A Future of Cults & Subcultures

In modern usage, the word “cult” is entirely negative. It conjures the image of a strange religious group or maybe a charismatic madman claiming to be Jesus. In the former case, the group will have unusual beliefs, isolate themselves from the rest of society and maybe prepare for some prophesied event. Jim Jones or David Koresh are what comes to mind for most people in the latter case. Of course, there’s always the example of the suicide cult, which gave us the expression “pass the Kool-Aid.”

The word “cult” comes from the Latin word cultus, which meant the care owed to a deity, shrine or temple. In the ancient world, cults were common. They could be built around maintaining a particular shrine, which had been built for a deity, a great hero or even a legendary event. The people in the cult maintained the shrine and served the needs of pilgrims. The same was true of temples and even churches. In the ancient world, cults were just a normal part of everyday life.

This was true outside the Roman world, as well. For example, the Vikings did not have a word for what we would call religion. Instead, they had words to describe the public cult, to which everyone belonged, and words for the private cults that people maintained in their homes and villages. The public cult was what bound the people together with common rituals and celebrations, while the private cult was what held the family together. The concept of the household god, for example, was common.

This old idea of the cult is worth thinking about in the current age, as multiculturalism shatters traditional communities and the traditional customs of the people. Without something to organize people on the large scale, even a regional scale, something will inevitably organize them on the small scale. This was the traditional role of cults in the ancient world. They evolved locally to be local. Put another way, they were a local solution to a universal problem. They gave people purpose and meaning.

In modern America, as the shared national identity recedes, something will fill the void and most likely it will be something like the ancient concept of the cult. Of course, with the internet, local becomes a relative term. People of the same cult or subculture, can feel like they are close to one another, by participating is private on-line groups. These subcultures will become that which people primarily identify with in public. Another aspect of identity politics will be the many subcultures and cults that spring up.

Take for example the antisemitic community. It used to be that people who hated Jews were called anti-Semites. One could be an Episcopalian and be an anti-Semite. Not liking Jews was just one of many attributes to describe someone. Later, the term shifted to mean people who were hated by Jews. If Jews thought someone was a problem for the Jews, then they were described as an anti-Semite. The anti-Zionists, even the Jewish ones, are always called antisemitic, for example.

Today, some of that still holds, but antisemitism is much more complex now than just a dislike for Jews or Israel. Antisemitism is quickly becoming a unique and complex subculture with its own language, symbols and literature. Kevin McDonald was amusingly called the Karl Marx of antisemitism, but it is a good description. His three books on the Jews are now the foundation of a complex and sophisticated understanding of Jews and the people who have organized themselves around opposition to the Jews.

Of course, modern Judaism is evolving into cults as well. The Chabad movement, for example, has gone beyond being a weird orthodox subculture. It is now an international secret society with observation posts in every Western capital. They even have one of their guys in the White House. Zionism, as practiced by people like Ben Shapiro and Yoram Hazony, ticks all the boxes of a cult. Everything they touch is manipulated to fit into their worldview and the purpose of Zionism.

The subcultures evolving in regards to the Jews are just one type of cult that will probably be a feature of the coming age. Secular gurus like Jordan Peterson or Stephan Molyneux are going to become more common. It’s fair to say that both would have fit in well on the revival circuit back in the old days. Instead of healing people in tent revivals, they heal people on-line with therapeutic language. The multicultural future will be a new age of prophets and holy men, building communities around their teachings.

Now, America has never had a unifying culture. Regionalism and subcultures have been the defining feature of America since the founding. Civic nationalism, however, provided a universal framework within which all of these subcultures and regional identities could operate without generating social conflict. Much like the Vikings, America was a land with a public cult, civic nationalism and patriotism, and many private cults. You could be a southern redneck and a proud American at the same time.

That’s unlikely to be the future. For starters, the old system relied upon a primary loyalty to the national creed, even among the rich. That’s falling away, especially with the rich, who no longer have any loyalty to the people over whom they rule. Then there is the transparency of modern life. Mass communications means everyone can see how different everyone else is living, relative to their subculture. The Zionists and anti-Semites can follow one another in ways that were unimaginable decades ago.

The old line about familiarity breeding contempt will surely be true of the future. Because these evolving subcultures will know a lot about their competitors, they will evolve in opposition to them as well. You see this with what’s going on between the Zionists and the anti-Semites. They are growing in complexity, but also their animosity toward one another is becoming more complex. In the future, maintaining boundaries will be what matters, not finding ways to break down boundaries and cooperate.

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145 thoughts on “A Future of Cults & Subcultures

  1. Have no problem with someone putting their own interests ahead of others. When you go out of your way to harm my people then yeah, it’s a problem. If that makes me an “anti-semite” than so be it.

  2. Zman, this post’s topic is part of a larger ‘adaptation’ where people do less and less F2F. Already kids are waiting years longer to learn to drive, because they interact online so much. Add in the percussive qualities of the public square/fair and almost all human interactions will take place in privacy. Bad time to own a public mall.

    Make the elite feel the pain of their choices — a kind of cultural judo — and they will modify their misbehavior. Bel Air is howling with pain from homeless encampments that infest all the unbuilt land. The richies can’t quite get themselves to loose the authorities on the homeless, to relocate them (or just drive them off). This year.

    • Karl McHungus said: “The richies can’t quite get themselves to loose the authorities on the homeless, to relocate them (or just drive them off). This year.” Practically the whole western world is jam packed with rich progressive fog horns blaring non stop noise about how the planet belongs to everyone. ( Exept in their freaking neighborhood.) Somehow, the brown tsunami has to be funneled into those exclusive enclaves, as well as all those sweet, safe, white liberal suburbs.

      • Exactly my point. Trump showed the way when he was talking about sending illegals to sanctuary cities.

  3. Z Man said: ” In modern America, as the shared national identity recedes, something will fill the void and most likely it will be something like the ancient concept of the cult. Of course, with the internet, local becomes a relative term. People of the same cult or subculture, can feel like they are close to one another, by participating is private on-line groups. These subcultures will become that which people primarily identify with in public. Another aspect of identity politics will be the many subcultures and cults that spring up.” Actually, this has been going on for quite some time. Brand loyalty is kind of a cult. Advertisers have been manipulating peoples needs for at least a 100 years maybe more. The need to belong, to feel loved and cared for, to be sexy and successful, to be strong and confident etc. Every sports team has a cult following, some quite fanatical. The Amway company became a cult of sorts. Here’s a link to a website with a story intitled: ” Married to an Ambot.” https://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-to-be-good-amway-cult-leader.html
    And of course, the biggest cults in the world these days are political. E. O. Wilson the Myrmecologist, said that one of the defining characteristics of humans was that we are constantly forming groups. Big ones, small ones, some lasting only an hour or two, some lasting centuries. There used to be an old saying, “Find a good location to sell popcorn and build a theater around it.” You can believe deeply in all sorts of things and be a truly moral person. But if you don’t know how to get past peoples brains and into their hearts, then forget it. So find your target audience, and sell them the dream. And if that sounds too crass, then you’ll never make a good leader, because that’s the only way it’s ever worked.

  4. I somewhat disagree, counter-Semitism is not a subculture

    After the collapse of the mainstream Alt-Right position, the former Alt-right splintered into multiple subcultures, that don’t agree on much. Trad Caths vs Ethnats, etc. It’s quite acrimonious at times.

    However, one thing those subcultures can agree on is some level of counter-Semitism. They disagree in terms of how far they go, but they agree on the general understanding that organized Jewish power is preventing them from getting the policies they want, making bad policies happen and engaging in abusive behavior.

    And of course, they’re correct when it comes to the factual reality; a reality that Trump has made much more obvious.

    Anti-White male-ism is not a subculture either. It’s something broader, that unites people across subcultures and even across cultures. They all agree that taking power away from White males is an important near term objective.

    And that made sense as a strategy, because White males had power and resources, and were (unfortunately) pretty ill-equipped to defend them. However, Straight White cis-males are just about tapped out in terms of power and resources; there is less and less to power to be taken from them and redistributed to others.

    Counter-Semitism is potentially a new unifying cultural force like anti-white-male-ism. But it remains to be seen if it can actually succeed, because taking power and from people who understand their power and are actively defending it can be pretty difficult, while taking power away from White gentile males was more like robbing a drunk guy who has passed out in the gutter.

    Regardless, we can expect that in the future more and more sub-cultures will either be philo-Semitic or counter-Semitic, and fewer and fewer will be “neutral” in just as nobody is “neutral” on anti-White-Male-ism.

    • Crud Bonemeal said: “the former Alt-right splintered into multiple subcultures, that don’t agree on much.” This is a perpetual theme for many types of institutions. Religious, Philosophical, Political etc. People will always have doctrinal disputes. it’s inevitable.

  5. Zman said: “This old idea of the cult is worth thinking about in the current age, as multiculturalism shatters traditional communities and the traditional customs of the people. Without something to organize people on the large scale, even a regional scale, something will inevitably organize them on the small scale. This was the traditional role of cults in the ancient world. They evolved locally to be local. Put another way, they were a local solution to a universal problem. They gave people purpose and meaning.” Göbekli Tepe Temple, ” Potbelly hill.” Was built around 11,000 BCE. It was built before any known civilizations, even before farming, ranching and pottery were invented. The atheists were wrong, Civilisations foundation was the urge to worship. Here’s the Wiki link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6bekli_Tepe

    • I’ve written about Göbekli Tepe Temple in the past. The people who built it were pastoral people, so the investment in such a project was enormous. It shatters the myth of homo economicus.

      • Z man said: ” he people who built it were pastoral people, so the investment in such a project was enormous. It shatters the myth of homo economicus.” Historians have a tough time even figuring out modern history, let alone prehistory. We’ll never know anything but a small fraction of what humans have been up to for the past 50,000 years.

        • That’s largely because there are no real historians working anymore (that can get published as historians.). Credentialism has ruined the profession. Here’s everything they teach you in a History grad program: “White people, especially White males, are evil. Everything you like is Resistance; everything you don’t like is Capitalism.” There. Now pick an obscure group, find some way to reiterate the above about them for 200 pages, and pick up your PhD. Don’t forget to cite Foucault.

          • Severian said: “Credentialism has ruined the profession.” The decline and fall of every empire in history. It’s like freaking clock work.

          • Surely rough S&M homosex as a bottom to black men qualifies Foucault as an authority on everything young coeds need in life.

            Or was that Derrida?

        • Boy howdy. I think there has been a lot, lot, LOT more civilization than our stiff-necked, overly conservative historians can admit to.

          We’ve been in our current form for seven million years. Much has happened, much more forgotten.
          Our only memory is stored in our flesh, each face a map to the past.

      • I went to see Göbekli Tepe about a decade ago. I stayed in a town in Eastern Turkey called Urfa and had to rent a car to take me out there. It wasn’t a tourist destination at the time. It maybe is now. When we got there, we couldn’t get in because of the one of the workers had stolen something from the site and they had shut it all down to search everybody. It was the same every day until I left . I never got to see it.

        • Whitney said: “It was the same every day until I left . I never got to see it.” Really sorry to hear that. I’ve never been to that part of the world. I hear there’s so many people in the Grand Bizarre that it takes forever to see the whole thing.

    • Slightly off with the worship part, Tester. Worship… what? Why?

      They were trying to figure out the most important question in the world.

      Twice, before Gobleki, we had intersected with the Taurid asteroid swarm. The meteors that hit the ice-clad North American continent melted glacial ice a mile thick in one instance, what we recall as the Great Flood, or Younger Dryas. (The single Flood was a compilation of similar stories into one.)
      We cannot imagine the devastation.

      That most important question was this:
      Why are the sky gods trying to kill us?
      What did we do wrong?

      Thus our ancient themes of guilt and redemption.
      Homo econimicus pales in the importance of figuring out His Will-

      survival mandated all our smarts be devoted to watching the skies for the signs, the omens, of death from above.

      Gobleki was an astronomer’s station, that we might decipher the will of the God(s).
      Not so much a need to worship, but a drilled in need to survive.

      • That’s why so much of the Bible is forgotten maserotic (skywatcher) fragments, as the next big hits were in 4500-4200 BC, driving the Aryans out, obliterating Mesopotamian Sumer (the Ehdeen or Garden, “Eden”) and Indus’ Mohenjo Daro.

        The Aryans ran into the Sumerian refugees- “hebiru”, refugee, became their name (Hebrew)- and their preserved fragments of the lost world eventually became the history called Genesis, showcasing the migratory wars between Aryans, archaic Canaanites, and Hebrew nomads

        The land sundered, the Mediterranean islands arose, the Aryan Philistines as a coastal and seafaring power; that culture was destroyed by the great tidal wave, the ‘wall of water’ caused by a major explosion of Thera, whose pre-eruption events caused the Seven Plagues of Egypt and shattered the Israeli delta, the Sea of Reeds. The Hebrews called it the story of Moses, Plato called it Atlantis.

        The Bible is irreplaceable as our only accurate history in an accessible voice. I’d really like to check out the Persian Avesta (Zoroaster), they claim a 10,000 year history too. The Hindu-Bhuddist basis, the Veddas, Mahabharata, and Gita come from the ruthless Aryan refugee cattleherders into Dravidian (Abo stock) India, their god was Indra, god of fire. (Ba’al in the west.)

      • Alzaebo said: “Slightly off with the worship part, Tester. Worship… what? Why?” Well, I can’t read minds. Certainly not prehistoric minds. But I do know enough about Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology to surmise that they didn’t build those structures in order to have a place to square dance. We’re talking Asia Minor 11,000 BCE. or there abouts. So I can’t honestly see what “The meteors that hit the ice-clad North American continent ” have to do with the topic. I suggest you read the Wiki article carefully. Here’s a Youtube vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvNpWRIyj50

        • “Off” means not disagreeing with you, but that worship was a response to repeated epic catastrophe.
          We see it as being punished for something.

          (The ‘instinct to worship’ is a book title, conclusion, and concept I find irritating, not your ideas. I enjoy seeing you bristle and growl at the younger doggies!)

  6. That’s the one way majority-minority America doesn’t end in civil war sooner than later — if we’re ALL allowed to build our own ethnic enclaves. If “Honkeytown” is allowed to exist the way Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. were allowed to exist in our cities until quite recently, then it’s all good. Alas, soon enough everyone will start to notice that the lights and sewers still work consistently in Honkytown, so there goes that dream….

  7. Rotarians are a good example of our parents’ generation of civic nationalism at work. In a previous life, I was a Rotarian in a major city. It seemed to me to be mostly a bunch of older guys in a circular back-slapping, virtue-signaling activity. No doubt we raised money for good causes…and took full credit for doing so. I left because it wasn’t my style. Constantly reassuring ourselves what a bunch of fine fellows we were became cloyingly monotonous. Fast forward to today and these organizations seem positively ludicrous in the face of overwhelming minority dispossession. Rotarians act like missionaries in their own nation. Who are they assisting? What exactly are they promoting? Do they know? And, like missionaries, they are easily manipulated into pursuing acts of kindness that don’t necessarily do anything for our civilization. They are becoming a cult of do-gooders. Maybe that’s what they always were.

  8. Racial identify is much stronger than religious identify. A poor white Southern Baptist in Mississippi would be very reluctant to enter a poor back Southern Baptist church in the same town, and visa versa.

    While both individuals share a common Christian identify and belief system, when it comes down to it, color (tribe) trumps cult (religion) every time.

    However when the racial or ethnic identity is the same, then religion is a much stronger dividing line.

    I was just up in the Netherlands a few weeks ago and visited this grave site out of curiosity.


    • Czechoslovakia split into two countries despite the fact that most of the population was nominally Catholic. Belgium is nominally Catholic, but there is bad feeling between the three dominant ethnicities. Indian Moslems in Malaysia go to different mosques than Malaysian Malaysians. Pakistan attempted to promote unity by stressing Islam, but they still kill other.

      A partial exception is Yugoslavia – the big groups were Moslem Bosnians, Catholic Slovenes and Croats and Orthodox Serbs and Macedonians. Genetically and linguistically similar, but with different religions, history and alphabets.

      • The flip side is that racial families want to be together. Back in the ‘70s, living among German NPD members (the “neo-Nazis”), I came to realize what they were working for was to reunite Germany, away from the Russians and the Americans. They wanted one big German family, without borders and walls. That was what got them up in the mornings, and there was no other avenue for political expression of their desires. It eventually came true, sort of, though Merkel is running it into the ground.

    • Horst, that’s the kind of thing that brings tears to my eyes. How beautiful is love! Thank you.

  9. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    Once upon a time, religion was an effective mechanism for conveying ancient wisdom between succeeding generations. Then, with the decline of these institutions (and concomitant loss of wisdom transfer), a void opened in society that degraded the average person and created new generations of lost souls. Most are too far gone to notice their deterioration, but a few feel this loss and seek a new source of wisdom to fill the void. Choose wisely.

    • Yep. Just because people stopped believing in the old gods does not mean they stopped believing. They will just believe in different stuff. Belief is as much a part of the human animal as left-handedness.

  10. We have a way of leaping over boundaries that could be flipped into a way of reinforcing them, if we were still a nation, that is.

    It should cost the legal fictions known as corporations three times as much to hire a foreigner, with the company paying full freight on his public services as well.

    It should cost five times as much to offshore our factories and IP, as well as carry the military protection costs.

    Let’s see if labor and shipping arbitrage can make outsize profits then, without the slippery protections of tax code and lending writeoffs.

    • Why should rootless kapital be protected by burning our social capital?

      So we can have bankrupt munis investing in each other?

      For increasing risk premiums, i.e., “yield”? Here, ya wanta this piece of paper?

    • My preference would be to dispense with corporations and other limited liability entities in general. The way to reconnect capital, management and customer and end the managerial state is to put owners’ skin fully back in the game & make them responsible for the shenanigans of their managers to the full extent of their fortunes, with the added kicker of criminal penalties for serious civil malfeasance like Madoff-scale fraud. Cato & the other Koch-dealers will howl about freezing investment, but given the FAANG-size rewards out there and the fact that very few bajillionaires have ever been wiped out by regulation or civil actions, I consider their objections on this score no more valid than the woman who claims carrying a baby to term and putting it up for adoption is tantamount to “ruining her life.” Suck it up, fatcats. If you want megabucks in our ethnostate, you need to put a commensurate amount of your own skin at risk.

      • @Exile
        They also need to be invested in their Community…Take Care of those closest to them first and work their way out…

  11. “Then there is the transparency of modern life. Mass communications means everyone can see how different everyone else is living, relative to their subculture..” —BINGO.

    Notice that all of this accelerated dramatically with the internet. “I’m in the same country as those people?” The “People of Walmart” website comes to mind. People associate it with southern Rednecks, but it’s all 50 states, and all kinds of people. Pre and Post internet the sports culture supplemented all of this. I can’t think of a more tragic waste of resources than a NFL tailgate party. Low cost air travel is another component. You can now cheaply fly to the south, and experience the vat of humming bird food (sweet tea) in red plastic cup while eating something fried. You can either love it or hate it, and the country is responding to all of this accordingly.

    It’s so ironic that the country was much better run in a time of trains and telegraph cables. Going somewhere was a life event, you din’t have a screen showing you people you wouldn’t like, and news was carefully pre-programmed by Hearst and others.

    Perhaps we’ve just outgrown this massive blob of a country in the same way that a plant outgrows it’s planter. The roots are stressed and balled up. The leaves are turning yellow. When all of our bills come due, I can see regional autonomy coming.

    • @JR
      , I can see regional autonomy coming…
      If you would, mind giving a few more thoughts in that vein of why and the how of that… Thinking those thoughts as well and wondering if you have a different perspective on it or if it was about the same as mine?

      • A country like ours, spanning an entire continent and multiple time zones, can only stay together as a Republic, where regional differences in laws, politics, culture, etc. can remain in place. Vermont is a different place than South Carolina. New Mexico is not Ohio. Since 1900 or 1910 we are no longer a Republic but a democracy, and not only a democracy but a centralized one. The only thing holding us together is a currency and interstate commerce. That’s a strong bond in good times. It’s even a strong bond in not so good times. But it’s not a strong bond in bad times, and all countries go through bad times at some point every few generations. So when we do have our budget/currency/economic crisis, the center won’t be able to hold. The Pacific NW, Alaska, HI, California, TX, will rapidly develop movements to “break away” from the sickly old beast that is D.C. A centralized monolith spanning a continent doesn’t really fit anyone. The only thing we all now have in common is that everyone has the same Walmart and Target, with the same Chase Bank on the corner next to the McDonalds. Corporate logos aren’t enough for a people (Ben Shapiro is fine with it though).

        The EU is in even worse shape.

        • So the question is do we have to wait for the collapse before we coalesce into regional autonomy or can we get it done beforehand?

          • People will keep going a certain direction until material circumstance causes them to change direction. Most people aren’t doing well, but they’re doing just well enough to leave things as they are. Despite the sky high credit card debt, etc. It will take a financial crisis to bring them over the edge, and one is brewing. As a matter of fact it’s sad the abuse people take to keep half a loaf, or even 10% of a loaf. Not to compare humans to predatory animal, but a satiated predator is much less dangerous than a hungry one. I generally believe that the government turns a blind eye to opiate addiction because a desperate person zoning out on a pill is not the same threat as a desperate sober person who blames his or her politicians.

          • I generally believe that the government turns a blind eye to opiate addiction because a desperate person zoning out on a pill is not the same threat as a desperate sober person who blames his or her politicians.
            The government turns a blind eye to anything that isn’t a threat to the state…

  12. Z Man said: “Instead of healing people in tent revivals, they heal people on-line with therapeutic language. The multicultural future will be a new age of prophets and holy men, building communities around their teachings.” Here I set. Alone in my apartment, talking to people in the ” Globle village.” Are we a cult? No. Are we a Family? Genetically speaking, yes. An actual family? No. Are we a small number of people with a sertain number of shared interests that need to speak openly about what we think and feel in a world that hates our guts? Yes. But unless one of you bumps into me at the bus stop, it’s highly unlikely you and I will ever meet. These machines we’re using to communicate with, plus the cell phones you all have, ( I don’t own one.), have served to futher atomize an already emotionally isolated population. Between the industrial and then hightech revolutions uprooting the country side plus the steady encroachment of the managerial soft despotic state have striped us of our identity and liberty. But oddly enough, something else was at work doing this from the every beginning. Democracy and rugged individualism, two of the main tools Americans used to build an empire, had their atomizing effect on peoples lives. Here’s an observation Alexis de Tocqueville mentioned in his book “Democracy in America.”

    “…in any event, all the striving intensifies Puritan individualism to an extreme where it “disposes each citizen to cut himself off from the mass of his fellow men,” leaving “the larger society to take care of itself,” Tocqueville writes. “These people owe nothing to anyone. . . . Thus not only does democracy cause each man to forget his forebears, but it makes it difficult to see his offspring and cuts him off from his contemporaries. Again and again it leads him back to himself and threatens ultimately to imprison him altogether in the loneliness of his own heart.” Here’s a link I’ve posted before to the “City Journal” website with an essay about de Tocqueville. https://www.city-journal.org/html/end-democracy-america-14332.html
    So, traditional, White, heterosexual people have a great deal to overcome. how many will be able to accomplish the task ? Only time can tell the tail.

    • So, traditional, White, heterosexual people have a great deal to overcome. how many will be able to accomplish the task ? Only time can tell the tail.
      Yes that we do which is why I’m trying to build a Community of the like-minded where I am at…I had to move there because the place I was at wasn’t conducive for that so I know it can be done…The thing is most people are still to comfortable to take that step so it’s been slow going…Come join the family when you all are ready…😉

  13. The Jews don’t initiate most of our problems. But when problems do arise they make things worse, often a lot worse. Fixing those problems while many of our own are damaged is hard enough; fixing them while being overrun by parasitical outsider is probably impossible.

    The Jews have been a disasters for Europe in every period since they followed the Roman army up the Danube. The disaster of the Late Empire with its vast number of slaves and spiraling debt was in large part the work of the Tribe. The rise of Christianity, a cult, was in part a reaction to the Empire’s degeneracy; Christianity was a way of pulling out of a social milieu that was sucking communities dry. This is something we should take note of.

    Every single one of our institutions is under the control of people who cater to the interests of every other group except the European peoples. Let that sink in for a moment. “We are either ruled by a throne and altar or we are ruled by the worst of our kind and Jews.”

    The Jews have come to many ends and yet have managed to survive and to thrive again and again and again. Parasites can always find a new host. They have playing same shtick for 3000 years. It’s not a new problem.

    We have 2 choices: handle them the way the Japanese deal with their Korean population…or remove them from the West…or do nothing, bend the knee, and die off.

    • Excellent, as always, I only disagree with “The Jews don’t initiate most of our problems.”

      Um. Yes, yes they do. Otherwise they’d be Chinatown.

      (San Fran or New York, not L.A., the movie.)

  14. This is one of the most hard-nosed and practical- and interesting!- articles ever. Our internet rooms really are local shrines.

    Multiculturalism isn’t going away, so let’s see how it was handled in the past. Common public and private cults, in a world of vague boundaries and small governments.

    Outstanding, I really like the direction you’re going, Zman.

    The captain of any ship- say, a marriage- doesn’t tell the crew how to do their jobs. He points to the direction they should go and asks the first mate and crew how they’re going to get there.

  15. As I touched on over the weekend regarding the collapse of the Information Age, mass communication is a big X-factor in how degeneration/collapse unfolds and how hard or soft it is for us. Those who have access to the right information and those who can spread disinformation to their opponents or otherwise keep them in the dark have major advantages, and those who cannot suffer disadvantage. We come out ahead on that score. White techies disenfranshised by Pajeets are a major constituency in Our Thing (pretty sure that’s where Enoch came from, for instance). We can operate inside the Hive’s internal blind spots and on the fringes of its reach. There are rival networks like the BRICs nascent independent backbone. Localized data transmission can be done, with varying cost and complexity, with any form of electromagnetic wave from infrared to radio to lasers to ultraviolet. Cryptocurrency is just one example of how those with tech savvy can operate “inside the wire” of Big Other.

    Those of us who don’t have the engineering background can lend a hand in organizing and supporting the network of tech specialists we need to maintain an edge and maintain our distance. We have a core group of talented personnel, but they’re scattered physically, ideologically, culturally and spiritually. Those of us who can’t make or break technology can help network our people and disrupt globohomo’s human resources department.

    I want to see us unite Our Guys with a “no enemies to the Right” strategy for all but the psycho-pilled. We have the largest advantage in personnel potential of any race on the planet, but we need to buck the trend Z sees in the future in this post. We have to be the ones who learn how to cooperate while the Hive breaks apart. Nothing unites like a common enemy. We need to break some past bonds of loyalty and learn to traffic with old enemies when necessary. Our new cult needs to be our White people, and our loyalties need to follow what serves that cause alone.

  16. Right after he died, someone made the point that Michael Jackson was the last cultural phenomenon in America that *everyone* enjoyed. Black, white, male, female, young, old, rich, poor, hip, square, jock, geek, gay, straight, city, country, the right side of the tracks or the wrong side – it didn’t matter. In 1983, *everybody* was listening to Thriller. As Michaelmania faded in the 90s, the internet began to rise, and things changed forever. Now everything is niche, and the only question is whether it occupies a relatively bigger or smaller niche. This cultural disunification may not seem as immediately alarming as our political polarization, but it’s probably just as significant in the long-term. Loss of common cultural touchstones makes us strangers to each other in a way that’s hard to quantify, but is deep and visceral all the same. It’s another important piece of the Great Coming Apart, and it’s not too hard to see where that will eventually lead.

    • What are you talking about? I was around in 1983, listening to Dire Straits and Brahms. I couldn’t have cared less about Michael Jackson other than finding his MTV videos vaguely repulsive.

  17. The Traditional Right have gone nuts chasing socialism and the Dissident Right are getting weirder about the Jews.

    • To be fair, it is a honest question.
      Hat tip to you and the other brave lads, Tars, kleist, even Dutch, for asking it.

      Does DR have a positive vision, an umbrella where strong disagreement can exist?

      Or do we need a devil, like the Left, as Zman has noted: “not every religion needs a God, but they all need the Devil.”

      Since I’m a wierdo whose deep scientific religious belief sees the Untouchables as Cthulu, the Bloody Messiah, the Demon Lords, the Cullers, the Death of Worlds- literally, I mean every one of those- well, I think you can guess where I stand. Or perhaps I’m being too subtle.

      Still, mustn’t startle the flock.
      Perhaps you lads are simply saying lighten up a bit?

      Focus on the obvious, things people can relate to quickly without tons of backstory?
      Good advice, that.

      • Ok, not Cthulu. They are a natural phenomenon of circumstance, an aspect of this cosmos, not some eldritch Otherwhere.

        See, I can be reasonable too!

      • “Focus on the obvious, things people can relate to quickly without tons of backstory?”

        Precisely. If you want to lose the attention of a persuadable normie, just launch a lecture on The Jews.That subject has been the refrain of losers for the last thousand years and brands as such everyone who brings it up. Stick to what is relevant to the lives of real people in the real world.

  18. What we’re fighting is called hydra.

    Everyone has sort of heard of the hydra. But it is something else to go back and see how the Greeks and Romans and more modern Europeans represented the hydra, from the legends of Hercules, in Platonic dialogues like Euthydemus, in Renaissance paintings.

    Chabad, Objectivism, National Conservatism, the ADL, etc may in one sense be understood as sub-cults. This goes for all the various Isms as well: Marxism, feminism, post-modernism, multicult-ism etc.

    But in practice I think these are all best understood as just the many heads of a hydra. Yes, they may snarl and even nip at each other, but it is the monster as such which is trying to kill us.

  19. You see this with the difficulty of the military gaining recruits; so now the’re thinking of reaching for 16-year-olds. The last time that happened was after the Vietnam War disaster. But recruiting recovered sharply during the Reagan CivNat 1980s. With our foreign wars helping one U.S. cult’s Old Country against another’s, or both at the same time, what’s the point of joining?

    • The cause of the recruiting difficulties is obvious. My son swore his oath on the day of the second Iraq invasion. He did like five tours in Afghanistan, came very close to death multiple times. Until his death late last year he spent 15 years, his entire adult life, in a military at war.

      His one-word description of Afghanistan? “Hopeless.”

      “Sign up, so you can drive around a god-forsaken wasteland waiting for ungrateful towelheads to try to shoot you or blow you up” is a hell of a recruiting slogan.

      (On the other hand, a female friend did her four years during the same time period in the Air Force entirely in a flight mechanics’ shop in Texas. The most dangerous thing there was repetitive stress injury.)

        • Thanks, I appreciate it. Ironically, it occurred in a car accident, just after he’d transferred to a “safe” duty working for the ROTC program at University of Montana, so he could spend more time with his wife and son and finish his engineering degree. The army was really great about it, and they held a fantastic memorial for him at Fort Campbell where he’d just been transferred from the week before after many years with the 101st Airborne, 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans).

          • Heartbreaking. A true tragedy on every scale. Bless you and yours, may your grandson bring you a dozen more.

          • I’m sorry to hear about your son. I’ll pray for him and your family. I’m a vet too.

      • My sympathies Brother…Don’t ever want to know that feeling of having to bury one of my children…I want them all to be around to bury me…My condolences for the grief you must still bear…

  20. Regarding the falling away, I commented somewhere a while back that it wasn’t to Americans’ benefit to import an overclass, Asians, any more than it was to import an underclass and a guy who I normally view as on the right and pretty sympathetic to normal Americans, but who is himself an elite, a doctor, almost reflexively spouted out the “Well, if they can’t compete with the Asians, they don’t deserve the jobs” party line. It was a bit depressing.

    People who think like that should realize that if they aren’t loyal to ordinary, non-elite Americans, or even to medium bourgeoisie Americans who compete with skilled foreigners for jobs … those people won’t be loyal back. And people hate what they perceive as a traitor even more than they hate an enemy. Of course, if these people think our new Asian overlords will be sympathetic to or loyal to White people, they’re just crazy. Asians don’t even try to hide it.

    • Brainwashing has been successful hasn’t it Brother…White people have the most susceptible to it because we have more empathy and virtue than other races…We need to start looking out for our own or we won’t be around for very long…

    • Upper class whites are notorious for this line of thinking. Why? Because they are socially and economically isolated from most immigration and globalization issues.

      This is why as s group supported Hillary over Trump. They are beneficiaries of the status quo. Also many are sucking off the government teat in some manner and ripping patients off. Ever hear of drive by doctors in hospitals. This is where doctors visit random patients they don’t know then charge the patients insurance $500 to a $1000 dollars for a consult.

      • Don’t get me started on the medical industry. AFAIAC there need to be thousands of hospital and insurance CEOs in federal prison for anti-trust violations. Show me any normal service industry business that is allowed to keep prices hidden, collude with insurance agencies to set prices, and mark up used materials by a hundred points or more. It’s a fucking scam, all of it, from top to bottom.

  21. Any of you guys read “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson? In it, nation states no longer existed. There was essentially complete freedom of association. You joined and lived among a “phyle” of like-minded individuals, and rules for interactions between phyles were determined by the “common economic protocol”. I forget all the phyles, but the main character was in the most successful one, the Victorian phyle. If social trust is indeed the foundation of a functioning society (and therefore diversity is a weakness), this science fiction future may be our best hope.

    • A world of Hong Kongs.
      ‘Diamond Age’ and the wildly cinematic ‘Snow Crash’ were certainly thinking about the Z-future brought up here. Kudos!

    • To get to that though is going to take a lot of blood and sacrifice… Parasites have to be killed or flushed out of your system before you can be free to associate with the like-minded…

  22. There is something about antisemitism that really brings out the crazies. It’s race consciousness meets 9/11 truthers. Nothing ever just happens. There are no coincidences, ever. If something happens and they don’t like it, it was the Jews. Not only was it the Jews who did it, but it was done specifically to harm the antisemite or his group. The insanity of these people is good for Jews. If these people didn’t exist, the Jews would create them.

    These people always want to rehabilitate Hitler and the NSDAP. They might as well try and rehabilitate Lucifer in a church for all this going to get them. These people are poison and until they are excised from the dissident right, we will remain in the margins.

    • Good luck with that one. There is no dissident right without a firm belief (coyly terming itself the “JQ”) in Jewish culpability for everything wrong with our civilization. And you’re right: JQers are fully responsible for a stillborn dissident right.

      • Like it or not, gentlemen, science and history are real. Obsession is no more a vice than willful ignorance. A keen, healthy interest in HBD and race realism means ‘noticing’ things, no matter whose tribe it may be.

      • This straw man view of the JQ (“responsible for everything”) is not held by any serious JQ’er. Name some instances where any serious proponent has noticed Jews that weren’t actually there doing tricks? Just because we don’t ritually recite a NAJALT before noticing doesn’t make us chem-trail chasers. Stop natteringly negativing my noticing, nabob.

    • Anti-anti-Semites: You oppose the results but support the cause.

      If we just put our heads in the sand the Jewish problem will go away. Muh optics.

      • OK, Nathan, since last October there’ve been three violent incidents (including last night’s shooting in California) involving d-righters who’ve expressed or acted on antisemitic views. I expect there’ll be more before November 2020. What happens after that? Glad you asked: President Kamala Harris! “Oh, great, then all the normies will get red-pilled.” No, the FBI, who are already on the case, will suppress the d-right in the same way that they’ve ruthlessly suppressed Islamists in the United States. Do you really believe Wray when he says that the FBI takes no interest in ideology? Everyone who comments on this blog or even reads it is probably known to the surveillance state. They’re just biding their time, waiting for their chance. And they’re gonna get it.

        • So your argument is three people did something rash so we should just stop talking about the topic? People have shot Negroes for no good reason. Does Dylan Roof mean we can’t talk about Black crime?

          • Are you kidding me? That stupid kid and evil kid is why we can’t fly the Confederate Flag anymore. He’s why historically important statues of General Lee and other Confederate heroes have been taken down all over the country. He’s why any self-conscious expression of southern pride is ruthlessly suppressed. You can say what you want about anything, but there will be consequences, as there always are.

          • As a flag-flier, I have to point out the stupid evil kid is in jail. He has no power over me. If you can’t fly the flag anymore, he’s not the person stopping you. At the very most, he’s that person’s excuse.

          • The left would sure like it if nobody ever talked about Black crime. I meet normie-cons all the time who are ignorant about the stats. They make egalitarianism and CivNat’ism harder to push.

        • @Kleist: QFT. Always good to remind that GW Bush is not Jewish, Dick Cheney is not Jewish, Barack Hussein is not Jewish, the Directors of the CIA and FBI are not Jewish, etc., etc., etc.

          On the other hand, it is without a doubt though that secular Jews in Wall Street, the Media, and Entertainment are a serious threat to Liberty and what’s left of the Republic.

          • Carl B., that’s the point of the Narrative, to make treason a ladder of opportunity with a quicker return than noble pursuits.

          • They aren’t Jewish but it’s impossible to understand the actions of GW Bush, Dick Cheney… Barack Obama and the reaction to Barack Obama… and Donald Trump, without looking at the JQ

        • What’s your solution to this dilemma? We all shutup and stay within an Overton Window defined by the opposition? “Shutup b/c President Obama/Hillary/Harris” has been the kosher sandwich special since 2008.

          I disavow any responsibility for crazies who claim d-right or otherwise, and I won’t let concern trolling break my solidarity with sane and honest Rightists of all stripes. That’s the only way forward. Your blue pill solution ends in an oven for the White race within a few generations. No thanks, I’ll risk the flak.

        • Kleist,

          So wait, people who think the tribe are a huge negative influence on society are nuts and problematic but we’d also better be careful discussing the JQ because they are watching and might round us up? Just asking for a friend.

          Confused in Arizona

      • It is perfectly possible to be critical of Jewish power without becoming a David Duke or Mike Enoch.
        Just why do you think the usual suspects always put microphones in front of these idiots to be our public face and not sensible people who are also critical of Jewish power in the US?

        • I’m shocked this comment has (currently) 11 plus votes. In today’s public square, there are no “sensible people who are also critical of Jewish power in the US,” only “antisemites.” Even mentioning Jewish power in the US will get one labeled an antisemite. Criticizing it will get one caste into the void.

          If the “gang of four” didn’t have seats in Congress they would never be heard from again for the things they have said about Israel and Jewish power in the US. If they were white they would have to grovel at the feet of “the powers that be.”

          Consider the case of the Senator who dared use the phrase “cosmopolitan elite” in a speech. After the charges of antisemitism poured in, he vowed, “you’ll have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people, their greatness, their history, their safety, and the state of Israel.” Think he will never be called an antisemite again? If you do, you are naive.

          Repeat after me: “There are no sensible people who are also critical of Jewish power in the US. There are no sensible people…”

      • Nathan, I keep thinking of “the wars, the revolutions? It was us, it was always us.”

        Pattern recognition is the hallmark of IQ. We’re not supposed to notice, but believe, based on the emotions of a scripted morality play.

        • That very same pattern recognition should alert you to the consequences of the insanity of the antisemites. It should further use of that IQ to not act like an insane person when you finally figure out that a foreign group has interests that align with your own. If you REALLY have the old IQ fired up, you know that you cannot rehabilitate Hitler.

    • All mainstream media and politicians make sure anyone who brings up anything unflattering to Jews is branded a crazy and an anti-Semite and is driven from polite society. At that point, you’d have to be crazy or driven to keep putting yourself in their crosshairs. Filtration works.

      • Don’t fall into the trap. Just like, to the Left, every last thing is Trump’s fault or “because Trump”, the JQ is not the answer to everything. That said, some things certainly are addressed by the JQ. The test is that if the Jews didn’t exist, would the problem still be around? IMO, a lot of the problems we face are because of gaps and faults in the world we live in. If the Jews didn’t exploit them, others would. So it all becomes whack-a-mole, which is likely why I find the JQ a really uninteresting subject.

        • That’s an incredibly ignorant point of view, Dutch. You’re a smart guy, but sometimes you play in a very narrow sandbox. At some point you should ask yourself who built it.

          • It is pretty darn uncomfortable to have a small part of the population owning and running everything, and dictating “how things are” to the rest of us. But (IMO) we are getting it from a lot of directions. We white males are the punching bag for everyone. The Left has succeeded in ascribing a moral dimension to every last thing anyone says or does. We, in turn, often similarly ascribe such motives to Jewish people, who (again IMO) are mostly simply living their lives to their own personal advantage and in the way they were raised. Don’t let the insanity of the constant moral posturing of the Left infect your own thinking. We all too easily do that with the Jews. That said, the JQ does hang over us, as do an easy half dozen others. Ascribing a moral dimension to how people live their lives is a Lefty game, and one we need to fight. Using a plastic straw is not a moral statement, it is a convenience.

            BTW, toilet paper is the next moral outrage, cultural imperialism and waste of resources. Hint, Muslims do not use TP. They use their left hand. That’s why Ebola and so many other diseases spread so easily in Africa. Blame Islam if you would like, but the people simply don’t know differently and are living their lives. It is not a moral failing, it is not knowing better. And, soon, we will be asked to do things their way, by our Lefty “moral betters”, because, for them, everything has a moral dimension. See how this works?

          • Dutch, you’re saying, “don’t become them”, is that right?

            Dammit, man, you’re a dissident Dissident!

            You do realize this is a tacit acknowledgement that the Left is Jewist culture? No one else focused their entire, considerable heft- their entire identity- into decades of rewriting the script, opening the gates, of overthrow and the deaths of millions.

          • Alzaebo, yes, the old “alignment of interests” thing. The Left and certain Jews definitely have aligned interests, except for when they don’t. I often need a scorecard to keep up.

        • The degree with which criticism of Israel/Jews is forbidden on the right is striking. I’m ornery. If you start telling me “Don’t say that! Don’t ask that!” you can guarantee I’m going to start picking at it.

          A few months ago, it was newsworthy for about five minutes when someone dug up this old lecture that Menachem Begin gave to Joe Biden, when Joe Biden dared to consider less aid to Israel:

          On June 22 1982, Joe Biden was a Senator from Delaware and confronted then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin during his Senate Foreign Relations committee testimony, threatening to cut off aid to Israel. Begin forcefully responded, “Don’t threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid.”

          I simply brought up that Begin was being way over-the-top here. Jews were rescued by the Allies during WW 2 (the response I got was, basically, “not fast enough!”), and Jews received major aid from the West in establishing the modern state of Israel and Israel continues to receive more aid from the US than any other nation. And, finally, I said that it was a little ballsy to act as if “we don’t need no help from nobody” when precisely what you’re upset about is a threat to reduce aid. (Spoiler: the aid wasn’t cut off. I don’t know why, since Begin was so adamant that the aid isn’t needed. You think he’d be too proud to accept the aid!). I also said I thought a little gratitude was in order.

          I contest, hotly, that there is anything anti-Semitic in what I said, but of course, that’s what I was labeled.

          It’s ridiculous and offensive, this ban on any criticism, and I won’t shut up about it.

        • “Whack-a-mole” isn’t analogous to solving the JQ – they aren’t that numerous and they don’t really hide that effectively once you learn to “notice.” That said, the solution is to solidify our own cultural foundation through positive identity. This shores up the cracks the moles, termites, etc… exploit to undermine our house & yard. Concern-trolling ala Kleist’s comment above signals guilt and fear to the pests & encourages their efforts. Face them down with a good spray of “Roof/Tarrant/etc aren’t my responsibility or problem – shut up” and suddenly you’re the Occidental Orkin man.

          • Lookie, Iceland has their first rabbi! He’s there to protest the oppressive ban on torturing babies, er, Godly circumcision!

            One year later: Iceland is accepting their first batch of Syrian refugees! More on the way!

            Well, surely, it’s only payback for all that Icelandic oppression and meddling.
            Wypipo so f*kin’ evil, word

          • Addendum:
            1973: SCOTUS declares abortion in the first trimester legal in all states, due to emanations from the penumbra.
            It will remain safe, restricted, and rare.
            New York hospitals socked full by midnight.

            Hey lookie! Over 90% of the abortion “doctors” nationwide are of one unspecified ethnicity!

            Addendum to the addendum:
            1980s: hysterectomy farms!
            2000s: HPV vaccinations!
            2010s: tranny cool!
            2019: state squashes mom’s legal protest, forcibly removes child for reassignment surgery!

          • “Godly circumcision”. Once you lack, you can’t go back! Unless you roll as transforeskinned, I suppose. It’s so frikkin hard to keep up.

          • Ha! Conservatives couldn’t even conserve their own foreskins.

            Another mark of a defeated population.

    • Any suggestions, Tars, kleist?

      We nearly all bear the mark of Shechem, circumcision. The men of Shechem were slaughtered after that.
      Do follow the story.

      We have two apex predators in the same territory, using different tactics.

      One reformed when it found room, the other treats the human population as it’s territory.

      Two differing adaptations to die-offs?

    • There is no need to rehabilitate the Nazis, but there is a need to break the spell of the Holocaust – the idea that because X number of Jews died in Y manner, the human race must “never forget,” while essentially forgetting the millions who died in other ways in two world wars and the Cold War/Mid-East aftermaths where Jews have played an outsized role as participants and perpetrators, not merely victims. What I deny is the stranglehold of self-appointed moral supremacy with which the Chosen have annointed themselves and what I seek to rehabilitate is the moral standing of my own race, which includes Germans and Russians both. Those bugbears of the Pale of Settlement are my brothers, not hate-obsessed demons who must eternally suffer because the kohen say so.

      • The brainwashing of the Hate Hoax is the foundation of today’s mad secular religion, it must, must, must be exposed and broken as an unending source of power.

        Let it be a cult, not the State Church of White Man Bad.

        That is the Red Pill, not “negros be different”. Everybody already knows that.

        • Of all the mass killings in history, one is given special moral status. A model for a fanatical devotion to creating a moral dimension out of every last thing—except for the inconvenient ones. Those get the airbrush, one of the most consequential of all of our technological accomplishments.

          • Well, if spreading your culture and influence means 200 million dead, while airbrushing the mass genocides and slave camps you directed, whole continents wrecked, a planet $40 trillion in debt to- who, exactly?…

            You’re gonna need a good cover story!

      • Lately I’ve watched some online film footage of the ’39-’45 war. It does not make me want to “rehabilitate” the National Socialist regime, but it does leave me with one overwhelming thought:

        White people must never again go to war against other nations of white people. Opposition, yes, when necessary. Mass slaughter, no. The past two world wars have severely undermined white civilization. The next, if any, will write The End.

        • Yes. In my circles there is general agreement that WWI was the death knell for Britain. The flower of England was churned up in the mud of Flanders. The highest casualty rate was among junior officers, the brightest and the best.

          Sometimes I weep for what could have been.

          • And then the Second War, starting only 20 years after the First, delivered the coup de grâce. The country that was the height of Western civilization in the Victorian and Edwardian eras — the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica is prized among collectors to this day as a pinnacle of scholarship and literary style — was left a shadow of its former self following the wars.

            Weep indeed.

  23. One would think, with high technology, mass communication and the free movement of people, the world would become more unified. (“The World is Flat”–Thomas Friedman) Yet everywhere you look, things are unraveling and splitting apart. Funny how that works.

    • The counter to Friedman’s “Flat” was a book called “The World is Curved”- what little I had skimmed seemed very well done, but it’s gone now.
      I should look up its reviews on Amazon, my usual Cliff Notes quickie.

      Wretchard of Belmont Club at PJ Media calls our cults ‘affinity groups’.
      Vonnegut predicted such in a novel.

      • The author of ‘Curved’ pretty much picked Friedman up and bounced him on his head repeatedly. That was part of the attraction.

    • Wolf,

      We seem to have forgotten the distilled wisdom of our predecessors in modern society.

      “Familiarity breeds contempt”

  24. A difference between now and any time in the past is that the internet and technology in general has facilitated an astounding degree of social isolation (in the traditional face to face sense) and alienation in the younger generations.

    There is a big difference between a cult of personality (e.g. Peterson) and a genuine mystery cult. The latter is esoteric, does not revolve around ego, and through it’s rituals helps people actualize their latent potential, becoming autonomous. The former is just another means of control and delegation of thought.

    • If we can find a way to use the webs as a social facilitator/point of contact rather than a social surrogate, we can form real networks and communities. Learning the opsec needed to hook up anons in meatspace without infiltration by the likes of Michael Hayden and keystone FBI fed-post provocateurs is the trick, and anti-Sov samizdat tactics are one good source of solutions. We’re all Russians now – Louise Mensch is finally right about something.

      • In the past, they had secret societies and blood oaths because they lived in times where you could very well be tortured and killed as a heretic for going against the prevailing dogma, and that seemed to work pretty well. It’s a lesson from the past we can learn.

        When they communicated, it was in a highly symbolic language that only held meaning to the initiated, where the experiences of initiation and brotherhood gave these symbols meaning. Because it was only through shared experience, the veil could not be lifted by the profane (in our case the technocrats and their toadies).

        • I’m following some of that thinking in my American White Identity stuff – the shared experiences are the doxxings, imprisonment, silencing, loss of jobs, etc… we’re suffering now. It seems banal and trite to think we could build cult-sustaining myths around those kind of events, but look at what the Jews did with their alleged “oppression” in Egypt – at least ours is real. We suffer and we create stories, narratives and causes, we just do so in such an “everyday” way that we’ve lost sight of the inherint heroism in enduring this bullshit and fighting on. We need myth-makers who render proper honor for these sacrifices and who can create the symbols (memes, even) that lift them up and unite our tribe.

  25. I actually read a decent article years ago by a normiecon in which he made a similar point: everyone is retreating into a tribe. It may be based on race, but it more often (at least for Whites) will be something like environmentalism. He was a gun rights guy who admitted his tribe was the 2A activists. I used to be a part of that, but then I realized if the demographic change doesn’t stop we’ll lose all our traditional liberties. “New Americans” don’t care about free speech or RKBA.

    I also noticed a powerful tribal group was at the core of the gun ban movement—the same one working to change America into a third world hellhole. So here I am, in the “anti-Semites’” tribe.

    • As Instapundit has lately been morphing into Israelpundit (I didn’t coin the term), I have lately come under attack for even daring to ask questions about Israel or Jews. Of course, I’m an anti-Semite now. Something as formerly normie-con as saying we shouldn’t have anti-BDS laws simply because the government shouldn’t be in the business of even narrow First Amendment violations gets me branded an anti-Semite.

      The vehemence is eye-opening, and the average normie-con won’t allow himself to even question his assumptions.

      • @Vizzini Yeah, it’s pretty sad to see how the conservative’s brain shuts down when our greatest ally becomes the subject. They’ll rant about free speech and then justify locking up Hall of Cost revisionists, because of stupid Hollywood propaganda, greatest generation, etc.

      • The (((mask))) is definitely slipping. I think it’s a combination of info tech that can’t be bottlenecked like the three network days and a loss of subtlety (and frankly talent) among the younger generation of (((overlords))). Hubris is breeding Nemesis. Irving Kristol and NorPod are kvetching in Sheol about the ham-fisted public triumphalism of New Jews like Shapiro, Stevens, Goldberg & Rothman. They are causing a great deal of noticing among the goyim. White pill for us.

        • Annoyingly enough, Exile, NorPod is still on this side of the dirt. But we appreciate the contrary assumption. His fans get annoyed with every sign that he’s Forgotten but Not Gone….

    • 2A (and highly-selective immigration) tribe(s) here, and my parents were (legal) immigrants from China. But I suspect I’m in the minority, er, so to speak.

      Apropos of nothing in particular, I asked in the last post’s comments but perhaps too late to the game, so I’ll ask here. Someone kindly explained “1350” earlier. Can someone please clarify what “0280” might mean?


      • 13% (Black population) do fifty percent of the murders. I don’t know “0280.” Maybe a reference to the Pareto 80/20 principle?

      • I am not Chinese but I married one who immigrated lawfully. People like me have a hard time finding our “tribe” in the ethnic sense, since my cohorts are both mixed European by birth and Chinese by marriage. Of course, a Chinese person would never consider me Chinese, and that’s fine by me, and well understood. There are also quite a few AMWF pairings who are in the dissident right movement, though, and perhaps our “tribe” could be the “ice peoples” as John Derbyshire talks about. Or, maybe a loose confederation of “civic internationalists” who are made up of peoples who have their shit together and can build gleeming societies – Northeast Asians & Euros, mainly, against “Sun Peoples” who decidedly can’t.

        • I’m with Marko. I am definitely a self-sufficient Ice peoples vs overbreeder Sun peoples guy.

          Alphabets over rutting!

        • 1. “Legal immigration” is an oxymoron – I spent my 18 months in consular hell – I know whereof I speak.

          2. You don’t get to choose your tribe; your tribe chooses you. I know that I, and most others who call themselves White nationalists or ethnonationalists, believe in separate nations for separate people.

        • I’m not sure what tribe(s) I belong to except whites and Z Blog readers. But I’m going to inform anyone who asks that my parents immigrated from Oklahoma and I’m a U.S. citizen who started as an anchor baby. Now, where do I go to get my affirmative action card so I can go to the head of the line?

        • Man I am in same spot. Ethnically I am Eastern European. But my grandad(man I admire most).was half Jew and great grandma was a Jew. I like Asians, my daughter is half Vietnamese. I really like Brahmin Indians I met in US. And growing in USSR I know that white skin alone does not make special.

          I am all about society of free, self reliant and capable people. Built on respect and cooperation regardless of color of their skin or ethnicity.

    • That powerful tribal group has been in the forefront of political radicalism and cultural subversion dating back to the late 19th Century, first in Europe and then America. In the US, they started with seeking to drive expressions of Christianity out of the public square (atheists are just following in their path) and then an all out war on traditional culture and politics.

      It would be incorrect to blame that powerful tribal group for everything that’s gone wrong in the past century or so. Gentiles climb on the wagon, too — Bill and Hill Clinton and John Bolton are examples.

      • Hiring and lifting up the worst means the worst, once ensconced, come to rule us.

        That is the main threat.
        Like foreign occupiers, once in, near impossible to get rid of.

        This is why operating from behind the throne is such a devilishly hard tactic to defeat.

        Sneak attacks use camoflauge and human shields.
        How do honest men see past it?

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