Unraveling Impeachment

In the days after the election, when the Left was howling about Russian collusion, it was clear they were hiding something. The theory they were pitching was so ridiculous, it had to be about something else. The mendacious mediocrities in mass media could be convinced it was real, but that’s their job. Normal people always knew the claims were absurd. We later learned that the Russian hoax was part of an effort to conceal the seditious plot by the intelligence community.

The Russian collusion hoax is a good place to start when trying to unravel the latest impeachment panic. That caper was about getting a special prosecutor named before Team Trump could figure out what was happening. Mueller, the horse-faced flunky, would provide cover, while greasy operatives on his staff would hoover up anything related to the FBI caper. The whole affair would be sequestered while they figured out how to get rid of Trump and anyone too curious about what happened.

Put another way, the point of the caper was never really about Trump. He was just a useful pivot point in order to address a different issue. They were much more concerned about people like Devon Nunes, who were doggedly pursuing the case. The special prosecutor was a way to end-run Congress and pests like Nunes, so the whole thing could be hidden from public view. If not for a few Congressional Republicans, there would never have been a need for the Russian collusion hoax.

It’s pretty clear that this new gambit is being run by many of the same people who were involved in the original caper. It has the same signature. There is a fake whistle blower, who was purpose built for the task. His claims were systematically leaked to the media, so the Democrats could pretend to be outraged and demand an investigation. The media was ready for a full onslaught of impeachment stories. Like the Russian collusion hoax, this one is highly coordinated with the press.

If the last impeachment hoax was about covering up the FBI spying and seditious plot to overturn the election, the question is what are they trying to cover for now? The original investigation of the FBI seems to be heading in some strange directions after Barr took over the case. Reportedly he is on official business in Italy. That has the Democrats going bonkers, as it suggests he is looking into the CIA role in the Russian collusion hoax. They seem very worried about Bill Barr all of a sudden.

The thing that has been ignored that probably is important is that Pelosi was trying to put an end to the impeachment stuff until recent. When she went to meet with her caucus over this whistle blower stuff, the pundits assumed she was going to squash the whole thing. Instead, she came out of those meetings fully on board with not only impeachment, but fast tracking it. Maybe her caucus was in revolt and she felt she had no choice or maybe she learned something and felt she had no choice.

Regardless of the internal dynamics of the party, this latest impeachment frenzy seems to be related to what Barr has been up to lately. This post at Conservative Tree-house goes into a lot of detail, but what stands out is the Mifsud item. It was his involvement with Papadopoulos that allegedly set off the FBI probe. If he is actually a CIA asset used as part of the larger plot, then that changes things considerably. It now brings the CIA into the mix as co-conspirators in the seditious plot to overturn the election.

That could be why the CIA had one of their people work with the Democrats to create the whistle blower story. They are worried that they are now in some jeopardy. Their concern may be that they have been secretly listening to Trump’s official calls with foreign leaders. Notice that the Democrats are now claiming the transcript the White House provided is a forgery. They could only think that if they were told there is stuff missing from the transcript, by someone who saw the original.

In other words, the first impeachment hoax was about covering up the FBI plot to overturn the 2016 election. This latest impeachment hoax is about muddying the waters in order to conceal CIA involvement. The hope is the Democrats and the media can someone gain jurisdiction over the whole thing and prevent public disclosures that will be very bad for the CIA. The FBI spying on politicians is bad, but the CIA working for foreign countries to spy on politicians would be devastating.

The thing that does not make a lot of sense is that the Congress cannot take over an investigation like a special prosecutor. Perhaps that’s what the game is here. They will dirty up Barr while claiming to investigate this latest hoax, then demand another special prosecutor. That would explain why they are in such a rush to get started. As we saw with the first hoax, this one may not be about Trump at all. It may be about taking out someone who is asking the wrong questions about the right people.

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140 thoughts on “Unraveling Impeachment

  1. Notice that the Democrats are now claiming the transcript the White House provided is a forgery. They could only think that if they were told there is stuff missing from the transcript, by someone who saw the original.

    Re: above quote. The dims are lying about this, as always. There’s no “edited transcript,” and no one telling them that it is edited. They know it is not. Just more of the same ol’ same ol’.

  2. It’s already gone too far. The Government of the United States has delegitimized itself by refusing to let Trump act as President. They have voided the votes of 65 million people.

    Why should any of us take their crap at all seriously now?

    If Warren is elected she is illegitimate.
    If Biden is elected he is illegitimate.
    If Harris is elected, she is illegitimate.

    We alla know, we can all see with our plain eyes the CIA and FBI are fixing the elections, trying to frame people they don’t like, killing off inconvenient witnesses.

    The best hope now is insurrection, perhaps in a few states at least.

    • May sound far-fetched, but we are witnessing the borrowed-from -islam (through the red-green alliance) attempt to create a dhimmi class, and we’re it. If they managed to “undo” an election, then far-fetched-sounding or not, they will try somehow to suggest that we in more rural areas are not qualified for full suffrage.

      They won’t put it that way, but could easily (look how they’re trying to sell getting rid of the electoral college) say that, because some of us live in areas that are “not as affected” by law (due to lesser population density) that our votes should also be worth less….maybe, purposefully, say limit ours to….3/5 of a vote?

  3. “To strike the King you must kill the King.”

    Dims logic is flawed. Doubtful to get a conviction in the Senate. Which means Trump still in office. Then that ole moniker above will be applied. If Trump wins a second term he becomes a political wrecking ball. At which point I fully expect an assassination attempt.

  4. Prediction. All this effort to remove him peacefully doesn’t work and T gets re-elected? They remove him by a much less peaceful method. Arch duke Ferdinand moment?

  5. Anyone see 60 Minutes last night? Had to turn it off after 60 seconds. CBS should have to report this campaign propaganda as a donation to the DNC.

  6. Trump played footsie with Putin in late 2015, and when he took on Flynn, Page and Manifort (all with Russia connections) the Clinton campaign, the IC, and the media tried dirty up Trump with Muh Russia. When the Podesta emails got hacked in March 2016 they went to defcon 5 to create a distraction, in which Mifsud played a key role. The odd thing is that in in December 2017, in an act of desperation, they decide to out Mifsud n the N.Y. Times. They have been scrambling ever since. Once Mifsud’s role is confirmed, the whole thing roles up. The biggest scandal in the history of the country. Should result in the dismantling of the CIA, FBI, etc. But Barr won’t let that happen. He is a company man, and the powers that be are too powerful…

    • If you are correct, the tyranny will increase to a level we cannot imagine. As an aside, it has become obvious the emails were not hacked and it was an inside job.

    • Not to be all OCD, but it’s DEFCON 1 that is/was all out war. Or that was so during the Cold War anyway. Each increase in DEFCON required more stringent levels of preparation for each and every Air Force unit.
      – DEFCON 4 = Normal level of Cold War alert.
      – DEFCON 3 = Extra Alert because of suspicious enemy increased activity levels.
      – DEFCON 2 = All-but-war level of alert due to obvious enemy preparations for war.
      – DEFCON 1 = WAR, expect to be nuked at any time.

      DEFCON 2 was only declared during the Cuban Missile Crisis AFIK, DEFCON 1, never. Even DEFCON 3 measures were exhausting over time and so it was seldom invoked.

      Under DEFCON 2 all bombers that could fly were nuked up and launched towards their recall points where tankers were waiting to refuel them for their run over the arctic icecap towards Mother Russia. All that was lacking were the ‘go’ codes. Those codes meant DEFCON 1 was in effect. Since the Russians constantly listened in and knew what the codes meant, it would have been beyond stupid to have declared DEFCON 1 *before* issuing the *go* codes.

      If there was a DEFCON 5, it was created after the Cold War was over.

      • I stand corrected! (I knew I was taking a flyer by using that analogy, since I have no military training, etc.)

  7. Guys, forget 4d chess for a second.

    How can the establishment be “desperate”, when there is no possibility of them being made to account for their crimes?

    The Congress, that’s establishment.

    The Judiciary, that’s establishment.

    The Federal Bureaucracy? That’s establishment.

    The media? You better believe that’s establishment.

    The electorate? That’s drugged, disorganized, confused by propaganda, swamped by foreigners and even if it can overcome all that, it’s mostly powerless anyway, see the 2016 election.

    But the electorate is also now much more polarized than it was in 2016, there isn’t a reserve army of reasonable moderates waiting to ride in on a white horse and save us.

    Polarization is good from an accelerationist perspective, but the other side of that equation is that the establishment can commit injustices against Trump supporters (or former Trump supporters) and nobody who matters will care.

    I’m not sure if impeachment will happen or not, they might want to just use it to spoil the rest of his presidency then vote him out and arrest him after.

    But the simplest explanation is that this represents the establishment flexing its muscles, rather than the establishment “acting desperate”, fearing some mythical white hats and sealed indictments.

    They made it clear that they want to punish Americans for voting wrong in 2016.

    • There is a desperate, rushed feel to this, though, Crud. Your points are valid but this is more than flexing muscles. Hopefully we will know eventually.

    • This is not 4 D chess, this is common chess Eastern Europeans, Russians and Jews normally play in the public park down here in Europe. Give the opponent something big and then the opponent concentrates on the big price and lose attention to other but very important small moves, When you put queen on the vulnerable position, then average player goes after her and does not care what you are doing with pawns on the same time. I have won many games with this simple trick. Mindless electorate is the only serious threat. Donald will not impeached but he may lose election because Joe had rally wearing pink underwear or something else what sheeple finds exiting.In democracy , countries are lost because of bad weather, good TV show or tasty haircut.

  8. A few notes for consideration in no particular order of importance.

    1) Trump has been considering running for President for >5 years, per Limbaugh, a confidant of his. SOMETHING triggered that desire on his part. Noteworthy: Trump is an unabashed America-lover. Did he see something very large and very deleterious to the country?

    2) The DNC office-boy who died in D.C. The more you know, the more it looks like a CIA hit, and the operator is now out of the country and likely untouchable for a long, long, time.

    3) This is NOT limited to high-level (D) Party criminals and traitors. There’s every reason to believe that people like John McCain were into whatever-this-is up to their eyeballs. Did you notice that one of the Board Members of that Ukrainian oil company was also a close pal/biz associate of Mitt Romney? Didja??

    4) For several years–maybe since LBJ–the CIA and State Department have run virtually ALL of Foreign Policy. (There might be others, but not likely FBI.) Trump has taken away their toys AND told them to stay in their rooms, too. That’s because the State/CIA combination has offered the US for the raping and plundering, whether to China or the drug gangs. And when that game is endangered, they start a f’n war to keep the normies occupied.

    5) Look at the bozos we have had as Presidents. GWBush was, all said and done, nice but very dumb. Clinton was there to collect a lot of money, and his wife made it her mission to collect more by a couple orders of magnitude. Obama put a pretty face on the whole stinking pile AND roiled up domestic policy–again, to keep the eyes off what was really going on.

    6) Look at the NET WORTH of every Senator and Congressman pre-election and post-retirement. They’re not talking about Deep State because……..DOH!

    7) I believe Sundance’s contention that Senate Intel Committee–and all its staff–are first-rate traitors and seditionists. They are the nexus of almost all the above, folks….

    Go back to Trump. He doesn’t need money. He loves the country and the Dirt People, and he knows the Cloud People for what they really are.

    8) Barr is in Italy to investigate Mifsud. But also remember that the Italian government did a Saturday Night Massacre of its top intel people about 6 months ago. Yes, there’s a reason. The Canadian National Security director just got arrested for spying (China the beneficiary) and he prolly has a few things to spill about the “Russia Russia” coup-attempt.

    There are far more than “hundreds” involved here, directly or indirectly, just in the USA. Trump IS a target and “weapons free” is now the mode; Nunes and his gang are not physically endangered, but they could get the same thing Henry Hyde did if they have any dirt at all. People are saying Bannon was a guest of Epstein’s–and that’s all it takes these days, TRUE OR NOT.

    • Candidate Trump gave a speech in one of the Carolinas in the October before the election — totally out of his usual style for rallies — where he talked seriously, mostly on prompter, for one time only, about how this election would decide vital issues. He went into unusually frank details about globalism and those supporting it (even including names), then by next rally was back to normal.

      Then the day before Peloshiff started their latest CIA-induced “impeachment” campaign, he gave an anti-globalism speech at the UN touching on the same topics, going deeper than elected officials ever do about what the real fight was and who was on opposing sides. He has said, yeah, dad29, just like you pointed out, that something “triggered” his run and is, as you say, an openly, “an unabashed America lover.”

      He has stumbled, but overall, he is smarter, more cunning and more strategic than the other side gives him credit for….and I can’t help but wonder, when an “error” does happen, how much of it is for the purpose of drawing out and exposing elements he wants dragged out of the shadows. If it wasn’t for that purpose, it certainly is providence or something that made it turnout that way.

  9. Yet another great post. Thought provoking.

    Drawing out from the specifics and the players we know; what comes down the road? This Empire is run by evil people, and I end up voting for the lesser of the evils when I can. Trump over Clinton was easy; but that don’t make Trump the “God Emperor” that some fools claim he is.

    When the USA breaks apart, as it most certainly will, what comes then? Will any group wake up and not try “democracy”? Have we not seen what mob rule brings? Have we not seen what a scrap of paper is worth even if it is called a “constitution”?

  10. IMO. Congrsssional members are being blackmailed, or threatened with such and various media personalities are directly funded by our police state’s organs through slush funds. The orders have gone out to stop Trump. Occam’s razor suggests to me that it is old fashioned corruption that they’re all covering up.

    • Din;
      A data point re media funding: Even obscure talk radio stations in the obscure place I now live are wetting their beaks in the Fed. trough. Lots of ‘Public Service Announcements’ (PSA’s) for Smokey Bear etc. via ‘The Ad Council’. We’ll know that DC is serious about the deficit when the The Ad Council slush fund disappears and PSA’s are local only.

  11. Lineman……How much snow did you folks get in the Bitterroot Valley? Early shoveling. Be well and warm.

    • About 3 inches but it will all be melted this week though supposed be back up into the high 50s…Thanks for checking 😉

  12. For all I know, your whole analysis could be correct, I’m no student of backstage cloak and dagger.

    To me this is just Episode 99 of the ongoing non-stop full-court press to keep Trump wholly distracted and occupied with nonsense, so he can never be the Trump 2016 President. Even if he rides this new attack out, his presidency will have consisted of cleverly managing to hang on by his fingernails, and remain in the office he was properly elected to in the first place.

    In the meantime:
    — no wall, and zero hope of there ever being one
    — infinity Latinos, this time disguised as “refugees” (and now with extra Africans!)
    — infinity “legal” pajeets, Ching-chongs, N’mgubwes and Mohammeds
    — DACA bloodsuckers all still here, will never, ever leave, and serving as precedent for the next fifty waves of new “Dreamers” (gag me)
    — birthright citizenship still in place, will never, ever stop
    — entire powers of the presidency delegated to Hawaiian Federal Judge
    — full-spectrum all-media anti-White genocidal culture blitz gets cranked even PAST eleven, will never stop
    — madness spewing from universities nonstop
    — full internet censorship and repression of all dissent proceeding right on schedule
    — full scale nationwide gun grab getting closer every day
    — successful groundwork steadily laid to smear all White dissent as “the REAL domestic terrorists,” watch for the appointment of a Muslim “Anti-Terror Czar”, ha ha, checkmate, bigots
    — usury economy cranked up to full jet-engine mode, Jews and foreigners continue to hoover up real assets from ruined Whites at fake pennies on the fake dollar
    — mass death of Whites by drugs, poison and despair continues to ramp up as their country is stolen right out from under them with barely a peep
    — negroes continue violent racist anti-White terror putsch, daily casualties nonstop
    — brainwashing and cultural conditioning of Whites goes from strength to strength

    Trump was the last chance to halt even a fraction of all this, and he was stopped dead in his tracks by “Hillary won the popular vote!”, “not my president!”, “not really the president,” “elections were false because……. Russia? (hey let’s just try it, goyim believe anything)” “ha ha, Stormy Daniels! got ya now!” “white supremacist” and now, “Trump is a traitor because……….. Ukraine? (just try it out, goyim believe anything).

    In other words, America was finally destroyed and defeated merely by a spew of utter nonsense and bullish!t.

    2024 at the very latest will be the dawn of the Permanent Jews Plus Foreigners Dictatorship.

    Then it’s round two, civil war.

    • There will be no civil war. The rabbit white Right will roll over and conform as they have for the past 55+ years.

    • No wall? Thought maybe I was reading incorrect info, so put in a few search words and got lots of up-to-date material on the status at various locations along the border. I think a big push toward that was the most recent court decision that sure, he could authorize, as COC, money from the defense budget for border security. Of course, all the sanctuary cities are a huge handicap. Something has to happen to stop the left from making “truth,” “reality,” and “legality” be whatever they SAY it is.


      Which takes us back to the subject of PDT’s attorney’s currently meeting with Pelosi’s to inform her that this is not an “impeachment” just because she calls it that. Until the vote is held and the GOP (such as they are, except for the Freedom Caucus) are allowed to call witnesses, it’s just a show trial.

  13. The collateral damage in all of this is the unity of the country. It’s ready to snap. There’s a chill in the air and it’s not the first cold front of fall weather.

    • Speaking of cold, there is also a cold fury. Rather than voting PDT out to “feel good,” I can see a landslide as payback to the “ruling class” and their “useful idiots” by people who are sick and tired of being treated as if they can’t tell their left foot from their right — and know there is an attempt to turn them into a dhimmi class right here in the USA. There’s a certain, stubborn pride at work with Americans where even those who are not too bright will say “How dare they treat me like I’m stupid!”

      I think the last straw for a lot of people was Schiff “rewriting” the Ukranian call and then the dims,including the media, all quoting Shiff instead of PDT, with what was said. And besides all that, people can feel the change in the air with the economy and that always makes a huge difference.

      I have no confidence that anyone will pay or the attempted overthow of the election. But the idea of voting PDT out “to feel good” — well, it seems that the opposite would be true — keep him in to show they don’t want to be led around by the nose by swamp-dwellers.

  14. Does who did what even matter at this point? Clownworld needs a constant circus or it will implode. Late stage democracy is by necessity a chaotic vaudeville with dozens of fires raging with sirens blaring. Order, even momentary order would collapse the whole thing because people would all of a sudden have an unobstructed view of how things really stand. With a couple of relatively low level sacrifices as an act of absolution any GOV agency can get back to the war on YT. Even the cures are now part of the pozz. Hooking a few fish doesn’t mean squat. The dissident movement is still too reform minded.

  15. Lots of villains being mentioned – that’s fine as long as everyone understands that’s mostly soap opera stuff for political entertainment. For every recognizable Barr or Mueller or Brennan, there are several hundred subversives working behind the scenes. If draining the swamp just meant ridding ourselves of the televised idiocrats, it would be a relatively light lift. But it’s called DEEP State for a reason. You don’t elect your way out of this, and there aren’t enough pitchers of beer to fuel the myriad of speculative possibilities. I don’t sweat the how or who, but do pay attention to the downstream consequences of gangsterocracy.

  16. I still think they got word that Ginsberg is gonna croak, so they panicked.

    The IG report was delivered to Barr, so it could also be a ruse to keep that report and its implications out of the public consciousness.

    But mainly what I’ve been telling my friends is that this is simply the latest attempt by the CIA to overthrow the United States Government. And I’m not wrong about this.

    • @ hokkoda

      Re: “But mainly what I’ve been telling my friends is that this is simply the latest attempt by the CIA to overthrow the United States Government. And I’m not wrong about this.”

      No, you aren’t at all wrong. Virtually from its establishment by presidential directive from Harry S Truman, the Central Intelligence Agency has been engaged in black-bag ops of various kinds – assassinations, smear campaigns, blackmail, bribery, influence buying/selling, and other assorted dirty tricks. On foreign soil at first, but having perfected black-bag ops in other people’s countries, sooner or later Langley was going to bring their show home.

      More than a half-century on, no one has ever disproved that the CIA wasn’t involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Conveniently for the deep-state, one of its most-stalwart members, Allen Dulles, was part of the Warren Commission, the “blue ribbon panel” supposedly convened to get to the bottom of the crime, but really formed to control the narrative such that it would not harm the deep-state or its interests.

      Virtually unnoticed 5-6 years ago, an annual defense authorization bill contained obscure language buried within its voluminous pages authorizing the federal government and its agencies, including the U.S. military, to create and disseminate propaganda directed not at foreigners, but at the American public.

      Sir William Stephenson, the famed super-spy of WWII and the early Cold War known as “Intrepid,” foresaw the danger to the western democracies years before anyone else: Having created a gigantic and largely secret “state within a state,” the intelligence and espionage apparatus required to win the Second World War, when the war ended, what was to stop that apparatus from eventually being turned upon the very people it was originally designed to safeguard?

      It seems that Sir William was quite prescient, with regards to agencies like the Orwellian-named “Department of Homeland Security,” and the like, or the blandly-named “Government Communications Headquarters” (GCHQ) in Britain, and so on. And the modern busy-bodies have tools Herr Hitler and Mr. Stalin could only have dreamt of!

  17. Why can’t people give the president the credit he deserves ?

    So many people here write Donald Trump off as a boorish oaf and yet is the President of the United States and has the Deep State shaking in their boots.

    They’ve been successful blackmailing and murdering people in the past. Yet this President is a different cat. They’ve thrown everything at him including the kitchen sink and look sloppy doing it.

    The president is wise to pull off that scab slowly. The festering boil known as the Deep state will spew puss far and wide. It could very well bankrupt the country once the good citizens realize Murder Inc. has been in charge all these years.

    • It’s driven by cynicism, hard earned cynicism. I expect nobody will be prosecuted, or even mildly rebuked or reprimanded over what went down. If I’m wrong, and people like Comey and Brennan get frog marched into prison, this will make me happy.

      But I keep my expectations low. Which, ironically, is what has helped me weather the ups and downs of Trump. I never had high expectations beyond his revealing the GOP is fraudulent, Paul Ryan is a duplicitous liar, and that there really is a Government Party.

      Particularly the latter.

      Trump has had some serious unforced errors that his lawyers saved him from. But his great service is putting to lie the idea that the Government Party respects democratic elections that don’t go their way, and that our institutions are trustworthy.

  18. Do not underestimate the cucked electorate.. Austrian elections results just came in and anti immigration FPÖ is down by 10 per cent and far left greens up by 14 per cent. Greta Thunberg and other screaming lunatics turned entire Austria to far left. I predict that this another dumpster fire will not impeach Donald but he will be voted out of office because voters want to feel good. Certain group of people know human psychology and this is the reason for every day scandals. . We may laugh on those “snowflakes” but the fact is that last 50 years they got everything they wanted.

    • Juri—Spot on. Sad to hear. Am not surprised. I live it back here in Mormon country and see it stateswide. “he will be voted out of office because voters want to feel good.” Probably. Should he have another 4 years “Après moi, le déluge” then the roof caves in. Le deluge may be in 1 year….….Basic Husband often states that once we-The Boomers are out of the way, the young ones move up and move right into Socialism-totalitarianism. To me Greta is the new action face of the Nazi Youth. She’d sooner see me laid out dead.

        • Ha! There is no ordering Basic Husband. Nor ordering The Range. One patient kindly step at a time…such is marriage. Husband is a high desert and desert mining camp guy with a USGS map in hand. His idea of hell is being snowed in. We’re an hour from snowline. I keep gathering info on options as the tyranny grows. It will either work out for us…or it doesn’t. We shall see. You never know what a black or white swan event will bring.
          How’s the snow, Lineman?
          See you next late spring.

  19. Z – I’ve been reading you daily for two years now – but don’t you worry that you’re sounding like Sean Hannity? Maybe the left really is in the scorned “if i can’t have you, no one can” phase.

      • If you can figure out how to talk over yourself on the podcast, will have “Hannity” nailed. Have to grant the guy one thing, he’s succeeded way beyond his expectations and abilities.

        • It strikes me that Hannity started backing off when all he predicted didn’t come through on schedule. Now, a good part of the show is spent “bantering” with someone on the staff named “Linda” — like the show’s taken on a Glenn-Beckian veneer.

  20. I’ve long thought that Brennan and the CIA were the foundation of the Crossfire Hurricane, and that Comey was just doing their bitch work. Brennan seems like more of an evil ideologue who initiates subversion, Comey more a conformist bugman who compliantly goes along.

    Has the CIA ever actually represented the interests of normal Americans, or have they always been this rogue empire answerable only to themselves? Sure, they overthrew communist regimes in South America, but then even from the start they also assassinated Patton for having that same spirit.

    The world would probably be a better place in many ways if the CIA were disbanded, and it’s functions either discontinued or divided between the Pentagon and State. I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up more often, but I remember reading an article six years ago about how the DoD was beefing up the Defense Intelligence Agency and taking over more functions that really should logically have been there and not in the CIA from the start , and how pissy the CIA was about it. They couldn’t do anything about it, because he has the power of the DoD behind him, but they resented the strong leader behind this transfer of power – some guy who seemed on the right track but I had never heard of before, named General Michael Flynn.

      • RFF;
        And not just Brennan. Couple of dorm commies I kew in the ’60s ended up CIA. No FBI (like Comey the dorm commie) that I know of though.

      • @ Range Front Fault

        John Brennan is a double-whammy in that he is not only a communist, but a covert to Sunni Islam as well. As a younger man working for the agency and stationed in Saudi Arabia, Brennan was the object of a special influence operation by Saudi intelligence to “turn” Brennan by convincing him to become a Muslim, and therefore one of their own. The operation was successful, and Brennan has been one of theirs for years now. Why do you think Obama hired him? Answer: Because he had all of the “right” boxes checked off.

        After eight years of Obama,It is a pretty fair bet that the federal government at all levels is now thoroughly penetrated and subverted by Muslim Brotherhood moles of all kinds. It will take a rather big broom to clean up that mess, and a strong person pushing it!

    • Don’t forget that after Trump wanted Brennan’s security clearance revoked, his own staff “slow-walked” the request so that more than a year later Brennan still had it. (He probably still has it for all I know.) There are too many NTs on his staff.

      • Bingo! I remember the Slow Walk. Doesn’t that say something that we ignore and just cavalierly put Commies into top jobs.

    • Stumbled upon info lately (it’s all over the net; I just hadn’t seen it) that Brennan was on obama’s campaign committee, that he was in charge of seeing that no documentation got out about O’s past, that he both “cauterized” passport files and was on the job when the two men who had dug into those files were found murdered….

      And, that following all that, as soon as O got in, Brennan got a job in the WH. Oh, and that O spent 36.2 million his last year in office seeing that all his officials records, personal and relating to the office (while he was spying on PDT and before) were sealed.

      Remember how he put all the records into a “warehouse” right after he got out, planning to build a monument to himself, but not a presidential library, and saying all the records would remain locked up there “until they can be digitalized”? Now we know why he so badly needed them locked up. Before that, I thought it was “only” because of scandals like F and . And now to fint out Brennan’s role….

  21. In a weird kind of way these witch-hunts are what keep me somewhat in Trump’s corner. He has all the right enemies. It’s a given that there’d be no impeachment talk if it were some GOP patsy (think Jeb) in the Oval Office. Trump is no statesman but he’s done a phenomenal job of exposing the rabid sociopaths of the Deep State. A side benefit is that maybe some of our people are starting to see the light.

  22. Barr isn’t going to do squat, he’s a swamp creature like Sessions and will protect his fellow swamp associates. Really did anyone even think the senate would ever confirm an AG who was a real ass kicker and not beholden to the swamp?

    Trump is in a pickle. If Pelosi gets the House to vote impeachment and it goes to the Senate, McConnell has no choice but to let it. Given the GOP senate is mostly full of NeverTrumpers along with McConnell him, it does not look good for Trump.

    And don’t think the MAGApedes will rise up if he gets impeached. They won’t, They are just like the DR/CivNat types. They are fully vested in the current system just like Comey and all the other swamp creatures.

    • Rod….please tell me why McConnell has no choice and will bring impeach to the senate? Because he’s a swamp turtle?

      And who are the MAGApedes?

    • The only reason you are probably wrong, Rod, is because McConnell is up for re-elect next year. Otherwise I would agree. McConnell and Chao are corrupt as hell and the good folks in Kentucky might hear a lot about it if McConnell even has one defection let along almost 30.

      • McConnell’s constituents have forgiven him for many past broken promises. With the peasants, loyalty to their acknowledged master and the great guy syndrome is strong in them and they’ll rationalize again voting for McConnell.

        It’s like Sallust said: Few men want to be free, they only desire a just master.

  23. Had an interesting discussion with a major outlet journalist last night. Now opening it with “how’s your buddy Roswell Rachel doing?” was a poor word choice. But this guy is experienced and has been working on the banking angles of this story for a long time–and I know for a fact has come up dry. But it was weird, almost as though somebody on that side put out the Harfleur “once more into the breach” speech and everyone has put aside caution and curiousity to go full bore on impeachment. Much of newsroom has been redeployed to support the Democrats and there was zero interest in any of the contravening evidence. And again, this is someone that I’ve had very even handed discussions with in the past. Now it’s all in. Didn’t seem to have any appreciation of what happens when half the country thinks DC and NY has pulled off a coup or what the unpleasant next steps might look like. Even commented that Schiff’s opening comments were perfectly ok. Bizarre.

    • Ha! Roswell Rachel! So you discovered you were treading on thin ice, huh! Wow……that is bizarre indeed. This gives more information.

      The first thing I notice is their isolation-from-world bubble has contracted further. This journalist’s belief that Schiff’s asinine comments were okay reminds me of Z’s thoughts on pre-revolution and the complete disconnect of the ruling overlords to pick up the seething rumbling anger in the peasants.

      Saml….what else do you deduce from your conversation?

      • That there is a realization that this is the last chance. And every stop will be pulled out to try and make it work. What was funny is that the sorts of shenanigans that Biden’s kid pulled are this guys normal stock in trade, yet a complete willingness to turn a blind eye and pass off those deals as “ok” (trust me, sat through enough FCPA refreshers in my time–deals like that would have prompted a federally sponsored colonoscopy anyplace I’ve worked). Part of me suspects this is desperation–there are no other bullets left–and are hoping to goad Trump into overreaction and a mistake. Now this is also someone that I’ve fed story topics to in the past–but always careful to discern what was second hand and who the information would have to confirmed by–with the mutual understanding that it was interesting but not actionable without direct verification. Doesn’t seem to matter now. We are entering very, very dangerous waters.

        • I keep coming back to how they outed Trump’s personal assistant. They fed her information no one else knew, because it was nonsense they made up. When it showed up in the press, they knew she was a leaker. It’s an old school ploy that can only really work with a small group of people, which would have to include Trump.

          I’m wondering if they were not onto this whistle blower and fed the guy/gal fake intel. The only thing in the letter is the claim that someone told him/her about promises made in a conversation between Trump and Zelensky. The rest is stuff from the news media.

          The thing no one seems to be noticing is this whistle blower will have to reveal who it was who supposedly told them things outside of proper channels. The letter admits to illegal dissemination of classified information. If the person was a legitimate whistle blower, maybe they have some protections, but their sources do not. If the person is a CIA operative, then all gets are off.

          • “The thing no one seems to be noticing is this whistle blower will have to reveal who it was who supposedly told them things outside of proper channels.”

            Good thinking. By directing our attention, we shall be watching.

          • That came up. Assume the guy is talking to Congress next week and this thing goes dead in the water unless he gives up the actual sources. That should be interesting. Wonder if that ends up being Kavanaugh-esque with the “sources” claiming they said no such thing.

          • Dan Coates left as Director of National Intelligence August 15, and his hand-picked successor Sue Gordon left with him after Trump refused to hire her. The conversation between Trump and Zelensky happened July 27. It’s not a leap to think those things are connected. Those who had access to the transcript is known. My money is on Gordon leaking this through a third party.

            Here’s the nasty reality, though. Schiff obviously isn’t going to force the “whistle blower” to name the leaker, and his Republican counterpart in the Senate, Richard Burr, either is too corrupt or too compromised or both to hold a public hearing. It’s going to take someone inside the intelligence community to come forward about how this op came off, and what’s the odds there? Huge sums of money were grafted out of the Ukraine and it wasn’t just Biden lapping up that sweet, sweet cash.

          • Z;
            As added evidence for your view, look at how Trump mousetrapped Polosi by releasing the nothing-burger transcript just ahead of her House vote.

            Also, there’s the (apparent) Crowdstrike-Ukraine connection kryptonite stuck in there. Deep State be goin all Oh Oh (per some who might know).

        • “That there is a realization that this is the last chance”

          Thank you. You are a true gift here. Your acumen gives us vital analysis.

          • I just happen to be operating way behind enemy lines. And see things in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon way. NY is a surprisingly small place that way. No great acumen, but thanks for the compliment. May needs some SHTF advice someday.

          • Yea….great acumen. No false modesty accepted here. May the gods protect you behind enemy lines….and appreciation heaped upon you. Will deal with SHTF time should you come to that.

        • Saml;
          Agree re FCPA sloppy disregard now. The CP (corrupt practices) were what foreign (F) local dealer/agents were for, at least pre-Clinton. Apparently, under Obama, the Cloud Folk decided they could get away with cutting out the middle-men.

          I lay this at Obama’s feet. It’s the revised, no restraints, Chicago Way gone world-wide. Obama was a Chicago Way front man who, apparently, was too dumb to understand (along with the rest of them now) that it needed some sense of restraint for long term viability.

    • My take is that the indictments on the Dems are set to roll out over the next year, and the impeachment move is chaff to muddy up things. Pelosi is buying in because the Dems have no other choice now. The goal of the Dems and the media is to flood the zone with impeachment, so the soon-to-be-rolled-out evidence of Dem criminality is lost in the shuffle. It just might work.

      • Also believe there is not a lot of confidence in the current line up of candidates, Biden getting fragged is a plus and diverts the campaign discussion from the truly idiotic things the 20 dwarves have said on the primary trail.

  24. Dems are playing the AG recusing shit again. I’d say the chances of Barr recusing himself are near zero. Am I correct?

  25. I’ve always thought that a lot of what’s driving these impeachment capers is outright complicity on the part of that weasel Paul Ryan and “Cocaine” Mitch in spying on the Trump campaign. As I understand it, Congressional leaders of both parties are regularly briefed on the machinations of the intelligence community. As not only GOP leaders but majority leaders, Ryan and McConnell would have been in all these meetings. I think they were not only completely aware of the FBI and CIA spying, but they were actively backing it. They figured like everyone else in D.C. that Cankles would win, so they were sure that none of these dirty tricks would ever be made public. And since Nazi Pelosi was also in these meetings with Ryan and McConnell she knows that the GOP has her back in supporting impeachment lest they out themselves. That’s why I’m not at all sanguine about an impeachment trial in the Senate. GOP Senators would throw Trump over in a heartbeat if they feel they have a modicum of cover and as Ryan proved in essentially throwing the 2018 election Republicans aren’t even worried all that much about being in the minority.

    • The problem for McConnell is that he and Madame Chao also have well-chronicled histories of public corruption. Can he even be blackmailed on this point? I also have absolutely no doubt, if it could be done in secret, that upwards of 40 GOP senators would vote to remove. But even one or two defections will be met with fierce resistance from their voters and putative constituents.

      Again, even given the stupidity and carelessness of the Deep State, this has the smell of haste and desperation.

  26. No, I think this has to do with Brexit. The Elite have successfully canceled Brexit forever, by votes of Judges. This is symptomatic of our new Priestly caste rulers who depend on holiness verdicts from other High Priests, to preserve their hereditary priestly caste privileges to rule us descendants of warriors. And crush us with third world peoples. So they can rule as priests forever over a Third World rabble.

    Fundamentally this a Caste War among Whites. Nothing more and less. The idea is that putting this out there as an impeachment action will allow a suit to be brought before a Judge by someone in the CIA or elsewhere and the Judge will order Trump’s removal. That will be that. If the Judge is feeling frisky, Xe/Xir may order Pence removed and Hillary! installed. Hence Hillary! listening tour, getting out there, etc.

    Pelosi’s flip flop however shows that the real leaders of the Democratic faction of the Hereditary Priest caste are the various bureaucrats and non public figures, not the public officeholders. Pelosi is just a puppet, not a string puller.

    This CIA stitch up is pretty lame, there is no smoking gun and it makes Biden the leader of the Democratic candidates look sleazy and corrupt and worst of all, corrupt on a petty and stupid scale. He’s not even a massive big time crook. Now they’ve got the uber-librarian as their leader. Our Priestly ruling class is not very smart, its very stupid.

    Barr is a passive bagpipe player, Hes the Return of Sleepy Jeff Sessions, an elite creature who will never send his pals and cronies to jail. I see this more as the Elite deciding to cancel us Deplorables once and for all by a Judge. It fits their pattern.

    • Yes, we noticed this “rule by judges” in Canada before it happened anywhere else in the world.

      3 things stood out:

      – Supreme court decided that assisted suicide must become legal within a year
      – Women must be allowed to wear burkas during the citizenship ceremony
      – PM Harper is not permitted to abolish the Senate.

      This was in 2014 and earlier, I believe. So we got a taste of this before. Now, thanks to Trump (mainly) and now Brexit, the rest of the world is seeing that apparently the Judges rule supreme – not the people or the politicians.

      Very maddening, and blackpilling to see judges controlling everything… The Deep State failsafe. If something does slip past, the Judge will cancel it.

      • I’m not British, but I found it shocking that the UK “Supreme Court”, a body only created in 2009, can simply announce that the Monarch and her Prime Minister are answerable to them.

        Right up there with Marbury v. Madison…..

    • You didn’t vote right, Damn It! You wretched people will be forced to vote until you get it right!

    • “Pelosi’s flip flop however shows that the real leaders of the Democratic faction of the Hereditary Priest caste are the various bureaucrats and non public figures, not the public officeholders. Pelosi is just a puppet, not a string puller.”

      Spot on.

      “This CIA stitch up is pretty lame, there is no smoking gun and it makes Biden the leader of the Democratic candidates look sleazy and corrupt and worst of all, corrupt on a petty and stupid scale. He’s not even a massive big time crook. Now they’ve got the uber-librarian as their leader. Our Priestly ruling class is not very smart, its very stupid.”

      Again, spot on. Despite their stupidity, though, this has an indication of haste and desperation for whatever reason. Maybe they aren’t so sure about:

      “Barr is a passive bagpipe player, Hes the Return of Sleepy Jeff Sessions, an elite creature who will never send his pals and cronies to jail. I see this more as the Elite deciding to cancel us Deplorables once and for all by a Judge. It fits their pattern.”

      It very well may be a misplaced uncertainty because, again, these people are pig ignorant. The imported Third Worlders will turn into just more AOC’s and Omars in due time and get around to them.

    • “The Elite have successfully canceled Brexit forever, by votes of Judges.” No, they haven’t. As things stand, we leave the EU at 11.00pm on 31st October next. Of course, they are still trying to stop it and may yet succeed but it is by no means sure that they will.

  27. This rabbit hole has no end. It branches out in all directions, and it leads into every nook and cranny of the Beltway.

  28. Mifsud. That is an odd name to appear again. I can’t help it start thinking about the Vatican a little bit and how the Bergoglio surrounds himself with people that are blackmailable. If they get out of line and don’t agree with him dismantling the catholic church he can just bring the hammer down.

      • When you control the media narrative and your opponent is the feckless GOP, half of whom don’t like Trump, it’s easy to get careless.

        • It is a good point. One of the things that strikes me whenever I am in the Imperial Capital is just how insulated these people are from daily reality.

          • Yes, that is true. But, if they carry the day, as seems likely, what is reality but what most normal people have been led to assume it to be? I dread the present and future reality. The Soviet Union lasted only seventy years because something was standing in it’s way.

          • “The Soviet Union lasted only seventy years because something was standing in it’s way.”

            Chilling, but not to be too Pollyannaish, the United States really is fragile now.

          • Isn’t there something standing in “their” way? Really, I apologize because I can only think of the word, “they.” But you know, those MF’ers who a) don’t report the news objectively, as in the original job description, and b) the intelligence boys and girls who don’t do ‘intel’ without mixing in personal politics, which was against the rules, and c) every efffin rat like Ryan who went in without and came out wealthy.

            Naw, their ain’t nothin’ standing in their way. Even though I kinda’ get your point.

          • To be clearer about the point, the United States is internally weaker now than the Soviet Union was in 1922 when the last White elements were forced out. But, no, nothing institutional like a free press or honest judiciary is an impediment and there could be a horrible miscalculation because of it. In fact, that horrible miscalculation already has been made because the mistrust and disgust is irreparable. The usual go-to has been to start a war but a substantial portion of the nation now would embrace a humiliating defeat.

          • Who is the US’ Gorbachov?
            What is to prevent the Chosen from doing to the US what they did to The USSR?

          • I’ve wondered that as well. Inadvertently, Trump kind of is our Gorbachev only because he’s made the corrupt apparatus expose its ugly face. Someone, and I cannot remember who, wrote that the USSR at least didn’t hate the Russian people.

          • LOL.

            The USSR didn’t hate the Russian people?

            You need to go back and read the history books again. The Commie leadership absolutely hated the Russian people – they killed them by the millions.

            I recently saw a good article that talked about the commies – and it pointed out that in Nazi Germany – the average ethnic German had it pretty good. Hitler really did like the German people. Contrast that where Lenin and Stalin would just tell the secret police who the enemy of the day was – and they’d go out and start killing them by the thousands or even in the millions.

            The reason why the Commies hate the Nazis so much – probably has a lot to do with that one fundamental difference. And the reason why in the current day US it seems like the “elite” and the left in general seems like they hate the American people – is because they’re coming right out and admitting that they are a bunch of Commies.

            Whoever you read that said that the USSR didn’t hate the Russian people – had their head firmly implanted in their ass. Or it was {{{ propaganda }}}.

          • @ Calsdad

            “The reason why the Commies hate the Nazis so much – probably has a lot to do with that one fundamental difference.”

            One of the greatest historical lies of the 20th century is that fascism and communism lie at opposing ends of the political spectrum, i.e., fascism on the right, communism on the left.

            In actuality, classical fascism and communism share much more in common than they differ, and all of the important early fascists – including the single individual most-responsible for its founding, Benito Mussolini – saw fascism as the ultimate refinement of communism.

            The congruency of the two ideologies is seen in the seamless manner in which Stalin and Hitler became allies. They eventually became bitter enemies not because they were so different, but because they were so similar. Two scorpions in a bottle; only one can emerge alive and victorious.

            The Great Lie that fascism lay on the political right came about in the aftermath of the Second World War when communist propagandists sought to distance themselves from their wartime allies. Soon, this worldview was adopted by the western left and intelligentsia, and thereby it became established more-or-less permanently as “historical truth.”

            If the fascists had emerged from the war as the victor and their ideology spread as far and wide as communism, then perhaps they, too, would have had as much blood on their hands. Both the fascists and the communists proved to be rather adept at mass murder and genocide.

            Whether communist or fascist, the “true believers” of both ideologies proved more than willing to do the violent bidding of their masters. When the secret policeman’s boot is on your neck, and he is getting ready to give you nine-grams of lead behind the ear, it matters not one bit whether the hand holding the pistol is fascist or communist; you are just as dead either way.

          • Not the same. If you were a German in Nazi Germany, you didn’t have to fear the secret police coming for you. If you were a Russkie, everybody was at risk, and that was the terror weapon they were able to wield for compliance.

          • Not quite right. If you were OF the party they loved you. If you were NOT they ignored you with disdain. But might I suggest you pose the observation to the 30m dead for a reply?

          • >>>The usual go-to has been to start a war but a substantial portion of the nation now would embrace a humiliating defeat.

            An interesting conjecture cum thought-experiment.

            I spent decades as an enthusiastic supporter of the Republican Party and the Pentagon. At this point, however, a humiliating defeat of Imperial Forces would be more satisfying than alarming. But such a circumstance could lead to God-awful death and destruction. We will, I suspect, eventually see it.

          • China won’t tolerate neocon arrogance forever. Eventually there will be a severe foreign policy setback that suddenly destabilizes domestic internals.

            If America were a hermit kingdom like North Korea, there might not be anything to challenge the current arrangement.

          • The Soviet Union was also subsidized by the Western powers to a large extent. Both at it’s initial formation – and afterwards. The amount of military hardware supplied to the USSR during WW2 by the US was massive. And I don’t think they ever paid anything back. The USSR was also sustained by a huge cadre of spies within the US government itself. That supplied them with intelligence on political matters – as well as military espionage.

            The US has been pissing people off around the world for a good 100 years now. And the elites running the show are interventionist leftist a-holes who try to do shit like shove homosexuality down the throats of traditional cultures. This has built for them a deep well of resentment. That resentment will get spoon fed back to us once it appears that the US power is failing.

          • It’s a point you frequently make, the isolation of the Imperial City from those it rules. I didn’t get a chance to comment but the post you made while in St. Petersburg about the estrangement of the Romanovs from their subjects, who hated them, was spot on. The analogy to here is obvious.

          • My experience there was very brief, lasting only during my Dole campaign tenure, but I genuinely thought it was the most bizarre place I’d ever dealt with. The people, the rules, the gossip, it was all too foreign & off-putting for a rebellious Alabama redneck gal.
            I’ve never regretted not staying.

        • Yes. Basic lesson in life: People get careless when they’re used to getting their way. Seen it operate this way many times.

          Why did Billy Jeff screw Monica on the Oval Office rug? Because he could! And get away with it….he thought. If he’d gone to the Howard Johnson’s with her, it probably would have flown under the radar.

      • Excellent point, Z. With the possibly misplaced assumption these things weren’t intentional, our intelligence services missed the fall of the USSR and the 9/11 attacks, among other things. The United States has lost every foreign conflict it has entered, in the long run, since World War II with the exception of Grenada (we no longer can include the Cold War in the win/loss equation given how close the country is to being a Marxist tyranny).

        So the first failed coup, and this one, are the Deep State’s “A-game” as evinced by its utter failures abroad. If Barr in fact drags the state-sponsored terror and insurrection into the daylight, things will get hot very quickly. As you pointed out, Trump largely is peripheral. While I’m highly skeptical that our countrymen have the guts left to respond as they should to such revelations, the Deep State doesn’t share those reservations. As horrible as it is, the state-sanctioned murder of Clinton email leaker Seth Rich is only a minor footnote to what has happened in the last few years.

        We’ll either see key Deep State players turning up dead or its opponents disappearing soon enough. Both even are possible.

          • Barr presumably has concluded this is basically a life or death situation for himself. If he concludes his survival depends on continued digging, he’ll keep at it.

          • Barr could be covering up evidence as well as trying to ferret it out. I guess we will know in the fullness of time.

      • …but it seems they are willing to sacrifice Biden in the process…so I guess it must be something quite big they need to hide.

      • Are they just putting in minimal effort because they think Americans are to stupid, lazy or accepting of the status quo that they dont need to work that hard at it? Or is it one of your earlier premises that these people just aren’t that bright? The later seems hard to believe but I’m scratching my head.

        • Embrace the conjunction “and,” Penitent Man. The spectacle of Mueller testifying, and reporting on Biden’s activities in the Ukraine without referencing his well-chronicled, well, conflicts, shows a pig ignorance on the part of the coup plotters and the utter disdain they hold for Americans. They still are scared enough of their fellow citizens that new population has to be imported, however.

        • Its rarely Either/Or. Consider all of the above. And they’re used to getting their way. They get cocky and slip. Life is messy.

      • Yeah the Democratic party has turned into an anxiety creation machine. Every time they do something like this I assume that they actually have something because they can’t be so stupid just to put these accusations out there with nothing but it turns out they are that stupid. And that’s also largely why I quit reading drudge because he’s clearly a leftist and part of the anxiety machine. He just wore a good disguise until the 2016 election .

        • Given the media are state-sponsored propaganda outlets, they have a misplaced confidence people won’t find out, which is to say they really are that stupid.

          • My take is that the people finding out and talking about it have been so “othered” as to not matter. At least the media thinks we don’t matter.

        • Never assume the dims are telling the truth because “they must be” — naw, they will and have been lying for decades, at the very, very least. These days, always assume it’s another part of the ongoing coup attempt. My first thought is always, “Seriously? You’re still trying this?”

      • They really are included incompetent idiots. A competent police state would have co-opted Trump or failing that assassinated him. Fortunately ours is a passive aggressive feminized mess.

      • I assumed this was a kill two birds with one stone stuff. Take out Biden while covering for their no plan to make anything better for anyone in 2020, with the bonus of giving their people a renewed focus on the Bad Orange Man long enough for them to vote & not focus on how much the various client groups hate one another.

      • The forcefulness of the calls for impeachment, the constant repetition of bullshit until it becomes accepted as truth (and over time it will) and most of all the brazenness of pushing such a shabby case has the power to mesmerize the masses.

        It’s a huge, audacious, bluff that if pulled off quickly enough leaves middle America stunned into inaction. It’s a demonstration of the absolute power of the ruling class to do whatever they want and the normies will all stammer “bu..but you can’t do that” and helplessly look around for somebody else to do something.

        Most are afraid of losing their jobs, their homes, their reputations as “good people” to take any action including voting out their great guy politician. The normies will instead all point their fingers at each other for not voting out that crooked bum representing them then after some moaning and complaining, go back to watching sports on teevee.

        After some time, the normies will rationalize it by saying things aren’t so bad and maybe Trump deserved to be removed from office. He made so many mean-spirited tweets and said so many rude things, he wasn’t a nice person y’know.

        Then the lies will be accepted as truth: Trump was a Russian agent who stole the election when Putin personally stuffed ballot boxes across the country. Trump was out to destroy our republic and install an evil white supremacist naht-zee/fascist dictatorship which would have done all sorts of naughtiness and unspecified bad things and stuff while Putin evilly chuckled while twirling his handlebar mustache.

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