April Grab Bag

One of the things I don’t like about taking time away is that it seems to take me almost as long to get back into the swing of things. I get back from vacation with things stacked up from before I left and I’m not in the right frame of mind yet to get anything done. By the end of that first week back, I feel like I need another vacation, because I’m working twice as hard to get half the stuff done. I’m really looking forward to the weekend so I can get caught up on everything and get back to my normal schedule and routine.

When you travel, you learn things, but not always what you expect. For example, I got to spend time with Ed Dutton, the English anthropologist who teaches at the University of Oulu in Finland. He mentioned in passing that I have an odd voice, by which he meant different from most Americans. Some others said the same thing, which still puzzles me a bit, but I suspect it is just a European thing. They have certain expectations for how Americans should sound and I fall outside of that set of expectations.

I must admit though, it is a strange thing to be halfway around the world and have someone comes up to you and say they recognize your voice. We live in amazing age in many respects. People in our thing all over the world can communicate with one another over the internet to such an extent we don’t think much about it. I have listeners in Estonia, which is amazing when you stop and think about it. To think this connectedness is not having profound changes on human society is a major mistake.

Another bad thing about the first week back is spring time has hit Lagos, which means tons of pollen in the air. I’ve never had allergies, but when I moved here some local shrub must not sit well with me, as I have a week every year where my throat feels like sandpaper and my eyes are irritated. This is that week, so I may sound ever odder than normal. I tried to tinker with the audio to clean it up, but that never turns out well, so there are a few stretched where the audio is not as good as it should be.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Banality of Ben (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Get Whitey (Link)
  • 22:00: Soulless Monsters (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Honk Honk (Link)
  • 42:00: Seditious Coup Update (Link)
  • 47:00: Diversity Is Our Strength (Link)
  • 52:00: Tribal Loyalty (Link) (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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108 thoughts on “April Grab Bag

  1. Very disappointing to hear Z pretending that “Judeo-Christian” isn’t real.

    Every Christian Bible I’ve ever seen includes the Jewish Torah, right up front. Every Christian preacher I’ve ever known preaches from those books of the Torah.

    No, Christians aren’t identical to Jews. But they are both people “of the book”. Lots of overlap. Lots of agreement. Lots of common values.

    • So be sure to advertise your Islamo Christian values to the world as well. It makes the same amount of sense as Judeo Christian.

  2. It’s unfortunate that Z tried to shame the J3wish writer Michelle Goldberg by invoking the Holocaust. Even if we accept for the sake of argument the Holocaust narrative, this rhetorical maneuver is just DR3 in a different context, with even less chance of persuading anyone.

  3. Re: the term “Judaeo-Christian”: while it is a neologism, a compelling argument can be made for its liceity by understanding that ONLY the Jewish and Christian GOD is actually God. No other world religion recognizes God in the same way as do Jews and Christians–that is, as a God Who intervenes in history. The other ‘gods’ are “watchmakers” like the one of the Masons.

    However, the commonality only applies to those Jews who still operate under the rules of the Torah. Reform- and Liberal- need not apply.

    • And all those Orthodox that focus on the Talmud? Pretty much all modern Judaism is simply a derivative of the Phariasee sect that had Jesus crucified.

  4. Just finished the podcast. Enjoyable and informative as always, but perhaps I detect a slight darkness in your tone. You seem a bit more aggrieved by the bozos than usual. with references to smiting them as the opportunities arise. FWIW, the parasite cohort continues to grow rapidly (and that is regrettable), but no one starts out wanting to become a parasite. They are largely seduced into it by the elites (who do so with deliberate intent and malice). That is where I place my ire.

  5. Off Topic: A possible leading indicator is that my dear Mom, who worships Rachel Maddow, just confessed to me that she agrees with Trump that the country is full. I’m speechless that she would defy her lesbian goddess Rachel. But she did, at least temporarily. Could other detestable, idiot liberals, like my dear Mom, agree with Trump that the country is full?

    • The country is not “full”—at least that’s not the complete explanation for shutting down illegal immigration. Ignoring cultural considerations for the moment, in a high tech, 1st world society such as what we aspire to continue as, there can never be too many high IQ, well educated individuals. Of course, we all know this or we would not be frequenters of this blog.

      I’m surprised Z-man lets this statement by Trump go by without such focused comment. Of course, that is the trade off one has to make to produce a commentary which doesn’t run off into the weeds and lose audience attention.

      • Look at the workforce participation rate. It remains at historic lows. Automation continues to make labor less essential. What America does not need right now is people, at least not the sort coming over the border. The quality of immigrant today is a full SD’s dumber than the ones who came here a century ago.

        Further, there is fairly good evidence that population density negatively correlates to general population intelligence. Urbanization is dysgenic. While America is not “full” in the cosmopolitan understanding of things, we have enough people. In fact, we could use a good culling of the herd, like a plague or maybe a natural disaster.

        • Culling of the low IQ, not the high or above the mean IQ—especially, those with 1+ SD above the mean who are the ones capable of a rigorous college education in STEM. Those are your future automationists and your support structure for technology.

          This is why I have spoken out for an elimination of welfare a we know it. It promotes the unproductive at the expense of the productive. However, even in this group, there are those who are against such—even though the evidence of an unsustainable system is obvious to all.

      • CivNats like Sailer and globalists like Charles Murray love to promote this lie that all high IQ peeps are interchangeable. They aren’t.

        You do realize we made most of the high tech and scientific innovations occurred without importing masses of high caste Hindus and Chinamen. Importing their high IQ peeps only serve to depress wages and working conditions and eventually leads to whites being frozen out of high tech altogether.

        Silicon Valley is now 75% foreign born. Innovation has pretty much ceased and now they focus on data mining and producing disposable consumer electronic devices.

        Look what’s happening in our colleges. Whites are being frozen out of STEM courses by imported Chinese students who pay full tuition up front.

        This isn’t a plus for us.

        • Rod, that’s not my impression from years on the inside. Whites were not frozen out of the STEM fields in my University. Whites were simply too damn lazy or stupid to compete. They all wanted to be symbol manipulators and get Business degrees. The foreign students we selected for admission were better wrt entrance criteria and education. To my knowledge there never was a situation where a limited number of student “slots” were filled by foreigners and Americans were turned away.

          This may possibly be the case with some elite private schools—god knows how damn crazy they are getting with diversity BS these days, but there are a myriad of STEM programs out there to apply to. Tuition had “zero” to do with it. Yes, foreigners pay full out of State costs, but never did I hear of a push to admit foreigners ahead of more qualified Americans due to tuition farming.

          Admittedly, Universities do milk students for tuition, but my experience is they do such by creating phony degrees, in phony areas of study. I’ve commented on this before. This problem affects Whites as well as minorities, greed knows no color bias.

          The problem of Silicon Valley hiring foreigners is explained by cost cutting moves and the inability to ramp up sufficient personnel to meet demand. A good/proven Software Engineer is a very expensive personnel item and it seems Silicon Valley has made a business decision to hire often two or three foreigners to handle the work of one American. Sigh.

          • You sound like the NYT’s Bret Stevens. Looking for good corporate citizens. He wrote an article advocating deporting legacy Americans and replacing them with ambitious foreigners. Tongue in cheek, but not really.

            Local Asians are largely driven by avarice: money grubbing and position. They don’t give a damn and are unaffected by the decay and endless attacks on our culture because it isn’t theirs. Foreign students from Asia come from largely homogeneous well functioning traditional civilizations.

            Our kids have been brow beat since they were toddlers. They’ve been spoon fed a culture of brainless degeneracy while being left ignorant of their rich cultural inheritance. Their dreams have been turned towards the mundane, towards the worship of mammon and orgasm. Many of our most intelligent and aesthetically sensitive become depressed at a young age, go on meds or pot and become barely functional.

            I’m in my early sixties. STEM in my undergrad and grad days was essentially all male and all huWhyte, minus a few local Asians. Grad school had a few foreign Asian students, but not many. Both were elite schools.

            UCs actively recruit foreign student because they can get much higher tuition. My old department now has a number of Asian faculty who maintain a pipeline to the old country. Their interest is more than just tuition payments. Our universities are being colonized.

            Our kids will be fine once we fix the culture. Restore the culture and we will restore their dreams. Their ambitions will follow. We developed 95% of what goes on in STEM. We were fine before and we’ll be fine again…once we restore things.

      • Compsci, do you support high IQ nationalism, the belief that smart people of all races should form an identity group?

        Non-white people, including Jews, seem to have a stronger racial identity than an “IQ identity.” I’m unsure how to test this hypothesis, but I guess that most high IQ non-whites identity more strongly with their low IQ co-ethnics than with high IQ people of other races. If so, then high IQ nationalism is impossible.

        If high IQ nationalism succeeds, won’t it reduce to Jews and Asians fighting each other for racial dominance of whatever polity they share?

      • We are indeed full, and we have roughly 110 million more people, mostly non-White, than we can afford.

        During WWII we had roughly 220 million people. This increased somewhat during the baby boom to 250 million people, give or take, before the 1965 Open Borders – get Whitey Act. This was crucial to America’s stability. It allowed enough real estate that was desirable enough for Whites to flee cities as Segregation ended and Jim Crow no longer had an iron hand on Black violence against Whites (no one cared about Black on Black violence during Segregation). This bought social peace — it was remarkable that the Klan was a bunch of mostly FBI informants by the mid 1960s after some spasmodic violence (the murder of the three Freedom Riders). White flight from Black violence is only possible in a nation with easy loans and cheap real estate.

        We now have over 330 million people, officially. With illegals added in its really more like 380 million people. White flight is no longer possible. If enough Black men copy the one in the Mall of America (Black man throws White four year old boy to his death from third floor balcony) it means an all out war like that of Germany … 1618 to 1648. Over a third of German speakers died. Magdeburg Quarter was coined.

        We are full — we are overfilled, with lots and lots of people who violently hate each other and have long standing scores to settle in blood. This problem becomes far more manageable if we have say, a nation of 220 million people again — most social tensions are manageable by the average dude having his own house and car and boat.

        We are not the Chinese — we can’t be stacked up like in Hong Kong. And note their response to the Uighurs.

  6. I was a bit surprised when I heard you speak on podcasts as well. But it was because I expected you to sound more like a Southerner (I thought you grew up in Virginia) from a working class background (IIRC from various posts). To me, you sounded like an upper middle class guy from somewhere along the Acela line. Obviously, I am referring to your accent and not the substance of your remarks.

  7. Glad your trip was good, glad you’re back. Happy to hear my favorite podcast words: “Let’s get started!”

    Allergies, yes. Some swear by this: every day eat a little honey that is locally grown. It should contain local pollen; helps build up an immunity.

  8. On the prohibition against concealed dirks or daggers in Cali, it’s possible that the law is from the olden days of rowdy miners, gamblers, and prostitutes. San Francisco was home to a couple of prominent knifemakers known for their push daggers.

    • Generally as I understand it, dirks or Fairbarin style Daggers are viewed as killing weapons as opposed to your typical single sided blade.

      Funny thing is they’ve fallen out of fashion for killers. The big thing now is machetes(Hispanic influence) and just plain old knives of various kinds. I think the Tongs still use meat cleavers, at least in China they do.

      If a man is going to wear a MAGA hat he needs to carry a stout walking stick. or cane.say made out a good hardwood and know how to use it as a weapon. It’s the one thing a man can carry without the cops hassling him

      • Look up James LaFond. Wrote quite a bit on the art of stick fighting. Some available on Amazon. Decent straight hickory replacement handles can easily be found at Home Depot.

    • Mass murder is the norm under Leftism and any other utopian industrial age philosophy

      One we gained enough automation, urbanization and lose enough Christian faith the value of human life declines precipitously

      This started in the 18th century, maybe a bit earlier though it was driven by overcrowding then as much as the others. its reached its apex in 1965

      In the end though humanity has overshot its social and physical carrying capacity which is shown in half a century of population decline without any likelihood of stopping any time soon.

      In a few hundred years I suspect fairly serious population decline everywhere. The only choice we have is how awful it is.

      If we maintain homogeneous healthy societies with stable non bankster economies and a ruthless determination to eliminate Leftism and Multiculturalism , we can have a pleasant slow decline and maybe stabilize at a higher level

      If not we’ll probably get mass murder, famine and plague as always and in a couple of hundred years we get a much smaller much more religious population, Amish Paradise here we come

      That said you shouldn’t be afraid. You have time to prepare and preparation and cooperation increase the chance for you and yours. You might be a hero or you might die but you are going to do that anyway

  9. Damn, Z. You were on fire in this podcast. I was disappointed with having to go without the podcast last week, but your vacation made the podcast better (and it was already excellent).

  10. I don’t think anybody who knew about the FBI/DOJ conspiracy “forgot” about it, they just don’t believe that anything is going to be done about it. We didn’t forget about “Whitewater”, the email server, Uranium One, “more flexibility after the election”, etc, etc, etc… We just know, like you say later on, that the laws are only for the little guys.

    • One of the benefits of a double-standard that excuses the criminal elites from the equal application of justice for all is that the rule book goes out the window. When the fight gets real, those pansies are likely to regret it when no one else is playing by the rules.

  11. The troll formerly known only as Spectre was doxed because someone recognized his voice. Your voice is far more distinctive than his.

  12. I have such a love-hate relationship with this blog. I love the content, agree 100% and the podcast is awesome, incredibly professional.

    But then after I listen or read I am so depressed, there is no hope. Even in my circle, I am the only one who holds these views, and naturally, the undercurrent is I am a white supremacist.

    I feel like a bipolar follower, first so happy, then so sad. Do you think I could qualify for disability on mental grounds and get a check and food stamps?

    • A lot of us in the same place! Rather like someone close dying. You wake up in morning and for a minute the world is normal, then you startle remember someone close died and cortisol/adrenaline starts squirting throughout the body. You are consumed with great loss….from the heart to throughout the body, with a listless anxiousness. The body slowly with time settles down to half-anxious. Your old frame of life is gone.

      Sometimes I take the new “incomming” and put it on a mental shelf and walk away. Sometimes I take a walk. Am returning to Tai Chi Chih. Attach my cats to my body more often. If you own a dog, do not try attaching them to body; walking with them is preferable. My own husband and daughter are so overwhelmed with the decline, talking with them about latest news only sends them spiraling so choose not to burden them. Learn to seek your own counsel. Work to keep your gyroscope steady.

      • Quite profound. If one plays this game 24×7, one must become as crazy as the opposition. Learn to compartmentalize. The war is never ending, but the battles are infrequent—between them, learn to live life as pleasantly as possible.

    • Enjoy life now, treasure it and loved ones, build happy memories. You only live once. Learn useful skills while we have peace. Get fit if you aren’t already and make like minded friends. You will need them.

      But prepare for the eventuality it will blow up in the not to distant future.

  13. Are there meant to be 2 links for “Tribal Loyalty” in the shownotes? if so, #2 is broken.

  14. A bit off topic, but reading the news yesterday, Trump had the audacity to recommend sending the illegals to the sanctuary cities. This brought out all the fainting and crying jags, and the “how could you even….”s. But thinking about it, it is the heart of humanitarianism to send these people where they are more safe and secure from deportation, right? Now the fact that Nancy Pelosi does not want these people on her constituents’ doorsteps is just a delicious irony. Trump should bring it on, it is exactly the sort of thing we need to be doing, turning their hypocrisy against them. Where you see “black lives matter”, add “unborn” to the front of it. Not because you necessarily want to fight that battle, but because it messes with their internal logical disconnects. Their “reality” is wrong, we need to call them on it. Have a good weekend, all.

      • “If I were Trump I’d be building section 8 housing all over Santa Monica.”

        And Beverly Hills. Kennebunkport, too.

    • It’s not that Pelosi doesn’t want more vibrancy in LA or SF, it’s that another million or two would hardly even be noticed. California is no longer part of Western Civilization.

      For Pelosi, the whole purpose of bringing in more bio-weapons is to tilt the balance in middle America, especially the small towns.

      Que pasa Peoria!

      BTW, there is no way SF is 49% white unless white includes Arabs, white Hispanics, mixed mystery races, Jews and…the 15% of the population that is gay.

      Normal white Americans make up maybe 30% of the city. There’s been a bump up in the number of whites during the past decade made up largely of bug-men. Asians are a plurality.

      • I’m sure Nancy is fine with more vibrancy in the Bay Area, but she does not want it in her neighborhood. Call her on it. You are exactly right, it is true that the illegals are weapons against Middle America, so let’s use humanitarian logic against that, too. It isn’t every day that we can support our own position and also take the humanitarian high ground. We need to grab it when we can. We are in a fight to the death, we need to use every weapon we have.

    • ignorant comment.

      1. Sanctuary cities already have diversity and inclusion. Where diversity is needed is in the offensively white rural or/and red states and communities

      2. It doesn’t even make sense. Its like asking anti-choice people to care for babies that have not been aborted

      • So in the name of “diversity everywhere”, you are going to insist that poor, friendless immigrants be sent to places in which they are more vulnerable to forced deportation, rather than to places that will protect them. What kind of heartless monster are you? In the name of some nebulous concept, you are going to make the most vulnerable people in our midst suffer greatly when they don’t need to?

      • So unwanted black babies should be executed? Does that also apply to the lonely, wandering homeless children and addicted or otherwise mentally impaired homeless adults who have nobody to care for them either? Why are you discriminating against innocent black infants in favor of white adults?

      • “Sanctuary cities already have diversity and inclusion”

        Yeah, that’s why there’s sh*t all over the streets – it’s a dead givaway!

      • Well that’s honest enough. You think your guys get to decide our lives for us.

        Well what happens when enough of us say No and we do have the arms to make it happen?

        You do know that its basically impossible to reduce the number of arms in the Us without a civil war. we had total bans and there is little to know no compliance

        There aren’t enough troops in China much less the US to disarm people and more importantly a lot if us live next to you which kind of leaves out Salwell and his nukes not that trading some patriots for an entire blue hive would be a bad trade

        Numbers matter sure but so does will to fight

        Now sure your job is to make people surrender without a fight, I get that and its actually a pretty good strategy so kudos for using it

        The thing is the only reason we aren’t fighting is lack of knowing what the hell we want

        That’s changing very fast. The race is us detoxifying ourselves of Leftism faster than you can try and destroy us

        That is not a war you can win but you know that . I’d rather more honorable work than globalist pawn like you do , maybe porn star or defense attorney for sex criminals but hey we all to make a living

        That said, you can only push so far and you’ve pushed near enough as President Trump’s reaction has shown.

        Part of me wishes he was far more vicious and would just declare martial law and get things done but a civic nationalist hotelier and entertainer from NYC is not that guy alas

      • Ok this comment from TC(TD?) settles the question. I’ve suspected for some months that Tiny is, or has become, or is largely infiltrated by, a parody poster. This comment (in particular #2) in my opinion proves it. Parody.

      • So this poster is definitey a troll on the order of MillionDollarBonus_ on zero hedge, right? Should be writing for the Accredited Times.

      • Until you can’t take 1 step without smashing a fresh turd, and 10 without facing off with a swarthy newcomer with a knife, you’re not even close to diverse enough.

        When you get in your car to drive to your job at Starbucks and find a family of 8 warming breakfast beans and tortillas in the backseat, you’re getting close.

        Until then, you’ll take what your given.

    • Yes Dutch-Man! Had 100 years of SF Bay Area before the great jettison. Wish to see more than anything the great hypocritical politicians and ex-friends of said Fluffy Bunny land experience the dump of the great unwashed other ejected into their neighborhoods. So don’t give a flying crap that SF is “diverse.” Dump right in their neighborhoods. 90210 down south. Napa Valley and Pelosi Acres, Nob Hill, Downtown and the Castro, Berkeley Hills, the Peninsula south to high-tech valley, Orinda-Moraga-Walnut Creek-Blackhawk-Alamo. Right in their neighborhoods. Dump ‘em! Right there! (What do you mean Manuel the lawn mowing guy has set up home on your front lawn—-tough shit! Right on your front lawn, Sweetheart! Sorry to hear about your daughter missing!)

    • Generation Zyclon wants a word with you. Hell even most of the millennial men hate the ZOG. Who can blame them given what they did to the impressionable women. Damn dude, just at look at all those fat, angry, tatted up whores with wires hanging out of their noses tits and clits. Make no mistake, the ONLY thing holding this thing together is the bubble gum and baling wire of unsustainable debt. When that goes South, and it will, it’s gonna be ugly as hell for your world view. People are going to be angry, very very angry. Pensions gone. Medicare gone. Universities, burned to the ground. Social Security, HAHAHA. Hell man, you won’t even be able to buy snacks with your EBT card. I don’t want you to worry, I’ll be OK.

      • Here is a suspicion I have had for a long time regarding tiny (no caps for this asshole.) Could he be Steve Sailer?

    • The younger generation may reject our worldview, given that our worldview is a product of the lives we have lived, and they don’t have those life experiences to give them understanding. Our life view is occasionally cold hearted and selfish, but that is because we have been constantly beaten around the head and shoulders for all of life’s ills, deserved or not. At some point the whipped horse kicks back. We are not naturally cold hearted people, but we can’t win, even when we are generous or magnanimous. When we try to do good, we are often simply taken advantage of. Any tribal white male impulses you see from us were whipped into us over time.

      Now our young may not share our worldview (yet), but what does the world offer them these days? Blame, indebtedness, little opportunity, and also criminal proceedings if they say the wrong word or two to anyone who is not a white, heterosexual male. They will be looking for a way out of all of that, and what do you have to offer them? Time is on our side, brother. They may be a minority, but they understand the concept of burning down their enemies houses, not their own, when the balloon goes up. Ask the Japanese about that.

    • I very much hope you’re right. The quicker we hit bottom, the sooner we can start rebuilding from the ashes. Had Hilliary won in 2016, we likely would have begun the civil war already. As it is, we continue the slow slide toward a deeper bottom. The longer this takes, the worse will be the cataclysm when we get there.

    • better educated
      If by “educated”, you mean lobotomized…

      Factcheck: True
      They’ll make great pets.

    • I’m actually glad Collins posts here. He’s a great reminder that 1) out enemies truly despise us and 2) they’re winning and they know it.

      We get smart or the Somalis his like have imported will shove our grandchildren into mass graves.

      • Indeed. The “muh gun” crowd needs to stop thinking that collecting guns and that by holding up in some trailer in Idaho is a solution. It isn’t. They will be tracked down and burnt out. They need to focus on squad level tactics and guerilla warfare methods and getting the biggest bang for the buck in terms of proper target selection.

  15. Zman, I wish I had known about your pollen allergy before you left for Europe. In Italy and France they sell a very reasonably priced antihistamine in the form of eye drops. Presumably, it’s available all over the Eurozone. It is a bloody miracle. It will stop your symptoms in their tracks. No prescription necessary. Every time I go to Europe I buy more of it. You may want to check your local pharmacy and see if something like this is available here.

  16. Judeo-Christian already had a definition. Judeo-Christian was an adjective, and it modified a person, not a philosophy, and it meant someone who was born and raised Jewish (ethic/religious/cutlural) who found Christ and converted. A Judeo-Christian was someone with deep Jewish roots, but never the less became Christian. A Judeo-Christian. Like an ‘Irish Catholic’ or Swedish Lutheran. The cultural background modifier of their religious beliefs.

    • There will be a judeo-christian nation in the future. When Christ returns in the end days and the nation of Israel welcomes him as their saviour, then there will be a judeo-christian nation.

      For some reason, the people who support “judeo-christian values” dont like that answer.

    • Comedy gold. Torquemada expressed Judeo-Christian values. Cuckservatives are the real antisemites!

  17. Point of order, Z. Jesus Christ was a Jew. He was actually killed by Romans, and technically speaking, the drivers behind the crucifixion were a certain sect of Jews. Jesus was NOT a homo, or a socialist, or a negro as chitlibs are so fond of claiming either – he was most certainly a Dissident and he changed the world. We would do well to emulate his example. I know that cunned stunt at the NYFT got under your skin; but you cannot get sloppy. At the very least you are one of the best dissident voices out there and we need you on the ball 100% of the time, doing what you do.

    You yourself have cautioned us against falling for the outrage porn. That’s exactly why she wrote what she did, those articles are raised middle fingers to guys like us, and to signal her virtue to her own tribe. Yes, she is ginning up violence and bloodshed. When they finally get stupid enough to act on it we have to be ice cold and ready to think our way through the fight that is going to ensue.

    It’s easy, reading shite like that, to develop serious anti-Semitism. Sure – if Richard Spencer turned that carbunkle into soap I wouldn’t shed a tear at all. And I’m not saying someone should take an AK47 and go shoot up the offices of the New York Times, but if it DID happen – I’d smile and go to the bar and buy a round for the house. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Lefty would be horrified to think that we are taking names and remembering faces too. They may be monsters – but they’ve been separated from their souls. I fear we may need to set ours aside too in the days ahead.

    Jews are like us whites; they run the gamut just like Whitey does: you have the rancid shrieking whores of the left, your cucks like li’l Ben, and totally ignored, forgotten, censored and deplatformed dissidents just like us. I do not believe we have a battle with the Jews as a tribe. Just certain sects that overlap with certain ‘white’ demographics as well.

    Like you, I am convinced that bloodshed is coming. If it does, we HAVE to make sure that the targets are the ones we want. If we don’t, we stand to make one of the biggest strategic mistakes possible. If I may invoke You-Know-Who… an interesting blurp of history is that he dismissed particle theory of the day as ‘Jewish Science’ and dismissed it – and the US developed the atom bomb first. We can’t afford to lose allies like that. Old Nasty was right otherwise – the particle physics and chemistry for the first atom bomb had Jews as key players.

    Everyone – relax. Keep watch, be vigilant, keep prepping and organizing – and above all keep quiet about it. Don’t just watch – THINK about what you’re seeing.

    • That’s the old joke – the Jewish mob got the Italian mob to do the wet-work. Some things work so well they don’t ever change.

      • The joke may have been funny but it wasn’t very accurate. “Murder, Inc.” Which lasted almost twenty years had two co-heads: Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky. And actually had.more Jewish hitmen than Italian!

    • The dreaded yenta is our most potent weapon againd the woke goyim. After only two paragraphs of its shrieking, even self-loathing hipsters have been known to snap a roman salute while listening to Joseph Goebbles Warning on loop.

    • This is spot on analysis. We cannot hold back the wave of the future, and when it comes, there will be smart and capable men on the other side “just following orders.” Where have we heard that before? Lots of good work has gone into figuring out the best way to beat the next (and modern) tyranny to come down the pike. It won’t be a slugfest, but will use their own weight against them. Their arrogance in owning and using the media as a tool of power will backfire badly.

    • Mr. Filthie…..have cut, pasted and saved your excellent, well-thought out missive. Thank you!
      “Everyone – relax. Keep watch, be vigilant, keep prepping and organizing – and above all keep quiet about it. Don’t just watch – THINK about what you’re seeing. “ Roger that! And do keep in mind the politics and culture will shapeshift and writhe into new shapes we cannot anticipate, so we must seek clarity and be flexible to respond to new forms. Some of this culture shift we cannot pre-plan. Didn’t Z say something like only when the game is on and now, then we can begin to create the structure when we know what we are dealing with.
      As for “cunned stunt “ find humor where you can. I had to say this out loud three times before the spoonerism unraveled before my eyes and I started laughing! Duh and good grief, Mrs. Range F. Fault! Glad I have simple and complex humor.

  18. Your voice is perfectly normal American. To my Midwestern ears, you have a slight Southern accent. By the way, do Baltimore whites still have a distinct accent? You can hear it on that Mencken interview just before he had the stroke that ended his career, on which he was suffering from hay fever: https://youtu.be/QpGzpqU-b04

    • I try to avoid Bodymore, Murdaland but the few folks from there I occasionally encounter do have traces of the accent. They even don’t get too upset at being accused of being Baltimorons. I think it’s significantly driven by the large Irish population that still exists around the near outskirts of the city proper, so the Baltimore-area folks of Irish descent do still have the accent.

      That’s a great recording of Mencken and epitomizes most of the Ballmer accent from what I’ve been able to hear (he even says Ballmer at 3:08). Couldn’t listen to the whole thing through but I doubt he said “Downy Ashen,” which I heard more commonly growing up in MD significantly southeast of the BM.

    • You do hear the Baltimore twang from the older people. The accent is mostly present in whites that grew up in the east side of the city or the adjacent parts of the county. Blacks have a unique local sound, but different from whites entirely. Younger people have little noticeable accent. The same accent you hear from Baltimorons can be heard from people in parts of Philly and Wilmington Delaware.

      There is a Mid-Atlantic accent, but it is not pronounced. That may be what people pick up in my voice. It’s like the Midwestern accent. It’s more of a lack of an accent than anything else.

      • Back in the day, many newscasters would come out of the Midwest because of their “lack” of an accent. The Midwest accent is generally considered to be the normal American accent by foreigners.

        I’ve always found that blacks more or less sound the same no matter when they live, except rural Southern blacks who have a distinctive Southern black accent. Black culture never seems to go off in different directions. There aren’t black subgroups whereas whites immediately start forming regional and cultural subgroups.

      • I grew up in OH I think you sound lower Midwestern, the standard OH voice without the Yankee-ish nasal tones of Michigan, Illinois etc. I expected you to sound like the FTN crew, East Coast NYC/Boston, FWIW.

      • A very good example of a real Baltimore white accent is Bunny Colvin’s deputy on ‘The Wire,’ a character named Dennis Mello (played by real life Baltimore cop Jay Landsman). The only white guy on the show with a genuine Baltimore accent.

        I recommend this accent map, which is quite accurate


        • What a fascinating collection of data. I passed it onto John Derbyshire, who has an interest in dialects.

  19. Podcast day! This is exciting! I’ve been a day off all week and thought it was Thursday 🙂

      • Forgive him Z , he may be new here.
        That said, if you were a character actor you would be hired for your voice.
        Distinctive in a way I can’t explain.

        • Yeah, I’ve been trying to place Z’s voice for awhile now. Can’t quite pin it down. It sounds familiar but not in the sense that it sounds like a specific individual that I’ve known. More like a general character in many of our lives, like the worldly uncle that told you truths about the world that you’re parents wouldn’t – or something like that.

          • Well, being from the Mid-Atlantic myself, it didn’t take me long to note that the Z Man is probably a native of our region. His “O” words sometimes have the long diphthong sound that is common to western and central PA and Maryland. He restrains it pretty well, though.

          • I have picked up some local flavor in my travels. For example, I say “ca wash” unless I think about it first. Living in Boston and working at a car wash seems to have done that to me. It took me a while to break myself of saying, “how you doin'” which is common in the northeast. Sometimes I’ll use the long “O” in telephone, which around here becomes “tel-ee-fooooooooooooone.” Of course, “y’all” will make an appearance on occasion. I noticed that I speak slower and simpler when in a foreign country.

        • Do not forgive him.
          This is the New World Order: Eternal punishment for an off-the-cuff remark.

        • The Zman has what used to be considered a normal well regulated male voice without a strong regional accent. Perhaps his diction is considered unusual because male voices are trending toward the uptalking fairy speak you hear on NPR.

      • LOL. I found it totally odd too – I usually listen on my laptop or iPad… and you sound totally different on both devices. And even so – you can tell that the same person is doing the speaking on both devices.


    • Z’s voice sounds the same as mine has been described: deep and masculine, but calm and non-threatening. Perfect radio voice. Dunno why it sounds strange to foreigners—maybe just distinctive. Downside: new voice recognition technology will allow the American Stasi to find you quickly.

      Btw, Flonase has changed my life. I can go out in the spring now.

      • Z’s voice also has a somewhat rustic feel, like a young Wilford Brimley.

      • “Perfect radio voice.”

        Interesting take because I immediately detected a sort of familiarity with a pretty famous radio voice. (Of course I won’t give my opinion on NPR but separate the artist from the platform).

        Z reminds me of Garrison Keiller more than a bit. Listen to snips of the interview next to this podcast and it becomes quite apparent.


    • In a strange way, Z sometimes makes me think of Father Coughlin (except Z has a much more soothing voice and is less topically political).

      Charles Coughlin – Americanism, Neither Nazism Nor Communism (1939)

      Not quite as soothing here

      “So that the communists on the one hand cannot scourge us, and that the modern Capitalists on the other, cannot plague us.”

      Of course, his “Social Justice” is pretty much the opposite of our modern “Social Justice” folks. And he’s apparently been retconned as an evil fascist. He might have been wrong on some things, but it’s kind of odd how much of what he’s saying I now hear folks on the dissident right saying again.

  20. Pollen never bothered me until turned 50. Never had any other allergies. Welcome to old age.

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