AmRen Journal I

In order to get to American Renaissance, I have to rent a car and drive about an hour west to the secret location in the forest. It’s not a terrible drive, so I don’t mind it, but I have come to hate dealing with car rental places. For some reason, the Nashville car rental counters are staffed by the worst people they can find. This time I was served by a black guy named Abdul with a strange accent that I could not place.

Abdul had a very bad attitude, but the sort of thing that you see from a sub-Saharan government worker. He carried on like I was disturbing him. He also stopped doing what needed doing every few minutes to stare at women walking past. The weird thing is the whole thing could be automated at this point. Most of it is, but they still have guys like Abdul working the counter for some reason.

The car was not where it was supposed to be, so with the help of guys who looked like extras from a documentary on Hernán Cortés I found the car. It turns out that Abdul is not good with his letters, so he transposed some of them on the paperwork.  I get why many Americans are not troubled by machines taking over these jobs. The machines are more polite and make fewer mistakes…

I took a detour to see the Parthenon, which is a weird landmark in Nashville that I have never seen, despite being here many times. It’s a fun park and I highly recommend it if you are ever in Nashville and want a nice relaxing afternoon. It’s still weird to have a copy of the Parthenon in an Appalachian city, but it is quintessentially American. The answer to “why build a Parthenon in Nashville” is “why not build one?”

The rental car is Hyundai of some sort. It has all of the usual electronics, plus the collision avoidance stuff. Man is that annoying. Every truck that passed too close set of the buzzer. At some point, the car decided I needed to take a break and started beeping, suggesting I pull over for coffee. No kidding. I politely told the car to go screw, but it kept making that suggestion every ten minutes.

I think one reason the word seems like it is going mad, is that it is increasingly becoming idiot proof or at least trying to be idiot proof. Our cars now treat us like children. To a normal person able to navigate the world without help, this is awful. To the dummies, it is manna from heaven, I’m guessing. Still, I’d like to get my hands on the engineer who came up with the idea for the car to recommend coffee breaks…

The first time I attended American Renaissance, I was surprised by the quality of the people, which was most due to my ignorance. It was more like an academic conference than a political event. The point was the attendees were educated, professional and representative of the sort that keep the wheels of this society turning, which was what I found so striking about my first time here.

This time, I’m struck by the youth. I’m 53 so I’m probably a bit more aware of the age in the room these day, but correcting for that, the room is much younger this year. There is a new generation coming into focus here and that is encouraging. Interestingly, there were some father and son attendees. In some cases, it is the father bringing the son along and in others the son bringing the father. That’s another one of those green shoots.

There are more women here than in the past. That’s probably a good thing, but I’m not going to carve that into stone just yet. The Yoko Ono problem is a universal that transcends time and place. Still, the women I met here last night all seem level headed.  Now that Heartiste is in internet gaol, I feel I have to pick up the slack on the wammin issue, so consider this my contribution to the cause. Speedy return Heartiste…

In years past, the socializing has been about the journey to this side of the great divide, with people trading stories about when they were red pilled. This year, at least so far, the talk is all about how to get more people to our side. It’s anecdotal, but it fits in with what I see elsewhere, so maybe there is a trend here. My first guess is that the number of people with their eyes wide open has reached a point where it is no longer seen as unusual…

One last note before I head off to the morning sessions. Coming in yesterday I bumped into Jared Taylor and his fiancée having a walk around the grounds. We chatted for fifteen minutes or so. They wanted to know if I have had any trouble traveling in Europe. I think Jared is still pissed about his banning, which is understandable. It’s not so much the banning, but the slimy way it was done. He expects better from his adversaries.

The fact is though, we are being treated like dangerous revolutionaries for simply wanting what people have taken for granted since the dawn of human settlement. We’re not going to get better adversaries. We’re stuck with the shabby, ruthless and vulgar people who take pleasure in harassing normal people. We have to adjust to that. If we’re going to be treated like revolutionizes, then we best start acting like them…

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  1. “Still, I’d like to get my hands on the engineer who came up with the idea for the car to recommend coffee breaks…”

    I can with high confidence assure you it was not an engineer — engineers are generally KISS people (keep it simple stupid) — here the engineers were the poor schmucks who had to implement this nonsense.

    Taking this anti-KISS spirit to the next level: I further assume that if you found the right menu you could disable this, uhh, feature.

  2. ““why build a Parthenon in Nashville” is “why not build one?””

    Um, because Vanderbilt? I thought you White Nationalist guys were always talking up old tyme Southern universities as citadels of scholarship. Warren, Tate, Davidson, etc. Oh, and that guy in A Face in the Crowd.

  3. “The machines are more polite and make fewer mistakes…”
    You anticipated humanity’s epitaph by ___ years. Congrats. You’ve won infinite internets for the next three hours.

  4. Regarding your recent podcast with Frodi Midjord and RamzPaul:

    Today, the Dissident/Alternative Right/White Nationalism is facing a crisis: the IT de-platformings of dissidents, cancellation of financial services, censorship of books, travel bans, Congressional “hearings” on White Nationalism, and etc.

    The Alt Right (I’ll use that as an abbreviation for the wider movement) needs to deal with the crisis. There’s a wealth of literature available on activism, information operations, agitation & propaganda, political mobilization, and so forth. Look at the various manuals written by leftist radicals, or published by the government over the last century on these topics. Alt Right podcasts, websites and realworld conferences ought to scenes for lively debates on activist tactics.

    To give one example: the Yellow Vest movement has become a major Force in France and other European countries. What lessons are to be learned? Let’s see interviews with Yellow Vest activists and perhaps an hour or three of discussion on how these tactics can be applied by the Alt Right.

    Leveraging enemy strength:
    This is a standard dissident tactic which the Alt Right needs to employ. Exploit collateral damage generated by the System’s repression to recruit new activists . Consider how during the 1990s American Militia groups leveraged law enforcement abuses of power at Ruby Ridge and Waco to create a wider movement and gain sympathy among the general public.

    Right now, the System is discrediting itself by its censorship, its blatant sellout to globalism, and its heavy handed repressive measures. More people are being alienated, more people are taking that Red Pill. They provide a recruiting pool for activism.

    Soviet dissidents:
    One thing that Soviet dissidents possessed was outside support, especially during the Reagan administration. Consider an international network of nationalist movements. The Left has a motto, “An attack on one is an attack on all.” If the government-corporate alliance cracks down on nationalists in one country, then activists worldwide mobilize in their support: podcasts, swarming the forces of repression with mass e-mailings, contributing to legal defense funds, demonstrating in the streets, whatever. Consider how Tommy Robinson leveraged his arrest to make himself an international agitprop celebrity.

    Support infrastructure:
    There is a definite need for Alt Right networks to conduct legal defense, raise money, provide jobs, create alternative technologies, and otherwise support the activists who operate in the open.

    Alternative moral order:
    There’s a case to be made that the current conflict (globalists versus nationalists) is akin to the era of the Wars of Religion. It’s not just a matter of ideology but of faith, especially among the “liberal” party rank and file. The globalists have a vision, a corrupt and suicidal vision, one which can be sustained only by repression, indoctrination and deliberate flight from reality – not to mention destroying every nation on the planet.

    To the contrary, the nationalist vision is based on solid scientific and historical foundations. Right now, the Alt Right is in the position of the “heretics” up against the orthodox. But as we have seen from history, this situation can change rapidly, given enough people awakening and some good leadership.

    We are winning:
    It’s vital to maintain morale, especially among cadres who provide the leadership for the wider movement. A good info tactic is to push the inevitably of your side’s victory. If anything, the System is showing its growing bankruptcy.

    At this time of crisis, everyone needs to remember the words of that other dissident, Joe Hill:

    Don’t waste any time in mourning – organize!

    • expecting the Dissident Right to build support infrastructure in 2019 is like expecting someone who ran afoul of Union Pacific in 1869 to build their own railroad.

    • Good attitude and excellent advice. I’ve pushed the organization thing for decades. Problem is, the dissident right is conservative by temperament and lacks the physical courage to do anything more than long for the return of Ronny Raygun or Jesus. The right’s intellekshuals have always advised against “organizing to fight da man.” Decades ago we might have got a handle on the problem. Nowadays the difficulties *are* almost insurmountable. Well, time grows short. Hopefully, in the time that remains, you’ll come up with a magic spell that’ll move these disappointed Republicants off the couch. Good luck to you.

    • Thanks for the depressing report. Just a matter of time before “they” pull the same power grab here. And my half my neighbors, who can’t think their way out of a box, will fall for it.

    • The interesting aspects of the report are: 1) capitulation due to greed or financial incentive, 2) to my knowledge, no connection to Switzerland has ever be made wrt terrorist weapons—last I read, the AK’s and explosives often used were from Eastern Block countries. 3) no immediate effect on possession to ordinary Swiss—confiscation comes later—say after another series of gin’d up terrorist attacks.

      Can’t really blame the Swiss, they trust their local government. So far, and from folk I’ve talked too, their system worked pretty well, e.g., they are not in danger of migrant replacement. But that’s the reason they need to hang on to such rights, to keep the system working in their interest. 😉

  5. “…..The weird thing is the whole thing could be automated at this point. Most of it is, but they still have guys like Abdul working the counter for some reason….”

    If we had reasonable immigration laws and a government that actually enforced immigration laws passed by the US Congress, “Abdul” would not be working at that job.
    Bill or Jack or Jane or Sue or some AMERICAN would have that job!

    But this notion – that immigration should be open to people of real talent and ability AND only after there are literally no more AMERICANS to fill jobs – is anathema to our leftist/progressive ruling elites.
    You have to ask yourself why they find this common sense idea so loathsome.

    Just like the neo-Stalinists of the EU (that intend to maintain the UK within that political/economic cartel come hell or high-water) the basic concept of nation-states is anathema.
    This is directly out of the Marxist-Leninist lexicon in which there are no nations and which the “vanguard” is needed to direct and lead the world to a nation-less workers utopia.
    And who are the “vanguard?” Oh, surprise, surprise, it’s the ruling leftist elites that live parasitically off the toils of the people; what a shocker!!

    The communist elites – Lenin, et al., just prior to WWI honestly believed that war would not break out because the “workers” of each nation would simply refuse to fight for their “oppressive and exploitative ” govt. rulers.
    They actually believed their own bullshit; this is how arrogant, insulated and ego maniacal these leftists are (think AOC, Sanders, DeBlasio, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Harris, Hillary, et al.)

    And today in the USA, just substitute the demokrats for Lenin and all falls into place.
    Unfortunately, the dumpublicans are (have always?) behaving like the Mensheviks or Trotskyites; the latter two all wound up murdered because they brought beanie bags to the fight whereas their opponents brought machine guns and grenades (and axes).

    Check out the immigration policies of Australia; they are very sensible.

    • WRT Australia, they also don’t ship the invaders off to “sanctuary cities”. I believe they have an island they keep them on until their claims are adjudicated.

      • All those who come to the US without proper visas get a free flight to Midway or Wake Island until it’s decided if they’re a legitimate refugee!

    • “…immigration should be open to people of real talent and ability AND only after there are literally no more AMERICANS to fill jobs ”

      Cordially disagree.

      The U.S. already has more than enough people. We have tens of millions of people who have been unemployed so long that they are no longer reported on the unemployment rolls and are simply classified as not “participating” in the work force. All immigration legal or otherwise should cease, except for White refugees from countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe.

      If jobs are unfilled, this means that labor is in demand and the domestic market will motivate companies to offer higher wages, in turn motivating people to get training, go to school, learn skills, qualify for gainful employmen, and otherwise lead more productive lives.

      If the economy shrinks in terms of GDP, so fcking what. It will scale down temporarily to suit the needs and size of the population. Its purpose is to serve the people not vice versa.

      As a side note, to preserve national sovereignty and discourage endless coercive meddling in other country’s affairs, I favor policies that promote autarky.

      Eventually as equilibrium is reached, White men and women earning more money will feel easier about marrying younger, starting families, and rasinig more children.

      And of course it’s always appropriate to add that the Federal Reserve should be abolished and unbacked inflationary Jew bucks be replaced with honest, debt-free, non-usurious money that holds value over the long term.

      • Lars, in my heart I agree. The issue is tactics and what can be achieved in the political sphere. Big money wants such labor. Can we defeat both them and the Dem’s? Everyday down here, I watch video’s of the families rushing the border. They are not like us. All too often, they are extremely primitive Mestizos, if even that. Indio’s right out of the jungle in many cases. There simply is no way they can adapt and prosper in a high tech 1st world economy. Admission on the basis of merit at least offers a “chance” that such numbers can be restricted and those who do pass through the sieve are the best of the lot from such countries—regression to the mean not withstanding.

    • At the party Saturday night, I watched Jared Taylor drink a shot of whiskey in one gulp. Of course, he did it in a very dignified manner.

  6. I’m inclined to say leave the ladies out of it for now. They’ll only dilute the movement with pity and feelz.

    Women are like principles – something to address after the victory. They’ll go wherever the winners are, but they won’t create the win.

  7. Regarding the car rental, do yourself a solid and sign up for the Gold service with Hertz or Avis. You have to register your drivers license and credit card (which you would do anyway), but you simply make your reservation, arrive, walk to the Gold area, pick a car, get your contract at the exit booth, and drive off. Less than 5 minutes and your are off the lot.

  8. AmRen update: At the conclusion of Lana Lokteff’s speech on “Clownworld,” the fire alarms went off and a recorded voice told us to vacate the building. Shortly after that, we were told it was a false alarm. I assume the protesters pulled the alarm. The whole event was almost like a choreographed part of her speech to emphasize her theme.

    As I was getting ready to leave, I remembered when the Cville protest was declared unlawful and we were pushed into the Antifa mob.

    A fire alarm is going off again as I write this.

    • I’m glad Lana is still in the movement. I respect her immensely for putting her money where her mouth is and actually having Huwite babies.

      The movement misses “Wife with a Purpose,” who set a good example. I hope she’s doing well and not being harassed.

    • LineIn, thanks for the report. So cool that you go to things like this. I’ve heard you mention you go to stuff in the past. Keep us updated if you can. Man, the fire alarms are always the Achille’s heal. Someone should be guarding them.

  9. When the car rentals get more automated, one of the things they’re going to be doing is checking your background to make sure you aren’t going to AmRen conferences. Or your credit cards will do the checking for them.

  10. You do realize that you get the coffee break suggestions because of the naughty points you clocked passing the trucks too closely, don’t you?

    If you are buying, get the second best level of trim and you avoid a lot of the bullshit, it’s largely there just to show they’ve got it.

  11. On latest podcast Z was talking about the “feminized male”. This is a short video of a couple playing with a bobcat on the golf course. I can’t recall any other era when men talked like this guy. He talks just like a girl. He’s not gay, just girly. Skip to 1:15 and they even “awww” together in the same way at the same time.

      • If you know any frustrated Gen Z males who can’t get laid, sit them down with some Clark Gable movies and say “act like that guy.”

        • Is it me, or do others notice that the male stars of yesteryear—particularly those known as masculine “lady killers”—are noticeably less muscularly defined than just about any modern male today in the movies? Look at Gable without a shirt. Or Bogart. Even Wayne. They are big, but not very defined, nor “pretty” as our “men” are now. 🙁

          • Totally agree. Anglin wrote a good piece on Hollywood steroid culture recently that makes this point.

    • He would have had to have a Heart of Stone not to aww at that. That bobcat was adorable

      • I get you. But at 1:28 he’s not addressing the bobcat, but his girlfriend, and fake laughs like the cringiest fruitcake I’ve ever heard.

        Bit of advice. As a man, when talking to cute animals or children, drop to a low playful voice, rather than going high.

      • As Oscar Wilde said of The old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens , You have to have a heart of stone to read the description of the death of Little Nell and not burst out laughing,

      • Hi Whitney….yes…cute playing. Sorry to be a downer, in the west, any wild animal that is near can turn on you in true wild form. Remember Cupcake and Chocolate the bears that finally ate the lefty journalist and his girlfriend. Bears eat people. Bobcats can take your eyes out. A badger can bite the crap out of your hand. A deer can stomp you to death and rip open your doggie in an NY second. A coyote will grab a cat..break its neck..and be gone before you can blink. Wolfs are now stalking people and won’t be long before the wolf attacks escalate, and the MS news won’t tell you because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
        That couple filming the bobcat were much too close for comfort. Real life is not a Disney true life adventure. In the West.

    • Odd, this video reminds me of a an incident a few years ago. I live on a golf course in the Southwest—rattlesnakes, coyotes, cougars, bobcats, javelina (pigs) are not unknown. At that time, I was walking the dogs (off lease) as was my habit. Several (like just about every person I encountered) folk stopped me along the way and told me to be careful as there was a Bobcat up ahead threatening the neighbor’s dogs/cats and such. I thanked them and kept walking, as I have real dogs and could give a shit (I’m that way). None the less, I was curious if I was going to be treated to a little action. 😉

      Yep, we turned onto the next green and the dogs took off on the run. I lost them and began jogging to keep up. When I arrived at the end of a long hole, the dogs had the bobcat treed and some of the neighbors had come out to watch the “show”. Perhaps fearing for the bobcat, perhaps the dogs, or just morbidly curious. Who knows, but I noted they seemed fascinated at the interaction.

      Anyway, I called the dogs off and proceeded to finish the walk, leaving the neighbors to “play ball” with the bobcat who was still snarling in the tree. Too damn many lap dogs in the neighborhood, not enough hunting dogs.

      Perhaps that’s a comment befitting our society’s men as well.

    • We lost Fraser Anning though. I get the sense he was too far out front and had to be sacrificed, but still.

  12. That Taylor is “Surprised” by the slimyness of his enemies, “surprises” Me. But then isn’t he a Paleo-con? Even after 30 years, most of the Paleo-cons are still “amazed” at the evil nature of their enemies. Which is one reason they constantly lost.

    • Spot on analysis. He hasn’t a clue as to what he’s up against. Typical academic. He might start by asking himself what did the Left do to ANYONE who spoke heresy? They either imprison them or kill them.

      Taylor and crew don’t get the Left plays for keeps and this is war to them. While our side still thinks it’s 1985.

      This is why Big Teech is systematically de-platforming us and the MAGA retards. Wipe out our presence in cyberspace which just about kills our 1A rights. What comes after that you don’t want to know.

      And all our side does is tell people to shut up about those who get de-platformed.

      This is why the DR is a dead movement and will have no impact on the coming hostilities. Most of it’s adherents will be found dead in a ditch or the local quarry.

      • Absolutely. I constantly amazing how even smart western patriots can think that their communism is somehow different from all other nation communism. Of course patriots in the west are in very dangerous situation without understanding it.

      • Is Jared Taylor actually part of the dissident right? I venture to doubt it.

        Like his sidekick Peter Brimelow at VDare, Jared is a general using tactics to fight the last war. He publicizes the endless crimes against white people and the demagoguery of the left. That may have served a purpose in 1990 when many whites still naively clung to fantasies about integration and assimilation. It’s a damp squib today — anyone who cares to can easily see the political trends isolating and socially disfranchising white traditionalists.

        I do have a soft spot in my heart for Jared. He has played his part, however limited, well. Even Brimelow was once an early warning system about pathological immigration. I don’t have a clear picture of what the next phase of the cold civil war will be, but Viewing With Alarm has exhausted its usefulness.

        The dissident right must get past its own version of the tribe’s culture of critique and build on a new vision for a movement with positive goals.

        • “I do have a soft spot in my heart for Jared. He has played his part, however limited, well.”

          Really? Limited? Some large percentage of the Dissident Right were ‘Redpilled’ directly from seeing Taylor’s videos and progressing from AmRen to other sites and content. Taylor, if anyone could be considered to have the greatest role in the history of the modern Dissident Right. Certainly if you were noting the top five he’d be on everyone’s list.

          I get that there is purity spiraling on both far edges of the political bell curve, but counter signaling Brimelow, Jared, and others who fought the fight before it was cool is pretty ridiculous.

      • Rod1963: “And all our side does is tell people to shut up about those who get de-platformed.

        This is why the DR is a dead movement and will have no impact on the coming hostilities. Most of its adherents will be found dead in a ditch or the local quarry.”

        Our side is the Dissident Right. Where do you get that the DR is telling people to keep quiet about de-platforming? Your full comment comes across as dramatically defeatist.

  13. How do you find out where the conference is to attend there? I might like to go one year.

    • The conference has been held for years in a TN state park, where the government cannot legally kick them out, not that it hasn’t tried. Perhaps leftist orgs could rent the facilities the entirety of the year, blocking the conference by donating to an evil red state government.

    • Maybe Jared Taylor has himself a Beyoncé. That would be a hoot.

      Speaking of pedantry, names like Beyoncé always make me chuckle, because the e-with-the-little-French-accent is supposed to indicate, at least ostensibly, that a noun has been verbed, so to speak: a divorcee is one who has been divorced, a fiancée is one who has been affianced, etc. So I always wondered what Beyoncé did to get herself beyonced. And judging by the spelling, also turned into a man.

  14. I respect Jared Taylor’s fortitude in the face of crap-slinging inferiors but it’s an anachronistic disadvantage in today’s environment. A big part of why ex-libertarians are so over-represented in Our Thing is that so much energy on the Right has been directed at logically refuting the Left, from Jared to Sailer to guys like Steyn. That approach, like libertarianism itself, seems to appeal to less than 10% of the population (judging from Audacious Epigone’s latest state-by-state libertarian head-count). To cast a wider net, we need to improve our rhetorical/emotional appeal.

    Ditching Rand’s toxic mix of Jewish-level IQ elitism and Darwinian economics is the strongest rheotical pivot. Normies and Lefties alike respond much more positively to my hatefact discussions when I first let them know I care about people first. People I’ve sparred with for years have been much more open to my ideas once I declared for Yang & gave them moral sanction to “Get That Bag b/c fam.” I’m on the side of the underdogs for a change, not shilling for soulless liquidators of social capital like the Kochs.

    While I no longer believe people are primarily motivated by money issues (homo economicus), the place where you stand rhetorically on the people vs. shekels continuum seems to be a good gut-level litmus test for how people outside Our Thing judge you as a person.

    • One typically doesn’t think of right-wing politics as consumerist by nature, but that’s what it is. Encouraging people to buy guns, buy some talker’s book, buy snake oil, buying Charlie Kirk an upper class lifestyle.

      There’s a lot of support for anti-consumerism, media criticism and localism on the left. We’ve spent decades trying to erase it for muh GDP, only for Capital to go Woke.

    • I think the oppression narratives are useful because they exist in so many civilizations. We’ve all heard the scoffing of “white men aren’t victims.” Most white men don’t like to see themselves as victims either. So I use white children. For instance “your children will discriminated against in college and in jobs for their entire life, and it’s been policy to do that for 50 years. They are second class citizens.”

      I don’t know if that effective but it seems better than sperging out about the value of merit based systems, and such.

      • Can confirm. When talking with a white mom, focus on the kids. There are a lot of mothers of sons who are boiling mad watching the nonsense on college campuses…

  15. One of the few things that pustule Vox Day actually got right – and we need to remember it too – is that we ARE going to win this. How can those kids NOT be red-pilled, after watching their parents all their lives? How many mothers, sisters, wives, daughters – have watched their fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands getting the shaft from prog politics? Feminism is bad for women and worse for men. Vibrants will do here what they’ve done in their own countries because they can’t do anything else.

    After The Reckoning, the vibrants are going back to the third world or menial work. The women are going back to the kitchen, and the degenerates are going back into the closet. You can’t run a country with these people in charge. This is not a pipe dream, this is what reality will look like once it re-asserts itself. The only thing up to us is how many people get killed first.

    • Care to suggest why Vox Day is a pustule? I was recently banned at VP for “demoralizing” the echo chamber in a technical legal area where I am expert and yet I respect what Vox Day accomplishes in terms of providing cultural alternatives and guidance for a demographic. It’s his place and his rulez. I see the man as a worthy colleague if a bit rigid even brittle at times. Simply curious.

      • If you watch him closely you will see that he lies. He doubles down. He projects. Keep watching him and you’ll see that he acts much like a gamma male too – by his own definitions.
        He used to have a message and a value but now he just shills for attention by attacking guys like Jordan Petersen. I lost interest in him when he tried to sue Gab for not censoring people he didn’t like.
        He’s not a good model for the kids, and he’d be a lousy spokesman for the thinking conservative or Christian.

        • He does not lie. He has a very rigid set of rules on his platforms that he won’t hesitate to enforce. You are doing exactly what he predicts the gamma will do: attack and tear down without building anything.

  16. “We’re not going to get better adversaries. We’re stuck with the shabby, ruthless and vulgar people who take pleasure in harassing normal people. We have to adjust to that. If we’re going to be treated like revolutionizes, then we best start acting like them…”

    (1)NZ’s thought police now go door to door to examine wrong opinions. This includes something as benign as a favorable opinion about Trump.


    (2)Cicilline (D-RI)(If Abdul were white he’d be someone like this clown) – He is currently working to make hate speech a misdemeanor AND anyone convicted of this will automatically loose their 2nd Amendment rights.

    Dumb and Desperate makes for a very volatile combination.

    • So a Fed law illegally curtailing two rights: 1st and 2nd Amendments? Got to hand it to him. ;-(

      • There does seem to be a trend towards Demonrat legislators whose entire purpose is to ram through brazenly unconstitutional laws that will inevitably be struck down by the Supreme Court if they even make it that far. Thus they don’t need to bother with any of that boring practical stuff like bills for roads, infrastructure, and schools. They just exist to give smug SWPL type SJW white people something to virtue signal to one another about –

        SWPL #1: I’m voting for Susie Gungrabichek. She’s sponsored a bill requiring anyone who voted for Trump to register with the state and have their address and photo published online in a searchable database.

        SWPL #2: Oh yeah? Well I’m working for her campaign too! Take that!

        SWPL #1: I’ve been out-pozzed. I am p0wn3d.

        • What happens the next time, and that day is coming, when the anti-whites have control of the presidency and both houses?

          At that point the supreme count becomes just another Maginot Line.

          • Perhaps, but if in control of Legislature and Executive, then it seems easy to pack the court under any number of justifications—which of course, Leftists don’t care about to begin with.

    • I wonder if all the new thoughtcrime laws being perpetrated throughout Europe and the rest of the Western world will drive a new wave of White immigration from those countries to the US, which is one of the few remaining Western nations with fairly free speech and also well defended gun rights. Let’s say you were, say, a long time target shooter in the UK who also wasn’t keen on what’s become of Londonistan but wasn’t free to speak out on Muslims. You might be tempted to just say “fuck it, I’m not waiting for these girly-men in Parliament to seize the rest of my guns and ban native Brits from even mentioning Islam. I’m going to America (but not California, maybe South Carolina).”

      It might also be an interesting way for American Red States to bolster their conservative White populations and avoid some of the (unfortunately real) negative economic consequences of declining population such as collapsing real estate values. These disgruntled freedom loving Kiwis, Brits, and Euros would also tend to be above average in intelligence, wealth, education, and real world skills. It would thus also be a way of humiliating California and other parts of the country that pander to the dumbest, poorest, and least capable immigrants. The slogans almost write themselves – “immigration done right”. Of course that easily turns into “immigration done White”. The opponents of it would certainly notice that. In this case though, their twisting of it actually helps sell the concept too.

      • You (or them, these entirely imaginary Brits of yours) have grabbed the wrong end of the axe on this one.

        The purpose of owning guns is not to have a snazzy gun collection, it is to use the guns to combat tyranny and preserve your freedom and your homeland and your people. If all you do is say, “Fuck it, these girly-men have destroyed my Liberty and flooded my country with alien invaders — I’m taking my guns and running away to some other country!” then you have missed the point and avoided the question. You might as well have a prize collection of “Myst II: The Ethereal Reckoning” cards.

        What self-respecting country would welcome such retards as allies?

        • You appear to be implying that right wing British would be weak and ineffective allies, because we were unable to resist strict gun laws; but what does that say about you guys? Armed to the teeth but still unable to prevent yourselves from being invaded or to suffer all sorts of leftist tyranny. In fact, hanging onto your guns (so far, at least) is pretty much all you have managed to do – and that’s thanks to a two hundred year-old document.

          Very few people in Britain own guns or care about them, and for the few who do, resisting firearm legislation with force would have been as futile as you resisting through force the invasion that you didn’t resist at all.

          The reality is, despite the original intention of 2A, that for the vast majority of American gun-owners, guns are for home defence or hobby. Basically that snazzy gun collection you sneered at.

          • The 2nd Amendment was intended exactly for defense from government, and men did belong to local militias until Lincoln put an end to that. In any case, whether for revolution or collection, there’s still more of a case for gun ownership than for royalty. To think that Prince Charles (buggery tampon man) will one day be on British money.

          • I know what the purpose of 2A is, I’m just saying it hasn’t done a lot of good. I said more than that, but you apparently missed the point.

          • Matt, most of the gun fetishists are cucks,and CivNats, you are right about that. The guns become an end in themselves. I know guys who have small arsenals and a half ton of ammo who say they will fort up in their houses when (if) The Day arrives. Of course, if the time comes The Diversity will simply knock them on the heads and take their stuff.

    • Exhibit A as to why Women are the natural and eternal enemy of the White beta male. Of course NZ police are going door to door rooting out bad thinkers. NZ will be an Islamic nation within a few years.

      Islam is like crack cocaine for White women — they can’t resist its appeal of violent, low IQ killers and it is utterly repellent to White men. With all the advantages of Islam to White men who convert it is striking how few do — which speaks to there not being very many advantages.

      Islam seems a racial thing — non White Muslims taking over White women with the latter’s enthusiastic approval, not very eager to share them and hence no desire to convert White men and no White men seeking protection from the Poz Storm in Islam and its social network. Which remains racial, tribal, family and genetic based.

      Someone, somewhere, will organize young White men into a band to throw out all the non Whites and seize all the White women. This is elemental human nature.

      • Sometimes I think it’s just part of the female nature to desire the fight. Men and women live with different natural rules. When one civilization defeats the other the losing men get killed, the losing women get to marry winners. There’s little downside for women to such a scenario.

        It appears women are setting up for the fight. This essential difference is why women shouldn’t vote, and when they do they vote for chaos.

        • Women are naturally competitive..with each other. Women throwing men under the bus is in part due to too many unmarried women with too much free time on their hands (idleness is the devil’s workshop), mental illness develops, and womens’ competitive nature and frustration and fear turn on everyone. Women are brainwashed they can do it all and they can’t. Brainwashed to believe they can be the top of the corporate ladder, have kids at 40, lead the world. She can’t do it all…..her eggs are stale at 40..when she goes to die, her job won’t be holding her hand. Women bought the big lie, their lives are unraveling and they are flaying in all directions. Life is a series of choices…one choice takes you in a direction..another choice veers you off is a different direction. To go in a single direction one must give up what the other direction beckons. Women are coming unglued because they have been told they can do it all….and this is profound stuff. This will unglue a women into great anxiety. We are now told by other women that we must put our children in big gov’t daycare because a mother cannot properly raise a child at home. So you get to Heaven and St Peter says…am sending you back as a little kid…you have a can be raised by a nanny-in a daycare center-or a mother…..what’s your choice? Duh!

          When men and women are separated from “the Land” a small garden or large agriculture and the seasonal cycles, and instead live in termite mounds in the big cities, people tend to not develop a deep understanding of delayed gratification as when one plants a small garden or ranches, one must plan-prep-work-weed-for the crop many months off. People remain children….and children in adult bodies are Dangerous! People want what they want Now (stamp those feet)! Both Men and Women are deeply affected by being separated from the natural cycles, and both are displaying neurotic behavior of the great unraveling.

      • Understand your frustration anger with Wymyn. Please know this applies mainly to Pozed young women, crop haired unmarried cat women. There are still a lot of us gals who really really LIKE men. Yes I’m from Venus and you’re from Mars. Viva la differance. Many of us come from the old school…will never destroy the man/woman dynamic….I am my husband’s helpmate and he is mine and loves and protects me. That means for me to be aware to display a good and mostly happy attitude as my husband thrives in a loving home. “When the Woman is unhappy, no one is happy.” So the work of women is to temper their highly emotional nature. And by naming this I just tore up my Chick card!

        Years ago I read that a rare few early suffragettes were concerned women would vote as a herd and not think through issues individually. They were right.

        In 390 BC, Aristophanes wrote the play The Assemblywoman in which he invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control of the government and institute proto-communist reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equality for the old and unattractive women. This is nothing new about female nature…we tend to run socialist fluffy bunnies and unicorns.

        Don’t lose sight that this is a much much bigger societal cycle we are moving through, things are coming apart and women are looking unstrung and dangerous right now. This too shall pass, this cycle will play out, and way into the future again men and women will need each other and respect each other, and the eternal dance of men and women will continue.

  17. As an electrical engineer who works in the aeronautical industry, we design safety warnings around the user, which is in our case highly trained fighter and transport pilots. They tell us what makes their job in the cockpit easier and what doesn’t. Bitching Betty doesn’t need to tell them every stupid little thing, but alert them to unknown dangers when they’re dealing with a high workload situation, such as combat.

    Cars are a different matter and seemed to have gone the opposite way since we’re living in a real life Idiocracy. My wife’s Lexus SUV has all sorts of “safety” gear that I always deactivate when I drive her vehicle. My car fortunately has none of this gimcrackery and that’s likely why I’ll keep it forever. I miss my college car, a 1990s Prelude Si with four wheel steering, pop up headlights and steering and shifter connected with reliable linkages that felt solid and mechanical. It had no automated anything and didn’t even have ABS, but it cornered like it was on rails and felt alive instead of an anodyne electric cocoon bereft of personality or feeling.

    The number of people in ATL traffic on the interstate texting, talking or hell, even reading on their phones while not even watching where they’re steering is astounding despite a law passed last year that forbids one to even hold their phone while driving. I guess the collusion avoidance junk helps save their worthless lives and mine from their idiocy, so maybe it’s not all bad,

    The Parthenon is really cool and we always go there in Nashville. Another place is the Hermitage, the home of Old Hickory. The country music hall of fame museum is nice too.

    • I prefer pre-2010 vehicles. I spent decades putting driving skills (especially awareness and anticipation) into my muscle-memory. Bitching Betty devices are an immense distraction and annoyance. That said, I’m not sure the Monderman Thesis is all that robust in an idiocracy with low levels of social trust and empathy to boot. If you lack the wits to look out for your own ass and don’t give a damn about the other drivers, the Monderman Thesis has no legs to stand on.

    • Collision avoidance…sigh. At least the one I had experience with could be turned off. Not sure I’d buy a car if it could not. Unfortunately, I’m sure I’ll forget to demand such on my next purchase and get screwed. When I experienced it driving to Alaska, it was in a Ford going through the large metro areas on the way up the coast. Being born and raised in NYC, you become used to high speed mergers and such. They are unavoidable and that’s the way it is. However, the warning is more severe the closer the merge and the braking as well—to the point of creating a hazardous condition in heavy traffic. I believe YT is full of “brake check” videos and their subsequent aftermath. Those videos are at least the product of a purposeful intent, my braking (initially, until turn off) was unavoidable.

    • I also had an ’89 Prelude 4ws, and truthfully it scared the hell outta me sometimes. I drove it hard and real fast, but driving slow on wet streets it was all over the place. Nearly flipped it on First Ave under the 59th St Bridge.
      The ’84 Celica GTS was a much better car; always drove it 50% over the speed limit.
      The Cherokee Warrior III was nice too.
      Those were the days my friend.

      • re: the Prelude..
        Did your rear brake calipers rust up and seize??
        I replaced the calipers several times,
        before giving up and driving with only front brakes operable.

    • Dr. Toboggan, interested in your opinion on the 737 Max. It looks to me like Boeing broke all the habits you are speaking of in the design of the autopilot override feature. My own pet theory is that Boeing is trying to outsmart Abdul when he decides to put the plane into the ground while shouting “snackbar”, but doesn’t really want to open that Pandora’s Box with the public. Your thoughts?

      • I think it was poorly conceived and the bosses of the design teams need to suffer for it. Can’t believe it was allowed to get through testing (any airplane’s systems are put through the ringer to ensure that all conceivable scenarios are accounted for before it makes it out on to the flightline) because these flaws in the autopilot system should’ve been exposed.

        One of the problems with the F-35 is that we’re trying to do something that’s never been done before and that’s fusing data from sensors (radar, radar warning receivers and the electro-optical targeting system) into one picture for the pilot to provide the best situational awareness in any fighter ever built. The code required to do this is more than has ever been attempted in any aircraft built. I’d see the code in my sleep, in the shower and it drove me nuts.

        That and the weight problems (not my expertise) have been the biggest cost drivers on this project. The good news is that the airplane is finally living up to its billing and we’re very proud of it. It is a game changer and will have an HMS Dreadnought-type effect on aerial warfare.

        • I read that under the new regime a lot of testing is being out sourced, to companies who hire employees with the requisite certifications for whom it’s a second gig from their main job with, you’ve guessed it, the manufacturers.

          Nothing could go wrong there, now, could it?

  18. My dad had a customer service rule when I was growing up. If he heard a black voice on the other end of the phone, he would just hang up. If he had a choice of cashiers/clerks, and one was black, he wouldn’t use that one. I always thought that was racist. By my 30s I had applied his rule. And it works. Quality of life increases without black people. That’s just the way it is. Which brings us to the Alabama and Missouri (soon to be Louisiana) abortion bills. It’s a terrible thing to say…..I won’t go further…too taboo…

    • You can really see it at an urban McDonald’s versus a country McDonald’s. Totally different experience. The abortion issue will not change anything one way or the other. They will have as many as they need to get max welfare and stop when they want to stop. Abortions that reduce the number of children is more of a white woman thing.

      • But they’re not smart enough or disciplined enough to take birth control unless they get Norplant, hence the high abortion rate in that demographic. For them a last resort procedure is the only resort, because their lives are so chaotic and animal like. Sadly, later term abortions are so common among them because they’re just too lazy tp go to the abortion clinic the first month. Can people be that lazy and that awful? Yes they can. This is their birth control.

        White women will always have their abortions, they had them long before it was legalized. They went to the “special doctor” in the nondescript medical building before the 60s. Or, for the lower classes, the kitchen table.

    • If a black sales clerk approaches me, I say just looking. Never worth the bother.

      • I went to Del Taco the other day. Black drive-thru cashier dude asked if I wanted hot sauce. I said, yeah, 2. When I started eating there was no hot sauce in the bag. I said a couple of nasty things my mind. Later I see a hot sauce packet on the floor of my car. I felt a little bad. But still, I told him 2. The next day I saw another hot sauce packet. Evidently I’d spilled them when I took my tacos out of the bag. I feel like going back and telling him, “By the way, the other day I called you a ni**er in my mind. Sorry.”

        • If I had a dollar for every time I said ni**er in my mind..I would be Bill Gates. I’ve said it in my sleep.

      • A fiancé is the male betrothed of a woman. A fiancée is the female betrothed of a man.

        • It’s funny but spell check keeps changing it to fiancé. I did not notice it until you pointed it out. Weird. Fixed now so no one will assume Taylor is joining the other team.

          • I did not think the word ‘fiancée’ could be more confusing for me in this sentence until I realized it had been spelled as ‘fiancé.’

  19. Re: Heartiste. Who in their right mind deals in the content Heartiste deals in daily in the year 2019 and still keeps his page on a “free” hosting deal by wordpress? What can it save the fellow? Doesn’t matter when this “free” hosting can cost you everything? I trust he was thoughtful enough to keep a copy on some more dependable set of servers. Then again, maybe not.

    • I wonder if it was really free for Heartiste. I think you have to pay when you go over a certain amount of traffic. Running WordPress yourself like Z does isn’t easy. You need to configure the database, keep track of OS security issues, monitor the server’s hard drives, etc… There’s still the possibility that your hosting company might shut you down.

    • Strange, I still have access to all of CH’s posts through WordPress’s own internal subscription service, called its “reader.” Anyone who wants to copy or save material from CH can get it that way. I think you need a WordPress account to do it.

      I took this screencap just now. I kept scrolling until I got to 2018, and I assume it just keeps going back.

    • I trust you’ve got a couple of these somewhere on thumbdrives, as well as the usual redundancies.

    • You’d be surprised.

      A couple three months ago I had to make an unexpected detour to Paris, and having some time to kill, spent about three weeks in France.

      In a little village near Tours I met up with some people about my age (early 30s) who while pleasant were hopelessly pozzed.

      Except they weren’t. A few hours in, when it was clear I wasn’t an ignorant redneck, the topic switched to politics. They said it didn’t really matter who was president, and France always did it’s own thing anyways.

      I said: what about when France isn’t French anymore? Have you been to Paris lately?

      The look of horror and understanding on their faces said it all.

      Naturally, I didn’t cure them in one night, but on a deep level they understood what’s up. A clever man could leverage that to great effect.

  20. Orwell.

    “But in a world from which physical danger had been banished—and obviously mechanical progress tends to eliminate danger—would physical courage be likely to survive? Could it survive? And why should physical strength survive in a world where there was never the need for physical labour? As for such qualities as loyalty, generosity, etc., in a world where nothing went wrong, they would be not only irrelevant but probably unimaginable. The truth is that many of the qualities we admire in human beings can only function in opposition to some kind of disaster, pain or difficulty; but the tendency of mechanical progress is to eliminate disaster, pain and difficulty.”

      • Yeah those 2 quotes actually say the same thing. The Orwell quote is from the road to Wigan Pier and in that he also has an essay about the English propensity to Tinker and improve on things. He clearly considered it a biologic fact . Churchill commented on the same thing when he was in the Middle East and he looked around and said and I’m paraphrasing ‘they are still using the tools that their ancestors used thousands of years ago. They have changed nothing’. So whites created a world that became easier for everyone but now it’s turning and biting us. But capital is the same as it’s always been. It’s a product of the mind. And now they want to make our lives more difficult. Here’s hoping that turns around and bites them

        • ” English propensity to Tinker and improve on things”

          It’s called “Men in Sheds”- predates garages.

          • It’s not just men. Women do it to, we just do it closer to home and hearth. I am almost constantly in the state of another Improvement either in the house or the garden. It actually makes me laugh at myself because I finish something, look at it and think, oh how pretty, and within a week I’m thinking of something new. But my garden looks fantastic!

  21. “I’d like to get my hands on the engineer who came up with the idea for the car to recommend coffee breaks…”

    I’m pretty sure it was not the engineer who came up with such an idea. The engineer said something like, okay I can do that but are you really sure this is what you want?

    • One thing I began to discover in my career is the application of technology, for technology’s sake. A lot of people wish to get rid of the excess baggage and hassle, but are increasingly forced to live with it. I once had assumed I was in the majority in my thinking on this matter, but now think that we have raised a whole generation of folk who love to play with such technology as an end in itself, even when arguably less efficient to the desired end. True story: Long time ago, I had an old friend visit the department and as such, there was the expectation of a colloquium presentation to the department. This friend “sold out” and became the product manager for Microsoft Word. He told about what really drove the “innovation” wrt to the product and set the release dates for upgrades and stuff. Nothing that I had not expected. At question time, he asked for suggestions as to how to improve the product which he would take back to his development staff. I asked in all seriousness, if there could not be a setting by which all the modifications from version x+1 be turned off such that the new version (x+1) had the look and feel of version x! I explained that the “improvement” of the product was almost never worth the retraining expenses for the secretarial staff. And by the time those folk got up to speed, there was a new version released. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. I lost a lot of “cred” that day. 🙁

      • This is the tech version of Zman’s superfluous labor from yesterday’s podcast.

      • I assume you didn’t mean “x factorial” when you wrote x!
        Sorry, but I had to point that out just to be a weisen heimer.

      • Most software doing basic tasks like word processing should really just settle down into a stable state once all the bugs are found. The ergonomics research that went into the UI does not really need to change. But that would mean that all the programers and more importantly their managers would be put out of work so they must have change for the sake of change to justify their existence. So the most call this pointless change an improvement even when it is the oposite.

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