The Grand Conspiracy

The modern age often seems chaotic and random, but there are fixed rules to human nature that transcend even this age. Despite the proliferation of gender as the preferred way of describing sex roles, biological sex still prevails. Boys and girls are still boys and girls, despite some loud attempts to create exceptions. Feminism has ruined a lot of female lives, but most women are still normal women. Human nature is immutable, despite the best efforts of the crazy people in charge to convince us otherwise.

One of those iron laws of life that will not go away, despite every attempt to pretend otherwise, is the Opposite Rule of Liberalism. Whatever the Left is howling about at the moment, you can be sure something like the opposite is the truth. Their need to deceive and their natural habit of projecting their sins onto others, combine to create a predictable part of Progressive culture. Wherever they are focusing the attention of their cult, find the spot 180 degree the opposite and you are getting close to the truth.

The release of the Mueller report is one of the great confirmations of this rule we have seen since the the Left’s reaction to the Tea Party. In 2015, as the Clinton campaign was struggling to deal with the slow releases of e-mails from WikiLeaks, they started howling about Russian hacking. The claim was Boris and Natasha had secretly gained access to the computer systems of the Clinton officials and the DNC. The point was to have the media focus on that rather than the contents of the e-mails being leaked.

The Russian hacking conspiracy soon morphed into Russian collusion and we have close to three years of frivolous investigations and media coverage about alleged collusion between Trump and Boris. The truth of course, using the opposite rule here, was that it was the Left colluding with the Russians, or someone, to undermine the election. That was really just the tip of the iceberg, as it turned out to be the FBI and the Obama White House conspiring to undermine the election. Once again, the opposite rule of liberalism holds.

Again, this is the tip of the iceberg. For years, the media has been peddling this nutty conspiracy, while at the same time waging jihad against what they consider to be conspiracy theories. The Progressive media is full of pink hat types scolding about the proliferation of conspiracies on line. CNN spearheaded the de-platforming of Alex Jones on the grounds he was spreading falsehoods. In truth, Alex Jones is a rock of sober-minded empiricism compared to the aluminum foil hate crazies of CNN.

Again, there’s that opposite rule again. The Left has been howling about conspiracy theories for several years. It turns out that it is the Left that is the primary peddler of conspiracy theories. In fact, it is not unreasonable to say the Left is nothing but a series of weird conspiracy theories now. Everything from gun grabbing to white privilege rests on the claim that mysterious forces, operating in the shadows, control daily life. The only way to counter these dark forces is for the shamans to perform the right sacrifices.

The truth is, the West is now ruled by a cult of primitives, who are incapable of dealing with the reality of the age. Instead, they cook up one nutty conspiracy theory after another to explain away that which they find upsetting. When Trump won in 2016, they could not accept that result, so they fell in love with the mother of all conspiracy theories. Even now, like a UFO cult, they cannot accept that it was all a big lie. If you want to know how they will respond to the Mueller report, here’s a preview that will hold up pretty well.

The thing about the conspiracy theories on the Left, versus the more conventional conspiracy theories, is that the Left’s theories are less plausible than anything coming from the Alex Jones types. Lizard people who look like us and live among us, but secretly control society is at least bound by physical reality. There could be a race of lizard people traveling the universe. The Left mostly relies on evil spirits and the supernatural to explain their conspiracies. All of their conspirators are dark forces operating in the shadows.

Think about how the Alex Jones types respond to their conspiracy ideas versus how the Left responds to their theories. The guys worried about the lizard people are spending their time learning about lizard people and interstellar travel. They create on-line groups to compare notes. The Left, in contrast, forms mobs to attack local statuary, believing the statues are casting evil spells on the locals. In comparison to the Left, the people worried about the lizard people come off as sober-minded and prudent.

Of course, the Left will never let go of this. It will be their JFK conspiracy, operating as a rallying point until Trump is gone. Mueller probably tried hard to find something he could use to support the theory. He was no doubt under intense pressure to find something to confirm it. His report being sequestered will feed a new round of conspiracies, but in reality, the opposite rule will apply here as well. The details of his report will reveal it was the FBI and Obama’s White House all along. That was the grand conspiracy.

89 thoughts on “The Grand Conspiracy

  1. We saw a great example of the Opposite Rule of Liberalism today with Jussie. We are told endlessly that whites enjoy “unearned privilege” simply because we are white and therefore get away with all sorts of stuff. The reality is that Jussie Smollett is 100% getting away with this hoax “hate crime” because the political cost of prosecuting a half black/half Jewish famous homosexual is just too high. He checks the right oppression categories on the checklist so he walks away.

  2. I would argue that, much like the race hoax scams, the Russia collusion scam was an unqualified victory for the left. It shows that they set the agenda and dictate the terms of public morality. Fail to comply with the left and they will unleash the furies of Hell on you.

    • Not so. They continue to expose themselves to clear identification. Not a good place to be when things get real. Trump as flushed them out of the tall grass.

  3. The difference between a right-wing conspiracy and a left-wing conspiracy theory is that the left-wing conspiracy theory isn’t called a conspiracy theory, it’s called “news”.

    Mainstream acceptance is literally the only distinction.

    • No, the main difference is that Left wing conspiracies nearly always involve something they themselves are doing. Right wing conspiracies are the more traditional paranoia kinds of conspiracies as opposed to psychological projection.

  4. I think a perfect example of this is so called “fake news”. It started out as an accusation by the Left which backfired on them stupendously.

  5. This is one of those “John Brown Moments.” There’s no coming back from this. A legit poll shows that something like 53% of Americans agree this was a witch hunt. and since Our Betters, the Liberals, never cease reminding us that Trump got less than 50% of the popular vote, that means there are a lot of liberals out there who will never believe another word the Media says. How does that work out for a society, where everyone assumes everything official is a lie? I suppose we could ask the Russians, but then we’d have Mueller and Rachel Maddow at our doors….

    • Putnam’s diversity dystopia bumped uglies with Burham’s managerial state and had a very ugly baby. Diminishing trust within groups and between them, cratering trust in government, media, academia and religion/moral institutions, with a sort of constant, low-level “realistic paranoia” toward the news among the red-pilled while NPC’s blue-pill on Two Minute Hates. On the bright side, cucks will not survive long in this Woke New World. On the dark side, the vast majority of Whites in Numerica are still cucked.

  6. I just saw that Micheal Avenatti was arrested/indicted for embezzlement, fraud, extortion, etc.

    I’ve lost faith in Trump. He’s either unable to do anything at all or he’s not even trying. So, it’s not like Avenatti’s downfall makes any real difference with regard to Trump. And I agree with Z Man that we can’t vote our way out of this. I don’t care much about politics anymore as it appears to all be a show.

    All that being said, I hate that smug prick Michael Avenatti. Even though I think it’s probably all a bunch of B.S., I really enjoy seeing this guy suffer.

    • Avenatti has nothing to do with Trump, other than representing the strumpet banged by The Donald. Trump’s stupidity is limited to “keep it zipped up, brother” on this one.

  7. To think we live in a day when the seemingly craziest conspiracy theories can’t hold a candle to the mainstream media. It is a tough era for both tinfoil hat types and writers of satire.

  8. The Deep State, the security and intel agencies have all promiscuously and irresponsibly abused their authority and displayed open contempt for the public in the process. They’ve proven unworthy of authority, unable to self-police and unwilling to change. Tear them down and salt the earth. They’re already a Praetorian Guard. There is little accomplished by the FBI, DEA or ATF that could not be accomplished by state law enforcement and our intelligence agencies have been rotten since inception – ask Truman or Ike.

    Replacement agencies with new personnel will come with their own problems, but what good is the present apparatus for American interests? I’d say it’s a net negative – unable or unwilling to perform its core functions, dedicating inordinate resources to cancerous self-preservation, overreach and mission creep. Losing the services of our most experienced foreign media readers (what passes for human intel nowadays) will hardly set US intel back from the crooked and ineffective level it has reached with the current careerists who largely circle-jerked each other to prominance.

  9. I have a more cynical view of Russiagate, the Dem leadership needed a conventional enemy to keep its coalition of fringes together and Russia is the only one who fits the bill, everybody in Washington knows what foreign country is in charge of the US foreign policy.

    Who will triumph in the Dem party, Ilhan Omar and AOC or Nancy Pelosy and Chuck Schumer? Be tuned in the AIPAC conference for more answers.

  10. The first action after a failed coup is to find, and hang, the conspirators. Let’s have that be the objective.

    You’ll know the Mueller Report implicates the Obama Administration if the Democrats start hiding behind security classifications, “sources and methods”, etc. as reason why maybe we shouldn’t be hasty to make the whole thing public.

    Although I would have fired Mueller on his first day of work, this has worked out better than Trump could have hoped for. By characterizing Mueller as a Government Party hatchet man armed with 16 Democrat lawyers, the Democrats were forced to grant Mueller premature sainthood. The major media is utterly and thoroughly discredited. The rallying cry, “Remember the Russians?!” will set Trump up for a large EV re-election. Congressional investigations will be ignored by the public and mocked by Trump as the perfect foil for re-elect. Any chance that Jen Bush gets his wish – a Trump primary challenge – is gone.

    Now we must find and hang the conspirators.

    When you and your friends are out reading, and commenting, on the news…make that your refrain: find and hang the conspirators.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of strange to me that people such as Pelosi and Schumer are asking to get “everything out there”. I don’t think they have thought this thing through. I am guessing that they think they can continue to contain the problem by continuously stirring the pot. The problem being the attempted coup by Obama/Hillary/FBI/DOJ. “Lock them up” seems somehow too generous, these days.

      • It’s clear they were drinking their own bath water in the Government Party. The best they could come up with was the short lived, “We demand full release.” They are likely to get just that.

        Couple of good columns out today asking the stupid-obvious question: “OK, so how exactly did this get started, and who is behind it?” There is a straight line with no breaks proving definitively that the money trail leads to the Red Queen’s door. A Democratic Party looking to move past Clinton won’t save her this time. They’ll still fall in their swords for Obama though.

        The thing about conspiracies, once broken, is that the conspirators quickly start ratting each other out when faced with a noose. Huge, huge, opportunity here to roll them all up quickly.

        Trump said yesterday it was a “failed take-out”. So the big question is whether Barr will take extreme measures, if he will try to do it quietly and out of public view, or maybe do nothing at all. Bet on Option 3, but hope for the best.

        We no longer have a functioning government if they don’t roll heads. We just had almost 3 years of people like Clapper, Brennan, MSM figures, etc calling the President of the United States an outright traitor, trying to take him out.

        Heads need to roll, and I don’t mean figuratively.

  11. We have to give a bit of credit to Mueller and a bit of credit to the system. However way one wants to explain it, something went right, when it had every reason to go wrong. Separately, contrary to thousands of reflexive cynics on our side, Jesse Smollet was indicted on 16 felony counts. As anyone who plays the stock market knows, you’ve got to learn from your losses, not simply make excuses and shoo them away. WHY was my prediction wrong? Who or what did I think too little of, or too much of? What didn’t I see that others saw? What is it about me that caused this failure of acuity.

    • I think it goes to the outsider nature of dissident politics. Outsiders tend to exaggerate the will and motives of insiders. Guys like Mueller and Rosenstein are mostly useful idiots, “doing their jobs”, not grand conspirators all meeting in the secret basement room of the library of congress.

    • Mueller is up to his eyeballs in the fraud. He hired all the fraudsters that originated the fake Russian thing to investigate it, covering them with a veneer of lawyer new hires. Strock and Page were found out when their text threads were leaked. Otherwise they would have been working the investigation to this day. Mueller is trying to get out of town without jail time, and the report is the best he can do to make that happen.

    • That’s actually a good point, Frip.

      For the system to work, it has to work out in the open under the closest scrutiny. Trump is as clean as a whistle (as far as collusion goes) and the Donks have to eat crow on it. As the boys are saying though – the retaliation has to be on now. Hillary and her emails would make a juicy target, and getting that cnut in prison would go a long way to restoring faith in the system and keeping the Donks reasonably honest – which is probably why it won’t happen – because the repubs are their fart catchers.

  12. And the MSM isn’t just a pack of loons being incompetent. Rather, they are full-fledged co-conspirators in the coup.
    (TomA above.)

    This. A lot of normie conservatives have pathetically weak takes on the media that they think they’re taking victory laps around.

    Normiecons: “Ha ha, media, see, you were wrong!” And go no further than that.

    This is the nastiness of the left’s use on the feebleminded of the Alinsky rule, “Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty.” A lot of normiecons think it’s a victory to prove that Trump wasn’t guilty of entirely fabricated accusations, which of course only gets them back to zero, with two years lost. And then don’t have the energy or brainpower to realize that they have to push for prosecution and punishment of the left’s real conspiracy and collusion.

    The central dynamic of contemporary politics is: bad people accuse good people of being bad in order to hide their own badness, and the good people just passively play defense, answering the accusations–thereby giving them absurd and unwarranted credence–without fighting back.

    I think that’s the real reason people thrilled to Trump: we thought he was going to be the Fight Back Guy.

    • We’ll see. Trump strikes me as a “kick ‘em while they are down” sort of guy. Here’s his chance. Personally, I think he would rather be liked than feared.

      There’s always Nunes, leave it to a podunk dairy farmer to be the most principled and tough hombre out there.

    • Babe, finally someone who understands the “game”. All was a distraction and a delaying tactic to keep Trump as impotent as possible. Once the 2018 elections lost the House, the immediate threat was over. Now it’s onto a 2020 Dem replacement of POTUS and a return to power.

      Trump can only depend on power he directly has as Executive. Using funds under color of emergency order, reducing regulations, AND initiating an attack from the justice department wrt corruption from the Deep State apparatus.

      Regulation reduction is ephemeral. Those go back on with a vengeance next Dem POTUS. Emergency powers for fund transfer is up in the air—especially if Trump delays due to a Fed judge ruling—again, all that’s needed is a delay of a year or so. Does Trump have the balls to unleash prosecution upon Deep State moles? Can anything be accomplished before 2020?

      I’d say the prospects are dim.

      • Were I Trump I’d have someone poke around Bezos and find a Russia connection then cancel Amazons contract with the CIA on the grounds of national security.
        I’d be looking for something similar to do to Carlos Slim.If their vanity publishing projects spent 3 years fucking with me I am going to fuck them back,

  13. Has anyone in the foreign policy establishment apologized for helping Yeltsin steal the 1996 election?

  14. Yes. When looking at Adam Schiff, it’s easy to forget that long before his bug-eyed visage filled TV screens regularly, there was an actual UFO cult guy named Marshall Applewhite who also had those crazy eyes…

    • Justice would be removing Schiff from Congress and handing the seat back to James Rogan.

  15. The whole country learned one valuable lesson from all this. Never talk to the FBI. If you do, you better have a lawyer present and demand everything be recorded. This whole “302 report” crap is unbelievable. The FBI does not record its interviews/interrogations, but takes hand-written notes, and then transcribes them into 302 reports days or weeks later. If anything they claim you said is contrary to the evidence, they have you by the balls. This is a recipe for false prosecution.

  16. This is one of those historical moments when we get to look right down into the heart of the ruling establishment to see what they are made of. I’m not expecting much, and neither should you.

  17. It’s inevitable that the left will claim Mueller too was compromised by the Russians and that we need a new pure investigator.

  18. “The truth is, the West is now ruled by a cult of primitives, who are incapable of dealing with the reality of the age”

    I think if you explain to a group of leftist that the entire universe was actually riding on the back of a turtle they would all nod sagely and say it’s definitely possible and all viewpoints need to be considered.

    • Well… not to go all Stephen Hawking on you, but that IS possible since observation outside of the known universe is simply not humanly possible. It is Turtles All the Way Down, innit?

      But joking aside, I take your point… 🙂

      • I’m just so sick of these people. They have a veneer of rationality over their insanity but the cracks are always there. They want to debate everything but the first thing they debate is truth and decide it doesn’t exist so what’s the point of debating? And they say they hate all religions but what they really mean is they hate Christianity because they’re happily collecting statues of Buddha and Ganesh to prove how spiritual they are. I know I’m not the only lone conservative in a family of crazy leftist in the comments on this blog but it’s really like growing up in an insane asylum. You can leave it as an adult but they’re always trying to pull you back in

        • The multi-culti, globo-homo thing is simply a framework for them to tell you they hate YOU, where they then can quickly scurry back behind all of that, and get all bug-eyed and “how can you say such a thing” when you call them out on it.

          I refuse to engage them on their terms. An enigmatic smirk works well for me, as it works for the Sandman.

  19. I don’t know which is worse. The Russiagate scandal is really just a coup against an elected president conducted by a criminal cartel of high ranking Obama Administration officials, senior DOJ/FBI/CIA bureaucrats, and aided by members of Congress in both parties. And the MSM isn’t just a pack of loons being incompetent. Rather, they are full-fledged co-conspirators in the coup and know exactly what they are doing, which is lie with malicious intent. Both are a scourge and cancer on a healthy society.

    • IMO it’s a mistake to think it’s driven by Obama plants, or even leftists. This is a classic inside – outside play. The deep state, ie the permanent bureaucracy is bipartisan, and driven by self interest. Their hatred of Trump most likely ramped up to white hot solely because he called them stupid incompetents.

      • The coup was the brainchild of closet Marxist John Brennan, who came up with this treachery after being challenged by Obama directly. Yes, the Deep State jumped onboard the coup train after it left the station, but it’s origin was in the Obama Whitehouse.

        • Not only that, but Brennan has operational experience with this exact scenario. In 2014 the CIA helped overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine by sowing the idea that the Russians had rigged the election and that Yanukovych was a Putin agent. Why was this done? Yanukovych ran on renegotiating trade deals with the EU, a general mistrust of the EU, and opposition to Obama.

          Now, Yanukovych is a toad, but if you’re Obama/Brenna, he was also a roadmap.

          The broad strokes are remarkably similar. Brennan stayed on after the election by joining CNN to use his “insider” credentials to advance the Russian-puppet narrative.

  20. “The truth is, the West is now ruled by a cult of primitives, who are incapable of dealing with the reality of the age.”

    Oh really? While the Booby largely agrees with your description of the left, sir, are they truly “incapable of dealing with the reality of the age.”?

    They’re winning, after all. Send your children to a public school and you’ll see. They’re winning. Send your children to a university. They’re winning. Go to a Hollywood movie. They’re winning. Watch your so-called “conservative” politicians prostrate themselves at the alter of political correctness. They’re winning. Watch the divorce courts rape you financially. They’re winning. See whose ideology is being enforced by the largest corporations and tech giants. They’re winning.

    The Booby wishes he was that incapable of dealing with the reality of the age.

    • Looking at the areas they dominate I’m not sure what they are winning. Definitely nothing recognizable.

      It’s more accurate to say that theirs is a mass hysteria phenomenon that is spreading.

      • Are gentile whites losing power and population?

        If the answer is “Yes,” and it most certainly is, then, yes, they are winning exactly what they want. How victory over gentile whites is achieved is of no importance, just that we lose.

        • If it’s all Jew conspiracy, which is what you’re implying, well they sure ain’t winning in the long term. The left always turns anti Semitic, which we are seeing happen in real time right now.

          • No conspiracy. The men in little hats aren’t convening in some star chamber to plan the downfall of gentile whites. However, it’s quite obvious that for a very long time, very powerful Jews have been working independently for the same goal, namely to make the West multi-culti because they believe its best for their people.

            It’s perfectly logical for Jews – a market dominant minority that sticks out like a sore thumb (mainly because they keep hitting that thumb with a hammer) that has had some pretty rough run-ins with gentile whites – to push multi-everything in the West.

            Why do people feel the need to attach conspiracy talk to something that is A) out in the open with massive amounts of in-your-face evidence and B) perfectly logical.

            Easy answer: To discredit anyone bringing up the subject and to make the subject go away.

            Regarding why Jews would push multi-culti Leftism when the Left tends to be anti-Semitic and non-whites also tend to be more anti-Semitic than whites?

            Reasonable questions. First, in case you haven’t noticed, everybody seems to be anti-Semitic, at least according to Jews. (Funny that.) Therefore, there is no “safe” side.

            You also might have noticed the right hasn’t always been the best buddy to Jews either. I suspect many (most) Jews still associate the right with Nazis. The left might get a bit unruly at times, but the right is better organized and can put us in trains. (Silly perhaps, but beliefs aren’t always rational.)

            Second, diaspora Jews have always been leftists. It’s what they’re use to. Also, Concentration of power works to their advantage. I suspect that they believe that they’re still safer in a country comprised of a motley collection of rival tribes, even tribes that are somewhat anti-Semitic, than a unified white ethno-state that could far more easily direct the entire government and population in a campaign against any minority group. And they’re probably right.

            It’s simple. What are the odds of Holocaust 2.0 in California vs Hungary? Even if the odds are 1 in 10 million that Jews could be systemically persecuted, even killed, in Hungary, they’re 1 in 100 million in California. Multi-culti wins.

          • No conspiracy. Just a mass movement / quasi-religion of comfortable rich brats who think they will build a utopia by whatever means necessary. Any Jewish person who joins the secular left or Marxism ceases to be Jewish for that very reason.

            The Booby wishes more Jewish people would stay true to their religion, instead of joining the fashionable new academic cult that so many spoiled brats of Christian families turned to.

            The left is and always has been a top-down imposition of ideology by the intelligentsia upon the people.

          • Maybe, but there sure are an odd number of lefty, multi-culti American Jews who fully support very unlefty, very un-multi-culti Israel.

            Rich gentile white kids fully believe all this non-sense. Many rich Jews see it as a tool, or, at best, something to play with in other people’s lands. If gentile white leftists acted like Jews, they’d be doing everything in their power to help Russia, Hungary, Poland and Salvini.

          • And that’s the rub. White people have NO solidarity. None whatsoever. If they did, then a lot of our problems would be solved in a stroke.

          • Jews just want America to be a merchant empire like Phoenicians, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and British were intermittently. Multiculturalism is just cover for a caste system, merchant empires are always caste systems. Without US naval trade route and financial infrastructure support, Israel is incapable of favorable international trade.

            Friction arises when the world hegemon is naturally a continental empire (France/Spain/Germany/United States), necessitating color revolution until said country is amenable to its unnatural role of merchant empire. Look where they put their money in Panama/Singapore/New Zealand, ideal bases for merchant city-states.

            Europeans err in thinking they ever had a choice about it. Drinking the kool-aid from day one. It’s just now that the juice is mandatory some of the serfs don’t like the flavor.

          • I used to work with an orthodox jew and got on with him very well. Politically, he was sold right-wing and chairman of his local Conservative Party association. Always had a signed photo of Margaret Thatcher on the wall behind his desk.

            I’ve kept in touch with him via FB. A few weeks back I was chatting with him through the IM system and he sounds even more red-pilled than I am. I asked him why he doesn’t speak out more, given that his minority status might carry some weight.

            He told me that it doesn’t carry any weight at all. Conservative jews face the same problem that conservative whites face, i.e. loss of job, doxxing, threats, deplatforming etc. So there’s that. The other problem is that if any jew speaks out against mass immigration, they are immediately accused of hypocrisy because, of course, their grandparents were immigrants too.

            The other thing he told me is that while American Jews skew very heavily left, British Jews actually skew majority right. He reckons about 70/30. I don’t know if that is accurate or not. But the leftie jews make all the noise while the right-wing jews just keep their mouths shut and their heads down.

          • The “British Right,” is a neoliberal, open borders, zionist party virtually identical to the american democrats.

          • “fashionable new academic cult that so many spoiled brats of Christian families turned to.”

            Frankfurt School is now fashionable NEW academic CHRISTIAN cult?

            Oh, the CHUTZPAH!

      • The courts, the schools, the universities, the political arena, the media, and the corporations.

        The Booby would say those are some pretty compelling areas they dominate. Barring an economic collapse, or the US suffering some kind of major military defeat, nothing’s going to jar the left from power now.

        Time to let this ship sink. Time to live life. Maybe in a different country.

        • If I was young and unencumbered, I would at the very least be looking at emigrating. Best to beat the rush. The only question is where? Australia and NZ look good but have two problems: Hard to get into and they seem afflicted with the same disease, i.e. you’re just delaying the problem.

          Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia seem to be waking up but, again, tough to get into and, of course, you’re talking about huge language and cultural barriers.

          But those are more questions for my kids. As for me, I think that I’ll stick it out here and do my best to take a few down with me.

          • Immigration is a young man’s game (IMO). To a certain extent, we made our bed, now we lie in it. Citizen is right. Where do we go? My thinking currently is some sort of internal exile/flight. Save your resources, congregate with fellow internal “refugees” if/when possible. Become a harder nut to crack. Hope for death before you and you loved ones are “poz’d”

          • Not just a young person’s game. Look at all the retirees who relocate to someplace cheaper and usually warmer, most frequently Latin America but sometimes Southeast Asia.

          • Really? You think disarmed, cucked, stiflingly PC, multi-culti NZ and Australia look good? You haven’t really been looking.

            If there are any bastions of freedom they’re in rural areas of the US. There’s nowhere left to run. Make your stand on your own ground.

          • I don’t know. Did look. Rural areas, at least everywhere I personally looked seemed to be overrun by meth users. Any suggestions?

          • I am not sure where you are looking but as someone living in a rural area I don’t see the stereotypical hordes of meth users. Certainly there are some around but the vast majority of people I live near are working and middle class whites mostly concerned with raising their family. Where we live property taxes are low, you never see the cops unless someone hits a deer and when you hear gunfire you look around curiously to see which neighbor is shooting instead of diving for cover.

          • That sums up where I live. The last gunfire I heard was the Deputy shooting the deer I had hit with the 18 hour owned car.

          • Went with a realtor to look at river side property. She had difficulty with the lock box. So we pulled up next door. The owners came out with their shovels… After a little back and forth checking, they shared some scary stories…

          • NZ and Australia are majorly Poz’d, but they’re also majorly white. Politics can be fixed. Demographics can’t.

            But, yes, they’re ridiculously cucked, so they only have a generation or so before they’re in a similar boat to ourselves. (Of course, they seem to be inviting in an over-class of Chinese and Indians instead of an under-class of Mexicans.)

          • The only reason the Left is winning is the Right became cucked when its economic system and “liberty” became its key values

            Its a defenseless because it has nothing to defend but money grubbing

            A proper Right Wing State is built around preservation of family, tradition and moral conduct with an understanding if human nature

            More importantly it is willing to use force to defend that.

            That is why porn for example was generally illegal even though its clearly protected speech as was homosexual conduct and adultery.

            You have to use force and a movement unwilling to do that deserves what it gets. The US believes in nothing and to quote Star Wars

            And such a society will probably be materially less well off than the money grubbing one, Oh well.

            As a last aside, its a terrible irony when Prince Charles despite his greeny views is far more Conservative and appreciates tradition than any single so called Conservative elected in the West

            I saw a special on his 70th birthday and he spoke of the value of tradition, why its done and why its the foundation of society and he lives it

            For all its failure points, that monarchy is hope as its actually conserving something

            To quote Star Wars of all things “If money is all that you love, then that’s what you’ll receive.” and a society can’t survive on money alone

            As such the USA richly deserves to end even as much as I wish I could fix it.

          • Sorry about the bad edit above. I get buck fever , err post fever and post before I read thoroughly sometimes.

        • A while back, I mentioned the attractiveness of emigration for young people. Several commenters here pointed out that the Eastern Europeans would be turning an increasingly jaundiced eye toward immigrants from western countries, fearful of importing cultural dry rot.

          They had a good point.

          • If I was them, I wouldn’t let us in. We’ve shown what we do in our own countries. Why let us do the same in their countries.

    • I think that the Cult of Primitives stuff (like the “White Privelege” oogabooga) is a real phenomenon, but that it’s cooked up for the left-wing NPCs and to give busy work to apparatchik “professors”–as well as hoping to trick some feeble-minded whites into self-hatred as a bonus.

      But I think that the people really running the show, like the SPLC guy who keeps a white genocide tracking chart on the wall, are very clear-eyed engineers of extermination.

  21. An acronym describing the behavior of people with borderline and narcissistic personality disorder is DARVO. It stands for deny any accusations, attack the accuser, and reverse victim and offender so the offender is now the victim. The entire left is a super-organism of borderline narcissistic personality disorders. There is no reasoning with them. All it will do is make you crazy. Don’t be crazy

    • The epilogue will be Mueller in front of a congressional committee giving vague answers. These answers will be the prologue to a new play: Mueller, the DOJ, members of congress, elements of the press, etc…all duped by Russia and the globalist right. All out to destroy our freedoms and our democracy.

      We will see a new round of deplatformings and to ratchet things up, dissident figures dragged up to Capitol Hill to be questioned and pilloried. Medieval mystery and morality plays. An election season to remember.

    • Yes, but how do you remove the Tick from Millions?
      What is the solution….I don’t think anyone can answer that.

  22. Need an investigation of the investigation. Wanna bet the Repubs don’t have the balls for it?

    • The Republicans were gelded decades ago. Just imagine someone or just a few with a little temerity to fight back with these crooks and loons.
      Ten elected Ann Coulter types would work miracles in our favor.

      • There’s a really old lawsuit from the 80s between the dnc and rnc over shenanigans in Bob Dorian’s re-election – with charges of racism and voter suppression. The weird thing is the suit was settled with a secret consent decree and shortly after that the republicans went full cuck.

        It’s almost like they agreed to lose gracefully and keep their cushy jobs instead of having whatever was discovered exposed.; or something.

    • Nunes claims to be sending over to the new AG a criminal referral on a number of people associated with this. There may be some misdirection going on with the Mueller report. The very serious problems in the FBI have to be addressed, but guys like Mueller would probably prefer it is done off camera. The report may be a road map for the AG to then quietly force plea deals on the various actors.

      • Zman:

        The Bonfire of Legitimacy continues apace.

        Their preference might be to do it off-camera, but doing it conspicuously on-camera might claw back some semblance of credibility for FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA/EIEIO agencies.

        Were this a serious country, with a serious ruling class, a public blood-sacrifice of some ruling-class miscreants would definitely happen, the only question being, “Who is the largest goat we will sacrifice? Wray? Brennan? Comey? Lynch? Obama?”

        I suspect our ruling class is too arrogant and lacks civic-mindedness to make the sacrifice of their own necessary to assuage the legacy population’s desire for legitimate governance. Sacrifices are what little people do for the betterment of billionaires and the ruling class..

        And I doubt Trump having the stones or persistence to drive it through. The congressional GOP likely won’t make noise, outside of Nunes.

        “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation,” but legitimacy can run out before the economy crashes and thus not be a product of the economic crash, but the economic crash is a product of the crash of the ruling class’s legitimacy.

        • I wonder if the ruling class calls for a draft for one of their wars, how many little people would still be willing to sacrifice for them.

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