Dear Candidates: Here Is What White Men Want

During election season, I always cringe when I see candidates visiting a factory in the Midwest or taking staged photos with “regular white people” so they can look like they are one of us. These shallow symbolic gestures are not a substitute for meaningful engagement with white voters. And candidates should know that we see right through these campaign stunts.

Candidates and their campaigns are comfortable talking at white people, but few want to talk to us. This limits our ability to influence their decisions and policies. And it’s a bad strategy at a time when white people, white men in particular, form the base of the Republican Party, are its most loyal voters and mobilize other people to go to the polls.

That is a very slightly reworked version of this piece, which was posted in the opinion section of the New York Times. Obviously, no mainstream publication would ever publish a column that makes the explicit case on behalf of white men, as that would be racist and racism is very bad. So bad, in fact, that the major newspapers publish explicitly anti-white columns and articles every day. In fact, they regularly publish hate hoaxes, as the number of actual “hate crimes” in America falls well below demand.

The funny thing is though, the major news sites regularly post the demands of increasingly narrow identity groups, without putting much thought into whether they are harming their own cause. For example, that NY Times column starts with the claim, “We set out to prove that black people are not a monolith”, but then goes on to present evidence that black people are pretty much a monolith. In fact, the first chart confirms everything dissidents say about black identity and culture in America.

Let’s assume for a second that the Progressive narrative has some validity and that white men control society with their white privilege and refuse to share. Presumably, the point of this endless proselytizing in favor of ending white male privilege is to convince white men to let everyone else into power. If that is the intent, then it would make sense to know something about white men, other than the angry fantasies cooked up by bitter university feminists. Perhaps a poll of white men would be useful?

Even if that is a bridge too far, just assuming white men are not stupid would be a good starting people. For example, the NY Times piece has the claim, “For every dollar white men earn, black women, for example, earn 65 cents, whereas white women earn 82 cents.” Every white man knows why this statistic is nonsense and he knows the implication is a lie. The writer of that piece is probably too dumb to grasp multivariate analysis, but most white men do understand it.

In fact, it is long past time for the people in charge to just assume white people in general, male and female, are wise to this whole game. The whole point of that NY Times piece is to demand more gibs for black activists. It’s right there in the last few paragraphs. The writer moans about the Democrats not spending more money on black voters than white voters. Most white people know the reality of race in America, even if no one is allowed to talk about it in public. We get it. We know.

While we’re on the topic of the gibs, here’s a suggestion for how the usual suspects can better engage with white people. Just put a number on it. We know you are working up to the reparations stuff. Whites know and are increasingly prepared to do it. The thing is, there has to be a number that puts an end to the blood libel. We’ll write the check, but you have to stop complaining about how good we made it for you. We also know you’ll never agree to that condition. It’s all about the blood libel. We know. We all know.

Another reason this will never happen is the people in charge need to believe the fantasy they have created to explain modern America. That’s something dissidents often fail to appreciate. They go down the rabbit hole of reductionism, assuming this stuff is part of a plot by the usual suspects. In reality, the people in charge have embraced anti-racism as a fundamental part of their identity. Opposing white people, but particularly white people like us, is what gets them out of bed in the morning.

You can be sure that after the team of NY Times interns, mostly Jewish and Asian women from Columbia and NYU, finished writing this essay for the alleged writer, the editorial staff hugged and cried, while it was read out loud. They really believe there are the new abolitionists fighting the evil white man. This ridiculous post and the hate hoaxes are not an evil plot to gaslight us. They are part of the endless revival meeting that is modern American Progressivism. These posts are sermons, not agit-prop.

Since the title of this post suggests white men have a list of suggestions for politicians, we may as well finish with some ideas. The most obvious suggestion is the office holders start talking about white people. President Trump, the alleged white nationalist, tweets endlessly about everyone except white people. He will go on at length about the employment numbers for one-legged ginger Mexicans or how he has let thousands of black criminals out of prison. He has yet to mention white people in a tweet.

That will never happen, of course, but while we’re working on the fantasy list, how about the rest of you accept the fact that without white men, you’re back in the Stone Age. It sounds harsh, but the hard truth is, without white people, the NY Times editorial board is either back in the Levant begging Mohamed for mercy or back in their home country wondering if the hunt was successful. Black people would revert to the Neolithic if white men suddenly went away. A little gratitude would be nice.

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157 thoughts on “Dear Candidates: Here Is What White Men Want

  1. Ever notice how us white guys are very selective in our racism? For example, we’ve decided not to hold back Japanese-Americans, or East Indian immigrants who are darker skinned than most American blacks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my weekly white guy meeting where we plot how to hold back people of color.

    • Badwhites holding back black people did more for the solidarity and dignity of black families than goodwhites did in bringing them to dissolve in the in glare of equality.

  2. They know what white men want, the powers just don’t want to allow any of it.

    Don’t put a number on it. Fuck “reparation”. We won’t pay anything. We’ve already paid a LOT and none of it was deserved.

  3. “… about the rest of you accept the fact that without white men, you’re back in the Stone Age…..”

    I’ve been telling people a version of this for 20 years. That modern, comfy lifestyle you seem to enjoy so much? Brought to you exclusively by Whitey, Inc.

  4. Ain’t happening Z. No white pol is ever going to stick up for us. it’s tantmount to a death sentence. If a white pol did stand up and take our voices seriously. He would be Tommy Robinson’ed. His life would be make sheer hell, he would find his bank accounts closed and the MSM doing a news black out on him. He would need armed bodyguards 7×24.

    That;s the reality of a white pol sticking up for us.

  5. “… the people in charge have embraced anti-racism …”
    Surely your tongue is embedded far into your cheek?!?

    How can they embrace an “anti-racist identity” without being a racist or a bigot?

  6. “We know you are working up to the reparations stuff. Whites know and are increasingly prepared to do it.”

    Er, no. The point of reparations is the point of all politics, to provide a pretext for loot and plunder. And there will never be an end to the blood libel until we say: No.

    We already wrote the check. Now it’s time for the victims to “get a job.”

    • Reparations indicate an end to the problem. Payment made, payment received, problem solved. Blacks and their white handlers don’t want that, they want Tribute. A continuous payment of treasure to continually remind the payer he’s subhuman and evil to be passed on year to year, decade to decade, generation to generation in a never ending cock-sucking apology for something none of us participated in. That’s what these people want and nothing less will satisfy.

  7. What do we actually want or need from our anti-white enemies?

    Not a damned thing.

    The truth is we’re better off without them, a lot better off. And when they are long gone we will rise to new and greater heights. For us diversity is a dead weight. It’s Harrison Bergeron on a civilizational scale.

    They need us to keep them from sliding back into chaotic disorganization, poverty, rampant disease, high rates of infant mortality, primitivism, I could go on and on…

    Personally, I don’t want their thanks(assuming they are even capable of uttering such a thing)I want them gone.

    • Exactly. The only thing we need is separation. Similar to Z’s arguments above, if we openly declare for separation, Big Other has to drop a mask to say “no, because you still owe us.”

      As Sailer documents daily, Left-media is full of stories about how the mere sight of white men holds PoC’s and wahmen back (and White Beckys are going to get booted from the Ascendancy sooner than they think). So we agree to walk away, to stop inflicting our evil presence. Make them say “you can’t leave.” That’s a helluva red pill.

      • Tossing Beckys under the bus of POC progress can’t come soon enough.

        Nothing short of a greyhound full of Real Americans plowing thru Becky’s precious and awesome life will wake her from her curated somascape of yoga, instawhore, tinder rutting, and makework marketing ‘career’.

        Hell, she has gladly accepted all that has been stolen, extorted, and exacted from her white male counterparts her entire life.

        The tide of white male hate has lifted her fat ass to levels of safety, comfort, and conspicuous consumption that no other group of women in the world have had in all of history.

        Then she has the audacity to complain that those white men under the yoke of progress are either letting her down for not manning up to provide further status as resources in perpetuity when she hits 30 or are insufficiently self-loathing and thus overtly white and full of hate.

        Blind to a paradox of her own volition she puts on the pussy hat, welcomes refugees, and joins a soft harem to indulge her addiction to the tingles.

        As far as I can tell, NWL are mostly creatures of the cushy genx and boomer UMC that can likely run out the clock in comfort even if they fall down the totem pole.

        But the younger Becky has known nothing other than suckling at the teat of the progressive cult. Her fiat status is revocable, her awesome life is at the whim of her toxic belief system. Deep down she knows this, hence wine, netflix, and ssri’s.

        But will her fall from grace wake her to the evil, draw her in to her natural place beside white men? Or will this ask too much of her, will she instead find a lillypad of left-lite to avoid the discomfort of the cold depths of the truth?

        Beck’s ejection from the coalition is one aspect of accelerationism I welcome.

  8. Two suggestions for wannabe white statesmen: 1) State your convictions clearly and forcefully, then never/ever apologize for them. 2) Define your terms in clear English, then redirect stupid questions with incisive/smart questions that draw attention to the babbling class’ bigotry and abject stupidity.

    Not to turn these suggestions into a call for messiahship, but wannabe statesmen may want to read the Bible’s narrative on Jesus’ interactions w/ the Pharisees. He followed the above two rules and it didn’t end well (at least not in an earthly sense.)

  9. The one thing we will never get is gratitude. This would require some form of humble appreciation on their part. It’s never going to happen. Black Pride and Holo-ganda will make sure of that.

  10. “A little gratitude would be nice.”

    LOL, I believe that this is what professional comedians would call a “punchline.”

    Saying this right to a shitlib’s or POC’s face would probably be as triggering to them as “it’s OK to be white.”

  11. The fact that anti-racism is a religion now makes reconciliation impossible. Buchanan’s “Republic” quotes a John Quincy Adams speech regarding Texas’ statehood where JQA used incendiary language that would make Antifa blush regarding the South, basically calling for “genocide b/c deus vult” decades before the Civil War. You don’t debate people out of their religion (ask Jon Haidt). The Government/Academic/Media complex, which has now converged Woke Capital, has steeped 50+ years worth of Americans in this shit-tier pseudo-religion. We need to figure out how best to separate like Czechs rather than Irishmen or worse yet, Rwandans.

  12. “Black people would revert to the Neolithic if white men suddenly went away. A little gratitude would be nice.”

    Finally. Great piece Z-man and no beating around the bush. You’ve redeemed yourself. 😉

    Reparations won’t work, AA won’t work, apologies won’t work, increased school funding won’t work, eliminating racism (YT) won’t work—nothing proposed so far will work—because the disease model is wrong. You can’t treat cancer with a four humors model of physical disease (ask George Washington in your next seance session how blood letting worked for him).

    The source of the problem is not environmental, it’s genetic. In a 1st world high tech society, we reward products of the mind, not labor (but we can certainly get back into a better societal balance here). This means simply that any one time redistribution of wealth, affirmative action, etc. to most minorities will do nothing to alleviate the (permanent) SES discrepancies we cite ad nauseam as “proof” that White racism is the problem.

    • This is why my response to all the talk of reparations is:

      You’ll get nothing – and like it.

      Since it’s not going to work – the answer should be NO, and please fuck off.

      That’s just as likely to get us to the point where they admit their real desire is for an endless stream of free shit from whitey as is giving them reparations as some sort of sop to the endless stream of whining.

      • Here’s a reparation I could go for: payment in exchange for work. There are plenty of ditches that need digging, roads that need fixing and cleaning, etc. Might actually do everyone some good. And if you don’t need the job, you obviously are well off enough that you don’t need the reparation.

  13. Demanding that gibs hustlers put a “full and final” number on gibs is an effective argument because it makes them admit their demands are infinite. Same with “how many of the 7 billion Americans we haven’t let in yet is enough?”

    As for Trump, he’s lost me on a number of issues (immigration, MIGA, anything John Bolton or Mike Pompeo says or does) but the Bush-style pandering to minorities by peddling the same U6-free fake employment numbers for which we justly castigated Obama really grinds my gears.

    This White man wants $1000, monthly. Since MAGA’ing our country back has proven to be just another part of a fantasy list, Whites need to get in the Game of Gibs.

    That’s our short-term strategy to get some traveling money. Just remind objectors that Moses & the boys shook down the locals on their way out of Egypt, so it’s Trump-approved a priori.

    Mid-to-long term, UBI shouldn’t be part of Our Thing once we get some separation, but for now it’s a wedge issue that will get slackers off their asses and into the voting booths to line their pockets (and ours).

    Then, as Z rightly predicts, we watch the Vibrants turn the parts of the Empire we’ve escaped into Detroit while demanding gibs from NYT Asians and Jews who are suddenly more interested in making Aliyah to Jerusalem or Beijing than feeding their former feral footsoldiers.

    • I’m all in on UBI. Long term it’s a stupid idea, but I’ve about decided we don’t have long left. $2000 a month between me and my wife for the 18 months to 5 years (max) that a UBI scam would last will buy a lot of ammo, MREs, and maybe even the “Mad Max” style apocalypse dune buggy I’ve wanted since I was 12 in anticipation of the Burning Times to come.

  14. And you need to understand that no, white men DONT want any of that; and will happily fall over themselves to appease angry wymins and vibrants to show how virtuous they are. (Just as long as they don’t get inconvenienced by it or have to pay the social consequences themselves). I came from a family like that. I don’t like it either… but there’s a lot of white people who don’t and won’t get the message until the genocide starts.

    • Even then many will bullshit themselves that it’s only happening to bad whites. That’s just how CivNats like Sailer roll. They actually think it’s funny when the Lefty writers at the NYT openly state they want whites dead and gone. They have no concept that these people are dead serious.

      And oh Breitbart and you find it a CivNat watering hole stuck in 1980.

  15. Fast forward to the future, where whites are a small minority in a multi-ethnic state (I live in that future, California). Latinos and Asians can openly call black people niggers, or monkeys, and the blacks don’t like Asians or latinos, but good ol’ whitey is still their go-to, blamed for all their problems. Even when there are no more “blue-eyed devils” around, whitey will always exist in their lore as the evil who put them in chains. Pay no attention to the fact that their ancestors won the lottery by being put in those chains.

    • Without white people around to feed and protect them, the black population would soon drop to zero, and no Asians or Latinos would care enough to ask what happened to them.

      In 1800 more than half of Argentina’s population was black slaves. By 1900 “black” was dropped as a census category because there were so few of them.

  16. Zman, again, points us ahead. Theirs is a game of high school breakup. The psycho chick loves to complain and push you to the brink of leaving…but you never leave. You tolerate it with a sigh.
    We are too accommodating. In this soft tyranny we continue to allow them to operate out of, when do they impose too much? Spicy responses surely come after some catalyst?

    I’m optimistic. So let’s set a course and start navigating to the future.

  17. From the comments:

    @Art I was a participant in this survey and the study pretty much reflects many of my opinions as a 3rd generation college educated Black American. My daughter became the 4th generation to complete college at one of the seven Sisters. Our legacy continues to actively engage in voter registration for local, state, county, and federal races every year through churches, Black fraternities and sororities, and alumni groups. Kindly note these conclusions reflect the survey findings, not the authors as you incorrectly assert. We know that our ancestors died for the right to vote Art.

    The daughter is a fourth generation college graduate.

    Neither of my parents nor my paternal grandparents graduated from college. I was the first. My wife didn’t graduate. Her parents didn’t. Pretty sure my maternal grandfather did, and I have a couple maternal uncles that went to college, and some cousins. But none of my kids have four-year degrees — I largely steered them away from it. My parents worked their butts off my whole childhood to be able to send me to college. My White Privilege can’t hold a candle to a family that’s been able to send its children to college for four generations. I see precious little “privilege” when I look around the poor, White rural area where I live. But we’re all evil oppressors. Right. I wasn’t the slightest bit racist growing up, until I started to hear what people of color thought of me.

  18. Let’s assume for a moment that “reparations” are some sort of necessary idea that must be implemented. I think it’s retarded AF, but let’s give it the benefit of legitimacy for a moment and really examine it.

    We all know that just writing a check, or even a series of checks to black people would accomplish nothing useful. There might be a temporary gloating satisfaction of FU, YT for blacks, but that would fade, all the money would find its way into the pockets of Jews within the week, and nothing serious would be achieved.

    Putting a cash dollar amount on reparations is about the stupidest thing you could possibly do.

    So, what could you do instead?

    Let’s think for a moment about what exactly “de turrrble legacy ub de trrrrble slabery” really is. It isn’t about about stolen value extracted from forced labor. That describes the condition of nearly all humanity up until the Wobblies and Eugene V. Debs. There’s nothing historically special about being forced to do hard manual labor for a subsistence pittance.

    The real issue is: the Bantu-speaking peoples of sub-Saharan Africa had been cut off by the desert from all the enormous civilizational developments and exchanges on the vast Eurasian supercontinent. They developed their own civilizations, adapted to African conditions, but these were primitive by Eurasian standards. The sub-par technology didn’t matter so much as the primitive socio-political conditions did. Bantu peoples were uprooted from a rural, village-based, politically simplistic, largely matriarchal society in a condition of stasis, and they were transported to a dynamic, complex, highly advanced patriarchal society which they could have no conception of. Even in this society they were kept in highly-controlled, paternalistic conditions which meant they had no realistic opportunity to adapt properly. Even after slavery ended, under the Jim Crow regime, they were still kept under tightly-restricted conditions and subjected to constant petty ritual humiliations. This too did not give a healthy opportunity to adapt properly.

    Over time, a large percentage of Bantu people did manage to adapt to the complex society, despite enormous obstacles. But a large, non-trivial number of them still have not made the leap, remaining mired in crime, a pathological aversion to education, normal work, and general self-improvement, and stuck in a maze of bizarre and inaccurate habits of mind which are a combination of perpetual resentment and magical thinking.

    It is this sub-population of (understandable) maladapted people who should be the sole focus of reparations, and simply cutting them a check won’t fix a damn thing.

    Reparations must be socially structural. How would it work? Tune in later.

    • Even for the subpopulation of the maladapted, which I have a lot of sympathy for, if they waited until marriage to have kids and stayed married, they would live above the poverty level. Even if they don’t, they are still much better off than had slavery never existed.

      • But see, that’s exactly what “maladapted” is — because they are maladapted, it doesn’t even occur to them to get married and stay married, etc. Even if it does occur to them, it doesn’t necessarily strike them as a good thing. These are the norms of the complex society, which are either a) still totally foreign to them, b) viewed with a species of contempt and resentment, c) completely misunderstood, or d) massively dis incentivized by the Great Society, the welfare state, and the perversions of hip-hop culture. Probably all of the above.

        • Or most likely are short changed by their genetic heritage for successful life in a 1st world society. And that, your scheme will never fix. Hell, we’ve been trying for going on 3 generations and it’s gotten us nowhere—and arguably a lot worse off.

          • What the heck has affirmative action been, if not reparations? Nearly 60 years of affirmative action. Not enough. Now dey need benjamins, hella lotta benjamins.

    • The logical conclusion to your characterization would be black homeland governed by paternalistic whites and managed by blacks who have made steps to the transition you’ve described. A less desirable, but possibly feasible alternative would be racial segregation and fenced-off portions of the economy in which blacks could work and prosper to the extent of their abilities.

      • Yes, those are both excellent suggestions within this point of view. The maladapted segment of the black population needs to live in a protected enclave where all visible authority is noticeably in the hands of sane, authoritative black people. It would probably, as you say, need to be invisibly co-governed from outside by Whites, to keep it from turning into Haiti, but all visible, direct-interface authority should be held by blacks.

        Or for instance as you suggest, giving blacks a permanent full-on monopoly over say the Post Office would do a world of good. It’s not an impossibly incomprehensible technical system, there are enough competent blacks to handle the tricky stuff, and De’Shauntrious should be made to understand that he can always have a paying job there, even if it’s silly make-work, so long as he shows up on time, respects his black boss, gets along with his black co-workers, and cashes his paycheck signed by the always-black Postmaster General (and the White inspector looking over his shoulder).

        Worked for the Irish.

        • The maladaptive segment of the Black society is 85% (those on the left side of the curve). That’s not an insignificant segment. We’ve run out of government jobs for those people. Hell, we have the same problem with Whites.

        • Worked for the Irish.

          Apples to oranges my guy. Anyways, you’re overthinking this stuff.

          We give ’em their money, along with mandatory repatriation in an African nation and a lifetime ban from the United States. Everybody is better off, the USPS isn’t crippled, and we can occupy ourselves with more productive things than trying to civilize primitives.

          We could make similar offers to any other Grievance-Americans that want to put an ocean between themselves and evil structural racism.

        • The reason we even had problems with the Irish is that they were the dregs of Irish society often as not and that many were Catholic living in a Protestant society

          The problems had zero to do with the DNA mix of Nordic and Celt both of which were and are high cultures and capable of high IQ’s and behavioral restraints

          Ireland itself despite being historically treated as badly as Africa in many ways was still when run by the Irish more than acceptable through its entire history. Right now Ireland still overwhelmingly Irish is a full first tier nation

          There are smart Africans, Nigerians especially Ibo can be quite a clever people but in raw numbers, they are swamped by people with lower IQ and less impulse control/forward thinking ability and as such nowhere run by Africans is nearly as good as the worst of Europe

          It can get better if the Africans adopt Christianity in enough numbers and there is room for IQ improvement but none of this is White people’s issue and we ought to leave well enough alone

          Helping hurts people.

          As to the question at hand, what White Men actually want if the country our forefathers fought, bled and died for back. Nothing else

          How we get that without Bosnia X Rwanda?

          That is the question isn’t it ?

          Maybe we can’t

          Until enough of us are set on that goal and share an identity of what they country was, it doesn’t even have to be a fully real one , a myth will do . We need to work the system
          if we get the numbers especially when the US goes kaput, we have other options.

      • “. A less desirable, but possibly feasible alternative would be racial segregation”
        Less desirable to whom?

        Not me.

      • Yes, the black marketplace would offer drugs, whores and stolen guns, jewelry, electronics.

    • Some huge proportion of the people in this country say they cannot immediately come up with $400 for an emergency. Here’s a test. Give each of them $400. Or $4,000. Then, 3 months later, find out how many of them can come up with $400 for an emergency. My guess? Something only very slightly north of 0%. Which tells you all you need to know about a whole lot of things.

      • That whole $400 thing is one of the reasons why I’m so opposed to any sort of government run welfare.

        The left likes to portray the “poor” as people who simply can’t make enough money to eat, or who have been taken advantage of by the “rich”.

        The reality I have seen – thru personal observation of acquaintances and people’s whose story I know the intimate background details of…. is that the “poor” are often that way thru their own behavior.

        ” I don’t have enough money to eat”. – Yes, but – you had enough money to eat out at a restaurant every day last month , or get takeout food – didn’t you?

        “I don’t have $400 saved for an emergency”. Yes, but – you have a $500 iPhone in your back pocket – don’t you?

        ” I can only afford a 15 year old used car” Maybe you should stop buying vehicles that are actually pieces of crap – like 15 year old Range Rovers, Jaguars – and other assorted luxury cars with 200,000 miles on them. Try spending the same exact money on something like a 2 year old Honda Fit that will save you money on gas and repairs and will actually last for 200,000 miles if you take care of it – and you’ll find you easily have $400 extra hanging around every year.

        I see this insanity over and over and over again. I’d say the ratio of legitimately poor people I’ve seen vs people poor thru their own stupidity – is something like 20 to 1 (one legitimate vs 20 stupid people). The other outstanding trait these people ALL seem to display – is an absolute inability to learn.

        Poor morals, bad behavior, and general inability to properly run one’s life are not legitimate reasons for a massive government run welfare state.

        • “Poor morals, bad behavior, and general inability to properly run one’s life are not legitimate reasons for a massive government run welfare state.”

          Yep, but that these folk vote is! Amazing that a person who can not control their own destiny (life) is empowered with the same authority to control a society’s.

        • Preach on, Brother! Coming from the left, this particular aspect of human nature was very hard to wake up to and grasp. For years I stayed in the chick camp of You’re Heartless..Heartless. The I grew up, learned to manage money, goal setting and delayed gratification. Then it happened in my own family, the couple who over pay on rental house, refuse to face reality and move to cheaper digs, are behind on you name the payment. There’s no learning, both of them smoke and pay California prices for cigs ($500-$800/month). There’s the $400/emergency fund right there. Gave them the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover and it just sits untouched. That’s life!

        • I don’t want to see anyone destitute, even if their own behavior has contributed to it. But the welfare state encourages dysfunctional behavior by trying to eliminate any connection between actions and their consequences. People shouldn’t pay with their lives for their mistakes, but they should damn well be made to understand that wrong choices will have bad outcomes and beyond a minimal point nobody is going to rescue them.

          Almost everybody has some ability to learn from experience. It is not compassionate to deny them that opportunity.

          • Bullshit.

            People SHOULD pay with their lives for mistakes THEY make. If for no other reason – than so they serve as example to others.

            That whole ” I don’t want to see people destitute and I don’t think people should pay for their mistakes” mentality – is THE tap root of why we have ended up where we are as a society and why our culture is being destroyed and our countries overrun by the third world.

            Congratulations: You’re another person who’s part of the problem and not part of the solution.

            And I repeat (incessantly it seems) – the comment section here seems to be chock full of a bunch of lefties who are upset that their little experiment in societal destruction has gone awry.

            Oh – I forgot – it’s for the children. If we can only save one life! Nobody should go to bed hungry! etc etc, et. al – ad nauseum.

          • Afraid I agree with your hard line. Was very hard for my train to arrive at this station. I won’t give my family members any money…..once did and the birds with the broken wings still did not fly. If they lose the house and end up in the gutter, they’ll have to think their way out. How else does one grow up. Still lots of options for them. Decision making after the horse has left the barn is fruitless on their part, and the options drop considerably.
            You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

      • That’s the same argument that guys like Kevin Williamson, Ben Shapiro & Brett Stephens have been using to shill for their wage-depressing open borders paymasters for years. As Z pointed out in the “right wing economics” podcast around the holidays, this kind of “those towns deserve to die” argument makes it easy to depict us as monsters. Factually it sweeps too many decent folks under the “welfare queen” rug and morally it’s just wrong. I’d support Scandi welfare for my own tribe. My issue is with supporting other tribes, particularly those who have no inclination to reciprocate.

        • It’s also morally wrong to steal from people – and then give it away as some sort of virtue signalling exercise . Most especially when you “give” the stolen loot to people who are perfectly capable of supporting themselves , but choose to game the morally cucked and their pathological need to make all the world “fair”.

          “I’d support Scandi welfare for my own tribe”.

          Thanks for admitting you’re part of the problem.

          Last time I checked the Scandis couldn’t contain themselves and are now actively importing tribesmen to give shit away to.

          That’s the problem with “welfare” – it ALWAYS goes out of control.

          I see an awful lot of talk on these pages about biological reality. Well here’s some biological reality: You can NOT give away free shit to people without them taking advantage of it. That’s a hardwired biological survival instinct that even exists in animals.

          I fall hard on the side of the old protestant work ethic argument as a way of building a well run, conservative and high trust society.

          Welfare breeds distrust – because it’s based on theft – and uses “fairness” as an excuse for it’s existence. “Fairness” is a lie – a fairy tale told to children. The biological, historical, and physical reality of the world is that it simply doesn’t exist.

          You can not build a high trust society – on a bedrock of lies – and theft.

          • The Scandis were doing fine until the EU and Mutti Merkel poisoned their well. Z’s covered this in a number of past posts and podcasts, including the aforementioned “right wing economics.” The Conservo-Libertarians in the US rubbish the success of Scandinavian welfare with talking points (we were paying for their defense, they lied about metrics, etc) but the reality is that the Scandis had high standards of living, tech, innovation (e.g. Nokia), etc. with a much larger welfare state than we currently have well into the 90’s before immigration started breaking them down. Reasonable welfare systems work in White homogenous k-selected societies. Bismark’s Germany practically invented welfare.

            You’re treating economics like a religious dogma while invoking biology and reality. The whole “if you subsidize something you get more of it” is a Milton Friedman slippery-slope argument. As Z cited in that prior podcast, we can control the issue of deadbeats if we’re dealing with our own tribe, just as families and churches did for years before the big nanny state. You push the worthy back up the slope and let the grifters roll down.

          • The Swedes poisoned their own well. I tend to believe there’s something in their makeup (since biological reality is something that gets brought up here a lot) – based on the behavior of the many lefties of Scandi descent who populate some of the more left-loonie areas of the Midwest.

            I can leave economics completely out of it since it seems like far too many people in the comment section here don’t like it.

            Let’s talk about drunken bears.

            My father is a railfan. One of the stories he likes to tell is about how a grain train out somewhere out west derailed. Since it was in a remote location – the just righted the cars and fixed the tracks and left the massive piles of grain beside the line to rot.

            A big pile of grain sitting in the sun tends to start to ferment in relatively short order. Bears – having very good sense of smell – found the pile. Bears also appear to have a behavior within their “society” – where they will alert all the other bears that there’s a really good source available so they can all partake.

            In this case it wasn’t food per-se, it was a chance to get falling on your ass drunk. So bears came from all around to sit in the grain piles and get hammered on fermented grain fumes.

            Nobody would have known about this – except for the fact that drunken bears were passing out all over the railroad tracks. So the train Co. was finally forced to go back out and clean up all the grain so they didn’t have to keep running over bears.

            I can picture a bunch of drunken bears falling off the grain pile – and it seems eerily reminiscent of most inner city neighborhoods after the EBT cards are refilled at the beginning of the month.

            “Free shit” is a universal phenomenon that occasionally appears in the wild. Whether it’s a large animal that some lion killed and left the bulk of behind , or a massive blueberry patch – or simply a dead body that the maggots find and feast on…… organisms take advantage of it to benefit themselves.

            This is why in human society you CAN NOT give away free shit. It’s like giving alchohol to Indians. Certain types of people will adjust all of their behavior to take advantage of it.

            There are some cultures – white, Protestant high trust and high work ethic is one that comes immediately to mind (probably because I grew up in the tail end of it in my earlier life) – where free shit is disdained and looked down upon.

            But that’s not most POC cultures I have seen. And especially not American black culture – or a good many of the cultures that have been imported here (Arab and Puerto Rican are two others that seem to constantly be found riding the gravy train)

            When I see people instinctively defending Swedish welfare – I know I’m dealing with a bunch of disaffected leftists are pissed off that the darkies have horned in on their welfare state.

            The fact that you blame the EU and Merkel for the Swedes filling their country up with Muslim Somali tribesmen is comical:

            ” On 14 May 1975, a unanimous Swedish parliament led by the Social Democrat government of Olof Palme voted in favour on a new immigrant and minority policy which explicitly rejected the previous policy of assimilation and ethno-cultural homogeneity in favour of state-sponsored multiculturalism.[18] The main driver of spreading Islam in Sweden is immigration since the late 1960s”

            Free shit breeds grifters and sob stories and virtue signaling simps who want to give away the farm.

            Economics is in the end just the study of human behavior.

            The Swedes did this shit to themselves.

          • The same people that filled our schools and media with right-think for Americans did the same to the Swedes and most of Europe. It’s the western anti-white poz disease that has been pounded into our heads since WW2. That’s why the eastern European countries who left communism more recently than western Europe were protected from these sick teachings and therefore we can see how they still care to protect their people and culture; they’re less brainwashed. Of course, the EU is on their asses to open their borders to savages and destroy their own people and cultures. Wish Trump would act like Orban or Salvini.

          • * sorry, obviously western Europe never left communism. I meant to say that eastern Europeans were free from our sick brainwashing because they were protected from being exposed to it while living in controlled communist societies.

      • “Which tells you all you need to know about a whole lot of things.”

        Dutch, but not all things. A good grounding in HBD science will tell you more.

        • Compsci, I figure that HBD hardwiring might be one of the things that explains this. In my experience, the “nature-nurture” argument usually lands in the middle, though usually biased a bit to one side of the other, in particular cases. Each side reinforcing the other, in this case, no matter where an individual case lands on the “$400” example.

          • There is no middle, Dutch. It hardly matters if nature is 50% or 1%, nurture is still downstream of nature and all possibilities are created or constrained by nature. The poorer one’s nature is the more nurture he will require and the less likely he is to get it since his condition is often passed down from those raising him. According to Ed Dutton and others, regular execution for several centuries of 2% of troublesome young European males per generation improved the nature of Europeans considerably. Others, lacking that process, clearly lag behind. An eighth century European might seem very like you, but he wasn’t.

          • James, I think we are talking past each other here. If a person is hardwired to spend on impulse and have a short preference horizon, he is likely to grow up responding to the part of our environment that encourages such things. Nature and nurture together. If you are a saver with a longer term preference horizon, and it is wired into you (HBD and all), you will respond to the elements of the environment that encourage saving. Some environments are all one or the other (there is damn little in Malian culture that shows any time horizon preference more than about the next ten seconds), but most have elements of each. Our hardwired nature finds the elements of nurture that reinforces it. That’s my point, and I think the $400 test is a great shorthand demonstration of it.

            Finally, it seems that white and Asian cultures are the only ones that are hardwired with a long time preference horizon and get the constructive cultural behaviors that go with it, but China is doing a great job of stealing it all from their own middle class, such as it is. We ignore and dilute the white-specific HBD traits and gifts we are born with at our own peril.

          • The idea that nature/nurture is 50/50 is an idiotic trope that can only emanate from a radical egalitarian society.

            Try applying that idea to dog breeds and you would sound absolutely ridiculous.

            Feedback loop between nature/nurture is worth exploring though.

      • A lot this has to do with broader economy and the cost of housing which is driven by investors as rentiers , foreign ownership of land mainly Chinese carpetbaggers here in California and mass immigration

        Wages in many areas are also rather low for what things actually cost and the jobs that exist are often low wage.

        As a society we’ve arbitraged wages down by up to half measured as percentage GDP and cast many people into working or poor classes that would have back in the 70’s been middle and they’ve developed the short term thinking and bad habits of that class.

        Fact is you may not be able to afford $15 an hour for wages for semi skilled labor but if you expect these people to pay more than $600 a month for rent, you are under paying them.

        You also need a wide range of jobs for different temperaments. The TL;DR version, no immigration, no immigrants , no non luxury imports. make it here with Americans, Buy it Here., Sell it here

        You don’t get to arbitrage the prices of good with imports or cheap labor

        There is no cheap easy fix but mass repatriation, control over housing investment , extreme immigration restrictions, and heavy trade control should get it started

        You’ll also need to be force restore patriarchy and stable marriages

        Good luck.

        Otherwise get used to polices that impoverish workers making shittier citizens. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind

        All that aside if you want to give me 4 grand cash money , I’m sure I can manage to save 10% of it.

      • Here’s a broader measure. In 2014, in the Los Angeles area, the median value of liquid assets (not total assets) for white households in 2014 was $110,000, compared to $200 for US-born blacks, and $0 for Mexican households. Low income white households had far more liquid assets than middle income blacks. It’s very much like the candy bar experiment with four year old kids that test for delay of gratification.

    • Postcard, reparations can not work because they do not address the cause of the problem of SES differences among the races. If there were a magical way to transfer wealth among all residents in the US such that we all received an “equal” share, in a generation—or less—we’d have the same racial disparity. Postcard, forget about a part 2 posting, you’re working with the wrong model of the disease.

  19. Re:
    “For every dollar white men earn, black women, for example, earn 65 cents, whereas white women earn 82 cents.”

    Yeah ok – MIGHT be true ( I don’t think it is). But whenever somebody brings that up in my presence I just respond with: ” yes… but – they make it up on the backend by raiding my wallet thru taxation and gimmeedats , so I tell you what – lets remove all of the black woman and white woman privilege out of the government’s wealth redistribution industry and then maybe we can talk about who’s earning what thru ACTUAL WORK “

    • If you normalize for job type (women choose softer, easier careers) and years of experience (childbirth effect), the gap between white men and women disappears. As to the gap with black women, well, you know.

  20. If you are one of the people who does you can always either stop or slow down. If you are one of the people who doesn’t (or can’t) now you have a problem.

  21. Z asks what whites want and his answer, which he acknowledges is fantasy, is whites pay reparations for an end to the blood libel.

    Jared Taylor’s answer is similar but more detailed. T wants free association, including racial covenants, and an end to race-based laws, like affirmative action. In effect, T wants our system transformed by racial awareness. The appeal is that whites get what they want with minimal change to our system.

    What is more likely, that non-whites and liberal whites accept Z/Taylor’s plan or that whites enforce ethnostates? Often, I guess the latter is more possible.

    • Reparations are fantasy because it won’t “repair” the innate nature of the problem.

  22. “For every dollar white men earn, black women earn 65 cents.”

    And for every society White men found, 100 per cent of POCs want to move there, whereas only 0.65 per cent of POCs want to move to societies founded by black women.

  23. They are not stopping there. Look at the battles being waged in medieval studies departments because the study of medieval Europe is too white. Where are all the black people? Obviously they just been whitewashed out because we all know they were there inventing everything that we use today. And the same is happening in pop culture. You can’t make a movie about eighteenth-century Europe without putting Asians and black people in it now. The very last Doctor Who I ever watched had the doctor and His companion in Victorian England and it was half black. The companion said I wasn’t expecting so many black people and Doctor Who said “history has been whitewashed.”
    It’s so unbelievably egregious but these people cannot think anymore beyond White People Evil.

    • Hamilton is a great piece of cultural marxism. You have to admire the total control of the specials. Again, this explains my earlier comment and why you have to take the Stalin/Trump/Putin path, and not the Enoch/Spencer path.

    • I’m finally getting back to watching season 5 of “Endeavour”. I stopped a couple of years ago when it was on PBS because some Muslim family was being bothered and Mr. Bright, the Superintendent, was aghast. He said, as I remember, “But they’re Britsh!. They have British passports! I stopped right then and have just now began trying it again. I haven’t hit that episode yet but I’m hoping I can get through it. I’ve always enjoyed British mysteries but it’s gotten where there are no White couples. Couples are always mixed in some way. I don’t watch this stuff to be lectured. I can get that in the paper.

      • Henry….Also greatly enjoy Brit detective series. Am forewarned about Endeavour, thanks, am late to this, loved Morse and eating up the Inspector Lewis series, and have had to jettison one chapter due to Brit lefty multi culti crap. Push button…gone. The more recent the series, the worse the POZ gets. Pissed me off last night, so reverted back to 70’s Lord Peter Whimsey.

  24. Just to confirm that this is a holy crusade for the other side. I recently – and with extreme reluctance – attended a gay wedding (two men whom I’ve known for more than a decade). (Yes, yes, I understand that I shouldn’t have gone, but that’s another discussion of the difficulty of exclusion with no one to back you up.)

    Anyway, during the oddly quasi-religious ceremony, the officiant included a call and response where she had the crowd promise to not only accept different people but to advocate politically and in their own lives on their behalf. In addition, her occasional use of the word “amen” lent the affair an even more religious tone.

    The men in the crowd seemed fairly neutral to a bit uncomfortable, but the nice white ladies (NWL) were positively beaming. There is evil out there, and they were fighting it. (The fact that fighting evil meant going to well-catered ceremony and dress-up dinner with a free bar was a cross that they gladly bore.)

    What made the whole event even more perfect for our NWLs was the complete lack of even one token NAM. (Hell, as best as I could tell, there was just one Asian guy.) Yep, despite all the talk of inclusion and acceptance, the entire day/evening was populated exclusively – except for that pesky Asian – by upper-middle class whites.

    This is both the strength and the weakness of our enemies. They have everything on their side – government, police, media, academia and the schools. In that regard, they are a seemingly unstoppable force. But here’s the thing: They’re an empty suit, and, what’s more, they’re simply wrong about the way the world works.

    The enemy has no cohesion, no will to fight with their own hands, no desire to follow their own rules and no way to stop the erosion that reality with inflict on the foundation of their power.

    They can’t win long-term. Those NWLs and gays are a hot-house flower that will wilt the minute the first window cracks, and we all know that blacks and browns are very good at breaking windows. But in the meantime, they will wield their righteous power against us with extreme prejudice for we are the evil that jealously prevents non-white men from finding Eden.

    • It goes to show you how our side sucks at messaging. Here we are, screaming about Jesus and Ned Flanders against gay marriage. Well guess what, the gayest time in the West, ancient Greece, had no Jesus and even the gays had WIVES, why?? B/c marriage is about producing CHILDREN and has been since the dawn of time. We need our own special people to figure out messaging ffs.

      • I’ve always ageed with normie-Con John Leo that we lost the debate over gay marriage when we failed to recognize it’s about kids, not “love.” If you want to shack up with your gf and live the DINK lifestyle, you don’t need marriage. Ask Lee Marvin (or Clint Eastwood, who had better lawyers). Kennedy’s whole opinion in the Uberghey case was based on love vs. hate. Arguing against love has a poor track record, even more so in hypergamous societies like the modern West.

        • We lost the debate over gay marriage over a hundred years ago when we listened to women ask for an easy exit from marriage and a voice in politics. Now, women ask for 70% of divorces and “fight” for gay marriage, while we stand around looking neutral.

        • We didn’t loose the debate. 29 states passed a ban on gay marriage. The Kritarchy tossed all of that into the garbage. Kangaroo Court rulings aren’t debates.

    • Of course the men were neutral. We haven’t tribed up to stomp this stuff out (yet). The NWLs are the most racial/gender/gay sensitive people on the planet, and judge the rest of us every minute of every day on how we map out on our attitudes and physical attributes. They will light up when they interact with a POC at the local grocery store. Which must be a bit awkward for that other person. Otherwise it is all a hypothetical thing for them, until the black family moves in next door and the kids act their age. Then things start getting spicy.

      • Most NWLs are, in fact, nice white ladies, albeit judgemental. They want to follow the rules and get and “A.” The problem is that the “rules” are being created by the media, big tech and academia, which fucking hate white men.

        NWLs are just doing what middle and upper-middle class white women have always done: Follow and enforce societal norms. Asking them to go against those norms is like asking a fish to run 100 meters. It’s not in their DNA.

        It’s up to white men to create communities with their own norms. White women will follow. It’s why for a long time, white women in the South were perfectly fine with Jim Crow while Northern white women weren’t. Southern white women didn’t feel part of that northern society so its rules didn’t apply. They were following their own society’s norms. National media and education made Southern accept Northern norms so now they’re against discrimination and racism.

        White men are cause of NWLs – and, yeah, I’m a part of the problem.

        • Do not underestimate the number of White People that will wake up….if the POS keeps beating us over the head with reparations. The more it’s in the media, the more it is pushed and moves toward reality, the more Normies wake up, including back here in Be Nice No Judgment Southern Utah Mormon land. Already heard it questioned from an LDS old gal whose head is normally buried up to her…..

        • I commend your deft spywork.
          Gay “marriages” are a dress-up party, Queens For A Day.

          I wonder how many men in that crowd were thinking the same things as you were?

          PS- and when Zman said, “on behalf of white men, as that would be racist and racism is very bad” with such a perfectly straight face, I laughed out loud.
          Nice way to start the day!

          • I did feel a bit like a spy, but I’ve begun to feel that way most of the time these days. But a gay wedding is like getting inside the other side’s HQ.

            Again, what I found was unimpressive. These people are utterly reliant on the system to enforce their power. Democracy is a serious problem for us. We’re outnumbered and their vote counts as much as ours.

  25. I was thinking this morning, why has no comedian done a bit about the differences between Africanized bees and European bees. I tell you Jerry, it’s pure comedy gold!! The parallels are endless and one is provided perfect cover whilst everyone at the comedy club would know what you are doing. I might have to write a bit myself on it and send it to Owen Benjamin. LOL

  26. As always with pieces in the NYT and every mainstream news outlet, the unspoken assumption when talking about race is that there are no race differences. They’ll trot out graphs and statistics comparing achievement, income, wealth, crime, and opinions with other races, and the conclusion always points to problems that must be solved. And there’s always a grave and somber “so much work to do to eliminate discrimination” tone to it all. When you’re a race realist, you read the stats and it all makes sense and it is what it is.

    • The logical conclusion of the Narrative is for whites to be eliminated. Let me lay it out:

      1. Racism causes all group differences
      2. Group differences are evil (poverty and higher crime rates literally kill people)
      3. Whites are the cause of racism
      4. If whites don’t give up their racism (conscious and unconscious), differences (evil) will persist
      5. Despite 50 years of innumerable programs and education, differences (evil) persist because whites refuse to give up their racism

      Conclusion: Because whites are unwilling or unable to give their racism, which leads to group differences (evil), whites must be eliminated either through miscegenation or other means to rid the world of group differences (evil).

      Now, I suppose that one could argue, “Hey, white don’t you just avoid white people and thus avoid their evil racism.” But that’s not an option.

      • The men behind the curtain are not all powerful. They screw up regularly. See Stalin. I have long maintained that they were too damn good at what they do, and hence accelerated the process way too fast. That plus they lost total control of information flow behind the internet and the USA First Amendment, the last remaining blind goy foot soldiers for the armies of the Beast. I think they’re in quite the conundrum, frankly.

      • Assuming the five points above, a logical option would be, as you say, to avoid white people and their “racism.” Like a separate country we could carve out and all will good for blacks. No more evil racism inflicted upon them by Whitey. The response you’d get from blacks and the left though, would say it all. What they want is to latch onto Whitey for more gibs and grievances that will go on forever….

    • All the while decrying IQ, and preaching it’s only an amazing coincidence that it also just happens to correlate perfectly with success, wealth, and criminality…

  27. “Black people would revert to the Neolithic if white men suddenly went away.” Even black people know this, in some form. I have heard it personally. They are well aware that whites keep things from going down the poop chute. (For example there’s a black comedian, I forget his name, who did a joke about seeing one black pilot and one white pilot and “feeling better”.) And resentment of course follows.

    • I humbly suggest “AAWAL”, African American Women Air Lines. Staffed exclusively by African American women as pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, and check-in people. 82 cents on the dollar for white women buying tickets. 65 cents on the dollar for POC buying tickets. The pre-flight safety routine and the food just might be awesome, if you are into that sort of thing.

      • “Hey guys, this be yo’ cap’n speakin’ from up here in this little room at the front end. We be waitin’ here on de taxiway fo’ a bunch of other planes to take off ‘head of us, those white pilots always get to go first. We knows yo’ antsy to plug in and listen, and we got 17 channels o’ hip-hop and rap for yo’ ass on the in-fight, I mean in-flight entertainment, but The Man’s FAA say yo’ got to watch the safety video befo’ we haul ass outta here. So shut the fuck up fo’ a minute and check it out, baby. Then sit back, chill, and give the flight ho comin’ down the aisle a high-five an’ shit.”

    • The old AmRen piece from the teacher in a minority school down South (Tennessee?) said it best. Teacher asked students “What happens if we get rid of the White people?” Black student responded “we screwed!”

      • Yves Vannes, that was interesting! Reminds me of two illuminating pieces, if I may…

        A Nigerian’s View of Race
        by Okonkwo Akachukwu

        “There is something unusual about the psychological makeup of white people. It can be metaphorically described as an inner compass. Due to that inner compass, white people need very little external force or punishment. They do not need much policing, so people can apply their potential to useful activities rather than wasting time donning a uniform and swinging a night-stick.

        “The absence of this inner compass is why, in Nigeria, no number of police officers can enforce traffic laws at an intersection. Indeed, most traffic enforcers and police officers routinely break the laws they are supposed to uphold (and still insist on taking a bribe at every random stop).

        “While this inner compass has tremendous advantages for white society, one disadvantage is that members of that inwardly guided culture are prone to tremendous torments of conscience that make them vulnerable to manipulation. There seems to be a miasma of guilt inherent to the very fabric of Western culture, a feeling of inadequacy for failing to measure up to one’s internal yardstick.

        “Although slavery was a universal phenomenon that preceded the US, no black, Arab or Asian man ever seems to experience racial guilt because of it.” …

        “We Nigerians have a very simple, no nonsense attitude towards race. In the words of one of my father’s friends, who is a master of concise maxims: “We know we are a useless race.”

        “It is worth keeping in mind, however, that such an admission is reserved almost exclusively for fellow Nigerians.” …

        “King’s College Lagos (the equivalent of a high school in America), established in 1909, is the school I attended. It is a disaster. I spent all six years in the packed, overcrowded hostels where we were on jovial terms with rats. It was not unusual to come back after classes only to find human excrement on the hostel floors because the shared toilets were too filthy even to pass by, much less use. It would have taken an intrepid plumber to brave the exotic mountains of filth merely to reach the toilets, much less repair them. The school soccer field become the unofficial toilet.”

        What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right
        By Karin McQuillan

        “In plain English: s— is everywhere. People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water. He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water. Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.

        “Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would be pushing the lie that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country. Or would teach two generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.” …

        “The longer I lived there, the more I understood: it became blindingly obvious that the Senegalese are not the same as us. The truths we hold to be self-evident are not evident to the Senegalese. How could they be? Their reality is totally different. You can’t understand anything in Senegal using American terms.

        “Take something as basic as family. Family was a few hundred people, extending out to second and third cousins. All the men in one generation were called “father.” Senegalese are Muslim, with up to four wives. Girls had their clitorises cut off at puberty. (I witnessed this, at what I thought was going to be a nice coming-of-age ceremony, like a bat mitzvah or confirmation.) Sex, I was told, did not include kissing. Love and friendship in marriage were Western ideas. Fidelity was not a thing. Married women would have sex for a few cents to have cash for the market.” …

        “Yet family was crucial to people there in a way Americans cannot comprehend.

        “The Ten Commandments were not disobeyed – they were unknown. The value system was the exact opposite. You were supposed to steal everything you can to give to your own relatives. There are some Westernized Africans who try to rebel against the system. They fail.

        “We hear a lot about the kleptocratic elites of Africa. The kleptocracy extends through the whole society. My town had a medical clinic donated by international agencies. The medicine was stolen by the medical workers and sold to the local store. If you were sick and didn’t have money, drop dead. That was normal.” …

        “In Senegal, corruption ruled, from top to bottom. Go to the post office, and the clerk would name an outrageous price for a stamp. After paying the bribe, you still didn’t know it if it would be mailed or thrown out. That was normal.

        “One of my most vivid memories was from the clinic. One day, as the wait grew hotter in the 110-degree heat, an old woman two feet from the medical aides – who were chatting in the shade of a mango tree instead of working – collapsed to the ground. They turned their heads so as not to see her and kept talking. She lay there in the dirt. Callousness to the sick was normal.

        “Americans think it is a universal human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not. It seems natural to us because we live in a Bible-based Judeo-Christian culture.

        “We think the Protestant work ethic is universal. It’s not. My town was full of young men doing nothing. They were waiting for a government job. There was no private enterprise. Private business was not illegal, just impossible, given the nightmare of a third-world bureaucratic kleptocracy. It is also incompatible with Senegalese insistence on taking care of relatives.”

        “All the little stores in Senegal were owned by Mauritanians. If a Senegalese wanted to run a little store, he’d go to another country. The reason? Your friends and relatives would ask you for stuff for free, and you would have to say yes. End of your business. You are not allowed to be a selfish individual and say no to relatives. The result: Everyone has nothing.

        “The more I worked there and visited government officials doing absolutely nothing, the more I realized that no one in Senegal had the idea that a job means work. A job is something given to you by a relative. It provides the place where you steal everything to give back to your family.”

        You can take an African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the African. What is the saying? “Africa wins again.”

        • Thank you, Ursula. Simon Winchester wrote of a similar experience as a young doctor in Africa.
          Daunting. And reality for them..When there comes here, here becomes there.

          • Range Front Fault,
            Amen, we white people need to remind ourselves that not all peoples share our mindset, born from European Christian tradition, and to learn to better protect our people. By the way, thank you for your kind words a short while back, you made me blush with your generosity of spirit. I always enjoy your comments and I imagine you’re that exceptional kind of woman, loved by all who are blessed to know you. Glad you’re out there, sister.

          • Speaking of blushing! May I extend to you the same courtesy. Feel the same toward you, dear. Teach and inspire. Best to you and your successful business.
            Glad you’re out there, sister…..squared!
            Am reading your article to Husband this evening.

        • That’s it. My own extended family’s experience trying to run a construction related business in Mali (NW Africa). Everything has to be locked down and watched, 24/7. 20 foot high walls around anything stored overnight. Armed guards and lots of border guard payoff funds, carried by armed, trusted family members, for escorting materials off the ship, through the port (Dakar) and over land and borders. The government licenses, permits, and fees sucked up whatever was left. What a pointless exercise! And this was with a well connected family with high government protection (through extended familial relationships).

          • What an adventure! Thank goodness they survived the experience. I would love to visit Africa if it weren’t for the Africans.

  28. The plea to politicians about “what black people want” will go on forever, because no matter what you do for blacks, it’s never enough.

  29. As long as the “Government” is allowed to keep white people in perpetual serfdom via the punitive income tax we will get more of the same. Legitimate purpose is one thing. Going beyond the scope of enumerated powers is another. It’s not just the Feds. Property tax is a good example. How else can we pay for the non whites to exist and thrive? The wind cries Mary.

    • And now you realize the PURPOSE of the system. The fundamental test of a system of government is whether it encourages its native population to grow and multiply. Hard evil = revolutionary France; Bolshevism, Cambodia. Soft evil = modern Europe and America, China, Japan, South Korea. Instead of the bayonet they use the culture and debt/inflation. Soft evil about to become hard evil = Weimar Germany.

      • Most people once they start working know there is a system. If they are smart enough they figure out its purpose sometime after that. Most of them are happy to be a cog in the wheel. It doesn’t take much to be a cog. They feel blessed to be part of the systems wheel even though they understand the reality of what it is. As long as the wheel keeps turning very few will do anything about it. Rationalization is King.

    • JMDGT, we pay Danegeld. It is payment at the threat of civil unrest and violence. And we are learning the same lesson, as the English and French did a thousand years ago—you can’t buy off a blackmailer.

      • Exactly. Far too many choose to acquiesce. Collaboration has a specific punishment if I remember correctly. Give them what they ask for and then give them some more. Capitulation as compromise is surrender.

    • Ayn Rand has some good points, but honestly I never even finished the Fountainhead. She is an alien person with alien ideology and frankly a very dark view of everything. So many good folks of our people have been lost in the libertarian trap. Although some have stated it’s just a gateway to us, so I guess it’s ok.

      • Ayn Rand’s Objectivism takes everything to an intellectually ridiculous degree, but to understand libertarianism, you only have to grasp “thou shalt not steal.”

        • The problem with that view of libertarianism is they proclaim Thou shalt not steal, and then fail to give a coherent definition of what “theft” is. I mean, the basic problem with libertarianism is that it’s utterly retarded, but if you’re looking for a place to start….

          • >the basic problem with libertarianism is that it’s utterly retarded,

            Pretty compelling. Do you have any more to say on the subject or do you consider that so persuasive that no more need be said?

          • Sunspot;
            I’d say that a fundamental fault of Libertarianism is that it presumes itself entitled to Western Christianity’s social order without feeling itself obliged to even acknowledge Christ in any way at all, much less bend the knee.

          • The fundamental fault of libertarianism? Well, allow me to expound on a few and, please, bear in mind that I witnessed all this first-hand.

            They correctly and justifiably value all the characteristics of white society: order, property rights, public and private morality, conviviality, prosperity and scientific progress.

            However, they are also blank-slate absolutists. If some human beings are preoccupied with planning missions to Mars while other human beings have not got around to inventing the wheel, well, that’s because the latter group have been unfairly deprived of the benefits of property rights and fweeeee twaaaaade. The solution to this melancholy state of affairs is to fling open the borders and invite all the non-wheel inventors to shake the dust of their oppressive non-free homelands off of their shoes and come and join us Mars explorers in our leafy suburbs. That way the non-wheel inventors can fulfill their true potential by becoming rocket scientists and brain surgeons.

            Result: To the Universe and beeyyyyyyyoonnnnd! It’s just a question of tweaking the right system, you see.

            And yet, and yet, and yet, while all these fantastic (properly stated) tropes are wending their way back and forth through every libertarian conference, publication and blog, I have yet to meet a libertarian who does not claim to be an atheist or believes other than that evolutionary biology explains the natural world including the bespectacled bipeds who currently dominate it.

            No, i can’t square that circle either and, believe me, I have tried. I gave up trying when I noticed that most of them were staring back at me like a dog being scolded by its owner with no idea why.

          • Well, libertarians tell us that their right to swing their fists should end only at the tips of our noses.

            You *are* retarded if you want to live in that kind of world.

          • Not sure anyone posting has a complete idea of Libertarianism and it’s faults. I probably don’t as well, but I’ll try— at the risk of over simplification—to give you my thumbnail summation.

            Basically all interactions among consenting people are acceptable barring “force” or “fraud”. All people are rational enough to understand the above and live accordingly. All the rest is derivative commentary.

            It’s a fantasy world to be sure. My break away occurred years ago when the Cato Institute sent me yet another publication with an opinion piece supporting open borders. Having spent at that time several years patrolling the border and seeing who and what crossed and the studies then being published regarding the welfare costs associated, this was a hot button of mine. I tossed the Cato mag into the trash and never looked back.

            What I did not understand at that time was how the human factor was important. HBD concepts filled that void.

          • What Libertarians miss (or conveniently ignore) is that the only people intellectually and attitudinally (and yes genetically) equipped to possibly maintain a society without “force and fraud” is White people (maybe Asians). As long as they ignore the differences in intelligence, aggressiveness, cooperativeness, time preference, etc., between races, their theories will only end in chaos in practice.

            I’d be willing to do a 5-year trial of Libertarianism in an all-White ethnostate – it’s the only feasible working environment for a fair test, and then we could evaluate how well it really works. If we don’t like it, we can install a monarchy or severely limited democratic republic, or whatever, because the Libbers, by design, won’t really be able to resist.

            But none of this is going to happen – what is likely is more black on white racial violence and hopefully Whites will get tired enough to fight back.

          • Cato is a beltway institution more akin to the Koch Brothers, Consitutionalists, and PaleoCons than to the more prinicipled rank and file libertarians, like Lew Rockwell and his followers, who have explicity opposed open borders, primarily on the basis of the right to defend one’s family, property, and community and one’s right to associate with, or disassociate from, whomever one chooses freely and voluntarily.

            In the 2008 election I voted for Ron Paul, because his campaign positions would have at least allowed, if not materially enabled, White men to pursue their interests without being punished by the state.

            He was the only candidate ever in recent history who proposed ending the Fed, which would have neutralized the conerstone of jewish hegemony in the U.S. He openly talked about the right of a state to secede peacefully from the union.

            He said ranchers and farmers along the southern border had a right to defend their land and families with armed force, and he supported their right to organize and associate voluntarily for this purpose.

            He planned to phase out the IRS, all federal welfare programs, all affirmative action and quotas in hiring, while encouraging citizens to form private coops and voluntary charities to extend their services to whomever they chose. This would have given Whites more control over their lives and removed the major attractor of immigrants and aliens.

            Dr Paul is a pediatric surgeon and former Air Force flight surgeon who was stridently pro-life, but believed that fedgov should neither support nor oppose abortion, that the issue should be devolved to the individual states where it could be resolved more locally in accordance with the will of their constituencies, and that all federal funding for planned parenhood should cease.

            Finally, Paul’s foreign policy plan was to cease all military involvement in other countries’ affairs, to bring the troops home, and to stop all foreign aid. He emphasized that this included the entire ME, no exceptions. Not Israel, not Saudi Arabia, not Egypt, etc.

            Paul’s liberatian stances offended, even angered, White Nationalists like Greg Johnson at Counter Currents, but IMO even a few of these libertarian measures could have worked out to the benefit of industrious White men during the ongoing chaos.

        • Bezos and Zuck have stolen the public square. Woke Capital in general has stolen our culture and steals the jobs of dissenters. Open borders steals the value of citizenship. Yet even paleo-libertarians support much if not all of this, and the present version of libertarianism ala Reason mag is totally gay for all of it.

        • Libertarians do steal…from the commons. Libertarianism is the ‘communism’ of the commons. The costs of the externalities are the simplest example of this.

          The Goose and the Common
          Authors unknown – 1700s

          The law locks up the man or woman
          Who steals the goose from off the common
          But leaves the greater villain loose
          Who steals the common from off the goose
          The law demands that we atone
          When we take things we do not own
          But leaves the lords and ladies fine
          Who take things that are yours and mine
          The poor and wretched don’t escape
          If they conspire the law to break
          This must be so but they endure
          Those who conspire to make the law
          The law locks up the man or woman
          Who steals the goose from off the common
          And geese will still a common lack
          Till they go and steal it back

          • Good one. Again, I refer folks to Z-man’s concept of monetizing social capital—and of course, selling it for your own profit.

      • Ayn Rand could not live up to her own philosophy. She ended up having a long-term affair with Nicholas Brandon, he and his wife Barbara were leaders objectivist society and she chose Nicholas Brandon purely on his looks because he really wasn’t that much of an intellect. But her own husband Frank was a beta so she acted like a woman and chose the hot alpha because she was the alpha female and could do that

        • Read the Mises Institute piece of the cult on Objectivism from years back – I spent years around those folks but well outside the “inner circles,” never realized how Scientology-like Rand, Piekoff, Greenspan et al were. Personality cult is too mild a term.

        • Not unlike Dagny Taggart dumping Hank Reardon for John Galt. I never did get the symbolism and just concluded that she was a slut see the end of the day. Life imitates art, I suppose. Rand, like Libertarianism, simply have no solutions to real world problems. You can’t blame her for being traumatized by her time Soviet Russia, but a solution based on that experience doesn’t fit either.

      • Yawn. More ceaseless whining about “libertarians”.

        I tell you what – why don’t you go back and find me any sort of coherent arguments against all of this “black women only make 65% of what a white man makes” crap from say 10 or 15 years ago.

        Women have been whining this same line of outrage for as long as I can remember – probably at least a couple of decades now.

        I don’t recall ever seeing any objection to it coming out of the “right”.

        Where I do recall seeing quite a few good arguments – stating actual facts (like how white women simply don’t work as hard as men – and black women are even worse) – is in “libertarian” sites like

        All of this whining about “women don’t make as much as men do” – is just another facet of the never ending money grab coming out of the left (and largely supported by the right). As Sunspot said – you only have to grasp “Thou shalt not steal” – to start fully grasping the depths to which leftism is based on stealing (to such a Byzantine degree that I think it’s impossible for many of the feeble minds on the right to understand).

        Much of the whining coming out of the left revolves around “white men stole shit from us”. When the reality of the situation is the exact opposite.

        Reading libertarians is what helped me grasp that. LONG before the dissident right ever showed up.

        • Women don’t get paid annually what men get paid because they won’t do Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs! I did for 15 years—Water Treatment then on to Water Distribution and Hydro Dam Operator. That meant, gasp, Graveyard shift…and turning a few valves in dirty places…and when the shiftie after you calls in sick, you’re stuck with 2 shifts….and more $moola.

          99% of women won’t work nightshift and oncall. With all the feminists running around and endless feminist offgassing about unequal wages, I NEVER found unequal wages working for utilities ever. Women…DO THE HARD WORK AND YOU’LL GET PAID EQUALLY…AND MUCH HIGHER WAGES! (Oh….I can’t do that….I’ll be a nurse…I’ll be a secretary….I’ll be a school teacher… I’ll be a day care provider…I’ll be a social worker….I’ll be an artist!) Dangerous idiots who refuse to think outside of the box!

          Do the effing work, Dipshit Women, and you’ll be paid Bank! Plus working with men is a pleasure.

          In 15 years, I couldn’t talk any of the gals I knew in white collar jobs to come to my side of the work divide. Now I’m the one with the Oakland pension living in the lower-cost country! Ha!

          • The 1 countem 1 Hispanic woman I worked with in Water Treatment COULD NOT PASS the state certification test, over and over, for entry level position, no matter how much tutoring she received or encouragement from management to reach diversity quotas. After endless management hand wringing, she finally was bumped back to a janitorial position.

          • MWV…..thanks for asking. First base is to find a water company that has dams, ie, EastBayMUD and San Francisco Water Co., then wander into the admin bldg, find out who is manager of water ops and make an appointment to chat the manager up. Go to the horse’s mouth. You’ll get a world of valuable knowledge about how to and where, and not waste time spinning wheels. Plus if you make it as an employee in that water company, the mgr might remember you and your initiative.

            Started as a secretary EBMUD, said after a year to the boss..I’m bored..what other dept can I train and transfer, boss gave me time to chat up Distribution boss and drive with the operators on distribution routes, fled that secretary nonsense to become a Treatment Trainee, did my time in Water Treatment. Left Treatment because when shit hits the fan in online plants, it happens fast…I have a chick brain, does not think well under fire, sweating bullets, in Distribution more time to make crucial decisions..perfect for me. So on to Systems Water Quality to put in my time and gather knowledge (hydrant flushing, chlorination mains and tanks, tap sampling, sampling on company lakes (damn, missed that one), then after proving myself and folks knew me, after certification testing and becoming a Grade 3 Treatment Op, I passed the interview and got into Water Distribution, the final frontier. 4 more certifications to become Grade 4 Distribution Op. The last 3-4 years as a Sr. WDO, we/small dept of 10 in downtown Oakland were given control of instrumentation by SCADA (supervisory control and data aquisition) system of the upcountry dams and controlled them by computer on Graveyard shift after the upcountry day shift went home. Loved my job! One of our guys liked it so much, he finally got a transfer to upcountry solely as a Dam Op, has a house nearby in the Motherload and happy as a clam on a dam.
            Best to you!
            PS: Everybody needs water, Maslow’s hierarchy of jobs above electrical utilities; the last job to go away. You can do without lights before you can do without water.

        • I’m not going to do the look up, you can investigate via Google. There are several pretty definitive studies, which is why there is little new “research”. The summation is basically, that the original study(s) showing 63, 70, or 75% (whatever) gaps was looking at yearly salary regardless of job type—or hours worked. Correct for job type, hours worked, etc. and the discrepancies go away, or at least become negligible. But if you are a grievance monger with an angry audience, you just repeat the same lies over and over.

        • After a moments reflection, it does seem fairly shocking that a black woman makes two-thirds of what a white man makes.

      • With her insanely assertive, con-man level of self-belief, she’s good at peeling people away from the shitlib consensus. But then, when people realize the profound limitations of libertarianism, they start coming our way.

        I think the key problem is time. It would be nice if people were reality-oriented from the start, instead of needing years to peel away Cathedral brainwashing. For me, from A(yn) to Z(man) took about 20 years.

        • That is the perfect title for the “Manifesto”: “From A(yn) to Z(man); My Journey to the Dissident Right” … or some such.

        • The only friends of mine (five in all) who were libertarians turned into raging liberals, except one, who joined the army. The only other libertarian I knew was an autistic a-hole.

          My only theory (just a theory) as to why, is that Rand made them feel comfortable giving up their (traditional) Christianity, which left them defenseless against the Cathedral.

    • Humans are complicated and the world is not a simple place. Rand helps explain bits and pieces of it. Consume her work accordingly.

      • That’s how I approach it now. There are solid concepts amid the self-serving INTJ spergery. She pulls back the curtain on how intellectual elites have such a disproportionate influence, but she never put her theory of human nature to the test. When you get something that basic so wrong, your elaborate system is built on sand.

    • The idea of Objectivism is OK in my book. Many aspects of it appeal to me on certain levels. Same goes with a great many of the “isms” out there. I threaten to go Galt at least once a month. No single philosophy covers everything for me. If I have an identity at all it is that of the dissident right. It is all about me.

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