Biological Feudalism

The nature of all human society is that there is an elite that sits atop the society, providing both order and structure to the whole. Because the apple does not fall far from the tree, elites tend to be inherited. The sons and daughters of the ruling class make up the next generation’s ruling class. In Guatemala, for example, a small number of families have controlled the country since the 16th century. Despite what the science deniers will tell you, biology is a real thing and it matters.

In the West, this biological reality has been tempered by an understanding that men of merit can be found in the lower ranks. Cultural pathways evolved for these men to earn their way into the elite. Originally this meant warfare. A great warrior and leader of men could earn his way into the elite. Some of the great aristocratic names of England, for example, were founded by the sword in The Hundred Years War. Later, intellectual and economic prowess became pathways to high status.

Now, in the Middle Ages, as Europe settled into a patchwork of ethnic groups, those pathways were shutoff for people outside the dominant ethnicity. Most obviously, Jews were blocked from holding high offices or ruling over Christians. In the late Roman Empire and into the early Middle Ages, these prohibitions did not exist, so there were very powerful Jews in what is now Italy, Spain and France. They often played a major role in the succession of kings and the naming of bishops.

What came to be the norm in Eurasia is that the ruling elite was biologically of the people over whom it ruled. In the case of conquered people, their elites operated like vassals, reporting to the elite that ruled over them. This is the naturally occurring nationalism that Yoram Hazony promotes for his people. Jews rule over Jewish lands and Jewish people for the good of the Jewish people. Those minority populations that happen to be in the way must sublimate themselves to the interests of Israel.

This is not the model everywhere. In most of the Middle East, a small minority will rule over the rest. The Alawites rule over the much larger tribes in Syria. In Iraq under Saddam Hussein, his tribe, al-Begat, ruled over the rest. His tribe was also of the much smaller Sunni sect. In fact, the history of the Middle East, going back to the classic period, is the story of small groups gaining control over large areas of diverse people, who outnumber their new rulers by significant margins.

South America is another model where the naturally occurring nationalism of Eurasia does not prevail. Throughout South America, the ruling class is very European in appearance and custom. They sit atop a large mixed race population that is often tribal, regional and multilingual. Look at the political elite of these countries and they are very white. In contrast, look at their populations and they resemble what the American Left imagines for Ohio one day. It’s biological feudalism.

This organizational system is why America is being overrun with migrants. In order for biological feudalism to work, the people at the top have to be able to feed and control the population. It’s why revolution has been a feature of South American politics since they broke free from Europe. One faction within the elite takes advantage of the other, by rallying some portion of the swarthy masses that are unhappy. Revolution is really just a family spat over control of the country.

It’s why everyone agrees Venezuela is a problem. There, the coalition of the swarthy actually took over country. You’ll note that in a group photo of South American leaders, Maduro is easy to spot. Granted, there’s a lot of oil and gas to be sucked out of the country by North America firms, but the reason the rest of South America has never embraced the Venezuelan leaders is they represent a threat to the biological feudalism that is the norm in South America.

In order to make biological feudalism work, the people at the top have to be homogeneous and they have to be ruthless. Settling political disputes within a narrow elite works when that narrow elite is what amounts to an extended family. This was what European feudalism relied upon to maintain order. If parts of the elite have loyalties that transcend that of the ruling elite, then fracture is inevitable. People will ruthlessly defend their own from outsiders. It is human nature.

That’s why this model is unlikely to work in America. The ruling elite is too diverse to operate like an extended family. Even in the Imperial Capital, where everyone knows everyone, outside loyalties loom large. At Yoram Hazony’s conference, many of the attendees see America as a resource center for their tribe’s war in the Levant. These are not people who will sacrifice for the good of America or the American elite. Their relationships in Washington are purely transactional.

That’s what you see happening with the Democrat Party. They want to be a coalition that is white presenting at the top, with maybe some token color, and the new coalition of the ascendant at the bottom. The trouble is, they seem to lack the willpower and ruthlessness to do it. They just purged leadership staff because they are too white. The tribes of the coalition don’t know their place and the only way they can know their place is if the ruling elite puts them in their place.

Most likely, the sort of system we will see in the post-national, majority-minority America is one ruled by narrow power centers. Silicon Valley will control the public space, but work with Wall Street, which controls the economy. The intelligence services, with their monopoly of force, will be another power center. These power centers will be controlled by a small number of clans. The farce of modern democracy will simply become a ritual that is managed by these power centers to their own advantage.

Whether or not this is possible is debatable. The dirty secret of South America is their organizational model was just an evolution of the colonial model, supported by North America and Europe. Pull away the support of the home culture and the natives most likely would have eaten their elites a long time ago. The South American system transplanted to North America, without external support, may just quickly devolve into chaos, warlordism and then old fashioned authoritarianism.

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187 thoughts on “Biological Feudalism

  1. The best part about the USA being absorbed into Latin America is saying goodbye to feminism and civil rights. If you’re white, learn Spanish and you’re in like Flynn, especially if you have blond hair and blue eyes. If you’re black, smash yourself in the face with a boot, because that’s your future under Latino rule.

    • Latinos could not possibly care less about blacks being slaves in the past. And the dirty little secret is they hate blacks worse than the KKK ever did.

  2. “The South American system transplanted to North America”

    I see the bond vultures, then sanctions, then scout groups from Central America as carving a channel for Venezuelan refugees, an engineered Latin Spring.

    And voila, here comes the Congressional action laying out the welcome mat. We’re going to make lots of money with new living accomodations and immigrant placement, the Orinoco heavy oil- which only we can refine- will make it all worthwhile as US fracking defaults.

    Next: Cuban offshore oil, Bolivian lithium, and South American “blue gold”, fresh water deposits!

    PetroBrasil, Argentine ranches, the shakier your emerging market currencies look, the better your shapely assets look. My goodness, all that political turmoil, you know.

  3. Interesting break down of power centers.

    Just guessing here, Silicon Valley – outside foreign interests ? (chinese/indian )

    Wall Street – old money

    Alphabet agencies – military contractors

    Washington DC – more losers like the “Broad squad” giving the brown horde the illusion of participation in the process ?

    All in cohorts with each other to keep the game going ?

    • Anthills being disturbed with tech. Genetic tweakings, high speed trading, newsfeeds. Like the kid with a magnifying glass. Not sadistic, science! You know, red foxes get to migrating from the golf courses and head smack into the arctic varient and being hungry kill whitey.
      Given time, the newbies will pale out and the stories about preparing for the next migratory war will seem like a myth. Until it happens.

  4. Z Man;
    I wonder if mid-wit, cargo-cult-type thinking among our globo-elite, Cloud dwellers isn’t a sufficient explanation for their head-scratchingly stupid (or malicious – take your pick) immigration policies. Envisioning Latin America without understanding how it came about and how it’s actually maintained would look highly attractive to such people.* After all, anybody who’d been there prior to the recent narco-collapse saw a pretty idyllic situation (if one is an elite member) where the WYTe 10% live like kings, the mocha 10% have a (precarious) middle class life and the Mestizo & Indio 80% live like dogs.

    So, how to recreate that system here_? ‘I know, I know, let’s import enough of that 80% to knock back the middle class to the precarious 10% that they deserve to be. Then we can live unchallenged, just like kings.

    Likewise Merkel in Germany: After all, Bismarck set in motion the generational Ponzi Scheme welfare state** that Made Germany Great_! And yet their ungrateful volk fail to fulfill their social duties and meet their worker production quotas. So their welfare-state, soft-socialism model is in jeopardy.

    What to do_? ‘I know, I know, lets import masses of sure-to-be-grateful Mid Easterners. They’ll happily do what our ungrateful volk won’t do. Then we can easily remain on the Davos invite list.’

    That life holds surprises is a given. Failure to anticipate the obvious ones is the damning indictment of the Cloud today.
    * Congratulations on linking the concepts of Latin American elite maintenance to our current situation. First time I remember seeing it_!
    **The first Progs of 150 years ago desperately wanted to emulate The Second Reich. That it was highly authoritarian and militarized with very limited social mobility could not have escaped them. So much so, that Germany boiled off the talented and ambitious to the Americas in large numbers. But if you’re looking to be on top, oh well.

  5. The trauma of the world wars and the appearance of nukes on the scene has led to a unnatural peace, a status quo for these last 80 yrs. While Z refers to our current elites as ruthless, i don’t they could hold a candle to the likes of Stalin, who consciously implemented policies that he knew would starve millions. Even sherman and grant conceded that it was necessary that the bloom of southern manhood be slaughtered for peace to emerge in the US. They then went grimly about the task. The ethos of “how many divisions does the pope have?” gave way to rules based regime because the elite were horrified by the bllod shed and wanted to step back . The lawyers were put in charge. The costra nostra were able to control organized crime with just a few thousand members and even fewer trigger pullers. I think we may be entering an age where the raw exercise of power becomes dominant again. The soft power of academia and media pushed aside and steamrolled. To me, at least, the current regime seems feckless, bordering on the insane. For sure i am curious what a 18th century man would make of our current situation.

    • Power flows from the barrel of a gun. Chairman Mouse Dung, for the win. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment RTKB arms. We are at the “molon labe” stage of affairs; and, as Gilroy demonstrated once again, not quite at the “screw the optics” stage. The frog pot continues its slow boil.

  6. American culture is different in that it imparts magical qualities on “persons of color.” Nearly every Hollywood movie reinforces this concept. Some are completely about this. A magic, wrongfully accused negro in The Green Mile, who could be a redeemer. The very establishment that’s supposed to “put these people in their places” considers them to be earthy and transcendent. We had eight years of Obama, out of nowhere, because of this. The whiter and more upper class neighborhood the more magical minorities become.

    Compare this elite to the Mexican elite, which is actually in some way more materialist and worldly. They’re busy going on trips to Italy to buy $1000 underwear. In that culture the roly poly looking peasants are supposed to be used. And unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, these people now that these peasants would get impregnated by them in a heartbeat. In other countries the lower classes are just commodities to be used, like coal or trees.

    The bigger problem is that our elite is no longer capable of being elite. The deck needs to be shuffled. The whole definition of a functioning elite is pressing your thumb on society and commanding it to do your will. The minute you no longer have the nerve it will slip away from you. This is where, once again, we learn from the French Revolution. A bunch of aloof drunks in powdered wigs were easily disposed of by the up-and-coming mercantile class just below them. They never saw it coming, and our “elite” won’t either. Napoleon was the antithesis of these people.

  7. No progress will be made until the word “racist” is neutralised and that can only be done by taking the word and adopting it as a badge of pride.

    • King Tut said: ” No progress will be made until the word “racist” is neutralised and that can only be done by taking the word and adopting it as a badge of pride. ” Wow! Hahaha! Good luck with that. Just how in the hell would you go about transforming the worlds number one scare word into a fluffy, Benign compliment? I swear to god man. If you could pull that s**t off, millions of White people all over America would stand up, put their hands over their hearts and say, ” I pledge allegiance to King Tut, immortal leader of our race.” So yah. f**k it, Give it a shot. Who knows, it might work. And Gods speed.

      • OBT, but is not true? Are we not racists? Ok, just try this: next time someone on the interwebs calls you racist just say, “yes. So?” See what happens.

    • Racism is essential to long-term survival. If you don’t think your DNA is any better than that of some naked African living in a mud hut, why have children? You’ll adopt his children instead, and your anti-racism will die with you.

  8. Z Man said: “In Guatemala, for example, a small number of families have controlled the country since the 16th century. Despite what the science deniers will tell you, biology is a real thing and it matters.” Sweet! So if the descendants of the White Christian Conquistadors are still in charge of latin America, why the hell don’t we just go down there and pour a couple of tanker truck loads of blue eye DNA into the upper echelons, and before you can say “bend over baby”, the honky’s have the whip hand. Hey, it’s worth a try. Anybody got a better plan? “Why Brazilian Women Want Sperm From Guys Like This.”

    • OBT wrote:
      “So if the descendants of the White Christian Conquistadors are still in charge of latin America…”

      Look more closely. Some of those countries’ elites are not Christian.

      • roo_ster said: “Look more closely. Some of those countries’ elites are not Christian.” Before the spanish showed up there weren’t any Christians at all. Proselytize man proselytize!

        • I said: “Proselytize man proselytize!” Hahaha! That’s wounderful. 2 down votes for doing nothing about the problem. Well, if your going to moan about there not being enough Christians in South American leadership. Well then, I guess somebody needs to go down and talk to them about it. Yes?

      • Marranos and conversos had to go somewhere. I’ve noticed that too, suspected it, but didn’t look closely.
        I bet I won’t be surprised at the extent..

    • Brazilian chicks… O.M.G.

      Sir! May I volunteer first to serve our glorious nation!!
      Conquistadudes– with me!

      • You know, we really have no right to object to our women fantasizing about black men if we drool over Latinas.

        • The Last Stand said: “You know, we really have no right to object to our women fantasizing about black men if we drool over Latinas.” Who said anything about latinas? I’m talking Hispanics. The direct descendants of the Spaniards. ( No indian blood ) Anyway, I’m not talking about love. Simply a transfer of fluids.

          • Brazilians are Latino, not Hispanic, since they are result of coupling between the Portuguese and the native tribes.

            At least learn the history of the group you fetishize. You will be more successful in your attempt to remove your descendants from the white gene pool.

          • The Last Stand said: “Brazilians are Latino, not Hispanic… At least learn the history of the group you fetishize.” Hahaha! Whoa! Slow down there little buckaroo. First of all, I didn’t say crap about the brazilians. Now did I ? If you go back and read my original post, it was a response to something the Z Man had said. Which was this. Z Man said: “In Guatemala, for example, a small number of families have controlled the country since the 16th century. Despite what the science deniers will tell you, biology is a real thing and it matters.” And I said: “Sweet! So if the descendants of the White Christian Conquistadors are still in charge of latin America, why the hell don’t we just go down there and pour a couple of tanker truck loads of blue eye DNA into the upper echelons, and before you can say “bend over baby”, the honky’s have the whip hand. Hey, it’s worth a try. Anybody got a better plan?” So there ya go “The Last Stand”, no purity violation what so ever. 😁

          • I noticed you deliberately left out your link. Of course since that link has the phrase, “Brazilian women” in it, that is understandable.

            That leaves us with 2 possibilities. In addition to being a traitor with a fetish for foreigners, you are either a liar or a moron who does not pay attention to his own posts.

          • The Last Stand said: “In addition to being a traitor with a fetish for foreigners, you are either a liar or a moron who does not pay attention to his own posts.” Hahaha! Temper temper sweet pea, you’ll blow your tampon. You know, fanatics come in all shapes and sizes. And their numbers in America are growing exponentially. And one of the prime attributes of a fanatic, is that they are impervious to humor. Another tall tail sign of the fanatic is they all suffer from Monomania. A pathological preoccupation with a single thing or idea. You see these kinds of people all over the internet and TV. It is a plague on Western Civilization. Bertrand Russell said: “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” And that is all I have to say on the subject. Think about it.

  9. Barbara especially was the keeper of the Bush flame, carefully guarding the Bush “legacy”. Or as Trump would say, the Bush “brand”. She would cringe at someone as crass as Trump passing public judgement on the sacred Bush family and its “generations of service to the nation”.

    That was what was so utterly devastating about Trump smacking down Jeb and Junior during the debates. Epic. To use Zman’s analogy, it was the moment the entire Roman stadium saw Maximus threw spears landing square on the Emperor’s reviewing stand – and the crowd roared with exhilaration. (1:10).

    The Bushes can’t help but look at the Clintons and think, “WE played by the rules – look at these hicks who waltzed in and set up a world class scam in half a generation and ruined it for all of us”.

    • Ha ha! Now THAT was an unexpected delight!

      It should be followed up with
      “Maximus! Maximus, the Merciful!”
      His dazed opponent, awaiting the fatal blow…

      (Too bad it’s only a movie! But still…)

  10. From the Pleistocene to the First World War the elite where first in public displays of piety and manners, their young men were first in war leading their men into battle(officers died at a higher rate). They provided and oversaw a social milieu that allowed other castes to function and for talented members to blossom.

    During the past 2 or 3 centuries this arrangement has been in steady decay. This decay accelerated after WWI.

    We now have an unnatural elite. They are parasitical, myopic, mercenary and insular. The pursuit of mammon and power are their only ideals. They engage in endless conformity tests (“shit test”) among their caste to ensure loyalty.

    They oozed from the muck to the top of our civilization because our dreams and ideals decayed. No one shows up to build cathedrals anymore, they show up to lay bricks…

    • I think it first become popular for the elite to hate their own culture during the French Revolution, and that view is reinforced in our elite universities which one must attend to join the ruling class. We need an elite that believe in a non-destructive religion. Our current elite’s religion is essentially cultural Marxism. Without some cultural Renaissance where we rediscover some lost wisdom, the future doesn’t seem very promising.

    • Yves Vannes said: “We now have an unnatural elite. They are parasitical, myopic, mercenary and insular. The pursuit of mammon and power are their only ideals.” Hmmm. Where have I heard that before? “The Fate of Empires – Sir John Glubb.”

      • Thanks for the link. Interesting.

        I picked up that sentiment from reading Ammianus Marcellinus.

        History does seem to rhyme a lot.

        • Yves Vannes said: ” History does seem to rhyme a lot. ” Indeed. Human Nature and the laws of the Universe. There’s no escape.

    • Side note: I could never quite grasp “shit test”. ‘Conformity test’ makes the concept and the underlying primate mechanics perfectly clear. Thanks!

    • Status, relative to your peers and your neighbors, is entirely underrated as a motivation for people.

  11. Yes to all of this, but there are overriding circumstances that will determine the outcome of our future societal evolution. The first, and most significant, is that we are now declining as a species, losing our ancestral robustness, and becoming fragile and bloated. Second, modern communications technology is enabling memetic infection and indoctrination on a scale as never before experienced. The weakest among us are destined to become hive-minded worker drones and the renegades that do not conform will be purged as a disease. In this model, the elites can only survive via totalitarianism, which is why that is inevitable.

  12. You can have biological feudalism in your own town.

    If you want to have a safe and decent place to live there are many communities in America that are – but it requires work.

    The Men sit on local school boards, attend town meetings, are active in the local community, and attend the local gun club. They are often landlords or in touch with the local landlords. They are friendly and supportive of the police- their neighbors who watch over the town full time.
    They hire the local judge as their lawyer for legal work.

    The school board makes sure their town has “good schools” with little or no “Canadians” allowed to attend. (Black).

    They sit on the local boards so they decide the local laws and taxes – especially the real laws and taxes.

    As they are landlords or influence them they sit on local boards to make sure Section 8 stays out.

    If they slip accidentally or deliberately their neighbors the police turn a blind eye.

    If all else fails that’s why they’re in the gun club.

    This is the modern version of Medieval Walled Towns warding off marauders. Just a different group of barbarians.

    I was just in one not far from our nadir of urban decay, the American Mogadishu, and yet in this prosperous burg your very penultimate ethno state.

    I grew up in a Rust Belt town like this – less money but meaner rednecks make a difference.

    The men stood to their duty. My Father was such a man.

    The difference between failure and safe prosperity is the men standing to their duty where they live – or not.

    You may not believe in your civic duty to the nation* but will you do your duty as a man where you live?

    For that is how you have civilization- but you must man up.

    *you may learn with bitter tears the difference between a corrupt state and a failed nation or you may be spared.

    • I am calling it cultural separation combined with localism. The strange thing is that it is exactly what the upper middle class white-with-some-Asian communities practice in their own way. But so many of the people in those local communities, especially the women and younger people, vote for and support the people and ideas that would take it all away from them and destroy it all. I have come to believe that people create a fictional universe in their minds, and only a dose of brutal reality, and the cognitive dissonance that said reality will generate, has a chance of shifting them from their false thinking. Sadly, we all are along for the ride these people are putting us on.

      • Exactly what I’ve been calling for as well. Not some kind of LARPy distopia-civil war scenario but simply forming normal neighborhoods, then towns in a state or states where the Empire is either disinterested or weak. Then we live our lives, grow our numbers and bide our time while those of us who can do what we can when we can to throw a wrench into Emperor Kamela’s works without bringing down the thunder.

        • “Nowheresville” can be out in the sticks or in the middle of town. Personally, out in the sticks works better for me. Making sure the Empire is not aware or is disinterested is vital. Lay low.

  13. The sheer size of the American proletariat and the factionalism of our elites will present tons of opportunities for American dissidents if and when we learn how to effectively organize by means other than major internet bottlenecks like Twitter & Faceberg.

    The post-Stalinist Soviet Union seemed monolithic from this side of the Cold War but it was deeply divided by sheer size, population, serious ethnic chauvanisms and the ambitions and machinations of a huge coterie of apparatchiks. Many of us will remember the talking heads’ armchair Sovietology which accompanied every Premier change – Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev all came to power with the support or against the resistance of the military (Brezhnev), the internal security forces (Andropov), and sometimes even the economic/domestic bureaucracy (Gorby). After 70 years of the most brutal authoritarianism a semi-Western state has ever endured it all fell apart rather quickly.

    We’re in the grip of a golden fist, not an iron one, and Americans are a much more numerous and rowdy group than Soviets were on the whole. Globohomo is pushing the 70 year mark from its Cold War growth spurt. Its outward material prosperity (a Brave New World rather than Soviet 1984) and its soft-power preference will give it longer legs than Lenin’s empire had, but there will come a time in the coming decades where we can incite or simply take advantage of events which will give us the wiggle rooom to reach politico-cultural separation velocity from the Empire. Lets figure out how to be united and ready for when thost times come.

  14. The conquest of this hemisphere was achieved by small numbers of whites skillfully maneuvering between other groups who did not see themselves as members of a larger racial family: playing them off against each other, allying now with this one against that one, and so on.

    The reconquest of North America will be achieved in much the same way, or it will not be achieved at all.

    • A relatively small number of whites who believed that they had a manifest destiny. At the time of the Napoleonic wars, Britain had a population of around 16 million.

  15. “The South American system transplanted to North America, without external support, may just quickly devolve into chaos, warlordism and then old fashioned authoritarianism.”

    I like to think that in the years to come we will remember who did this to us, but I’m blackpilled after reading this, so I doubt we will.

    • Whites with a much lower tech legacy built Notre Dame on a foundation of chaos, warlordism and authoritariansim. Cheer up, White Man. We’re the best-suited for those kind of times, we just need to use our K-selection skills to recognize, prepare and adapt for the threat.

  16. spent a little time in the furthest backwoods of Appalachian KY last week. its easy to see this happening . the population is plummeting and the percentage of abandon houses is comparable to Detroit, where I now live . All the independent stores are gone, run out by
    family dollar and dollar general stores small enough to git in a 2 car garage.
    They can’t be profitable, but the are corporate. almost all the coal mines are closed. Since the area has more poverty in Detroit that should be the last blow to kill their economy. That will get the rest of the population out so that they can turn it into a national park for the east coasters to visit now that Yellowstone is to crowded. They just got their first mountain bike trail in Harlan county, an there is a new nature preserve that closes about 5000 acres of formerly open mining leases on federal land to the local activities. It also stopped all the logging operations there.

    On a side note, it looks like they sold west Virginia to the Chinese. they have committed to $83 billion in energy development thee . to put it into perspective , the budget of the state government is $4 billion. they will bring in mechanized mining and get the coal out and it will run their power plants.

    With that kind of money moving around , is it any wonder our politicians don’t give a damm what the voters think .

    • White pill – imagine the American Sardaukar cheerfully nationalizing that Han largesse when the right day arrives. Pixel-currency is one thing, but physical facilities are subject to molon labe rules.

  17. The Dem elite have two problems that will make a South American model impossible.

    First, the elite is too diverse to hold. Jews and their white goy lap dog made a huge error allowing in Indians and to a lessor degree NE Asians and Muslims. If they’d kept immigration to just Hispanics, they could have created a California-style system for the whole country, i.e. Jews and whites running the show on the back of lethargic Hispanic voters with a nod to the Asians.

    But you’re already seeing Indians becoming a force in national politics. NE Asians and Muslims will follow suit to a degree. None of these groups are as good as Jews at playing the game, but they will play, and they will overtly recognize Jews as another tribe and treat them accordingly.

    To maintain a South American model, you need a reasonably cohesive biological elite. That will not happen here. The Jews, whites, Indians, NE Asians and Muslims as well a few blacks and Hispanics will always be at each other’s throats.

    Second, the most powerful group – Jews – don’t even consider this country their ultimate home. Say what you will about them, the elite of South America view their countries as their permanent home, the place they hope their children and grandchildren will rule. That’s a very different perspective than Jews (and possibly even Indians) have about the United States.

    While I don’t know the exact future for this area known as the United States, I do know that a South American-style government where a small number of extended family elite hold power over the swarthy masses isn’t it.

    • Only Indians? What about the other diversities – East Asians, Moslems, etc.

      In southeast Asian, there are a large number of ethnic Chinese businesspeople in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phillippines. Many ethnic Indian professionals also live in Malaysia, and businesspeople in East Africa. So, the idea of a group of people living in a country for generations with zero allegiance to the host and only loyal to themselves and their homelands is hardly unique.

      On top of that, there are Hispanics who dream of a reconquista of the American southwest and Moslems who want to turn this country into Moslem state. China will probably be the world’s dominant economic power by 2032 and with economic power comes military power – which way will the large Chinese diaspora swing?

    • Spot on.

      One thing about the Muslims and Hindus in our political class is that they really, really hate whites and can’t keep it to themselves.

      These two groups are already overplaying their hands even though they are a tiny minority in this country and kept in power by stupid whites.

  18. I’m not seeing it.

    Feudalism is inefficient and unprofitable. That is why it gave way to imperialism. We may pass through a brief period of violent ethnic cleansing and biological feudalism, but a new elite will rise out of that to build the next empire. I am guessing that race realities will re-assert themselves too: blacks will go back to being slaves, servants, and criminals. Useful ethnics will be put in charge of their fellows and put to work in service of the new empire. People often forget that whites were slaves and peons for the great empires too. This may all be good yet, too. Looking around at what we have now – the human race needs a serious cull and no bones about it.

  19. I am an American White Anglo Saxon and prefer to associate with White Anglo Saxons. My inclination is to refuse participation in anything other than my own self interest. Whatever our society or culture is at this point in time it is being constantly bombarded by communist progressives in concert with the many tribes that I am not a member of. It is not enough to simply insulate my existence from those outside influences. They must be destroyed one way or another. F¥€£ the elites and the horse they rode in on. Everything points to an ethno state. The ticks of the world will have none of it.

  20. Re: ” They just purged leadership staff because they are too white ”

    This line from the linked article cracked me up:

    Nobody wants to see whites take up identity politics or demand a certain quota of jobs anywhere.

    Says who? I guess I must know an awful lot of people who are nobodies.

    • Everything they do encourages whites to take up identity politics. They are doing our work for us, up to a point.

      • @Dutch
        Exactly right Brother now we need to be giving those that are now awake a positive direction and encouragement of what a white ethnostate would do for them…Now that’s hilarious or hideous that the word ethnostate is underlined because my phone doesn’t like it…

        • What will a white ethnostate do for them?

          Start with indoor plumbing, and go up from there.

    • I can’t help but wonder if the author of that piece has been reading Z, and even scarier, Z’s comments section.

  21. Please be patient, I’m slow sometimes.
    This is the part I always get hung up on. How do the elites see this ending, and why are they doing this at all? That’s what I can’t figure. I get the replacement migration, discouraging whites from having kids while incentivizing non-whites to have kids, displacing whites from leadership roles and their voice and influence in government, seeing countries like the U.S. as only a resource to exploit; that I and all of us know. I know *what* they’re doing, but can’t really wrap my head around *why*, or what they see when their goals are met. Like, for example, Merkel and her ‘we need to bring in all these migrants and give them every incentive to outbreed the native, ethnic Germans’ and I can see all the efforts she and her ilk are making to that end…but why do any of it at all? What do they see if they get everything they want? A world that’s 99% mystery meat living in a pure blissful utopia and frolicking in the fields because ‘those evil whites’ are all gone, and they themselves at the 1% ruling over everything? They do know how that has turned out for other countries with similar structures and demographics, right? If someone could help me out here, that’d make things a lot more clear.

    • If you watched Robert Mueller’s performance in front of Congress last week or the Democrat “debates” last night you can only come to one conclusion:

      Our “elites” are intellectually dull, separated from Real Life, corrupt, and if not outright stupid, they are insane.

      • You’re thinking like a rational human being … and THAT’S the problem. These people run the gamut from Machiavellian narcissist to sociopath, and that’s why we can’t make sense of their end-game, because the end-game is simply to destroy all that is good, true, and beautiful.

        Here’s my test: go to an “elite” and show a picture of a wholesome-looking white family … that’s man & woman who seem to love each other, with cheerful towhead children by their side. Ten-to-one that photo will drive the “elite” batshit crazy. They’re sociopaths, and their end-game is tear that picture into 10,000 pieces.

    • It somewhat puzzles me as well, but the “elites” you see in public (Pelosi, et al) are really second, maybe even third tier elites. I think you have the goal half right – the 1st Tier Elites (“1TE”, the ones funding everything with OPM) want to be and likely will be the ruling 1%. Whether 1TE have a white or POC 2TE or 3TE probably doesn’t matter as much to them. 1TE certainly care not a whit for the 99% mystery meat utopia – that is not a goal, but a bait for the switch. Also, once the 99% are mystery meat, where would tribal alliance go? How can you distinguish one tribe from the next? You can’t, and therefore you are less likely to have friction and pockets of resistance to deal with (or they will be smaller) and the Mystery Meat majority can be brought to bear. Easier to rule.

      Of course, this is the theory. Whether it works out IRL is unknown. Break the family, break the tribe, rule the world.

    • The Lion King perfectly illustrates the two mindsets involved.

      1. You have the hyenas, stupid, violent, and low trust. They are the true believers. Who think lion privilege is keeping them down.

      2. You have Scar. He knows better but he wants power. He expresses the same attitude that Satan has. They prefer to reign in Hell instead of being average in Heaven.

    • With a small percentage of (((exceptions))), these folks aren’t multi-generational planners. They’re Decadents, hedonist atheists with short horizons which don’t go beyond their immediate offspring at best (post-Boomers would argue that Hillary’s generation didn’t really give a damn about them, either).

      Go Along, Get Along, Get Laid, Get Paid is the whole of their creed, and virtue-signalling is their catechism.

    • I used to think about this all the time.

      Then I finally adopted two points and moved on to new business.

      First, ((overriding neurotic paranoia combined with a racially suppremisist genetic heritage/ideology/religion.))

      Second, all elites just aren’t that smart and they’re totally cushioned from reality.

      This explains enough to me so I can do my work.

    • The Elite live at parties and in the immediate. They fear loss of control over us then the mystery meat eating them- which they will.

      Its basically the Melian dialogue with us as the Melians. They fear loss of Empire over us now more than a distant possible downfall.

      • Anybody looking at the crowd who hung around with Epstein – even after his conviction- would have to conclude that they are batshit crazy, totally divorced from reality and morally corrupt to the point of evil.

        No Either/Or.

    • I think most just enjoy the game, they’re highly competitive people and there’s no bigger competition than the “game of thrones “. The excitement of playing takes precedence over thoughts of the future.

    • Reading the foregoing comments, part of the difficulty of getting why they do what they do is that the “whys” are many and varied, and even the same elite will have different motivations at different times. Just about each comment above pointed to a motivation/explanation that is held by at least some, probably most of them at one point or another.

      In other words, lots of different whys, some even arguable incompatible. But cog dis never slowed them down.

    • I think this is the closest Hollywood ever came to accurately describing modern reality (it’s also fun to imagine Mr. Trump playing the role of Mr. Beale, immediately after his election, but I think his behavior is largely of product of his being a reality-TV star buffoon):

      I think profit and power incentives are driving the elite to globalism, to global open market and global plutocracy. The elite across the economy and big government (I think the latter is basically subservient to the former, especially since elites bounce back and forth from leadership in the economy and big business all time) are one, united class, with a perceived class interest. Whether or not this will all work to their advantage in the long-run is a bit of a crap-shoot, but I’ll wager they’ll maintain their position over the brown hordes.

      I think Francis Fukuyama was onto something. Capitalism and liberal democracy are tremendously seductive, and powerful. I think we are standing against the same force that overthrew Throne and Altar Europe, interwar European fascism, the Soviet empire, authoritarian dictatorships around the world (like Pinochet and Franco), and all else that has stood in the way. The difference between us and these groups is that we are wholly outside of, and tightly closed off from, elite positions. The hunter gatherers lost to settled agriculture, because the latter could bring more power to bear. I fear that the West, or what remains of it, Rightest white peoples who do not want to become Last Man and disappear under global plutocracy, are in a position similar to the hunter gatherers.

        • My wife will never forgive me for making her watch the directors cut. She’s a sensitive soul.

      • Just watched the movie, The Elite Squad not too long ago. Coupled with The City of God, which seemed like a liberal attempt to stir up sympathy for “those poor people”, that is a future we want to avert.

        I would definitely recommend the former movie though. If you like stories about men who act like men in the face of evil and its enablers, you will enjoy The Elite Squad.

    • It’s a good question. Either the elites are stupid (some are); uninformed (also true of many); or downright evil in the sense that any orthodox Christian would recognize. It’s probably all three in various parts and combinations. Once “noticing” became the unpardonable sin, all sorts of mischief got a pass and much actual crime was excused. Now few dare call it out. Certainly no politician.

  22. A lot of the European monarchies were inbred clowns.

    There’s a series I’ve been watching occasionally on Netflix called The Last Czar – I know they don’t have the history completely correct , but as far as it goes it makes a pretty good case that Czar Nicholas was not fit to rule – Romanov Dynasty be damned. And his son was a hemophiliac who was unlikely to live very long.

    I’ve never had any belief that the “elites” were biologically superior enough to be allowed to “rule” simply based on their societal position.

    Sorry – but the history of this country gives very clear evidence that people rise into elite circles by all manner of things other than biological superiority.

    The idiots that are running the show now are almost universally examples of this.

    • Sorry – but the history of this country gives very clear evidence that people rise into elite circles by all manner of things other than biological superiority.

      The Bush family would beg to differ.

      • As far as I know, they are not quite as inbred as royal elites used to be. And yet, the offspring IQ (Jeb! and W) strikes me as not quite up to the level of Papa Bush.

        • Papa was overrated. He thought the rubes wouldn’t mind if he went ahead and broke his emphatic promise on taxes.

          • Overrated? The only fitting reward for that clan is televised execution on national TV, out to the 4th cousins.

            The criminal mastermind Pappy and his idiot sons Dubya, Jeb, Marvin, and Neil were the coup de grace on America; Dub’s murder of the 1.5 million Iraqi Christians was the down payment, the Mortgage Meltdown Pappy’s final triumph and epitaph. No one can compare with the Man Who Would Be Rothschild.

            Since he will never receive proper credit for his lifetime of schemes, he must be laughing in Hell- or ruling it.

          • Papa was overrated from the pov of being a conservative or good for America. He may have been an evil opportunistic SOB, but he was still smart, and far smarter than his progeny.

        • “From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” The first generation makes the money, the second blows it and the third goes back to work. Many of the children of the rich (and I’ve known them) are only rich due to an inheritance or their parents either pulled strings to get them a good job or even continue to support them.

          At one time, the elite had duties as well as power. The people who started the wars fought in them. The last time our elites served in the military was WWII. Zman has noted the modern-day elites are physical cowards, depending on the police, security guards and the walls of their gated communities for protection. It apparently never occurred to them that one day their guards may turn on them.

          I regard our miserable Cloud People elite as a greater threat to the well-being of the great mass of American people (the Dirt People) than any foreign power or terrorist.

          • Easy for them to start idiotic wars like Iraq. They have no skin in the game.

            A retired hedge fund friend of mine once said, “Look at a coal miner. He comes out of the mine covered in coal dust. He develops black lung disease. What does he make? 50, 60 thousand a year? What do these people do and make millions? They shuffle pieces of paper around.” I replied, “Whatever you want to say about the robber barons, they built railroads and steel mills. What do these people do? They shuffle pieces of paper around.”

          • There was an awful lot of support from the “dirt people” for that Iraq war. Try being the one guy out of twenty back then who was against it – and you might have a better understanding of just how deep the support for dumbass wars runs in this country.

            Even when I would get into face to face arguments about the war – and tell people:

            “first off Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11, second off the dipshits prosecuting this war will blow thru hundreds of billions of dollars and bankrupt the country – and last off, they’re going to lose the war and actually create MORE terrorism”….

            They’d just start screaming about being invaded by terrorists and all sorts of other stupid shit. Among the right wing dirt people that Iraqi war was pretty popular. That was my experience.

            It wasn’t until many YEARS later that some of them started to wise up. We’re now at what – 16 years later? It seems like blatant support for the Iraq war has finally been beaten into the dust. But offer up some new war – with a bunch of attractive excuses – and I can guarantee you that the dumbass masses will be hooting and hollering to start up the war machine.

            So yeah – the elites might start up these wars , but there is far too much hooray USA USA USA among the dirt people who seem to cheer that shit on as soon as the elites offer them up another war to die in.

            There are an awful lot of problems in this country if a we had majority of the people who simply learned to say ” the answer is no – and go fuck yourself ” – and then made it stick.

          • Calsdad, I supported The Iraq war all those years ago. Won’t happen again, I promise. I learned my lesson. I bet I am not the only one.

          • I fell for every bit of it. We were rewarded with the TSA, HomeSec, and the Patriot Act for our love of nation, and all that followed.

          • I’m somewhat baffled as to why people excuse away attacking Iran as “love of nation” – when the bulk of the hijackers were Saudis.

            Worse yet – these guys didn’t attack under any national flag. They were (let’s just go with the normie line on this for now) – part of a “rogue” organization. That organization may well have had support from some country or countries, but I’ve never seen anything indicating any ever came from Iraq. And even if some did – most came from the Saudis.

            At the time Ron Paul pointed out that the actions of 9/11 more properly fit the definition of criminal action and not war. And he also pointed out that the founders of this country actually accounted for these sorts of things (which were much more prevalent back then) with the allowance for Letters of Marque as a way of dealing with “pirate” issues, and as something that could have been adapted slightly to set forces in motion against Bin Laden.

            But fuck that. Richard Perle and the rest of the neocons (seriously how dumb are people anyway – they actually CALL THEMSELVES “neocons” – and you still go along with what they say. It’s like the Devil’s minions start calling themselves “semi-evil” – and everybody then thinks they’re good guys) – needed a war in the Mideast for some reason.

            So everybody went along.

            BTW – the other part of my prediction to all those a-holes who I argued with back in 2003 about the utter stupidity of going to war against Iraq – was that it was going to be the springboard to elect a Democrat on the next election cycle – and that guy whoever he was – was going to be a complete turd.

            So that came true as well.

      • I don’t see any “biological superiority” on the part of the Bush family.

        So they’ve been – as a family – bouncing around in the halls of power for a long time.


        I fail to see where that can be attributed to “biological superiority”. I attribute that more to the same effect that means that the sons and daughters of people who make it in Hollywood – will (at the worst) end up with their names showing up in the credits of all those TV shows and movies everybody watches. If they actually have a minimal amount of talent they might be in front of the camera – or producing. That’s nepotism – not biological superiority.

        Getting into the elites – is much the same as Hollywood – or many other areas of life for that matter. It’s who you know, and who you blow. Get born into the right family – and your life path is likely going to be setup quite nicely for you.

        All the screamers who were yelling about how it was “Hillary’s turn!!” – are proof positive that the elites don’t get where they are because of “biological superiority” (for the most part). We have plenty of those types here in MA – who searched desperately for another Kennedy to put into the line of succession after Teddy bit the dust.

        Most of the political “elites” I see running the show – look like they are refugees from the Island of Lost Toys. Anybody with biological superiority is playing games other than politics.

        That’s probably a component of why so many lefties get pissed about Trump. The truth of the matter is that most of these leftist clowns only got rich BECAUSE they were in politics – whereas Trump got rich outside of politics and DESPITE politics.

      • Z – there are many countervailing trends.
        Most of which come from our rich legacy – which we must defend. By any means necessary.

        You are quite correct that we’re being looted including by foreigners – but we don’t defend ourselves. When you don’t defend what’s yours it is taken. Always.

        You are also correct that Latin American politics follow as natural as cuisine.

        You are also correct that the HofJude are looting our nation – but we’re not stopping them are we?

        BTW there’s a certain type of Jew that simply cannot not come out on top in any interaction – it must be transactional and they must win even if they cheat. I mean ANYTHING. Is it your job to mop the floor? Hmm.
        Time for a long bathroom break… someone else can do it.

        Then again that’s been known for about 3000 years.

        Also Sir and no small quibble; In America No one and no entity including and especially The Intelligence Community has a monopoly on force. Not Constitutionally, not legally and above all not in fact.
        These idiots aren’t even close to winning – it’s just their plans and intentions are now in view.

      • The Bushes saw/see themselves as a a political dynasty, indispensable to the political elite and destined to “serve”. But where would they be today, without a government structure on which they could attach from the beginning. Without the life-giving government canvas on which to weave their legacy, replenish money and status to each generation, they’d be another wealthy family who hit the rocks 3-4 generations later.

        • The Bush dynasty started in the 18th century. Somehow, without government, they prospered until Prescott hit it big in the industrial revolution.

          There’s a book called The Son Also Rises that details this phenomenon using surnames. Even accounting fro last name drift, which the book does not address, the elite of every society tend to be drawn from their ancestors in the elite. It’s not just a cultural phenomenon. Smart people tend to have smart kids.

          • That reads like the butthurt assertion of a person who went to a non-selective college and graduated from the lower half of the class. I can assure you that sort of person is not found in management at Fortune 1000 companies. Even the affirmative action hires are drawn from the affirmative action admits at selective universities to fill their token roles. There is an elite, and dumb people do not filter up.

          • Rich people and people in political power – don’t give away their empires to be run by other men’s sons. Even if those other men’s sons are far smarter than those of the rich powerful men.

            They’ll pass down the family empire to their own progeny – despite obvious evidence that said progeny is deficient.

            History is chock full of examples of this.

            Yeah – smart people tend to have smart kids. But rich powerful men also like to think with their dick – because that dick can get whatever women it wants. Said women may well NOT be the smartest – they just look the best. And some recent evidence suggests that intelligence is inherited from the mother and not the father.

            The issue is more complicated than just ” biologically fit to rule” and “smartest rise to the top”.

            The smartest rise to the top in areas where brains actually count. Most of those areas are completely outside the realm of politics.

            There’s been plenty of rulers thruout history who were close to being idiots to prove the point.

        • Prescott and George H. W. Bush were genuinely distinguished men. Their children were nobody special. Jeb married a very short mestiza and one of their sons, George Prescott Bush, looks like a Mexican gangster. He did follow Latin American tradition of successful men marrying a blonde.

      • All of these families start out with the intrepid, ruthless adventurer determined to make money first and then make a name for himself. Trump’s grandfather was like this. I doubt he would have been impressed with orange blob, and Trump’s kids are even less impressive. Looking at the Bush family, the line sort of starts with a Victorian era opium trafficker who parleyed his son into the Senate.

        The Kennedys are the same way. A bunch of dirty Irish bootleggers, and now today in some fetal position at the Waldorf Astoria. In all of these circumstances the original forefather was intrepid, fearless, ruthless, greedy and a scofflaw. Laws mostly exist as barriers to entry. I see a future President as the son of a Russian immigrant in Beverley Hills.

      • GHW Bush seemed about average, the sort of man you’d find running a department store,but nothing impressive. Now his sons are clearly little better than morons(Jeb and GW) and criminals(Neil). Their offspring are even worse.

    • A lot of the European monarchies were inbred clowns.

      Perhaps, but they still rule us to this day. Not only in the throne-and-scepter sense, but their dynasties are deeply ingrained in the ruling elites discussed above. Ursula von der Leyen, the new dictator of Europe, is of royal stock – a cadet branch of a cadet branch, but still a Strato-Cloud Person whose family have not worked in twenty generations, except for fun or ambition.

  23. One other factor that will cause North America to differ from South America is the large number of sub-continent Indians who live in the U.S. and Canada. I just moved to the Detroit suburbs (temporarily) and the number of Indians is jaw-dropping. They have their own tribes and clans and will create their own elites.

    • Yes, people really must wake up to the “Indian threat”… these people are like locusts. Once one gets in HR, the entire department becomes Indians. They spend their whole lives in a desperate fight against other ethnic groups (in India), and when they apply that to whites it’s not even a close match. Their business systems are so complex and different that we wouldn’t even be able to understand, involving relatives, living quarters, religion, and corruption. For instance, a trucking company has one brother as a mechanic, who stays at home and fixes the trucks for the company. The company “owns” several houses, where the mechanic lives rent free in exchange for his labor. Stuff we would never even think of doing. But it all comes down to this: they are easily out-competing whitey right now and will destroy us.

      I’m surprised at the high number of Indians around Detroit, though. Where do they work? What are they like? It’s interesting, because for a long time here in Canada I really had no problem with Indians. They worked, they had families, they were pleasant and we got along well. But suddenly in the past 5 years (really since Trudeau has come into office), they have totally changed as they now flood in to the tune of hundreds of thousands per year. Now they’re snarky, rude, arrogant, and highly subversive. Nobody likes them now.

      I don’t know if the original Indian immigrants we were getting were the top 0.001%, and now India has simply run out of high quality immigrants, or if it was always a stealth taqqiya type operation. I suspect the latter; I know that there are some Indians (usually older and been here for a while) who are quite pissed off about the current open borders situation and being followed by the same trash they fled.

      Either way, things are looking ugly for our future up North as these Indians will destroy the country, and this is not an exaggeration. I worry not about any other ethnic group more than Subcontinentals (even Chinamen will retreat due to natural population decline in a few decades).

      • Future Canada as the Raj, but with Anglandistani King Akhbar’s troops instead of the Queen’s.

        Yes, they’re getting some serious attitude here too.

  24. Yes, when anti-white animus is the only unifying force among the the ascendant POC rulers, there will be few iterations before babies are tossed into volcanoes to please the climate change gods (again).

    I guess thats one thing the left has in common with the right: a lack of willpower and ruthlessness necessary to ensure the survival of their people.

    Silver lining in there somewhere.

    • Whites Lefties are insane and evil. They also don’t see they are cutting a deal with people who will eat their fat asses the moment they get power. Look at AOC and her “squad”. Totally full of hate and power hungry. When that old hag f**ks up they will take her slot and that will be the end of the ruling whites in Congress.

      This is why Zman’s model is wrong. The orcs won’t play with a bunch of stupid geriatric whites when they can simply take it from them.

  25. Looks like a great argument for living in Nowheresville in a community of like minded people and having a good skill set.

      • Life’s a risk, you takes your chances.

        I think I am a cultural separatist. I want nothing to do with a culture that lifts up Marianne Williamson and her crystals. I want as much psychic and physical distance as possible. Engagement with those people is simply not worth my time.

          • More power to you if you can make it work.

            That being said, most of us born from ‘64-forward don’t have the financial resources to acquire acreage and an Arsenal. There’s significant cost barriers to entering the “middle of nowhere” club.

          • The cost is tricky, but also the making it work. It’s family, work, commutes, travel, all the disruptions it causes. Property taxes, security when I am not there, me as the new neighbor, distrust of outsiders, so many things. Each situation is different and YMMV. Think about it now and start shaping aspects of your life accordingly, over time. Watch for opportunities. The 2008 crash both showed me the need and gave me the shot at land I could not otherwise afford, through a short sale/imminent foreclosure on a weird property, as far as the banks holding the notes were concerned. I’ve been actively working on this for over ten years now, and I still am not quite where I need to be, just yet. The goal is in sight, but it can be a bit of a moving target.

          • MemeWarVet,

            Take a listen to Jack Spirko’s survival podcast for ways to live well and cheaply… and as sufficiently as possible.

            You’ll have to sus out all the naive libertarian drivel (bless his heart) but there’s some good information to be had there for free.

            It may take less to get to where and how you want, than you think. Once you’re setup then you can decide what level of political/social involvement you want.

          • Agree with Penitent.
            Love Spirko (except for this “I’m a Deist” stuff.)
            Been listening to him since at least 2016. He knows his stuff.

          • @Meme
            If there is a will there is a way…I had a Brother move out here from Baltimore with a wife and three kids and they both work in the service industry…I asked them how they did it and they said if it’s your priority it will happen for you…

        • I like having the more harmless people similar to Marianne Williamson around and I’m not interested in returning the US to Christendom under any but the most dire circumstances

          There are a lot of secularists like me by the way who simply don’t give a crap for organized religion and suspect than in any form likely to exist now may well be far more harmful than the crystal wavers whose worse flaw is that most of them vote Democrat

          This will lead to a fight and it’s one of the prime tensions preventing any kind of organized dissident right from occurring

          None of us have any reason to aid one another and if it went to guns, there is no reason to stop with a compromise unless there is utter exhaustion in which case Clown World or The Corps might just mop up all the sides

          It’s also not really possible to give land. Too much instate political diversity

          Not a new problem mind you, our system came about under similar tensions and failed in less than a century

          There doesn’t seem to be a fix either so maybe at this point NrX is right, passivism , lawfare and fighting the culture war is the best approach.

          • If the options are a resurgent muscular Christianity or a survival of the fittest Ragnar Redbeard / Ayn Rand, I’m going to take Christianity every time.

          • I’d say survival of the fittest is pretty dire but I get your point

            Christendom if it reoccurs is about a century and change out though. It will happen once the catabolic collapse is finished and the differential reproduction rates (secular people typical, max 2, Amish typical max 6) gets to be enough

            That said I see no purpose in sustaining “civilization” as we know it since its an existential hazard to human existence and the few things that it could do that are amazing , radical life extension , disease cures and an asteroid shield seem a lot less likely to happen

            We’ll just get more dystopia and if comes between gas station forts or a boot from Facebook on humanity forever I’d take Mad Max

      • The Bundys made a successful stand. Partially because they had serious firepower and partially because the government did not want to turn it into another Waco.

      • If there were thousands of normal, decent people invoved with any of those incidents, they could not have been taken down by overt force. We need numbers and patience (and we need to avoid vanguardism and fringey behavior) to make Dutch’s plan work. He’s on the right track.

        • @Exile
          Amen on that and you start having the power to start making your voices heard which will in turn inspire more people to either start their own or come into yours…I wish I had more wealth because then I would be a lot further along than what I am…I’m really glad this kind of thinking is gaining traction…When I first started talking about it back in 2010 it wasn’t really even on anyone’s radar now you have even survivalist talking about the need for tribe/Community instead of isolation and hiding away…Which is a wonderful thing…

      • Had Cliven Bundy not been so bloody minded as to refuse to pay his small vig to the Feds would have been left alone. Is this fair or right? perhaps not but it wasn’t crippling or onerous

        Being that someone as much of a crank as he is was politically and religiously able to assemble an army of militia ready to go speaks pretty well of him

        Now the one guy who was shot in that mess Lavoy Finicum was shot by State police not the Feds and caught on camera saying basically “You’ll never take me alive.” like stuff

        He planned to martyr himself but what the ruralites don’t get is the suburban and small town dissident right probably won’t bite on that bait, doubly so since Bundy was a Mormon, a highly distrusted sect

        Now Weaver and Koresh were products of the Clinton era which was a radically different time . That almost triggered a civil war and the retaliation by Mcveigh gave the Feds a bad taste

        • @AB
          The Bundy thing was more complicated than just him not paying a fee…It had to do with land use and the ability of ranchers to use it…

          • True

            I’m a bit ambivalent on the land use issues myself

            To respond to range from fault frankly don’t give a fig about the ranchers or their subculture and its concerns since they are too few in number to matter to me.

            Maybe the Feds own too much land, maybe they don’t but I’d rather they own it than a bunch of private concerns

          • I hate to break it to you:
            The “Feds” are a bunch of private concerns.

            Next you’ll be telling us that you believe in “National Security”

          • Sure. National security is border and trade control. It exists but we don’t have it.

            And the the Federal government basically holding land unused or used for Government purposes is quite different than development for say a casino or more immigrant housing

            This doesn’t mean that the Feds own too much land, they probably do but how that is resolved requires a bit of thought and if i had my way would be tied to population reduction and homogenization

            This way we can take the existing unoccupied lands that are already developed and use them instead of spreading out like a plague of locusts

            I’m a bit weird for the Dissident Right in that I favor a homogenous society which is the norm but with population decline and would like to see the US population at most 200 million, 150 being better still.

            My reasoning is that decline and collapse is absolutely inevitable and if we act now and correctly, the suffering that collapse always brings will be mitigated for all.

            This goes against the to use Spengler’s terms, Faustian nature of modern society and thus sounds like heresy

            While I think material progress in some areas is desirable I don’t believe in a limitless upward arc of progress, a linear view of time or any of that and my personal philosophy is far more Buddhist or Stoic than Christian

            This will create some dissonance with Christians of course

        • Bundy had a righteous cause and a long-running family-wide grievance with personal undertones with the local Fed-Stasi, but as Charlottesville has hopefully taught us, until we have large numbers, local clout and sufficient institutional support, going Bundy Ranch will just get you Tank-Manned. We need to bite our tongues and lay down on some bullshit while we build our strength – a (((proven))) strategy for dissidents.

        • Dear AB….I respectfully but strongly disagree. You do not understand the politics and relationship of Western States to our managerial overlords and you have a cursory knowledge of the Bundy fracas. You write thought-out arguments, and in this case I hope to augment your thin knowledge of the West vs. The Feds.

          A thumb-nail sketch of the Bundy matter:

          AB…’re talking horseshit on the LaVoy Finicum “Never take me alive” meme and you’ve bought in to a full on lie. So read up on reality:

          “What do we make of the latest twist in the saga of Cliven Bundy’s family? As a public-lands rancher, I am both appalled and cheered by the dismissal of charges — with prejudice against the prosecution — against Bundy and two of his sons. I am also, as the Brits say, “gob-smacked.”
          I am appalled because my ranching family has had a long and mostly positive relationship with the Bureau of Land Management and its personnel. At our best, together we have worked magic on the landscape, planning long-term projects in a collaborative fashion, and then seeing the results. There have also been less productive interactions, a few of them downright hostile.
          The Bundys had reason to believe that the government is out of line. When the government bought out 52 of their neighbors’ grazing permits, ostensibly for desert tortoise habitat, the Bundy family refused the deal.
          As grazing leasees on federal ground, we understand we have agreements that are critical. The Bundys refused to recognize federal ownership of the public lands. After their federal lease was cancelled, they began trespassing on their former lease as well as leases of their neighbors.
          It was unfortunate that Cliven Bundy, who had been making some good points about federal overreach, turned his attention to social commentary in a manner offensive to me and to most Americans. It was also unfortunate that federal officials brought an estimated 200 snipers, personnel armed with tasers, helicopters and police dogs to conduct a roundup of some 900 cows owned by Bundy in the midst of calving season. 
          Predictably, hundreds of heavily armed self-styled militia types showed up to support Bundy and face off federal officials. Soon a full-fledged standoff was underway.”

          Lineman wrote above that this was about Harry Reid doing a scam deal with the Chinese to get hold of that land to put it into solar panels, and using the pretext of saving the desert tortoise to cancel 52 neighboring grazing permits. Bundy was in the way and therefore in the crosshairs. Bundy is annoying and a grandstander. So what! When my husband was chief mining engineer for the iron mine in Cedar City, he worked with Leavitts…hundreds of them in this world down through Overton starting with the Muddy Mission and the settling of Mesquite. And lots of Bundys from Las Vegas through Cedar City, a Bundy family living across the street. One of the Leavitts commented that Bundy is a cantankerous old sot. But just because he’s annoying doesn’t mean his civil rights should be denied. If that pretext is used, we are all in trouble.

          The BLM and Dept of Interior have culturally changed. It’s a combo of Enviro Fascists, Gaia worshipers, and Big Power. City people don’t get that the Feds own 67% of Utah and a whopping 85% of Nevada. That’s a mighty big elephant at the party. 4 decades ago the big Enviro Power grab began. For me, it started with the Feds taking 30 years in court to push Wayne Hage off his property 50 miles from my home when I lived in Nevada. You haven’t read up on that?

          Even well-intentioned conservative people of the city don’t have a clue how the Feds use their power to push Western people around….take their grazing rights and/or take their land, take their land for corridors and land grabs. I have a friend here in Cedar City who owns a monument business. When Clinton carved out Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in 1996, my friend lost her quarry that was swept up in the monument, with No Recompense. Just told to scam. That’s how it is done.

          You think Bundy and the Hammonds are freaks and deplorables. All well and good until you get your home…your livelihood swept up and devoured by the Feds. Read and come up to speed.
          Eastcoast people have 2 seconds of romanticism for the West by reading a copy of Owen Wister’s The Virginian in front of the fireplace with a good whiskey or watching Butch Cassidy, and that’s all you know. The reality is you with no awareness do think Westerners are deplorables…you wouldn’t want one living next door to you. Don’t know how to talk with one. We look culturally different. We’re cute until we’re not. Then we’re annoying.

          • @RFF
            Thanks hon I just didn’t have it in me to write all that out and am glad you made the effort…Wish people would do a little more due diligence on things like that to find out what the truth really was not what they heard on the news…

          • As has been said in more than one place, people are appalled at how the things they know about are reported, and then blindly accept the reporting on things they don’t know about.

            RFF, thanks for the detail. I have heard bits and pieces, and you pull it all together.

          • I grew up in the Rocky Mountain West and partially in rural Wyoming as well . Population 300 or so among oil workers, truckers , miners and the like

            As for Finicum , I heard the recordings and while its possible they were out of context , the same stubborn nature can easily get a man shot

            It’s a natural consequence of being around armed people and acting squirrely. Was it fair, legal or moral? Fuck if I know,

            It was what it was.

            White people get shot all the time and we don’t have enough group conscience to care about it anyway. Too much law and order not enough tribe.

            The things is that Bundy and his lot aren’t my enemies but they aren’t my tribe either .
            I dislike the Feds meddling but I am not in favor of turning land over to people whose ideas on what make aa good ecology differ very much from mine

    • You don’t need nowhereville.

      They’re already all over.

      If you want to have a safe and decent place to live there are many communities in America that are – but it requires work.

      The Men sit on local school boards, attend town meetings, are active in the local community, and attend the local gun club. They are often landlords or in touch with the local landlords. They are friendly and supportive of the police- their neighbors who watch over the town full time.
      They hire the local judge as their lawyer for legal work.

      The school board makes sure their town has “good schools” with little or no “Canadians” allowed to attend. (Black).

      They sit on the local boards so they decide the local laws and taxes – especially the real laws and taxes.

      As they are landlords or influence them they sit on local boards to make sure Section 8 stays out.

      If they slip accidentally or deliberately their neighbors the police turn a blind eye.

      If all else fails that’s why they’re in the gun club.

      This is the modern version of Medieval Walled Towns warding off marauders. Just a different group of barbarians.

      Sorry to keep repeating this Z.
      They need hope and a plan they can actually do.

    • I live in Nowheresville, and let me tell you, Nowheresville is in deep trouble. Good skill set? Today that means simply showing up to work, maybe even on-time. I ran for county office once – our demographic is 90% Scots-Irish stock – and the biggest complaint from employers was finding a reliable, functional working-class; i.e. people under-40 with a semblance of loyalty. They weren’t asking for high-skills or workaholics, just people who will show up (somewhat sober) at 8am and deliver reasonable labor till 5pm. My little empirical study demonstrated that my particular Nowheresville is riddled with meth, highly dysfunctional families (which are not ‘family’ at all), and church leaders who still live in their safe-space of the 1980s Moral Majority. Much the same story is delivered in the excellent book, “Hillbilly Elegy.” Actually, Dutch, I’m in violent agreement with you, but we’ve got a lot of work to do in Nowheresville.

      • Both sides of my family are from those “Nowhere-ville” areas in the Midwest, settled there after the Revolution on land grants given to them for military service. Most have left, but meth and opiates have ravaged many of these towns. One cousin helps manage about 20k acres of cropland straddling two states–the problems with meth cookers and other drug vagrants holing up on abandoned farm buildings on their acreage got so bad he got a CCW after walking up on some of these people. In many of these places a 10 generation work ethic has been destroyed in one.

    • That is the best option for white ethnats in the US. They would have to build a new community and not allow the MSM to come in and poke around; let the community speak for itself. Though the community would have to play the optics game, unfortunately. Otherwise the MSM or other journos would say they’re some kind of cult, or compound, or worse. Yes, they’d probably say that no matter what, but I think Patrick Casey’s optics practices for AIM could be successfully applied to a white separatist community.

    • @Dutch
      Sure does Brother 😉
      Let me know anyone when you want a tour of my AO to see if it’s the right fit for you…I’ve done all the research so you can make a informed decision on rather or not you want to move here…

    • “argument for living in Nowheresville in a community of like minded people”

      I see your point and can sympathize, but the problem with retreating to Nowheresville and hoping that they leave you alone is: It Doesn’t Work. To paraphrase this fella called Jericho Green, “I keep wanting to be done with the Left, but it won’t be done with me.”

      I want these lunatics and enemies of the West (and note well that our so-called Elite is full of enemies of the West [1]) driven from the public space in shame, humiliation and ruin. Am I personally doing anything heroic and dramatic toward that end? No, probably not, but I do make a point of NOT keeping my head down IRL. That means noticing things, and calling them out when they’re bullshit. I can point to a number of formerly “I’m not political” people who now actively espouse race realism and staunchly anti-progressive principles largely because I was the vector. I hope and trust many of you do the same.

      The preceding is relatively large effects on a small number of people with whom I have extended contact. But small effects on basically random strangers also has value. Until recently I was frequently surprised by how many persons there are out there who “have a feeling” that something is deeply wrong with so much with “culture” in the US today, but felt alone and afraid to even *notice*. A simple comment (humorous but clearly sarcastic is better than bitter, or worse yet a polemic, IMO) or even a lifted eyebrow conveys volumes, chief of which is “You’re not alone!” Yes, these are small gestures and effects, but they do add up.

      [1] Oh yeah, almost forgot about the footnote. With regard to no small number of our “elites”: the phrase “dual loyalties” is a base canard. It’s untrue because “dual loyalties” presumes there is some loyalty to the US at some level.

      • @Mike C
        I see your point and can sympathize, but the problem with retreating to Nowheresville and hoping that they leave you alone is…
        Regrouping so you can fight is a whole different ball game that retreating hoping to be left alone…I’ve never advocated for hiding out always I have been for building up and out…Let me pose it like this does a military ever not have a base to work from…Do they get their supplies from the area they are trying to conquer/or subdue besides a little scrounging from the battlefield after victory…If we aren’t looking at this fight like the war it is then we will lose badly… Logistics have to come from somewhere…I’ve talked to people before f2f that had the same thought as you and by the time I got through explaining things they understood the need to be forming up Communities…

  26. Quote: “The South American system transplanted to North America, without external support, may just quickly devolve into chaos, warlordism and then old fashioned authoritarianism.”

    Or maybe that New Age/Manson Family refugee (((Marianne Wiliamson))) will take the reins of power and hand out free Magic Crystals and Unicorns to the millions of low-IQ vibrants and the ever-dwindling number of brain-dead Whites. And all will live happily ever after wrapped in a warm blanket of love.

    Something has gotta happen because this insane asylum called America can’t continue too much longer.

      • Please don’t blame the atheists.
        Who are they driven to conquer the world for, the Easter Bunny?
        They don’t care.

        Pastors imprisoned and ‘physically interrogated’ in Communist Romania give us a clue as to the true nature of this different set of ((atheists)). They report Satanic-styled rituals by their interrogators.

        The Warsaw Bloc was *ahem* ethnically overrepresented in its elites.

        • (As were the “fellow white people” slaveowner class in the Confederacy, who sought to expand into New Spain during the Revolutions of 1848, and a short generation later, as Kapitalism, income tax, alcohol tax, all were tried when Abe Lincoln was tricked like Woodrow Wilson was.

          Inefficient chattel liens and slave labor costs were chucked under the bus in favor of industrial finance Kapitalism, pittance wages, and the Company store.)

    • Its not yet an insane asylum.
      We should not let it be.

      You all don’t appear to know the difference between a corrupt state and elite vs a failed state.
      You may be spared.
      Or not.
      Perhaps we should not remain passive about our fate.

  27. A Neo-Feudal system of the type Z describes can only be birthed into existence if useful idiots help make the case for it. This is why the likes of Charlie Kirk are so important to the Globalists.

  28. Who does Z consider to be the ruling elite factions in US society and how do they define their interests? Jews, obviously, but that’s been discussed as nauseum. What others? Are there any comparable forces?

      • Harvard and Yale may have overplayed their hand.

        I don’t get the sense that being a “Harvard graduate” gets anywhere near the respect that it once did. This may have something to do with makeup of the graduating classes (as Zman pointed out) , but I think it also likely has a component that comes from the “working class” coming into much closer contact with said Harvard graduates on a personal level – in places like the high tech industry.

        And then coming away less than impressed with those Harvard grads.

        Harvard in particular doesn’t get anywhere near the respect now that I thought it got going back 30-40 years ago. Most of the people I know who live in this area are fully aware of what Harvard has become – and are also fully aware that Cambridge is probably THE epicenter of leftist lunacy in MA. Which also serves to bring down Harvard’s stature in their eyes.

        As my wife likes to remind people: “Once I saw my older brother get into and then graduate from Harvard – any respect I had for that school went right out the window”

        • I’ve worked with Harvard grads. They’re very good at taking your name off of documents and putting their name on documents and then presenting them as original ideas and analysis. If you ever work with them, always use the “restrict editing” function on your documents.

          • Good cautionary story. At EBMUD, the big Bay Area water company, as a treatment operator, my senior operator cautioned me to not talk to the engineers. For any new treatment process project, the engineers would swoop in like vultures from the mothership Oakland admin building and pick the fertile brains of the treatment operators about how to pull the project together. Then the downtown engineers would claim all credit for said project. The smart boy treatment ops got sick of that and said, “Your on Your own, Buddy…think your way out of this one.”

    • Z always references the legacy WASP elite when the topic comes up. But with that being said, they at least shared a sense of obligation towards the lower classes. The (((tribe))) has zero.

      • MemeWarVet said: “Z always references the legacy WASP elite when the topic comes up. But with that being said, they at least shared a sense of obligation towards the lower classes. The (((tribe))) has zero.” “Noblesse oblige.” Here’s the Wiki link.

        • No – the Tribe has Noblesse Malice. Its an actual mandate.

          But that’s any tribe.
          That’s why peaceful Tribal Nations are usually ruled by Kings or Empires. Even today Jordan, Morocco are tribal nations ruled successfully by Kings.

          Ancient Israel was ruled by Kings. Modern Israel is Sparta complete with Helots. Maniacally Globalist Jews think that includes the world.

          Mind you that Noblesse Malice is now the ethos of our ruling class – but that’s because they’re empty. As are it appears so many.
          No God, No Family, No Country.

          • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉: “No – the Tribe has Noblesse Malice. Its an actual mandate.” Pay attention ” vxxc.” “MemeWarVet” and I were talking about the WASPs having “a sense of obligation towards the lower classes.”

          • “Ancient Israel was ruled by Kings”

            Objection, supposes facts not in evidence,

            “Ancient Israel”?

    • There does not seem to be much ethnic identity among the auxiliaries in the ruling class. There are wisps of the old Anglo elite here and there. Once reason Tucker Carlson stands out is he is such an exception. That striding, confident WASP character is a rarity now. If you look at the graduating classes of the Ivy League, it is Jewish, Oriental and foreign.

        • Unfortunately, the WASPs were willing to play fair and allow non-WASPs to join their ranks. Jews took advantage of this and used nepotism to vastly inflate their numbers in the elite and they are now guarding against us. We can’t use the same infiltration strategies that they used against us. The Indians out jewed the Jews in on of the Jew’s most nepotistic fiefdoms, the diamond industry. Look for Indians to try and out jew the Jew in finance and banking, just like they have done to us in the tech industry. It will likely be as dysfunctional as the tech industry has become.

          • Indeed. Those who are concerned about East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) “taking over” are worried about the wrong groups. As a group, the South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis) are much more facile with the English language, political maneuvering, corporate hierarchy games, and some combination of backstabbing and ass-kissery than the average East Asian.

          • Oh, is it pick your poison day? America needs neither subcons, with their verbal facility, flexible morals, and jati loyalties, nor East Asians with their cheating, conformity, and eternal Han loyalty.

          • The WASPs did NOT play fair, they were ruthless in keeping out degenerates like Poles and Italians.

      • Tucker Carlson is great. He’ll have some “incident” where P&G threatens to pull ads from Fox and he’ll be gone, despite his ratings. I’m sure they’re looking for an incident by now. Even if that happens he’ll make even more money doing some CRTV type venture. Only he’ll be a person you’ll want to pay to watch, unlike those Canadian hucksters like Steven Crowder.

        • Ads are a tiny portion of a show’s revenue. The bigger threat is the wives of his employers.

          • Okay…I’m naive…what does that mean?
            My guess: The elite wives/bitches set a skank trap for him, he rejects their advances, their bruised egos shriek, “He Me-Too’d Me. Get him!”
            Is that it?

          • I am guessing a simple whisper in the ear of his boss, from said boss’ wife, about how Tucker makes her unhappy. That’s all it takes, IMO. The rest of it gets engineered by any means necessary.

          • Range Front, I believe Zman is referring to Murdoch’s daughter-in-laws who Seymour Hersch said agitated against Bill O’Reilly. It’s also thought that BOR axeing was some sort of quid pro quo with UK govt, allowing Murdoch’s Century 21/Sky deal to go through.

    • As a first-pass filter look at the student rosters of the top schools in the College Guide over two to three generations, then look at who occupies the prime Catherdral seats in government, finance, media and academia. You’ll see family and personal connections between a coalition of Jews and well-placed goys along with their loyal apparatchiks who’ve proven their loyalties. The government bloc seems largely monolithic, pace Q-Anon chess-strategies about military vs. Deep State factionalism. Same with finance, media and academia.

      Z’s recent post about the future rise of Caesarist/Peronist personality cults points to where the present shaky monolith will start to crack. The closest thing we’ve yet seen to this was the Clintonista and Obamist wings of the Varsity Party. As Z cited, once the Dems solidify one party rule, the factions will start to form. Right now we’re at the same stage Russia was when the Bolshies were mopping up the Whites and consolidating power. The systemic rivalries developed afterward once external opposition was crushed and the interests entrenched.

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