The Debates

Watching the Democrats debate the last two nights, the unmistakable impression is that the people turning America into a land of strangers has not thought about how such a land can operate as a democracy. The debate field has just about one from every category among the ascendant. The only thing they are missing is a 65-IQ East African and a Muslim wearing a dynamite vest. Otherwise, the field looks like the brochure for multiculturalism the party likes to wave around.

The trouble is, the impression one gets while watching the parade of strange faces and bizarre identities is that these people are not capable of doing much of anything. The only thing they have going for them is their intersectional claim to have been oppressed by Joe Biden at some point. They spend all of their time talking about how they feel about various things and how they have been made to suffer by the man, but otherwise they have nothing to say about anything relevant to the job.

That’s been the theme so far. In round one, the angry black women, who used to sleep with Willie Brown, led the charge against Joe Biden. Creepy Uncle Joe was a racist because 80 years ago when he started running for office, he held normal opinions about stuff like most everyone at the time. Everyone else then spent their time explaining how they have never had normal thoughts about anything. It was a two-episode explanation on why none of those people are like you.

Round two was much the same, except this time a Jewish mystic showed up selling incense and dream catchers, while warning of dark forces. Marianne Williamson stole the show on night one, by sounding like that woman at the office, who likes to talk about your aura and her friend the psychic. According the on-line polls, she was the clear winner and she was the most searched name during the show. Looking at black twitter, it was clear she was their favorite, as well.

The second night was billed as Angry Black Women versus Creepy Uncle Joe, round two, but it was mostly just everyone feeling sorry for themselves. The women who slept with Willy Brown reminded everyone of those videos of black women going nuts in a fast food joint. The rest took turns trying to explain why Biden’s racism made them feel bad for some reason. The lone exception was Gabbard, who probably won the night by sounding like an adult, rather than a toddler.

Normally, at least back when the word “normal” did not get you fired from your job, watching the other side debate made a normal person a little angry. The other side would characterize your side and your issues in ways that seemed unfair. In the glorious future, watching “the other side” is like watching the movie Jackass. You’re made uncomfortable because you laugh at things that no adult should find funny. Last night was two hours of Ow My Balls! in real time.

The one exception has been Gabbard, but she is the poster child for why so many of us have thrown in the towel on America. She is a childless women of mysterious origins, running on the basis of her military service. Like the gay guy from Indiana, she likes reminding us that she is a veteran. Unlike the gay guy, she regularly claims to be a combat veteran. She has other positions, but the starting point of her career is that she was a soldier that served in Afghanistan.

At the risk of sounding impolite, no decent man wants to live in a society that sends its mothers and daughters into combat. If you want to understand why so many of us harbor dark thoughts about the people who rule over us, it’s right there. Tulsi Gabbard should be home raising her children, not running for president. No women should be serving in the military, outside of administrative and medical areas. There should never be a discussion about putting girls in combat – ever.

Of course, the point of these ridiculous shows they are calling political debates is to normalize the crap-fest heading our way. The future is not going to be a boot stamping a human face. The future is going to be a parade of formerly marginal people mewing about their troubles, while a mysterious brown women tells war stories. What we saw the last two nights is a society running on the capital built up over generations, by people no longer allowed to be in charge of their society.

The response from the civic nationalist types is that this freak show will backfire on the Democrats, giving Trump an easy victory. That not only misses the point, it assume a normal society should have someone like Trump in the presidency. Just as the normalcy of the Happa Warrior underscores the lunacy of the Democrat field, the relative normalcy of Trump underscores the degeneracy of the modern age. If Trump is the best we can do, then Kim Jong-un can’t nuke this place fast enough.

That brings us back to where we started. The billionaires and plutocrats behind this circus have to wonder what they have done. They may be without scruples, but they are not stupid. They have to see that no society can function with fruitcakes like Gay Spartacus in positions of authority. Maybe that’s why real authority is slowly being shifted from the political class to the emerging power centers like Silicon Valley. The over-class sees what we see and is acting accordingly.

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252 thoughts on “The Debates

  1. Gabbard may be hot, but the country’s existence is at stake. Instead of entertaining the fantasy of a Gabbard hotness presidency, stay focused in a Trump re-election, many Trumps after him, and meanwhile a productive role for Gabbard that is more suited to her strengths. . . .

  2. Let’s ask ourselves these questions about the Great Replacement;

    1. Is our genocide* by Open Borders something the Elites merely want to do or must do?
    If a must do – why? What is their overwhelming motive that makes Open Borders Canon for the Elites?

    2. Can they do it? Can they affect our genocide by Open Borders?

    3. What are the countermeasures available to us? The full range of countermeasures.

    For instance Z’s main countermeasure seems to be Changing Minds. One at a time is mentioned as the metric.

    4. What else can be done besides Change Minds?

    5. What is to be done with these changed minds?

    *Genocide definitions – Open Borders meets the definition in stated intentions and effects.

    • Genocide definition by Lemkin.

      Raphael Lemkin invented the term and definition of genocide.


      Raphael Lemkin in his masterpiece “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe” (1943) invented the term “genocide,”by combining “genos” (race, people) and “cide” (to kill).
      Lemkin defined genocide as follows:
      “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”
      When Lemkin proposed a treaty against genocide to the United Nations in 1945, he defined it as follows:
      “The crime of genocide should be recognized therein as a conspiracy to exterminate national, religious or racial groups. The overt acts of such a conspiracy may consist of attacks against life, liberty or property of members of such groups merely because of their affiliation with such groups. The formulation of the crime may be as follows:
      “Whoever, while participating in a conspiracy to destroy a national, racial or religious group, undertakes an attack against life, liberty or property of members of such groups is guilty of the crime of genocide.”

      The Genocide Convention
      The Genocide Convention adopted by the UN in Paris in 1948 defines genocide without the precursors and persecution that Lemkin noted in his definitions.  The Convention defines genocide as follows:
      “Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”
      “Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:
      (a) Genocide;
      (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
      (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
      (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
      (e) Complicity in genocide.”

  3. My commentary at the time on “Occidedal Dissent” while the “Debate” was live:

    Pretty racist, so I’ll not quote it directly as a guest on Z-man’s blog.


    What this Democrat “debate” was about is clear. Senile old Gropin’ Joe Biden is the last whigger Boomer who can stand against Trump. The younger muds and mongrels have no other options than to call for the declining whiggers to hand over what they got in terms of retirement wealth for negroes and beaners and gooks to coonsume, but they need to have the gliberal whiggers gladly hand it over. If there are no gliberal whiggers left, then right-wing whiggers will go out shooting, destroy the diminishing margins necessary for the survival of most all ZOGlings and in the civil war / collapse there will be nothing left to loot or even eat.

    What will save The Whigger Race is a collapse in which 80% of the whiggers and all of the jews and muds die of war, pestilence, famine and the fact that there isn’t a whigger infrastructure left to support 7.5 billion worldwide or a third of a billion in the ZOGland.

    Which is why the cry for “unity” to keep it all running — for a while. What to do when it all falls apart? Who knows !!! The jews and muds can’t maintain the System much less keep it running enough to support them. This “Demockracy” is merely a show to keep things running as long as possible.

    My making fun of these tards was easy once you know what they really want and need. Their lies and evasions are certainly not new but rather threadbare and moth-eaten now towards the end . . .

    There is no plan.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  4. At the risk of sounding impolite, no decent man wants to live in a society that sends its mothers and daughters into combat.

    A few years back, the Danish national broadcaster – DenMarx Radio – aired an interview with a retired warrior girl. Before she departed for Afghanistan, she had signed a contract with the broadcaster about sending home some reports. (Big surprise there, real Millenial patriotism on display.)

    But she returned with PTSD after a few weeks later without having submitted a single word, and instead of a stunning and empowered valkyrie reporting directly from the combat zone, we got this lachrymose interview about how terrible war is.

    She related that she was on patrol, when her unit observed two groups of jihadis going at each other’s throats. They settled down to enjoy the spectacle, when the jihadis decided to put their disagreements aside and attack the Danish patrol. The Danes fired warning shots but the jihadis kept advancing and in the end, the Danish platoon leader ordered aimed shots, and the jihadis retreated.

    This experience was what triggered her medical evacuation, and put her on drugs – made her a victim.

    “But”, the interviewer asks, “you did have a machine gun?”

    “Yes, but using that would’ve caused a bloodbath”, she replies, horrified.

    • I cannot decide which is more ludicrous, warning shots fired at armed opponents in a war zone or female warriors. The West really needs to reevaluate the way we fight wars before we get our asses kicked.

      • It should be said that Danish soldiers usually perform well. They are well-respected by the British, with whom they share a base camp in Helmand – at least if you go by the accommodating remarks British soldiers sometimes leave online.

        The documentary Armadillo comes with my warmest recommendations – it’s a Danish Restrepo, and while I’m not qualified to judge the military workmanship, the Danish conscripts come off a lot better motivated than the Marines. Apart from that, Armadillo is a far superior cinematic experience.

        The film caused both sensation and scandal in Denmark, because in the central scene, where a patrol is ambushed by the Taliban, they apparently kill some wounded Jihadis.

        Be advised that Armadillo has been removed from the list of approved entertainment in the US armed forces. Because there’s a scene with a stripper.

  5. Trump ‘is’ the best we can do and he will do just fine. Professional politicians are only working to keep themselves in power and attend the correct social functions while get rich in interesting ways. They do almost nothing for anyone else.

    Trump is the perfect president. He treats everyone the same, race and gender mean little to him. Being a business man and not a politician or blog writer, Trump knows how to detect the bottom line and work for it. He is the best thing to come along in my lifetime and I am quite old now.

    Trump truly is motivated by rejuvenating American and perhaps finding himself in a special place in the history books. He is earning it.

  6. Gabbard is anti-war and kind of attractive, that is her whole shtick. She published a tweet on Sunday doing a couple minutes of working out and a lot of our guys wet themselves in excitement. Other than that she is a pretty standard issue far left clone. Sort of like Yang, his talk about automation and UBI is at least different, although foolish, but otherwise he is indistinguishable from the rest.

  7. Came across a great quote from the woman who slept with Willie Brown, to a little girl in her audience – “You always keep that head up, you hear me? You aways hold that chin up.”

  8. To me Gabbard is the dem candidate that would be the hardest to convince that the white race needs to be mostly wiped out for the good of the planet. A few of the others would require no convincing at all, they are already there.

    Oh, Gabbard would get there. She would just resist the longest.

  9. People on the Center-Right always love to ape Mencken. Emmett Tyrrell made a whole career out of it. We were all supposed to laugh at all those Left-wing Yahoos and their “Crazy” ideas. Unfortunately, the time for hand-waving and laughing is over. And the idea that the elite have miscalculated – and will discover their error and save us, is even more ridiculous. They have everything mapped out. And they are not our friends.

    Also, pulling back and giving us the long-term perspective is boring, because you know what? In the long run we’re all dead. So either care, or go write about Parcheesi or whatever and leave politics alone.

  10. I don’t have time to add my hot take, so I’ll just say “The only thing they are missing is a 65-IQ East African and a Muslim wearing a dynamite vest,” is a great line.

  11. “In the glorious future, watching “the other side” is like watching the movie Jackass. You’re made uncomfortable because you laugh at things that no adult should find funny.”

    Oh yeah, 2020’s gonna be a real shit show:

    As for Kamala, I’ve been calling her the “Dindu Hindu.” It even gets a laugh, from the right crowd.

  12. At the risk of sounding impolite, no decent man wants to live in a society that sends its mothers and daughters into combat. If you want to understand why so many of us harbor dark thoughts about the people who rule over us, it’s right there. Tulsi Gabbard should be home raising her children, not running for president. No women should be serving in the military, outside of administrative and medical areas. There should never be a discussion about putting girls in combat – ever.

    I dont know what other to say than YES!!!! Maybe Z should be prez after the coup. Coz that right there, that’s the beginning of sanity. Gabbard is quite decent, she would have been a real charmer 10 years ago when her ovaries were screaming for action. Downright waste, like putting a junkyard on the beach, that no man gave her that action. Both men and women are poorer in the brave new SJWorld. SMH…..

  13. A little supplemental information about the Samoan Surf Goddess, might be of interest:

    “Tulsi Gabbard is an Antifa fangirl. Here she is with Evan Duke, a violent fascist activist who is under investigation for the attempted black-market purchase of weapons from Mexico in order to stage an insurgency against the US Government. Gabbard described Duke as “incredible” and that she was “honored” to meet him.”

    • I can see her in a saffron robe with a begging bowl and tambourine, “Hare Krishna… Hare Rama!…”

      (Marianne and Kamala glaring daggers from the back, while Kirsten grins mindlessly and claps along)

    • And conservatives applauding her attack on Kamala Harris for prosecuting brown people for drug crimes? I don’t get it. Do conservatives now think that being non-white should be a get-out-of-jail-free card?

      • The MSM has been burying that “gotcha” moment all day. I simply figured that they were protecting Kamala as the anointed one. Then I realized that the Left loves to prosecute innocent people, it’s a feature, not a bug, as long as it furthers their cause. They plan to prosecute a whole bunch of us, pretty much for nothing at all, if they get power. It’s all the SJW context thing, where anything can be good or bad, depending on how it fits into the SJW meme matrix.

  14. I guess the difference between Tulsi and the standard neo-con military woman politician is that her message is

    I was lied to, war sucks, let’s stop doing it.

    Which IS less bad than the standard GI Jane message.

    Still, she is a woman of mystery, how does a daughter of an anti-gay Samoan fundamentalist Catholic and a White Hippie, raised in a kinda-sorta-but-not really-Hindu surfer cult end up with those political positions?

    I have had a mildly favorable attitude towards her ever since the start of the Syria stuff, but I do wonder if she’s concealing some of her beliefs… but I don’t know what those beliefs are… it just seems like she is posturing at times…. or that she stepped out of a time warp or alternative timeline.

    • There’s something off about her, but she is useful to rustle the usual suspects. She is a left-wing nationalist. If she helps push that concept into the center of the party, that’s a good result.

      • I kept staring at the sheen of her moisturized chest. With a dress stopping just one millimeter prior to cleavage. Very healthy looking. She made Kamala look like an old street ho.

  15. C’mon Z ! We’re all in agreement last nights debate was a complete freak show, but why the cheap shot at the prez ?

    Who do you want fighting these bottom feeding buffoons ? mitt romney ?

    Yeah, so the president doesn’t come off as some high brow intellectual. He was the right man for the job taking on that evil hillbilly bitch and he’ll make quick work of this batch of Star Wars bar rejects.

    We all want the borders closed, the guilty imprisoned. Trouble is the last guy to go up against the deep state got a one way ticket to the morgue. The man will continue to get my support . He needs all the help he can get.

  16. Don’t know if the comment I started went through or not – my browser started going screwy, so I’ll try again. Zman, you really are terrific. While I love your historical, philosophical, and educational posts, today’s no-holds-barred take on clown world hit the sweet spot. I am now going to read the comments, then off to the gym for leg day (ugh) while I glare at all the mystery meat (I’m careful never to talk directly with anyone) while I listen to Sabaton, Powerwolf, and Pain. I wish I could bankroll everything for the d-right – thanks for your work, thanks to all the excellent comment regulars. A great way to start the day.

    • The new album on WW1 is awesome. I recommend Devil Dogs, The Red Baron, and Attack of the Dead Men.

      • Thanks for the recommendations – I’ll ask my older son about them (he’s been listening to this stuff for 5-10 years) and somewhat knows what I like (for every 5-10 songs he recommends I pick 2-3).

    • I wish I could bankroll everything for the d-right…
      Now imagine all those with that thought in one area working in concert to make things happen… Giving 1,5,10% of their earnings to a cause that supports their goals and wants them to survive and thrive… Community Building…

      • There would have to be transparency and accountability though.

        People on the right have a habit of collecting donations and then using them as spending money

        • CB
          Oh without a doubt Brother and would have to be oversaw by a Committee that could not have any individual benefit from it.and would be a volunteer position…

  17. I’m afraid the overclass in Silicon Valley is made up of clowns as well. They’re not Rockefeller, Carnegie or Vanderbilt.

  18. Sane man: “No women should be serving in the military…”

    Steve ‘Boomer’ Bannon: “Women should do whatever they want, like my daughter went to West Point and served with the 101st Airborne in Iraq. We have an economy where if a woman wants to stay home and be a mother, she ought to have that opportunity. But it’s 100 per cent on what young women want to do, and they should be able to have every opportunity to do everything they want to do, including serving in combat, which I’m a big believer in.”

    • Social experimentation in institutions of such vital import as the military has potential to lead to collapse of the society. Hard to believe Bannon said something that stupid in light of HBD understanding.

      • Boomers were poisoned by early feminism . It seemed non toxic enough and a lot of it was sold as liberating women and yeah, hey maybe men a little too.

        Boomers were the freest generation in US history too and as such it’s hard to sell them less freedom, restricted social roles for an entire gender, restricted sex , racial profiling on 13/50 grounds and so on.

        The US has a lot of freedoms that are doing us no good whatever, porn, plentiful if illegal drugs promiscuity, weed, and the big irony the one everyone wants to restrict, guns are a positive civic good in the Rights hands.

        • A.B.;
          As a leading edge Boomer (class of ’68), I can confirm about early feminism at first looking like a chance to *finally* be able to live the well-publicized (but mostly fictional) ‘Playboy Lifestyle’ re casual sex and otherwise not looking too toxic.

          But seeing how *angry* the early adopters were, I realized that it wasn’t going anywhere good. These early adopters were elite spawn white females. IOW, they were the most privileged beings on the face of the planet_! What the hell did they have to be so angry about_?

          Then and now it’s really good advice to young men to “stay away from crazy”. So I did, thank God.

          My theory about this situation is that they despised their mothers’ elite lives of doing charitable work while maintaining a fellow elite entertainment center as a home. And they despised all the false-front social piety that this entailed. IOW, they wanted all the privileges of the status that were born into with none of the irksome responsibilities. Oldest story in the world about elite degeneration.

    • Must have gotten that attitude about women in the military from his good friends in Israel.

  19. How far we have fallen. One half of the political spectrum in the US is now full-on crazy or seriously dangerous, and one of these candidates will garner half the votes in the next election. This is neither trivial nor a laughing matter. And on the topic of speaking that which may never be said, patriarchy works and it’s demise is the reason that the crazies are becoming dominant in DC. The quicker we hit bottom the better. Rebuild from the ashes.

  20. I thought Gillibrand stole the show. NY and CA are in a competition over how many hysterical women we can elect. I think NY pulled ahead with her. It wasn’t just her vapidity, but the voice to go with it. She was the epitome of the hysterical suburban soccer mom flying off the handle because you handed her son a chocolate. “He’s allergic to chocolate! How dare you hand my son something to eat without my permission!.” Women like this (nearly every woman in my neighborhood) would turn the entire world into a padded cell if you let them. They’re crazed and have never been put in their places.

    I never heard the word “cuck” until a few years ago, but looking at not just Gillibrand but all the women on that stage, and their demeanor, its formed by a society of eunuchs. Men have been totally castrated over many decades. You can blame popular culture, the tone that’s set right from kindergarten, etc. This is what happens in late stage democracies. Women reach their height of influence on society just prior to the cracking of democracy, which comes from the gatherer part of human nature. Politicians gather votes. At no time is a society like this up to defending itself against outside threats. Suddenly, in a crisis, you have a role reversal where hunter side of human nature prevails. Women are told “what’s up” and sent back to the kitchen.

    You see this on the right as well by the way. Sarah Palin, Dana Loesch, Joni Ernst, etc. You would have to be a hen pecked, balless man to like these women. These guys go to some outbuilding to strip a firearm, thinking they’re real men, as their dowdy wives in stone washed jeans and sweatshirt with rhinestone heart pattern rule the roost.

    • Mostly agree, but Palin would have made a better President than McCain. BTW I’m not henpecked or balless.

    • There’s another reason I bought ten acres and 5 trailers in Missouri.

      All the estrogen, from missus to great-grans, lives happily and busily in Missouri, while I sit alone in a quiet house in California.

      (Note: that acreage is currently worth a whopping $14,000. Away from the interstates, land can be stupid cheap all over Nowheresville.)

  21. I don’t know if I agree that : ” The future is not going to be a boot stamping a human face. The future is going to be a parade of formerly marginal people mewing about their troubles, while a mysterious brown women tells war stories. ”

    I think the future is formerly marginal people stomping a Caucasian face” . they have propagated hate against Caucasian men, in an effort to get the marginalized and women to vote their way. but like adding salt to food , once you over do it it cant easily be undone. Just look at antifa. They despise their own so much they would do murderous violence if they could get away with it. That is such a break with reality it is almost unfathomable . just look at the faces of these lunatics .
    even the NKDV was paid to terrorize the Russian citizenry . Antifa and BLM would do it for free.

    god help us all if sane voices in the ruling class don’t prevail, and soon.

    • We will be reborn in a baptism of blood. Those skinny commies do not intimate me. They have no knowledge of tactics. Even without firearms, I guarantee my buddies would be a more effective fighting force.

      They are only good for causing chaos against the unprepared. This due to the nature of their organization, a small nucleus of professional agitators and true believers directing bored college kids.

  22. We should be working to keep Gabbard and Yang going for as long as possible. For cultural preparation amongst white still on the other side of this thing if for nothing else.

    We should also remain open to the idea that, given the current situation under the Democrat’s big top, it is possible that their eventual nominee isn’t even in the race yet.

  23. They looked unnervingly like the parody Bond villains from Austin Powers.

    Except they were real, you know? Jesus Christ. The joke’s on us.

    • token white male candidate says “we can’t make all these crazy, unaffordable promises”, fauxcahontis says “no, that’s exactly what we do”. Damn near fell out of my chair, proving comedy is not dead.

  24. The savvier pols in the Varsity Party seem to be realizing this shitshow is veering into “Four More Years” territory by banning “raise your hand” questions and otherwise tweaking the process, but the intersectional tiger they uncaged is still riding them like a Bollywood bloodsport rodeo. The Solons of Sodomy can tug the reins all they want, but as Z has noted, the non-geezer candidates are signalling to either appeal to the zeitgeist of their wishes, not of current reality, or simply to cynically cement their prospects 10 years down the line, not so much for the present less woke era*.

    The upshot is that Orange Man Bad is looking 60-40 good for Four More Years of Purim miracles and Cucking for the Kardashians, with momentum trending his way.

    I can live with either result at this stage. I don’t see accelerationist disruptive measures like UBI getting any traction on the Left and nothing’s going to happen on the Right until a sufficient number of Red Team Dittohead MAGA neocon pawns pill in or check out, which won’t be a one-year process. To paraphrase Queen Ann from “Adios,” since immigration isn’t going to get fixed, I’m taking the next 4+ years to clean my personal attic – traveling Western backwaters where the Eye of Sauros rarely turns, talent-spotting and dropping a trail of red pills to Our Thing while I knock the rust off my personal skills like survival, hunting, fishing, and learn some samizdat tricks listening to Solzhenitsyn & the boys as I drive around the West.

    *Remember when an “era” lasted longer than a single Presidency? Good times.

  25. “At the risk of sounding impolite, no decent man wants to live in a society that sends its mothers and daughters into combat.”

    It’s not “impolite”, not merely so anyway, but heretical to state women are less capable than men in anything. Rinse/wash. But last time I was in the sandbox, I worked with a female dog handler in the British Army. The girl obviously loved what she did, loved the animals she worked with. She was good with animals and good st her job. Why couldn’t she do that back in the UK? Brits love their dogs and she probably could’ve made some decent money with far less effort. Service Life alters and changes men in ways that are rarely irreversible, with women it just wraps them into creatures they’re not meant to be. Just sad.

  26. “Of course, the point of these ridiculous shows they are calling political debates is to normalize the crap-fest heading our way.”

    I’ve been suspecting as much about a lot of things lately. For instance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Epstein business was allowed to come out as part of a deliberate drive to saturate the airwaves with and infuse the national mind in talk of paedophilia.

    If paedophilia has indeed been slated as the next frontier for the Sexual Liberation demoralization machine, it would be natural for the merchants of degeneracy and confusion to recapitulate what they so successfully achieved on the sodomy front. To wit, make people think that homos are everywhere, that sodomy is so commonplace it is normal, and that it is so normal you might be gay without knowing it (a mind trick young people “questioning” and “experimenting” have borne the brunt of).

    The mainstreaming of the gay agenda has become so comprehensive, it must be tempting to put that winning formula to work in the realm of political theater. The key is patience and repetition. That all political thought on the Democratic side starts out with anti-whiteness as a perfunctory prerequisite is proof that the constant barrage of white denigration is slowly but surely working its magic, making white hatred the normal, default, non-committal starting point.

    • I find it weird the way these people will be untouchable for years, decades and then everything will come out in a giant s*tstorm all of a sudden for no clear reason. Epstein was doing his thing for decades, escaping with impunity or slaps on the wrist in secret and then suddenly he may be facing real consequences and all the sordid business is in the MSM. Isn’t it similar to the way the Weinstein thing blew up a couple of years ago? He had basically been up to his shenanigans for decades, shielded by caste and power, but then suddenly all that’s gone and he’s being prosecuted( I thot I read, don’t really follow the business closely) all out of the blue, with no apparent precipitating cause. What brings it on, do you guys think? Is there some sort of sea change in the politics?

    • Since the point is to humiliate and break the population, nothing else is more effective. Bestiality doesn’t have the visuals.

      They’ll start adding in BDSM or ‘corporal punishment’ elements as the next fad after normalization, hooking the conservatives, as well as a “reparations” angle for the libs.
      Must reward the worst.

      • Ha ha! So I hit the little google button to spell check “reparations”, and what’s top on their list?

        “The Conversation · 1 day ago
        If Germany atoned for the Holocaust, the US can pay reparations for slavery”

        In my sloth and haste, I get names wrong- a lot, ex. “Scheer” instead of “Speer”- and that google button is immediate and easy. My bad.

        The number of pins in Zman’s voodoo doll of yours truly must be *quite* impressive.

      • Update: that is an ugly and hideous comment that needs to be deleted, even if I think it’s true.

        Doesn’t belong here, I apologise to everyone, phone finally blue-screened, so I’m out. Ashamed of myself for taking out my rage on this audience, again, most sorry.

    • One of the central tenets of The Frankfurt School was that “Polymorphous Perversion” was to be a central tool in their destruction of the family.

  27. At another website there was a discussion about the candidates, and we formed the impression that the democratic hopefuls seem clearly rigged. Other than Biden look at how symmetrically diverse they are. A white male, a black male, a white female, a black, a gay, an Asian, a Hispanic, a Jewish. So lacking in statistical randomness it seems planned, doesn’t it? And of course the way they’re so wackily to the left, abandoning the center as Buchanan said, it seems they want to give trump the second term. Trump has done the bidding of the usual suspects with respect to the Middle East, so he will be rewarded with a second term, unlike cater and bush 1 who Erred.

    • I could see Adelson & Singer sitting at a table with Heyer & Soros & having this kind of a strategy session. If you buy into the theories that Trump has been Epsteined by the eponymous Mossad blackmailer, his compatriot Maxwell, or the Mueller probe in some way (Eric Striker’s present theory), those who hold Trump’s leash would be well-satisfied with Four More Years, with the added false-flag bonus that Trump’s a nominal Righty. Reality looks to be lining up rather well with your “conspiracy theory,” that’s for sure.

      • Yeah the mueller probe put him in his place. It was to get control of him. Even if they ultimately came up with nothing, they had been drawing real blood of those close to trump, for instance Cohen who was sentenced to jail time. Trump can’t tolerate that. Ones loyalty to his immediate friends and family will always outweigh that to abstractions and far off things. The leftists cheered it on. As a polity, we are divided and conquered.

        • Seizing control of the the US military intelligence is the most valuable prize in the world.
          Its C-in-C has been taken hostage.

  28. Last night on my Twitter feed, there was a funny comment, something along the lines….”Say what you want about Joe Biden, but he’s the only person on stage who hasn’t sucked a ……….”

    • Max said: ” Last night on my Twitter feed, there was a funny comment, something along the lines….”Say what you want about Joe Biden, but he’s the only person on stage who hasn’t sucked a ……….” ” That we know of.

  29. “Always accuse your opponent of what YOU are doing,” future tense. After Trump was elected, there was talk from the Official Pundit class about how the military would have to refuse his “crazy” orders or stage a coup (which is what the Dems were already doing, of course). But if someone like Gay Spartacus or Angry Negress gets in, I’m certain the military would indeed revolt.

    • “But if someone like Gay Spartacus or Angry Negress gets in, I’m certain the military would indeed revolt.” In my view, this is a very unwise assumption. Police and soldiers are trained to be robots who follow orders. Those orders are handed down by their senior officers who are loyal to whomsoever is holding the pink slip because…muh pension.

      • Based on my experience, enough reservists would refuse to confiscate guns simply because they tend to be gun owners but that is the only line they would refuse to cross.

      • The police and military are also heavily propagandized by their leadership. I know a police officer (aquaintance) and he talks about the briefings they get on ” right wing terrorist and hate crimes” . about how they commit so many more than Muslims. he said ” you can’t argue with numbers” . I remind him that paper doesn’t care what you writ on it , even numbers.

        • Miforest, the first place I saw the official SPLC magazine (yes) was waiting at a police locale.

          There were stacks of them.
          SPLC sends them gratis to every office it can reach.

          This during the height of the Iraq war– yet the rag’s ‘facticles’ were 95% about ‘white right wing militias’.

          Names, pictures, locations included. Not one mention of anything foreign Muslim, the numerous training camps, the funding, legal, and lobby groups, the mosques, the gangs- all the people I’d been meeting for years. They ain’t hiding.

    • Neither a coup nor the military violating their Oath are anything but very, very remote outcomes.

      They – We – will not march to establish dictatorship for either side. The military could split if the country did ala 1861 – but a coup would neither work nor is it likely to ever be considered. We will march on neither the Constitution nor the people.

      The Civil War shall have to begin by the hands of others.

      By the way the American Federation is quite coup proof.
      Gaining the Capitol gains you only the Capitol at the cost of the rest of the country but especially the military marching against you. Really some people need to do their homework.

      As for doing anything for the check 🤣 or pension 🤣🤣 anyone who says that reveals their motives not ours. Our true motives (Duty, Honor, Country) will remain forever opaque to such creatures but they remain our truths. Some still hold certain things sacred enough to die and kill over.

      • The bad guys can accomplish everything they need and achieve complete and total victory by operating entirely within the Constitution, thanks to judicial review.

        A military that is loyal only to the Constitution is effectively loyal to the invaders and usurpers.

        • Well if true then you’re screwed and effectively already dead. I’m only acknowledging that so you will get your Blackpill High, just giving people what they want… etc.

          Good thing that isn’t true.
          You’d already be dead.
          Hint; we aren’t commanded by the Courts.
          Hint 2; we aren’t a software script.

          Hope that doesn’t kill your Blackpill buzz over much.

          Cheers… er I mean “Despair”. Again just being polite.

  30. It’s 2015 all over again. Never let your prejudices blind you to dangerous people. In 2015 the Democrats desperately wanted Donald Trump to win the nomination because everyone believed such a person could never win and that American public will never vote for such a person. They called it the “Pied Piper Strategy.” Instead of steadfastly ignoring Trump like Ron Paul, they talked about him incessantly.

    These people put on the act because this is what the base wants to see. If blacks had been as excited about Clinton as they were about Obama, we would be talking about madam president right now. They are not bumbling fools. They know what the base wants and they are trying to deliver.

  31. Z – you’re ignoring all the facts and evidence you have that our elites are not idiots in favor of plutocratic conspiracy.

    Our elites are embezzlers, pornographers with a few smart businessmen who commercialized pretty much white tech science not developed by the tech Lords.
    Jobs, Gates et al invented nothing. They made a business from it.

    You’re also either unaware or ignoring how much cheating there is in tech, how much plagiarism occurs, how much grade inflation occurs in our selective elite schools.

    Most of these people are hacks. They’re good at conformity, cheating and taking advantage of our science and our high trust culture.

    They are not masterminds, they just sell themselves as Masterminds. They are the worst ruling class in history.
    They parade their defects, they parody our white achievements. They are a parody of a ruling class coasting on the fumes of our legacies. As for whatever is left of the WASPS – who let them in? Who got lazy, cowardly and soft? Corrupt?

    This eruption of mud is nearly over. Some of you will be disappointed at the men behind the curtain. They’re basically all a version or even parody of Epstein and Madoff.
    They’re good at exploiting the peak high trust culture of history – America – and their time is running out.

    • Their time is not running out until Christian Zionists are shown that they have been duped. We are not there yet. Christian Zionists still close their eyes to what problems a certain ethnic group might be contributing to in America. The problem is not that middle eastern tribes alone but in partnership with self hating white gentile Puritans it makes for very destructive forces unleashed within our nation.

  32. Call me depraved – I don’t care. Trump just pulled the achievement awards from a couple of fart sucking REMF lawyers that tried to railroad a SEAL that was doing his job and maybe having a bit too much politically incorrect fun doing it.

    Rock on, Orange Man, rock on…

  33. Z Man said: “…the relative normalcy of Trump underscores the degeneracy of the modern age. If Trump is the best we can do, then Kim Jong-un can’t nuke this place fast enough.” THANK YOU! Thank you for saying out loud what I’ve been thinking since election night 2016. Like every one on the mentally sound right, I’m hoping old Donny J. gets some solid things done for our team. But the fact that that guy is our president is freaking outrageous. How the hell did it come too this? If it’s true that the people get the government they deserve, then the people seriously suck. I can’t even imagine what the next president will be like. How deep can the rabbit hole go? One of these days we’re going to wake up, and our national anthem is going to be “I Am The Walrus.”

    • Trump is president because he counter-attacks our state controlled media, and seems immune to their attacks. R primary voters picked up on this quick. Now the reason he is immune is part of the problem: he’s a carnival act in a lot of ways.

    • Not “I am the Walrus”, but “Imagine”, played while the missiles launch and the firing lines sound off.

      • Dutch said: “Not “I am the Walrus”, but “Imagine” ” Hahaha! That was actually my first choice. But I decided to make it looneyer. 😁

        • You have to have the sound effects. “Imagine all the people—whoosh—living for today—bang bang—uh huh”. I always add the sound effects in my head, when that song is inflicted on me. It makes me smile. Geez, I’m channeling my inner Frip here…TMI

    • “How the hell did it come to this?” People saw Jeb Bush and Hillary and said, “no thanks”. We got a showman and negotiator that pisses people off by sometimes dealing with inconvenient truths that others wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. I can easily deal with it if it slows our decent to leftist hell.

    • As a Trump supporter, I actually agree! We have, as Moynihan once said, defined deviancy down. I must admit that my intolerance for such is not what it was. On the other hand, we have also been encouraged in this forum to abandon our (failed) principles and concentrate on victory. So I guess our new battle cry must be, “whatever it takes”.

    • My initial reaction to Trump’s election was joy at the tears of Hillary supporters and the MSM talking heads (but I repeat myself), immediately followed by horror that we had just elected President Dewayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in real life…

      • Yup. He’s the Large Steaming Pile of Excrement with the Funky Hairdoo. Sadly, I’ll be voting for him again in 15 months. Stock up on 5.56 while you can, boys.

  34. That makes me feel even more uncomfortable. Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Elon Musk, Tim Apple …… list goes on, as our new rulers behind the scenes, doesn’t make me feel good. They’re exactly the kind of people who are going to put us in a favela eating maggot burgers and crickets.

    Ok mabye not that extreme, but we need new rulers.

    • Yeah none of the real elites give me the warm fuzzies. All the Tech titans are wealthy because of stock options based on a massive asset bubble blown by Wall Street. Most seem to be emotionally stunted sociopaths and SJW’s.

      Their fortune and power are just one bear market away from being zero.

      The military intel spooks seem to be a lame bunch at best if you look at the FBI counter-intel division.

      If you look at the Aldritch Ames case the CIA is basically staffed by Ivie idiots and legacies who could even notice a traitor in their midst.

  35. Good one, Z.

    It should be no surprise really that Williamson is getting traction. The Left is all-but a religious movement today.

    Compare all the mindless policy proposals on stage to actual policies of countries with adults in charge. Hungary realizes is has a birth rate crisis (just identifying the problem is something we no longer can do) and is actually implementing policies to try to fix it. Don’t know if it will work or not, but there is adult reasoning and behavior there.

    • The Dems could care less about policy. It is all about preening for the audience and recapturing power. Policy positions are props that are part of the preening, and those policy positions mean absolutely nothing in the real world.

      • Nor would failing to make good on any of those policy positions mean anything to their base. It’s all about “feelings” not results. Results are our thing. 🙁

  36. I know Zman has a soft spot for Gabbard. Maybe it’s because she isnt hard on the eyes. Maybe its because she is the only one of the bunch that isnt a raving lunatic. For now.

    I’m always a bit mistrustful of childless women. Many seem to go mentally ill in their middling to late years… easing the pain with cats or overwrought outreach to the undesirables of society, flavored with bouts of boxed wine.

    Childless men seem to go the more harmless route, becoming harmless curmudgeons.

    Not all, but just an impression I’ve got.

    • For strategic reasons, I would vote for Gabbard or Williamson in the primary. When it counts, I would not vote a for a woman. Aristophanes was right. No need to learn that lesson again.

      • Trump vs Williamson. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot? Imagine the debates! I think I’d even donate to her campaign.

        • Mencken Libertarian said: “Trump vs Williamson. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot? Imagine the debates! I think I’d even donate to her campaign.” Yeow! 😁 A debate between star child and the great orange wiseass. That would be sweet!

      • So you think her campaigne has legs enough to walk to the nomination but choke when it counts.

        Sorry for the sexist metaphors/analogies.

        • Penitent Man said: “Sorry for the sexist metaphors/analogies.” Sexism, means never having to say your sorry.😂

      • “When it counts, I would not vote a for a woman.” I agree. Oh but the glorious exception of Margaret Thatcher. Too neo-connish, but lord the iron balls on that one.

        • Not even Thatcher. I admire her resolve but she led to the intentional destruction of a large chunk of the UK working class and unintentionally of the rise of the race genocide Labour party.

          • Don’t forget terminally downsizing the military as well. The Falklands war was fought with units and ships that would have been downsized in another year or less.

            And what she did to Britain’s manufacturing base was a total disaster.

    • We also have our Gabbard, Martha McSally. I long ago stopped trying to vote strategically, as I learned my lesson. There are any number of parallels I see between the two. No thanks.

    • Rush: “Now that there’s been an attack on their favorite, Kamala Harris, what’s the response?

      The Russians are working with Tulsi Gabbard. Russian bots are all over the internet.”

      Reading Z-comments while listening to the radio is becoming an orchestra…

      TULSINAMI !!
      TULSINAMI !!

    • “I’m always a bit mistrustful of childless women. Many seem to go mentally ill in their middling to late years… easing the pain with cats or overwrought outreach to the undesirables of society, flavored with bouts of boxed wine.”

      As an addendum to this, years ago I was briefly acquainted with an ultrasound tech. She told me that in her experience a woman who wanted children but was unable to have them due to medical issues more often than not turned into a hateful, bitter bitch.

      It’s sad, but she claimed untreatable infertility blackened a woman’s soul.

  37. Maybe that’s why real authority is slowly being shifted from the political class to the emerging power centers

    But hasn’t it always been this way? The political class has always been the “front man.” What has changed is the power centers, from land interests and manufacturing barons, to tech/information giants (the Banksters you will always have with you). What concerns me is these new power centers may see the fruitcakes as desirable.

    • Indeed so. If Information is the basis of wealth now, it is not because of its inherent value. It has been monetized as a carrier for advertizing. Just as the corporate overlords need Banksters for financing, they need Silicon Valley for marketing. The more fractured and insane the polity, the greater the volume of tweets, facebook posts, google searches, instagram selfies etc. ad infinitum. And that Latin double entendre is an intentional pun. The goal is an infinity of ads for the consumerist sheeple, subtly reminding them that their true savior isn’t some DC politician but Big Pharma for your boner pill or antidepressant and Big Food with Chipotle (now salmonella free) or gluten-free avacado toast; or a clever upstart like Tesla, who will end the threat of global climate change with electric cars and a way to Mars. So, be a good citizen and keep your nose to your smartphone (Apple Iphone 11 coming soon) and your credit limit high.

  38. This “over-class” if I understand it correctly, is potentially worse than the current clown show. Other than recognizing opportunity, their utopian mantra terrifies me, I cannot see a difference between them and Justine turdeau.

    Voting for any childless politician… I just cannot go there, I’d rather watch sex in the city.

    • If a new society ever gets built and after the interregnum becomes a Republic than the franchise must be limited

      At least 21 years old, Not over say 70 or so.

      lived in district for 10 years

      owns property there

      heterosexually married or lawfully a widower and has at least one child with all foreign and cross race adoption banned .

      if you cannot vote you cannot hold office or be appointed to office either

      This wouldn’t have stopped the Clintons who met every criteria and would have stopped President Trump who would have been too old but no system is perfect.

      The 5th Republic (Founders, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Clown World, Our Thing) could certainly survive female suffrage senior voting and cross race adoption of Americans if desired

  39. why do you bother asking for money, when you actively alienate so many potential donors? do you see the other anti-Trump writers thriving? Trump has 70m+ supporters, none of whom will ever give you a cent. none of the other side will give you a cent either. so who does that leave to fund your “revolution”? people really are irrational…

    • The fact that “this” is not “those” things is why we’re here though, isn’t it.
      Support Z until you no longer wish to, then stop. This is the best sandbox that I know of, happy to help maintain it.

    • No Wall. A staff list that reads like the third Bush-Cheney admin. MAGA supporters jailed while Orange Man lobbies Sweden on behalf of gang-bangers like the rapists he’s already released from prison b/c Blexit. Bringing back the federal death penalty to kill “white supremacist terrorists” in racially “re-normalized” proportions with the 13-50’s still clogging the prison system to pander for their baby-mommas’ votes. Using Obama’s fake U6-less unemployment numbers to hype muh economic miracle to justify more H1 wage depression & white dispossession on behalf of (((Wall Street))). Keeping the ME in chaos in support of Bibi & MBS’s Greater Israel/Sunni Axis while Europe drowns in the mud we’re dredging up. And disavowing those 70m+ supporters for barking to the cynical racist dog whistles he won’t personally own.

      So much winning!

      Enjoy the Trump Train, rationalists, as it pulls your cattle cars to a White Holocaust in numbers that will make the “6 million” Trump has you crying over look like a rounding error.

    • Z-man gets $$$ from me. And yet, I argue regularly with him. Why? Because he is thinking, and his thinking helps me think more clearly. He shapes my understanding.

      You’ll never learn anything from anyone dumber than you, and who always agrees with you (shapes his opinions/thoughts based on how you’ll react).

      • Compsci, you mean there’s original, profound far-thinking here that breaks through the parroted tropes of all sides, and does it in a few compact, digestible paragraphs?

        Dammit. Here I only showed up for the opportunity to be a shameless kiss-ass. And to punch Nazis!

    • Karl,

      I don’t down-vote people and I dont insult posters. I like many of your posts.

      To echo Russians and Compsci; this is the best forum of thought for our thing I’ve found and I honestly like Zmans thinky-box… it makes me use my own.

      I’m no sycophant, I often disagree with him or come to different conclusions. It doesn’t matter, I contribute because I see value in these things. Dont contribute if you dont want to.

      I dont think we need the validation of 100% agreement on everything. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We are on the same side.

    • Your argument carries a poison pill to the elusive search for truths. When a man calculates his income flow through what he writes he has joined the hive. That is why our best writers work actual jobs and write within what time they have left.

  40. I am suspicious that, unlike Z, the Cloud People are not recoiling from the anti- white racist Idiocracy we are becoming. To the contrary they regard the disfunction of the country as a feature. The Cloud People are globalists, and as such have friends all over the world. They have noticed that there was no mid 20th century populist, egalitarian movement in most countries- a movement which stripped the Cloud People of much of their power by closing the borders and promoting unionism and raising taxes on the rich. Those movements only occured where there was a robust white middle and working class. Solution: destroy the white dirt people with their insolent notions of constitutional rights and labor unions, immigration restrictions and tarrifs. After all their freinds in mexico have real power; the power to compel sexual favors, of life and death. Whaddya gonna do, complain to the Patron’s nephew the police chief, or his cousin the judge, or his uncle the Governor? Taxes? LOL. Regulation? Please, yer killin me. Yea. Mexico. Where the arrangements between the Cloud People and the masses are not encumbered by uppity notions invented by white egalitarians.

    • wrt labor unions, the mo has been to infiltrate and control, not destroy. Has been far more effective.

      • Agreed. The Left is best understood as stooges of the Cloudies. They have infiltrated every institution, now even the Southern Baptists are caving, the unions did so long ago. Anti-racism has been the hammer that Cloudies have used to break the Dirts and all their centers of power; unions, churches, immigration restriction. White ID politics will be our shield. We will need an anti anti-racist rhetoric that is empowering of white weaklings.

        • On the Southern Baptist thing, I noticed a peculiar thing recently. I’ve been traveling regularly through the Ozarks for going on six years multiple times a year.

          When I first started going I laughed because almost every church was called “First Baptist Church” (as a Catholic I’m used to more flowery and individual names like “Holy Chapel of the Immaculata” and such) and it seemed like ever two miles on the road… there one stood.

          My last couple if trips I’ve noted that there are almost no churches on my route that carry “Baptist” any more.

          The churches are still there, but they all have names now like “Mighty Oak Christian”, Fellowship of Christ” or “Christian Assembly” etc.

          I can only assume the POZ Southern Baptist Convention has managed to schism itself with their own heresy and drive off the actual Christians.

          Kill it. Pervert it. Parade in its skin. Drive off its actual members. Do they ever take a different tack?

          • What is the deal with Southern Baptists getting pozzed?

            My church stands quite strongly against globohomo – sometimes calling out globalism in every way except by name. But you’re right, it’s just another “Greenview Christian Chapel” and there are many of those.

            I can tell you though, evangelical churches are the ONLY place I’ve ever seen a high fertility rates among whites (that aren’t Amish or other cults). I love going every Sunday and seeing happy white families with 2+ kids. Yes there are even non-whites here, but strangely race mixing is almost non-existent here, conservative people stick to their own kind.

          • UFO,

            The important thing is that these same former Southern Baptist churches are still filled with devout people. They simply left the title behind when the convention turned to the prince of this world. As a Roman Catholic I know most devout thinking Catholics dont give a fig about the Anti-Pope Francis and think him mad or possibly even evil. Particularly the Pius X Society which have stood in open hostility toward him.

            What’s in a title on a building? Nothing. “Where two or three gather in my name…”

          • Sand, I read that while hearing a sound bite- some twit in the crowd started yelling “these people are rayciss” over and over, making Biden stumble and choke.

            If Biden had pointed back and said “and you’re anti-white”, we would’ve had Jonestown Live.

            In fact, I’m going to use it starting on the offense.

    • Sometimes I get the feeling that, besides the status-positioning involved in smashing the middle class, that the Cloud People just kind of like living above a chaotic favela-ville. A frisson of excitement in the color, the danger, the complexity!

      Think about all the people (insert parentheses as needed) who celebrated in writing and film the really dodgy New York City of the late 1960’s to early 80’s.

      And when society is a mess, that creates all sorts of opportunities for social engineering–treating the seething rabble as little pieces to be manipulated in a deliciously complex game.

      The very great Jonathan Bowden has some good stuff on this:

      “Look at many of our cities now. My mother was born in Manchester. This is very interesting what has happened to these great northern cities. The center of Manchester was blitzed. It was an industrial area, miles of plating. We built the Lancaster bomber there and that sort of thing.

      “There’s nothing there now. Nothing there but blocks, immigrants, the middle class moved out to Cheshire about 25 years ago. A trash Labour authority dominates it.

      “Progressive and trendy Whites go back into the center to fill the gap. In Manchester, you could have a man in a penthouse that’s worth ‎£1.5 million on the top of a block, and he looks down on a drug addict on a stained mattress shooting up heroin mainline, and he thinks it’s all part of the funky deal. It’s all part of the trendiness and the multi-cult that these people like to live amongst in these areas.”

      • “A frisson of excitement in the color, the danger, the complexity!” This is a very good point. Similar to how people enjoy watching natural disasters and car accidents, as long as they are not impacted, and then basking in their own empathy. The only difference is that the left’s social engineering is actually causing the disasters and accidents.

      • Spot on. The Cloud People are all perverts. It is Pizzagate writ large. If they have any god whatsoever, it is none but Mammon. After they have used and discarded the Dirt People, however, they’d prefer if we shoved each other in Moloch’s fire to keep the trash pile manageable.

      • Quite the speech by Bowden, worth a read. He says:

        “The last members of the war-time generation of ’14-’18 have died the other week. Many were 109, 110, 112, 113. Some of them fought in three or four different major engagements within those wars.

        “What did they fight for? Did they fight for South London to be the way it is now? Did they fight for Greenwich the way it is now and will become in the future? Did they fight for inner Manchester now? Or did they fight for a different type of England, a different type of Britain? One that resonated with its own national traditions, one that was prouder than it is today, less forlorn and less broken than it is today, and less cowardly to be what it is than what they fought for at that time.

        “When they went over the top they didn’t fight for tolerance, progress, and multiculturalism. They were fighting for an identity that was ethnic, that was racial, that was culturalized. They knew who they were even if they hadn’t the wit to express it! They knew what they were and they had people who interpreted for them!”

  41. Two very small points:
    1. Tulsi is wearing Military Police insignia in Wikipedia photo of her poromotion to Major.
    2. Cattle are “raised”; children are “reared” (thank you Sister Liliana!).

  42. Z: “the people turning America into a land of strangers have not thought about how such a place can work as a democracy.”

    Having the place work as a democracy is not their goal, they don’t care about the place, and certainly not about democracy. As always, the Prime Directive is to erase all white goyim through soft genocide, and degrade and obliterate Christianity. Once that is accomplished, America is no longer their concern. They will then slither home to their gangster headquarters with their mountains of looted gold, or else search for the next society to infiltrate, subvert, and suck dry. With White people no longer around to stop them, the rest of the planet will be rather easy.

    • They will never leave. If China manages to rise to power, they will continue to vacuum up the world into America so they can use the bloated corpse to wage war on China through sheer numbers. India will help them do it.

        • Step 1: Close down the coal mines and ruin the family unit
          Step 2: Flood poor hillbillies with heroin and meth and pills
          Step 3: Have a great mountain place for all the elites to go live when shit hits the fan.

          As an aside, I’m asking somebody from this region: what is the influence of the Church there? I believe that they are quite strong. How come they don’t seem to be willing or able to stop this drug scourge?

    • “the rest of the planet will be rather easy.”

      Maybe yes, maybe no. But what I CAN tell you is that the Chinese will not fall for the victimhood/sympathy ploy that has worked so well on whites.

      A cry of “muh six million!” will be met with a sneer of “they must have been useless, cowardly shits to have all been killed like that,” from the Chinese. Nor will complaints about muh racism or muh colonialism move the Chinese.

  43. “Maybe that’s why real authority is slowly being shifted from the political class to the emerging power centers like Silicon Valley.”

    Allow me to be a whitepilled civnat for a second…the people in power at a national level, or running for office at a national level, are not exceptional. Most smart people are going into tech, science, business, and yes podcasting, not government. Most people with a normal, higher-IQ brain know that running for national office is a ridiculous, destructive enterprise. So the only ones doing so are attention-seeking psychos. (Gabbard excepted, and few others.) And the corporate media still pushes the idea that power is Washington. What may happen is the eroding of the national government into regional power centers. I myself would like power returned to the states. It’s exactly what Libertarians and blow-everything-up dissident rightists want. Now the elites in charge of these centers might still be corrupt, but at least not everything will be funneled through DC anymore.

    • Subsidiarity is a concept we should still push even if electoral politics is increasingly futile and its one I’d keep in a future ethno-state. The “information problem” of centralization is essentially correct, for all that Hayek was hopelessly libertarian, and it can be adapted to an Aristotlean political system with strong aristocratic and heirarchical elements without smuggling in Enlightenment values that (((tricksters))) could exploit.

    • Honestly, the best check derived from power devolution is the increased physical proximity of the rulers to the ruled.

      If the rulers need a clarification session it makes logistics simpler and everyone, and their families, must eat, sleep, go to school, etc. somewhere.

    • Umm – so you’re talking about returning things to the as-designed format and functionality?

      Reminds me of an incident from a couple of decades ago. My grandmother (father’s mother) – who was really sort of PITA, was in the kitchen “helping” my father clean up after Thanksgiving dinner. But she was being really annoying about it – and my father told her to just go sit down and relax. She leaves the kitchen in a huff – and as she’s walking out she says : “you’re just like you father” – which was apparently meant to be some sort of insult.

      My grandfather – who had been sleeping in the living room (head back and snoring) – wakes up right as she says this and retorts: ” And for the same reason!!”.

      So yeah – the founders designed a country around the notion that the only way people will be able to get along and those in power won’t be able to drive the whole thing into the dirt – is by only giving the Federal government minimal power.

      And now – here we are – a couple of centuries later…… proving that notion out to be true.

      “And for the same reason!!”

  44. So what you are saying is that presidential elections and even representative ones are almost purely ceremonial and puppet positions? Seems about right as you say who really runs and rules this country. No real surprises.

    What does astonish me is how fast the slope to total deviancy and victimhood has happened. A lot of this still isn’t represented in the heartland but no one is pointing a camera in that direction. And these clowns, who shouldn’t be even noticed in polite society, are what our real rulers have in mind to rub our noses in. Fuck me.

    Then there is Trump.

    • Marcuse et al had the right idea for their deeply wrong cause – attack the family & you spread exponential social destruction with each increasingly crippled generation. We need to build stronger progeny outside and around that rot. They’ll be our avengers in due time if we do what needs doing now.

      • @Exile
        My progeny are right there on board with me and can see that they are hated for being white and aren’t going to sit still for it…

        • That’s good to hear. As fathers (or future fathers, in my case) it’s our duty to instill, and MODEL good values for our white children. If your sons see you as a strong man, handy with tools, a loving husband, conservative, and respectable, they will gravitate towards that heavily, and away from the globohomo due to their natural male instincts. It’s all about providing an attractive alternative to the current corrupt system.

          The way to beat globohomo is through the family. I know that my family bonds, especially between men, have actually gotten stronger as we see the writing on the wall and the anti-white movement gaining speed. It’s like we’re actually a UNIT now, all on the same team, rather than atomized guys who see each other now and then. When everything (sports, pop culture, hobbies, nation) is taken from you, you still have family. And as we have less and less we will cling more and more to the family, guns, and the Bible (bitter clingers!).

          Have big families. Give them good values. Be the man you want your sons to be, and they will follow.

    • “[B]ut no one is pointing a camera in that direction.” Actually, Roosh V in his Road to Babylon series on YT is visiting small towns between his large-city speaking venues. He reconnoiters the downtown area noting what sort of businesses predominate. One of his key metrics is the number of rainbow flags on display and whether the poz is restricted to private property or has reached public buildings. Sadly, the complete absence of rainbow flags has been a very rare phenomenon.

  45. My working theory is that W (low IQ, low energy) –> Obama (show pony who, when turned sideways, disappears) –> Trump (carnival barker) is all an experiment by the “men behind the curtain” to see what sorts of non-entities make the best front men in the made for TV movie that is the US government. I fully expect that in my lifetime they will bring Soupy Sales back to life for two terms as president, with resurrected Art Carney as the long time Speaker of the House.

    • It really should be a Jackie Gleason and Art Carney duo — the Honeymooners Goes to the Whitehouse. I’d watch that.

      President Ralph Kramden: “One of these days… One of these days… Macron! POW! Right in the kisser!”

  46. Like I’ve said, over the next decade or so, our opponents will simultaneously gain strength (via democracy and demographics) and lose credibility (via their incompetence and the Brazilification of the United States).

    Our side will lose power in the official corridors of power but will gain adherents. We will need to carve out our own communities in this disintegrating society, communities capable of maintaining a degree of independence through legal and subversive means.

    That process starts now. Join groups, find others like us, recruit. Build a network that can be used as people begin to wake up, which they will as the “capital built up over generations” is spent.

    • Pure K-selection gold, Citizen. Go forth & multiply. Happy to see the 5PT approach gaining ground.

      • So anyone else feel courageous enough to say where they are at so people can start making their way there if that area suits them…You all know where I am at so if my area sounds right for you let me know and I will do what I can to help out…

        • I’m in the belly of the beast – the DC area. You don’t want to run here. Actually, our types do exist here, but, man, are there a lot of cucks. (Btw, if anyone thinks career military guys will help us, you have another thing coming.)

          • @Citizen
            Well if you need a breath of fresh air you are always welcome to visit… Warning you though you won’t want to go back once you’re here…

          • Can confirm. I know a ton of career squids and jarheads in SoCal. They’re based AF on race, wahmen, and immigration, but the minute you go into Israel/Forever Wars, Russia hysteria and (for the most part) dialing down global policing, you might as well be talking to Max Boot.

          • @Citizen:
            I too am in the Belly of the Beast.
            The Commonwealth, just over the river, near the Cemetery.
            Glad to know you (virtually, at this point.)

        • Well I’m in the High Desert of So CA.. Nothing here to rally if SHTF, you gotta go either up to Bishop and then East or hit the freeway to LV. Good luck with the former. If something really bad happens in Los Angeles that road will be clogged within hours.

          The good news the freeways out of Los Angeles will be clogged as well. They are barely functional in the best of times and in a panic they will all be no goes.

    • How does one find a group like this, Citizen?

      Currently, the most “redpilled” people I know are a couple Indians, a Turk, and a Bulgarian, who are not white nationalists in any sense of the word but are anti-globohomo, and are somewhat ethnic nationalists themselves, therefore respecting the pro-white position. Of course 90% of non-whites and ethnics are also just globohomo drones, but you do find a couple thinking non-whites here and there who are sympathetic (or are at least so-cons).

      Whites are frankly seeming like a lost cause; I believe that a good chunk of whites would rather be killed than be “racist”. Especially the middle class and above. I know there are plenty of racist “white trash” around my city, but they are older on average and are not much use. Their offspring are usually drug addicts.

      I would love to have a group of red-pilled, young white guys to hang out with. But they’re just not around. Even the most “racist” rural guy I know just says nigger and then calls it a day. Not much to build a movement around. The most “based” whites (hockey players) I’m around prefer drinking beer, vaping and smoking weed to saving the white race.

      Where do I find these people?

      • Best bet, look around the sites you visit, try to find people who are responsive. Keep in mind ~ 70% of those who appear based hide a different agenda, easily recognized by their muted response or the lack of one thereof. Those ready to risk a dime are rarer than hen’s teeth, so your observations aren’t abnormal.

        The truth is, people need to be talked to and guided in the maze of current political issues – not from a racial point of view – it’s enough to get rid of, or at least reduce, the raging anti-white racism & redistribution. Nazi BS turns people off and rightfully so.

        It’s a tricky and time-consuming job that doesn’t pay money, there aren’t any motivational speakers to help you, you’ll have to become one and try to form a group around yourself. Being in contact with others online can be of great help, especially if you aren’t well informed about the issues I mentioned.

        Are you still interested?

        • I am interested. I have been a little active online but Canada, being so spread out, means that I’ve only met up a couple times IRL. Another problem I’ve found in some of these groups is that the members are too far right… completely unrealistic, black pilled Nazis who see anything less than mass world genocide as “cucking”.

          People just need to be guided a little, as you say, because right now the MSM is doing an effective job at keeping them feeling isolated. When a person finally “comes out” as racist it’s like they’re blowing off a lifetime of steam. This is built up in many white people, we just need to reach them.

        • The problem for me is not ideas – I have a great pulse on what people are currently thinking – it’s just getting that idea out there and breaking people out of their slump.

          I have been involved in some normiecon politics, and many in that movement play the “nice friendly colour blind” role, but when you talk to them privately they’re a little, or alot, more redpilled. It’s hilarious to see a convention, where it’s 80% white guys all playing taqqiya to make the based minorities feel welcome. These normiecon movements represent the biggest threat, as they draw in and use quality stock that could actually be helping our cause (and would be if they weren’t fooled).

          What do you have in mind?

          • I’m thinking of a viable third way, being in the US, this should be understood as the missing third party platform, still Constitution-centered but not like the ill-conceived and poorly developed alt-whatever movements, not to speak about the mainstream political parties.

            You are right that getting the idea out is much harder than coming up with it, but a well developed platform can make matters much easier, and it’s not there now. Think of the Nazis you mentioned, or the commies, who call themselves liberals these days – they’ve got full blown ideologies with lot’s of established ideas – theory, propaganda and what not – little wonder people get caught in one of these nasty extremes, they’re broadly developed ideas without competition at the moment. Sound bites on social media can’t compete with them

            When I say broadly developed, I don’t mean reasoned or logical, that’s not there, I mean only volume, propaganda and material support. They have that in spades.

          • I diagonally read some/the Antifa workbook recently it was like 200 pages, detailed instruction what to do and when, complete with mind-numbing propaganda. It’s wrong but they couldn’t function without such documents, no organization could.

            In short, the right idea and right thing to do aren’t simple. Here I spent considerable time just trying to convey the need for proper theoretical foundations and careful organization. I have some crude understanding of the issues, not just criticism of what is, but a reasoned and fairly extensive view of what it should look like – nothing too controversial or antagonistic, it’s just different. Of course a single person can do little given the amount of work involved.

            Another problem is, I have little time, and little organizational experience. Add to that the difficulty people encounter when reasoning outside of the established cliches – I see it’s a problem but don’t quite know what to do about it, and it keeps getting worse – 15 years ago one could still hear reasonable talk in Congress, today it’s a full-blown circus and we are getting used to it.

            Lastly, I’m on Gab –, it’s smtg like twitter, no censorship, and seems more convenient for regular comms. Not sure if you’d be interested in it, the space here is getting thinner by the hour 🙂

  47. What you saw in the debates is a snapshot of a future America sans a white majority. Angry minorities, kvetching women and lambasted white men still taking flack.

    Only difference will be this all will occur with intermittent power outages, insufficient plumbing and completely corrupt rule of law.

    As for the girl power women in combat stuff, well, that’ll sort itself out the first time we have a real fight on our hands. The girls will pay first and completely, and American interests will suffer in the lay-away plan.

    • Yes – Each tribe or identity group fighting over who gets to raid the Treasury and put the lash to whitey.

    • “Only difference will be this all will occur with intermittent power outages, insufficient plumbing and completely corrupt rule of law.” Corrupt rule of law is already here. Just saw an article that Barr will not charge Comey for leaking classified information. I will be shocked if any of the coup plotters is ever charged with anything. Just “scathing” IG reports the media will ignore.

      • It is corrupt. Two tier systems of justice. Incomprehendable legal system to the layman, etc
        But I’ve been to some third world countries where you see “completely corrupt” and it is different, my friend. Well, wait a few years, you’ll see and know what I mean.

        • @PM
          Do you think when it happens will the white man finally say Oh Shit I am being erased maybe I better do something about it or will he just grab another beer and change channels…

          • Lineman,

            That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it Sir?

            Are we not descended from conquerors, explorers, and settlers and it’s in our genes to rise? Are we contented enough with our fattened bellies, free pornography and gadgets? Are we just too shortsighted en masse at this point to see the event horizon? What is the “it” that has to happen?

            Your guess is as good as mine.

            Slightly OT: I do think though that we, specifically as Americans, need to be realistic about our “white ethnostate”. We are going to have to redefine whiteness because we are so mixed and with a different history than Europe. The Western Civilization approach is good. I do believe we also have ethnic allies as much as we have ethnic opponents. I am Scots-Irish and German descent so I fit right into that sweet spot that white separatists like to imagine… and I’m saying… it ain’t gonna work that cleanly. That purity thing some folks on our side have is a death spiral.


          • E Michael Jones likes to say that there is no such group as “White” insisting he is “German” and “Irish”; but seems to omit the fact that there was no such thing as “German” until 1871. And the Irish are a mix of Celtic, Pict, Scottish, and Scandinavian.

          • JescoWhite,

            Exactly. I only mentioned my own ethnicity because I didn’t want to be accused of “just asking for a friend” about mixed racial background.

            In America it is going to have to be even wider than just solely European descent. We are more mixed than that and realistically, it is suicide to draw some strict ethnic line of purity and declare all others the enemy.

            I’m not arguing melting pot or magic dirt theory either, duh.. that’s how we found ourselves in this predicament in the first place isnt it? Just broader than some argue is what I’m saying.

          • @PM
            It would definitely be one of those things discussed f2f…Two things I would say would have to be definite…Only whites in governance and voting would be limited to a subset that was decided by those in the Community…Other races are too tribal to ever be allowed to govern whites…Look at SA or Rhodesia to see the perfect examples…

          • Lineman,

            (King for a day argument) I would limit immigration to only certain areas that are compatable to Western Civilization. And that would be only by marriage to one of our people. I really dont care if my fellow citizen of Imaginary-Future-America neighbor has a Mexican grandma. To me, no biggie. What’s important is that person has skin in the game so to speak. Mom or dad, whichever the case, is an American. The children have a stake in blood AND soil.

            Speaking of dream state… I’m on the grave shift and have to get some sleep. Always a pleasure to talk with you Lineman.

            (the pun above was intended. I’m proud of it… not bad after a 13 hour shift if I dont say so myself).

          • Get some rest Brother I know what working through the night does to you…Also always enjoy talking with as well…

          • Coulter points out that “anchor baby” and family reunification policy is only a footnote by SCOTUS Chief Brennan during the Reagan years.

            Not a law. Not an official emanation from the penumbra.

          • That is a bad idea. Mixed children tend to be the wokest of the POC in order to resolve their identity crisis.

          • In actuality, the average white American has well over 95% European genetic material. (I am 99.7% European.) Blacks, OTOH, tend to have plenty of cream in their coffee.

    • Penitent Man, I disagree. The women will pay—perhaps, but the men will definitely pay in the first big fight. In the service are individuals who combine to fight as a group. Weakness in one, is a threat to all. Not sure that even assignment of the weaker to support roles can alleviate the problem if the struggle is large and fierce.

      • Compsci,
        I’m a combat vet from an earlier time when no women served in combat roles so I dont actually know what a mixed unit “feels” like.

        I’ve heard various arguments. The men will let the women get killed because they dont want them there as they are a liability to their own survival. I’ve heard folks argue the opposite: the men will get killed because they’ll be falling all over themselves to protect the women… dont know if either is accurate.

        What I’m saying is the enemy won’t fight less savagely as some sort of handicap nod to the gals. They won’t send their girls to make it an even fight… because that’s just… stupid. Their men will be bigger, faster, more agile and vicious than our girls. So yes, I believe the girls will pay first and dearly for our little foray into playing loose with gender/physical restraints of actual down and dirty ground fights in the name of “equality”.

        • PM, I agree. What I have heard is that women are being assigned to support roles, rather than front line stuff—ground pounders and door kickers. However, the front line fighters are ultimately dependent upon supplies and reinforcement. If the weakest aspects of our military can not fill that role, the front line units fail.

          In WWII, the Marines had cooks, truck drivers, mechanics, etc. All were riflemen and all were at the ready when the Jap’s counterattacked. There was often no real safety in the “rear”.

          Those were large scale operations and as I noted, not experienced since Korea. Numbers on paper might not translate into force in the field with the numbers of politically correct individuals we are infusing into our modern military. Women are not the sole problem in this respect, either.

          • Compsci,

            I think I misunderstood your objection earlier and I apologise for my lack of proper syntax… I meant the girls will pay “completely ” in the sense that nothing is more complete than death. I didn’t mean they will pay solely.

            I agree with you, even support units should be able-bodied men with women reserved for medical and administrative jobs. Those are important and I’m not diminishing that those are a contribution.. but to your point, yes Sir, everyone in the area of possible combat should be at the very least an adequate fighter.

          • It will take a series of disasters similar to the first six months of our, the USA, involvement in World War II for the military to start to fix the issues related to women on warships and women in ground combat. It will also take that long or longer to get rid of the peacetime officer mentality and go to a warrior/combat war winning mentality. It WW II it took several years to get the right leaders in the right leadership positions. I fear that we will not have that much time in a future war.

        • The Israelis, who do as much SJW signalling as anyone, tried the wymens in combat thing, and unlike others, were informed by their experience and reversed themselves.

    • Actually, what will happen is that the girls will be carefully protected, excused from duty the minute they express unhappiness or discomfort, and flown home if they aren’t able to take a bath in X number of days,.Then they will be showered with decorations and press attention.

      You will recall that the wymmin Congressthings were champing at the bit to give Jessica Lynch the Congressional Medal of Honor for falling out of a truck. They would have gotten their way except Miss Lynch had enough integrity to correct the narrative.

      • This is more likely what will happen. Deployment orders are already causing pregnancy outbreaks. Women like combat while it’s fun and empowering without much risk. When faced with the choice of real risk or being mothers they will find the military isn’t very appealing. Women are fair weather fans when it comes to the military. When things get hard they won’t be there.

      • So what you’re saying is that Gabbard wants a government that is:

        1) A reflection of the will of the people

        2) serves the interests of the people

        3) is not captive to the interests of outside parties

        If that’s not what you’re saying, I think you might have ventured into the wrong comments section.

        • These 3 points are all excellent things and I want them for MY people. She is not my people. Well-remunerated service in the Imperial military does not magically make her or any other foreigner into being my people. She is merely the least noxious of a pack of drool-slavering hyenas feasting on the corpse of my country.

          • The fact of the matter is that women do have the liberty to serve in the military, as (white) men command. Furthermore, it’s OUR country.

          • Tulsi is definitely not our people. I wish her well in advancing the interests of her people, so long as she does not do so at the expense of ours.

          • I am a white separatist and I agree that she’s not my people. I want to grant independence to Hawaii and Samoa.

            But it’s worth noting that Tulsi is not actually an immigrant, or even the descendant of immigrants, unless moving from Western Samoa to American Samoa counts.

            Her dad (anti-gay Catholic) is part Samoan part White, the product of a US Navy Seaman from Kentucky Marrying a woman from Western Samoa who had partial Samoan ancestry.

            Her mom is (Hindu) is a White hippie from Indiana who was into some kind of weird surfer cult Hinduism.

            Tulsi is NOT of Indian ancestry.

            Anyway, the United States chose to add American Samoa as a territory, so Tulsi is a product of the American empire.

            That’s another reason that she’s kind of an enigma. It’s not clear where her loyalties lie. The standard scenario where an immigrant is loyal to their home country and just sees the US as a place to make money may not apply.

            Is she actually loyal to the U.S. Empire? If so, is that even a good thing? Many of us believe that the U.S. empire shouldn’t really be preserved at this point.

            To what extent does she have a racial chip on her shoulder? I have no idea. It’s not as obvious as it might be for say, a black candidate.

            Anyway, this is sort of a pointless comment and your attitude is correct. Just saying, it’s hard for me to figure her out.

            (And yes, she supports immigration, but so does Trump.)

        • The problem with Gabbard is that she’s all down for the brown invasion. That’s such a deal-killer that I don’t really bother paying attention to the rest of her politics.

      • Leaving Tulsi aside, if not white fascism, then what? The beliefs of white civic nationalists guarantee their own failure.

      • If Gabbard is a fascist, then everyone is a fascist. it is a word without meaning. It’s like calling her a mammal.

        • Well, it may not be a duck, fellas, but when they walk like one and talk like one – the shoe may fit, regardless. Most women are fascists and socialists by nature. The founding fathers understood this and wisely prevented women from holding positions of authority in gov’t. What you saw last night – was the folly of overturning that wisdom.

          As our blog host says in his scholarly lecture – we are being culturally conditioned for what is coming. What he doesn’t realize is that he, himself – and many of us (including Yours Truly) – have been conditioned already. That farce last night was not about obnoxious, crazy women – it was what women who have slipped their leashes will act like. Everyone of those bints went batshit crazy… and their countrywomen will vote for them in droves. Many of their cucked and pozzed men will too.

          These women will do to the powerful corporations what they are doing right now to the democrat party. A power vacuum is setting up, and you can thank God that we have men like Trump to fill it. We could do much, much worse. Let this be a reminder, men, to hone your skills in the manly arts. They will be urgently required shortly.

        • thezman said: ” If Gabbard is a fascist, then everyone is a fascist. it is a word without meaning. It’s like calling her a mammal.” Indeed. It’s been like that for a long time. George Orwell said: “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies “something not desirable” “

        • Gabbard supports the entire Leftist platform 100% full stop. Her “anti-war” stance doesn’t excuse her manifest idiocy. If you want Leftist fascism then vote for Tulsi, the hawt Fauxahontas.

          • Calling someone a fascist today is like calling someone a follower of an obscure heretical movement from early Christianity. They have the same relevancy.

          • thezman said: ” I thought we were past the leftist construct that anything you don’t like is fascism.” Dream on. Blaring that crap is a key tactic for keeping the mod energized. And for keeping the group mind tightly synchronized.

          • Democrat Fascist:

            “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”. – Benito Mussolini

            That is the modern Democrat Party. Sure “fascist,” “racist,” and White supremacist” are over-used. But the State(Democrats, the Media, and Con-Inc)use the words to bludgeon us over and over and over again.

            And these words remain effective when used as propaganda to warp the empty Leftist “students” coming out of our State schools.

            So turn the words around and use them against the Gabbards, the Corey Bookers, the Joe Bidens, the Deep State, and Black and Jewish Nationalists. Ram them down their throats.

            Tulsi Gabbard is a gun-grabbing, Leftist Fascist.

          • You can call yourself Carl B., but we all know it’s you, Jonah G. Next, get your friend Dinesh to tell us that Democrats are the real racists.

          • When we talk about what comes next we need foundational issues. I have done a lot of thinking about a pro-White agenda. I have come up with the following :

            1. Ending immigration. At least of any significant amount.

            2. Protectionist trade policies. Focus on elevating wages and maintaining high employment even In the face of price increases and worker shortages.

            3. Free association.

            4. Non interventionist foreign policy and giving up on the Empire.

            Those things should be foundational. Tulsi is only on board for one of these things.

            She is pretty and not insane. But she is by no stretch “our gal”.

          • 5. Return to “family values” structure, where society is run along the morality of the Bible. I’m not sure about Christianity as an institution, and about the whole God thing. But the morality and applied ideas of the Bible are absolutely what the white race needs, and needs badly.

            These values should be promoted in school, with a return to home EC for women, and shop class for men. Basic financial numeracy and daily skills will be prioritized. These values will be modeled by white athletes, politicians, musicians etc.

            Basically – let men be men (including allowing aggression in schools) and women be women. Give them some Biblical morals and watch them soar.

      • Calling Tulsi Gabbard a fascist means nothing more than “Blue Girl Bad.” Break the Red-Blue frame unless you enjoy your role as a Washington Generals fan. Schlichter is closer to Tucker-Con than most Townhall-Cons, but he’s still firmly rooted in muh Israel vs. Muzzy World Domination, Onward Xtian Soldiers.

        • I recently read Schlicter’s books on the future left versus neocon America. They actually weren’t bad, particularly the satirizing of leftist insanity and speech – but muh Israel prominently featured in book 1. Another previously ok writer for my escapism reading was Bobby Akart – he’s also totally gone off the edge re magic women, magic Negroes, and muh special super martial joos – cannot comprehend these people.

      • Schlichter isn’t a neocon. Nor is he fully awake yet. He’s working under a lot of civnat conditioning but shows promise.

      • Y’all are saying fascist like it’s a bad thing. We could do a lot worse than Mussolini.

        Unfortunately, she’s not a fascist. A fascist wouldn’t be supportive of the genocide of the historical people of the nation.

        • Much less supporting anti-BDS legislation. Even the most dissident of Uniparty candidates ends up signalling to the real elite. Not as bad as AOC, but still another kabuki actress w/nice milkers.

        • Vizzini said: “Y’all are saying fascist like it’s a bad thing. We could do a lot worse than Mussolini.” We have in fact, been doing a lot worse for quite some time.

      • And the women on stage are emotional train wrecks looking for a place to happen. I see no leadership qualities in the sordid bunch.

    • After reading some actual fascist writing and hearing from those who seem to use it as a generic insult for those they dislike, I have come to the following conclusion. Fascism is more of a guiding ethos than a specific method of government.

      The guiding principle is the good of the people as defined by blood, soil, language, and culture. Thus on foreign policy, economics, or anything else, fascism will take whatever​ course of action is necessary without being bound to a principle such as free trade, non-intervention, or freedom of speech. Therefore instances of fascism will differ according to the national character of the specific nation implementing it.

      • Good working definition of fascism, as applied to governance. Then there is the word fascist, used as an epithet, which has an entirely different, and more nebulous meaning.

        • I’ve been calling myself a fascist politically for quite a while now, only partially ironically. It fits and I’m fine with it.

      • Fasciss will soon join rayciss as a universally-recognized nonense word. On the bright side, the more these rubes say the F word, the more our smart fraction N-types and the like will be curious to learn about this horrid, evil thing. If we can cultivate an awareness of fascism as a healthy manifestation of aristocracy and heirarchy rather than (((Hollywood Hitlerism))), we can weld its strengths and best elements into our new culture and governance.

      • Your definition is good, but I think there is something still deeper to “fascism”, and the far Right generally. I was reading a lousy article the other day, when I happened upon a good comment from John Bruce Leonard, the impressively learned Editor in Chief of the great Arktos outfit:

        “…one of the strongest critiques that the far right brings against democratic republics: namely, that they are materialistic and emotionally hollow; that they provide no transcendental or ennobling vision of the life of human beings and the destiny of societies.

        “Until democratic republics can answer that charge, which is a poetic, a spiritual, a philosophical charge, they will remain vulnerable to the peril of “fascist revolt.””

        We have been losing, and will continue to lose, because our pseudo-Right whites are “materialistic and emotionally hollow.” To put it another way, we have been losing because they are bourgeois, and are no match for the fanatical Left hordes, or for the plutocrat elite. Until that is overcome, until they are willing to draw a line in the sand and fight to the death (like the evil “fascists” for example), the pseudo-Right of the Conservative Industrial Complex will continue their long process of “lose, embrace the Left’s position, repeat.”

        “A danger threatens the Regime, a danger that is usually called the “bourgeois spirit,” the spirit of satisfaction and accommodation, the tendency toward skepticism and compromise, the love of ease and a career. The fascist creed is heroism, the bourgeois creed, egoism. Against this danger there is but one remedy, the principle of continuous revolution.”
        Mussolini, March 19, 1934

        • Part of the answer is in seeing Heritage Americans as a distinct people and culture, worthy of preservation. Another part is found in Jack Donovan’s essay entitled, A Sky Without Eagles. A final piece to the puzzle will be found within uncucked Christianity.

          • I basically agree, although I’m ambivalent toward Christianity. I was an active Catholic for about 6 years. It didn’t really take through Novus Ordo Catholic grade and middle school, nor in High School confirmation classes, but, in college, coming upon Summa Theologica in the library ultimately got me believing. I was latin mass only for about 5 years of that, including a few long drives to SSPX mass. For the latter 4 years, I was wholly devoted to paying off my school loans and spending my life as a contemplative monk, but I lost my faith. I retain a deep admiration, and honestly a longing, for the world of John Cassian, of the pre-Vat. II Carthusian Order, and for Mt. Athos.

            Jack Donovan is definitely a great asset. I read ‘The Way of Men’ some time ago, and his essays on Radix and Counter-Currents as well. Is his speech “A Sky Without Eagles” available online?

            I recently read Armin Mohler’s ‘The Conservative Revolution in Germany, 1918-1932’. It is EXCELLENT. Hardly a sentence is waisted in outlining a stream of different thinkers and ideas (violently at odds with each other at times), building on each other, running, mainly, from the early 19th century to the period in the title. I have much more reading to do, but if I have to define my position, it is somewhere between the Young Conservative and National Revolutionary streams of the German Conservative Revolution (Spengler, Moeller van den Bruck, Hans Zehrer, Junger, Niekisch).

            One of the ideas developed in that broad intellectual world was of the bund, or league, one of which is the mannerbund, which is Jack Donovan’s forte. I find this area important and fascinating. Of particular interest are works of this gentleman:


            He tied the concept of the bund/league into Ferdinand Tonnies’ Gemeinschaft/Gesellschaft, community/society distinction (another important element of the intellectual world of the German Conservative Revolution, and still highly relevant today). It was the bund/league who could smash through the “society” of mere contract, money, and atomized individualism, and rejuvenate the world. To quote Mohler, laying out Schmalenbach’s thought:

            “The warrior bands that traveled around towards the end of antiquity were still “leagues”, the medieval States arising out of them were “communities”, and the modern states were societies.”

            You are probably aware of Julius Evola’s use of the mannerbund concept:


          • Never read Julius Evola before, I will have to read further. The concept of mannerbund definitely speaks to me, I joined the infantry for that reason.

          • I’m not an Evolian or a real Traditionalist School follower. He had some strange ideas, but he was a genius. I thinks he’s extremely important, and his large corpus is filled with insights. He was a master of rendering the complex simple (without painting a false picture), and of delineating what is secondary, from what is primary.

      • >>>Fascism is more of a guiding ethos than a specific method of government.<<<

        If there is one thing we’ve learned from Murdoch Murdoch, it is this.

    • According to the enlightened, Western man has been a fascist from the moment his earliest ancestors set foot on the European continent. The election of the ‘Light Bringer’ finally began to chip away at that. White = Fascist = Racist = Privileged = The Term of the Day…

      How did the term ‘Woke’ ever get applied to these people? The war against YT isn’t something new? Are they actually so dumb that they never quite understood what’s been going on for decades? They claw their way deeper and deeper into the Wonderland rabbit hole and believe they are ‘woke’?

      They will keep poking the bear, the ascendant can’t help themselves. Then they’ll learn the difference between Woke and Awakened.

  48. In a weird way that chaos is kind of my happy place. The left seems to think if they just get rid of the white people in power it’s going to turn into the 1950s where all the people are brown and magically get along in a law-abiding Society. But we know the truth it’s going to suck for everyone. It makes me happy knowing they’re poisoning their own well while they’re poisoning mine.

    • The need is great to be having a well that is protected against them being able to poison it…Which a Community first then an Ethnostate would be able to do…I wouldn’t mind a bit having most of you as neighbors 😉…

    • Same.

      I enjoy seeing things collapse, power go out, corruption. I always have thrived in chaotic environments, but now I get to enjoy chaos AND laugh at the stupid liberals and non-whites who think they can run a country as well as conservative white men.

      Frankly I would rather see my country (Canada) burn to the ground than have these freaky Asians and Indians, and Somalis on welfare. Do what Russia did to Napoleon – leave nothing. Of course I mean figuratively, for instance crashing your company as you are on the way out (stealthily)…

      But even then I wonder why a Somalian or an Indian has the right to live in a house designed and built by white men. I say, tear down your house if you are dying and have no children. Leave nothing for them.

      • UFO, I agree with you. I’ve been watching this unfold, day by day, since the 1960s. All I want now is to live long enough to see it all burn, or turn into nasty, smelly goo. I hope I have the guts to exact a little revenge on the way out.

        • It’s a fear of mine that I won’t get to see it crumble. But I’m only 22!

          I almost feel bad for the Boomers who will have lived from 1945 – 2025 and never seen anything exciting!

          But I see no reason to contribute to this society when it’s actively working against me. I put the bare minimum of money into the system, leech as much out as I can, and save it. I plan to eventually have a large white family and grow my own food.

          My race, and family, are now my new nation.

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