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News brings word that Jared Taylor has been banned from the Schengen Zone, which is most of Europe, until 2021. He learned of this while traveling in Europe. He was leaving Zurich for Stockholm when he was detained by border authorities. He was planning to speak at the Scandza Forum in Sweden and the Awakening in Finland. Instead he will spend the night in the airport and then he will be deported. The reason for this was not given, but Jared suspects it has to do with his recent trip to Poland.

This is another example of the fact that the West is no longer a world bound by fixed rules objectively enforced. There are plenty of rules, for sure, but those rules are arbitrary and subject to the whims of the administrative state. In this case, someone in the Polish government had him banned from Europe. There has been no reason given, but the reason is obvious. Someone in the administrative state decided to score points with their coreligionists by pushing the right buttons on the screen to have Taylor banned.

That is the pattern we have seen with the de-platforming and doxxing over the last several years. The people responsible are not at the top. It is people in the bureaucracies of government, the tech oligopolies or the banks. For example, we know petty tyrants at Amazon are responsible for the rash of book banning there. It’s not Jeff Bezos or some C-level executive making these decisions. Instead it is people in the labyrinth of cubicles spread around the globe. It’s petty tyrants exercising their tiny bit of arbitrary power.

This is a phenomenon we see all over the West now. The massive bureaucracies that maintain the custodial state, most of which are outside the reach of democratic oversight, are filled with people having the disposition of meter maids. They not only delight in enforcing the smallest of rules, but they take pleasure seeing their victims suffer grave consequences from running afoul of those small rules. It’s this sadism that drives them to seek out new victims and torment them like cats playing with a mouse.

That’s what you see here. The Polish lunatics who got Taylor banned decided to make a study of him, in order to pick the right time to inflict the maximum pain. She saw that Taylor would be in Europe around this time and pushed through the ban so it created the maximum amount of inconvenience for him and the event organizers. She was probably hoping Taylor would be in Stockholm, so his deportation could be a made into a public spectacle. Again, these petty tyrants take pleasure in their work.

This is the reality of rule by childless females operating in massive bureaucracies free of responsibility. No one at the top in these organizations fears the wrath of voters or their representatives, so they are now immunized from all legal consequences. As a result, they have no reason to makes sure the people working in their fiefdoms follow the rules of decency, much less the laws of their host countries. If the bureaucrat, who banned Taylor, is found to have been wrong, nothing happens to her or her bosses.

For some reason, this reality, that there are no rules and that our enemies will never play fair, never sinks in with dissidents. Jared Taylor has given most of his adult life to this cause, which is why he gets treated this way by the rulers. The fact that he won’t just die makes them angry. At the same time though, he has to accept that he must play by an entirely different set of rules. There will never be a debate in the public space in which he gets to challenge the people in charge. It will never happen. It can never happen.

Consequently, he cannot be seen to be trying to create such a debate. When he went on Polish TV, it was like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Every girl power tyrant in the Polish government was seeing blood. The race was on to see who could land a hit on the man who dared challenge them. From the perspective of the people in charge, simply trying to speak in the public square, their public square, is enough of a provocation to justify whatever torments they can inflict on those who dare challenge them.

That should have been the lesson of Charlottesville. If that rally had been held in Utah, the Left would not have cared that much. If it had been organized in Texas, it may not have gained any attention at all. Holding it in a college town with deep connections to the Progressive cult, was viewed by the Left as an attack. From their point of view, they gave the organizers plenty of warnings. The fact that they persisted was proof that this threat had to be dealt with through any means necessary and that is exactly what has happened.

The reality of dissident politics is it must happen in the shadows. Anyone who argues otherwise is either too stupid or too dishonest to be trusted. The public space is off-limits to anything but the very narrowly approved discourse. To keep trying to get access to the public space is only giving our rulers license to crack down harder on anything that upsets the women in corporate HR. There’s no shaming these people. There can be no appeal to their humanity, as they have no soul. There is no reasoning with them.

That means working as an underground resistance that only sees the public space as a way to increase the cost to the rulers and guide the interested into a lengthy process of allying with and perhaps joining the resistance. The model is not interwar Germany, despite what people like Richard Spencer claim. The model is occupied France or Ireland under British rule. It’s not a battle for power or the public space. It’s an everyday fight to throw sand in the gears of the occupiers, to drive up the cost of occupation.

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  1. Zman always leads us to interesting considerations:

    Comparing the French WWII “resistance” to Christchurch

    The “resistance” never pretended that their actions were legal, they justified their killings (and tortures) of German soldiers and civilians morally, because their government tolerated and protected alien invaders occupying their country. And they are glorified for their “heroism” in every French village.

    If this is a correct view is not important here, what is important is that it is exactly the view of the Christchurch massaker.

    We cannot condemn Christchurch and glorify the “resistance” at the same time.

  2. I trained on the LAW shoulder fired missile in the 1970s. I always loved how I could lob the rockets into the target with practice. This Light Anti-Tank Weapon packed a punch. That was Vietnam era. So, the question is, when is some one going to point 10 or 20 of these at Google headquarters and reek havoc? I would never do this, but there are people who would. Hope not, but seems inevitable. Seems companies that don’t play fair will end up eventually attracting hellions.

    • Careful there dawg, don’t fed post. but you do raise a question in my mind. How well guarded are national guard and mining companies inventories?

  3. “The model is occupied France …”

    The idea that we should apply “French resistance” techniques is funny in several respects. Not only because the situation in WWII France had absolutely nothing in common with ours today and it shows how much we had been historically brainwashed.
    But also because it effectively recommends bloody terror pretending wanting to avoid it.

    1) France was invaded because the French declared war on Germany, not because the Germans wanted French living space, French jobs or welfare.

    2) The French resistance acted against international law, because France was defeated and had signed an armistice. Mudering German soldiers was as legal or morally justified as shooting GIs in post-war Germany.

    3) The French resistance was mainly a Jewish/communist/leftist movement. It is understandable that they resented the Germans.

    4) The same Jewish/communist/leftist movements a few decades later not only did not react against the invasion of Arabs and Africans, but, to the contrary, up to this very day are welcoming the invaders.

    Honi soit qui mal y pense.

  4. This happens all over the globe, particularly in countries that have bureaucracies that were put in place by Socialists and Communists. One great example of such a country is Brazil. For 12 years it was the most corrupt government in South America, during the reigns of Lula and Dilma.

    They set up requirements for import-export, social security, bank dealings, etc., that would make a Byzantine blush, they are so, well…byzantine.

  5. Another model for organization would be the early Christians in the Roman Empire or religious dissenters and heretical movements in the late medieval or early modern era.

  6. Deep down the left is sick. But on a surface level I don’t know how sinister it all is. Progs think if white power is stoked to anger and identity by “rabble rousers” like Taylor that we’re apt to start fire hosing negros and killing Jews. They want to squash it before we start getting any funny ideas again.

  7. My first thought on this is their Nihilism. I’ll read the other comments next but their cat-lady lives are literally meaningless and they know it. They want to die, but they want to kill us first.

    If I’m right, what is the angle of attack from the shadows? I think public scorn of their nihilism and personal-life impotence would inflict far more psychological damage.

    I’m talking about harming the psychological lives of these petty lefty types. I know you hate Shapiro, and rightly so. But his books on how to argue (to my knowledge, he’s written a book, article and an ebook, the last was quite good) on the subject. The very first thing you say to a leftist is the most impactful relevant thing you can think of. This gets you out of the defensive ascension you talk about often. “You think I’m a racist? I think you want me dead, so I’m defending myself. Your ‘racist’ claim means nothing.”

  8. When I was a young man, this sort of thing was called “fighting dirty” and was strongly disabused as unmanly and even cowardly. But that is the reality of the age in which we live. It is the current battlespace. How do you beat an amorphous anonymous bureaucracy that fights dirty? You hang them with their own rope. These people rise to power and then stay in office by buying votes with public money (mostly welfare). Let everyone stop working and jump on the dole. Let’s see how long it takes to bankrupt the idiocracry.

  9. This thing may not be so simple. Few years ago Jared was thrown out from Hungary too. Hungary is another country with successful nationalist movement. Maybe they know something what we don´t. ? Speech is definitely not a problem, Jared is very mild and uses more honest language than average Hungarian or Polish nationalist. And usually very noisy Polish nationalists are now very quiet for some weird reason.

  10. Next time you go to a government office building wear 3 pair of socks then remove 2 and make a big sack and stuff em full of tissue and make a giant ball and stuff up the toilets. No cameras in bathrooms. So many little ways to gum up the works. That’s like the most low key low risk stuff. Qwant search more easy stuff. If everyone sick of the liberal bureaucracy did it, it would make a difference over time and give you a sense of accomplishment.

  11. In my opinion the important thing is, when possible, to expose the people responsible for actions like these. Likely often it won’t be possible, perhaps it won’t be possible in this case, but the more of these that are exposed, the more it will be possible to identify and publicize the specific organizations and groups that are behind it all, and the more likely it t will be that they can be delegitimzed.

  12. Sorry to hear that about Jared Taylor. Really enjoy his YouTube presentations but then again guess that’s our problem. We’re just too damned nice.

    it’s funny how the left screams about Nazis. If we really were Nazis they wouldn’t fuk with us. And perhaps that what needs to happen. Once enough whites have had their lives destroyed by these little toadies and Karma visits their doorstep this will all end quickly.

    The left is a bunch of pussies.

    • Note that the muzzies kick our butts all the way around the block and back again, for any perceived sleight. Meanwhile, China ethnically cleanses the Muslims out of their system, in the most brutal fashion, and nobody from the muzzie side makes a peep about it. It all is indeed about power held and power wielded. I have no interest in picking any fights, that’s not a real good way to play this game right now, but I will not go down meekly. We will win when the other side is afraid to speak our name.

  13. Re: ” For example, we know petty tyrants at Amazon are responsible for the rash of book banning there. It’s not Jeff Bezos or some C-level executive making these decisions.”

    It is happening on his watch, and since Jeff Bezos has not taken a public stand against such corporate behavior, it may safely be assumed he agrees with it. That’s how it works when you own a company. The buck has to stop somewhere – and that “somewhere” is at Bezos’ desk.

    • Whoever you’re quoting, the person probably just means that CEOs are often psychopaths who don’t truly care about anything but themselves. If it’s good for them personally to go with the flow, they will. They neither hate nor love whitey.

  14. Also, misdirection and misinformation. Back in the 1980s, the British soccer hooligans were at the zenith. Each team had its own gang of hooligans (known as a “firm”) and each firm had its own boss (known as a “top boy”).

    The Sheffield United “Top Boy” was a guy known only as “Fletch”. But Fletch was an enigma, wrapped in a mystery. Nobody seemed to know his identity or what he looked like. He was only ever spoken about in hushed tones and he gave orders to the firm which they carried out e.g. be at this place place and this time and be prepared for a “ruck” (a fight). Fletch was the shadowy mastermind who ran everything.

    The cops spent God knows how many man-hours and God knows how much money trying to track down and apprehend Fletch but they never succeeded. The reason? Because Fletch didn’t actually exist. He never existed. They made him up.

    Ultimately, the soccer hooligans never achieved anything because they had no ambition to achieve anything and no aims beyond fighting with each other. Even so, a small group of mostly working-class young men ran the British authorities ragged for the best part of two decades.

  15. Why would one stage a rally in Utah to protest the renaming of a park and removal of a statue in Charlottesville?

    • The residents of Charlottesville and the surrounding county are 2-1 voting Dem. They did not welcome the presence of the rally, Jason Kessler was the only prominent local involved. If you need the presence of the National Guard to ensure security, you’ve already lost.

      The left is not content to “counter-protest”, the stated aims of the an-coms are that they are a “self-defense militia” to “do the job the police won’t”. What they want is for every member of a dissident movement to be either jailed or economically marginalized as to encourage others to quit.

      Protesting statue removal was a sideshow, no one has ever bothered a protest at DHS headquarters, or at a business known to hire illegals.

  16. I think Poland may have thrown Taylor to the wolves to garner some positive press in European capitols. The red-‘n white flag has come under withering attack for being a White-Supremicist nation. Tossing Jared, a noted figure in the alt-right, to Belgium’s censors costs Poland nothing, while it may prod the Eurocrats to give the trad-Nats in Warsaw a little breathing room.

  17. “It’s an everyday fight to throw sand in the gears of the occupiers, to drive up the cost of occupation.”

    Exactly. Of the three things one needs to wage war; Resurces; Means; Will, we must focus on destroying the reprobates will to fight. The best way to make bugmen cringe is to make the cost of waging war on us too high.

  18. “To keep trying to get access to the public space is only giving our rulers license to crack down harder on anything that upsets the women in corporate HR. There’s no shaming these people. There can be no appeal to their humanity, as they have no soul. There is no reasoning with them.”

    Or, instead of trying to unravel this ever growingly complex Gordian Knot we simply cut it Alexander style. Pain & Fear. Like the repeating parrot I say it again. These work EVERY single time. This will end in bloodshed, sooner or later, it has no other outcome on the present trajectory. I’m simply contemplating if the cucked whites will ever cultivate enough pain & gear to return the favor tenfold to their tormenters.

    I know many people that are ‘ready’ to go, like, tomorrow. Myself included. The problem is, unless you move en masse you will be made the harshest example out of. I already found this out once the very hard way re: SWAT team (as you mentioned). It was life altering in every way that something can be. So I sure as fuck won’t be ‘going first’ again. Let someone else find their balls or several someone elses…

  19. Terrible what they did to Mr. Taylor. Petty tyrants, indeed. I did not get the sentence about childless women doing this though. It very well could have been a Muslim bureaucrat with several children at home being watched by his burqa-clad slave. Anyhow. Totally agree the other side has no soul.

  20. This post brought to mind your podcast of Feb. 8, the part about “Learning from Failure,” at the 42 min. mark. That post had a big effect on me….I’d like to suggest that people re-listen. Some good lessons therein…
    1) there’s no going back…we are going to be a minority 2) there’s no winning in the current system, we can’t vote our way out 3) don’t engage the other side on their terms i.e. you can’t adhere to anti-racism and anti-semitism as the terms of engagement, and still root for your own team. 4) there no point in “conversation” with the other side. Don’t engage the progs on their platforms 5) don’t be a punching bag for the left, stop whining about prog hypocrisy and 6) the two goals for building an alternate culture and politics are a) encourage the people on our side and discourage the enemy…no more honorable loser stuff and be) be willing to play rough.

    Give that podcast a listen again. HG

  21. Reading Solzhenitsyn is strangely white-pilling for me nowadays. The Soviet era samizdat subculture provides some lessons we can use in our Woke New World. Z hits the most important nail on the head by stressing that there won’t be a cinematic confrontation with the forces of evil. IRL, Tiananmen Tank Guy is how that movie ends. This is a long culture war. To win, we first have to survive.

    Mark Steyn’s After America had a bit where he riffed on how illegals have learned to “live in the shadows” quite nicely, borrowing from Victor Davis Hanson’s pieces on the Mexification of California. Shadow-dwellers are not hamstrung by morality or any sense of civic obligation. They act reflexively for self-interest and take anything the state doesn’t nail down. Learning to live that way without losing our morals entirely won’t be easy, but it’s a balance we need to master to survive. When our government is no longer on our side, loyalty is a one-sided suicide pact.

    • Z is wrong that the France and Ireland are the models of resistance. In both of those cases, the resistance was armed, militant, had ethnic and/or religious cohesion, and had the goal of driving invaders out.

      That is impossible for us. The model of resistance for us is the Soviet model. We are the samizdat. FedGov has more power, and a bigger empire than the USSR ever did. Sure, we don’t have the Siberian gulag — yet — because it’s easier for them to mesmerize their childish subjects with trinkets made in China, football, and porn. Still, we’ve got more people incarcerated than any other country. Cops routinely shoot people on sight for perceived crimes. They make purely political arrests — like the Roger Stone gunpoint raid. We have political show trials, too — like the George Zimmerman trial.

      Soviet dissidents were never able to engage in armed revolution against the Party… but they steadily undermined its credibility until it collapsed under the weight of its own contradictions.

      Same thing is gonna have to happen here.

      • Yes, one thing that we have to remember is that the current establishment won’t last. It’s built on a false view of the world. The establishment will undermine itself. A multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country with an national average IQ of less than 95 will never be stable.

        Admittedly, this will take a long time, but we have reality on our side and soon or later reality wins. We just need to point out the decline and build networks to carve out a place for our people in the future.

  22. “Tragic pessimist George Orwell could not have foreseen that individuals would give up their freedom to be punitive Big Brother themselves.” – Joyce Carol Oates, 2014

  23. This is not petty bitchiness. It’s fear. Like you, he made the mistake of getting people to think. I arrived at this exact point 3 years ago in dealings with my proggie family. No, they won’t play fair. Yes, they will expect everyone else to while they cheat. And as long as they don’t have to suffer the social consequences of their ideology – they will keep doing what they do. The wheels are coming off that bus they are on and they know it – fixing it means they will have to be replaced and get real jobs to support themselves. For them, working for a living is for dirt people. The good people are all working for the gov’t.

    How hard are you to find, Z? I ask that from the perspective of a proggie scalp hunter. These guys are going to have to come after you soon – I hope your tracks are well covered.

    • I don’t think that Z is in that much trouble. The thing about our host is, he stays in his lane. The crackdown normally doesn’t happen until a dissident individual starts to go mainstream, like Milo… or a mainstream individual goes dissident, like Roseanne.

      That’s really the point here, or at least how I interpreted it. It’s not really about anonymity, although that can be a useful tool. It’s about staying under the radar and avoiding fights you can’t win, while training to win those fights someday.

  24. Banned from Schengen is the least of it. You’ve got to assume that after Charlottesville, Pittsburgh and Christchurch that the FBI and the rest of the apparatus of the American police state have every intention of ruthlessly suppressing the dissident right in the same way that they suppressed the Communist Party, the KKK, the Weathermen, the John Birch Society, the Black Panthers, etc. Notice, for example, how Lt. Christopher Hasson was entrapped and arrested on the flimsy pretext of a weapons and possession of controlled substances charge. It’s happening.

    • Yes, that is a rational prediction. The FBI recently sent a 30 man SWAT team armed with automatic weapons to arrest a 66 year old unarmed non-violent senior citizen in his home in a before dawn raid and then scared the shit out of his deaf wife and hauled her out into the street in her nightgown and bare feet in front of TV cameras. That was pure Gestapo plain and simple. Those men are pure cowards. No doubt they will be offering up the Nuremburg excuse in the future.

  25. The Dissident Right needs to transform itself into the Old Left. From History’s vantage, we are where they were in the mid-19th century — we have all the hot new ideas, the most formidable thinkers, but we’re badly splintered and spend far more time squabbling with each other than fighting the enemy. Most early Communist groups never did anything but give themselves a self-dramatizing name, and they lost 3/4 of their membership in the infighting over it. Or they worried too much about what the world would look like after The Revolution. We need a Lenin, a guy who looked at the contradiction between utopian democratic ideals and the police-state tactics needed to get there and said, “So what? Win first, then worry about it.” It’s the only way forward — and, people being people, will probably have the same result in the end — but what’s the alternative? We can’t go gently into that good night — they won’t let us.

  26. All nicely depicted by Dostoyevsky in ‘Notes From the Underground:’

    “I’ve been living like this for a long time – about twenty years. I’m forty now. I used to be in the civil service; I no longer am. I was a wicked official. I was rude, and took pleasure in it. … When petitioners would come for information to the desk where I sat – I’d gnash my teeth at them, and felt an inexhaustible delight when I managed to upset someone. I almost always managed. They were timid people for the most part: petitioners, you know. But among the fops there was one officer I especially could not stand. He simply refused to submit and kept rattling his sabre disgustingly. I was at war with him over that sabre for a year and a half. In the end, I prevailed. He stopped rattling. However, that was still in my youth. But do you know, gentlemen, what was the main point about my wickedness? The whole thing precisely was, the greatest nastiness precisely lay in my being shamefully conscious every moment, even in moments of the greatest bile, that I was not only not a wicked but was not even an embittered man, that I was simply frightening sparrows in vain, and pleasing myself with it.

  27. The system is collapsing of its own accord, no need to (try and) hurry it along. Better to figure out what is coming next, and position yourself for that eventuality. Teaparty Doc is a good example of this, with his farm and farming experience/knowledge. Acquire real world skills, make connections with like minded people (without conspiring to take down the government) and have emergency setup ready. And for fukk’s sake, don’t live amongst the savages!? IMO, Zman is the Timothy Treadwell of negroe studies 🙂

  28. I get the concern for the power of petty bureaucrats, but FFS, he’s a “white identitarian”. IOW, he’s an asshole. A provocateur who -like those Conservative, Inc. types you go on about- makes a career out of his ideological stance, and needs confrontation to market his brand. This martyrdom is a gift. And who needs air travel, anyway? Teleconferencing is cheaper.

  29. I was thinking about your trip to Europe when I read Jared’s post last night. Probably smart to keep your anonymity as long as you can as many of us will no longer be welcome in our ancestral homelands soon, while those same homelands welcome invading hordes of Africans.

    • As a European, this thought was one of the most sickening when they banned Richard Spencer from Hungary and thus the entire Schengen zone a few years back.

      Our degenerate overlords fawn over even the scummiest and most useless poccer but when a white person they don’t like shows up they just ban them with no realistic way of challenging that ban.

      Then they continue to lecture us European right wingers on western values, how not to be divided and the like.

      • When we get banned, we have to take it stoically. The an-coms delight in calling us “hypocrites” for our support of “border control”, and that’s easy rube bait right there.

        I also tend to favor localism in politics, so if transnational conferences are harder to pull off, its water off a ducks back to me.

      • This isn’t about race, it’s about power. Low-functioning Somalian migrants aren’t a threat to them. Neither are 99.9999% of white people.

  30. Strong Analysis. Yes, the bureaucrat who initiated this was hoping for high drama and maximum sadism. They envisaged Jared being hustled away by a squad of state police just before delivering his Scandza speech. This would inflict the most shock upon the attendees and make them think twice before publically associating with other Dissidents.

  31. I work for a large corporation, and recently our corporate directory was updated to allow you to specify your preferred gender pronoun. Among the choices is Ze, Zir and Zirs. You can also make up your own pronoun if you wish.

    So the unintended consequence of this is that you can’t just casually use gender pronouns at work, unless you want to go through the hassle of looking up the individuals’ preferred pronoun in the directory, lest you incorrectly refer to someone as the wrong gender, the consequences of which are probably not good.

    So absolutely, the craziness witnessed on college campuses is seeping into corporate America in a big way.

    Thankfully I only have to suffer through corporate BS for another five years or so, after which I will retire with enough FU money to not care.

    • You have three choices. First, you can lay low and just hope to escape the madness. You can speak out, become a target and end up retiring early. Or, finally, you can take advantage of the situation.

      If using option three, I would go online and fine some unusual pronoun stupidity that is rare, yet been approved somewhere. Make that your pronoun choice. Do it in all seriousness and enforce it like a Pharisee. You have to play it to the hilt. No joking asides with work buddies. You must be convincing. Carry around the company directory and make sure to refer to everyone by their preferred pronouns. In meetings, don’t say everyone, but instead say “all of the….” and list every pronoun option. If someone keeps using the wrong pronoun with you, file a formal HR complaint. After a couple of new company directories, change your pronoun again. Without breaking your character, a few other individuals will figure out what is going on. They’ll start doing the same thing. That starts raising the cost because the reality is that no one can keep track of everyone having different pronouns.

      • What if that was the plan all along? Just like in America, the point of Obamacare was to make a system so horrible that even opponents of socialism would scream for it to be replaced by a universal system that is merely bad.

    • The Booby’s with you on the FU money plan, Spud.

      Men of this age have to look out for themselves. That means becoming financially independent as quickly as possible. Stay out of debt. Don’t marry, not even common-law. Don’t have kids. Don’t date women with kids. The laws are designed to take you down financially and keep you indentured to your ex, to the kids you have no rights to, and to your job, all while the government takes its cut.

      It’s a sucker’s game. Let the Booby’s words guide our brothers out of the muck.

    • I never miss a chance to honor the brave Michigan college student who several years back designated his preferred pronoun as “His Majesty”. Too obviously cheeky for your purposes however.

    • Spud Boy: Quit now, or, you will not be able to live with yourself. You do not need to suffer through corporate BS.

    • “You can also make up your own pronoun if you wish”
      Put down either:
      “His Majesty, Spud Boy” or “His Royal Highness, Spud Boy”
      And accept nothing less

  32. The IRA is a leftist organisation. Celtic nationalism was co-opted by the Left long ago so I’m not sure they’re a useful example.

    • You’re right, Skip. The IRA were all socialists. The advice I cited in the manual is, nevertheless, still a good idea for dissidents, I think.

      • I like the semi respectable sinn fein political party Allied to a more direct-action covert outfit like the IRA. Good model.

    • And you don’t think there are ‘infiltrators’ in the dissident movement today? Look at what they relentlessly attempted to do to Trump’s campaign staff. They will never quit and simply leave the battlefield.

    • Think tactics, not philosophy. Our Thing **desperately** needs a Lenin. His philosophy was as wrong as human thought can be, but his tactics were world class.

    • So what? This fight is not about economic systems . I’m certainly certainly not going to revolt for capitalism as I am an economic nationalist and have no problem whatever with Social Democracy

      Fighting over economics is just money cucking and if I wanted that the globalists will support me there.

      The struggle is about race and culture , for the US 80% or more White and a core socially conservative culture . For Ireland this might be something entirely different but as a fellow nationalist, as along as say Ireland is Irish in race and culture all else is on them.

  33. I agree with zman that driving up the cost of occupation is far more effective than impotently demanding your rights. They’re driving us into the shadows anyway, so better to reign in hell.

  34. One thing I feel compelled to mention about Charlottesville: the authorities repeatedly and publicly said beforehand that it would be safe.

    In the final days leading up to the event, TDS played a recording of Mike Enoch talking to a high-tanking police official who repeatedly stated the event would be secure.

    Clearly this was never GloboHomo’s intent, but it’s revisionist history to claim that the attendees went there in open defiance of law enforcement.

    • I think the zman is too black pilled on the Charlottesville demonstrations. Sometimes when you’re in the trenches, like the zman is, it’s hard to get perspective on the overall battle. In the case of this fat bushwahzee couch potato the over reaction to it focused my mind and knocked me off the fence. Mike Enoch weathered the storm and got his case dismissed. He’s doing his most effective work these days. The southern dingo of the Southern AF podcast took out his first credit card in order to attend the Charlottesville demonstrations. Managed to get a full-size color picture of himself at Charlottesville, and I laugh as I write this, in the newspapers and lost his job. TRS even dropped him cuz he was too prone to use the n-bomb. I mean this guy was a real unreconstructed redneck. After the Charlottesville Fiasco He has reformed himself into a presentable white advocate. He just did one of the most compelling and sympathetic podcasts I’ve ever listened to on the high cost of diversity. Almost wept when I listened to it, no shit. I feel like an a****** for saying it, but we want more video of our guys getting the s*** beat out of them. Footage of those Covington Catholic kids getting roughed up by the black Hebrews, or better yet, Riot police with clubs, would be worth gold this movement.

    • Most of the “Irredeemable Deplorables” are underground as it were. They were forced there by their coastal elite rulers. A country whose rulers despise the ruled will not – and cannot – last.

    • Absolutely. The challenge is building underground networks based on loyalty/trust and personal accountability, yet we’re often trying to do this in the age of unaccountable (and non-secure) social media. My sense is that underground resistance must first be local, and second must be truly underground, i.e. secure. I’ve run into a few well-meaning groups who want to prepare a remnant to resist, but the one thing they have in common is complete ignorance of OPSEC/COMSEC … and a second thing – readiness to welcome anyone with a MAGA hat. Good books to peruse: “Total Resistance” and “Resistance to Tyranny.” (Warning – these books are NOT mainstream.)

      • The Bundy gang learned that lesson the hard way

        If you are an open to anyone assume there will be infiltrators

        The hardest thing to learn beyond that is how to lead top down, anyone who isn’t a top down founder gets no say in anything and anyone suggesting illegal acts gets the boot

        The Bundy’s did some of this, booting the Charlottesville guy before he cause problems but not enough and but got caught up in that kack brained scheme at Malhuer Ranch which got Levoy Finicum killed

        If they’d thought it through, they’d realize they weren’t going to have the juice to start the ball rolling on ACW2 electric bugaloo but emotions run high and this makes people stupid

        Also it pays to get your guys inside agencies so you can run real backgrounds on people instead of eating what the other guy feeds you

        Given we are still in the vote as vs. shoot fucking everyone stage all this after this is all academic thank God but…

        Within the group there has to be cells within cells as well so long term infiltration ops like were done with the mob or the Hell Angels can be prevented.

        On top of that actual resistance groups basically need to know where people’s wives and kids are , who they are and understand without they are surety bonds and that the person who collects is ruthless enough to do it isn’t officially part of the group, written down anywhere and is mentally stable.

        Again not a perfect deterrent but that is how resistance groups often operated in the past and hopefully will not have to now.

        Again all academic but Americans spend far too much time paraphrasing president Obama here “clinging to guns and religion” and not enough scheming to take power and figuring out how to use this.

        If we did more of the later, we might well get power without guns or heavy law breaking.

        This will require us to be a bit subversive but a little Allinsky by our side and a patient long march of our own might even be fun.

        • Who knows? It doesn’t matter anyway as this blog does not and will not tolerate advocating law breaking. and there is a huge difference between “wow a bunch of people think the US needs reform to survive and fears civil war even though it may be what has to be.” which is no doubt the opinion some Feds share too and “lets do illegal shit and encourage it” which we do not

          Everybody outside the delusional Left bubble knows shit will hit the fan sooner than later, the only questions are when and how much

          • @AB Prosper

            Speaking of FBI COINTEL assets… The guilty has returned to his crime scene.

          • Phew.

            I must have said something terrible about his beloved corporate slave state or something but it goes with the turf.

            Back when I was wasting time on Reddit people called be a Russian and I think a White Supremacist, Communist , Nazi and a few other incompatible things

            Apparently now I’m FBI too

            Too bad I’m not getting a check for this especially as I’ve been posting under this name for 9 years and was blogging on a custom platform and URL for some years before that.

          • @AB COINTEL

            You failed Redpill, just like Dicky Spence did. Too bad I don’t have a picture of you. You probably have physiognomy redflags too, just like Spencer and Hunter Wallace.

        • @Saml Adams

          Who’s the FBI informant guy here?

          First, test them with RedPill 101 on women, the FBI hierarchy isn’t allowed to even conceptualize the Redpill (see RussiaGate Dossier). Anyone who whiteknights for women is an enemy. Looking at you Whitney, and AB Prosper.

          You can test someone on social class. If they spout out the Marxist definition of social class – like Carlylean Restorationist – instead of the reactionary definition of social class, then they are an enemy.

          If you know their name, see if they’re incompetent at finance, those who are incompetent at finance can be bought. It’s why people in the military who have excessive money problems can lose their security clearances. David Duke is bought. He sucks at personal finance.

          Do they respect information security? Dicky Spencer sure as hell didn’t.

          • Wormtongue would be a better name for you.

            That said this isn’t a liberty or libertarian movement as far as I can tell. You can get that show over at WRSA

            A lot of the Dissident Right and we are far from unified on anything is economically nationalist and socially conservative

            We are the grandchildren of Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan if anything

            This means giving orders to corporations when it serves the prime goal, making sure people can have stable enough well enumerated enough work for family formation and to make sure that morals are intact as well.

            Spending 24-7 blaming Women or Jews is like being a bull chasing the cape instead of goring the matador

            Doesn’t mean that the cape isn’t annoying or a bit of a problem only that its not the thing that is causing your pain. That’s the guy with the sword , aka globalism

            Its the Red Pill useful sure but it will solve quite literally nothing if the entire male population gets red pilled other than maybe lowering the fertility rate

            In order to get a full red pill society your movement will have to take over the state and disenfranchise women under law.

            Good luck with that is there is no political will for that and plenty of guys, amusingly I’m not one of them who will gladly kill you for trying

            Also what the hell of a reactionary theory of social class? Last I heard that’s Monarchist as vs. Liberalism .

            We do have a few monarchists in our movement, they are the replacement kooks for the Neo Nazis we wisely sent back to the Left where they belong

            Just because our movement wants a return to founding demographics and the 1488 crowd wants something similar the same doesn’t make them allies

            And XHT- no one cares about David Dukes. If he didn’t exists, they’s have to invent him

            He’s old news serving his part on the narrative and the token KKK guy

          • @AB Prosper

            Captain Save-A-Ho has arrived. At least you’re smarter than FBI Whitney.

            So Mr. COINTEL, what are the social classes? You already failed RedPill 101. Now lets see what you think the social classes are…

    • Ever hear of the “underground economy”? It’s real and is massive.

      Boiled down, it’s about dropping out our cosmopolitan elite’s awareness. You know like how they ignore “flyover country” or any part of the U.S. that isn’t either a resort or enclave for their kind.

      The point is to keep such a low public profile that you are no longer noticed by the bints and bugmen who run the system and social media and who can destroy you with a few phone calls and keystrokes.

      • You say that, but likely they already have…
        -your call records, text messages, entire electronic catalogue of doings(NSA, google, bookface)
        -photos of every piece of mail that has ever been addressed to you, especially anything done by hand
        -your entire purchase history through the visa/mastercard/paypal/etc.

        It’s nigh impossible to be actually invisible in todays society, and most of us probably screwed that up years ago so have to make peace with the fact that you will likely have to fight off blackmail attempts, can easily be compromised, and if the eye of the state looked it could find you.

        Not to say that efforts at grey manning aren’t important, but that and every other fight is already likely lost. Can you grey man yourself past unemployment?

    • There has to be goals more than anything.

      The IRA had a goal “Brits out of Northern Ireland and Unify” and while they weren’t able to fully achieve it they did get a lot more political power

      Our side is still reeling and hasn’t yet come up with goals.

      Europe is something of an exception, they have stringer identities. This is also why European Governments are terrified of nationalists, its clearly approachable goal many Europeans understand

      There are three main issues holding those parties back,


      the dissident leadership kind of sucks AFD and FN are prime examples.

      and last, Europeans are typically Socially Democratic and like the US Right , some of the nationalist parties are money cucks who want to abolish the welfare state .

      Given these drawbacks , they’ve done really well

      My guess and I’m an American so its not worth diddly is that am economically left leaning party built on “keep the welfare state , protect the planet and foreigners home” would do very well and in my limited understanding parties that have embraced that, have done well

      Once US nationalist people embrace the healing power of ideology and rhetoric where we suck by the way instead of all dialectic all the time, we can speed up out achievements

      That said given the odds we still have President Trump and at least in public he’s not our guy which is fine. I like most of where he’s going and he’s proving to be a hell of a president despite stumbles which is good enough for me

  35. I actually thought Poland was one of the Eastern European countries that were standing against the tide of multiculturalism. I guess I have to do more research.
    And Z’s comparisons to the French Resistance and Northern Ireland are spot on, I think. I remember reading an IRA manual that instructed members to become “non-political” and stop indulging in careless behaviors like “arguing about politics down at the pub”.

    • You would think that but Hungary also banned and arrested Spencer and duke a while back. It’s an odd ideological positioning they’re taking. Maybe they are playing the game just so, banning “hate speech,” and posturing with the west to gain political capital to oppose immigration.

      • Spencer is a Pro White Globalist basicsllty and Hungary is actually nationalist, Hungary for Hungarians.

        Poland also allows “friends” in this case Christian Ukrainians but same thing

        Spencer is just an EU with Whites only and I’d ban him from a pure nationalist nation as well

        Not the US obviously even if somehow we went ultra he’s an American after all but you get the idea.

        • That’s just silly. White Nations are obviously going to have to cooperate against Mordor. And yes, nations traded with each other before Globalism too.

          • Mordor is White, mostly coastal or elite WASP and a few Jews and Asians

            Since we are doing Tolkien here, what has to happen is Sauron and his forces have to be removed from power and sent packing along with Sauruman and the rest

            This is a one nation at a time thing starting in Europe and working outwards

            Once that’s done each nation will have its own approach to things

            The one thing you can have is cheap labor though.
            We don’t have a domestic countryside to get people from anymore and we don’t need foreigners

            This means limits on trade, regulation and a whole host of unpleasant things to make sure people can have steady well remunerated work

            if you don’t ? No wages , no steady jobs no babies, no babies, no future

            And yes it will mean changes in divorce law and the like in some countries and other social changes

            Given whoever we no long have many rural areas to get population from (the US is 80% urban) and no religion driven social capital to get people to act against their own economic interests (less effective religion is a product of an urban society) this means a real focus on wages and jobs

            One wage earner need to be able to afford a decent house, 4x his mortgage roughly or you won’t be able to have sizable families

            And no you can’t encourage people to have a smaller house just because this was done in 1962

            If a typical starter house was 1000 sq feet in 1960 and its 2500 now than unless wages are going to go up fast , they’ll see that 1000 sq foot home as what it is, a screw job so the elite can have more and the rest less

            People aren’t that stupid, they know we are wealthier than than and they want a proportional piece of the now bigger pie and unless they get it, they’ll have smaller families

            We’ve known this for near 50 years arguably longer if you count the Great Depression and any society that doesn’t get it done, dies off

            They deserve it too, adapt or die.

      • This should tell you more about Spencer and Duke than it tells you about Hungary. Do these individuals actually help the right, or are they just agent provocateurs and/or foils for the left?

        • @Lance_E

          Correct. Hungary figured out that Spencer and Duke were controlled opposition.

          The giveaway for Spencer was his reaction to being punched by fixing his hair. His bluepilled decision making when it came to women. His reckless and probably deliberate disregard for infosec. His overall physiognomy.

          The giveaway for Duke is his grossly incompetent financial decisions.

      • @Larkin Lover

        More likely that Hungary knew that Spencer and Duke were controlled opposition.

        • I agree with you here Xopher.

          Spencer is useless to or movement anyway though we can learn from his mistakes, to be more careful, how to show some guts and to speak carefully and articulately

          Likable and presentable is something our side lacks

          We also need to get good at rhetoric like the Pepe crowd is but its going to take time

    • From, what I’ve read/understood, although the Polish people are highly nationalistic and anti-immigration, there’s a definite government faction that is wildly pro-EC and globalism. A number of these are (((Poles))) or are married to such. And even though there is minimal Islam in Poland, they’re busy importing Filippinos to do the work of all the Poles working in
      England. So they’ll still lose their country and dilute their bloodline, just a bit more slowly. The Flips and their yellow-fever apologists cannot comprehend why anyone would object to them – as fellow Catholics they claim they’re natural-born Poles – same old same old.

      • Poland where some of my ancestors came from has not recovered from Communism entirely

        They seem to think they can most of the young population working oversees, bring in cheap labor and have weak rule of law on export products and somehow sustain a society

        This is not how it works. You have stable, decently remunerated jobs at home where people know they can get by or you mostly urban population stops having kids

        There are no religious hacks that work, no free social capital and no memes you can use, Babies in a city are an expensive luxury and everyone lives in the city

        If you make it too hard to start a family at you get Poland’s 1.3 TFR or our 16/1.8

        This is fine for a while but it precludes growth based economies

        The only cheap labor that can be tolerated anywhere is teen aged kids in school (14-18) working fast food or the like for a short time. This mom and dad subsidy is fine as the money is always used either for education or consumption

        Problem is that the modern economy is so efficient at producing goods and so interconnected that wages are in constant decline. No wages no families

        After the mess that was Communism , everyone is terrified or regulation
        and the few that aren’t terrified are corrupt or powerless

        If societies want population decline to end, they have no choice but to deal with economies of scale.

        This probably will require heavy regulation, strong discouragement of large enterprise , heavy controls of movement of labor and capital and more

        No cheap labor, no undercutting local goods. Make it at home, buy it at home, sell it at home with very limited trade so that your neighbor can have a living . If he doesn’t, your society dies

        No immigration, no emigration, no remittances no rootless cosmopolitanism period.

        Getting to a society where the corruption level is low enough to make this work might not be possible though in which case, there will be more immigration to keep the growth for a while than the society will shrivel and die

        I won’t be around for this but I for one support our new Amish overlords

  36. “The people responsible are not at the top. It is people in the bureaucracies of government, the tech oligopolies or the banks. ”

    The Booby will say it again. Where do you think these people learned their totalitarian ideals? In the universities, of course.

    No one seems to get it. The universities are a one-party state. Debate and discourse are not allowed. Even outside of classes “safe spaces” are created so the delicate flowers of the one-party state are not subjected to anything aside from party dogma.

    These people then become our schoolteachers, our lawyers, our judges, our bureaucrats, our journalists, and yes, our tech geeks, and even our bankers. It’s been this way since the 70s while the rest of you were pissing away your energy at the voting box.

    What the hell difference do you think voting will make when the state apparatus has already been expropriated by an ideological cabal.

    Trump’s executive order was an adorable little gesture, but it won’t make a bit of difference. We need to demand that the universities be defunded. Chop down the rotten tree. Taking back government has nothing to do with elections.

    • Don’t disagree but you’re not addressing the root of authoritarian conditioning – government schools. Bureaucrats aren’t made in university – they’re carefully cultivated and conditioned from kindergarten through 12-years of government schooling. It’s the Prussian model, and it works. Prussian schooling isn’t about the acquisition of knowledge or critical thinking, but conditioning to state-desired norms of non-thinking. The university merely serves to put the cherry on top … the cake is baked in K-12 government schooling.

      • In the spirit of identifying the primary causes for the cultural hegemony of anti-white values, the influence of the entertainment and news industries cannot be underestimated. These industries shape our deepest values and dreams.

        And who controls them?

      • Indoctrination into the reigning values, and the mass of men and women passively accepting them, has essentially always been the status-quo. The question is: who writes the script.

        I’m convinced that, under democratic capitalism, aka plutodemocracy, ultimate control is held by the small elite class in control of wealth. What they do not outright own/control, they control via controlling the flow of money, on which EVERYTHING runs. I believe the natural evolution of capitalism, in which massive power is accorded to an elite class via a massive concentration of ownership/control of wealth in their hands, is absolutely central to explaining our world, our predicament. It is utterly natural that this small class of Money would use their power to pursue their interests in terms of maintaining their position, attaining still greater wealth and power, and pursuing (((ethnic))) interests as well. For one thing, they naturally desire a one-world, globe spanning market to rule over/profit from.

        This class owns/control the politicians, funding for think-tanks and universities, the press, the entertainment industry, i.e. everything that determines what and how 99% of the population thinks. Until plutodemocracy, the reign of Money, the natural product of “capitalism and freedom”, is overthrown, I don’t see any escape. The class of Money must be put in it’s proper place, firmly under the control of a proper elite in control of a State.

        • Yes, Capitalism is the ultimate sacred cow on our side. But look at the horrors they have inflicted on us – not least of which was the creation and funding of Communism in order to take down Traditional Cultures outside the matrix and then to fight the Fascists and National Socialists who arose against them as the White Blood Cells of our Civilization.

          • Hell yeah.

            Everyone on our side supports personal private property and rewarding the guy who invents the better mouse trap but somehow these beliefs came to necessitate the defense of international capitalists. We must separate these two issues.

    • Which is why we should forgive all student debt. This will gut the financial structure of the modern university forcing many of these Maoist reeducation camps to fold up their tents.

      Those that survive will be force to streamline and rethink how they run their universities.

      • Forgiving student debt, even assuming that the gov’t doesn’t make whole to the lenders, doesn’t accomplish your objective; yes it does absolve the students of repaying, but the colleges have already received their money. The banks will be losing that money, not the colleges. The banks will be unable to claw back that money from the schools.
        In the long run, it will force banks to carefully consider who make student loans to, and for what course of study. It will take many many years for that to take effect.
        We must remain ever vigilant that the government (hey, that’s us taxpayers) doesn’t cover the students losses.
        Lessons learned must have a cost.

        • The colleges themselves need to take the student loan forgiveness “haircut.” Colleges should be held responsible for at least half if not more of any loan default – put their skin back in the game.

          • Colleges should loan the money directly. That would help ensure loans were made to worthy borrowers likely to be able to use the product (education) to pay back the loan. Colleges would in turn teach useful and valuable topics, not get rich handing out useless degrees to morons.

        • My point was less about the bird in hand than about the future absence of birds in the bush.

          I want to shut off the gravy train. 50K per student for 12,000 students suddenly drops to 25K for 5000 students.

          As you said, then even at a reduced cost, the banks will be very careful about who gets $$$$.

          Meanwhile, the subsidies for a lot of the lunacy that goes on will dry up.

        • All comments here are touching on part of the problem/solution. I’d add that there are way too many students in college, way too many. Because of government loans and a need for colleges to milk tuition from ever more students to fund their ever increasing costs we have seen standards decrease and a plethora of phoney degrees proliferate.

          All majors in ethnic studies, social or environmental justice, women or lesbian or transgendered identity studies are completely fraudulent. There are also another dozen or more generally recognized majors with such weak standards as to make them useless for society.

          Students majoring in these areas are fodder for the activists and they’re primary recruitment material in the culture war. These folk are best represented by AOC—a stupid fast talker who *danced* her way through Boston College and could only find work as a bar tender with her “degree”. She talked her way into Congress by obtaining the votes of other losers, some of whom were likewise milked/bilked for their tuition dollars and given worthless degrees. And AOC tells them the sweet lie that it’s not their fault, but someone else’s.

          To obtain a degree in a useful STEM field requires a IQ somewhere above 120 or so. You are talking about 10 percent of he population therefore, not the 40% or more with college degrees. I heard last week that of the current crop of Millennials—60% have advanced degrees. WTF is the meaning/worth of a college degree when everyone has one—or two or three.

          Well, we now know the answer, nothing.

    • American Universities have become progressive madrasas. They instill dogmatic adherence to the faith through repetition.

    • Everything you say about the influence of the academy is completely true. It’s also a trap. There isn’t -one- cause, one source of problems. It’s many different institutions working together, all of which have vast resources and the ability to both perpetuate themselves independently and amplify the abilities of the others.

      There’s probably only one institution that could be used to completely bring the others to heel, and that’s international (i.e. American) finance. But the idea of economic control of the financial sector is about as realistic as military control of Washington.

  37. ” […] This is another example of the fact that the West is no longer a world bound by fixed rules objectively enforced. […]”

    Let’s try to get this cleared up once and for all. Neither the West nor any other place at any time EVER has been “a world bound by fixed rules objectively enforced.” The so-called “law” is, always has been, and always will be whatever the people who enforce the “law” SAY it is. And that is ALL.

    The only thing different about today is that the enforcers no longer give a damn whether everybody can see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. They used to try to hide it or pretend it wasn’t true, but now they just don’t care. That’s what Russiagate is all about. That’s what the Kavanaugh Affair was all about.

    “The law” is and always has been whatever the enforcers of “the law” SAY it is, and that.is.all.

    It’s just that now the cat is out of the bag, that’s all.

  38. Jared Taylor always conducts himself as a gentleman. He never comes off as “hateful” (which is an entirely subjective pejorative anyway). He offers a model for how other dissidents should present themselves. Taylor has been banned from Europe despite his civility. Or maybe the ban is due, in part, to his impeccable presentation. I know of no one who does a better job representing ethno-nationalism. That makes him especially dangerous to the self-destructive elements of the West.

    • While the new right might not be able to agree on a spokesman, I am pretty certain that Taylor would be second choice for just about all of us, the guy we’d prefer in the White House if we couldn’t have our own, personal favourite.

      • Hm. That came out a bit back-handed. What I meant to say, was that Taylor is probably the guy we could all agree on as a spokesman.

        • Taylor would probably win a poll among us if we were choose somebody to appear on a mainstream news outlet to explain our views on race.

    • I’ve always thought our enemies feared Taylor more than anyone from our side, because of his overall presentation, in manners, dress and articulation. There was a run back in the early to mid 2000s when you’d see Taylor on national TV, on shows like Phil Donahue and Queen Latifah, in front of a hostile, howling audience. The unflappable Taylor was very effective getting his points across. Too effective, since those appearances dried up very suddenly.

  39. That means working as an underground resistance that only sees the public space as a way to increase the cost to the rulers.

    We could capitalize on those costs: we target some hapless town, cold-call the mayor and the big businesses: “contribute to our war chest, or we’ll tell Antifa that we’re holding a free speech event in your town, and you can kiss your high street goodbye.”

    • This is how real resistance movements raise cash. The tamils had it down to a science. The LTTE had databases with every known diaspora tamil in the west and taxed them. Those that didnt want to pay were outright threatened.

    • This has been proposed before, but you need a “we”. Where does this get planned and organized? Theorists like Vox Day think it’ll just happen in a totally decentralized fashion, like GamerGate, but GG was a special case of the enemy being caught by surprise. What you’re describing is how left-wing revolutionary groups generally operate, but they do so with institutional support and political cover.

      You -might- be able to obtain such cover by forming relationships with friendly politicians. Find people like Steve King or Paul Nehlen, convince them to keep their big mouths shut on camera and on Twitter, offer a generous cut for keeping the heat off, and make sure to dig up plenty of dirt on them as a deterrent against defection.

  40. European Nationalists are being tamed, or proven to be charlatans, in much the same way as Trump. It may be time for more dissidents to examine the possibility that nationalism isn’t the eternal holistic order they thought it was. In-fact the only universal features of political history are tribes and empires where one or a few tribes exploit other tribes.

    • It may be time for more dissidents to examine the possibility that nationalism isn’t the eternal holistic order they thought it was.

      That’s what we’re doing here, isn’t it?

      At least if by ‘nationalism’, you mean ‘civic nationalism’ – tribal nationalism has indeed proven a consistent winner throughout history. The Basques survived occupation by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, the Franks, the Aragonians, the Castilians and Napoleon Bonaparte, and they’re still there.

      Even the Vikings gave the Basques a wide berth, preferring to raid Al Andalus instead.

      • Felix, I think most of the dissident right conflates tribe with race, eg. Caucasian, or macro-ethny, eg. Germanic. Tribes are only significant when they are micro-ethny like the Basq you mentioned.

        • I was thinking of tribe as synonymous with ‘nation’, only ‘nation’ is often conflated with ‘country’ or ‘state’: Englishmen, Scots, Welshmen – those are nations. Britain is a state.

          And nations are as relevant as ever before. While it’s true that many European nationalist parties have been subverted by the globalists, that doesn’t change the fact that a paradigm shift is taking place: the globalist outlook of the eighties and early nineties is giving way to more national-chauvinistic attitudes. The important bit is not whether the nationalist parties are managed opposition, but that people are voting for them in increasing numbers.

          The paradoxical thing is, that nationalism is connecting people across borders. It is very likely that the first, truly pan-European party, will be built on a nationalist platform.

          The 21th century, will be the century of the tribes. The Basques will have their own country inside fifty years, or you can have my Laborghini Aventador.

          • Tribalism is not nationalism. And if the lesson of “civic nationalism” is that you can’t simply conjure an identity out of thin air, that does not bode well for either “white nationalism” or “European nationalism”.

            Even if you kicked out all of the non-whites and Jews, America would still be an empire, not a nation. The incoherence of these identities are one reason why they’re so easily exploited and co-opted.

            A good positive identity is one that does not include a significant fraction of people who want to sell you down the river.

          • Tribalism is not nationalism.

            Close enough, and I only used ‘tribal’ because there seems to be some confusion as to what ‘nation’ actually means. A nation is about the people, a state is a legalistic entity, although I am aware the terms are interchangeable in colloquial conversations. A nation-state is a state inhabited by only one nation.

            Even if you kicked out all of the non-whites and Jews, America would still be an empire, not a nation.

            You can be both a nation and an empire, but nobody ever said America was a nation. America is a country and yes, an empire, but there’s no American nation.

            A few weeks back, I stumbled upon this 1920-something quote from Lothrop Stoddard:

            To understand America, you must dispossess your mind of the idea that there is an American people at all, as we understand people in Europe. To be a ‘people’ is the dominant ideal of the American, an ideal which they claim with all appropriate fierceness to have realized, knowing all the while they they have done nothing of the sort, and that their only hope of realizing anything of this kind is to stop immigration, do away with their present social system and then wait five centuries for events to develop.

            If you took the whole population of Europe, mixed it roughly in a mortar, added a certain flavouring of Africans, Asiatics and the like, crushed it with your pestle and scattered the result thinly over the Continent, you would have something closely approximating to America.

            It would, however, more closely approximate to a ‘people’ than do the Americans at present, for instead of being properly mixed, they are divided into ethnographic strata, which only touch at the edges.

    • Anybody paying attention to the Brexit fiasco should be ‘woke’ to the issues raised by Zman. Whether you like Trump or not, taking a meat axe to deep state regulators should be continued ad infinitum.

    • Trump was never a nationalist. It was just a bus he road to the presidency. Just look how he purged all nationalists from his White House and replaced them with Bush people.

      • Trump is a civic nationalist and figures anyone can become an American with enough tine. Its not magic soil theory but assimilation theory

        This is fully consistent with his views on everything, pro American trade, so the middle class his family enterprises depend on can survive and restrictions on illegal immigration so we can have assimilation

        This is nonsense but its not his fault for believing it, we’ve always had a weak description of what it means to be an American and Civ-Nat was the default of his day

        Going to a more rigid definition comes at a high price at best dissolution of the union at worst, civil war. Understandable why few but radicals would embrace it.

  41. We are the underground. The Partisans.

    “Nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
    Right becomes wrong, the left becomes the right

    And they sing as they march with their flags unfurled
    Today in the mountains, tomorrow the world

    Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
    Ride across the river to the other side”

  42. “The reality of dissident politics is it must happen in the shadows. ”

    You’re certainly correct, yet this statement applies to many areas of life outside of politics. You’ve got your room-temp-IQ bureaucrats issuing a myriad of fatwas against lawnmower exhaust, raw milk, naturopathic medicine, vaccinations, and articulated truth (aka “hate speech”). Dissident Americans (otherwise known as those who embrace liberty) must live most of their life in the shadows – become the “gray” man – in order to avoid the range of bureaucratic responses, from harassment to SWAT team. We dissidents need to become much more tight-lipped (OPSEC) on our private family lives and activities, and be particularly careful when establishing like-minded networks.

    • We all seem to pretty much agree that the state won’t be fixed by voting, arguing, petitions, carrying signs, etc. Still for most of us that is hard to take onboard. It goes against the norms we grew up with, particularly if we have some mileage over the age of 50. In a crisis people revert to earlier ways of behavior that are deeply ingrained. Even if we consciously know better, when we suffer shock or outrage from the acts of an arbitrary and repressive government the tendency is to grasp at straws: The Constitution, The Founders, Freedom of Speech. Items the other side doesn’t give a flea’s ass about.

      Reading the comments here, I perceive mostly people working on shifting mental gears to this new reality. We have to reinvent ourselves, adapt or let go of our traditional tactics. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but for whatever contribution I can make, let me suggest that overcoming the forces of repression involves distinct stages:

      1. Understand and acknowledge the situation ourselves. Most of the dissident right has done this, but vast numbers of “conservatives” aren’t there yet.

      2. Convey the understanding to all potential allies. It’s happening, but gradually and frustratingly slowly.

      3. Develop institutions, organizations, and networks to offer alternatives to the corporate-cultural Marxist-deep state axis. Bringing masses to our side won’t happen until they feel that they can find dissident groups providing power and shelter.

      4. When alternatives are in place, break “radio silence” and emerge to challenge the status quo.

      This is a schematic summary of what will surely be a complicated and messy process, but I think it would be useful to keep it in mind. I’ve put no. 3 in italics because it’s where we are stuck presently, and it is perhaps under-appreciated.

      • I’m in exactly this situation, great comment. I’d throw in voting with our feet at some point, getting physical separation from the Empire as well.

        • >>>getting physical separation from the Empire as well.

          That’s a tough call. Once you’ve formed a family, it’s very difficult to take the unit outside the Empire. At least, strategic relocation within the USA may be a vital component of your planning… perhaps the MOST important component if you’re currently in a Blue Hive. Think of it as “internal exile” if that helps.

      • “3. Develop institutions, organizations, and networks to offer alternatives to the corporate-cultural Marxist-deep state axis. Bringing masses to our side won’t happen until they feel that they can find dissident groups providing power and shelter.”

        I like the enthusiasm but the state and leftists will never let this happen…demonitizing, deplatforming, outright censorship, etc will always win when you let them define the battleground.

        Solution…be the grey man and throw figurative sands in their gears at every opportunity.

        Lots of ways one just search and don’t use Google.

      • Well Brother I’ve been advocate for your number 3 for quite some time now but it seems people are just to comfortable yet for them to get motivated…My offer still stands to help anyone that actually wants to build Community and wants to help others as well…

    • An aspect we could put to better use is the rising tide we have in numbers.

      Years ago we were a fringe freak show of malcontents.

      During the Obama years it was assumed we were an anachronism on its last legs.

      The election of DT, in spite of the massive campaign waged against him, sent them into shock.

      Now they see us as a tiger or bear that needs to be caged. They poke sticks through the bars to badger us.

      We don’t control our own institutions. We have little control over lines of communication. Our ability to organize is extremely limited. But that’s all changing. Accelerating.

      At some point that cage door won’t be able to hold what’s inside.

  43. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/29/style/modern-love-race-i-broke-up-with-her-because-shes-white.html

    Have you seen this? This is actually good news. It has disturbed me for a while that there are not enough women in the dissident right because without women there’s no future for us. If the brown and black men start rejecting white women because they’re being shamed by their peers that means these women will return to the fold chastened and submissive and in turn give men something to fight for. I think this is good news

    • The Heartiste noted that whites date POC because going trans-racial monetizes your whiteness into sexual market value: women from the low end of the white scale can date POC from the high end of the brown scale.

      Same with men: your girlfriend might be a jungle bunny, but she’s thin, she cooks, and she’s ten years younger than any white meat you could hope to score.

      I’m too old for that game at any rate, so for all I care, mud sharks should stay on the other side of the road. It’s not the kind of women we need on our side, and If my blood brought home a POC, I’d disown them.

        • It’s the bit about allowing them to return to the fold, I was worried about. It isn’t going to instill the right team spirit, I suspect. Billing the new right as a shelter for repenting mudsharks is not good optics.

          The numbers I read from the US say that about 15-20% of white women are mudsharking. That leaves 80% for us, so until we reach that fraction of the white populace, I think we can let the regressives fight over the sloppy leftovers.

          And women are followers. Once we get the revolution rolling, they’ll flock to us and they will thot-police themselves. That may not be much consolation if you’re in the dating market right now, but there you are: all good things come to those who wait

          • I see what you’re saying but what I’m talking about is when I was younger all my girlfriends and I would regularly comment about how hot some black guy was. I know for sure it was pure virtue signaling on my part and i suspect it was on many of theirs because not one of us ever acted on it. I no longer pretend I find black people attractive and I wish other white women would do the same because I think a lot of them are lying and in the voice of school counselor Mackey ‘lies are bad’

          • I see. Well, it’s pretty much an open secret that all us AR guys have Yellow Fever, so I guess I shouldn’t point fingers.

            Besides, the issue is very different in Euroland, where most POC are Mohammadans, they don’t have the animal attraction of blacks. Nobody ever had Kebab Fever – most of the Western women who go kebab, are fat, ugly and lonely, they do it because it allows them to hide in baggy clothes and a scarf.

            A couple in my family was infertile and decided to adopt. The agency asked if they wanted a Danish child or if a POC would do. If they opted for Danish, there was a high risk they’d never find a candidate, whereas a POC could be procured in a few weeks.

            So these guys aren’t libtards, just decent, unpolitical normies, and the guy comes to me and mentions the problematic. I can see the goodwhite indoctrination working in him, he wants to think he doesn’t care about skin colour.

            But he’s not stupid, and I don’t even have to say anything, he can see the road ahead with a brown baby. They’re both good-looking blondes, his wife is, in fact, drop-dead gorgeous, and they both have good jobs. There’s something about shopping a golliwog around that doesn’t seem entirely right to him.

            Tribal instincts won out, I’m happy to report, and today, as luck would have it, they have a wonderful girl that looks bewilderingly as if she were their own.

            We’re winning this war.

          • Oh I don’t know if I agree. A young good-looking guy that got banned from ALL of Europe would appeal to certain kind of woman. Perhaps the right kind of woman. I know that I feel some amount of jealousy to a Spencer. Who gets banned from entire continent? That’s totally badass. So far I’ve only managed to get banned from dinky little blog comment boards.

          • spencer is controlled opposition . everyone near him gets in big trouble , and he does the fashie thing on Dinesh D’Souza’s movie . right on cue.

      • Black women as a demo are consistently rated the most undesirable in anonymous online dating polls. Especially amongst black men. Why? Whose to say?
        With that said, he majority of white women most black males have are the undesirables…overweight and/or not pretty and often a combination of both. Unless of course the male is wealthy, in which case, regardless of race, there are plenty of gold diggers to go around.

        • This is so true that PC dating sites are crippling their search engines to “spread the desirable date-matching” to hook up white men with POC women when the White men do not prefer them.
          Unless the site is “WhiteDate”, White single tall earning good looking men will get a minimum number of short-fat-diseased Black females that they “must” respond to stay on the site.

        • “Black women as a demo are consistently rated the most undesirable in anonymous online dating polls. Especially amongst black men. Why?”
          Child-like and cartoonish materialistic tendencies combined with total lack of sexual trustworthiness. BTDT.

          • And the agro…you have to be on your guard always with da blags. Their women act like hyper aggressive men. It’s exhausting.

    • Any woman that goes down that road is telling us she’s been damaged beyond repair. After going black you’re not welcomed back.

    • I have three boys, men now, and I’ve convinced hem, through raw logic and facts that mudsharking, or dating a mudshark goes against their best interests because it raises the IQ on the brown side of the issue that results at the cost of the IQ of the Caucasian side. And a white girl that mudsharks is advertising her own low IQ and self-esteem.

      I’ll not not be having any mullato or mestizo grand kids.

    • “This is actually good news”

      You’ve no idea what constitutes good news. You should be seen and not heard.

      • @Gerald Corn Cob


        Those who claim they’re Dissident Right, but fail the RedPill 101 test on women are controlled opposition. Whitney is COINTEL.

    • @Whitney

      Failed the RedPill 101 test on women.
      Controlled opposition detected.

    • This is, contrary to how it seems, incredibly bad news. It is our enemy’s propiganda. It is a fundamental blow to the Id of white women, disqualifying them as “not good enough for a black man.” Women are pack followers and seek peer approval. This is rooshian/CH game deliberately encouraging such relationships, and reaching a very susceptible broad (heh) audience.

  44. Martin Sellner, an Austrian guy who runs Generation Identitare there, was banned from the US just recently. Tarrant, the Christchurch guy, had donated money to him a year or so back. Which got Sellner labeled a terrorist suspect in the press and his visa denied. The hunt for the Great White conspiracy is on.

    • I gather Sellner’s been caught up in antiterrorism investigations, and that’s messy enough, but I remember the brothers Tsarnaev being let into the States, despite a warning from Russia. Don’t think Sellner isn’t as crooked as a mountain road – you don’t get to be a Spencer or a Roosh, you know, identified primary adversaries in the dissident right by being nice and not a little douchey. But they’ve let in bigger assholes than this LARPing twerp with a fetish for aviators.


      Brittany Pettibone was petting Sellner’s bone at one time. Didn’t realize he was part of the trio that got shitcanned in the UK last year.

      • Is that written in a code of some kind? Or is it just ordinary drivel?

      • Gibberish as far as I can tell . I was looking for a ” so and so was convicted of X in outter absurdistan” or some kind of information . none here

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