Failure Analysis

For a time, it looked as if the “yellow vests” revolt was going to shakeup French politics by legitimizing populist issues. The protests were mainly focused on economic issues, but those issues are the sorts of things that highlight the divide between the cosmopolitan ruling class and the general public. That is the heart of the great political divide in the current age. The ruling class and its supporters are living a fantasy life paid for in a million small ways by the unorganized and ignored masses making up the general public.

That’s really what the yellow vest protesters were about initially. As is always the case with revolts, what got them in the streets were the little things, but those little things were symbolic of the bigger problem. The yellow vest originated from the nutty law that requires all French drivers to keep a yellow safety vest in their car. Whether or not having such a thing is a good idea is not really the point. It is the symbol of elite attitudes that result in the proliferation of thousands of such laws.

Half a year on now and it looks like the yellow vest revolt has followed the same arc as all previous efforts to oppose the prevailing order. In France the protest culture is a part of the political system. It’s not just a left-wing phenomenon, like it is in America. It’s how the political factions rally support and press their case to the public. A populist movement joining the system offered some hope that a genuine alternative could emerge. Instead, it appears that the establishment has found a way to corrupt and de-legitimize it.

Now, Scott McConnell is a yesterday man, stubbornly attached to a politics of a bygone era, but what he describes should be familiar to anyone who has followed dissident politics. What made the Gilets Jaunes initially effective was their authenticity. They were just regular people expressing their complaints the only way available to them. The fact that they had to go into the streets underscored their legitimacy. These were not the sort who engaged in protest. They voted and wrote letters to the editor.

The Gilets Jaunes are like the Tea Party movement in America. What made the Tea Party work initially was the fact it was organized by normal people, not political professionals with hidden agendas. Like the Tea Party, this ordinariness, and the lack of organizational structure, made the Gilets Jaunes vulnerable. At some point, the French equivalent of Antifa showed up to start smashing things. Muslim groups joined into the attack Jews on camera. In Paris, Gilets Jaunes is now just a weekly bit of anarchy.

Something similar happened with the Tea Party in America. Instead of radical leftists, it was political barnacles like the R Street crowd. These are the political shape-shifters, who always turn up in conservative circles. Their job is to co-opt and neuter anything resembling a legitimate challenge to the people in power. In the case of the Tea Party, they jumped in, wrestled control of the name and many of the organizations away from the grass roots and turned the whole thing into cover for the GOP establishment.

A common theme to all of these failed opposition movements is the decision to engage in the established political system. Once they connect to the system, the system releases a virus that either assimilates the new group, turning it into a feature of the system, or kills off the threat. The former case is a universal in life. When the king recognizes a threat to his rule, the first move is to buy off the threat. Offering him a position in the system, in exchange for him adding his legitimacy to the king and his ruling order.

The latter is the one that is most puzzling, as it suggests legitimate opposition lacks the right antibodies to function in a modern liberal democracy. A recent example in America was the alt-right. When it was a humorous on-line enterprise, operating outside the political system, it was effective at introducing paleocon ideas into the flow of social media. Those memes making sport of ruling class piety were highly effective. The alt-right operated like a highly diffuse guerrilla movement, using mockery and satire to undermine order.

Then Richard Spencer started imagining himself as the leader of a vanguard and started to stage protests and go on speaking tours. The shift from underground guerrilla movement to above ground political activism was a disaster. Quickly, Spencer became David Duke 2.0, which gave the Left cover to send in their street mobs. Woke capital joined in and the entire dissident scene was subjected to an ongoing pogrom that persists to this day. The alt-right exploded and has followed the Tea Party into the dustbin.

Decades ago, Sam Francis observed that the Buckley brand of conservatism was bound to fail, because it sought to engage in politics on Progressive terms. By engaging in conventional politics, Buckley was legitimizing not only the rules of the game, but the roles for the participants as created by the Left. Since the Left controlled the institutions, they would always set the rules so they would win and the Buckleyites would lose. That is, of course, exactly how things unfolded. Conservatism was a failure.

Something similar happened with the Tea Party, the alt-right and now the Gilets Jaunes in France. By trying to play by the rules, they legitimize that which they claim to oppose, at least at a meta-political level. It also removes from them the one weapon all outsider movements possess. That is the willingness to break the rules. The flipping over of tables inside the temple is how these movements gain attention and attract followers. To then be seen putting the tables back and sitting behind them robs the movement of energy.

Something else seems to be at work. These movements all suffered from poor leadership and poor organization. The first Tea Party folks were honest, energetic, but wildly naive about the reality of political organization. The alt-right figures that rose up in 2015 were good at getting attention, but incapable of building organizations. Richard Spencer is media savvy, but you would not put him in charge of anything. The Gilets Jaunes appears to also lack capable leadership, which is why they have been taken over by the Left.

What this suggests is that any legitimate opposition must first insulate itself from the political system. Its guerrilla phase cannot be where they start, but where the end, in order to function as a subversive subculture in opposition to the prevailing order. The Vietcong and the Khmer Rouge did not fully come out of the shadows until the prevailing order was collapsing. It was at that point they rushed into fill the void. If there is to be a legitimate opposition in the West, it is going to operate in the shadows.

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  1. A very interesting post! Reading the comments, I recommend to the commentators the writings of Matt Bracken. His “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” trilogy deals with similar issues.

    I spent the last 4 years working in the political field with the purpose of defending the American values of freedom and liberty. The problem with working in the system is that very few people inside the system are interested in defending American values.

    What I’m focusing on now is creating a culture of liberty. We are in a cultural battle.

    To me, this means building community locally and that’s what my blog is about.

  2. Didn’t some populist group (anti immigration and anti climate change hysteria) come out of no where to win a bunch of seats in a Dutch election? Stuff like that just keeps happening. It certainly seems all across the West, outside of big cities, the ruling class has no credibility.

    And my gosh — listening to the comments of Rahm and Axe in Chicago, it’s obvious those two are scared that some of the gentry liberals have had enough — those two are smart enough to realize you can’t do stuff like like the DA did out in the open. Ruling class is running a bit scared.

  3. To succeed, every movement must have firm realistic goals. What we want. Only after that, grass root activists can use their creativity to figure out what when where and how. Brexit and Yellow Vest failing because what they really need, is mono ethnic white homeland and redistribution of wealth. But “we won the Nazis” and “capitalism” remain dogmas and 1% of hostile Elite own all wealth and bringing in new people. America also can be great only when it is white and until this taboo is not broken, there is nothing Trump or anybody else can do. Trump will build his wall, next president takes it down and that`s it. We call it a “Nazi Trap”

  4. Our group has some simple suggestions for small scale private organization.

    First, seek to join forces and collaborate. But to do that requires some forethought. We recommend establishing a creed, discipline and bylaws primarily to identify your goals but also to contain your structure and procedures. It will also help in both preventing infiltration and acquiring new members. Hypothetically, members could be nominated and require approval by all other members.

    The creed can help to prevent infiltration and other shenanigans by containing certain precepts. For example, you might prohibit violence or deceptive tactics. That alone won’t prevent problems but does remove the carrot. The creed might also emulate that of church denominations in some respects, if that suits your demographic situation or personal faith.

    Be sure to enshrine within the creed your original beliefs, philosophy and ultimate control of the group as a bulwark against its destruction or dissolution.

    Lastly, what are your goals? You may choose an ultimate goal or some lesser goal. But choosing the right goal(s) at the start is critical if possible. Hypothetically, you might seek to restructure the entertainment and news media. You might perceive that it no longer serves the public interests and constitutes a trust requiring trust-busting. But that goal is rather lofty. Do you instead seek a lesser goal that would set us on a path toward the larger goal?

    Hypothetically, boycott the media.

  5. The yellow vests didn’t want less government or more freedom. They wanted a bigger cut of the loot. It was to remind the government that natural born Frenchmen still own the place.

    Democratic politics is about buying people off. Show me where a man gets his money, and I’ll generally know the tune to which he dances.

    Inflationist policies are the mortal enemy of the left. Inflation was created by God to keep these people in check over the long term.

  6. Everyone has family, friends and acquaintances who share ones political beliefs but go unremarked other than occasional grousing. Rather than mere talk, a Small Group can be organized informally for future action.

  7. Is there anything to be gained by you guys all joining the Democratic Party? I can see two possible benefits. First, you would have a party card to wave around and that might provide you with some protection (I stress, some). Secondly, you only vote for black and brown candidates as representatives. Never for any jews or white shitlibs.

  8. I think you’ve correctly framed the rise and fall of these movements, but your conclusion needs further work.

    You correctly observe that credibility is earned when it’s obviously being directed by no one but the man on the street, but then you suggest the answer is to have a hidden hand in place before hand to plan and direct the action.

    The American revolution was certianly planned to a point, and that there were very influential people involved from the start is not in dispute, but without heretofore unknown leaders who seized the moment, it may not, probably would not have succeeded.

    It seems to me that the longer a popular movement stews in backroom pots, the more sure it is it will be susceptible to the kind of corrupt influence you warn against.

  9. Outstanding post.

    I’ve been at this game for a while now and it depresses me just how little failure analysis is actually done.

    For example, what is it in Right Wing politics that makes it so easy for shape-shifters to exert their influence? In my view the biggest problem is the lack of a “purity test” which stops admission of clowns like Spencer. Being anti-Mainstream Left does not necessarily make a person Right Wing and a lot of the problems of the Right stem from a simple failure of self-definition. Spencer’s Right and my Right are two different things which are mutually incompatible. A “big tent” Right is one that’s going to be at each others throats and it will be one that will be both prone to co-option and self-destruction.

    A lot of the Right’s problems also stem from a lack of serious thinking. Francis, who had a good very good appreciation of the problem, seem to regard the only other thinkers of merit were Chambers and Burnham. Burnham seemed to have grasped the nature of modernity while Chambers understood that the core problem was spiritual not organisational.

    Chambers gets little mention these days because his analysis of the problem, much like Solzhenitsyn’s and Dostoevsky points to a solution which many of the “Right” find repugnant: i.e. religion. Too many on the Right while opposed to left wing secularism are quite happy with its “Right” variant. Notice that the Left aren’t so stupid, as soon as they take go control they go straight into attacking the “serious religions” of the West. Why do Christian cake bakers get bankrupted while clowns like Spencer remain in the public arena.

    Think about it.

    Let’s suppose we used Solzhenitsyn’s Christianity as a purity test. That automatically weeds out the Neocons, Natsocs, Libertarians, Rothbardians ,Randians, Pagans etc. Suddenly all the freaks are out and you’re immune to their corruption.

    Chambers famous evisceration of Ayn Rand i.e. Big Sister is Watching You, gets to the core of the problem.

  10. Patriots genuinely have to not only stop caring whether this country survives in its current form, but actively undermine it at every stress point that can be identified. It’ll be enough when white Americans turn from every civic duty imposed, avoid or minimize every tax levied, get in line for every government dollar offered, refuse to consume any new products, be as litigious as possible. Take everything, and give nothing. In short, take Nietschze’s advice – when something is falling, it should be pushed.

  11. I think this is an idea similar to what some of the regulars are talking about
    For the win. I remember something similar happening in Germany in 2017. The usual gobshites rocked up in the clown car to protest but it seems the locals have taken their vows of Omerta seriously. It’s inspiring, and tough going but you need to lather range repeat

  12. Slowly but surely, the artist formerly known as alt-right is realizing that neoreaction had it right all along.

    The time to mount a formal challenge to the system is when you already have a functioning alternative and enough power to capture the state. Nothing less will do.

  13. The Comfort First Imperative of our modern affluent society dictates that most folks will want to take the easy road to revolutionary change, which means talk-talk, vote-vote, pray for a messiah, and then get deeply disappointed while residing in the comfort of your living room. This will continue until the environment changes.

    A day will come when most everyone jumps on the gravy train and the onslaught finally brings down the house of cards. Then all hell will break loose and the strongest will most likely survive.

  14. Just to set the record straight, the Yellow Vest protest had nothing to do with wearing yellow safety vests, but everything to do with higher fuel prices, specifically diesel.

    The yellow safety vests have been required by European law in most EU countries for years. In the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident, you are not allowed to remain in your vehicle. Rather, everyone must put on a vest and stand on the other side of the barrier away from the car.

    For city dwellers who can take public transportation, the increase in diesel tax wasn’t an issue. But for people living in rural France, it was a very big deal since public transportation isn’t readily available – just like in many parts of America.

    Diesel prices have been going up by leaps and bounds across Europe. In Switzerland it’s now more expensive than petrol.

    But to be fair, the French are legendary for their protests. Years ago farmers protested McDonald’s fast food by dumping manure in the parking lots. Now they just queue up for their Big Macs like the rest of the world.

  15. Yes, but.

    The bigger problem is that “we” all, at some level, think that politics is a necessary evil rather than a saving truth, as the left believes.

    My line is that the Great Enrichment of the last 200 years has been utterly unexpected and unheralded (except by a Brit in 1685 that said that this manufacturing could make us 10 times richer). The Great Enrichment has proceeded in spite of everything.

    Enter the Great Reaction of the larger left that wants to return to the neo-slavery of socialism, or the neo-feudalism of the welfare state, or the neo-tribalism of identity politics — all themes deep in the “collective unconscious.”

  16. “What this suggests is that any legitimate opposition must first insulate itself from the political system.” Can anyone think of a way to do this that doesn’t involve bullets? Seriously. That’s why no one in Our Thing follows through on the logic of his position: Because if we’re right, it’s the end of the world. It’s 10,000:1 that the breakup of the United States ends in at least a “limited’ nuclear exchange somewhere in the world. Better the devil you know….

    • The idea would be to organize “affinity groups” on college campuses for conservative leaning (white) men. Perhaps confuse people by organizing it as a Greek life fraternity, but organize it as countercultural living versus the typical frat. Involvement in party politics would be discouraged, and members would exercise nepotis…err networking for each other in hostile corporate environments. It could also act as a credit union.

  17. I think this is right–you can’t take this head on or go on the streets and hope to win. It’s a guerrilla action for sure and it starts with the individual. I believe you have to hide in plain sight–that is, resist everyway you can short of being jailed or doxed. Structure your life to pay very low taxes (the tax system feeds the beast). There are many ways to do this. Open doors by speaking up around friends and community about the ridiculous stuff everyone is seeing but is afraid to comment on. Don’t support institutions that preach “tolerance/diversity” (which basically means they hate you); this includes most churchs, colleges, sports, museums, military and non profits. Work to keep your family from being indoctrinated–(I do this through a reward system) and leave them some resources when you go. Stay fit. Grow some of your own food. Don’t volunteer or encourage your sons to fight in Syria.

  18. Legitimate, or otherwise, opposition can succeed if they can produce a charismatic leader; a leader who can tap into the emotions of enough folks and move them to action. This action can be violent, at the voting booth or anything in between.
    I think this is one reason Trump has the support he does from ordinary folks. While I don’t think he can be considered “charismatic,” he certainly knows how to hit the right buttons of many ordinary folks.

    The Tea Party leadership was too diffuse and did not have a leader who really stood out of the maelstrom.
    I think this is also true of the Yellow Vests in France (but here I am just speculating.)

    It’s interesting that often really bad apples have leadership charisma; Lenin, Castro, Mussolini, Hitler, Chavez, to name a few.
    Not sure if it just appears to be the case because all those I mentioned were successful in taking power and of course, those that were not, well, nobody knows who they are.

    • This is true across the board in more than just politics: Sociopaths are often the leaders because they have the ability to make the choices that affect people’s lives, for good or ill, that most individuals simply cannot make. See The Gervais Principle:

      Specifically this bit:

      “With each new layer decoded, Sociopaths find transient meaning, but not enduring satisfaction.

      Much to their surprise, however, they find that in the unsatisfying meanings they uncover, lie the keys to power over others. In seeking to penetrate mediated experiences of reality, they unexpectedly find themselves mediating those very realities for others. They acquire agency in the broadest sense of the word. Losers and the Clueless delegate to them not mere specialist matters like heart surgery or car repair, but control over the meanings of their very lives. “

  19. The Vietcong is just an Americanism. No such entity existed. It was simply an umbrella term for South Vietnamese who were aligned more with the North than the US backed Southern State.

    Similarly, there isn’t any alt right or dissident movement per se, because to be formal entities worthy of such a designation they would need a hierarchy with reliably predictable information flows.

    Of course, the reason these things don’t exist is because all formal social entities must have either massive popular support or elite patronage. The right, dissident or not, can’t have either. Both because the right in large part rejects populism, not for unjust reasons by the way, but also because the oligarchy has no more use for it. The era of having a foil for the liberal progressive capitalist neoliberal multicultural dominant motif is now closing.

    What comes next is for the right to either find their way into the left as subversive or new identity interests, or to join the ranks of competing oligarchs’ forces in anticipation of new management. I caution against the latter unless you fetishize martyrdom.

  20. These movements all suffered from poor leadership and poor organization.

    They suffered from leadership and organisation.

    As long as the resistance is unorganised and leaderless, there’s nothing for the establishment to target, subvert, bribe or threaten. Once globohomo has a person, structure or an idea to attack, it’s all over.

    • Without organization, movements fizzle out, see: Gamergate. The video games industry has now consolidated, and SJWs are triumphant. They failed to build new development studios and media outlets.

      Alternative platforms are important, and it is something we don’t do well.

      • What was the secret organization in SA that ushered in the national party? Brothers-something Boermag? Maybe that would be good model.

        • Broderbund, a sort of Afrikaner version of the Masons, it was a network of businessmen and other elites that organized against the Anglo elite. The Boeremag was a small terrorist group in the 1990s, their main consequence was that the ANC was terrified of them and therefore dismantled the “commando system” where farmers protected each other.

    • They threw everything at Trump and he weathered the storm, albeit damaged and compromised. Maybe he will get a second wind? The american revolutionaries pulled it off. They were up against significant odds but they were crafty hehe.

      • I’ve sworn not to judge the God Emperor until his first term is up, but it increasingly looks like he has folded. The relentless hounding of his friends, family and business relations is what faces anyone sticking their head above the parapet.

        • He said the right things as a candidate, but ultimately he jettisoned the very people that dragged him over the finish line. And won’t defend his most ardent supporters. Now he’s hired the worst-of-the-worst swampies.

          • What we often tend to forget is that nobody believed He would win, not even Himself. So whatever He said, He did not expect to be pressed to deliver.

            One thing he conspicuously did not say, was that legal immigration must stop. A big red flag for anyone here in Euroland, where a gimmiegrant is a gimmiegrant, no matter the state of his paperwork. Promising to stop illegal immigration basically amounts to no promise at all, because illegal immigration is already illegal to begin with.

            And as Trump said – before he was elected – the wall would have a big, beautiful door. In other words: the wall is utterly irrelevant as long as you can just come to the US on a tourist visa, overstay long enough and get an amnesty. The wall is a political McGuffin, a colourful flag to distract people while you work your real agenda in the corridors.

            Mass migration is one of those things that is above national politics – this has long been obvious in Europe, and now we see that even the president of the United States of America does not have the power to protect his country.

            To repeat myself: he never expected to become POTUS, so he has to make it up as he go along, and the fact on the ground is, that you need some Swampies on board if you want shit done in Washington, and Trump is a pragmatic. There must be SOME Swampies that secretly don’t hate America, right?

            I still hope He’s got something up His sleeve, that He’s keeping His thunderbolts dry for 2020.

          • Because I’ve been wrong about him before.

            Here’s what I fear: I blaspheme against him now, and next year he’ll take a flamethrower to the FBI or Lock Her Up, and then I’ll have to eat crow from the Trumptards for Doubting Him.

  21. Having viewed the Tea Party rise and ultimate fade into oblivion combined with the Government in my lifetime allowing unfettered immigration both legal and illegal sadly tells me that nothing will change here in the USSA. To remain optimistic about the country changing for the better is not possible for me. From the overbearing overreaching Federal monstrosity all the way down to the State and Local progressive socialist Aholes the only alternative I see is to drop out. Affect Change? How? Dissident Right thinking is and has been under the constant barrage of leftist progressive idiots since we allowed ourselves to be overrun by non whites and gave single mommy types the vote. It never ends. Who am I to blow against the wind? Just a guy that sees no hope of things getting fixed. There are too many low IQ amoral pieces of S and progressive socialist ticks to make it a reality. It’s OK to be White. No one is equal. Too few of us have progressed to the adult stage of emotional intelligence let alone remain there.

    • Do what you can with what you have control over. Which is how you think, who you associate with, how you choose to treat them, and how you allow them to treat you. You do not have control over a lot of things, and you need to let them go. It is not a withdrawal from society, but instead a reordering of where you live, who you associate with, and on what levels you operate.

      I, for one, enjoy operating “behind enemy lines”, learning how they think, seeing what they do. It is a small-scale endorphin rush to witness the insanity firsthand, when they have no idea that I embody everything that they hate. It might get me strung up someday, but YOLO and all.

  22. We have a huge advantage right now. The Left is so delusional about the correctness of their cause, and the righteousness of their mission to eradicate the rest of us, they are blind to what the rest of us can see. That allows us to operate right under their noses, quietly and carefully. Do not fight the battles on their terms, fight them on ours. Prepare yourself in every way you can, and wait it out. There will likely be a time and place to proactively do something very important and meaningful. It will be at a time and place unknown to us, and we will act in a manner that will be improvised, but maybe foreseen, and hopefully prepared for. We do not get the luxury of choosing the time and manner of our fight. It’s more of a ju-jitsu thing, responding to the situation. We do not need leadership and banners and meetings. We need a frame of mind. The rest will take care of itself, eventually.

    • Dutch, as the poet said, “No man is an island…”. Not a proponent of protests, banners, and the like. But there needs to be “thought leaders” that communicate to the unwashed masses as they begin to get red pilled.

      You mention “frame of mind”, but that frame in my case has been extensively formed by folks like Z-man, sites like AmRen, and outspoken HBDers like Cochran and Jayman—don’t sell yourself short either. 😉

      Do not these folk form a defecto leadership?

  23. BEWARE the anarchist? What gives? Either fight and wipe out the establishment then cut off the heads of anyone who offers a post conflict solution for a minimum of ten years.

    • This is a good thing. Remember, you need to think like a dissident. Every failure of the state is a victory. It hands you a wedge that you can use to pry normies out of the matrix and into our thing.

      A black man staged a hate crime to incite racial hatred and got away without even a mark on his record. That’s a powerful kick in the face that you should be reminding your boomer friends about every day.

      • I know a lot of them are too delusional to ever get it but maybe now some of the CivNats will figure it out. The system is against us. And not just “us” on the dissident side. They hate the normies waiving around their pocket Constitutions, too.
        They could explain away some of the other things to themselves if they wanted to believe enough. As bad as the Kavanaugh hearings were, he was confirmed (barely). The deep state hit job? Oh look, Mueller said “no collusion” so it’s all good now. But how do you rationalize Juicy getting away with his hate fraud? You can’t. It’s too brazen.

    • No problem. The Jussie thing simply gives evidence to what we have been saying all along. It peels open the eyes of the normies to the reality of our age. Jussie strengthens our case enormously, with the people who need to learn what is really going on. The Chicago mob did us a favor.

      • Maybe.

        It will be interesting to watch what happens with Smollett’s lawyer since he’s now getting connected to the scheme they arrested Avenatti for.

        After the college entrance bribery scandal and now this Avenatti thing – I’m starting to wonder if somebody isn’t starting to roll up the lower end players to see what shakes out. Maybe somebody will roll.

        If we continue to see things coming out like what went down with Avenatti and the college bribery scandal – I’d say there’s a lower end house cleaning going on.

    • Actually looks like most people here were correct in predicting the Smollet outcome. Except me. I thought the PTB would use it as an opportunity to show the white public that the system is still fair, and punish Smollet properly.

      • Can’t wait until me make the jump to the big screen, gets an academy award and lays into YT.

        Standing ovation guaranteed.

  24. On the psychological front, detachment seems a useful focus. That is, detaching people from old pieties, civic nationalism, faith in the system, etc. The Zman works this beat!

    I think we’re making decent headway. I agree with the American Sun that “the dissident right is largely composed of white straight men who no longer have a loyalty to the state.” We need to make more of these detachees. For the online brigade, it basically just means relentlessly jeering and throwing contempt on the rotten establishment.

    Maybe then we can focus on re-attachment to more fulfilling things.

    • Exactly. Things go much better when you communicate the idea that you don’t give a crap. You don’t give a crap how it looks to others, you don’t give a crap whether it is socially acceptable, and you certainly don’t give a crap whether anybody’s feelings get hurt. And then you go from there. Encourage the idea that it is ok to laugh at someone when they say something really stupid, especially when they are seeking social virtue points with it. Mockery is a huge weapon.

      • It’s really quite simple. Here’s what I think – and occasionally say (in nicer words) when I see someone bashing whites: You’re not my people. Therefore, your opinion – your morality – doesn’t matter to me. I’m not crazy, so I know that I have to follow the rules so I don’t lose everything, but just know that I don’t give a shit what you think.

    • White men without loyalty to the state. I like it. Now, we just need a new story we can tell ourselves to win the moral war.

      • We overcame other tribes who wanted our people wiped from the Earth.

        How’s that for a moral story.

  25. Looking back, I can’t say I even remember what the specific goals of the Tea Party were. What precisely did they want?

    I think at bottom most of this is racial. The Tea Party were largely motivated by the fact that the Left/Jewish/LGBTQRXZUB40/Black/Brown/Muslim/Foreigner mob had won the presidency on the strength of promising to, ahem, ” change” everything in this country. The Tea Party liked to dress up in tricorn hats and old-timey Revolutionary outfits because they were basically signaling to the Obamablob, “WE are the real Americans!” Now of course, years later, the Obamablob has greatly increased in size and they put up posters of foreign Muslim women in Stars and Stripes hijabs in order to proclaim, “Now WE are the real Americans! LOL goyim, we stole your country and it’s OURS now!”

    Same thing with the Yellow Vests. What do they want? They want to be Frenchmen in France, not multicultural chits floating randomly in the Global Toilet Bowl.

    Imagine you bought a nice old house, built say back in the 1920s in a nice (meaning White) neighborhood. One day a zoning board official shows up and tells you that since other families have lived in your house in the past, that means your house is not really “yours”, it is actually a hotel, and therefore infinity Africans must come to live in it and share your daughter’s bedroom.

    Then you notice the same thing has happened to every house on your street.

    Then you notice that all the zoning board officers are Jewish.

    Then you start rummaging around in your car trunk to find that old yellow vest.

    • There’s a bunch of Africans holed up in your daughter’s bedroom – and the best thing you can find in your trunk is yellow vest?


  26. No revolutionary movement has ever succeeded without assistance from either a faction of credible elites or foreign help. If dissident antiglobalist forces are to gain power, they need the patronage of elites or foreigners.

  27. LOL.

    Now you’re finally figuring it out.

    The beatings will continue until the attitude improves.

  28. “When the king recognizes a threat to his rule, the first move is to buy off the threat. Offering him a position in the system, in exchange for him adding his legitimacy to the king and his ruling order.”

    Of all the examples that came to my mind on this point, the most vivid was (from “It’s a Wonderful Life”) when Mr. Potter offered George Bailey a three year contract, a big salary, and travel to New York and Europe, if he would just give up the Savings and Loan. You may recall George almost took it, until he came to his senses.

    We need to use that metaphor – the entrenched Ds and Rs are nothing but spiders, spinning their web. Those that clamor to be our so-called “leaders” and speak for us – men like Spencer and Goldberg and Kristol and Shapiro – WANT to take that deal. These losers are nothing but Potter’s Henchmen, and worthy of nothing but contempt.

  29. Our task is simple, yet monumental: Create a separate community within the overall society.

    You have to have your own group with its own rules, similar to the Amish, the Jews, Mormons and Muslims. Your group doesn’t accept the values and norms of other groups or even the larger society. You agree to work with other groups and the government for the sake of expediency, but you never view their rules and norms as equal to your own.

    Most importantly, you expel members of your own group who fail to adhere to your group’s rules and beliefs. This will be brutal. Children will be shunned. Marriages will end. But examples must be made. When Bob’s daughter gets knocked up by Ty’ron and has a low-end mulatto kid, the other girls must witness how horrible her life turns out. She is the warning and the hard lesson of reality. If Bob takes in his daughter and grandchild, every girl learns that she can get away with breaking the group’s rules.

    In addition, you don’t allow outsiders to enjoy the benefits of your community. If you have a nice (cheap) private school for your group, don’t allow other whites to send their kids there. At the moment, Good Whites get to live around us Bad Whites while attacking us. No more. Go live with the blacks and browns that you love so much.

    I’m fully aware of the seeming impossibility of this task, especially since the TPTB will do everything to stop us because they fully understand that if even 5% of whites banned together and openly created their own ethnic community, it’s over for them. They’re done. That small group of whites would attract many more whites once the stigma of white identity was lost.

    We need to stop waiting for the Big Collapse that may never come. (My guess is a slow decline toward South American crappiness.) It’s time to start doing the little things, the grunt work. Join business groups, community groups, church groups, etc. Look for people who agree with us. They’re out there. Start linking up in person.

    The other side seems impossibly strong at the moment, but, in the end, they’re fundamentally wrong about the world. They will fail, that’s a fact. Over time, their grip on power will loosen as that reality sets in. Operate in the shadows creating the links that we’ll need in the future. The other side will fail. The question is whether we’ll be able to step into that void to carve out a new world for our own people or whether we’ll be swept away by what comes after.

    • Actually we are educating each other here which is not as satisfying as some other options but its still a valuable thing to do.

      Once we figure out what the hell we need and want and get the need for working together to collective goals through our thick skulls we can figure out how to get it done.

    • This is a marathon, not a sprint. The problem is, that most of the people on our side of the divide are likeable and quite civil As soon as the masses start coming over (they will) then we are going to want to rid ourselves of those dorks. The Dissident Right is a very cool place to be but like everything cool, it will be ruined by the mainstream.

  30. “The latter is the one that is most puzzling, as it suggests legitimate opposition lacks the right antibodies to function in a modern liberal democracy.”

    Or a least in a liberal democracy where political parties, not voters, have the final say.

    A more direct democracy, similar to Switzerland, gives voters more say. You can be a lefty but still vote to support gun rights, or you can be a righty but still vote to support some labour bill.

    Americans have been told for so long that their system is the greatest in the world, they actually believe it, and are incapable of demanding better: Two nearly identical parties that serve only the political, military, and economic elites. Yeah, great.

    • Direct Democracy is suicide. Its get you gun grabbing from the cities, weed everywhere and when the elite don’t like something say a ban on gay marriage, they overturn it anyway.

      What you want is power and the will to use it. The only thing that can fix the West is an interregnum , 20-40 years of authoritarian Right wing rule with economic nationalism, social conservatism and repatriation of foreigners

      If we can get that and are willing and/or able to come down like a hammer on anyone subverting or causing trouble, we can have the society we want.

      That said imperial states all end up like ours, the only thing unusual is the speed of its implosion and for all that we could just as well be Rome only in double four time.

    • Its stupid to accommodate other views that deviate greatly from the core.

      Booby, do you really want the kind of people who put Cortez , Omar or the like having any say in politics that effect you? I’ll note that gun control was pushed by the Irish because they don’t trust themselves with guns

      Should someone of a different faith and different ethos have power over you ?

      No one wants to hear this but everything you’ve been taught about the social order is nearly the opposite of true. A mostly closed, homogeneous , moral culture , restricting women’s rights to some degree with large families so long as they pay attention to the outside be in the world but no of it if you will , is much stronger than any modern construction simply because unlike in modernity, people in your society will have children

      Simply put, Afghanistan has 4 kids per family despite its poverty and we’ll assume 3 achieve reproduction. Modernity has at most 1.8 and of those 1.7 achieve reproduction

      Whose going to be around for the future?

      Its the problem with the Dissident Right, its not radical enough to stand for anything other than toned down leftism .

      Maybe it shouldn’t. this kind of talk won’t attract normies but its still true regardless of it being nice.

  31. I think all we can do is set up little societies outside the mainstream, home school where possible, network to help each other out jobs wise, deny zog as much of our money as possible, and wait for the day when actual resistance is possible. I expect very little tangible progress in my lifetime.

    • Yep, this will be a very long fight. Our gains will be slow. I don’t expect to see what I envision in my lifetime, but I do hope to see some of us on the right path before I die.

      Whites are the most talented people on this planet. If even 5% of us wake up and move toward creating our own world, it’ll happen. I have no doubt.

    • “wait for the day when actual resistance is possible”

      Math is a pretty stern schoolmaster, and math is not exactly on our side.

      • You know Donald Rumsfeld got widely mocked for his ‘known unknowns and unknown unknowns’ but essentially he was just paraphrasing thucydides and his imponderables. Take comfort in the fact that the future is not predictable

      • “Math is a pretty stern schoolmaster, and math is not exactly on our side.”

        Jussie Smollet – ” ALL charges dropped.” The “Law” is not on our side either. The country is in an un-controlled high-speed death dive. Prepare accordingly.

        • It is time to have the Chicago public schools be renamed after this justly famed Civil Rights Activist Jussie Smollet: JSPS 1, JSPS 2,…!

        • I’m not surprised at all by that. I was expecting at most a misdemeanor since no one was arrested on the Right

          Anyone supporting the narrative is immune to consequences from the State since he’s doing their work for them

          Its a twisted sort of categorical immunity

          It behooves the Right to stop thinking in terms of individualism which is a left wing value and in terms of group tradition . In fact the greatest weakness the right has is a crippling fear of group identity action and consequences

          We should be thinking in terms of using power, collective punishment and institutional control not rugged individualism

          Its not about you or me, its about restoring our public traditions those of White Right America and the Dissident Right when it figures that out will be able to get a hell of a lot stronger

          Otherwise its a temper tantrum of leave me alone which wastes everyone’s time.

          Rule or be Ruled

    • A big part of this is relocation to white dominated areas. Things are going to get worse. Make ourselves a harder target.

      Live more simply. Produce less consume less.

      The best way to deal with the JQ is to do so tangentially: when possible vote and/or support browns and blacks for administrative positions. All of the problems the Js are now facing in the DNC and the Splc are thanks to the Muds. Letting them admin complex organizations is a form of monkey wrenching.

      Zman’s take on reparations is also a form of monkey wrenching the narrative as is YangGang. Find other ways to “give them what they want”.

      Business Cards you can leave here and there that open the eyes of our brethren while unnerving our enemies indirectly. In the vein of “It’s OK to be White”.

      IRL bowling groups. I mean that literally. Find like minded people and get together when you can. Engage in normal activities. Once you have a circle find other similar groups.

      Lots of community groups like the Rotarians, Elks, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, VFWs are full of guys in their 70s.

      A network of our guys just going about the normal activities in these groups, while just tacking things a bit at a time in our direction can have enormous payoffs.

      Lots of these organizations have buildings and financial resources, not to mention a communication network.

      Communities like the ZBlog, TRS, Amren, Scanza are great. But it’s time to put on a silly hat and take a silly oath.

  32. I’m kind of lost. Exactly how can we operate an extra-political guerrilla organization in America? Do we create Flash Mobs that appear when leftist politicians speak to physically disrupt them? Or storm SPLC and ACLU offices and trash them?

    If holding a march or having a rally is working within the political arena, which it it, then something way more “in your face” needs to be done. How?

    • I’m opposed to all public activism. The people we need to convince, generally hate public activism.

      • Protests are nothing more than an appeal to a higher power to fix something you find objectionable.

        If you assume the higher power is doing what they’re doing ON PURPOSE – then the inevitable conclusion is: protest itself is completely pointless.

        Figure out where you are contributing to those million small ways that support the elite – and STOP DOING THAT.

        It’s pointless to protest if you’re unwilling to take concrete action to defund first.

        • Protests are nothing more than an appeal to a higher power to fix something you find objectionable.

          Worse: it’s an appeal to your enemies for mercy, a plea for special treatment.

          • Exactly.

            In either case – it’s pointless and a waste of time and energy.

            Instead of spending your time waving signs – spend it going around town putting up “It’s OK To Be White” signs in strategic locations.

            For time invested the return will be a lot better.

        • The trick is to convince older Boomer and GenX conservatives that you cannot reconcile your beliefs with consumer culture. This is a hard sell, even when NFL players defamed their cherished ideals they didn’t stop renewing season tickets.

          • In the same visage, the average conservative must be told that Israelis don’t need your help, Afrikaners do.

            I dream of the day that Afriforum wields more power than AIPAC.

          • Boomers are hopeless. They have been programmed by mass culture from cradle to grave and are simply incapable of thinking outside of their programmed limits of thought. When the broadcasting towers and cable distribution boxes finally get destroyed, you will see them wander out into the streets in a daze, unable to reconcile this thing called Reality with the narrative that has been pumped into them for decades.

          • I can’t agree that Boomers are a Lost Cause. I am a Boomer – born in 1951. I went along with all the usual crackpot ideas for a long time.
            Then, 9/11 happened. It was a crack in the Matrix that allowed dissident thoughts to have an entry point.
            At some point, I learned to be discreet. I stopped trying to pass on all that I had learned (sometimes, in 1 sitting). I starting asking questions, to get a sense of what the Hot Buttons of the person I was talking to were.
            I stopped trying to be Jefferson or Paine or Henry, and started emulating Sam Adams. You need to read about him; his quiet congeniality and ability to make friends was probably more influential on the outcome of the American Revolution than all the speeches, books, and other noisy stuff.
            Listen, and learn. Get a sense of how much you can depend on that guy for assistance, and how that help might move along his own thinking process. It takes time, but is probably one of the more important things we can do.
            How do you think AOC and her crew got so far? At least a little part of it was people who listened to them and guided them, and nurtured their sense of estrangement from the Dem leadership. Nancy hasn’t done herself and the leadership any favors by disrespecting the Young Turks. Pelosi is a power-hungry fool who will likely cause those who have chafed under her heavy-handed leadership to coalesce into a viable power center.

          • I like your pen name , but you’re as dumb as a box of rocks on this post.. have you a clue as to how many dissident boomers live here?

          • “Dissident” boomers who haven’t cut the cord, canceled their subscription to National Review, who vote for cucks since they’re better than the socialists…If you’re old enough to be able to remember a white America, you’re miles away from the rest of us who had to grow up fighting the poz from grade school

          • You don’t know Boomers like me then. I was reading about how all this shit was going to happen back in the early 1970’s and everyone I told thought i was crazy. i have been prepping for this moment in time all my life.
            And today, i know many other Boomers who feel the same as me. So, don’t be knocking Boomers around just because of a few you know. You are liable to find yourself with some very deep shaving “nicks”.

          • Chet, appreciate the sentiment but boomers are too old. I’m too old truth be told and I’m several Generations down from you. Revolution As It Ever Was is a young man’s game

          • Such generalizations as “Boomers are hopeless…” are ignorant and destructive. They are as meaningless as saying “all millenials” or “all Gen X”, etc. If you don’t want to just be another bug splattered on a windshield you need to find and bond with like minded people. They will be found in every generation. Then you need to persuade those who have bought into the destructive milieu and you will never do that by leading with insult.

        • Have to disagree. I think it encourages the newbies and recently red-pilled to know that they’re not alone. That other folks think as they do. That there’s hope and they’re not alone.

        • Now that my friend is sage advice.

          let me offer Hoagie a concrete example of something anyone can do. Cut back on the propaganda streams into your house.

          Cancel cable and Netflix and Hulu , Amazon and all the other distraction agitprop services you are paying for That’s the easiest baby step you can take and if you can’t even do that, you are not ready to do anything

          Once that becomes second nature , learn live a simple life, spend less, do more.

          No new cars, no fancy trips to destinations, buy only what you need and repair, patch and reuse. Learn to cut your own hair, cook your own fod, garden and when you do buy, if in any way possible buy from fellow dissidents.

          If you want an example of an actual Dissident doing this, go to Thulean Prespective on sigh You Tube

          Varg Virkireness tried direct action, burned churches , went all Hail Satan killed a guy whio may or may not have had it cominmg , escaped prison as a murderer , stockpiled arms, hung out with Nazis and of course got stomped

          Right now the State as sick as it is, is still far too strong, willing to spend itself into penury on security

          More importantly the Right far to disorganized and without goals to take it out by elections or any other rmeans

          Varg learned that to his chagrin

          Now he lives a very modest life off his music, Burzum which BTW is a great band, books on Nordic stuff , I guess since since belives that its theology , and Role Palying Game writing

          He lives very modestly in the country with 5 homeschooled, well educated White kids

          He produces less, spends less, gives the State less, and does more.

          We all did this, city or country and the US would fall into ruin in six months .

          We won’t obviously but as indviduals we can live a simpler life, aid only our fellows and in so doing as Micheal Greer put it “Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush”

          Anyway the generral consenus I am hearing is the US has till the mid 2030’s before boom anyway or may maybe 5-10 after Trump so any actions before than are futile other than preparing, voting and cutting back.

          And yeah vote, its probably TINVOWOOT country but one never knows

          We can still make small changes and occasionally big ones, C.F President Trump but the time is not right.

          It is right t simplify though., always

          • The problem with this scenario is that TPTB depend and support those that op in, and though you think you are sticking it to the man, you are still playing by his rules in a negative sort of manner.

          • Its a heavily connected world and you can’t opt out of eating and having somewhere to live.

            Doing less, hell taking a job that pays less is of benefit to the system .

            The Dissident Right is not ready or developed enough to take on the system in a direct manner

            While an alliance between say the Militia Right and the Dissident Right is plausible , until there is a common goal, a good sense of organization and a willingness to take power by force and use it for a interregnum , its futile

            Since no one is ready to take power, its stupid to try.

            Cutting back participation is doable , won’t get you under the eye of Sauron and hurts the consumerist foundation the Cathedral uses to rule.

            A wealthy society is the strongest tool for legitimacy of the current elite. Cut that down and the natural tendencies of the system to destroy itself will be sped up at no money or body cost to anyone.

        • I think there are some things that could be done here. The Left has, for example, their departments of political science in universities. At this point basically any such department is little more than an avatar of the Left wearing an academic robe. Fortunately, most of this “science” is also pretty unscientific, based on anecdotes, faulty logic, and dogma. There’s nothing stopping us from forming political study groups though. The purpose here is NOT to persuade or “organize” by gaining the attention of the media. Those are all the methods of the Left and appeal, as Carlsdad points out, to a “higher power”. A political study group as I’m describing would simply soberly analyze, using statistics, historical records, and perhaps even computer simulations*, the best way to disassemble this thing called modern feminized democracy. We should not let the corruption of the modern academy distract us from the fact that methodical study of physical and human nature built the modern world against the established forces of the Age of Faith. We are entering a new Age of Faith. It isn’t Christian dogma this time but a new secular eschatology just as hostile to understanding reality. We may think we have all our Red Pills but we can certainly develop more just as medical science didn’t stop with penicillin.

          What my own informal study of history tells me is that most revolutions succeed when the existing society is more or less completely rotted out and discredited and not through some sort of pitched battle with a front and armed men on both sides. There will be battles like that but the whole thing doesn’t start with that. By the time bullets are flying the society has already crumbled and the only thing in question is which faction(s) will gain control.

          Ridicule, counter-studies, memetics, and the spread of knowledge (such as HBD, female nature, evo-psych) all help to eat more holes in the foundations of the Cathedral.

          * I mention computer methods because one of the strengths of our side is the over-representation of computer science and math expertise. There’s the stereotype of the autism spectrum computer nerd right winger for a reason. Every successful movement must play to its strengths. That’s seems a banal statement but it’s so often ignored in politics. Media centric mass rallies are a strength of the Left, not us. This is where guys like Spencer went wrong.

    • We don’t need “in your face” protests. First, the media will always – always – make us look like the bad guys. Second, the people that we want aren’t fans of protests.

      Marching through the streets is not in the shadows. Finding whites who agree with us and getting together with them via business, church, community and political groups is the right route. Also, if you want to be subversive, push back rhetorically (not physically) when whites are attacked. Mock the use of the word racist. Mock their whole stupid “reality” in front of other whites. Let them know that there are others out there.

      We don’t need to protest their world; we need to create a separate world and ignore them.

      • I agree, forget protests. Standing on a street corner in a group all holding signs and shrieking is unappealing to most normal people. I focus on talking to normiecon friends and point out that we’re finished when Texas and Florida flip blue, which leads to the immigration issue, then to identity politics. They hate identity politics, but are surprised at my opinion that we have to play it or lose. This has been suprisingly effective. Although sometimes they’ll push back with the Charlie Kirk-tier “minorities are going to vote Repub” strategy, which is easy to mock and ridicule.

      • “We don’t need to protest their world; we need to create a separate world and ignore them.”

        This is it. My one fear is that they won’t allow us to turn over power and simply be left alone to carry on the ordinary human tradition.

        In 1951, a random flyover of a Soviet aircraft discovered an “undocumented” community of ancient Christian believers in the heart of the Siberian forest. They weren’t political and they had lived there for several years; asking nothing from anyone.

        Well, so much for the community after the flyover; they were raided, put in order, and dispersed in the Soviet manner.

        It’s not 1951 anymore. I don’t think that anyone will ever leave us alone. And the Soviet manner and the encroaching USA manner don’t look different at all.

    • You randomly put up a “It’s OK to be White” poster somewhere in your local area that you know will be seen by local lefties and therefore will drive them nuts. Then you walk away.

      If you don’t understand why this is a crucial thing to do – then you really need to start studying underground guerilla movements a little more closely.

      Alinsky is actually a good place to start reading.

      • Allinsky you magnificent bastard. I read your book

        If you think of the Dissident Right as palecons using Alinskyite tactics you would not be far from the truth.

    • They are shameless and arguments do not work but you can make them look ridiculous, so ridiculous that it will not be a laughing matter.

    • Doesn’t work unless our side is willing to do prison time. Look how the Mexicans ethnically cleanse their neighborhoods of blacks. They ask their local gang bangers to kill a few Trayvon’s and the rest get the message and move out. Sometimes the po po nab the perp and he does time. He accepts it. Same with 1% MC members, triads, etc.

      Now imagine if the Yellow vests targeted Macron’s banking and upper class supporters the same way.

      Repeat that with media personalities, legal agencies and local political operatives as well. Basically rip the guts out of the infrastructure that protect the elites.

      Or you can just cut off power to the cities and turn them into h**l holes. Just like what we are doing to Caracas.

      • It’s true. The elite is incredibly vulnerable. They control the choke points, but they are few in number. A small amount of street violence would shut them down.

        Look at how Muslims in Europe operate. They’re dumb as a box of rocks, but they are taking over whole neighborhoods. They don’t take on the police directly. They harass individuals, burn some cars and then retreat when the police arrive in large numbers, though they throw a few rocks here and there. Main point is that they win by being winning to commit violence and have some men willing to go to prison for the cause.

        It doesn’t take much. Unfortunately, it’s not really whites’ style of fighting.

        • We cannot just look at what our opponents are doing and start aping them expecting similar results. We have different strengths and weaknesses than they, and therefore same strategies don’t necessarily work for us.

          The Muslims are able to ethnically cleanse neighborhoods in Europe only because the establishment turns a blind eye to it. If the native Europeans behaved in the same fashion, they would be crushed by the state. I would guess it’s the same thing in America.

          The alt-right is an excellent example of what happens when you start adopting the strategies of your opponents in a cargo cult fashion. Since the loony left can use mass demonstrations to advance their causes, Spencer & Co. expected that they can just do the same thing.

          However, the lefties are greatly helped by the fact that both main stream media and local administrations in big cities are full of people who are sympathetic to their demands and make sure that their demonstrations are portrayed in a positive light. If the media and authorities are hostile to your cause, then you need truly massive numbers for demonstrations to be an effective tool, and at the moment the dissident right simply isn’t able to gather such large crowds. The alt-right didn’t understand this, and we all know the results.

          So the two obvious questions are 1) what are our biggest strengths? 2) what are the strategies that utilize those strengths in the most effective manner?

          • Excellent post.

            So the two obvious questions are 1) what are our biggest strengths? 2) what are the strategies that utilize those strengths in the most effective manner?

            1: The internet
            2: Telling the truth

          • 1) Brains; ability to work together; being under threat; the other side is fundamentally wrong about the way that world works; we’re right about the way the world works

            2) Form small groups in the real world, use the internet for larger campaigns; build networks that can be used in time

          • The internet is double edged. EVERYTHING we post is collectable and forms points of vulnerability. If you become a “person of interest”, how long is it before your internet, phone, banking, travel, shopping ALL are
            on a screen before the eyes of whoever was interested? Plus, can’t ignore the “security” cameras that are sprinkled everywhere along with facial recognition software that grows more powerful with every tweek of the coding and camera upgrade.
            Patriots on horseback riding to alert the countryside of the coming for our armory?
            I’m still waiting for a better idea. Any idea(s) that address the surveillance world we now live in.
            Even as I keep my horse well shod, my weapons at hand.

        • Its been noted that the White Right h/t Larry Corriea is either “obey the law or kill everyone.” whereas everyone else has violence as a dial going from throwing rocks to mass murder

          This can be a strength, it allows us to build complex social orders and we are quite good at mass murder as well but also a weakness as it allows for greater outrages and Whites can sometimes passively resist for far too long

  33. So you’re saying don’t be the vendee, be the Khmer Rouge. These are weird times. But I agree with you. I think the when the time comes to act it will be obvious. Now everyone should just prepare themselves intellectually spiritually emotionally materially because it’s going to be ugly when it comes

    • The way I like to think of it is this. One day, a white liberal will stand up at a company function and start in on the multicultural piety. The room will bust out laughing. At that point, everyone realizes the revolution has begun. That means a world of secret handshakes, knowing winks and get togethers that no one discusses. The flickers of this are there. I know of some campaigns in the last election that had a lot of /ourguys/ working in them. They did so in secret.

      That was the real disaster of the alt-right. Think about how many of /ourguys/ were run out of the media and politics, simply because they were associated with people like Spencer. When he turned himself into the stock Nazi in the Left’s narrative, he became toxic to everyone associated with him. When the Left can personalize your movement, they can destroy it by destroying the person.

      • One day, a white liberal will stand up at a company function and start in on the multicultural piety. The room will bust out laughing.

        A beautiful vision of liberation.

        Indeed, building up broad legitimacy for our thing and delegitimizing their thing is a main avenue, if not the only way, forward.

        One strange thing is that reality (HBD et cetera) is on our side, but that’s not a guarantee of success–indeed it may be an impediment. Tons of our guys have pointed out how their thing is like a religion. But of course, historically speaking, religions win. We have to find the religion in our thing.

        • I will say that even my girlfriends socialist leaning children caught on to the NPC meme. They were completely down with it, although it did not change their Bernie Bro voting thoughts it did eliminate the Beto and Occasional Cortex thoughts. These insulting memes are effective, and more thought needs to be put into them and they need to be put to use more frequently. The left managed to saturate the population with the thought that we are all racist, poor hating mouth breathers. We need to be able to do the same to them. Unfortunately I believe that serious discussion with these folks is completely ineffective. We need to beat the meme drum until it is embarrassing for them to admit they are leftists.

      • The problem is i don’t see the white corporate raiders leaving the meeting envisioned, and then starting to burn cars and erect barricades. I would like to see white advocate politician(s) arise in white working class bastion(s) of this country. The Appalachian , rust belt, south still has congressional districts where a white advocacy campaign might fly. Anti-opioid, pro-baby(fold this into prolife) anti-immigration. Of course our fantasy candidate would come under sustained attack, which might also play to our advantage. He would also have to be cagey (not nehlen) and i suspect that several candidates would get burned before several fought through onto the national stage. I would steer clear of (((conspiracy))) talk and focus upon the desperate plight of white working class; denouncing illegals in construction, white privilege poz. anti-man/boy propaganda and the pro-whore pro-promiscuity garbage fed our daughters. Avoid the source, it would suffice to name the symptoms initially.

        • Won’t work because your boy is playing by the rules.

          The moment he gets noticed by the local media and by extension the political parties, they will crush him and those who associate with him. Populists are anathema to our elites.

          And if that fails, they will just have him murdered. There are plenty of ex-cops and FBI agents who will do it for the right price.

          • You are too black-pilled man haha. My area is 95% white. I can get away with saying nigger in public using some minimal amount of discretion. I Estimate 50% of whites overtly racist. I guess my point try with the low hanging fruit and work out. The dissident right is very weak, but if it got behind 3-4 carefully selected populists it could have outsized influence. Gotta start somewhere. Maybe regard Nehlen as trial run with lessons learned.

          • Ask Sharyl Atkisson about that. During the time she was reporting on Obamacare, she was out walking her dogs one day and some guy came up to her, asked about her kids (by name) how they were doing in college (named the college) and implied the threat, “Wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, now, would we?”

      • A culture war is fought on moral ground. Whites fight with a genetic and cultural disadvantage (out-group empathy) compared with our ethnocentrically shameless competition, but we can overcome. We can learn to be “bad” citizens and eventually to be the best at it.

        When TDS was discussing the recent Beer Pong Shoah they mentioned that some kids simply refused to participate in the post “incident” shame-circle. That’s our “gotcha” moment, when people start saying “no” to the rituals of public shaming and just get on with their lives. Bless the Covington kid whose smile said more than 1000 of my words ever could.

        Leadership comes in its own time. The harder someone strives to lead, the less we should trust them. We’re striving for a mind-set first, not a movement. The Tea Party got that backwards and we ended up paying “Tea Party Patriots” Jenny Beth Martin $400k a year in $50 donations to sell us out.

        • White people are going the way of dinosaurs due to a universalist slave morality called The Platinum Rule. Bing it. The Rule is central to both the secular left and modern religious right. The difference in the interpretation of the Rule, by left and religious right, is the right employs qualifiers and exceptions based on the Word of Yahweh. Qualifiers and exceptions introduce complexity. The left’s interpretation is more consistent and easier to apply.

          The Platinum Rule is why you see leftists, post-Christchurch, wearing hijabs and assuming the position of submission, It is why religious conservatives strive mightily to disassociate themselves from the mosque killings by labeling it “evil.” Both sides, at some point in their psychology, believe they must care about the precious lives of invaders.

          Morality is dual, not universal. Once you care about the killings in Christchurch, for example, the enemy has you psychologically “over the barrel.” The proper way to think about it is to say, “I don’t care.” Imo, this needn’t be explained to people who want to kill you (white leftists and POCs). Tell them to f1^ke off. For religious whites taught to submit to Caesar and pray for death/resurrection, on the other hand, you can remind them of The Golden Rule and the concept of reciprocity. Should they claim your dual morality toward non-reciprocating invaders is barbaric, then remind them of those fake WMDs and several hundred thousands of dead Arabs for oil, a Greater Israel, the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem.

          I don’t care about the Christchurch killings because I’m pro-White. I care about self, family, clan, tribe, and my extended-tribe. I don’t want to needlessly kill other tribes in their nations, but I want them out of my nation. The third world presence in white nations is an act of war. Call it what you will, the mosque killings was a response to that war.

    • Be the remnant

      Get your own head straight FIRST.

      Then you will EASILY be able to reject false idols – and false leaders.

      By replies to this column it’s easy to tell some people are still very confused as to what this means.

    • And if the time isn’t obvious?
      Like the frog in a pan of water that gets heated slowly, the time to jump may not be obvious before it’s late. Very, very late.

        • But the analogy holds up if you include this little excerpt from Wikipedia

          “As part of advancing science, several experiments observing the reaction of frogs to slowly heated water took place in the 19th century. In 1869, while doing experiments searching for the location of the soul, German physiologist Friedrich Goltz demonstrated that a frog that has had its brain removed will remain in slowly heated water, but an intact frog attempted to escape the water when it reached 25 °C.”

  34. So what’s the prescription? Amren-like underground conferences in the local communities? Is all political engagement, even at the local level, simply out of scope?

    • Bloody hell.

      Did you read the column?

      Get your own mind right FIRST.

      ALL successful organizations start at the bottom. Stop the quixotic quest to find a new messiah to lead from above.

      It’s simply not going to happen. They will be bought out or Arkancided – every ….. single….. time.

      • So your answer is just more Jordanetics? *None* of what I said was about finding a new leader or searching for a messiah.

    • Amren is for nerds and utterly useless.

      You can organize locally, but it is has to be very low key, zero public profile and family based. Model it after the old French Resistance. Anything group or movement with a public profile will be monitored by the cops and local party officials.

      Remember the first rule of fight club, there is no fight club. Failure to follow that rule and you end up like the Rise Above Movement whose leaders are doing ten years in prison.

      Do not expect some outsider to rally Americans. It won’t be allowed. Look at what happened to Ross Perot both parties ganged up and destroyed him. He tried to form a 3rd party and the GOP wrecked it.

      • Where does one even start looking for fellow travelers, especially given the danger to one’s family and livelihood via doxxing?

        • Church, community, business, hobby and political groups. Watch their faces when some diversity bullshit story comes up. You’ll know. Whites are having a harder and harder time hiding their anger.

          Be careful. Take it slow. But they’re out there. Trust me.

          • that’s true but it’s like we’re all on the same path but at different mile markers and if you say the wrong thing to someone who hasn’t reached the gate that you’ve already passed it probably won’t go well. I don’t really have a solution here but I don’t want to burn down my life before it’s necessary

          • Yep. Be very careful. One reasonably safe way to ferret out people on our side or to just get people moving toward our side is to be anti anti-white. You don’t have to attack other groups or even show pride in being white. Just point out the unfairness of rhetoric and rules that specifically attack whites.

            Again, don’t be pro-white, just be anti anti-white.

          • We’ll be just as demonized for being anti anti white as you would be for being overtly pro-white. The nomenklatura is very attuned to responding to the merest blip of heresy.

          • IDK. Not in my experience. Anti-anti white signaling is definitely a mile marker that comes well down the road.

            Most white men I’ve met who are awakening are still beneath the warm blanket of their role as the anti-identity. It sucks but its familiar to them.

            For decades their whiteness has existed merely as an empty space in which other identities fill with negative attributes and dark grievances.

            It takes either time or sudden shock for the cocoon of white identity to butterfly. So until then I want no part of poking a white while still in the sleepwalk of ethnosuicide.

            Instead, I have found that it is better to start with the things that are proxy for – or generative to, white identity and culture.

            Eg Fatherhood, family, faith, health, fitness, skills, nature, old literature, esoteric hobbies etc. these are gateways in which the secret language can give way to truthspeak about our identity.

            Anti-Anything invites not just stumbles along the road to awakening but also a problem of framing that sets the wrong tone from the beginning.

            Whiteness doesn’t exist to fight anti-whiteness; we have a right to exist and to propagate our way if life, period.

            Like anti-feminism. Screw that. I reject feminism whole hog. I am pro nature and pro masculinity which means pro femininity by definition.

            Its not about a movement or ideological antidote to the manifold evil lies of feminism, but as a way of life, because it is right and true and healthy for me and those i love.

            In any case, i don’t mean to ant-f*ck your comment. Just my $2,000 yangbucks worth based on my experience.

          • Your comment was the second one tonight to refer to our compatriots as “fellow travelers”. That term “fellow travelers” is code for communists.

      • Screening out entryists will be important. There are certain shibboleths that the Deep State and it’s informants are not allowed to conceptualize. Info security is another screen to use. The same restrictions that the military uses for safeguarding classified information must be used (need to know, increasing classification levels, anyone with shitty finances is a threat). Anyone who doesn’t respect info security is an enemy (example: Richard Spencer, League of The South, Hunter Wallace…).

        I note that the Redpill test on the nature of women is a very reliable first test shibboleth to smoke out the entryists. The fake Russia dossier on President Trump fails Redpill 101.

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