The Pale Man’s Burden

Georgia is one of the places to watch if you want to get a partial glimpse into the future, as it is 61% white, but a growing portion of its white population is from outside the south. The Atlanta area has grown like a weed and much of the growth has come from attracting outsiders. A big chunk of those outsiders are Hispanics, so the state has a little bit of everything, as far as demographic challenges. As a result, it will be one of the first states to realize democracy cannot work in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society.

This story from the past election is a good example of something that pale-folk will come to realize all over the country. That is, you can run out of places to hide. Georgia “solved” the problems of Atlanta by allowing the better parts to secede from the city proper, thus avoiding the challenges of being pale in a diverse city. This concept was applied to other areas that found themselves with a pale tax base, governed by a vibrant majority. Instead the residents fleeing the jurisdiction, the jurisdiction fled the people, so to speak.

As is the case with all such schemes, the Left soon figures out how to defeat them and that seems to be the case with this latest proposal. The author of that piece is an anti-white, so he is a useful example of the attitudes the pale-folk will face in the future, as they seek out new ways to maintain their own communities. The hostile tone masks an important assumption among the diverse. That is, It’s not that they oppose free association. It’s that the diverse have a right to be in close proximity to pale-folk.

It is a strange alteration in the dynamics of race relations that goes unremarked, because the people in charge are still locked in another era. They frame everything as a fight over denying the diverse the same access as the pale. That shipped sailed a long time ago, as the diverse now have greater access than the pale. Even new arrivals from lands over the horizon have special access. Every federal government IT contractor is from South Asia for a reason. That’s right, Indians have a special door just like blacks.

There are so many special doors now, all of which reading “no white men may pass” that it has become a racket in itself. There are firms around Washington that exist just to provide diversity to the government contractor. They are not explicit, but it is the thing everyone knows, but no one says. After generations of this stuff, no one thinks about it anymore. The only people fighting it are East Asians at Harvard, who are basically squabbling with other diverse people over how to slice up the pie. Otherwise, anti-white is the norm.

The new reality that has gone unremarked is something you get a glimpse of in that story out of Georgia. The diverse now demand access to the pale. Even if the pale find some way to carve out their own places, but remain within the law, the diverse will find some way to force their way inside. In other words, the Danegeld of the Civil Rights Movement, which was affirmative action, was not enough. It turns out Kipling was right about the Danegeld. Once you have paid the diverse, you never get rid of the diverse.

That’s what makes Georgia an interesting case to follow. In other jurisdiction, the pale simply keep moving. In Lagos on the Chesapeake, the pale first decamped to the first suburbs, just on the edge of the city. Pale-folk could still bus into jobs in the city, but avoid being killed on their own streets at night. But then the the diverse could take the same buses out to the suburbs, so the pale moved further away. Those inner suburbs decayed and many are now dumping grounds for Hispanics and Africans.

As we saw in the Obama  years, the people in charge are plotting to solve this problem with housing laws. The usual suspects have been hard at work on this for a couple of decades at least. The Obama Administration plan called Affirmative Housing or some such nonsense, was basically an effort to compel pale-folk to live among the diverse, by forcing them to have the diverse in their areas. In other words, the same logic they use to diversify schools would be applied to pale areas in order to make them vibrant.

The underlying assumption to all of this is that the diverse have a natural right to access to the pale. We’ve gone from a mindset that says the diverse should have the same rules as the pale, a sensible thing on the surface, to a mindset that treats the pale-folk as a public good, to which the diverse have a natural right. Given the use of disparate impact law, it is not going to be long before the pale will be responsible for making sure they make themselves available to the diverse. They will have to prove they are accessible.

The Civil Rights Movement was always about the pale people. The usual suspects just used blacks as a weapon in their war on pale people. Most people get that, but still cling to the old pale ideas about equality of access and so forth. Those habits of mind that make pale society so successful, make pale societies vulnerable. As long as pale-folk have had a place to run, they have preferred to hold onto those old pale ideals, rather than face the reality of what’s happening. Disorganized retreat before dishonor!

As we see in Georgia and other places, the trap is slamming shut and the pale will no longer have the luxury of heading off for paler pastures. That’s part of what sparked the emergence of the alt-right. It was suburban pale boys suddenly facing the reality of diversity. They found out that libertarianism is no match for organized vibrancy and that dropped the scales from their eyes. The pale man’s burden is an unsustainable Danegled that just makes the final resolution that much more costly.

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  1. As your Atlanta born, current GA resident commenter, I’d like to say thanks for highlighting our plight. Since the mid 60s, my family has played Anne Frank in this state, in an attempt to avoid the vibrancy.
    I’ve lived pretty much all around the suburban metro area, currently NE of the city proper, about 40 min out.
    While my tiny area is an oasis in the sea of diversity, they have steadily pushed in, leaving little time left before it’s time to flee, this time permanently. The biggest issue facing my area is less black and more Hispanic and non-model minority Asians, w/a med. sized sprinkling of the blacks. I realize these folks who want to become unincorporated like other wealthy white areas have done in the past, still haven’t fully realized the reality of their situation, but they soon will.
    But, too late to do anything about it except flee themselves.
    Georgia WILL turn blue very soon, perhaps as soon as 2020, with NC, AZ, and Fla right on our heels.
    Prepare your normies accordingly.
    It’s happening.

    • I visited Atlanta in my early 20’s. Went into the main library and it was full of gay celebration posters. Lincoln’s Gay! Shakespear’s Gay! type shit. This was way back in the 90’s, when they didn’t even have to do that. Atlanta was so desperate to be Yankee it was embarrassing. No integrity. F**k Atlanta.

  2. If only there were some way to apply these policies to the white liberals who support diversity (at a safe distance, of course) and not the white conservatives who oppose it.

    Of course in reality it’s the opposite. You *could* view this as the dusky vs. the pale, but in reality it’s a form of class warfare, with white bourgeoisie using these policies as a way of dumping their “problems” on the white proles.

  3. I still can’t believe whites allowed school “bussing” way back in the 60’s. Or did it start in the 70’s. Govt: “We’re gonna take your kid and ship her across town to a dangerous school, ok?” WTF. If that wasn’t a wake-up call I don’t know what would be.

    • Remember, it was enforced using the military. The same military we are told cannot patrol our borders or resist illegal invaders.

      • Kevin. I didn’t know that. I really need to read up on the whole thing. I’m sick of hearing myself say, “how did bussing happen!?”

    • Quite a few people in South Boston in the ’70s stood against their kids being bused to schools in black neighborhoods. They didn’t prevail but made their point … and were ahead of their time.

      Of course they’ve been control-alt-deleted from official history.

    • I believe it was ’71 when rioting Negroes came to our naturally diverse little farm district in CA.
      No problems with a half dozen different peoples til then. We all got along great, nobody really noticed… til then.

    • It only took a few months of that in my childhood in the 70’s and I was in a private school. Thank God my mother wasn’t a complete fool, despite the fact that she was pretty much a (conflicted) feminist married to a military officer. It may have been him that actually forced that one, alas I’ll never know.

  4. Slightly off topic: One White family finally gave up on Lagos . . . but it cost them the life of their beautiful, blue-eyed daughter (link below). While my heart mourns for that lovely, innocent little baby, it also rages at her parents – for even considering leaving their vulnerable White children in the care of Negroes. One would like to think that now, perhaps, the mother might consider raising her own children, but it’s far more likely that she’ll direct all her energies towards finding a “good” daycare or private nanny. Race? Why, what on earth does that have to do with the issue?

    Equalitarian tax paid, good and hard. suffocated baby

    • This is precisely why I will swallow a bottle of pills before I go into a nursing home. No way will I put my life in the hands of Shanequa or D’Antwan.

      • In a general sense I suppose you may be right, and I know I sound like I’m reversing myself and committing the NAXALT fallacy, but nevertheless Karma is a real thing, so here goes.

        My aged father died of a protracted illness after a two-week stay in hospital while we were all on the phone trying to figure out hospice care. During that time he suffered from dementia and was completely incontinent, and even though our family was there round the clock we were ordered to stand back and let the nursing staff handle it.

        His care was superb and exact, and let me tell you from close observation that the hygienic/lavatory stuff was very hard to stand. The entire nursing staff were African and Filipino, and they were superb, precise, dignified, professional, and never-complaining. So I owe those people a profound debt of gratitude.

        Which doesn’t invalidate larger geo-social-political points. Math is hard, but so is life, in a different way. My only point being a humane one: we have to structure our societies rationally, but given the inevitable cracks in the pavement, human respect must also be granted its due. The fact that heroes and heroines come in all shapes and colors may not be the lodestar for policy, and in fact it is not and cannot be; still, respect and gratitude are also real things.

        If we Shadows have offended,
        Think but This, and all is mended…
        —You Know Who

  5. Mark Zuckerberg and Hack Dorsey are all over this.

    In the future every person of color in the world will have fractional ownership of a White person. On demand. Via an app,

    • Are you saying they don’t already? Last year I paid enough in taxes to support a family of five above the poverty line. If only they’d give me the name of the Black family I’m supporting so I could make sure Massa is happy.

  6. Donald Trump was the last chance for a peaceful, rational resolution to all this.

    He was the most you could possibly expect for a pro-White, pro actual-American (viz. not Paperwork-American), center-right President that this country could realistically hope for. His campaign policy proposals were rational and thoughtful, not at all Far Right Extreme Naziball. He used his own money, and so did not owe (((political favors))). He had visible popularity and enthusiasm which the Sea-Hag did not, his base was energized, steadfast in the face of psycho leftard political violence and civil harassment, and visibly, actually American. He came into the White House with the wind at his back, controlling both houses of Congress, a majority of state houses and governorships, and at least a Chinaman’s chance in the Supreme Court.

    He had to know that this was the last time in American history that the stars and planets would be so favorably aligned, and that midterm reversals in Congress are the norm. So in other words, he had two years to got ‘re done.

    And instead we got tax cuts, a musical comedy show with North Korea, and –wait for it… favors for Israel.

    Now it’s over. Cue the sad clown doing the sweeping-up-the-spotlight routine.

    The only peaceful acceptable possibilities going forward are:

    1. No-fault divorce: a peaceful, rational separation and partition into at least two, but probably more like five, independent but friendly and militarily allied sovereign States.

    2. (Trickier but still possible): Re-organizing the internal political structure of the country so that the entity known as the United States remains viable and intact, but a kind of county-by-county localized federalism prevails such that things like actual realistic freedom of association, freedom of speech and of conscience, and 2A rights as properly understood can be enjoyed by the people capable of understanding and exercising them, which is to say actual Americans, which is to say Christian White people.

    • Nothing is going to happen until the American Empire goes tits up. Once the economy heads south and there ain’t no more gibsmedats then the real fun is going to start. Buy ammo, cuz you don’t have enough.

    • And instead we got tax cuts, a musical comedy show with North Korea, and –wait for it… favors for Israel.

      You forgot prison reform.

  7. When I lived in Atlanta, the chamber of commerce types came up with the unctuous motto, “Atlanta: the City too Busy to Hate”. Most thinking white people knew that this was aimed clearly at whites who did not want to join the civil rights carnival. But those few of us who didn’t mind voicing our dissent at the time rephrased it, “Atlanta: the City too Busy to Think”. And we’re getting the last laugh.

  8. And, right on time, today’s WP article, “How white racism destroys black wealth”. I’ll save you the trouble of reading it. Adjusting for home quality, crime rates, and other such things, a house in a black neighborhood sells for an average of $48k less than the same house outside the black neighborhood. It’s all because of “decades of racist policies”. No mention that, just maybe, people simply don’t want to live in black neighborhoods…

    To top it off, “‘If we can detect how much racism depletes wealth from black homeowners (already stated at $48k average), we can begin to address bigotry principally by giving black homeowners and policy makers a target price for redress’, the authors write”.

    “Racism depleting black wealth”, “addressing bigotry”, and a “target price for redress” (just call it reparations already), all in one sentence. That is how you stir the pot and rile people up. Fake news. This sort of thing is what we are up against.

    • By the way, the black homeowner paid $48k less as well. So let’s have him buy a house at a discount and then refund him the amount of the discount. Right.

      • Well of course Dutch otherwise you’re just a big mean wacist…Or is that Waaaacyyyyst…I can’t keep track of them all…

  9. well Georgia had a dem state legislature until the early to mid 2000s so its a historically dem state. The difference is that when the dems next take power it’ll be kind of like “this time we mean it”.

    • The problem with Georgia is that all it took was a little sprinkling of Hispanics to tip the balance in favor of blacks.

  10. Don Advo on SF Radio had an eloquent way of putting it: it used to be the case under slavery that Whites had a right to compel the physical presence of Negroes. After the Brown decision, this was reversed. Now Blacks (and others) have a right to compel the physical presence of Whites (children in that case, but it’s been expanded). In essence they now have property rights over White people.

  11. Without a judicial system totally infested by Lefty activists who are making social policy via edict none of this would be happening.

    Worse the the DOJ has been at the forefront of this. I remember during the Obama regime, they sent DOJ lawyers to threaten may town’s mayor because he made noises about not wanting anymore section 8 due to public outcry.

    When you really stop and think about it, the government is our real threat. They are really pushing to eradicate heritage whites and the country itself. If you oppose what they want, they send lots of angry white men with guns to either kill you or put you in prison for opposing their ethnic cleansing agenda.

    • @Rod
      Yep without a doubt Brother… Problem is everyone is still to comfortable under the current system to do anything about it besides of course bitch about it…

    • …and no matter how much they say it’ll benefit “the people,” every bit of tax money for any purpose goes through congress and the bureaucrats, who skim off a good 10-20% for themselves and their friends. God help us if single payer ever goes through.

  12. Out here in California, we had to deal with this years ago. Just why did so many of the pale folk in my area become rabid environmentalists sometime in the mid 90’s? The answer is that earth worshiping is a perfect cover to put in all kinds of land-use and urban sprawl laws, where any lawyer can stop a building project in its tracks for years. Marin County brought this to a high art. An artificial housing shortage was created shortly thereafter. Even if Juan can afford the 3% down to get into a half million shack, he needs a crazy mortgage to do it, and each housing downturn hits the stupid first, who are disproportionately (not-pale).

    The great thing is, they’ll likely never catch on to this. What’s amazing about CA is not how brown it is, but how segregated it is. Nation wide, I think only Maryland is even comparable. Another people’s paradise. You see it up and down the state. The biggest problem is east asians outbidding the pales for properties. But that’s a different demographic that’s still very quiet and low crime.

    So yes, I’m a rabid environmentalist on land use issues. It’s about “taking responsibility to save the planet” (wink wink).

    • California is completely feudal in its social structure. The greenie-environmental-hippie-Democrat overlay gives intellectual cover to the whole thing.

      • My only recommendation for the Atlanta area, and others like it is a movement for greenbelts and wilderness areas, and lots of parks with hiking and cycling trails. No more 3000 homes being put in with a Chik-Fil-A on the corner. Exclusivity is the new paleness. Also, increase the gas tax to keep them out of the ex-urbs.

        Here’s another thing. These Republicans love developers. Developers are NOT your friend. They’re the first ones to hire illegal aliens at the gas station. More developers means more Manuel labor. They would build 100,000 houses at a time if you let them. And poorly built one’s too. America has become hell with vinyl siding. (Hello TX, you too).

    • Gavin Newsom wants to quadruple the annual rate of housing construction by forcing cities to meet affordable housing targets in order to get rewarded with money from the bond measures for housing thst were passed earlier this month. The home construction industry will gladly take their share of the loot. Also, local housing density and other zoning laws will be weakened.

      • Think of that as if it was a Trump promise. The same as saying “we’re going to build a new GM factory in OH, shiny and new.” Not happening. All these politicians say that to placate the masses, but the law never gets passed. Vested interests are entrenched.

        • He’s got a veto-proof majority in the legislature. The home builders, bankers etc. can profit from this. They have convinced themselves the state has a budget surplus. 4dAZQ

  13. On the other hand…..

    I sometimes wonder if the “leaders” of the “rights” bunch have a loyal army behind them–that is, whether they are overplaying their real hand, as opposed to the hand they play with the Press and the Certified Opinion-Makers (repetitive, yes.)

    At the risk of the “anecdotal error,” here’s a vignette. One of my chilluns recently moved to Marietta, in fact only a few blocks from the USAF base therein. Her next-door neighbor lady is an employee of that base, and is a black lady. No husband in sight, but I don’t know why.

    One of the next-door lady’s two sons is a criminal. Did time for drugs, then was released, moved back home, and resumed his criminal behavior. His mom was upset, of course, but didn’t throw him out. Not to worry: the local LEO’s found him with sufficient evidence to convict him again, and he’s gone, along with the somewhat shady creeps he brought to the neighborhood. The mother is perfectly fine with that.

    The point? I suspect that a large majority of black people are VERY happy with law and order, and NOT interested in the crapola being spouted by “leaders.”

    (In the recent Gubernatorial, by the way, I know very conservative and well-connected Georgians who despise the newly-elected Governor on a variety of grounds. Don’t take his narrow victory as some sort of “surge” in Blue.)

    It ain’t over yet. You may even want to make discreet inquiries within Lagos, and you may be surprised. If a Republican candidate would EVER make an effort, such as personal door-to-door or local church appearances, it might result in surprisingly large (albeit near-secretive) support.

    • Well, that’s a good point. I found Brian Kemp to be a bit off-putting, it’s as if he tried to offer himself as a caricature of rural Georgia white guy, which likely repels more educated white voters. There’s a fair amount of rural vs. Atlanta animus in the state – my parents in South Georgia are convinced all of their tax dollars are spent on Atlanta highways. Friends in Atlanta are convinced the rural parts of the state are subsidized by Atlanta metro area. Regardless of the truth, the political division exists. With that said … she’s a fat, black, angry, unappealing radical democrat ! That alone should have produced a laughably bad result, regardless of her opponent. Only a few years ago it would have.

  14. Fortified homes as exist in South Africa are our future. Have a friend in L.A. that bought a home in a vibrant community and he put up an eight foot concrete wall topped with another couple of feet of “decorative” iron spikes, a heavy duty gate, and reinforced burglar bars on the front windows. With the money he saved buying in the ghetto he built, what can only be described as, a resort in the back yard. The kids, of course, go private schools.
    The other chink in their armor is that there is not much need for cities anymore. I live in the suburbs of a major city, but if I wanted to, I could do my job from my nice farm out in the boonies.

    • Our work life would be much easier if everyone can telecommute. Technologies like WebEx and Cisco, along with VPN and chat groups allow for anyone to work remotely. It’s here that I blame managers. Many are such control freaks that they still force people to come and commute in the cities. They feel that no one will work without their presence. Meanwhile, they’d get more productivity if they transformed that 1-2 hours lost in commuting into work done from telecommuting.

      • I run almost my whole team virtually now. In fact haven’t been in the office or home for more than two days for the last three weeks.

    • Your ability to telecommute is a product of cheap energy and a complex system that won’t be easy to maintain as the US goes Brazil.

      For most people don’t count on it all working or even having a job in a few years. Even if you are essential , a broke nation run into the ground and being looted will gladly not do essential things

      We already don’t , US Infrastructure is crumbling and that lack of action is responsible for the worst fires in Califnria history

      That said the biggest problem is that people on the Right can’t realize that this isn’t going to be changed by policy tweaks . Its going to require removal of the current system from the reigns of power and ruthless adults to take over

      The Right is just afraid to be that. Understandable, no wants to suffer now and people without family or a nation can’t sacrifice for the future. Why bother?

      Alas that ruthless adult has to be you and yours, maybe locally, maybe county, state, national. It doesn’t matter

      If you think it can be solved in any other way , right now look at the gas tax protests in France which is run in a similar way as the rest of the West . A sound system would not do stupid shit like raise taxes on gas and try to get rid of clean nuclear power impoverishing its citizens so its elite can virtue signal to each other

      In that country heads have literally rolled for far much less than this and if you think the French are weak, they push back a lot harder than Americans do.

  15. The whole state of California is going the way of the most corrupt city of Bell, CA. Retard level hispanics enriching themselves, well, because they could. That is the template. Non-whites seem to have this insatiable desire to raid the local treasury and empty it as fast as possible. You see it in every major city run by blacks and Hispanics. Detroit’s Kwame Fitzpatrick (who did not have an administration so much as a “posse”) quite notable as all the Hernandezes and Rizzos of places like Bell.

    I think that in terms of evolutionary biology, when we are dealing with people from tribes who had never even invented the wheel, (thus = primitive) you of course see very short time preferences, as anyone who knows a bit of HBD can easily see.

    Primitive tribes would come upon a mammoth kill and engorge themselves, devouring as much of the “wealth” as they could consume in the shortest time frame, before the meat rotted. The rest would be left to the scavenging beasts. Having no desire or ability to see in the long term, their behavior is both predictable and understandable.

    The caravans from central American are chock full of these kinds of people. They simply want to raid the wealth of the USA, which is akin to filleting the biggest mammoth. They will engorge themselves and leave nothing but a rotting carcass. Then sit around for a half century waiting for the Anglos to replenish the coffers.

    In the whole western hemisphere there is the Anglo world above the Rio Grande, which is a much smaller land mass than the Latino world below it. But for some reason the migrant flows only drive northward to Anglo lands, where dependable treasuries can be leeched from. We Anglos suffer from half our kind being racially suicidal, (mostly our women) that we are giving away the work and moral capital of our forebears who fought and died for us.

    This won’t end until caravan people and their supporters rob every grave in Arlington.

    • As much as I hate the whole Affirmative Housing thing, it does make the limousine liberals eat their own cooking. Though I am confident that somehow Malibu and Montecito will be left out of it all.

      • it does make the limousine liberals eat their own cooking

        No, it never does. They never allow it in their own neighborhoods.

    • They’re working on all 50 states. A few weeks ago, the NYT article pointing out the problem of too much whiteness in Vermont, now even Idaho is importing diversity. Back in the 90’s and 00’s, in places like Vdare, it was said that the problems of diversity in California are coming to your state. That scenario seemed like it would take a long time, but here we are.

      • New American and African blacks arriving in my Idaho city every week. It was a trickle under Obama, now a flood since Trump took office.

  16. Based on what happened in South Africa, I think white will fall asleep and still virtue signal even as everything is literally collapsing. My co-worker is South African (British, no Afrikaaner) and he is your typical insufferable white liberal. He’s snobbish to Trump, claims all the race problems are exaggerated, etc. This in a country where whites are now in the end stage of the racial genocide.

    On the other hand, Americans were traditionally fighters and frontiersmen compared to the deferential nod to authority that most Europeans had for monarchy and central government. Even after decades of suburbanization and the closing of the frontier, I think a lot of Americans still have some residual pioneer blood. It was the US where the alt-right appeared and flourished, with Europeans copying elements of it. Maybe our unique background that Tocqueville noted is what will allow us to rebel against what is going on.

    • Yup, even South African “conservatives” like the execrable Kim du Toit, while admitting the disaster of modern South Africa, will not disavow their support of ending Apartheid.

      My assumption is that most White American conservatives will be the same. They’ll be confiscating White lands and businesses and White conservatives will be harumphing that the only proper way to do that is with a Constitutional amendment.

    • Affirmative action, PC, Whiteness studies all came from the US. I think you overestimate the percentage of the US population which is descended from pioneers. Most European countries had political movements concerned with racial issues long before the rise of the alt-right.

    • On the other hand, Americans were traditionally fighters and frontiersmen.

      On the other hand? Do you know anything about SA history?

      It was the US where the alt-right appeared and flourished, with Europeans copying elements of it.

      The alt-right is an internet movement, but it was in the US that Cultmarx flourished, and Europeans are waaaaay to the right of the US when it comes to immigration. Most countries on the mainland have had white nationalist parties in parliament for the last twenty years, at least. You don’t even have a civic nationalist party to vote for.

      Wake up! America is the canary in the coal mine, the priority target for the globalists. When Trump leaves office, it’s curtains for America.

  17. Both my kids’ high school and UC colleges were almost all high achieving white and Asian (that’s what self-segregation does), with a few blacks thrown into the mix, likely through the AA boondoggle. At the graduation ceremonies, there was a bit of public preening by some of the graduates and cheering by their families in the audience. For the few blacks, it was NFL style end zone dances on the stage and absolute bedlam from the families. I am sure it would be described in a formal review as “we express our jubilation more outwardly than the rest of you”, but what I got out of it was “we jammed our way in the door and F* all of you”.

    • …..and for a degree in sociology, anthro, or one of the other therapy studies, no less……where you never even have to touch a calculator, let alone how to use it.

  18. Reading anything from mainstream publications or textbooks that mentions white flight is a lesson in PC speak. What a shock it would be to come across just one normal-language sentence, such as, “and then the whites left because they don’t like blacks.” Or “the whites left because they’re afraid of blacks.” They MIGHT write, “whites left because of a spike in crime”, but the next sentence will be that it’s whitey’s fault. This stuff used to drive me crazy in school and make me feel bad about myself. Where was MY safe space? Where was MY trigger warning?

    • The issue isn’t being ‘afraid of blacks’ …the issue is ‘don’t want to go to jail for shooting a piece of shit’…i, and most people I know, tolerate things to a degree…but it’s rapidly approaching a point where tolerance is overrated…

  19. White guy moving is the deal around San Diego, either to Montana and Idaho, or close by to the north and the northeast. Lots of it. Self-segregation.

    Along those lines, note that Trudeau in Canada is fully buying in to the “no borders” U.N. thing. Time to step back and see how all that is going to work out. Maybe we can transit all of our border jumpers to Canada on a one-way bus trip. Of course, being Canadians, the displaced whites will probably apologize for everything on their way out.

    • How do you say “British Columbia” in Chinese? Or will they just give it a new name altogether?


    • the folks leaving California ruin everything they touch. they take their stupid voting habits and guilt with them . why do you thingk Colorado turned blue? and is now ainti-gun and on the road to becoming a sanctuary state. now even Idaho, the GOP chamber of commerce types business owners is bringing in diversity

    • Don’t get your hopes up. In Missoula at least we are afflicted with an outfit called Soft Landings headed by a women who moved in just for the purpose of seeding the area with vibrant people from every shithole country in the word—literally. Money comes from Catholic Charities and some Lutheran outfit. This was one of Obumble’s projects of infiltrating white enclaves with the lowest IQ’s he could find. Add to that the University here that seems to attract every looney liberal kid from around the U.S. and you have the makings for another Detroit. Same goes for Bozeman, Great Falls, and Billings, all the Reservations where my Red Bretheren live and enclaves of dot com millionaires. We’re well and truly fooked.

      • The Mainline churches are all in on this stuff. They get a two-fer. They get to destroy the traditional community ties and role of the congregations, and they get to distribute the people around. The Mainlines are going to go for on-line congregations soon, and get rid of the physical chapels and sanctuaries all together. The church version of Politico or Huffington Post, and a completion of the atomization of the membership.

        • “The Mainlines are going to go for on-line congregations soon, and get rid of the physical chapels and sanctuaries all together.” Nah. C’mon man, reel it in a bit. People like to be together. That’s why they go to church.

    • *whispers to Dutch*
      Crystal City, CA
      Undiscovered coastal paradise
      20 miles south of Oregon border
      Temps average between 40-70, all year, small town, 85% YT
      The frequent town fairs are Old Wierd America

      The Pacific can be your backyard, the forest your front, for 100-200K
      Watch out for the elk herds when driving

      • Shhh-don’t tell anyone…(the airport right on the coast is cool, looks like you changed the town name a bit)

        I do have my high desert space staked out, paid for, and mostly built out. Stars at night, cold water in the well, and off the grids. I love the desert.

        The cool thing about California is that there are all sorts of pockets of like-thinking people, living in and around little anonymous dots on the emptier parts of the map. Wide spaces along the road and at the far end of obscure little turn-outs.

      • Crystal City, CA has Crystal City, TX all beat then, except for the taxes and government.

        Speaking of Crystal City, CA, have you ever seen the (not very good movie) “The Last Valley.” Won’t do any good living in either Crystal City, if it can’t be defended.

      • Went to school just south of CC, CA. Ah, the Lost Coast and the redwoods! Often wonder if it’s as good as it was in the 90s. It was paradise then, just as San Diego was in the 70s.

  20. Our current trajectory is based on several false assumptions.

    1. People are Lego bricks that differ only in color and can be snapped together into any society desired.
    2. Democracy is a workable system of government over large geographic areas containing a polyglot of races, religions, cultures etc.
    3. IQ and future time orientation do not matter.
    4. Diversity is our greatest strength.
    5. Money can be created by a cartel of private banks based on controlled purchases of government debt that must continuously increase to sustain the system.
    5. A society can function when there are more takers than makers.
    6. We can police the world despite the fact that we have not won a war since 1945 and the cost of addressing the mostly illusory threats exceeds the cost of the threats themselves by several multiples.
    7. An energy infrastructure based largely on wind and solar power as fossil fuels and nuclear power are phased.
    8. Increasing “humanitarian assistance” to the third world that results in a massive population explosion beyond their ability to build, let alone maintain the required infratucture to support it.
    9. A foreign policy based on placating Israel and large corporations.
    10. Replacing meritocracy with affirmative action even in technological endevours required to sustain modern civilization and provide public safety.
    11. A media, academia, culture, financial system and government dominated by a hostile elite.

    This is only a partial list. Each of these are ridiculous on their own. Together, they are a mass of mutually incompatible delusions. It is bound to fail at some time. Who knows when? I don’t think it’s end will be brought about by voting or militias. My plan is to disconnect to the maximum extent practical.

    A rural area with a harsh (cold) climate beyond mass transit connections with a major city seems to be the only practical way to avoid the undertow.

      • Having the freedom to do something fun means many people will do that thing if they can.

        Liberty and Libertarian always leads to Libertines

        And note yes this can be good, owning firearms is hugely beneficial as are many of the things in the bill of rights but there are good reason sex , porn and the like were heavily regulated by the State as after a point drugs and robots/automation (obliquely its partially why we have a 30 hour week )

    • Saw a comment, “the Jewish libertarians at Reason”.

      Is that true? How did libism turn from “Tenth Amendment Constitutionalism” to “open borders economy”?

  21. Unfortunately, the USA is a very big place. Too big.

    I grew up in New England but have lived in California for almost 40 years. When I moved here huWhytes made up almost 70% of the state. Today it’s half that, if even that.

    Most of the huWhytes I knew when I first moved here are now somewhere in the Rocky Mountain corridor. Many of them Californicating the area they’ve settled.

    It’s tempting to think that we’ve finally hit a wall and now need to react, but we may not be there yet. There are still too many places to run to and thus preserve those deluded pale ideals.

  22. The major challenge of the current period is the adjustment of deindustrialization in the First World. No country has escaped it, some like Japan have minimized it, while Germany was able to inflict the pain onto Southern Europe. The coming challenge of the next several decades is the possibility that large amounts of unskilled labor could be automated out of existence. Some predict that population aging is one way out, as Boomers are tortured to death by vibrants in nursing homes.

    • There has been skepticism of automation here, but I have to note the considerable investments that the tech oligarchy is making into robots, AI and machine learning; along with their doomsday homes in New Zealand. Will this mean enough wealth to give everyone their panem et circuses? Or the prelude to Skynet?

      • AI is a funny thing–smart and dumb at the same time. Worked on two initial applications of the unbundled Watson technology in financial services and the results were underwhelming. Doesn’t mean it won’t work, but there is a long road to the robot overlords. What I do see is the failing of our education system to produce graduates with the needed technology and financial/analytical skills. Right now the overlords are more likely to be named Ajit and Wang than Watson.

      • Its a prelude to the Georgia Guidestones

        500 million they chose get to live, the rest die.

        As such a post robot future if we have one will be more like Warhammer 40K or Dune I suspect

    • Alongside the dichotomy of fight/flight, is the option we typically despise worst of all. Surrender and collaboration. This is not something we will have any role in choosing, it entirely depends on the mindset of the victor. The so-called “Fred Reed option”

  23. Was at ground zero when Obama’s HUD tried to nullify and rewrite local zoning laws. The County Exec that explained in a WSJ editorial that he would go to jail rather than submit is a friend of mine. In our little village HUD’s formula for calculating how much “low income” housing we’d need to build to “comply” represented 400% of the local annual budget. Never mind that there is almost no buildable land…they had a solution…rezone for multi-family in any single family zone that might have an empty lot or purchase a home and demolish it. School cost calculations never entered into any of the Federal conversations…but based on Section 8 occupancy data, each unit would have added $40-50k of incremental school system expense. Tax revenue on those units would not cover more than 25% of that increase. Be very afraid. Laying waste to your community to further “Social Justice” is the very last concern of these people. If it is a concern at all.

  24. The Civil Rights Movement was always about the pale people. The usual suspects just used blacks as a weapon in their war on pale people. Most people get that, but still cling to the old pale ideas about equality of access and so forth.

    I really don’t think most people get that. I’ve dropped a few controversial posts about race on InstaPundit lately, such as in regard to the Harvard Asian admissions controversy that I am not eager to be ruled by an Asian elite and we’re being played for suckers, and I got hit with an avalanche of egalitarianism and meritocracy. It’s the same with any racial topic.

    The solid conservative population is clinging fanatically to those old ideas, even though the consequences of those ideas are revealed in post after post on InstaPundit every day (if you’re paying attention).

    They think if they push color-blindness and civnat just a little bit harder, brown people will suddenly start to embrace it, because Thomas Sowell.

    I doubt they think the civil rights movement was part of the war on White people. They view it as the pinnacle of egalitarianism. They worship Martin Luther King more than the average liberal.

    ETA: On sites I frequent that are less explicitly politically partisan, but which still attract a conservative crowd, such as The Truth About Guns the results are even more dramatic. CivNat, Meritocracy and Egalitarianism are the Holy Trinity.

  25. This was good. What you see where I live, a typical southeast metropolis, is white flight to ever more distant suburbs and exurbs, which become paradisical swipple whitopias(with a dash of hick ; ))for about a decade. This is great, but at some point, there will be no farther to run, and they will have to stand and fight, but by then the demographic writing will be on the wall. The time to resist is now…or was it yesterday?

  26. Affirmative Action, which took off in the late 1970s, was the camel’s nose in the tent. Now the camel is fully inside the tent and shitting in your breakfast.

    AA so incensed me at the time that I wrote a research paper for my college english class in 1981 opposing it. To this day, I still can’t believe the Supreme Court allows it.

  27. The dirty little secret is that hispanic people hate black people more than the KKK ever did. Black people are going to have big problems of their own in the future in this U.S.A.

    • Grew up around a lot of Cubans. During the Liberty City riots there was an attempt to take that shit into the Cuban neighborhoods. Lasted a bit less than a nano-second as the old Bay of Pigs and Alpha 66 guys took care of business.

      • Like the armed Korean shopowners on the roofs of their businesses in the Rodney King riots. Don’t screw with the Koreans.

        • So what happened to South Central after the diverse razed small diverse businesses?

          Big Korean warehouses with gold lettering and big iron fences happened.
          Smart Koreans took major advantage of the resulting minority enterprise zones.

          • Koreans are smart, savvy, and committed. One of the reasons that China supports NK and the partition of Korea, is that the Koreans scare the Chinese shitless.

          • I’ve always found cultures that managed to survive for millennia while parked next to or between great powers interesting Korea is a prime example. They should have been stamped out long ago. But they survived.

    • Here in California we have outright ethnic cleansing of Blacks in many neighborhoods.

      The Feds prosecuted a few guys for it but unlike Whites ,Mexicans anfd others don’t give a shit and will die or do the time as needed and without shame. Its still going on quietly for the most part too.

      I respect that a lot but if Y/T goes down that route and he might and is strong enough to make it stick its the end of the post modern era.

      Maybe this is a good thing but there are a few medical breakthroughs I’d like that might happen

      • From what I’ve heard, Compton, CA (“Straight outta Compton!”) is now Mexican. That didn’t take long.

        • I’ve been there and it majority is . Its also better though not Mi Barrio if you know what I mean

        • Compton is 2/3 latino yet most of its elected officials are black. So much for a government that looks like the people it represents.

    • The Coalition of the Fringes will be at each others’ throats. No other races are welcoming like high-trust virtue-signalling Scandinavians. It would be fun to watch if I could watch it from a place free of diversity.

  28. Speaking of “access to the pale,” surely everybody remembers this: Male, Pale and Stale University Professors to be Given ‘Reverse Mentors’.

    Literal physical face-to-face access to white men, who can’t even be alone any more.

    Pretty soon, it’s going to be like one of those Hollywood movies where the white guy and black guy are handcuffed together.

    We’re going to have to cut the chains of those handcuffs.

    • It would be funny to see one of those movies where the black guy and the white guy are handcuffed together, trying to outrun the Feds, and slowly learning a grudging newfound respect for rack other.

      Only in this movie, the white guy knows how to do everything cleverly, the black guy is just a constant bumbling nuisance. They finally break into a tool shed where the white guy finds a hacksaw…

      WHITE GUY: Eureka! Now we can go our separate ways!

      BLACK GUY: Actually, I was, uh, sort of starting to like the handcuffs. Maybe we could keep them on a little longer…

    • Its ludicrous to think that a growing population of lower-income people would be anything but envious of a decadent legacy population.

    • Wow, it’s going to be a pain in the ass for me to haul around that corpse, but I’m afraid if I just cut the wrist off, they’ll assign me a new one.

    • If you want to get a sense of the state of play in the U.K., check out the comments.

      On one hand, many of them scathingly savage the anti-white, anti-male scheme. (“Sounds rather like the discredited ‘recovered’ memory debacle to me, but then I might be unconsciously against such stupidity.”)

      It’s a little surprising that a major British news source, even the supposedly conservative Telegraph, would publish such Crimethink. But it comes off as no more than witty griping. About the strongest call to action is urging pale stale male victims to join UKIP. I don’t follow UKIP’s positions closely, but my impression is that it is mainly a cucked, pro-Brexit party.

      Any action-based, dissident right leanings in the U.K. seem pretty subdued.

      • EDL and a few other organisations have held some marches. Britian First seems to have caught the attention of the elite. One British politician killed by a right winger prior to the Brexit vote. Another dude drove his car into a group outside a mosque.Tommy Robinson has ,arguably, articulated the real situation more accurately than any American I can think of. The new head of UKIP has really started to talk about the importance of demographic change .

        The Daily Telegraph is a middle class rag so you are probably not going to understand the temper of the average Brit by perusing its digital pages.
        Working class Brits seem to be more willing to be a bit more assertive than most Americans. Or maybe it’s because free speech is being
        increasingly proscibed in the UK which forces people to articulate their views via alternative means.

        • I live a few miles outside my hometown of Liverpool a city now maybe only 85%+ white. Where I now live I’d guess its 97%+ and not likely to change soon and the working class lads who work for me sound like adverts for stormfront (if they knew what that was). The average working brit fucking loathes London and the shit it contains.

      • There is no link to the article to which you refer but as a Brit I can tell you that the state of play here has been bad for a very long time. To give you some idea, imagine the most cucked, RINO, neverTrumper Republican and he is still George S. Patton compared to any of his counterparts in the British Conservative Party. The opposition Labour Party is now entirely in the hands of outright Maoists. Every institution has been reorganised around anti-native narrative and full poz degeneracy.

        UKIP was established in the 1990’s as an anti-EU party and, once we won the Brexit vote, it pretty much collapsed. However, on the back of the betrayal by the British deep state, there is a cauldron of anger brewing and people are flooding back to UKIP whose current leader, Gerrard Batten, is clearly taking his talking points from Trump. Tommy Robinson has just joined the party. He’s a Salvini/Orban type guy but not sure yet if he has the mettle. We’ll see.

        There is another, smaller, and newer party called For Britain which is explicitly nationalist and anti-Islam. They are starting to pick up supporters in more working class areas.

        The good news is that our Conservative Party is finished and that will leave a vacuum on the right that will be filled sooner rather than later I suspect.

  29. Haha, just let them find me in my Antarctic ice cave!

    (Babe Ruthless, 2028: “Remember when the ‘let them find me in my Antarctic ice cave’ thing was just a joke?”)

  30. I’ve lived in the ATL metro area for most of my professional career and even though I like a lot of things about the area (lots of activities, great restaurants, proximity to the north Georgia mountains and waterfalls and short drives to great spots in the SE such as Charleston, NW Florida and others), I’m ready to leave because of the constant moves we’ve had to make.

    Before I had my red pill moment in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I criticized my late grandfather’s racism and thought myself better, because I had a “diverse” crew of friends. I played a sport in high school, college and as a training camp body in the NBA that was black dominated and I earned respect from them at every level for playing the “black man’s game.”

    Then I start my professional career and we move to an area close to my work that was OK when we first moved up here, but quickly started to slide. I noticed the regular restaurants disappearing, replaced by seedy Mexican places. Latin markets started to pop up in strip malls, while the white neighbors in our older middle class subdivision started to disappear.

    It wasn’t just Latinos. We started noticing black males walking around aimlessly on sidewalks and blare of rap “music” could be heard whenever we drove around the area.

    Then there was a shooting, our home got burgled and we moved about 30 minutes away to a newer house in a better area.

    Or so we thought. Soon the same thing happened again. So we moved for a third time. Once my commute was 15 minutes, give or take. Now it’s an hour away in soul-sucking ATL traffic. Fortunately, the diversity tide seems to have stemmed in our neck of the woods, but I’m dreading a new crop of Mexican restaurants and bodegas that are the signs that diversity has arrived.

    It was frightening to my wife and I that the gap-toothed Communist negress came that close to winning the gubernatorial race. ATL is filled with diversity, but the biggest problem is the cucked white transplants from the Northeast. Like locusts, they’ve ruined their homelands with their moronic voting habits and now they flee what they made to despoil our state with the same stupidity.

    We’re not voting our way out of this in Georgia. When this state turns purple and eventually blue like North Carolina, the whole nation is screwed. One-party rule by the anti-white party voted into office by diverse hordes seething with hatred and resentment doesn’t bode well for my family’s prospects in the coming decades.

    • I’m in a city that’s half Hispanic and growing more so. But I sort have been here all my life. There is probably no one I do business with that is not Hispanic. Oddly, I’m fairly impressed with most all such interactions. But these folk also have been here for multiple generations and are somewhat acculturated to the American ethos. It seems (IMO) that it is the newly arrived illegals that are the straw that is breaking the back of what was formally a pretty good relationship. We need to halt all immigrant inflow for a generation or two to have a chance at peace.

      • There is still a lot of diversity within the Hispanic community. I grew up with Cubans–I look like a left winger compared to most of them. And they despised Venezuelans, Dominicans and Mexicans. Work closely with an Argentine that IDs more closely with Anglos in the US than any of his “bros” in the rest of Latin American (with Chile as the exception)–he thinks Pinochet was a fine guy.

        • Sami, Argentines would ID with “Whites” The country is mostly white (made up by a *solicited* influx of Europeans in the early 20th century.). Read a bit of the history of Argentina. It’s a eye opener for all of us on how quickly a country can be transformed via selective immigration. Only in our case, we are not importing a superior population. 😉

    • Tennessee brother. Super majority republicans in legislature. Blackburn is our new senator. My county is 97 percent anglo, despite being in driving distance of a major city.

      • Yeah, was just thinking that. Live rurally. “They” don’t like rural. Some of those nice states in the middle — Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee — visit the city if ya want, but don’t live there. Of course, it helps to have a career planned out so you can live anywhere (teaching, and it could sure use some more cons/trads.)

    • …great restaurants…

      And later, historians asked, “Why did they give up their nation without a fight?”

      The answer they discovered? They did it for the ethnic restaurants.

    • I went to college in Atlanta and lived in Georgia off and on as an adult. Your comment about Abrams’ result is spot-on. When I heard that the Dems nominated her, I figured they were conceding the race as I thought there was Zero chance a fat, black woman could win in my state. Her vote totals frankly shocked me. And from what I can tell, her increased vote totals (compared to Jimmy Carter’s relative who ran in 2014) came from north Atlanta suburbs, which means carpetbagger Yankees bringing their corrupted political preferences with them.

      What made Atlanta “work” (to the extent that it didn’t turn into Detroit) was political geography – the city of Atlanta proper is relatively small, with neighboring counties abutting the white portions of the city. This allowed for a power balance to develop between black political power and white economic power – if the black political efforts got too out of control, white Atlanta would just move to neighboring Cobb County and take its tax revenue with it. (This is covered in detail in Regime Politics: Governing Atlanta 1946-1988 by Clarence Stone ( )

      Atlanta has few geographical barriers to suburban expansion, so white people continue to flee out, but at some point the commutes become unmanageable. Atlanta’s stable segregation (whites north of I-20, blacks to the south … more or less) allowed for suburban stability in Cobb, Gwinnett, and north Fulton. White suburbs south of the airport have been almost entirely run over by “vibrancy” with corresponding home value collapse. But the influx of Hispanics and ethno-masochist Yankees into the area has upset the balance in the northern suburbs.

  31. This is death by cancer, slow and insidious. This strategy is optimum for them because the host dies so slowly that it never recognizes the threat and consequently remains docile until the very end. Alternately, if they become too bold and act too quickly, they risk waking up the host prematurely and then have to deal with a backlash. If they are not careful, their impatience and arrogance will be their undoing. South Africa will be the canary in the coal mine, and I’m guessing Europe will wake up before we do.

  32. They dont get it. we had peace as long as whites could avoid the aggression and stupidity of ‘diversity’ by moving away. It was cheaper and easier than fighting.

    Once they can no longer flee, whites will eventually adopt the logic that fighting is easier. It wont happen soon. White delusions and narcissism need to be shattered first, but it will happen.

    As diversity puts its boot on the necks of whites, I predict the rise of white street gangs. These gangs will be politicized and enjoy a level of tacit support in their communities who will tolerate them because they will actively repel ‘diversity’.

    The aryan brotherhood got its start when white prisoners banded together to protect themselves from black prisoners. Having no place to run, they fought and became feared.

    Now imagine something like the AB, but vastly larger, existing in the streets, and preying on their community but are being quietly supported by the neighbourhood because they protect it.

    • What our betters don’t realize, or maybe they do with their push for more gun laws, is what will happen. Always leave your enemy an out. When you box them in a corner they will fight most ferociously.

    • Good vlog on how small-group political action (either good or bad) must have some kind of larger institutional backing to work. This implies that some kind of “authority” has to be on your side in this sort of thing. (Cf. Charlottesville fiasco.) That’s why it’s very important to keep trying to reach White Normie and his communities and institutions, to legitimize Our Thing and delegitimize their thing.

    • Highly unlikely White men are too atomized. Collective action is not possible. More like a hundred line wolf nutcases bloom. Beck even nutty Iranian fitness video chicks have shot up Youtube iffices

      • Hey Whiskey. Miss your blog posts

        People can change and I’ll note thousands of people went to aid the Bundy’s who belong to a a much loathed group, being LDS on shaky grounds. The were there a long time and ready to fight

        And sure there were infiltrators, Whites are still a bit too trusting and tolerant. This can change fast

        I’ll speak from experience , around here in So Cal , its about 40% Latino , 30% White 30% everyone else there is a bit of White solidarity. Its quiet consisting mainly of giving better, more trusting service and preferring our own kind but the core is there..

        In a few decades, the US will be fully strip mined anyway and will be a 2nd soon to be 3rd tier nation , some areas nice. Most crappy

        This is fertile ground for all manner of gangs and in time, the areas controlled by the Benevolent League or whatever comes up will be above the law. When everyone is MS13 or AB its going to be hard to control those areas and prosecutors for examples will be quite cautious in trying to make an example of anyone when they face reprisal

        This is amplified by the fact the largest denomination if you could call it that in the US is non religious. There is no social capital to control people and a broke nation won’t have the police either

        The presumes the US doesn’t split apart of course, it might

        As for a time frame? No one knows.

        Its probably 15-20 years or so maybe 5-10 after Trump but if the rumors of war in Syria or worse Russia by the Neo Cons I am hearing are true it could be 5 or less if it goes too hot

    • I, like many others, would rather not fight. That option is being closed off.

      I look at Europe (and, increasingly America) and wonder when your prediction – of white people saying THIS FAR, NO FARTHER – will commence.

      Western Civilization is the greatest civilization – ever. It needs defending.

    • Britain, our mother country, put paid to the skinhead yobbos and their anti-Paki campaigns. Women, Leftists, and Habib cheered, of course.

    • I see all these pictures of downtown areas boarded up and empty after the urban dwellers pursue the whites to the suburbs, e.g. Baltimore. How about the whites do an about face and retake the blighted areas? A sort of militant gentrfication and leave the vibrants to their own devices in the burbs. Fill the city up so there is no room for invaders? Just a thought

      • You have to have coordination and organization for that to materialize and so far that isn’t happening…I agree with you though it could be done if enough people got on board…

      • The feds won’t ever allow that. In coordination with the local government, they’ll tax some business into oblivion or just take the property (thanks, Kelo) and put up a 30 story Cabrini Green.

      • Urban pioneers are ghey White men who spend quite a bit of time at the gym, and might own personal protection firearms. No kids, no problem with vibrant skools, and appreciate repairable wonderful architecture for a low price. Gentrification and doubling prices every 5 years commences when you get about 30% of houses owned by future-wealthy GWM’s.

  33. Eagle’s Nest was an attempt to cull the funding of low income, low property value (read diversity,) areas which remain dependant on the higher income, higher property value (read white,) areas to bankroll the cost of increasingly expensive public services. Something similar has been happening, albeit more surreptitiously, in a small town in north Gwinnett County. The city has the highest-ranked elementary school in the state and a top-ranked middle and high school. It is curious to note how new subdivisions are springing up throughout the city, but the lower property value neighborhoods <300k, are strategically zoned for Gwinnett County schools, while the higher value neighborhoods are incorporated into the city school system, even though many of the lower-end neighborhoods are actually closer to the schools. Nonetheless, the schools are teeming with Hispanics and Blacks, some even Africans, whose parents are renters but not owners. The emphasis on quality education has done wonders for property values as white families vote with their feet and move out of county zoned schools which have watched test scores plummet and violence increase. Neighboring Hall County, home to many chicken processing plants, has seen its schools turn into gang recruiting centers and violence has surged as low-skilled Hispanics have flocked into the community. Economic segregation is all that is left to hold back the diversity tide, and before long, relocating to areas with no agricultural tax base will be the only way to escape from the unwashed brown masses.

  34. So what is happening to us white folks, being forced to be diversity foster parents to the vibrants? We can’t outrun them anymore I guess, time to take that stand we didn’t want to make. ( by white folks I am not referring to our whiter and better gene stocked overlords?

    • Vibrants want access to whites for the same reason that wolves want access to sheep, it’s no big mystery. And no matter where the sheep go, the wolves will follow. The only answer is to stop being prey, which is basically what the alt-right is all about, and why the Vibrants and their masters hate it so much. Suddenly, and totally unexpectedly, some of the sheep have started sprouting some nasty looking horns, and have actually impaled a wolf or two. Interesting times ahead.

        • Gamergate managed to draw blood from the games press. It could be argued that a few hundred thousand whites in MI, OH, and PA who have voted reliably blue for decades made the big jump to Trump because they got redpilled, so the progressive left got impaled in 2016. The decline of NASCAR and the pushback against the NFL anthem protests might well have something to do with Whitey awakening.

      • Well wolves run in packs so unless the wolfhounds start doing that as well then they will go down one at a time…

  35. The core issue is that of the distribution of public funding liabilities amongst people within a metro area. Should people be allowed to step a few feet across city borders, set up a suburb with exclusionary zoning laws to keep out any people below a specified wealth, and instantly be 100% exempt from any responsibility to contribute towards public services for the poorer people throughout the metro area? That is the central question stated generically. Schools, police, social services, public housing, these are all things that actually cost MORE PER PERSON in poorer communities and yet are funded largely by public funding, so poorer cities have very tough financial situations.

    Eagles Landing is a distraction. If the law had passed, it would be just one more example amongst millions of similar suburbs where wealthier white people segregate themselves with a major benefit of avoiding contributing towards schools and other local social services for poorer People of Color.

    There is a narrative that people just love quiet, unwalkable, long commute suburbs over the “hustle bustle” of cities. Sounds like bs to me. Wealthier white people can just simply afford a higher quality of life in suburbs because they avoid having to subsidize Communities of Color.

    • So productive people have a duty to live where they can be forced to provide for non-productive parasites?

      • You know, too, it’s like they don’t understand their plight, that they desperately need the white tax base, similar to what I said yesterday about killing the golden goose. Here in New Orleans, the black elite seem to spitefully war on the white elite. For instance, for years they would not do needed road work in the rich white uptown, causing destructive dust to go into the old fine homes. They attack Tulane University constantly and do not report crimes against the students. The students demonstrated in protest a couple of years ago. The university president once wrote a firey editorial in the times picayune, pointing out that the city is hurting its largest employer. Not to mention the recent ructions with the statues. I know this funny conservative Jewish woman who moved out and refuses to shop in the city! They can’t understand that they are using their power to drive out the tax payers. They hate whites more than they love themselves. Now the city is calling for incorporation with neighboring white flight Jefferson parish to get at their tax dollars. Scary to think what would happen if these people achieved absolute power over us…

        • @ ChNe
          Scary to think what would happen if these people achieved absolute power over us…
          We would be slaves or dead…

    • No, the core issue is race. Fifty years of trying to fashion an economic solution to the race problem is what killed off conservatism in America. Time to face up to reality.

    • One of the advantages of living in the Northeast is that there are all these small incorporated towns with their own high quality schools, police, fire, etc. I grew up in NY and you want to live in one of the towns surrounding NYC and not one of the cities. They are highly segregated. I like to tell my lefty friends who live in these small towns that their school districts are big beautiful walls between them and the vibrants. But these towns were established before Diversity became the state religion so they are probably safe for a little while.

      • Good example of contrasts with these towns in Western Pennsylvania, Beaver County. Used to be Union Democrat country, now Trump Country.

        Beaver, PA, a working and middle class community with old well-kept homes and a nice downtown. Working & Middle Class folks mostly. It’s less than 5% vibrant.

        High School is rated 9/10

        Link to a representative sample of the main street

        Beaver Falls, PA, a “vibrant community” just north. Its a bit larger than Beaver, and it’s about 40% vibrant. They’ve got the Catholic Geneva College which helps them a bit, but the main street is shuttered.

        High School is rated 3/10.

        Here’s a representative sample of the main street.

      • Cop Land! I lived in Santa Clarita for a time in the late 90s, a southern Cal version of what you describe, so nicknamed because all the LA cops (also firemen, teachers, et al) lived there. It’s a relatively quick freeway journey to downtown LA, but no mass transit from LA to there. I presume it’s still going strong, and always will as long as there are hypocrites willing to talk the talk (WE LOVE DIVERSITY) but scurrying for the hills (literally) when the sun goes down.

    • “Should people be allowed to step a few feet across city borders, set up a suburb with exclusionary zoning laws to keep out any people below a specified wealth, and instantly be 100% exempt from any responsibility to contribute towards public services for the poorer people throughout the metro area? ”

      Yes. Next question.

      • You took the words right out of my mouth. However, you will be penalized virtue signaling points for your answer.

    • “a major benefit of avoiding contributing towards schools and other local social services for poorer People of Color.”

      And why exactly can’t Colored People pay for their own schools? Why are they poor, living in some of the richest cities in the world? And why does no one, and I mean NO ONE, want to live around poorer Colored People, even slightly more well to do Colored People?

      I mean, I’m sure that it’s Whitey’s fault somehow. I just can’t figure out how. I’m sure that Mr. Golden will enlighten me, with the sort of “explanation” that has been destroying this country for seventy years…

      • Slavery, Jim Crow, institutional bias, “freedom of association”

        Have you even read a history book?

        • “Slavery, Jim Crow,…” Is there a limitation period on that responsibility? If so, when does it expire?

          • So, hmm, eternal guilt and reparations for slabery and discrimination. I suppose I’ll take my place waaaaaay in the back of the line, way behind the Arabs, the Turks, indeed all Islam… as well as waaay behind the Chosen, who were kraaazy-busy selling White girls to Muslims as rape-toys way back in the 8th century, when DeShauntrious was just a twinkle in his great-great-times-50 Ashanti kang grandfather’s eye.

            If slabery is an absolute moral evil and historical material redress is the only acceptable cure, then Africans owe mucho dinero to dey fellow Africans, and Europeans are owed an unimaginable sum of reparations by Muslims, for both slabery and (unlike in Africa) opportunity cost.

            DeShauntrious doesn’t get a dime from me until I get a mountain of Chosenite gelt first, from both Mohammed and Shlomo, with compound interest.

            You remember how compound interest works, Shlomo, don’t you? I’m sure you do. Such high IQ!!

        • Have *you* even read a history book written before, say, about 1960, by a non-lefty?

          Special points for Thucydides, Tacitus, Gibbon…

          Extra special points for the great historians of the Victorian period in England and the post-Civil War era in the USA.

          Moldbug is full of suggestions…

    • Civilized people object to crime, filth, violence, and squalor far more than they object to paying taxes. It’s a mystery to me why they should want to pay extra for the dubious privilege of living among crime, filth, etc.

      Where are you coming from here? Your basic assumption is that white people are a public good (where’d I hear that phrase recently?) with no more rights than a stop sign or a sidewalk. You think productive people are a commodity to be distributed fairly among the nonproductive members of society. This is so ingrained that you are unable to imagine that there’s a different way of thinking about it.

      You may be interested to hear that Z Man just wrote a blog post on that topic. Can you find the scroll bar? Scroll bar? Hello? Hello? Scroll bar?

      Scroll up. Up. Up. Keep scrolling to the top of the page. Up. The top of the page. Then read.


      • Wilber, precisely—well put. I do not consider myself to be a public good, to be milked for funds and social capital (another well thought out concept outlined by Z-man a few days ago) by all those lacking such resources, i.e., the vibrant minority/majority. The inevitable outcome is that the goose that lays the golden egg is inveribly killed by the greedy and unproductive mob.

        If only we could retreat to a hidden valley, ala Atlas Shrugged, and wait for the collapse of the society of the vibrant minority.

        • @Compsci
          You can but I wouldn’t just set and wait for a collapse I would be getting ready to take over after the collapse by having the resources in place to do so…Just Saying…

    • Josh, I see that the general readership responds negatively to your comment. I don’t agree with you myself, but you did state the argument well (I can confirm such from other readings) and it is useful to post such for general discussion. In doing so, I’d give you a plus, not a negative.

      • @Compsci
        So as long as the enemy is well spoken then you won’t mind the knife in the side… Playing nice with the enemy is why we are in the shape we are in…Wake Up…

        • Lineman, no. Understanding the thinking of the opposition is of vital importance in forming a coherent and effective response. Often, all too often, the opposition is deceptive and duplicitous to the point of outright lying. And without truth, there is nothing. In my opinion, Josh was being forthright in his comment. I can work with that. To condemn and thereby drive out such comments only serves to produce a bubble. I am not here to reinforce my beliefs or change anyone else’s, but rather to see if there are any reasonable arguments to be made that *might change my beliefs*. I find I improve very little from constant interaction with folk who agree with me. But I will admit, there is often a fine line between a posting such as Josh’s and trolls who only wish to disrupt the general exchange.

          • Josh’s screed reads like Tiny Ducks so that is why a lot of people done voted him… Question what does it improve for you in reading that, I mean for your quality of life in general…Also they don’t care what you think only that you submit…That’s why I spoke in the way I did because our side needs to come to grips with that if we want to win…I’m still on your side I just want you awake with me in the foxhole so we don’t get overran…

    • You first, troll.

      Poorer communities is code for black and Hispanic communities that commit far more crimes than white communities and in general behave very stupidity and have no concept of preventative care. Hence their high consumption of tax dollars and social services.

      Go into any ER, Dialysis clinic or urgent care clinic and it’s loaded with stupid blacks and Mexicans suffering from bad lifestyle choices.

      No one wants these people, no one wants to be around them. They are poison. You don’t see Jonah Goldberg, David Brooks or Michelle Goldberg living in these ethnic neighborhoods. They live in million dollar homes in exclusive areas.

      • It’s progressive boilerplate. Tiny Duck gives it away by pushing it ever so slightly farther, making strategic and often comical spelling errors and being over-the-top anti-white.

        This guy is the real thing.

    • “Schools, police, social services, public housing, these are all things that actually cost MORE PER PERSON in poorer communities and yet are funded largely by public funding” What don’t you understand about “Duh!” You actually said it correctly and you can’t hear yourself. You didn’t ask yourself WHY it costs more. There are “food deserts” in these areas because a new grocery store comes in and the poor people with rotten corrupt values shoplift the store to death until it closes. Over and over again this happens. Owning rental property is a nightmare and loss as the people damage and destroy their own nest because they don’t give a rat’s ass. The Man owns the rental so up his! Millions of dollars where dumped into the Kansas City School District with no gains in test scores and lots of property maintenance.
      This is the wrong crowd to think we’re going to walk on our lips through busted glass. No guilt dumped or accepted here. I’m done with that!

      • This guy is exemplary of his various tribes in that he suffers from acute Dunning Kruger. I would wager close to everyone reading this blog understands these issues with far greater depth and clarity than he does. Yet he presumes to lecture us.

  36. “ The timing and the optics were terrible: The group was making this Southern secession play right after Stockbridge elected its first black mayor and its first all-black city council.”

    Gee, sounds like Stockbridge isn’t celebrating diversity.

  37. To some, people have a “right” to migrate to any White nation they choose and it’s “racist” to deny them entry. No one says that people have a right to migrate to, say, Japan, though many would like to.

    • It never seems to be said that poor areas, and Third World countries in particular, are suffering from a deficit of whites. Domestically, it is slandered as gentrification. Internationally, any mass settlement of expatriates would probably be called neocolonialism. Western immigration policies serve to strip mine many Third World countries of their High IQ population, but this is rarely condemned as elites back home enjoy the remittance income.

      • Actually, you can emigrate to Japan, it’s just really difficult… as it should be, if a nation’s rulers gave a shit about the nation’s people and culture.

        The Japanese government does. The USG does not. Another win for team “democracy”.

          • You assume that low birth rates will continue forever. If Japan maintains its splendid isolation then at some point the internal economics will flip and natalism will spring up again.

          • As a matter of fact, the internal economics are forcing the Japanese government to plan on importing half a million foreigners, mainly men, and giving them temporary work permits. I should probably say “temporary” in sneer quotes. Big business is all for it.
            What will big business say when those men marry Japanese wives and apply for spouse visas?

          • Due to the nature of Ornamentals if they see a point where they’ll “die out” they will require people have 2-3-10 children or whatever is needed. They are not stupid round eyes who will import Mohammedans and Africans to solve a Japanese problem.

          • Right, just like all those Koch fellows screaming for open borders cause they can’t find cheap labor quickly enough.

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