November Grab Bag

Hello darkness my old friend. We are in the moist glorious time of the year, when the clocks are restored to normalcy. There’s nothing more invigorating than going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Some people hate this time of year, but autumn is by far my favorite season, followed by winter. I like the shorter days particularly. This is something that has always been true for me, even as a kid. It’s probably a biology thing, as I learned over the summer. The Danes are also big fans of the hygge time of year.

At the Mencken Conference, a few people asked if I was ever going to do interviews on the podcast. I’ve always said no, but maybe I should reconsider. It keeps coming up for a reason, so maybe it is something I could do well. I’ve always just assumed I’d not be good at it, but I could be wrong about that. My assumption is you need to have a strong interest in the person in order to interview them, but maybe that’s wrong. It could be the other way around, where a good interview requires a distance between the interviewer and guest.

I’ll think about it some more, but I’m also pleased with how things are now. It took a while to get it right, but I’m generally satisfied with the results. I’m also seeing steady growth in listenership now. Part of it is I’ve made the show available on a wide range of systems, like Spotify, which is big with younger people. It turns out that iHeart is popular with people who listen in cars. Who knew? There’s a big European podcast network that is like the iTunes of Europe. Still, I think the simple format and style works best for me too.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening (Music)
  • 02:00: The Last Election
  • 12:00: Order Versus Openness (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: The War On Whiteness (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Everyday Cat Lady (Link)
  • 42:00: We Have Always Been At War With Trolls (Link)
  • 47:00: Brave New World (Link)
  • 52:00: Stranger In Our Own Lands (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Music)

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60 thoughts on “November Grab Bag

  1. Another great podcast, but one complaint/suggestion. Your normal voice audio is pretty quiet so in the car I have the volume turned pretty far up but that boom between segments about deafened me.

  2. In fairness to the feminists they are also focused on money along with their genitalia, i.e., their obsession with “equal pay.”

  3. I wonder if we are not maybe jumping at shadows. I see the libertarian types screaming about loss of privacy all the time, but – think about it. What is Alexa going to hear as she monitors your household conversations? The old lady b*tching at you because you drink too much? You barking at her because she spends too much? Your daughter on the phone with her boyfriend? Surveilling your average family would drive the bad guys nuts with boredom.

    Look: the people arrayed against us don’t need proof or evidence or justification to act against us. They’ll just do it and cover it up or explain it away. If they get busted they’ll just shrug like Hillary did after Benghazi. What difference does it make? Those laws, those fake constitutions, bills of rights and checks and balances … all those props are for dirt people. The forces against us know who their enemies are already. The good news is that we know who they are too.

    Spy on me through my cell phone, Lefty. Go ahead and violate my trust and rights – but do so knowing that you do it at your peril. When this culture war goes hot… and the way you’re going, it will… don’t expect me to respect you and yours.

  4. I always enjoy these podcasts by the Soul Proprietor. One thing, then we get to the meat and potatoes, which you guys are not gonna like; fall, automn, whatever, definitely NOT my favorite time. I went to college in NYC and know what DC is like in the middle of the hot, steamy summer. So I get why eastcoasters south of Northern Quebec arent big summer fans (neither are northern Quebeckers, b/c polar bears come ashore and eat whatever’s in their way). But to me the fall is just….a downer. Winter, though, full thumbs up! And yes I believe that is biology. I noticed long ago that none of my Indian or black friends ever went skiiing. They didnt like winter sports and they hated the cold. Even the argument ‘well, dress for the cold’ didnt really change that.

    Now, yall gonna hate this. But you’re wrong, about the 14th, and so is the president. I agree w your position, that birth tourism, anchor baby etc stuff, has to end. The problem is that the text of the 14th is fairly easy to read and if someone pulls a rabbit out of their a.. I mean their hat, so that suddenly ‘and subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ is the new abracadabra phrase that ‘saves the day’, congratulations b/c the new constitution is a bag of tea leaves. And it means whatever 9 harvy-yalie octogenarians say it does. The president knows this, it was a campaign gimmick to fire up the base. Neither executive orders nor congressional laws modifying th 14th would survive the SCOTUS and for once they would be right. Not b/c the idea is wrong, it isn’t, birthright citizenship should go, but b/c this way of removing it opens the door to totally unhinged judicial activism. Now anything can mean ANYTHING.

    Before you all go grabbing for your ARs, consider that these ppl already pulled gay marriage outta that thing. Leftie is gonna love that the new constitution is made of streachy rubber tea leaves. If the fairly plain meaning of the text is not what it means, we just lost anchor, and w insane stewards.

    There’s no way around getting that amendment to modify the 14th. Y’all have a good one. And I expect at least -50 on this comment lol

    • That’s a cool album cover Mchungus. Reminds me of my parents’ album collection. Lots of Ray Conniff, with sexy, soft looking women in whispy romantic poses. Of course, now, women would be complaining about how that Tom Rush album only showed half the woman’s face, OBSCURED by a man! We’ve messed up women so bad. Like letting puppies free to roam the busy highway.

      This album, and song, was my childhood. This is the sound of a country that got along and cared about each other. I can’t even listen to it now without getting a lump in my throat.

  5. You’re completely wrong about Nixon in 1968, but then you weren’t alive then and I was. People were tired not just with Black crime, they were tired of white crime. All kinds of Crime exploded in the 1960s because of the liberal police/prison policies and tolerance toward drugs and Student Protests. People were also damn upset at riots, both at Chicago and in the black inner cities. Nobody but a fool thought black people were stealing TV’s because they were upset about MLK being assassinated.

    As for Wallace, your statement that he ran as an “explicit racist” sounds like something the 1968 NYT’s Op-ed Page would’ve said. Wallace main issues in 1968, was not “Racism” it was social issues, and Vietnam. Alone among the Candidates, Wallace said we should win in Vietnam or get out. And unlike Nixon, he was quite forceful in his contempt toward left-wing professors, Earl Warren, and Vietnam protesters. He was also entertaining and populist on economic issues.

    • You are correct, sir. I also lived through this era and paid close attention as a young adult. When thinking back on Mr. Wallace, I’d say Trump’s attitudes and vociferous mannerisms are much closer to Wallace than to Reagan.Unlike Wallace, Trump is not afraid to revile the media right to their faces.

      • You Idiot. We’re talking about the 1968 Campaign – not 1962. If you don’t understand the difference – I’m not going to explain it to you. Even on the Z-blog you can’t get away from the gammas.

  6. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, so I don’t know if this is OT, but I get a sense of agitation in the air, about many things associated with the election. One of them is the new acting AG and the Mueller investigation. I think Mueller is a big Maguffin. This guy Whitaker seems to be an authority on the Clinton Foundation and the law around such “charitable” organizations. I see Whitaker as a huge throwing down of a gauntlet by Trump in the Clintons’ direction. The talk of “we can investigate too” and “stay tuned” coming from DJT. I’m sure he’d rather do his work free of all the investigations, but it looks like he is primed to give better than he gets. Things are in motion (asylum, ballots, payoffs to hookers), but the main event may be something else entirely. No one is talking about Whitaker’s background on this. The Dems dare not bring it up, and no one else has seemed to notice either.

    • My read on this is that Trump nominated a bulldog like Whitaker knowing that it will force the Senate to confirm his next AG. With some luck Trump learned his lesson with Sessions and will appoint a loyalist this time. Hopefully Whitaker will be kept on to clean house at the DoJ.

      I went to law school with Whitaker, btw.

    • Something else nobody brought up:
      Whitey Bulger was suddenly moved to a new facility, and murdered 14 hours after entry. In his cell, so somebody had access.

      Mueller’s old friend! On or near the day Mueller was hit with a 28-page indictment. About which, of course, the MSM says nada.

  7. No legal scholar here, and I know this flies in the face of actual historical practice, but shouldn’t the 14th Amendment have been retired as effectively a dead letter circa 1920 or so? The explicit purpose of it was to resolve and clarify, with finality and constitutional authority (hence an amendment rather than a batch of laws) the legal citizenship status of the freedmen. Once the first generation of freedmen had passed on, and the citizenship of their offspring was not in question, the 14th had effectively served its purpose and was in essence obsolete. Foreign immigrants who enter legally and are legally naturalized have clear legal status. Persons who enter and reside here illegally prima facie have no legal status. Full stop. For the life of me I can’t understand what the point of contention ever was.

    The dopey African lady babbling about the 14th was a hoot. Without even addressing any legal arguments (again, no expertise here), her blather was an embarrassing farrago of faulty logic, bad faith arguments, sub-junior-high debate team tactics, appeals to emotion, propaganda, and a sheer failure to understand the history or even the actual meanings of words. And she’s a Princeton grad IIRC. Whoa nelly.

    And this ever-expanding daisy chain of “People of Color” bogus arguments needs to be hit with a falling safe. Yes, the POC Khitai invaded the POC Han Empire in POC solidarity with the POC Moslems who were mass-murdering the POC Hindus in solidarity with the POC Ashanti who were enslaving other POC Africans and had to fight the evil White British because the evil Whites were fighting to end the slavery of POC Africans. Therefore infinity POC Squatemalans have infinity rights to enter the evil USA at will, in order to enjoy the pleasures of brutal white supremacy and institutional intersectional racism, because slavery.

    Where do I go to pick up my diploma?

  8. I also look much younger than my actual age. My question is this: if I can legally take ten years off my birth certificate, does this mean I have to give up my pension until I “reach” retirement age? I have a feeling this could bite that Dutchman in the ass.

    • If he can take off twenty years – then i want to know how to add 16 so I can just retire with the Social Security payment I’d get when I was 70 years old.

  9. I was at Target the other day. A woman and I came head-to-head in a clogged aisle with our buggies and stopped. Then, instead of backing up and waiting for her to go, I went ahead, causing her to back up and wait for me. She said, “It used to be ladies first.” I said, “times change.” She snipped, “I can see that.” 2 years ago I’d have felt like a heel (as the old movies put it). I no longer care. We’ve got to show them that when you gain something, you lose something too.

    • Women don’t like it when you point things like that out.

      A couple of years ago I was at a party and a number of women started bitching about the newly enacted transgender bathroom bills. I overheard the conversation and piped in with ” I blame all of that on women”.

      One of them got all irate and started somewhat angrily asking why.

      I told them : ” well when was the last time you saw a bunch of straight white males marching along with a rainbow banner protesting for this kind of thing? It’s never men who want this – it’s all the women – they’re the ones going to the marches and berating the legislators to get the laws enacted – and furthermore – most men don’t really give a crap if some weirdo enters the bathroom – as long as they keep their foot in their own stall – you ladies wanted this – and you got it – beware what you ask for – you just might get it …… LOL”

      I’m pretty sure I pissed them off.

    • What a cad! Proud of acting like a rude jerk? Sad times in our country. Men and women are very confused on how to act with dignity and courtesy.

      • Well Ursula, to give you a bit of detail. When we stopped, her demeanor showed entitlement. I thought, not any more ladies. And went first. Mind you this was all perceived and acted upon in an instant. I wasn’t out to make a political statement. If she’d softened her look, as those situations call for both parties to do, I might have done the proper thing.

        • That is absolutely true. Men open doors for me all the time and I’m 50. I’m no spring chicken but I’m still attractive and I’m nice to them. It’s not that hard. And my impression is that men really want to do these things but they don’t want to do it for a b****

          • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered a scowling man or woman and with a gentle courteous gesture on my part, I’ve observed their face change to one that recognizes with gratitude and reciprocates the kindness offered them. Even if they don’t return the gesture, acting like a lady or a gentleman is a reward in itself.

  10. The Atlantic was once a respectable White Anglo-Saxon Protestant magazine for the New England liberal elites.

    Since it was bought by the Jew Jeffrey Goldberg it has devolved into a laughable tabloid trying to sell hardcore Zionist Jew apartheid and Palestinian genocide – and White Genocide – to the remnants of the White upper middle classes. Goldberg actually hired George W. Bush’s old speechwriter David Frum, who coined the term “Axis of Evil” to get Americans to destroy Israel’s enemies, Iraq and Iran. Why? Because Judaism is a racist hate cult that wants to murder Arabs particularly and Muslims in general.

  11. Forgive the OT.
    Gerard Vanderleun lost his home and all possessions in the Camp Fire. Paradise is burned. A visit to American Digest (& the tip jar) may be in order.


  12. Not all of Nixon’s “law and order” talk was directed toward blacks. There was also plenty of public disgust at the “anti-war” white kid riots at colleges and elsewhere. The big fracas in Chicago at the 1968 Democrat convention was still stuck in people’s minds two years later.

  13. Michael Leeden is a really evil bastard, he was one of the Neocons responsibles for the Iran-Contra affair and the Iraq War.

    • Way back in the before times I read it regularly. A lot of neocons started there and then moved to The Weekly Standard. TNR went into decline, then it was bought by Zuckerborgs gay bestie and went full POZ. The new owner is relatively sensible, but it is probably too late to salvage the thing or lefty-wing commentary in general.

      • Too many content farms, and only two publis…err..platforms that control the ad revenue. Even the golden boy known as VICE Media is running into headwinds.

  14. Will listen later. Just wanted to comment that there is another November grab bag and it involves ballots in Broward and Maricopa counties. The other day you mentioned the Left seizing power. It seems to be happening right now.

    • Another thing people will be expected to pretend not to see, when it is happening right in front of them.

      • Idaho voted 60% for Medicaid expansion. The free market fundamentalism of the Tea Party is dead and buried. The sooner the Right comes up with a single-payer plan that discourages degeneracy, the better.

        • The funny thing is some people on the Right said a long time ago that Medicare should simply be made optional for everyone. Means test it and allow private suppliers to create boutique alternatives. They were shouted down by so-called conservatives for violating conservative principles.

          • The more you put your money and put more power into the hands of the state – the more you feed the left.

            I have believed that for decades – and I continue to believe it.

            Doing stoopid shit like – “everybody wants to have the government pay for our healthcare so we should just go along” – is NOT a winning strategy for the right.

            What do you think you’re going to do – out left the left?

          • To my mind, the more one shills for capitalism, and the globalist oligarchs that control it (the two go hand in hand), the more one shills for the modern left coalition, and for that which inexorably leads to our extermination.

            Regardless, if conceding on health care and such is necessary to bring more whites in-line with preserving the West, to allow us to create a critical mass of whites relatively in our corner, it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

          • Anti-capitalism is not synonymous with leftism, otherwise you’re casting Medieval Europe, and the Catholic reactionaries/counter-revolutionaries/traditionalists to the left (to give just one example).

            Let me throw this at you, which I just found earlier today, from a Mr. Joseph Stalin:

            “Earlier, the bourgeoisie, as the heads of nations, were for the rights and independence of nations and put that “above all.” Now there is no trace left of this “national principle.” Now the bourgeoisie sell the rights and independence of their nations for dollars. The banner of national independence and national sovereignty has been thrown overboard. Without doubt, you, the representatives of the communist and democratic parties must raise this banner and carry it forward if you want to be patriots of your countries, if you want to be the leading powers of the nations. There is nobody else to raise it.”


          • It’s interesting to note that Stalin, the advocate of “socialism in one country”, and the relative social and cultural traditionalist, was opposed by Trotsky. Stalin, after ejecting the Trotskyites, went on to restore, more or less, the “traditional order of the family in the Soviet Union, restricting divorce and abortion.” To further quote an interesting, intelligent man I read recently: “The political war between Stalin and Trotsky was also a culture war, the Stalinists on the side of traditional family, traditional art embodied in ”socialist realism”, traditional music as dictated by the Zhdanov Doctrine, while the Trotskyites were for the replacement of the family, and radical experimentation in culture.” The Neoconservative fathers were largely former Trotskyites, and apparently didn’t feel too obliged to recant their earlier affiliations. Here’s a defender of the Neoconservatives praising Trotsky (I don’t think that’s a very unfair characterization), and condemning Neoconservative critics as Stalinists, in the pages of National Review:

          • Sorry to serial post, but check out this interview with a recent exchange student in North Korea, in an article titled “No sex, drugs or rock’n’roll – a North Korean gap year”:

            “When they listened to music together the lyrics of American rapper Eminem were questioned: “Why does he rap about himself, sex and drugs? He should be making music about his family and his country,” his fellow students told him.

            ““From what I was told and from what I saw, North Koreans are more puritan. It’s a ‘no sex before marriage’ culture and sneaking around is not really done.

            ““The students I hung out with, aged between 20 and 25, were virgins,” Ford said, who never saw any kissing take place, even amongst those who had girlfriends and boyfriends. “They’d tell me they showed affection in other ways,” he explained.”


            I’m not a Stalinist or a fan of North Korea, but I believe our concepts of left and right are extremely flawed, and our knee-jerk pro-capitalism/individualism/”freedom” is flatly wrong. I look, for example, to Medieval Europe, Lycurgan Sparta, and Prussia for inspiration, and I’ve loved the archetype of the warrior since before I can remember, so it’s strange to think that I’d ever knowingly reside on the left, but I have great sympathy for European thinkers who argue that we’ve moved beyond left and right, to System vs. Anti-System.

        • At this point in time why wouldn’t they? Fedgov covers 93% of the cost of Medicaid expansion through 2022, as opposed to 57% of the cost of “normal” Medicaid. The economic reality is that the taxpayers in the red states which declined expansion are subsidizing the costs of free Medicaid insurance for non-taxpayers in blue states while simultaneously screwing their own poor.

          This was *the* issue that could have turned purple states back to red and Republicans didn’t even bother to try. In Colorado, Medicaid expansion added 550,000 people to the Medicaid rolls at a cost of approximately $1B dollars. Fully 25% of the population of Colorado is now on Medicaid. All those nice suburban women might have voted differently if they understood that their vote would necessitate drastic increases in taxes to fund Medicaid expansion in their state.

          Establishment Republicans are worse than useless.

          • Well, actress Alyssa Milano offered to donate both (!) of her kidneys to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

            We must all obey whatever actresses demand, so Republicans, get to work!
            Single payer now!

          • Not the problem. Try getting a price quote from a hospital or clinic ahead of time and get them to stick to it. Good luck. If a grocery store operated the same way a hospital does, the police would shut them down for price fixing and racketeering.

            Or vastly different prices for the same consumable item like a bag of Saline. If you are given a bag of Saline in a ambulance, it costs you $800.00. The same bag given to you in a clinc is around $2.00.

            The scorpion antivenom shot costs around $10,000.00. If you buy it in Mexico(where it is sourced) it’s around $50.00. Epipens are another rip off.

            Lets talk about “drive by doctoring”. Ever been hospitalized and some doctor sticks his head in your room, asks how you are doing and leaves. Then you get a $500 bill for his “consult”. These are just some of the ways the medical industry
            f**ks us over.

            I was in a ER for breathing problems last Christmas for about 2 hours. My bill? $3000.00 for the bed time. Two doctors(first one saw me for about a minute) Charged around $1000.00.

          • Exactly.

            Karl Denninger has been raging about this practice for years now.

            People who advocate for having the government take over healthcare are just advocating for shoveling more money into the hole.

            The fact of the matter is that you are never going to get better medical care for as many people as possible – by just using the government to either extract more money from taxpayers – or print more money to feed the beast.

            You get more and better medical care by making it cost less.

          • We’re talking about two different issues. You’re talking about the cost of healthcare. I’m talking about forcing blue-state residents to pay for the economic costs of their feelgood votes to expand Medicare through their own state budgets, rather than foisting 93% of the costs onto Fedgov.

            Voting to expand Medicaid in your state feels good when there are no costs out of your pocket. It feels less good if it costs you $5k or $10k per year in taxes.

          • LOL.

            The Bader Ginsberg thing is turning into a real-life reprise of Weekend at Bernies.

            What’s next – are they going to have somebody wear her on their chest like that commercial a few years back with two guys shoved into the same sweater …. so that somebody can wave her arms around for her and make it look like she’s still alive?

          • And much thanks, Guest, for laying out the nefarious Obamacare Plan.

            I started thinking about the many institutions wrecked by the converged Left.

            The Long March through the institutions has become a Sherman’s March.

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