A New Ape In The Tree

It appears there is another ape in the neighborhood. Well, there was another ape and the neighborhood is the human family tree. Researchers have found parts of what they think is another species of human that lived roughly 50,000 years ago. The discovery was made in a cave on the island of Luzon, which is in the Philippines, a dozen years ago, but the announcement has just been made after years of research. There’s a lot of work to be done to figure out where this new species fits, but they seem sure it is a new species.

This is not the first time a new species has been found in the South Pacific. In 2004, Homo floresiensis was found on the island of Flores in Indonesia. They actually found quite a few skeletons, so they were able to more quickly figure out that it was a new species and not just some odd bits of an existing species. This was the one they nicknamed the hobbit, because the species stood about 4-feet tall as adults. Finding a second species of short people on another island adds another mystery to the human origin story.

That’s the real back story to these finds. For a very long time, the generally accepted narrative had modern Neanderthals leaving Africa first, followed by modern humans, who either out-competed or replaced Neanderthals. The out-of-Africa story not only fit the fossil record, but it fit the popular narratives of the modern West. The argument that people are all the same, except for the trivial differences in appearance, works a lot better when everyone has the same origin story. Recent data is calling that into question.

One important thing that these two discoveries confirm is something some have been denying for a long time. That is, evolution is recent and local. An important part of the important narrative has been that no real important changes in humans happened after our ancestors left Africa. These two finds make clear that evolution never stops and will accelerate when a species enters a new environment. In other words, humans not only kept evolving, they evolved to adapt to local conditions and local challenges.

Another issue raised by these finds is that there may have been many human species in Africa at the same time. It’s possible these bones are from another type of human that also made it out of Africa, settled on these islands and was cut-off. Genetics has found evidence of a “ghost” population in sub-Saharan Africans that does not exist in other humans. Just as Neanderthal DNA is found in Eurasians, but not Africans, this ghost population does not appear anywhere else. We may not all have the same ancestors.

The significant physical differences found in these skeletons confirms something else that has not always been popular. That is, small difference can have big differences downstream. In other words, having 99% of the same DNA may not mean the final product is 99% alike. These two species are dated to around the same time and most likely share a common recent ancestor, but small differences in their evolutionary history resulted in big differences in their appearance and big differences from their mainland relatives.

Of course, there is another aspect to a find like this. Any time new information undermines old assumptions, it calls into question other old assumptions. If the out-of-Africa narrative has been mostly wrong for decades, maybe it is just wrong. Maybe humans did not first appear in Africa, but maybe started to appear in several places. The evidence does not point this way, but maybe science has been looking in the wrong places for the wrong things, based on the old theory. Maybe there is many new chapters to the story.

More important, the evidence is mounting that a major claim of the ruling orthodoxy is flat out wrong. Science does not support their claims. Human evolution is real, it is recent and it is local. However humans got to Eurasia, whatever common ancestors they have with humans around the world, they started to change as soon as they settled in their new lands, in order to thrive in those new lands. The question is not how much are we the same, but rather how much are we different and how important is that now.

That’s what makes this an interesting age. Just as heliocentrism was seen as a threat to the prevailing orthodoxy, ancient DNA and the archaeological record is quickly becoming a challenge to the orthodoxy of this age. In fact, the current orthodoxy may be much more fragile than what Galileo faced 500 years ago. The organization of Europe did not depend on the sun revolving around the earth. Even the authority of the Church was not dependent on that model. Christian Europe was not invalidated by the telescope.

In this age, differences in origin stories and differences in evolutionary history will cripple our civic religion. You can’t claim people are amorphous blobs, if evolution is true, and you cannot claim all people are biologically equal if they are not. Further, the true believers cannot claim the mantle of science, if their beliefs are in conflict with science. The church of the secular Left is not just wrong about a few things, it turns out that its reason to exist is entirely false. That’s like discovering Christ never existed.

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  1. Evolution never stops. Long after humans left Africa, some began drinking cow’s milk in what is now modern day Turkey. Usually, the ability to drink milk shuts down after infancy but it didn’t shut down in some humans who were able to continue to drink milk from cows, giving them an advantage. That population of milk drinkers has slowly spread out from Turkey 6000 years ago to the wider human population, but the evolution is not complete. Some people remain lactose-intolerant.

    Reptiles have good color vision. When mammals evolved from reptiles, we lost that color vision. Evolution went backwards. Dogs and bulls see in grays. Mammals had to re-evolve color vision because it was such an advantage. Tigers see in yellow, which gives them an advantage in night vision. Monkeys evolved color vision, probably because it helped them pick out the ripe fruit to eat. We evolved from those monkeys, thankfully, with color vision. However, that evolution is not complete. Some people are colorblind, an artifact from our jump from reptile to mammal which is not yet resolved.

    We are all evolving. Every single human being is a line of evolution, part of a larger evolution of the species that is evolving massively in parallel.

  2. The Out of Africa Theory is on the face of it bs – it assumes the traffic was only ever one way, which makes no sense given given the history of climate changes. The reason most genetic diversity shows up in Africa is not because that’s where it came from but because that’s where it ended up.

  3. One important point that few people acknowledge is that human subpopulations (“races,” “ethnic groups”) do not have immutable characteristics.

    A moderate selection pressure acting over a few thousand years can really change the average genetic constitution within a population. That is why most of us of European descent are lactose tolerant and melanin deficient. Both traits may be fairly recent.

    And, this means that even if one ethnic group is smarter, more future-oriented, etc. today, this may not be true in a thousand years.

    Or, to make my point as clear as possible, the fact that dumb and imprudent Americans of European descent are having a lot more kids that smart, prudent people means the Euro-American gene pool is deteriorating.

  4. ‘That’s like discovering Christ never existed.’

    Of course all historical evidence suggests Christ existed. That is not the issue.

    • There actually is a serious debate about this: there are some real experts (e.g., see Robert M. Price’s The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man) who doubt that Jesus existed.

      Now, Price is indeed in the minority among scholars, and my own opinion, for what it’s worth, is that Jesus probably did exist.

      But, the evidence is thinner than most people realize. People like Price are not crazy, though, perhaps, mistaken.

  5. Nevertheless, this all happened tens of thousands of years before Homo sapiens sapiens became the only game in town (the last known Neanderthals date to about 23,000 BC). Since then, there has been enough interbreeding to maintain a single species (and possibly subspecies). So ‘recent’ and ‘local’ are relative terms.

  6. Spent yesterday on jury duty in Chicago. Every reader of this blog needs to sit through a day of forced interaction with other registered voters. President Herbert Mountain Dew Camacho is not a joke: he is our future.

  7. I think it was the (real, back before the field was converged) anthropologist Carleton Coon who claimed that the currently defined major human races predate modern humanity. That is the races existed as local adaptations in the pre-modern human populations, and these populations were “humanized” (to one degree or another) by genetic introgression from interbreeding with proto-modern humans. I.e. “humanity” spread through the local populations sort of like a genetic venereal disease. This is called the multi-regional hypothesis which has been “discredited” (I do not think this word means what you think it means) according to modern anthropology.

  8. Anthropology is just another con. A handful of teeth and bones generating some breathless publicity, it’s really just to get another couple of years of grant money.

    “News” like this can be safely ignored. No one should alter their worldview based on these sorts of scams. The celebrated “new species” rarely hold up to scrutiny for more than a few years.

    • Not all anthropologists are converged. C.R. Hallpike is excellent.

      “The result is that the topic of primitive society has become an intellectual playground for amateur speculators about human origins, especially journalists and Darwinian theorists and their equally credulous publishers, none of whom actually knows anything about primitive society.”

    • I have to agree this “discovery” reeks of desperation and a con. It would be one thing if they had found dozens or hundreds of similar fossils but they haven’t.

      To be me it’s like finding a handful of bones from a midget and extrapolating it to being a entire tribe of pygmies or some such rot.

  9. Some nitpicks: If humans started to appear in different places, they would still have all had to evolve from the same or very similar ape, that had spread previously from one place. Can’t be that one set of humans evolved from something quite different from what another set of similar humans evolved from. Evolution works by gradual changes in whatever is already there.

    I know what you mean here, but I wish we would not use phrases like “they started to change…in order to thrive”. There is no “in order to” (i.e., purposeful action) in nature. Evolution is blind change — adaptation — to pressures from the environment.

    Finally, as a man of the secular Right who was raised as a Christian, I have spent some time investigating the origins of Christian beliefs. The evidence — and lack of evidence — that I see tells me that Christ did not exist. He is an entirely mythological character, invented by a Roman Jewish mystery cult.

    • Well if you go back far enuf a common ancestor is a given. I’ve found the maternal mitochondrial DNA analysis convincing. One common eve, can’t remember, 50K years back?

  10. There’s ample evidence that the Roman Church was adjusting and evolving towards Copernican theory for quite a long time. Galileo got caught up in late-Reformation ideological and theological purity tests as Catholics feared Galileo was trending towards Protestantism by advocating Copernican model aggressively. In fact, the Church’s biggest Galileo advocate was Pope Urban VIII who commissioned the very book that got Galileo in trouble. The Pope seemed to understand where the science was leading, and asked Galileo to write the book by arguing both sides.

    Had Galileo simply done this, most likely the Church would have continued to slowly come around to Copernicanism.

    Before Galileo, Tycho Brahe (official mathematician of the Church of Rome) recognized the mathematical benefits of Copernican theory, as he attempted to reconcile the math with scripture. Brahe had decades of data which showed pretty conclusively that heliocentric was correct. But, being a “church man” he could not mentally break free from the geocentrism of the Church. His model, trying to blend the two, is called the Tychonic model.

    Kepler, who worked for Brahe, would take Brahe’s data and develop his three laws, published the year Galileo built his first telescope (1609). The science and the math marched inexorably forward.

    Flash forward, and Pope Urban VIII and the Jesuits supported Galileo, until Galileo went a little to far and seemed to criticize the Pope. (He named the character in his book who advocated Aristotelian theory “Simplicio”…Simpleton.) Well, since the Pope, Galileo’s ally, had to officially maintain the “official” Aristotelian model, many people took it as calling the Pope a simpleton. At that point, the Pope had no choice but to give in to the politics and launch an inquisition.

    Galileo was no saint. He rejected Johannes Kepler’s mathematic proofs that demonstrated elliptical orbits of the moon and planets, and that the moon caused the tides. Kepler deduced these using Brahe’s observations (which were extensive, carried out over a period of 20-some years). Keplers laws were later validated by Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. To this day, we identify satellite orbital positions and movements using “Keplerian Orbital Elements”.

    Like a lot of smart guys, Galileo was a little full of himself, arrogant, and paid a minor price for it. Don’t feel too bad for him though. His house arrest was at his home Villa il Gioiello, “The Jewel” which is quite lovely, near Florence.

    I am obviously summarizing extensively, here, but I highly recommend anyone with an interest in contemporary scientific battles read up on the battles that have raged in centuries past. Settled science is a fraudulent term devised by politicians and enabled by scientists attempting to preserve their powerful stations. Hell, it took ‘em 16 years to award Einstein his Nobel. And, they refused to award it for Relativity. Instead he got his Nobel for his Photoelectric Effect paper (1905) as well as his “contributions” to mathematics. Who says scientists are rational? They’re petty, spiteful a-holes.

    • Good post, but:

      Brahe had decades of data which showed pretty conclusively that heliocentric was correct. But, being a “church man” he could not mentally break free from the geocentrism of the Church.

      Brahe maintained a geocentric model because he could detect no parallax motion in the stars during the year. He reasoned that either Earth was at the center of the universe, or the stars were improbably far away – distances way out of proportions with the solar system.

      The latter turned out to be the case, but with the instruments Brahe had at his disposal, his model conformed better with observed reality than the Copernican model, wonky as it is.

      And Brahe was a Protestant, he didn’t have to conform to Church dogmas.

      • I agree about parallax, just summarizing, but he was trying to blend the two to stay right with scripture. Naked eye observations and the clocks of the day prevented them from seeing the universe. They also couldn’t get their heads around the idea that for Copernicus to be right, stars would have to be enormous.

        Did you know he was motivated to collect his data after a battle over the location of a new star (a supernova in today’s lingo). And that he wore a prosthetic nose after losing his in a duel over who was the better mathematician?

        • Also, he’s said to have died of a burst bladder after a particularly good party.

          Although forensic archaeologists insist that is nonsense and that he died from imbibing mercury.

          I don’t know which story I prefer.

        • My favorite line about Brahe (who seems to have been known to Shakespeare- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are ancestors of his. )
          “His pet elk died, falling downstairs while drunk”

      • I’ve not read it, but will add it to the list. Most of what I know is a mix of various classes I took while earning my physics degree. One of the things physicists like to do is remind the young about the lessons of history. Then, as “climate change” became a political thing, I started deepening my understanding because the whole geo vs helio debate has many modern parallels from “settled science”, to religious dogmatism, to the iron hand of the State deciding what is official science…

        I’m on a road trip, will have to give this book a go…

  11. As someone who studied anthropology as an undergrad, it’s almost entirely nonsense. Physical anthropologists will go decades–literally their entire careers–in the hopes of maybe finding a single fragmentary bone of something which they consider an ancient human ancestor. Entire species (and taxonomies of species!) are constructed from the flimsiest of pretenses–a few tiny fragments of bone–the strength of which make Russian Collusion look like a slam-dunk case by comparison.

    At the time I studied these things I was a dedicated atheist scientific materialist, yet as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that Big Science doesn’t really know half of what it claims to and they are desperately trying to keep the masses from finding this out. These days I’m much more sympathetic to creation/ID theories, at least they make logical sense given what we can observe!

    • Physical anthropology appears to be almost literally looking for a needle in a haystack. One can see how once the researcher finds a needle, he will invest himself in making sure that the needle he found is as significant as it can be.

  12. So Philippinos and indonesianians must have genocided those little dudes! We have confirmed that there are things worse than white people because whites have mysteriously failed at all our alleged genocides. Somebody tell the New York Times.

  13. Just another half-assed monkey. They find them every 10 years or so. When they find a fossilized million year old i phone, that’ll tell me something.

    The reason old fossils exist in Africa is that much of it is dry. The rift valley is a desert. Deserts preserve old things. Water is natures universal solvent. It dissolves everything from stone to wood to bones. This is why interesting things are now being found in the deserts of western China. Things that are just as old. But we have to cling to the original Victorian era discoveries by some gin soaked Brits in Africa. Notice the Africans themselves can’t find a damn thing. They sure as hell can’t find modern sewage systems either.

    • The rift valley isn’t just a desert, it includes forests.I don’t think the explorers were gin soaked; not everyone shares your hobbies.

  14. From University of Toronto (2017): Scientists analyzing 7.2 million-year-old fossils uncovered in modern-day Greece and Bulgaria suggest a new hypothesis about the origins of humankind, placing it in the Eastern Mediterranean and not — as customarily assumed — in Africa, and earlier than currently accepted. The researchers conclude that Graecopithecus freybergi represents the first pre-humans to exist following the split from the last chimpanzee-human common ancestor.


    • Fascinating…and isn’t it curious how that wasn’t picked up by Science or Nature magazine? I was thinking, if it is true that humans have Neanderthal dna and this is not a hoax, then I bet that the interbreeding occurred at a time before Homo sapiens had speech, unless Neanderthals did have a capacity for speech. I find it highly unlikely that speaking humans would interbreed with creatures without speech, don’t u?

    • Safe bet they were under 80, well under. Aborigines are 60, Bushmen 58, and they go way back. Ironically, they are the two most unrelated homo-sapiens on earth.

    • I read what I thought was a great book a while back called The “Wolf in the Parlor”. It is a study on the domestication of dogs over time. He noticed that the domestication of wolves seemed to coincide with the reduction in total mass/volume of the human brain. He postulated that human brains (and perhaps processing power) was reduced over time as a result of man’s ability to rely on domesticated dogs for important jobs, like keeping watch at night, finding food, protection, etc. There is a fairly long discussion about whether in fact the decrease in the volume of the human brain resulted in a possible loss of intelligence, senses, etc. An interesting discussion about the symbiotic relationship between man and dogs across human evolution. Just the fact that man could sleep at night once they had dogs to guard them probably impacted brain development over evolution.

    • They seem not to have had an IQ sufficient for them to survive in that place and at that time. Today, of course, there’s welfare. Because equality.

  15. Natural evolution is all over within the next 100 years: you’ll simply dial the genetic package you want Junior to carry, the nurse gives you a shot. This means that the world population will quickly become whiter, taller and smarter, until there’s only us white folks around.

    • Well i’m more of a practical racist. I don’t want my daughters trucking with blacks because that pool is low IQ and consumed with much psychological pathology. If everybody was dialing up designer IQ and well-balanced psychologies i would care less about skin tone. Also, if i wanted to raise a astronaut or elite gymnast, i would dial back tallness.finally it is probably wise to keep a widely diverse genetic population in case humanity is hit with a culling event. Say an asteroid strike. Maybe short black hunchbacks with 70 iq could cut living in deep hypoxic mines for a millennium whereas you tall fish-belly big-brained Aryans would perish. Sickle cell etc..

    • Maybe, right now we’re nowhere near being able to create designer babies GATTACA style. And if we do, chances are it will be for the wealthy. Us proles won’t be getting it. Same thing with life extension drugs.

      And IQ isn’t everything as we see with BigTech, that has to be the biggest collection of physical freaks, sociopaths and creeps around. I don’t care if they sporting 140 or 170 IQ’s they hate us and want us dead along with the tribesmen.

      The other thing is a lot of these smarties are physical wrecks. Most of them look like they got into a fight with a vampire and lost. Their genetics are really bad. It makes me wonder if high IQ goes hand in hand with sociopathy and physical weakness.

  16. It’s amazing the extent to which Official Reality™, the reality posited by the totalitarian left for political instead of scientific reasons, is not just untrue, but in most important respects the opposite of the truth.

    Official Reality™ says that evolution stopped after out-of-Africa; Real Reality (hereafter RR) says much the opposite.

    Official Reality™ says that in matters of crime blacks are disproportionately victimized; RR says the exact opposite.

    Well, this inversion of realities is rally just the old CultMarx, isn’t it?

    The truth is on our side, but is that enough? It seems that political systems may need a certain religico-narrative structure to prevail, and simple truth may not have that structure.

    An important question is how far the totalitarian left will go in forcing people, at the point of a gun, to pretend that they believe in Official Reality™, as evidence against it mounts.

    The case of James Watson is not promising. The fact that the psychopathic Current Year Inquisition went against the world’s most important living scientist, the discover of the very building blocks of life, shows that they’ll go against anybody.

    Their religion doesn’t care about your facts.

  17. Historically, evolution was largely driven by local environmental factors; generally, adaption to local food sources, camouflage, and predator threats. Speed of adaption was also influenced by resident symbiotic bacteria; which is our first line of defense against many diseases and toxins. That was then, but modern life is characteristically different in fundamental ways. Fitness selection is no longer founded in overcoming hardship and prevailing over existential threats. Antibiotics are destroying our bacteria based co-evolutionary mechanisms. Bottom line . . . we are morphing into a hive/herd species. Not good.

  18. Yes, evolution does happen locally. You’re absolutely right. The Galapagos Islands should have put that to bed decades ago.

    Another politically incorrect fact about evolution is that it doesn’t occur via monogamous mating. When a mutation occurs, typically in a male, it only becomes a species or sub-species trait if that male passes it on to a multitude of females.

    Kings, tribal elders, etc. have typically had harems throughout most of human history, and their most favoured sons also had their own harems, and so on. That’s how you get races, not through some magical, slow step-by-step progression. Evolution stops once a society becomes monogamous – in fact, in may even devolve as a lot of unworthy males spread their seed.

    It’s a biological fact, but it’s illegal to say it out loud on any modern campus.

    • It’s true that there is a small set of males and a similar small set of females who everyone wants to breed with, who can get away with murder because of who they are, and which is mostly biologically determined and is mostly a lucky result of genetic roulette. Then there are the rest of us.

      But that is not supposed to even be acknowledged in polite conversation.

      • well, the set of breed-worthy females vastly expands after a couple beers. After a couple more, the capacity to breed abruptly contracts. Definitely a sweet spot there somewhere.

    • “Evolution stops once a society becomes monogamous – in fact, in may even devolve as a lot of unworthy males spread their seed.”

      Cool beans. So you are really happy with the gross hypergamy we currently have on display due to criminalization of male sexuality by radical feminism?

      Because right now we are hurtling towards the ‘African Warlord’ model you describe. Top 10% of males have about 90% of the women for the taking and the rest are thirsty and angry.

      As a foil to your ludicrous assessment about the ‘benefit’ of this let us have a look at societies like you describe. Africa and the Middle-East versus previously monogamous societies, say 1950s white America / Europe.

      If you cannot see the trade off of monogamy for its ability to move the entire civilization forwards vs. some positive genetic drift that you may get if you only let Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho breed, well…. umm, yeah.

      • evolution can sprint if selective pressure is intense. it can also be a slow grind (and yes, in relatively monogamous societies) The problem is that with the modern welfare state and birth control, the selective pressure promotes dysgenic breeding. Lazy, fat, stupid… and pregnant is the rule of this age.

        • Evolution is probably a lot like the markets. Nothing much happens for a while, and then a lot happens very quickly. Fractals are likely as good of a theoretical explanation as any for the stop-start of the process.

    • Evolution is not turned on it’s head by unworthy males spreading their seed but by unworthy females reproducing, and unworthy offspring surviving any stupidity.

      • The unworthy females reproducing is a function of the welfare state sanctioning such behavior. Prior to that such females ended up working as hookers or spinsters.

        Take away the welfare safetynet and the problem goes away.

  19. Our future as it stands now are race wars and genocide. How we get there, and the scientific/social/theological basis which we will use to justify it – is merely conversational.

  20. Figured much of this out hunting pigs when I was a kid in Florida. Within a dozen or so generations previously domestic hogs morphed into an animal physically and behaviorally 180 degrees from the original animal.

    • Farm life teaches you lessons early. Especially about how the blood almost always tells the tale. PS I’ve always wanted to hunt pigs, but never have gotten the opportunity. I bet hunting them with dogs and spears would be terrifying (and fun).

      • We hunted on unimproved range land, lot of palmetto scrub with occasional thicket. Ranchers encouraged getting the pigs off their property. We used dogs that were mostly hound/bull terrier mixes to flush them. Occasionally a pig would stick in and the adults would go in after it. The shooting was close range and .30-30 and .35 Remington lever actions were the go to. But this was 45 years ago. The pigs weren’t the monsters they get today. Mostly 150 to 250 range. But mean as fuck. Most of the dogs were scarred up from tusks.

        • The 30-30 is a much underrated rifle. I keep several, both carbine and rifle. The lever action doesn’t set people off, it’s fast to work, and that big 170 grain bullet tears an enormous hole.

          • Just finished restoring a Savage 1899 takedown in .30-30 (dates to 1911), put a good tang sight on it and have fun on the 100 yard range outshooting the guys the with “equipment man” AR pattern rifles. Plus you can handload everything from soft little plinkers to heavy 170s. Plus with the Savage is will take pointed bullets so long as you keep the OAL within limits.

  21. This kind of information is a problem to the establishment. How soon will reporting of findings like this become illegal? The treatment of Dr. Watson is a preview. They keep trying to plug holes in the dyke, then new holes appear, leaking new racial information.

    • The whole Watson episode is maddening, not because he was de-personed by the puppet masters but because he was abandoned by thousands of people who admired him and owe him gratitude and respect.

  22. When occasionally someone asks me about my political affiliation, I tell them that I’m a “Darwinist.” Confused they ask me what they means. I tell them I believe in the Theory of Evolution and that I believe that human beings aren’t exempt from evolution, it’s how we evolved from apes.

    They then ask me what that has to do with politics. “Everything,” I reply. “More importantly, both the Dems and GOP disagree with me. They all believe that evolution magically stopped working on humans the minute we left Africa, which means that they don’t really believe in the theory of evolution, that they’re basically Creationists. I disagree so I can’t really be a member of either party.”

    Btw, if you do this, be ready for either uncomfortable silence or people getting a bit testy, especially liberals. Lefties don’t like being told that they’re basically the equivalent of fringe, hardcore Christians, particularly when it’s true..

    • The evolution/natural selection angle is effective in discussion with liberals, causing cognitive dissonance. They always pride themselves on believing in “Science!” They also like to use evolution to bash Christians. Turning it around to use it against the left is great fun!

      • Yep, forcing Leftists (and cucks) to acknowledge that their membership in the Cult of Equality doesn’t square with science and, particularly, the Theory of Evolution, which they they hold so dear and use as a hammer to show how more enlightened than they are compared to redneck Christians is a blast.

        The really fun part is that it takes them a minute to get the connection and then the inconsistency of their beliefs. Two core tenets of their identity – anti-racism and the believe in science – can’t exist together. You can almost see the clash in their brain, which is about the moment they either walk away or call you a racist.

        People don’t like it when you mess with their core beliefs, especially when you’re right.

      • I love using the out of Africa trope (that I don’t necessarily believe in) to mess with SJW pontificating about indigenous people. I ask them if we all come out of Africa how can any group except those blacks in sub Saharan Africa be indigenous? They just stammer because they have been told that they have to blindly believe in both concepts.

      • There is a term, fungible , most often used in business and finance, which at its root means an interchangeable commodity – money being the most common. If everyone is ‘equal’ then humans would be a fungible i.e. interchangeable commodity. As we have come to learn, that just ain’t so – IQ being one of the key differentiations, but not the only one. You can’t turn someone with an IQ of 85 into a brain surgeon no matter how hard you try. So if you have an entire population with an average IQ one or two SD below a 100 IQ mean, successfully operating a 21st century economy/country is going to be a very steep climb.

      • The (((Marxists))) and Christians are very different, in opposing camps really.

        (Though I am a fan of your comments, Epaminondas, among the many most excellent commenters at Z Man’s.)

  23. >>In this age, differences in origin stories and differences in evolutionary history will cripple our civic religion. You can’t claim people are amorphous blobs, if evolution is true, and you cannot claim all people are biologically equal if they are not. Further, the true believers cannot claim the mantle of science, if their beliefs are in conflict with science. The church of the secular Left is not just wrong about a few things, it turns out that its reason to exist is entirely false. That’s like discovering Christ never existed.

    I will respectfully disagree and submit that science must bend the knee to political orthodoxy or it will be deep sixed or tossed down the memory hole. Witness the current hysteria over global warming. Research that might conflice with the politicaly orthodoxy can’t get funding, and any data that conflicts with the orthodoxy is immediately dumped into the memory hole.

    The political pressure on the evolution issue is simply too great to withstand. Nothing will change it.

    • Agree. Most people in the bioscience don’t believe in the orthodoxy except as a public face…and as a necessity for survival in the academy or the workplace. Often, the most interesting info in bio research is buried in the footnotes.

      Ptolemaic Circles explained away any attempts at undermining the reigning orthodoxy for nearly 1000 years.

      As in many areas, the left will reject empirical evidence and demand greater adherence to their faith and greater punishments for heresy.

    • But reality just sits there waiting, as the orthodoxies eventually fall away (and are often replaced by other, similarly frivolous ones). Now the damage that can be done in trying to maintain the orthodoxies is another story.

      This sort of stuff justifies one of my favorite habits lately, which is to go quietly sit on my hilltop bug-out place. Mountains to the north, mountains to the south, blue sky above, soft soil below, and stars at night. Who knows if any of it is permanent, but what it is, is REAL.

    • Indeed. The BS will live on no matter what the findings show. Lucky we have all those “scientific” and “non-religious” leftists to protect us from hearing any inconvenient truths.

    • “White nationalism” is the boogie man of our time. Don’t blame an ideology for something that a psychopath does. So-called white nationalists do not possess anywhere near the amount of power that our progressive moral superiors enjoy. Progressives are therefore much more dangerous.

    • Completely agree. The only solution is everyone gets their own lands. Multiculturalism has been a disaster for blacks.

      • Big problems though….

        1. Black People and other People of Color like ALL people and want to live in a multicultural world

        2. white women have too much admiration for Black Men to separate

        • Eh not really, There is a fair amount of race mixing in my area of So Cal and its mostly White and Hispanic with a fair amount of that being high caste Latins who are basically White . The later is no consequence as they are White or mostly racially

          There are some Amerasian and Amerind as well which maters little although a lot of mixed race Asians are trying to breed out the Asian and become almost entirely White. A few generations of that and the 1/8-1/16 Asians will end up with a more “Russian Like” stock than N/W White

          The mulattoes tend to be very low class women with serious issues or occasionally beta male Whites with especially attractive and smart Black women. The later is a still quite rare

          At most though I expect o see about 10% mixed race, 15 at the long end , most of which will be Amerind, Latino and Asian of which no one cares much and while far from optimum will just blend into the general White category

          Also Black and X Mixed people often have fertility trouble and if they have serious health problems have trouble getting blood or organs

          There is a fair amount of simple genetic incompatibility at play here which is why you see less Black/White mixes than you’d expect

          That effects the numbers quite lot

          All that long windiness aside , taking what you said at face value. White are quite capable of taking away our women’s freedom and if the mood struck us we could create a political and social climate
          where any preferences they have don’t matter

          We haven’t needed too and probably won’t but if we do there is nothing any POC can do about it

          • That’s far too much written in a reply to a post which basically says “I love black cock.” But kudos for the effort.

          • Ah, I just write this stuff for fun mostly. Its effort sure but why not? I enjoy doing it and if I don’t for some reason . I stop writing

            These are only really aimed at passerbys anyway, most here know all this and Duck is probably some kind of Hasbara

          • Tom is a hilarious troll though isn’t he? Stuff like this “white women have too much admiration for Black Men to separate”. I mean har, har, gurble, gurble – dem white bitches luvs dem sum blak dik, eh? Makes you want to spit out your Tom Collins all over the bar…

        • I think the rage of the left is actually panic. They know that they’re not going to be able to maintain the complexity of the system so they are scrambling on top of each other trying to reach the top of the pile like rats on a sinking ship. It’s funny that there are no white animals in nature. No white horses or white rats or rabbits. No white dogs. White animals are made by man by selective breeding. Occasionally a white tiger is born and it’s notable. The whole world can see the uniqueness of white people. Everyone on Earth has black hair and black eyes and brown skin except for this one group of people with pink skin blue and green eyes and red and gold hair. Is extraordinary really. it’s like the world was in black and white and all the sudden it became colored. Why do we look like this? I dont know. And spare me the northern latitudes talk because then Eskimos and Chinese would have blonde hair and blue eyes also. But yeah, I think it’s panic

        • Tom Collins is a poor troll—or perhaps the commenters here are pretty good at restrain wrt to trolls. In any event, TC posts most always fail to disrupt or demoralize as is the intention of a good troll. Indeed, it would seem from AB’s response to have quite the opposite effect. 😉

      • Low IQ parasites couldn’t exist without the enabling of high IQ parasites, if you follow….

        • Are you saying that aid to Africa is immoral? I am. Feeding people who will destroy civilization is immoral.

    • How many negroids were killed in Chicago so far this year by other negroids? Fuck off back to The Root with your trolling I am still uncertain why Z doesn’t just ban your ass straight away with your constant shitposting.

    • I like the Tom Collins handle a bit better, duck. You’ve cleaned up your grammar and improved your writing style a bit too

      Maybe you should hit up your handlers for a raise soo.

      Anyway , on topic., this stuff sounds like a pyromaniac to me and it might not even be race related,

      Even if it was, it doesn’t matter.

      Diversity + Proximity + Conflict no matter what the circumstances. There is no law, no education program, no propaganda that can change the baseline of human nature.

      We, all races here are derived from banding tribal primates and have trouble seeing anyone outside our tribe especially people different than us as actual people .

      The thing is though, we Whites as tolerant as we are are not going to roll over and give anyone anything for much longer and there nothing race hustlers or cheap labor corporate overlords can do about that

      The solution is going to be to put an end to diversity.

      We aren’t going to blend into some idealized mixed slave race for the elite either

      How this goes is up to everybody. Whether it is a separation or extermination, it matter not. Its gonna happen.

      • “We aren’t going to blend into some idealized mixed slave race for the elite either”

        Hahahahaha hahahahaha…already happened sunshine.

        • Ah no. White people are mostly still White, Hispanics mixed , Blacks as before

          There is more race mixing than in say 1950 but its far from creating a new race . Also note the groups with the highest general fertility also rend to have fairly traditional bloodlines

          Its more so in Europe with little race mixing despite what Duck wants people to believe

          US wise Amish are the highest at like 5 per family and a very old lineage , the various devout Christians 3 and up also tend to a higher than average level of purity

          The difference is so stark as to boggle the mind with all other groups coming in at 1.8 per family which is slow shrinkage and 1.6 among Whites and Asians , the Amish have 3x or more the number of babies and devout Christians nearly twice! This also includes high levels of ethnic purity

          The most mixed group, Puerto Rican has a TFR of 1.3 FWIW , this is what that territory is not sending many here and that PR is no longer an issue, No surplus population and actual population loss

          Long time frames cannot be predicted with any reliability but if you’d told me when I was boy in the 80’s that in about the same time from founding to bicentennial , the US would become Latin American than decline so much it will look like 1900 or so and the main populations will be ultra religious Amish and the like I wouldn’t have believed it

          The secular religion is a goner and will be replaced with something , in the US probably Christianity simply through population decline among non Christians and something else, I’m not sure what maybe Paganism or something in Europe .

          That said if the Dissident Right wants to be rid of the elite, they are going to have to embrace power an authority and tell the worst of the enlightenment if you’ll forgive my French, eff off and die

          This can happen it just won’t happen in Internet time which can make it seem like a maddening delay to those of us who spend a lot of time online

          Everything really important happens in meat space time anyway

    • WN is “evil” in that it’s incapable, and whites along with it, of doing what is necessary to put caucasians where they belong – at the top of everyone else. People of Crap lived better under white dominance; no denying it.

    • Explanation? Well, duh, there can be only one “the” evil of our time, and even if “white nationalism” motivated the perp you are miles away from proving your proposition.

    • White nationalism is not the evil of our time because there is so little of it. There are perhaps 5000 KKK members in the US, tops. Black gangs in Chicago kill far more people by orders of magnitude than white nationalists do.

  24. The assumptions are extremely important. If you’re starting from the wrong assumptions everything from there will only be right by accident.

    The lack of consistency in the human nomenclature bugs me. Now that we know that neanderthals and Homo sapiens interbred we should be considering them the same species. They’re two squirrel populations and the Grand Canyon, one on the Northern edge and one on the southern edge that can no longer breed. Those are two species. A Chihuahua and a Great Pyrenees can breed together. Depending on which is female it might not end well but they can do it, same species. Neanderthals and humans have numerous physiological differences but so do white people and aboriginals. Here is the narrative. That way back before Homo sapiens burst out of Africa they were a bunch of different human species on the planet but homo sapiens won the battle and now are the only species left. Do we really think this is true?

    • Science has lost control of the word “species.” It’s not just with humans. The classification of birds has a similar problem.

        • About 25 years ago I noticed that more and more, every paper and study contained a reference to global warming as a variable, however tenuous, in whatever the subject matter was. This gradually became more and more strident as time went on. Now there are whole departments at universities and government research facilities devoted to “global warming” and the research is less and less useful. It is not a coincidence that much, if not most, of this research is conducted under the funding of government grants and appropriations. It’s not news that the left and the left right has controlled the national message for decades and that message consists of a number of myths and shibboleths about history, culture, philosophy, even science. Those myths and shibboleths are designed to make the population more malleable and open to control.
          It is common to hear people support an argument on defense spending with reference to Eisenhower’s reference to a “military/industrial complex”. It is less common to hear a reference to the next section of that farewell address referring to the dangers of government funded research:
          “Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been over shadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
          The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.
          Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”
          The old saw is still valid. “Who pays the piper calls the tune”

          • As the solar minimum cooling gradually takes hold, watch the globalists twist and spin the cooling into climate change. Most people will buy this and be cowed and scared shitless. I have no faith in human nature anymore to discern. No matter what the weather does, people are so brainwashed they will gather at the back of the cave, hysterically cowering in fear, squealing scared animals, sacrificing God knows what to the great god Globalist. Hmm….sacrificing a few of us the dissenters on the Globohomoweather pyre. Keep your powder dry.

      • Whitney’s right on “assumptions.” The first assumption conveyed by your essay is that these Filipino critters are “humans,” not “hominids.” BIG difference.

        Second assumption is that there is linear “progress” which constitutes “evolution.” Why “linear” as opposed to “co-incidental” in time? IOW, maybe the Filipino critters existed at the same time as the sub-Saharan “ghosts” and died out for a reason.

        Third assumption is that all those critters had rational intellectual capacity. Maybe they didn’t–which is why they died out. Adaptability is not the same as reasoning capacity, after all.

    • The definition of “species” is not as clear cut as some people think. It is not just different breeds of dogs such as Chihuahuas and Great Pyrenees that can breed together. Dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals can all interbreed, despite being considered different species.

      Many cat species can interbreed – lions and tigers are an example, but there are others as well. Domestic cats can be successfully bred to several other species. Horses, donkeys and zebras can interbreed as well.

      In many cases, such as mules, the offspring of such unions are usually sterile. Dogs, wolves and coyotes, on the other hand, generally produce fully fertile offspring. Among other species, the results are mixed, with the offspring often having fertility problems, but sometimes able to produce offspring of their own.

      • The largest living cat is Hercules, an adult male liger (lion x tigress hybrid) currently housed at Myrtle Beach Safari, a wildlife reserve in South Carolina, USA. In total length, he measures 3.33 m (131 in), stands 1.25 m (49 in) at the shoulder, and weighs 418.2 kg (922 lb).

        Go look for the pics of this cat – the thing is massive.

    • I once tried using the term “subspecies”. Valid as far as my limited understanding of the above predicament is concerned—but gawd, you should have seem the expressions I got. It took me awhile, but now I think the problem was that folk were conflating subspecies with “subhuman”. Which might work as well, but that was not my intent. 🙂

    • The Dobzhansky-Mayr definition of biological species appears in all textbooks, but practicing taxonomists hardly ever use it. Otherwise, coyotes wolves and dogs are the same species. So, it is entirely reasonable to classify Neanderthals and Denisovans as separate species.

      Thr difference between the some of existing human races also rises to the species level. Certainly, the Khoisan are a distinct human species, likely two. There may be ten to 15 human species around today, and a hundred or so races.

    • Watch any popular documentary or read any pop-sci article on human evolution and you’ll find that most of them at some point talk about what a huge mystery it is that, while almost all widely distributed large animals are present in several subspecies, the human race, the most widely distributed of all, is only one species.

      This always bothered me even before I came over to the Dark Side. Of course these new findings keep expanding the human family tree and some of the “other” human species seem to have vanished shockingly recently. Supposedly the human tribes of the island of Flores have oral histories that tell of magical “forest people” called Ebu Gogo who may actually have been the last of the Homo Floresiensis. Combining these new findings with the acceptance of HBD (human biodiversity) dissolves the “mystery”. There is NOT one modern human species but several. I would suggest at least 3, Caucasoids, Sub-Saharan Africans, and East Asians. There are also a few curious low-population people groups like Negritos and Australian Aborigines who may be outside these 3 big sub-species.

      There are many reasons to despair over the tsunami of low quality immigrants flooding the West but one spot of hope is that, ultimately, the pozzed globalist, equalist religion is incompatible with scientific truth and with policy founded on that truth. Of course that doesn’t mean the truth will triumph. The Church of Poz is the most massively funded institution of the modern West but no amount of money can buy an alternate reality. The best way to undermine the CoP may simply be to keep an eye out for and promote, not just dissident politics, but dissident science. One of the things I love about Z is that he does just this and is obviously scientifically literate enough to identify the important findings – that and the fact that he’s a fellow Baltimoron about my age!

    • The Kaibab Squirrel, North Rim of Grand Canyon, one of the nine sub-species of the Alberts Squirrel.

  25. A little taste of the future. If some of most powerful men in the United States can get pushed around like this, imagine what Diversity Training programs will be like for rank-and-file whites in a decade.

    This is coming – and it will be our greatest recruiting tool. These guys – especially Jimmy Dimon – look none too pleased, nor will whites all around the country when they get subjected to this abuse year in and year out.

    We’re going to win this fight because the other side is showing its hand too soon. They just can’t wait to get Whitey, but in doing so, they’re going to wake up enough normies. Fence-sitters (and even a few virtue-signalling whites) will realize that there is no other side of the fence. They’re on our side whether they like it or not.


    • Yeah the future leaders of our side are probably 10 year old boys right now who are being subject to constant abuse and they’re becoming strong and tough and some of them are going to be really smart.

      • The look of the congressmen doing the grilling is perfect. I couldn’t help feeling the need to scream, “Take your stinky paws off me, you damn, dirty ape!”

    • I’m reminded of that Romanian dictator and his wife pleading with the firing squad. “We did everything for you!”


    • Yesterday, my daughter came home complaining about a diversity speaker that gave a presentation at their private school. Lots of charts and graphs showing how black people were oppressed. She was feeling guilty for thinking the guy was mostly full of shit for trying to compare incarceration rates in Mali against the US to show how oppressed blacks were here. I told her they don’t jail you there, you just get a burning tire around the neck, which doesn’t show up in the stats. She’d left school early but when one of her classmates came over it turned out that about half the school got massively red-pilled by this guy. Basically the girls (it’s a girls Catholic school) were privately crying “bullshit” on this guy’s all white people are bad schtick. Bad enough that we got an apology note from the principal last night. I thought it was great…this was so over the top it was pushing normies to start asking questions. Needless to say discussion during dinner (her friend stayed) truly warmed my cold shriveled dissident heart.

      • I’m a unreconstructed southern racist. Nonetheless I find myself counseling more temperate attitudes to my son and his large circle of wrestler friends. This next generation will be hell-on-on wheels. They’ve been lied to and propagandized and degraded and they have noticed. Its also interesting that the girls that run in thier circles have dropped any pretense to SJW values. Although there is still some eye rolling from that quarter. I’ll give an example. One Kid- “couldn’t white people just pass the word to each other to go in their basements on a given day so we could nuke the surface?” This launched a credulousness 30 min discussion on, essentially, strategies for genocide among the budding psychopaths, heh heh

      • “speaker that gave a presentation at their private school”
        “(it’s a girls Catholic school)”

        QUERY: Why aren’t —YOU— daddy, on the phone right NOW along with any other parent (like the one of the other child) reaming out the school administrator?

        This is the type of stuff that utterly mystifies me. We constantly hear belly aching about how little control we have over the narrative. Here is a case of your private tuition money being used to indoctrinate your child and all you could do is passively listen to two teenage girls flexing their Generation Zyklon free thinking? Please tell me there is a Part 2 to this story where the parental units are mass protesting.

        If there isn’t then do not wonder for even one minute why we lose. Completely passive parenting with zero T-levels on display from males. Help me understand…

        • Sounds like the kids did a pretty good job fighting their battle. A great lesson learned.

          Elementary and middle school kids need their parents to step in when a line is crossed, but with high school kids it’s better they be given information and counter info. Then let them sort it out themselves.

          • Nonsense. Its the parents’ money that the school is always asking for. It’s their place to see that nincompoop admins get chased off.

        • Among other things related to our new grand daughter, I consuled my son wrt to choosing a school and interviewing the teacher and principal—

          Request a class syllabus and request that you be notified of any classroom presentations by anyone other than the assigned teacher or variation from the class syllabus by the teacher—no exceptions. Insist that your daughter be sent to the library for independent study if written permission for variation is not obtained.

          Discuss this with teacher and principal verbally, then followup with them in writing. (Written instructions will signal your intent to hold them legally responsible for violating your charge.) If the school balks, then you know you must find another school. Most private schools will understand and meet your concerns.

          • The three different ones we’ve used have generally been very good. I did battle for years, attorneys in tow, with public school admins until we pulled the two LD kids and their siblings to private

        • Re-read the post. You seem to have missed this sentence:

          “Bad enough that we got an apology note from the principal last night.”

        • Turns out about 50 parents beat us to it. Hence the apology. Normally I’m the first one teeing off on these things. But I prefer to be in the front of the line.

        • Not arguing against your position, however in partial answer to your question – there are ‘deep state’ bureaucrats in every institution of any significant size. Having spent over 45 years in organizations of all sizes, there are often entrenched ‘little people’ who love nothing better than to sabotage others without direct confrontation while permitting no defense. The cliche example is the classic DMV in most states. But I can also point to the HR and ER departments of any big organization. Schools and universities have massive support staffs that all have developed similar punitive processes to screw those that ‘annoy’ them.

      • The leaky Leakey theory. Don’t know if this is the guy but thirty-forty years ago I read the (rare) anthropologist who was not an apologist believing that Lucy was not some amazing one-off who amazingly was found amongst millions of square miles of desert by an amazing anthropologist, but one of innumerable human start-ups that popped up and down over two or three million years.

  26. Yay diversity! If I am biologically further away from Bernie Sanders than I thought I was, it makes me really happy.

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