Orange Versus Black

Just when you thought it was safe, after the Mueller testimony was a colossal flop, President Trump finds a way to get everyone outraged all over again. His tweets about Congressman Elijah Cummings and his congressional district, have all the usual suspects pointing and sputtering. Given the amount of pointing and sputtering they have had to do the last three years, it is a miracle that they can even sputter. It should not be possible to be outraged for three years, but here we are.

Of course, the usual suspects are howling about the racism, as Cummings is black and his district is a black carve out. It includes some of the worst parts of Baltimore city, which means the mostly black parts. The district is about 30% white, which is why Cummings wins his elections with ease. In 2018 he won with 76% of the vote. If you are white and trapped in one of these districts, voting is pointless. In fact, voting for anyone is pointless as the results are known in advance.

As is custom with these types of districts, Cumming is as crooked as a ram’s horn. His wife runs a shady charity that gets millions from people with business in front the Congressman’s committee. He also seems to have some connection with the recent scandal that brought down the last mayor of Baltimore. In one of his tweets, Trump mentioned the corruption. It should be pretty easy to run a sting on Cummings, but he is off limits for the reason everyone knows, but does not say.

Of course, no one will bother disputing the facts of Trump’s tweets. That’s a dangerous subject that must never be mentioned. Any examination of Baltimore would not only reveal Trump is right, but also reveal those things we all know are true, but are told we must never mention. Baltimore is a black city and the highest crime areas are the blackest areas. For example, 92.9% of those arrested for murder are black and 91% of their victims are black. Crime in Baltimore is a black thing.


Of course, this is something everyone knows to be true. In fact, no one alive in modern America has ever lived in a time when people were puzzled about the nature of crime, with regards to race. The reason the urban hipsters exist is their hipster neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed of non-whites, mostly blacks. Giuliani cleaned up Manhattan by having the police put out the unwelcome mat for blacks. The stop and frisk policy was a success, because it relied on those assumptions about race and crime.

This link between race and crime is so well understood, efforts to conceal it have become a meme on social media. For example, when the news says they are looking for teens involved in a wilding incident, everyone knows what it means. Here’s one from Washington. The same thing is true for the party shootings, which always have a certain color to them. Here’s one from the current news. Shootings at block parties are like shootings at hip-hop concerts. Everyone knows what it means.

Of course, black crime is a young black male problem. When the Obama Administration tried to make the case that the cops are racists, they learned that the cops are probably not racist enough. In their report on crime, they found that young black males are 3% of the population and near 30% of homicides. Blacks were disproportionately represented as both homicide victims and offenders. The offending rate for blacks (34.4 per 100,000) was almost 8 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000).

The fact is, crime in Baltimore, like everywhere in America, is a black thing. The internent meme “1350” works because it is something everyone knows, even if they don’t know the exact details. Even when the issue is contained in certain sections of cities, people are made painfully aware of this reality, because crime in the hood does not stay in the hood. Every white person in America has a story in their family tree that involves leaving the old neighborhood because it went bad.

That brings us back to Trump. In sane world, his noticing the obvious should not be front page news, but we don’t live in a sane age. As the legendary quantitative blogger said long ago, “There are very few moments in a man’s existence when he experiences so much hostility, or meets with so little benevolence, as when he challenges fashionable perceptions of race.” Trump is about to face a fury of hostility from the usual suspects that no man has withstood in the past.

In fact, one of the usual suspects responsible for inflicting Barak Obama on the country is predicting that this is the Gettysburg of his presidency. From the perspective of the usual suspects, of course, Trump is Lee in this analogy. Like Charlottesville, this event will be the rallying cry for the Left until the election. Whatever other issues come up in the next year and a half, the 2020 election will be about race, specifically the old Progressive view of race versus one based in observable reality.

That is fundamentally the choice before us. Do we want to accept the Progressive view on the human condition, slowly sinking into the desperate, grinding poverty of a place like Baltimore? Or, we will not accept that and do what is required to prevent America from becoming a multicultural ghetto ruled by and parasitic elite? That’s what Baltimore is right now. It is a vision of tomorrow that no one should welcome. It does not have to be that way, but the only way to prevent it is to face it.

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154 thoughts on “Orange Versus Black

  1. Z says, “the 2020 election will be about race…”

    At some point, respectable people need to be able to say in public, “While I know some impressive black people, blacks in general are vastly more criminal and unintelligent than other people.”

    • All this talk about black Americans is kind of ironic given that it is mainly white Americans who have gotten us into our current predicament with regards to social and fiscal stability! Who came up with the great society that started family breakdown? Who are still the majority in Congress representing corporations and foreign interests instead of citizens? An awful lot of powerful WHITE faces involved in the ruin of this nation. (This means you, Gavin Newsome) That to me is even worse then street crime.

      • It sounds like we are in agreement, although I wonder if you know what “JQ” stands for.

        Blacks are not our biggest problem, but they are the most visible problem about which we are required to lie.

        • Blacks are a problem we had under control before the Chosenites took total control of our society.

        • Now that someone has kindly explained “1350”, could someone please explain “0280”?

          Thanks in advance!

        • I’ve been watching the miniseries about Chernobyl. The final episode is the court case to decide what really happened and how to punish those responsible. Basically, what happened was that the Soviet machine was prepped to do it’s usual cover up but the truth got out anyway. At the end they show a quote, supposedly from Gorbachev, saying essentially that “Chernobyl was probably the real reason the Soviet Union collapsed.” Whether or not he really said this I think the point is that the system unraveled when people stopped lying about things everyone knew to be true. This kind of thing can spread rapidly due to a crisis. Once the lies about the reactor failed, the lies about everything else went too. We can only hope for our own Great Unraveling.

  2. In the context of what just happened in Puerto Rico, and Trump’s so-call “racist” tweets about the crooks down there, this Cummings thing is not a coincidence. I wonder if they got something on him? Not necessarily, since Trump appears to have been responding to Cummings’ characterization of border facilities for illegals.

    But the governor of PR just resigned, and there will be people in government going to prison for stealing disaster funds. So I think it’s quite plausible that Cummings is, or will be, in hot water.

    The behavior of blacks in the cities is reaching a point where I think even black people are starting to get pissed about it. A recent July 4th rampage in Philly led to interviews with shop owners in the path of destruction…many of whom are black…taking about the collapse of families.

    There is a black middle class in America. They don’t like this stuff (or illegals) much either.

    • hokkoda said: ” But the governor of PR just resigned, and there will be people in government going to prison for stealing disaster funds. So I think it’s quite plausible that Cummings is, or will be, in hot water.” ( Sorry, off topic. ) What has never gotten nearly enough coverage in our corporate media is what happend to all the money for the Haiti Disaster Relief Funds when old Hillary was in the State Department. Here’s a link to a good artical about it. “Haiti Needs $2 Billion the Clinton Foundation Stole From Its Relief Funds”

    • It’s also possible that Trump timed the rats tweet to jibe with the PBS special on rats in Baltimore that was supposed to air this evening. Must have pissed PBS off to have consider whether to cancel/postpone it due to snowflake shrieking , then realize that’d be an even worse move!

  3. OH FFS!

    Progress channel:
    “Russian collusion is a military act of war against our nation.”

    This election by any means necessary. Why wait for 2024?
    The whites must be waking up too fast.

    • King T,

      Wow. Breathless outrage writing and a nonsequitor to some other Republican politician from the past who was a kiddie-diddler. Well done on the non-partisan journalistic integrity reporting AZCentral news. Yawn…

      • Not being American, I have no idea whether this Sylvia Allen person represents an example of the the changing conversation or whether she’s just an outlier.

  4. Listening to the Progress channel today, I have a prediction as to Orange Man Bad:

    They are planning on attempting impeachment just before the election, to throw the vote into chaos.

    The danger is that neither side will accept the results.

    (The Russian Collusion is about to become this century’s Most Documented Event Ever. The grifters have learned well from the masters. The American Right must never again be allowed a vote, because they will elect Chancellor Man Bad.)

    • PSS- 2 pearls from today:

      “The people who deny they are racists are the real racists.”


      Ebola in the Congo needs more money; perhaps we should bring plague refugees here where they can get the finest care (in Republican districts).
      “Every human being has an absolute right to health care.”

      1/2 hour later: too, too many pearls of priceless stupidity.
      My cup runneth over.

      • >>>perhaps we should bring plague refugees here where they can get the finest care (in Republican districts).<<<

        If nothing else, this would be pretty darn redpilling…

  5. Alcee “Mugabe” Cummings could easily fill the role of sub-Saharan dictator, demonstrating that most American Blacks are indistinguishable from Africans. Pre-feudal tribal despotism seems to be the highest political organization they’re capable of sustaining on their own. We are faced with a choice – either Bantustan them or rule them with authoritarian force. I’m for the former. Forbid the smart class the brain-drain option and force them to return to/stay within their own communities. As with many Third World shitholes like India, the only hope these peoples have is to keep their very small smart fraction at home. The First (White) World doesn’t need what amounts to merely more middling IQ’s of exotic provenance at all, while their brain-starved indigenous populations desparately need to keep them in house.

    To keep homelands on track, they have to go back. To build a better home, they must not roam. (Eat your heart out, Cornel West & Cochran).

  6. Several years ago I was on a business trip to Baltimore. I stayed in Columbia. I took a wrong turn trying to get to the inner harbor. This was at 9 or 10am. I’ve rarely been that scared. The kind of place where the black males jump off the curb with their arms extended out in gangsta eagle pose. I would have floored it. I wouldn’t have stopped if they jumped in front of me. The whole scene would have quickly turned into that hit and run scene in Bonfire of the Vanities.

  7. “That is fundamentally the choice before us. Do we want to accept the Progressive view on the human condition, slowly sinking into the desperate, grinding poverty of a place like Baltimore? ”

    That question was asked, and answered with the passing of the Buckwheat Administration. The deal is basically this: if you vote Democrat, you are voting for endless race and gender politics and accusations against whites. The white people that keep food on the table and the lights on, to be exact. You are too hard on Trump, Z. The fact that we are even talking about this on a national level speaks well for Trump when the Uniparty would love to sweep it all under the carpet. It’s a done deal, really – the next election is going to be a rout. The four cunned stunts of The Donk Squad virtually assured it.

    The bigger questions remain. What are we going to do with the 40% of blacks that are too stupid to hold a regular job? And how do we get rid of the human trash imported by the globalists from the third world without sparking a race war?

  8. I have been referring to this election as the “derivative election” (as in rates of change) because the outcome of this election will be determined by whether whites leave the Democrat party faster than the ranks of non-white voters join the Democrat party. If Trump is going to win in 2020, he has to drive whites out of the Democrat party. That requires exposing the Democrat party is now an anti-white party.

    Trump’s attacks on the commie Squad and Cummings are just the begining. He’s going to turn this amp up to eleven. Grab the popcorn, kick back, and enjoy!

    • When the blowback happens against White Americans, and it will, it’s going to be extremely ugly.

      You and I will bear that blowback, not Jared and Ivanka.

  9. Being a goddamed furr’ner, I had no idea who this Elijah Cummings was/is but even some cursory research has told me as much as I need to know. He’s a prototypical “African big man”, a tribal leader for whom power simply means freedom to plunder. Civic responsibility is not even a concept to these people.

    See, you can take the boy out of Africa but……

  10. OT but…Z! What is your take on “Libra” the Facebook currency (and the alt currencies in general). Great article topic and related to this thought: In a globalized world corporate players are more important than governments. It’s better to have a Mastercard than a US passport.

  11. It’s all theatre. Trump is trying to solidify his base by saying the unmentionable, while achieving zippo for us. The left is already at maximum decibel and no one cares what they say. No one cares about the truth or untruth of their side. To trumps enemies, he colluded with the Romulans, and to us Obama with the Sauron.

    • Trump is cynically appealing to nationalists so that he can further serve the globalists. Sad.

      Jared and Ivanka control the vain orange beast.

  12. “Trump is about to face a fury of hostility from the usual suspects that no man has withstood in the past.”

    That’s because no other president in modern times has had the courage to face down the corrupt media establishment. I’m glad Mr. Trump brought this up. Normie is about to be exposed to a debate he rarely gets to hear. Trump will easily win this. Let’s hear progressive whites in the Midwest blame white people for the problems of Detroit and see what happens. (Guffaw.)

    • Is anyone else excited to watch the debate between whichever Blue team goy VS Trump for presidency? It’s going to be a blast.

  13. This is the multicultural society in a nutshell described here. Singapore’s late leader Lee (a Chinese, not Dixie, kind of Lee) said that ppl in multicultural societies dont vote their economic interests, they vote their ethnic interest.

    All of this is the same as saying you do not have ‘one’ society in a multicultural situation; you have multiple societies rubbing against each other inside one nominal state. This wont work well, but Im preaching to choir now by saying that here.

  14. We spend massive amounts on our criminal justice system, have harsh penalties for crimes, lock people away for a long time, and *still* have areas with third world crime crime rates. Many other developed countries spend very little on the criminal justice and have very low crime rates. The criminality problem in the U.S., if anything, is understated in international comparisons for this reason. Imagine our crime rates if we were *soft* on crime.

    • Those other developed countries are importing 3rd world vibrants at an alarming rate and their crime statistics are beginning to reflect it.

      • “Refugees” from Central America are said to be fleeing the gang violence of their homelands, but once a critical mass of them settle into a neighborhood, the gangs reappear. It’s what they do. They’re trying to flee themselves.

    • It is said that in marriage now, the man has responsibility without power.

      This also goes for many other social situations. Men are apparently responsible for abortions, and whites are responsible for black crime. Of course you never have power to do anything about either. We’re just supposed to shut up and gleefully render tribute.

      • Right-to-Lifers like to blame Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood for the high rate of Black abortions. As if clinic employees race out into the street and drag pregnant Black women into clinics for an abortion.

        • Social conservatives are averse to shaming single mothers, because they fear it leads to “stochastic abortion”.

          In the same vein, its actually quite rare for a minister to engage in outright slut shaming, because most congregations are majority female. I’m just over here being a volcel.

          • You are 100% correct. The anti-abortion obsession of modern-day conservative Christians leads them to legitimize illegitimacy and welfare dependency. Another nail in the coffin of the traditional male-headed family unit and a slap in the face of people who pull their weight (like me, working on a Sunday evening). This plays into the hands of Globohomo that wants to destroy the traditional family and replace it with a government-dependent Life of Julia single mother situation.

            Probably the only major church that still condemns fornication is the Mormons.

          • There’s also the issue of single mothers in the congregation, and the tendency of ministers to view themselves as pairing them off with the few single men; rather than the proper course of trying to get them to marry the father.

            Generally most men are quite hesitant to be stuck raising another man’s child, but in a time of rampant thirst even this is breaking down.

          • Two of my husband’s three younger brothers have this situation. The women they’ve married identified them as suckers, i.e. nice, chivalrous guys, to help raise their kids (5 altogether) and defend them against their ex-husbands, who also happen to be the actual FATHERS of these kids. We’re talking upper middle-class, professional people here. Human nature’s a bear!

    • Typically one gangbanger shooting another and possibly others caught in the crossfire. There is a heavy dependancy on cameras because of the “no snitch” rule. I wonder how committed the police are to solving that type of crime. Taking out the trash.

  15. Last night Baltimore hosted its first world title boxing match in a dog’s age and I have never been so happy to be watching something at home rather than in the flesh. Lighting can soften a lot, but in long shots of Royal Farms Arena, panning over the crowd, the place and the people looked savage even considering the nature of the event. It basically looked like a ghetto hippodrome for a late empire event featuring gladiators hosted by some African despot, with the level of sleaze and debauchery of the Earth right before the flood. I guess when the mumble rappers start speaking in tongues we’ll know the end is nigh. I saw a smattering of white faces there, too. What the hell were they thinking? (the walk back to your car in the parking lot at night must have been a less light-hearted version of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”).

  16. Does this mean that all those people who were never going to vote for Trump are now really, really, really never going to vote for Trump? Maybe they will even start calling him a racist?

    • The media is no longer using scare quotes when calling Trump a racist.

      Believe it or not this can and will change the tide. The GOP gets over the top thanks to uninformed moderate voters, and they are most easily gaslit by the media. Trump in fact won because he got lots of free media coverage, as the press thought he would easily lose.

    • Has anyone else noticed in their day to day life that there seems to be less people virtue signaling, or panicked explanations about how one of their “best buddies is a (fill in the blank)…” when NOTICING, etc. ?

      I can’t tell if I’ve tailored my crowd of people to suit my beliefs or there is a growing shift in the Overton window.

      • You will know we are getting somewhere when the “lock her up” meme reaches the normies. They have been browbeaten to ignore the things she has done, and that needs to be changed.

      • @PM
        I can’t tell if I’ve tailored my crowd of people to suit my beliefs or there is a growing shift in the Overton window.
        I think there is a shift going on Brother… People are starting to talk about it in public where before they would only talk about it at home…The more they push and scream racist the more the normies will wake to how much they hate us and start looking for others that want to survive as well…

        • I think so too. Reality is starting to intrude in ‘normal’ ppl’s lives and that is having an effect.

          • Okay. I’m glad some others are noticing there seems to be a shift. I am loathe to reach that eventual old man stage where I know what I know and can’t listen or see, live in a complete echo-chamber or just dont care to see the world as it is.

            Only 50ish but I’m appraching, if not quite knocking on, the door to the golden years. Dont quite identify Samuel Whitmore as my spirit animal yet.

      • “Has anyone else noticed…”
        Yes. It’s not just you.

        And furthermore, many people are desperate to let off steam when they discover that you’re a sympathetic ear. I generally make a point of setting up/encouraging such interactions [1], listening to their comments (often it comes out in a rush, suggesting there is a LOT of head-pressure built up), and asking a few leading questions (“yeah, and more to the point, have you noticed X?”)

        [1] interactions: it sure isn’t anything like “Hello, let me tell you about the BQ/JQ (or whatever)!” A rolled eye, raised eyebrow, or something like “there’s a surprise!” at the right moment is often enough to get the ball rolling.

      • I’m a bit skeptical of too big a change in attitude occurring. Maybe some rightish leaning normies, but the rest are still too comfortable with their current socio-economic status and “noticing” still carries too high a professional and personal risk, and I fear they won’t see the brick wall until it’s too late.

        Case in point, an acquaintance mentioned the rather undesirable aspects of utilizing public transportation, but she would never deign to exercise her vote in a way that would actually improve it. Probably made her feel guilty to even think such thoughts about encountering diversity up close and personal.

  17. “Laaddddies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! Welcome! To the greatest show on earth!” Welcome folks, to another episode of Barnum Bailey and Trumps chaotic political circus. There’s never been an American politicians that can stir up the s**t like old Donny J. To what end, I have no idea. If you a big supporter of Pres.Trump, so be it. But think about this. Here’s a quote I’ve posted two or three times before. but it bares repeating. Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: ” A man is truly mature when he realizes that politics won’t save him.” So here’s what I know. Every empire that has began the long decline, has experienced the same deterioration in quality of upper management. it’s inevitable. The same mad dash for maximum wealth. The same vicious factional infighting. The same inability to find workable solutions to pressing problems. These and numerous other problems drag the civilization down untill it’s nothing but a shadow of it’s former glory. It’s all there in the history books. And there’s not a damn thing you can do to save it. So my advice is, save yourself and your loved ones and be satisfied you could do that much. Oswald Spengler said: “Optimism is cowardice.” Here’s a link to “The American Conservative” website with a great essay.

  18. Inner Harbor area (gentrified, for tourists) in BWI is scary in the daytime, wouldn’t venture out at night, ever. But if it’s all B-on-B, maybe you’ll just lose your wallet and a few teeth.

    Guess the gentrification was a success!

    • Z, is this true?

      There is some possibility I might be in the area next year and I was wondering if I should cross this off of my “to visit” list.

      • I was down in Bmore last month to get some Bertha’s Mussels, you should too, but in and out, you’re a couple of blocks from where it turns nasty,
        Bertha’s in an area with a lot of small good restaurants, long honkies, biggest peril is the fucking scooters.
        It’s the only place I know where Subway closed because the local places were better and cheaper,

      • It sounds like an analogy to the 20-80 ‘rule’, both are mathematically mutually compatible of course (havent checked the shape of a distrubution that satisfies both, may have funny shape??).

    • I think it has something to do with 13% of the population committing approximately 50% of homicides.

    • Blacks comprise 13% of the population while committing 50% of violent crimes. Often phrased as “thirteen do fifty”.

    • Although the truth is probably 2080. It’s a meme function dependent on the domain and time, not to mention the courage of census takers.

    • Look at the American flag.
      13 stripes
      50 stars
      What does it mean?

      Go to /pol/, lurk moar

      Here’s an idea similar to IOKTBW.
      plain white paper, plain font:

      1488 – crossed out
      1350 – below that.

      • riteratery hitre said: ” Look at the American flag.
        13 stripes
        50 stars
        What does it mean?” It means you can count up to 50.

      • Intransigence doesn’t come easy to GoodWhites in the US even as a majority, particularly the Upper MW that succors cultural cancers like the Universities of Chicago and Wisconsin and “representatives” like Omar. It’s going to take some generational hardening to produce intransigence in the coming White minority.

    • Thank goodness, someone respectable asked the question! It’s hard sometimes to keep up with conversations, all you youngsters with your acronyms and your memes and your hula hoops and your I don’t know what…

  19. A little video I nabbed from somebody on Twitter showing Baltimore in the 1920s. This one-minute clip still has a ton of information:

    The white kids. The big social groups and active, do-it-yourself play. The rough-and-tumble play (boxing) of the boys, but still organized and without the animalistic head-stomping of the current inhabitants. Kind of got me in the feels. We’ve kind of gone backwards since then, haven’t we?

    • Great video, and tragic for what’s been lost.

      Reminds me of a business trip to Milwaukee, where we were visiting an old industrial area in the throes of an attempt at “revitalization”, which is still ongoing. The plant is in the middle of one of Milwaukee’s no-go zones, a short distance from where the riots started a few years back.

      We’d been told beforehand that we weren’t allowed to leave the plant on foot, only by vehicle, due to the barbarian menace. So I was struck, driving through the no-go zone for the first time, by the fact that we passed block after block of quite attractive, well-built houses. In the before-time, these were the houses of factory workers, located within walking distance of their jobs, with yards in which children could play, with parks and shops nearby–relics of a time in which a single-income working man could own a house and support a family. Now, the crime-ridden domain of the hopeless and dependent. It left me sad and angry at what’s been taken from us.

    • Any number of these kids were from families considered “poor” at the time, yet they were law-abiding and decently dressed and behaved, with father who worked and families that would have been ashamed to collect a dime in public charity.

  20. To answer your question Z-man, no one wants to go into that good night, wrt crime and degenerate human condition. But how can we be hopeful, regardless of what Trump says or does?

    There was another Trump in the past, Rudy Giuliani—whom you mentioned. I was in NYC at the time. Everyone—except the undertow and race grifters—loved him. He not only talked the talk, he walked the walk. He took the heat and cleaned up the city with his “broken window” policies. The result was not faked. Crime went down. NYC went from #1 in murders, to the safest large city in America. Quality of life became objectively better.

    So what happened? Well, the people forgot, or more likely were replaced by a new population that neither cared nor understood the difference between political grifters and genuine leadership. And voila, they got de Blasio. His solution to crime is to call it alternative lifestyle and legalize it.

    Food for thought wrt a Trump presidency. Even proven success may not be enough to ensure continuation of such policies given our vibrant brethren and grifter political leadership.

    “Après nous, le déluge“ — sigh……

    • If de Blasio considers criminal behavior just a lifestyle choice then he shouldn’t have a problem with roving gangs of whites curb stomping random blacks. Blacks do this to whites all the time, coast to coast, and not once have I ever heard a “leader” denounce the racial aspect of these attacks.

    • Before Guiliani,
      there were 2200 murders a year.
      It went down to ~600 per year by the end of Guiliani’s reign.
      There had been ~120,000 car thefts per year..
      It went down to about 30,000 per year.

      HUGE difference.
      But people forget.

    • I watched it happen. Started working in one of the Rock Center buildings at the end of the Davey Dinky administration. Anything west of the 6th avenue “XYZ” buildings was a “no go” zone. The employees that had to use the Port Authority to get home to NJ used to gaggle up in the lobby in the winter to walk over there, it was that sketchy in the dark. After 8 the firm paid for car service home. Then Giuliani relentlessly ran off the scumbags–an FDNY chief once told me the way they ran off all the porno places was by simply doing constant fire inspections, citing and closing until rectified, then reinspecting and finding more violations. Finally convinced them to leave. But yes, the next generation has absolutely zero memory of that–and instead thinks it’s so unfair that a known gangbanger gets stopped and frisked.

  21. Looking at the graph of arrests by age reminds me of a case involving a prison gang and informants that I worked on 20 years go. The gang members were often 18- or 19-year-old men in jail 25-to-life for murder-robbery, murder-rape, whatever. These fellows weren’t choir boys who turned bad at age 18. They got in trouble with the law as early as age 12 and the crimes escalated until someone was seriously hurt or killed.

    A girlfriend who’s taught various grades in the Akron, Ohio, public school system told me that they can tell if a kid will turn out badly in fourth grade. She knew of a second-grader who threatened his classmates with a razor and said that he would probably be in jail before he was old enough for high school.

    If one of these thugs was adopted at birth by a good suburban family, they’d still turn out badly. Bad seed.

    • Yep, and they (Leftist political grifters) insist that these “bad seeds” stay in school to terrify/infect the few “good seeds” that remain in these public institutions.

      • Beat me to it. And Peterson’s absolutely right.

        My brother and his wife took in two of his wife’s neice’s kids a couple of years ago. The boy was almost six, with a black dad in prison. The girl was three, with a white dirtbag dad who was the sperm donor for a third sibling that their mother was pregnant with at the time.

        Long story short, the boy was nigh uncontrollable at only six years old. He’d been spoiled and undisciplined by his skank mom his entire life and nothing my brother and his wife did to try to provide stability and direction worked. He was also so far behind in his learning ability (reading, basic numbers, etc.) that his younger sister started to catch up to him.

        It caused so much turmoil that they had to pass the boy back to other relatives, who quickly sent him on back to his scumbag, half- homeless mom. It’s tragic because the little bugger doesn’t have a chance. He’ll be dead or in prison by the time he’s 25.

        • Another friend and her now ex-husband adopted a mulatto 10-year old girl. To say it was a disaster is an understatement – the adopted daughter tried to kill my girlfriend

          • The one advantage with my own kids is I already know what genetic defects to watch out for. Rather than playing the lottery

  22. Trump’s work on the Overton Window has been impressive. But his lack of action–while inspiring opponents into frenzies of Bolshevization and nation-wrecking–is a profound disappointment.

    • For Trump’s Overton window-shifting to remain shifted, he needs backup. And he’s got almost none in politics right now. Plenty on TV and the new media, but nobody in politics will say anything righteous like that. The right needs its own “squad”. The fear is that when Trump goes, establishment politics closes back in to 2012-mode. If that does not happen, and Trump is harbinger rather than a blip, then Trump should be on Mount Rushmore for Overton window shifting alone.

      • Lindsay Graham 2.0 said Ilhan Omar should spend time in Somalia and might then appreciate America more. We need a lot more of that.

      • The mainstream GOP has knifed Trump’s potential Congressional allies in the back, like Rep. Steve King, who had the enormous balls to say “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

        He’s now a Congressional leper after he was caught wondering when “Western Civilization” became a problematic term.

    • Correct. And those “furies of Bolshevization” will be taken out on us when he’s gone.

    • The cultural marxists have the shoe on their foot now b/c they spent decades working Overton, actually perverting it. I may be falling into the ‘4-D chess trap’ but resetting Overton could be a long game thing??

    • Babe, may I suggest that you may have things the wrong way around. You need to move the Overton window BEFORE you can start taking meaningful action. If everyone and everything is against you, then you have no chance to change anything. It’s like swimming against the current; the current will always prevail. Swim with the current and amazing progress can be made, very quickly too.

      • Talk without action shifts nothing. Trump seems willing to put his supporters skin in the game without risking his own. Con, Inc. has been swimming with the swamp current for years and making amazing progress in their own bank accounts and dynastic family prospects – too bad that means the rest of us are being left behind.

        • Ye gods, Exile: what if it’s not them he’s goading, but US?

          The ultimate Judas goat.

      • Correct – politics (getting things done) is downstream of the culture. Something progressive understood exceedingly well.

    • It’s the worst of both worlds. The enemy is provoked into a frenzy of over-reaction while we can’t even get protection from the backlash Trump creates, much less support for the offensives he announces but refuses to lead or support. Trump has sat on the sidelines while his White US supporters have been imprisoned or deplatformed while falling all over himself to rescue black trash rappers who gang-curb-stomp fellow ferals in Sweden. I’ve long ago stopped making excuses for him. He’s either a hopelessly clueless Boomer-Con negrolator or a terribly miscalculating Machiavellian calculator who’s somehow hoping to found a Javanka political dynasty. New WhiteNat stalking horse(s) needed, stat.

  23. There are already videos out where black residents of Murder City say Trump is right, and that Cummings is useless.

  24. Trump is polarizing us with the race issue. He becomes a 4D chess master if he wins by a landslide. I assure you,however,the alternative is exceedingly grim.

    • To do polarization right, he’d need to get violent BLM mobs back onto the streets.

      For the kvetching about Charlottesville, BLM affiliated attacks claimed at least 9 police officers. And that’s been memory holed, with the white left now more “Woke” than their minority pets.

    • Either way, it is getting it out in the open, which can’t be a bad thing for redpilling.

    • I’m not sure about that. He’s stirring up the minorities, and if the Democrats could only find a new Obama then all those pissed off black people will go vote. However, that would probably be the case regardless if they could only find their new black Jesus.

  25. Way back in high school, I travelled overnight alone from a safe, white suburb in Maryland for knee surgery in Baltimore.

    I made the mistake of walking around on crutches outside my hotel the night before surgery just to take a look at the area. I had no racial awareness at the time. I just thought of the many black people there as basically “white people with brown skin.”

    I found myself going down one street alone, and a black guy was coming the other way. He slowed down, and looked oddly jumpy and twitchy. Just by luck, someone else turned onto the street from a side alley, and the guy slinked away.

    Looking back, I feel lucky. I (quite possibly literally) dodged a bullet. I also feel a little angry that nobody gave me “the talk” to protect me. My father was a very high-IQ guy in the government science bureaucracy. And after he retired, he amazed me with some statements that showed he was down with both the BQ and JQ. But his reticence at the time almost got his son statisticalized. We can’t keep making that mistake.

    • I’ve had that kind of experience a couple decades ago. I was in the French Quarter in New Orleans by myself for a couple days and I went for a run. I crossed over some Road out of the French quarter and was immediately in the nastiest ghetto I’ve ever seen. I was race aware though so I just spun around and ran out as quick as I could. A cute 30 year old white women should not be running in the ghetto, only out!

      • A decade ago or so, I was in New Orleans during the Soul Bowl. This is the annual football game between Grambling and Southern. That same weekend the New England Patriots were playing the New Orleans Saints. The result was tens of thousands of white people from New England mixing with tens of thousands of blacks acting black in the French Quarter. The whites were scared out of their minds. It was quite a scene. The red pills were flowing.

        That weekend there were multiple homicides. Two guy were gunned down right in front of the my hotel. I later learned that local business had to be pressured to stay opened during that weekend, but many closed anyway. Cabs stopped running. Even bars would close early to avoid the rioting.

        • Liberals and cucks have been saying for I don’t know how long that “prejudice is ignorance.” Sometimes that’s true, but IMO, “familiarity breed contempt” is equally true.

          They don’t want to admit that sometimes people are justified in discriminating in some way or simply looking down upon members of one of their many pet groups. One reason is that it strikes a blow against the idea of anti-discrimination – sometimes discrimination is rational.

          • It’s not “Pre-” Judice it’s Post Judice.

            Judgement made on the basis of past experience.

        • It’s really hard to break through the programming. I worked in restaurants in Atlanta in the 90s, I was bartending downtown the first-year Freaknik (look it up) got big. And I frequently thought I need to change jobs because this job is going to turn me into a racist. There was a real disconnect in how I was thinking. It wasn’t these rude nasty non tipping people, it was the job. Despite that, we still had coded language to use. They were all called ‘Norwegians’ so we can talk openly without getting in trouble

          • @Whitney
            I’ve talked with hundreds of servers over the years and one thing that was common with all of them was they hated waiting on black people…No matter how well it went or how well the family looked which was rare they always got shafted on tips…

          • My daughter worked at a national brand-name restaurant as a server while she was getting her teaching certificate, and said that this was true; even her fellow Af-Am servers did not want to wait on them.

            A little off-topic: how few Af-Am beneficiaries of prep-school/private college scholarships EVER contribute to their alma maters’ annual fund. We had a h. s. football star go to a Big 10 university, then get drafted and play in the pros. Has given squat to the private school that started it all going for him. The coach was like a father to him. The kid’s mother said so. Sad but true. Cheesy lack of gratitude to God, Home and
            Country, IMO.

          • DRE:
            Why is it, exactly, that you are using the “PC” term of “Af-Am” ?
            I’ve just got to know. Let’s call a spade a spade.

          • You don’t seem to understand. Things flow to black people, not from them. It’s what they deserve…..for the suffering of their long dead ancestors.

          • I heard of freaknik. Yuck.

            I think that it is the pervasive Black “something for nothing” attitude. Crime, corruption, welfare, lack of a work ethic even if employed, non-tipping, etc.

          • Ah, Freaknik. Piedmont Park was gridlocked for the weekend and all the white folks had to pretend they were unhappy because they couldn’t get out of their driveway. Which they couldn’t.

        • It’s the Bayou Classic. But like I mentioned last time you talked about it, the Soul Bowl is a much better name. First, it’s funny.
          Second, it tips people off on what is really going down.

          We live in a crazy society. Ideally, they wouldn’t even have the Bayou Classic (a/k/a Soul Bowl). But, if it is going to happen, they should at least try to give tourists a heads up. With tourism being as important as it is in NOLA, just out of pure greed, they should want to warn the tourists that it would probably be a bad idea to visit when the Bayou Classic is going on (Thanksgiving weekend). But, of course, everyone is supposed to act like it’s a wonderful time to visit.

          • You should take the credit. I’ve never heard anyone else calling it the Soul Bowl and it sounds like something funny you would say in your blog or podcast.

          • I first became aware that society has no desire to protect you from the, unspoken, truth when google maps directed me thought the heart of Gary Indiana. I wanted to avoid traffic, but I did not want to drive through Gary. I would have thought there would be some secret code in the software to route you around the no-go zones, but nope Google doesn’t give a shit about your life.

      • It comes up in conversation all the time among people from the area how dangerous New Orleans can be for tourists. It’s not that it’s dangerous everywhere by any means. But in many cases, relatively safe major touristy areas are very close to places you should not go. Of course, locals know where and when to go but visitors don’t.

        It seems that it’s easier as a tourist to avoid bad areas in other cities known for having high crime rates (in other words, cities with a lot of blacks).

      • Fun fact: the 2019 64th biennial national convention of the Fraternal Order of Police is being held in New Orleans August 11- 15.

        I will not be attending.

    • I don’t live in the US, but visit on business several times a year. What strikes me is the difference between my medium-sized Canadian city and virtually any sizeable city in the US. There’s literally nowhere in my city (80% white, most of the rest Asian and East Indian) that I wouldn’t feel safe in at any time of day, and this is largely true of even the larger, more diverse cities (Toronto may now be an exception, haven’t visited in a long time). Crime occurs, of course, but it’s not pinpoint localized as in the US.

      Every American city I’ve been to has no-go zones for whites, though I expect there are a few exceptions (SLC?). You just have to get used to the idea that there are these blank spaces on the city map, “Here Be Monsters,” and route around them if at all possible.

      This has a hugely detrimental effect on civic cohesion. The city isn’t yours: you can have this slice and that one, but absolutely not that chunk of (formerly safe) neighborhoods in between. It’s essentially a regression to a tribal existence, complete with occasional barbarian raiding parties.

      • Yep, but I would add that “no-go” zones work—or used to work—both ways.

        When I was young in NYC, Little Italy was a no go zone for Blacks. I understand such applies to areas in LA now cleared of Blacks by the new Hispanic majority.

        But I agree, it is “suboptimal” to live in a city with such areas.

        • A Negro woman, first -time customer of a friend of mine, angrily noted “We (i.e. Negroes) aren’t welcome there” when my friend mentioned how much her friend (me) had enjoyed the far north Arkansas Ozarks. And that was her first and last appointment with my friend – she never called back – probably figured “This woman has a racist friend.” Yet another reason we want to move to said Ozarks – not merely us noticing it’s +95% White when we visit, but Negroes themselves know it’s not an area where they are welcome.

          • I am hesitant to mention stuff like that on the internet after Obama’s idea of “diversifying” white neighborhoods. No point of having big brother put a bull’s eye on certain areas for “refugee” relocation.

  26. May the eeking and ooking go from Richter scale to full tectonic rift.
    I want a new continent.

  27. When Trump tweeted that certain Congress creatures needed to go back to their crime infested origins, he didn’t actually name the Marx sisters.

    Everyone knew exactly who he was talking about.

    Quite telling.

  28. If the Ruling Class wants a race war we should give them one. Thank God for President Trump.

  29. It strikes me that Trump is currently tweeting out a laundry list of specific places and names, where he appears to have strong evidence and is willing to go to the mat. Now with the Donald, nothing is set in stone until it happens, but I sense a change in the prevailing winds these last few weeks. Trump appears to be isolating and targeting, Alinsky style.

    • If you want the pot to boil, you’ve got to let it simmer a bit.

      I’m hoping the border crisis is Cloward-Piven tactics, Trump style.
      Overwhelm a govt system to force a popular demand for revolution.

      I don’t know what else will b*tch-slap the dazed Boomers awoke that the Squat will run things after 2024.

      • Conservative Inc figures are either headed to a West Bank settlement or a New Zealand bunker.

        A lot of Boomercons just don’t care what happens after them.

        • This is a product of a decreasing total fertility rate. By the time the oldest Baby Boomers were at peak fertility, the US TFR was 1.8 well below replacement . It was low from 1972 onward

          Combined with cultural narcissism there is no real reason to care

          I get this. I have no children nor prospects for any. Why should I be bothered with anyone else’s future either?

          A fix for this will require a dictatorship though. A collapse won’t do it. .
          We are undergoing one now and the results are as expected and as seen in other nations , c.f even lower fertility. The current births per person of child rearing age are the lowest in US history!

    • Yeah. Trump’s imminent demise over this tweet is unlikely. It’s not the first time (((they))) have tried to sink Trump for tweeting something true.

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