Chaotic Evil

Over the weekend, the news brought word that Greg Johnson had been arrested in Norway on incitement charges. The details are still coming out, but the basics are that a far-left group claimed he was a terrorist and the Norwegian authorities just took their word for it and had him detained. Presumably, they will deport him from the country and try to have him banned from the continent. That is a popular tactic for radical extremists to use in Europe to harass Americans they don’t like.

Of course, calling these domestic terror groups radical or extreme is just a way to express contempt for them using common language. It’s not an accurate description of where they stand on the political spectrum. When Antifa or the SPLC can dictate terms to the political class, they are neither radical or extreme. They are the mainstream, well within the conventional of the ruling class. It is what we use to call normal people, with their rules and procedures, who are now the outliers.

This is a lesson that dissidents have to internalize. Many on this side of the divide are stuck in the past, with regards to the political landscape. They assume we live in a rule-based society, in which one can appeal to a neutral authority for relief when the Left violates the rules. If that world ever existed, it is long gone. We live in a soft authoritarianism, where the rules are whatever the people in power say they are at any point in time. It’s not rule of law. It is rule by left-wing fanatic.

As such, the old Chinese curse should always be at the front of the mind of the dissident. That curse is, “may the government become aware of you.” The Chinaman, having lived under some form of authoritarian bureaucracy for thousands of years, is conditioned to understand the reality of his relationship to society. The Chinaman knows that the bureaucrat can and will inflict unlimited cruelty as only a bureaucrat can, if given the opportunity. The wise person avoids making himself known to them.

In the case of modern dissidents in the modern West, it means avoiding any and all contact with the crazies the managerial class deploys as lures and traps. That’s the only utility of groups like Antifa, Hope Not Hate and the ADL. Their role is to keep beating the bushes in order to lure dissidents out into the open. Then they can attack, giving their handlers in the bureaucracy the excuse to bring the hammer down on the people involved in the skirmish. If a few left-wing street activists are harmed, so be it.

The primary weapon of the soft authoritarian is the lie. Because they operate inside a thicket of rules and regulations, they know a well-placed lie can turn those rules into a spider web, tangling up the victim for years. In the struggle to free himself, he may make addition mistakes, allowing other spiders in the system to vomit forth their digestive acids onto the victim. Even if the victim can free himself, he has lost time and resources, making him weaker and more timid.

This is on full display with the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. The people involved are not very bright. Most are the sort who, in a saner age, would be manning a rural Post Office branch or maybe stamping forms down at the title office. In a soft authoritarianism, they rise through the ranks, spinning their webs on behalf of the system, getting rewarded for their treachery and deceit. That plot was a revolt of sexless bureaucrats lashing out a reminder of what they are not.

This sort of ruling system attracts a certain sort of person. The type that enjoys tangling people up in a web of lies is a timid sociopath, who hates himself and therefore the world that created him. These are people who can only enjoy what they feel as pleasure by witnessing the suffering of others. Look around the Left and you see sexless, passive males and bitter deranged females. These are people who live to inflict misery on others, hoping it will bring them relief from their own miserable lives.

What this means for dissidents in the West is cleaning the mind of those old civic nationalist notions of a lawful society judged by neutral arbiters. That world does not exist and cannot be conjured into existence. There is no shaming these people into acting like normal people, capable of living in a civilized, orderly society. They are chaotic evil. They have no respect for rules, other people’s lives, or anything but their own desire for revenge against a world that has made them some hideous.

It’s why moaning about the collapse of free speech in the West is just self-flagellation, unless it is to convert people to the dissident cause. The ethos of the modern dissident is to never allow an outrage to go to waste. Use every incident to force the civic nationalist to confront the reality of his situation. For now, the best that can be done is to spread a quiet cynicism about the system. A society of cynical people is much more expensive to rule than a population still under the ether of civic nationalism.

More important though, it means operating in the shadows. The days or organizing in public, holding well-advertised gatherings and participating in constructive public debate are gone. That reality will surely make many angry and indignant, but for a dissident to have any hope, he must always accept the reality of his situation. Otherwise, he will always be drawn into that web of lies and deceits that are spun to ensnare the people into the soft authoritarianism of the neo-liberal order.

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199 thoughts on “Chaotic Evil

  1. In the debate on whether or not to cut, cleanliness should never be an issue. Saying I want my foreskin gone so I won’t have to exercise basic cleanliness is a little bit like having all your teeth pulled so you won’t have to brush or floss. And a thought that I never read about or hear in this discussion is that, ” If the thing that makes the world go round (A vagina) can be kept clean, ANYTHING can be kept clean.”

  2. They are going to make criticism of trannies and Big Gay into a crime, racism (except against whites) will be defined as a mental illness, failing to say the nicest thing about Shlomo and his Gay Empire will result in deplatforming, forfeiture of 2nd Amendment rights, inability to work or bank, etc.

    Our people will fight against these injustices by watching 90 Day Fiancée, International House Hunters and Chef’s Table.

  3. The good thing is we can cause the Progtards to have a meltdown rather easily. Just print up and post those “It’s okay to be White” posters and watch them freak out. We don’t have to physically confront these whackjobs, just monkeywrench them with flyers that point out some very unPC/MC things.

    VDARE shows what happens:

    Even the police are FBI is investigating this horrific act. Pozz is strong with them.

    The worst is the Dean of the college who is a world class gutless wonder and quisling for the ruling class.

    • This is the $64,000.00 question so to speak. All I know the DR doesn’t stand for cuckage and that’s about it. Beyond that it gets very vague. See the DR has never really defined itself in terms of what it stands for.

    • At the very least, we demonstrate that their leaders, like Crenshaw, are unwilling to face the reality of how non-whites vote. Crenshaw and other civnat leaders have a religious belief that non-whites are natural conservatives, which is clearly false.

      Even if we don’t offer an alternative, which we do, race realism and immigration restriction, we force them to face evidence that disconfirms their religious belief.

    • Why do we need to Red Pill anyone who doesn’t get it? The only pill that will work on such creatures is reality smashing them. Get burnt by the coal, blown up by Jihadi, investigated and smashed by the State.

      And then what do they do?

      Run, hide or submit in nearly all cases.
      My personal fav are 2D A types who leave their roots to locate to another state that has less gun control. 🤣🤣🤡

      The one in a thousand who doesn’t turn cur will find men like him.

  4. Has there ever been a time in history where all the signs of impending disaster, tyranny and societal collapse are so obvious and yet the people who lived there let it all happen, as under hypnosis. Soon the showman will count to 3 and the zombies will wake up and wonder, what the hell happened?

  5. O/t

    Listening to Spencer’s post-Charlottesville pep talk.

    Whatever else, this all re-confirms yet again that the hard line taken against Milo & Co back in late 2016 and 2017 was the correct line.

    • Really, I listened to the audio. Spencer sounds like an unhinged loser. I suspect he is a useful idiot funded by those who want to tar our movement. Why else would he run around making a Nazi salutes for the press and inviting a leftist from Occupy Wallstreet to organize the Cville rally?

      • I see Spencer as a young guy who lacked wisdom and maturity – hopefully he’s learned a few things along the way. Derb had a soft sport for him and most of Our Guys seem to like him. He’s definitely let himself be mis-used by the media in cause-damaging ways. The lure of publicity and notariety still works on him, more to learn there for sure.

        I have no issues with him so long as he’s not in a position of spokesperson or other leadership role. As a fellow follower I have his back and I’ll always defend him against the enemy, but I’m not sure I’ll ever trust him to lead – he wants it too much.

        Hunter Wallace has definitely made some positive changes and Spencer can too.

        • I like hearing what Spencer has to say. He’s a really smart guy, although I think he has a tendency to enjoy saying things that shock, for the sake of being edgy. What I don’t like is seeing him in the position of leader, rallying the troops. That’s not what he’s good at.

  6. Building off my earlier comment:

    In that vein, I think Z’s right that the heydey of the normie-presenting conference may be passing. Making future events wholly covert and focusing solely on the networking aspects we’ve previously relegated to intermissions might be the best risk-reward balance.

    Crypsis is one approach to gathering that might help us adapt to changing globohomo tactics. Rather than gathering for the express overt purpose of White nationalist causes, the same crowd that gathered Saturday assembles for overtly religious, cultural or lifestyle reasons and political discussions and networking just happen to take place in the course of our Christian, pagan, Oktoberfest or hiking event.

    These events would require more vetting to weed out exoteric enthusiasts and limit attendance to those initiated and vetted into the esoteric agenda, of course.

    As I’ve mentioned before, some of these approaches I want to explore in some detail with my own writing are travel, outdoor lifestyles, hunting, fishing and the like. These can serve as an “outer perimeter” for our organizing, a cultural space we can operate inside of that provides cryptic advantages like plausible deniability. There are many other activities and pretexts which could serve similar purposes.

    • I have been thinking for some time now along the same lines. I would add that it is important to have a much smaller “inner group” network in addition to the outer perimeter. And the outer perimeter should not be too narrow to start with.

      • We’re on the same page. More on this in the future. We would have a mix of events, some totally non-political that openly included normies where the initiates would have to keep optics in mind. Big benefits there as far as showing normies we’re not monsters, too. Some that would be “invitation” events for Our Guys to invite good prospects, and some would be just us. This is very similar to the biker practices for recruiting and vetting. Z’s very astute to cite them as a good model.

  7. The problem is Communists of all flavors. Specifically, Jewish Communists. Same as my school. Same as my last Job. Same as my coworkers. We let them spread their psycho BS all over the world. And then they invited in everyone who hates white people. I know ZMan hates hearing this, And I used to hate hearing it. But I’m 32 years old and all I see are these subversive people everywhere. In person. Not on the internet. I have had 3 therapist who were Jewish Communists who told me I need to stop being Islamophobic and racist. I also have a Jewish Communist brother in law who calls the Vietnam War the “American War”. He vacations in Cuba and China. Recently, two weeks ago, He went to Peru. When he left it was on fire. He claims he “went to museums, and hiked around”. Except he doesn’t have any photos.

  8. We are definitely at an inflection point in history, and these are critical years which will determine what the next order will be. So far it isn’t looking very promising, though who knows how this will all turn out. The nightmare created by fiat currency and a debt driven economy will eventually implode: make work bureaucracy does not generate wealth.

    At the same time, everyone is addicted to their technological opium that short of it “going down” like in California, I see no hope for a positive change in the status quo. These are interesting times indeed.

    • Just sit back and enjoy watching the collapse. It’s probably a cope but it’s kind of fun.

      The “America” you remember is a mirage.

      • The only memories I have of old America are distant, and involve people of my grandparents generation. This America died with them.

        I’m going to ride the wave, wherever it leads. If that involves looking at alternatives, then so be it. 私は日本語が話せます….

        • Hm..maybe your last sentence translates into:
          “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” So then…“Dig the well before you are thirsty.”

          • That’s the idea, my half polish wife speaks polish, consider that another well we dug.

            If you are familiar with ‘The Tiger and the Strawberry’, that’s where I’m at mentally. Life is good and I’m enjoying it’s fruits; this however is fleeting.

            “A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.

            Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!”

  9. I’ve spent a good part of today in Oslo hashing through the details and implications of the arrest with some locals and an American co-attendee. As I noticed post-conference on Saturday, it seems like the Europeans have invested considerable hope in the Americans while the Americans have more hope for the future of Europe.

    After kicking this issue around, I think we American haters have given the Europeans a better idea of the de facto situation in America that’s somewhat obscured by our superficially stronger 1A & 2A protections. They in turn have somewhat black-pilled us on the limitations of Europe. I’m increasingly convinced that our best shot for future success lies in expressly working together and keeping a number of irons in the fires of both continents. The ability to shift our focus back and forth across the water as the political tides wax and wane in individual nations and regions provides us anti-fragility, flexibility and cover. Rule 48 again – assume formlessness.

    In that vein, I think Z’s right that the heydey of the normie-presenting conference may be passing. Making future events wholly covert and focusing solely on the networking aspects we’ve previously relegated to intermissions might be the best risk-reward balance.

    • Concur completely. Would add that one should keep their eyes on south africa too. The white tribe there doesn’t have the numbers but they might surprise everybody.

  10. Reports just in from the TPUSA event with Dan Crenshaw, that the Q&A participants were heavily TPUSA and/or liberals and anyone else not a Texas A & M student was banned. Well, that didn’t take long for them to re-take the narrative. It was fun while it lasted.

    • A few questions got through. One kid asked about demographic change and the fact that immigrants vote overwhelmingly democrat and how conservatives will deal with that. You can’t imagine a more cringe response from Crenshaw. Here it is: “The only colors that matter are red, white and blue.”

      • Unfortunately, The special operations crowd is full of cucks. I sometimes ask myself why I didn’t go to SFAS a third time. But then I listen to cucks like Tim Kennedy on Joe Rogan and think to myself… “What a bunch of fucking pussies”. Which they are. They fight people around the world, but won’t risk being called “Racist” even as their country dies.

        • Sigh. That special instinct of the conservatives, “if we could just beat somebody up…”

          What makes it special is that they always, always pick the wrong targets, ones who can’t or have no interest in harming them.

          Never the rulers. Instead, they eagerly build the jails, never realizing that they themselves are the intended inmates.

  11. It seems America’s rights and freedoms have been on a slippery slope that’s getting steeper and greasier every day. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to have started with the Rico Act, then quietly shifted to Civil Forfeiture, the Patriot Act and now Red Flag laws. Remind me again the purpose of your Constitution and Bill of Rights?

    • In a “democracy” the rights are a collective agreement. We ceased being a Republic over 100 years ago. It’s not a free country. It hasn’t been for years. Only an imbecile Breitbart reader would say “we’re losin’ our freedum” as they pop another opiate and eat a McDouble.

    • It started with denying the right of secession in 1861 and went in fits & spurts since, the New Deal, Cold War & “Civil RIghts” being the major events before your timeline kicks in.

    • It started far earlier with the Civil War. Heck, one could even say it started with the Whiskey Rebellion.

      • Yes, agreed. And the Whisky Rebellion is often spoken of at the same time as the Shays’ Rebellion. Noting the latter was made up of men with a similar background as those that made up the German Freikorps. Also noted, the veterans that “responded” to the government attempting to assuage its own debts by seizing the fruits of common citizens’ labor show how far American “man” has come since then – with an exception of a certain verteran with a working knowledge of fertilizer – perhaps, the current crop gets their ad-tube account banned and their pushback consists of a whimper.

    • When the Patriot Act was proposed who were the conservatives opposing it? They included those “Unpatriotic Conservatives” (as described in National Review 2003 cover story by David Frum) including Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, Thomas Fleming (editor of Chronicles) Taki, Joe Sobran, and others. Interesting to read about that time now: Sadly this country’s taken so many wrong turns.

    • Herr Horst, you are more accurate.

      The true infrastructure of the police state panopticon began with the Prohibition, when “crime” no longer was defined by malice, law no longer a redress of damage.

      The political structure commenters here forget the main thing: freedom, real freedom, means one thing, and one thing only– whether or not the police are kicking your doors in.

  12. Z gives sound advice for those as-yet unensnared. For those unfortunate enough to be swallowaed by Leviathan, however, your only option is to raise hell and make the beast spit you out.

    Using the legal process as punishment may be your only option. In that case, you’re not looking to “win,” you’re looking to uncover enough evidence of (((tricks))), particularly collusion between the private sector hellhounds of antifa and our allegedly angelic overlords, to cause Leviathan intolerable indigestion and embarassment.

    The mere possibility of compelled disclosure of the devil’s bargains between public and private operators can have a chilling effect on these lynch-mob tactics. Dox-happy antifas are ironically quite camera-shy and avoid videotaped depositions like soap & church. The NYC Proud Boys were shamefully denied the right to face their accusers in their criminal trials, but civil law would offer absentee antifas no such shelter absent highly irregular orders whose injustice would be newsworthy in their own right.

    Our special friends fear noticing above all things. Do not go quietly into the night.

    From Gulag Archipelago, Vol I.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    • Here’s the key graph from that entire mess:
      >>The victims in the case were never identified, and Antifa refused to cooperate with the investigation. Prosecutors said that if they could have located the Antifa members, they would have also been charged.

      Once again, we see the left doing it right and the right doing it wrong. The Proud boys should have been dressed in non-descript clothing and kept their faces covered, just like Antifa.

        • There was video of the ‘riot’ apparently, and bystanders who witnessed it. I cannot confirm this is true, just what the media said about it.

      • Also, they clearly did not listen to multiple warnings about Never Talking to the Police when there is any chance that you might be accused of a crime. They are paying the price for assuming we live in a society based on rules. The system has destroyed 4 men’s lives for its own sick pleasure at ‘punishing’ them for standing up for themselves and wrongthinking.

      • It wouldn’t have made any difference. Once Gavin’s speech/gig was booked at the Republican club our / (((friends))) /s were prepared Didn’t matter to them at all that a guy with four kids is going to prison. No victims. No accusers. Anarcho-tyranny strikes again.

  13. Very well written article and correct viewpoint. Last week I responded to a professor’s comment on Roman history, correcting his statement. He responded vehemently, bringing up other counter arguments and then likened me to people praising slavery under the American Confederacy!

    By his brazen fearlessness in just bringing up the CSA in an unrelated discussion, I’m assuming he’s a Liberal. Also his being a Prof is a clue. Every conservative with 1/2 oz of brains, knows not to touch such a highly political topic with a 10 ft pole. Only Liberals can speak about that sort of stuff as Confederate Slavery, online & openly, without any fear whatsoever.

    This just illustrates your point of view. We, the “UnAwoke”, can no longer engage in normal conversation or discussion with these people.

  14. In the words of Janice Jopllin, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” The dissident right can organize, in the open, all it wants as long as the people organizing have no career, especially in a liberal industry, or work in a profession far removed from HR Kamala Harris like harpies to inflict damage. My thought is that generally, by nature, most dissident right people are responsible and thoughtful, in technical professions, have assets to lose, etc. You can’t just go out and wave the banner in that situation. Antifa, on the other hand may work part time in a coffee shop to afford purple hair dye. From the video I’ve seen of Antifa, they’ve got nothing going on. If they have criminal records, it’s not going to cramp their style in any way. Being part of the middle class, especially the upper middle class, means having to abide by rues not set by you. Not everyone aspires to be some filthy bohemian and we’re pretty much trapped in this system until it organically collapses from its own weight. It’s the aftermath where dissidents will explode onto the scene.

    • It’s the aftermath where dissidents will explode onto the scene.
      I think only if they have something going on or built beforehand otherwise they will just hunker down and try and wait it out while those that do have an organization start doing things there way…

  15. I just read a tweet from Sara Carter (Repub who often appears on Hannity’s show) about Ilhan Omar supporting Bernie Sanders. I scrolled through all the replies and everything was about removing or voting Omar out, along with a few about “socialism sucks,” etc. There was nothing (except for my reply) about stopping mass immigration to keep people like Omar and Tlaib out of office and to prevent many more like them getting elected. That thought doesn’t occur to these conservatives.

    • Yea I’ve never understood why conservatives or even some dissidents can’t figure out the numbers game… Whether it be Islam taking over towns like Dearborn, MI or Islamberg, NY or the faggots taking over San Fran or Iowa City etc…If we could wake people up to that idea then maybe we could have our ethnostate…

      • Iowa City? Man, this decadence festival has legs. Any day now I expect to read about gender fluid Girl Scouts. Or is that already a thing?

    • Wolf, how do stop mass immigration if Congress won’t do their job? Even if we had a Republican majority in the House we will still have the problem. The problems we are seeing can all be reversed by law, but we are beyond that point. How do we reverse the direction we are traveling in when the stock of people who could represent a show of force are not traveling in the direction you and I want them to go? A smart guy told me recently that the insurgents can do it two ways: decapitation of the enemy or in taking out his/her security so as to send a very ominous and fearful message. That’s where we are.

      • Well, Congress serves the donors and the lobbies. So they *are* doing their job. Sadly there are psyops like “Q” and “MAGA” that lead people to believe their votes count. Trump signed bills that expanded trafficking, de facto amnesty, and prevented the building of an actual wall (when he could have signed CRs). He’s filled his administration with visa-lobbyists, open borders advocates, and neocon filth. He’s extended TPS. Again. He’s gone on Telemundo saying that he’s in favor of amnesty. He’s issued work visas to every illegal that crosses the border through a point of entry (contra existing law.) This is all a vanity project to him.

    • Which is why it’s a waste of time to talk with any of them. Their blindness is a choice, and your rhetoric is best saved for use with a more receptive audience, such as young White men.

      • 3g4me: I am not sure if you were addressing my post or Wolf’s. Tell me how we “stop illegal immigration.” I simply said to Wolf, “That’s Congress’s job and they’re not going to do it. I’m for stopping it. I’m for nuking public education too, and then someone will post, “We just need to ……(fill in the blank),” and I get the same sense of frustration reading those comments because doing anything that involves simple common sense won’t get done as long as we have to depend on our leaders, legislators, and the public at large.

  16. Help me out here…
    “What this means for dissidents in the West is cleaning the mind of those old civic nationalist notions of a lawful society judged by neutral arbiters. That world does not exist and cannot be conjured into existence. ……………………………….. The ethos of the modern dissident is to never allow an outrage to go to waste.”

    Trying to navigate the message(s) here. Old America is dead, I’ve been living and working in a veneer of modernity, supported by my participation. Got it.

    Can’t vote my way out (or back). Agree and taking that to heart.

    Wake up normies (via not wasting outrage) for what purpose? What does my active participation in waking them up provide them (other than my feel-good altruistic conditioning)?

    I’ve been working on distancing myself from the coming implosion, believing that is better than dancing with doxxing by engaging in guerrilla marketing.

    Grey man vs. sand in the gears…I thought they were exclusive of one another. No?

    • Stay under the radar. Next year, the FBI will begin active pre-crime interdiction efforts aimed at identifying and archiving dossiers on the entire US population using AI-assisted screening tools that mine social media for personal data including internet communications. There will be a scoring system similar to the the Chinese model (but really developed by the Israelis). If your score crosses over a threshold value, you a get a visit and personal interview by the Feds. Big Brother is here.

      • Your ISP and the Google crawlers already have your info if they care enough to look for it. Thanks “W!” Thanks Bill Barr! I heard that the Q/A at today’s TPUSA event was — as predicted — highly curated. The sooner our young people recognize the scam, the better.

      • Yup, that’s Bill Barr and the ADL Congress escalating. We’re “there”, the day that would never come.


    • “Saboteurs” come from Marx’s advice to Dutch textile mill workers: quietly remove your wooden shoes, ‘sabots’, and throw them into the gears.

      Grey men to throw sabots in the gears.

  17. Dissidents faded into the shadows are likely to remain there. Counteraction is needed. Undermining Conservative, Inc. is a start.

  18. Analyze and predict. It’s getting worse faster because modern society rewards and reinforces parasitic behaviors rather than purging these miscreants as natural evolution would normally accomplish. Norway’s nationalized oil wealth has created extreme affluence, cancerous government, and an epidemic of dependence and parasitism in the birthplace of Viking robustness. This is a very bad harbinger of the future of our species.

  19. Well, on that happy note, meetup in Southern California, a weekend day trip to a cultural venue with dinner afterward. Mid-January, space limited, not associated or affiliated with Z-man in any way. Long-time daily Z commenters with reasonable upvotes vs. downvotes. Details later, respond if you might be interested. dutchhh(aat)email(dott)tg. That’s dutch with 3 h’s. This is the first, last, and only notice, and done. We are taking responses for just a few days. Everything is one-on-one privately from here.

    Give us your z-man posting name, exactly, including capitalizations, spaces, and punctuation. A return e-mail address. Your hometown/state/whatever (this is a marker, remember what you tell us on this one). That’s it, we are not answering questions, all in due time. If you do not get a response back within 24 hrs, send it again.

  20. This is where the “white supremacist system” and “patriarchy” come into play. These people are generally freaks that polite society has rules against. The education system has convinced them that the white supremacist system and patriarchy is what prevents them from being happy and fulfilled. They believe if they crush the WSS and patriarchy, everyone will be free to be their freak selves. They lie to themselves and others about how they are really fighting for women and oppressed minorities and other fairy tales, when in reality it is all good old fashioned self interest.

  21. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

    This may have gone down differently if the Norwegian police tasked with arresting Johnson had understood that neither they nor their families would be safe after arresting a man for the crime of committing impure thoughts. Ditto for the members of Antifa who filed the report.

    • I see that quote vomited far and wide and yet Proud Boys are in prison for self defense, James Fields has a FOUR HUNDRED year jail term, Greg just got scooped up, other have been arrested & detained for thoughtcrime. Tommy Robinson, Max Blumenthal (read below),etc. etc.

      Yet strangely, NONE of the jackboots has gone missing, nor a single family member. It is easy to repetitiously post a quote all over cyberspace. You know what is -really- hard, disappearing even a single gear in the machine. I took a principled stand against a brown racist and I was also scooped up by a SWAT team exactly like what happened to Max Blumenthal, another thought criminal. By the same agency no less! It is clear that DC and its suburbs will deploy their terror squads with great abandon and the DC, MD, NoVA reporting of SWAT deployments bear these numbers out.

      You can read about it here:

      So what is my point? We are being plucked off the street -right now- and just like in Solzhenitsyn’s day nobody is doing anything, nor will they. When I was being framed up like these two guys you know who came to assist me? Nobody. Because should you chose to take a principled stand, you will suffer the same fate. That is the entire POINT of these terror squad tactics. To keep you afraid of loss and in fear. It is only once you swallow that blackest pill of ‘I don’t give a f-ck anymore’ that those things no longer work, but it has to happen en masse as a movement. Individually, as I found out, you take a stand and you will be crucified.

      It is by the grace of God and some of my background that I’m here able to type on a keyboard to you right now, they had wanted to put a lot of years on me and I’m a ‘small fish’ compared to these guys. The part that is left out of that famous quote is that had any one of them acted individually they’d have been shot down like a dog in that same said hallway. Had they moved EN MASSE then things would have been very different.

      The thing about building tight communities & networks you see repeated here so often, it is the critical lynchpin in this entire thing. The reason the Bundy Ranch standoff didn’t end with mass arrests was because there were dozens of heavily armed white males who were willing to shoot back and go out in a blaze of glory. Until we see that repeated nationwide these little acts of terrorism by the Police State will continue unabated.

      • Speaking for myself, I’m endorsing the spirit of the quote, not the literal tactics in the here-and-now. I’ve repeatedly cited Tiananmen Tank Man as the fate of the guy who doesn’t know how to live to fight another day. Some of us are better situated to take more risks and have a duty to do so. It falls to us to do the scouting and stick our necks further out. Unless and until we build a grey-to-black market infrastructure that can effectively shelter Our Guys, the time isn’t right for heavy stuff. Throwing sand in the gears is going to have to suffice until we get our hands on some bigger and better tools.

        • 1000% what Exile says.

          First, dig the foxholes.
          Time to start thinking- and now I know why I’m paying off all debt, and what my capital will invest in (not ammo, that’s for others).

          Shelter and support, in whatever form.

      • Apex Predator – you’ve mentioned what happened to you before. I recognize how easy it is to type words online, but I want to offer my sincerest sympathy for your ordeal at the hands of Armed State Authority. I’m the type who’d take a principled stand, too – and say damn the torpedoes, etc. But as you demonstrate, that has serious consequences when done individually. There’s a reason the Romans used the fasces as a symbol of the strength in unity.

      • The Dissident Right doesn’t have an firm ideology yet and therefore can’t organize and can’t fight.

        There have been a few exceptions, Cliven Bundy was able to attract quite a few militia men to his defense but by and large people are extremely individualistic and unwilling to weigh in with anyone else.

        I’m just as guilty of it too

        Sure I’m moderately socially conservative, pro White and pro gun beyond but I’m not one of the money cucks and I’m pro abortion, not religious , kind of an eco freak and fairly secular

        I have as much in common with saner people the other side as I do the Christendom nutters, maybe more. ‘

        I’m not helping neo puritans on either side and to borrow a line from Treebeard in The Two Towers “. I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me.”

        Beyond the fear of subversion of any organizations lies the fact that everyone still wants it to be easy mode. Its not. It’s a religious war and if it goes hot can only end in separation or destruction of one side or another, Hell it can end up in the destruction of all sides.

        The Dissident Right doesn’t believe in anything that much or really much of anything at all as far as I can tell. Its reactionary, not constructive.

        When it becomes constructive whether its “a better path”, deus vult or whatever and that becomes ingrained enough than it can fight and win.

        • I don’t think we need a full-blown ideology to organize. The broadest possible platform – 14 words – is enough tor now. With the exception of fed-posting types and degenerates, we need to leave room for everything from TradCaths to Pagans and fascists to HBD’s. We have common cause & common enemies. We have an enormous amount of positives – the entirety of the Western legacy is our White birthright – we’re not merely reactionary.

          Let’s leave “deus vult” vs. “Darwin vult” etc… for the afermath of our mutual victory.

      • Never stop reminding, Apex, until you are quoted as often as Solzhenitsyn.

        That’s the secret to gang strength, too-
        “Come one, find all”.

  22. There’s still faith in the system among the Right that the evil Democrats can be defeated and then Trump can get on with the business of restoring greatness to America. These are the Hannity watchers and Rush listeners, and some are Q plan-trusters.

    Typically they think the way forward is to remove Ilhan Omar from office, convince voters that socialism sucks, proclaim that Israel is our greatest ally, and always refer to America as the greatest nation on earth. We all know these people, and they’re generally good, hardworking people who love their nation.

    They’re also typically the type who trust our government leaders. At least the ones with an R next to their name. They also don’t quite understand the demographic nightmare we face and the voting patterns of the newcomers, along with why we’re really constantly at war.

    These are the people we need to persuade into accepting reality. Your leftist neighbor will never listen to you. You’ll only get pointing and shrieking. Their worldview is too far away from ours. The neighbor who flies the American flag and talks about what Rush said yesterday, and is outraged about trannys in bathrooms is the guy to target.

    • Re-reading my post I realize I described patriotic boomer-types. Maybe it’s better to target young people. I like what the ‘groypers’ are doing at the TPUSA events. More of that. At least until they shut down the Q&A.

    • “Gee Sis was a Jew!”

      That’s all you need to know about blightwing Boomers and X-ers awaiting their magic carpet ride into eternity.

      They haven’t a clue. Nor are they interested in learning.

      The slightly more intelligent types are all about preserving and growing equity in their lovely homes at the top of the hill. They loooove those weekly visits from hardworking Manuel and Juanita! After 55+ years of spitting on their less fortunate kinsmen, this group is not about to spread the love.

      Engaging these people is a waste of time. Eventually they WILL roll over, outwardly conform, and snitch on you if it is to their advantage.

      Reason? That’s what blightwingers do. 55+ years of blightwing indolence, cowardice, and betrayal tells.

      Look to yourself, immediate family, and long-time friends.

  23. When people have written despairing comments about “What can we do now?” I have acknowledged that we are currently at a low point but must look for opportunities. What the groypers are doing now is what I had in mind (not that I am taking credit for their actions).

    We are effectively shackled right now, but there are still opportunities to pull away the veil for the normies to see what is really going on. We survive, wait, watch, and act when possible.

    Like Washington at Valley Forge or Mao outside the cities. We survive, watch, and prepare.

  24. Spend time in the third world outside of that which exists in the USA and you will find a refreshing cynicism about the institutions of power. No one genuinely believes the pronouncements of their masters. The sort of saccharin BS worship of the police and military that infects White Middle America simply does not have an analogue in a place like Vietnam or Panama. This is one area where we’d be wise to emulate our little brown brothers.

    • I hesitantly agree but…. a warrior culture honors its warriors. However if the warriors start killing/f**ing with the civilians of of their own tribe the deal is off. It may well come down to our military being ordered to fire upon us dissidents. I expect that they will follow orders , but maybe they will surprise us. After all there was Kent State and the Branch Davidian Massacre.

  25. Lots of truth here. What white guys, and their allies (yeah, we do have quite a few) need to get over is the idea that we’re still living in America. The USA was a beautiful country once, but its gone now, and everybody needs to adjust to this. The regime we live under now killed America, and is now wearing its skin. Seeing as how CivNats are the only thing keeping the whole sick show on the road, the sooner they get wise to the true situation, the sooner we can started building something new.

    • We’re not going to be building anything. All we’re going to be able to do is ensure that we can have descendants. They can build something

      • Possibly, but I’m not so pessimistic. We can lay some foundations, or at least start clearing the site where foundations can be put down. But yes, having descendants is important as well.

      • The Captain, for what it’s worth, ole Donny agrees. People have been conditioned all of their live to not see the truth, much less speak it.
        Preach it, brother.

      • The oldest rule in spycraft: “Don’t write when you can speak, don’t speak when you can nod.”
        From the Z-cast

  26. I took my son and several of his buddies to Amren on a lark. One of who is totally pozed while my son (brag,a national merit scholar) less so. I’m tolerated as a eccentric for my nasi podcasts and buddies. They were visibly shaken by the bollards and cops on horseback and tight security. I purchased a signed copy of Greg’s book while at Amren. You should see the look on their faces when i announced that he is a political prisoner now. I suspect Vege is being ironic, but this is winning. Arresting a harmless sweetheart like Johnson indicates that they are very worried and overreacting. I know it provided me with 2-3 potent pharmaceutical-grade redpills. I encourage everybody to trip over to CC and kick in a couple bucks. Presumably there will be legal fees.

  27. “There is no shaming these people into acting like normal people, capable of living in a civilized, orderly society.”

    And yet, the dolts who like to read the WSJ and watch Fox News are constantly headlining stories that triumphantly trumpet the “hypocrisy of the left” – as if the intended target of their exposé really gives a damn. Who are they writing this crap for? Step by step the left has spent the last 60 years slowly tightening the screws while the silly CivNats run around with an oil can to make sure those rusty bolts lefty is tightening don’t squeak too much. We can’t disturb normie’s somnambulance, can we?

    • It took me awhile to realize that for the left, hypocrisy is a feature not a bug. They are proud of it. They think it makes them clever. I am now at a point where any label the left can throw at me will be met with a hearty F*CK OFF! I’m finally throwing off the civnat heritage I have been lugging around all my life.

  28. “This sort of ruling system attracts a certain sort of person. The type that enjoys tangling people up in a web of lies is a timid sociopath, who hates himself and therefore the world that created him.”

    I like how this resonates with Bruce Charlton’s idea that bureaucracy is the earthly manifestation of metaphysical evil. It is specifically designed to be impersonal, heartless, and cruel.

  29. The Booby will say it again:

    Stop feeding the parasites, if you haven’t already. The bankrupt state needs the economy to grow; don’t help it. It’s already vulnerable. Just a few ideas:

    * Contribute as little consumption as possible to the official economy.

    * Take your assets, as much as possible, out the official economy.

    * Take your kids out of public schools.

    * If your kids have embraced the totalitarianism of the age, cut them off, lest their consumption feed the economy with the money that you worked for and saved.

    * Keep your eye on your wives. You’d be surprised how many white women will say/believe one thing when they’re around you, but say the exact opposite at the office water cooler. If you have a good woman who’s on board with you, great, but never assume you do based only on what she says.

    * If your wife/common-law isn’t on board then divorce/leave her, but not before you’ve moved your assets someplace she can’t find them, even better make sure she doesn’t even know about them. Cash and precious metals can be easily hidden. If you have valuable collectibles no one but you needs to know that they are valuable.

    This house of cards economy can’t stay up forever. The consumer is drained. Don’t give it any help.

    Quoth the Booby

    • Booby, you’ve received 17 up votes in three minutes. Have you considered running for office?

      • There’s too much dirt on the Booby. He’s been a very naughty bird over the last half century or so.

        But he’ll do whatever he can to bring down the pinko academic scum who took over our universities (and hence our governments) in the 60s. It’s not whom you vote for, it’s who’s teaching your kids, and filling up those gov’t jobs. Politicians are now just baubles on the crown.

        • Blue footed Boobys are prone in their youth to wobble and crash land a bit, yet gain co-ordination and stability with age. They become particularly aggressive when sighting a pink footed Commie.

  30. When Antifa or the SPLC can dictate terms to the political class, they are neither radical or extreme.

    Or maybe the political class is both radical and extreme.

  31. Something tells me David French will not lecture the Left about free expression over this. He save his lectures for us and how tranny readings in the library represents true freedom.

  32. Right now there are two avenues: One is to operate in the shadows, assume there is no institutional protection, and wait until the time is ripe for general insurrection. Two is to do what the Fuentes/Groyper/Logos crowd is doing: hijack religion. They see having a religious backing gives them moral authority and a degree of institutional support. I am not religious, but I do think the second avenue has merit. Absent a better way to change things, now, nationally, I think this has promise, as opposed to forming secret societies.

    • I love what the Groyper Army is doing, but they are very sadly mistaken if they think their religion will be a shield. That will just make them easy to condemn. What they need to understand is they can be sand in the gears of Conservative Inc. They can operate like a guerrilla army against efforts to impose Conservative Inc on campus. That’s as far as it goes. At some point soon, the hammer will come down and they will have to find a new tactic.

      • The only protection religion will provide is to state-sanctioned religions: ie. climate change, diversity, and anti- straight white male victimhood.

        You can disagree whether these are actually religions all you want, but the fact is they function as such, and for most people that’s all that matters.

  33. The groypers’ trolling of Charlie Kirk (and coming up, Shapiro, Crenshaw and others) shows you can use their institutions for publicity and recruiting. Subverting the subversives, in a way. Let’s see what happens with the Kansas State chapter of TPUSA. They could try to form a parallel organization, which would open them up for attack. Or create an underground group that provides a template for converting other YAF/TPUSA chapters, if they can figure out a way to make it institutional (accept freshmen when current seniors depart). The basic idea is to leverage YAF/TPUSA’s finding and organiziing people leaning our way. and then helping them complete the journey.

    • I would assume that Conservative Inc. will respond by limiting questions to plants they have in the audience. This stunt works a few times and then it is countered.

      • It is also likely that Conservative Inc. will deploy planted questioners who ask hateful questions to impugn the honest and effective questioners we have seen.

      • Exactly. But that in itself will be a sign of defeat. Even college kids can sniff out canned questions. Also, mingling among the crowd telling them that questioners are plants and that you weren’t allowed to ask a question will quickly turn a crowd against Kirk types.

        Conservative Inc is running a con, and cons only work if the mark is completely unaware that there’s a con going on. (Well, unless the mark really wants to believe in the con.) Once the mark starts to get suspicious, the obvious signs of the con (particularly horribly orchestrated cons like these) becomes clear, and it all falls apart quickly.

      • That will make their events boring and open to mockery. The only people interested will be old Republicans and the only young people there will be the plants.

        • From their perspective, that’s a win. Their main role is to fill the space where an authentic alternative should exist.

          • Am I the only one that finds it odd that Dan “Zioclops” Crenshaw represents a swing district but the Democrats have no interest in beating him?

            Almost as if he serves their purposes by being there…

          • Making conservatives even more boring and unlikable might be the only thing we can do right now. But if our side is serious about creating alternative media and social institutions, it might work in the long run.

      • “timid sociopath” Great description. Shorter than Shakespeare’s which is also good:

        “But man, proud man,
        Dress’d in a little brief authority,
        Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d—
        His glassy essence—like an angry ape
        Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
        As makes the angels weep; who, with our spleens,
        Would all themselves laugh mortal.”

      • They’ve already started. The recent Dan Crenshaw talk all the Groypers got moved to the back of the line, even though they were first. Only two or three managed to get questions in, the rest were TPUSA plants and other shills. They didn’t even film it, the only video sources are livestreamers. Azzmador is supposed to stream the next Dan Crenshaw talk today, 8pm EST, at this link:

    • Does TPUSA even have any support among real college students? Students are either apolitical, leftists, or extremely resentful about the indoctrination they are receiving. They’re not buying what Kirk is selling.

    • I watched that, Kirk was gradually becoming unhinged, and the audience was booing him.

      Best question of the evening was something along the lines of, “Since when did anal sex become a conservative value?”

      • While I liked that question as well, it can be reframed as vulgar homophobia. I thought the most effective question was, “How can we conserve Western values when immigrants vote against these values in overwhelming numbers.?”

        • It’s too bad that Americans have adopted the Semitic barbarism of circumcision. Here in Euroland, you simply ask if it’s in accordance with European values to mutilate the genitals of newborns? I’ve flushed out a few ((fellow white people)) with that one.

          What’s the feelings about circumcision in goy America these days? Any chance it could become a cause célèbre? Not mutilating baby’s peepee ought to be an easy sell.

          • Is Foregen legit or should I be looking into stretching?

            Never knew that was a thing! A bit too radical, perhaps, almost adding insult to injury.

          • It’s not an issue I’m familiar with so I’m probably not the person you want to ask, but as a rule of thumb, the less surgery the better, especially if you have an otherwise operational tackle.

            And Foregen looks like a scam outfit, at a casual glance. Stemcell technology is nowhere near that mature.

          • A fundamentalist branch of my clan has eschewed circumcision. Ironically their love of israel is boundless. Crudely, i can sum up the objections of many americans to the foreskin in two words: dick cheese. apologies.

          • You’d slavishly mutilate your sons in imitation of your Jewish overlords, and your reply is “dick cheese”?

            How about you teach him to clean his dick and let him decide for himself when he comes of age?

          • I have no strong feelings about circumcision one way or another, but just as a data point: I was born mid-60s in a White gentile mostly Catholic working-class northeastern USA enclave, and I was procedurally circumcised just as a standard matter of what was then considered pediatric best practice. I’ve never thought twice about it. And so was everybody else I grew up with. So much so that, despite being now rather cosmopolitan and having had memberships in various high-end fitness clubs (and thus their showers and saunas etc) I have to say, I don’t actually know what an uncircumcised penis really looks like. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one. That’s how common the practice was at least among White Gen-Xers.

            Have to say though, the girls did seem to dig it.

          • I’ve never thought twice about it. And so was everybody else I grew up with.

            I’m aware of that, and as far as I know the procedure is fairly harmless. But even babies have rights, and one of them should be not to have little bits cut off them.

            Have to say though, the girls did seem to dig it.

            It’s her job to be good in bed, your job is to bring home the buffalo.

          • No. Not harmless. It causes traumatic PTSD-style brain damage.

            Post-circumcision, formerly happy, engaged babies drift, listless and staring off sightlessly, unable to focus on their surroundings or people.

            The before-and-after pictures are quite frightening. It turns out the neural changes are lasting, probably permanent.

          • Ha! You’re cracking me up, man. Hm…bringing home the buffalo. Couldn’t be more Western.

          • Every WigNat is obsessed with circumcision. I don’t care if our enemies do it or not, but I’ve never missed that centimeter of skin.

            Focus on real issues.

          • Meme, it’s the sign of total submission to our overlords. And baby torture.

            It’s also why muslims, the children of Ishmael, are raving, batsh*t insane rape maniacs.
            Their boys get it at age 7.
            The girls… well, let me just say the real deal for girls is more extensive, and more hideous than we realize. So many side effects from this horrid practice.

            PS- natural is more pleasurable for both women and men, for design reasons.

          • It is a real issue. Just because something is important to someone you consider an idiot (and I’d tend to agree on WigNats) doesn’t automatically invalidate the issue.

            Deliberate infliction of pain on an infant (people who claim “he is too young to feel it” are idiots, liars, or both) is an excellent way of creating an untrusting, paranoid individual. Especially when the ones delivering up the infant for this “procedure” are the parents, which are exactly the persons the infant must trust for its very survival.

            “It turns out the neural changes are lasting, probably permanent.”
            I don’t know the neuroscience well enough to comment on this, but I would keep in mind that if true, to the cultures that push circumcision, this is a FEATURE and not a bug.

          • Focus on real issues.

            It might not be the foremost item on the agenda, but if circumcision is widely condemned in goy society, it makes for a good, cultural boundary marker. Along with a prohibition of dual citizenship, criminalizing circumcision would do wonders for self-repatriation.

            Circumcision is not a big deal in Denmark either, since only non-Danes do it, but whenever someone dares to bring it up in the MSM, Hymie freaks out, makes very bad optics of himself, Danes are like “whoa there, chill! All we suggest is that you don’t abuse your children, what’s that got to do with Auschwitz?”

            And as I wrote above, it’s a great way to call out muh values-nationalists online. One of the good things about Jews is that they can’t get themselves to condemn Israel or Jewry, even when they pretend to be goy.

          • Get some women’s magazine to run a survey on whether their readership prefers “cut or uncut”.

            That will at least you a starting point in your fight.

          • Get some women’s magazine to run a survey on whether their readership prefers “cut or uncut”.

            And you’d mutilate your sons because some Yenta soft-core merchant tells you to? I’m sure your son will be popular with the girls if you corkscrew his dick with scar tissue or tattoo a lightning bolt on it.

            It’s a matter of cultural habit. In Denmark, the population is 90% against circumcision, and that includes our Mohammadan guests of honor, which means pretty much each and every Dane is against.

            Genuinely curious: Is it customary for American parents to watch the procedure? To watch someone take a knife to your son’s most intimate?

          • Nah, they mostly whisk the baby off for the circumcision procedure. They do encourage fathers be present during birth which is a change from prior to the 50s. OT my wife had c section and later natural births. Natural almost traumatized me and the baby was very beat up, albeit not dangerously so. I also a big politically incorrect fan of formula.

          • Yes – they do encourage the fathers to be present during the birth. I was present when my now 11 month old was born.

            And there are real reasons for natural child birth. The child passing thru gets squeezed a bit – and it forces mucus and other stuff out of his lungs. Supposedly natural born babies are also more alert after birth.

            The “natural way” – is there for a reason. Modern medical science has been proven to be wrong on any awful lot of things. Similar to the establishment’s positions on magic dirt theory.

          • Yes – they do encourage the fathers to be present during the birth.

            My question was about whether you witness the circumcision.

          • No generally the baby is removed for that- reread my original comment. I could hear the newly cut babies raising hell somewhere in the maternity ward however.

          • No generally the baby is removed for that- reread my original comment.

            The above was to Calsdad.

          • calsdad, My kid was a twin with a cord wrapped around the neck. Almost certainly a casualty with natural. Same kid got appendicitis so probably twice dead in the olden more natural times. As the father of several big-headed babies i will not go so far as recommend going the C-section route especially if you have a young broad-hipped young mother, but it is a close call, mucus aside. I know the OBGYNs prefer them because they are scheduled and complications are rare.

          • I seem to recall for a time the “medical community” was basically pushing the C-section route for ALL births. That seems to have died down – and the OB/GYN we had at least didn’t push the issue – and clearly told us the benefits of each, with what seemed to be a clear preference for natural. I don’t think the medical community is an all encompassing monolith. The better doctors don’t necessarily just go by whatever the trends of the moment are.

            The OB/GYN we had – had done something like 8000 births. I’m pretty sure he knew what he was talking about.

          • I have no desire to witness a natural birth unless my assistance is needed. I will make it clear to the medical staff that any attempted circumcision will be regarded as sexual assault with a deadly weapon.

          • I see turning away from watching a natural birth in the same way I see turning away from looking at somebody when they die: You’re cutting yourself off from some of the basic truths of life.

            I can’t think of a worse thing to do to somebody who is passing from this world – than to refuse to bear witness to their last minutes of life.

            And I don’t want to tell my son that I couldn’t bear to watch him come into this world.

            Maybe that’s the problem with the world these days: everybody thinks “reality” is clean and sterile. The truth is that it’s messy – and bloody.

          • TLStand and Felix, Not to keep this uncomfortable thread going… but i do think there is a danger of over-reacting to our pussified world. Don’t get too hard-headed, and… this is from a guy that has pulled some real… well lets just say age has softened me. You probably ot to be with your wife during childbirth. Its scary for them especially the first time. I was raised to believe women worked tirelessly to manipulate and control men and that real men took the my-way-or-the highway approach. Hen-pecked men were to be despised. Some truth in this, but one can take it too far. You don’t want a completely antagonistic marriage. cuck out:)

          • You’re missing the point.

            The circumcision decision in this country has become completely divorced from any sort of religious significance. The decision to do / not do – is largely made on the premise of hygeine and/or social custom.

            Yes – I am circumcised (too much sharing) – as are just about every male I know around my age – judging by my memory of high school shower room exposure.

            None of this was done as any sort of religious thing – it was done because circumcision was promoted as hygenic FOR DECADES NOW. Then you’ve got the whole female preference thing – which matters because it’s the females who are going to be birthing that next generation that everybody thinks is going to right this problem.

            So you had damn well better figure out what the women think of this issue – or YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE.

            You also need to factor in the rampant insanity present in a good portion of the female population these days. Pretty sure I remember circumcision being promoted as hygenic FOR THE FEMALES in the past – because the foreskin supposedly harbored bacteria and assorted detrius that could infect their vajayjays.

            Again – last time I checked – the next generation of white nationalists is going to be coming out of WOMEN. So you had damn well better figure that shit out. Set the women against circumcision – and your problem is solved.

            Now do you get the point?

          • The circumcision decision in this country has become completely divorced from any sort of religious significance.

            Yes, I know. That’s why I was hoping maybe it could be abolished.

            hygeine and/or social custom.

            The hygiene-thing is at best minuscule, mostly an euphemism for its anti-wanking properties, but considering the Jewish bias in MSM and academia, I figure the hygiene thing is all bogus. There’s no such thing as a safe surgical procedure, and cutting off the foreskin for hygienic reasons, is like cutting off the earlobes so you won’t get frostbite in them.

            I am circumcised

            It’s not about you. It’s about your sons.

            So you had damn well better figure out what the women think of this issue

            I tell them what I think of an issue, and the discussion damn well better end there. Arguing with women is undignified.

          • I didn’t really have a strong opinion on circumcision one way or the other before my boys were born. My husband, though, very strongly wanted them circumcised – as Carlsdad said, nothing to do with religion but everything to do with hygiene and because he and all his age cohort had been circumcised. The only guys he recalls from high school who weren’t were some Mestizos and Negroes, so it becomes a racial and class issue as well.

            Anyhow, if I had to do it over again, I think I would fight quite a bit harder against it. The hygiene question is overblown, as you said, and I specifically use Europeans as an example when arguing this point with my husband – as long as one is a hygienic White with decent sanitary practices, it’s not an issue. But you’re fighting an uphill battle in this country because it’s been pushed for so long – not merely by Jews, but the other Puritan nut jobs before them concerned with masturbation and so on. Enough said.

          • It’s like precautionary breast removal, precautionary hysterectomies, precautionary HPV vaccinnation- they’re ‘castrating’ the female farm animals, and symbolically making eunuchs of the males.

            Screwing with God’s design,
            tikkun f***ing olam

          • Exactly. Solving for the fickle female preferences and appealing to their superioriority is how we got in this mess. Pussy begging as an adult is one thing. Cutting your boy to please a woman is disgusting.

            How else? Well, how about girls are born perfect, boys are born flawed; requiring cosmetic surgery to (a) conform to some social norm; (b) provide some tiny highly dubious potential benefit (again mostly for women) 18 years down the road; and (c) to ‘look like everybody else’.

            The war on boys and masculinity starts two days after his first breath. It echoes for a long time.

            I don’t know why it is even a question. Even for religious reasons. Women lose their shit if some tribe in africa is cutting the labia of girls in some mud hut ritual but think nothing of cutting their sons. Barbaric. Damn those cornflakes came at great cost.

          • Doing something because women might think poorly of you otherwise marks you as beholden to pussy power. That ensures that women will not be attracted to you.

            Besides, from a practical perspective, unmutilated feels better for both parties based on anecdotal evidence and understanding of what the foreskin does.

          • Meh.

            I don’t really care if somebody is snipped or not. I’m not snipped. If a woman decides to dump me because my penis has an extra flap of skin on it (which has never happened to me), then she’s a bitch and good riddance.

            I think it’s a thing that we can slowly wind down. In fact it already is. But it’s certainly not anywhere near my top focuses.

          • Agreed, not one of my top issues either, but we can keep multiple thoughts in our heads. Snipped or not snipped is hardly something I bring up, but if someone else raises the issue, I will point out the problems.

            Push back on EVERY front. They do it to us, I’ll do it to them.

          • Why should anyone give a damn what women think about that? The only consideration should be the wellbeing of the baby boy. I see no reason to justify circumcision other than dick cheese, which proper hygiene would prevent. It’s just another scam for doctors to make money off of the dumb sheeple.

            There’s nothing wrong with the human body. It works fine. There’s no need to “improve” it or fix what isn’t broken.

          • Why would anyone with a functioning brain give a rabid rats ass what any whammen think or care about anything?!?

            Whammen are nothing more than reproductively mature children in both reality and personal nature (to be fair only 4% are or ever will be qualitatively ‘adult’; the other 96% totally overwhelm them in every way – watch such drivel as ‘The View’ or ‘Wendy’ if you dare to see this proved).

            And now with the latest news out of Texas that a female gun-control fanatic just murder-suicided herself and the three children in a pique over her recent divorce because, she “…Would have to get a job…”.

            Here’s the link:

            Men! Stop giving a shit what these useless bio-whores
            think or care about anything! Clownworld is THEIR playground and they will stab you in the back and use you like toilet paper however and whenever they can!

            If you haven’t seen this, you need to asap!

            Desire for Female Validation – MGTOW (Sandman)

            Take women’s rights (voting) away!
            Stop empowering women!
            End ALL welfare, both domestic and foreign!

            That’s HOW we save Western Civilization!

            Clownworld ends when MEN decide that it ends-
            not one second before!

            “Gentlemen, Prepare to defend yourselves – Go MGTOW!!!”

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • “Go MGTOW….” and leave the future to those who show up for it and allow them to take our women, adding insult to injury. With all due respect, fuck off with that bullshit.

            We need white women or we have no future. Get that through your thick skull. If you wanna be MGTOW, make yourself useful and pick a fight with Antifa.

          • If you want white women to start breeding and actually having children again, take their voting rights away, stop empowering them and end welfare, just as both I and TFM have repeatedly stated.

            Done without fail, women WILL start having and keeping their children.

            As for being a MGTOW, there are currently no sane reasons for any man to get involved with ANY woman in today’s culture as women DO ‘hold all the cards’ both financially and legally – and men are routinely sacrificed to their whims via both by divorce courts and ‘Family Courts’ courtesy of feminism.

            Obviously you DIDN’T take time to watch the linked video and try to understand what’s happening to your fellow men…it’s easier for you to react like a Tradcuck NPC and go ‘Reeeeeeeee!!’ when anyone someone points out how men are regularly being savaged by the culture under control by feminists.

            So thanks but no thanks, and if your immediate response is to go full ‘White Knight Captain Sav-A-Ho’ then may the nearest dayglo haired fat assed feminist shove her dragon dong up your self-righteous ass, good and hard!!

            Otherwise, self-impregnate with the nearest cholla cactus, you senator shit!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • TheLastStand has it right.

            As I understand it opinions on circumcision are mixed. It’s still thought to have value in reducing disease including penile cancer but otherwise, it’s not as popular.

            No idea among non Whites and don’t care frankly.

            I am told many hospitals will no longer perform the procedure and that it’s often necessary to find a Jewish hospital to have it done.

          • A quick search reveals vague nattering about those nasty Christians in 1880 muttering “it prevents onanism!” (Ahem, ‘washing the laundry by hand’)

            My question, which even the medical brother couldn’t answer:
            When did the mark of Shechem become standard practice in American hospitals?

          • My understanding is that it became common in the US during the era of eugenics but according the web it peaked in the 1970’s with 85% of men being circumcised.

            It’s been in decline for some time and down to about 55% in 2012 according the BBC.

            The same article noted a 1% decline per year so assuming figures are accurate and hold true it should be under half now

        • You’re playing the “don’t offend the people who hate me” game.

          It is homosexuality that is vulgar, and forthright disgust with it that is normal. Don’t be ashamed.

          • I like the crudeness. It gets right to the point, avoiding all of the nice-gay-couple-next-door crap. It’s also a bit jarring when asked in that context by a young guy in a suit, which is good IMO.

            And anal sex is really one of the most vanilla acts in which sodomites engage. If we began with some of the others it’d be too much too soon.

        • The 2 questions work in tandem. Let Kirk babble on about how non-whites and degenerates are “natural conservatives”, and then expose just what those “conservative values” really are.

        • “While I liked that question as well, it can be reframed as vulgar homophobia”
          So what?
          Everything can be “reframed” as something else.

          My question, for decades has been: why is any practise by men, which, if universal results in the extinction of humanity in one generation not something to be condemned?

      • And, interestingly, it is issues like THAT which might actually peel off a chunk of black and Hispanic voters. Now, I give zero shits about the “based black vote”, but if the Republicans became the party against homos, they would win more support. A side benefit of sorts.

        Let’s not forget Prop 8. Or in Mississippi, the constitutional ban on homo marriage passed with 86% in support…

    • Conservative Inc is ripe for the “something-or-other”. If Kirk is now the public face of Con-job-Inc, if they need to send a nationalist jew from Israel to sell kosher nationalism to grumbling goys…then this may be our moment.

      Con-Inc has a bullhorn and a bank account…and followers who are nervously trying to be good whites but are finding it increasingly harder and self-defeating to do so. It won’t take much more to turn them our way (thanks mainly to the increasingly unhinged anti-whites). A handful of young guys have them in a panic with just 2 or 3 appearances.

      If we, even just a few, show up at every event…or leave a list if questions they can’t honestly answer without engaging in flim-flam…or stuff their magazines with insults and insights…and keep it up…how long can they continue without turning into a complete toothless joke?

      We could help ourselves a lot if, as Zman suggests, we stop holding well advertised gatherings and instead…showed up in groups at Con-Inc and RNC functions. If we can rid ourselves of the rearguard we’ll be in an infinitely better position because it will force the hand of our enemies.

      What accomplished more this year, the Amren conference or the Nickers …in furthering our goals?

      If we are to continue meeting the term “sub-rosa” exists for a reason.

      • Con Inc provides status and opportunity, making it a clerisy.
        Degrading the “status” might deflate the value of the opportunity.

        Camera time would be at Jerry Springer value, not CPAC value.

  34. Yeah. Personally, I’m getting a Tdap vaccine. These crazies are taking us into the past like you said in the previous post and nobody wants to die of tetanus. Horrible. And I know diphtheria and whooping cough or essentially gone and childhood illnesses but I have no doubt they’re coming back also. My next doctor’s appointment is in December and I’m getting it then. Just trying to think practically.

    • There was a picture of a prescription for the flu vaccine going around last week. It was one of those informational pamphlets they give you when you get a prescription. Printed right on it was the warning ‘this vaccine has not been clinically tested’
      The world burns somewhat evenly. The destruction is widespread and affects things like medicine, water, sewage, electricity etc.

      • I’m actually not sure what your point is but Tdap has been tested and is very effective. Diphtheria was a leading cause of death for Millennia and was virtually eradicated a hundred years ago

        • My point was that the country gets a little worse over time and that it is widespread and not confined to a single aspect of life.

          Look at California. They cannot even keep the lights on. These winds are not new. As California becomes ever more Mexican, you get Mexican levels of reliability. Things like water, sewage, electricity etc require a lot of technical know-how and maintenance.

          The medical industry is bad and getting worse.

          • Yes. Based on the intelligence level of Indian techies I’ve worked with… I am absolutely terrified about what kind of damage our import doctors will do…

            Not to mention diseases. How many diseases are Indian and Africans immune to, from living in their filthy slums over hundreds of years, that we are not?

            I wash my hands every day, frequently. Maybe I’m just a paranoid germophobe, but still.

          • There was a link some years ago at Steve Sailer’s about the problem of fraudulent or substandard Indian-produced drugs sold throughout the American market . . . to the point the Indian executives, themselves, won’t buy Indian made medications. I can’t find the link any longer, but it was terrifying. Check the manufacturer of your generifc drugs – if you can avoid anything Indian, do so.

          • There is a recent book about this very topic titled Bottle of Lies by Katherine Eban. Peter Attia had a very good podcast episode in which he interviewed her.

      • The flu vaccine is new each year, so never has the time required to go through complex clinical trials (including placebo controls) to determine its effectiveness. That is all that really means. By the time trials are complete, the flu season is over and the window of possible use has passed.

        Each year during the Northern Hemisphere’s summers, flu outbreaks in other parts of the world are watched and studied, in order to make a best guess of which flu strains (which are constantly mutating) will be most significant to our upcoming flu season in our hemisphere. They usually pick a couple strains of Influenza-A and one or two influenza-B’s. Some years they guess well, some years…not so much. Regardless, there will still be other strains of -A and -B going around that may or may not become significant.

        If you are lucky and/or they guessed correctly, any flu strains that you are exposed to post-vaccination will either be one that was covered, or a less virulent strain/mutation.

        The flu shot, in its current form, has always been a gamble.

        • I am not anti vaccines in general but I haven’t taken a flu shot in years. Use hand sanitizer and use anti bacterial wipes at the gym and elsewhere. Less of a gamble and probably more effective.

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