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Since this week is a show about answering questions, here are a few items I did not have time to address in the show. A few people have asked about Ann Coulter linking to a post the other day. They wanted to know how much traffic it generated. The answer is not very much. Twitter is not much a traffic generator, even with big accounts like Coulter, as people on that platform don’t follow links. It’s why I have not bothered to get back on the platform. It’s just another silo on the internet.

The number one source of traffic here is the search engine. I can see the URL that brings people to me and it is either a topic I cover or something with the phrase “Z Blog” in it. That I take to be word of mouth. Someone mentions to a friend that they read the site and that friend then googles the term. After that, it is sites like Maggie’s Farm, WRSA and the Woodpile. The Feral Irishman is another example of the type of site that moves a lot of people along to other sites.

A few people have asked about why their comments end up in moderation. This is something I’ve been meaning to explain for a while. The spam filter does a great job of blocking the obvious stuff. Questionable items end up in moderation. What makes a comment questionable? Epithets, vulgar language and too many links. If you avoid using crude language and don’t load up the comment with a million links, then it goes right through, so avoid bad language.

I’ve gotten a few queries about the readability of the site on mobile devices. I just added a mobile option to the site, so let me know how it looks. The text should be heavier and slightly larger. I can also increase the mobile font size, but you can also zoom on your mobile to do the same thing. The thing with mobile devices is they are all different and there is no magic way to make the site just right for all of them. Well, there may be a way, but I’m not investing the time to do it.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00 Opening
  • 02:30 Letter #1: The Constitution Party
  • 10:00 Letter #2: The Holocaust
  • 14:00 Letter #3: Christians and Dissidents
  • 18:00 Letter #4: Baltimore
  • 23:00 Letter #5: Civic Nationalism
  • 34:00 Letter #6: Comments
  • 38:00 Letter #7: The Imperial Capital
  • 42:00 Letter #8: Richard Spencer
  • 47:00 Letter #9: Small Business
  • 50:00 Letter #10: Tulsi Gabbard

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136 thoughts on “Letters To Z Man

  1. Hey Zman, are you going to be doing an article about ‘rat-infested’ Baltimore? Didn’t you say you live or lived there recently?

  2. Great show! Some really fine logic in there. Baltimore sounds almost just like New Orleans. What could they have in common?
    Please write the book.

  3. The mobile version is MUCH more readable, thanks.
    In completely unrelated news, I’m 63.

  4. Letter #5 struck a real chord w me. I do wonder about all the ‘good’ non-whites. A post on this at some point would be great.

    Surprised Z is against the death penalty. True, the government can hardly do anything right. But I think the death penalty could save lives and I think its absence is a symptom of testosterone drop in society, a sign of feminization. If the death penalty has to go (it mostly has, even Texas takes a decade from sentence to execution, it’s just incredible. It should be done as it were in Britain before WW2; sentence, one appeal, off to executive clemency decision, then hanging w/i 3 months). But, I digress, if it has to go, outlawing should literally be brought back. No one takes that seriously, it’s ‘barbaric’. Actually I think it’s a good idea for some. Tell society ‘Mr child killer there, fair game, have fun’. You need something that scares tough guys.

    • Outlawing would be a good idea. I also approve of the punishment of exile for citizens who commit political crimes – expulsion from the country, with a penalty of death should they return. I would consider that an acceptable punishment for people like the Obamas and Clintons, since there’s too much squeamishness and fear of slave riots if they were executed for treason. Let them wander the world like Flying Dutchmen.

  5. Z,

    Do you remember the title of your article about the ancient Greek play where women run a town? I have looked and looked and cannot find it again. The name of the play or its author would be equally good.

  6. The point about Washington DC corrupting people on our side is an important point and needs more attention. Whether it be congressmen, Supreme Court justices, or even bureaucrats, it happens. If I were president, I’d sign an executive order moving almost all federal agencies out of the capital and break up the agencies into smaller units and put them in dying Rust Belt towns. The five richest counties (and over half of the top 20) in the country surround DC. These is a HUGE problem. The country was much better off before the DC cocktail party circuit became THE thing.

      • It’s why the Brazilians built Brasilia in the middle of nowhere.

        The Congress should be moved to a different state (and not the State Capital) every four years: we can come back and review the arrangement after everybody’s had a shot. The next state to be selected by lottery from those yet to be selected drawn on the previous Novembers election day.

        All Federal employees should be time-limited to ten years- No more Taxpayer money after that,

  7. I’ve been looking forward to hearing more of your take on Baltimore in light of this current brouhaha. Ha ha ha.

  8. @thezman. You say this Howard Phillips fellow was instrumental in mobilizing the Evangelical Christians into a political force. Personaly I had never heard of the guy. Back in those days my life was all about maximum work, maximum booze and maximum nookie. But I can tell what I think now. It was a huge mistake to continue trying the old tactics of getting the churches deeply involved in politics.This type of thing has been happing for far too long. It weakens the moral standing of the church as an institution unsoiled by the world. Someone in the early days of the republic said: “that a sound spiritual foundation of America was so viltal to the nation, that if it were up to him he would chain the preachers too there pulpits.” It leaves the door open to all kinds of other errors to creep in and subvert the goal of being the spiritual leaders of the community. look how many churches have become liberal/progressive or fallen for all this prosperity crap. No, I’m afraid Mr. Phillips didn’t do us any favors

  9. I like the letter shows. Firstly, the segments are just long enough to approximate your enjoyable daily blog posts. Secondly, (obviously you pick the letters but) having the readers ask questions of you allows you to work outside of the having to generate topics yourself framework. Well done.

  10. Regarding outlier minorities/civic nationalism, I would permit them as “associates” in small numbers (<10% ish of White pop) in similar fashion to how the Mafia treated Irishmen and Jews so long as they were Jim Crow/apartheid-style segregated from core ethnic areas. I've commented before that I'd also make provision in my ideal ethnostate for internationalist free cities which were politically, socially and East/West Berlin-style physically firewalled from their Jim Crow/apartheid mixed ethnic zone "suburbs," with Whites-only areas being the vast majority of remaining territory. Non-Whites of the "CivNat" smart fraction would be eligible for leadership in the mixed zone or the free cities. This would give Whites and non-Whites plenty of opportunity for meritocratic social mobility and beneficial diversity through consensual association rather than coercion or "nudging" while maintaining a hard line on freedom of (dis)assocation and White identity.

    • Your accepted non-whites will inevitably find means to breed with our women. Even artificial ones. Physical separation must be enforced under penalty of death. We cannot sustain a healthy white population if our females are permitted to birth hatchlings of the others. Exclusive breeding will determine whether whites persist.

      • I’m pretty clear there about apartheid-level separation. As for death penalty, that’s White Sharia on steroids. I don’t think White wahmen raised in a healthy White society are so desparate to burn the coal that only the threat of death can quench the thirst. Look at the pre-1960’s South – simply outlawing mixed marriage was sufficient until the Berger court stuck its crooked nose(s) into the mix.

  11. It would be a gross micharacterization to suggest Vox Day is anti-science or rejects the reality of genetic differences. It would probably be best for Zman to avoid criticizing Vox about evolution, because Vox is much more well-read on the science. If Vox isn’t dissident right, virtually nobody is.

    • Vox has very little math or science. And Vox is not dissident right. Neither of those statements are debatable.

      • Please forward me the official dissident right membership roster and membership requirements doc. I’m curious what authority put them together.

        Vox has done a number of Darkstreams and blog posts about the mathematics of evolution. Unless you want to actually dive into refuting him, I reiterate my suggestion to just refrain from criticism. Blanket statements of “Nuh uh! You’re wrong!” aren’t terribly persuasive.

        • John Derbyshire coined the term over twenty years ago, I’ve covered it in detail for close to a decade now. Words have meaning. “To be in the dissident right is to be in dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy on the human condition. Race is real, Ethnicity is real. Sex is real. Evolution is real. Genetics are real. These are all real things.”

          Sorry, thems the rules.

          As far as the math of evolution, dachshunds exist.

          • I doubt Vox Day would disagree with you on any of the above statements, except the “evolution is real” one, and I won’t speak for him more on that as it’s getting pretty far into the weeds. His reasons are published and stand on their own. I guess I’m not in the dissident right either, despite being a fan and periodic financial supporter of Derb for going on 20 years.

            My sense of Derbyshire’s general personality and ideology over many years of listening to him is that people of good will can have honest disagreements about technical issues without banishing each other from movements.

            The Dachsund is a great example of intelligent design. Its existence is entirely the product of intelligent manipulation of genetics — selective breeding. Dachsunds didn’t evolve on their own via mutation and natural selection from prehistoric dog/wolf ancestors.

            ETA: Vox refers to himself as a Christian Nationalist. Maybe he’d even disavow the dissident right label himself, I don’t know. My larger point is that he’s an ally, not an opponent.

            ETA 2: I don’t think the urge to create strict ideological exclusivity is necessarily a good one. Especially if that exclusivity limits DR to atheists or maybe deists who believe in a remote, uninvolved God — I don’t think that demographic is sufficient to build a successful movement upon.

          • Entryism is always a problem in outsider movements. The best way to prevent that is to have a clear set of definitions that are ruthlessly enforced. Christian Nationalists can make no exceptions on the theological aspects of their thing. Otherwise, they will quickly become just another co-opted group that means nothing.

            The dissident right has to do the same.

          • I agree with you here. The Tea Party learned this to their dismay

            Problem is without actual leaders it’s not that easy. No one is following the Derb and as sad as it is a fair amount of people on our side don’t even know who he is.

            Also this movement such as it is is poor at this kind of thing. We can’t even keep Spencer, the Libertarians and “Liberty Movement” types out much less more virulent types.

            This has more to do with not knowing what the hell the movement exists for. other than complaining.

            Those 4 ideas you mentioned are fine for a reality base but can be accepted by people from the Left to the Hard Right

            In the end, more than anything numbers count. Change peaceful or other comes with that

            They might be separate movements but in the end Hard Right, Dissident Right and so on will need to work together for a common set of goals, if only “each a land of their own.”

            if anything need to be added to those manifestos “aim your guns at the Left.” needs to be top tier

          • Things have changed .At the time Derbyshire coined the term Dissident Right , there was no .Alt Right , little to no NrX and basically no Internet Dissident Community either.

            In any case the Derb can no more lay claim to the term than Spencer can the term .Alt Right . Both movements such as they are ended up leaderless for security reasons and accepting that the members are highly individualistic so anyone close enough can belong

            No doubt Spencer wanted to run the .Alt Right unlike Derb who had no such dreams but Spencer while the dude’s got ambition is a flak magnet and a lot of people me included don’t trust him.

            This nobody in charge issue can bite the group in the ass as when the Tiki torch crowd was allowed to join in or right now when Libertarian anklebiters or Militia Right show up but that’s what happens without leaders

            Now in the bigger picture the “Other Right” is an umbrella organization made up of Deb’s “Dissident Right”, a few quiet “Alt Right” types Vox and the rest of Deus Vult “Hard Right.” more active neo Reaction “NrX” and a smattering of Palecons , Authoritarian Right (my faction) Militia Right ,Libertarians riding in our wake and maybe a few others I missed

            It’s not a very stable configuration to be honest but it’s more stable than the Democratic party in some ways and given its a Dissident organization until some kind of .Alternate Right party can be created or some kind of common ideology people are willing to unleash hell for can be created it has to stay that way

          • Well, things have changed since Bill Gates founded Microsoft, so I can now claim to be a stock holder.

          • Only if you bought stocks.

            Corporate law is in no way related leaderless political movements.

            Don’t get me wrong I think you are one of the most important “thought leaders” out there and yours is the only blog in which I regularly comment . It’s just that good.

            You’ve got a great commentariat too but neither You, Vox or Derb lead anyone of anything and as maddending as it can be, terms don’t yet have specific meaning

            Oh and FWIW push to shove I’d far rather put you in charge than Vox Day.

            He’s perhaps more intellectual in some ways but he has significant cognitive limits and personality traits that would make him a poor leader

            I also prefer your more rational approach to things.

        • Ted Beale is Dis-Right adjacent, more Alt-Lite, has written a lot of good and useful stuff, but he’s a CivNat and a libertarian at heart. The butt-hurt and personal offense you’re displaying about someone mildly criticizing Beale demonstrates the worst trait he shares with his fans. He’s positively feminine in his zeal for extremetly-online interpersonal feuds and gossip. Let Z be Z and Beale be Vox. We need them both, and Z’s being more manly about trying to stay above the fray.

          • I am not overly concerned with someone who tries to paint anyone who voices a disagreement as “butt-hurt.” It’s juvenile. I am also not personally offended. Zman and I had our back and forth and I accept his final statement. I understand where he stands and that’s good enough for me.

            Vox Day is a huge assh*le — lots of smart people are and I am hardly one of his devoted fans. If it means anything, I am a paid subscriber to Zman, but only once have ever sent Vox a dime, and that was so I could see early copies of Alt-Hero. Didn’t keep up with it. Comic books just aren’t my thing, but I was curious.

            I just saw something I disagreed with or questioned and I spoke up about it. No need to cast it in unflattering terms.

      • I think you should do further research. Vox is not a creationist and his objection to evolution is because of problems he sees in the math. Vox is educated in statistics. One of his criticisms of biology is the lack of statistics requirements in a biology track in most universities.

        VD wrote the 16 points of the Alt-Right back in 2016 and they were pretty well respected in Alt-Right and dissident circles. VD also wrote Cuckservative How Conservatives Betrayed America.

        If he is not a dissident, what is he? The guy wrote a book trashing the mainstream right. That is about as dissident as you can get. His views of the various factions of the right, particularly the “Christian” right, the “Neocon” right and the libertarian right are more or less indistinguishable from your views from what I can tell.

        • I don’t know. The alt-right people I know were offended by his 16 points. Like him or not, Spencer is the most prominent alt-right voice and he thinks poorly of Day. Most of those guys were insulted that an outsider tried to come in and define their thing.

          I think a fair reading of Day and his followers is they are Christian Nationalists. They arrive at their positions from a bespoke Christian starting point. That’s a tradition with some history and it is perfectly respectable. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Howard Phillips, who I mentioned in the show, were all Christian Nationalists.

          • While I would never accuse Kessler of being competent, it was Spencer who inserted himself into the UTR rally (which was always a bad idea) because Kessler refused to be photographed doing Hitler salutes. Kessler has the phone records to prove this because he is involved in the lawsuit and these phone records were subpoenad. It was Spencer who invited the usual suspects (Duke, the Klan, TWP etc) which ended turning UTR into the clown-car colossal screw-up that it was.
            He inherited NPI and ran it into the ground and got all of the donors doxed. Then he had the audacity to write to his donors and say that he was going to let the guy who doxxed them back into the group because he talked with him and feels like he changed.
            He’s also a media whore. Rather than a leader, I would call him the driver of the clown-car that is the remnants of the Alt-Right. From what I have read, and I could be wrong, Spencer’s coining of the term Alt-Right was, at best, accidental. That had more or less abandoned the site and the term until it started catching on and then went back, restarted the defunct site and got out in front of the people using the term pretending to be their leader. The media did the rest.

            Alt-Hype did a great video on Spencer. Granted, I have never liked Spencer from the first time I listened to him, so it was easy to swallow the criticism of him. He took it off his channel, but it is mirrored both on YT and bitchute.
            While I am not a Christian and believe in evolution, I would take VD over Spencer any day of the week.

          • On a personal level, I like Spencer. Most people like him, as he is a very likable guy. That said, in a serious movement, he would not be in a position of prominence. If the alt-right was the IRA, he would have disappeared into a bog a long time ago.

          • Amen.

            He’s charismatic – but I would trust Richard Spencer as far as I could throw Matt Forney. I’m not the first to point this out, but the man is a near-perfect reverse barometer of what is to be done.

            Ignore the vitriol and check this timeline:


            The guys at Affirmative Right are admittedly chapped, but that timeline is accurate. And this was the guy that was going to lead a decades-long struggle for self-determination?

            It’s nothing personal, but the best thing for it is to wrap the Charlottesville fiasco around his neck and then go full Emmett Till with him. Metaphorically, of course – and for the good of the struggle.

          • I have a similar view of Spencer that Derb seems to have from what I’ve read – too immature, too ambitious – hardly uncommon among smart young White guys. He seems to be learning as he gets older. He wanted to be a leader more than he wanted a specific ideology to succeed long term. I hope he continues to evolve into a useful member of White identity and away from the shooting-star mentality fame whore of the past.

          • I’m in the Darwin’s-missing-something camp adjacent to Beale on evolution, but agree with Z on Beale’s politics and his ambivalent-at-best relationship with the Alt-RIght and Dis-Right.

            No Enemies on the Right should be the rule with few exceptions, and I will righteously criticize Beale on having a feminine-libertarian tendency to pick nits and undermine solidarity with things like the 16 points. That said, Beale’s a net positive if you ignore this, which I generally manage to do. He’s on the White team.

          • His side the Hard Right or Deus Vult crowd if you like are stuck on Christianity as a social baseline and have no plan to build a society if modernity rejects it

            This seems their biggest flaw overall.

            When your worldview is derived from some ancient hebrew text and you believe that a functional civilization requires other follow this text , it can cloud your judgement

            That aside Beale and his people for the most part are very much on our side.

            They are good men just a bit blinkered.

          • I think for most of the factions on the right, almost everyone is an outsider. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching that scene in Life of Brian where all the various Judean Peoples’ groups are bickering.

            For some of us, there is probably some confusion between the standard English usage of “dissident right” (“Well, I’m a dissident, and I’m on the right …”) and the movement usage Dissident Right (“I hereby swear allegiance to the Derbyshire Catechism of the Dissident Right.”)

            I guess I won’t be holding office in the latter, but I still mostly agree and like listening to what they have to say.

          • The dissident right writers and posters should leave each other alone and let them do their thing. Z Man for the most part does a good job at that. Who really should care if we consider Vox Day dissident right or not?
            Men like Spencer are terrible at keeping their nose in their own tent along with leading us into a Pickett’s Charge. Spencer is a good thinker on his feet and he can hold up well in a debate with our enemies if given the chance but Spencer will be Spencer and if he lets himself be the new David Duke, nothing we can do but shake our heads.
            What we need in my opinion is a few more elite rich even marginally on our side and also angry at the other elite rich who are destroying our nation.
            Trump is that person even though he fails us in many areas.
            Getting more average Joe six packs to come our way and a few more elite angry at our condition may just achieve what we have never achieved since the end of WW2.
            The democrats going full blown nut job really helps too.

  12. Vox Day links to you as a source. He has no beef with you from what I can tell. His skepticism of evolution is more technical than anything else (he is skeptical of the maths). He has as much disdain for creationists as anyone else.
    But I do agree that race realism and now gender realism is a major point of entry for dissident right wing politics. If you ever want to smoke out a cuck, just talk about race in their presence. They cannot help themselves from clucking on and on about the evils of racism. VD is very good on these.

    • Well, that’s the story today. Vox goes through spasms where he focuses obsessively on a hate-target, then eventually he gets it out of his system and can relax and regard the target as a normal human being, taking the good and leaving the bad. Z-man was such a target last year, complete with scornful nicknames and blanket condemnation. Now he’s OK. The same thing has happened to Ethan van Sciver, Jordan Peterson and other people I don’t know who date back to Gamergate and sci-fi fiction award scandals.

  13. You’re full of shinola on “world at war”. I watched it with my dad on tv, and it had an episode called “death works overtime”. Youre local station probably pulled it because of naked bodies moved around by bull dozers.

    You might also read Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder. Not much needed to be made up.

    • The episode was #20 “Genocide” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_at_War

      Film clips of piles of bodies being moved by bulldozers in a country ravaged by World War II = indisputable proof that 6 million Jews were killed by being cattle-carred into gas chambers by the SS, and if you don’t believe that, you’re full of “shinola,” goy.

      And if that doesn’t convince you, read a book by the Richard C. Levin chair at Yale and member of the Council on Foreign Relations whose Oxford mentor was a Warsaw Pact Ashkenazi.

      Every. Single. Time.

      • I didnt present it as indisputable proof. Just that zman isnt ready for prime time, if he cant get this right. Just like he still needs a copy editor.

        You might switch to the new lighter flavor jew-spread, because you’re tasting them in every sandwich.

        Which other parts of the world at war do you think were falsified?

        • @AHfOh
          I go back and forth on the “copy editor” question.

          On the one hand, my inner perfectionist, highly-verbal, PR professional (for nearly 15 years, back before the bag came off my head) wants him to read aloud his posts, and then he’ll discover 99% of his errors.

          (It’s that easy.)

          But on the other hand, I think: “Oh, what the heck. We know what he’s trying to say, and I understand his ideas and observations, which are important in our movement.”
          But I will admit that sometimes when “women” needs to be written as the singular form of “woman,” I do kinda get slightly twitchy.

          I do some editing for a friend who is writing a book, and would be happy to offer my services (in service of the movement) to the Z-man.

          We’d first need to start with correspondence via my Proton Mail account….

        • How about you run along and go fuck yourself. You are now the third person permanently banned from the site

        • We’re expressly discussing the Holocaust and this shill says that mentioning Jews is a sign of pathology. Shit-tier trolling, shapeshifters.

  14. Re: evolution, on a small scale the process is observable but on a macro level, the theory seems to have major holes, particularly the idea that complex structures like the eye evolve by incremental random mutaton parsed by natural selection. I think we’re at the same level of understanding with evolution that we had with pre-Newtonian physics – we can observe the process and make certain predictions and deductions but we don’t really understand the mechanisms at work yet. Darwinians prefer to straw-man their opposition as hard seven-day Creationists rather than addressing the scientific critiques. Darwinism has become a religious faith in its own right. I don’t have a commitment to a “Creator” concept, but have major doubts about Darwin’s theory as it presently stands, uncriticized while unclothed.

      • See Coulter’s “Godless” & Vox Day (when I’m not ripping on him in this thread) for some Dawkins refutation. On a more sciencey-plane, check out “Darwin’s Black Box” by Michael Behe. I’m a fan of more science, less faith on scientific theories and Dawkins is one of the guys who reacts like a fedayeen when Darwin-skepticism rears its blasphemous head. Until we have a deeper understanding, we’d be better off if we left the why/how of Darwin vs. anti-Darwin for college students and simply taught the what, when and where of biology in public high schools.

        • I’ve read “Godless”, which has got nothing to do with darwinism (Queen Ann is too smart to mess with science) and Vox, while making interesting points from time to time, is a crackpot who thinks the moon landings never happened and is endowed with a suspiciously big nose.

          But it’s not about Dawkins as a person, it’s about the arguments he lucidly and persuasively makes in the video, explaining how an eye could evolve gradually.

          • who thinks the moon landings never happened

            No, that’s not what he thinks. He’s actually been quite careful about never saying that. What he has said is that he thinks the government “official story” has so often been proven wrong or fabricated that he’d be surprised of the official moonlanding story was 100% truthful. That can mean anything from “Yes, they landed on the moon but covered up mission-threatening mistakes” on up.

            He refers to a number of known cases of the government deceiving the public. I can rattle off a bunch: Gulf of Tonkin, sinking of the Lusitania, USS Liberty incident, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Russian Collusion — and simply uses the moon landing as an object lesson in “skepticism is not bad.” His crazier followers of course take the ball and run with it.

            The thing that makes me most suspicious of Vox Day are his associations with Owen Benjamin, the guy just seems like a crazy moron to me, and Milo. I am of the opinion that trusting a homosexual with prominence in your organization or movement will almost always come back to bite you. Homosexuality is a visible symptom of deeper mental disorder.

            ETA: Dawkins explanations about the gradual evolution of the eyeball are nothing more then Kiplingesque Just-So Stories with about the same level of empirical validation. I’ve been reading stories like that from evolutionists for decades hoping there will eventually be some “there” there, but there never is. That video of Dawkins is only persuasive to people who accept what he says at face value. He hand-waves over so much that is vital in his deceptive effort to make the evolution of the eye look like a natural progression that it makes my teeth hurt.

          • Gulf of Tonkin, sinking of the Lusitania, USS Liberty incident, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Russian Collusion

            None of those have got anything to do with the Apollo program, and is of an entirely different scale of deception than the purported moon hoax, which would have involved several hundred thousand people.

            That video of Dawkins is only persuasive to people who accept what he says at face value.

            You don’t have to take anything he says at face value, that’s the beauty of it. He argues entirely from first principles and demonstrates every point he makes with a simple experimental setup that everybody can understand. A model scientific lecture.

          • None of those have got anything to do with the Apollo program

            They’re not intended to. They’re examples of official government versions of events not being the whole story.

            If you can’t see all the gaps in what Dawkins is demonstrating, it would take me weeks to explain it to you.

          • As I say above about Owen Benjamin, “the guy just seems like a crazy moron to me.” That was about the most painful 9 minutes ever. Benjamin doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know.

          • I have never watched OB. I do not want to seem to be putting words in others mouths. But, it seems to me the fist man, Dan Petit, uses the term technology when infrastructure would be more appropriate. We no longer have the Saturn 5 rockets or a supply of lunar landers or command modules that could reach the moon. It would surely take time, as he said, to build suitable vehicles again and that would entail untold billions of dollars.

            Armstrong said that the computers used were ancient. At least that is what I thought he meant. We did, in fact, go to the moon largely on slid rules.

            I could be very wrong.

          • If you can’t see all the gaps in what Dawkins is demonstrating, it would take me weeks to explain it to you.

            Then why don’t you point out just one gap?

          • Vox Day also openly associates with Cernovitch. I think that’s why I stopped reading him.

          • Queen Ann disagrees:

            From http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2011-08-24.html

            August 24, 2011”

            Roughly one-third of my 2006 No. 1 New York Times bestseller,Godless: The Church of Liberalism, is an attack on liberals’ creation myth, Darwinian evolution. I presented the arguments of all the luminaries in the field, from the retarded Richard Dawkins to the brilliant Francis Crick, and disputed them.

          • Vox isn’t White by his own admission, he’s an Amerind. He’s also a Western Christian Civilizationist and an Omninationalist (i.e nearly all nationalism is good)

            That said he does edge too close to crackpottery and pardon my use of Bill Maher here religulous thinking.

            This is fine. The .Alt Christians and I’m lumping the anti abortion types here for all their flaws and frankly stupid views in some areas are energetic and willing to act even at a heavy personal cost

            If the rest of the actual Right were so endowed we’d have many fewer problems

  15. Hey Zman, when you recommend people to follow, read, etc, could you provide links, or written names, etc. Listening to the blog then trying to decipher and hunt down can be impossible at times.

    For example you said follow the momma and the pepes? Can’t find them but I have no idea if I am even close to the actual name lol.

    • The left hand bar on the home page is chock full of them. This is how I found James LaFond, who I find endlessly entertaining. And got me to take up rather amateur level stick fighting.

  16. Have worked within the NY system for years in local elections. The Conservative Party came about as a reaction to Rockefeller Republicans–remember they actually elected Jim Buckley to the Senate back in the 70s. But in the modern construct these parties are allowed to maintain ballot lines so long as they hit certain vote thresholds in elections. And what they’ve ended up as is a distinct group you have to negotiate with on platform to gain their endorsement and line–along with getting petitions signed. It serves as an engagement mechanism. On the leftist side we have the “Working Families Party” which is what the old CP USA morphed into. They and the municipal unions (which were promised everything they wanted in advance of the election) were what got Red Bill elected mayor with a whopping 17% of the vote. In the right circumstances it is an effective way to round up the strays. The Libertarians here refuse to play ball with anybody. So they have their meetings with 20 people attending and spend their time bitching and debating the non-aggression principle to death.

    • Good call on the Lib’s, which is why I gave up on them as I became older and wiser. At least here where I live, the Lib’s are a non-entity. Few decades ago, they could turn out 5% or so of the vote for their candidates, now they are less than 1% registrations and rarely field a candidate.

      I switched to the top party affiliation, IND, 🙂 —which allows (here anyway) for me to declare and vote in whatever primary I desire. Of course, the whole scam is to keep one believing in the “game” and I am debating seriously whether a not voting is better than a voting—which, whether DEM, REP, or IND is ultimately a vote of confidence in the system.

    • For now I think we’re better off destroying the GOP and leaving the Democrats to stand alone. I’ll again cite the Caesarism post Z made recently. I think we’ll see more Imperial disruption and internal rot from a one-party system rather than a fake two-party system. The Empire thrived during the Cold War because of the same “lesser of two evils” dynamic we see in American politics. We need to follow Georgi Arbatov’s example and take the Democrats’ enemy away from them. Plus the GOP weasels deserve it and it’s fun.

      • Looks like the Democrats are going to give you a run for your money then. While you’re out destroying the Republicans – the Democrats are stabbing each other in the chest over and over again.

        There was a time when I believed in accelerationism, and I was usually pretty good at predicting what was going to happen a year or two out.

        Now that the rot has accelerated beyond my ability to keep up and comprehend – I really don’t know what is going to happen. It does appear though that Trump is trying to make Sleepy Joe out as his choice of candidate – and therefore invite all the other Dems to attack him.

        With any luck the Democrats will hound Biden out of the race – and the biggest lunatic will win the nomination. Then Trump will win again – and the Democrats will likely blow themselves up in a suicidal gesture of Wokeness after the next inauguration.

        • We’re going to be stuck with a one-party Dem state sooner or later due to demographics among kids already here that no one will convince Beckys to deport, much less the new Brown Wavers. I’d rather see it while we have numbers, the fading Bill of Rights and memory of White America to lean on. Every generation that passes makes resistance less effective unless we make a hard turn.

  17. Off topic: TomA, you frequently comment on the dysgenic effect of affluence. In a youtube video, “Jared Taylor: The Banned Interview,” Jared Taylor quotes the Roman satirist Juvenal, “Luxury is more ruthless than war.” I thought you might like that quote.

  18. Regarding the Holocaust, it’s enough for us to say it’s entirely irrelevant to modern life and anyone who raises the issue outside of academic history is (((suspect))), because only that Tribe and its lackeys have any need or care to cudgel modrens with this ancient mythology. If they push the issue, remind them many other millions of people died in that war, rarely in pleasant fashion. Don’t get in the weeds with them about details – just keep your frame by knowing the agenda of the people still trying to flay White people with this 70-year old canard. Remind yourself that Germany, the country most damaged by WWII, is still on its cultural and psychological knees because of this myth and that Israeli diplomats openly brag about using it to cudgel modern Germans, from the lips of Haaretz itself (https://www.haaretz.com/.premium-israeli-diplomat-german-guilt-about-shoah-aids-israel-1.5374078)

    • Exile, yes I’d say memory of the event is/has perhaps caused more damage than good at this late date. My general take has always been as an admonishment of the base nature of man (never specifically Germans) and what we are capable of when we lose our moral compass. But then I’m a Northern European first generation American.

      • I think honking about the holocaust only serves the interests of anti-Semites at this point. My advice to the Jews would be to close the books on that stuff and the endless Nazi references, but no one takes my advice, no matter how sound.

        • The fact that they won’t close those books is what keeps me counter-Semitic. If and when the 3% stop acting like they have right to tell the 97% what to do b/c Chosen, Shoah, IQ or whatever, I’ll be glad to forget about them.

        • I agree – honking on on about the holocaust serves the opposite of the interests of whoever does it. “Deniers” just sound stupid when they do it as there is too much evidence. I suppose a talented researcher could do some work and dispute the 6 million number – and exactly nobody would thank him for it.

          • David Cole’s entirely conservative and reasonable questioning of the scale/numbers, not the event itself, made him the second-most ostracized Jew in America, right behind Bernie Madoff.

          • “Deniers” just sound stupid when they do it as there is too much evidence

            What evidence would that be?

          • Come on. I personally knew WWII Vets who were there when the camps were liberated. They were small-town working guys with no reason to lie about what they saw. Doesn’t prove the claimed numbers, but ugly stuff was going on.

          • I personally knew WWII Vets who were there when the camps were liberated.

            Except that US troops did not liberate a single death camp.

            Holocaust is not about concentration camps – slave labor camps – it’s about whether people (or rather Jews; dead goys do not count as Holocaust victims) were stuffed wholesale into gas chambers.

          • Buchenwald by the Americans. Bergen-Belsen by the British. Dachau by the Americans. The Soviets liberated most of the camps. These were terrible places, but probably not as brutal as Andersonville, which is considered one of the worst prisoner of war camps in modern history.

            War is a monstrous business.

          • Buchenwald by the Americans. Bergen-Belsen by the British. Dachau by the Americans.

            None of those were “death camps” – no gas chambers.

          • I’ve been to Manzanar. If we’d lost the war, and Yoshi had been the one opening the gates of that camp, it would have looked exactly like Dachau did.

            When you bomb supply lines, people starve. Fancy that!

          • THis is why though we really really need one, people on the Actual Right (Dissident and others) are rather reluctant to start ACW 2

            We know what the results will be.

          • @drake – “Come on. I personally knew WWII Vets who were there when the camps were liberated. They were small-town working guys with no reason to lie about what they saw. Doesn’t prove the claimed numbers, but ugly stuff was going on.”

            Outside of the real fringe antisemites and outright deniers, does anyone seriously dispute the reports of the infantryman who initially encountered the camps? Salt-of-the-earth types are often put forth as a sort of proof of purity. It’s not done disingenuously, but it still left-handedly shits on them anyway because it assumes they’re wrong by intended deception.

          • I don’t dispute that prisoners in German camps were in terrible shape. Since the Germans were losing the war, even the German soldiers were in terrible shape.

            There were no camps that conducted industrial mass murder. David Cole, the revisionist J3w, supports this point, although he thinks certain German commanders engaged in mass murder on military campaigns in Poland. Such campaigns are hardly unusual in the history of warfare.

          • >>>Come on. I personally knew WWII Vets who were there when the camps were liberated. They were small-town working guys with no reason to lie about what they saw. Doesn’t prove the claimed numbers, but ugly stuff was going on.”<<<

            It proves detention camps existed; and that by the end of the war they could not be re-supplied.

            Again, if Hideki and Junichiro had been bombing California, Manzanar would have looked the same as Dachau.

          • Does anyone seriously dispute the reports of the infantryman who initially encountered the camps?

            Nobody dispute that the Germans had concentration camps – camps were people were imprisoned without trial and used as slave labor.

            But that’s not what Holocaust Denial is about, it’s about whether the Germans had “death factories” where they systematically murdered millions of people on a production line basis.

        • At some point you have to ask yourself if they are simply incapable of taking your advice, and if so, why.

        • My response now is, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of it. I think they made a movie or documentary about it once. Can’t remember, but it was a long time ago overseas somewhere.”

          Don’t mind sounding doltish to strangers. Just dont want to hear about it in breathless tones anymore.

          • That’s the rub. For Jews, this is part of their story, the story of their people. It is incredibly important to them. But it has nothing to do with us and so we’re like, god, can you shut about it already!

        • I saw a TV program many years ago featuring the old neo-con Elliot Abrams. The show wasn’t really about pointless foreign wars but rather the future of Judaism . Now I’m a bit philo-Semitic myself , although not a Jew (some of my best friends, however…) I continued to watch. One of the things he mentioned has stayed with me all these years – he said that Holocaust remembrance is a substitute religion for way too many Jews, instead of actually being Jewish, were obsessed with the holocaust, which in his opinion and mine I guess, is a really unhealthy thing.

          Also, Z The World at War is a great great piece of TV . I think somebody figured out at ITV that a lot of the people involved in World War II were dying off and it would be good to get them on film.

      • “Exile, yes I’d say memory of the event ”

        “Exile, yes I’d say fantasies of the event ”

        There, fixed that for you.

    • “Millions more women and children than that died at Soviet hands during the Holodomor, but Christians aren’t constantly bitching about that, right? So give it a rest Schlomo and keep packing for the trip home to Israel.”

    • The thing that really annoys me about holocaustianity is that I am an American living in America where they have erected a bunch of holocaustinatiy “museums” which have absolutely nothing to do with our people. We were not the ones doing it and it wasn’t being done to us. Our only involvement in it was that we were at war with the people doing it. We defeated them and helped the Soviets defeat them, we took all these Soviet reject Jews into America after the war and how do they repay us? By forcing their secular religion on us. They are now making it mandatory in our schools! This is insane.

      • I hear you on that when we went to the library here in our small town because our homeschooled daughter wanted to do a book report on the great depression because her great grandparents lived through it and we couldn’t find more than two books on it but they had a whole shelf for the Holocaust it pissed me right off…Whites have been brainwashed to be suicidal and not have any pride for who they are, what they have accomplished, and the history they have made…Thing is if we remain scattered we will never be able to rectify that and we will fade into nothingness because even our history will be erased…Come on Brothers and Sisters are we going to let them because we are to comfortable…Are we going to become the Frog that is boiled alive because we didn’t get out because the water felt great…I ask myself everyday what more can I do and a lot of days I’m at a loss because it takes a group effort to accomplish something of this scale… Thoughts Anyone???

    • The thing is the new ascendant peoples do not care one iota about the Jews or their Holocaust. Hispanics will push them out when they have the numbers along with the rest of us. That will not be too much longer.

      • Hispanics and other people of color will no doubt be as successful at removing jews from their world as white people have been. Jews are masters at holding power. Unless there’s some kind of forced expulsion, there’s no getting them out of our business.

        • I think you might be right Ursula. The ascendency lacks the manufactured guilt by association and are free to act as they please. They may not however, be able to resist manipulation because of a lack of impulse control to bribery and lower IQ to recognize the manipulation.

      • Hispanics here in CA are showing the same political passivity that keeps them in the favelas in their own countires. Despite huge numbers, their highest officeholder is the California Attorney General. Z noted this in his prior podcast on the PoC Circus party some months back. Castizos rule Brazil, Mexico and many other Hispanic nations, and the very term Hispanic pays homage to these largely hereditary aristocrats’ Conquistador heritage (along with the very language of these countries). The history of the New World has been one of minority rule over passive masses since they wetbacked and Marielito’d their way from China. Keep them fed, drunk and entertained and a smart fraction can ride them like mules. My hope for “Azteps” is for a JQ-woke smart fraction of Castizos to seize the reins of La Raza leadership and cut a deal with White & Black nationalists in the future. It’s going to up to us to cultivate them in the same way Jews now cull or subvert the revo-inclined Hispanic smart fraction.

        • At this point, with so much of the populations of Mexico and Central America now inhabiting the U.S., why the heck doesn’t the U.S. approach these countries and say, “Since so many of you already are here in the U.S., let’s just join all our lands together,” take them over and let us white people move to these places and develop them and make them prosperous. Instead, the slackers are taking over the U.S. and we all get poorer and less civilized.

    • If they push the issue, remind them many other millions of people died in that war, rarely in pleasant fashion.

      I’m privileged in that regard. My (Danish) grandfather was conscripted for 18 months of forced labor by the Nazis, so I simply ask how much money I’d be due, if my grandfather were a Jew. (I strongly suspect that’s what got me banned from Breitbart.)

    • I wonder how they’re going to keep the Holocaust “relevant” – when they run out of 95 year old Lithuanian ex-camp guards to trot out in front of the cameras and kick out of the country?

      I agree – when somebody starts whining about the Holocaust, remind them that many millions of people died in that war – and included a whole bunch of non-Jews who also died in concentration camps.

      I usually also throw in:

      ” and it wasn’t only the Nazis – the Bolsheviks killed people off by the tens of millions – and from what I’ve seen – and from what the history books support – Jews as a whole not only don’t say anything about that – but they actually SUPPORT IT, so please take your whining somewhere else – you’re only complaining about genocide against Jews – not genocide in general “

    • Yeah, Holocaust, terrible thing. But going on 80 years ago. Could we talk about something more relevant?

      Like, why can’t the country control its borders? Why is there so much outcry when it’s tried?

      And what has happened to morality…we can’t even protect young kids from exposure to homosexuality and transsexuality in schools and libraries. Why is that?

      And who is pushing this stuff?

      • It’s easy to imagine a Hollow Cost story about how the Nat-zees were performing twisted experiments on Jewish children, like trying to change their biological sex with cross dressing, hormone replacement, and carving up their junk—thirty years ago. Now it’s Jews in the forefront of promoting just that (again).

    • I believe the holocaust was absolutely real, ie that it was pretty much as described, a systematic, diabolical attempt to wipe ppl off the face of the earth b/c they were Jewish.

      What I dont believe is that it was unique, unfortunately. Hitler wanted to kill all sorts of people. Islamics have wiped many people out. I would like to avoid holocausts, against any people, of whatever color, in the future. Im not a fan of slaughter.

    • Used to have stay in Baltimore one week each summer for a sports camp with one of my kids. We were quartered up at the old USF&G training center–which was in one of those nice leafy suburbs–but would take the light rail into town for Orioles games. That and driving around reminded me of my tour of duty in Detroit. Neighborhoods turn fast–within a block or two. And unlike the NYC and Philly ghettos–but like Detroit–there seem to be swaths that are both really bad and only partially inhabited. You could simply disappear in those places and no one would find you. One of my kids was recruited by JH for sports–but despite having gone to school in the Bronx told me flat out that Baltimore really creeped him out.

  19. I voted for Ross Perot because I absolutely hated HW Bush. I didn’t expect Perot to win and I was living in California at the time so it didn’t really matter. I don’t think Bush was winning even without Perot – you can’t knife people in the back that blatantly and expect loyalty.

    • Yeah, I wonder if the same fate awaits Trump. he’s feeling pretty cocky at the moment, but the fact remains, he has finked on a lot of his promises.

      • If Trump was Prime Minister of Israeli, he’d be their most accomplished leader since Ben Gurion.

      • I kind of doubt it. Trump isn’t really our guy but he does often pick the right fights and say the right things. And he has a super-power for making cucks and commies drop their masks. It’s not like working-class whites are going to reject him in favor of Kamala Harris or some other leftist who openly hates them. (Unlike Bill Clinton who they liked)

        Bush was just an obvious snake who never meant a word he said while pretending to be a conservative. He was fully exposed the moment he took control.

        • Trump has lost a lot of support from 2A people. I have three friends who are gun owners and are active in the 2A community. They say they are not going to vote anymore.

          They tell me that they are tired of being lied to and made fools of. The gun blogs seem to show that attitude is prevalent. One of the big gun sites recently showed Trump with about a 50% approval rate on the site. This is a poll from people who were in the 90 plus range of support in November 2016.

          • Tulsi’s in bed with you on that score… Her debate performance suggests she’s angling for VP – a much more palatable color-cuck option to Biden’s allegedly-spurned overtures to Stacey Abrams, with Tulsi being just non-White enough to tick the box while not scaring GoodWhites. Even if Biden didn’t Woodrow Wilson in his first term and give her the Big Girl Chair, he’d be very unlikely to make it to 2028. If he RBD’d his way through, she’d still be the Annointed One for 2028, and she’s very young. Maybe I’m just trying to rationalize her BDS cuck, but if I were on her team looking at the numbers so far, I’d be looking to inside-track the other wahmen and non-Whites this way.

          • Yeah, although anything could happen between now and voting day, my impression today is lots of non-voting people who turned out in 2016 to vote for Trump on the chance that he’s the real deal have seen that he, too, is ultimately just another controlled puppet and are either going to stay home or vote for the wackiest liberals they can so as to accelerate matters. Not so confident Trump’s got a second term coming, impossible as that may seem when looking at his loser opponents.

          • Not voting for Trump could be a mistake for 2A people. Who do they want making appointments to the Supreme Court? DC vs. Heller was 5-4. Two of the four dissenters are still on the SC. The other two were replaced by justices just as bad. So, practically speaking, it would take one of five justices to flip the other way to have a Supreme Court that would recognize no Constitutional limits to gun control by the federal govt.

          • It took moving to Europe for me to get what the 2A ppl were on about. You have muslims shooting up whole theaters (Bataclan), running trucks over ppl and of late in Germany, pushing 8 year old kids in front oncoming trains or chopping up ppl w samurai swords on the street. And you have have to take a long class to own a double barreled shotgun which you have to register so they can take it away, b/c apparently you re not allowed to hunt rabbits or ducks if you are ‘right-wing.’ And a permit for a, again registered, handgun, is a multiyear hassle.

            In its absence I suddenly understood the 2nd amendment perfectly; you dont know how much you miss something until it’s gone lol

    • I think it’s pretty likely that GHW Bush would have won if not for Perot. Clinton didn’t even win a popular majority and I would guess 90+% of Perot’s votes came from the right.

      ETA: I also voted for Perot, but I was in a battleground state. I voted for Perot in ’96, too. Dole & Clinton didn’t represent much of a choice.

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