough whites will not only become cognizant of their peril, but whether they will begin to take measures to save themselves and their posterity. And paramount in opposing our destruction is knowing WHO the enemy is.

  35. Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. Europe for Europeans.

    I know (((I))) may not be popular on some boards, but there are Jews who are trying to fight this (e.g., Dennis Prager, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Daniel Greenfield…). Certainly, I am attempting to do my part, e.g.:

    An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews

    (First of a series about the Islamic invasion, and also calling out American Jews for their continuing to vote “D” – a party increasingly sucking up to those who not only are anti-Semites but anti-America.)

    And I’m working on another missive to my fellow American Jews. Banging my head against the wall, but – dammit! – if it gets to bloodshed (and I agree that’s probably where it’s going) I want to honestly say I tried everything I knew to avoid it.

    • Therein lies the fatal flaw of this article. (I say that pending and subject to further explanation from our blog host). As we get closer and closer to a shooting war, we need to address this and jump on it.

      What do we do with honourable, intelligent hard working blacks among us? Yes, I know that by the stats 40% of all negroes are too stupid to hold even the simplest jobs. What about the Joos? Yes, I know Hollywood, the Democrats, and other moral and intellectual cesspools are infested with them. What do we do with those that would help us and ask only to live among us?

      One of Lefty’s fatal flaws is that he won’t judge people – therefore he has no judgement. If we are to survive, IMHO – we will have to do better than that, and judge those that come before us fairly and honestly.

      • Judge them by what they say and do. In my case – and OK, I admit there’s a self-serving element – please check out my blog.

        I’m consistent, and consistently have been saying the same things over and over. In fact, I’ve got another essay (or two) pleading with American Jews to wake up in the works.

    • The anti-Semites, of course, focus exclusively on Jews, but our alien over-class is multi-racial. That means there are plenty of whites in it. Class plays a role, but most of it is a hangover from Cold Civil War, where sophisticated and educated whites worked hard to put distance between themselves and lower class whites.

      A point I’m fond of making is that if whites get their act together and start thinking racially, the Jewish question loses all salience, other than for Jews who would have to confront the paradoxes and contradictions within Ashkenazim culture.

      • Reminds me of your post on the HQ, the Honky Question. Much of the alt-right wastes far too much time on the JQ when the real issue remains finding a way to convince whites they have a culture and heritage themselves, and it’s as legit to defend and advocate for it as any other group does theirs. More so than others, because without whites there is no West.

        No Western culture… and that is precisely what non-whites want.

        • Good luck with fundamentalist Protestants. All they want is to sit at the right hand side of Jesus. Seriously.

          • You would do well to emulate the early church — it was the original anti-fragile system. One man and eleven of his followers took on the Roman Empire and won.

          • Yes helping to bring down an empire means the empire no longer provides services such as piracy prevention, defense, etc. If you have a problem with that, maybe you should stick with the empire.

          • They were, indeed. The 3rd century A.D. was the last hurrah, although the old pagan Roman religion was pretty much gone by the end of the 2nd century B.C. Sulla was already immersed in Greek culture by then.

      • As a resident echo’er, I must register my distaste for “WQ not JQ,” in light of the fact that everyone who knows the score understands they are heavily related just like our two tribes. I don’t think you should hurl yourself into the void by touching unnecessary third rails, but it would be enough not misdirect in that fashion.

        • I think liberal Jews are a big problem and a big majority of Jews. It’s why I think right-wing Jews would be wise to go after Liberal Jews on ethnic grounds. Where I break with anti-Semites and counter-Semites is I’m more than happy to support right-wing Jews taking on their co-ethnics. In a perfect world, American Jews re-invent themselves as white nationalists, Queens chapter.

          That has nothing to do with the bigger problem of white idiots supporting their own destruction.

          • Certainly working on that!

            If I didn’t wear my kippa and took off my Star of David, I’d be accepted into any KKK membership drive without a second glance. My father’s side of the family has been here, literally, since Plymouth Rock (well, ok, one branch has; I am 100% sure that I have other Pilgrim ancestors as well).

          • I agree with your first paragraph fully and wish the diaspora would behave as your describe. Having said as much, I don’t believe the second follows. Crime against the gullible is still crime and whether or not nature rewards that behavior, we know that whites do not. Hence whenever I see the WQ, it immediately reminds me of how the whites I know in America would react if they knew what the “right wing,” of the diaspora thought of them. They wouldn’t take it well.

      • Why? Jews aren’t white and never were. They are a hostile and subversive ethnic group; forgive me for not trusting the “alt-Jews” that claim to be on our side.

        • What race are they, Pinochet? They aren’t Mongoloid. They aren’t Negroid. So what is left? Caucasian. Or are you saying Jews are Space Aliens and therefore not confined to the three races composing the Human Species?

          • Whites are threatened, not the Caucasians per se – which includes Arabs, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. They’re doing great. Whites are the Northern Caucasians if you will, far more creative and intelligent. Utterly distinct. If you don’t values us enough to distinguish us from them, then you have no business being with us – any more than the Jews do.

          • Don’t be so damn quick to invite your own race to leave, Lugh. Next you’ll be claiming Greeks, Italians and Spanish aren’t white enough for you. Maybe even those “damn Irish”.

            Ethnic and/or religious Jews can be full German, English or Swedish. In fact as an ethnicity or religion Jews hail from all over. You are making the same mistake the other “great intellect” made. Jews aren’t a “race”. Deal with it.

            You needn’t like Jews. Hell, you don’t even need to say their name as far as I’m concerned but don’t make the rest of us appear ignorant when we’re trying to gain momentum. I’m also curious who gave you the authority to decide who has business being with us?

          • Who? The Egregor of the White Race: Odin. Just as Yahweh gives you your desire to destroy us. Did not the Pharisees ask Christ by what authority He spoke? How dare He say something outside of the Talmud!

          • Reminder: It’s the Jews who set themselves apart from and above all others. The original Pharisees, the separatists. Christian Whites are the fools who fantasize all races and religions can be lifted up to live together in harmony. Maybe we’ll realize it doesn’t work before we’re extinct; maybe we won’t.

      • You folks created the Grievance Alliance. Now it’s getting away from you? Cry me a river. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 109 times, shame on us.

    • LOL.
      Saying “Muslims interfere with (((our))) ability to infest White nation-states” is not exactly “red pilled”.
      Try this on for size: “(((We))) belong in a Jewish nation-state, and nowhere else.”

    • Regardless of the few based J#ws that you cite, the reality is almost all J#ws prefer to live in a multiracial society, so that they feel concealed. Correct? Therefore, there is a fundamental conflict between J#ws and whites with respect to immigration policy. Ben Shapiro is a great example.

    • There are Jews in your corner, a few, and more who have no corner no different than most white Americans The four Jews you sited are not in your corner. We may think so because they see the madness of the prog Jew and proscribe against it. But they would be openly hostile to a state free of the innumerable rules imposed upon this one over the last century that made it vulnerable to what is happening now. There are your allies in a battle but not in war. Prager is the worst of them and Greenfield the best, but they do not have your back.

    • Join the discussion…Neo CONS trying to preserve WHITE strength so it can be used for Zionism. I’ve never been kicked off a site faster than Horovitz’s – the great exponent of freedom. Total fraud.

    • Nitzakhon, nowhere in your writings do you say that non-jewish whites or white culture should be preserved because they or it are liked or admired. This is something I see in all pro-Western Civ writings by Jews. They like the civilization whites create but, at best, couldn’t care less about white people. A few jews rally only because it serves Jews, and because it affirmatively answers the question, Is it good for Jews? Meanwhile, white non-jews love Jewish people and their culture and defend it, to the death in some cases. Is that ever reciprocated by Jews? Should non-jewish whites welcome the presence of people who don’t like or respect us? If you were a non-jew white, how would you feel about it? Do jews like whites for any other reason than we create the world’s best civilization for Jews to thrive in while they exploit and ultimately destroy us? Do you personally actually like or admire any non-jew white people or culture?

      • Sure I like white people. Sauteed with a little garlic and a few lemon slices. 😉 Seriously, if you’ve actually looked at my writings, how can you infer that I’m only doing it “for the Jews”? I’m defending Western Civilization that BY DEFINITION was created by white people.

        I have no issue with white people. I like white people, I want to preserve white people. And I absolutely do not want to see whites destroyed, and if you can’t get from my writings that I want to preserve – PRESERVE, not DESTROY – Western Civilization than I don’t know what else to say.

    • Our ancestors (I’m an approximately 4/5 Germanic, 1/5 English/Scandinavian living in the American Midwest) may well have left us so deeply in the hole, that peeling-off (or at least incentivizing to restrain their attack) a fraction of the Jews may be our only hope for survival. I can get on board with enlisting Zionist Jews in a pan-nationalist war against globalism. The early Zionists explicitly modeled themselves on martial European fascist movements, according to this Ron Unz article:
      That is noble, and I can respect Zionist Jews who connect with this tradition, if they’ll restrain from warring on the West.

  36. Hmmmmmm. The Left seems to be acquiring a rudimentary understanding of meme warfare. It was only a matter of time I suppose. While most of them are painfully stupid, but those that play them most certainly are not. We need to understand that right up front.

    Relax boys. Stuff like this ni##ered Norman Rockwell is meant to goad and make you lose your chit. Stomp on that. Keep your eyes wide open and ignore the people doing this. Look beyond them, at the guys pulling their strings. When this culture war goes hot, we are going to need to flank the cannon fodder and get the ones hiding at the rear where they call the shots.

    Do you have a gun? And ammo and supplies? Chit’s getting real, folks.

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      Fact is this may or may not be meme warfare on second thought. It could be just the usual leftwing virtue signalling that accidentally hit us where we live. Can’t exactly remember whose Razor it is – but it flatly states that you never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.

      Stay loose, boys.

    • It’s meme warfare, but it’s counterproductive meme warfare in the same way that Richard Spencer is counterproductive.

      Show this stuff to normie idiots. Even and idiot will get the message. This stuff is more persuasive than anything we could say.

      • Well just the simple fact that they have to riff off a white man’s ideas because they have no original ideas or imagination…

  37. And the guys in Charlottesville were criticized by our own side for chanting “Jews will not replace us”. Now it seems anti-Semitism is not wanting to be genocided by jews.

    • I don’t know about that. They got grief from our side for allowing themselves to be easily lured into a trap and allowing themselves to be attached to losers from the old WN 1.0 world. That’s the lesson of Charlottesville. The way to avoid ending up like the losers from WN 1.0 is to not emulate them.

          • White middle-class bourgeois fence-sitters are immediately repelled from that symbolism. If you want any chance to turn this around, many more of them must be peeled-off. What’s more, the TR is not needed (and they made mistakes as well). Like Alain de Benoist, one can appeal to, and utilize, the broad intellectual milieu that gave rise to the interwar European right, without hopelessly relegating one’s self to defeat. USSR 2.0 is far, far more likely than TR 2.0 will ever be. That the latter happened in it’s own time and place was quite surprising. Compare to today:
            1. Long, real, widespread economic suffering
            2. Strong national pride, which has been humiliated
            3. An extremely strong (by 20th century standards) rightist, nationalist, martial tradition still existing (WW1 soldiers were central to this), and represented even in the elite class and across the civil service (held over from the time of the Second Reich), and a still greater number of Germans tolerant of this tradition
            4. A strong portion of the economic elite in support of a radical rightist/populist movement (read about the Hjalmar Schacht letter of industrialists appealing to President Hindenberg to appoint Hitler Chancellor)
            5. A constitution with an Article 48
            6. A strong Marxist movement, with a menacing USSR right next door, and a Reichstag burning in need of explanation
            7. An impressive and still highly active world of top-tier intellectuals (the German Conservative Revolution, Heidegger, widespread rightist readings of Nietzsche, etc.) one can appeal to

          • >>>White middle-class bourgeois fence-sitters…. If you want any chance to turn this around, many more of them must be peeled-off.

            The only success I’ve had with peeling off fence-sitters, including some Obama-voters, is when I avoid the explicit mention of race and ethnicity.

            It’s a much easier sales job when you merely note that the wave of illegals washing over the USA is composed of people who are near the bottom of the barrel of their own societies, in terms of education and skills.

            Defending the interests of working class Americans is actually a color-blind argument, which most Americans will at least listen to. Because it is so damn obvious.

  38. I went to a performance with my sister Friday night. Something that she was interested in. It was 90% female, a hundred percent white and I think the vast majority of the Becky’s in the audience would have been upset if I pointed that out. It was also incredibly vacuous yet so popular that these women “comedians” are doing a worldwide tour. I found the whole thing disheartening that this is what these women care about. It was nothing. it was meaningless. And it filled me with despair. Of course I didn’t let my sister know that because she’s a mentally unstable Democrat like the rest of them

    • I understand. I’m an older chick and experience magnitude greater despair being around women groups. Starting in first grade as I witnessed the hen pecking order, the dominant lead female, 5 year old girls kissing butt…and said to self why would I want to do that…and still don’t. Just got asked by a gal to participate in a breast cancer awareness event by joining a gaggle of gals dressed up in pink tutus parading virtue signaling around a high school track. Ugh! Red hat women….Ugh! Just dropped away from a fiber arts group as the dominant lead females took over pushing for competitive production, virtue signaling and endless nattering. The last 20 years of my career was great as jettisoned legal secretary to work in water company as water treatment operator then hydro dam operator and distribution operator. Mostly guys and a few women. Some really good and interesting folks. Husband has warned that when civil war rolls in prepare to drop away from majority of women “friends” as they will turn farther left and I won’t smell like their wolf pack. Think this chick group currying favor is hardwired as a survival mechanism from way back (trust me, I am not immune from it). When a gal’s mate was killed by an auroch, she was totally dependent on being absorbed into another family unit. Probably some polygamy as guys frequently killed hunting. “Widowed” young female must curry big favor with lead female in family and not be threatening …or lead female could pitch a fit at Ogg demanding he kick her into the void or the nookie train would be down for maintenance. However, never underestimate blonds as 11,000 years ago we appeared and rapidly spread through the gene pool!

      • Yeah, we are the freaks. And I don’t really see it getting much better because when the noose starts tightening most white women with the option are going to move to safety.

        • Whitney…..I already left California because had used up my 9 lives. In Utah can conceal carry legally, am reasonably trained, feel very safe at home and everywhere! Husband armed and he takes care of his gal, I love my life, deeply value it, intend to protect it and won’t go down without a big nasty cat fight! Was screaming at the TV when Tucker Carlson’s wife was attacked. Shall never again hide behind the door quaking. Know just what to do in that circumstance. Best to you.

          • Fellow ZMan bloggers….start making plans to get out of the cities and leave California. Remember what happens to a frog under slow boil. Worked in water company in downtown Oakland and West Oakland, Huey Newton’s old neighborhood. One evening pulled out of the company garage into chaos with police and helicopters with searchlights everywhere. For whatever reason the police directed traffic right into the path of thousands of rioters leaving the courtroom hearing in the Oscar Grant murder trial. I was stuck fast 2 blocks from the Hwy. 24 onramp, 1 block away a police car was burning, hundreds of rioters swarmed around my car and the strangest thing happened…..they did not see me. I was invisible, as if Brigadoon descended upon me in a timewarp. I could look right into vibrant eyeballs and they did not see me. I was fine. Time slowed down and knew I could think through what was needed to do and would be okay. Didn’t even go for the great equalizer. The rioters passed around me and continued through Chinatown to 14th and Broadway (the site of many more riots to come, particularly Occupy Wallstreet) setting fire to cars, smashing hundreds of windows, and setting all trashcans alight. Traffic started to move, popped onto freeway and got out of Dodge. As days, months and years of this crap continued, my co-workers displayed a dandy case of Stockholm syndrome as they did not want to hear me say it, discuss it, discuss that we were not safe. I was badthinking and should be blinkered. Retired 3 years after first riot.

          • A couple other natural disaster reasons to leave California: Have 3 years of geology under my belt. The Hayward fault is overdue not to mention San Andreas fault. Remember I worked as a Sr. Distribution Operator. That giant sucking noise you hear is the sound of main breaks as in a colander. You get a 7.5 earthquake just kiss your backside goodbye as no water for ~ 6 months. Water company can only do so much. Big earthquakes are just too unpredictable and too big for all engineering scenarios. We were told to say goodnight to the SCADA system, put our hiking boots on and walk home many miles. Check on the family, stabilize , then report to my nearest water treatment plant to participate in damage control.
            Second: AS you currently see, in California, here in Utah and all over the west, we don’t fight fires as we used to 40 years ago. Thanks pussified regulators. When the Camp fire hit Paradise, a fireman was captured on tape saying…We can’t fight this fire…we can only help evacuate people. Indeed! Yes there are multiple reasons we have bigger fires. BUT firefighters have been told in so many words not to fight them. 40 years ago my husband fought wild land fires and remembers how fires were fought. So do not live in grasslands or woods as Daddy Sam will not save your butt nor will probably not let you trim your trees for fire prevention.

    • If people would stop treating mentally unstable Democrats with kid gloves – maybe a few more of them would finally lose it and have to be committed – and therefore lose their voting rights.

      Treating mentally unstable Democrats with kid gloves – and allowing them to continue to spread their insanity – is really not helping matters.

      Just sayin’

  39. This is an important post! I think it’s right on the money, the cultural marxist way of final solutions. No need for gas chambers, ovens and all that old school stuff…

    • The issue for the Right is to create its own spaces, and cultural works designed from our perspective. The over-culture is controlled by those that despise us. We can’t achieve exclusion by force, but we can get exclusion by consent. Nothing is legally barring us from creating culture that blacks would see as “hideously white” and ignore.

      • Won’t be allowed. Legal is whatever the Left defines it at the moment. They hate us and want us dead. They will not give us our own space except by us fighting for it and killing their elites, as many as we can.

        Unless the men on the right are willing to fight and do so. They won’t stop erasing us. That means our men have to risk jail time and even death. The Sailer strategy of being snarky doesn’t cut it.

        You know how the Mexicans in Los Angeles cleansed their neighborhood of blacks? They called in their gangs, who started shooting black bucks dead in the street. The local blacks got the message and moved out. Some of the gangsters did prison time but that’s what it takes.

        Look what our blue collars ancestors had to do get labor rights. They had outright battles where they fought and died in fights against corporate goons and nation guardsmen who were trying to kill them.

        • Most right-wing people won’t even cancel their cable subscription, let alone engage in violence. It’s not as if this country doesn’t have considerable amounts of “fraternal organizations” that non-whites don’t join because they have their own ethnic interest groups. Our groups get targeted by mob violence because they foolishly choose to organize in leftist cities, rather than encourage migration to right-wing rural areas.

          • We cancelled Netflix, but although I literally never watch TV (old Project Runway excepted), my husband is pretty much all round disabled and watches TV 24/7. I investigated alternate systems, but he couldn’t get the hang of them.

            I suggest some smart cookie figure out a way to access TV without Soros’ cable companies or complicated alternate systems involved that is easy for older customers to manage.

          • Netflix is losing money. You’d be hurting them more by paying for the lowest tier service and streaming their shows in the background. Yes I’ve seen their statements: they claim to be profitable but they’ve taken on a huge amount of debt.

          • I don’t doubt they’re in debt, but they can use their paid subscriptions as assets in getting loans + I can’t stand even seeing their logo.

          • ExPraliteMonk, it seems like all the companies that produce media entertainment supporting The Narrative can take limitless losses, low returns and still stay around to produce more stultifying crap. It’s like the mainstream newspapers all in the red, still cranking out the propaganda at a loss. And to think we used to make fun of this very thing in the Soviet Union when I was growing up. I’ve now come to understand clearly all the warnings from my fellow countrymen about the dangers of Leftism and Communism. Never thought it would take hold here, but it has, deeply. ‘Interesting Times’

          • “Our groups get targeted by mob violence because they foolishly choose to organize in leftist cities, rather than encourage migration to right-wing rural areas.”

            So your groups are isolated and easier targets? Razor-sharp strategic thinking. LOL.

          • @ De Beers
            Amen Brother… Maybe those doing the organizing don’t have our best interest in mind…Maybe they are setting us up something to think about the next time a rally comes up…

          • A rally only has an impact when there is a large number of people attending. Even then, it usually isn’t enough. The March for Life draws a big crowd every year, but you never hear about it. And they have the logistical muscles of churches to organize it. The combined Dissident Right organizations struggle to hold a conference of a few hundred people.

          • People go where the jobs are to be found. We really need to change that dynamic and start our own businesses for our own people out in areas where conservatives live.

          • @ Ursula
            have two businesses ready to go I’m just lacking manpower… People really don’t want to do more than just complain though…Sad That…

          • Interesting that you lack manpower. Is it that people don’t want to work? I found that there were very few individuals willing to work this year. Not even for 25/35 dollars an hour; cash. I had to do most of it myself. Backbreaking, sweaty, nasty work. I didn’t mind it, it’s just that I had to turn down more work than I did. Was the economy that good?

        • “They will not give us our own space except by us fighting for it and killing their elites, as many as we can.”

          I can’t honestly disagree, much as I wish I could. But I have to ask, where does that leave people like me?

          Disclosure: I am a longtime “keyboard warrior.” Well past the physical prime of life. No military background or skills. Frankly, afraid of violence.

          I don’t think Civil War II is going to have a place for ambulance drivers and scrap metal collectors.

          Is there a role for those like me, beyond cheerleading and producing belles lettres?

          • “where does that leave people like me?”

            Soldiers need to eat and be healed. That requires food, money, and medicine. The tip of the spear is the easy part sometimes. That looooong supply chain / logistics wagon behind them? Not so much…

          • When I was in Vietnam I was told there were 23 non combatant military personnel working feverishly behind the scenes in logistics etc. to enable one front line soldier like me to efficiently kill commies. We all did a marvelous job unfortunately the traitors stateside didn’t.

          • @Apex
            Should of read your comment before I posted;) Yes agree logistics is seriously lacking for most…

          • “where does that leave people like me?”

            Mr. Rawles hisself just recently expounded a bit on that topic. Many people will never be combat effective, however sincere their wishes. Safe houses, financial support, whatever you can be effective at.

            All players need to work on defeating facial recognition technology, as cameras are everywhere. Play smart.

          • During WWII Russian women made great snipers: just have to sit still and take aim. This has nothing to do with the topic being discussed. I just like history.

          • I’m mostly in the same boat you are. Fighting though takes many non-violent forms. From putting “being white is OK” on college campuses; to accidentally losing a bunch of roofing nails in the exclusive part of town where the libbies live; accidentally flushing expanding concrete down the college dorm toilets; putting out “white power” fliers and naming some high power Democrat as the organizer of it with his phone# and address; to putting bogus craiglist ads saying that some local liberal has a “get rid of everything for free” at his house.

            Then there is providing local intelligence, food, medical supplies, etc for those who do the ugly stuff.

            But we each must do what we can,

          • Exactly.

            Remember that Obama as Joker meme that was floating around many years ago? Usually it would show up with “Socialism” under the face?

            I went around my MA suburban neighborhood VERY early on a few mornings stapling those up very strategically on telephone poles where I knew everybody would see them as they waited at intersections on their way to work in the morning.

            It very obviously pissed somebody off because they were all torn down less than week later. They didn’t fall off themselves – because the Lost Cat posters usually stay up for months and months before falling off on their own.

          • @calsdad
            You know what really would of been good to do also is have 2 or 3 cheap game cams hidden watching who tore them down to see who might need a stern talking too later on…

          • @Rod
            But we each must do what we can,
            Yes but it has to be together and working towards the same goal for us to win…That is what it all hinges on…

          • As Apex Predator said, help with logistics.

            While fitness is important for the upcoming troubles , ruthless cunning is moreso and age does not preclude action. being old doesn’t preclude action when appropriate. If more likely when things go kinetic, its not going to be Blue vs Grey in neat little armies. Its a dirty war of irregular fighting of a very personal nature. Door to Door, Neighbor vs Neighbor Rwanda x Bosnia.

            The most important thing though, the one thing Right lacks is goals. If you have goals, you can achieve them and to note, with the current crop of bad guys and so many people stuck in one land mass, leave me alone is not a goal.

            Its going to require an appetite for power , land, wealth, women, ideology to win

          • Tremendous business of body-organ harvesting happened during and after the Bosnia-Herzogovina troubles. Many ‘disappeared’ white Europeans. Corporate impressions left in the rawest form.

          • @AB
            Ding ding ding…Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…Wish more people understood that simple fact…You aren’t going to be left alone and you can only hide for so long unless you have the power to do so…Until the right gets it through their thick heads that they need Power they will keep getting their asses kicked by the commies…I’m sure this comment will bring out the trolls because they know deep down in their black souls that would be the beginning of the end for them…BFYTW

          • As others have already said: Combat troops have a long supply train. Well guerilla fighters do as well. Go read some of the history of WW resistance , or watch a few movies (older ones usually) – they usually at least touch on the support network that existed to keep the pointy tip of the resistance spear in action.

            This is why the Germans would go around burning entire towns – they KNEW somebody was supporting those fighters.

            Do you know medicine? Do you know how to build ?(somebody has to build the bunkers that things will be hidden in). Do you know how to reload ammo – if so , do you have a stockpile and the machines to do the reloading? Are you a machinist? Do you have a gun lathe? A milling machine? Do you know how to fix vehicles, do you have .gov surplus Humvee available? Do you farm? Do you have acreage that might supply food? Are you a HAM operator? Do you have the radio set?

            There are probably literally hundreds of things that could be done to “help”.

            IMHO one of the most vital is the constant underground effort to turn people’s heads in a rightward direction. It’s tireless , somewhat thankless work. I’ve been doing it for probably 20 years now. I endlessly look for the chinks in people’s minds to insert doubt about the left into their thought process. I sent out emails pulled from paleo right and libertarian leaning sites to dozens of people for about 13 years. All designed to send chinks into the leftists.

            I hear an awful lot of people on the right who think they don’t have to do anything – until that day that the shit hits the fan and they’re all supposed to run out their front doors with their muskets and fight the redcoats.

            So they do nothing. They vote for more spending. They get pissed when you bring up the fact that their tax dollars are funding all this shit – and they respond with dumbassery like: “well where will the roads and schools come from”. They cower in their houses because the ISIS blue water navy has been sighted off the Outer Banks and they feel the invasion is at hand.

            Now that I think of it – one of the main things that could be done to help this cause is just to stop being so fucking stupid.
            That’s the part an awful lot of people who claim to be on the right seem to having the most problem with.

          • @calsdad
            Now that I think of it – one of the main things that could be done to help this cause is just to stop being so fucking stupid.
            That’s the part an awful lot of people who claim to be on the right seem to having the most problem with.

            Amen Brother…The problem is they will never stop being stupid unless they are forced to realize that they are stupid in the first place…So even if you get them to realize that they are stupid by doing so you have just made another enemy to fight later on…So you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place…Sad That…

          • The stupidity is deeply entrenched, long enduring and blind.
            Hoagies sniveling
            “When I was in Vietnam I was told there were 23 non combatant military personnel working feverishly behind the scenes in logistics etc. to enable one front line soldier like me to efficiently kill commies. We all did a marvelous job unfortunately the traitors stateside didn’t.”
            is a classic example.
            Of the three million murdered in Vietnam I doubt if 100 of 1% knew what communism was let alone that they were fighting for it as they tried to scrabble out a subsistence from their rice paddies.
            The issue is the moron-american who “fought against communism” half the world away at the behest of the political filth of the left and the right who were actively instituting communism at home.These same morons spent the next forty years watching the destruction of their country from within and did fuck-all.

            Mao would be proud of the achievements of the boomers.

        • @Rod
          You and I have talked of this before and I still say the pain hasn’t got bad enough for white males to start banding together and building armies…No instead they join the military to fight the elites war or join law enforcement to kill off their fellow whites and protect the scum…Sad That…

          • I agree that is a large part of the inactivity on our side. As long as their 401K’s, IRA’s are fat and they can use their homes like giant ATM’s life is good and they don’t care.

            Only when the markets collapse like they in 2008 will they wake up. Until then all we can do prepare, engage in non-violence resistance that can easily be mistaken for incompetence, sloth, etc.

          • >>>engage in non-violence resistance that can easily be mistaken for incompetence

            As Rod mentioned above, the institutions which constitute the the Hive require functioning indoor plumbing. Goldman-Sachs and the US Senate might be impregnable, but Evergreen State College et al. are not.

      • I suspect that would be deplatformed and similar pretty quickly. Take opening a university. If you do not follow federal guidelines for this and that, needless to say w plenty ‘diversity’ stuff in those rules, no federal funding for research and other things. That is why Harvard is not simply claiming ‘we can admit exactly whom we like’.

        ANYTHING explicitly white you try to do, they will try to strangle, and certainly ‘other-ize’ it in a million different ways. I actually kinda agree w the ‘white genocide’ conjecture. It is ‘culturecide’ and will probably amount to much the same thing, but w/o the gas chambers or mass graves.

        • The nature of conservatives has been to demand that minorities lose their distinctiveness and assimilate. When conservatives are the minority, they tend to take their own advice. But pursuing conservatism as an “affinity group” is the only way that it survives as a despised minority. The various leftist affinity groups tend to “stay in their lane” even while supporting the wider leftist cause.

          • I’m speaking about groups that may from time to time engage in politics, but are not centered around partisan activity. Gavin’s group went about it the wrong way, encouraging boorishness and fighting, but he was right about forming an affinity group that did other things than political discussion. Think of how the NAACP has lots of local chapters. Many people join not out of an interest in politics, but for networking.

          • Disagree, we don’t demand anybody lose their distinctiveness to assimilate and it isn’t necessary. My goodness, we have fashion, food, music, art … from all over the world brought here by those who wish to jump into the melting pot and become part of We, the People. Those who wish to have colonies of their former countries here, are free to stay where that culture already exists.

          • The Conservatism Inc ideal is that everyone should try to be like Dinesh D’Souza or the other tokens in terms of identity. Likewise, conservatives working in certain areas or living in certain industries are the “token conservative”. There’s a lot of pressure to conform. This is a major reason why “campus conservatives” are so useless. They come off as embarrassing and argumentative. By contrast, the various black organizations are more social than political, and they don’t go around trying to get whites to join. Campus conservatives are “notice me, senpai” in regards to liberals.

          • Blacks don’t want whites around at all. Lots of schools are re-segregating dorms and social clubs. One large university (don’t remember which one) is building a gym for non-whites only. When I was in the edbiz, conservatives weren’t trying to be noticed. They were only trying to get some “equality” like in student fees, etc.

            You used a term, senpai, I didn’t recognize, so I looked it up and it’s an anime term a couple of generations and many light years away from my comfort zone (pun intended). If that is, indeed, what conseratives are doing, I’m sorry about it.

          • I do think blacks display self-segregating tendencies, or perhaps “going their own way”. But this is discouraged mainly from the establishment right, leftists never attack blacks for organizing on affinity. I never affiliated with any “College Republican” group because of the embarrassment factor. The “change my mind” of Crowdern/Shapiro is also cringing. Campus conservatives would do well to “know their place”.

          • This is completely opposite of my experience. If you don’t mind revealing how old you are, perhaps I could get a perspective. I don’t now nor have I ever affiliated with any group except the classical liberalism of the ff’s.

          • Millennial, 20s, Northeast Ohio. I graduated in 2015, and the conservative groups were nowhere near as embarrassing as they are now. I attended a commuter school where organizations of any type were sparse. If you google, “Kent state conservative protest” you will see the point I am trying to make. Such insensitivity wins no new followers, and alienates moderates.

          • Okay. Now I see we’re very far apart. I was 81 in 2015. Thank you for giving me hope that all people your age are not in the lefty camp. I hope you are finding your life wonderfully exciting and rewarding and I look forward to reading your comments now that I know where they’re coming from.

          • Yes, segregation will be discouraged by the elite because the whole point of mixing races is to destroy the whites. But if blacks, hispanics, asians want to be separate from whites, this is terrific. In fact, separate from mainland USA and go make Africa, Latin America and Asia great again! Let us whites lick our wounds and re-populate. In OUR country.

          • They are fine “going their own way” as long as they don’t have to pay their own way.
            There’s the rub.

          • @Ursula
            Wherever it happens, voluntary racial segregation is a gift that should readily be accepted.
            I would perfectly fine with it if they did it on their own dime but that never seems to be the case…They always want me to pay for it…

          • It was hard enough assimilating the various White groups even when we were strong and needed the labor. Expecting to repeat the trick now that we are weak and the people far more alien is simply foolish.

          • Sorry you feel that we are weak. After more than 100 years of relentless leftiness, we rose up and with a strong leader like Trump who will prevail. Have faith that he was sent to save our republic. I wish the moron media would stop saying we’re a democracy. If that were the case, we’d be borg already.

          • I got in trouble with my Leftist Multi-Kulti neighbor after she told me her 92-year-old grandmother said she hoped a hurricane would emerge to wipe out the caravans from central america on their way to invade the US and I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it, and I also said, Amen to your Grandmother! This was after telling me that, as a doctor, she was able to provide MRI’s right away at no cost to migrants, because “they’re taken care of, no problem.” Meanwhile, American families are living in cars and dying without healthcare. Reminds me of the yoga teacher I once had about 10 years ago who was poor and living in her car. She died in shavasana (corpse or dead man pose) at the end of our class one fine day. True story. I pray for her. Funny and so tragic.

          • An awful lot of leftists I run across are just assholes. Not all – but most. There are however a smattering of hippy types who truly just think they’re trying to do good – but they’ve swallowed the Kool-Aid and think the only way that happens is by being a leftist.

            I tell this story to people as an example of how to tell the difference. If you can remember back to when all those healthcare Town Halls were going on – I went to the one in my town. There were hundreds of people there – and lots of conversations going on. I ended up in a conversation with an Indian (dot) – guy who worked as a medical researcher and was going at it with some college kid who was down with pretty much anything big government. Somehow the topic turned to Social Security – which the Indian guy (and me) – both thought should fail. This set off the college puke and he said ” I have a friend who is 94 years old – what will she do if Social Security goes away – she’s got nothing else”.

            I responded with ” you’re friend has probably been retired for 30 years – and living on Social Security for that time. There’s simply NO WAY she ever put enough money into the system to support that 30 YEAR retirement. This is exactly what we’re talking about – everybody thinks there’s a free pile of money somewhere. There isn’t. I know where they get it from – they get it from a friend of mine. His father died when we were in college – in his mid 50’s. Every male member of his family dies in their mid 50’s. I still distinctly remember him saying all those years ago he really doesn’t expect to live much longer than that. But there’s no way in hell he’s getting any money out of Social Security because he’ll be too young. So what’s going on here is that your friend gets to live a nice friggin retirement for 30 effing years – while my friend gets to work himself to death.

            Now there was also an older hippy type chick listening to this conversation – and she actually started to cry. I honestly think she never really thought this thru much – but when confronted with the reality – she realized people WERE getting hurt.

            College puke boy on the other hand just had a fuck you attitude – and made some comment about his (my friend’s) wife being able to collect his SS – when she got old enough.

            With simply stories like this you can root who’s the asshole and who is actually a decent person. I actually had a later conversation with hippy woman and laid out some of the facts. She LISTENED. Did I change her mind much? I don’t know – but she was at least open to listening to a fuller understanding of the problem.

          • That is good!! Tell it like it really is. We do need to save our Republic, kick all the candy-ass lib’s out of our schools and news sources. Get behind Trump and encourage him to keep up the pressure on the leftists whining. God Bless !

        • @Simba
          Well Brother that’s where Community comes into play…Make it so they are coming into a den of lions if they want to protest it…If the media has no where to stay and no where to eat and they are being pulled over left and right and have a “stern warning” given they will move on to easier targets…

          • And why is that you think…It’s because the pain isn’t enough yet to actually get people off the couch…Once it gets to where if you don’t band together your death is assured then people will be doing that shit lickity split… Problem is that will be the worst time to do it…Sad That

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