Spring World Tour

As this goes up, I’m leaving Lagos for less vibrant lands. I’m heading off to Europe for an extended visit. As a result, there will be no show next week, as I will be driving through the Finnish countryside on Friday. I’ll be posting travelogues this week, so the blog will not go silent while I’m away. I’m looking forward to posting travelogues. I think I missed my calling, as I like writing travel posts and I seem to do a good job with them. Whenever I post about my trips, those posts get a lot of action and people seem to like them.

That’s probably why TV shows about travel are always popular. It’s a a way to learn about some foreign land and the weird inhabitants. Rick Steves made a career out of going to strange places and writing about the nuts and bolts of the experience. Most people are uninterested in how a bus station works, unless it is in a faraway land, then the bus station suddenly seems like the most interesting thing in the world. Maybe on my travels I’ll take the time to explain the rail system between Finland and Russia.

I suspect travel writers are at their best when they are visiting somewhere new. They are seeing things for the first time and taking nothing for granted. I remember the first time I walked around the city of Boston. I was with a local and I’d notice things that they had never bothered to notice. Most likely, those thing just became part of the background, like white noise, because they were unimportant to them. It’s more evidence that our mental model of the world is a simplified version that just has the basics to get around.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Britain (Link)
  • 12:00: The Netherlands (Link)
  • 22:00: Sweden (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Venezuela (Link)
  • 42:00: Brunei (Link)
  • 47:00: Ghana (Link)
  • 52:00: Euro Censors (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Link)

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36 thoughts on “Spring World Tour

  1. Watch yourself while traveling, Z-Man. According to the Amren website, Jared Taylor has been banned from Europe, based on a Polish complaint.

  2. I look forward to your travel tales. I love travel writing but good travel writing is hard to find. Most travel writing is selling dreams. Women are the worst because the underlying message is how awesome they are to be doing such awesome things.

    I find the best travel writing gives you a peak into the culture and daily life of a country. There are a few writers who do that well. Theroux and Gimbell come to mind.

    I think Z has what it takes to join that list so write away.

  3. Sadly you wont meet good old uncle Jared in Europe:
    Banned from Europe and will be deported tomorrow

    “The officer at passport control in Zurich airport had already stamped my passport and waved me through to my Stockholm flight when she called after me to come back. She stared at her computer screen and told me I had to wait. She didn’t say why. In a few minutes, a policeman arrived and told me there was an order from Poland that barred me from all 26 countries in the Schengen Zone.”


    • I recall some time last year that Jonas Nilsson of Sweden (Palaestra on YouTube) was banned from Poland, which is saying something as both are Schengen Area.

      The rube bait of “international far-right terror networks” is a tough bullet to dodge. Further evidence that our movements need to go underground and build our own platforms.

  4. I like how you pronounce uihgurs. I’d like to see us come to an agreement with Sweden to take ours.

  5. Thanks again. The Zman on one of his bad days is still awesome. Have a good trip.

    I love your European overviews. I wonder if “independents” can listen to European political discussions like this one with a more open mind.

    Talking about American politics with them is useless because they already know what “good-whites” are supposed to think and they are compelled to think that.

    If they can understand the problems in European countries, perhaps that can begin to pry their minds open to the same problems in America.

  6. Take care Z – and avoid the travellers trap: spouting off as an expert based on little exposure to the country. My brother in law went to Ireland for a month and became an expert not only on Ireland – but Scotland and Britain too! His arsehole father went on vacation in Arizona and the next thing ya know he’s an expert on America and Mexico too. Gawd, I’m glad I don’t have to listen to Proggie Geopolitics anymore…

  7. Cool. Zman isn’t around so we can do whatever we want. Some of you might not have heard a Luke Ford discussion last summer with Z and a mouse named Ecce (pronounced kinda like ‘icky’) and another guy who barely talked, but got along with Z, then afterward ran to the comment section and dissed Z there like a coward. (now deleted). He’s represented in the “hang out” as a child with no face. That’s not weird at all…

    Anyway, Luke Ford is ok I guess but he’s odd. Like, he’s cloaked in an unpenetrable, unknowable veil of oddness. I hope his wife never puts him in charge of inviting dinner guests because he’d invite all the wrong people. No sense of chemistry or getting the right combination of personalities together.

    He invites the mousey little weirdo Ecce to ‘hang out’ with Z. It’s really kinda funny how Luke could be that oblivious. It’d be like when you were a kid and your rugged outdoorsy dad says, “Let’s go fishing on my new boat. You can invite a friend.” So you try and think who’s the creepiest loner homo in the whole school, and invite THAT kid. That’s what Luke did.

    I’ve heard Ecce since then. He’s awful for conversation. He’s the kind of guy who has to have the whole floor when he starts talking. And he’s gonna say everything real slow and deliberate, like he’s reading a bedtime story to children. But your patience isn’t rewarded because there’s never a point or anything interesting. He’s just seduced by the sound of his own pillow-talk voice.

    I heard him on Millenial Woes a few months back. He speaks like female journalism. In true narcissistic fashion, everything is “explained” with him as the center of the issue, casting himself as the tragically romantic outsider with special insights, suffering for The Cause.

    Anyway, the Luke Ford “hang out” was trainwreck funny. And good though, because Z went off on some interesting monologues. He rightly figured he’s the only one worth listening to, so why not.

    The contention between Z and Ecce was basically over the need for our guys getting into elected positions in government (Ecce) vs. the need for us to identify as a group (Z). If Luke had given Z a normal, manly “opponent” they could have rather quickly agreed that it takes both, but identity comes first. Then moved on to other interesting stuff. But yeah, mismatched guests. There’s really no need for 4 people when Z’s your guest. Luke should have just asked Z questions and let him entertain us on his own.

    If you don’t have time for the whole thing, you can skip to 1:19:20, where it starts to get contentious. Z delivers a great line about the constitution too. Then Luke oddly diverts the conversation to questions about Z’s town. Then Ecce and Z go back to fighting. Which is really just Z schooling him. (Being a closet masochist I’m sure Ecce secrety loved it. Which is why he left abruptly so he could go wack off to thoughts of Z wrecking him.)

    By the way, if you listen to Ecce on Millenial Woes podcast from Dec ’18, Ecce STILL doesn’t have a plan of action, and can’t even articulate one. He’s actually just an airhead.

    (Low-key funny moment. Ecce’s phone starts ringing and he informs everyone that “I’m not going to take the call.” Thanks! Can you imagine if he did? LOL. “One second Zman, I’m gonna take this call.”)


    • I heard that podcast and yes Z bullied Ecce badly. I think Ford is a mentally ill narcissist. I like his podcast but probably would not trust him to babysit or invest my money. You’re funny as hell frip. Out of pure curiosity, what generation are you ? millennial?

      • Sid thanks. I’m not a millennial. Older. Another funny part of the Ford hangout was when Ecce first came on and said hello to Z. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and walked through the kitchen with a long-haired girlish looking friend. And surprisingly to us, my dad was home and sitting at the table. My dad’s a tough guy. At first glance he probably thought I was with a girl. Then he realized it was a guy.

        My dad would usually get up and firmly shake my friends’ hands and make conversation. Kinda sizing them up. This time he just eyed my friend Shawn as he walked by. Shawn muttered “hello Mr. Frip” and my dad just goes “ey”. Then looked at me like “what the fuck is THAT?” Z sounded just like my dad when he acknowledged Ecce.

        When Ecce comes on he’s immediately spine-tinglingly creepy. And starts apologizing for this and that. A combination of a stammering Woody Allen. A Malaysian shemale. And Scorpio (the freak from the first Dirty Harry movie. same neurotic tone.) And when his avatar shows up it’s the perfect flaming match for what he sounds like. He comes in at about 1:04:15.

        Later at 1:46:25, all out of ammo, Ecce resorts to drama queen mode, where he’s most comfortable anyway. But, like a well-played fight with a fake-tears girlfriend, Z doesn’t fall for it, and dismisses the performance with “that’s all fine & dandy, but back to the isssue…” Ecce stomps off shortly after.

        I’m pretty open minded for a D-Right guy. But there’s good reason to talk about who we allow on our train and who we won’t.

    • That Ecce guy was very irritating. His presence made no sense. That whole scene is suspect. KMG is a solid guy, but the rest of a strange lot.

    • Ha! I listened to that podcast a while back and found Ecce Homo hard to listen to. You could sympathise up to a point but he just banging on about the same points which had been well put to bed. I would have thought he went home to flaggelate himself but who knows Frip, he probably scourged himself after a sneaky wank.

  8. I was in Paris a few years ago as part of a two week multi-country trip and needed to do laundry. I still think of finding the laundromat – schlepping my dirty clothes through the streets of Paris – and then actually doing the laundry -as one of the most exotic things I’ve ever done.

    • Ha, I misread your first sentence as meaning you were on a multi-country trip, and the only reason you went to Paris was to do your laundry. Which is getting to be truer and truer. Que viva Budapest!

      Safe travels, Z. Don’t forget to have dinner in Helsinki’s Kitchen.

    • The best part about doing laundry at a laundromat is getting to talk to strangers whom you might like. Some of them might even be bad-thinkers!

  9. Travel safe – tell Greg Johnson and Jared Taylor that the ZBlog readers say hello & thank you!

  10. Regarding Sweden, I saw somewhere (on Gab, I think) a post of math test scores for 15 year olds or something close, and Sweden has now fallen BELOW the United States. That’s pretty shocking, because we all know we don’t have good schools. Is it that a huge fraction of those students are immigrants or have all standards gone away or both? Whatever the cause, seems like a big deal to me.

    • If you are using averaging, just bringing in a really, really dumb decile will yank things left pretty quickly.

      • It’s not just that. It’s a lot harder to teach when half the class doesn’t speak the language and isn’t smart enough to keep up anyway.

    • It is a less well kept secret that if you back the numbers of the blacks out the scores, the US stacks up nicely on those international math tests. Japs got us beat about no matter how you slice it however.

      • I’m reading his little book right now! How to judge people by what they look like. It’s a very enjoyable and informative and I’m sure highly triggering to all the right people

        • I saw that book too and thought it looked interesting. I’ve tried to suppress the instinct in myself to judge ppl based upon looks. But the faces of ben shapiro and adam schiff seem to trigger some deep instinctual repulsion deep with my base lizard brain. I begun to suspect that it may be an evolutionary adaptation heh.

    • The cravat is a red flag. I’m becoming jealous of Z He living the life. I also have begun to suspect that Z has a face made for radio but i suspect that my envy talking

  11. Bon Voyage, Z Man! Have a spectacular trip, am so excited for you! Very much looking forward to your travelogue. Do avoid “No-Go Zones” with concentrations of vibrancy. And keep your eyes open for a lovely young lady you could make Mrs. Z and make smart, beautiful little Z’s with. Thanks for continuing to crank out such high quality posts and podcasts while you are so busy. You are THE Best Teacher ever. Thank you.

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