The Forever Heretic

Every once in a while, particularly during the Obama years, someone would compare the ideological enforcers to the Red Guards of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Inevitably, the response from many so-called conservatives, would be that it was an exaggeration or just a bad comparison. After all, today’s ideological enforcers just shriek and make life unpleasant for the bad-thinker. No one is being forced to publicly confess to imaginary crimes or being sent off to a reeducation camp.

The whole point of comparing something in the current time, or even the near future, to something bad from the past, is exaggeration. The point is to make the present thing appear worse, in order to warn of something bad on the horizon. The shrieking social justice warriors may not be physically attacking college professors today, but if they are not stopped now, they could be doing this in the near future. That’s the whole point of the exaggerated comparison. It is to warn of something bad on the horizon.

The question never considered is what happens when the warnings prove to be correct, but no one is taking notice. That is, what if the shrieking social justice warriors start forcing college professors to wear dunce caps and the people in charge open up reeducation camps for bad thinkers? That would be pretty bad, but it would be worse if people just shrugged and said, “Sure, you were right about this turning into the Cultural Revolution, but what are we going to do?” What exaggeration do we use then?

We are now about to find out. This story from the New York Times was bouncing around among dissidents over the holidays. It tells of a black women who got her feelings hurt on Twitter a couple of years ago. The people in charge used her sadness to force one of the people making her sad to confess to imaginary crimes and agree to spend 200 hours in a reeducation camp. Additionally, the black girl will monitor his behavior and determine if he is sufficiently submissive to her, before he is released from custody.

That sounds like an exaggeration, for sure, but it is not. A year ago, American University celebrated the acquisition of a new totem to their goodness, but then that totem was mocked on Twitter by people who read the Daily Stormer website. One of them, Evan James McCarty of Eugene, Ore., was hunted down and brought to trial. According to the New York Times story, he was forced “to apologize, renounce white supremacy, undergo counseling and help civil rights groups fight hate and bigotry.”

The point they are making, as is the point of any sort of mob justice or vigilantism, is to send a warning to others. When the Maoists were parading around bad thinkers in dunce caps, it was not about the victim. It was a message to everyone else. You either fall in line or you face something similar. That’s the point of this case and the harassment campaign run by propaganda organs like the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast. Kelly Weill and Chris Mathias are hired ideological enforcers, not journalists or reporters.

No doubt people will argue that this characterization of this event is out of line or an exaggeration. They will point out that the victim agreed to perform the confession and agreed to enter a reeducation camp. That’s true, strictly speaking. It’s also true that workers around the country “volunteer” to undergo morality training and submit themselves to examination, in order to ensure they are not blaspheming the gods of the state. In an ideological state, people “volunteer” for a lot of things.

It is tempting to dust off the great quote from Theodore Dalrymple about how in communist societies, the purpose of propaganda was to humiliate. There’s certainly truth to that in this particular case. The new class wanted to humiliate the Twitter troll in order to make a point. They probably wanted him to wear a dunce cap and sandwich board detailing his crimes, but maybe next time. The assumption is that no one will want to submit themselves to the same humiliating punishments so everyone will fall in line.

There is another side to the coin here. This was an act of vengeance. The story and the facts make clear that the new class is angry that anyone would dare disrespect the gods of the state. They are insulted by these silly acts of rebellion. That’s why the ink was not dry on the settlement and the lawyers for the black girl were on the phone to the New York Times with the details. They wanted to make sure that everyone in this kid’s community knows he is a blasphemer and a heretic. It was a high tech doxxing.

Therein lies the big difference between what the Maoists or Soviets were doing to their heretics. The Chinese college professor wearing the dunce cap, while being jeered by his revolutionary students had the hope that one day the people doing the jeering would rehabilitate him. The Russian forced to confess to harboring bad thoughts or listening to decadent music could hope to get a reprieve, if he grovelled sufficiently. In other words, the condemned still had some chance at redemption.

There will be no rehabilitation for Evan James McCarty. This is now on his permanent record. Anytime a prospective employer or rival in the work place puts his name into a search engine, his crimes will be announced. That’s the point of having this posted in the New York Times. That’s the real punishment. They are not allowed to brand him or force him to wear an armband, so they make sure his crimes were announced by the main organ of the ideological state. He’ll be a heretic forever.

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  1. Evan James McCarty now has little to lose. In the past, this all wouldn’t have mattered. He would have gone through his career and family life as a valuable member of society. Nowadays, he may well became something extremely dangerous. It was never meant to be this way. Everyday right now, men who once wouldn’t have bothered anyone are being red-pilled and pushed into a corner. We all know this is going to end badly.

  2. Woah, guess where this is gonna go:

    “Once the Democrats permanently gain the Presidency via demographic changes”
    (From twitter)

  3. I like how the article mentioned Dumpson going to law school “despite that turmoil”, as if this kind of thing could be anything but beneficial to her career.

    Does anybody know if the bananas in nooses thing was real? It has all the hallmarks of a hate hoax.

  4. Seriously, what could McCarty possibly think he was accomplishing by joining in that stunt? If he had been keelhauled for doing something smart that would score a real point for the dissident right, he’d have my sympathy. As it is, I care as much about him as I do for the imbeciles that get killed by falling from great heights while planking. That is to say none.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  5. I don’t think any of you are thinking clearly about this.

    Imagine for a moment that it was not about race, that it was just about some guy organizing an online harassment campaign against some woman over some matter that none of us care about. Would you really be all that upset if she sued his ass and forced a humiliating settlement? I sure wouldn’t!

    Don’t you understand that people like Evan McCarty and Andrew Anglin are poison to any hope of a successful white nationalism? The Left loves people like McCarty and (especially!) Anglin, because they repulse respectable white people and in doing so discredit the idea of white identity politics. Here’s the thing: in order to win, you must win over a significant fraction of the white population. And since most white people are respectable, this means you have to find a way to make white identity politics a respectable idea. I think this is doable, but it’s hard! Hanging bananas from nooses is easy though, so let’s all go do that. And if some hoaxster hangs them up for us, wonderful, let’s loudly cheer him on. Let’s be exactly the kind of nasty assholes the Left keeps telling everyone we are — that sounds like a plan to me!

    • “…some guy organizing an online harassment campaign against some woman over some matter that none of us care about. Would you really be all that upset if she sued his ass and forced a humiliating settlement?”

      First I’d like to know what actually happened. The NYT story doesn’t tell us. Didn’t you notice?

      • Yes, I noticed, and a little more detail would have been nice. But does it matter? Unless the whole thing was fabricated, McCarty was in fact involved in an online harassment campaign, and that’s something that decent people just don’t do. Ever! If race and politics had not been involved, would you have been disturbed by the lack of detail, and gone to his defense? Or would you just have assumed some basement dwelling idiot had gotten what was coming to him, and moved on to the next story? Can you explain to me any way McCarty’s actions work in favor of anything you or I care about? I can’t see him as anything other than a gift to the anti-white Left. And as for Anglin, wow, he is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving and giving!

        • The thing about an online harassment campaign is you can just, you know… stop looking at your phone.

          If someone wants compensation for damages there should probably be some sort of actual damages. This is lawlessness, and yeah I’d be upset about this without the racial element.

          Dumpson: “Everything I’ve done since my freshman year has really been to make sure that we’re opening and pushing the boundaries for students of color, specifically those who are going to come after me”

          She’s like that kid who got into Stanford with that “black lives matter black lives matter” admissions essay. She wants to be a high-profile, highly paid activist and she knows this is how it’s done.

          Note that AU had other banana incidents while Dumpson was a student there, and she resigned from the student body presidency and was suspended by her sorority. Think it’s possible she was involved? And her sorority got wind of it and wanted to cover themselves with a suspension? And the university knows but they’re thinking since she graduated and is on the side of Good everyone will just forget about it?

    • Damn, you are making way too much sense over here. The Dissident Right loves drama and maudlin poor widdle mah sentimentality. You need to appear respectable to win, even if you are rotten to the core on the inside. The left is a master at this and they win by painting the Right, even the cucked right as a bunch of noose-hanging mean racist nasties who want to take away your health care and ship your jobs overseas.

    • Yeah, he was a prime doxing target because his songs got some decent play as background music on various alt right YouTube videos. He got doxed when someone went back far enough and discovered a slip up that was found out by someone in his IRL theatre group. They had to make an example of him because his propaganda was a little too effective.

      It was shocking at the time because it was supposedly an obscure detail that could have only been found with a real deep dive into his life. No matter how much attempts at anonymity you make, if they want you, they will get you.

  6. Does anyone know exactly what the Defendant did?
    Did he email the Plaintiff? How many times?
    Did he tweet her? How many times?
    And what exactly did he say?
    Why aren’t these important details given in the NYT story?
    And how about this: Could this be a “fake” story, given the lack of detail?

  7. A Chinese idiom comes to mind: Kill the chicken to scare the monkey.

    It’s been my observation over the last decade or so that the liberal attack on traditional society is a slow motion version of China’s Cultural Revolution.

    The result in America and the West is that we are de-civilizing.

  8. We are all strangers here so when the call to arms comes up find it a bit dubious.

    There’s an old joke about the attendance at a Klan meeting, three feds, two informants and one guy that came because they promised free beer 🙂

    The Tibbetts family sacrificed their daughter on the altar of political correctness. Still can’t wrap my head around that. Sorry, but the plight of the white man is not worth fighting for ( at least for now )

    Joe six-pack and soccer mommy just don’t care.

  9. A forever heretic is one step from a one way trip to a gulag or abandoned quarry. The point is, which Z neglects to point out, that Maoists murdered tens of millions and the Stalin upwards of 70 million.

    We’re not there yet, but they will end up there as all tyrannies do. But the execution pit and mass graves as all part of what comes along with what the Left wants.

  10. A real solution is not to send your kids to American University, nor, to any other Social Justice Indoctrination Center. Nor should alumni donate to their once-beloved Social Indoctrination Centers.

  11. This would have been a good case for one of our “William Kunstlers” (if we had one!)

  12. There isn’t a SJW alive who doesn’t have Madame Mao right under the skin. Her image increasingly surfaces along with the growing confidence of this type.

  13. If you read the left-wing take on these kinds of SJW overreach, they try to say that such incidents are comparatively rare and that the right is making too big a deal of them. But as we see here, the point is that you don’t need all that many such incidents for them to do the intended work. It’s not about getting *everyone* fired or publicly scolded for wrongthink, but about scolding *just enough* people to send the message.

  14. At this point how many white men are actually still solidly behind the current system? Any white guy with an IQ above room temperature has to be asking at least some questions. It doesn’t mean we have 100 million thinking like we do, but how much of a push is it going to take before there are? I’m hearing bad think from guys who had voted for Obama twice AND hate Trump but are in some way no longer with the program. We’re on the edge of something. And unlike the wrong-think Chinese we are well armed.

    We lack clear unobstructed means of communicating with each other. If we had even one platform we could freely communicate through it would already be over. I think at least some who manipulate power understand this…but the blood-lust mob is getting out of control.

    The balloon goes up during the next election.

    • They own the HR departments. They own the courts. They own the media, and they own academia.

      I disagree with the system, but I also work under a fortune 50 company. I don’t maintain any social media lines since discussion is stifled and it breeds unhealthy narcissism, so how exactly do you expect the system to break, when they control the avenues of communication and commerce? I work and break my back personally so that I can escape the urban hell, but there are few prospects I see for gainful employment when I do break free, and I’m on the MGTOW as well as nonbeliever side of the redpill, and I don’t expect to have a family.

      A man literally lit himself on fire in front of the family court buildings, and not a whisper was heard. Yet they go on and on about Achmed building an alarm clock, or Tyrone “building” a computer.

      I wish that the black pill wasn’t the answer, that there was hope instead of nihilism, but I don’t see how we don’t go through a hundred years of death and dying in the west.

  15. Ha ha, he’s gonna be looking for a job singing to penguins in Antarctica! Hope his penguin is good.

    The effect is similar, but it’s not vigilante, it’s the actual STATE doing this. The key question, something I am yet to see is the exact nature of the tweets or posts or whatever. Were they merely offensive or in fact threatening? The legality is a big issue. Similar to that young man a few years back who wore the gorilla mask to the BLM rally and was arrested and prosecuted, i bet they were relatively harmless. That’s why they don’t want us to see them.

    It would be nice if someone provided some of the tweets. I read that anglin only said “send her some words of encouragement.” Hardly actionable in my opinion.

    • Actually, the system loves a reformed heretic. He will probably be okay. I say this in case he’s reading.

      • I dunno. This girl is being groomed and spotlighted for political office, so she’s probably from the right family.

        I think the story will become a “crucified on a barbed-wire fence in Wyoming” myth in her David Hogg Instagram moment. The whole thing was likely a self-promotion stunt.

        No, wait.
        You’re right.
        This ‘stupid kid’, the troller, is just as likely to be in on it, doing a little self promotion of his own, as her “first follower”, the one she Brought To The Light. Tag team?

  16. Maybe it was here, but someone pointed out that if you simply substitute “vengeance” for “justice” in SJW, it all makes sense.

  17. Just keep in mind that the worse these examples get, the more good whites will support the left. This example provides them with greater ops to virtue signal and a stronger lesson learned as to what happens if they don’t go along

    If the Democrats want to insure victory in 2020 they just need to put a bullet in the head of these thought criminals. Voters will ask themselves which side they want to be on. The one that is persecuted even when its supposed side wins or the one who can destroy people with impunity? For most people this won’t be a hard decision

  18. “They are insulted by these silly acts of rebellion.”

    It was a silly act of rebellion. What was going to be accomplished by viciously harassing (snort) some black girl on Twitter? Was this guy new to the planet or at least to Twitter? No idea of the context, but if she was tweeting anti-white bullshit, why not just tweet “its OK to be white” back and see if the normies can get a clue from her response.

    • Our trolling needs to be far more clever. Most of these people are not that bright to begin with and it’s very easy to rile them up with a few pokes and a refusal to trade insults. Do it all the time.

    • It was beyond silly. It was flat out stupid. You’re never going to build a poitical movement by spearheading a harrassment campaign against a college kid who, at least according to the NYT, was guilty of nothing more than winning an election for student body president.

      A quick search reveals that the kid resigned her position as student body president after being suspended from her sorority for unspecified conduct. There is a suggestion that the banana campaign referenced in the NYT article was a hoax staged in cooperation with another member of her sorority who was also suspended. If the University suppressed the results of an investigation (which is highly likely) then go after the University.

  19. This tale is a perfect example of evolutionary principles and how they ultimately redound to everyone’s benefit. The outcome of this ordeal is (or should be) that future dissenters will properly perceive that Progressives are maliciously devious and will use every opportunity to attack and destroy anyone they regard as enemy. As such, the lesson that should be learned is to get smarter, anticipate the attack, and proactively counter it. One type of response could be to swallow your anger, go dark and avoid their radar, and then only take action from the shadows. They exploit notoriety. The proper response is to exploit the unknown and unexpected.

  20. A key difference between the current/future situation and the Cultural Revolution is, in the case of GPCR it was Chinese people doing it to their fellow Chinese. Granted there were class resentments and ancient grudges and insane ideology, but still, they were all Chinese.

    This situation is far riskier, because the imported class of Third World shock troops and commissars have no shared history or fellow-feeling for their intended future victims. They are George III’s Hessian mercenaries. This situation is far more analogous to Germany 1933, where there was a gradual but steady ramping-up of deliberate dehumanizations, de-legitimizing and slow institutionalizing of the mechanisms of murder prior to the main action. The proliferation of nonsense like “whiteness studies” on campuses is a precursor to things like a “whiteness tax” and worse.

    There’s not going to be any living with these people as neighbors or fellow citizens. Partition needs to be seriously discussed in its practical nuts and bolts.

    Btw the NYT story is, predictably, a train wreck of bad writing. What precisely did this kid actually do? Did he just make nasty remarks on Anglin’s site, or did he actually stalk and harass this girl personally? Did he make any credible personal threats? We don’t hear.

    Also, “bananas hanging from nooses” is just waaaay too much. Sounds like the key foreign export of Hatehoaxistan to me.

    • Cle-ver… the Germans and their ethnic fellow nationalists were dehumanized, de-legitimized, and murdered in far greater proportion, weren’t they?

      • Speaking of train wrecks of bad writing… I dunno who “their ethnic fellow nationalists” might be, but the answer to your question appears to be, “No”.

    • “… Germany 1933, where there was a gradual but steady ramping-up of deliberate dehumanizations, de-legitimizing and slow institutionalizing of the mechanisms of murder prior to the main action”

      Oh boy, Mr. 5-pseudonyms, reading such a nonsens on Zman’s commentary section is a rarity:

      Which “deliberate dehumanization”?
      “de-legitimizing (((them))) ? Preventing their take-over in Germany, take-over already completed in Russia, France and Great-britain ?
      Which “mechanisms of murder prior to the main action”?

      Come on,Mr. 5-pseudonyms, allow us some insight into your history views:
      I suppose the “main action” was killing ennemies during WWII. Which (((ennemies))) were killed prior to WWII?

      People like you will never understand that “Germany 1933” was Whitey’s last chance. Without fighting against ourselves in WWII, we would not be in the situation we are.

      • I was trying to acknowledge the rightness of Hessians and Hatehoaxistan without getting overly triggered. I agree with both of you, apologies to Mr. Poetry and Mr. Perez.

      • 5-pseudonyms is of course right, and you are a loon. If that isn’t said often enough at the zman blog, I will endeavor to fix that.

  21. De-programming white normie is like an archaeological dig: you’ve got to scrape and brush for years, and even if you finally make it, it’s often just a worthless pottery shard anyway.

    I’ve got cousins in small and medium-sized towns in the Midwest with guns up the wazoo, but they just don’t get it. They know, unlike the New York Times, that black people “aren’t too bright,” but they unthinkingly assume that we can somehow work it all out. Some of those Mexican fellows on the worksite work real hard. That nice black lady walked Gramma around the hospital yard. They’re too optimistic for their own good. They just don’t see, even if you try to show them, the termites relentlessly gnawing away at our freedoms and our civilization 24/7.

    If people don’t wake up, it’s going to be a great paradox–and chapter title–of future history books: How the Most-Armed Nation in History was Conquered without a Single Shot Fired.

    • I have some friends who are flag-waving, enthusiastic MAGA Trump-supporters all the way, and they still don’t quite understand how close our freedoms are to being shut down.

      Of course they want the wall, and hate the crazy liberals and all the rest of it. But so much of their concerns are on things like getting the blacks to vote republican, including pointing out that “Dems are the real racists” and focusing on all the ways the Dems are hypocrites, and that illegal is bad, but legal is good.

      When I point out, for example, the James Fields 419 year sentence, there’s not much response from them. They think it’s bad that Alex Jones was banned, but it doesn’t get their blood boiling or anything. When I mention the others (badthinkers) banned, their eyes kind of glaze over, since they probably think they’re just fringe voices, and not that important like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh are.

      • I think this is something Jared Taylor does well. He uses the black pill effectively. A bunch of anecdotes about anti-white racism like the Starbucks debacle sees the ground.

      • Fields fully deserved his sentence, so there’s that. (The KKK guy who fired into the berm near James Long, in self-defense/defense of others, or the guys who drove off DeAndre Harris — THEY are political prisoners. Fields is just a murderer.)

    • Seen at the Canadian blog Small Dead Animals: a book titled
      “The Tyranny of Nice”

      The same in Texas. Their neighbors are real neighbors, kinda, except for that Cartel mansionette at the end of the block. He has pickup trucks bringing stolen construction material all night sometimes.

    • The Evil Empire collapsed without a single shot fired and who would have thought that in the 80’s? OK, Ronald Reagan thought so.

    • Babe, they are white people still trying to live in white-created high-trust society. They, like so many millions of Americans, do not yet realize that we are now a low-trust society, after 50 years of importing 10s of millions of low-IQ third-world people from incompatible cultures (this reality is played down or hidden from whites by our lying, antagonistic (((media)))). This inherent goodness in whites is at the same time a huge, vulnerable flaw that is constantly exploited by all the other races, who do not, if you will, have an “inner compass” like whites do. I picked up the “inner compass” idea from this essay I read recently: “A Nigerian’s View of Race” :

      “There is something unusual about the psychological makeup of white people. It can be metaphorically described as an inner compass. Due to that inner compass, white people need very little external force or punishment. They do not need much policing, so people can apply their potential to useful activities rather than wasting time donning a uniform and swinging a night-stick.

      “The absence of this inner compass is why, in Nigeria, no number of police officers can enforce traffic laws at an intersection. Indeed, most traffic enforcers and police officers routinely break the laws they are supposed to uphold (and still insist on taking a bribe at every random stop).

      “While this inner compass has tremendous advantages for white society, one disadvantage is that members of that inwardly guided culture are prone to tremendous torments of conscience that make them vulnerable to manipulation. There seems to be a miasma of guilt inherent to the very fabric of Western culture, a feeling of inadequacy for failing to measure up to one’s internal yardstick.”

      Pathological altruism. Suicidal altruism. While at the same time we can thank God for making us so good.

  22. I suppose the next steps could be torture to extract confessions and burning unrepentent heretics at the stake. “Pour encourager les autres!”

  23. If you participate on the mainstream platforms, you will either self-censor or be banned. There’s no way around it, the courts are not about to show favoritism to a group of people reviled as “domestic terrorists”. Juvenile harassment and outright violence will be receiving “exemplary sentencing”. Foundation money will be invested into left-wing “deradicalization” programs. Alternative platforms are worthy of interest, but only nationalization of Big Tech is a durable solution. Thiel and others have long noted the monopolistic nature of the industry.

    • “… but only nationalization of Big Tech is a durable solution. ”
      How is Nationalization any different from Monopoly?
      It’s just different “owners”, (the citizens … Ha!), with the same lack of ability to direct the elites who control it. New boss, same as the old boss. With nationalization, there will be zero chance of starting up alternatives. We can create alternatives to Big Tech; not so much when the platforms are nationalized.
      Do you remember when the German Post Office was the sole telephony/internet provider? It Sucked. Do you remember when Minitel was the only network in France? It also sucked.
      In the same era, the US had AOL.. there were calls to nationalize them also… but we also had hundreds of smaller competing players.
      Nationalization is not the answer.

    • Big Tech is already nationalized, except not by us. The secretive Democracy Alliance is years, decades ahead of the alt- or dissident Right.

      Now going global.
      ‘Globalized’ is a better term than ‘nationalized’, I think.

      Nick Monroe twitter (@nickmon1112) has a nice dive into the commercial side behind the Mastercard/Patreon deplatforming issue.

      Dinduist theology has married the multinationals, eyeing the untapped cash markets of the teeming masses in the name of ‘inclusion’ and ’empowering women’. Easing currency barriers is another blow against national borders.

  24. “Evan James McCarty of Eugene, Oregon…[has to] help civil rights groups fight hate and bigotry.”

    Aren’t there any “civil rights” groups working on our side? against the hatred and bigotry of the SJWs? Of course there are!
    Working against against the hatred and bigotry of Islam? of Communism?
    Aren’t the majority of people on our side fighting against the bigotry of reverse racism, of set-asides, “affirmative” action, quotas, segregated dorms on the campuses, hatred and censorship by the left-wing media?

    Evan James McCarty needs to atone for society’s bigotry by volunteering for one of our organizations. Not one of the enemy’s organizations.

    • When was the last time anyone on “your side” doxxed the SJWs? The “Dissident Right” is happy to whine on the internetz but seldom does anything beyond that. All hat and no cattle that is “your side”?

      • Would you like me to send you Chuck Schumer’s home address and apartment number? He’s on the fifth floor, near Prospect Park. Look it up yourself.
        Is that what you want to do, stoop to the same low level as them, by doxxing them?
        There are better ways to fight them, legally and effectively. I didn’t bring up doxxing, you did.
        BTW, Up Yours.

      • It happens alot actually. But without the insitutional power or the implicit threat of force it doesnt have the same power. That being said, that evil goblin Tim Wise got doxxed after he endorsed violence against some kids. He got the message and immediately backpedalled.

    • The only groups I can think of are Judicial Watch with its ACLJ (a Christian version of the ACLU), and David Horowitz’s long ignored Discover the Networks.

      Neither one would touch the race question or Dinduist theology with a ten-foot pole.

    • You’re joking right?

      Our side can’t even organize a potluck let alone a legal response – which is very $$$$ and no decent civil rights awyer will touch because it’s career suicide.

      And no our side does nothing but whine. Seriously a party popper is more useful than the dissident right.

      • Not just career suicide; literal suicide. They killed Edgar Steele and Douglas Christie a few short years ago with cancer, and before that, non-stop harassment and attempts to yank their legal licenses.

  25. Look at the thing with James Watson. The left are trying to unperson the world’s most influential living scientist, THE DISCOVERER OF DNA, because he has correctly pointed out that different races have different IQ’s.

    Watson vs. the totalitarian left-wing cult is the contemporary equivalent of Galileo vs. the Catholic church. I’ve never seen such a crystalline, textbook case of truth vs. power.

  26. A continuation of earlier thoughts on unprofitable media, read this to see the rotten foundations of media finance. A bankrupt conglomerate bailed out by a “lucky” investment in a Chinese “startup”. Quite interesting that this “problematic” giant is never targeted for nationalization, while humble Afrikaner farmers are.

  27. This is the great weakness of the Dinduist religion and their social justice theocracy. Every lasting religion and regime has a way for heretics to atone, to wipe the slate clean and rejoin the system. Henry IV came to Canossa. Deng Xiaoping was rehabilitated. Even ISIS left you alone if you paid the Jizya or converted.

    In the Social Justice theocracy you are guilty. Period. And can never be rehabilitated. In addition, its becoming easier and easier to be unpersoned and placed outside the system.

    So it is creating a growing class of outsiders with no stake in the system and no way to rise in status. Its literally building its own opposition.

    • “the Dinduist religion and their social justice theocracy.”

      That is a perfect meme! So much better than explaining klunky “multiculti”, “DR3”, or worship of the puppet saints MLK and Rosa Parks.

      • It really is a religion, a kind of secular hinduism with inherited karma and castes. Except in dinduism, blackness is the supreme object of worship as it is the purest form of Karma.

        • Yes! With saints, salvation, sermons, taboos, rituals, preistesses, invocations, indulgences, scapegoats, stakes, hierarchies, doctrinal disputes, archangels (global warming), devils, sinners, original sin and promised utopia, mythos, logos, and pathos, all of it.

      • In order not to defame a particular religion, no matter how obscure, perhaps we can modify the enemy’s brand to ‘Dimquists’ – this could cover both Republicans and Democrats who bare the burden of idiocy and willful blindness in the face of reality. This embraces the Muslim term ‘Dhimmi’ and ‘quisling’ for their active subversion of the Constitution.

    • This is my case actually. Very high functioning alpha male white guy who was a successful consultant. I made the mistake of getting verbally hostile with a brown fella who was running his mouth and being hostile towards me. I had no concept of how far gone we are when this happened. The scales of justice are so lopsided now its a complete farce.

      Next thing I know one of those little midnight raids descended upon my residence. Lots of well armed WHITE men doing the State’s bidding. The only thing this cunt had to do was run to the police “A white guy who is a obvious racist has me in fear of my life.”

      The hounds of hell were unleashed on me. They tore my house apart threw grenades around, stole everything that wasn’t nailed down, pointed machineguns at me, locked me in a cage, and slapped lots of charges on me, mostly fabricated.

      There are a growing number of “me” in the world and I’ll simply quote Fight Club here- “It is only once you’ve lost everything that you are free to do anything.”

      If you strip a man of his livelihood and ability to earn and produce, you give him LOTS of free time and little hope. For high IQ white men with an axe to grind? Well… I’ll let you figure the rest out. This falls under ‘Be Careful What you Wish For’.

      • Is this true? If so, I’m so sorry. I don’t understand how one’s thoughts and comments can end up translating into police raids on the house. Sounds like we’re as bad as the U.K., even though we used to have a Bill of Rights to protect free thought and speech.

        • Unfortunately, that story is very true and should serve as a warning about how bad the situation really is. This guy wanted to inflict maximum damage to me and he succeeded in ways that even stunned me.

          In a normal world this would have been a conflict handled between two men somehow. In Clown World, this brown guy ran to the police as his first line of defense and I paid a tragically heavy price.

          In a world where a man can get 400 years in jail for something that was at worse, an accident. Or possibly didn’t even happen at all, this should not surprise you. We are at war, many just aren’t aware of it yet because the shooting hasn’t started…

          • It wasn’t an “accident”. Fields committed murder.

            There was a lot of judicial atrocity in the aftermath of Charlottesville, and people are in jail who should never have been charged. Defending Fields obscures that point.

          • In fact, the shooting HAS started. It it was at that take-me-out-at-the-ball-game shooting of Rep Scalise.

        • The brown “victim” simply told the cops something that prompted them to raid the man’s house and all the rest of it. If a citizen makes a certain kind of complaint, the cops *have* to take it seriously and act on it. It was all a lie, no doubt, but the cops didn’t know that.

          Same thing happened to me but it was from another white man who was miffed that I turned down an “offer” he made to me. Went to jail Three times in court. Ended up costing me roughly $5000 and two years of my life. All anybody has to do is to LIE to the cops.

      • I’ve had random christcucks challenge me to a fight then call the cops when I don’t back down lol

    • Dirtnapninja,

      “The Khmer Rouge leadership boasted over the state-controlled radio that only one or two million people were needed to build the new agrarian socialist utopia. As for the others, as their proverb put it: “To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss”.”

      I’m afraid we are not so far from an American version of this. We might be closer to crisis if dirt Americans were not so well armed.

    • You can call it dindu worship all you want, but blacks lose the battle every time they run up against the diaspora and, increasingly, mestizos too. Anti-white-worship is probably more accurate and blacks simply have the best track record as useful other to the noveu ruling class.

  28. The Chinese college professor wearing the dunce cap, while being jeered by his revolutionary students had the hope that one day the people doing the jeering would rehabilitate him.

    Solzhenitsyn relates in the Gulag Archipelago, that the victims of Stalin’s political purges defended the system, they simply believed a mistake was made in their particular case, and that Little Father would rectify it.

  29. Just look at what they did to James Fields in the Charlottesville fiasco. They have control of the arsenal and increasingly are amping up their purges and attacks.
    They are good at this.

  30. That NYT story is horrendous.

    Americans may not be put in jail for wrongspeech, but they can be hounded out of jobs and homes or even do forced labour and re-education, how’s that free speech?

    • Multikult requires a police state, but our leaders are not cut of the same cloth as Singapore’s PAP, and our legacy population wasn’t subjected to the same selective pressures that raised Singapore’s IQ.

      We live in a society where blacks consider it acceptable to physically assault anyone guilty of racism, and minority grievances are cultivated by institutes of higher indoctrination. Letting anyone express sentiments previously confined to chans is far more likely to lead to violence than catharsis.

      • Worse, urban blacks are more likely to come over the counter at ya, and women love that in their man. Most especially drama-starved feminists.

        • I’m not sure your age, but most black males I’ve met have been quite beta. Of course I met them through university and work, so there’s a selection bias. Domineering black women are much more common, the product of single mothers.

          • ” Of course I met them through university and work, so there’s a selection bias”

            Answered your own question they are IKAGOs (I Know a Good One) by definition.

            Rest assured that if you walk around the streets of any major US city you will observe mad n1ggerish behavior on the regular, I see it quite frequently and avoid it like the plague.

          • She-boons are the absolute worst.

            A black guy will step in and pound a sh*thead into the pavement. I saw that happen, the sh*t’s head actually left a deep impression in the warm blacktop, the good guy was punching him so hard.
            (Shithead had pulled a bat.)
            Thank you, unknown Mr. Black Guy!

  31. It was more than dunce caps they ended up torturing and beating, sometimes to death their teachers
    Students as young as 13. Picture groups of young girls screaming at their favorite boy bands. That same hysteria can be turned to torture and murder

    • We are the same people that thought a nice afternoon of watching people fight each other to the death or get feed to wild animals in the arena was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The only thing that’s changed is the cartridge round. The cartridge round makes it kinda tough to go door to door rounding people up.

      • No we aren’t. Those people were heathens living under despotism. We are Christians living under despotism. There’s a difference.

        • I read a review of a book on child rearing Through the Ages and in the review the person says that the Romans quit practicing infanticide after the growth of religion. Seriously, just growth of generic religion because I guess they didn’t have any before. I don’t know how anyone could write that and not feel like they were just a complete tool of ideology. And I all of a sudden understand that use of the word tool as an insult

  32. We’re getting closer and closer to a John Brown Moment every day. Sounds like this guy now has absolutely nothing to lose, and we all know what happens when a certain type of guy feels he has nothing left to lose… The bitter black-pill cynic in me actually wonders if this isn’t the point: To force some poor working-class White guy to go Known Wolf, thus justifying a severe crackdown. The Cloud People are surely stupid and hubristic enough to see that as a solution to all their Dirt People woes.

  33. You said it before in a previous post. We can’t play by their rules, we should have no interest in learning them – we must play on their vices. The lesson here is: Don’t expose your identity on the internet, stupid.

    We need to infiltrate their operation and sabotage it. I recommend finding a friendly conspirator from the noble minority classes and using hoax hate crimes against the hoaxers. Imagine the hilarity and comedy that would ensue, for example – if a Joo were to be triggered by the left’s black helper monkey? 🙂

    Have a great New Year boys. Keep yer stick on the ice.

    • I would also argue that doing things like hanging bananas from nooses is just stupid. Roseanne got run off her own show for doing stuff like this – I think it was ridiculous that it happened to her, but I also think that the insults she was flinging around were sophomoric at best.

      If we’re going to troll them – then at least be better at it.

      For instance: On one of the gun sites I frequent there was a guy active for a long time who – whenever some leftist would start mouthing off – would just comment back:

      “Congratulations – you’re on the list”

      I’ve often used a variation of that to insert comments into threads where leftists are making comments about supporting whatever the latest government sponsored welfare state giveaway is.

      My version goes something like this:

      “You know sooner or later – all of this welfare crap is going to blow up. Then – as this is what ALWAYS happens, all of the useful idiot crowd will start getting uppity when the checks stop coming. Then – as this is what OFTEN happens – government will clamp down severely. People will be picked up and thrown in camps, or taken on helicopter rides. You see the oppressive governments of the old days – Nazis and the Soviets – at least knew that they simply could not keep their enterprise going with a whole bunch of people on the dole. So they got rid of them. Our modern day liberals – are just stupid. They think the free money will run forever – it won’t. It will run out – and then they’ll find out that their names are already on the government’s list as PROVEN useless eaters. So congratulations dummy – you’re on the list. Hope you like your short stay at the camp”

      You always rewrite a version of that to indict women like the one in the NY Times article and sow that seed of fear into their hamster brain.

      Juvenile insults are just juvenile insults IMHO. I prefer to sow actual fear – in such a way that it can’t be easily cast as something personal – but rather just a casual “observation”

      • You assume an objective target in an honest debate. This has gone way beyond that. They think WE will be going to the camps and falling out of helicopters because we are all Nazis/racists/homophobes/etc. In case you haven’t noticed they are the ones warning us.
        I personally think we’re coming up on time to rack and tap the rifles. We don’t have to worry about the hamsters and hormonal cat ladies, we seriously need to take a serious look at their handlers. We need to make lists too.

      • Calsdad, Amen, thank goodness for strong men (though I fear for them.)

        Off topic but I wanted to congratulate you and your wife on your new baby! Thank goodness smart, capable men are procreating. Best wishes to you and your family!

        And wishing a very happy new year to all! I think we’re all buckling our seat belts… May God fortify and guide us.

  34. It seems to me that the other side is also greatly exposed here. In an unstable social environment, how long before people on our side begin to take subversive action? The names, addresses, employers, and movements of many on the other side are not difficult to acquire. If one day we find some of them dead in a ditch with a warning message stuffed into their mouths, will this give the SJW pause…or portend a more sinister phase in our history?

    • False equivalency. They are completely unexposed to a counter salvo because they have total control of the organs of power.

      The ‘man with the gun’ is in charge, period. And the State with its official Religion of MuliCult, its God named Diversity and all the layers of state applied force, courts, judges, police, HR depts, etc. chant the party line.

      Your doxxing has no power here because YOU have no power here. An attempted right wing dox would simply backfire on you spectacularly as you’d be shown to be the hateful bigot you are for not taking it on the chin as you are suppose to.

      Just in case it isn’t clear: You will not talk or vote your way out of this any longer.

      • I agree with Apex Predator. Doxxing someone from the NYT or Huffpo will have next-to no impact on them but could rebound on you very badly. Whoever did the doxxing could find themselves facing criminal charges ranging from threatening behaviour all the way up to and including attempted murder. Expect exemplary sentences (419 years?).

        The institutions are no longer neutral arbiters.

        There may be safer methods –

        • first thing, if he can do something i need, i’ll hire him. second, and to the Z point that there is no rehabilitating him, Evan James McCarty (notice the three part name?) has just been cornered in a fight to the death of his life possibilities. have these people ignored the basics contained in sun tsu’s ‘art of war’? my bet is that EJM is not done with this news cycle…

      • You must have glossed over this:

        “If one day we find some of them dead in a ditch with a warning message stuffed into their mouths, will this give the SJW pause…or portend a more sinister phase in our history?”

        The ditch is not a doxx

      • f_ck doxxing! we are a cunt-hair’s breath away from this thing going live and the man is exactly right you don’t kill any one out in the open – – choose your target wisely and your place of business even more so but make sure you leave the message to be found… this country is about to be returned to its original ‘states’ and that is where the real fighting is going to take place

    • Epaminondas – your points are true and valid, but have been so for a number of years now and . . . crickets. Various members of Antifa have been publicly ID’d and have not lost employment or freedom or putative friends. On the contrary, they’ve been feted and been provided with further resources by others on their side. Where are the wealthy nationalists providing bail money or lawyers for the Charlottesville thought criminals languishing in prison? Where are the White voices publicly supporting the latest Becky for calling the cops on Negroes To Whom No Rules Apply?

      I’ll tell you where they all are – being publicly and vociferously warned off, by other putative thought criminals. Call them cucks, boomers, whatever you wish – but these evil traitors are everywhere. I cannot tolerate even walking into your average church anymore because of the virtue signalling cult of nice, which honors Molly Tibbetts’ mother for the willing sacrifice of her own child and her replacement by the alien ‘young’ that terminated her life. I’ve stopped commenting at Sailer (and severely cut back my reading there) because of the hundreds-strong comment threads peopled by these same ‘reasonable’ traitorous pseudo-Whites. I find them at every website I peruse.

      I’ve been hoping for years now for right-wing death squads or at least a lone sniper or two, all for nought. Despairing? You betcha. Not of God, but of men.

      • You have to be the lone sniper you want to see.

        PS Nothing in this post advocates actual sniping (or other harmful acts) directed at any of our fellow human beings.

        PPS And may God richly bless the men and women serving our great country in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, DHS, BATFE, BLM, EPA, IRS and other various organs of state security.

    • Those who disagree with me should contemplate a future landscape where over half the whites in the US regard the government and its bureaucratic flying monkeys as illegitimate.

      • That day is not far off. The runup to the 2020 election will get the ball rolling. Where it will roll nobody knows, but roll it will.

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