Materially Hollow

If you wanted to locate a point on the timeline as to when America began its descent into the current crisis, a good candidate would be when the Right decided to focus on economics over culture. While there is no specific day on which they made the shift, it happened somewhere during the cultural revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s, largely in response to that culture war. When the Right embraced fusionism, the die was cast and events would inevitably lead to the current crisis we see today.

Fusionism was the work of Frank Meyer, a 20th century political thinker, who was one of the founding members of National Review. In the book, In Defense of Freedom: A Conservative Credo, Meyer sought to unite libertarian ideas with traditionalism, into a new conservative ideology to oppose the Left. Instead of defending culture and tradition on their own terms, the New Right would use libertarian arguments to show that traditional culture was economically superior to socialism.

What happened to the American Right is it embraced the materialism of the Left, but sought to use those arguments to arrive at traditional ends. Rather than reject the hollow materialism of socialism and communism, the New Right would embrace it and celebrate it. Man was no longer a spiritual being operating in a material world, but a narrowly self-interested economic unit, who pursued his subjectively-defined ends in the most efficient way possible. Culture now took a back seat to economics.

Of course, what they were doing, even if they did not understand it at the time, was conceding the culture war to the Left. By shifting from a defense of culture and tradition on their own terms, the Right was no longer going to challenge the moral claims made by the Left. Instead of disputing the morality of Progressive reforms, the Right would put on the green eye shade and explain why those reforms were too expensive or upsetting to the economy. The Right became the accounting department of the Left.

Again, at the time, this probably seemed like a clever strategy. Post-war America was concerned about peace and prosperity. If you wanted political power, thus control of the culture, so the argument went, you had to win the argument over how best to achieve peace and prosperity. A political platform that promised economic growth and a foreign policy that promised peace through strength was the winning ticket. The Reagan Revolution of the 1980’s looked like a proof of concept.

The trouble was this could work as long as the general culture remained intact, ready to simply say no to the latest Progressive innovations. It turned out that 20th century conservatism was a free rider, living off the cultural surplus of post-war society. Like the Left, the New Right consumed this cultural surplus, but never contributed anything back to the cultural stock of society. More important, it allowed to atrophy the tools a people need to defend their culture and traditions from the Left.

By elevating economics over culture, the Right could just as easily justify left-wing assaults on civil society. The destruction of small-town America, for example, is largely a right-wing project. They are the ones defending oligarchical operations like Amazon and Walmart, that convert social capital into profits, draining the life from small town America. As long as it can be justified economically, the Right is happy to see these economic pirates raid your town and your neighborhood.

Think of it this way. For generations, social organizations relied upon local businessmen to underwrite them. The local church relied about its wealthy members to pay for the upkeep of the church and bankroll church activities. Local youth sports leagues were sponsored by local small business. Google is not going to pay for the repairs to the church’s pipe organ. Amazon is not going to sponsor your kid’s ball team. The price of cheap goods from Walmart was the spirit of your community.

This is why the cultural decline is accelerating. In the 1990’s, the mainstream of the Left snickered at homosexual marriage. A generation later and you get fired from your job if you are insufficiently enthusiastic for the guy in accounting, who recently started pretending to be a woman. The political Right has no answer for why this madness is intolerable, as they cannot find an economic argument suggesting it is too expensive or bad for global finance. They don’t know why transvestite story time is wrong.

When it all comes down to money, it means every man has a price. More important, it means his price will be at wherever the cheapest seller is at the moment. That’s been the story of the Buckley Right for the past thirty years. They are always ready to sellout to the lowest bidder, thus the culture war turned into a race to the bottom. The wreckage of Buckley conservatism is the result of a political strategy based on knowing the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

If there is to be a revival of the American Right, it must be a cultural revolution, not an economic one. An authentic alternative not only says Bob from accounting cannot wear a dress, but Bob cannot be in our town, as he is not one of us. We don’t tolerate men who wear dresses, because that’s who we are. An authentic alternative rejects economic man and embraces the whole man, who is defined by is community and his role in that community. Spiritual man must reign over economic man.

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236 thoughts on “Materially Hollow

  1. The financialization of the economy and sell your own mother if it means bigger quarterly profit started under Reagan and his economic mini-me, Milton Fraudman. Reagan was the most overrated president of the 20th century.

    Emphasizing culture over economics is called National Conservatism. Thanks to OrangeManBad, many ex- white Democrats have found a philosophy they can get behind.

    Kind of like Jobbik in Hungary. They do not give a shit if their quarterly profit dips by 20% if Hungary remains Hungarian.

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  4. “When it all comes down to money, it means every man has a price. More important, it means his price will be at wherever the cheapest seller is at the moment.”

    There is no better way to control the thoughts of others than economics: when people can be fired for wrongthink, they will not engage in it. That is why the left has gone — openly — from being anti-corporate crusaders to corporate shills…and why the left is happy to have the neo-liberal right join them.

  5. Golly Gee, Mister Z! It almost sounds like you’re making an argument for National Socialism…I know you aren’t…calm down. What a shitshow our political discourse our country, has become. I work at the globohomo cesspool called W******t and it is emblematic of the garbage dump the US has become. As I’m also a semi-retired boomer, I don’t have much time left, but there’s got to be something better. At any rate the US is finished…

  6. “While there is no specific day on which they made the shift, it happened somewhere during the cultural revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s,”

    I think it was the cultural upheaval of the 1960s. How could Conservatives continue to peddle a message of tradition and order to a generation that had not just rejected those things but had actively rebelled against them? Hence, the shift to muh free markets as a means of staying relevant and in the game.

    But that strategy has now run its course. As zman correctly points outs, you cannot stop drag-queen story hour by waving a spreadsheet around. We are the only people with the intellectual tools and moral energy needed to fight back.

  7. Not sure if o/t or not, but I’ve been listening to Leftwing radio all day. Even an interview with Dan Rather.

    My gosh. These nits sound exactly like conservative radio in 2000. I think they’re using the old scripts verbatim.

    Well shoot. Update. Their dinkies are hard, their panties are wet: “quid pro quo bribery is a high misdemeanor demanding impeachment”

    • I can’t escape this feeling of disorientation. For half my life the left scolded us for being paranoid about the threat of Russia and now they are screaming at us for collaborating with them. I’m dizzy.

      • Everything is situational and in the moment for them. They have adopted the shape shifting that is a part of the “anything goes” to get their way. Don’t apply your own standards and assumptions to people who don’t share them.

        • “Everything is situational and in the moment for them.” The official Leninist term is Dialectic and Historical Materialism as applied to Scientific Socialism.

  8. ” An authentic alternative not only says Bob from accounting cannot wear a dress, but Bob cannot be in our town, as he is not one of us. We don’t tolerate men who wear dresses, because that’s who we are.”

    Then you might as well give up. That battle has already been lost and you are making the classic mistake of fighting the last war. By letting the left have nearly complete control of the educational system, press and entertainment there is no way you can put that genie back into the bottle for a long time.

    The future is single females and they alone won’t stand for excluding men in dresses. Yeah I know you alpha hombres are going to show women what’s what but don’t hold your breath while doing it. Most men are desperate and will adapt to anything women pretend to want.

    Increasingly all men will be able to do is live their own lives in a way where men can quietly live by a saner code. You just can’t let others know what that code is. We are in a similar stage as the dissidents in the ussr or communist China. No one will be able to be trusted. Even family turns each other in.

  9. “Spiritual man must reign over economic man”.

    Amen, brother, hallelujah, praise…the…praise who now?

    Anyone recommend a spiritual leader?

    Our side, we think too much. Just go to church, dammit! Doesn’t matter much which one, so long it’s not political. No Unitarians, neither. Sorry all you U’s out there, but near as I can tell just a front group for Liberal politics.

    Theology doesn’t matter much either. It’s all a big mystery anyway. Just go to church. You’ll feel better. Fellowship, shared values, traditions, Christmas! sing together, get kids baptized, married in the church. Coach the church softball team. Pot luck suppers. All good. Good enough to build the most successful civilization in human history. Who knows, you may even become a true believer.

  10. By elevating economics over culture, the Right could just as easily justify left-wing assaults on civil society.

    And the assaults were principally against the family (no-fault divorce and free sex) which is the linch-pin of any civilization worth talking about.

    Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and *POOF* away goes the country.

    • All that guy is writing about is how he follows the whims of the moment.

      Which is exactly how we’ve ended up where we are today.

      There is no fundamental understanding of the history of the country – or the reasons why it came to be.

      With people like the guy who wrote that article populating this country – it’s no wonder there’s so many who are buying into the whole “diversity is our strength” bullshit – or sucking up whatever the next big government scheme is that the lefties are throwing out there as vote bait.

  11. “An authentic alternative not only says Bob from accounting cannot wear a dress, but Bob cannot be in our town, as he is not one of us. We don’t tolerate men who wear dresses, because that’s who we are“

    So that’s your “spiritual” approach, eh? So much for judge not, first stone, hate the sin, etc.

    Even the Athenians wanted to exile Socrates for what he did, not what he might do.

    Once you start criminalizing what someone might do sometime or other, you’re gonna wind up with a pretty boring community. Like Mencken, I’d rather live in a messy Athens than Salt Lake City.

    • James O’Meara:”I’d rather live in a messy Athens than Salt Lake City.”

      From someone’s comment elsewhere on the net:

      “Here’s something a lot of people can’t seem to get past: Freedom isn’t objectively good.

      While evil is in control, freedom from it is good.

      While good is in control, slavery to it is most preferable.”

    • What the hell else is government for but “criminalizing what someone might do sometime or other?’

      If telling Bob he can’t wear a dress is your idea of “pretty boring,”: you’re not pining for a “messy Athens,” you’re lusting for Sodom.

      Get thee anywhere but behind me, libertarian.

    • HamburgerToday: I actually went and tried to read the article, despite what I knew was going to be the case. The author goes out of his way to minimize the importance of demographics. Yes, he does a good job of articulating why control of the media and education = control of the generally ignorant masses, particularly the White masses, but then claims immigrants vote D because of media indoctrination, not cultural preferences or the very basic and simple logic of the gibs.

      Then he has the audacity the claim “the American Regime’s capacity to assimilate immigrants is absolutely awe-inspiring” and gives homage to Somali and Han leftists as innately “American” leftists . . . because muh indoctrination, not because of culture being downstream from DNA. At that point I couldn’t take any more nonsense and quit.

      tl;dr: Any policy prescription or attempt to even diagnose America’s ills that does not begin from absolute biological reality as the basis of all human differences ends up right where we are today: some form of proposition nation/civic nationalism where capitalism + control of the megaphone + the masses of third-world mystery meat dregs = Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Not having it.

    • You can’t turn back the clock of history, and even if you could, it would soon tick forward to where we are now. So what lies ahead?

      Short term: Leftism wins via memetic evolution, constantly selecting itself for greater virulence. Long term: Hundreds of millions of Leftists grow old and die without issue because their religion says DNA doesn’t matter. Racist, tribal, patriarchal peoples replace them.

      The memetic hare outruns the genetic tortoise but ultimately loses the race. Like the Shakers before them, Leftists will eventually run out of other people’s children to brainwash, and if they change their religion to support procreation, they’ll no longer be Leftist in any meaningful sense.

      Your goal should be to produce as many descendants as you can and try to inoculate them against the madness.

  12. “Spiritual man must reign over economic man.”

    That is precisely the strategy the Left is using.

    Then they offer gibs, the loot, to their mercenaries. “Virtue pays!”

    So if you want to get ahead, you will believe rightly, and “God will reward the faithful”, right here, right now. The evidence is right in front of your eyes.

    Living well by doing good.
    You can see it on TV!

  13. Every single time:

    Meyer was born to a prominent business family of German Jewish descent in Newark, New Jersey, the son of Helene (Straus) and Jack F. Meyer….

    He later studied at the London School of Economics and became the student union’s president before being expelled and deported in 1933 for his communist activism.

    Like a number of the founding senior editors of National Review magazine, Meyer was first a Communist Party USA apparatchik before his conversion to political conservatism. The experiences as a communist are reported in his book, The Moulding of Communists: The Training of the Communist Cadre, 1961. Meyer began an “agonizing reappraisal of his communist beliefs” after reading F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom while serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, and made a complete break in 1945 after fourteen years in active leadership service to the communist party and its cause…

    Meyer converted to Catholicism just before he died of lung cancer in 1972.

    “Former” Jewish Trot-Commie turned Crypto-Conservative-Christian Converso may as well be an alternative dictionary definition for Buckley-Con.

    • Long ago, a comment left me puzzled:
      “The neocons are actually Trots in drag”

      This was years before I had heard the term ‘kosher sandwich’.

      “his conversion…an agonizing reappraisal…”
      OMG, that is rich. That must’ve been bottled in ’69, an autumn bullshit overtone with hints of chutzpah and pomerade.

  14. Homo economicus, whether of the Left, Right, or No Fixed Address, is not who “we” are. Accumulation of wealth and material goods is legitimate on its own level (when pursued ethically), but the gifts of the Spirit — whatever that means to a person — must be there if materialism is not to corrupt.

  15. When a friend made this ‘economic’ argument to me a while back, my reply was ‘how very Jewish of you, how would you price your family members?’

  16. LOL.

    The assault against small town America began at least as far back as the 1930s during the era of the FDR administration.

    Before that – “small town America” was made up of real communities – the had churches and The Grange, fraternal organizations, and all manner of social mechanisms to tie people together.

    Toqueville noted this about America when he toured the country back in the 1800s. Americans didn’t need big government to take care of their needs – the took care of them themselves and formed, supported and sustained their own communities.

    When FDR came in – his administration sent government agents out across the country and setup storefronts to give away Fed Bucks. Those Fed Bucks basically sabotaged all of those community organizations, because now why would you go beg for money at the church and be beholden to their restrictions, when you could get MORE money from a Federal agent and not be beholden to anything but a voting lever.

    Once again – you simply refuse to track the problem back to it’s source.

    Which is why I have to repeatedly point out that what seems to be going on here is that you’ve got a whining board for a bunch of disaffected leftists who are peeved off because the darkies horned in on their socialism experiment.

    What America was and was supposed to be – was derailed LONG before the 60s and 70s.

    With diagnosis skills this bad – you’ll NEVER come up with a true solution to what is going down.

    • Families always learn this at the micro level. Gibs are for kiddos, in small amounts. Gibs to adult family members almost never work out well for anyone involved.

    • Localism can work when the local gentry put in the work and lead, and put their time and money where they live.

      I can think of two examples; where I grew up (and moved back to) and lets say an upper middle class white rural area in the great lakes region.

      1. Promote local business.
      2. Promote local events and organizations.
      3. Emphasize to all that mom and pop stores are rooted in us, not corporate HQ. Great example-health care. Mom and pop pharmacy and providers help your mother and aunt as champion stakeholders to negotiate insurance maze. Walgreens, CVS do not.
      4. Blue metropolitanism focuses on large urban markets; and ignore vast swaths of the Red rural geography- as I told my salesmen those pennies they disdain are OURS; pennies roll into dimes, dimes roll into dollars. Their snobbish neglect is our profit.
      5. A great example is local and regional SPORTS. No one is covering these games- oh wait, we are. Our advertisers kids and their clients kids play on those teams. The pennies are adding up.
      There’s more to life than money, but people respect business plans^OK?
      6. More to life than money; sit on local school boards- minimize vibrancy.
      No Section 8: Bad for business.
      7. Also sit on zoning boards- no vibrancy. When the landlords live local, know their tenants and also sit on school boards you would be amazed at the quality of life where you live.
      8. Support your local police. This also comes in handy for DUI turning into a ride home. For those of you with Drugs as a value I don’t know what to offer you this way, but then again your mistress allows you no room for the rest of life anyway. You actually should avoid the police. Vote Libertarian.
      9. School board and mommy as part time educator allows you to monitor and control content, OR ease the path for Home School.
      10. Join the Gun Club and ❤️ Fall in Love, LOVE the 2D Amendment. I don’t care what you believe. Join. You don’t want to be without this chair when the music stops. This _- THIS – is your ultima ratio civic organization, and it will happen. Also – you get actually mannerbund with actual Men. You’ll even get to discuss shooting vibrancy- its good for the soul. Not to mention the local cops and vets will get to know you as a good guy.

      Anyone can follow the steps above in any county that voted Red. Anyone.
      If you want to live Blue – this is not for you.

      Good luck.

  17. Cucked Christianity has no solutions and I say that as a Christian. However traditional Christianity does, if we can ever get back there?
    Feminism is one of the beasts destroying traditional Christianity.
    If we think about it Adam was a reluctant participant in the project. But unless Adam took the lead and directed the train the partner Eve was running it off the tracks and towards destruction pretty quickly.
    Women in their proper roles both inside and outside the Christian church are great blessings to both God and themselves.
    But put them in charge and you have a disaster led by idiots and Jewish merchants.
    Now called the USA.

      • Build one, or take it back.
        Our girls follow. Always have, always will.

        Make them a place, they need to gather.
        That’s what we do, that’s what they do.

        We need a place to gather too, though- that’s what’s missing.

        (The girls go where the boys are, a nice incentive. But both need their own treehouses, just next to each other.)

    • …But put them in charge and you have a disaster led by idiots and Jewish merchants.
      Now called – moralistic therapeutic deism

  18. Ther are some things that you cannot put a price on. Cost and price are different but in reality they can be the same. Tolerance intolerance nature nurture culture. You get more of what you tolerate. Some things should not be tolerated. Dissident realism understands cost. What was once thought to be classical liberalism libertarianism objectivism or any other “ism” or components thereof must always fall under the analysis of objective realism. Truth comes at a cost. Dissident realists have no problem paying that price. The price of truth is the same as the cost of truth. Or, is it? You cannot put a price on the culture of dissident right realism. It is priceless.

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    • is the email addy you gave correct??
      dutchhh@ ?? doesn’t show as a valid domain. doesn’t resolve,
      but it goes to

      I sent mail from my email
      did you get it?

      i’ll tell you the pswd later

      • I got your encrypted e-mail, but have no password. I believe the suffix(?) on the address is a spoof domain that redirects to an undisclosed actual domain. is legit, in this instance. The VPN provider is throwing a lot of tricks at the process to confuse and confound prying eyes, but I am a bit of a simpleton and not versed in the architecture or the terminology. I was a sponge for all of this stuff decades ago, now I simply ride herd and try not to get thrown.

        • as for tutanota,
          i think the emails i send/receive from each contact are stored in a seperate storage area at tutanota’s server; i don’t think the encrypted emails are actually sent to your email server. both of us would have access to that storage area to create/view emails.

  20. We’ve got a big square to circle. Namely, I think for a lot of guys, our journey to /here/ was through science, namely genetics, HBD, IQ, evolutionary psychology, statistically honest social science and demographics, etc.

    But at the same time, as you say, we’ve got to wrap that in a spiritual robe to make it psychologically satisfying and intuitive.


    • Working on it, believe me. Such promise.
      I fail you, my brothers and sisters, because too slow. Won’t quit, but so far behind.

      I’m an idiot. Trying to get to where I can recruit those better than me, which is everyone.

  21. “The price of cheap goods from Walmart was the spirit of your community.” Devastating line.

    The easy thing would be to just blame Wal-Mart.

    I mean, sure, they’re awful, in so many ways. But another part of the problem is related to what’s mentioned in this article: Wal-Mart is successful in part because a lot of regular people like to go to Wal-Mart; but they probably wouldn’t if they had more of a “spiritual education”–heck, even just a basic sense of social aesthetics.

    A lot of Europeans have a good eye for the horrors of America’s gross, giganticist consumer culture. The fact that we don’t have such an eye reflects poorly on us.

    • True. Yet those same Europeans who called Euro Disney a “cultural Chernobyl” were the same ones who opened their borders to the Third World.

      I wonder if they really have a sense of social aesthetics or if they just hate everything American.

    • Those Euros were correct, I asked my father who grew up during the Great Depression as a itinerant laborer about this.some years back before he passed away. He said the U.S. was not always like this but that it was something that came much later.

      I myself am old enough to remember small town Americana and our values back then were nothing like the grotesque corporate generated ones installed in Americans today. Even as late as the 70’s we still had blue laws on the books and the business district was all but closed on Sundays. Same with Christmas Eve and Christmas day, etc.

      And TV had not yet targeted children so they didn’t get poisoned by consumerism and Madison Ave.

      Architecturally small town America was just right. It’s schools had Grecian elements in it’s architecture which made them welcoming instead of todays versions which look like medium security prisons.

      Our towns were safe, we didn’t have to lock our doors at night or on our cars. Children could free range across town and the wilderness with no worry of predators and deviants.

      Things really began to change during the Reagan era and got progressively worse after that, especially in terms of corporate America targeting children and installing in them consumerist values.

  22. The Fusionist/Buckley Conservatives played lip service to cultural issues in the past, and even occasionally put up a perfunctory fight on an issue here and there. The primary reason for this, it seems obvious, is that they needed the votes. People who value culture above economics are fools to keep supporting and voting for these people.

  23. “The price of cheap goods from Walmart was the spirit of your community.” – And it calibrates itself to the economic units in the area. In a majority hispanic area, the announcements will be in Spanish, signs are in Spanish, and the cashier section is full of Telenovela magazines. These giant retailers are the rootless void where the country used to be. Don’t tell that to Ben Shapiro. He would say in his high pitched, clipped, jewey voice, “Save money. Live better.” Same thing the pill head Rush Limbaugh, and all the others. They’re all completely exhausted. They peaked in the 90’s. Even during imbecile W’s era they were wearing thin. The whole so called conservative movement needs to be mowed down and buried, the sooner the better.

    • It’s a perfect line. Society used to be personal. Sure, you had grocery chains and department stores, but even then those stores were unique to the region. Do I want Macy’s or Macy’s? No thanks.

  24. I think this misses a larger point. This was the time that Jews moved into right wing politics. They didn’t care about the culture because it’s not their culture being destroyed. It had the added bonus of destroying the most potent protection we ever had, which is the Christian churches. Again they don’t care because it’s not their churches.
    This is why empire doesn’t work. Foreign out-groups are not invested in the culture of the nation that becomes the empire.

  25. Excellent argument. So how do we get there (back to fighting the culture war again)? Will grassroots team building work in this era of cell phone addiction and mass media indoctrination? Pick out a random college undergrad and try talking some sense into them, see how well that works. if you believe the polls, Millennials are majority socialists now. As long as the easy life exists, I don’t think you will change many minds with either persuasion or scolding. Here’s a tip. There are no atheists in a foxhole.

    • We need to try, sadly though our tactics aren’t up to the task. See we need to offer them a viable alternative to conservative inc and socialism which we do not at this time. One thing cultural conservatives failed to promote since the 90’s was a safety net for white blue collars and the middle-class since most of them are one month away from losing their ass in the event of a layoff. Instead many bought Limbaugh’s cutthroat capitalism spin which now rings hollow among the younger generation who see there is no job security anymore, even for STEM grads.

      Look around you. Corporations are replacing Americans with Hindus and Chinamen to save a buck. These companies are willing to destroy America for profit. That makes socialism look attractive to many.

      We need to leverage that and offer a solution. We could base it on Trump style populist agenda(the one that he ran on, not the current Romney lite shit he’s pulling) to get some initial traction.

      • Building and forming strong family ties needs to be one of a multi-prong plan on social safety-nets.

        We can’t really help make up for previous generations, but definitely forming local community pockets formed around an underground church could help with that. Have weekly gatherings and encourage each other. Basically, to fix the social safety net is to go old-school christian on it (like ancient old school).

      • I’m all for building communities of like-minded people, and I also advocate for relocating to a small town where the quality of life is better and social trust can be earned firsthand. But we are not going to “save the world” with a “new” message and fancy rhetoric. Best to focus on self-improvement and prepare to weather the coming storm. False hope in an imagined recovery can be a fatal distraction because it stalls doing what must be done.

  26. I think part of the problem is that the Right’s objections to the Left’s cultural degradations too often relied on religion and the Bible as foundations. Many of us don’t care what your 2K year old text says. If you can make a secular argument for preserving certain cultural values, and I think one can, then I’m all ears.

    • That didn’t work for marriage. Every secular argument was rejected by the simple moral imperative of equality. Morality dictates the battlefield and morality flows from religion. Don’t fool yourself into thinking we aren’t facing a religion. That is exactly what we face.

        • Until you try telling other Christians, as I have, that nowhere does Jesus say we’re equal, nowhere does he condemn slavery or social hierarchy, and nowhere does he say prioritize the other over one’s own. Just as people don’t go back far enough to the roots of decay within the state, they also don’t go back far enough to the roots of decay in Christianity. Morality is one more meaningless term these days, even within the contexts of Christianity.

        • When *everyone* understands that free men are unequal and equal men are not free, then we win. DR types already know men are not equal.

    • “Many of us don’t care what your 2K year old text says.” Which texts do you prefer?

    • Do not throw that book away.
      It preserved more essential clues than you realize. Many, many more, more than any other source.

      We’ve only forgotten what they were actually talking about, and no, it’s not fables or magic.

  27. America began is descent into the current crisis with the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1913. He was very clear about his contempt for the US Constitution; considering it outdated and not providing enough powers to the Federal Govt (i.e., to himself).

    It was during his administration that the Federal Income Tax was implemented for the first time in US history. This gave the federal govt. the ability, over time, to fund the zillion federal agencies that now basically rule over the citizenry and has allowed congress to abrogate its responsibilities (by ceding this authority to the agencies).

    It was Woodrow Wilson that got the USA involved in WWI; a war that was none of the USA’s business and whose belligerents presented zero threat to the USA. It was just another round of the 1000 year struggle of Europeans trying to kill each other.
    Because of the US involvement, it established the precedent that the US was to stick it’s nose in the affairs of other nations and become the “policeman” of the world.

    Oh, and don’t forget, USA involvement in WWI turned that bloody stalemate into a “victory” for the allies and ultimately gave the world, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.
    Yep, some victory that was..

    • Didn’t the US join the war (and win it for Britain and France) on the understanding that Lord Balfour would sign the Balfour declaration?

      • Yes, that’s what brought in the war loan lenders, and their media agitprop brethren.

        Who won territory?
        That’s the purpose of war.

        Why, the brethren did, and went on for more.

    • Don’t forget the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which handed the supervision of the banking system over to the bank owners themselves, allowing them to place their own self-interest over all other considerations in the matter.

      1913 may have been the most consequential year in the 20th century, at least as the evolution of our form of governance goes.

      • I see the Fed Res as created specifically to fund the larger war, the taking of Europe.

        A raider’s base. That’s why the artificial 1907 Bank Panic, setting us up for 1913.
        The New York Federal Reserve District is a pirate’s den.

    • I don’t want to agree with you, because Wilson was a race realist, but I must agree with your overall analysis. (Wilson allowed “Birth of a Nation” to be shown at the White House!)

    • Prior to the 1965 Hart Cellar immigration act, we could have argued financial matters amongst ourselves. Now, the train wreck of exploding debt will turn into a race war approximately 6 seconds after the financial collapse.

    • Woodrow Wilson was a Princeton academic. Perhaps the really only true academic we had in American Politics up to that time. He was a race realist and was the beneficiary of a country that was still majority White and practicing Christians. So yes, he probably did believe there was a place for elites such as himself to assume more dictatorial power to “correctly” run the country. He might have been right. But of course, the problem is usually less for the first one of these ground breakers—it’s the sociopaths and grifters that’s inevitably follow them and assume such powers as precedent has provided.

    • Before George Will sold his soul, he had a great comment on Woodrow Wilson:

      “The Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist George Will made a startling assertion when he took the podium last year at a banquet sponsored by the Cato Institute, the libertarian think tank in Washington, D.C. “I firmly believe that the most important decision taken anywhere in the 20th century was where to locate the Princeton graduate college,” Will declared.”

      “The university’s president, Woodrow Wilson, then a high-minded political scientist who’d yet to run for public office, insisted that the new residential college be integrated into the main campus. But after a lengthy and bitter academic feud, in 1910 the university’s trustees and donors sided with the graduate school dean, who chose a more secluded location adjoining a golf course.”

      “When Wilson lost,” Will told the black-tie crowd, “he had one of his characteristic tantrums, went into politics and ruined the 20th century.”

  28. No. You continue to project Now onto Then.

    You have a present need to eliminate your RW enemies. Your method is to destroy their past.

    I kind of think that method comes from school, clearly leftist. Oh you’re not a leftist year zero fellow in mind, just by training and I suspect the Heart.

    I will stand witness to the past, I was around for it. I read the print copies of NR, American Spectator, Human Events. You sir are either in gross error or choosing falsehood because it suits you.

    The post applies to a narrow slice of the right, quite outcast at the times you mention and not dominant until Bush 43. The Libertarians were considered oddballs by cultural conservatives, who were the conservatives you defame.

    Yes at the time Capitalism was Trumpeted but that’s because we were fighting Communism. The USSR.

    Just because you don’t remember it does not mean it didn’t happen.

    As far as Conservative INC in the present – yes. Now is not Then.

    • So was I, my man. There was a network of gays around Reagan from the 1960s onward. These were “cultural conservatives” only in service to destroying the USSR, in order to make America free for homosexuality and the power of the Holy Dollar. Once it was gone, then you end up with people like Ted Olsen putting their considerable intellects to work in order to allow homosexuals to be married.

      This culture — this is what everything you’re talking about led to. The Republicans didn’t stop it, at all. Reagan-appointed judges, Bush-appointed judges…doesn’t matter now, does it? What was the point of it all, if it’s come to this?

      Fortunately, the younger people are going to toss all of that into the trash heap of history and move on. It failed.

  29. The Booby’s no fan of what Mr. Z calls Conservative Inc., but to be fair what we’re seeing arose at the time when the West, especially the US, was swimming in wealth. They had no good options.

    Traditional conservatism requires authority, discipline, and tradition. None of these things go over well with rich kids, which is what the Boomers mostly were.

    If you’re a woman you really don’t need a man to have a baby… so long as mom and dad can step in and foot the bills. If mom and dad aren’t rich enough, no problem, the rich kids on campus will create a crushingly expensive welfare state.

    A lifestyle of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” will likely keep you poor, or make you poor… unless mom and dad can continue bailing you out and fixing your problems.

    Rules suck. Rich kids don’t like them. Rich parents don’t like enforcing them. The Baby Boomers have actually turned traditional rules-based parenting into a sin. Anything goes has been the way since the 70s.

    Most of all when people are rich enough they worry about fashion more than tradition. The Left has always been the fashionable thing, and victim-worship has been fashionable with women since the dawn of Christianity. Once the good times of the 50s set in there was probably no turning back.

    Worst of all the end of WWII meant that anything right-wing was considered inherently evil. Even being centre-right is enough to get you labeled a Nazi.

    Conservatives have been fighting a war that was over before they even started fighting.

    The best way Conservatives can fight is to acknowledge the war has been over for decades. The Left loses its power once it becomes the ruler. It’s anti-authority by nature, just like the very first Christians. You can’t effectively rule using left-wing or true blue Christian ideals. You have to turn yourself into Rome sooner or later to effectively rule.

    The Left is there already with PC and SJW fascism. Lots of people are seeing it. They’re vulnerable. A crashed economy will make rule for the political class impossible or increasingly tyrannical. Either way they lose.

    We need to stop supporting the economy and keeping our countries going. It’s hard for people like us, until we accept the war is over. Now it’s time for insurgency.

    • Even Christ knew there had to be a Rome. “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” His message was targeted at individual souls.

      • Actually, your comment gave the Booby an idea. Why just stop supporting the New Left rulers of the state? Mr. Z’s article is about spirituality, after all.

        How many churches have betrayed their most serious followers today by kowtowing to political correctness and SJWism?

        The Booby read years ago that the head of the Anglican Church is full-on with the secular climate-change pseudo-religion. Anything to get on the state’s good side, eh?

        How many congregations will be falling over themselves during the next few years trying to be the first to get a transgendered pastor?

        Heck, even the pope is an Oprah-watcher now, it seems. If the Booby was Catholic by more than just heritage he’d be furious.

        People don’t need official churches to worship, just four walls, a roof, and a shared faith. Can citizens not form their own churches if the official ones are corrupt? It seems like it would be better than supporting and bankrolling religious leaders and institutions who are more interested in being PC than maintaining tradition.

  30. >Man was no longer a spiritual being operating in a material world…

    But this really wasn’t anything new. It’s is just folks taking 300 years to finally catch up with Thomas Hobbes.

  31. Ironic that the Vietnam war, which heralded the realignment of the Right in response, was a distinctly Left-Center enterprise. Unintended consequences and all.

    On another subject, I crossed personal paths with some of the Wal Mart Waltons, years ago. Their immense wealth had obviously turned their relationships with people into mostly purely transactional relationships. They seemed to be struggling a bit with it, but that’s how it was and is, and we all are jammed into the purely transactional, these days.

    • From time to time when I’m feeling low, I look up Alice Walton’s mugshot from her Texas drunk driving arrest. It always cheers me up.

    • I knew a younger guy who’d gotten extremely rich, suddenly, bought out by a megacorp after much hard work.

      We liked each other, this dude was a blast, a pure blue collar type, but it WAS a struggle.

      You’ve described it perfectly- “wealth had obviously turned their relationships with people into mostly purely transactional relationships.”

      So hard to ignore the money.
      So bored he had gotten a job, because he honestly didn’t know what else to do.

  32. You’re agitating for a metaphysical reformation … good on you for fighting the good fight, but I just don’t see it happening in a culture that’s converted – body & soul – to the religion of scientism. Scientism’s #1 presupposition is the manifest denial of metaphysics and its corollary – universal truth. Once that’s jettisoned all bets are off. We’re left with a chaotic material world and the pantheon of philosophies-of-despair that have devolved into an Americanized denomination of pragmatic materialism.

    There never has been nor ever will be a materialist philosophy that rescues man from despair or elevates culture beyond barbarianism. The conservatives and progressives can slug it out with words or bullets but that won’t change a thing until man humbles himself before Divine Providence.

    • So true, but until now Scientism has not been put to the real test. When that happens and Scientism fails—as it must because of human nature—the pendulum will swing back to a proper balance between Scientism and Religion. Both have a rightful place and differing strengths. I can live with that.

      • Unfortunately the “real test” is going to involve bloodshed … lots of it. Modernity thinks its safely escaped primitive barbarism, and its this hubris that’s going to make the bloodshed cataclysmic.

        I tend to think there is no “balance” between theology and science, because science is a subset of theology, not separate/distinct. We can’t do science without assumptions of logic, reason, and predictability, and we can’t have these things mutually exclusive of metaphysics. Metaphysics assumes a “prime mover” that transcends man, an “author” behind the science. Man can certainly ignore the metaphysical dimension that makes science possible, but that’s what scientism IS.

        • Capt, I don’t disagree. I contend that when science butts up to the metaphysical, religion takes over. Science’s biggest failure is to assume that it can always explain the “unknowable”—if not now, then in the future when more science gleans more knowledge. In the meantime, science always postulates “theories” and conjecture to fill the void. But these are not testable, so in the strictest definition—not science.

          People for the most part are ignorant of the scientific method, and more so of facts vs conjecture. They see around them all the marvels produced by “science” while being puzzled by the increasing social deterioration that befalls them daily. They reject religious, time tested principles, yet fail to associate such actions with societal consequences. Instead, they turn to science for answers, but these answers are not forthcoming.

          Soon, they must reject Scientism as the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge or pay the price of ”barbarism” and internal upheaval as you, Capt, so eloquently put it.

          • Absolutely – I get what you’re saying and agree. I just think the hierarchy is important … we have to get the metaphysics right in order for the science to be rational.

        • I’ve met their God, and he is really, really, big- just as a cloud is big.

          That doesn’t mean He’s One and Only, or the Source, or the Allmighty, or the Creator.

          He exists, good, the gods and Heaven and more, but their models don’t scale, and they are afraid of losing too much to ask.

          Not wrong- but not right, either.
          I am glad they work so hard on doing the best they can, that’s all any one can do for now.

          Yet, so much more is possible: Victory.

    • Scientism’s #1 presupposition is the manifest denial of metaphysics and its corollary – universal truth. Once that’s jettisoned all bets are off.

      Science is not necessarily coupled with materialism or opposed to Spirit. Those are perversions of science, which is a wonderful methodology for seeking knowledge in its own realm — primarily things that can be measured in the physical world.

      There is even an interface where science and spirituality can meet, in areas like psychical research, particularly paranormal phenomena and mediumship.

    • Buzz off. We are all humbled. We are all grateful. We all strive for good.

      The Adversary wears a mask.
      You and yours fall for it too, so don’t you tell me we must follow blind fools into perdition.

      “Scientism”? You refuse, REFUSE, to try to examine the ineffable.

      “Run away, run away, Daddy will fix it!”
      That was as much as we could do, it kept hope alive, it brought succor, it bought us time.

      It bought us the time we needed to learn enough.

      Now we stand! Here, our home!
      Stand and fight, damn you, STAND!

  33. Among other disasters of those years, the Right also wasted a decade, 1965-75, defending LBJ’s Vietnam War. Look at old issues of National Review. It was an obsession for old CIA hands like Buckley and Burnham.

  34. Seems to me there is no right wing constituency in this country. or any other country, thee days. so salvation will have to come from the left. a better left as it were.

    • Legacy Americans want social conservatism with a social safety net. Neither party offers this, although it is a winning platform, until the non-white flood drowns us. Trump campaigned on this platform, but governed like Mitt Romney.

      There is a constituency for our approximate beliefs, but no donor will fund it. As a former conservative, I never thought I would hear myself say this but: Get big money out of political campaigns!

      • I agree, get the government the hell out of many things—but how. As to getting money out of politics, or government out of charity, there are proposals, some even in effect in States.

        The one I like is to allow folks to assign funds to organizations, political and charitable, on their tax returns in lieu of making tax payments to the State or Fed’s. In short, instead of sending your money to the State and allowing the grifters/politicians to transfer such to their cronies, you decide who is worthy or not of your tax dollars. Of course, there are details not elaborate upon here, but the two big points are that such keeps the State funding reduced while not choking the charitable institutions than depend upon State and Fed funding for the majority of their “efforts”—whatever the hell those are, but that’s a digression.

        • I’d like to believe that local charities were sufficient to meet the (legitimate) needs of the poor, but I’ve never heard of it actually happening.

          Can you point me to any evidence that private charities were, at one time, meeting the needs of the community?

      • As already posted in this thread: There used to be community based social safety nets in this country. They were basically run out of business by the Federal government.

        The problem that the left had with community organization based social safety nets is that they can’t be used to adhere voting blocks to the Communist party.

        Social conservatism is enforced by having to go down to the local church to feed your children – and being told that if you have any more mystery meat children, your ass is not going to any further payments from the church’s benevolence fund because the parishioners are getting sick and tired of supporting you breeding with the “inner city” portion of the community.

        • The social service system failed entirely when the US was around 90% European and that had nothing to do with out of wedlock birth, miscegenation or anything other modern malady.

          The Great Depression did so much economic damage the private social safety net failed.

          The State however can distribute resources anywhere and in nearly any amount as needed for avery long time.

          That is the reason that basically no one in the developed world wants to get rid of the social safety net. Its works

          Looking at life expectancy, socialized medicine works too.

          We may not be willing or able to implement such a thing in which case we’ll just end up with other problems but sans immigration and with some sound laws, they work fine.

          Regardless you aren’t getting cheap social capital and may not get another religious revival of the kind you want in modernity so be prepared with an alternate and don’t expect the percent GDP of State (currently over 40) to go anywhere but up.

          • “ That is the reason that basically no one in the developed world wants to get rid of the social safety net. Its works”

            I’d disagree, no it doesn’t work. It creates more and more dependency. Socialized medicine the same. Where the system fails is that it can not sustain itself because it reduces human restraint and caters to the worse in all of us, which is parasitism.

            In the end, the money always runs short and rationing is required. Look at any socialized medicine example from European welfare States and you’ll find such examples readily. Families on the dole from cradle to grave are not uncommon, either.

            When I needed a CAT scan, I was in the hospital within two weeks of diagnosis. Try for that timeline in most socialized medicine countries. A few months delay in such diagnosis/treatment can mean your stage 3 cancer is now stage 4 and untreatable.

            How can we say our social safety net is working when we are in deficit to fund it at the present time and the future deficit is estimated to be in the trillions of $$$?

            No one should be allowed to die in the street because he lost his job, but neither should everyone else be denied the best care they can obtain in order that all people are treated equitably. Medicare for all comes to mind here.

            Socialized anything always amounts to taking from the “top” to distribute to the “bottom”—and the top is you and me and never the gazillionairs. Never.

          • I’m probably poor enough to benefit from social democracy not to pay for it. If I had a 6 figure + income I might feel differently.

            And yes there is truth in what you are saying but at least in Europe no one wants to be rid of the social democracy they have,

            It’s far from perfect but it works for them.

            Also to most people, everyone or nearly everyone has to wait is far fairer than ‘a few people get good service, everyone does without.” especially when it comes to medical care.

            Fairness is entirely relative and the vast bulk of people abhor social darwinism.

            In the end though, if you get rid of the current social contract without something like lifetime full employment you’ll have massive amounts of trouble.

            I’ve seen it not far from me with an engineer having his skull crushed by a homeless man ambushing him. Hanging that guy, not that we would, has no effect.

            This is not a society with free religious capital and you can’t threaten homeless crazies and drug addicts with hellfire.

            You have to find and either kill or incarcerate them which costs big money and makes the State bigger

            In social darwinist society all those people feeling put out and they vastly outnumber you will have no reason to have any social comity or respect for whatever rights you think you have,

            This leads to massive amounts of , a police state or violence , sometimes all of the above.

            The only way out is to essentially eugenics. Make sure they poor and dysgenic don’t breed. Only way that happens is more State.

            if you cut them off, hey this will save you money till welfare gets jammed down your throats but if you prevent it gangs and cartels will gladly take over.

            You can’t win this. To do it on the cheap you need to have stable families ,stable jobs and a stable moral order and our late stage capitalism opposes all these things

          • The US may have been around 90% European, but a huge proportion of that 90% were immigrants and the children of immigrants – accustomed to more government control and demanding more government support. Italians, Irish, Jews, Germans, Christian Lebanese, Czechs, Russians – take a look at a 1930s census page. The social service system failed because these people had never been self-sufficient – they weren’t the same people as those that settled the open spaces of the continent.

          • But they were still White. They could adapt, and had known thriving civilizations of their own.

            Europe has always been multicultural.
            The current definition used to be called war.

          • AFAIK you don’t have a time machine and an ability to put the Know Nothings into power. So whatever society you want to build you’ll have to make around the people who live there now.

            Certainly you can remove groups that don’t fit in but minarchist/libertarian types make up a tiny percent of the population, maybe enough for a couple of states in the Midwest

            Thus you are stuck with the rest.

            In terms of a welfare state . technology and money play a huge part too

            Figure it it takes roughly 18 years steady income to bring a child to adulthood and if people don’t have said income , they can’t have children

            If the income stream is low, they child also can’t become an independent adult very easily and expecting them to scrimp and save so the rich can own everything isn’t going to fly.

            Early America had loads of opportunity to build a stable future, Modernity doesn’t and this lack as much as social changes are why the US fertility rate per woman of childbearing age is at an all time low.

            Fewer people c afford kids and many don’t want to bring them into a nation with a hollow culture and with a guaranteed worse future

            You must have ore economic opportunity and less oligarchy or the US stays low fertility or becomes Socialist and/or African

            This isn’t a new problem The Great Depression era had a very low fertility rate and it took roughly the destruction of during a war of socialist powers in Europe to bring it up for a few decades.

            Right about the time of the oil shocks, low and behold the population went below replacement in the US.

            If you want babies in modernity, which is basically 80% urban, you had best pay for them .

          • The Creditanstalt of 1931, breaking the Austrian banks, was the banksters’ salvo that broke the Eurosphere’s entire trade system, including America’s.

            The banksters Weimared us.
            They had gained the Heartland, Russia, and launched an attack to cripple the West.
            They were coming for more, and got it.

            War without weapons- because the cattle will do the fighting.

        • Exactly right Brother…There was duties/responsibilities on the person who was getting charity locally…Now there is none and if they do want drug test or anything everyone raises holy hell…

          • Duties and responsibilities are very important

            Still it does no good to have say a work requirement when no one is hiring or that they replaced the low skilled clerk with a kiosk.

            A lot of moral policy is pre automation or built on the assumption there was always work, something that was not true as far back as the middle ages

            Also it comes with a caveat that there needs to be some means to deal with people too brain fried to function at all.

            Mental hospitals properly funded and inspected.

            This gets expensive but the net effect is you have three choices

            massive public poverty and instability, a big state or a system by which there is work for people who need it.

            This conundrum is while as absurd as it is, old tyme liberals and hell some new ones want jobs for all.

            You aren’t getting out of paying for society in modernity and as you build more complexity the cost goes up till it can’t and catabolic collapse ensues

            We are already into the collapse but there are things that can slow it, the responsibilities at every level of society , homogeneity and of course better policy.

            Good luck getting any of that.

        • How it was done in the old days:

          The husband, suspecting her pregnancy wasn’t his, put her on the train to Kansas City. There, in the train station, a Catholic priest saw this penniless woman sitting alone, and took her to the Church house for single mothers. (No black pimps were present, because they would’ve been… dealt with.)

          The women were safe, had small work sewing and baking, and their babies would not be abused or neglected under the watchful eyes of each other.

          Orphans? Mom raised 12 of them, left on the Church steps by destitute parents during the Depression, until the city dads vetted childless couples or families glad to take one or siblings in. (She got the yellow letter for 8 of them in the War. But those childless couples had found such happiness, for a time, turning their sad lives around.)

          The poor? Some farmer with a large, empty farmhouse, would provide a place and work until people and families were back on their feet. The ‘poor house’ wasn’t luxury, but it was always there, with many returning to visit fond memories.

          We did it on our own.
          White folk didn’t need anyone’s help.

          • Exactly what I was talking about.

            Lefties constantly talk about the “past’ as if everybody died in the streets and there was nowhere to turn if things took a turn for the worse.

            As you pointed out – there was, but in this day and age those things would be “unacceptable” to the vast majority of grifters demanding a “support system”.

            Which pretty much backs up the point: There was vastly more “community” – coupled with actual responsibility – than there is now in the current modern age.

          • The unwanted children problem is why I’m pro abortion and pro birth control. I’m even tepidly pro porn since it reduces rape , promiscuity and use of prostitutes.

            Throw in some sex ed and it’s the problem mostly solved.

            Dealing with the ghetto kid/baby daddy issue would require reduction and eventual ending of the welfare subsidy for kids but in the end you’ll still have some of them.

            Maybe the welfare homes will be cheaper.

            You are not getting out paying for it with your taxes though. The days of moralists freeloading on religious social capital is over.

      • Corporations are people too. Sure your elderly Aunt Myrtle has to eat cat food to stretch her Social Security check to the end of the month but you think Google has it any easier. Times are hard for everyone.

        • Judge Smails, Aunt Myrtle is eating filet mignon while traveling around in her RV with its bumper sticker proclaiming “I’m spending my kids’ inheritance.” Sorry, but the myth of the elderly subsisting on cat food, which dates back to the Reagan years, really bugs me. The one big vacation my husband and I took, back in 1991, we were the only folks under 60 anywhere we went. Everyone else was the ‘needy elderly living large on their social security.

          • Even the maximum benefit , under 4k is not living large in most places affluent seniors are far from the majority.

            Now Boomers did better than X, Y and Zed economically but until money cucks, libertarians and looters are gone from power that will be the last prosperous generation.

          • So where is all the wealth of the Boomers going? Up in smoke? To be buried with them? No. It will go to the next generation, mostly the Millennials. Even if Boomers are spending it now, that money circulates in the economy.

            Bloomberg had an article awhile back predicting the largest transfer of wealth ever to occur in this nation upon the death of the Boomers—$42T, later revised to $62T! That’s basically happening now and will be complete in the next 20 years.

            But the prediction of future generational prosperity getting harder and harder is real, but it has more to do with the Gazillionairs selling out the country and the resulting radical concentration of wealth in the top 10% or so of the population.

          • Most Boomers literally spent the kids inheritance decades ago and saved like grasshoppers.

            This kept the economy afloat for a while but that money is long spent.

          • Those Social Security IOU’s are being spent on Empire and aliens, not providing seed corn for young Americans.

            Well, they are being used to build out future income streams- the kind that serve an empire of aliens, though, not us.

      • In the political quadrants of fiscal and social liberalism and conservatism, the least populated quadrant is “fiscal conservative social liberal.” Social conservatism and fiscal liberalism is much more popular. A little-credited positive of the last 10 years is that Millenials and Zoomers have little to no regard for the socialism vs. capitalism red-blue dynamic that sucked up all the O2 in the debate from the 90’s throught the 00’s.

      • Spot on, it would be as you say a “winning platform” and ought to be part of any DR recruitment drive. We need more than just HBD.

        That said there is no chance in hell that a social safety net for blue collars and middle-class would ever be promoted by the donor class because they want us dead and gone.

      • “Legacy Americans want social conservatism with a social safety net.”

        That’s it, that’s it exactly.
        Bismark, the genius who unified 1500 Germanic fiefdoms into a Nation, did so that the state might serve the people.

        Not any people. His.
        Let the others copy our successes, whether our religion or our governance, but they must make it work or fail on their own.

  35. For me, this is one of Z-Man’s great contributions to my journey to the other side: Understanding the New Right’s lack of humanity. To Conservative Inc., we are all economic units, widgets. (The same is true of Communism, which is also inhumane.)

    But Z fails to follow his logic to its final destination. Where will we find that inner spirituality, that inner strength, that willingness to fight and lose everything regardless of the odds. My guess is that this can only be found in religion, Christianity for whites. Z wants a cultural revolution, but I’d argue that’s impossible without Christianity.

    And I say this a person raised completely agnostic and who has been maybe a couple of sermons in my life, i.e. I’m not a Christian.

    • I remember reading about a European monarch. French I think, who converted to Catholicism to take the throne. He said that France is worth a few sermons.

      Regardless, maybe it’s time to consider joining a based church and fake it till you make it, so to say.

      I kinda took the leap to orthodox christianity and I’ll be damned (gulp) if some supernatural stuff didn’t happen that converted me for real.

      • It was Henry IV: “Paris is worth a mass.”

        I have never found a church I could wholeheartedly subscribe to. Many have their good points but there seems to be always something that stops me from joining, even if I attend services. For example Quaker meetings seemed fulfilling, with their silences and lack of sermonizing. But I eventually came to suspect that some of those who spoke “spontaneously” when the Spirit moved them were too glib and had been rehearsing all week. And of course being a Leftist is unofficially required for Quakers.

        If you find a church that feels right (not just for socializing), then great. But I suggest not waiting for that if you don’t. It is possible to develop a personal relationship with God.

        • Embrace the healing power of “and”. Find a church that teaches mere Christianity. (CS. Lewis can help with this if you are not sure what it means) Don’t worry about the other stuff it gets wrong. AND develop a personal relationship with God.

          At the church don’t worry if you miss a few sermons, but pitch in and find ways to serve. Take the jobs no-one wants that you c an still do pretty well. Attend the necessary meetings that no-one “has time for”.

          How’d you think the bloody Marrxists made the Long March work?

          Bonus: You will probably meet at least one or two other families with whom you can gather for private “church” meetings at home.

    • ” i.e. I’m not a Christian.”

      If you were you’d see that what you are asking is an acute case of “be careful what you wish for”. Christianity in its current incarnations are somewhere between toothless / gutless and full blown aiding & abetting the enemy as in the case of the various church organizations actively importing 3rd world savages into the wintry northern communities. See Maine & Minnesota as a prime example.

      The term Christ-cuck did not form in a vacuum like much of the other witty DR terminology. Now, that being said, if you mean a return to the Christianity of Richard the First, the Lionheart circa 1189 AD, that is an entirely different matter. To that I say, Deus Vult! But getting from the rainbow flagged congregations full of box wine drinking cat ladies who happily import their own ruination to Knights Templar? Good luck, you will definitely need it…

      • I’ve come to see the Christianity question as I do the Nation question.

        Which is that there is a Nation and then there is a State, just as there is Christianity and then there is a Church.

        • Prior to somewhere in the 1890s – in the United States we had at least the semblance of a nation.

          After say 1913 – the State started taking over completely. Politics have been used as a means to roll more and more of the nation into the control of the state – for as long as I have been alive.

          If you want to get back to having a white NATION – then you’re going to have to roll back to AT LEAST say 1913.

          All of the people who think the problem started in the 60s or the 70s are simply not paying attention and are simply cucked onto an earlier version of the state that had a semblance of working for white people. They ignore the fact that they’ve been paying the maintenance costs for obsolete farm implements for decades before the 60s and 70s – and were totally buying into it.

          Go talk to somebody who lived in this country in the early 20th century – and HE would likely tell you the country has hopelessly gone down the shitter from where it used to be. My grandfather used to talk about exactly this.

          • Freedom obsessed Libertarian types have no place in a Dissident Right society and ought to move onto greener pasture like Somalia where they belong instead of leaching off our social capital and good order

            Any attempt at a rollback will last until it hits modern technology. Hell people in the US welcomed the big state in the form of the Pure Food Act because it meant the milk you bought your kids was you know actually milk and not chalk.

            We are far more civilized these days and given a chance we’ll fill it with melamine or do as the tobacco industry does and slip in a little radioactive waste for extra profit

            A non Christian, fundamentally dishonest nation of grifters cannot have a really small state and our technology precludes one anyway.

            Conservative and urban society cannot tolerate extreme levels of inequality or job instability or a focus entirely on money. And note the US will not become massively less urban under anything but a total collapse and mass dieback scenario without heavy regulation, probably too heavy for good order.

            I don’t know if you understood the article but a cultural war comes with a real price tag, in the form of regulation as needed for a stable economy and a healthy culture.

            Mass repatriation, blue laws and other regulation, and minimal immigration hell no economic migration is part of the price you’ll pay.

            You will have less economic freedom than you do know though hopefully wasted taxes and fees can be dealt with.

            Regardless, culture or money. Choose one and choose wisely.

      • Thanks to Martin Luther, there are a plethora of congregations to choose from—not all are imbued with the concept of pathological equalitarianism. True, far to many are concerned with getting butts in pews and therefore are all too willing to compromise time honored wisdom of the Bible. But many are small and like thinking. Indeed, I had a long talk with a pastor of such a “church” this weekend. His congregation, 29 souls. Their meeting place, a congregant’s home. His plans, to buy a home in the neighborhood and convert it and grow from there.

        OK, this is an extreme example. But is it really different from what Z-man suggests, i.e., we should all seek to develop small cadres of like minded individuals who will be prepared to contribute to the cause when the time comes?

        • Congregations seem to crave the ownership of property in which to practice their faith. They become captive to the property and to paying the bills on it, just as families often do with their own homes. Practicing your faith in someone’s home seems to be ideal, in my view. It builds community and hospitality, it allows the congregation to evolve in time and place as necessary, and allows it to more easily go underground, should the circumstances call for it. Also, the taxation of non-profits becomes much less of an issue, if there are not assets and infrastructure to tax. The practice of faith needs to strip away the trappings, not add to them, in this day and age, IMHO.

          • The aspect of having a meeting place of sufficient size was once handled quite nicely here where I live via the “renting” and use of public school facilities. The general activity areas and cafeterias and parking lots were perfect for such “events”. The schools benefited from the extra funds as well—albeit one could argue that we, as taxpayers, were already paying for such use.

            I attended Easter services at such a long time ago. Do I need to tell folks what happened to such “religious” use? Who brought suit and public pressure to eliminate such use? Didn’t think so.

          • 😉 I didn’t keep track—at that time I was a “Normie”. But those who squawked were certainly aided by the (((legal foundations))) known to us all. Sigh.

          • Yup, and the kids played ball on the fields.
            All fenced off and gated now.

            So that’s how they broke the fraternal benefit societies. Chased them out, demanded liability insurance, and took over their functions, demanding that local employers buy the government-licensed cartel product instead.

            They broke the chain of apprenticeship- males teaching males- and of females teaching females how to run the support functions.

            The Mormons and Adventists kept such self-industries, shops for canning food, for instance, and resisted the pozz until their leaders got rich and connected. Still, much remains. The Catholics used to build schools and hospitals, and even their mafiosi contributed. (That’s why Chapo Guzman is loved, he did the same.)

          • Amen to that. Their IRS status has corrupted their nature.

            The Christ overturned their tables because they were cheating their customers and using the church stalls for animal auctions.

            Those temple shekels were meant as a landsbank to build local commmunity, and to feed the flock in hard times. Instead they were buying corrupt judges.

        • Compsci, different? No, those home-based congregations are all over the country, and and have always been a big thing in the South. You can take also any back road in Georgia and see a dozen tiny churches the size of broom closets in the next mile.
          (It’s also a Black thing. I live by a number of those humble neighborhood churches- all shabby, all still open.)

          We must learn from the 1st Century Christians. These culture cells is how they did it, and they faced truly dire hostility from the Sanhedrin and their bought-and-paid-for Roman politicians.

          • I count Nero, the 666, Septimus Severus Sextus, his burning of Rome’s slums to build Neropolis, as a Jewish gentrification project. His Scribal lenders had helped invent the mortgage in Rome; his slave-Merchant sponsors, rich from supplying labor for that Roman invention, concrete, and the building trades, wanted something to invest in.

            They’re doing it today in Harlem. (And their 30 year mortgage replaced our 6 year mortgage.)

            Our ancient opponents repeat, repeat, repeat.
            Thus their record of strategies, the OT and the 10,000 books of Torah- they never stopped writing the bible- is a strength (a thick playbook), and a weakness (predictability).

      • Agreed that much of what I hear from Church goers sounds disturbingly cucked and almost suicidal. My point is that we’re facing a deeply religious foe – followers of the Church of Equality and Jews (I don’t care if they’re secular, they still believe in the greatness and protection of Jews.)

        I don’t know if a secular people can defeat a religious people if they’re equally matched.

        • “Equality”…the effect of the word on the general population reminds me of the star trek episode where the boys end up on a planet with a computer that controls the society. its all Prozac fine unless you are witnessed using the wrong attitude and words (sound familiar?). As a pressure relief, the townsfolk occasionally spend an evening here and there, going completely nucking futs. of course, J. Tiberius saves the day by confusing the digital overlord which soon releases its operating smoke. Among others, P45 appears purpose built…it’s a mad, mad, mad world.

    • The average white person has a great deal of spiritual rot, and bad secular ideas in their heads. It’s likely that no Dissident ideas can even penetrate this programming, unless the programming is removed first.

      Christianity is not the end in itself, but it is useful in removing the “Worldly” programming. It replaces societies’ bad ideas and promotes new ones, such as family formation, rejecting hedonism, focus on community etc. Once whites’ adopt this more healthy mindset, they will naturally reject certain things, notably around black culture and other sinful things.

      The biggest thing Christianity removes is white guilt. It replaces it with mankind’s guilt – we all have it and through Jesus we are redeemed. We are no longer shameful people, because of His work on the cross. With this burden lifted, it’s much easier to live a normal life and could quite easily transition into redpilling and Dissidence. It’s NOT shameful for whites to demand respect. It’s NOT shameful to want our own communities.

      • Watch out very hard for fake Churches, though. Real, Bible-believing Churches still exist, but may be rare. Look out for the false ones from the left (United Church, Episcopalians, etc), but also the false ones on the right, such as Paula White, other big business or neo-Con pastors. A good litmus test is:

        – what is your view on female pastors? (A: no. Just no.)
        – what is your view on homosexuality? (A: marriage is between a man and a woman, all sexual activity outside of these parameters is sin)
        – Do you believe in preaching the Bible, and Biblical values unabashedly? (A: yes)

        And look, yes there will always be some bullshit at every institution. But if the church follows these 3 things it will probably be okay. You don’t have to follow what the preacher says 100% – we are humans, not Jesus. Use critical thinking skills, and total agreement is not necessary. But yes, Christianity can help us for sure.

        • I have to disagree, UFO. Absolutely find a church that does not believe in female leadership or sodomy, but by that definition there are quite a few “good” churches . . . which are still pozzed by a belief that “we are all brothers so prioritize the children of your ‘brother’ in Africa over your own children over here.” That’s not what Jesus said, of course, but modern American Christianity is fundamentally unsound, even if some of the trappings look legit.

        • UFO- one big, huge weakness to be watched for:

          The Third Temple. Are they eagerly awaiting it?

          They don’t realize the Adversary got there first, as he said he’d do. What, do they think he’s stupid or something?

      • UFO,

        Yes, this is how I view the role of Christianity in our struggle, or, at least, it’s potential role. Again, I’m a complete outsider to religion. I’m simply saying that we’re facing foes that have a religion – followers of the Church of Equality and Jews (even secular Jews believe in the greatness of and need to protect Jews).

        It’s tough for a secular people to match wills against a religious people.

        • It’s tough for a secular people to match wills against a religious people…
          That’s because secular people only believe in what they think is right so there is no unity of purpose…

      • “The biggest thing Christianity removes is white guilt. It replaces it with mankind’s guilt – we all have it and through Jesus we are redeemed.”

        Now THAT is what I call a bridge. A message that goes right over the river of pozz.

        Christ redeemed the white people too.

        • Yeah, modern (((leftism))) is just a secular perversion of Evangelical Christianity.

          How is that for a slogan eh? Somebody call the Groypers.

          Christ redeemed white people too.
          It’s okay to be white.
          Islam is right about women.

          I’m serious. Let’s get some of these printed up and pasted around.

    • I agree that Christianity is fundamental to forging something new or at least safe for Our People. There is a strength that Christ provides that transcends the fears of this world and even mortal peril. I’ve only seen it’s like in the bond between men fighting alongside each other.

      Join a righteous church if you like., Even if you aren’t a believer, because you like the idea of community or you think that foundation is what is needed for Us to survive as a people.

      I do ask you to keep an open mind though. Listen to what the people in that church tell you about God’s reality in their lives. About Christ’s promise. Delve into their theology. Catholicism appealed to me not because of the Church temporal, but because of the deep theology behind it. For me it was the right answer. The choice was lifted from me after I opened my eyes.

      Don’t stop at the Jordan Pederson approach of adopting the veneer of Christianity. Sure, you’ll make friends and maybe find community, but you’ll never achieve that quiet, that serene grace, that knowledge of love and steel that Christ provides… by simply posing. It’ll be a sandy foundation you’re building upon.

      As an aside, I’m still waiting on Zman to delve into the CQ in depth. Its a sticky area to probe, and whether i agree with his take or not, I am sure it will be interesting and I’m looking forward to it.

      • I suspect that the CQ is something that the Dissident Right will struggle with for some time. Many of us simply aren’t religious. Some like me because we were never much exposed to it, others because of poor experiences with the church or from their own intellectual journey.

        Regardless, it’s hard to argue that the bonds of belonging to a religion and the inner strength the religion provides doesn’t make us a far more powerful force. Men will sacrifice more, fight harder and make those extremely difficult choices (breaking off ties to family members) when they are a part of such a community and believe in a larger cause.

        To deny that is disingenuous.

        Can the Dissident Right create a strong enough community and inner strength solely on our desire to live among our own, to be ruled by our own and to not be discriminated against or do we need to couple it with religion? I don’t know.

        Also, is it possible for us to work together, the secular identitarians and the religious? Again, I don’t know.

        • Can the Dissident Right create a strong enough community and inner strength solely on our desire to live among our own, to be ruled by our own and to not be discriminated against or do we need to couple it with religion? I don’t know.

          I would say no and that’s coming from experience in trying to build Community with others that don’t have any belief past just what they think is right…I would say we need that Core Belief in Christ to be able to build anything…That’s not to say that unbelievers can’t live in a Community I’m just saying the sacrifice to build one can only be done by believers…That’s just been my experience maybe I just haven’t met the right dissidents yet…

          • Communes fall apart without faith.
            Faith falls apart without knowledge.

            Time for a New New Testament, and an understanding of the ancient books.

            The Christ isn’t solely a musty fable with a few confused descriptions, or propaganda from forgotten politics, or a mystery cult’s magic.

            It’s also the Spirit that lives in our people.
            Why must it stop at the Dark Ages?

        • Citizen, the answer to your question wrt coexistence of DR’s and Believers lies in a person’s answer to this question: Are you a Believer, a Spiritualist, an Agnostic, an Atheist, or an “anti”theist?

          Not to get too in depth here, but I’m fine with anyone in the first four categories. The later, anti-theist, I can not abide with—nor does it seem they can abide by anyone with a religious perspective. They seem at a never ending war with God and that is their primary purpose in life.

          I find it quite refreshing here that we can have folks of a deep religious outlook post and others comment that they are atheistic, but keep to the topic and understand the goal at hand which joins us all. There is strength in that, weakness comes from petty bickering.

          • Compsci and Citizen,

            Ya’ll, Lineman, Alzaebo, Range, 3g, Dutch, Exile, Calsdad, Line, et al… are My People. I’ve grown fond of each of you because I’ve read your thoughts and desires over time and feel kinship to y’all sight unseen. Disagreements on the details and minutiae matter as little as a gaggle of cousins disagreeing on whether it’s going to rain or not. What is at the heart of it? We have a shared identity and we want what’s best for Our People. That completes the circle.

            I pray all find communion with Christ and I think a white identitarian movement must have Him as a crucial part to success. However, we are bound together by Our ancestors and culture and all should be welcome if they strive to help Our People. I’d gladly stand next to a Neo-pagan or agnostic in a trench if we share the common goal of defending Our People and Our heritage.

        • Can we create a secular religion as powerful as the (((Disrupters)))? Their Book, their temples, are only tools, and have changed many times. The flesh is their true Temple.

          I say we understand religion as the social expression of the deeper knowing, DNA, the deepest memory, and make it the science it is struggling to be.

          They do it through fleshly instinct, like dogs- let us use it to connect to the higher memory, of Spirit.

          That is where this is meant to go.
          That’s why we have intelligence.

          Our War is only the current stage of a much older struggle.

          • Forgive me, but the nature of Spirit can be known- just as we are learning the nature of flesh. A science of Spirit.

            Why do you think we ponder?
            We are meant to find this.
            We are built to do it.

            And Whites, now, just happen to be the ones with the biggest toolkit inside.

            I’ll never be a Christian, degrading and restricting the ancient clues into a children’s mishmash- but I will accept all that they have preserved and achieved, with gratitude.

    • Christianity is White culture.
      Romans codified it as the NT, and most of Jesus’ followers spoke Greek.
      It’s an expression of what is in us.

      (The Hebrew speakers were the vast movement demanding the bloody violence of Abraham. Those fanatics are why Rome erased Israel.)

      White Hametics built Egypt, Mesopotamia, Lebanon, Syria, Anatolia, and Hittite engineering. The Aryan hybrid descendents took more primitive architecture and metallurgy and kept improving it, although they lost most of the shattered maserotic system of using the constellations as a library. They replaced that with improved writing, superceding hieroglyphs, ideograms, and Sumerian inventory runes, cuneiform.

      The Semitic Islamics re-darkened the Mideast and Med by importing so many African females and castrating so many males they altered Africa’s reproductive ecology, leading to today’s African brood breeders.
      The Semitic indigenes had done this before, bringing in hordes of ‘Guterian beast-men’, Negroids, to help them destroy Aryan-ruled Mesopotamia in about 2500 BC.

      (Hybridization gave us both white Hametics and the nappy, curly Guterian ringlets seen in those Akkadian beards and modern Jewry.)

  36. When conserving ‘who we are’ becomes conserving good ol’ capitalism; the logical outcome is any fleshy foreign fungible economic unit becomes the new ‘who we are.’

    Morality, tradition, and sacrifice are difficult precepts to adhere to. Licentiousness, materialism, and selfishness are seductive substitutes. Wrap the later in a red, white, and blue package and they are nearly irresistible to the weak of mind and spirit.

    • Conservative virtue signalling- it’s why they always, always picked the wrong targets.

      Someone powerless, who doesn’t make or enforce policy.

      Finally, an answer. I’ve always wondered why the conservative’s only solution was “beat somebody who didn’t write the law.”

    • That’s what capitalism in the U.S. did, it wrapped 5 of the 7 deadly sins into that “red, white and blue package” you mentioned and made them part of Americana. It worked quite to the point of poisoning Western culture and crippling our ability to resist.

  37. “By elevating economics over culture, the Right could just as easily justify left-wing assaults on civil society.”

    Remember that idiotic GOP palaver…? “I am a conservative on economic issues, but a liberal on social issues.” I get nauseated when I remember how many Republican fools repeated that bit of chicanery. What a convenient way to sidestep every single cultural issue that came before them while continuing to rake in the donor class cash. Always just roll over and cede American civilization to the left. By the late 80s, you would have needed a sub-100 IQ not to have seen where this was headed.

      • That feeling when you realize that, for all of your life, you have been lied to about the most important things.

    • It feels good to say that.

      “I’m rich, and also modern, unlike you backwards poor bigots, so eat shit”.

      Trust me, I’ve been on the “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” wagon…

      • I’m still on that wagon.

        Fiscally conservative:
        Why are there tax advantages for any institution operating or relocating overseas or bringing overseas here? Shouldn’t they lose our protection, sever ties, or pay the extra costs?

        (Churches or nonprofits shouldn’t use their tax-free status to feed Africans, neither should corporations or the government.
        Our seed capital should stay here, and grow only as fast as the native population.)

        Socially liberal:
        It’s OK To Be White
        Or to celebrate being Appalachian, or Scot, or German, or Irish, or Italian…
        Or to punish officials, or dismantle institutions, or do all the things free white people did in 1910…

  38. The transvestite on estrogen won’t be an effective mercenary for Israel. Boom. Now I can work for TPUSA.

    • I have to say, the meltdown of TP-USA is a lot of fun. Not as fun as seeing the old guy on the BBC pants Ben Shapiro, but close.

      • Zman, I believe it was you who said we need to get to the point where when one of these guys stands in front of a room and proposes one of those idiotic diversity plans, or some kind of leftist agenda, he’s laughed out of the room. That’s how I see Charlie Kirk up on stage with his gay friend or posing with a MAGA tranny. The groypers asking the questions at TPUSA are getting us closer to that point.

      • The Groyper War will probably have longer-lasting effects than the old Brit pantsing Little Benji, FWIW

        • AR, I just assume that the Feds infiltrate every movement. I mean the last time they trotted out the “Klan” with their polyester Halloween robes with set-in wrinkles. Even if I were a Fed that would have been the most Boomer-cringe thing ever.

  39. So true: the “fundamental transformation” that Obama promised to bring about, included the *deliberate* destruction of traditional American culture: which, as all GoodWhites *must* agree, was bad; because of “slavery” and “White supremacy”.

    But the rise of Walmart and Amazon was the result of decisions freely made by millions of legacy Americans: to choose the ‘corporate and cheaper’ over the ’costlier but local’.

    • Bill I agree that everyman played his part through his own economic choices but I also think that there is downward cycle in which the destruction of the culture and community as it is being gutted and sold moves everyman away from his roots and closer to the financialized new economy.

      As the wheel turns, he is squeezed financially and culturally until he finds himself in walmart. At that point, disempowered and disconnected and sliding down the economy he used to call his community, he realizes his only power is his purchasing power. And within that framework, he can ‘get his’ by getting more stuff for cheap. Thats something.

      Its also how we have gotten to this place in which seemingly smart and good citizens find themselves advocating for Yang’s $2k/month.

      • Even Charles Murray advocated a UBI similar to Yang’s. The problem of course, is that it never stops there, but gets layered onto other welfare. This is the same problem I have always had with replacing the income tax with a national sales tax. You will likely end up with both.

        • Yes, CM used UBI as a way to eliminate welfare benefits from the US government. In short, a proposal to get the government out of the charity/welfare business (e.g., SSI, Medicare, Student loans, Aid to Dependent Children, etc) and back to Constitutional mandated basics.

          Yang, when I heard him, was not proposing this purpose for UBI, but rather as a backstop to social disruption—like automation. In that manner he seemed like Zukerberg when he made that proposal, i.e., he was trying to get the rest of us to pay for his social capital costs.

          • I go back and forth on UBI schemes. On the one hand there is a real problem with modern economies (particularly America’s). People coming from a libertarian perspective often have trouble explaining, for instance, the spread of Poz in the corporate world. Why would these “hard-nosed” and “conservative” businesses embrace the idea of racial and 57 different gender hiring quotas? Doesn’t that stuff make them less efficient? Well not really. Libertarians and tradcons are still living in a world where there’s real competition and no collusion.

            This isn’t all they miss though. The main issue is that the large corporations and governments of the West have become a novel kind of planned economy. This isn’t your uncle Joe Stalin’s planned economy though. There are no specific production quotas, so much wheat, so much steel, so many pairs of boots… Instead there is just one very flexible overall goal, to keep people spending. To spend they need money and that means they need jobs. Yes this is Keynesianism but backed by a very efficient, highly automated economic core where the remaining real work is done in a few places by a few highly trained people using hyper efficient machines. The corps and governments together basically own this entire core from the Chinese factories to the giant mechanized farms to the fossil fuel and energy infrastructure.

            This is the genius of Poz and diversity. It allows these massive organizations to hire outside the “core” of actual productive people. Some of the jobs are pure goldbricking. This is often the case with government jobs set aside for the extremely stupid. Enjoy that on your next visit to the DMV. Other jobs actually involve “work” of a sort, but not really anything that anyone is a truly free market would actually pay for. So this is how Suzy Sisterhood can study Gender Theory while partying for 4 years and then get a job “developing novel marketing strategies for Wahmmen”. Sure, she “should” be at home making babies or at best waiting tables but instead she has a high 5 figures job, a condo, student loans, a Tesla, and a bunch of other shit she can’t really afford. She’ll be in debt until her 200th birthday and will always need that corporate make-work job. She’s also keeping the whole economic illusion going, she’s not on the street, she’s not on heroin, she’s not (yet) breaking shop windows and burning down her neighborhood.

            But wouldn’t a UBI do a lot of the same things? Instead of making Suzy burn a bunch of kW in her Tesla going to her marketing strategies thing every day why don’t we just tax the corporations and fucking GIVE her the money? I must admit, it’s appealing. I mean just thinking about driving the almost empty freeways in the morning is blissful. Suzy still has money to spend, she’s still a good little soldier in the People’s Consumer Army. Also, future Suzys don’t need to party on loans to study nonsense for years to qualify. Everybody gets the UBI!

            For the lucky (read smart and productive) few who actually still have jobs work is much saner. Suzy, Tyrone, Juanita, all gone! The HR dept is shuttered forever. We get to tear down all those posters of happy loving transgender polyamorous multiracial “famiies” cavorting with our company’s products…

            Can this work psychologically though? Will the (ever expanding with automation and AI) useless masses accept their non-essentiality and just take up painting? This is what I’m not sure about. On the one hand it solves an entire raft of worsening problems, energy use drops, air quality improves, life is less rushed, women can get married and have kids instead of becoming part of some corporate alpha’s harem. There’s something here for Greens, anti-feminists, anti-corporatists, lots of people. On the other hand it’s a YUUGE social experiment and if it goes wrong, the cities all burn down when people can’t cope with the existential vacuum.

    • “But the rise of Walmart and Amazon was the result of decisions freely made by millions of legacy Americans: to choose the ‘corporate and cheaper’ over the ’costlier but local’.”

      This is why pure democracy fails, because the populace will make short term choices that are fatal to long term prospering. As Enoch Powell said, it is the duty of leaders to defend against preventable evils.

      South Africa, before Mandela, did not allow American television until it was forced to, in the late 1970s. Sometimes the leaders must deny the people what they want for the long term good.

      • Popular wisdom in Europe was that one of the catalysts of East German’s decay was the ability to watch the conspicuous consumtion of “Dallas” and contrast it to their own squalid little lives.
        Over the air broadcasting meant that in compact geographies the Iron Curtain wasn’t an Ion Curtain.

        Consumptionism was a far more powerful force than ideaology.

    • Yep. But it is the Right—through a myriad of their economic apologists (stooges)—who are on the air every night defending this sell out of social capital by Amazon, Uber, Walmart and a dozen others. If I hear one more of these telling the newly unemployed, or soon to be unemployed, to go back to school and learn how to code….sigh.

      • They are replacing all the coders with H1B “geniuses” too. Writing crappy java code is now not even something Americans will do, apparently.

        • The Java is rotting on the keyboards!

          What, you don’t want to spend 50% of your income to live 20 to a 3 bedroom apartment filled with roaches and mice? It’s Who We Are, bigot. White people are just too lazy to compete.

        • Or worse: $9.00/hour coders in India writing programs to control Boeing jet airliners.

          Americans WILL do Java, but cannot survive AND pay back student loans at wages offered to sub-continental Indians.

          • Again and again the sight of alt-righters speaking up for the native code monkeys is highly amusing. Every white male code monkey I knew was a tyrannical arrogant progturd or a head up your a$$ liberaltarian. A date with their H1B replacement is a much needed and required wake up call.

    • If “traditional” American culture was so great, it didn’t do shit to stop rampant consumerism. Also, in a country of several hundred million, individuals don’t matter, except in judicial punishment, but groups do. You libertarians pull this crap all the time – whine, moan, bitch, and queef about the loss of the brick/mortar mom-pop stores to those evil corporations, but have exactly zero to say about the preconditions needed to let corporatism rise. Get off your soapbox, you’re a hypocrite.

        • Same here. I bought the line that capitalism and open borders were good because people are assets to a nation, since they have to produce more than they consume or they die. But then we stopped requiring immigrants to work, and even the one’s that did, drove down wages enough that our poor were better off on welfare.

          • I was never open borders, because as a kid in the 60’s living on the border, I saw what it looked like and could easily where it would go, even as a kiddo. Way too much public policy is made by people who don’t live in the situation, or will ever be forced to deal with the consequences. To me, that’s one of the most important reasons for citizen governance. Though the reality of it ever actually working that way is a pipe dream.

    • Nonsense this stuff was rammed down our throats. The business and conservative commentators all gushed about how good this was for the American people. They would never bring up the dark side of Wal-mart or Amazon and the damage they did to communities. and local businesses, etc.

      And these are the same people who promoted globalization and off-shoring of American industry as a good thing as it was wiping out entire towns and cities.

      Hannity, Caputo, Limbaugh, Prager, etc all supported this shit. The very people most conservatiev whites got their news from.

      • Exactly, so I don’t hold the ignorant too highly to blame when their teachers were people of such astounding ignorance themselves.

      • You keep bitching and whining about Walmart and Amazon – but the knife was stuck in the back of “community” – when the Federal government pulled apart the strands that held those communities together way back in the 1930s (at least)

        There’s a consistent behavior here on this site – and it’s that Zman and pretty much all of the readers absolutely refuse to trace the problem back to it’s true roots.

        When you supply welfare from on-high, you break the crucial bond that exists in community where those who are actually in the community know who’s actually in need – and who is a grifter. When you implement Federal income tax – you remove money from the pockets of those who make up that community and send it up to an organization (now known as the Swamp) that has absolutely no connection to that community – and in fact may be working AGAINST IT (as is being clearly demonstrated on daily basis all across the West these days). After multiple levels each take their cut of the swag – some small portion of it works it’s way back to the community – where it is given out to the most socially disruptive members of that community.

        The tax raping and multiple levels of grift involved in the roundy round that happens before the money that left their pockets ever works it’s way back to the community – is the root cause of the constant push by consumers to bring prices down.

        Or do you pay no attention whatsoever to the multiple studies over the years showing US consumer buying power and earning power going down?

        So then the people of the community are so tax-raped some decades down the road – and have to resort to bringing costs down by buying cheap Chinese crap online and in big box stores – it still doesn’t change the fact that the community was shiv’ed in the back many decades before that.

        Walmart and Amazon are a SYMPTOM – not a cause.

        • “Walmart and Amazon are a SYMPTOM – not a cause.” So true. There is an episode of South Park where the townspeople burn down the Walmart and start shopping at Jim’s Drugs, which soon becomes as big as Walmart. So they burn that down and head to the local True Value, vowing to never make the same mistake again.

      • The only ones who uttered a peep about Walmart and Amazon and Globalization were a few Green Party types and crunchy-con conservatives. Everyone else in the R and D Parties, and especially conservative Inc. was all on the globalization train. This con has been going on for a long time. Workers displaced by NAFTA were supposed to go work in Hi-tech, but know the rest of the story.

      • Bullshit. There were myriad stories, even in the MSM about Wal-Mart, HomeDepot and the rest ruining small towns, running out the Mom and Pops, then closing up shop. The rest of us had no choice but to patronize them. A national chain dollar store moved into our town recently, no one I know used them. Still, they put the local store out and now we have no choice. Should we do without milk and bread?

    • It began long, long before Obama. I’d say mass immigration, outsourcing manufacturing, importing cheap goods, and the financialization of the economy all played a part. Just remember that prior to dial-up all news came from Network TV, Print Media, or Radio. That was the 90s. Not that long ago. You can’t blame people for making decisions on information they didn’t possess.

    • Agreed, Bill.

      Just because Wal-Mart is there, doesn’t mean you have to shop at it. Even for groceries, I go to the little Italian grocer at the corner for most things. It’s slightly more expensive. You can go to the big box stores for loss leaders (flyer items) that they lose money on anyways.

      We need to be smarter about purchasing things. Put as little money into the official economy as possible. Support local, white-owned businesses. Pay cash where possible. Offer to your white neighbors’ kids to mow your grass. Look for white names in the phonebook when looking for a contractor.

      We need to realize how much power the white masses actually have in terms of money.

      • Many areas of the country only have big grocery stores. Kroeger, Publix, etc, are as pozzed as Walmart. Even local chains aren’t really local anymore.

  40. The average American or white European has either been gelded, indoctrinated or subtly stripped of their humanity or soul to understand how to fight back or a reason to.

    Even Joe Sobran said it took him an embarrassingly long time to realize how he was influenced and to not see correctly.
    (why can’t I comment using Firefox now?)

    • There’s some weird browser stuff going on in the world. I can’t reach some sites using Firefox, but I can reach them with Brave.

      • I can’t even get on with Brave. I had to enable “tracking” to post this. What a sad state of affairs. Well, we live in “interesting times.” You might want to look into migrating to a different platform, Z.

      • Z-man, Firefox announced that version 70 had broken some sites. It has to do with the new privacy features. They are aware and are working on it. They released a workaround but I chose to not break the added privacy and safety. I use Brave to reach you now and this has been going on for me for only several days.

        They will fix it and it is not a mistake by Z-man.

    • “Like the Left, the New Right consumed this cultural surplus, but never contributed anything back to the cultural stock of society. More important, it allowed to atrophy the tools a people need to defend their culture and traditions from the Left.”

      By the time the New Right arrived the cultural rot was already a mile wide and a mile deep.

      The New Aristocracy (left & right) were a false aristocracy: nihilistic mammon worshipers both. With the revolutionaries and their accountants now on the same side things accelerated.

      We will never have spiritual renewal until we have the ability as a tribe to chart our own future. To achieve that end will require a very different path with a more highly animated spirit.

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