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Summer is upon us, at least here in the United States, where Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer. Like a lot of you, I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, so I decided to keep the show light this week. I tried to stick to topics that were not too serious. An important part of being in dissident politics is maintaining a healthy sense of humor. Otherwise, you just make yourself miserable and everyone around you miserable. If we’re doomed, at least we can enjoy the ride.

That was something Milo Yiannopoulos mentioned toward the end of this interview with Jordan Peterson. He specifically said it was the intellectual dark web types that lacked a sense of humor, but it applies to everyone on the other side of the great divide. Left-wing Progressives are vinegar drinking scolds, while so-called conservatives are too frightened to notice anything. Humor starts with noticing. A big part of what happens on this side of the great divide is noticing the ridiculousness of the age.

Milo appears to be ready for a comeback, which is probably not a terrible thing, assuming he learned from his mistakes. In that interview he does appear a bit chastened, but that could just be part of the act. When he is not talking about his imaginary self and sticks to the topic, he is quite effective. The trouble is he can’t stop talking about himself and his “self” is always some character he created to hide his real self from view. This affliction never ends well for performers.

Not having paid much attention to Jordan Peterson, I found his act a bit amusing. I’m old enough to remember when being a psychologist was a glamour job. Television shows often featured that as a profession. Then real science started to crowd out psychology and it stopped being cool. Watching Peterson, I was having flashbacks to being a kid watching TV and wondering why anyone thought you could talk someone out of being insane. The psychologist is the witch doctor of this age.

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  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Body Terrorism (Link)
  • 12:00: Libertarian Bashing (Link)
  • 22:00: Chesterton’s Fence (Link)
  • 32:00: The Old Time Religion (Link) (Link)
  • 37:00: Think Globally And Act Maliciously (Link)
  • 42:00: The Hate Hoax List (Link)
  • 47:00: Pusillanimous Prostitutes (Link) (Link)
  • 52:00: Opposites (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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77 thoughts on “May Grab Bag

  1. I never did quite buy into the whole “slippery slope is a fallacy” argument, at least as I have heard it utilized. If I follow the objection to the SS argument correctly, the objection is that if you allow X, that does not mean Y necessarily must follow. I suppose in a limited sense, that is true, but the accurate SS argument is not that if you allow X, then Y must necessarily follow, but rather if you allow X, you can no longer object to Y on that same basis. Y may then follow (or at least should not be prevented based upon why you allowed X), absent either some other basis for distinguishing why you allowed X from why you allow Y, or for some arbitrary reason.

    The example that comes to mind is acceptance of contraception leads to acceptance of homosexuality. Many would claim that is SS fallacy. But if you accept contraception because you no longer accept that sex is for procreation, then you have removed the objection to homosexual relations based upon its non-procreative nature. How is that false?

    While the SS may be false in the context of analytical philosophy, it is certainly useful in making policy decisions as it (rather accurately) maps human activity. In short, Dan Quayle was right.

  2. Speaking of “think globally, act mailiciously…II live in a horribly proggie “community”. There are plenty of virtue-signalers with the blue and yellow equals sign bumper stickers which seem to mean that we are all equal. Which we are not.

    I recommend everybody buy one of those stickers and stick them to their bumpers, but rotate them 90 degrees so they look like a “pause” button,

    • It’s more than that. They’re trying to mainstream sexual deviancy and mental illness to the rest of society. It’s no different than the Gender Unicorn used in grade school to teach kids about sexuality and tranny stuff. Go google it, it’s sickening.

      I think it’s all part of a wider propaganda program to destroy traditional Western values, family structure and science as well. We can see elements of this in what the MSm promotes, as well as in public education and higher ed. They are all promoting the same steaming pile of unicorn crap.

      Couple it to the overt racial attacks against whites and Western history/legacy in the MSM, public schools and academia..It sorts of looks like a comprehensive attack against us.

      There is too much to be coincidental or accidental given the absolute control the elites have of media, government and education system.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Rubin podcast I shared. I have the book on my to be read pile as well.

  4. I think Yoram Hazony is building us up because he wants help in shutting us down rather than allowing people to simply dismiss us as being insignificant. He’s backing the idea of repression.

    • I think he explicitly stated it that way. Not sure if you listened to the interview but he was just warning people not to dismiss the dissident right because the arguments are substantive and persuasive. Which was in his opinion a bad thing because he thinks an ethnic or racial nationalism is bad nationalism.

      Even though he spent his life advocating for Israel. And even though he spent much of the interview praising Israel for being a wonderful safe haven for his ethnicity.

  5. Your comparison between being abducted by aliens and being abducted by white supremacists left out one important difference, those abducted by the latter will never be subjected to anal probing because that would give a sodomite veneer of approval to the abductors,

  6. I know this is a grab bag but I still find it jarring that you off-handedly conflated an individual’s right to privacy (or otherwise) with that of a government (or for that matter any collective) need to keep some things secret. I would expect even a collectivist to maintain a logical distinction between the individual and the collective and pay some kind of lip service to it. That’s even assuming an individual’s right to privacy in his affairs has any kind of moral equivalency to the functional needs dictated by considerations of national security. Also, supposedly one of the features of democracy is that government affairs must be transparent else citizens can’t make informed choices at the ballot box, which in of itself restricts what government can legitimately claim must be hidden for operational reasons.
    Still needing something better than, “we’ve got to have taxes or how else will they pay for mu roadz.”

      • LOL. That’s right, go with ad homimen when you’re too dumb to actually string coherent sentences together. Z is supposed to be part of group coming up with a coherent post-democracy, post-industrial, post-enlighmentment philosphy that will form a viable white ethnic society. Making fun of random other -ism is shooting fish in a barrel, I need to hear some substantive theory … even nicer would be some plan that doesn’t go via shooting and killing.

        • I would go with forming some kind of church and going with tithes instead of taxes but I suspect Z is too much of an atheist to go down that road.

    • You are mistaken. I explicitly set the personal and public as opposites. Frankly, I’m at a loss as to how you could have conflated the two. Did you bother to listen to what I said?

      • I think the guy is too tone deaf to see that he missed the rhetorical mechanism in its entirety. He’s like someone looking at a pointilist painting with a microscope.

  7. Since everyone here apparently takes a brick-sized sleeping pill on the weekend, I turned to Z’s side panel of approved bloggers. This time Pumpkin Person. That guy is good. I’ve always been intrigued about why people are drawn to horror movies. This Pumkin fellow made a whole blog about it. He’s funny on IQ too. One guy it’s good not to see on Z’s blog roll is Lion of the Blogosphere. Z dissed that fey boy about a year ago and he was right to.

  8. I am from Michigan . justian amash and his family own intrest in a tooling business in china . this according to his congressional filings . He also hails from the west side of the state where fruit, vegetable and dairy farming on an industrial scale go on . They are founding members of the GOP cheap labor open borders lobby. The west side of the state gives us such GOP establishment stalwarts as Pete Hoekstra , and betsy Devos. they have close ties to Rona Romney Daniels. yeah that Romney. He talks a ibertarian game but is as insider as it gets. Grand rapids is the GOP capital of the state. the devos’s and Vanandel (Amway heirs) are big players, and the romneys are long time members of that cabal. Michigan’s GOP is much more the Rockefeller GOP than the Reagan gop .

    • Almost all of the GOP is in the Romney mold.. We all saw that when the GOP openly opposed Trump until he won the nomination. They all hated him. Even then they barely supported him.

      If you go back and look on how the GOP voted ob major economic decisions they always voted against the American people and rank and file GOP members. They supported. NAFTA, WTO for China, bankruptcy reform turning college students into debt serfs, selling national infrastructure to hostile foreign interests. Keeping the borders open, etc. All the stuff that harmed America and enriched a handful of insiders like the Koch brothers.

      The party is really evil at it;s core and should be fed to wild pigs and Somalis.

      • The party is really evil at it;s core and should be fed to wild pigs and Somalis…
        That will only happen by someone that has more power than them…

  9. Re. Transgender. People on our side talk about how quickly things got weird. Obama making a trans bathroom in the White House unleashed the hounds. When he did that it changed everything. Not just on trans, but everything. Fully sanctioned degeneracy. And since every decision is flanked by moral preening, it wasn’t just sanctioned-degeneracy, but fully promoted degeneracy. He didn’t just signal trans is acceptable. But trans is AWESOME. Old folks remember where they were when JFK got shot. I remember where I was when Obama did that. Whatever, it was all gonna happen anyway. I hate that dude though.

    • Lighting up the White House like a rainbow got me. That and the “evolution” on homosexual marriage.

      • Desert. I don’t recall the White House lit up in a rainbow. That’s just low-key acceptance of diversity. And gay marriage at least has a moral angle. An angle that regrettably I can’t go against. Loving couples should be able to marry. But the transgender bathrooms in the fucking moral capital of the world wasn’t even necessary. A president could have made any number of excuses not to give into such freaky demands. But Obama went with it. As a leader with the power of “NO” you don’t go along with that unless you are aggressively anti-tradition. He went from anti-gay marriage, to bathrooms for freaks, all in the span of a year. What a flakey faggot. That Z blog from a few weeks ago discussing what demented weirdos our politicians are, came in a timely manner. Things are disturbing. Why are we led by such people.

        • Frip, we are lead by such people, because we voted for such people. Perhaps the concept of “universal” suffrage was not such a good idea?

          • Compsci. It’s messed up. Because as a regular nice person you want to be accommodating to misfits. But then the Progs run to extremes with it. Accusing everyone who wants to proceed with caution of the “slippery slop” fallacy. But slippery slope is real. Slippery slope is progress to Progs.

  10. Where the hell does the “skinny privilege” chick live that complete strangers comment on the groceries in a cart or portions on a fat person’s plate?

    The idea that such a thing happens in the real world is simply retarded.

    • You run into weird people in public now and then. I had a guy a couple years ago start scolding me for buying a quart of milk, because the gallon was a better buy. I just didn’t say anything to him, took my quart and walked.

      I know now that he was a bigger White Supremacist than me, and he was speaking to me in code, because milk is racist, thus more milk is more racist.

    • I don’t doubt the skinny-privilege chick on that. If you’re in line at the grocery store people often comment on stuff in the carts for small talk. Same with what’s on a person’s plate. I’ve learned to be careful that way with overweight people. They shoot you the back-off eyes, and you learn. They can’t help but take it bad, especially the women. You can comment on how something tastes, but that’s it. Even if the comment you’re about to make is completely neutral, (“boy those are good, but sure are filling”) just don’t say it. They will think of a way to take it bad.

    • The author, uh, er, appropriated the book title from an author named Stanley Ellin, who was, uh, er, whitewashed out of existence for dealing with, uh, er, racial issues, while writing as an, er, White male. Way back in 1983. He even wrote with the old white male protagonist as a bad guy of sorts, who couldn’t deal with his blockbusting new neighbors. Didn’t matter. A practical example of cudgeling the practitioner of “white male privilege” well before it had a name, and it destroyed the career of a great author, late in life.

      • Wow, that’s an ancient example of the left eating its own!

        Clarence Petersen of the Chicago Tribune wrote about the reception to Ellin’s The Dark Fantastic, which was turned down by eleven publishers before finding a home:

        The publishers were troubled by the novel’s villain, a retired history professor crazed by racism, who plans to atone for a lifetime of “hypocritical” liberalism by blowing up the Brooklyn apartment building he owns, taking his own life and the lives of his black tenants. His opposite numbers are a white private detective, who has two days to stop him, and the detective’s black girlfriend, who lives in the building. It is a terrific psychological suspense story, and well-written, as Ellin’s books characteristically are.

        … At the bottom of the controversy is that Ellin has supplied his bigot with reasons for his actions, reasons that some critics apparently have found compelling enough to be called “justifications.” That’s not what they are, says Ellin. “One of the things everyone avoids talking about is the feeling of whites watching a world ending…. It’s not justification, but there is a reason for every act, including the maddest.” Ellin, 67, is in a rare position to make such distinctions. He has lived in the same Brooklyn block for 42 years, refusing to join the whites who fled as the neighborhood became 95 percent black.[12]

        • IMHO Ellin’s best work is in the 50s into the 60s, dealing with the kinds of things that can go on behind closed doors in white mid-century America. Like so many authors in the late 60s, the culture (that Tom Wolfe describes so well) got away from him, so he began writing about things like religious fundamentalism, the gay thing, European spy and smuggling stories, and so on. His richest work, at the peak of his skills, is late 50s, early 60s, as he was squarely in his comfort zone. But all of his work is well written. He also doesn’t load up his work with ponderous political stuff, he just writes precisely and descriptively, with a “matter of fact” tone, just like the better noir authors do and did

  11. I would like if you removed that horn effect from the podcast. It is unnecessary and wakes me up at night. I am squirrelly and easily frightened and the loud noise scares me while driving. Sometimes I have to turn off the podcast because it upsets me so.

  12. Oh man, that story about the yearbook reprinting made my day. I wonder how many photos of kids flinging the shocker hand sign made it through. Probably none, but amusing to know it’s possible with this generation.

  13. Amash is probably getting primaried out of his cushy job and looking for a new home as a permanent “libertarianish” loser who hangs around places like Reason.
    Reason has doubled down today on their support for Amash – and the comments contain absolute brutal take-downs of Amash and the morons who write for Reason.
    Even from the pure libertarian viewpoint, Amash’s arguments are complete crap. The DOJ is part of the EXECUTIVE Branch of the Federal Government. After years of arguing that Presidents should be reigning in the abuses of the FBI and DOJ, Amash is now arguing the exact opposite – that a President can’t ever manage the people who work there.
    He is a real dick.

    • My disdain for libertarianism starts from the sense that most suspect they can’t be trusted. They want to live in an atomized society of individualists so they will never be counted on by others. Basically, it is way to turn their unreliability into a virtue, rather than a vice.

  14. I agree with minding my own business when it comes to the smokers and the fatties. But when they collectivize health costs and us relatively healthy people are footing the bill for their choices – the scolds will be encouraged to run free and preach to the unhealthy.

    • One of the hidden aspects of single payer health care is that it may be one of the left’s best shots to confiscate our guns. Since the state would be solely responsible for healthcare, it gives them the right to dictate any and all aspects of our lives. What we eat, drink, hobbies, driving habits, exercise, guns, vaccinations, everything. Believe me, this is not a stretch, and if/when they achieve it, guns will be the first thing they will go after.

      • Correct. This is precisely the justification used by the British government for going after “junk food” by bullying food processing companies into rendering their products tasteless and banning commercials. Food deemed “unhealthy” is now getting the tobacco-treatment. This has been justified on the basis that we all have to pay for the bad choices made by unhealthy people. It’s all about saving the NHS resources!!

        And, yes, once you have single-payer healthcare they will absolutely come after your guns because you all have to pay for ventilated nogs in Chicago.

  15. There’s something about the Assange affair that stinks. A government, corrupt as hell and condoning all sorts of doxing, left-wing riots and censorship, goes after a guy, probably narcissistic and self-centered but that’s immaterial, that exposes a few of their lies. And twists the arms of European and South American governments so wimpy as to be hardly deserving of the name ‘government’, to make them play along. Something about this stinks to me. And some of us are gonna be next for the Assange treatment…

    • I think they overplayed their hand by accusing him of rape. That reeks of desperation, like GM sending prostitutes after Ralph Nader.

      • I think it is to intimidate whistleblowers, it’s not b/c they think he’s a ‘dangerous spy’. They want to shut you and me up, by making an example of him. I think.

      • Actually, the Asante rape charge is interesting. Came from Sweden’s strange feminist laws involving consensual sexual relations. I can imagine us easily moving in such direction if the looney Left regains power.

      • Assange prefers pump and dump through the caboose without prior written authorization, but what brought on the rape charges was his failure to call the day after.

    • The take away is that from it, that it’s okay to leak classified info to the press as you are you’re part of the establishment – such working for the CIA or FBI and trying to topple a president.

      The fact is there is you’re above the law in the U.S. if you are part of the ruling class.

    • DNC worker Seth Rich captured and leaked Clinton info/emails to Julian Assange at a critical time in the election season (summer of 2016) and was killed for it. That’s one of the big cover-up by Clintons & Co.

  16. I’ve engaged in my fair share of Milo bashing in the past, but I will say that like anyone else who has their moment and then gets thrown in a ditch, he did a serve a purpose (intentionally or not). He showed with his campus tour that the people in charge (the Left, Woke Capital, Jews, whoever it is) will not tolerate free speech and will react violently to anything perceived as a real threat. They have taught the children in their institutions that if you don’t like what someone is saying we give you permission to burn and break things and we will not only look the other way, but punish the people you attack and reward you for your violent suppression of their speech. Ditto for Spencer getting punched and Charlottesville.

    • LGBQTXTZ indoctrination goes on in a lot of if not most elementary schools, kids’ cartoons, books, etc.

      Getting to blunt and redirect the focus on this is why we get Trannies at story time and circus clowns like Milo. It’s classic misdirection.

  17. I think Milo’s comment about being attracted to young males was a (perhaps clumsy) attempt to point out an obvious feature of gay men – attraction to slim, young, smooth skinned, vulnerable boys.

    Having all boys exposed to forceful masculine urges from hyper-sexualized deviants is EVIL. How many (important formative) activities will be denied to boys because of this?

    It’s a distasteful topic that we are not allowed to discuss, because it might upset the (D)irtbag intersectional coalition. It should result in a severe backlash to force gays back into the closet after a few decades of trauma for boys (in a sane world). Or at least an end to gay men adopting. I met a lot of gay men as a teen, I think most are better described as “bisexual” or better yet “will screw anything that doesn’t carry a concealed weapon or run fast enough”.

    And I hate to see the right piling on an effective spokesman and doing the left’s work for them – no enemies to the right.

    • We know that heterosexual males of all ages are most attracted to females between the age of 16 and 25. This has been replicated many times and it fits with everything we know about human biology. Heterosexual females, in contrast, are most attracted to males of their own age into their 40’s. From then on they remain most attracted to men in their 40’s. Again, this makes perfect sense. We also know women are vastly more open to older men of high status.

      Now, that’s why we don’t allow 30 year old men to supervise teenage girls out of public view. Sure, most males will behave themselves, but temptation gets the better of even the most moral, so we take care to prevent such situations. Since we know homosexual males are also attracted to youth, keeping them away from boys is just as sensible as keep straight males away from young girls.

      As to Milo, I found his flamboyant homosexual act distasteful. It is entirely unnecessary. His vulgar behavior is fair game. I don’t want to have a society in which that sort of behavior is normalized. Otherwise, I think he can be useful.

    • I thought Milo was talking about his being the catamite/young man and how he didn’t consider it molestation (for the same reason I wouldn’t have considered it molestation if one of my female teachers had screwed me when I was fifteen). But you’re saying he was talking about being the older man in the relationship? I remember George Takei went on Howard Stern and talked about how he enjoyed the experience as a young man with an older counselor at camp, and there was no fallout or backlash (probably because Takei rounds all the progressive bases pretty well). Some rich old queen (look up Ed Buck) has had multiple gay black male escorts die at his house, but he’s still walking free because he’s a big donor for the Democratic Party. Hell, I think if Hillary had won, Harvey Weinstein would still be free to prey.

      • >>>George Takei went on Howard Stern

        Thank God I was unaware of this major event.

      • I too recall that Milo seemed to be the catamite not the catamiter and it does make a difference.

    • MILO’s problem was that his business model was tweaking idiosyncratic American college sensibilities. Little of what he says would raise and eyebrow in Europe, never mind fill a comedy club. MILO simply misjudged how far he could go, underestimating the American puritanism – remember, he’s from a culture where the upper-crusters have their ass-cherry popped on their first day in boarding school.

      Back in 2008, a 36-year old social democrat – Jeppe Kofod – effed a 15 yo. girl here in Denmark. The problem was not as much that it was statutory rape (age of consent is 16 in Denmark), but that they did it during a Social Democrat Youth convention where he was invited to speak, which a lot of cat ladies and child psychologists in the media saw as abuse of power. But since he only got busted because the conniving little trollop bragged about it on social media, most people just laughed at his embarrassment.

      He got a slap on the wrist from the Social Democrats and the nickname “Kneppe-Jeppe” – “Fucking Jeppe” – from the voters. No biggie, he was back in mainstream politics a few years later.

      The worst consequence he faced came during the 2016 election, when was invited to some Bernie Bro-function and took the opportunity to tweet some virtue-signalling blather about pussygrabbing at Donald Trump.

      So some helpful compatriot from a dissident radio show tweeted back at him, that perhaps he ought to tell his American hosts that he was guilty of statch rape. Which was technically true, but sounded a lot more serious in English than it did in Danish.

  18. I gotta be blunt – hearing a lardass complain about their lot does triggers the ex-infantry NCO part of my psyche to yell “shut the fuck up.” A biggun’ trotting around the block sweating his butt off will get a free pass and an understandable nod if he/she bitches, but the bloke in the scooter roving around Walmart….grrrr.

  19. “He specifically said it was the intellectual dark web types that lacked a sense of humor”

    The Booby agrees, in an ironic sort of way! 😉

    • The joke was that Bob was the only normal one in the room. Talk about standing reality on its head…

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