We Ban Books Here

Way back in the old days, the Left used to accuse conservatives of being against free speech and open debate. They would say the Right was in favor of burning books and heresy laws. When conservatives rose to power in the 1980’s, it was time for them to “own the libs” by pointing out that the Soviets banned books, threw dissidents into gulags and banned speech critical of the state. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn became a celebrity among conservatives, as an example of how the communists suppressed speech.

Regardless of which side was making the case, the basic assumption was that authoritarian government suppressed speech, banned books and threw political dissidents into prison. Democratic governments, on the other hand, permitted a marketplace of ideas, encouraged debate and protected political dissidents. A popular thing to say on the Left was “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll give my life to defend your right to say it.” Even right-wingers would say it on occasion.

That was a long time ago. Today, no one in the political class talks about free speech or the market place of ideas. Instead they rant and rave about hate speech. The “artsy” types are considered rebels because they repeat verbatim from the official catechism and demand greater restrictions on speech. It’s truly bizarre, when you step back and look at what is happening in the context of the last few decades. The man from 1985, transported to this age, would assume some lunacy has suddenly gripped everyone.

Of course, that same time traveler would be puzzled as to how it was possible for a handful of companies to have seized control of the public space. That’s the part no one could imagine thirty years ago. In 1985, a bookstore refusing to sell a book was no big deal, because there were plenty of bookstores that would sell it. The FCC regulated television and radio, but only for smut. The notion of corporations controlling the public space and un-personing dissidents was beyond fantasy in 1985.

Just think about that for a second. The people in charge will go to the mat to defend pornography freely available on-line, but scream bloody murder if Facebook lets someone talk about biology on their platform. Scientist are losing their careers, while pornographers are celebrated. It’s close to a 180 degree change from thirty years ago. In 1985, retailers were still keeping smut in the back room, away from the general public. Video rental places had a secret room for porn. Today, porn is so ubiquitous no one notices.

That’s the truly bizarre thing about this time, relative to not so long ago. The man in 1985 worried about the IRS and maybe the FBI abusing their power. The only worry about corporations abusing their power was the environmental stuff or maybe screwing their employees in some way. Today, you have much more to fear from the banks and tech giants than the government. If the state becomes aware of you, so what? If Google suddenly takes an interest in you, it might be time to go into hiding.

What makes this age even stranger is that it just sort of happened. In fact, it happened so quickly, most people have yet to upgrade their thinking. Conservatives think they are fighting for liberty and opportunity by defending global corporations. Libertarians are literally writing love letters to global business. Progressives continue to think of themselves as the defenders of the middle-class, despite making war on it. Antifa, an anarchist operation, is entirely funded by billionaires and corporate donors.

Again, that time traveler would be completely baffled by the uniformity of opinion among these corporate HR departments that now control society. In his time, there was variety of opinion on the Left. In fact, the main Left used to complain about its fringe screwing things up for them by making crazy demands. The Right was also quarrelsome, with paleos, neos and various libertarians fighting with one another. Today, conservative means lectures on racism and Israel and liberal means more lectures on racism and trannies.

What would really baffle our time traveler is the fact that we ban books now. In America, that has always been the hallmark of authoritarianism and intolerance. It was always the thing that no free person could tolerate. It’s not so much the books themselves, but the motivation behind it. The person who wanted to ban books wanted to control the most private of private spaces, the mind. Today, the idea of having any privacy, even private thoughts, is considered immoral by the people in American HR.

The scary part of this age is that the book burning is the least odious thing being normalized by American HR. Banks are now cancelling accounts, because they have deemed the client to be in violation of their HR polices. Visa and MasterCard are making private war on the gun industry. How long before someone like Jared Taylor finds he cannot get a credit card or bank account? How long before his bank calls his mortgage or his insurance company cancels his policy, because he is a blasphemer?

That was always the scary part of the Soviet Union. The book banning and speech laws were easy to mock. You could not mock the idea of men being sent to camps or facing internal exile. Imagine being in a state where your friends and family fear being associated with you, because the state has declared you an enemy. Now, imagine losing your phone service because someone working in the Bangalore office of Apple does not like your browsing habits. Imagine American HR becoming aware of you.

Probably the strangest thing for our time traveler would be the reality that people and ideas he considered on his side would now suddenly be enemies. To be a defender of a free society means sounding like a Bolshevik, with regards to big business. To oppose tyranny now means demanding the government crack down on the excesses of the corporate HR department. In order to defend your life and your posterity means secretly hoping for an American Pinochet to use the state to crush the enemies of the West.

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  1. We can lay all of this at the feet of the jews. Our forefathers allowed them to immigrate to America. It would have been better for us if they had allowed the pneumonic plague to come to America.

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  3. The only event that could conceivably put an end to the insanity that has saturated western civilization is a complete global economic collapse. Think Venezuela or Zimbabwe on a global scale. Heritage American males have become comfortable, soft, bitter, and filled with impotent rage. They sit in their recliners every evening fuming at the flat screened sewer pipe knowing that tomorrow will be incrementally worse than today and that nothing within their power can be done about it. It will take the complete loss of our material comforts and the ability to provide for ourselves and our families for any of us to realistically contemplate armed insurrection against the millions of subversives responsible for this mess. Nothing short of violent, bloody civil war will alter the current cultural and political trajectory. The election of Trump against all the odds gave some of us a momentary glimmer of hope. As it turns out, TINVOWOOT, and not one of us with any sense is going to risk being put in ADX Florence to force the issue unless there is nothing left to lose but our lives and freedom.

  4. What to do with them ? The same thing they’re doing to us right now I guess 🙂 Back in 2000 was all set to move to my new country Finland. Had some cousins over there and was learning a language.

    Sadly in the last few years they’ve become inundated with the same savages that flood into this country. Then dawned on me . The globalist bastards were going to ruin every white country and there would be nowhere left to go.

    Have personally seen Facebook ruin chances for young people to get on the job. During the interview their asked to provide social media sites and passwords. Then told to wait in the next room.

    Scary part is doesn’t take much to get disqualified.

  5. Frip made a really good point. If, by some miracle, you overthrow the existing order by force what are you going to do with the 60+ million who voted for Hillary?

    Say, you can convert half of the whites left in the US. That would bring it down to roughly 40-5- million fanatical SJWs, antifa, blacks, man-hating women, 2/3 of the Jews, homosexuals, etc.

    So, what are you going to do with all these people?

    • I don’t know what your point in asking this question is, but just keep in mind that the other side already had this conversation 50 years ago in Port Huron and they decided they would simply kill millions of people. And they are actually in a position to do it. Hell, they are doing it right now at this moment. 24×7, 365.

    • Well, very few of them (except blacks) reproduce, so the problem will solve itself in time if you can quarantine them. Perhaps in, say, the city-states of Portland, Austin, NY, and San Francisco. Wall em off and send in small shipments of contraceptive-laced bread and water every so often.

  6. Not secretly, though. The problem is that democracy can never produce anything other than what we have now given sufficient time.

    What we need is a Leader with the strength and courage to rule with ruthless aggression towards our enemies and love and compassion for our people.

  7. Mr. 1985 would be shocked by how the left not only took over the society but how it is controlled (for the time being) by the wealthy and how wide reaching and integrated its control of the average person is now.

    It would have been hard for all but a few in 1985 to imagine that every major institution (even the police, corporations and military) work with each other to destroy heritage America and, if they do not submit, heritage Americans.

  8. I think there would have been quite the uproar if Joe McCarthy had ever asked for Commies to be barred from having bank accounts. I’m sure the ACLU would have got involved.

  9. I worked the first part of my career in a company that didn’t have an HR department. It had an “Employee and Labor Relations” (ELR) department. There were multiple big unions that had a presence at the company — it was a newspaper, so there was Teamsters, ITU, maybe others, and a substantial non-union staff as well. The management of the company generally respected the employees and looked out for them. The company was private and had been in the same family for several generations and had a kind of paternal attitude toward the employees and the community.

    But, the family blood was getting thin.

    The company had never laid anyone off in more than 100 years. Then they brought in some professional MBA managers. The name of the department changed to HR. The layoffs started a few years after that.

    I got out a little before that when I saw the writing on the wall.

    • HR used to be one big guy named Vinnie in the “Personnel” department. His job was to have you sign a few forms, and then haul your ass out the door if you screwed up.

  10. The Shadowrun RPG spoofed absolute corporate rulership neoliberalism in the 80’s. The cyberpunks saw all of this well ahead of time.

  11. LOL.

    I have more to fear from Google now than I do from the government?

    When you write shit like this I wonder if you’ve been taking too much advantage of all that legalized pot.

    Part of the problem with the world these days is that far too many people have absolutely no perspective at all.

    The government is still worse than Google – by a LONG shot.

    Anybody who knows what season it is – knows enough to keep that in perspective.

    Google is not going to chase me to the ends of the earth because I didn’t pay my fair share – or show up at my Idaho cabin or my Texas commune and shoot my wife and kid – or burn the whole place down with all my friends in it.

    I’ll add this to the list of reasons why I suspect what is going on here is the rantings of a bunch of dissaffected lefties whose experiment is running awry.

    • Unlike the government, Google is staffed by competent people. So yes, in many ways they are more dangerous.

      • Come back to me and try to make that argument when Google can invite itself into my house by driving an armored car thru the front door. As thing currently stands Google can have little to no influence on my life – unless I INVITE them in.

        Unlike the government – Google is not going to chase me down to my cabin in the woods – and shoot me dead because I decided to not use their shit and live off grid.

        Again – too much pot smoking here.

        The government is still FAR more dangerous than Google is.

      • Google has *some* competent people, but most of them are like James Damore, not Kamala Harris. They’ll eventually be forced out and the diversity hires, shemales, soyboys, and H-1B mediocrities have no idea how to actually run the technology. Example: Hewlett-Packard used to be relevant, too, but they have been brought low by diversity (Carly F) and H-1Bs. They churn along but nobody really takes them seriously except idiot boomer middle managers. Mark Hurd tried to turn things around, but was forced out due to “Sexual Harrassment” and trumped up ‘falsifying expense reports’ charges. He’s currently serving time as Oracle CEO.

        Have a look – Larry Ellison and his current squeeze on the right, Hurd and (((Safra Katz))) to the left.

        Though I could go for the cash, dealing with Larry E every day…

        Oh and BTW, Mx. Catz “was considered for the post of U.S. Trade Representative or Director of National Intelligence” in the Trump Administration.

  12. Many of the people I know who are still on the left, or next to the left, are deeply and truly frightened right now. When I tell them the real fight hasn’t even started yet, they look at me like I am crazy.

    And so while I am more on Ramz’s side than Wang Lin’s with regard to the Big Picture, I think Swastika Beer Pong needs to sweep the nation.

    Maybe if we all work together we can get them outlaw red solo cups.

  13. Why am I consistently told that gender as a function of biology is a man-made concept? If this were true then why isn’t age as a function of time, a man-made concept, too? If we can allow eight year old boys to believe they’re “female” and even assist them in this belief, why stop there? Why can’t they identify as being 21 AND female? It’s all man-made concepts anyway? They could then marry a 42yr. old male pedophile boyfriend. Seriously, where does this insanity end? Taking gender and age together one can see a full range of potentially disastrous outcomes and yet libtards seem oblivious to any form of reason or logic. Try bringing this argument up with one and see where it gets you…

  14. Z: “Again, that time traveler would be completely baffled by the uniformity of opinion among these corporate HR departments that now control society.” Back in the early 90’s one of my commie professors was telling the likeminded class, (who were all saying we’ve got to crush the corporations). She said, “No, we’ve got to get them on our side. Then everything changes.” I thought, “yeah, good luck with that.” Most of the students probably thought the same as me on that. I can’t believe how right she was. (She was thick as a brick, so I’m sure she must have gotten the idea from the literati subversives at the time.) Still, whoever…they were right and they freakin pulled it off.

    • Good point. Better get the artsy-fartsy people on your side. In a culture war you need culture warriors.

      • The artsy-fartsy are not warriors, and most of them don’t have a lick of culture. They’re Commie parasites, headed for the ovens.

        • That won’t work. Hitler tried state control with Entartete Kunst exhibitions and banning. The Soviets and Chinese tried it with Social Realism. You aren’t going to kill millions of people who like such and such, or pretend to.

          Better to take a page from the other side’s book, get over your own ego problems, and learn how to persuade and seduce.

          • Modern art is meaningless, unable to persuade or seduce anyone who’s not being paid to be seduced. Even the Commies had nothing but contempt for their tame artsies.

            At intervals, I meet people online who do not share my view on modern art – several of them have claimed to own galleries and such. Very snooty and, like you, suggesting ‘ego problems’ or somesuch.

            I then offer them a test: I’ll find five painting by modern artists, which have been traded for $50,000 or more. I’ll also find five works taken from one of those free, online galleries where hopeful housewives upload their crap. I’ll put them on FileBucket and ask them to tell me which is which.

            I never have to actually do the uploading, because nobody takes me up on it. Without a name and catalogue text, they’re clueless. Modern art is a part of what we’re fighting against. It’s poz.

            We should take Hollywood instead; in fact, it’s just a matter of processing power. In ten-twenty years, you could make your own life-like movies with game engines, just like people are editing and publishing their own magazine with a laptop, killing off Hollywood like blogs and youtubers are killing fake news.

          • Hollywood is watered down 3rd-hand high art. All that stuff was done long before by artists, poets musicians, nurtured by their patrons and what used to be called oracles.

          • Hollywood is watered down 3rd-hand high art.

            Mostly, yes.

            But it doesn’t have to be like that. Film is the only art-form that’s been invented since the novel, and the most complex and demanding to make.

            And like with novels, there’s a cultural learning curve: movie-makers get better as the art progresses. The novel arguably, might have reached it’s developmental apex, but the movie genre still has lots of undiscovered territory.

            Mind you, I’m not terribly fond of movies myself, but I recognize good art when I see it. That’s why people pay out of their own pocket to watch movies, while modern paintings are bought either by investment funds or by public institutions, and foisted upon hapless victims.

            I had a stint working in the Danish Cultural Heritage ministry, the office for public buildings. On the walls was a motley collection of whatever they’d found lying around in the basements and such: most were steel engravings with prospectuses of 18th c. Copenhagen, portraits of famous architects and builders and so forth. Pictures you could study without being asked to.

            One day, a boss came by and decided it all had to go, and it was replaced by some truly vile, modern shit procured by some central art committee. The boss didn’t pay for it and he didn’t have to look at it.

          • I’m sorry you had that inflicted on you. But blaming artists isn’t a good idea. They go where the money is. Who wouldn’t? You can’t survive without paying the rent.

            Why are artists supposed to be any better than anyone else?

          • Fair enogh. I suppose I don’t personally hate artists as such.

            At least not until I’ve met them, but they’re part of a system based on equal parts fraud and destruction of the public’s sense of beauty.

            Modern artists can’t be bothered to learn the central perspective, so they can’t give their paintings depth. They don’t have the patience or skill to learn anatomical drawing, so they can’t put humans in their works, except in caricatured form, hence they can put no narrative into the pictures. That’s why modern art is flat, boring and meaningless.

            The ethos is compared to the musician that declares that reading notes or being able to play an instrument is irrelevant to his art, detrimental, even, as it would obstruct the flow of free creation, crush his immortal talent.

            Also, where I live, modern art is very much a government affair, they’re buying most of it in order to support Danish artists, which is to say I’m paying them, and their shit is everywhere in public buildings, so I have to look at it too.

            Charles Saatchi, who is co-owner of Saatchi and Saatchi, which, a decade or so back, was the largest public relations firm in the world, and the firm that made Tony Blair. Together, they established Tate Modern in London.

            Charles Saatchi is hated by the art community, and here’s why: after having made some name for himself as an art collector, he went to the art academy in London, found some twerp – as I remember it, Tracy Emin – and bought everything he ever made for an absolutely exorbitant price.

            And because Saatchi had set the market, Tracy Enim instantly shot up to be one of the most expensive modern artist in the world, making Saatchi almost a hundred million dollars virtually overnight. He could then turn around, flaunt his profit an say: “Look! I was right! The boy is a genius!”

            The art establishment hated that, because they could not reply without outing themselves as fraudsters. Saatchi revealed the utterly mercenary nature of the modern art trade, and thumbed his nose at all the experts, curators and custodians in the process.

            In 2011, he wrote a remarkable column in The Guardian, describing how the art world operates.

            Not so long ago, I believed that anything that helped broaden interest in current art was to be welcomed; that only an elitist snob would want art to be confined to a worthy group of aficionados. But even a self-serving narcissistic showoff like me finds this new art world too toe-curling for comfort. In the fervour of peacock excess, it’s not even considered necessary to waste one’s time looking at the works on display. At the world’s mega-art blowouts, it’s only the pictures that end up as wallflowers.

            See, there’s a reason no concert halls play modern classical music like Stockhausen and Schoenberg. That’s because with a concert, you have to suffer the entire painful ordeal until the end. With visual art, you can just breeze through the gallery, get to the important part: the reception, the canapes and the socializing, perhaps browsing through the catalogue, although the important part is to own said catalogue, of course.

            I’ve seen grown men cry over music, one of my friends cried when he saw Million Dollar Baby, right there in the cinema, I used to cry reading The Little House on the Prairie and still today, I only ever read The Little Match Girl when I’m alone, just to be on the safe side. But I’ve never seen anyone cry when they looked at modern art, not even on television.

            Modern art is a celebration of ugliness.

        • Who is “headed for the ovens” in your fantasies? the joos? the boomers? This is why white people are going to be history… we hate ourselves and nobody else gives a s*8t about us. Hang together or Hang apart. Dumbasses…

  15. Chile was, and still is, a small country. In 1973, it had roughly 10 million souls. It is likely that Pinochet “disappeared” no more than a few thousand starting with the top communist Allende whom most believe committed suicide. Even the famous Pinochet helicopter tours probably took out less than 100. He remains both revered and reviled in Chile, depending on which side of the political spectrum with whom one converses.

    The point is, Pinochet was CinC of one of the world’s smallest but ablest armed forces. He had a workable problem because the left was small and could be contained in a country that was walled off from outside agitation (e.g. Cuba) by the Andes in the east, a vast desert to the north, and an ocean to the west. Pinochet had the luxury of being relatively conservative with human life. What does a dissident in the US do when 50 million (out of 1/3 billion) of his fellow countrymen want him dead? Perhaps instead of a Pinochet, we need a Stalin.

    As an aside, I’ve visited Chile twice for extended periods looking for a refuge from increasing leftist US totalitarianism. Although Chile has a few things to recommend it, it is is not that refuge. I’d very much prefer the country in which I was born. It was once a great nation.

  16. No mystery at all. Every religion asks for tolerance when it is minority. When it is the official religion, it demands compliance (and, hence, it is intolerant against other religions). See Islam, for example.

    The Left is just a religion opposed to Christianity (the previous official religion). It wanted tolerance when it was not official in order to be tolerated and be able to take over. Now that the Left owns all the mechanism of power, it demands compliance, even in the mind.

    Free speech times only happen in a short period between official religions. This is why they are so extremely rare in history.

  17. Outstanding, Zman!

    The prudent man might, in these relatively quiet times, think of the ways through which one might hinder, damage, and eventually destroy an enemy corporation, much as one would an opposing army.

    Seems to me that being a major shareholder of Giant Evil Bank/Corporation would place one in a position not far removed from that of the civilian bureaucrats brought to task at Nuremberg, so some might think that calling the estimable Mr. Taylor’s loan would be appropriately responded to by several widely scattered, anonymous folks employing some manner of kinetic response to various GEB/C board members, or, hell, even plain jane shareholders, and making clear why they, personally, are paying the price. Skin in the game, albeit battered, bruised, and burned…
    Now, old age has perhaps made a coward of me, but I don’t think I will be going out of my way to buy any stock even barely likely to set unknown parties upon me with two by four, meat cleaver, .308, or tractor trailer, though perhaps our New Class is made of sterner stuff.

    Regarding the long ago practice of hiding away the pron, I used to visit a bookstore in tidewater Virginia noted for its large selection of books for the professional mariner. Said selection was, along with a lurid array of glossy mags, kept inside a walled off section of the store, which was entered by having the clerk “buzz” one in, causing the eyes of all in the shop to focus on the poor soul entering, muttering protestations that he sought only the offerings of the Cornell Maritime Press, not those of the Mitchell Bros.

  18. The “free market” movement grew up and coalesced during the Cold War when the big, bad wolf (or bear) at the door was Soviet communism. In that capitalist .v. socialist paradigm, their arguments make sense. I also suspect that this “open borders” psychosis started as a moral response to the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain. Then, once the Soviet Union collapsed, the left got hold of it and now we are where we are.

    Therein lies the real problem: Conservative Inc. and their lolbertarian sidekicks are still fighting the last war. Waving spreadsheets around and penning encomiums to big business may be effective against the old socialists but now its the equivalent of launching a cavalry charge against a Panzer division.

    • I think the Open Borders mania might have its roots in guilty memories of the Holocaust. Remember the stories about the ship the St. Louis, carrying Jewish refugees in 1939? Refused entry all over the place, and eventually went back to Europe, where everyone was killed. Canada had a bad record when it came to taking in Jews; when asked how many we’d accept, an official replied “None is too many.” So there’s a feeling that if we refuse “refugees” now, OMG REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME???!!!

  19. “Video rental places had a secret room for porn”

    They did?! Goddammit, I always miss out on all the cool stuff. By the time I found out about the hidden cocaine dispensers in airplane bathrooms, some prude had gotten them banned. Same thing with the secret extra Beatles album that was hidden on “Revolver” that nobody talks about. Or that one Rodney Dangerfield joke that isn’t funny but if you laughed at it anyway, you got the $10,000 tax break.

    Don’t get me started on that scratch-off thing they used to have on the Israeli passports…

  20. Democracy is dangerous because it’s self contained moral authority of the majority. To appose it is to oppose the “will of the people” where 50.01% of voters are dictators. This is even worse in the UK, where no constitutional checks and balances exist.

    And those balances erode, day by day. The total and complete lack of FTC enforcement on oligopolies is one of the greatest tragedies of our era. By the way, these same companies are funding the open borders crowd. Conservatives opposed the civil rights act because if a black man wasn’t served at a lunch counter, you had 50 other lunch counters that would pick up the business. Today you have THE lunch counter. The Comcast service, The Chase Bank. Once you get down to a small handful of options, your free choice as a human being can be controlled, manipulated and curtailed. DC loves big business, and big business loves DC. Shhhhh, don’t wake the libertarians….baby is sleeping…….

    • What limits governmental power is the culture of the elite,not constitutional rules.The US elite no longer cares for the rules so they are ignored or re-interpreted by judges and journalists. The USSR had a very democratic constitution under Stalin but Stalin’s mood was more important. The British have always understood this hence the “evolving” constitution.

      • I’ve always found that the elite are the elite, and they’re only kept in line by a “who the hell are you anyway?” attitude by those below them. You never really see this in latino culture. Just perfectly okay with well connected family on the hacienda lording over the region. The telenovelas even reenforce this. The elite want docile peasants, it’s a universal quality.

    • Hence why I’m a (constitutional) monarchist at heart. And if we get a bad king, well, he’ll have a hunting accident and we’ll get a better one.

      • There’s something honest about having a quick putsch to push the monarchy off a cliff rather than this slow death by voting that can’t penetrate the deep state bureaucracy.

  21. Yes, the modern tools of mass communication are being censored and weaponized in order to alter the mindset of the susceptible fraction of the population. This process is proactively being augmented by rewarding conforming conduct and punishing non-conformism. It’s insidious, effective, and growing like a slow cancer.

    What is the best use of the few existing free speech channels? To educate the remaining sane fraction and help them prepare for the coming battle. The parasites already know that this battle will be existential. The normies are too comfortable to face this hard truth, but will rally when the toilet paper runs out.

    • As things go on, it seems the gaslighting gets ever stronger, and it appears that the ability for the normie individuals to discern what is really going on continues to wither. The idea that there is some underlying strong current of normie skepticism just waiting to break out sure does appear to be a Hail Mary sort of thing.

      I hope that the Proggies blow up in some sort of Naziesque overreach, because the alternative is the Soviet Russian slow grind into dust. Totalitarianism always results in ditches filled with bodies, every time. I am black-pilled today, but it sure looks like that is where we are headed.

      • Optimism is justified. We know their plan (it’s as old as the hills). Spread despair, false flags to pit Green-on-Blue decimation, infiltrate & spy, arrest the opposition leaders, mass detention, and genocide as needed. They expect and are prepared for a standard revolutionary push-back. They are not prepared for (nor have the means to prevail against) endless, anonymous, spontaneous countermeasures by stealthy, innovative, nothing-to-lose, solitary freedom fighters.

    • It’s insidious, effective, and growing like a slow cancer.

      I’m not so sure about that.

      Yes, they’re working desperately to stymie the internet, but overall, I believe we are gaining ground on that front. Twenty years ago, there were virtually no alternatives to fake news, now the internet is corroding away their power at a tremendous speed.

      Fake news is not a recent invention; what’s recent is that the internet has allowed us a peek behind the curtain of the news room, becoming aware how insidiously fake they are.

      When people start chanting “Fuck CNN” and “Fake News” when they see a CNN-van, not all is yet lost. The internet is on our side, and the internet always wins.


      • I’ve been blackpilled since the midterms. Right then was the opportunity to demonstrate some widespread enlightenment, and it wasn’t there. We are already a minority, not of complexion, but of beliefs. There is no imminent bust-out of our thinking, because most people do not carefully look around and build an evidence-based understanding of things, as we do. The normies have taken the cultural soma drug, and we can’t get to enough of them in time. I wish things were different.

        The positioning now, on the left, is to portray critical thinking as racist, sexist, and unhinged. They are well along in convincing the normies that these relationships are true.

        • The normies have taken the cultural soma drug

          It is not irreversible. You can indoctrinate people only so much: if you try to go against their biological programming, the indoctrination will stop working. If we manage to keep the internet open, we cannot fail.

      • It’s not a public relations war, so talking on the internet is not a cure. Once addicted to government gravy (and no loner able to support themselves), parasites are essentially hooked for life. The coming battle will not be a war of words. It will be visceral and existential. If you’re not now robust; you had better start getting there quick.

  22. Part of doomerism always was/is a wish for the big reset. If all the people you hate were dead, then it would be a big do-over for you. The act of waiting for the over prevents action in the present.

    Part of dystopian fiction was/is to project what the future would be if our enemies are completely in charge. If I look out my window and I don’t see An Orwellian nightmare then everything must be ok.
    Superhero movies act as a safety valve, where we can vicariously battle evil and all be heroes in our minds. In the old days young men could dream about doing heroic things and then go do them. Now, not so much.

    Only in the military does any kind of consensus form oddly enough, and only in the “safe” environment of military service are men are shown that killing and breaking people’s shit is accepted, even condoned.
    Point is our society has created so many control mechanisms to stop anyone from acting.
    Even when our borders are completely overrun no one feels they have the authority or duty to do anything about it.
    Guys with huge armories waiting for the balloon to go up.
    There is no balloon.
    Get a ticket and go to the movies.

    • Its understandable why we try to keep men down Civilization is fragile and ours wouldn’t survive large scale White make aggression or an actual culture of violence. We could not afford to harden it either.

      The Right is lazy and afraid of using power and lacks any strong ideology beyond leave me alone which they’ll never get. This is a serious night terminal weakness and makes having guns fairly worthless sinxce they lack the will to use them.

      You see this attitude in the mainstream Republicans who’ll gladly vote to pass bills like say defunding the ACA only when they know they won’t become law. Ask them to take a real risk and they choke or worse turn on their leaders. leftists Democrats have more command and control!

      Its why the Dissident Right will end up having to be the ideological leaders which si afgainst our very nature, No one else is willing to
      step up who isn’t a grifter , crook or a globalist /corporate patsy

      We’ve made the first steps into ideas and are making the second into resilience and cutting our dependence on others tech. The third comes as others get the clue which they are and it can become possible to figure out what a society run by us would be like and try to achieve

      Once the last is done, we can make real headway.

  23. I’m normally easily black pilled, but I don’t think all is lost. At least not yet.
    CPAC’s and Conservative, Inc’s increased clownishness is a very good thing.

    Taking on the whole pozzed society from where we now sit is a dead end. The USA of HR would crush us. Easily.

    Conservative, Inc…thanks largely to their increasing irrelevance, has become a much softer target.

    At this point Useless Donnie doesn’t matter much. He’s become a place holder until we hit the next punctuated pivot point. We will come out of the next election in very bad shape. Thanks to our innate biology, group instincts will then begin to kick in.

    Conservative, Inc should be gutted first.

    • Right. Whites need to understand that there is no established “our” side. It’s all their side. I’ve begun to wonder if Trump wasn’t a mistake. He gave many whites hope that we could solve this via traditional channels. We can’t.

      But each year that we live in this fog, the other side gets stronger. It’s almost better for Trump to lose and the Left to start pushing its anti-white agenda hard. When the “Conservatives” do nothing about it, many whites will wake up or, at least, begin waking up.

      To paraphrase Z-Man, whites won’t doing anything until the cost of burying their heads in the sand outweigh the costs of waking up.

      • I tend to agree. Trump was a very big mistake and way too many people have bought his lies and deceptions. Most of them refuse to see that Trump turned out to be a version of Jeb.

        It would be better if he lost in 2020 and we get a lunatic like Harris that sends the country over the edge.

      • Trump was necessary. The left’s and official right’s reaction to him has single-handedly redpilled far more conservatives than a Hillary presidency. We need people to actually see that this *isn’t* going to be solved by voting, and the best way to do that is vote for the ‘best’ guy you can get elected and still end up with globohomo policies.

        • Good point. Despite his faults, Trump was about the best that our side could have elected. From day one, he’s been threatened, stymied and distracted by all sides – Dems, GOP, Deep State, the media and, of course, Mueller. Trump committed more than his fair share of self-inflicted wounds, but nobody would have succeeded in his place, not fighting alone.

          His election definitely showed me that we’re not voting our way out of this. That ship has sailed.

          • He’s probably going to lose Florida, Georgia and Texas. Demographics will have shifted enough. He’s played his role. It will soon be time for the rest of us.

            Hope for another 4year cushion, understand we probably won’t get one. Don’t get caught flat-footed.

  24. It’s an interesting gamble, outsourcing the Thought Police to Facebook. “Personally delivering some samizdat,” let’s call it, to any given NKVD goon was pointless, because you couldn’t get to them all (much less to all the other functionaries that made the System go). Given the same communications infrastructure, though, who do you bet on: Mark Zuckerberg or the off-the-grid math PhD in his backwoods cabin? Especially when Zuckerberg seems hell-bent on making a lot more of the latter….

    • Facef**k, Google and AT&T which are the outsourced listening organs of the state are only valuable as long as the lights stay on. and people avoid meatspace for communicating(hence their frenzied efforts to get people addicted to social media as soon as possible).

      If say for example some backwoods Luddite decided to shoot up some house sized transformers till it exploded. Well social media goes black and so do some cities for a very extended period of time. You see our system is quite delicate and those house sized transformers very critical to keeping the lights on.

      We were very lucky that those Ted Kazcinsky types didn’t understand the best way to take out a technological society/police state is to simply turn out the lights.

  25. Fuggem. I can live without twitter and bookface, and I will throw out the internet if I have to too.

  26. White men bad, Orange men REALLY REALLY bad, Green energy good. Open borders good. That seems to be all they’ve got. How long can a theocracy hold on when the core beliefs are so ludicrous?

    Great column, by the way. HR departments really are a BIG problem for the West. Used to think I had the world all figured out as a libertarian, but what good is advocating a minimalist state when you are fighting against a religion that controls all institutions, not just the formal levers of state power?

    The internet is a double-edge sword for our rulers. It gives them immense power, but bad-thought keeps seeping through. They already had control of the media and education and entertainment (and just about everything else). Now they keep having to take more brazen actions to stop bad actors from questioning the narrative. In some sense, they probably wish the internet would go away.

    • The writing was on the wall once the failed CPA’s in the Payroll Department found that spreadsheets freed up time that they had to find other ways to fill.

      Damn you Visicalc.

  27. Just wait until Ben and the others start losing access. What will they think of private monopolies, I mean private businesses then?

    • You mean Shapiro? He won’t lose access. He’s approved opposition. Totally on board with the globalist project.

  28. The part that seems ethically wrong and possibly illegal to me is that amazon achieved its monopolistic position by exploiting special shipping rates from postal services and special privileged tax status, thus acting as a quasi governmental entity. Having utilized those advantages, it ought to be constrained by the bill of rights, ie first amendment.

    However, the advantage of amazon and free distribution of materials was a new platform that we of the dissident right enjoyed for about twenty years. We had nothing comparable before that. It has been sort of an interglacial period. It seems to me that although the banning is clearly a net bad, Does this development not offer a niche for competing conservative publishers? Why can’t some of us make our own create space and ship dissident books?

  29. This country is done. It’s over. The mob has gotten exactly what it voted for. We have become our enemy.

    • Certainly the country that once was is over. But the country that we’ve because can’t hold together indefinitely because it’s built on factual falsehoods. I mean, you can only hold a chair over your head for so long.

      That said, there’s a lot of built-up capital in this country. It’ll take awhile to burn through it. But it will get used up. Like the Hemingway quote about how a friend went broke: “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

      We’re in the gradual stage right now, but these things tend to accelerate, much like stock market crashes.

      • Yes, the United States is over. That doesn’t mean that America is over, or that the American people are over. In 60 years, there will be several countries where the US is now. That’s inevitable. What’s important is that we have one of them.

    • So? This just means people can build a new one to their specifications if they can take the land to do it.

      If it comes to that, come in with an understanding that people will try and subvert your system and build in safeguards

      The old republic died in 1861 anyway, Madison . The Second Republic lasted till 1933. This one has about 15 years left or so,

      This time the winner gets to build a new nation , just make sure its you.

  30. I’ve been downvoted in the past for writing this, but I will write it again: The day is soon coming in which your browsing habits will be compiled and broken down into a series of social capital rankings rather like that used in China. A “Risk Potential Profile” will become a standard background check for employment, enforced by the hens in HR. A history of visiting websites like this one will flag you as a potential risk for violent behavior, and will render you unemployable.

    All the information technology pieces are in place to do this. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Yeah it probably smart to use a IP proxy. But i’m too lazy and they can fuck off anyways- far as i’m concerned. By the time they work up to firing me, they will have trouble maintaining infrastructure.

      • There is safety in numbers. It might be trite to note that they can’t lock up us all, but it’s true all the same. As you suggest, they need people to run the infrastructure. Even jails don’t run themselves.

        I’m less worried about the government spying on me than I am about my bastard neighbour paying $10 to download a 200 page dossier on me from some shady Russian outfit.

    • I can’t imagine why you would be downvoted. It’s already happening. Social media platforms have already admitted to judging users based on their activities even off-platform. HR departments already scan your internet activitiy and social media accounts — people have already been refused jobs or fired for holding wrong opinions. Banks are already denying accounts or payment services to wrongthinkers. Schools discipline kids for things they do on social media outside school hours, on what authority I have no idea.

      I think that’s a big part of Zman’s point — the government is perfectly happy to let big tech and financial companies do the dirty work, ostensibly keeping their hands clean and giving “conservatives” and libertarians the “Oh well, it’s a private company, whaddya gonna do?” dodge.

      There will never be any actual laws against wrongthink. There won’t need to be. You will be forced to bake the cake by the government, though, because they can do that because “racism” and “homophobia.”

      Weirdly, leftist and Muslim businesses will never be forced to bake conservative cake.

      • This is why we have to build our own platforms, while at the same time fighting using whatever we can (gov’t power, etc) against the existing ones. The hardest one is the banking system. If you don’t buy in to the banking cartel, you’re a “loan shark”.

      • I think I first wrote a couple years ago, right after the House passed the legislation. It seemed far-fetched at the time. It no longer does. We’ve fall pretty far pretty fast.

    • There is a difference between their doing it, and letting us know they are doing it. We are in that little window of difference right now, but that window will close soon.

  31. Soviet Union 2.0 is far more efficient that 1.0. We have 24-7 propaganda that people voluntarily watch for hours a day, making the absurd (black software engineers, butt-kicking chicks, family-oriented gays, etc.) seem normal.

    In addition, no need for an expensive and unflattering system of gulags. Just cut a man off from his job, career, friends and neighbors, banking and sources of financing, and you’ve pretty well destroyed him. Hell, he’ll probably kill himself, saving you the trouble.

    You also don’t need a network of government spies and enforcers. The voluntary auxiliary of cat ladies will happily keep on an eye on everyone for free, while the corporate HR will put the figurative jumper cables to their nuts with a press of a button.

    We’ve definitely dug ourselves a hell of a hole. On the upside, our opponent’s castle is built on sand. They’re simply wrong about everything. I’m not saying that they’re being being wrong matters much from a moral standpoint, but it will start to matter on the ground sooner or later. The system will show cracks.

    AOC and her crew are harbingers of what’s to come, which is both terrifying and liberating. Things will get worse, but more whites will wake up as they do.

    The big question is whether they’ll be enough of us around to pick up the pieces.

  32. The hypocrisy of the left manifests itself in any number of different ways. Their desire to ban speech or label common sense logic and reason “Hate Speech” is especially twisted. They do these things because they operate under a false ideology and do not have the ability to win the argument. Truth is anathema to their delicate sensibilities. Problem is they refuse to leave me alone. I just want to punch their faces in.

  33. “The man from 1985, transported to this age, would assume some lunacy has suddenly gripped everyone.”

    This isn’t actually very far from the truth.

      • Oh, there was, but not so much 1965 as 1968. But by 1985, a lot of us thought that things were “getting back to normal”. Surprise!

  34. It seems even more than that conservatives haven’t upgraded their thinking. I can’t believe anyone on the conservative side with a brain can’t see what’s going on. I see libertarian guys like Justin Amash and Rand Paul crowing about how they’re going to vote against Trump on the declaration of emergency and my mind just boggles. I become embarrassed that I was once libertarian, because these guys act like a bunch of people who’ve just been herded on a train to the camps and won’t contemplate taking over the train, because taking over trains is against the law!

    • It’s happening, just slow. They are called conservative for a reason. I have enjoyed powerline’s kosher comments section. The tension between the scattering of dissident-right-inclined and neocon types is palpable. Hayward, a prototypical Baby boomer remains oblivious and is still crowing the DR3 poz. BTW I think t i detect a real shift among the catholic laity, the’re pissed. I’m buying my kids copies of Culture of critique as a spring break gift. Take courage, we are entering a age of heroes. It’s getting interesting, notwithstanding the chinese curse along those lines.

      • Of the authors on Powerline, Hinderaker seems the most aware. Interesting in that he’s the retired one. Mirengoff just makes me want to punch things.

        • Yeah Hinderaker is a good goy. He likes his guns too, which is big plus. Miregoff and Johnson are jewish. Both are good writers but they strike many discordant notes with me.

    • Rand Fcking Paul.

      Old PoodleHead Paul never fails to fail, does he? We’re in the process of losing the best country ever devised by man to a completely self-inflicted death by 65-IQ’ed invaders, and here’s PoodleHead, ham-stringing the only MF’er in America with the stones to confront the problem, and patting himself on the back for his “principals”.

      Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. But that’s what makes him a perfect Libertarian, right?

      • Yeah, I’ve thought of places for me or my kids to escape if needed. Unfortunately, the places with similar language and customs – Australia and NZ – are both hard to get into for whites and plagued by the same disease. I feel like you’re only buying yourself a generation before they have similar problems.

        The countries that appear to have woken up – Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic – are linguistically difficult and culturally very different – which, of course, is probably why they’re not falling for the silliness. Anyway, these are much more difficult place to emigrate.

        Then there’s everybody’s favorite dark horse: Uruguay. Spanish isn’t too bad to learn.

        Regardless, it’s not the worst idea to have a back-up plan. There’s a not insignificant chance that the U.S. will a very bad place for whites in a generation or two, a place that makes today’s anti-white atmosphere seem fairly easy-going.

          • Yep. On the list. I wish that Germany would pull its shit together, but they seem determined to kill themselves.

        • If you’re serious, better get your visa application in early. Sooner or later, the East Europeans are going to very fed up with Western diversity refugees, even if they come with a fat pension fund attached. At some point they’ll shut the gates. Even when they’re not Mohammadan, a large influx of foreigners puts strain on the social fabric.

          Also, going expat is not easy, you’ll effectively become homeless. Western expats have problems integrating even in Denmark: half of them never learn to speak the language properly and a lot get stuck here, either because they have (divorced) children or because they get addicted to the welfare payments. They hang out in expat bars, where they congregate to yearn morosely for Ye Olde Country and talk trash about the food, the weather and the insufferably smug and vapid locals.

          I’ve seen them. It’s not a pretty sight.

          • Yeah, I’ve seen those types in Europe. Outside of the UK, Americans have a very hard time giving up being an American. (Americans living a long time in the UK seemed fine with their local surrounding, while Americans living in Germany or the Low Countries seemed out of place.)

            The truth is that I don’t want to move. I like European Americans and our culture. It’s who I am. I understand European Americans in a way that I couldn’t understand Europeans. I would always be a foreigner in Poland or Hungary, but my grandchildren wouldn’t be. That’s the difference allowing in a European American and some Arab Muslim.

            But you’re right. Why should they accept any of us? Why allow in a group that fucked over their own country and people? They have every right to say fix your mess.

          • The truth is that I don’t want to move. I like European Americans and our culture. It’s who I am. I understand European Americans in a way that I couldn’t understand Europeans.

            That is human and entirely natural.

            My country is still overwhelmingly Danish, so it’s easy for me to tell people to stand and fight for their homeland, but I’d have to endure a lot to move and live as a guest worker in a foreign country.

            I would always be a foreigner in Poland or Hungary, but my grandchildren wouldn’t be.

            I think that is the proper battle plan for expats: forget changing your own culture, accept you’re a foreigner and make the best of it, but make sure you children speak the language and go to the local school, rather than an expat school.

          • Oh, if I emigrated and had my way, my grandkids would be virulent Polish or Hungarian nationalists. They’d be more Polish than the Poles and, ironically, wouldn’t shut up about keeping foreigners out.

          • “Naturally, we will take in the real refugees,” Orban said at his annual state of the union address. “The panicked German, Dutch, French and Italian politicians and journalists, Christians forced to leave their countries will find here the Europe they lost at home.”

          • He’s just riling Mutti Merkel. The Hungarians are not going to let in half a million immigrants, no matter where they come from.

        • The WORST culprits in this of course are the Virtue-Showboating White Progs, who will keep THEIR Privilege, AND their racism, by throwing the rest of us Whites into the wood chipper. By making US pay for THEIR sins. That’s how PC works.

          • And BTW what’s with this Flight, instead of FIGHT crap? We’re freaking AMERICANS, you people!!! and as Patriots, we are STILL the Majority here! The “Fourth Turning” is almost here. Stand FIRM!!! The old Prog Regime CANNOT stand!

  35. Great article:

    In the Booby’s lifetime he’s seen the world overrun with PC hysteria.

    Of course, we have only ourselves to blame. We allowed the radicalized left to completely take over our universities. Now they are our school teachers, lawyers, judges, journalists, bureaucrats… and yes, human resources officers.

    There really isn’t much point in even voting anymore. The state is now an organ of the academic left, and no one dares challenge it.

    The 60s were the revolution. By the 80s the revolutionaries had seized most of government. By the 90s the political correctness reign of terror had begun.

    Nothing left to do now for lovers of liberty, but expatriate.

    • Don’t expatriate, expectorate, right in their eye. We need more uppity white folks.

    • I grew up in the 80s/90s. I saw what we had as children and what was lost over the next 20 years. There are a lot of millennial men that are angry as hell for what the Boomers have done to this country.

  36. And yet non of these recently banned books will be featured during “banned books” week/month held in schools and libraries everywhere (probably because they fall short of some degeneracy bar which mandates inclusion).

  37. Another part of the problem is that the media has totally abandoned its traditional role of holding companies accountable. A good media, or at least a media performing its traditional functions, would be raising a fuss about all these things.

    In fact the media now has actively taken the side of the deplatformers, and become maniacal Thought Police, hungry to silence voices.

    A number of institutions that should be holding each other mutually accountable (companies, government, media, intelligence services, NGOs) have merged together into one giant totalitarian, white-hating blob. They’re all on the same team now. I believe some people call it the Cathedral.

    Chilly times ahead.

    • Imagine the next demoncrap president. Imagine a demoncrap government that has no opposition. All demons that lurk in the mud will hatch out. What to do? Where to go? The ultimate nightmare will be the next demoncrap government. And it’s just around the corner.

  38. After this weekend, I realize it’s not just the left who want to stifle free speech. CPAC banned several conservatives, such as Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey. Faith Goldy and Peter Brimelow of VDare were denied press passes. Laura Loomer was kicked out because she was badgering a CNN guy, Oliver Darcy, who was responsible for getting Alex Jones kicked off some platform or another (can’t remember the details).

    Meanwhile, Van Jones was actually a CPAC speaker, and Jared Holt, from Right Wing Watch, who doxxes dissident right people, was invited.

    Out of numerous panels, only one was about immigration, which I’m sure was all about “illegal bad, legal good.” There were three panels dedicated to Israel, including many attendees walking around sporting red caps with the message, “Let’s Build Israel Again.” Or something like that.

    Donald Trump’s speech called for more legal immigrants, while the one bright moment was Michelle Malkin delivering an incendiary speech calling out republicans Ryan, McConnell, the Bush family, and the “ghost of John McCain.”

    You can be sure that Malkin won’t be invited back next year.

    • CPAC has always been like that. The controversy I remember was anti-war conservatives being banned during the Bush years.

      The things to keep in mind about CPAC are that it is run by the ACU (they have their own agenda) and that the primary audience consists of college kids. It is what it is. Way too much fainting from everyone over what goes on there.

      • You would think that would’ve changed after the 2016 election season when Trump pushed the immigration issue front and center and it has become the number one issue for conservative voters.

    • For all their travails, they are still subject to SNL defamation that would not be allowed if any other group was being attacked.

      • The Front National is not close to being conservative, they don’t even claim to be right wing – that’s something the MSM call them, because they’re against white genocide.

        • A Le Pen spoke at the CPAC last year. Salvini should have been the guest this year, but IIRC he’s not an English speaker.

          • A Le Pen spoke at the CPAC last year

            Yes, Marion Maréchal. She’s a bit more right wing than her aunt, but that’s not saying much, and note that Marion has left the Front.

            I suspect she got purged like her grandfather, Jean-Marie le Pen. I suspect Marine was making ready to turn coat and take the Front globohomo in anticipation of getting access to the levers of power.

            I do not believe that globohomo would allow an uncorrupted nationalist to take the helm in any West European country.

    • TBH, I don’t even consider the Republicans or “respectable” conservatives to be the right. Just the right of the left. That’s why there are certain things they need to censor and block just as fanatically as the left. Because they’re the gatekeepers.

      • Pro-life Progressives (aka Conservatives) vs. Pro-Choice Progressives (aka Liberals). They’re still Progressives, if not full-blown Marxists.

      • Yes. The supposed divide or “sides of the isle” are merely a matter of tactical preference.

        The left wants me and my kind dead, as soon as possibke. They want my past erased and my future diluted to nil via multiculti open borders.

        The right wants me enslaved as tax cattle. Long enough such that they can collect their pensions and replace the labor force with more compliant wage slaves. They dont want to erase my history but rather re-write it every 10 years or so to slow the ‘inevitable’ progress of ‘legal’ multiculti attrition that will erase my kind just the same. All while they browbeat me to internalize my replacement as !progress! Like a goodwhite should.

        At least the left is honest about their intentions.

    • If CPAC invited Van Jones to speak – then CPAC is no longer in any way, shape – or form… conservative. And it’s well past time to shoot that ship full of holes until it sinks.

        • Yes – Van Jones is an actual communist.

          He’s come right out and said it in public.

          ANY organization that professes to call itself conservative and gives Van Jones a platform to speak at needs to be burned to the ground.

      • Very good.

        Reminds me of something I read in Breivik’s manifesto. He seriously proposed that white nationalists should ally with Al Qaeda to nuke a European capital.

    • Well, it won’t do any good. The North Koreans are not our enemy. It’s us. Another excuse for an economy breaking foreign excursion ala 9/11 will gain us little.

    • Yep! Can’t blame you for thinking so. As all the qualities of tyranny layer in, the probable slow moving solar minimum cooling will exacerbate civilizational collapse.

      Am re-reading Craig Childs book “House of Rain” printed in 2006. He traces the collapse of Anasazi/Puebloan culture across the Colorado Plateau (tipping point late 13th century great drought), tracing the migration south from Utah/Colorado through Arizona to northern Mexico, ending in horrific attacks with whole villages burning, many violently dead as the collapse hit, spreading south over about 200 years, with the Hopi peeling off going back north to the mesa country. Cliff dwellings are a defensive posture living in fear. At one point, Childs and friends are exploring cliff dwelling ruins in Canyonlands off the Colorado River, with his city friends wondering if they could abandon the city when collapse hits and grow corn and farm in this buggout canyon on the river. Childs cautions them the river will one year flood you out and the next be too low to water the crops, not possible. Today I fear the drones of the tyranny of Google Earth will find the escapees of the collapse. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. How quickly in 15 years the tyranny has descended. This book is a cautionary tale analogous to today. They too had to cope with migrants bringing Meso-American influence that violently overwhelmed the system.

    • ++I++ have the honor and privilege (and lucky as F state of affairs) to have ++my++ writing anchored invisibly on the net. If the below story

      Clickez-vous here to readez le story in full

      got nuked, though, I would consider it a tragic loss for the Pulp Fiction side of Western literature.

      Bless the writer X, for whom the keyboard (and pen) was invented …

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