The Coming Violence

Interpersonal violence tends to escalate quickly, where the combatants seem to go from wary suspicion to verbal confrontation and then trading blows. Anyone who has been in a bar fight understands this accelerated process. Two guys are playing pool, words are exchanged and suddenly a beer bottle is smashed over someone’s head. Sports fights follow a similar pattern. Two players get a bit heated and then all of a sudden, you have a bench clearing brawl. This even happens in the professional ranks.

Of course, people don’t actually go from zero to eleven in the blink of an eye. It just appears that way to the outsider. In reality, there is an underlying hostility between the parties that simmers until one or both come to the conclusion that violence is the best option or the only option. In a bar fight, the guy taking the first blow often assumes the other guy is about to do the same thing. In a sports melee, normal male honor requires each side to match the escalation of the other side until a fight breaks out.

This pattern can certainly play out in other areas of life. In fact, rulers have always understand that general discontent among the rabble is like dry underbrush. It only takes a spark and you have a forest fire. In the case of civil unrest, a simmering discontent in the community, or among a sub-group, can quickly turn into a riot. The Rodney King riots in 1992 are a good example. The black underclass had developed a deep hatred of the cops, so when the cops were acquitted, that was the spark that set off the ghetto riot.

More recently and on a smaller scale, the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue is an example of a member of a sub-culture who went from zero to mass shooter in one afternoon. He did not pick the target at random or even because they were Jewish, but rather because they were part of a subversive group throwing open the gates to the country to foreign invaders. In other words, like the guy slugging someone at a bar, the shooter thought he was acting rationally and violence was the only rational option.

The point being, whether it is the seemingly incoherent and ad hoc violence of a bar fight or sports melee, or a person or group committing social violence, the actors arise from predictable conditions and act quite rationally. There is a degree of predictability to their actions, if you’re willing to notice. It’s why bouncers in bars keep an eye on the males competing with one another for females. It’s why sports referees look for guys getting agitated and send them off the field to cool down and get their head back in the game.

In modern America, there does not seem to be anyone in charge willing to play the role of bouncer or referee. Instead, the people in charge are like the guy with the stick in old-time bare knuckle fights. They are trying to get the combatants to go at one another, rather than keep them under control. The deployment, tolerance and protection of Antifa, for example, is a deliberate provocation. The people in charge not only hope these idiots hurt someone, they hope white men will defend themselves so they can be railroaded by the courts.

At a smaller scale, the vicious and petty war on white men seems like it is designed to create an American Anders Breivik. Every day, the news brings stories of a white guy getting fired from his job because he told the wrong joke, liked the wrong social media meme or simply was not enthusiastic enough for Progressive fads. This story about a sportsball fan fired because he was upset at the black coach of his favorite sportsball team is a good example. The celebratory tone of the story should be noted.

Now, what’s driving these hunts for the impertinent white guy is the deadly virtue spiral among the ruling class. The dingbats in the media who spend their days hunting down bad thinkers and getting them fired, are acting from a desire for attention. The people at the company who play along with it are acting out of fear. Is this a replay of the Reign of Terror, where radicals spiraled out of control in an orgy of violence. or, is it the Great Terror, where Stalin locked in his control by killing off anyone that could threaten him?

The historically appropriate analogy is debatable, but what is not debatable is modern America is not 18th century France of 20th century Russia. In a multi-racial society, where the old majority is being swamped by former minorities and those former minorities are told they must hate the old majority. The atmosphere is nothing but kindling. A prudent ruling class would be acting as firemen, hunting down anything that looks like a spark, over- reacting if necessarily, in order to prevent a blaze they may not be able to control.

That’s possibly a clue about what our ruling class truly fears. Much of the political talk on the Left after the 2016 election was about how they may have jumped the gun and created a bit of backlash. The BLM murder sprees the summer before the election certainly opened a lot of eyes about the reality of what comes next. The relentless hunting down of internet racists could simply be an effort at calming their constituents. A black guy, enraged by racists memes, going on a shooting spree would be bad for the cause.

Alternatively, the hunting down of internet racists could simply be another sign that the ruling class is oblivious to what’s happening. Hanlon’s Razor says to assume stupidity in these cases. The people who rule over us are strangely unfamiliar with violence. They know it only through their televisions. It’s why they have embraced the Antifa mobs. To people unfamiliar with violence, those black clad idiots look like what managerial class types imagine revolutionaries look like. They don’t know what they don’t know.

Either way, social discontent can easily turn to social unrest and then violence. The people in charge are loading the forest with dry underbrush and kindling, while flicking matches at one another. Maybe they don’t see the danger. Maybe they fear the wrong things. Perhaps they want to see it all burn. Regardless of the motivation, the conditions for political and social violence are just about perfect. One of the matches the idiots in the media are flicking into the underbrush will eventually set the world on fire.

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  1. It’s going to be hell on earth. The lines will be fuzzy, but I believe the primary uniforms will be race, seconded by political class, economic class, and basically anyone that looks at someone the wrong way. What leads me to believe that it’ll primarily be a race war is this, what is the basic known history of blacks? Of hispanics? Of muslims? of whitey? What has been taught (when I was in school) with a few exceptions, is that blacks have a history of tribalism and slavery, Hispanics and South Americans have basically the same, with maybe some more advancements. To be honest I could brush up on my history on muslims, but I do know that their faith instructs them to kill all non believers and thise who hold western values (primarily whitey). The white man though, all throughout history have had universities, inventors (not to say other races didn’t, you just don’t really hear of much) artists, wealth, have conquered other nations and races, and have basically ran much of the world since who knows. Just my personal opinion but deep down I believe that other races are very Very jealous and want a more grandiose history for their own race, or the fantasize about future history books that tell the story of all the underdogs finally rising up and killing the “Ultimate Oppressors” (as it’s taught). My .02

  2. No wars of significance begin when stock prices are near all time highs. It has NEVER happened, not in the centuries since stock markets came into being.

    Why did colonists revolt in the mid-1700’s? It’s not what you were taught. The reality is that war/peace, skirt hemlines, pop culture, the kinds of movies that are popular and the investment markets all move largely together…because (in theory) they’re animated by the same thing: an underlying, shared, subconscious social mood we all experience to some degree.

    Social mood is high and rising? Stocks are up, happy movies are popular, skirts are short, fashions are colorful, and no major wars occur. Political complacency rules.

    Social mood is low and declining? The opposite. This explains why stocks rally during wars; it’s not that mass destruction is good for business, it’s that the mood driving stocks down hit nadir (setting the stage for war) and the inevitable bull market (and rising mood) coincides with the early part of the war.

    Today’s America is not yet ripe for white people to in-group and go to war. But if/when stock market (and above all, bond market) declines signal that social mood is going down hard and getting low, the entire landscape will change. It will be an inversion of what we see today.

    Good news: such corrections are typically three wave affairs, and the first wave down is usually mostly financial destruction. Bad news: a few decades after that big financial collapse, after an ensuing bear market rally fails, and things head down hard again, that is where a world war will likely occur…or America will get a full-scale, neighbor-by-neighbor resumption of the English Civil War.

  3. Good point, may I add an additional layer to your analysis. Related to Hanlon’s razor is the following aphorism:

    # Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice

    You are stating that:

    “A prudent ruling class would be acting as firemen, hunting down anything that looks like a spark, over- reacting if necessarily, in order to prevent a blaze they may not be able to control.”

    Now what if that ruling class IS acting as a firemen, HOWEVER their intended actions to quell the “hate” are what is creating the push back. So this then brings us to another aphorism:

    # The road to hell is paved with good intentions

    So it’s not that the elites and their minions are inactive in their “fight against hate speech”, “de-platforming of deplorables” or “nazi punching”, quite the contrary. It’s just that their “good intentions” are thrust into situation that is too complex for their ideological framing to comprehend and hence their action actually iatrogenically create some of the hate they are proclaiming to quell.

    To complete the fireman analogy, the context in which the firemen have been trained is to put out camp fires (in small scale conflict mitigation, focusing on empathy is a good way to conflict resolution). However, now they are applying this approach to electric fires or chemical fires in factories as well, with predictable adverse consequences (empathy on a large scale turns into identity politics, who should you have empathy with?).

  4. late to the party again . . . .

    Don’t see real violence anytime soon. Things are certainly simmering. Uncontrolled invasion of third worlders, sexual deviants being given special rights, etc.

    The mass shootings seem to be very suspect. The Vegas shooter has completely fallen off the radar. Forgive me for going all conspiracy theory, but extermination of large groups of country western people almost definitely pro-gun smacks of disarmament.

    The powers that be must have been hoping to ban semi-auto rifles. All they got was “bump stocks” which are useless range toys ,but the left is patient.

    Full or at least near full disarmament and then left rolls out the ” final solution”. Will whites wake up in time ?

    Stay tuned !

  5. I just posted on another board this question: What do you think would happen when the governments of the west would disappear? (No more police, no more military)

    IMO the governments are just the cork on the bottle, and the pressure is rising.

  6. They want to see it all burn. The why isn’t all that complicated, it boils down to, “buy low, sell high”. It’s a brave new world and you aren’t in it.

  7. Something else to ask the Zman. We always exaggerate. Factions exaggerate, I guess out of strategic necessity. We’re never just…mellow. There’s the cliche of the pendulum swinging far left, then far right. What era would you say society came closest to getting things right? Where the pendulum was at its most balanced. Where peace actually accompanied justice.

  8. Z-Man, one idea for a podcast segment is the 1919 communist revolution in Germany. There was one in Hungary as well that year. Both were suppressed, but they could have won.

  9. When you start seeing window bars in decent neighborhoods is when you’ll know it’s getting real. For now, the fear is still conceptual. We’re just talkin’. It’s odd that we’re separated from the hordes by only thin panes of glass.

  10. I’m not optimistic that virtually anything the elite does will bring a widespread violent reaction from the white masses. Even if it did break out, it would not be widespread, and it would perhaps last a day or two, before there was a run on the local shopping centers. The elite would simply make the necessary short-run concessions/adjustments, and return to “boiling the frog” slowly.

    The most I can imagine are heavily white regions of the country attempting to disobey, or perhaps withdraw, from the System and it’s dictates. These masses of rural whites, who will immediately be branded Nazi’s (thus worthy of a ruthless crusade), will have to be considerably radicalized, willing to kill and die, willing to break-up our “shining city upon a hill”, to see this through. I don’t see evidence of this. I think the elite are upping the pressure on white males because, on the one hand, they silence public dissent with it (thus ensuring most whites will never hear real dissent), and on the other hand white spree-shooters provide so much more justification for destroying the 1st and 2nd amendments. They think this is a relatively unrisky strategy for furthering their goals, and I think they’re correct.

    Whites are still thoroughly within the reigning zeitgeist, few of them are interested in truly breaking out of it, into something new. I read a quote today from Ernst von Salomon’s book on the Freikorp, ‘The Outlaws’: “So many sparks and so little dynamite.” A critical mass of whites are not prepared to explode, they are still Consumers, bourgeois liberals, New Testament Christians, modern pop-culture devotees, et al.

  11. Tyranny 101. Sow discontent. Grow desperation. Use false flags to ignite mass violence. Unleash LEOs against the good guys and pray they decimate each other. Then step into the ruins with ruthless thugs and go for the kill. It’s a tried and true strategy that can work even here in the USA. But it can be foiled. Think outside the box and do not play into their traps or against their strengths.

  12. Rory Miller’s series of books, Meditations on Violence and Facing Violence, do an excellent job of articulating the steps of what he calls the “monkey dance,” which is the scenario in Z’s bar fight example. Violence can often seem sudden, but according to Miller, there are recognizable steps of escalation. Miller also lays out a number of other scenarios that are much more common and realistic for everyday folk.

  13. Someone on Gab recently said (I paraphrase) that to leftists, political violence is like a themostat that they believe they can turn up and down (with riots, targeted “protests” like that outside Tucker Carlson’s house, etc.) at will. An important part of this is the belief that when they turn down the heat, things will de-escalate, and nothing bad will end up happening to them. But for the right, political violence is like a light switch; it’s either on or off – either it’s “let’s keep trying votes and Tea Party rallies” or it’s “Just line them up against the wall and machine-gun them all”. Another formulation of this is Stefan Molyneux’s statement that white people are really, really, really nice – until we aren’t, and then a lot of people die. Once it’s on, it’s on.

    One strong possibility is that the left will turn up the heat one degree too much sometime soon, and then the switch will flip, we’ll stop being nice, and a lot of people will die.

  14. Recall that crazy Iranian chick who had her fitness videos deleted by Youtube? And how she shot up a YouTube office driving hundreds of miles to do so?

    That is the future of the war on White men. Facing financial ruin and homelessness there is little to lose. And atomized all the FBI informants are useless.

    Atomization cuts both ways. And copycats abound.

  15. I don’t think the Establishment understand what is happening. These fools are still enthralled with the Wall Street Journal and the NYTimes. They may occasionally read Foreign Affairs or the The New Yorker. They love public broadcasting. Try to imagine your world view if you were them…and you have transformed yourself into Mitt Romney.

    • The change over 6 years is amazing. In 2012, (I assume) a bunch of us half heartedly supported Mitt Romney for president. Lesser of evils and all. No more. If it is Romney and some progressive on the ballot in 2020, nobody gets my vote. Things are different now. My personal Overton Window has moved a lot.

      • Lolz. Race realists or not, true conservatives are rabbits. In 2024 these rabbits will vote for “the lesser of two evils” again. Guaranteed.

      • Oh, sure they do. I know quite a few of these megazillionaire trust funders. They love NPR while driving out to their country estates.

  16. Worse for the elite there is a growing strain of burn it all growing on both sides. I often read even mainstream Conservatives often discussing the fragility of the cities and tactics to leverage the same

    If and its a big if things go far south, the US would be in ruins. This outcome is ironically though good for heritage Americans as odds are the carpetbaggers and foreigners will either die in droves or leave .

  17. Hanlon’s Razor says to assume stupidity in these cases.

    Not a very useful assumption, when it comes to politics. It is too easy for our betters to plea insanity. The West is not being flooded by migrants because of stupidity, rather than malice.

  18. A prudent ruling class would be acting as firemen, hunting down anything that looks like a spark, over- reacting if necessarily, in order to prevent a blaze they may not be able to control.

    They know that. Their goal is race war.

  19. The problem with Hanlon’s razor is that it is usually impossible to rule out stupidity as a cause. But sometimes people do have malicious intent.

  20. “The people who rule over us are strangely unfamiliar with violence.”

    Back even a few decades ago, most (all?) of our Presidents and many of our elected leaders served in the military and were at least casually familiar with mass violence. Now? Walk around Washington during the day or ride the Metro in D.C., not at the monuments but rather where the elites work. The “men” are all effeminate sissies. They look like they couldn’t change a flat tire much less throw a punch. To them, war is something you watch someone else fight on CNN or else it is a video game. We will see what happens when they start to feel the impact of their policies and the police are too overwhelmed to help. There are an awful lot of low income areas within walking distance of some pretty ritzy neighborhoods, neighborhoods the ghetto fellas know are completely unarmed.

    • “The nation that will insist upon drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards”-William Francis Butler

  21. Hanlon was probably wrong. The ruling elite deploys violence legitimately and therefor knows it better than the average citizen, albeit not as well as the soldiers and police who are their enforcers. None of their actions are nonsensical from the standpoint of defending an emergent regional sovereignty of unions (European, American, African, and Asian) which form the basis of a future global state.

  22. I was having similar thoughts about the war on the white male last night as I was reading Wesley yangs essay “ok to be white.” Just how stupid, short sighted the anti white coalition is. If I had a goose that laid the golden egg every single time, virtually in all known cases, as with white scientific and technological advances, seems like I would cherish the goose, nourish it, and do every possible thing to insure it’s thriving. If you had one stock that was producing crazy dividends, would you dump or buy more? Even if I secretly hated the goose, seems that I would want to verify convincingly that nonwhites could replicate the benefits of the goose before I took a blind leap of faith and killed the goose. Is it short sightedness, stupidity, or simply the satanic principle of preferring to rule in hell than serve in heaven? All of the above?

    • The elites proposing our demise are insane, seriously bent in a way that’s hard for normies to imagine.

      I see every tech billionaire and FF500 CEO’s embracing policies that will literally result in burning the seed corn(whites) to make sure we produce no more Noyce’s, HewlettPackards, Gordon Moores.

      As a result we’re stagnating across the board. Aerospace is all but regressed to 1950’s level where we can’t even put a man into orbit. Silicon Valley no longer produces innovative hardware, just cheap consumer trinkets of ideas that were around 20+ years ago. Companies that were legendary in innovation and research are just sweatshops for Hindu coolies who do nothing.

      They are literally a plague upon humanity.

    • “Is it short sightedness, stupidity, or simply the satanic principle of preferring to rule in hell than serve in heaven? All of the above?”

      Yes, it is… satanic. The rest are merely the means and manifestations thereof.

  23. Nancy Pelosi, May ’18: “It’s important that it not be five white guys at the table.” She opened the door for this kind of talk and overt hostility. “Kindling” indeed.

  24. I think it’s much worse than Our Leaders’ ignorance of violence. They actively celebrate it. They think it’s romantic, and they have since at least the publication of The Wretched of the Earth (1961). If it were just ignorance, they could be taught…. but does anyone here (just as a thought experiment, please note) think a few targeted beatings of Dem politicians and Media figures would change their minds? They’re almost openly cheering for it, since that would be the excuse they need to really go nuts. Yeah, it’s that bad — not only have they put no thought into what Civil War 2.0 would be like, they haven’t even thought past how cool and edgy and romantic they’d look in urban camo fatigues and a Che Guevara beret.

    • May I suggest instead a caning like Preston Brooks delivered to Charles Sumner on the floor of the House: it was enough to rouse the original white terrorist, John Brown, to action over the ‘Bleeding Kansas’.

    • You’re right targeted beatings wouldn’t do a thing. Look at the public response to 9/11. Within a few months it was business as usual. Counter terror analysts speculated given the nature of the American people, it would take a dozen 9/11’s before they would pull their heads out of their asses.

      To panic the elites you’d have to do what the Beltway Sniper did in D.C. The snipers were smart in choosing D.C. since any white person there was in all probability either a government worker or contractor. Which amplified the effect even more. To the elite this smacked of barbarians inside the gate.

  25. As Gore Vidal put it, “it is dangerous to play with such fire in so dry a season.”

    Also, Z: did you leave that comment on Unz about Douglas Reed?

    • (((Josh Golden))), how do you estimate that you and your people will fare in the non-white paradise of tomorrow?

      The only people who feel guilt about WW2 and your tribe are white people. Juan, D’Marcus, Chang, and Mohammed feel no paralyzing guilt upon hearing your sad stories.

    • Then, Josh, when IT starts I stand against you and FOR Western Civilization.

      Do you seriously believe POC are going to protect us? Just look at who they’re importing – with our help, dammit!* – to help fuel the demographic shift.

      Wake up and smell the Kybar!


  26. The ruling class assumes they will suffer no consequences and whitey will “Lie back and think of the Constitution.” Thus the ruling class can grind its boot into the face of whitey infinitely with impunity.

    Even if there is riotous violence, it Goodwhite ruling class sorts think it will not touch them or occur in their neighborhood. After all, previous flashy riots never impinged on ruling-class neighborhoods. And if the violence gets too close for comfort, LEOs & US .mil will intervene to stop it from hurting the Goodwhite ruling class and its mascots.

    The problem with this is that most previous riots were started by underclass blacks & browns. The violence began in their own ghettos, not upper-middle-class-land. To get to the Land of the Goodwhites, they had to traverse the ghetto and maybe downtown. The distance and dispersal meant that the riot would peter out soon after it left the ghetto.

    If Badwhites get violent, they are more likely to act without the window-dressing of a riot and they are not confined to urban ghetto reservations. They may not have Goodwhite enclaves surrounded, but there is no way to prevent Badwhite access to Goodwhite territory.

    Ruling class lack of imagination may soon bite them where it hurts.

  27. Good analysis. The ruling class wants us divided and fighting. The more ordinary people begin to catch on to their malfeasance and incompetence, the more it is necessary for us to be divided so we fight each other rather than doing the rational thing and depose them. It’s a race. Either way, confligration is coming.

    • You’re right. At the moment, White men have no “home base,” much as we have no “homeland.” We’re individuals acting against a very well organized, motivated team that controls the government, the medial, tech firms and academia.

      Any White guy who sticks his neck out loses everything, and no one will come to his aid. It’s suicidal.

      I’ve argued for awhile that you’ll know that the worm has turned when you see “White” or “European-American” business or community groups pop up. Initially, these groups would have no political agenda; they’d simply be just another business or community group, no different than say the National Asian American Society of Accountants.

      But their existence would 1) acknowledge Whites as a group and 2) give Whites a home base – of sorts. Once established, these groups would lead to political and legal groups and networks of people willing to look out for each other.

      After that, things would move quickly.

      Of course, this is why TPTB are deathly afraid of any White organization being create, no matter how banal sounding and innocuous. (Indeed, it’s the banal sounding and innocuous groups that pose the most danger because they might recruit normal Whites.) They know that it’s the camel’s nose under the tent. And they’re right, which is why they will bring down everything that they’ve got to stop this.

      Hell, that’s one of the reasons that the Left hates fraternities so much. They’re a place for Whites to network and organize.

      But it’ll difficult to stop this from happening over time. Everything is identity today. Stopping Whites from participating will look more and more disciminatory, which will also trigger normal Whites.

      It’s my goal to someday start a White or European American branch of my business association. I’ll get killed for it – which is why I’ll be able to retire before I make this move – but I’ll give it a try.

      • >>>…that’s one of the reasons that the Left hates fraternities so much.

        The Left hates anything that smacks of freedom of association, whether it’s a fraternity, private school or country club.

        Ooops! Forgot to mention that the above applies to whites only, but we all know that. It almost makes me want to go out and join some non-proselytizing religion or another.

  28. Maybe the people who push aristocracy have a point. We have a ruling class that has very little to no skin in the game, because money is the only social currency. This was increasingly true in the years leading up to the French Revolution as many of the upper class and nobility had lost their place in society, being displaced by the organs of absolute monarchy. They thus became rather nihilistic in their approach to life and politics, and ended in actually instigating much of the revolutionary fervor that led to the demise of many of them. The King’s brother Philippe, the Duke of Orleans (Phillippe Egalite) is the best example of this. Organized many of the demonstrations leading up to the revolution, voted for the death of his brother, the King, and ended in losing his own head to Madame Guillotine.

    As Tocqueville pointed out, France had a nobility, but it had been severed from the people by the kings. It isn’t that France was feudal at the time of the revolution. It was not feudal enough.

    • That’s the common problem in all advanced industrial societies; The ruling elites have no “skin, in the game”. They suffer no personal consequences, if they make bad descisions.

  29. When I was a little girl, my father and I were fixing something mechanical and we were working on it and working on it I’m having great difficulty. All the sudden my father turned and looked at me and said, force is your last option. It’s always stuck with me because it felt so strangely prophetic then and now. Try everything else but violence is an option, don’t rule it out.

    And something I read recently, I can’t remember where, was no one can expect the police to maintain order in any society if the people do not backup the police. And that’s where we are now

    It’s pretty nerve-wracking when you think about it

    • “Force is the last option” is how whitey has always operated.

      The American colonists spent years trying to resolve their grievances with the British Crown. That first fight in 1775 was “the Shot Heard Round the World” because it signaled that the time for the last option had arrived and there was no going back.

      • Yes as in the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon:
        It was not part of their blood,
        It came to them very late,
        With long arrears to make good,
        When the Saxon began to hate…..

          • I understand the need to keep morale up, but tough talk is cheap. Where are these ‘Saxons’ going to come from, then? Materialise from the ether? The reality (here in the UK, at least) is that of the ‘relevant’ (i.e. fighting-age) population at least a quarter is non-white/recently-arrived/potentially hostile, another quarter is so deracinated/ignorant it might as well be alien, and then there are unknown fractions of the treacherous or cowardly. The odds are not good. Those Saxons of yours simply haven’t been conceived in any meaningful numbers for 40 years or more.

      • American colonists had a higher standard of living than did their cousins in England. Parliament had repealed all but one of the “offending” laws that historical mythology claims “caused” the American rebellion.

        What you “know” about the American Revolution is a tissue of lies. What caused the revolt, really? The only plausible answer is here:

  30. I blame the news media and internet news in particular, which tries to keep people in a constant state of hysteria in order to generate clicks. The most extreme voices are amplified; stories that used to be confined to the “news of the weird” section of the local paper are now front page news, etc. It makes me want to simply tune out of everything.

  31. A Samurai’s master was murdered by a thief, it fell to that Samurai to avenge the act. At last the Samurai cornered the thief, and raised his sword.

    In fear the thief spit it the Samurai’s face. The Samurai sheathed his sword, and left without striking. Why did he leave?

    The Samurai became angry when the thief spit in his face. If he had killed the thief in that moment, it would have been a different act than what his duty brought him there to do, it would have become a personal act.

    In the coming excitement, do what must be done as a sacred duty for your people, but act out of decency & honor – you will be as the corrective force of the universe. Myth says leave the egoic malice & anger behind.

  32. I’d say they have a merry little blaze going right now. That fuse is lit when people start seeing the end game…

  33. One interesting historical case is the Tulsa race riots in the1921. The report on that fight by the state commission in 2001makes for interesting reading ( )

    Setting aside the amusing parts of the report (the black part of Tulsa was a paradise of high-achieving and peaceful people; the young man accused of sexual assault couldn’t possibly have been guilty, etc.), you have more or less what Z is talking about here. Basically, white Tulsa citizens obliterated the black part of town in response to a fairly minor incident that appeared to be managed more or less properly by the authorities. And by obliterated, my dudes, I mean look at the photos.

    We see that pattern repeatedly.

    • The amusing parts of the report were actually accurate. The blacks had gotten in on the oil industry and were doing quite well and even the “victim” said nothing happened, it was some busybody third party who freaked out.

      As long as you don’t fund bastardy, or have welfare in general, you don’t get the wreckage of modern black america. We keep saying “IQ IQ IQ IQ IQ”, but IQ miraculously goes up when you have intact families, law and order, and no welfare state. The black community was not always so violent and was creating it’s own reasonably functioning institutions, universities, etc., suited to their needs. The black community in this country wasn’t West Africa or Somalia by a long shot.

      We “helped” them to death.

      • The highest periods of (relative) prosperity in Black American history were during the two world wars. The reasons are fairly simple to explain. A significant number of white males were conscripted and removed from the labor market. Additionally, immigration was virtually nil during the war years, even during the 1924-65 pause we still had a modest amount coming from Europe. Particularly in WW1, due to a recent Civil War there was none of the immigration from Mexico that occurred in WW2.

        • There are always something known as “transaction costs” in any economic decision. Most blacks have historically lived in the rural South, first as slaves then as sharecroppers. In the early 20th century, the local elite were only too glad to see the back of the blacks moving out due to both mechanization of harvest and higher wages in Northern factories. In the absence of war driven demand, and restricted labor supply, the transactional cost of migration outweighed the benefits. The same reason why people don’t “learn to code” today.

      • Eliminating pathological benevolence toward the black (and, for that matter, white) low-IQ population would not raise IQ as such. But it would go a long way to temper anti-social behavior.

        People don’t have to be terribly bright to understand the consequences of their own self-defeating actions once it’s made clear that society has strict limits for “rescuing” them.

        • Even low IQ whites aren’t criminal prone if you look at crime stats before blacks became integrated into society.

          In terms of damage done to our society, ranking right behind blacks are college educated urban whites who embraced multi-kult, homosexuality, globalization, the eradication of our culture. Sure they don’t pull out a gun and cap their fellow alumni over tennis shoes, they just support every insane post-modern piece of shit policy put in front of them.

          A nice corrective would be for dispossessed blue collar and middle-class whites driving into these whites neighborhhoods and butchering the f**kers for supporting policies that destroyed their lives and communities.

      • I could not agree with you more. As the focus of History pans out, it becomes increasingly obvious how much systemic damage LBJ and his “Great Society” programs have had on this country.

      • The black community was violent and chaotic before whites imposed their laws on them. The Civil Rights movement was a successful rebellion and now black communities in the US look more like black communities in Africa.

      • Indeed. They were kings.

        Bad policy makes things worse, but let’s not kid ourselves about the baseline differences.

    • Think it was Mike Vanderboegh that once remarked “when white people get scared they don’t burn down their own neighborhood, they burn entire continents”

  34. Larry Corriea weighed in on this and gun control the other day.

    “…for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody.”

    Conservative white guys don’t do petty violence well. When sufficiently provoked we go to guns or worse.

    • What Larry missed is that it will take .03 seconds for Gun grabbers to scream “racist”. At that point, any POC and a large number of white gun owners, cops, and military will happily start seizing guns.

      Hating white people is the Left’s best weapon.

      • Wrong, Tykebomb.
        At that point, the gun grabbers are going to realize they’re impotent.
        It’s already been test cased in NY and CT and a few other states.
        Less than 15% compliance rates with new gun regulations over the last few years. And the gun grabbers have done nothing; no knock down 3am raids, no making examples of anyone. They’re scared.
        Larry’s article hit the nail on the head a dozen times.

      • 10 years ago you might have a had a point., Whites now and note I live in a mostly Hispanic area are quite racially aware and its growing more racial by the day

        Now White is still to a degree a cultural category, many Whites feel some non Whites has the same culture but an 80%-85% White US would work OK

        Also the US is very cautious about overly aggressive tactics, killing one guy in a gun seizure or even 50 won’t trigger anything but another Waco will trigger another OKC

        The risk of an atrocity spiral is there .

        Also re: the media. It lacks credibility among anyone who is not a Boomer . If things get hot they’ll also be targeted as Bill Clinton did. The revolution will not be televised

    • I was hanging out with some fellow soldiers of my son’s last week, both officers and NCOs. All hard right. There are going to be some sad faces among the left when President Occasional-Cortex orders the troops to act against White Americans and they refuse.

      We’ve already seen, across the nation, Sheriffs refusing to enforce leftist gun laws. The sheriff is the prime elected official who faces the public and pretty much the only law enforcement there is for millions of rural Americans short of calling in state troopers.

      • I sure hope you’re right Vizzini. I’ve been at 3 rallies, in leftist cities, on both coasts, where the police laughed at us as we fended off antifa and once we started to succeed they swooped in to shut us down.

        From my limited experience, police will do whatever is necessary to ensure their pensions. They seem to take sadistic pleasure in our expectations that they will defend our rights. They laugh at us and then they shut us down.

    • That’s a Bingo!

      I truly believe the PTB know exactly how to filter this earth and through a combination of coming natural catrastrophes and the resulting release of ethnic tension, the resulting end game will be a optimized population and demographic.

      Some areas are ready to blossom and others are decaying.

  35. They keep rubbing our noses in obvious affronts to our values and patriotism. How far will this go? I get they want smaller backlashes which they can then punish but sooner or later it will be the wrong group at the wrong time. Like you said, then escalation could go out of control.

    Like McLeod mentioned in this thread, as long as most people have something to lose this will not happen. Voicing our displeasure at the ballot box won’t cut it anymore even if they do count the ballots correctly. What is happening now by our elites and many elected or appointed officials is de facto treason. How will normy America respond?

  36. Many years ago (70’s? 80’s?) the Time magazine front page story was “the Browning of America.” It was presented as inevitable and a good thing, or at least nothing to fear.

    Years later it’s seen by our overlords and the left as an even better thing, after years of indoctrination about the evils of systemic racism and implicit bias perpetuated by the white man, which they believe can now be eliminated.

    And the demographic change has been so rapid, they can see the browning happening right before their eyes, and they’re giddy and want to move it along as fast as possible. The enthusiasm is so thick, they’re blind to the inevitable violence that’s coming because of their actions.

    • The “browning” would not be a bad thing if the premises assumed were correct. However, the assumption by the radical egalitarians of “blank slatism” has been disproven. Influxes of low IQ minorities from the third world will not support a first would technological society such as ours. The only question now is, when will the “critical fraction” be reached such that we can not longer innovate or even support our technological infrastructure.

      • People have no idea just how much the US, the white US, keeps the machine of the world running. For instance the recent Indonesia tsunami. Huge loss of life. Why didn’t they have warning buoys like we have in the US? They did. We gave them a full working tsunami warning system for free and all they had to do was maintain it. They didn’t.

  37. “One of the matches the idiots in the media are flicking into the underbrush will eventually set the world on fire.”

    Maybe. But the next “White Riot” will also be the first one. The hippie “anti-war(draft)” protests of the Sixties don’t count. For now it looks like the vast majority of whites in America today make for very poor “fuel” as it were.

    • Riots are typically urban in character, rural types use other methods. Typically in Europe the farmers will blockade roads, in the US the last “mine revolt” must have been decades ago. The so-called Battle of Athens was also an aberration. Even organizing a peaceful demonstration is logistically difficult in the low-density rural US, as everyone must drive. This is a major reason why the Right doesn’t protest, as the Left has organizations that have the capacity to charter buses.

    • Carl B,
      As recently as the 1950’s there were regular white riots, largely by working class males, usually in urban areas, as De Beers points out. It often started by emptying out a few taverns sequentially, growing by picking up loiterers on the way. But they had a nearby physical goal they were moving towards, often the Black districts.*

      So what are today’s analogous structural situations_? I’m not sure there are any. Maybe a concert, but pot usually doesn’t make one belligerent, all by itself.

      Say, maybe that’s why the Cloud is OK with legalization despite the obvious implications for decreased serf productivity.
      * But not always the Black neighborhood. During WWI there were extensive anti-German riots too. My German Oppa had his shop vandalized by drunken Irish.

      • Rioting is not very useful against a distributed oppression like we have

        Anyway there days Y/T and friends on the Right have mainly two modes, vote or kill everyone (hat tip to Larry Corriea for that)

        We aren’t ready for the later though it can happen in a trice,

        maybe it should be you can’t blame Conservative Individualists for not wanting a continent sized holocaust especially when they have no interest in ruling or even leading

  38. Think back to the 2005 riots in France, the state was utterly incapable of controlling them, and the riots went on for almost a month. Recently, some generals in the French military said they could not contain a similar outbreak again. When riots broke out in the UK in 2011, it was only contained by flooding London with tens of thousands of cops from the rest of the country. It also helped that the Muslims fought back against the largely black rioters.

    • Right now, whites are showing no signs of violence. The Pittsburgh guy is a notable exception, but we know nothing about him. Otherwise, there’s no reason to think honkies will be rioting in the suburbs anytime soon. My guess is radicalization will accelerate as whites realize that voting is pointless.

      • The minority in South Africa (descended from inside the Hajnal line) didn’t rise up in large numbers, compared to the contemporary Balkan Wars by those outside it. And whatever violence that did occur was ruthlessly cracked down upon, and provided the justification for stripping farmers of self-defense, on the pretext that they were all suspected terrorists known as the Boeremag.

      • My problem with guys like Jazzhands and Cantwell is their pushing the notion that all we have to do is keep voting Republican. I want /ourguys/ to realize it’s already over. We have been voting for fifty years to stop the rot, and we’ve lost on nearly every issue. We did the impossible by putting the one guy who seemed to threaten the system into the Presidency, and he’s been a huge dud. (It was probably too late anyway.)

        In my more conspiratorial moods I think these AltRight talking heads exist to keep a lid on the boiling pot. If they said what ZMan is saying here it would be a lot harder to keep the next White guy from going off the deep end. Whatever Spencer’s flaws are, he’s one of the few guys who seems to get it.

        • Human nature and racial differences are not variables, they are constants. At this point I don’t believe that even the “left” doubts this. Why else would they attempt to import low I.Q. voters? Why else would they declare war on whitey? We are at the point when we should concern ourselves with what comes next, not what can be done to fix what is. The federal government will collapse under its own weight and debt. What happens then? Degeneracy is cannibalistic and unsustainable (San Francisco).

          Conservative Inc. and the “left” have a vested interest in keeping the con going for as long as possible, but the con is going to end. It’s going to end because human nature is the constant in the formula. I don’t know about you guys, but this has a Weimar Republic vibe to me.

          • I don’t know of anyone on the left who believes there are racial differences, at least no one who will say it publicly. Even those on the mainstream right won’t say it. What the right believes privately, I don’t know, but the left is firmly in the camp that racial differences will vanish if there’s enough money and opportunity and education and we eliminate white privilege and racism.

          • I disagree, very few leftists will deny that there are racial differences. They will usually explain via blank slatism, particularly if the leftist is white/Jewish. Non-white leftists are fairly realist on these matters, they just have no sympathy for us. Some will even say that whites are “intrinsically racist”.

          • And yet the “lefts” actions in their personal lives say something entirely different. What’s the old saying, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

          • This came up in a very civnat type post by Reynolds at Instapundit, linking to ricochet. I like Glenn, but his libertarian blindness exasperates me sometimes. He got a lot of immediate pushback in the comments section, so there are people out there with their eyes open. (Good for him for allowing criticism in the comments.)


          • Racial differences will vanish with enough interbreeding. That is the goal, media is the means (at least every other add or TV show has interracial couples).

        • Look at how fast things have moved during the past 2 years.

          Civilizations don’t turn on a dime. Being who we are, we’ll try to work things out through our institutions well beyond the point of futility. At some point enough will be enough…for enough of our tribe.

        • I continue to vote out of sentiment. Heinlein wrote that if one cannot vote FOR, at least one can vote AGAINST. I gave my vote to Mr. Trump – and I acknowledge that I considered it a stab-in-the-dark guess – by way of voting against Mrs. Clinton (whom I disesteem poison from beginning through middle to the end with invariant consistency).

          • FWIW I usually vote in (Washington) state and local elections, as in “vote against” one thing or another, such as bond issues and 2nd amendment infringement.

            Federal elections? Meh…..

      • This.

        One thing the Left misses – I doubt they are even aware of its existence – is the threat posed by a substantial segment of the population reaching the conclusion that the only reliable method of selecting leadership becomes something other than voting.

        And, when the fire starts, everything is combustible, there are no sufficiently insulated enclaves to avoid it.

      • What ‘signs of violence’ exactly are you referring to?

        Whites displayed a number of signs of violence (at least according to the govt/ACLU/SPLC definition) during the 90’s – when militia groups flourished and Timothy McVeigh blew up that government building.

        The thing is: the government infiltrated the militias to the core. Back in the early 2000’s when I started getting involved in the “gun community” – I talked with a number of guys (white men) who knew intimately what went down in the militias . Guys like Boston T. Party and Vin Suprynowicz wrote extensively about this – and white guys learned their lessons. At least the smart ones did.

        So instead of ostentatious displays of militiadom – what we’ve got now is close knit groups of friends stocking up on firearms and ammunition and not telling anybody about what they’re doing unless they know them INTIMATELY.

        White guys learned their lessons a few decades ago. Why “display signs of violence” now – and give themselves up before things really get rolling?
        Quietly wait until the balloon goes up and then the opportunity will suddenly present itself to cash in those long held tickets.

        Do I think there’s a significant enough number of white men out there doing these things to make a difference? I really don’t know.

        Do I think that there most definitively ARE at least some white men out there just waiting for shit to go wrong? Yes I ABSOLUTELY do.

        • My profession gets me around and I usually ask a few ‘casual’ questions here and there about the general
          Disposition of the area folk (those who actually have some grit), and my ever-consistent summation is that a small percentage KNOW exactly what’s coming and are quietly waiting, and when that time comes, they have a clear list of who and what they plan on ‘fixin’ …and you better not be in the wrong neighborhood when that time arrives.

    • Biggest group of vigilantes in the London riots was made up of ethnic Britons (plebeian) in Enfield. Cops largely waited for the rioters to get bored and then prosecuted a tiny fraction over the proceeding months.

  39. Never get into a fight with someone who has nothing to lose. Right now the majority of the population has skin in the game, but, with the impending federal fiscal crisis, that won’t be the case forever.

    • Precisely. As the population becomes more and more bifurcated wrt wealth accumulation, you’ll see more and more voting for “gimmes”. Indeed, I’d wager it’s already too late. The top 10% possess 80% of the Nation’s wealth.

        • The ultra-rich 1% aren’t really the problem. There have always been a few guys at the very top of the heap, and even if in relative terms Bezos is richer than Carnegie, both are wildly wealthy w/r/t the average, but neither is part of anyone’s everyday reality. They might as well be fictional characters.

          The real yawning gap today is between Joe Sixpack and the MBAs and lawyers and accountants and IT types who manage his company– the top 10%. Those are people that white working class types are around every day, who have done so much better financially in recent decades, and who simultaneously denigrate the same workers for insufficient wokeness.

        • I think your math is way off, or your English language comprehension is way off.
          If by “the 2 percent” you mean jews (and I know that this is what you mean), you are implying that all of the jews are part of the “1 percent”, that all the jews in America comprise 50% of the One Percent.
          Nothing is further from the truth, mathematically or grammatically.

      • The top 10% possess 80% of the Nation’s wealth.

        This is how distribution curves work. Agitating people into thinking this is somehow unjust has been a tool to bring societies down into misery for ages. See Venezuela.

        Exactly how much wealth should the top 10% control? How would you go about enforcing that? What negative externalities do you think you might create via your efforts? It’s not as if there’s a shortage of real-world examples.

          • Answers none of the questions I posed, except possibly “how much wealth should the top 10% control?” Should we enforce wealth distribution to an ideal Pareto distribution? Regardless of the causes of deviations from that curve? I don’t suppose the importation of legions of no-skill third-worlders has any effect at all on the distribution…. (it totally has an effect on the distribution).

          • Well the fight is as much about class as it is race. Look who supports the importation of these 3rd worlders and benefiting from them at our expense? Your buddies in business community, white upper class professionals who get a big pool of disposable help, tech tycoons, etc.

            Look you don’t see F500 CEO’s or the CofC bitching about imported labor, they are the biggest supporters of it. They dictate immigration policy.

            Whereas the people who oppose it are lower and middle-class whites who have been ass raped by their own upper classes for the 30 years.

          • To summarize, whites and browns are encouraged to fight each other, so they don’t fight the banksters.

          • It doesn’t matter, its going to happen, its going to be bad, whites will win because that’s what we do.

          • Its win or get exterminated because it’s not like we can pass for any other race. You see a brown guy walking down the street and think he could be Mexican could be Arab could be Indian but white people stand out like sore thumbs.

          • Not sure why that is. I think a lot of people really don’t pay fuckall amount of attention to anything.

            Just for the record, I can easily tell the difference between a Mexican, an Arab, an Indian, a Sikh , a black – and even pick up on the differences between some of the Central and South American imports we see floating around here.

            The guy next to me had his roof done over this summer – the crew was obviously a bunch of imports because of their appearance and their dress and work habits. I asked the foreman (white guy) where they were from – and he said Ecuador.

            I knew goddam well they weren’t Mexicans.

            How come you can’t tell the difference?

          • Agree. Troubling to see entities that should want stability (i.e big institutions, companies etc) instead cave, grovel and basically enable the chaos. University admistrators are especially pathetic and unaccountable, but Id like to think that the boards of public companies would at some point protect their shareholders from recklessly impotent management.

          • Simple. Stop rigging the system so that the ultrarich get all the rewards. Obvious example – ZIRP benefits the corporations, not the savers down here among the deplorables. Bank bailouts – pure welfare for the elite. There are many other examples.

          • To a point I agree. We should have bit the bullet and let the TBTFs fail. The only thing that will keep a banker and consequently the bank is the fear that they might have to sell apples on street corners. But lets keep perspective, I know of nothing that says we consumers HAVE to use the USD for our transactions. Many states are setting up alternate payment methods. Ohio just proposed approval to use BitCoin for tax payments for example.

          • If a wealth cap , redistribution of wealth and/or a cap on the size of corporations doing business in the US is needed so that people can have babies than so be it.

            Trickle down doesn’t work, its piss on and making Oligarchs rich in an age of automation creates no sustainable future

            Understand even if we stopped all immigration in and repatriated millions a US total fertility rate of 1.6 among Whites is doomsday in the long term

            And yes technically I suppose in GDP terms this will make the US poorer. So what?

            The real wealth of average people measured as percent GDP has declined 50% since the 70’s so in essence they live in a poorer nation anyway

            Hell even techies have lost 11% of their income since the nought’s

            The options are simple, force some distribution into the system, become third world or die off. Choose wisely.

          • “Answers none of the questions I posed, except possibly “how much wealth should the top 10% control?””

            Wrong perception. Does the fact that Bill Gates is worth a couple of Billion diminish your ability to try an earn a couple of million? If it does explain how, for what you are suggesting is that there is a fixed pie in the economy, which is false. Gates is a prime example of why your perception is wrong. He created a product from essentially nothing (MSDOS), convinced IBM to use it for their PCs and got wealthy as a result. And it did not cost YOU one cent, fact I would hazard your life is somewhat enhanced by what Gates created.

          • I suspect most statements of the type “Wealth inequality causes x” are cases of reversed causality or spurious correlations.

            I was a big fan of Jordan Peterson’s psych lectures but stopped listening to him long before VD’s takedown because he had an entire video with a guy who wrote a book about wealth inequality causing violent crime.

            15 minutes into the video, neither had mentioned the word “black”. That was the last JBP video I ever watched.

          • Re fixed pie and how Gates’ wealth has hurt me, there’s no fixed pie and Gates has made me much richer through the wealth and technology he has created. I am asking those questions specifically to draw out those things. 😉

          • The general argument is a good one, expanding pies and all that. However, your example (MS-DOS) leaves something to be desired. Neither Gates nor anyone else at Microsoft created MS-DOS. Microsoft bought it from Tim Paterson and leased it out to IBM. If anything, it serves either as an example of why people dislike “middle men” or why middle men are a good thing, depending on your point of view.

          • The answer is all about framing. If people frame differences in wealth as emanating from reasonable causes, they accept those differences. If they frame differences as coming from injustice (whose definition is highly elastic), they are outraged.

            It all depends on the anger/complacency quotient, a product of mass psychology no different from fads or fashions.

            Keep in mind that while Enron’s share price was ramping higher, all the malfeasance grew invisibly. Only after people had lost 95% of their “wealth” in it did they reframe (and see) what was always there…a con job.

            Wait until the last 40 years of financial, economic and political rot is reframed when its wealth value craters.

        • By that logic, 10% of the males should also have 80% of the females. It’s nature, and it’s already happening, right?

          • The numbers don’t line up exactly like that, but about 80% of females reproduced, historically, but only 40% of men reproduced. The top 10% of men do, in fact, get far more than a 10% share of the women.

            The questions I posed aren’t about what “should” happen. They’re about “What do you propose to do about it, how is your solution going to be any better, and have you considered the downsides of your solution?

            One thing all Utopian solutions have in common is that they work against human nature. They, sometimes quite literally, posit that you can build a better man who doesn’t act in the ways men have always acted. Thus far, this has a zero percent track record of success.

        • True, but that “wealth” is largely on paper – Bezo’s wealth is tied to his holdings in Amazon. Amazon stock drops, so does Bezo’s wealth. Not likely to happen much, but it is possible (look at Sears). Besides, he built that wealth, so why is he not entitled to it?

    • “Never get into a fight with someone who has nothing to lose.”
      Never get into a fight with someone who has EVERYthing to lose.

    • I wouldn’t worry. White people don’t have a record of slaughtering people wholesale when they get pissed off.

      • Quite true. Most of the wholesale slaughter committed by white people has been done in pursuit of some loony utopia.

  40. Either way, social discontent can easily turn to social unrest and then violence. The people in charge are loading the forest with dry underbrush and kindling, while flicking matches at one another. Maybe they don’t see the danger.

    I’ll go with equal parts stupid and don’t see the danger, although maybe that is the same thing. Kind of like the recent fires in California. Thy saw the danger but then again they didn’t. Or maybe they never thought that it would actually happen, and even more so they never thought that it would happen to them.

    See the Powerline blog for a good image of this in action:

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