Trust Nothing

The official story on the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election is that nothing happened and citizens should return to the economic duties. A few over-enthusiastic agents engaged in nothing more than office gossip. All is well. Like everything that comes from the rulers, this is all nonsense, but this is just how things are with a highly corrupt ruling class. The rulers don’t lie because they are hiding something. They lie because they take pleasure in humiliating the people.

There are plenty of theories about what went on, supported by leaked documents and clever people fitting puzzle pieces together. The website The Last Refuge has done a lot of work aggregating publicly available data. They are a bit conspiratorial and often fill in blanks with speculation, but they have a lot of good stuff. Doug Ross has put together an amazing list of news items related to the plot. Seeing all of the planted news stories in chronological format makes for interesting reading.

The sober minded analysis says that elements in the FBI and the DOJ took it upon themselves to help the Clinton campaign win the 2016 election. Some of them were motivated by greed. Some are obvious fanatics. Others are just mediocrities, who rose well above their abilities and were easy patsies. They planted stories in the press to then use to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. That information was then leaked to the media and to the Clinton campaign through cutouts.

The reckless nature of the operation has been explained as resulting from the belief by the participants that Clinton was a lock to win the election. Clinton would come in and reward these people with good jobs and the whole operation would be locked away in the vaults. When Trump won, the plotters were forced to go into damage control, which is why they cooked up the Russian collusion scheme. The special prosecutor would sequester the details of the plot from public view.

Additionally, the special prosecutor would build and trap to ensnare Trump and his people, which would then be used to impeach him or force him to resign. It’s clear that Senator Mark Warner and Senator Richard Burr were deeply involved in orchestrating this scheme. It’s why they went to war over Trump nominating a loyalist, John Ratcliffe, to the DNI position. Warner and Burr need one of their people in that job, so incriminating information is not declassified by Bill Barr.

That’s the unofficial version of the plot. It’s the sort of narrative that is fun to follow, but not a conspiracy theory that requires great leaps of faith. There’s not much in the way of assumed associations, which is the stock device of conspiracy theory. Person X is around Person Y, so it assumed they are connected. That connection is then used to connect a bunch of unrelated people and events. This narrative lacks that as there is plenty of documentation to tie all of these people together.

The trouble is, the supposed motivation to setting this whole thing off is based on a glaring contradiction. The conspirators supposedly did all of these things, because they just assumed Clinton would win in a landslide. Well, if they really thought that, why bother with the shenanigans? There’s also the fact that most of the people in this caper are incompetent office drones. On the FBI side, the participants are careerist nobodies, who rose up the ranks through rumpswabbery and time serving.

The Watergate break-in has been mythologized by the Left, but the caper itself is probably instructive when analyzing the FBI corruption. The people who actually broke into the Watergate thought they were pulling a campaign caper. The person who organized it, John Dean, appears to have been working a separate operation that he kept from the burglars. That’s the thesis of the book Silent Coup. Dean engineered the break in and cover up for reasons having nothing to do with politics.

Given the presence of oleaginous schemers like Rod Rosenstein in the middle of every aspect of this caper, the comparison to Dean is natural. When you factor in people like Clapper, Brennan and people in Congress, the natural question is what is their interest in this caper? It’s possible that these people are just natural schemers, the sorts that are always attracted to power. Royal courts have been hives of these people since the first human settlements. Maybe these people just like the action.

There being some unknown first mover in all of this would explain a few things. The clowns from the FBI should have been charged by now. The worst they could do is rat on some other flunkies in the political scene. Cutting a deal so they take the pinch like men would be easy. The same would be true of the FISA abuse stuff. There’s no obvious upside to concealing what everyone assumes to be true. This whole thing could have been wrapped up a long time ago, but it still lingers.

The same can be said for the impeachment stuff. The House Democrats are intent on holding impeachment hearings. Politically, they think it is a good idea, despite all the evidence to the contrary. That suggests they know something the rest of us don’t know or they think they do. One reason for the Mueller probe was to build an impeachment trap for Trump that Congress could spring on him. That seems to have failed, but what if there is something else going on here?

Supposedly, the IG will be releasing his reports over the next few months, so we should learn a bit more, even if it just a white wash. Often, what the official story excludes is what matters. Bill Barr has been promising to release documents to clear up the FBI sedition, so maybe that will fill in some blanks. Even so, this is a story that lacks a sensible origin point and believable narrative. There’s something missing. We’ll probably never know the full story, but the current version is surely false.

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100 thoughts on “Trust Nothing

  1. As others have expressed the deep state has literally gotten away with murder for so long they’ve become sloppy and arrogant . I think the president is just being cautious about backing these rats into a corner.

    I do agree they enjoy rubbing the public’s nose in it. Leaving dead bodies laying around with the attitude, yeah we killed this guy, what ya gonna do about it ?

    As always our reply is – nothing

    ” ” ” Because Mr.Rocks, we aren’t a bunch of homicidal f**king maniacs.That’s why.” ” “

  2. “Trust Nothing” is correct. The reason we sane people cannot fathom these political shenanigans is because DC is flush with sociopaths and diabolical narcissists.

    • CAPT S
      Do you read Ann Barnhardt?!

      To the best of my knowledge, she coined the term “Diabolical Narcissist.”

      If folks here are interested, you can google that term and her name, and i’m sure her two-part video series on Diabolical Narcissism will pop right up.

      It’s great —and logical— observations.

  3. Watch Dogs that don’t bark means a silent consensus was reached by their masters. It also means money as that is the only way to build consensus in DC. >THE ONLY WAY.

    The last time this happened was 1990 with Desert Storm.
    The actual consensus and glorious alliance was built not so much by Elder Bush but Saudi Ambassador Bandar al-Sultan and to a lesser extent Kuwaiti princes. Yes the consensus within our blessed government.

    That there is consensus against Trump by no means points to the Saudis. It certainly means money spread around DC. It may be the very system itself with its Trillions of dollars per year is defending itself automatically. But it certainly means money. Example: Without money in DC the military can’t deploy (or won’t) without contracts being cut first. This does not indict those in uniform below General, it does indict Generals as a class- as well as the real power of DOD civilians. The contracts are the real MIC now, far more real than Eisenhower’s phantoms.

    Government by Contractor reflects reality across the board. That is the real legacy of the Clinton’s.

  4. I just wandered over to Drudge because I had heard about a few “Mass shootings” in Dayton and El Paso. As I read the info regarding the numbers, it occurs to me that those two events are a slow weekend in Chicago almost every weekend in the summer.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the reason the events are newsworthy is because the perpetrators are white guys. The ghetto does that shit constantly. Maybe it’s expected behavior.

    If you want to see the real numbers out of Chicago, check out I think they may have other big city numbers as well.

    And thanks to Z for the continuing good work.

  5. Regimes are populated largely by people whose primary motive is always protection of the regime. Their desire to crush rivals, if it threatens to damage the shield of legitimacy, will be trumped finally by the primary motive. Whatever wrestling with conscience is performed, the safe prediction is, conscience will lose.

  6. And the alt-white scores yet another wonderful self goal. Till yesterday Trump had the Rat party on the backfoot, trying to explain their insane leftard policies. Now, the Rats have seized the initiative thanks to yet another basement dwelling alt-right incel moron. Now it is #Trumpsterrorists and gun-control.

    Mr Z, “your side” is a bunch of misfits and losers. The only thing “your side” is going to accomplish in 2020 is a massive Rat landslide with full on open borders and gun confiscation.

  7. for my money , the missing originator and organizer had to be someone truly animated by their hatred of trump. they also had to be a powerful and connected insider who could work both parties. the dems for foot soldiers and the GOP establishment to over their six. that points to John McCain in my mind.

    • I agree. McCain viscerally hated Trump for what Trump said about him. Up to that time no one had ever dared criticize Saint John or challenge his exalted prisoner-of-war/American hero status. It drove McCain crazy with the need for revenge. It was his top guy who shopped the fake dossier around DC, which led to the illegal warrants. Comey et al were confident that with Saint John at their backs they were guaranteed success, which was the destruction of Trump. Then McCain died and Trump won and the rats began to scramble, which led to the Mueller probe. There was no grand conspiracy in the classic sense. Just a bullet proof prime mover and a scrum of bureaucratic rats who were looking to curry favor, advance their careers and look like heroes to the elite liberal establishment in DC when Trump was destroyed and Saint Hilary in power.

  8. Z Man, Sundance at The Last Refuge thinks the Russia thing was all about retroactively legitimizing illegal use of NSA databases, but I think the key was the Podesta email hack in March 2016. The DNC emails contained some naughty stuff about what they did to Sanders, but the Podesta emails were way more devastating. Im convinced Clinton team dreamed up the Russia hack narrative as a way to distract attention from the contents of the Podesta emails when they were released and discredit them as dirty politics. Recall that from the day that hack took place they knew all hs emails were compromised, and they knew exactly what was in them. The set up of Papadopoulus and the silly Guccifer 2/Crowdstrike charade was in preparation for the Podesta emails. The DNC emails that were hacked/leaked were still being written when all of this was going on. Brennan, et al, were more than happy to fully commit to commit to the scheme for obvious reasons, and when Trump won they had the tar baby of all tar babies on their hands, and everything after that has been a cleanup operation, with the added bonus of the chance to nail Trump on obstruction.

  9. O/T on El Paso shooter, et al: Most of the White mass shooters reacting against globalism and mass migration are progressive in every category but one – their white skins. El Paso shooter believes in UBI, etc.

    This lines up with the most zealous are converts, none so pure as the purified.

    Conservatism esp conservatism INC are railing against the dawning of the new terrible light with their usual ineffective failing. They shan’t conserve conservatism either.

    What else this means: The energy and passion of the Left is being transferred to the Right bringing all their visions of the anointed and fury with them. This is exactly the Nazi equation- genocide was pushed by the Nazi Left (Goebbels) not the Right.
    Himmler wanted deportation.
    Meet the new right; educated in leftist schools, politically religious, only Right because their skin is White.

    Not endorsement – just analysis.

    • “the most zealous are converts, none so pure as the purified.”
      I quite agree that compared to we who have have been working through the stages of grief for years if not decade, and have had ample time to evolve coping mechanisms that agree with our temperaments, from prepping glee to religious fervor to fatalism, the woke hipster who today parrots fashionable platitudes and tomorrow will have the scales fall from his eyes in one fell swoop is likelier to go off the deep end.
      In any revolution, the later vintage is always the most uncompromising, not least from having something to prove.

  10. Yeah yeah yeah. I submit that everyone is awesome, but that we are different. Different people are different.

    Blacks as a whole are maybe not the sharpest knives in the drawer from an average IQ standpoint, but they are amazing people nonetheless, and certain of their boys are really good at sportsball.

    Asians are really amazing also, and they are amazing at math and other things too, but maybe not so good at driving.

    Whites are fun, we (I’m white) are maybe the people who fight among ourselves more than anyone else but we sort of invented the modern world also so maybe you should shut up before we genocide you. I’m kidding – unless I’m not. The maxim gun was invented by whites, we’ve had some time to come up with some improvements since then . I Kid I Kid. Except I don’t.

    So what do we do? One party in America (the Democrat Party) wants us to fight each other. The Democrats absolutely, positively, stand for absolutely nothing. They stand for nothing except that which will give them more power. If the majority of Americans tomorrow said that we believe that the sky was falling and we needed to build shelters, that would be the first legislative priority of Mistress Pelosi.

    The problem is the Republicans, at least most of them, are paid toadies. The Republican Party has for many years been nothing other than the Washington Generals, the hapless team who faces off against the star Harlem Globe Trotters. I don’t know that the Republican Party has any knowledge of what it wants to do.

    My suggestion is this – we are different. We have different strengths and weaknesses. There are people who profit from us being mad at each other. My question is, why do we fight each other? Why not take on the game masters instead? Why don’t we grab these bastards and hang them from the nearest lamppost? I call on everyone who hates those who think like me, why don’t we unite and destroy those who are trying to manipulate us and pull all our strings?

    • Chestertonrocks said: ” Why don’t we grab these bastards and hang them from the nearest lamppost? I call on everyone who hates those who think like me, why don’t we unite and destroy those who are trying to manipulate us and pull all our strings?” Because Mr.Rocks, we aren’t a bunch of homicidal f**king maniacs.That’s why. You should be posting on a leftist website if you want to find people who want to commit mass murder.

    • Most non-whites will never join you and the GOP because they are generally tribal and the GOP is not a vehicle for those motivations. Regarding blacks and hispanics, in a fair economic system, they will generally be less successful and they cannot accept that.

  11. I tend to think the “insurance plan” has always been the core of this mess. That was the text that got Strzok fired, so it’s probably pivotal.

    Remember, Brennan and Clapper’s fingers are all over the ousting of Yanukovics in Ukraine. He, too, win a democratically fair election. He also promised to withdraw from EU natural gas agreements. It was much easier to sow seeds of “Russian interference” in that case. So, the insurance plan was to try and leave enough bread crumbs with Trump to arouse suspicion.

    Anyway, don’t bet on the Government Party turning on their own loyalists. The IG report will get watered down. The last one was JUST strong enough to destroy Mueller’s case for obstruction…the 2018 IG report validated that Comey was rightly fired. The next one will continue to slather on scorn for Comey…who will face no real scrutiny.

    The wild card is Durham. He is specifically known as an almost “Internal Affairs” corruption prosecutor having investigated FBI agents, Boston PD and the CIA among others. Two of these led to overturned convictions, and he has prosecuted agents for racketeering. I feel his job may be more likely a means to get Flynn, Stone, Manafort, Papadapolous convictions thrown out, not to actually prosecute conspirators. But, hey, you never know.

  12. On August 15, 2016 FBI agent Peter Strzok texted this to his “friend” Lisa Page: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office—that there’s no way he gets elected—but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

    That’s why, even though many (but obviously not all) within the DOJ/FBI cabal that supported the globalist Clinton, felt the need to “spy” on Trump and members of his campaign. Yes, there was a general and wide spread belief, in the aforementioned cabal, that Cankles would win, no problem. But, why not have a little bit of insurance?

    In this case “insurance” equals “shenanigans”. I’m just wondering if State Farm will cover it???

    • And the insurance policy has worked pretty well so far. Trump has been hamstrung to this day. None of the criminals have been punished and probably will not be. Mueller and Rosenstein while in charge of the FBI and DOJ were probably able to destroy or modify a lot of evidence against the coup perps. The House is now in control of the dems.

      The only goal they did not complete up to now is the outright removal of Trump.

  13. News flash: From Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse. He has some braking news about a CIA asset named Stefan Halpe. Who, oddly enough, I was trying to find a couple of hours age so I could include his info in an earlier post. So anyway, here’s the link.

  14. Ever since 911, the feds have been monitoring almost all electronic communications (EC) in the US and a big chunk of elsewhere (Operation StellarWind). It was only a matter of time until corrupt DC politicians began exploiting this information resource to blackmail their opposition. Obama took this to a “whole nuttha level” under the tutelage of the Clintons, and both turned the Federal Government into a full blown criminal enterprise (Clinton as SoS sold influence in a Pay-to-Play scam, Obama copped a big fee on the Iran nuclear deal, and each made hundreds of millions at the public trough). You can’t engage in this level of criminality unless you own the police. Trump is an existential threat to the Deep State and their criminal enterprise, hence he must be taken out by any means necessary (see as example current events).

  15. Okay, I’ll put on my tin-foil hat and give a theory I read which makes sense to me as to why this was done even though Her Royal Thighness was a lock to win the election.

    Trump is an outsider, never having held a political office before. He was not a part of the corrupt political body. So he has the temerity to run for president and get the nomination. The Powers That Be cannot abide outsiders thinking they can have a say. So the set-up of Trump was designed to get him into an indictable trap, lose the election, then have Queen Hillary arrest him after the election for the Russian collusion delusion, with his ass being sent to jail; just looking at what they did to Flynn gives this credence. The message would be clear: Do not even think of running for president if you are not one of them. Or bad things will happen to you and quite possibly your family.

  16. We know many things related to all of this for a fact. FBI contractors were accessing NSA databases to perform searches, and this was stopped by Admiral Rogers. The FISA court issued a ruling on this, it is not conjecture or inference. We also know that the Steele dossier was the basis of the FISA warrant, and the 3 extensions thereof. This also is not conjecture, or inference.

    What we don’t know is what Dan Bongino calls Paragraph 1, the original justification for the counter-intelligence investigation opened 31 July 2016.

    I personally think Brennan is the originator of all of this, with the full knowledge of Obama. It fits the pattern of Obama’s 2 terms, where government agencies were utilized as tools against political opposition. IRS vs Tea Party, BATF allowing straw purchases to be shipped to Mexico, DoJ Civil Rights Division investigating police agencies across the country for “racist” behavior, the same agency dropping all investigations of white voter suppression.

  17. RE: The contradiction of why the need for a spying campaign vs “We knew she would win!”

    I think spying on everyone was standard procedure for the Obama admin regardless of the laws or even the absolute necessity. They did it because they could.

    The O admin had no qualms about spying on barely nascent right wing groups throughout the US and also using the IRS and FBI to target them for harassment. Why would they bat an eye at using spies and foreign governments to ensure victory as a matter of course? It fits the pattern of the motivations of the O administration to a T IMO. These people in the administrative state have hardly been CHALLENGED on these types of actions for 50 years at least, let alone stopped. Why would they think the outcome would be different this time? For all the noise in the right wing/dissident media, not a single culprit has had anything more than being fired happen to them. Yet.

    We can’t even yank security clearances from these bad actors or even get them disbarred! It’s truly frustrating and absolutely enraging.

    Personally I think the grand plan for why this is being drawn out is that Trump will use the whole scandal as an election point: “Re-elect me or all of these criminals will never see justice whatsoever! My opponent will let all of these people go free no matter what!”

    I must admit that’s a very compelling point. Whatever dem might win will sweep all this away so fast by whatever means necessary it will make your head spin. At least Trump has an outside chance to hold some of these people accountable.

    I tell you though, if he fails in this, or loses the election and it does indeed get swept away, all faith in federal institutions will be gone and it’s time to do something different. Voting hasn’t worked up to now, so what’s left?

    • The Left seems to understand one thing that the Right does not – the opposition needs to be ripped from the ground by the root at the earliest sign of existence. As Barney Fife often said, “Nip it in the bud.”

  18. These people being corrupt, I expect they’re also cynics. I think they embarked on this ride through Willy Wonka’s tunnel fully expecting that it wouldn’t take very much scratching the surface before they found something on Trump. I mean, there’s got to be *something*, right? How could there not be? In fact, I think they figured their baskets would be OVERFLOWING with dirt on Trump, a never-ending stream of damaging, crooked deals and payoffs, because that fits their stereotypical view of what a high-powered businessman is like.

    I think they were slapdash in laying the foundation of their inquisition because they thought the evidence would be so overwhelming, nobody would care too much about where it came from once it got into the public sphere. I mean, if there was evidence of Trump paying off Russian mafiosi, who on earth would be quibbling about “the poisoned fruit of the poisoned tree”? Only another traitor! Nobody would defend him, he’d be abandoned by everyone and would probably voluntarily resign and slink off in disgrace.

    I think their boneheaded persistence in searching, despite coming up empty month after month, testifies to their absolute faith in the truth of their hallucination: he’s in business, ergo, he’s dirty. I also think they expected Hillary to win, and yet regarded as this subterranean attack on Trump as both a) an insurance policy, just in case (and they probably congratulated themselves for their sober-minded prudence in being so careful) and b) a way of carrying out a flanking attack on the Republicans even after the election was safely won. After all, it would be a valuable club to beat the enemy over the head with for years: “YOU wanted to elect a crooked TRAITOR to the White House! How can the American people ever trust you again?”

  19. It is no surprise that the people in charge prefer no changes to the status quo. They’re all involved in the evolving plot. The power and prestige emanating from a 3+ trillion dollar budget is amazing and it does not take much skimming to make everyone rich. Case in point: a cousin is a long term democrap staffer on the house judiciary committee. His residence keeps getting grander. It turns out that access to members of the house and ability to write legislation has excess intrinsic value.

  20. This Russiagate Hoax and all the shenanigans of the intelligence services have been instructive in how the gubmint really works. As much as I have grown to loath Blormph he has exposed how rotten the whole system is. If he weren’t a shabbos goy NYC liberal playing a conservative Republican he would have called on his supporters to march on DC to demand real change. Instead he tweets.

    It’s funny that both White populist Republican Presidents in the last forty years have been “former” liberals with a gift for acting. They’re job is to keep the White masses placated long enough to flood the country with brown replacements. That’s why the Russia hoax has started to bore me. I really don’t care what happens to Trump since he’s a conman. I’ll take what I can get though, and he has put issues on the table that ZOG doesn’t like talked about.

    • >As much as I have grown to loath Blormph he has exposed how rotten the whole system is

      Then stop being like a lefty and waiting for someone to ride in on his white worse and save you. If he exposed to you what the system is, WHY ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?

      A people who see a rotten system then do nothing deserve the rotten system. Have you stopped paying taxes or picked up arms yet?

  21. The biggest scandal in all of this, that people overlook, is that a warrant was signed by a FISA judge (to this day we don’t know the identity of this judge) based on perjured statements by officials. The evidence collected under this warrant was used to indict several people. Under previous cases this would trigger long standing “fruit of the poison tree” case law, ending in the overturning of all indicted under phony warrant. Will this happen? It’s hard to say. The bigger question is, what would Thomas Jefferson or James Madison think of “secret judges” delivering “secret opinions” using a host of laws to protect “secrets?” Given the abuses of European governments at the time, I’m sure they would have been horrified. They would have seen it as a return to court intrigues and palace coups.

    One thing that all these DCists have in common is the protection of “secret knowledge” which is used as a weapon against their manipulation of the state apparatus. What we need is a Federal version of sunshine laws (the kind found in Florida). This should be the ultimate reform, as one thing these evil gnomes fear most is sunlight. Bloggers posting opinions using unsealed documents are the best defense against these people. This is also why they’re desperate to create case law that considers internet bloggers to not be considered journalists, with all the constitutional protections. To them a journalist is a carefully vetted person with a swipe card to get to their microphones or computers. A swipe card that can be disabled at any moment, with a career that can be destroyed with a phone call.

    Of course all of this “secret knowledge” is tied to another catch phrase, “national security,”….which happens to be defined by…the keepers of the secret knowledge. A nice little trick that sadly, most of America falls for. As if these gnomes are single handedly keeping a 9/11 a day from happening. The real 9/11 is their systemic abuse and greed, and emptying out of the Treasury as they parlay this “secret knowledge” into lucrative contracting gigs.

  22. Thanks for getting back into this “Guilty Pleasure” Happy thoughts of the AG bringing forth some actual Meat for all of us to chew on, but I think we all know it will go down the “National Security” rabbit hole at some point. Still, it’s a Black Mark on the media that keeps on giving 😉

  23. “Supposedly, the IG will be releasing his reports over the next few months, so we should learn a bit more…”

    We Germans learned not to believe anything that came out of government printing presses around 1943. Americans may want to follow suit. The most recent publication, “9/11 Commission Report” was one of my favorite American fictions.

    It’s a shame really. The whole episode of Trump’s Russia Gate would have been a wonderful Frederick Forsyth novel. I can hardly wait for the sequel that comes out next year.

    • We are entering a period not a lot different than post-war Soviet Russia. The default assumption is everything is a lie.

      • thezman said: “We are entering a period not a lot different than post-war Soviet Russia. The default assumption is everything is a lie.” Here’s a clip from a documentary by Adam Curtis called “HyperNormalization.” This clip talks about post-modern propaganda. By the by. At the end of the clip there’s a tiny bit of a speech by Pres.Trump. just ignore it.

      • “The default assumption…”

        I’m there. I’m praying that we will be blessed with an American Putin (it won’t be Trump) who will be able to defeat our oligarchs without pogroms, the way Putin did.

        We lost the Cold War. The Russians got rid of their internationalists while ours proceeded to rape us to death without pity. This will end with charnel metropoli. I hope the rest of the world is paying attention enough to avoid our staggering mistakes, and spare us some prayers while we are either born anew or extinguished.

        • Bartholomew Ross said: “…proceeded to rape us to death without pity.” “This will end with charnel metropoli…. to avoid our staggering mistakes…. prayers while we are either born anew or extinguished.” yeow! Mr. Ross, my hat’s off to you. I can be pretty down beat sometimes. But you sir have just beaten me senseless. BR: ” I’m praying that we will be blessed with an American Putin…” Be careful what you pray for. The only guys we got like that in America are all on the hard left. Anyway, cheer up, it’s only Armageddon.

      • A period not a lot different than post-war Soviet Russia. Indeed. Many of will get to star as the Kulaks in the remake.

  24. This all may be the decay of the governing parties due to too much diversity and thus too many competing factions. Once the mean IQ of an organization hits the mid 90s it’s over. Increase the number of factions making things more complex while simultaneously lowering the general intelligence of the people in those factions and guess what…

    When the lowest common denominator is continually defined downward… structural screwups in a complex system become more and more common.

    Add to this mix moralizing half-wits, malicious parasites, sleazy freaks and gibs merchants…all of whom believe that reality is constructed in committee meetings… and what else can we expect. They are incapable of doing anything right.

    How many people in government would you hire? Would you want to work along side of? Would you associate with? Probably very few.

    Politics is a necessity but if your politics is run by hanger-on parasites who had no or little hand in building the country’s institutions we get clownworld.

    Who did what to whom? And why and for whose benefit? We should not care except to use it as further evidence that the institutions and the people now running them are irredeemable. In this case we don’t care who the perp is nor who the victim is. They are both wastrels and should burn together. The time for discussion or faining interest in dead institutions is over.

    We don’t care. We want out.

  25. The conspirators believe, and much of the right agrees, that the new world disorder is present and almost complete. The pre and post election scheming was a brownie point display of virtue to our present and future masters for seating at the table.

  26. Yes there are many dogs not barking here – because their masters blessed the plot.

    Trump’s biggest handicap is he wants to win a bloodless civil war, and that may not be possible. On the other hand there’s much to be said for the other side firing the first shot.

  27. >That suggests they know something the rest of us don’t know or they think they do.

    Or maybe they hope to keep shaking the tree until something – anything – falls out.

    It’s hard to say. But I would have thought that some hint of the “something” would have leaked by now.

    • I think part of the “digging the hole deeper” going on now is that the bad guys figure that Trump must be guilty of something, so they throw a lot of stuff against the wall to see if anything sticks.

      There is also the idea of creating so much chaos that it stymies Trump, and also helps obscure what is hidden really deep.

      My personal guess is that the Pizzagate and spirit dinners are real, and that our elites are deep into taking in the blood of infants for life-extension purposes. That’s part of the abortion agenda as well, to help provide the raw materials for their schemes. Perversion and pure horror. Epstein may simply be a distraction, a bone thrown to distract. Just guesses.

      • Interesting tidbit along those lines. When the Kavanaugh drama was happening, a replica of the Arch of Baal was erected in DC. Baal was the God of the Canaanites and Carthage, who demanded the sacrifice of infants.

  28. The Deep State/Bureacracy response to Trump’s win, both with Russiagate and rampant subversion of administration policies in general, black-pilled me on making lasting changes within the present system. Watching the neo-cons barnacle onto Trump’s newly-christened ship of state within weeks of its launch was icing on that bitter cake.

    I should have seen this coming. It was too easy to blame Gay Mulatto for the failures to prosecute Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Rodham Capone, of course. Years of kabuki from the odious, fork-tongued ex-car-thief Darrell Issa and Gay Gowdy’s Potemkin sequel should have red-flagged me. Instead, I spent 2015-16 chanting “lock her up!” with the other rubes and had to swallow those bitter pills a second (and hopefully last) time by 2018.

    I place no faith in converso-Jr Bill Barr, whose converso father was instrumental in fixing up a teaching job for totally unqualified young Jeffrey Epstein at one of the country’s most exclusive private schools. When all of our alleged white knights in fighting the swamp are either connected Jews and/or gay and/or otherwise Semitics with criminal backgrounds, take the Vegas odds on Crooked et al to continue to skate.

    No wonder Jeff Sessions jumped ship from this neo-con encrusted, Kushner-crime-family subverted garbage scow.

  29. The conspirators supposedly did all of these things, because they just assumed Clinton would win in a landslide. Well, if they really thought that, why bother with the shenanigans?

    That existed entirely in the media (paid propagandists). I started paying a little closer attention when the DNC kneecapped Bernie. Anyone with internet access could see Sanders and Trump filling stadiums and Clinton not filling bowling alleys and paying homeless people to fill the seats. The conspirators could easily see that Clinton was struggling and needed cloak and dagger help. What they “really thought” was that they could pull it off so were reckless in their panic mode in not covering their tracks.

  30. “Trust nothing” is right.

    I used to read that conservative treehouse site, but ultimately their analysis proved unreliable as well, they will spin and rationalize anything Trump does, they turned on Assad overnight in response to the Syria strike,deleting articles, etc. They laid a lot of the conceptual groundwork for the Q-Anon disaster.

    At least the mainstream media makes it obvious to the dissident right reader that it hates you and wants to mislead you.

    I am skeptical if we will ever get to the bottom of this specific incident and even if somebody does, it may be too complex to effectively communicate to the public, given how much effort is being made to obfuscate everything.

    Most of the time perception is NOT reality, reality is reality. But when it comes to this kind of corruption, a specific incident really only matters if someone is in a position to bring the corrupt parties to justice. Otherwise it’s just more whining about “not playing fair”.

    IMHO we have to effectively classify many of these details as long term unknowns, assume widespread corruption and judge these individuals and factions more broadly, based on known and verifiable actions. (not rhetoric)

    There’s some kind of power struggle going on within the anti-white elite and Trump was “persuaded” to allow the mechanism that elected him in 2016 to be dismantled. But figuring out how that persuasion was done won’t reverse the process.

    Basically people on other sites who obsess about these stories are revealing that they haven’t fully adjusted their thinking to reflect the idea that we’re well and truly ruled by an unaccountable deep state, they just think of the deep state as “demoncrats + RINOs”

    • “… assume widespread corruption and judge these individuals and factions more broadly, based on known and verifiable actions.”

      I vote we categorically reject the whole of liberalism, as a historical force that seriously threatens to cast the whole of the Right into oblivion, to send it the way of the hunter gatherer. It has overthrown Throne and Altar Europe, fascism, communism, Francoism, Pinochet, the list goes on. Western/white civilization is next in the cross-hairs, as this force seeks globalization, as the elite of this force seeks global rule. I’m not optimistic that white bourgeois populist movements are up to the task of succeeding where these earlier opposition movements/forces failed, especially since we are quite wholly closed off from elite positions in our nations. This may not successfully lead to a Kojeve/Fukuyama End of History, but it could certainly obliterate the West making the attempt.

      To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, I recommend:

      On understanding liberalism, I recommend investigating the ideas of Alexander Dugin:

      I believe liberalism should be viewed in the same way communism was viewed by the Cold Warriors: as a seductive, aggressive, ignoble menace that had to be contained at the least, and ideally wholly overthrown for all time. The difference is that liberalism is more seductive and powerful than communism could ultimately manage, and therefore, is more of a threat. It is also, in many ways, more ignoble than the 20th century communist nations and movements.

      On this last point, compare American pop culture (and other developments under liberalism, like sex change treatments for children), to this:

      “As for the typical western gap year rites of passage, sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, Ford’s examples confirm that young North Koreans do things differently.

      “When they listened to music together the lyrics of American rapper Eminem were questioned: “Why does he rap about himself, sex and drugs? He should be making music about his family and his country,” his fellow students told him.

      ““From what I was told and from what I saw, North Koreans are more puritan. It’s a ‘no sex before marriage’ culture and sneaking around is not really done.

      ““The students I hung out with, aged between 20 and 25, were virgins,” Ford said, who never saw any kissing take place, even amongst those who had girlfriends and boyfriends. “They’d tell me they showed affection in other ways,” he explained.”

      • To the populists out there, I’d like to say the following, if for no other reason than because I’m finding it cathartic. Take this from a man who has spent the last 15 years in the world of the “far” Right (the non-classical liberal right, running, to my mind, from Catholic anti-moderns like Donoso Cortes and de Maistre on one side, to Ernst Niekisch and the National Bolshevists of the German Conservative Revolution (essentially, advocates of a modern Lycurgan Sparta) on the other side). The far Right has been defeated and marginalized to a status similar to the Japanese hold-outs after WWII. You are now facing the force that defeated us, with the following differences. You are, to varying degrees, still beholden to (classical) liberalism. As such, you partly embrace the ideas and institutions of your determined executioners. You are predominantly white, middle-class, bourgeoisie, and as such your M.O. is emphatically not one of aggression, intractability, willingness to fight to the death, etc. Nearly the whole of your elite overlords are decisively against you, and will remain so, and will combine to shut you out of the public sphere, and out of elite positions, as much as possible. Their capacity to indoctrinate and control the population is only building, as technology progresses.

        And so, here is this Japanese hold-out’s message to you:

        The famous quote from Spengler has real importance for me:

        “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

  31. I believe it all started in 2013 with the appointment of Brennan, who is an angry, true believing, socialist thug. He wanted to show off his spying prowess to Obama, Clinton and the deep state mediocrities, who all went along for the ride. The targets were any Republicans who opposed Obama, and probably included the Supreme Court. John Roberts appears to be seriously compromised. When Trump came along, they were trying to find illegal business dealings to sink him. Given the sleazy nature of NY real estate, this was a good bet.

    This is when Comey and Rosenstein stumbled into the plot, and sold their souls to be in with the cool kids. The Russia hoax and FISA warrants were created to cover up all the earlier spying. Michael Rogers at NSA discovered the earlier spying and reported it to a FISA judge. The question is whether Barr will blow the cover off the whole mess, or do the usual “serious mistakes were made, but nothing criminal” routine.

  32. Well thought out. And the thing with comey announcing a possible indictment of Clinton during the election, there’s no way they are playing on Clinton’s team. It’s something deeper. I actually like the notion that these sorts of people are inherent schemers and as their IQ and human capital decreases we see them in ever more absurd capers. As their sense of untouchability and power drunkenness waxes, their propriety and rationality wanes. (Meaning the intelligence services.)

  33. What’s missing is that the FISA abuse dates back to 2012 either during Obama’s re-election campaign or after he won his second term (which CTH has surmised in numerous posts). The corruption is centered in the DOJ NSD division, which was carved out from oversight under Sally Yates.

    Outside contractors like Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike were given access to the NSA database search query functions which allowed them to view every aspect of a person’s identity – credit cards, travel, internet searches, email, phone calls, etc. This was used against political opponents for blackmail purposes – I wouldn’t be surprised if trey gowdy, Lindsay graham, John roberts etc are all victims. They have to flip over when required or the blackmail will be released. Trump is just the latest victim in the scheme, but they couldn’t find anything on him and, after he won, Russia meddling was concocted as a defensive shield against the FISA abuse as well an offensive sword to continue the attacks.

    From an even more macro perspective, the entire western intelligence apparatus is designed to prevent white populism. That’s the #1 threat to their continued hold on power. This is why Five Eyes was involved – it strikes to the core of the post-WW2 order. And the #1 focus of the FBI has always been countering white populism.

    With communism imploded and white nationalism defeated militarily, we are probably stuck with managerial democracy until it commits suicide via demographic change.

    • Mr3 said: “With communism imploded and white nationalism defeated militarily, we are probably stuck with managerial democracy until it commits suicide via demographic change.” Managerial democracy has also been called Soft Despotism. Alexis de Tocqueville talked about it. Here’s a link. This is why the apparatus has become so gigantic. Control is paramount. What I believe will happen is that eventually the powers that be will simply duplicate the British system and transition the U.S.into an Anarcho Tyrannical state. Here’s a link I honestly don’t see any way around it.

  34. “The conspirators supposedly did all of these things, because they just assumed Clinton would win in a landslide. Well, if they really thought that, why bother with the shenanigans?”

    That’s an important point that is so often ignored. Joe DiGenova, who appears to have pieces of real information, but mixed in with his own speculation claims that the real scandal is that the FISA abuses go back to 2012. I believe this, and Z during one of his podcasts called the FBI the “KGB for the DNC”. I think that’s spot-on, and it started in 2012 while Eric Holder was running the DOJ. Romney was probably spied on during the 2012 election. Rand Paul has claimed he was spied on. I bet any Republican nominated in 2016 would have been spied on because the Obama crowd knew Hillary was a terrible candidate and needed all the help she could get.

    Edit: also wouldn’t surprise me if they got to John Roberts during the time. His last minute flip on the Obamacare decision is troubling.

    • Why do you question Roberts’ flip on Obamacare? The Republican track record on picking conservative Supreme Court justices is, at BEST, mixed.
      See: Earl Warren; William Brennan; Warren Burger; Harry Blackmun; John Paul Stevens; Sandra Day O’Connor; Anthony Kennedy; David Souter; and, the faux conservative for the new millennium, John Roberts.

      • The Robert’s fli.p was unusual in that it occurred at the last minute and after he had initially joined the opinion holding Obamacare unconstitutional. The authors of that opinion left in portions showing that Roberts originally had joined it. The rationale of upholding Obamacare as a tax was especially weak in light of repeated statements in the legislative history that it was not intended as a tax.

        My theory is less that Roberts was blackmailed (although I think it’s possible) and more that the Obama Administration threatened a campaign against the Court as an institution that Roberts just didn’t want to fight.

        Your comment about Republican-appointed justices often turning out to be huge disappointments is, however, depressingly accurate.

    • “. Well, if they really thought that, why bother with the shenanigans?””

      To show Hillary that they were really on her side?

      Worthy of senior positions.

      A no-risk way to earn brownie points.

    • Andrew Napolitano (who is sort of a blowhard so take it with a grain of salt) said that Fat Tony told him shortly before he died that he thought the chambers were being bugged.

  35. The Clintonistas and the Obama-ites are mortal enemies. Saw much of this as a virtue signaling enterprise to show the incoming Hillary administration that all these bureaucratic mediocrities were loyal to her—particularly after her attempt to run the clock on the email problem blew up in her face. Less grand conspiracy and more the “amoeba swim-toward-the-light” reflex of career senior executive service types and their coattail grippers. Biggest mistake? In warfare—you pick an axis of advance with an eye towards whether or not it also provides good ground to fight a tactical retreat—if necessary. Comey & company didn’t do that. Then doubled down not the mistake by assuming that Trump had to be guilty of something—in their bubble world any guy that makes his living in actual commerce—particularly real estate development MUST be a crook. Now, like Blanche in “Streetcar” they are dependent on the kindness of swamp to maybe save them.

  36. Regarding what seems to be missing, here’s the theory I currently like. Obama’s illegal spying didn’t start with Trump. It goes back to at least 2012. (Remember Maxine Waters bragging about Obama’s database in 2013?) If they could find something on Trump, they could use it to justify the pre-existing surveillance. “We did have secret surveillance programs to catch terrorists, and just it happened to catch a Republican! All is well, nothing to see here!”

    There’s another plot twist that would be hilarious if true: that Trump is a long-time FBI informant. That’s why he has had numerous associations with shady people, but the shady people get busted while he never does. It fits with Trump having a big ego and being a risk-taker.

    I think Trump is playing a long game for personal glory, and that he’s planning on winning reelection with a series of hammer-blows against Democrats: Spygate (a good summary here:, Democratic corruption in Baltimore and elsewhere, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s emails, the Awan IT scandal, Jeffrey Epstein, Project Cassandra, and more. He’s a fan of Sun Tzu, who advised strategic deception and winning battles before they begin. One of Trump’s deceptions is to make opponents think he is merely reactive and short-sighted, but the opposite is true.

    If I’m right, the next 15 months will be very, very intense.

    • It probably goes back to the Patriot Act. And FWIW, anyone taking note of the situation on our borders must by now admit that the ruling classes don’t give a shit about security, sovereignty or Americans’ quality of life.

    • Could have sworn you wrote this months ago and nothing happened… you were a big Q fan correct? Do you agree with Z that he’s a gag to fool stupid people? I sure do.

      • I don’t blame people for wanting to believe. In fact I think that desire has a certain nobility to it. But once Micro came clean after the rival “Q’s” and the other guy took over and monetized the grift, it should be destroyed. The Q crowd should be encouraged to hold Trump to his promises right now.

      • I have been saying this for a while. I’m not a Q fan, which looks like a LARP to me. I’m a Scott Adams/Brian Cates/REX fan. I agree with them that Trump is a Sun Tzu fan playing a long game. I think it will become clear by 11/2020.

          • If I am wrong about this I’ll admit it. I am actually not a conspiracy theory type, though I find them interesting and amusing. I know this looks absurd to most people, but based on my understanding of Trump, it all makes sense.

          • Conspiracy: Two or more persons agreeing to perform an illegal or wrongful act, or a legal act by illegal or wrongful means.

            I don’t know where this simple legal definition got associated with craziness. Any number of things our government does satisfies that definition a thousand times a day.

          • Trump’s in this for his ego. Personal glory. He wants to win, be seen as a great patriot and a winner, and humiliate his enemies. It’s idiotic to think he’s in this for more money, or that he’d conspire with Putin (and open himself to blackmail). He’s been thinking about being President for decades. The guy is practiced at huge real estate deals that require long-term planning, misdirection, and secrecy. It should be obvious that he’s doing that now. But these things take time. Federal prosecutions take years to prepare.

    • Why not go back to 1996 iirc (and I do) to the 700 or so FBI files that mysteriously appeared in the Clinton White-house: A clear message from Clinton that he had the dirt on the people who mattered, just on the run up to an election, too……

      • And remember that Obama won his Senate seat by digging up the sealed divorce records of his opponent.

  37. My predictions:

    Barr and the IG report will give us nothing meaningful. Q will once and for all be discredited. Impeachment won’t happen. Trump will lose in 2020. Ravens win Super Bowl in 2021

    • I’m not going to give anything away, but the original QAnon thing was a gag to spoof the media, the alt-light and conspiracy people.

      • I used to believe “Q” was a mostly harmless grift. But it caused the “Plan Trusters” to give Trump a pass every time he betrayed the base on staffing his administration, the border and immigration, and foreign wars. Ugh.

        • Q said “we have it all” and “patriots are in control” yet here we are in the midst of a nationwide rash of mass shooting events by “white nationalists” conveniently coinciding with the FBI’s recent warning about dangerous “conspiracy theorists”. Q ain’t looking too good right now.

          • It was predictable. We should focus on recruiting these genuine Patriots (who through no fault of their own other than a general ignorance of internet scams) would be our guys.

    • Agree mostly, but instead I think Trump wins, enjoys another four years of accomplishing nothing, then Queen Kamala and AOC usher in the era of Brown Jacobinism come January 2025.

    • Trump to address nation on Monday. Trump says we may need some form of gun control. If he goes there my 2020 presidential prediction will be solid as granite.

  38. That was a great post. I feel like people are constantly answering questions whether they know the answers or not. No one can stand to sit and ruminate on a question anymore and so whenever they encounter one they just make stuff up and then, seemingly satisfied with whatever they’d made up, they create a ‘new truth’ that becomes one more building block in this ramshackle house of ideas they’ve created. It’s gotten so bad that whenever I hear someone say ‘I don’t know’ I really take notice of that person. And I really feel bad for the people that can’t ask a question because they become incapable of learning. If you think you know everything you cannot learn anything new.

  39. Z Man said: “There’s something missing. We’ll probably never know the full story, but the current version is surely false.” There’s a lot missing. The “Five Eyes” international security group were somehow involved. Along with a guy named Joseph Mifsud. Here’s a artical from a site called ” Patriot Crier” intitled: “Devin Nunes Slams Mueller Over Knowingly Lying About “Russian Asset” Joseph Mifsud.” The list of people involved in this crap could run too a hundred or more. Who knows. But as I’ve said before. Nobody of any significance will ever have to face the music.

    • It’s almost as if the high number of people involved and the status of these people, is the point. Take a step back and the intelligence services of at least three of the Five Eyes tried to rig the election and are trying to force Trump out of office. It’s like they are sending a message.

      • We were facing the united bureacracies, intelligence services and military of the US and every NATO country and we expected them to simply fold their tents because we voted for it. I was fooled along with the rest of us. Message received. Strategy and tactics being adapted accordingly.

      • Z Man said: ” Take a step back and the intelligence services of at least three of the Five Eyes tried to rig the election and are trying to force Trump out of office. It’s like they are sending a message.” Yah, the message is ” This system we’re in charge of has taken over a 10.000 years to put together. And if you superfluous dirt people think you’re going to screw it up your delusional. So just knock it the hell off and keep your place before something bad happens to you. ( All my love, Satan.)

      • The coup seems to have started with Hillary Clinton’s people. She paid to get the Steele Dossier. A lot of this mess can be directly tied to the Clintons. They are well know for vindictive and vengeful behavior.

        Also Mueller and Rosenstein basically ran the FBI and DOJ for about two years while Jeff Sessions watched I love Lucy reruns. There is no telling what evidence of the previous administration’s crimes they were able to destroy.

      • “It’s like they are sending a message.”

        Agree and it seems to consist of:

        1. Only we have the right to decide what happens in this country

        2. If you go against us, you will pay

        3. We can make reality anything we want it to be.

        I think the third one is a sore point for them though thus the growth of censorship. Most uni educated people have conditioned to believe whatever fake narrative is concocted. However, the internet has enabled enough of the truth and ideas shaped by the truth to seep into the mainstream that the powers that be no longer can fully shape reality for the masses

    • The reason no one will face the music is because the music composers are the very people who are the actual perpetrators of the so called coup/coverup and they subsequently have all the power to judge in the end also. Leftist incest runs deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy. It’s intractable.

      • JZs said: ” Leftist incest runs deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy.” OMG. I’ll never be able to get that image out of my head. 😨🤢

      • Exactly why I keep saying: Remove the bureaucracy.

        There seems to be vein of “conservatism” that is of the same mindset as the dipshit wing of the lefties. They think the power of government can somehow be harnessed for “good”. Whatever the hell that is. I’ve even gotten into arguments with lefties who spoke the words : “things will be better if we just elect smarter and better people”.

        These people are morons. They’re the same type of person who keeps bringing their car back to the gypsy mechanic and can’t figure out why they always end up with a huge bill and the car never works when they get it back.

        You CANNOT FIX IT. It is un-“fixable”. The fact that you perceive it is broken – is perceived on the other side a feature and not a bug.

        Intractable is a good word to describe it. How do you deal with an intractable problem? Do you break yourself on the rocks trying to fix the issue – or do you just sail another route? Do you argue with the stubborn fool who will never change their mind – or do you just shoot them and keep walking?

        I believe it is pretty much undeniable that the whole POC invasion issue could be solved in pretty short order – if there was sufficient social capital and persons in positions of leadership , who just decided to declare: “Look – we don’t want you here and admit it or not , you know you’re not welcome here – now get the fuck out – or die”.

        But people keep expecting the “government” to do it. So the problem never gets fixed. Because – as you pointed out – the government is a leftist enterprise , why would it be anything but?

        • Problem is, it’s not just an issue of “the government will do it” thinking. True, the government won’t fix it, but worse, it will come down on you like a ton of bricks if you try to fix it without their blessing (which you will never get).

  40. “Maybe these people just like the action.”

    I think this is probably correct for many, its the ultimate competition.

  41. Bill Barr comes out of the Bush 1 era, and if he knows and associates with all those people he should be a “NeverTrumper.” Had he been a pot stirrer he wouldn’t have been swiftly confirmed. Who would possibly pick someone from that era? He may as well have made Mitt Romney AG.

    In reality Trump is a weak President (watch him capitulate on gun control after these back to back incidents). He capitulates on everything. He’s just hot air with capped teeth and clown hair. The bold actions needed to bring this incident to light are the same bold actions needed to immigration reform, etc. Where is the military on the border? If the “deep state” sinks Trump, and I believe they eventually will, it’s his own fault.

    • It may be legend, but FDR is alleged to have once told activists “You’ve convinced me, now go put pressure on me”

      The Right hasn’t managed to do that. Valuable political capital was wasted on trivialities, rather than on the prime directive of removing as many illegals from this country. Imagine if every employer known to hire illegals was getting picketed at least once a month.

      • Yes, but Trump got a black rapper released from jail in Sweden. Surely, every patriotic American heart must swell with pride!

        • While people here are understandably angry at pandering to blacks, we’ve been agitating them for two years with no comparable gains that we enjoyed as backlash to BLM. White moderates are quite gullible about black concerns, indeed the stronger anti-immigration argument focus on displacing poor workers.

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