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Saturday is the long day of the conference. It starts at nine and runs through five, then there is a banquet with a speaker. This year Taylor went with a youth movement for the speakers. Patrick Casey started things off with a talk about his group and what they are doing. Young people are terrible public speakers, because they are inexperienced, and nervous, but Casey delivered a nice professional talk that did not try to do too much.

That’s the key with public speaking. You’re not Cicero or Patrick Henry so don’t try too hard. Make your points, respect the audience and play within yourself. Casey delivered a nice professional speech that covered the material. It suggests he is growing into his role as a leader of his group. There’s nothing wrong with youthful energy, which AIM has in plenty, but there needs to be a steady hand guiding that youthful energy.

It occurred to me, while interacting with the AIM guys, that the biggest challenge they will face is maintaining discipline in the organization. Bring together a bunch of bright young guys and they will come up with a million new ideas. Not all of them will be great ideas, which where guys like Casey need to step in and impose some discipline, in order to keep the groups on the same page and out of dangerous waters.

The trouble, young guys will buck and not want to take direction from the home office on what they are doing locally. Casey is going to have make belonging to his brand so valuable that the local chapters will never consider breaking off on their own, which was an issue with the Identity Europa organization. Casey is a bright guy getting good advice, so they will unriddle it, but it will be a challenge for them in the near term…

John Derbyshire, who gave a talk on his idea of an arctic alliance. It’s a stock talk he has given before in various ways, but with so many new people showing up at these things, it is important they hear the source material for many of the ideas they have found persuasive. His talk was a good counter to the Casey talk, as Derb is more on the philosophy and theory end, while Casey is a retail organizer.

Political theory and meta-politics are important, but they are useless without a retail arm implementing those ideas. At the same time, organizing to gain political power is just barbarism, unless it is toward some larger goal. Power is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. America has rotten elites and they need to be replaced, but their rotten ideas have to be defeated as well. Giving the audience a taste of bother ends of that political teeter-totter was a good way to open the show…

The afternoon session shifted gears a bit. Jared always has at least one speaker discuss events in Europe, which is a great way to add some perspective. As Americans, we often fail to notice what’s happening in the broader world. That’s mostly because our media is all propaganda at this point, but we have always been a provincial people. We have a big country with plenty to keep us busy. Still what’s happening in with regards to the big issues of this age is just as important as what is happening here.

John Morgan from Counter-Currents gave a great talk on Hungary. He is an American, but he spends most of his life in Europe. Oddly, what is happening in Eastern Europe probably has more salience for dissidents than much of what is happening here. In Hungary, they are wrestling with the problems of globalism, nationalism and migration and radical democracy. In a sense, the great fight between globalism and nationalism is being fought in these former Soviet Bloc nations, so it should have our attention…

The dinner speaker was James Allsup, who has a hug YouTube following. I’ve been to a lot of events for all sorts of things and I can count on one hand the number of time I paid attention to a dinner speech. By that stage, I’m tired and ready for a nap. The Allsup speech was great and had my attention throughout. He’s only 23, but handles himself like a veteran on stage. Unlike Nick Fuentes, it seems perfectly natural. I really enjoyed listening to his talk and he is going to be a big star ion this scene for years to come…

Generational politics is a little annoying, because the supposed differences in generations are usually meaningless. Since the middle of the last century, it is mostly a way to keep whites bickering with one another, rather than defending their interests as a group. Something that is different with the next generation though is total comfort with all media. The Millennials grew up consuming product, but the Zoomers have grown up producing product. It’s second nature for them.

I think that may be why we are seeing so many you YouTube stars with a lever of sophistication in their product that seems impossible. Allsup has done a million video and interview by the time he is 23. This young girl calling herself “Soph” is probably a sign of things to come. Producing content is as natural to her as breathing, because she grew up doing it. She’s also consuming content at a rate never seen, so she has internalized ideas it used to years to grasp. The Zoomers are going to be different…

It used to be that countries routinely issued visas to people entering for business or tourism without too much hassle. It was what civilized countries did. On the other hand, the less civilized discouraged visitors. Albania was famous for operating like a hermit colony during the Cold War. Saudi Arabia is known for being unfriendly to visitors, even their fellow Muslims. The rule of thumb was that the openness to tourism was a proxy for the degree of order and civility in the society.

Today, America is now routinely rejecting people from Western countries because of their politics. Greg Johnson’s Canadian video guy was detained by U.S. customs at the airport and then deported, because he was coming to AmRen. He was told he violated the terms of his visa, because he intended to interview people at the event. It is complete nonsense, but they don’t need a reason to reject someone. He was also made persona non grata for five years. This is where we are now in America…

There was a lovely couple from Wisconsin in attendance and we chatted at length about what we need to do and where we want this thing to go. It is a common conversation I have with people new to this stuff and I don’t always have the best answers. I think I may have stumbled upon one this weekend. I said, “The best thing you can do for the cause is bring two of your friends next year.” That really is the right answer, when you step back and look at it. It is our version of “think globally, act locally.”

Everyone has a role to play, but the most important role is for everyone in dissident politics to get creative on red-pilling their friends and family. That means getting together to talk about what works and what does not work. If everyone at AmRen could convert one friend by next year, the event is sold out in weeks, not months. If that keeps happening the thing will not be held in a forest, but on the Capital Mall. In all matters, it is numbers that matter. First we get the numbers, then everything else is possible…

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  1. “Greg Johnson’s Canadian video guy was detained by U.S. customs at the airport and then deported, because he was coming to AmRen.”

    I wonder if you or someone else with knowledge of this could clarify what happened — normally a Canadian does not need a visa to enter the US — perhaps visit is better than enter here — meaning as a tourist — working in the US is a different matter — likely something about him triggered further scrutiny — that something could be equipment he was carrying (?), which resulted in suspicion that he was coming to the US in order to work, ie not to visit — this is a different matter, and is, like it or not, reason for someone arriving via the visa waiver program to be turned back — if it’s true he was then barred from entry for a further five years, then that is definitely outrageous.

    So there is a ‘non-AmRen’ explanation for why he was refused entry — again, any further details/info re what happened would be helpful.

  2. I was the old bald guy across the banquet table from you. I agree about John Morgan’s speech. Indeed, I thought his talk was the best of the conference. Very well designed: interesting, informative, with just enough wide-ranging history to provide essential context without getting lost in minute details. In fact, it was a tour de force, synthesizing history, ethnography, sociology, & politics into a cogent analysis which made Hungary’s experience with Third World invasion (old & new), and with multiculturalism over the centuries, relevant to the American experience today.

  3. The “arctic alliance” stuff is fake and gay. Derbyshire has an Asian wife and happa children. Does anyone seriously buy that whites, Asians and Jews are going to form some kind of justice league to fight the orcs?

    I’m always impressed by Derbyshire’s willingness to virtue signal despite the fact that he’s already been completely unpersoned by the mainstream. I heard him talking about the James Fields case on some podcast with Richard Spencer, and he had to preface his take by saying Fields is a piece of shit who he wanted nothing to do with. I mean, who is he saying that for?

    • If you only knew how ridiculous this was. Derbyshire does not virtue signal on anything. He has no reason to. He simply holds opinions with which you disagree.

      • I don’t care what his opinion on James Fields is. The fact that he feels the need to bury the guy as a preface to his comments on his show trial is virtue signaling into the wind. There’s no other reason to even discuss Fields personally.

  4. “The best thing you can do for the cause is bring two of your friends next year.”

    It’s 20th C. thinking. The best thing you can do is to redpill people online, like you do with this blog.

    We’re too few yet to go sticking our heads above the parapet. The fight is not IRL – that’s enemy turf – the fight is online. Don’t give the government (and Antifa) your mug shot.

  5. What mechanism do you use to get your ideas into words on a page?

    You have many minor, not always easily sourcible typos.

  6. Here’s hoping that all those young people can get into family formation post chaise.

  7. I’m tired of the harping on generation politics too, but I will say that initially it was hard not to have an uncanny reaction (don’t think “unheimlich” can really translate from German to English) to that Soph girl or someone who’s 15 or so and that articulate. I think we’re so used to seeing stupid/insane adults in media and politics that an above-average/precocious talent looks like the fruits of some kind of sci-fi super-baby experiment. But I saw her on Ramzpaul, too, and it’s obvious she’s not reading from a script. It’s sad that an “adult” “journalist” like Joseph Bernstein is frightened of a fourteen year-old girl. A “man” trying to beat up a child is bad optics. The Covington Catholic fallout, the manufactured outrage at those boys, probably gave us 500,000 member boost in our red-pilled ranks in a 24-hour period.

    • The Covington thing might become a good model for the future. Basically the boys were confronted with this oddball who likes to go around stirring up trouble while pretending to be a Native American. He’s a lefty but more importantly, he’s a weirdo with lots of strange ideas who does lots of unpredictable stuff. This is a serious problem on the Left. They often seem monolithic and at the top levels they have fairly good discipline. The problem is that poz basically glorifies deviance of all types and that means it attracts deviants of all types. The rank and file lefties are pretty disturbing to watch. I live near Portland, OR. Thankfully I’m pretty far away from it. Whenever I need to take the train into town I marvel at the “carny act” quality of the people. Portland attracts and concentrates these people from all over the country. Disproportionate numbers of them are mentally ill and they pretty much all seem to be heavy drinkers and drug users. They are more than half female and crazy in all the stereotypical wymmyn ways. This means that the Left’s own goon squads are always an “optics” disaster waiting to happen. We need to give them as many opportunities to do that as possible – and keep filming the whole time of course 😉

  8. For every individual creating content we need hundreds enlisting, all branches, all MOS’s. We need the basic discipline, the training, the connections, the veteran’s status and benefits, and then re-entry, into the academy, the private sector, all levels of the public bureaucracy, and the civic organizations.

    For all the good Damigo did with IE, I sometimes wonder if it might not have been better to keep it on the dl and begin taking over VFW and American Legion posts one by one,

    • Most of them look like they got in a fight with a vampire and lost. All very sickly looking, I’ve only seen that look with serious drug addicts. My guess would be Heroin.

      But when you look at the Left you can’t help but notice that there is very much a uniformity in looks or physiology among Leftiy males all the way from Google and twitter execs to your decrepit Antifa goon and HuffPost writer. In short they are all physical wrecks. What is even more surprising is how young many of them are.This physical desolation is just so odd if I had a superstitious bent I could swear that evil is eating away at them.

      • 🙂 It’s the lifestyle. You see this all the time on campus and the immediate environs. Birds of a feather type of thing. Drugs, sex, communal low life living. Alternative lifestyle. Looks follow. These folk are the “hippies” of the current era.

  9. “Everyone has a role to play, but the most important role is for everyone in dissident politics to get creative on red-pilling their friends and family.”

    Btw, I visited a friend over the weekend. We go back some years now, to college, I met him right after I moved from the US to Denmark. We share a lot of interests and politics were never an issue. But he’s totally a cultural marxist narrative guy. ‘Racist’ is the worst sin open, and ‘racistly’ enough a sin only open to whites, go figure…. Holy smoke politics is starting to get in the way of even old friendships. This guy’s a militant atheist and he can take mild mocking that ‘Atheism is not a religion’ is their version of ‘there is no god but allah and Ol Mo was his prophet’. But get into race realism of even the mildest kind and suddenly ‘your character needs reassessment’. Normies are subconsciously conditioned to be scared sh*tless to even be in the same room as people who contradict the postmodern church’s ‘befehl’ that ‘racism is the worst sin an evil white can commit’. They’re totally cowed on this and it takes a sledgehammer to my respect for them.

    As a pick up artist would say in a different context, when red-pilling people, test your target slowly and carefully and discard the ones where you get no vibe to work with.

  10. Two comments:

    “The trouble, young guys will buck and not want to take direction from the home office”

    In my experience of teaching, it is not the young guys but the middle age, mid level beta guys who are the ones most resistant to instruction. Middle age, not so young anymore, midlevel means they have a mediocre ‘status’ or ‘position’ to ‘defend’ and ‘beta’ is their root problem, they are fundamentally weak and insecure which means that taking instructions threatens their sense of ‘worthiness’ for the ‘status’ they have worked so hard to acquire. ‘Alpha guys’, in science, medicine or martial arts, will often give you 5 minutes and see if you hook them w non-trivial, good sense. The mid level beta guy has already interrupted you 4-5 times by then, at least, and will fracture and get girlie angry when you tell him to be quiet. Young guys I often find easy to handle. Mid level beta guys, I cant deal w them.

    “John Derbyshire, who gave a talk on his idea of an arctic alliance.”

    I simply think he gets that fundamentally wrong. He wants to hook up w the Chinese against Africans, Arabs and, maybe, Indians, keeping ‘the sun people’ in the sun places. I think you need to swap Indians for Chinese there and the reason is that Indians, Im talking about the Hindus, not the muslims, have a mindset quite similar to Mediterranean Europeans whereas Chinese are ‘Asiatic autistic’ to Caucasian emotional structure. During colonial times Brits and upper caste, especially princely, Indians, worked very smoothly together. Problems arose when the Brits first trained a new ‘upper class’ of Indians, at Oxford and Cambridge, and trained them so well that they wanted to be accepted as the natural partners of the Brits. When the Brits chose the princes over the new Indian lawyers, and especially when one white South African train conductor refused to recognize one lawyer named Gandhi as ‘equal subject of the Crown’, that’s when trouble happened. I even think there’s a strong element of HBD in Derbyshire’s ‘vision’. The Indians are South Caucasians, Europeans (whites) are North Caucasians. Basically different ethnicities of the same race, Indians are just one step beyond Greeks away from us. The Chinese are a whole different race, Mongoloids. You see it in something like humor, it is very pronounced there. And you see it less in American (dot) Indians. It is in Indian Indians, not polluted by ‘you live as oppressed in a white racist society and they owe you’ neomarxist hate speech. Im not saying the US needs more Indian immigrants. I m saying that the Chinese are going to be dangeous rivals we will find it hard to understand, and Indians the only real non-Western ally worth having b/c they are (also) big. There is also the not irrelevant fact that 90% of Indian Hindus love whites and most Chinese definitely do not. And it is very obvious to hypothesize that the psychological similarities between white and Indians, compared to either vs Chinese (or other East Asians) is exactly biological. When Derbyshire denies that this matters, he is denying HBD.

    • Moran, interesting comment and analysis. What I immediately thought of however was Reich’s recent book, “Who We Are and How We Got Here: …”. Reich has a chapter or so on India. The findings he discusses helped to explain some of the incongruities I experienced wrt India and the students I encountered in the USA and the fairly low average IQ’s tested for India in general. The basic conclusion as I interpreted his writing was that India may be best understood as a country of *many* races or sub races, structuring along the established cast system. I believe about 5 main groups.

      That being said, can we divide/describe India as a whole into South Caucasian as you said and assume India as a whole has some natural affinity for us “North Caucasian’s”. But regardless, I agree that the Chinese mindset is vastly different and not amenable to Western values.

      • I believe it is true that India is a giant ancient ‘salad bowl’ of myriad small ethnicities that, b/c of the caste system, did not blend genetically much. And there certainly is a general low IQ issue here that could become a huge problem. But among the Brahmin (priest caste) and maybe a few others, they have pockets of people that seem to be the equivalent of Ashkenazi Jews, ie super bright.

        And you have to be in India to really realize that this is the one place that actually has ‘white privilege’; Indians like whites and buy tons of bleaching cream to be as light in skin tone themselves.

        But what Ive personally noticed, w Indians in both the US and India, is that we often have similar humor and instictively ‘frame’ issues and topics in the same way. This is just not the case w East Asians or Africans. They seem to be qualitively different in ‘mode of thinking’ in my experience. Whereas Indians remind me of Mediterranean Europeans, ie slightly more emotional than north-of-Alp-origin ppl. But a lot closer than Mongoloids or Negroids. Those are truely different races. I think both us and Brahmins are Caucasians. And that may really matter, instinctively, not for ‘theoretical, ideological’ reasons. But I hardly have a ‘final vision’ here, Im just thinking out loud.

  11. Ol Sid attended this year. Got to meet Z. Have always suspected that he had a face made for radio but was surprised to find he is a statuesque blond. Almost too pretty to be a man:). As part of my profession I go to many conferences. Will relate that this was far, and away, one of the most interesting. Found some of the speakers a bit disappointing. Derbyshire mailed it in. The French guy was largely unintelligible and his slides would have greatly benefited from just a very few clear english labels. Will recommend that if you attend; take up smoking for 2 days. I met some ridiculously interesting characters (e.g. a russian count and the guy that wrote the morganthau plan). Also met a sweet newly married couple. Not sure amren is the best honeymoon but can strongly recommend one attend otherwise. It was fun.

        • Well played. Please occasionally post about your drinking and womanizing. . . now that Heartiste is gone, someone has to fill that void.

          • He will be back shortly in a better place. I can’t say more, but it will be good.

          • I’m surprised Heartiste hasn’t resurfaced on the Dark Web, like Daily Stormer did.

            Long term, every content creator on the Dissident Right should have an Onion site.

        • Ahem. ahem, perhaps a synthesis of the two photos in question. PS Frip: i have begun to suspect that you are some sorta weird genius.

    • Did you mean, wrote a book about the Morgenthau Plan? I don’t who was all involved with the original, but I am confident they are all long dead.

      • Book entitled ” the m plan”. Not sure i was pretty drunk Come next year and i will fill you in. Turns out nasi scum gossip like 7th grade girls. heavy drinkers and cocksmen abound. Several preternaturally beautiful women attended. Gave off a little stepford wife vibe. Nonetheless. if i was 20 yrs younger…

  12. What’s astonishing is that it feels like I just read your round up of the last AmRen a couple months ago. Thanks for the updates.

  13. Just when you think you’ve bookmarked or subscribed to all the best guys on our side, you’re told of yet another guy. I’ve never heard of Allsup until Z’s post. He’s got nearly half a million YouTube subscribers yet somehow I never came across him. It doesn’t help that YouTube doesn’t populate my home page with guys their algo surely indicates that I’d like.

    I don’t think Z’s mentioned Nick Fuentes once without getting in a slight jab. I don’t care. It’s funny to me. Just saying. Those two must have had something of a barbed conversation back at AmRen ’18.

    The guy who got deported because he said he’s going to AmRen may as well have told the immigration officers he was coming to spread malaria. Sounds like he wanted to spend the weekend fishing so he decided to tell the truth.

    • Allsup used to be Nick Fuentes’ podcast partner. They had a pretty good show, but eventually broke up and then feuded for a few weeks, although I believe they’re now friendly again. There’s an interesting video out there of Allsup, Fuentes and a few other guys leaving Charlottesville walking alongside the highway being interviewed by Millie Weaver of InfoWars. Allsup does an effective job redpilling Weaver (and the InfoWars audience).

  14. Red pills in my opinion, can’t really be proselytized. The have to come naturally to people, like the morning dew. They have to come from similar experiences. Mine came one evening on the Green Line in DC, like out of the movie Death Wish. I started out the evening like the beginning of the movie. Liberal Democrat architect Charles Bronson in his cardigan. I ended the evening like post home invasion Charles Bronson in leather jacket.

    • Death Wish had two pivotal points: 1) death of wife and rape of daughter; 2) gift of gun from developer in Tucson, AZ. Without either of these, Bronson would have died a clueless, miserable normie.

      We obviously can’t and wouldn’t wish the loss of a family on anyone, but we can share such stories of the “little murders” in the daily lives of ourselves and others.

      Point #1 can be made to varying extent with most people. Life is not getting better, it’s getting worse—at least in those areas that are fundamentally important. Point those out. I bet you’ll find a favorable audience. Folks fundamentally “know” something is not quite right, but just can’t lay their finger on it or put it into words. Some may even fear to say what they “know”. Be their sounding board.

      Point #2 need not be a gun and a call to violence, rather a call to knowledge. Albeit, increasingly such sources are under attack, they are not all eliminated. The basics of the movement are underwritten in science and that information continues to grow and is stored in most institutional libraries and squirreled away in a hundred pockets on the internet waiting to be downloaded.

      The scientific literature is often oblique wrt the ultimate meaning of these data, but that is your job to elaborate upon. There are not enough Winston Smiths or “memory holes” in the world to remove and disappear these truths.

      • “We obviously can’t and wouldn’t wish the loss of a family on anyone,”


        The Clintons?

        Who is this “we”?

        • You chose your own moral stance. I refuse to visit the sins of the fathers on the children. Now if the children are guilty of misbehavior or benefit from the parents immorality, then we take it from there as to what is justice.

    • I agree. My red pill came in high school in 1983 when I experienced my first race riot and later being threatened with a beat down by a black thug. I learned that blacks are not like whites at all and they hate us, really hate us. Since then it’s been a series of edifying experiences that just baked it in.

      Without being exposed to the terror of watching a race riot unfold before me in High school and the staff doing but letting it happen was a eye opener.

      Then later came the Rodney King riots. Watching LA burn on TV and seeing a white truck driver being pulled from his can by rage apes and then crushing his head with a cinder block. Then noticing all the police in town had vanished while car loads of skin headed Mexicans started showing up. Having to sleep with weapons within arms reach.

      If I just read about these events they would have meant noting to me It was only by experiencing did I understand what a precarious position whites are in.

    • There’s probably something to this. Watching conservatives make the same losing arguments for 30 straight years has an effect. Pointing out Democrats ran the Jim Crow south sounds like a zinger the first time. The thousandth time it sounds like pandering and looks pathetic.

    • “Red pills in my opinion, can’t really be proselytized. The have to come naturally to people”

      I think you re right. But there might be a social tipping point there, a ‘critical mass’, after which it is sufficiently w/i Overton for ppl to even consider it. And realize that it makes sense.

  15. Good post. Some advice to folks on border issues:
    Be vague. Pretend to be a Normie tourist. Have a tourist spiel to unveil. Given the US has 30 to 50 Million illegal aliens (& most countries in the Anglosphere are equally deep into Anarcho-Tyranny), the customs & immigration folks are not that bright. They have Anti-White GloboBozo marching orders from Senior management, but again, they are not geniuses.
    If folks coming to the US want to attend AmRen, they best fly to another state, then connect to Nashville using a separate ticket. Improvise and adapt.

    • Surely Nashville gets enough visitors that you wouldn’t attract suspicion merely from flying into the city from abroad?

      I do think it would be foolish of anyone to tell the truth about attending an event like this. There are a million and one other reasons for entering the country.

        • “That’s white music. You some kinda redneck nazi coming here to oppresss POCs w your privilege?” …asks the 15 gender, 10 hair colors US customs officer.

      • The key moment is when you are asked the purpose of your trip by US Customs. Say you are visiting friends, going to Disney, going on a bus tour, going to visit sites X, Y & Z. What you ultimately do is up to you, and assuming that freedoms of speech, assembly & association can still be asserted, you’ll be fine. Anarcho-Tyranny proceeds because bureaucrats use their discretionary powers (left wing bias) to deem someone a ThoughtCriminal. Don’t give them any basis at all for using those discretionary powers.

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