High On Their Own Supply

A common misconception among the more cynical on this side of the great divide is that the people running grifts like TP-USA are all in on the grift. That the front men are just as aware of the con being worked as the people who finance them. While that can be true, it is not always true. In fact, in most cases the front man is a true believer, who really believes the stuff he is preaching. That’s why the backers picked him. They did not have to worry about him having a crisis of conscience.

That appears to be the case with Charlie Kirk, the deformed looking fellow that is the front man for TP-USA, the synthetic grassroots college group. After hooligans disrupted his college tour with difficult questions, he has reportedly been threatening to quit the show, as he was so distraught over what is happening. He was unprepared for anything but an adoring audience of fellow believers. He expected his college road show to be him evangelizing to fellow zealots. Instead he is being mocked.

When you stop and think about it, it is easy to see that he is not a cold, calculating schemer running a complex grift. For starters, he is not that bright. That’s clear by how badly he has handled the questions from the hooligans. Even a young con-man is quick on his feet when in a jam. That’s what leads them into the grifter lifestyle. Kirk, on the other hand, is completely unprepared for the push-back he is getting, because he just assumed everyone in the crowd believed the same nonsense he believes.

In fairness to Kirk, he is not alone in believing nonsense. The Bush years are a great example of how you can fool most of the people for just a little while, if you give them a reason to feel they are sacrificing for a larger goal. The flag waving and talk of spreading democracy to the barbarians was powerful magic. For people in a fading empire, with an uncertain demographic future, a moral war to make the world right again was a beautiful reprieve from their daily reality.

Now, there are cynical grifters in these scams. Dan Crenshaw, the congressman from Texas, is a great example. Like John McCain, he as figured out how to wrap himself in the flag, while peddling the nonsense paid for by the usual suspects. He’s running around trying to convince young white men to throw their life away on pointless wars in the Middle East, while telling them the future is going to be brown. If one wanted to conjure a modern example of pure evil, Pirate Dan is a good start.

In many ways, these Potemkin movements ginned up by the usual suspects mirror what is done in the pop music business. The sharps who have run that business since the inception, are always fishing for a new act. When they find one, they flood the market with copies until the public losses interest. Then it is onto the next act. Meanwhile, the boys and girls trying to become pop starts are sure they are getting noticed because they have talent. The carny folk prey on those wishing to be stars.

The difference between what is happening with the political hucksters and the entertainment rackets is there is no feedback loop. Music producers have to move product. Movie makers have to sell tickets. The political theater generally lacks such immediate returns. Both sides of the ruling class can rig the venues and seed the audience with fellow grifters, thus having the effect of being popular. Eventually, the people running these scams start to fall for their own con.

That may be what we are seeing with TP-USA. The same sorts backing this racket successfully made that ridiculous hobbit Ben Shapiro a star. They even made the odious Dinesh D’Souza a star in the last election cycle. Of course, they were able to quickly turn the Tea party into a racket. Running these scams has been so easy for so long, they got sloppy. They made the mistake of getting high off their own supply and started making mistakes. The result is the ongoing debacle of TP-USA.

The lesson though is that humans are built to believe. It is a part of our nature that is probably the oldest part of our nature. Belief probably co-evolved with language as a way to allow us to share complex thought and abstract concepts. While modern Americans may have stopped participating on traditional religion, that desire to be a part of a shared belief is still there. People will believe in something. The question is what will they believe and to what purpose will those beliefs point them.

The alternative to the cynical nonsense from the usual suspects is not just a rebuttal of their assertions. It is also an alternative set of beliefs, which in the simplest sense is an alternative vision of the future. “This is who we are and this what we do, because this is the future we want for our posterity” is what holds a people together. Politics is not an argument about the present, but the future. Offer a more promising vision of the future and people will come to believe they can achieve it.

That’s really what these scams are about, when you examine them. They keep conjuring one fake youth movement after another so the young don’t start thinking about a better future than what is on offer. If young whites suddenly stop believing in consumerism, they will believe in and fight for something else. If they stop thinking brown is beautiful, not only is Pirate Dan out of a job, demographic replacement becomes a rallying point around which to oppose the ruling class.

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190 thoughts on “High On Their Own Supply

  1. The best fall guys are always true believers. The ATF, the dumbest of the alphabet soup agencies, let the method they use to find patsies out of the bag. They had some agents that set up a sting pawn shop and from that shop recruited some local retards that they had befriended. They groomed these dupes and eventually prosecuted them. Yep, that’s the way the government finds patsies. They look for stupid true believers.

  2. He’s running around trying to convince young white men to throw their life away on pointless wars in the Middle East, while telling them the future is going to be brown. If one wanted to conjure a modern example of pure evil, Pirate Dan is a good start.

    The last three posts have been out of the ballpark, or maybe out of the ballpark for other dissident blogs which means Mr. Z is running a pretty damn big ballpark. Excellent work!

  3. A nitpick, but I think “believe” is better understood as “confirmation signals”.

    (“Believe” has connotations of “gullible, credulous.”)

    Confirmation of our identity and standing in a group,
    Confirmation that our group, as intelligent parallel processors, have discerned a reasonable pattern,
    Confirmation that we are then justified in belief, behavior, and aspiration.

    A bit deep in the weeds, so ‘believe’ will do for now. Let’s give them something to believe in.

  4. This, ” After hooligans disrupted his college tour with difficult questions…”

    So, asking questions that the propagandists don’t like makes them “hooligans”? Why not just go with “bandits”? Then round them up, liquidate. Problem solved.

    In the modern sense, that would be dox, deplatform, de-employ.

    I do not give myself the luxury of thinking this “Zman” is ‘on our side’ any more than the gollum gay activist Kirk. And reading here for a while, I wonder if these “hooligans” surfed a little too close to that which may not be mentioned in, ahem, polite bowtie company, even when allegedly, said bowtie wearers are to be decried?

    • Perhaps z-man should have put hooligans in scare quotes to be more clear, but I took the reference to be sarcastic. I could be wrong.

      • I think HomerB is misreading this. Why would hooligans be asking “difficult” questions, after all? Further, why would those two descriptors arise in anyone’s mind after seeing the video of the Kirk event?

        “Hey, what happened, friend-o?”

        “Ah, these hooligans showed up and started asking difficult questions, that’s what.”

        I’m afraid this is a case of irony — in the literal sense — not being caught.

        Also, to Homer B. I noted this: “After reading here for a while.” Sounds like you’ve had this thought percolating for a bit, no?

    • The same ones we see in movies all the time, you know, those white guys that kick the hero while she’s down. Z is clearly being facetious here – Conservative, Inc sees them as Hooligans.

      Z went to the Scandza Forum and is a regular at AmRen. He’s our guy.

    • “I do not give myself the luxury of thinking this “Zman” is ‘on our side’ any more than the gollum gay activist Kirk.”

      All of these months I’ve been commenting here, years for many others, and we never caught that Z was not on our side. All those guys in the Dissident Right movement that invited him to their conferences were fooled too.

      Thank God some Big Brain finally came along and put us some knowledge. We’ve been so wrong. Thank you.

  5. Great read. The Z Man is at his best when he attacks these evil and deranged grifters. In many ways they are our #1 enemy.

    • Oh they are his competition and number one enemy.

      As they are for most here.

      There is also a great deal of resentment for the safely dead conservatives.

      There is general resentment along the lines of oh cursed spite that you were ever born to set it right. We lost WW2 because we have to fight now 74 years later, really it was Lincoln, etc.

      Well every man has to fight for whats his or its not his anymore, every generation has to fight for their lands. Or its not your lands anymore and you don’t deserve them, or anything.

      As for this business that its already gone- no, these are mere nibbles. These are gnats. Niggers? You can’t hold them off? DIE. You’re weak.

      You believe you’re entitled to America, safety, security, living among your own and all those blessings are secured by birthright, voting and lawyers? No fight in you?

      DIE. Weaklings. You don’t deserve anything, certainly not America.

      You may now return to condemning others who whatever their faults are more successful than you.

      I despise Conservative INC.
      But I can find better uses of my time than snapping enviously at their heels, huddling outside sulking, thinking that envy and lack of success = Dissident, = Solzehnietzen, that Twitter Jail is the same as the Gulag.

      The above is a general blast at all so afflicted, if it does not describe you then God Bless.

      If it does find a better sin than envy.
      Try Wrath.

  6. A fine essay, but I have one correction with regard to the claim that ‘[Kirk] expected his college road show to be him evangelizing to fellow zealots.’ This is not accurate. Yes, Kirk (and Crenshaw) expected their acolytes to show up, but *also* ‘Leftists’ with whom they could spar with prepared talking points. The problem for Kirk et al, is that they were unprepared with adequate responses to being challenged from other parts of the *Right*, in this case the nationalist-populist-identitarian and Catholic Right AKA ‘Groypers’.

    Reports are that Kirk et al are so committed to this ‘confronting the Left’ kabuki theater that Groypers were pushed to the back of the line to move ‘Leftists’ to the front in order to maintain the charade on Conservative Inc’s terms.

  7. Pirate Dan is a perfect example of why the Republicans have no future and need to be mowed down. He’ll eventually be wiped out by (insert socialist Latina) in his Houston district. An area of the country that is more demographically doomed than even CA.

    In an era of nearly flawless glass eyes, he chooses to wear a patch, which is a cheap way of telegraphing to the opiate popping fat f*cks in his district that he’s a “HERO.” A hero who lost an eye for his country! They totally buy this as they shove Whataburgers and Taco Cabana burritos down their diabetic pie holes. They’ll be replaced in short order by the brown wave that’s sweeping TX. My state was the first to hit that wave and no one cared. Certainly no one in the middle of the country that’s now seeing the wave.

    These are the same people who bought the Bush “securin’ the homeland” schtick. Pirate Dan wasn’t in Iraq to “keep us free” or “fight for democracy.” He was there to burnish his resume to do what he’s doing now. And he lost an eye in the process, which he turned into bonus points. Pirate Dan represents all that is unholy about the GOP. Military worship. The same military that would wipe you out and take every freedom you have if they were ordered to do so. Corporatism, which speaks for itself. And a celebration of outsiders coming into this country as if they’re more authentically American than someone born and raised here, regardless of race. I have to pity for TX. They mint Republicans like this.

    Pirate Dan will always use “I fought for you” as last defense. I wish someone would yell back, “no you didn’t you liar. You fought for yourself.”

    • JR Worth- brilliantly said. Spot-on diagnosis of Texas. And while I respected and loved my late Army officer father-in-law, as my husband says “All those years, and for what? For Pajeets and Han to inherit America?” My son, too, served in the military, but we don’t tolerate that “Thank you for your service” BS in our household.

      • Just as long as your son posts one of those fake, home for the holidays videos on social media, where everyone has to pretend that they’re surprised and shocked that “hero” has come home for the holidays, which is then picked up by Fox News, where it’s replayed by teary eyed news whores in pumps before they cut to the Toys for Tots drive (free toys for all of our new American kids from exotic foreign places). They love the warrior mommy ones too, where she comes home to her kids after “securin’ the homeland overseas.”

    • Nobody goes into combat to burnish a resume. Enlist, sure. That might be a career path. Combat, no.

      “After six months of combat operations, Dan was hit by an IED blast during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He was evacuated and awoke from his medically induced coma learning that his right eye had been destroyed in the blast and his left eye was still present, but badly damaged.”

      “There’s no reason to wear an eye patch when I’m around family or friends because they’re used to my many glass eyes,” said Crenshaw. “I noticed in public it’s distracting to people.”
      I knew someone with a glass eye and, honestly, they are distracting. So would you rather be the guy with the weird eye?

      You don’t like him or Conservative, Inc. and you think he’s a grifter, fine. I don’t think you’re really in a position to know what his motives were for enlisting. You just might be getting high on your own supply.

      • You think a pirate patch is less distracting than a glass eye? I absolutely am saying he went there to burnish his resume.’ I make no apologies. He didn’t fight for “our freedum.” His intentions are not beyond reproach. I can question his motives all I want, I’m the one who paid income taxes for him to go over there, get treated afterwards, and I’m still paying for that clown.

        • A pirate patch is certainly more dashing than a glass eye, which gets strange looks from people trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. Nobody’s asking for an apology or saying he fought for our freedom. But neither you nor I know what his motives were, and anyway, didn’t your mother tell you not to mock the afflicted? Leave his eyeball out of it.

      • This is why Grifter Dan’s schtick works. They’ve co-opted martial values & yoked them to the service of Mammon. If Dan was over here fighting against the war-shills & for his people, I would honor that. I’m not going to bow to a man who’s sold himself to the cause of getting more Whites killed for Izrul. Of all men, wounded vets in politics should know the score by now & do better by those they allegedly served.

      • No one goes into combat JUST to furbish their resume. But you’re naive if you don’t realize that some would-be Pols are willing to go into combat because they know they can “dine off it” for the rest of their life. Joe Kennedy Jr. died because wanted to get medal to further his planned political career. David French requested lawyer duty in Kuwait because he knew being a “Combat Vet” would open doors for him. And I’m sure Pete Buttigig knew a tour in Afganistan behind a desk would help his political career.

        • Well, how’d that work out for Joe? Seems his plan was a llittle iffy and really not too bright. It was WW II, for heaven’s sake. Any able-bodied man worth his salt was going to serve. My mother spoke of her whole town seemingly emptied of men. I said “combat”, which is not behind a desk, not “combat zone.” There’s a difference. A tour in Helmand province, Afghanistan would bear some undue risk for mere resume polishing. Do you really think in 2006 Crenshaw said, “I know, I’ll be a SEAL, it’s a good career move. If I’m wounded, I’ll run for Congress. If I die, oh, well, at least my resume will be enhanced.”
          In their own words, that challenge you’re always talking about:

    • Ol’ Dan is not a Texan. Nor were his parents. He was raised there and in Latin American countries as his dad moved around in the oil business. He went to Tufts U. and then Harvard. He’s just like one of the Bush family. No differences.

  8. What is your policy dispute with Ben Shapiro? The usual crowd of anti-semite commenters will hate on him because he’s Jewish, but that’s not a substantive criticism. As far as I can tell, he’s not a Neo-con, he would like to control illegal immigration; his criticisms of Trump have revolved around Trump’s personal ethics in so far as they conflict with Ben’s orthodox Jewish morals. An old teacher of mine used to say, “You’re either part of the problem, or you’re part of the solution.” Faced with a binary choice, I view Ben as part of the solution.

    • What Ben Shapiro “likes” is of no importance: “He would like to control illegal immigration…”

      So has the GOP for the last 30 years. They have done nothing. Nothing.

      There is no policy dispute when there is no policy. We are tired of listening to these inane, empty grifters tell us what they want, or what “the American people” want, or what is going to happen (“they’ll start voting Republican if you just stop being so anti-immigrant!”).

      It’s over. We’re not listening to them any longer. They have no intellectual or moral authority, nor do they have any political authority, as far as I can tell. Ben is an emotional support animal to people who want to close the window on the world around them. This man-child and his ilk are of no use to serious men.

      • It seems like the gatekeeper concept is one that is lost on many, including Spud Boy. It took me a while to fully understand it, and what GKs like Ben Shapiro are actually doing. Once you understand, it really opens your eyes to what Conservative, Inc. has been up to all this time.

        May I suggest that it could be a worthy topic for a podcast?

    • He is a raging neocon. He wants to “fix” illegal immigration by legalizing all of it. His sole reason to exist is to gate-keep.

      Are you thinking of a different Ben Shapiro?

      • And he’s an artificial creation designed to seamlessly take Mark Levin’s place when he has his last and final heart attack.

      • It’s not wee Benny himself: it’s the folks that back wee Benny financially and otherwise. He only debates kids and refuses to debate actual opponents. What does that tell you? There’s lots of people chomping on the bit to debate him, yet it never happens. Funny, that.

        • He learned that from Mark Levin, who, when a live one gets through, starts rudely shouting at them, gets on a moral high horse, and then hangs up. They’ll never go on a forum where a mic can’t just be shut down. And of course the audience is so stupid they think that these people are untouchable debaters. Brilliant! I was never really a Michelle Maulkin fan, but notice how she darted out the door right away after getting in bed with him. Probably had to sign something in her own blood. I certainly respect her a lot more than Levin.

          • Wirth, thank gosh somebody else noticed that about “shut up, stupid!” Levin.

            His call screener ranks calls on how floridly they kiss his butt.

    • Shapiro is a neocon and a classic neocon at that since he was of prime military age during the recent ME misadventures but chose to let others do the fighting. His show is full of passive aggressive attacks on Trump. Here in Denver we have another just like him – Ross Kaminsky. Another neoclown that used to write for the American Spectator and thankfully has been exiled to the wilderness of a piss ant radio station in Denver. Just yesterday he had a segment about the mysterious Christian support for Trump in light of his moral failings. It was odd since Kaminsky is Jewish and he failed to ponder the overwhelming support that Jews have for the Democratic party which appears to hate them.

    • I can’t believe he failed in countering an abortion argument.

      And are you sure he isn’t for useless wars that prop up Israel? That is what neocon is, right?

      He claims to make arguments against identity politics, but he excuses his own group in doing it. He does it all the time if you listen to his tirades against white identity politics and then hear what he has to say on jewish intermarriage.

      He’s a snake.

    • He rejects “identity politics” for Whites as racist while wearing a little hat and prayer shawl. He urges “Onward, Christian soldiers!” while refusing to put himself in harm’s way. He pushes the proposition nation narrative and embraces a brown future for goys. Precisely how is he part of the solution, Spud Boy?

    • It’s the hypocrisy, Potato. The advocacy of ethnic cleansing in one country and the destruction of another via mass migration. But you already knew that.

    • Shapiro is the typical Zionist neocon.
      He believes in no ethnostate but Yiddistan,
      He has no business being in a white country,

    • The reason he talks so fast is to hide that he contradicts himself about every 5 minutes.

      No, he doesn’t want to limit immigration to the USA. That depends on who he’s talking to at the moment.

    • Substantive criticism: the blatant hypocrisy of beanie-wearing Ben saying “no identity for you, but identity for muh Tribe b/c reasons” and his outright lies about the “difference” between legal & illegal immigration are demographically destroying White America. If you think the tons of (((donor))) money he gets from Zionists & immigration shills also has nothing to do with that, may I offer you the Donor Money Pill and the J-Pill as a two-fer special?

  9. Maybe TP and others are scams, maybe not.

    But their mere existence brings out the leftist progressive, socialist, communist, totalitarian (am I repeating myself? ) crazies and moves them to commit their violent acts.
    So if TP etc., is a scam, the lefty crazies sure don’t think so, cause if the lefties also thought it was a scam they would not be getting their knickers in a twist over them.

    Yep, people want/need to believe in something; better they believe in TP, etc., than in ANTIFA, MoveOn, communism, socialism , progressiveness all all the other associated totalitarian pseudo-religions.

    • If only there was someone in power, who could order — let’s say — a department committed to “justice” to uphold existing law. Impartially. It’s a fantasy, I know.

    • TPUSA exists to short stop young whites from wholly walking away from Conservative Inc. They do that by slapping down half-witted college leftists which is as hard as taking candy from a baby.

      It neuters those that buy into their CivNat bullshit and accepting the demise of heritage whites via demographic and cultural destruction.

      Cliff notes definition of TPUSA – is poisoned candy.

  10. The truth is that conservatives/republicans/right wingers have no future. The demographics simply will not allow it.

    Talk to the majority of Blacks, Asians of all ethnicity, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, single white women, homosexuals, and the trans community as well as white male allies and they will be on board with most if not all of the progressive agenda. They are the emerging majority and want gun control, prison reform, drug reform, higher taxes, open borders, name changes, LGBTQII protections, hate speech laws, a historical reckoning, and a de-nazification (the pernicious confederacy lost cause myth). Conservatives are against some or all these things.

    In other words, if you are not a white male conservatism in the west has nothing to offer you. In fact, it is your enemy and you have the human right to work against it.

    Most if not all People of Color and sexual minorities as well as white women agree the whiteness and male male supremacy is the great evil of our time that must be defeated soundly and indefinitely.

    I know you guys do not want to face that fact but you have to listen to people who do not think like you. Academia, the media, and the majority of the youth are on board with equality and justice. Look at the scholarship being produced. Look at the entertainment being produced. Look at who white women are having children with.

    I point this out to you to let you know that you have lost. The future is diverse and will work to crush white supremacy.

    Most of you are old men (over 30) so will not see any real change so don’t let it bother you. Relax live your best life and please do not hinder other people trying to live theirs.

      • Yep, don’t feed the troll. Whose post I might comment upon is amusing in that he tells us to not bother, that we’ve lost, ”resistance is futile”, etc. Yet, even while claiming ascendancy of political thought and action has an over powering need to read this blog and comment—all while claiming we are irrelevant. Oh, the irony. 😉

    • You know that remark I made above about good, mediocre, and poor con men? Your comment does not suggest that you fall into either of the first two categories. Work on your blackpilling skills.

      But what the hell, I’ll address your first canard as if you were actually serious. Lumping blacks, Asians, Muslims, Jews and Latinos together is ludicrous, and a grave insult to each of the groups. Browns (both LatinX — use the woke terminology, you hater — and subcontinentals) generally despise blacks. East Asians despise browns of all sorts, think blacks are subhuman, are deeply suspicious of Jews, and purely hate Muslims. The Abrahamites (original flavor or new improved 6th century flavor) consider anyone not of their creed subhumans to be exploited and enslaved. At least the 6th century version will consider you one of them if you speak the 13 words (go on, you know them, “there is no God but …”), whereas the OG Abrahamites actively discourage conversion, all they want is submission.

      Handy hint: To sell someone a load of utter crap, you need to salt the crapload of lies with a few truths.

      • Mike_C, he was quoting Leftwing radio verbatim. That’s exactly what they repeat, over and over, their main message.

  11. I feel like the “Groypers” ought to challenge Conservative Inc. more on capitalism, too. Especially since defending capitalism is about all ConInc has got left.

    Last night I saw Charlie Kirk say “the great thing about capitalism is that it forces you to be a better person” and I practically did a spit take.

    There are so many ways to attack that:

    — Asking why ConInc supports capitalism, when the most powerful capitalist corporations–the big computer companies–are left-wing zealots who fanatically hate conservatives and are determined to silence Trump-voting middle Americas.

    — Asking why capitalism is so great when companies humiliatingly force middle-class white Americans to train their Indian replacements.

    — Asking why capitalism is so great when companies choose to publish absolutely degrading movies, TV shows, and music.

    — Asking why capitalism is so great when obesity is so bad that now it is not just destroying health, but human dignity.

    The purpose of those events is to red-pill normies. I think a lot of audience members, when they hear a questioner starting to lay into capitalism, will be expecting standard left-wing routines. When they realize it’s actually a right-winger, that will shake their conditioning.

    • Heck, just asking to cite a clarifying example for such “gratuitous assertions” will probably cause a fit.

    • Exact quote was: “What’s amazing about free enterprise capitalism is it forces you to be a good person.” I’m changing my vote from Char-lay is a “dim-bulb salesman” to “historically ignorant retard.” With apologies to the cognitively-impaired.

    • “Pornography is ruining thousands of men’s and women’s lives, both the ‘actors’ and the viewers. Pornographers are simply providing what the market asks for. How is allowing this to continue help us win the Culture war?”

      “Small, local businesses provide much of the financial backing for local churches, PTAs, rotaries, libraries, and many other small town organizations that keep communities together. What is conservative about supporting a system that destroys the support for all of these organizations?”

      “Why is usury considered a conservative value, when Jesus himself condemns it, for example, the master in the Parable of the Talents *reaped where he did not sow*?” (this one might be harder to handle, as many folks still incorrectly believe that this parable is about ‘stewardship’, when the church had condemned usury for hundreds of years (‘reaping where you did not sow’). There’s still a lot of questions on this, and how it relates to John 4… so probably best to leave it out.

  12. “If they stop thinking brown is beautiful, not only is Pirate Dan out of a job, demographic replacement becomes a rallying point around which to oppose the ruling class.”

    If people don’t start rallying soon, then we will all be out of jobs. I remember Virginia 35-40 years ago, and am stunned at what’s occurred. It is apparent to me now that virtually nothing will shake the majority of people out of their stupor. Is there is an actual death wish operating sub rosa in the hearts of many in the U.S.? It would appear so. Under the guise of moral progress, they are embracing death: their own, and that of their own country. And because they posit this evil as a good, there is no reasoning with them whatsoever. They will kill you for bringing them the news. They will not listen until it is far, far too late. Next November should do the trick.

    But by then — I hope — those to whom they will turn for answers will be long gone and hard to find. Jonestown, USA seems to have a rapidly-approaching expiration date. Exile or death: is this our only option? Bracing black coffee this morning as I ponder the void that is our future, I’m afraid.

    • “Next November should do the trick.”

      Unless something miraculous happens, by dint of sheer mathematics and nothing at all else, Trump will be crushed in a landslide. The Dems could run a stale cheese sandwich and it would win, just through math. Trump had his chance (and it was literally the LAST CHANCE!) to do something about this, but he was feckless and unserious about the task at hand, and so now we will have a civil war. Done deal.

      (Actually it will technically not be a “civil” war because that implies a war amongst a common ethne; what is really happening is that the United States has been successfully invaded and conquered by a Jewish-led alliance of foreign peoples, and that Americans are now a conquered, defeated, humiliated people. The war will be one of resistance to this fact.)

      What will be interesting (but too late) for normies to hear will be the sheer volume and poisonousness of the gloating you will hear from the Left and the Jews (same difference) once the final nail is in the coffin and the Permanent Leftocracy appears assured. The Jews even have their own word for Jewish gloating, in their Jewish language. You are going to hear it nonstop, and turned to eleven. You are DEAD, White Christian man! Accept your new role, at the bottom of a mile-deep stinking lake of foreign brown sludge! Hahaha, you trusted us, and we DESTROYED you!! That’s what you get for fighting World War Two!

      • “ Trump will be crushed in a landslide”

        Nonsense, just wishful thinking on the part of a never Trumper. That the election is in doubt, sure. All close ones are. That the Dem’s are in demographic ascendency, no doubt. That the Dem’s could win with a “stale cheese sandwich”, well they’d better get one, because their current field are bat-shit crazy.

        As long as the economy stays healthy. Trump may very well win re-election.

        • He won by a minuscule margin in four states. He’s vulnerable as heck. And all he had to do was to pretend that he cared about the stuff he campaigned on in 2016. But he hired never-Trumpers, neocons, and open-borders lobbyists. As well as the two people that have done the most fundraising for Cory Booker. LOL.

          • On the other hand, perhaps enough normies will look a around and see that 4 yrs of Trump did not the apocalypse bring, and whatever Dem is on the menu would be worse.

        • Sure, Trump could win. But it’s only a short reprieve. The Dems will gain control of the WH permanently by 2024, 2028 at the latest. At that point, the real fight will be between the Jewish machine that runs the Dems and the rest of party.

          Regardless, we’re screwed. It’ll take a bit of time for the judiciary to turn over, but as every last reasonable judge is replaced, the Dems will be able to unleash hell on us. The mask will definitely come off.

        • Trump could prove more valuable to us yet, if he were to slip on a butchur niffe in the bathtub, after reelection. Fireworks, with more normies getting the starz in their heads turned into revealing light

      • Bear in mind that about 5 % of the population is replaced every four years, and that’s just by births and deaths. How to you suppose those who died since Election Day 2016 voted compared to how those who have reached voting age since then will vote?

        Would a five-percent swing affect most elections?

        Then add in the millions of otherwise-obtained ‘new voters’ (vote harvesting, fraud, whatnot) and their proclivities.

        People used to come here for opportunity. Now they come for free stuff, and they know who to vote for.

        • This right here is the truth of the matter. Trump won by 80,000 votes spread across four states, if I’m correct. 5% of that isn’t much, but I’m betting that more than just 5% of Trump voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan have passed on, and for a good percentage of the ones that haven’t, well, new arrivals will cancel out their votes. So the real question is: if you held a re-do of the 2016 election tomorrow where the only voters were those who voted in 2016 *and* are still alive, would Trump still win if they had to cast an identical vote? I’m not so sure. He might lose PA, WI, and MI just due to deaths alone.

          Regardless, still don’t think people get it yet. Look at Virginia. This belief in a silent majority (or a silent electoral college) out there — I don’t know where they get it. And we’re probably looking at losing both Arizona and North Carolina this time around, too. The writing is on the wall either in 2020 or 2024.

          Trump was the last opportunity to make a dent in this, and it’s gone. There’s no stopping this legislatively now: there are too many people in the system determined to crush any law pertaining to immigration, from the political level to the judicial to the military and intelligence wings of the state.

          It’s pretty clear now that this was some kind of multi-faceted, likely decades-long in the planning international effort to destroy Europe and the U.S. with targeted immigration. There’s no reason to be settling Somalis in Minnesota of the northern United States, or people from the Congo in Portland, Maine, or Africans in Ireland. In what rational world does this make sense? This is not a natural flow of human traffic as occurred throughout history. There is no real work for them there apart from the tottering service economy, either. It’s just fantastical. And only a few people see it. I ask: what on earth is the *real* point behind putting them there? I suppose we will soon find out. Or should I say, everyone else will.

          This is deliberate, and it took decades of softening up the West to make it possible. The scale of what’s happened to us is immense and horrifying, if one takes enough — or too much — time to ponder it.

      • That’s where we have to start. Thinking of our situation as an insurgency vs occupation is a good frame.

    • Virginia is firmly in the broadening geographic orbit of DC. There’s your demographics of a sort working against you, right there. Interesting to me that almost as many lefties as conservatives are thinking of abandoning California. Talk about soiling your own nest, and then moving on. It’s like they are missionaries for Moloch.

    • I don’t think it’s a death wish for those who are in a stupor. It’s the illusion that they can virtue signal to their hearts content while the cultural capital that has been built up for hundreds of years will keep them safe and prosperous. They do not see how quickly their illusions are destroying that capital, and they will not see it until it’s too late.

      • True. The other side honestly believes that everything will run just fine as we are replaced/dispossessed. They really believe that we’re evil and that the society we create is easily managed, indeed will be better when we’re gone or marginalized.

        • In spades, Citizen. After listening to Leftwing radio, they intend to root you wreckers out, every tree, limb, and branch.

      • Never underestimate how dumb people are. Just remember all the Conservatives in California in the 1990s and early 2000s who talked about how great Immigration was, and how Mexicans were “natural conservatives” and building a wall was racist. Where are they now? Mostly out of California or – they’ve stayed but given up on politics. They saw the Train coming, but wouldn’t get off the track -because they loved that cheap labor or didn’t want to be “anti-immigrant” or whatever – and they got ran over. Even now, you have old boomers who want to blame VA going blue on “Yankees” – like its still 1975.

  13. Beautiful piece. You’re probably right about Kirk; he clearly lacks the chops to be an effective con man. Crenshaw is a glaring testament to the defects of democracy. How he got elected to anything is a question that Science may not be able to answer. Conservative Inc. seems to be a repellant combination of oily donors, slick fleece artists, and severely deluded true believers. It may succeed in collecting a few shekels, but it will never gain so much as an inch of ground in any so-called culture war.

    • “combination of oily donors, slick fleece artists, and severely deluded true believers”

      That was my impression of the big-L Libertarians circa 1980’s, only without the donors. There were a mass of relatively high-IQ but distinctly socially abnormal underachievers preyed upon by a few slick con men. Not even that slick really, but I digress.

      Good con men are plausible regardless of whether you’re the mark; it takes serious concentration and analysis to see through them. Mediocre con men fail of their glamour when you’re a disinterested observer, and of course poor con men are transparent.

      There will always be con men. I’m just constantly surprised by the success of mediocre and poor con men.

      • Some of the best folks that expose con men are con men themselves. Penn Jillette is a carny buffoon, but he did pretty well on a lot of modern cons (though he has backed off of the anti-global warming stuff as a lot of libertarians *clown horn* have), and his view on religion is at a 3rd grade level. Many bad magicians still scratch out a living, and everyone knows they’re fake! Most marks *want* to be conned. People want to *believe* in the magic.

    • I think the quality of candidates for public offices is declining across the board. The whole idea of public service is long dead, but the people attracted to it now are greatly overestimating their own abilities and combining that flaw with narcissism. Look at Katie Hill, Pelosi was grooming her to be part of the Democrats House leadership and she was little more than a hedonistic dunce. This system can’t continue much longer.

      • In 1831 Tocqueville observed “When I stepped ashore in the United States, I discovered with amazement to what extent merit was common among the government but rare among the rulers. The general and continuous course of government is beneficial even though the rulers are often incompetent and sometimes despicable.” What has changed is not the politicians but the size and scope of government, yet here we sit lamenting that good men are not so unwise as to enter the mosh pit of popular democracy. They never were. Elections are not the answer, they are the problem.

    • How he got elected to anything is a question that Science may not be able to answer

      Start with the asinine “Worship Military Men (and women)” fever that’s going around. You don’t have to know anything, understand anything, or have any honor–but if you were in the military and served overseas, even as the driver for a General (Buttplug)–you cannot be wrong.

      Then add endorsements from Dick Armey, Mike Reagan, Tom Cotton, and Rick Perry–only one of which is known for intellectual firepower–and it’s not real hard to get elected, PARTICULARLY if your opponent is a drone.

  14. Remember how the old quote about how politics is just showbusiness for ugly people? Well, it seems like the Puppetmasters are cutting out the ugly part and picking their plants more on the basis of appearance.

    Exhibit A – AOC. Dumb as a post, but slim and with torpedo tits.

    Exhibit B – Ilhan Omar. Also dumb as a post, but they always make her up and give her vibrantly colored headgear and outfits to look like a photo shoot for National Geographic magazine, or a 1960’s travel film.

    Exhibit C – Dan Crenshaw. To me just a straight-up left-wing infiltrator–news today is that he had a plan for gun control even before he entered office. Also dumb as a post, he nevertheless looks cool in the simpleminded manner of a G.I. Joe figurine, and the Puppetmasters know it’s much harder to criticize a guy who lost his eye.

    Needless to say, these B-actor dimwits are more than happy to be handed fame and power in exchange for never contradicting their Power Daddies on a few key issues.

    I’m starting to realize that entertainment, and news, and politics are all as one now: crudely moralistic skits put on by the same people for the same reasons.

    • AOC is not bad looking, especially by politician standards, when her mouth is closed but those teeth. Good lord.

    • With AOC, the little girl voice, the donkey chompers, being dumber than a box of rocks, and the feminist shtick are major turnoffs. She would be a fun hatefuck, but you would get #metooed afterwards.

      Ann Counter would be way more interesting both inside and outside the bedroom.

    • I call it the soap opera.

      Women watch the news; there are only a few channels, so they pick between their favorite soaps.

  15. Speaking of the Bush Family, Zman, after reading this article I am more inclined to see them as Front Men instead of being part of the Ruling Class. What do you think?

    • Jeb is a true believer, I think both Georges were more cynical behind the scenes operators. There is no question they were all easily manipulated, they are smarter than someone like Charlie Kirk, but front men is not a bad description of them.

    • The Bush clan I see as both: rich and connected and part of the establishment elites. The Clintons are definitely “front men,” as you say. Funny how both families got tied up in Iran-Contra and other scandals and that the Bushes all supported Clinton.

      • If the rumors are to be believed, the last few administrations have been riding herd on a grifting scheme where significant foreign aid “loans” have been partially recycled back to the political parties and to the people here signing the checks. Obama ramped it up big time, and there are players all over DC. That’s what “muh Russia”, the Ukraine phone call, and accessing Trumps tax records are all about, to take The Donald out before all this becomes public. Things could get spicy soon.

        • It’s not rumor. It the bankster/Fed/lobby coalition against everybody else. How many people understand that the the Fed is still printing money, and Trump has increased troop presence all over the ME? Please don’t take my word for it. Look it up for yourselves.

      • GHWBush was CIA and Reagan admitted privately that he was “forced” to take him as VP. That’s intriguing, no?

        I don’t think GWBush is that bright, frankly, and neither is Jeb. The real brains was Daddy and Mommy Dearest–who was a fanatically dedicated baby-killer supporter.

  16. The dissident right has been subject to harsh evolutionary pressures that neither the left nor the gritter right has had to deal with.

    As the stage has finally evolved from the internet to real world activism after the Charlottesville debacle, Conservative Inc is going to realize lots of money will not make the problem go away when their operators are buffoons.

    There is no reason why a young edgelord should be able to score any rhetorical points on a congressman. That’s just sloppy.

  17. We need a good name for Dan Crenshaw that will stick in the head of everyone who hears it, ie “Low Energy Jeb.”

    “Pirate Dan” makes him sound too cool. “Zioclops” isn’t effective on those not woke to the JQ.

    I don’t have a good answer on the tip of my tongue, but I’m open to suggestions.

  18. One of the subterranean causes of why American politics is just so damn stupid is that most people just aren’t very well read. Charlie Kirk is quite obviously not very well read, and neither are his acolytes. Not only do people not take the time to read serious things (it almost doesn’t matter which things you read, the mere action of reading serious things naturally makes you a more serious person), they don’t make the effort to try and think about things clearly, because they haven’t been taught to think clearly, because they don’t read. Unfortunately, they do vote.

    Z is clearly a very well-read man and it shows. He is a clear thinker and part of being a clear thinker simply stems from having read earlier clear thinkers. Even in the rare instances when I disagree with Z, it isn’t a major matter: because I can tell he is well read, I know that he has come to position X in a spirit of seriousness and careful thought, and if we disagree it is merely because we are observing from different angles.

    When I was a teenager, back when punk rock was considered original, I had a regular summer job at a sort of blue-chip company. It was a boring job but the pay was decent for a teenager and the company was loyal, so I had the same teenage summer job for like four years in a row.

    There was a park across the street from the company building, where I ate my lunch every day. The first year, I decided that during my lunch hour, I would sit in that park and read all of American poetry. I started with Whitman, Dickinson and Longfellow, worked through Frost and Stevens and W.C. Williams and Eliot and Crane and cummings and Moore and all the Modernists, and got all the way to Frank O’Hara, John Ashbery, Jim Carroll and James Schuyler, which is about where I consider this railroad comes to the end of the line.

    Having read all of American poetry does not make me a Ph.D. but it does make me more serious than I might have been otherwise. When I talk politics with most Americans, I feel like I am talking to a toddler.

    • “Having read all of American poetry does not make me a Ph.D”

      You’ve probably read more poetry actually worth reading than have many of today’s lit PhD candidates, Professor.

      • Actually, there’s some good Bukowski. A small dose of it is a healthy thing, one simply shouldn’t make a habit of it. Hell, there’s even a tiny bit of good Allen Ginsberg — he wrote “My Sad Self” and “A Supermarket in California”, both must-reads. (Ginsberg and Bukowski were both a little like Pound in the sense that the effect they had on the other people around them was more important than their own work.)

    • Exactly right. Normies of my grandparents’ generation would quote Shakespeare at the drop of a hat. If you read a nonfiction from the 1960s backwards, it is likely full of latinate words and French phrases. I believe we had a few ex-Presidents who could read both Greek and Latin. Not that bookish learning is the only way (Lenin and Mao loved books) but it does help with intelligence, and perspective.

      • One of the interesting things about reading large whole slabs of a writer’s work, instead of just their greatest hits, is that it makes you appreciate just how hard it was for them to write the stuff that became their greatest hits. Whitman wrote oceans of hogwash, and he apparently couldn’t tell the diamonds apart from the lumps of coal — for him at the time, there was no way to tell that “Cavalry Crossing a Ford” or “A Noiseless Patient Spider” were the great stuff, and not any number of other ramblings he blathered on about. He had to write it all, and let someone else sort it out. You don’t get that understanding when you read best-of anthologies. Most American high school students go through life having read only five or six Wallace Stevens poems usually at gunpoint, and they’re usually the cliche stuff; they’re missing out on the amazing passages that are hidden in the middle of a long confusing snoozer. They’re also missing out on the total classics that couldn’t be fit into the nine-page slot assigned to Stevens before you have to make room for five pages of Lowell, and so forth.

        The Beatles are kind of funny in the sense that they were such careful craftsmen, there are very few genuinely bad Beatles songs. There may be ones you don’t care for personally, but you almost never say, Oh God that’s just awful. Whereas with say the Stones or the Beach Boys, there’s lots of misses among the hits. It makes you appreciate “I Get Around” or “Let’s Spend the Night Together” that much more.

      • I was in Hobby Lobby (I’m a regular – I have a backyard hobby that keeps me off the streets weekends) one day after work, wearing my Shakespeare tie. The cashier, a black woman of about sixty, said, “He’s too complicated.”

        There was no-one else in line. I looked into her eyes and said,

        But soft! What light through yonder window breaks
        It is the east, and Juliet is the sun
        Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious Moon
        Who is already sick and pale with grief.

        Then I said, “Did that make sense?”

        She gave me a dreamy look and said, “Absolutely.”

        Like my HS drama teacher said, It’s all in the presentation and delivery.

        • I once had a student in vocational retraining who was an ex-con and a motorcycle gang member. I read him the Shakespeare sonnet that begins “Who will believe my verse in time to come, if it were filled with your most high deserts? Though yet, heaven knows, it is but as a tomb, which hides your life and shows not half your parts”.

          After I had finished, he said “Boy, if you could talk that way to a woman, I bet she’d do just about anything you wanted.” I doubt the Bard ever received a finer tribute.

    • “When I talk politics with most Americans, I feel like I am talking to a toddler”

      I share your frustration. Not only are most Americans not well read, they don’t put original thought into serious topics. They tend to just regurgitate the narratives of their chosen propaganda outlets. It is very rare to run across someone who has come up with a unique idea or is even skilled at connecting dots and observing rather obvious trends (when those dots are not supposed to be connected or those trends observed).

    • Ant Man Bee, when thinking about the world we have lost I sometimes remember that Longfellow’s most popular poem was once learnt by pretty much all American schoolchildren. Within living memory its verses were sufficiently well known to serve in the jingle of a beer commercial.

      But I stayed on the train through James Merrill. I’d say he was the last to both have real metric expertise, and firmly believe that it mattered.

  19. For college students who have endured over a decade of indoctrination only to have that turned up to insane levels ounce they hit campus, TP-USA’s gateway effect probably dominates any negative. Once some of these kids realize that they don’t have to be a Progressive drone, they’ll start seeking out other stuff on the internet. And those who have already leapfrogged TP-USA won’t be pulled back — there’s nothing compelling there for disaffected males.

    • Agree. But I could point out that it’s important for us to be supplying that “other stuff” on the internet and at these party-crashing IRL events, in order to accelerate their education.

      It took me the better part of 20 years to redpill in the pre-internet era, just from insights gleaned from general reading on various topics. But now we can speed that way up.

      My political motto is: When in doubt, just keep redpilling.

      • The problem is the pill we are peddling is a tough one to swallow. The Left peddles sweet lies. We tell folks what they need to hear, the Left what they want to hear. When you are young, ignorant, and of good nature you want to hear bed-time stories. Virtue-signaling and peer recognition are a heady brew.

        • It’s not enough to get people to move away from the negative you have to have something positive they can move to if you want to have them buy into what the DR is selling.

          Right now the DR has no desired goal(platform/agenda) to offer people, just bitter red pills.

        • Excellent point. When my daughter decided to drop out of the sciences at university, and take fine arts from a no-name school I flipped my lid.
          On one hand, she had a grumpy old father telling her that she needed to do at least 4 years of very hard work in a serious program to even get a shot at the good life.
          On the other, she probably had some old hippy who knew all the buzzwords and trendy lingo telling her she could party her way to a degree in a hobby and do the same thing. Who’s the kid going to listen to?
          The other thing the left does well is leave us holding the bag when the suckers get mugged by reality. “Can’t fine a good job in gender studies or fine arts, kid? Well!!! It just HAS to be the fault of white patriarchs and wealthy racist villains!!!”

          • I hear ya. “Follow your passion” bullshit waylays a large number of our young people. Can’t say what I’d have done had that happened to my children, nor can I say what I did to prevent such folly. I can only attribute such fortune to Devine Providence. Keeps me grounded and humbled (most of the time). 😉

          • “Follow your passion” bullshit waylays a large number of our young people.

            Specifically white people, I believe by design. There is no shortage of short little Indians, Arabs, and Chinamen entering the STEM fields.

            Are they anywhere near as good as whites? No, but… if whites aren’t going into those fields… It is going to be UGLY in 10-15 years when these 30-35 year old whites have gone nowhere, while a rainbow mix of ugly resentful aliens have put in the work (credit to them) to get a proper education. We don’t have to like it but it is what it is.

            There are cases such as John’s, where the child chooses to take the wrong path… but as a whole white parents are far too lenient and supportive of bullshit.

          • Sometimes “follow your passion” means go into engineering, or medicine, or computer science, or…whatever. They’re out there and it’s not always bad advice.

          • Someone has to make or facilitate the arts. The trick is a realistic assessment of talent, competitiveness, and opportunities.

    • I can’t believe anyone believes these people are “gateways” rather than “gatekeepers.” Point by point. Their paymasters overwhelmingly support mass immigration. So do they. What’s the impact on resources? Housing prices? Healthcare prices? Congestion? Water rationing? Where is this being discussed? Why aren’t the books being opened so we can have a data-based, rational discussion?

      • All we hear about is diversity, but the amount of intellectual diversity on a college campus is essentially zero. Kirk is all-but irrelevant, but he’s certainly not somebody to be feared — a dork like that is not going to be a gatekeeper, even if the person writing the checks has that in mind. He will at least challenge the narrative that all young people have to be Democrats. Maybe the guy is such a dork, he scares people away. I don’t know — but he’s mostly irrelevant.

  20. That which works, persists. And this evolutionary truth also applies to societal or community beliefs. Whether it’s shared wisdom or shared beliefs, these memes can only propagate into the future by virtue of sustaining the population in which they are resident. Barbarianism had a long run in history until it’s victims evolved the ideas, methods, and means of exterminating them. To prevail in the cauldron of life’s competition on planet Earth, you need more than just a good idea.

    • That which works, persists


      I was born in Vermont in 1948 when America was 90% white and nominally Christian. America worked then and the Messias-Deniers and Shabbos Goy hated that it did.

      They destroyed it.

        • Larry wasn’t talking about his “life history” Tom, and you weren’t talking about evolution solely. You SAID, “this evolutionary truth also applies to societal or community beliefs.” Larry accurately faulted that conceit by noting the abandonment of America’s societal and community beliefs during his lifetime.

          • I beg to differ. The loss of ancient wisdom (as exemplified in Larry’s anecdote) is resulting in the wimpification of our current society. And as is in ancient Rome during the 3rd/4th centuries AD, this will lead to decline and extinction. Were it to persist, it would mean that our species had morphed into an insect variant. Which, God forbid, I hope never happens.

  21. Who you gonna believe on how people vote in multi racial democracies, Dan Crenshaw or Lee Kuan Yew?

    • LOL. That’s why I grimace every time I read people proclaiming “x” couldn’t happen here in Texas, or that folks in Texas wouldn’t stand for “y.” Texas repukes vote for people like Cornyn and Crenshaw. They’re full-on civnats and Christian zionists. Texas is teaming with Californians, Chicagoans, New Yawkers, Mestizos, Mussulmen, Pajeet, and Han. God, the Han . . . just attempted a quick trip to get one item across the street – walked in, saw the line of Han snaking toward the back of the store, and walked out again.

      • Houston may have had more homo/butch pols than San Fran by now. Lil’ Marco should ditch his faery boots for one of Ted the Harvard Lawyerin’ cowpoke’s fake-ass hats & head West.

  22. People believe because it is in their nature to “understand”—even if that understanding is incorrect. This is what sets us off from the rest of the animals. Basic survival really and why we populated the entire earth. Such behavior becomes dysgenic when it is not subject to change upon additional facts being observed. You can fool some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people. I’m confident we will pull through this period of ignorance and deceit.

      • Yes, but that won’t be revenge. It will come of an understanding that some people’s nature requires “pruning” from the body politic. Without such understanding, we simply set the stage for another repeat of our present predicament.

  23. Great post, I think they Left does that too (AOC) and in keeping with your analogy, I think the problem (for either side) is what to do with the aging starlets that belong in Vegas doing their final act (Elizabeth Warren, Biden) when there are young starlets looking to squeeze into the business and send off the old cattle.

    • Why is that a “problem”? Seems to me it is self correcting. In the case of old farts like Biden, he and his primary audience/supporters will simply die off in the next decade. Young Turks like AOC are challenging the old farts and making their presence known. They grow stronger, the old weaker. Soon the inflection point is reached and the status of the two forces change. This is really like watching an old episode of National Geographic.

      • Very good comparison to National Geographic. It helped me better understand that many of the power struggles and interactions we are witnessing are not complicated. They are the most basic of human and animal behaviors. Trying to reason with some of them is very much like trying to teach calculus to lemurs.

  24. Great essay. My takeaways: “People will believe in something.” Yes. Put that together with another truism – People prefer to travel in herds.

    Take the above truisms and combine with two laws of human nature:

    1) Man prefers to satisfy his wants through the easiest means available, leading to the cunning plunder of society’s distributed gifts/talents/resources. I.e. Grift is inherent in man’s nature. Thus Bernie, Liz, and “The Squad” have a large following.

    2) Gresham’s Law (not just an economic law): Less valuable aspects of culture tend to shoulder items of greater value out of circulation. I.e. When the gates are thrown open to the democratized herd, barbarism will soon eclipse civilization. Thus the heavy lift in getting dissident ideas off the ground … and why they’re as hard to find as pre-1964 quarters.

    • “1) Man prefers to satisfy his wants through the easiest means available”

      OTOH, Kaczynski’s theory was that Man needs a challenge to overcome. That challenge can’t be impossible to accomplish, but it can’t be too easy either.

      Maybe there are two divergent personality types,
      sociopaths and psychopaths in one category, normies in the other.

      just a thought.

      • OK, but while I don’t believe I’m a sociopath, I know in my heart-of-hearts that I prefer paths of least resistance. All humans do. And I had to be TAUGHT to stand on my own two feet, and that parasitism is immoral. Just about every virtuous thing we hold to be true had to be taught and modeled for us … if it were just man working to overcome challenge, and that was it, then where’s the incentive for virtue? It doesn’t take a sociopath to choose the easy, immoral path.

        Each of my 6 kids enjoyed overcoming challenges, but my job as parent was to teach them to overcome without climbing on the backs of others, which in my opinion is man’s natural tendency. This is one of the values of athletic sport … we teach kids to overcome while obeying the rules.

          • Kudos goes to the Mrs. She had 6 kids and ran the homeschooling program while I spent much of my career at sea. Thank God I married a good woman … made all the difference in my life.

        • People are much more likely to try to grift/parasite the system and the people around them, if they think they can get away with it undetected. Destroying trust and the local communities eases the grifting process. DC is now one big grift, as it likely always was to some extent, but most of the players, at least the visible ones, seem to have little sense of working for the future. They are simply skimming off the profits generated by generations of work, for their own ends and their own families and networks.

          One of our tasks is to restore our communities from the bottom up, in part to protect ourselves against the grifting going on from all directions.

          • What does anyone expect. At least from the British POV the USA was formed by cop killers, smugglers and traitors as part of a titanic tax dodge.

            Most of the European people moving here were religious crackpots, misfits and malcontents along with a plethora of carpetbaggers and economic migrants.

            The brown replacement crowd has a strong point when they say the new immigrants are much like the old ones, they are, Only lower trust.

            Expecting the brief fake post war comity to last in modernity with our demographics and technology is risible.

            The US baring a strong authoritarian honesty driven Right Wing state going to be 3rd world.

            It’s in our nature and that constant urge of the Right to flee power and love money and free-dumb over a healthy society means we can’t get there.

            If you want a society thats lasts, after massive repatriation you put boots on Libertarian necks, boots on Economic Liberal necks and anything that slows down healthy family formation, economic or social gets squashed like a bug till you have a moral society.

            Nothing else will work.

          • Not to sound like a church lady but while I have heaped scorn on the elites, even some on muh Founders, I don’t see our prole ancestors through that lens & honor the vast mass of them. Hyperbole comes with some license that I’ll be the first to claim but let”s make sure not deconstruct the American working class in our zeal to burn the false histories of Second Founding America.

        • One major pathology of sociopathy/psychopathy is that it involves a thorough uncaring for other’s feelings and condition. People are useful to your ends or they are ignored. Empathy can not be taught to these people, albeit the sociopath is an expert at faking such.

          We attempt to bring out the virtues in our children—as is our duty as a parent—but if you’ve birthed a true sociopath, you will not be successful.

          Also, it might be useful to think of sociopathy to perhaps be on a scale (from less to more) with variation in intensity. Too much empathy as we’ve seen is not a good thing either.

          • Look up Hare’s sociopathy scale. 20 points I believe. All too evident in the Clinton’s etc. He differentiates this from psychopaths.

          • Exactly. Most people care basically nothing for people who are not in their monkeysphere, the 150 or so people who count as human. Other very much like them will generally be treated as close enough and the farther away they are, the less human they are.

            This is natural and healthy and quite instinctive. I’m told it’s still marginally acceptable for Swedes to loathe Finns and to even joke about nuking Denmark.

            Norwegians outright consider Swedes nuts and it even shows up in slightly edgy media there.

            These are closely related allied people and as such you can imagine how outsiders would normally be treated.

            Christianity attaches a status enhancement for caring about outside groups which makes for great software for social scaling but is an achilles heel for society as well.

            This status boost from outsiders is why our lands are flooded with foreigners . Our elite are engaged in status competition. Worse they hate the lower classes since they remind them of where a few mistakes would land them.

            This insane status whoring is why we will need a new elite and while it may quite difficult to shift their subculture to anti immigration.

            If this could be done , well the US would basically entirely White faster than you could blink.

            However the elite or at least the elected have been infested with foreigners so it won’t be that easy , if even possible.

            If we want to change things this kind of leaves us with few options other than ethnic cleansing during a collapse or civil war . Neither are very pleasant and ignoring legality here, the later would be bloody as you can imagine.

            The status whoring by our elite has a religious character and that kind of war bleeds nations dry, c.f the 30 years war.

            How we get out of this mess with megadeaths is beyond me so I can do for the nonce is prep and pray.

        • Unless you taught them to shoot those who would climb over their backs to dominate them, all your morality is like deck chairs on the Titanic, of little use when the real world rears its fang filled head.

      • Yes to challenge;

        Problem is, with males, they are inclined NOT to want to do it.

        Girls / women driven, “nagging”, unyielding;

        Boys and men — more passive; easily controlled by females (physical desire for); computer games in basement; uselessly diverted by spectacle ….. sports obsession, team loyalty etc …. “just wanna be left alone to A. Drink beer, B. Drive trucks, C. Hunt and fish etc.

        Nothing against those things, for what they are. But they seem to be places where man can and do hide out, if they come up from the P’s basement.

        The girlies are all in on challenge. Their androgynous backers are providing the financial and cultural punch.

        Look at Virginia. Dems / left have flipped it. First thing I read is they are ecstatic about fact now they can push thru Equal Rights Amdt …… look for immediate re-engagement on guns.

        Hell is about to descend on the 80% of that land mass that does not buy in to the madness.

        • My friend, women are every bit as lazy as men. What are they doing when they “nag” … they’re challenging SOMEONE ELSE (usually a male) to make their way easier. Sorry ladies – and I love my wife and three daughters – but they’re every bit as cursed with laziness as men. They’re inherently driven to control, which is a very different thing from overcoming challenge.

          “Boys and men — more passive; easily controlled by females.” Hell no. Gelded males are passive, MEN aren’t. That’s why men need to be raising their boys, not progressive wimmin who love nothing more than the gelding process. Sure, wimmin are partly to blame … but so are the disinterested fathers who outsource their sons for castration. I’m of the opinion that if MEN stepped up and did their job the real women would love it. Cultural transformation starts with me doing my job as a man.

          I agree that the subculture of lazy obese do-nothing males is hard to ignore, but again, this is where MEN step in and turn things around with their sons, along with mentoring young men-of-potential in the workplace and church. If we would stop wringing our hands over progressive advances and start acting like MEN, this dissident movement could have legs.

          • Amen. Men, stepping into the obvious work is certainly in the top 3 cultural shifts that must happen before any real change can occur.

          • Ok ….. that’s what I get for writing a comment pulled over by the side of the road while heading to an appointment — not editing or fleshing it out.

            Yes, I buy the MALE v MAN/MASCULINE distinction. Note my first use involved the former — intentionally used. The use of MAN in the second case was sloppiness due to the above. We get lazy, and use them interchangeably ….

            And yes, I agree there are females who are just as bad in this regard as males. However, if we here are ascribing to the host’s HBD / sex-difference reality, then I think we can safely draw some generalizations, understanding that generalizations can only apply …. generally.

            First, I believe that our civilization is failing because the male sex has failed, failed to grasp reality, embrace its role, and measure up.

            Second, i believe there are some general observations we can make about male and female mental and physical templates. Quickly put, girls seem more often to come with an auto-erecting program installed that gives them a mission. Yes, it can be either positive or negative, but many seem to have it. Likely this is due to their primary function …. wired so far down in there …. of child bearing and rearing.

            Oops — gotta run. More to follow later ….

      • what I’m ruminating on is..
        is the desire for, or avoidance of, challenges,
        a marker for other personality traits..

        • Life is a struggle to keep in equilibrium, the anxiety over the contest between Stress and Boredom. Challenges too difficult, move towards boredom. Challenges too easy, add more stress. Low anxiety people can tolerate more stress, high anxiety people can tolerate more boredom.

      • “OTOH, Kaczynski’s theory was that Man needs a challenge to overcome.”

        Healthy, body and soul, men and women need challenges to overcome to remain healthy. There is also the lure of lethargy, vice and apathy for those not willing to rise to the challenge.

        It may be personality type differences or it may be some folks don’t have the drive at that point or have succumbed to easy rut and cannot muster the verve any longer.

      • Normal humans live in small (under 150 or so) tightly knit tribes and do no more work than is necessary to get by and in some climates like the north put by.

        Every other configuration requires us to behave in profoundly unnatural ways and given any chance we will revert to our instincts and become lazy and tribal.

        This is natural for us and healthy for us.

        In the end if our society wants to survive it needs to operate along somewhat along those lines and stop concentrating on stimulation and material things all the damned time

        This has sterilized the developed world and will result in collapse opf everything

        And yes this will technically make us a bit poorer and will certainly dry up the surplus the ambitious people want to tap. Tough.

        More work, less future, More Cervesa and talk, more future,

        • Any Dunbar Number comment gets an upvote.

          There are many reasons to scale down from high density urbanity to smaller sustainable groups. Respect for the hard psycho-biologicak limit on how many people we can treat as people rather than objectifying them is probably the biggest, the one from which all other good things about community grow.

    • So Harvey Weinsten, Al Goldstein, and Jeffery Epstein were in a 737 that was going down due to bad software code, written by Indian nationals to save $12.00 on the $100 million aircraft. There were no parachutes. Which one jumped first and how did they decide which one would “jump” first?

      The answer: Exactly.

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