The Diverse War Machine

In his book, At Our Wits’ End, Ed Dutton uses the space program as an example of how general intelligence has declined. It’s not a bulletproof example, but more of a way to think about how declining intelligence impacts a society. Fifty years ago, America had the collective ability to organize a massive project like the moon shot. Today, the country lacks the organizational ability to do a moon shot. That organizational ability is a function of the general intelligence of society.

Again, it is not the perfect example, but it is a good way to start thinking about how declining IQ manifests. Fifty years ago when the nation celebrated the moon landing, everyone, including the scientists involved, assumed it was the first step in exploring the solar system. The nation that conquered the world, was now going to conquer the solar system. Instead, fifty years on, America is a nation being invaded by primitive barbarians and struggling to keep the cities from collapsing.

Another way to think about the impact of both declining intelligence and the barbarian invasions is to think of the social structures of society as tools. Things like political systems and government institutions are the tools evolved by society to address its challenges. Those tools reflect the intelligence and cognitive complexity of the people who created them. It’s why things like liberal democracy are not easily exported to other countries that lack the craftsman to use these tools

Liberia, for example, can adopt the American constitution for themselves, but remain a backward African nation. The people who created the American constitution were smart and mostly of northern European heritage. The average IQ of the colonists was probably in the high 90’s. The average IQ of Liberia is in the 60’s. Expecting the Liberians to implement the tools of American political order is like expecting a child to operate a five-axis CNC machine. It can never happen.

In America, where the smart fraction gets smaller and the average IQ declines, the process will be different. These tools exist. They were created and made functional by our ancestors. As we run short of people capable of operating these tools, they will either be abandoned on stripped down, so they can be operated by a population no longer able to run a complex society. The Democratic presidential field is a good example of what happens when human capital is in decline.

One area to watch is the war machine that was created to be run mostly by smart white guys with a sense of adventure. Automation and technology has replaced a lot of human brainpower in the military. The sophisticated computer systems on ships, planes and weapons makes it possible for mediocre people to operate them. No one needs to calibrate machine guns on fighter planes or learn trigonometry in order to serve in an artillery unit. Computers do the heavy thinking today.

Even so, the war machine needs the organizational intelligence to make the whole thing function. It also needs a significant number of young men willing to risk their life to achieve military objectives. Navy Seals are often portrayed as unsophisticated risk takers, but they are the smart fraction of the military. The point of the spear is a combination of intelligence, risk taking and creativity that reflects the general intelligence of the military and the society that produces it.

This story about the problems in the elite services is a sign of things to come. It’s not just that the number of men available to serve in these units is in decline. It is the decline in organizational intelligence that is needed to maintain these units. These units require a leadership stack above them with the skill and ability to keep these types of soldiers on edge, but under control. In the multicultural America, the vibrant and diverse military will not have the human capital to fill these roles.

The military is not about to collapse, but like the space program, it is less capable, because of declining human capital. The phenomenon of Navy ships smashing into things is another example of what happens when the skill of the craftsman falls below that required of his tools. As the leadership becomes more vibrant and diverse, the ability of the war machine to function as it was designed will decline. Eventually, the decline in organizational competence will result in a catastrophe.

The response to this will also be what we see with the space program. The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was probably the last big foreign adventure for the Empire. The reason the usual suspects have not been able to start a war with Iran is the growing awareness that the military is not capable of waging it. America can launch a bunch of missiles and conduct air strikes, but an actual war with Iran would most likely be the Varian Disaster of the American Empire.

As we see all over America, the decline in general intelligence will result in a decline in military capability. The services will become increasingly vibrant. The leadership will reflect the new Americans that are pouring over the borders. The combination of the barbarian invasions and the decline in native intelligence will slowly reduce the military to an expensive tool no one can operate fully. It will become nothing more than a very expensive jobs program that no one dares put in the field.

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221 thoughts on “The Diverse War Machine

  1. Lol, America was not made by mostly men of “Northern European” descent you uneducated buffoon. It was primarily made by brown eyed, brown/black haired, anglos, germans, etc. GTFO with your BS

  2. 50 years ago a child would gaze up to the heavens and dream of the infinite possibilities, wonder where where among the starts he might take his adventure.

    Today a child gazes upon his navel, worries about the infinite existential threats looming over his world, like drowning polar bears or nazis under his bed, and starts to think that maybe he wants to be a girl.

    Perhaps the future will be like those glory days of the space race once again. If the boys of today grow up to be black ladies good at calculus 2, we can get to the moon again.

  3. “The average IQ of the colonists was probably in the high 90’s. ”
    More like 110, look at the incredible level of achievement under difficult circumstances…It’s in the high 90s now, and we can’t do anything….

    • That’s a central part of it, but I think the sizable non-Jewish portion of the elite are driven by factors besides Jewish indoctrination and intimidation (otherwise, I think at least some of them should have broken away).

      “White people thinking of themselves as a group with group interests and pursuing them = Holocaust.” Whites are the great losers in the ongoing globalization process that the whole of our elite are dedicated toward (Trump slipped by, hence the circus that’s transpired). A global open market means greater profits and greater power for the elite (the globe as their plantation), and their opulence means that they are largely insulated from the negative effects of this process (unlike the white masses). Therefore the whole of the elite utilize indoctrination and intimidation toward whites: preventing us from thinking of ourselves as a group with group interests, or framing such a mode of thought as unspeakable Evil (therefore unthinkable), and directing all forces toward intimidating and silencing those few who can see through it all.

      • I don’t doubt that many in the elite earnestly believe in modern Leftist ideas, but I think we are talking about “falling in love with a rich man,” embracing ideas that line up with one’s own interests (and with one’s class interests). As Jews utilize Leftist ideas for their ethnic interests, the elite class generally utilize Leftist ideas for their power/wealth/class interests.

  4. I just don’t see how this is fundamentally a biological problem. The mass of whites, including the cognitive elite, have radically transformed in thinking and behavior over the last 100 to 150 years, including in terms of massively reduced race realism and ethnocentrism. That has opened the door to the lower races dragging the West into the Third World, and in that sense we are talking about a biological problem. However, what is primary in this, what came first, was the rapid transformation of whites. I simply don’t see how that can be, centrally, a product of changed biology. I think we have to look elsewhere to explain this: culture, politics, economy, philosophy, et al.

  5. A few observations. As the military grows more vibrant and diverse, it may also begin to become more influential domestically. The U.S. military, rather like the British military, has a tradition of non-intervention in domestic politics ‘i.e., no coups). As the military becomes more Latino, that tradition may begin to fray.

    There is also the chance for a major disaster in operating technologically complex systems such a nuclear submarines. Look for a possible loss of a nuclear submarine in the next five to ten years, due to operator incompetence. Hell, there might even be a deliberate sinking due to sexual rivalry.

    There may also be problems in the industrial base that supports the military. The present head of the National Nuclear Security Administrator (NNSA) has no engineering degree (she has a Master in Health Physics) and little experience in industrial organization. But she’s a wahman, the first wahman to occupy that position. The NNSA may be able to staff around her weaknesses, but it obviously puts more stress on the organization.

    The military will also grow more contractor dependent. If Sergeant Rodriguez or Corporal DeShawn can’t maintain the tank, helicopter, or even truck, more and more support forces will be pushed forward to handle tasks that should be the jobs of troops.

  6. When I joined the Marines in the 80’s it was just a given that women didn’t belong in combat units. Our experiences with them in training units proved in out as they couldn’t keep up with relatively easy PT or even carry their gear into the barracks in one trip – the gear we were carrying 25 miles a day in Infantry school.

    In the National Guard I served with some former Special Forces guys. They were spectacularly intelligent as well as disciplined. Enlisted guys who had literally memorized training manuals for dozens of military specialties. Medics trained to the point of being surgeons.

    I thought that trial of the SEAL officer was a bad sign that the quality is slipping.

  7. My reaction to the first few paragraphs of Z’s post is that maybe it isn’t that we don’t have the intellectual capacity to do great things any more, but that the sorting process of education and our culture has other priorities these days. It’s now all about fairness and equality, so we sort to specified racial/age/gender quotas, along with a minimum percentage requirement of the real oddballs that bring drama and dysfunction to anyplace they inhabit. We make sure anything we populate includes significant numbers of low IQ people, those with behavioral issues, and some who simply can’t deal with anything whatsoever. All the boxes must be checked.

  8. The response to this will also be what we see with the space program.

    Crazy female “astronaut” driving all night cross-country wearing a diaper, driven by rage over some personal drama. Can you imagine Neil Armstrong or John Glenn ever doing something like that? Wouldn’t happen.

    • Great entertainment value. Like the “first teacher in space” being incinerated in the atmosphere.

    • – Houston, we have a problem.

      – This is Houston, please explain the nature of the problem.

      – Never mind.

      – Sorry, Odyssey, I didn’t quite catch that. What is the problem?

      – Forget about it!

      – Odyssey, I do not copy. Please tell me what the problem is.

      – You know what the problem is.

      • Cherry picked Female Astronauts in History

        Wow! That’s some kind of dedication. Dropped the baby, back to work in the fields the next day.
        “Anna Fisher took a break from space but is looking skyward again. In 1984, on her only spaceflight, Fisher became the first mother in space, leaving her 15-month-old daughter on this planet. Fisher, who had been an emergency-room physician, was assigned to that mission when pregnant and showed up for training three days after giving birth.”

        Where are they now?
        “After working at Kennedy Space Center in other roles for several years, Joan Higginbotham flew one shuttle mission to the space station in 2006. She now heads up community relations for Lowe’s.”

        Short people got no reason to live.
        “When she was selected by NASA in 1978, Rhea Seddon, who stood 5′ 2″, was the smallest person to become an astronaut and struggled with ladders and spacesuits designed for more traditionally sized pilot types.”
        Office romance.
        “Before she got to space, she fell in love and married another member of that 1978 astronaut group, Hoot Gibson. They never flew to space together, but they’ve shared their lives here on Earth ever since.”

        Space lesbians.
        “Though she died of pancreatic cancer in 2012, Ride’s rallying cry lives on in Sally Ride Science, an organization at the University of California San Diego that promotes STEM — science, technology, engineering, math — education and publishes the Cool Careers in STEM book series. Tam O’Shaughnessy, Ride’s partner of 27 years, heads up the project.”

        Tell that to Lisa Nowak.
        “Even before the shuttle’s first flight, Judith Resnik was chided by Tom Brokaw during an interview on Today. He asked Resnik whether her career as an astronaut intimidated men and interfered with her dating life, and he wondered whether NASA was addressing the possibility of romantic relationships in space. A seemingly dumbfounded but patient Resnik explained that the women in the astronaut class were treated the same as the men, that they all treated each other as professionals, and that the only major accommodation NASA made was adding the extra-small size to the line of pressurized spacesuits. While Brokaw’s questions for the electrical engineer are off the mark, especially with the launch pad over his shoulder, three of the six women in the class of 1978 did marry fellow astronauts.”
        (Anna Leahy and Douglas R. Dechow are the authors of Generation Space: A Love Story)
        “Generation Space is an engaging tale of two love affairs: the authors’ love for one another and America’s fascination with lunar landings and interplanetary travel.”

  9. I don’t think we have an IQ problem – not native to us. We have a MQ moral quotient problem and its most acute among the elites. We have moral idiocy being most acute in our most elite schools – and it renders any intelligence or gifts they may have weapons of malice.

    We’re not so much surrounded by fools as ruled by fools, and their folly is moral imbecility.

    • You are mistaken to dismiss IQ, but that is not our greatest problem.

      Whites have a congenital defect of gullibility and compassion relative to other races, at least when we are affluent.

      Other groups are objectively superior at defeating us psychologically. How do we defend ourselves when most white women surrender every time they see a dead brown child on (((TV))) and most white men surrender to the women?

      We must compensate for this congenital defect. White control of media seems our only option, otherwise they will continually trick us.

      • Correct. Brown nations don’t have to fire a shot in order to win. They just have to die photogenically.

      • I’m literally dismissing IQ as they are the ones failing us, when they’re not actively and maliciously harming and betraying us.

        Dismissed. I don’t trust them.

        Intelligence is trifling next to trust.

  10. I seem to recall some years ago being told about a growing problem facing the US military. In short, the troops in WWII were from mostly farming stock: they were used to hardships, making do and looking after themselves when needed. However the US army understood that more and more recruits were coming from the city where they had no such background. They thought even in the ‘sixties and ‘seventies, and probably increasingly think the same way, that ‘someone will do things for them.’ Recruiting people dependent on a welfare system wasn’t a guarantee of success on the battlefield.

    There is also a tendency among the young to be unable (or are unwilling) to follow instructions. This I know happens on my side of the Atlantic. When my wife taught two lads who said they wanted to go into the British army, my wife (whose father was in the military) pointed out that they would actually have to follow orders. “No problem,” said one, “my mate here will tell me what to do.”

    Yes, they even thought that signing up for military service meant the generals would keep the pair together as they were friends.

    • They were from everywhere. I still have my oldest Auntie’s HS yearbook where every page has at least one photo (often more) framed in black.

  11. Lotta animus for the country as it has disappointed you Mr. Z. Or perhaps despair? Then why do the blog?

    Well there are some flaws in your argument. That link to the SEALS by CNN has nothing to do with Intelligence. Nor really discipline – it has to do with a culture of PC+Evangelicals are against sailors (or soldiers) off duty not acting like… sailors off duty.
    They insist on a Dry, non drinking, non sexual relations Military. Not like they were in their youth- and still are.
    The SEALS were disciplined for drinking, sex and perhaps coke off duty. [All innocent may cast their stones now.]

    That’s a hypocrisy and leadership flaw among our elites. As Officers are selected based on education and promoted accordingly we have rule by the smart. The results are the same as in general society. Bad.

    The issue of the Navy losing basic seamanship skills (hence collisions) was because our best and brightest, from the best and most selective schools made the decision to stop training it to officers in 2005. This was an elite decision by high IQ civilians under Rumsfeld. As time passed the skills ended with the service of the old salts retiring. Diversity doesn’t help especially putting women in charge but its not an IQ or intelligence problem- except the Intelligence problems we see across the board under Rule by the Smart. No old salt in any service made these decisions nor endorsed them – smart people- all civilians did. They probably have an average IQ in the 130s. They just happen to be both comical and horrific at ruling and managing.

    The commons didn’t stop using the tools left to us by our forbears – or impose any of these crazy policies.
    Smart white people did.
    Smart white people failed – and keep failing at everything.
    The Jews ? Who let them in as equal managing partners? It wasn’t the commons. It certainly wasn’t the Blacks. It was smart white people.

    Who’s biggest problem is their cowards morally and physically.
    Smart white people are moral and physical cowards – and venal too.

    I’d really stop banking on IQ, racial IQs, schools or Credentialism for hope.

    Or collapse. And if you are banking on collapse you’d better expect that any order will be imposed by force – which means those who use force. We only judge by results. Needless to say cowardice is a disqualifier.

    PS we can still do everything manually – especially on the enlisted side. The idiocracy problem comes from the Officers – and gets worse the farther they go up. They just spend too much time in school – not enough doing.

    • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: “The idiocracy problem comes from the Officers – and gets worse the farther they go up. They just spend too much time in school – not enough doing.” Here’s where the U.S. Military is going. “West Point grad Army officer is ‘official Socialist organizer’ who spreads Communist propaganda relentlessly.”
      “Pentagon to cover sex-reassignment surgery for transgender active-duty troops.”
      “The Looming National Security Crisis: Young Americans Unable to Serve in the Military.”
      “Has Our Government Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Money Without Telling Us?”
      And as always, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Oh gosh, the Forbes article again. Everyone cites it, no one reads it further than the provocative title—nor has understanding enough of accounting to adequately judge its meaning and intent.

        Most commonly this article is cited to demonstrate/support charges of waste and fraud, which is patently ridiculous. For those of you who are innumerate, $21T is about (as cited in the article) 54x’s the military’s annual budget. How does one waste such money? What pays the soldiers and contractors, buys the gas and ammo, etc.? Obviously, the funds went for mostly the things expected of such funds. What didn’t happen are practices of now accepted accounting for the funds during distribution. This is bad, but there was war on recently and the accusation of mis-accounted for funds goes back to Reagan. I’m not losing sleep. Change the procedures used and move on.

        • Compsci said: “Oh gosh, the Forbes article again. Everyone cites it, no one reads it further than the provocative title—nor has understanding enough of accounting to adequately judge its meaning and intent.” The meaning and intent of the artical where both quite clear. On July 26, 2016, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report “Army General Fund Adjustments Not Adequately Documented or Supported.” According to the GAO’s Comptroller General, “Journal vouchers are summary-level accounting adjustments made when balances between systems cannot be reconciled. “Often these journal vouchers are unsupported, meaning they lack supporting documentation to justify the adjustment or are not tied to specific accounting transactions….” Futher more:
          (Note, after Mark Skidmore began inquiring about OIG-reported unsubstantiated adjustments, the OIG’s webpage, which documented, albeit in a highly incomplete manner, these unsupported “accounting adjustments,” was mysteriously taken down. Fortunately, Mark copied the July 2016 report and all other relevant OIG-reports in advance and reposted them here. Mark has repeatedly tried to contact Lorin Venable, Assistant Inspector General at the Office of the Inspector General. He has emailed, phoned, and used LinkedIn to ask Ms. Venable about OIG’s disclosure of unsubstantiated adjustments, but she has not responded.) But wate there’s lot’s more.
          “The report indicates that just 170 transactions accounted for $2.1 trillion in year—end unsupported adjustments. No information is given about these 170 transactions. In addition many thousands of transactions with unsubstantiated adjustments were, according to the report, removed by the Army. There is no explanation concerning why they were removed nor their magnitude. The July 2016 report states, “In addition, DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) Indianapolis personnel did not document or support why DDRS (The Defense Department Reporting System) removed at least 16,513 of 1.3 million feeder file records during the Third Quarter.” And here’s some more good news.
          “The July 2016 report is not the only such report of unsubstantiated adjustments. Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, conducted a search of government websites and found similar reports dating back to 1998. While the documents are incomplete, original government sources indicate $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments have been reported for the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.”
          Compsci said: ” Most commonly this article is cited to demonstrate/support charges of waste and fraud, which is patently ridiculous. For those of you who are innumerate,” Hahahaha! Well, your crappy attitude not with standing, If you think the utter accounting catastrophe that their trying to straighten out is simply do to honest mistakes and incompetence, then you really are
          shockingly naive and slavishly enthrall to authority. Wake up and smell the corruption.

      • The only iceberg there is many young americans are deemed unfit to enlist under current high standards. Reasons? Not in shape,
        Drugs, or more than 1 brush with the law.

        All of that goes away under mass mobilization except drug addiction.
        Drug addiction.

        We currently ban for any admitted drug use. Probably only essential to ban for current use.

        Fitness can be instilled.

        As for trannys – that policy was studied but never implemented.
        They’re banned.

        Of course if you think the world is doomed and scour the internet in search of proof you’ll find it.

        • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: “Of course if you think the world is doomed and scour the internet in search of proof you’ll find it.” I don’t have to surf the net to find abundant signs of doom. All I need to do is simply walk out my front door.

        • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: “The only iceberg there is many young americans are deemed unfit to enlist under current high standards. Reasons? Not in shape,…” Then by all means, lets lower the requirements untill even your freaking Grand Ma can suite up and get in the game. Here’s an artical from the Marine Times dated May 21, 2017 intitled: New concerns that lower fitness standards fuel disrespect for women.

        • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: “All of that goes away under mass mobilization except drug addiction.” Mass mobilization? Who was talking about the draft? I wasn’t. And I’d just like to say, that I find your newfound optimism rather disconcerting. Oh yah, which reminds me. Here’s something to be cheerful about. “Gang Activity in the U.S. Military.” And here’s good news #2. From an artical in the “The Washington Times.” Dated February 3, 2017 Intitled: “Air Force Academy has leadership problem.”

          • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉 said: “As for trannys – that policy was studied but never implemented.They’re banned it.” HA! Where the hell were you born, a desert island? I don’t care what the military says TODAY. I don’t care what the Supreme Court says TODAY. The left never sleeps. The left never stops. Before their finished, the Joint Chiefs of Staff will look like a gay review at the Bird Cage. 90% of the ruling class are on board with this crap. That includes Republican inc. It ain’t over till the fat homo sings..

    • VXXC, Seals are never off duty. And, to a certain extent, nor are rank and file service folk. They are all on call at a moment’s notice, albeit expectations may vary depending on MOS. I’ve heard of disciplinary action on a serviceman who went to the beach and returned with an incapacitating sun burn.

      You sign up, they own you. But I don’t claim to have inside knowledge wrt the CNN article, nor any experience in today’s military environment. Just that I’ve never heard such described as caused by overzealous Christian bluenoses.

      • So SEALS are never off duty and can’t drink and chase girls?
        Well that’s a tough life.
        I wonder.

        Also that “ownership” thing can be pushed – and it is. Far.
        They don’t own us.
        They do have great power – and they abuse it. We are not however actual property.

        If you’re unaware of the current environment do review General Order 1.

        The Bluenoses tend to be yes both PC Prog types and evangelicals.
        They also nearly without fail are seeking to purge their own demons by punishing others. They’re manic about no drinking or adultery?

        Guess who’s a drunken adulterer.

    • The military has and always will have total buffoons at the top. Rumsfeld was the baby boomer version of Robert McNamara, right down to rimless glasses. Even most of the WW2 ones weren’t winners, but at least you had Pattons to offset them.

      The military is a very human system. And all systems don’t age well. They only learn through mistakes. Gears freezing, people dying, etc. Above all they forget their purpose. The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things. No late stage democracy where Prius driving women have a role in decision making could ever “win” a war as traditionally defined by full surrender of an enemy. Every new conflict only cements the futility of our decline. Cheap jingoism immediately turns to despair.

      • To return to the discussion the military described in the post does not exist. To be fair Z didn’t say that, he said that’s the way things are going. Future events are uncertain – but I doubt it.

        The truth is we have to swim upriver like everyone else in our society. But that’s our society in general. Try and ban trannies at your work. Well – we did.

  12. Turning great ambitious dreams and the pursuit of adventure… into improving mundane utilitarian needs as a means of aggrandizement for a degenerate elite and for the buying off conflict in Clownworld… will deaden the spirit of a people.

    Corral the spirit and you can substitute fantasy for tangible ambitions in the pursuit of greatness.

    Remove utilitarian pursuits from this larger context and you’ll get bricklayers not cathedral builders. And in time not even bricklayers.

    “Our REVELS now are ended… were all spirits and are melted into air…We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life…”

    • I think what you are describing is built into modernity, i.e. capitalism and liberal democracy. It is a compact, between a mass of morons, and a degenerate plutocrat elite. Capitalism and liberal democracy are both highly seductive, and thereby spread across the earth. Capitalism offers material advance and a culture of materialism/hedonism to the masses, and absurd opulence to the plutocrat elite. Liberal democracy offers the illusion of recognition, to follow Fukuyama, building on Kojeve and Hegel. The illusion of liberal democracy is that the citizen is basically equal to all his fellows, that there is not a monarch, aristocracy, etc., that he must kneel before. This is seductive, and is central in liberal democracy’s spread, but in reality liberal democratic capitalism has an aristocratic elite of Money operating via mass indoctrination and behind the scenes maneuvering. Together, capitalism and liberal democracy can amass the power to destroy obstinate resistance to their spread (which the elite of this system naturally desire: more of the earth to rule and to reap profit from). Hard power has certainly played a role in overthrowing regimes of religious tradition, “fascism”, Right-wing authoritarianism, communism, etc.

      What I’m getting at, in relation to your post, is described in a great paper by a military strategist in the 1990’s, found by Kerry Bolton:

      “But traditional intellectual elites are of shrinking relevance, replaced by cognitive-practical elites–figures such as Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, or our most successful politicians–human beings who can recognize or create popular appetites, recreating themselves as necessary. Contemporary American culture is the most powerful in history, and the most destructive of competitor cultures. While some other cultures, such as those of East Asia, appear strong enough to survive the onslaught by adaptive behaviors, most are not. The genius, the secret weapon, of American culture is the essence that the elites despise: ours is the first genuine people’s culture. It stresses comfort and convenience–ease–and it generates pleasure for the masses.”

      “Secular and religious revolutionaries in our century have made the identical mistake, imagining that the workers of the world or the faithful just can’t wait to go home at night to study Marx or the Koran. Well, Joe Sixpack, Ivan Tipichni, and Ali Quat would rather “Baywatch.””

      The system spreads, and extinguishes upward striving, the basic sense that “Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman — a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.” We are dying because the mass of whites have become demented with egalitarian Leftist ideas and apathetic materialism. I believe this is built into, a natural product of, liberalism/Americanism.

  13. Fact is, the smart ones are working in industry, not signing up just to throw their lives away in some God forsaken Afghan town no one can find on a map.

    Ask your local recruiter about the quality of young Americans showing up to join. It’s all well and fine to say they joined out of patriotism, but that fact is most who join are to stupid to do anything else.

    “…one in four cannot meet minimal educational standards (a high school diploma or GED equivalent)…”

    • Yes. Precisely what I wrote below. The ultimate IQ test has one question. “Do I want to be a casualty in some country that’s not worth one drop of my blood so that Lindsey Graham can drop a vapid soundbite and Raytheon shares can go up a dollar?” Only the very stupid would sign onto that. The military is a green collar welfare check.

    • That is back to the historical norm. Back in the day the US army was mostly dregs with no other prospects and officers who bought their way in supplemented by conscripts at times.

      It’s only WW2 that changed this.

      In any case the US military doesn’t make the US secure anyway, If they did they’d be on the border, supplementing the customs department and ICE and maybe marching on DC or a few State governments

  14. I’m not so sure that troops acted more ethically in the past. They were just allowed to go about their jobs without so many lawyers watching their every move. Their job is to kill the enemy. Let’em do it.

    I wonder if those Seals were forbidden alcohol in their off-hours it because of operational preparedness or because the local Muzzies didn’t like it. If the latter, screw’em. We should get out of there anyway, and leave them and their goats to their fates. Who ever heard of not letting soldiers drink?

    • I guarantee it was the later. I did my time in the Middle East and we were forbidden all alcohol to keep the local fanatics appeased.

  15. Mmmhmmm. the material in the link seems rather coy of things that might cue you in to the perps’ cutaneous melanocyte counts.

    I think the fall in functioning in American society is not the result of a precipitous drop in white IQ—although I think that’s probably real, but small—but rather the browning of our institutional structures. Performance is weakened, standards are relaxed, and overall quality declines. Don’t you guys find it notable that the decline of the American automotive industry roughly correlates with the implosion of Detroit? Same underlying cause.

    • I drive by the local Marine base every morning. The grunts are out running in organized fashion, monitored and timed by their superiors or their proxies, on the long road on the edge of the base, right along the highway, on the other side of a chain link fence. My snap observation is that, over the years, the appearance of the runners has gone way downhill. Anorexic, overweight, excessively tall or short, a bit, uh, inbred looking, and some real odd mixes of vibrancy there too. A lot of them seeming to fall way behind the pack in their running and really struggling, while just a few busting out front at a fast and solid pace and not dragging. This is just a spitballing casual observation, but it is not a happy one, because the typical Marines, in general, are supposed to be a cut above the others in strength and preparation.

  16. As the Empire’s might declines, that fills me with hope. Light infantry and 4th Generation Warfare are the way to win in the future, and I doubt ascendant POC and women have the ability to reorient a 2nd and 3rd generation military towards those concepts.

  17. I read an article some time ago about the U.S. government attempting to upgrade/maintain the nuclear arsenal. I can’t locate the article and I don’t recall the specifics but the gist of it is that a certain isotope is needed to “juice” a thermonuclear explosion. Without the isotope the explosive yield is greatly diminished. On two different occasions U.S. technicians/nuclear scientists were not able to manufacture the isotope.

    The article ended by stating that the government was securing funding to attempt the process again. So another example of things we could do in the 1940s and 50s that we at least have trouble doing now.

    • …a certain isotope…

      Tritium – a hydrogen atom with two neutrons added. You need a breeder reactor to make it, and Greenpeace has effectively shut down the nuclear industry in the West – that, incidentally, is why we’re all breathing (radioactive!) coal dust every day, instead of having cheap, pollution-free nuclear power like France or Sweden.

      I doubt it is because the technicians are incompetent – nuclear reactors are not terribly complicated. You could probably buy tritium from France or Russia, they both have breeders online.

      • So they are trying to make the Tritium using a method that does not require the breeder reactor? So a new process. That makes sense.
        Thanks for that Felix Krull!

        • So they are trying to make the Tritium using a method that does not require the breeder reactor? So a new process. That makes sense.

          That’s not precisely what I said; the fact is I don’t actually know why they have problems in that department or how they’re trying to solve them. Whatever they’re trying to do, it must involve a powerful neutron source, which requires a nuclear reaction to produce.

          I’m pretty certain the US DoE must has a breeder reactor discreetly tucked away somewhere; it doesn’t make much sense to have a nuclear strike force if you can’t procure tritium domestically. Also, you need other short-lived artificial isotopes, not just for nuclear weapons but for a range of medical applications and sensors and such.

      • You could probably buy tritium from France or Russia, they both have breeders online.

        Correction: France’s Superphénix was shut down by Evil Commie Traitor, Lionel Jospin, in 1998.

      • The tritium crisis

        TL;DR best part

        By the early 2030s, the viability of the entire U.S. nuclear deterrent is at risk from an inability to produce tritium for nuclear warheads.

        Buying it may not be practical and if i was Russia I’d refuse the sale. France might find in its interest to do as well and note if they have nukes , nothing we can doi.

    • George, that would be Tritium. Never read that we could not produce Tritium, which has a half life of 8 years or so (too lazy to look up). So we’d have always been producing some I imagine. Not sure of private production or quantities, but there are other uses for such. I have Tritium night sights for my rifles, as does the US military, and an old watch with Tritium dials.

      Anyway, Tritium is essential for “dial a yield” nukes. I believe there is a nuke in use that dials up from a few kilotons to over a megaton. But the form is a gas—and that may be problematic to produce. Not sure if we’d be weaponless without Tritium, just not as flexible in use of such weapons.

      What most concerns me wrt the current upgrade initiative is the hint that it will involve creating “tactical” nukes. We’ve not had such in the field since the 50’s with the “Davy Crockett”. There are declassified video’s of testing. Tactical pretty much equates to use (IMO) and that changes the game for the nuclear powers confrontations.

      But I am by no means knowledgeable in this area.

    • Tritium is mixed with deuterium and injected into the fission core of a nuclear weapon; it’s known as the “gas-boost mechanism,” and enables designers to achieve a much higher yield since it makes the fission reaction much more efficient. Tritium does not require a breeder reactor, it was produced by bombarding target rods with neutrons in an ordinary reactor and then separating out the tritium in a chemically complex separation canyon. The U.S. shut down all of its production reactors and separation canyons in the early 1990s due to safety and environmental concerns, and there are no plans to restart any that I’ve heard of. Since the U.S. no longer maintains the large stockpile of nuclear weapons that it did in the 1980s, tritium can be mined from the gas-boost reservoirs of retired weapons. The half-life of tritium is, however, relatively short, so eventually a replacement source of tritium will need to be found, if the nuclear weapons stockpile is to be maintained. All of the weapons in the inventory, by the way, are far past their design service lives, and their reliability is increasingly suspect;

      The present project to produce low-yield nuclear weapons is a fool’s errand. The Army basically gave up on tactical nuclear weapons, beginning in the 1980s-it just wasn’t possible to imagine how they would be used, and every time they war gamed the use of tactical nuclear weapons, it escalated into a strategic exchange in three to seven days.

      It is a shame that the United States continues to develop and deploy nuclear weapons. A national leadership as dangerously unstable as that of the United States should not be trusted with such weapons;

    • Interesting and informative discussion here, thanks to all who explained tritium’s role in nukes.

  18. There will be a “next war” as the orange man sees his “best economy in the history of the country” slipping away. It’s already begun to crack. Recession is looming an no one knows it yet. Knowing Trump, he’ll see Bush 1’s ratings during the gulf war and say, “He just didn’t time it right, my timing is perfect.” It’s during the ramp up and initial “shock and awe” style attack where a President’s approval reaches 70-80%. It’s the natural human inclination to respond to this jingoism. Am I saying that Trump lacks the character to lose gracefully in the election, and would use thousands of Americans as cannon fodder to gain a second term? Yes, I am.

    This will end in disaster, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we actually need a disaster. This is no longer a responsible country, it hasn’t been for years. There are plenty of smart people in this country that would make the military work (functionally). Even in the best of times the military culture is a comedy of errors. Navy Seals are portrayed as elite athletic Einsteins. In reality, they’re mostly unbalanced bisexual basket cases known for self destructing as their personal lives go sideways. They end up being body guards for some Burmese opium smuggler.

    The best and brightest who go into the military don’t have to be there. They do it out of patriotism. They’re true believers that could be working in much better jobs in the private sector. This is precisely what our society lacks. Who can be a true believer in today’s society? In what? In a multicultural military that’s a safe space for mental defectives? And what society are we defending? The right of some recent immigrant family to shop at Costco? When there’s nothing left to defend, in a nation of strangers, true believers are as common as unicorns.

    • jR, I see we have negative reviews here. I read what you are saying, and it seems reasonable, even if I don’t concur—especially wrt armed forces. However, a bloody nose wrt one of our military national excursions might indeed reset our national psyche—which needs resetting in such adventures.

      • Would it though? We no longer have a society where the military reaches deep into the population. It’s just like leaving a huge percentage of the population exempt from paying taxes; an even larger percentage of the population has no personal connection to the military. If there is a Teutoburg Forest disaster, how many people will actually be touched by it?

        I have a feeling that the populace will just shrug and say “Sucks for you,” then go back to their TV and shopping. Nothing short of bombs on Americans cities will suffice to reset the national psyche.

        • The national psyche doesn’t need resetting, It is firmly grounded in the reality that the wars are murderous ruses to redistribute wealth,

          It’s the barking mad neo-cons and their fellow travelers with their phantom memories of the Korean blitz on San Fransisco, the Vietnamese tanks bulldozing Chicago, the Iraqi nukes demolishing Baltimore etc.

          They’re the fuckers whose psyche’s need resetting. 100 grains per, is sufficient for the task.

  19. And knowing this, the DC elites that continue to use the military as a battleaxe in pursuing their foreign policy objectives will transition to targeted bombing and assassination via drone strikes as the optimized alternative. In this new game of chicken, the aim will be to threaten individual leaders and thereby achieve intimidation and control. Warfare is evolving, but the morons in DC think it’s a one way street.

    • Three of them don’t , Sen Rand Paul , Rep Gabrielle Giffords and Rep Steve Scalisi were attacked on political grounds in recent years.

      These were Leftist attacks to be sure and none fatal to the target but amatuer hour isn’t forever.

      It’s very fortunate for us that we haven’t had much worse, Either we have scary good security, much weaker/dumber foes than expected or are just lucky.

  20. We have a military designed for high IQ white guys who can use high tech weaponry but our recruiting pool is degenerating into a force better suited for sharpened sticks and clubs. I don’t think we “lose” the next big conflict but I do think we will experience significant casualties. Like the military, the question is how long can inertia carry our society before things start breaking down too quickly to repair.

    • The WW2 and Vietnam era military had lots of people that were as dumb as deadwood and plenty of ineducable people too

      The army before that was basically mixed gutter trash and careerists

      Such armies tend to suffer higher casualties though and once created , can become an existential threat to the people in charge

      The last thing you want is Antifa or Crips with military urban warfare experience and divided loyalties.

      Loyalty is already an issue with actual Communists in West Point and a large number of other ideologies some nasty spread through the ranks. They can mostly be kept on Team Green while in service but anyone with a strong ideological base at start will revert

      There are already a scant few ex military guys training Antifa for example

      This is why ideologically squishy Whites and to a degree Latinos made up most of the base but the numbers are running out and that leaves basically untrustworthy types, paycheck Charlies and dumbos with no other choices

      If we were willing to accept casualties, this isn’t a big issue, even dipsticks can manage basic infantry skills but this would put us at risk of losing a war.

      The only solution, good governance and minding our own business however is not on the table.

      So we muddle till we get massacred I suppose.

  21. While I remain unpersuaded that there is a general decline in intelligence, I do wonder if part our trouble stems from the fact that attention spans are collapsing faster than our bridges.

    What, if any, is the relationship between intelligence and the ability to concentrate?

    Just spit-balling here, but maybe there’s a chicken and egg cycle here that has more to do with digital saturation than genetics.

    • Vegetius, as I noted before, Woodley has some interesting analysis of ancient genomes he’s working on, which in short, involve analyzing alleles known to affect intelligence. Some preliminary findings on classical Greeks of Plato’s time would indicated more of those alleles than in modern Greeks, hence supporting evidence for smarter Greeks of the past.

      Numbers of ancient genomes are probably always to be in short supply, but how smart the ancients were is not the question here, or posited in Woodley and Dutton’s book, “At Our Wits End”. The question is, “Are we smarter or dumber than our fathers?” In that case, we are looking at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until today. Say 200 or so years. And the graveyards are full of specimens of 200 year old DNA.

      The future will be full of fascinating developments in HBD science, if we can last long enough.

      • I don’t even pretend to understand the HBD developments but am keeping an open mind about the general idea that we’re getting dumber.

        I do have a gut-level feeling that becoming almost completely untethered from the elements and the season cycles over these past 200 years has probably knocked us all out of whack in more ways than one.

        • Not to mention out of sync with the “light” cycle. We evolved going to beddie/caving up when dark fell, and up when light. The light bulb changed all that, and very recently as evolution goes. Some journals from the mid-last millennium show that “urban” people went to bed at dark (candles and oil lamps..not much blue light)…awoke in the middle of the night and did whatever…then bedded down for a second sleep.

          Our basic diet changed radically about 10,000 years ago with the advent of growing grain and storing it for wintering over. Prior to that food shift, insulin was rarely triggered. In the late summer, if a beehive/honey was found or what limited fruit with much less sugar than today…. that’s the rare times insulin was spiked. When insulin is spiked, it’s designed to make us hungry and lay down fat for the winter. If we spike insulin daily, the bod thinks it’s continually early Autumn and time to lay down fat for the winter. Also, cancer cells tends to proliferate when bathed in spiked high blood sugar. The paleo theory guys have dug up the archaeological research to lean toward neolithic man was about a couple inches taller than the wealthy Egyptian class, whose diet was mainly grain based.

          Queen Hatshepsut at her death had these maladies: “The mummy shows signs of arthritis, many dental cavities and root inflammation and pockets, diabetes, and metastasized bone cancer (the original site cannot be identified; it may have been in soft tissue like the lungs or breast). She was also obese.” Guys….she was not a babe! The original Grain Babe!

  22. The Roman Empire suffered some of its worst damage from supposedly assimilated or allied Germani in the legions, from Arminius in the first century to Theodoric in the fifth. Germans had the IQ to not only learn ancient tactics and strategy but also to exceed their teachers.

    Fortunately for those who may find themselves in the modern Empire’s crosshairs, modern warfare (and internal policing) requires a higher IQ than ancient and today’s browns and wahmen can’t hold an IQ candle to Arminius and the soldiers who made Augustus lose sleep about his lost legions. Today’s vastly overextended and declining Empire will increasingly find itself unable to hold ground, much less mount new offensives either foreign or domestic.

    We have the IQ, creativity, and social skills that they will increasingly lack. Instead of making efforts to keep talented Whites, including their best warriors and policemen, in the fold, the Empire and its (((intellectual and spiritual leaders))) seem to be doing everything they can to humiliate and destroy their dwindling White loyalists. This works in our favor long term. In the short term, we can exploit the hubris and triumphalism that’s making (((masks))) slip to grow our ranks and enrich our already superior gene pool. As Z noted re: leaders in yesterdays podcast, we’re in the pre-movement, pre-leader stage at this point. If we can assimilate guys like the contributors to the Second City Cop blog (and some are already with us, I don’t doubt) and the still-patriotism-besotted vets I know here in SoCal, we’ll be adding leadership qualities to our mix that will pay dividends, maybe now, but certainly in future generations.

  23. “The Varian Disaster of the American Empire.”

    And that, right there, is why I read TheZman.

  24. I wonder if our Pinochet, if we have one, will come out of the Special Forces. Surely they see better than most what’s coming, and the thought “why am I taking orders from these schmucks?” must occur to them fairly regularly. And like legion commanders throughout history who end up stranded far away from the imperial center, doing dirty jobs for no pay and no recognition they have a lot of time to think….

  25. The nature of war also has changed. “Whatever happens, we have got
    / The Maxim gun, and they have not,” wrote Belloc a century ago, talking about the locals in places like the 1884-5 Siege of Khartoum. Now they have got AK-47s.

      • You drone a compound and then the guy’s brothers, sons, cousins, and uncles now are honor bound to kill you. Instead of 1 terrorist, you now have a dozen. Short of entirely glassing a country which is unlikely to happen for practical and moral reasons, (coupled with our lack of ruthlessness) using 2nd and 3rd generation solutions will only drag the war on indefinitely.

        • You drone a compound and then the guy’s brothers, sons, cousins, and uncles now are honor bound to kill you.

          True enough, but you don’t need to let them into your country.

          That said, I agree with you that the problematic is much under-appreciated here on the alt-right side of things. We kill thousands of Mohammadans and are surprised they kill us back?

          The leader of some Palestinian terror organisation was once asked by an Israeli journalist, why they strapped on suicide vests to kill innocent women and children.

          “We would prefer to do it with helicopter gunships”, the jihadi replied, “but we don’t have any.”

          I have a LOT more respect for actual jihadis than I have for the tame, coconut Moslems in the MSM, talking about religions of peace, ecumenical harmony and spiritual jihad and whatnot.

          • The neo-cons invade the world and the cultural marxists invite the world. A pox upon both their houses,

            Those Muslims are the other side of the coin. Where they are weak, they talk like doves until they get strong. When they get strong, they use that strength to solidify control.

          • @TLS
            Maybe time we whites did something similar so we don’t keep getting our asses handed to us… Something to think about…

          • That’s the norm for most all peoples. When weak submit, when strong dominate. Above all survive.

  26. “The reason the usual suspects have not been able to start a war with Iran is the growing awareness that the military is not capable of waging it.”

    I agree with the general points of the article, but it’s way too early to reach that conclusion. We could easily defeat and occupy Iran in a few weeks. The reasons we are not capable of waging war are political. The stupid politicians lack the courage and will to win and occupy, while the smart politicians can see Zman’s example of Liberia extended to Iran. GW Bush was one of the stupid politicians who thought western democracy, which took centuries for a smart heterogenous population to implement, could be forced on competing 7th century tribes, despite their low IQs, contradictory religion, and hatred of each other.

    • With respect to Vets: The ‘We could’ve won if only….” argument only goes so far.

      500,000 troops in Vietnam (and surrounding nations) and a decade of using every weapon short of nuclear accomplished nothing (except millions of dead either directly or collaterally). Vietnam was NEVER winnable.

      Ditto Afghanistan. “We fought with one hand behind our back..stupid politicians!” — Well, the RUSSIANS in Afghanistan were utterly ruthless (I.E.D’s in kids toys, for example), and they lost, big time. Afghanistan is aways unwinnable.

      And so on, and so forth. Drop the bombs if you must, then just leave. A foreign modern military cannot defeat a determined local guerrilla force, ever.

      • Afghanistan is not about “winning”, it’s about occupying a critical square on The Grand Chessboard – that’s why we can’t leave and that’s why the troops are going around building schools, digging wells and handing our candy to children instead of killing people. The war itself was won in 48 hours.

        I spoke to a tanker who was stationed with the Danish battalion in Afghanistan. The Danes have main battle tanks in Helmand, and I proposed that if we were going to fight goat herders with popguns and cherry bombs rather than the Red Army, maybe MBTs and F-16s were not the right tools for the job. I suggested light vehicles with heavy machineguns and propeller ground attack planes, better suited to the lack of proper roads, airstrips, maintenance facilities and high-value targets in the country.

        Being a tanker, he disagreed vehemently, and as example of the utility of tanks, he mentioned that a plaster round was ideal for opening compound gates.

        So here I am, a tax payer, having shelled out for a mighty Leopard tank, and THEY SHOOT MARSHMALLOWS at the enemy! Death and Hellfire, a tank is designed to DESTROY such a compound from five kilometers away, drive up and grind the rubble to gravel under the chains.

        I want my money back!

        • I get that the American Empire needs to be in Afghanistan to contain the Russians, but from the perspective of Heritage American, why do I gave a damn about that? No Russian has ever called me racist, tried to take my guns, or imported foreigners into my land. A huge country with Orthodox Christians, lesser tolerance for degeneracy, and beautiful white women is a country that I want to be friends with.

          • from perspective of Heritage American, why do I gave a damn about that?

            Good question. Above my paygrade.

          • @TLS
            You know the answer to that Brother…What better way to kill off white people than have other white people do it…Two birds with one stone as the saying goes…Just like the police state here only on a larger scale…To bad white people are so susceptible to the brainwashing because of our good nature…

          • I like Russia now, but they sure succeeded at infecting us with communism, with all its racism, antigun, equality problems. Not all of that is from communism, or from Russia’s subversion efforts, but some was.

          • Bob,

            Those were Soviets, not Russians, to pick nits.

            They aren’t our friends, countries dont have friends. They aren’t however the left portrays them, our blood enemies.

          • We don’t ,

            They have a population less than half ours, are no more fertile and vast amounts of land to fill up yet.

            They are zero threat to anyone other than they resist Neo Liberalism and Cultural Marxism with nukes

            That PO’s our elite badly

            Also it’s much easier to plan for the last war and make vast amounts of money than actually defend the nation

            The real military threat, China is developing fast, possibly more advanced in lasers and biowar and has 4x our population

            That’s too scary to think about so we don’t.

          • Last Stand,

            Do we though? Russians had their crack and couldn’t get the nut. Nor the Brits, etc… you know the details.

            Worried about the Chinese influence in Afghanistan and Africa? I cannot think of a people less constitutionally qualified for adventures abroad. No colonialist background, no tolerance for locals’ (i.e. frustrating backwardness, corruption and primitive superstitions). The Chinese are the premier racists on the planet with almost no ability to “go native.”

            I say withdraw from these fields of competition other than drawing a line that the Chinese will not be permitted to deploy regular forces in Africa and sit back with a bowl of popcorn.

          • Last Stand,

            Completely agree with you on Russia. I have more in common with Borris and Sergei there, than I do with Shawnequa and Abdul here.

            My only concern with them is if things here unfortunately devolve into CWII that they would use the chaos to tear us a new one. Who wants to risk a newer stronger Phoenix rising from the ashes? Russians are reale politique players of nothing else.

        • If we must remain in Afghanistan, we need to adopt Erik Prince’s suggestion of just letting Blackwater run the place. The cost would be pennies on the dollar, and it would be “administered” far more effectively.

          • LOL, that’s some Chamber of Commerce rationale right there! That’s the persuasion used to sell outsourcing, which always ends up being more expensive than doing it ‘in-house.’

        • Afghanistan is a critical square on the chessboard of military contracting. the primary purpose is as a vehicle to subsidize large defense contractors. Very generous ones politically with very nice office buildings dotting the landscape between Dulles Airport and D.C. The secondary function of our continued presence is to prevent a “Fall of Saigon” incident where some flag with a sword on it is hoisted above Kabul immediately after our departure. The video from 1975 was the height of American humiliation and any future video would also send shockwaves through our politics. Obama didn’t want that video on his watch, Trump doesn’t want it on his. A humiliating loss, once again to barefoot illiterate simpletons.

        • LOL. Afghanistan is the back end of everywhere. Nobody needs to be there. This is like saying we just have to get our asses into Armenia or we’ll LOSE THE GRAND GAME!

      • Vietnam was winnable. But we did not have the stomach to do so. No way you can fight a war without destroying the enemy’s ability to wage such. The only winning strategy was to invade the North. That very well would have brought the Chinese in, but we beat them before. As it turned out, the total body count was higher than in Korea, so the alternative strategy was faulty. Also, I might add that the faux peace we settled on was only initiated after Nixon’s escalated bombing and the mining of Haiphong harbor. I suspect, Kissinger told the North to sign and we’d get the hell out and leave the North to do mop up in the South. The orientals understand “face” saving.

        As to Russians and Afghanistan, that is different—very different. Afghanistan is not a country of unifying principle. It is a nation of clans. The only unifying principle is the hatred of foreign occupiers. We see today that the Vietnamese are quite happy to be unified, even under a nominally communist regime. Same would have happened had we secured the country and then left it in the hands of some reasonable native. It worked in Korea—even with our continued presence, albeit the South was under a virtual dictatorship for decades, but they progressed to a pretty vibrant democracy.

        None of the above is intended to justify being in that shithole in the first place.

        • Afghanistan is an example of Z’s point. A high IQ Europe easily subdued Africa and made it a livable place. Africa may be the only place on earth with people stupider and more violent than Afghanistan. Today we can’t control either because of the same reason.

          I think it’s because colonialists were never under the impression their subjects could run a country and never tried to make them do it. Today we hand the locals control as soon as we have an area subdued. Afghanistan could be taken and turned into a livable place if we were smart enough to stop pretending all people are created equal. That belief has stunted all aspects of life, including military prowess.

          • Europeans only “subdued” a few parts of Africa, mainly along the northern and southern coasts where the climate was temperate or in tropical highland areas like Rhodesia where the elevation prevented tropical disease outbreaks. Blacks were sparsely settled in those areas to begin with so they didn’t really pose a big threat to Whites moving in. They also had that tropical temperament where you spend life just chilling and doing things spontaneously which prevents them putting up much resistance.

            Afghanistan is totally different in that Whites could easily adapt to that environment — it’s similar to the Rocky Mountain region — but the people are excellent at resisting invaders. They are not that smart, but the landscape made them much different from Africans.

            Intelligence doesn’t play a big role in these situations.

        • That very well would have brought the Chinese in, but we beat them before.

          Korea was a draw. Americans need to own the draw against undeveloped China w Russian weapons in Korea and the defeat in Vietnam. No one cares why an old boxer lost a title fight 20 yrs ago, they only care that he lost. You want to become ‘unbeatable’? Own the times you weren’t.

      • Not true: Uighurs, Tibet ans, Tamil Tigers, Rohingya, zKurds, Huk s, and the Chinese Communist in Indonesy and Malaysia all lost.

        The Tamils were unstoppable. Until they were not. Same true for Ibis in Nigeria, Algerian Islamist and the Ukrainian and Hungarians and Cheks against the Soviets. Guerilla lose more than they win.

        • Not to mention the Punjab insurgency. Indiscriminate brutality actually does work against guerillas, but it seems that its effectiveness is proportionate to the distance between the 2 sides. In other words, when authorities are fighting insurgents on their home turf, they can take advantage of knowledge of the area and people, as well as informants, to gain an advantage. This isn’t the case with Americans far from home fighting an unfamiliar people. But the most important thing is bloody-minded determination to inflict the maximum pain and destruction. Perhaps only civil wars can produce that sort of implacability.

      • Vietnam was NEVER winnable.

        I totally disagree. The Brits won a fairly similar war 10 years before ‘Nam’ in similar terrain, SE Asian jungle, in Malaya. They did the same, at the same time, in Kenya and 50 yrs before that they beat the Boers. If you want to break a stubborn insurgency, you make sure to control the civil population. Through them in camps if you have to, starve them, burn down houses, kill livestock, create famine, in troublesome provinces. Semigenocide is pretty effective against insurgency. If you want to win in Afghanistan just ask yourself ‘how would Genghis deal w ppl shooting his boys in the back….’ But…..’we’ dont want to do that. We ve become too nice to beat insurgents. Whether that’s good or bad I dunno.

      • “…Vietnam was NEVER winnable…”

        This is babbling nonsense. I see stuff written about the Vietnam war and it never fails they don’t talk at all about the whole picture. The Vietnam war was a war to stop the spread of Communism in Southeast Asia. In that aspect it won some and lost some. Vietnam had nothing to do with oil or Colonialism. Any look at a map would show it’s vast strategic location for the Communist. It has one the best ports in Asia. They talk about Tet defeating us. Nothing could be further from the truth. It ended forever the Viet Cong in the South. From then on all the attacks were from the North. The next big attack…

        Jerry Pournelle,”…And in Viet Nam the North sent 150,000 men south with as much armor as the Wehrmacht had in many WW II engagements. That was in 1973, and of that 150,000 fewer than 50,000 men and no armor returned to the North, at a cost of under 1,000 American casualties. Most would count that an outstanding victory…”

        “… (Alas, in 1975 North Viet Nam had another army of over 100,000 and sent it South; the Democratic Congress voted our South Vietnamese 20 cartridges and 2 hand grenades per man, but refused naval and air support; Saigon predictably became Ho Chi Minh city as we pushed helicopters off the decks of out carriers in our frantic evacuation; but that is hardly the fault of the US military)…”

        The South lost when they ran out of ammunition. During the time we were fighting in Vietnam all the other Asian countries with their own Commies attacking them were fighting also. Many of them won. The ones that fell like Cambodia paid a harsh price. By all measurement of what we went to Vietnam for we didn’t lose. It did stop the spread of Communism to all Asia. Rarely in any wars do you get all you want.

        The Democrat party has been saying that the Vets fought a losing war when in actuality the Democrats directly are responsible for the loss of South Vietnam. There are only a few highways leading South and they were packed with tanks and troop transport in ’75. It would have been a complete turkey shoot like the war in Kuwait. We even had battleships at that time that could have pounded them from the coast. If we would have attacked it would have probably caused them such a defeat that they would have never attacked again maybe even the government of the North would have been overthrown by the people for such incompetence. Unfortunately Nixon was gone and Ford was directly told if he helped the Vietnamese with air power he would be impeached by the Democrats.

        The idea that the Vietnam vets died for nothing is a huge psyops by the Democrats. The South had defeated all the guerillas. All they needed was support to hold off the North and the Democrats sold them out. If the South Vietnamese had not fell it’s very likely that the Cambodian Genocide would have never happened.
        The Democrats had said the war was lost so many times that they had to prove it so by actually losing it.

    • I believe that Vietnam taught us a basic lesson of warfare in that you need will as well as force. I don’t believe we have the will any longer to sustain the casualties we’d take fighting a power such as Iran. And as you’ve pointed out, to what effect, when our political class will simply declare victory and go home. No, the risk is too great that a Varian disaster will topple the current status quo of our political house of cards.

    • We aren’t capable of winning a war because winning means imposing our culture on the enemy. Our culture is satanic and we don’t even want it ourselves. How are we going to convince/force the other to adopt it?

    • “We could easily defeat Iran in two weeks.” – Iran is twice the size of Texas and has double the population of California. Any attempted occupation would end worse than Iraq, despite their far inferior military and economy.

      • A lot of us don’t think you need to occupy a place after destroying it.
        Theoretically, we could defeat their army, break all their stuff, execute all their smart people, then leave.

        • Attacking Iran would give the Iranians a reason to bomb Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor/research facility. It would be a much bigger deal than Iraq or Afghanistan, Syria, Libya. Plus, Russia, China, heck, the rest of the world do not want us to attack Iran. Only Israel, US and UK want this.

        • Iran is Russian ally or at least friendly to them and is not going to let the US indiscriminately go around committing genocide against them.

          Frankly neither is the rest of the world. Most of them aren’t that fond of the ideology but none of them want a war of reduction against the Persians. The global risk is too high to allow the US to go mad dog on them.

          Frankly the best thing for everyone on Earth except Israel would be for the Iranians to get the nuke. This will kettle the US bigtime and stabilize the region.

          Israel won’t get nuked as despite what people think Iranians aren’t nuts but being kettled and not having the US able to assist scares them silly. They are on their own at that point.

          Frankly had Libya and Iran had the nuke the US would be in better shape as would the world since the refugee crisis would not have happened anyway

    • “We could easily defeat and occupy Iran in a few weeks.”

      I am extremely skeptical of this. It would take nukes or the conventional equivalent to establish full spectrum dominance over Iran. And then it would just be like Afghanistan, with soldiers patrolling a seething angry, brutalized populace. Did I mention the large 5th column Iranian and Shia diaspora who are physicists, engineers, physicians, etc.? Also, Persians are not Arabs–fraternization would be rampant.

      I don’t like talk of war on Iran, even theoretical. OTOH, it would be good from an accelerationist perspective.

      • Only moron’s believe that the $30 a gallon gas that’s the result of an attack on Iran, would be survivable by the political filth.
        The Iranian’s sink two tankers, no insurer touches a ship going through Hormuz, no shipowner sends on, game over in one week.

    • There’s still a lot of public dissent on Iran. The populace really doesn’t want war. They will need another 9/11, Pearl Harbor type event to make an Iran war happen. Back when we went into Iraq, the consensus was very powerful. Anti war speakers were being forcibly silenced on college campuses, much like conservative speakers in today’s environment. We are a good ways from that yet. I would say on Iran we are about where we were in 1993 on Iraq.

      • We went into Iraq on carefully crafted lies. Our own government covered up Saudi (the “28 pages”) and Pakistani involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

        • Right and all that takes some time to arrange. Remember with Iraq there was desert storm and all sorts of missile attacks and pre attacks before we actually went in there and turned it to rubble. It’s a process that takes a couple of decades.

  27. As for the prowess of the US military, American soldiers have been given constabulary duties since the invasion of Iraq. That is bound to destroy a force eventually, just like decades of fighting teenagers with slingshots has ruined the IDF.

    • This is an iron law known by commanders since ancient Egypt at least. Soldiering and policing are two very different tasks, and they don’t mix well. To the extent Radley Balko’s screeds on militarized cops are valid, this is the main grain of truth he’s misusing (along with the largely racial incompetency of modern police hires, which of course he won’t acknowledge).

    • Not totally or even entirely one sided.
      There has been a degradation of large scale conventional war skills and equipment investment. That is being addressed – whether that’s in time we will see if major war breaks out.

      There is an upside in vastly more combat experienced veterans including millions out who quite form an effective reserve. No country can match that.
      We’ve also gotten much sharper and better on tactical skills, fitness and unit level equipment.

      So its a balanced trade off. We could be much more ready for peer combat – the good news is most of our peer competitors are very, very green.

      • Wonder how today’s soldiers/Marines would fare in a protracted World War II-style Eastern Front-type of campaign like Velikie Luki or Kursk?

        Style of combat being no ROE’s but full-on violence.

    • Riffing on the military aspect of this blogpost,

      When I first reported to Ft. Bragg after Airborne school in the 80s I wasn’t garrisoned far from the Special Forces compound (I was not SF). I was a teen and had Hollywood expections of seeing a bunch of Swartzeneggers striding around. What I encountered were wiry-strong lean men of mostly middling height and sober demeanor. I also noticed almost all were white with a sprinkling of mostly european-looking hispanics.

      Later in my professional civilian life I dealt with several retired SF guys and a Seal on a regular basis. All were quietly professional and intensely intelligent.

      My point is that these men would have excelled in any field they chose and were meant to operate on the fringes of a regular professionally managed and manned military (which existed in both the 1980s and 90s). They are rare and exceptional men but they aren’t in endless supply nor are they magical. They were the dancing rapier complementing the battle hammer. They were supposed to slash the chinks in the armor while hammer blows rained down.

      America has gotten used to the neocon wars of low intensity conflict against disjointed barbarians depending heavily on special ops and technology. These conflicts dont alarm Americans because they create only a trickle of casualties for the newspapers. The regular army and marine corps units are smaller and kept afield by bloated ranks of support units. The actual fighters on ground are few and far between and having dealt with returning vets from actual combat arms; most were deployed a multitude of times. Too many in my opinion. The same men, used over and over. They are tired. By contrast, most of the returning support unit vets talk about the extra cash they made and what kind of fancy car they will get.

      This is a recipe for disaster if/when we fight a first class enemy. Americans will stagger from the casualty count, that is, if we can even field forces to meet the threat. Americans will ask why their fancy war toys and elite soldiers aren’t up to the task. They won’t understand why the regular combat units (comprised almost entirely of whites and Tejanos) aren’t enough… “but.. but… but USA! USA! USA?.. ?”

      The Teutoberg Forrest awaits our sparse combat legions.

      • The white elephant aircraft carriers would be the fist to go. They may as well be clipper ships from 1845. Future headline – “The Gerald Ford struck by hypersonic missile , killing 2600 sailors.” You can blame the contractors and congressmen and other vested interests who have a racket on pumping these monstrosities out. Hard and expensive to defend and useless in the wrong conflict.

      • As the son of combat vet I’ll grieve when our men die but as a nation we need this badly.

        The US empire need to go and we need to get back to actual national defense, border and trade control . That might force such a thing or it might force J.M Greer’s Twilight’s Last Gleaming end of the union scenario

        Either way, the rest of the world will go bonkers for a while but the cold war is long over and they don’t need us to get over it,.

    • The IDF has the collusion of virtually all media and their supporters in the American Empire to prop them up.

  28. Oh, and don’t forget the lesbians!

    I have a lesbian cousin in the army. From what she says, there’s a whole legion of lesbians, people who want a regular income but don’t feel comfortable in normal society–and want to find a place where they can meet other lesbians.

    Of course they’re not the least bit like the LGBT propaganda of fabulousness, but sad, screwed-up people whose hormonal systems don’t match their bodies. Lots of emotional dramas. My cousin is very smart, a foreign-language specialist, but high-strung and an emotional wreck. These are not the kind of people you want in the military, needless to say.

    The fact that both the army and the church have become sinks for gender-dysphoric people does not bode well.

    • Can confirm. The many fem-warbots I’ve known in CA, straight and otherwise, are mostly SSRI addicts with ongoing “disability” issues and the normie-Chad vets I know who had the misfortune to command them have almost unanimously cited dealing with their bullshit as grounds for why they retired, often early.

      • The building wave of women in combat roles had an influence on my son’s decision to leave his 1SG troop leadership position in favor of a MSG job with the ROTC (though there were other factors).

    • My straight / normal female officers report that in theater the more aggressive lesbians — dykes in their words — haunted the showers checking out all the tender young meat and selecting their next rack-mates. Overall, what Z Man posits is already well on the way in the military, and worse than outlined. There have always been dumb troops, as well as outstanding. It’s the status of the officer corps — education, general ability and ideological corruption — a terrifying weakness, that has done in our military.

  29. It isnt just the macro level. Everything is going to just get worse. Fast food drive through will be slower, just compare Chick-fil-a, who recruits from churches, to Hardees or Wendy’s. Gas stations that never have receipt paper in them. It’s going to be a just general sense of decay.

    • Last time I went to Wendy’s it took 20 minutes to get my food and it was terrible. I have made the decision to only go to Chick-fil-A in the future because of a number of reasons. 1, I don’t feel like everyone working there hates me 2 , I don’t think I’m going to get Hepatitis 3, they’re not going to be any crazy leftist there 4, they still serve cops so probably no general mayhem or at least it will be resolved quickly

      • Chick-fil-a is interesting. I go there regularly. Personnel are excellent, but so is the management. The particular one I visit has the *owner* working a day or so a week in the restaurant—cooking, cleaning the toilet, etc. Seen it all. Not sure if this is a corporate requirement, but it sure seems like a way to ensure quality in your business.

        • Chick-fil-A only allows a person to own one franchise. You saw the owner because that is his only store. They have the philosophy that if you run one store well, you will make money. Unlike McDonalds where you can’t buy one store any longer. You have to buy, I think five now.

          • I note that the employees at In-n-Out Burger seem to be of a certain type — young, energetic, attentive … etc. service there seems consistently good; the food, same.

      • We try to eat exclusively at Culvers, it is slightly more expensive but the wait staff all appears to be literate and is usually mostly white, as is the clientele.

        • I noticed on the tv screen in Culver’s that all the families it showed in its advertisements weren’t mixed: happy white families, happy black families, happy Spanish families, more happy white families. Coincidence?

  30. The Apollo program is a bad example, always thrown around. There are lots of good reasons why it was discontinued, not least that it cost north of 1% of the US GDP. If that monies were spent on space exploration for the next ten years, we could launch the Statue of Liberty and land her on Uranus with all the tourists safely inside. But why would we?

    Another reason is that computers got better. Much better. For the price of the International Space Station, you could’ve orbited sixty (60!) Hubble Telescopes, producing actual science and not the freshman piffle about farming water cress in zero gee or measuring bone density loss. Human astronauts, in other words, are obsolete; computer don’t need an intensive care unit lifted out of the gravity well each time you launch.

    Actually, I don’t know if I buy into the idea that we’re regressing in technological prowess. The difference is that fifty years ago, new tech was something you could see and touch and understand. Today, most new tech is invisible to the naked eye, being embedded in the silicon wafers in your phone.

    So fifty years ago, your pool boy was literate and the average national IQ was higher, but progress is not driven by pool boys, but by the cognitive elite. The key question here is whether we have enough high IQ people to drive us forwards, not whether we have a hundred million morons cleaning each other’s pools.

    My entirely uneducated guess is that for three decades, smart people got attracted to Silicon Valley rather than traditional engineering. Now that computers are not so sexy anymore, maybe the young guns will go back to building jet airplanes, nuclear reactors and laser cannons, as God intended them to.

    • Very well said. My company is full of high IQ Silicon Valley types, who spend their days building websites that maximize profits by arbitraging between Facebook traffic and Google ads. In a prior age, they would have been designing and building something real.

    • We are rapidly losing our edge in computer science. A lot of it is the corruption of the corporations and their desire to promote diversity. The influx of H1b visa tech people from India has had the dual problems driving away our own people and the dumbing down of the tech field because these Indians are not high IQ people. They are completely incompetent.

      • We are rapidly losing our edge in computer science.

        You’re rapidly losing your monopoly on computer science, that’s only to be expected. So your laptop might be assembled in China but the core components, the CPU and the graphics processor, are still made in the US. The Chinese (still) make only simple circuits: memory chips and so forth.

        One of the smartest guys I know is in cryptography and has been working regularly in East Asia for the last fifteen years, and his take is that the Chinese are unable to do proper systems integration, the abstraction level being too high.

        So during a beer session with his colleagues, he proposed the notion that Chinese people couldn’t think in abstract concepts. A Chinese colleague protested vehemently, until an American engineer cut him off: “Explain what a computer is,” he demanded.

        The Chinese engineer was flustered for a moment and then pointed at his laptop: “That is a computer.”

        • I completely agree with the above commentary. Even when I was in the third grade, I had zero obsession with space. They would show astronauts feeding mice up there and I was bored out of my mind. The Hubble was the best thing they did. The real tech is on the nano level these days. It’s measured in microns.

          The U.S. still has high level manufacturing. A lot of that has to do with bitter experiences from the 90’s where valuable IP was thoughtlessly sent to China for manufacturing, only to find it ripped off the next day. It still happens, but the level of naiveté’ among U.S. tech firms is not what it used to be with that region of the world. No one should do business in China unless they expect to be ripped off. The Europeans approached China differently from the beginning. My guess is that Europeans have older cultures that recognized the Chinese for what they were rather than through an American, new world lens. There’s also been a generational shift in management. It’s really was baby boomer managers being ripped off in China. They were raised in a wonder bread environment and never understood foreign intentions. Once again that generation left the doors of the country wide open.

        • “Chinese people couldn’t think in abstract concepts”, well just here are a few examples to show how wrong you can be:
          Shiing-Shen Chern
          Tsung-Dao Lee
          Yang Chen-Ning
          Shing-Tung Yau
          Samuel Chao Chung Ting
          Charles Kuen Kao

          • And Thomas Sowell is an urbane, erudite and intelligent gentleman. That doesn’t mean that blacks are an urbane, erudite and intelligent lot.

            I count ten Chinese Nobel laureates in the scientific categories. Two more than Denmark, a country half a percent the size of China.

          • you made a generalization over 1.4billion people; even if the likelihood of having brilliant abstract thinkers is less than 1/10th of that of whites that is still a lot of very smart people…. I have just given you a list from memory of people that made stunning contribution to civilization, and they did not need to steal anything from anybody. The recent rise of China as a great power has been very fast, and ignoring their innate ability is beyond hubris, it is self-defeating stupidity.

      • By no means is it to “promote diversity”, it’s to apply downward pressure on salaries. No more.

        Like all groups, bell-shaped curves are at work. Some Indians are highly talented and competent, most are adequate.

      • That is an economic problem. If you warehoused a billion morons in homeless shelters, lowering the national IQ to 80, it would not impact the performance of Lockheed or Boeing.

        • Felix, not my point. In our “democracy”, stupid people voting is a death knell for continued progress—on any front, social or technical. Not to drift, but take the current crop of Dem President wannabes. Should they get power and implement their redistributionist/environmental policies, there may very well not be a Lockheed or Boeing for your smart fraction to work in.

          As we become a bimodal society (smart fraction/well-to-do/successful vs everyone else) we’ll see more and more folks use their vote to obtain through government what they could not obtain through their own merit/efforts.

          • I see.

            Well, I don’t think the people in Congress have much real power anyway, not when it comes to important matters. They can vote themselves more money because TPTB want to redistribute funds from savers to spenders, but if Congress tried to mess with Lockheed or Raytheon, I figure they’d feel the whip hand of the real rulers.

        • This is true, but only in a dictatorship. These morons can vote. They vote for inferior politicians, who write inferior laws. The Lockheeds and Boeings need ever bigger compliance departments to deal with these people. The AOCs are mocked today, but they will be in the driver seat tomorrow. Places like Singapore will be rewarded with an influx of large corporations moving HQ operations.

          • There seems to be some sort of illusion that what Boeing and Lockheed do is of high value.A trillion dollars pissed away on the MIC is pork, Smart people do this?
            Bring on the morons.

        • That’s basically what I say. The smart set is still there, making technology and all, which has a world market, but the institutions are weakened. The military, healthcare, large scale industry, particularly the infrastructure in large metropolises, by having to accommodate low IQ populations. Google will be making miracles while your water has constant boil advisories,

        • Actually, I’m absolutely sure it would impact the performance of Boeing or Lockheed. You ignore the cascading societal side effects of warehousing a billion low IQ people. Heck, the ghettos in Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans and Chicago have far-reaching indirect effects that have certainly impacted Boeing and Lockheed.

          • Heck, the ghettos in Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans and Chicago have far-reaching indirect effects that have certainly impacted Boeing and Lockheed.


            As I said, it’s an economic problem: if you have to use the federal budget on food stamps, there’s no money left over for weapons, of course, but apart from that?

          • It’s a manpower and national resource issue. It’s a K-BA educational resource issue. It’s a national focus issue. It’s a crime, quality of life and social trust issue. It’s a political issue.

            You understand, right that the reason Africa isn’t that there are NO genius Africans, it is that there are not enough in proportion to the low IQ population they have to babysit. You are basically proposting a shift to a similar demographic mix in the US. The unintentional consequences of your suggestion are endless.

            We already are using the national budget for entitlement programs — assistance for people too dumb to plan for themselves — and we’re still a mostly smart country. There is already no money left over for bombs — every cent of that is borrowed.

          • Okay, allow me to reframe: up until they surrendered to the Commies, South Africa managed to maintain a first-world country with an 80% black population, they even had a nuclear weapons program.

            Another case in point is Argentine, a POC country with a thin upper crust of whites running stuff: they did lose the Falklands War, but they put up a real fight. Even the Brits admit that the Falklands were touch-and-go. I’ve read somewhere that the Argie airforce scored multiple hits on RN vessels, only the arming-timers on their bombs were set too long: the bombs hit the ships before they armed.

          • South Africa was self-evidently unsustainable — the pressure of ruthlessly containing the Black majority was going to do it in eventually just like Zimbabwe. Pointing to failed states isn’t persuasive. “If only what happened didn’t happen” isn’t convincing. We live in the real world.

            Argentina is a corrupt kleptocracy with repeated governmental overthrows and financial turmoil, and their social capital is much better than an average IQ of 80. Who cares about the Falklands War?

            If you’re going to define your original premise into non-existence, you could just say, “I was wrong. Importing a billion low-IQ people to warehouse would be a bad idea.”

            I’ve read somewhere that the Argie airforce scored multiple hits on RN vessels, only the arming-timers on their bombs were set too long: the bombs hit the ships before they armed.

            Heh. Maybe if they had a higher IQ population they wouldn’t have screwed that up….

          • Importing a billion low-IQ people to warehouse would be a bad idea.”

            Never claimed otherwise; my original premise was that you can have high tech companies, even with a large, subpar population, as long as you have sufficient smart guys to man the important desks. This was a reply to Z and to those proposing that a lower, average IQ would lead to loss of technological capabilities.

            That’s why I used Argentine as an example: they could operate a first-world airforce despite being majority POC. Not up there with the US or Britain, but still real jets firing real missiles and dropping real bombs on real warships trying to fend them off, putting up a real fight.

            Ever heard of Taliban fighter-bombers attacking US naval ships?

        • Felix- if the morons stayed as pool boys that would be great, but the truth is the 737Max debacle is the offspring of those incompetent H1B visa guys as the Boeing management cut corners to make their bonuses and sullied the greatest name left in American industry.

      • Tough luck. Unless you are willing to risk a bullet or blade from those morons, you are stuck with them.

        The only other option is to have a huge government program to pay out the inferior to not breed and to stay out of trouble

        This is not compatible with a growth economy and no organization government, corporate , ethnic or religious is going to embrace population decline.

        This would also cost more than our entire budget over 3 trillion dollars (2k per month + inflation controlled housing + medical

        Most important there is no way to keep such program from being converged. In a few years what started as a eugenic program will be “rightist thinking, desire to have children, religious’ as defective

        • Since I was unclear, I was referring to the US citizen morons not the H1B types. Those you can send back without many problems

          However any plan to restore US demography beyond H1B types and some illegals will require force. If you are serious about repatriation it will require dictatorial powers and an outright expulsion campaign.

          Assuming you have the loyal men for it, this is not for the squeamish but if you want an 80/20 US or a 90/10 US its mandatory

          Regardless moron is not a racial descriptor and this subset of human comes in all colors . They are not going anywhere and a post industrial society with 100 average IQ is going to be pleasant to live in only if its well run enough to make up for weak social physical capital

          The Libertarian/Militia Right types that think there can be a big hullabaloo and than everyone can just go back to their redoubt are completely mistaken

          People will have low trust, low social capital , low cooperation and trauma for generations and the inherent dishonesty that pervaded the US since its founding and was only reduced in last 80 years or so will be back in spades

          Assuming everyone is a murderous cheat , thief and liar is the way to go and assuming you have to check everything twice, at least till the Interregnum is over is the way to go

          Again this is a hell of a thing to ask of people on the Right who hate chaos but what would be done isn’t for you and yours, its for your grandkids or great grandkids

    • One should not discount the numbers of folk who went into the “symbol manipulation” business, i.e., Wall Street. Business colleges were full a few decades ago. Engineering, CSc, etc. not so much. Make the big bucks, fast. Spending years learning how to design and create something… 🙁

        • Creating products has jack to do with morality. Its neither moral nor immoral to gather the resources you need for yourself or your family in a means that society allows

          Moneylending back in the Bible days was not inherently sinful except on the Sabbath or at a Temple and as a society we do follow medieval ethics vs lending (i.e interest is evil) and nor would we as modernity could not function

          Also modernity lends itself to an inherent efficiency trap. Most of us only need X amount of goods and there are only X amount of creative new things

          Most of what we buy now is the same stuff people always bought just more of it and cheaper.

          We have far more production than is needed as is and as such, people go where they can get some of what is being made

    • I never saw the space program as purely a scientific endeavor, it was more a matter of national pride. We went to the moon to prove we could, not to make Tang into the national beverage.

      • And that is exactly what it was, plus it put the Russkies on notice that they wouldn’t win a rocket race with the US. And it is exactly the reason going to the moon again makes not one lick of sense.

        The first car broke the sound barrier back – I believe – in the seventies. Today, nobody builds rocket-propelled cars anymore, because it has already been done and a mach one-capable car is of zero utilitarian value. It’s not because we lost the ability to build them.

        • Felix right, and here we are again. More flash, no substance. Off to the the moon, show every one we can still do what we’ve already done. Then Mars next…and so forth. That’s the 100M morons you’ve so sagely pointed out speaking! (Through their elected representatives, of course.)

          If one was not a moron, one might pose some questions to be answered first: What purpose does a moon landing/colonization serve? Why is it still so expensive to send a pound of cargo into orbit? Why is it expected that we can colonize the moon or Mars when we’ve not even been successful in creating a self sustaining “Biosphere project” here on earth? Can an astronaut survive the radiation in transit to and upon landing on Mars. Is an 8 month trip duration (one way) to Mars the best way to start our manned exploration efforts?

          Well, you can see the problem here. Not just the “Marching Morons”, but the corporate interests that stand to profit from these potentially misguided expenditures of taxpayer funds. Funny how as soon as the public catches wise wrt the costs of never ending war, that a new source of public flessing comes in vogue.

          • That’s the 100M morons you’ve so sagely pointed out speaking!

            Hm. That’s a fair point I suppose, although space buffs are an insignificant voter block.

            Why is it expected that we can colonize the moon or Mars when we’ve not even been successful in creating a self sustaining “Biosphere project” here on earth?

            Yes, why not start with Antarctica? At least you can breathe the air.

            All that Mars-nonsense is small potato, though, almost all of it crowd funded – note that Musk doesn’t fund Mars One himself, just like he doesn’t fund the Hyperloop and the Boring Company.

            Also, we’re launching thousand of tonnes of stuff into orbit – which, incidentally, is another instance of new tech being invisible to us. The GPS network is built on a technological framework that makes a Saturn V look like the Kitty Hawk, but the boosters are smaller, so the space cadets are disappointed.

            Building a moon rocket isn’t exactly rocket science either, which makes it an even worse measure for technological progression: it’s a couple of propane bottles sat on top of each other with a blow torch in the end, and if you want it to go to the moon, you just build it big enough. And building big is sort of an American specialty.

          • @Felix_Krull

            Any discussion on spaceflight without mentioning SpaceX is meaningless. Lack of reusability is the reason why it’s expensive to put a pound in orbit. Something that SpaceX has made huge progress on.

          • @R7 Rocket.
            Lack of reusability is the reason why it’s expensive to put a pound in orbit.

            The Space Shuttle was reusable, and a lot more expensive than the European or Russian single-shot affairs.

            There’s no secret sauce to SpaceX, just like there are no secret lines of code that makes off-the-shelf laptop batteries better if they’re installed in a Tesla. SpaceX is basically building upscaled V-2 rockets, just like everybody else in the business and yes, landing a booster vertically has been done before.

            That said, SpaceX is the only Musk company that’s actually a real concern rather than a con job, but they still have everything to prove and SpaceX is not going to put a man on Mars, not in this century. They haven’t even put a man in orbit yet.

          • @Felix_Krull

            The spaceshuttle threw away the external tank, and used SRBs. Not really reusable. And it, like SLS, was designed to built in multiple congressional districts.

            VTVL rockets for Earth was proven by DC-X, but was cancelled because NASA wanted spaceplanes (X-33, which couldn’t fly and land). In fact, the shuttles failure at reusability (and the failure of X-33) was due to NASA’s insistence on spaceplane boosters and landing on runways. The early shuttle concept was two fully reusable spaceplane boosters acting as a first stage and a second stage.

            But the spaceplane booster is junk because it attempts to compromise between a fat object (orbital booster) and a flat object (plane). And thus, the fly back winged first stage (something that the Falcon 9 first stage does easily with VTVL) was abandoned for SRBs. The second stage had its fuel moved outside the shuttle spaceplane to the external tank. And the X-33 multilobed tanks leaked, and CG changes made runway landing impossible for it.

          • “Why is it expected that we can colonize the moon or Mars when we’ve not even been successful in creating a self sustaining “Biosphere project” here on earth?” – As I recall from the 90’s the Biosphere was a success in that it allowed ugly men who are bad with women to keep them in a confined space long enough to build a relationship and have sex with them. This is the goal of all space dreamers, especially the Mars colonists. A place where women can’t leave.

          • Hah.

            Women will not be going on that trip. Historically most women have zero interest in colonizing anything and in modernity, men have nothing to offer to make it worthwhile

            Back when Louisiana was a colony, this situation was so bad in order to keep the White colonials from going native and taking Amerind or probably Black wives jailed criminals and functional but mentally ill women were transported by the bushel

            This can’t be done on a Mars colony because one mistake, everyone dies

            In reality space colonies should be regarded as impossible and written off. If someone finds a way, awesome but right now baring a rather violent revolution, roads , electricity and running water may not be a thing much less space travel .

          • @AB Prosper

            StarProphet Elon Musk is building the means right now… unless you and your commie friends make it illegal

          • Who are you ? Space Nut Marianne Williamson ?

            Seriously no. We are not going to be able to colonize Mars, there is no air, no water and no arable land and “going to space” isn’t going to preserve some Libertarian elect

            You guys are not going to get to have your Moon is harsh Mistress or Elysium fantasies especially in a society that can barely keep power on or keep human waste off the street

          • @AB Prosper

            You’re a rotten commie entryist who failed the RedPill on women test. The only thing that would stop Elon Musk from building affordable space transportation is if rats like you made it illegal.

            Mars has plenty of water (ice). Callisto has more water than the entire Earth. Oxygen can be cracked out of the Moon and Mars regolith. And you don’t need arable land to grow food. They’ve grown food on the ISS.

          • This nonsense again? Musk isn’t anywhere that smart and we don’t have the tech to get at Martian water such as it is, this assuming it can be gotten and filtered

            This means effectively there is no water we can use.

            There is still basically no breathable atmosphere , nor arable land either

            Assuming we can get to mars and it won’t be on the public dime and somehow you could build a working hab and you could scale up, you need to read a little about colonies, women do not want to leave for colonies in numbers , never have, never well

            There are no future outcomes that include much lower female status , and order enough for a private sector mars expedition

            I’m certainly not a Communist, I’m an Authoritarian Rightist which BTW is the base of both dissident and the former .alt right politically IMO

            Despite your confusion there is one part in which you are right.

            The actual Reds Cultural Marxists , former Trotskyite Neo Con Republicans and most Democrats , i.e the guys in charge are not going to let you use the public purse for a Mars shot.

            We might put a few people up assuming the Diversity Police don’t screw it up but the money isn’t there and there are no pathways to enough wealth to allow the private sector to do it.

            Musk will also improve rocketry a bit, making it cheaper to put up more satellites and maybe a few space jaunts but that’s about it

            All the fortunes of all the richest wouldn’t even touch a Mars colony

            In modernity . workers are getting poor enough to forgo children and only a society growing rich in people and money could even try going to Mars much less a science expedition or a later colony

            So sorry buddy, while I won’t be out banning your space dreams, reality will be.

            if somehow a new order is formed and that Mars trip happened baring very radical life extension of some kind or reincarnation, you won’t be around to see it

            We are entering a decline spiral and won’t stop till either we get a dictatorship of the dissident/a.t/actual/hard Right or we hit rock bottom

            That said even though you sound like a kook, if I’m wrong and it does happen somehow, it would be a marvel and I’ll happily eat my words the day the first citizens of Mars are born .

          • @JR Wirth
            “This is the goal of all space dreamers, especially the Mars colonists. A place where women can’t leave.”

            What’s wrong with controlling women?

          • @compsci

            I hear people mention Boeing and Lockheed. But not SpaceX. Why are you intentionally leaving out SpaceX?

    • NASA during Apollo got 4.5% of the Federal Budget. Now it gets 0.5% of the Federal Budget. Congress is holding up the funds to go back to the moon.
      We certainly can – but not without money. Adjusted for 2019 dollars each moon shot cost $22B. NASA’s current budget is $19B.

      The big cuts to NASA were under that genius and Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton (he actually is a genius) and were continued by the next 2 Ivy Leaguers.

      Trump wants to reverse all this and explore – and settle – space. But really .. where did Trump go to school?

      • The moon shot needs to be seen for what it was. A vanity project for a country that reached the hight of industrial and military power and had an economy that was roaring for 20 years after the war with ever increasing standards of living. A country where even a plumber could have a vacation house in Tahoe. It was a well earned bobble for a country that “made it.” Not for a broke, bankrupt country of drugged out freaks that will soon slip into a currency crisis.

    • I’ve never seen that 1% of GDP before.
      Got a lazy man’s cite for it?

      On the “are we getting dimmer” topic. two things are undeniable.
      1. There is no longer a meaningful survival advantage to intelligence,
      2, B most commonly used metrics smart people are not breeding at replacement levels.

      I’m one of five, my wife one of eight. Between the 13 and their spouses we have way more degrees than kids,

  31. I’ve got one. There’s a bridge near my house on a well-traveled two-lane road that’s been out for over a year while they replace it. Still don’t know when it’s going to be finished. It took a year in 45 days to build the Empire State Building. I predict the new bridge won’t last as long as the one they’re replacing.

    • Way back when I lived in Boston, there was a small bridge that needed to be replaced. I recall thinking it was something that would be done over the summer. The bridge was maybe 30 feel long. It took three years. At the time, people wrote it off to corruption, but in retrospect, it was just another example of declining competence.

      My street is so riddled with potholes, it is reasonable to say I live on an unpaved road. In the vibrant future, my experience will be common.

      • The potholes are out of control in my neighborhood too. I do have one enjoyment out of them though. There is a busy two lane road that I drive a lot where I have to veer to the right to avoid a giant pothole and if someone is tailgating me they don’t see it and they just drive right into it. I really enjoy that

      • So question is Z why do you stay in a place like that when you still have choices…I guess that question could be asked of anyone here that is in a rough place…

      • Somewhat the same in city/county government in any “vibrant” community. Atlanta rapid transit for example is little more than a jobs program for Black “middle” class (90%+). And the results show. YouTube has any number of video’s from investigative crews watching city “workers” basically doing nothing of value added for entire shifts. Of course, they too describe such as “corruption”, but it’s hard imagine these workers as competent enough to perform their job, even if sufficiently motivated.

        And then there is the latest high tech fiasco, Boeing’s “improved” 737 airliners (now grounded) that seem to crash for foreign carriers, but not 1st world. There was a video on the problem awhile back which was intended to point to the “cause” being lack of training and additional safety features not purchased by poorer 3rd world airlines. Video was pretty damning, but in an unintended way.

        Investigative reporter showed how a “pilot” typically lands this computerized airliner—simply by pressing a display panel icon and the plane takes over and lands! Same for take off. They also relayed how on one of the flights that crashed, the pilot and copilot were recorded as desperately looking into the “user” manual to figure out what to do wrt controlling the airliner. (I can only suppose there was no icon on the screen for what they were experiencing.). Finally, they talked to an American pilot who confirmed the problem and had experienced it—but of course knew instinctively how to correct for it. Hence, no crash, just a change of underwear.

        Soon, we too will run short of the smart fraction needed to properly (manually) operate these airliners ourselves.

        • Atlanta’s public transpo acronym has the best meme: MARTA – Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta. The SF Bay Area BART (Black African Run Transit) and those of its surrounding Wakandas like Oakland and Alameda are similar, a huge jobs soak for the ghetto’s relative over-achievers (and that bar’s not very high).

          • Yes, and as I’ve read this Faustian bargain has pretty much run its course. There simply is no more money to pay for minority “make work” jobs. The cities in the vibrant areas are broke.

          • Exile said: “The SF Bay Area BART (Black African Run Transit) and those of its surrounding Wakandas like Oakland and Alameda are similar,…” Hahaha! The MUNI bus system has gotten so crazy over the years, that even though I can’t really afford it, a lot of times I just take a cab.

      • Steyn in the “America” books had a story about how his New Hampshire town tired of government “assistance” in rebuilding their local bridge and crowd-funded their own replacement. To the extent that kind of community exists, it’s in towns like that now, not in the metros. In coastal SoCal, the mandatory prevailing wages for pothole fillers are what a bank manager makes in Flyover USA. My former $2m/house average neighborhood had pristine streets but the minute you entered the City proper, SUV’s were almost a necessity. Tomorrow’s California will be tiny coastal Zuck-topias surrounded by unpaved favelas for their domestics.

        • Same problem where I live. City/County spends its infrastructure money on welfare crap to buy votes. When the population that still works and has to get to work, or would like a park with grass, or increased police protection, then the City/County attempts to float a bond in the next election to pay for such. It’s an old ploy to make people tax themselves a second time for services they thought they were paying for already. Schemes like this abound—but not in the surrounding, less “vibrant”, communities immediately adjacent to the city. One can only wonder why… 😉

        • The neighborhood I grew up in used to be safe, quiet, and white. Now it has the same demographics at Tijuana, with predictable results.

        • Sold one of my cars that had performance run flats on it and replaced with a Jeep precisely because was sick of replacing a full set of $400 a pop (literally) tires every year due to the shitty NY roads.

      • Z, that pretty much describes every bridge in the Commonwealth (although I suspect you’re talking about the one on rt. 9 in Newton.) That one was infamous even among the “don’t kill the job” hacks in Massholechusetts. To this day I don’t know if it was ever finished.

      • But there are streets in Bmore with perfectly functioning cobblestone streets laid 150 years ago,

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