The Cloud War

After the Mueller report was released, the conventional wisdom was that, after a period of mourning by the crazies on the Left, the whole matter would be forgotten. The Russian collusion nonsense had served its purpose and now it was time to move onto figuring out who would replace Trump. The Democrats have a massive field of candidates for their nomination. This reflects the fractured nature of their coalition, so the focus would shift to sorting out how best to unify the party around a nominee.

That’s not what has happened. Instead, the Democrats are slowly inching toward impeachment, while Trump and his new consigliere are moving ahead with investigating the domestic spying scandal. Supposedly, Trump told Pelosi and Schumer he was done dealing with them until they dropped the investigations. This is probably just a lie fed to the willing media, as part of the war. Most likely, the offer to drop all of it was made by Schumer, but Trump rejected it, as he now has the better hand in this fight.

Proof of this is the decision to hand over to Bill Barr the power to release classified documents related to this scandal and other scandals as yet unknown. That last part is the real issue here. It is pretty much accepted that elements within the FBI, and most likely the CIA, conducted an illegal surveillance operation on the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team. The only decision left on that front is whether or not these people face changes or the whole thing is swept under the rug.

That last part is where things get interesting. If everyone was sure the parties in the FBI scandal were stand-up guys willing to do their time and keep quiet. This is probably over and done with by now. The trouble is, they are not stand-up guys. Worse yet, there are too many of them and too well known to be Arkancided. If they get charged, they will probably look to better-deal themselves by cooperating. What dirt they can dish is the great unknown and it may even be unknown to the Democrat leadership.

That brings us back to the order to authorize Bill Barr to release classified documents into the public. As the Conservative Treehouse guy noted, the order has some unusual features to it. Giving Barr this power is unprecedented, but that can be explained by the politics in Washington right now. The real puzzle is the inclusion of the Department of Treasury and the Department of Energy. What could the Energy Department have in its files related to the FBI scandal? What would Treasury have?

One answer lies in the story of Uranium One, which is the turd that official Washington cannot seem to flush. This is the deal that sold off uranium resources and companies to a Russian firm. The Wiki page is interesting, because it reveals just how many people were involved in this deal. Those people all seem to have connections to intelligence services in the Anglosphere. These are the same intelligence services that pressured Trump into holding off on releasing the classified documents months ago.

Of course, what this means is the Russian collusion story was just an effort to conceal the FBI spying scandal, which was an effort to cover a lot of other corruption, especially the Uranium One deal. That’s the item at the center of everything. That would explain why Treasury and Energy are on the list. It would also explain why the FBI under James Comey was so vexed by the Clinton e-mail scandal. Clinton was running a pay-for-play operation out of the State Department and a lot of people knew about it.

The question is why would everyone go along with it, but the history of the Clinton family is the story of exploiting the ambition of minor figures. The salary men in the FBI dream of getting to the top job, so why not play ball with Clinton? The vermin-like rapacity of Hillary Clinton is like something from a Faulkner novel. When it comes to corruption, she is shred, ruthless and clever. The people in Washington, however, are naive, sheltered and simple minded. They stand no chance against Hillary.

Way back in the 1990’s, a truth obvious to many people was that the Democrats, desperate to regain power, sold their souls to the Clintons. They were willing to overlook their obscene corruption, as long as they delivered. It’s turning out that the Clinton family was not just a cancer on the party, but a cancer on American politics. Like the guy who sold his soul to the devil, official Washington is now realizing it was a horrible error to take the Clinton deal. Now they are at a loss as to how to get out of it.

As an aside, the old WASP virtue of keeping low-class people out of public life was not just about snobbery. It was an understanding that people like the Clintons were like an invasive species among the upper classes. High status people did not train their young to hair-split and subvert the rules. They trained them to uphold the rules. As a result, they could never compete with the sort of people who saw rules and customs as an obstacle to their ambitions. Exclusion was a form of self-defense.

Ultimately, political scandals are always about politics. The reason any of this matters is it threatens the political order. On the one hand, the Cloud People cannot tolerate a rogue intelligence community. On the other hand, they can’t just open all of this to public view, as the public will lose respect for the political order. That’s the war going on now, between those trying to change the political order and those seeking to defend it and their privileges within it. Trump now has a new weapon in that war.

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    • in case you missed my point, here it is: trump …is…a …cuck..and he is NOT out to change the political order, as you argue…instead he is just trying to keep himself and his son from being prosecuted….yeah, i realize that motivation slipped right by you…

  2. I doubt that a lot of this will be declassified. The memo also gives Barr the right to downgrade anything he wants to. That would prevent the IC from simply refusing to read him into so if this which is no doubt squirreled away in a myriad if SAP and SCI compartments. Now Barr can simply say those boxes no longer exist without actually declassifying anything. Naturally, if this is real, some things will come to light but there are legitimate sources and methods concerns. This authority given personally to Barr must really be terrifying to people who hide in little boxes.

  3. As an aside, the old WASP virtue of keeping low-class people out of public life was not just about snobbery. It was an understanding that people like the Clintons were like an invasive species among the upper classes. High status people did not train their young to hair-split and subvert the rules. They trained them to uphold the rules. As a result, they could never compete with the sort of people who saw rules and customs as an obstacle to their ambitions. Exclusion was a form of self-defense.

    That is even a general problem with universal democracy, as this blog has often mentioned. But it is still true; universal democracy with weak or collapsing cultural norms will attract scheming psychopaths. Presumably, you will eventually end up with a Stalin or a Napoleon on top.

    • It’s going to suck being the Kulaks…Sad that we are too stupid to learn from history…

  4. Even though I am long past any investment in Trump, I am glad he’s inadvertently exposed the massive corruption of Sodom-on-the-Potomac. At least FTN will have some fodder for their summer shows. I just hope Orange Man manages not to start any wars.

    I say “impeach.” Put the pedal to the metal. Maybe when President Gump is against the wall he’ll lash out with the whole story. All he has to do is an 8:00 address to the nation. Will they shoot him or launch a missile at Air Force One after they’ve been exposed? Seems very dangerous.

    • If you follow “Q” you would know they have tried to blow AF 1 out of the sky.

      • I missed that one (or maybe even I got Q-tardation by osmosis). I wish I could have gotten more of a laugh out of Q, but I just found it depressing.

  5. All points well said. I have never had any respect for the political class cloud people or whatever the hell they really are. I might if they would leave the people alone. Like that would ever happen. A pox on them.

  6. Today, it appears that the Trump 2020 campaign will provide at least as much entertainment as the last two years of Trump Derangement Syndrome has.

    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and won’t vote for him in 2020, I’m a southern nationalist and do not vote for government seats in a foreign government.

    That said, Trump is entertaining.

  7. “…the crazies on the Left…Trump and his new consigliere”

    Note: Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50.

    I only have one thing to say about all of this: I now know why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotines.

  8. The breadth and depth of the corruption within the Obama Administration cannot be overstated. Most of the worst stuff hasn’t even been revealed yet, and if it all came to light, there would be an actual revolution underway in short order. The Clintons were always grifters, but it was petty anty while they cut their teeth in Arkansas. Then Bill won the presidency in ’92 and it was off to the races in the big leagues. Selling pardons made him a mega millionaire on the way out in 2000, but even that wasn’t good enough. When Hillary become SoS in 2009, they formed the Clinton Foundation and systematically sold off political influence to the highest bidder, which even put Russian oligarchs to shame. Obama was a naive piker at the start, but learned fast, and released $170 billion back to Iran and pocketed a hefty transaction fee for his labor. And the real genius of this criminal enterprise was that the nation’s premier law enforcement institutions were seduced into the grift in the best tradition of the Chicago Machine. And most people still harbor a belief that we can talk/persuade/vote our way out of this mess.

    • Obama’s returning the money stolen from Iran was one of the few good things of his presidency.

      • Bile…bullshit! The liquid assets returned went into Iran’s terroristic activities and provided funds that they did not have at the ready due to sanctions. American lives as well as others have been lost. Not that I promote any involvement in the affairs of Iran, but let’s not fool ourselves.

        • Terroristic activities? Like what? Fighting ISIS? “Biggest supporter of terrorism” is a huge lie. That would be JSIL, the CIA, and the Saudis.

          Well there was that US airliner they shot down…oh, wait…

        • What ‘terrorist activities’ are those? I must admit I struggle to recall one single incident even claimed to be sponsored by Iran.

    • Tom, interesting that you (and I assume most others here) can—off of the top of your head—pick several scandals from past president’s administrations that were widely known at the time, or shortly after, yet received not a investigatory peep from Congress. Yet here we are with Congress investigating a President over and over for merely the baseless suspicion of a crime.

      This is my typical tact when talking with a “normie” wrt politics, or rather the current political process. Yet it seems to have little effect, memories being that short. Folks still focus on the current, believe the MSM, and root for one side over the other. Really, the closest thing I can compare it to is “professional” wrestling. No one seems concerned it’s fake, the game is rigged, and the outcomes predetermined. At least when I used to go cheer Hulk Hogan, the beer was plentiful during the “match”.

  9. Off topic. Recently there’s been some good internal policing of our side. Some call it punching right. Some call it exposing the weirdos, a-holes, or phony opportunists. It’s a tough call sometimes, depending on who’s getting “punched”. Often a good right punch will help set a guy straight with our goals and values, or take a pretentiously out-of-hand guy down a few notches. Such enforcement is increasing lately toward guys like Owen Benjamin, Crowder, Vox Day, and continues apace with Jordan, Milo, and Sargon. The criticism is both organic from the rank & file, and from our top voices. Let’s keep punching right, choosing our targets wisely.

    • The names you’ve listed may hold some back, but for many they are a stepping stone into our camp.

      Let’s not unnecessarily burn the far side of the bridge. We have plenty of GOPe types we can toy with in the meantime.

      • Yves, here, here. Many of the names listed are being used as scapegoats for our own shortcomings in building a movement of sufficient (in our minds) political force. As long as we are on the correct side of the issue, the movement will grow. Infighting gets us no where.

    • With the exception of Vox Day, I don’t think anyone you mentioned would be considered “Dissident Right.”

      That being said, the likes of Patrick Little and Hunter Wallace should be kept as far away from serious Pro-White politics as possible.

      • As a mixed race individual, VD is definitely not dissident right. More of a civnat, like Candace Owens.

        • VD wrote the excellent “14 points of the AltRight” back in 2016, which are a gold standard for this movement.

          I know he plays that “triracial” card, but he looks Huwite to me.

          • The trouble is most of the people in the movement thought that was an embarrassment. It was a ham handed effort at front running.

        • None of the above people except Vox and probably Owen are Right Wing or on our side Milo and the rest are not enemies and Milo at least is pretty friendly. he may switch to Team Christian in time

          Jordan Peterson is a on Team Globalist though. He serves the same role as that bow tied cuck George Will did on the Sunday talk shows back in the day, fake opposition

          The Dissident Right is not rebranded White Nationalism though , its more Paleoconservatism meets Rules for Radicals with heaping teaspoons of HBD/Evo Psyche as seasoning

          Vox Day however is in his own words “A Christian Western Civilizationist” and is as far from being a Civ Nat as you can get

          He calls his form of nationalism “Omni Nationalism” that is nationalism for everybody and acknowledges the necessity of White nations, Black Nations, American Indian ones noting his tribe already has a nation and so on. A functional US Demography (80% White) is something he’s also discussed at large

          He also a fanatic and rather mystical Christian which colors his views

          Given that a lot of this movement doesn’t give a fig about religion, it can make folks like Vox and Owen an awkward fit

          I suspect that if it goes to guns, if the Right gets charge, we’ll have to hash things out and whether you get , many nations, a reboot of the system or Gilead lite will depend on who is strongest

          The only difference being would be that Right Wing people can avoid Auto Da Fe’s simply by keeping their agreements even if they dislike them something people on the Left can’t do

          • He’s generally for whatever he thinks will get him an audience. When decorating his site with alt-right stuff got him attention, he did that. When the alt-right lost its appeal, he put away those decorations and bought some nationalist decorations. Cerno, Milo, VD, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, etc. are just people who make a living selling pats on the head to people on the Right. if it moves product, they’re into it.

      • Part of the reason why certain people aren’t considered Dissident Right, is because some of our thought leaders have the guts to call people out, and define a line. They have the balls to “infight”, “punch right”, and deal with the friction and blowback it causes them. This is essential. Some on our side comment like punching right actually kills people. No, it’s just debate, no one dies. If a contender is true to our cause, they survive the vetting of leaders like Z. “White” is the clue word. If a supposed leader isn’t mentioning White, they get vetted. Punched.

  10. This post is a great example of what is new and threatening about the Dissident Right, or whatever we’re currently calling this thing.

    Instead of arguing about political or philosophical principles, with the underlying assumption that such principles explain human behavior, Z talks about the vulnerability of the WASPs to “invasive species.”

    Evolutionary psychology explains much more about politics than abstract principles.

    • The Dems overcame Reagan by letting the Clintons in the door. Bill was the old style Southern gentleman grifter, who would charm everyone while he stole the family silver and raped your wife on the way out. Hillary had the same morals with none of the Southern charm and politeness, given that she was a carpetbagger and all. The Clintons, like an invasive species, took over the Democrat party, and ended up making room for Obama, a powerful and dangerous person in the mold of those Somalis that attacked the transit riders with hammers yesterday in Minneapolis. The Clintons are now in a bit of a pickle, because they will be thrown overboard (along with Pelosi and Schumer), to protect the real nexus of all of this, which is Obama and his people. I am curious to see how well Trump cooperates with the Democratic strategy, or if he tries to make sure the Obamistas get their just desserts as well. My bet is yes, for no better reason than what Obama did to Trump at the press dinner a few years back. Weird justice.

    • Taxonomy tends to have a mind of its own, so nobody cares what I would like to label things, but still. There are some good reasons for calling our general school of thought not the Dissident Right, but simply the voice of Dissent. We are Dissidents at large, /not/ “Rightists” who just happen to dissent from the conventional Right orthodoxy (whatever the heck that is). For practical purposes there is no functioning Right in this country, so calling yourself a split-off from the Leprechaun-Unicorn Alliance is a meaningless distinction.

      Besides, the word “Rightist” in general American political parlance is sheer poison.

      In the public imagination, Rightist ALWAYS means “far Right” which means “extremist” which means “Nazi”, stop pretending that it doesn’t. But “dissident” always means hip and groovy and rebellious an’ sheeeeit. You can march down the street in any American city in your Che Guevara t-shirt, your BLM and La Raza and Planned Parenthood armbands, your “I Stand With Israel” buttons on the same lapel as your Palestinian flag buttons, and the Hammer and Sickle shaved into your Kangz-do, and it’s all cool, man. Nobody will call you a racist, or even an asshole. But if you wear a red baseball cap you risk getting your skull cracked open. Think of that.

      Our movement doesn’t really believe in the “Right” so much as it merely believes in Reality. We are Dissidents, who dissent from the prevailing regime, which is a regime of murder and bankruptcy and insanity. We have much more in common with Erasmus of Rotterdam than we do with Richard Spencer. I’m not a Rightist, don’t even know what that means. But I do know what it means to see my country being gang-raped.

      By the way, in terms of the OP, the Clintons and their like are small potatoes in the greater scheme. The real problem for America is that the Cloud People switched from being the cast of “The Philadelphia Story” to being the cast of “Fiddler on the Roof”. Even more dangerous is that the Very Special People tend to actually believe their own vicious, evil propaganda.

      The problem with Leftists, and especially with Very Special leftists, is that they always think they’re actually the good guys. They sit atop a mountain of skulls and say, “But we meant well! And besides, it was good for the Jews.”

      The (((Two Percent))) are fifty percent of the One Percent.

  11. ‘…they can’t just open all of this to public view, as the public will lose respect for the political order.” Really?

    With public respect for Congress approaching single digits, a scandal such as you described will do what? Rather, opening up this stink to the public smell—coupled with a few “show trials”, a few heads taken and shown to the crowd, some more soul sucking, anti-freedom laws passed—could only improve the general perception of the public wrt the political order. That is to say, both parties would come together and state that the players were rogue and their plots have come to light and the American “democratic system” has won the day.

    Makes for good drama and will undoubtedly be turned into a docudrama for TV in a couple of decades. But most of all it will serve to put the normies back to sleep for a generation—which is precisely what we are working against.

    Be careful what you wish for as they say.

  12. Uranium One is indeed an item, but I think the real core of all the obfuscation is the reality that the Obama administration used official intelligence agencies to spy on the political rivals of the Democrat party, with the full of Obama himself.

    Other people and executive agencies in the Obama administration did similar nefarious deeds, including the IRS harassing Tea Party groups, the Department of Education issuing various dear colleague letters that radically changed the way K-12 education dealt with disciplining minority students, and the way sexual assault charges were handled in universities. You also have Operation Fast & Furious, which was a fairly obvious attempt to generate outrage over gun control, and Operation Choke Point, which targeted a whole list of politically disfavored businesses, including yet again, the firearms industry.

    Uranium One is just regular old bald faced corruption, albeit on a national scale. Using the NSA/CIA et al for political purposes is a real-deal bring on the revolution type scandal. This, I think, is why the cult left has lost their damned mind, because Obama is involved up to his illegitimate eyeballs.

  13. Before the Barr declassification mandate I worried it was going to be a long, boring summer. Now, I understand that the Horowitz IG report has now been further delayed because the FBI and CIA were stonewalling his requests and now they will be forced to divulge all the IG’s requests since he didn’t want to publish an ‘incomplete’ report that would later embarrass him when all the facts are exposed. I may be able to cancel my Netflix, Prime, and Hulu subscriptions because the entertainment will be ‘must watch’ TV.

    Since we are bathing in the ‘hope and change’ fantasy, however briefly, I would also love to also see Barr reopen the Uranium 1, Benghazi, Iran nuclear deal, Syria, and perhaps even the WMD debacle from the Bush administration – you know since we don’t want this to look like a partisan ‘witch hunt.’ I think we need to know just how good the Intelligence Community really is when ‘spying’ on other than American Citizens.

  14. “As an aside, the old WASP virtue …”

    Part of our problem is that our empire used to have a monocultural ruling class, and now they are multicultural. A multicultural ruled or working class (a working class of multiple nations) is of course a defining aspect of every empire. The imperial ruling class going multicultural is a sure sign of imperial decline and a harbinger of either impending dissolution or reordering.

    I hypothesize that the wealthy in dying empires were historically better able to protect their wealth and power during imperial dissolution the less multicultural the ruling class. Our ruling elites, who are neither elite nor ours any longer, deserve everything they have coming for wrecking Western Civilization.

    • A wise but lefty friend of mine said of our shared corporate culture as it began to change back in the 90’s:

      “We all complained about the puffy patriarchal white guys who ran this place, but I knew how to work with them. Little did we know what we had to look forward to: a Rainbow Coalition of selfish assholes…..”

  15. The last few years have been full of unpleasant discoveries. That the intelligence agencies are essentially corrupt and partisan all the way through–I don’t think I knew that even 4 years ago.

    …the old WASP virtue…

    Well, that’s the whole ball game, isn’t it? Gotta get us a WASP country, simple as. And even us WASP’s aren’t quite what we used to be.

    …the public will lose respect for the political order…

    I just hope they care enough to lose respect. I don’t know if it’s the indulgent lifestyle, the J-monopoly on the “mainstream” media, or if it has just always been thus, but the passivity and indifference of the public to the biggest scandal in our country’s history has been shocking. Another unpleasant discovery.

    • “I don’t think I knew that even 4 years ago. ”

      You hadn’t been paying attention.

      It’s the invention of the intertubes that has prevented the general level of indifferent ignorance of the 70’s, 80’s 90’s etc from continuing to hold sway.
      Hence the desperate attempts to limit web access.

  16. “On the other hand, they can’t just open all of this to public view, as the public will lose respect for the political order.”

    Indeed. However, some perspective. Much of the public has already lost respect for the political order. The only exception are those obsessed with the fashionistas of the arts community, and with the frauds of academia.

    “Good”, “respectable”, and virtuous white people – especially white women of the middle and upper middle-classes – simply won’t care what any investigations reveal. For them, it’s a matter of keeping up appearances, convincing others – but most importantly themselves – that they aren’t like those deplorables.

    If being progressive, intellectual, and virtuous means swallowing (something Monica Lewinsky wouldn’t even do) whatever dismissal, excuse, or conspiracy theory the establishment throws out to explain away the investigation they will do it. Gladly and enthusiastically.

    People on the right seem to think that “if only the left can be publicly exposed for what it is, then we will finally win the day!” We won’t.

    The left was exposed 100 years ago with the mass killings and torture carried out by Lenin, and swept under the rug by the academic left. This had no effect on the left’s popularity. As the crimes of Stalin, Mao, the Kims, Pol Pot, etc became known they had no effect, at least not on the arts community or academia, and hence no effect on bourgeois white women and their snivelling husbands.

    The Booby welcomes the coming investigations, just don’t get your hopes up, unless you believe that the Western intelligentsia will collectively look at itself in the mirror and admit its errors, along with the talk show-watching hangers-on in suburbia.

    • The Booby is correct!

      To steal a phrase from Ramsay Bolton,” if you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention “.

  17. Although I’ve given up hope that Trump will seal the border or stop the useless foreign entanglements, he will at least provide us with the entertaining spectacle of watching the political class devour itself. And the media class will also provide plenty of mirth as they stumble around attempting to ignore the entire fiasco. We may be going to hell, but we’re going in style.

    • Back when this all started, I called him the Mule, the character from the Asimov novels. basically, Trump is just going to break every thing in Washington. Discrediting the status quo will open the way for something else.

        • What has Trump broken in DC?
          Well, Madame Speaker Pelosi looks and talks like a robot with fried circuits lately,for starters.
          Then there’s Nadler,swooning in distress at a public function.
          Clapper,Brennan, Comey, and Lynch are suddenly pointing their gnarly fingers at each other.
          Last time the Big Kahuna poked his head out of his Kalorama fortress,he looked tired,thin,and his skin was as ashy gray as his hair.

          Then there’s the firings/resignations of key intel people in Italy,Australia,and May in the UK. All connected to the plot to take down the hated Drumpf.
          The swamp extends beyond DC,and it’s being exposed,at long last.

          PDJT looked like he was the opposite of “drained”,handing that huge trophy to the sumo champ in Japan yesterday. He’s thriving.

    • he will at least provide us with the entertaining spectacle of watching the political class devour itself.

      No little thing, IMO.

      There is no doubt our expectations were way too high; as Styx pointed out from the start, Trump is a reformer, not a revolutionary.

      Stopping Wars For Israel is a VERY tall order, especially when the GOP Congresscritters are all Never-Trumpers. If the House wasn’t stuffed with vicious, America-hating traitors and foreigners, He might have stood a better chance of MAGA.

  18. “The people in Washington, however, are naive, sheltered and simple minded. They stand no chance against Hillary.”

    If you believe that, then it is you that is being naïve. That place is a nest of vipers, and they all could use a quick march out to the gallows. The Clintons don’t operate in a vacuum – and I will tell you right now that most of the people that get in bed with them know exactly what they are doing.

    Trump has to do something. As it is we are headed to civil war with ourselves. I’d much rather see that waged with Trump at the helm rather than Clintons

    • No, Washington really is stupid. They are stupid because they weren’t smart enough to go private in the first place, and then become stupider because they are protected–against their own stupidity. The fixer class may be bright, as well as the class that owns the politicians, but Comey is a great example of how stupid, and reckless, they are in DC.

      • Nonsense.

        Those people have been fooling and duping millions of people for decades and they’ve made a fortune at it. Hillary Clinton publicly mocked and derided a 12 year old rape victim in court. She married a philandering piece of chit and a rapist – and went on to become the voice of every purple faced feminist rage head in the country. Between them the Clintons murdered people in cold blood, deliberately and by accident – and have gotten away with that. If it is so easy – YOU try it. And let me know how that goes…

        • Hillary, unlike Comey, is not stupid, but it was all so easy she got complacent, and reckless. What I said. If Trump-Barr goes pedal to the metal her only options are surrender or assasination. So many of these people are extremely vulnerable because they were sure it was all over, ex-America. And they were nearly rigfht. I’d given up on Trump, but now I will wait and see if he can back up their sewer pipes.

          • Comey wasn’t an idiot either. If he was the various crime families wouldn’t have permitted him in that position. None of the other deep state critters are idiots either. Comey is a once valuable asset that is being lost on chessboard where saints and sinners are used and abused and discarded like worn tools by bigger players. 5 years ago allying himself with the Donks was a winning move. The guy they replace him with is going to be dead meat if the Donks retake the white house. Careers are nothing at that level as Z has often noted. If you get drummed out of this job by your enemies, your friends will have another lined up for you somewhere else. And Comey knows who his friends are, where their skeletons are buried, and what they’ve done. In regular politics guys like Comey are as untouchable as the Clintons. If he DOES go to jail – I’d suggest you load your rifle and pistols because when things get that nasty, you can bet a war is in the offing.

  19. You been seeing some of these signs lately Z? CNN put a picture of JFK and Jackie deplaning Air Force One in Dallas to illustrate PDJT’s Japan trip. Brennan tweeted out a non-sequitur Bible verse, James 3:13 as the source. 313 – the key frame of the Zapruder film. And Brennan is very possibly Muslim. It’s a little iffy, but I don’t know, it seemed ominous. You mention war. Well, closer and closer we get.

  20. Something that has been percolating in my mind for awhile is the nexus of the uranium one deal and “teh ruskies undermined our democracy” scam. Part of that seams to be mutual hatred between Hillary and her cabal on the one had and Putin and the Russians on the over.

    Which does not compute if they were partners in some corrupt deal. Either the hatred is bullshit obsfucation or, one or both parties double crossed the other. I’m leaning towards the idea that it was a set up of Putin all along (which no doubt included Hillary and others lining their own pockets) but that he somehow double crossed and screwed them.

    I have no details, just observing the behavior patterns of all involved makes me believe something like that happened.

    Any thoughts?

    • I’ve a friend who works for NATO. He told me that in the 2 years prior to the Trump win, all they did was plan for war with Russia. If Hilary had won, she’d have taken us toe to toe with them.

  21. This is another reason I want Trump to win in 2020. It will keep these investigations going and maybe expose the corruption of the Rats especially the Obama administration finally for all to see. Chicago on the Potomac. And he also irritates the media quite well.

  22. Every time I saw Hillary (especially starting sometime in the 2000s) I thought of how Lawrence Auster would talk about “Imago Dei,” and how the image of God that was in every man could be corrupted, in some rare cases, beyond recognition. Auster was talking about it in relation to the black underclass, but it struck me as more and more apt when I knew it was going to be a head-to-head between Hillary and Trump. Trump is sleazy, but it’s a venial, human sort of hedonism, the kind of defect Dickens would give a character in a story that could be solved through experience (or some ghost showing up to rattle its chains and telling him to repent). With people like the Clintons there’s the sense that they’ve done damage that can’t even be repaired in eternity. Anyway, I hope Trump and Barr win and it all comes to light.

    • Joey, good observation about Trump. It’s similar to what I’d tell right wing friends who were “hesitant” to support him in 2016: Sure he’s vulgar, but it’s a kind of vulgarity I understand and it’s mostly harmless. He likes chesty broads, bling, and attention—so what? Those are the “vices” of a fun uncle. (Trump also has surprising virtues in spite of all this, like the affectionate loyalty he inspires in his kids.)

      On the other side are the mind-depraving, truly alien vices of a Hillary Klinton, Barney Frank, and their courtiers and enablers. These people are often nothing more than political entities, and the more you learn about their (hidden) personal lives, the weirder they seem.

      To me, that’s not a choice between evils; it’s a choice between a faulty, maybe tasteless humanity, and something inhuman, or even anti-human (as we are seeing in the Left’s bizarre preoccupations). And to a serious person, that should not be a hard choice to make.

      • There is a BIG difference between sin and Crimes Against Nature. The latter are hallmarks of the Clintons and their close associates.

        Wouldn’t surprise me to see a dozen legitimate exorcists on retainer to clean up Mordor on the Potomac. Only reservation I have is that a dozen is about 1/10th the required staff.

    • I think we are all going to know a hell of a lot more about Kazakhstan before this ends.

  23. Z said: “After the Mueller report was released, the conventional wisdom was that, after a period of mourning by the crazies on the Left, the whole matter would be forgotten.”

    I’m uncertain who’s ‘conventional wisdom’ you are referring to here. I’m guessing boomercons and republicucks because I had absolutely no doubt that regardless of the findings of Mueller the ‘witch hunt’ would continue. These people are ideological zealots and “have religion” as we have discussed here many times.

    The “crimes” of Trump having nothing to do with what is being investigated so whether he was guilty or innocent was/is ancillary, at best. His true crimes are unforgivable which is why he must be destroyed at any and all costs. They are as follows:

    1) Winning the 2016 election against all odds, foiling the plans of the bitter old hag.

    2) Being an unapologetic swaggering white male who just also happens to be filthy rich. In our current year this is especially unforgivable and is the ‘root’ of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    3) Calling out the ‘swamp’ and the Deep State for the traitorous perfidious self serving robots they are. They are also highly leftist as we’ve seen and are embedded so strongly into the various alphabet agencies it would require mass firings at almost every level to even begin to be resolved.

    4) Related to the 3 above, simply operating outside the normal ‘protocols’ of the shills and hucksters we call politicians. He strikes fear into them because he came in under the premise of tearing the entire edifice down and when you have no other skill except duping the public and being a life-long grifter & yes man this is a terrifying prospect. The managerial class was in true fear for the first time in a long time. Hence, this man MUST be destroyed.

    Those are 4 damning crimes when taken in totality and I’m sure there are a few others I missed. It is for this reason you see Trump starting to cuck on various things because I’m sure the -real- powers that be came to him Mafia style and ‘explained’ how it all really works. “Nice family you have there Mr. Trump, it would be a real shame if something were to happen to them…” You know the drill with these vipers and rats. Nothing is beneath them in their bag of dirty tricks to hold onto power.

    Trump made them look incompetent, ineffectual, and fake. I.E. He told the truth. This is the thing they fear the most and he must be destroyed for it even if it takes forever. This is Trump’s big problem IMHO. These people have a blood vendetta against him now and the minute, the nanosecond, he is no longer protected with Presidential powers I believe they are going to unleash a hell on him he likely cannot comprehend yet. He better go Chinese style and declare himself ‘President for Life’ like Xi Jinping, I see no other way for him to avoid total destruction at this point.

  24. We wondered what was taking so long, then we wondered if it was ever going to happen. They say Trump was wised up to dirty tricks from his exposure and participation in New York real estate but no, he was truly out of his league to face what he called the swamp. Better late than never, much better. I wonder if he’s talking to Bannon again.

    • We wondered what was taking so long

      He is keeping His thunderbolts dry for the election. Next year, the Righteous Smiting will start.

      Fingers crossed.

        • Half-and-half, I guess. A part of me thinks the God Emperor is a globalist plant, but I don’t want to judge Him until we’ve seen the endgame. Maybe most of what he does is less 4D chess than confused flip-flopping, but He’s nothing if not unpredictable.

          Locking Her Up a few weeks before the election would be an awesome move, and I can see him do it.

      • I do think Trump is focused entirely on 2020 at this point. He’s getting nothing from Congress. Like Nixon, he will never be accepted, but unlike Nixon, he seems to be OK with burning it all down. Barr seems to have a real loathing for Hillary Clinton. Assuming he does not decide to kill himself, the next 18 months could be a lot of fun for the accelerationists.

        • To be fair, I think a lot of people are okay with him burning it all down. More s’mores

        • The problem is that nothing is going to happen that Charlie Kushner isn’t okay with.

          So in other words, nothing positive will happen.

          • By granting this declassification authority to Barr personally, Trump sure put a target on his back. If Barr goes belly up, the investigation evaporates and the Democrats stall on a new AG for the rest of the term. I hope he’s got a loyal security detail.

  25. “As an aside, the old WASP virtue of keeping low-class people out of public life was not just about snobbery. It was an understanding that people like the Clintons were like an invasive species among the upper classes. High status people did not train their young to hair-split and subvert the rules. They trained them to uphold the rules. As a result, they could never compete with the sort of people who saw rules and customs as an obstacle to their ambitions. Exclusion was a form of self-defense.” —— YES.—-That’s exactly right. It’s also why the Jews were successfully kept out of investment banking until the 1960s (not being anti-Semitic, just a factoid). Fast forward a half century and you have those exact type of people running banking conglomerates, Jamie Dimon, David Soloman, etc., and they provide the financial support system for the exact type of Hillary Clinton candidate since the 1980’s. As a matter of fact, the top supporters.

    The country is now wholly owned by the degenerate hair splitters.

    • I was just coming here to quote the same passage, but perhaps make a different point.

      The WASP elite was being infiltrated by the desert tribe as early as the 1930’s (see the shabby treatment of the last true American Hero Lucky Lindy). Yet the WASPs lacked the self-defense mechanism to prevent it. Since the end of the Second World War, Shlomo has been firmly in the driver’s seat.

      I have trouble squaring this reality with Z’s statement quoted above.

      • And it’s obvious that the corrupt Kennedy and Johnson administrations did most of the debauched groundwork before the Clintons were old enough to say “pay-for-play”. I’ve seen this play before.

        • Epa;
          You are, of course, right that there was ample political corruption before The Clinton Ascendency (Z’s future Grisham-type novel). I have been an aficionado of Chicago politics for most of my life and so am well aware of this ancient and dishonorable tradition. Yet the Clintons surpassed the Daley machine almost from their first day in power. Why_?

          The answer seems to me that Daley’s machine (along with LBJ, et al) had significant differences:
          – They were, on some level, US Nationalists, not globalists like the Clintons.
          – They were not compartmentalized hidden Marxists like those in the Clinton universe. IOW, they well understood human nature and didn’t try to fool themselves and others about it while going about their grifting.
          – They had a sense of limits. For example, Daley the Elder was widely known for ‘honest graft’: Pay one guy one time for one big favor and he stays bought for that one favor.

      • 1930’s? The 1910 train trip to Jekyll Island was not exactly free of jewish influence,

    • Except that in the long-running rivalry between the two most elite firms, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, it was always Morgan Stanley you hired to do hostile deals and Goldman you hired for takeover defense. Goldman didn’t change its mind about that until it went public under the leadership of Jon Corzine (google him for religious affiliation). In fact, it was Morgan Stanley under Roger Greenhill (google him) in the early ’70s that pretty much launched the hostile M&A business and led it for several decades.

    • We real Americans are not in possession of any of the control nodes of our civilization: the coinage, the courts, the media (inclusive of entertainment), or education. Hostile foreigners or their treasonous proxies have it all. I had no idea the state of play was this bad before Pres. Trump got so many of them to show their true faces. His repeated attempts to get non-tribe into FedReserve are telling.

      • We real Americans are not in possession of any of the control nodes of our civilization: the coinage, the courts, the media (inclusive of entertainment), or education.
        I don’t think we want to be by the way everyone acts…If we did want control of that we would be working towards that…

        • That’s fine to say but we would need to work at least towards making those control nodes less relevant if we deign them too corrupt to partake in. I can see, for instance, how those who reject fiat money might not want control of the coinage. Still the only alternative to seizing the existing control nodes is to create alternative ones that we control by virtue of having created them in the first place.

      • “I had no idea the state of play was this bad before Pres. Trump.” Can you reveal any details about what caused you to abandon conventional party politics? We’re always looking for ways to persuade the persuadables.

    • This is what happens when you expand and continue to expand democracy.

      You can’t run a tight cohesive ruling class with white men in a democracy. They don’t need to be loyal. They’ll do okay anyway. A much easier way to run an obedient loyal party is to recruit everyone else: the ambitious from lower classes Jews …women …Blacks …gays … Hispanics …Muslims …Trannies…

      Give the marginal a status they could never achieve naturally and you will have complete loyalty. If things go back to normal your new high status troops go back to where nature left them. So they will always remain loyal…until they outnumber you…

      In a system like this nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in truth. To believe in nonsense is an almost unbreakable commitment of loyalty. This commitment serves as their political uniform (democracy, egalitarianism, blank slate, diversity, white witchcraft, etc). If you have a uniform you have an army.

    • I read that as recently as the 1950s a multi-million dollar deal on Wall Street would be sealed with a handshake because the word of gentleman still meant something. It did to the much-maligned WASPs.

      The Jews truly are the destroyer of worlds.

    • Agree

      The WASP elite had no defenses against the tribe who are little more than nepotistic sociopaths who were quickly able take over institutions formerly run by WASPs.

      The Clinton’s quickly made allies with them with Robert Rubin of Chase becoming a Clinton adviser. As president, Clinton caused irreparable harm to the country. He signed NAFTA into law, normalized trade with China and got them into the WTO; Signed Gramm-Leachly into law; deregulated derivatives from oversight; deregulated banking; Sold ICBM missile guidance tech to China for $$$.

      Which in turn gutted our industrial and tech base, sent 8 million jobs overseas, help turn China into a industrial power house and become a nuclear threat to the U.S. Deregulated Wall Street so they could engage in insane levels of speculation and outfight fraud which resulted in the Dot Com bubble and latter the Real-Estate bubble of 2002-2008 which almost collapsed our banking system. And is responsible for Wall Street being allowed to blow the biggest speculative bubble in history, far larger than the one that burst in 2008. When it pops, Wall Street and the banks will be a smoking crater and so anyone with a IRA or 401K plan.

      • Not to mention Clinton gave Red China MFN trading status. He also gave them guided-missile technology and a very close-up look at nuclear bomb manufacturing. And that’s what we KNOW about!

        All because Red China bailed out his presidential-primary campaign when it ran out of money and near died. Bundles of cash were dropped off in Little Rock–and later, during the campaign, Chinese “nuns” coughed up umpty-thousands of dollars to AlGore in California.

        Let us also not forget Hillary’s possession of the FBI files on every Congressman. How did she get them? Hmmmmmmmmmm. (Don’t ask me, I don’t know.) She is the one who torpedoed Henry Hyde, of course.

        They are not only cancers; they are the Slime That Ate the World.

  26. I’m cautiously optimistic. Yes, Uranium One and their dealings with Rosatom while cankles sat in CFIUS are the most likely explanations for DoE and DoT inclusion. Allah-willing (joke intended), the muslim will be nabbed in this and exposed. Him and his personal Rasputin ValJar tried their best to complete with the Clinton’s on the corruption rankings.

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