Travelogue: The Imperial Capital

One of the strange things about living near the Imperial Capital is you tend not to notice it very much, at least not directly. Everyone knows about the traffic around the area and everyone knows it is the Imperial Capital. Washington, for most people around here, is a thing you navigate around, not a place you go to for business or pleasure. It exists in the same way it exists for people all over the country. It is the symbol of the empire, but not a real place with a reason to exist, other than government.

It is a real city with people living in it. I was reminded of this as I made my way through residential neighborhoods to the Ritz-Carlton, where the conference is being held. As is true of all ruling class areas now, Washington is gentrifying, which is a polite way of saying ethnic-cleansing. Slowly, block by block, the underclass blacks are being shipped out to surrounding areas so they can be replaced with hipsters working for government and the array of think tanks that support the government.

The gentrified areas are quite nice, actually. Sitting in traffic, I saw all the things you see in the nice parts of an America city. There are lots of young childless women. At every intersection is a guy with a beard out for a jog or toting a bike. There are funky eateries and bars with outdoor seating. All of it is mixed in with old houses and old apartment houses that have been renovated enough to warrant a high rent. These days, hipstervilles have young people on scooters dodging traffic.

The Imperial Capital still has its rough areas. I passed through a neighborhood that is probably overrepresented in the crime stats. You can tell you are in a bad neighborhood when you see bars on the second and third floor windows. It’s not that the blacks fear Spider-Man will break into their apartment. Those bars are there to keep the residents from falling out. There was a time, not long ago, when a regular news item was someone falling out of a slum window. Bars solved that problem…

My reason for being in the Imperial Capital is to attend the National Conservatism conference, organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation. This is an group organized by Israeli Zionist Yoram Hazony and some other people brought in for decoration. The stated purpose is to define nationalism for Americans, but the real purpose is to whip up pro-Israel fervor among white Americans. Five minutes in the room and that is amusingly obvious. Bar mitzvahs are less Jewish.

The organizers and most of the attendees would deny this, of course. That is one reason I am here. In dissident circles, there is a debate about what motivates these so-called conservatives. The anti-Semites argue it is part of the master plan executed by Big Nose™ to undermine the Occident. Others say these people are just acting on greed, as being a punching bag for the Left pays well. Still others think these people are not terribly bright, but truly convinced they are involved in a great project.

So far, and I have been here for only an evening, all three are right to some degree. For example, the conference opened with a sermon from someone calling himself David Brog, who was the Executive Director of Christians United for Israel. I call his speech a sermon, as it sounded like something you would hear from a highly animated Protestant minister in another age. Instead of throwing the devil out of the room, however, he demanded that anyone with a hint of racism in their heart leave the room.

For purely aesthetic reasons, I briefly considered making a theatrical exit when he went on his tirade, but I had been drinking for a while and did not trust my judgement. Instead, I scanned the room for reactions. One older guy at my table was deep in prayer. A swarthy young guy, who works for the DOJ, seemed a bit puzzled. A nice Jewish lady from AEI was giddy with excitement. That pretty much describes the room. Some were puzzled by the sermon, while others were in some form of ecstasy.

I would imagine some portion of the puzzled were just as insulted as I was hearing this loon rant and rave about racism. While I am not a racist, I don’t think being one is the worst thing. It’s probably down there with being gay or wearing shorts in winter, as far as character flaws. Even allowing for the cuck’s need to grovel on these issues, his fanaticism was not contrived. Even after all that has happened, these idiots still don’t get it. To be a conservative now is to be a moron…

I drank with a person calling himself Jamie Weinstein, who is both a minor celebrity and some sort of organizer of salons in the city. He talked about all the famous people he has had to his place over the years. He lives in the Ritz-Carlton, so doing whatever it is he does must pay well. That’s something you get used to in the Imperial Capital. You will often run into people living very nice lives, but no obvious source of income. He says he has a podcast and deals in real estate, but neither seemed all that important to him…

The phrase “intelligence community” gets used often in the mass media, but most people just assume it means intelligence services. In reality, the intelligence gathering is done in the social scene, while the processing of it is done by the services. This came home to me when an old acquaintance turned up in the restroom. I had spotted him earlier, but it has been thirty years, so I was not sure if my memory was correct. He looked like a guy I used to know, who worked for a foreign government.

He must have spotted me so he tracked me down on my way to the toilet. He seemed happy to see me and I was happy to know my memory was correct. I asked him what he was up to and why he was at the event. He no longer has an official role with his government, but it was obvious to me that he remains a member of the community, which is why he was at the event. That’s how the spy game works. It is lots of people taking notes in social settings, passing them on to their government…

As far as the conference thus far, imagine if the comment section of Breitbart was a real place and you were sentenced to live in that place. It’s like a cult meeting, where everyone thinks it is 1985. The intent is clear. They hope to reanimate the corpse of Buckley conservatism, by riding the coattails of Trump. From a purely cynical perspective, it is not a bad strategy. Most whites cannot bear to think about the future, so turning their alienation into nostalgia, then monetizing it, is a nice grift….

One final note. Everyone I spoke with at the event talked about themselves as if they were dissidents, dodging the search lights of the man. It’s really weird hearing people talk about how dangerous it is to be a civic nationalist. The event has been highly publicized and is held at a swanky venue in the Imperial Capital. Yet, they really think they are living as underground heretics. They seem to relish this status. Instead of being horrified that their very mild dissent is anathematized, they think it makes them hip and edgy.

In a way, I feel sorry for these people. They are in this room for the same reason I see dissidents at our events. In their daily lives, they are surrounded by radicals who would like to murder the rest of us. In this room they get to let their hair down and be themselves, around people like themselves. For many of them, this is a rare chance to feel like they are not alone. The utter pointlessness of the enterprise goes unnoticed, because it is swamped by the basic desire for fellowship and community…

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116 thoughts on “Travelogue: The Imperial Capital

  1. Meanwhile, National Review is currently celebrating “Captive Nations Week”, per congressional authorization many of decades ago. I know I’d sure go the the mat to liberate the Donbass and Crimea, not to mention Hong Kong, Venezuela and East Turkestan.

    You gotta love National Review, and its quaint nostalgia; it makes me feels young again, and stupid.

    • Yup. I hang my head in shame when I recall I subscribed to NR as recently as a quarter Century ago.

      Some faux pas are just too big to live down

  2. To all you horrible anti-semites out there who think that Jews run everything, you should know that it is a pure coincidence that “David Brog…the [former] Executive Director of Christians United for Israel” is a Jew…and a cousin of former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak…and the current head an anti-BDS organization called the “Maccabee Task Force” that is funded by Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban…

    Yup…all just a big coincidence…

  3. Having lived 5 years in the DC cocoon (and then finally being paroled), I’d say a big part of the problems you’ve noticed are the location & venue, both of which are Fantasyland USA. If dissident conservatives wish to network, share ideas, and cobble together reliable coalitions, it has to happen in non-urban flyover country. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad you went so you can report on the fantasylanders. But the real problems are going to be solved at the more local level, at a Super 8 or a Ponderosa Steak House, with a poker tournament and rifleman competition for good measure. Those who turn up are the kinds of folk we can depend on when low-intensity conflict goes hot. The muckety-mucks who dress-up nicely & deliver soaring oratory tend to have no real-life skill set – worthless in crisis.

  4. When waves of whites spread- invaded- in the ancient past, they were unstoppable, overwhelming the locals.

    In India, the Aryan Brahmins were eventually absorbed by the fecund Dravidian abos, a hybrid.

    In the Mideast, the Aryans- who became Philistines, Carthaginians, and Persians, as well as others- in the Mideast, they encountered a different strategy.

    The Semitics, another conquest tribe, couldn’t defeat or absorb them. They found a different weapon: telling stories.

    They developed not art, nor architecture, nor technology.
    Emotive storytelling became their primary weapon.

    They developed what calls “the Jewish Esoteric Mysticism” tradition; hidden, subversive, subliminal imagery and messaging encouraging the idea that Jewish males are desirable mates for Aryan females. More worthy, really, than Aryan males.

    This emphasis on seduction, subversion, storytelling, secrecy, and imagining scenarios has led to led them to focus on their strengths.

    Their high verbal I.Q. means lawyers, rabbis, bureaucrats.

    Their emphasis on outwitting others leads to crafty traders and the study of psychology, to tight-lipped spies and diplomats.

    Their ability to envision leads to adept physicists, chemists, and biologists.

    Just as white strengths can be a weakness, so with Semitics.

    We are mechanically-minded cortex thinkers, empathic and altruistic. These can run away with us, making us cooler, insensitive to cunning, overly polite, overly welcoming and helpful, to the point where we are too civilized to defend ourselves.

    Semitic insula-thinkers can evince gross, overexagerrated sexuality, callous indifference, arrogant supremacy, gripping imagination from hysterical to psychotic, disdain for menial mechanics, cruelty and shiftiness.

    Can we use their instincts against them, as they use ours against us?
    For now we Aryans are in the position of facing overwhelming power with hostile intent.

    • The Odyssean “fox” traits of guile & subversion can have a place in an Achillean “lion” society, but only so long as their Wiles are deployed against our enemies not directed at our own leadership and people. Foxes are so potentially socially corrosive that you cannot recruit them from any but the most core loyal and well vetted among your own people. Verbal wizards and shapeshifters find it all too easy to mask their loyalties, so their vetting must be stringent and they must be rigorously and ruthlessly policed and culled on occasion. Take it from one of them.

  5. Something going on at FTN? Jizzy Hands seems particularly bitchy last episode. I asked over there in the comment section, saying Halbersham’s sudden departure, in light of making not making the announcement himself nor any farewell message, was a dick move. Post got deleted. Hmmm, hope there isn’t some kind of internal drama going on.

      • No dox. He just stopped, citing unspecified other stuff to do and the nonstop black pills. This is from a tweet in someone else’s thread a couple weeks back. I can’t find it or I would post a link.

        McFeels seems to be overcompensating for blowing the call on the mid-terms and for Trump’s failure to get much of anything done. He seems to be taking it personally, and is moving towards Spencer’s dumbfuck “Trump must not be re-elected” position. I hope he snaps out of it. Handing state power to Kamala Harris out of pique is stupid.

        • I get it; I can’t work up any enthusiasm for TRS anymore either.

          It’s not even that they did anything seriously wrong, it’s just that the presence of Orange Man is giving normie Huwites something to grasp onto other than racial identity.

          Call me crazy but I actually kind of miss Barry Soweto.

  6. Looking back, why and how is it you were not in fact screened from the conference? Was it that those inside who lobbied to include you wanted you to shine some light on it, or were they simply lacking in self-awareness?

  7. I am curious why you dodged the racist label?

    I don’t even bother at this point in the game. .

    It just takes too long to explain to people that I do not wish anybody any harm and all that. Because these days the very act of acknowledging race, much less biological or deeply ingrained cultural differences makes you a racist in the eyes of even most moderates.

    • The real acid test for whether you are a racist or not is the degree to which miscegenation disgusts you. I am utterly disgusted by race mixing. Nothing angers me more than the flood of entirely gratuitous depictions of mixed race couples in advertising. It is nothing less than propaganda aimed at acclimatizing the proles. I am a racist. Freedom of association and the return of segregation are two essential values that must be restored. Until then, everyone who can should strive to create de facto apartheid in their neighborhood and workplace.

    • Nothing will happen, except Orange Man will get egg on his face (again).

      Saying you are going to do something and then not actually doing it is the worst of all worlds. You get the downside of both and the benefits of neither.

  8. I’ll be honest with you. For most of my 66 years I really haven’t payed all that much attention to the (((Tribe))). It’s the freaking spades that drive me crazy. As far as I’m concerned 13% of the population is precisely 13% too much, and furthermore…

    • But a big part of the reason the 13% has become such a problem is the tribe. It is the tribe that is behind most of the “civil rights” agitation that happened leading up to the 60s and full equality. The arrangement we had before the Civil Rights movement was beneficial to both sides. They did their best to conform to our standards and values. The single biggest problem to come out of the movement was that they were allowed to set their own standards and not forced to conform to ours. Once that force was unleashed, we quickly got Africa in America.

      • Tars_Tarkusz said: “But a big part of the reason the 13% has become such a problem is the tribe. It is the tribe that is behind most of the “civil rights” agitation that happened leading up to the 60s and full equality.” Point taken.

  9. What you’re seeing here is an appeal to the Power Above.

    That cry- “Pick me! Pick me!”- is why the drug war conservatives and civil rights liberals were so eager to murder the Constitutional libertarians (the old “small governments, we can play in the our sandboxes without supervision” types), to tear down their temples, to replace the old social religion with the new. Note that the new has gutted and wears the skin of the old.

    Both, desperate for status in a world whose needs are increasingly being met, insist on fixing what ain’t broke.

    The resulting FUBAR leads to rising anxiety, and thus the appeal to the Powers Above for salvation. Both are saying, “whip ’em, mama, you’d’a whipped me if I dun it!”

    Sermon Guy demonstrates the Iron Laws of conservatism, the right wing of liberalism:

    1. Just beat somebody up. That’ll fix *everything*.

    2. Make sure you beat the wrong target, someone powerless who had nothing to do with the problem.

    ( Ex. kids, potsmokers, young breeders for the right; racists, tobacco smokers, actual producers for the left. Deniers for both.)

    This way, people can look at each other and say “See our weapons! We are fierce!” Then, having proved their mettle, they can proceed to make their bid to the Above.

    This is why the Zman is wrong about the non-aggression principle, it works in independent, homogenous societies.

    This is also why the Zman is right about the non-aggression principle- because it can work, only, in independent, homogenous societies.

    True libertarians- which is everyone here, really, including the Z- have been overthrown. The open borders, economic blank slate Tards are paid imposters. Which makes the Zman right again about the NAP, sadly, until it has a defense against traitors within and without.

    All that, plus, this is a paid operation in the culture war campaign by our occupiers, so thanks to our host for the time and spywork.

    • I’ve met plenty of Americans who want government to stay out of their bladder, their car, their house, their bank account, their company, and away from their kids.

      I’ve never yet met one who thought open borders was a good idea. (My border-jumping Mexican neighbors and immigrants love the idea, as long as it stops with their family.)

      Open-borders Tards are as fictional as car poolers. They only exist in paid publications.

  10. I doubt that anyone in that conference room had ever picked up a hammer in his life. Their skill set starts and stops with a talent for blathering. A hundred years ago, they would have been good cannon fodder in the era of massed foot soldiers marching into doom; but alas, that purgative no longer exists. Oh, the horror.

  11. “My reason for being in the Imperial Capital is to attend the National Conservatism conference, organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation.”

    Good God! Z, you deserve a medal just for being stoic enough to endure the kind of speeches one can imagine emanating from a crowd associated with groups formed around those names. You’re like an Indian scout bravely venturing into the wilderness to find out what the savages are up to. Thanks for the smoke signals.

  12. I’d love to hear someone ask Preacher Man if he’s ever addressed a non-White crowd, and if so if he began with the same statements about racism that he opened this conference with.

    I’m sure we know the answer, but the cognitive dissonance would be fun to watch.

  13. What struck me some years ago when I was in Coruscant during the height of the recession and housing crash was how disengaged from the rest of the country D.C. is. You would have never known there was a problem in the nation, everyone in DC was fat and happy. They are as oblivious as any aristocracy right before the heads started to roll.

    • That’s simply a clear market indicator that far too much money is flowing into DC. Real estate pricing responds to supply and demand – probably like nothing else other than maybe food. If D.C. real estate prices kept going up despite the general fall in prices everywhere else – that’s a clear indicator that people were flocking into D.C.

      D.C. exists like no other city in the entire country – by the simple means of being able to extract more money from your pocket under the threat of violence. Most cities only get to fleece their residents in this fashion. (in general – Los Angeles can’t get a dime from me unless I physically go there) D.C.’s entire reason for existence at this point is to be able to apply that threat nation-wide.

      • When the SWAMP gets drained, housing prices will drastically fall in the DC metro area. Those are real numbers that can measure the volume of draining. Three years of Trump, bless him anyway, DC housing is still way up.

  14. While it was only a side note in the article, “gentrification” is a lie. Gentrification is described as whites taking over an “historically black” neighborhood, when it is really just taking back surrendered territory lost in the post war period. My 50% black city was 7% black in 1930 and this surrender of territory has never stopped. When one part of the city gets taken back, another, bigger, part of the city gets taken. My city has lost over a million residents since the 1960s.

    Both sides of my family have been ethnically cleansed from the city. The neighborhoods my parents grew up in have been lost. The neighborhood I grew up in is lost. There is a large part of my city comically called Germantown where not a single German person lives. I can’t wait until the gentrification of parts of Germantown happens and they start referring to Germantown as an “historically black” neighborhood.

    But the most comical part is that everyone forgets why they moved to the suburbs in the first place. Once they escape diversity they become radical anti-racists. While we are not allowed to try and protect our neighborhoods, once blacks live in an area, it becomes “historically black” and it just another day of wicked white racism to try and move back.

    Blacks don’t have to try and force us out. Their presence alone makes our quality of life go down.

    • Except its faggots and hipsterz, asians taking what whites built and blacks ruined.

      Worse the blacks are then sent to the burbs.

    • The importance of your point cannot be overstated: the destruction of communal living for our tribe and our fleeing to suburbs (white refugee relocation camps) has destroyed our tribal bonds, our generational bonds and degenerated our culture into shopping for crap we don’t need, numbing and directing our interest into trivialities and walling us off from our past.

      • It’s worse than that, even, because the dots and the chongs are now flooding into the suburbs as well, soaking up the second wave of what Whites built, after we had surrendered the first wave of what Whites built to the rape-apes. Plus, unlike even the rape-apes, the dots and chongs have absolutely zero connection to this country, zero relation to its history, culture, religion, ethos. They’re just here to grab our stuff. The dots, the chongs and the Mohammeds come here as plunderers and conquerors, not as your new fellow citizens. And they’re pretty open and jolly about it.

  15. In Vino Veritas Sir.

    Post more after parties
    It makes you edgy.
    I like the edge.

    We need it.
    Quite serious.

  16. Some of the normies in attendance may fit the description of “in the room for the same reasons as us” but guys like Harzony and Weinstein (aka Mr. Michelle Fields – take that, Shapiro!!) are in the room for the same reasons as Bill Kristol. As for fellowship, for once I agree with (((Mark Leibovitch))). In “This Town,” he says that there are no friendships in Washington everything is transactional and everyone considers using each other simply as coin of the realm. Get out of that shit hole as fast as you can and get back to a more decent wholesome American city like Lagos, stat, bruh.

  17. Weinstein told you that he deals in real estate because he’d prefer not to admit that he’s not on anyone’s payroll. Trust fund. His grandfather built a pretty substantial real estate empire.

  18. “In a way, I feel sorry for these people. They are in this room for the same reason I see dissidents at our events. In their daily lives, they are surrounded by radicals who would like to murder the rest of us.”

    Well at least they’re aware of it!

    Anyone who has worked in the gov’t or corporate world has to be mystified by the people blissfully kowtowing to those who would love to exterminate them.

    Bourgeois Christian women who desperately try to show that they are just as “SJW hip” as the progressive little girls (the Booby refuses to call them “women”). Most of these obsequious Christian women are “educated”, which means they were exposed daily to the anti-Christian ideology of the far leftists, who would love nothing more than to round up Christians (especially Catholics) and ship them off to the death camps. Yet, they can look past this, since being fashionable (“moral” in womanspeak) takes precedence over all else.

    Corporate suits who also bend over backwards (just look at Gillette) to parrot the SJWism of the radical left. Strange, considering that if the radical left had had its way before the USSR collapsed all of the corporations would have been nationalized, and the profiteers who man them would have been arrested and sent to the gulags. No matter. Fashion, and all that.

    Modern boys (the Booby refuses to call them “men”) who grovel at the feet of feminism, taking masturbatory delight in expressing their progressivism, like church ladies of old. Even after the courts rape them in their divorce hearings they remain faithful. Even after they lose their kids they remain faithful. Even after their sons get affirmative actioned out work they remain faithful. Even as they watch men’s live get destroyed by false rape accusations they remain faithful. The alternative to faith would be thinking for themselves, and that’s just too frightening.

    Now, if you’ll excuse the Booby, he needs a drink.

  19. It’s probably down there with being gay or wearing shorts in winter, as far as character flaws.

    I think Zman drastically underestimates the character flaws that are part and parcel of being gay.

    • Aw, Vizzini, you have to admit that, on the whole, it was a great line. In any case, it’s one that I plan on stealing.

    • The Lavender Mafia’s politically and culturally thuggish coming out party over the last few years destroyed any illusions I once had that homosexuality was something we could tolerate so long as they kept it in the bedroom. Homosexuals reproduce by child abuse, and everything they are involved in is poisoned by their base and crass materialism hyper narcissism and utter lack of a disgust reflex. This most dysgenic of traits would be aggressively purged by any healthy society.

    • Queers are mentally disturbed. We used to treat them as such back when we had a country.

  20. I have a hard time believing that radicals™ would go after a room full of wealthy zionists, considering the immense overlap between those two populations.

  21. Z Man said: ” The utter pointlessness of the enterprise goes unnoticed, because it is swamped by the basic desire for fellowship and community…” Fellowship and community well be one of the key factors that will make or break the dissident white. I know I come off sounding like the black pill guy some times. But it’s just because a lot of people seem a bit naive about the challenges we face. E. O. Wilson the ant scientist said that one of the defining characteristics of humans is that we form groups. like I was saying yesterday, there’s around 193 million White people in America. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff and find intelligent, experienced and dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice large parts of their time and money to organize ? The left has who knows how many groups scattered all over the country. How does that work for us? The Bible says “without a vision the people perish.” Young people all over America have been cast adrift with weak connections to their people and history. Where’s the vision for those people? Who’s going to help guide them toward fellowship and community?

    • “How does that work for us?”

      1. Identify three or four sane, stable, reliable, middle-aged White men (30s – 40s) you know, who share your views, who are steadily employed, have no criminal or drama or addiction issues, and who have a bit of spare disposable income.

      2. Through the friend-of-a-friend, six-degrees technique, have these people recruit a few more, til you have a group of about a dozen.

      3. Pool together some money, and collectively rent a small 2 or 3 bedroom house in a stable but not showy area, a house with a garage and a decent back yard.

      4. Put one man’s name on the lease, but no one will live there; this is now your DR / WN local clubhouse. Keep this fact quiet. Make absolutely sure that this space remains 100 percent drug and alcohol and tobacco free, no exceptions, forever. Do not make noise or throw loud parties. Do not attract attention. No Jews.

      5. Plant a vegetable garden in the back yard: eggplants, lettuces, cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes. Maintaining the garden will be everyone’s responsibility. Everyone MUST pitch in.

      6. Turn the garage into a small weight-lifting gym. You can include a speedbag or an Exercycle too, but you MUST all lift weights. There are both important physical and social reasons for this.

      7. Turn the living room into a library/reading room/meeting room, with the book collection emphasizing the great peaks of Western thought: literature, philosophy, poetry, historical research: the good stuff. Coffee table books of great European art. No contemporary political screeds, no “The Turner Diaries,” no Ann Coulter books, nothing but the bedrock of European culture.

      8. If you have the money and space, include a piano, even a spinet or an upright will do. Also a couple of good acoustic guitars. No TV, at all. If you wish to indulge in a sound system, make it high quality, old-fashioned stereo-nut gear, with a vinyl turntable if possible. Your record collection will be entirely classical and Great American Songbook, Irish folk music, country and bluegrass, nothing contemporary, nothing recorded after 1975.

      9. Invest in a high-quality charcoal or propane grill for the backyard, and a good picnic table. You’re going to be having weekend backyard barbecues.

      10. The bedrooms can be turned into meditation rooms, storage rooms ( people stashing a change of clothes, towels etc.), study rooms, computer rooms. But NOBODY ever stays or lives in this house, or sleeps overnight. No exceptions; do not get into this habit, it is a slippery slope.

      11. Stock the kitchen with high-quality cooking gear, good pots and pans, excellent knives, blenders and such, and good flatware. You’re going to be having weekly dinner parties, each one emphasizing a different facet of European cuisine. You’re all going to learn to cook. Stock the fridge with organic produce. No processed foods, no cheap snacks. If you want a snack, it’s something like felafel, or hummus and pita, or Apple fritters that you made and stored for the club.

      12. Make sure that excellent coffee is always available.

      13. Schedule regular meetings and discussion groups, book club meetings, history talks. Stay away from immediately contemporary issues, or fraught DR topics. The initial purpose of the club is to create a calming, nurturing, Cultivated Western Man space: to rebuild your confidence in your culture and your people, not to get agitated and start yapping about the Day of the Rope.

      14. For the first six months at least, make it Members Only. Don’t bring casual friends, or wives and girlfriends, until trust has been fully established.

      15. After about a year, when things are on a solid basis, you can begin outreach: local White youth whom you trust, people from church or from work. Above all, and this is crucial: NO JEWS.

      16. When you’ve honed your outreach skills, you might attend AA meetings or Al-Anon meetings, to make new relationships and help those who are troubled. Exercise caution though, of course. Study local AA meetings for a while, before you make any decisions.

      17. By now you have enough people to branch out and start a second club. Good luck!

      18. And remember: NO JEWS. It’s nothing personal, or anti-Semitic, it’s just the state of present reality.

      • And obviously, if the house is a problem, you can do the exact same thing with an inexpensive commercial space, just tell everyone it’s an art gallery.

      • Excellent post.

        Regarding number 14… “For the first six months at least, make it Members Only. Don’t bring casual friends, or wives and girlfriends, until trust has been fully established.”

        Perhaps it would be best never to permit women or casual friends on the premises under any circumstances.

        Also, is there a particular reason you suggest renting rather than owning?

    • @OBT
      I’m trying Brother to get people to realize the need of banding together with like minded people with the same goals so we can start accomplishing what we need to do so we can survive and prosper…

      • Good man.

        Right now my efforts are limited to the incessant reminder to do this, Join or Die but I figure that’s at least something

        I don’t believe we can vote a solution mind you but right now we are still obliged to try.

        In any case the joining is really just prep, this isn’t the time for anything radical or stupid.

        The reason is simple, it may not look like it but we are moving ahead

        It’s still all trench warfare but we’ve claimed a little land, liberated a metaphorical village or two and need to keep the push up

        This adds forces and to use a strained analogy , our Minutemen are yet to be well regulated enough to form a Continental Army

        And yes I mixed metaphors and I like it. 😉

  22. Z, wondering if you could clarify your definitions of anti-Semite and racist. (Sorry if you’ve done so in the past. I’m just not sure where to look.) You seem tolerant of such folks but not a fan. Personally, I’m not sure how a rational white goy could choose to be anything but anti-Semitic and a racist, but I suspect that may be in how we define the terms.

    I’m anti-Semitic because I believe that a large portion of influential Jews have been working – quite successfully, btw – to undermine gentile whites to the point of our being minorities in our own lands. In essence, influential Jews have promoted and worked very hard to allow a full-scale invasion of the West by POC. Was it a giant conspiracy? No, just various individuals and groups working toward similar goals. Is every Jew – or even the majority of Jews – in favor of this? No, but rank-and-file Jews have shown no desire to push against it.

    In my mind, Jews as a group have been and continue to advocate and work on ground against my people; therefore, I’m anti-Semitic. Do I see Jews as some sort of special evil or possessed by special powers? No, though they have been a thorn in our side for a very, very long time.

    As to being a racist, I define racism as understanding that evolution has led to various peoples to have various traits, which, I suppose, is what many would define as “race realism.” These people would perhaps define racism as disliking or even hating someone based on their race alone.

    Ok, but what if I hate what other groups do to my world if allowed into it. Do I hate them for being black or Arab? Not exactly, but I understand what they can do to my world, and I hate that. What’s more, since I understand regression to the mean, what if I do fear – and thus hate – what an individual of another race – even a “nice” one – can do to my world if they are allowed to live in it? I may not quite feel hatred for the nice black family moving into my neighborhood, but I sure as hell don’t look past their race because I know that their children and relatives will be much closer to the black mean.

    So where’s that line? Am I not an anti-Semite or racist because I don’t hate blacks and Jews simply because they are blacks and Jews but because of what they’re doing to my people? I mean, if I lived in a Japan-like situation, i.e. 99% ethno-state with no influence from the 1%, would I care a whit about blacks and Jews? No, I wouldn’t. (What a paradise, by the way.)

    Anyway, sorry about rambling on, but I’m a pretty average guy so I suspect that my views on these issues are similar to others and they are also no too sure where you stand. Personally, I couldn’t care less if I’m considered an anti-Semite or a racist, but I was curious about how you define these terms.

    • Racism is good. Racism is the immune system of a people. It protects your people from outside harm.

      That’s exactly why they fight against racism so hard–they want to destroy our psychological ability to defend ourselves.

      Extending the immune-system metaphor, political correctness and Cultural Marxism are social AIDS: they destroy the ability of the infected body to defend itself.

      And unlike AIDS, which arose naturally, Cultural Marxism was designed by (*cough*) somebody.

      • One of Many Georges said: “That’s exactly why they fight against racism so hard–they want to destroy our psychological ability to defend ourselves.” That’s the wonderful world of political correctness my friend. Here’s a quote from Theodore Dalrymple that I’ve posted before. “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

      • That’s exactly why they fight against racism so hard–they want to destroy our psychological ability to defend ourselves.

        They don’t fight against racism – they don’t give a fuck – but the reason they use racism as a rhetorical cudgel is exactly because they know racism is hardwired into every person on the planet, so you always provoke a jab of guilt in the target, when you level the term as an accusation.

        That’s why we’ll never win this fight until we manage to convince our people that there’s nothing wrong with being a racist.

        • Felix_Krull said: “That’s why we’ll never win this fight until we manage to convince our people that there’s nothing wrong with being a racist.” I just don’t think convincing tens of thousands of white people that it’s fine to be racist is a productive use of our time. All your doing is raising another army of skin heads, which would play right into the hands of the left. No, what we need to do is to convince those people that it’s not just ok to be White but it’s a wouderful thing to be the descendants of Anglo-Europeans .

          • Tester,

            I agree. I probably shouldn’t have even written my comment. Z is walking a fine line. As I mentioned some place else, our number one priority at the moment is recruitment of normies. They will not respond well to the banner “Racist and Proud of It!”

            Baby steps. Let’s first get whites to be proud of who they are. The rest will follow naturally. Parents who love their children don’t need to be told that they should defend them.

          • Citizen of a Silly Country said: “Let’s first get whites to be proud of who they are. The rest will follow naturally. Parents who love their children don’t need to be told that they should defend them.” Exactly, well said..

          • Citizen: “Parents who love their children don’t need to be told that they should defend them.”

            This sounds perfectly reasonable and self evident, but unfortunately it’s NOT true. I’m sure Mollie Tibbetts’ parents loved her, and mourned her murder . . . but they still used it to virtue signal for muh magic Mestizos. Amy Biehl’s parents cherish their daughter’s Negro murderers. That White pastor in Atlanta surely loved his pretty young pregnant wife, but used her slaughter to inveigh against racism. I could go on and on and on. The social conditioning and indoctrination is so intense that despite parental love, these people literally could not feel – let alone express – the natural and normal human anger and rejection of their loved ones’ killers. Not even at the guilty individuals, let alone imply their genetic heritage in general rendered them unfit for civilized White society.

            I’m sorry, I too understand the line a lot of people are treading, but worrying about telling normies that racism is inherent and natural rather than evil is just another way of accepting the left’s moral framework. If you cannot bring yourself to openly proclaim your basic moral beliefs as both normal and good and historically valid and even legitimately Christian, then you are building your house on sand, and starting down that very same path that Trucons and Buckleyites (and the Moral Majority and Baptists ad Mormons) trod, to the very same dead end of equalitarianism and civnattery.

          • It’s an uphill battle, yes, but racism is literally what we’re fighting for, the right to build societies on racial discrimination. The term must be de-weaponized, and the conversation about inter-racial relations must re-framed to be about how we co-exist peacefully, given our racist hardwiring.

            As long as it’s bad to be a racist, we’re not going to get Normie on board with the ethnostate, only those 10-15% who don’t care what their normie neighbors think.

          • Felix,

            I get it, but we have to speak in terms that don’t frighten people off. Normie whites are open to statements like “It’s OK to be white” or “Why shouldn’t whites be proud of their history like every other group” or “If an Asian can be proud of their ancestry, why can’t whites?”

            Positive identity.

            White minds are open to those thoughts, but, right or wrong, they will reject anything that smacks of negative identity.

            But I’m telling you because I’m a living example, once you get whites (or any group) to be proud of who they are, they will very rapidly move toward understanding what it takes to maintain their people.

          • Positive identity.

            White minds are open to those thoughts, but, right or wrong, they will reject anything that smacks of negative identity.

            Good point.

        • Felix,

          Your right, of course. But we’re putting the cart in front of the horse. We first need to get whites to be proud of who they are and of their ancestors. That won’t be accomplished by saying their we’re racist and proud – even though that’s a true statement.

          Once whites begin to feel pride in who they are, the rest will follow naturally.

          • We first need to get whites to be proud of who they are and of their ancestors.

            That’s the easy part, although I think ‘respect’ is a better word than pride, or ‘awe’, even, when that’s called for. The key is to teach them who their ancestors were; if you can manage that, cultural confidence would follow naturally.

            That won’t be accomplished by saying their we’re racist and proud

            That’s not what I’m saying. I want the word to be neutral, a clinical description of a universal psychological phenomenon, like self-preservation or sex drive. I don’t go around saying “I’m male and proud”, because being male is totally uncontroversial, at least amongst normal people. You can’t be “racist and proud” because being racist is not an achievement, it’s a trait everybody is born with.

          • Got it, and you’re right. But perception is everything. We have to be very careful with our wording.

      • Our natural instinct when we see people different from ourselves is fear and hatred because in the past, different tribes showing up in your village was potentially a death sentence for you and your family. This is a good instinct.

        Not 100% sure, but I think that Z and others make a distinction between hating the person because of their race (racist = bad) and hating what that person could mean to your people if they settle in your area (race realist = OK). If that’s the case (and I’m not sure that it is), I’m saying that it’s a distinction without a difference as long as you don’t have a Japan situation, i.e. you are 100% sure that these visitors to your village will be leaving soon and permanently.

    • I cringed just a bit when I read Z say he’s not racist, although I know he didn’t mean it in a Charlie Kirk kind of way.

      • It’s really sad he wrote that. To any Lefty he’s as racist as they come even if he was just a civnat MAGA type that automatically makes him a racist in Lefty land.

        The fact he has to go Charlie Kirk on us to virtue signal to CivNats is worrisome.

        • Obviously, I have/had an issue with what he wrote as well. My guess (my hope?) is that Z is looking at the larger picture. He has repeatedly said – and I agree – that our number one priority right now is recruitment. Well, we’re not going to recruit normie whites by admitting that we’re racists. It’s just too loaded of a word.

          That said, Z could do a better job of just avoiding the issue, or, at the very least, not antagonizing, even patronizing, his audience who understand that being racist is both natural and good and, moreover, know that by almost any current definition of the word, Z himself is, in fact, a racist.

          • I agree Citizen. I’d also like to add that just about everybody any of us knows is also a racist when you consider those who would voluntarily move into a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

    • Citizen, he uses ‘racist’ or ‘antisemite’ in a neutral sense, at least that’s how I read it.
      “Just keepin’ it real.”

      I’m both a racist and an antisemite, that doesn’t mean I’m malevolent.

      I enjoy the Z-emphasis on realistic practicality. The Others aren’t going away anytime soon, it is what it is.

      I think we’re all getting to the same page on this. Did I get it right?

      • Not sure. However, one thing is clear, while Z, correctly, chastises Conservative Inc. for accepting the Left’s morality, his ever so slight denunciation of racists and anti-Semites (and, yeah, saying that being a racist is on the level of being gay is very much an insult) is exactly that, accepting the Left’s morality.

        Now, I suspect that Z is playing a larger game. He – again correctly – says that our number one priority at the moment is recruitment. And, frankly, waving a banner that says “Racist and Proud of It!” isn’t the best recruitment tool for getting normies to our side.

        Regarding being racist but not malevolent, I used to think that way as well, but I’m beginning to wonder if I’m was fooling myself. It’s kind of the CivNat position on race. To say, “Just because I love my people doesn’t mean that I hate others” sounds nice in theory but doesn’t work well on the ground.

        To carve out a place in the sun for your people and to hold that ground means pushing back hard against those other peoples who would very much love to crash your party. It means stopping their boats, apprehending children at the border and throwing them out. If you don’t have a bit of malevolence in your heart toward other peoples, you will eventually go soft at pictures dead little boys in the water or children crying for their mothers.

        The same is true for Z’s plan of returning to freedom of association. To choose is to exclude, and excluding is malevolent.

        • Citizen: Very well said. And you’re absolutely correct – the legitimate desire for a safe community of like-minded people means expelling the other, and hardening one’s heart toward others who may have done you no direct harm. And noticing – things like crime stats or the inevitability of ((())) does quite naturally lead to anger and resentment. That is why I no longer believe mere separation will be sufficient.

      • Alzaebo: “I’m both a racist and an antisemite, that doesn’t mean I’m malevolent.”

        Yes. Readers here might be surprised but I address the Negro butcher as “sir,” as I do any adult male whose name I don’t know. And I hold the gym door open for the Negress behind me because that is basic courtesy. That doesn’t change, in any way, how much I want them gone from America. And if asked, I freely admit to being a racist and literally Hitler – people don’t believe you if it’s not combined with a burning cross or kkk hood, and it disarms them. Tell normies this, after already establishing that you are a normal, rational, even pleasant person, and they generally do not merely dismiss you as beyond the pale. It creates cognitive dissonance and makes some of them begin to think a bit.

    • Racism = discrimination against anyone non-white;
      Antisemitism = same thing as above, but only applies to kikes, as well the added benefit of being a catchall for anything remotely anti-Jew.

      What more definition do ya need? Jews aren’t white, BTW.

      • By your definition, Z is a racist and an anti-Semite. Z would like to see the return of freedom of association. (Z is practical enough to discard talk of creating a white homeland.)

        For whites to create white enclaves would require discrimination against non-whites simply based on their race, ergo Z is a racist and an anti-Semite.

      • Well, perhaps I’m a below average guy because I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that I was wrong to write my post. I was probably right in the smaller sense: Z shouldn’t be chastising whites for being racist when 1) it’s just fine and natural to be racist and 2) by advocating for freedom of association – which is by definition racist – Z himself is a racist.

        However, I was missing the bigger picture. Our chief goal at the moment is recruitment of normies. Well, we’re not going to win too many converts with the motto: Racist and Proud of It.

        • Dissident Politics requires two faces at all times, an outward face and an inward face.

          The outward is for the normies, kind, pleasant , using soothing language but still moving them in the direction you want

          The inward face is a lot more open about how they feel.

          It’s not easy to keep them separated at the best of times and the Left being inherently subversive has entire squads of people trying to out people for wrong think

          This happened to a former Neonazi who went by the handle Mindweapon when he ran for public office a few years back. which needless to say sunk his political ambitions

          Smart guy, interesting ideas, surprisingly little hate but being a former skinhead caused him problems later.

          Ultimately though this will be solved in three ways, the Left win total victory and annihilate White people and culture, there will be a collapse and/or the US will separate or the Dissident Right will annihilate Leftism

          Voting is needed and a good idea since good selection can strengthen you faction but it won’t be won that way long term. For now, vote but keep your proverbial powder dry

          Victory will come either through collapse opportunism and/or force of arms . However that cannot be had till the Right gets future focused and is willing to sacrifice now for a tomorrow they’ll likely never see

          We don’t have Commissars to make people face forward in our movement so it’s going to be one cantankerous, overly individualistic person at a time till we reach critical mass,

          President Trump for all his vacillation on physical removal has done at ton to push the window our way , more than anyone else. Like everyone here, I’d love more but half a loaf while it won’t fill me up is better than an empty belly since it buys a bit of time and gives me bit of energy

          • “This happened to a former Neonazi who went by the handle Mindweapon when he ran for public office a few years back. which needless to say sunk his political ambitions.”

            Minor correction. It was his lawyer wife who was doxed and smeared during her initially succesful campaign for a local publc office. District attorney, IIRC. She herself did not in any way represent herself as WN. But some do-gooder in the community managed to dox her husband and yell bloody murder loudly enough to associate her with ebil racism, causing her to lose the election. BTW, after a long hiatus MW is back online at his old website and comments occasionally under his real name.


  23. On occasion to gain a true understanding of things you need to be there yourself.
    Better you than me. The good news is now we know.

  24. Z, we’re partying in your unoccupied house again. We learned our lesson from previous gatherings though and banned that Derb guy who trashed your place last time. Again, sorry about that, the dude was irrepressible.

  25. WRT to the lecture from the Zionist, the huge news of the day is Trump’s declaration of war Tweet over the weekend against the Anti-American POC invasion(telling them they should leave the country) and the screaming backlash to his statement by the Bill Kristol-Neo-Cons and the ((Media.)). Not to mention the lack of support from the Cuck Republicans.

    The die is cast. Let’s see if the “Dissidents” have what it takes to follow.

    • Dissidents will defend the bluster, but Trump needs to come up with concrete action before dissidents will follow again.

      Being Charlie Brown trying to kick a football gets tiring.

      • Trump’s weekend declaration may have been the most courageous words spoken by a US President in decades. Trump can’t move mountains. It’s up to the People to get it done.

        • Z could have been describing Trump above when he said “From a purely cynical perspective, it is not a bad strategy. Most whites cannot bear to think about the future, so turning their alienation into nostalgia, then monetizing it, is a nice grift….” He’s screwing you just like every other fraudulent GOP uniparty junior varsity shill. Tweet capitulate defeat repeat. Words are cheap, and the excuse that he can’t do it all by himself sounds more like “if only comrade Stalin knew what was going on, he’d save us kulaks…” every day.

          • “if only comrade Stalin knew what was going on, he’d save us kulaks…”

            Bang on the money!

            If Trump wanted to help his base and hurt Big Censorship, all he had to do was switch to Gab or – even better! – Dissenter.

            And if he were really radical, he could cancel all White House press passes and address his people directly on Bitchute, answer some of the questions in the comments. Hell, I bet he’d love it!

        • Carl B said: “Trump’s weekend declaration may have been the most courageous words spoken by a US President in decades. Trump can’t move mountains. It’s up to the People to get it done.” Amen brother.

        • Did you see his response earlier today?

          Of course it’s all about “our greatest ally.”

          • Of course. He’s using Israel against US secular Jews, the primary financiers and promoters of International Progressivism in America. More power to Mr. Trump.

          • This. President Trump understands who is in possession of the control nodes of American and Western Civilization and how to faction balance between those who hate us and want to see us vanish from the face of the Earth and those who merely see us as food animals to be exploited. He is a non-equalitarian civic nationalist; he thinks it is possible to make multiculturalism work as long as one is not such a retard as to think everyone is equal then import hordes of violent, high-time preference 70 and 80 IQ 3rd-worlders.

            He is right. It is possible to make multiculturalism work as long as there are no significant genomic disparities among the nations and the government is authoritarian enough to keep order. The Roman Empire is proof of this. However, the Roman people are no more. Multiculturalism will be our death, equalitarian or non-equalitarian, just as it was theirs.

        • What an obvious fool/plant you are.

          The people can’t “get it done” because they have no power.

          Trump has the executive power to repatriate foreigners and it needs to be him who gets it done fool.

          The transparency of how this is all just another ploy to get the rubes worked up again makes me hate Trump and his band of “Muh God Emperor” retards even more.

        • Talk is cheap when not backed by action and Trump is a master of that. He talks real big and then walks it back or just goes silent. He talked up securing the border the and deporting illegals once he got into office and when he got there he did neither.

          He was elected to do something not tweet like a 16 year old girl while the country gets overrun by illegals he let in.

          • Let’s see you stand up and take the heat like Trump is doing today. I swear to God a lot of you so-called Dissidents haven’t the sense God gave a frying pan. Find your own goddam foxhole, pal.

      • Exactly. Taking a rightward position and failing miserably actually moves the Overton Window to the Left.

        Trump may “trigger the Libs”, but if he keeps on failing they keep on winning.

        • Trump is taking arrows from all the usual suspects as a “White Supremacist” today and some here are knifing Trump as the enemy. Insanity. Pure effing, ignorant, self-defeating insanity.

          Explains why “Dissidents” are going nowhere fast these days.

          • Hey guy I’ve never seen here before:

            If you, Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol, and Paul Ryan want to go form a circle jerk on Bill Mitchell’s front lawn, you be my guest.

            Some of us actually have to live in the brown hellscape Trump has done nothing to address.

          • Explains why “Dissidents” are going nowhere fast these days.

            Dissent is skyrocketing these years, both on the left and the right. Remember what 2014 was like for nationalists?

          • Burger-tard CivNat or troll, either way you are wasting your time here. Go back to Bill Mitchell or Huffpo accordingly. This isn”t a Q/MIGA Train hangout

        • It also demoralizes the true Right & exposes us to enemy fire. As the song says, “forward! he cried, from the rear, and the front rank died.” Guys like James Fields and are the vanguard paying the price for Trump’s double-dealing & bluster.

    • Certain dissidents wouldn’t be happy if he gassed Jared.
      They’d demand he gas Ivanka and his granddaughter too.

      Not that they’d actually “follow” him anywhere if it meant getting off the couch.

      • In the immortal words of Ann Coulter, everything isn’t about the f-ing Jews. Every time BurgerNats white knight the Chosen as they strike them, another red pill drops. Keep genuflecting, goy. Soros, Inc & his Con, Inc rent boys will still want your children broken, prostituted or dead. You’re wearing your uniform, Whitey. Stand in formation.

    • I mentioned this a couple of days ago on another thread. “Go back to your own country” has been verboten for at least 3 decades because it’s really saying “you don’t belong here”. Trump has just smashed that taboo. The sturm und drang response is entirely predictable and entirely impotent.

      The unsayable becomes sayable as soon as someone with sufficient clout says it.

  26. I really wanted to make this event but I swore to myself this was the weekend I finally organize my sock drawer. Glad you had a good time, hope the drinks were reasonably priced.

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