It’s Personal

Something that has been noticeable for a long time now is that the Left is in a perpetual state of rage. The smallest things send them into spasms of anger. They hate Trump and they really hate his voters. They will go rummaging around in the social media history of people, looking for reasons to hate them. It’s not a general all-encompassing hate, like hating the fans of a rival sports team, but a very personal and cruel hate. They want the victim to suffer and they want to enjoy his suffering.

One reason for this, obviously, is that many people attracted to the Left are mentally unstable, so their politics are just a vehicle for their pathology. Many of the Antifa people, for example, have no coherent political thoughts. They just like being crazy on the streets and causing mayhem. This is the type of person who was attracted to the riots that used to follow the big economic summits. There was never any purpose to their rampages, other than the thrill of smashing things and causing mayhem.

Another more important reason for the rage is the nature of leftist politics in our post-national age. Being on the Left no longer means joining a group that has a tangible enemy, against whom the group throws themselves. The days of unionist, socialists and communists operating as collectives are gone. Even the post-modern movements like climate change and sexual politics is atomized. Much of it is backed by the sorts of people the Left used to oppose like rich people and business.

Lacking an organized enemy and a transcendent reason to formally organize, left-wing politics is highly personal now. No one is committing to a cause bigger than themselves, as their self is the most important thing in their life. It’s why the pronoun stuff is such a thing for these people. There is not much more personal than how the world will refer to you in terms of sex. This intense focus on how the world must perceive them is the root of their politics now. The issues are just vehicles for self-expression.

This is not something anyone is trying to hide. This essay by one of the organizers of the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion explicitly makes this point. He’s not really concerned about the climate. He concedes that there is nothing to be done that is going to change what’s coming. The purpose of his activism is to normalize himself and his sense of self. It’s all about him forcing you to listen to his story and then accepting it and him as something other than strange.

The idea of the personal being the political is not new. The phrase comes from an essay by feminist Carol Hanisch in the 1960’s. The idea is that personal experience is intertwined with larger social and political structures. One’s personal choices reveal one’s politics. Consequently, one should make personal choices that are consistent with one’s politics. The political person should live the life they advocate, so that means not doing business or associating with the wrong people.

Today, this has moved from simply not buying stuff from a business owned by a bad thinker to committing one’s life to destroying the bad thinker and anyone foolish enough to not share the same hatred. The whole woke movement is a blood lust, an effort to cause real harm to people by denying them the ability to live. Climate activism, as expressed in that essay, is about destruction. Everything the writer sees as keeping him from reaching personal fulfillment must be destroyed.

It is not a politics of self-interest, as the so-called conservative would imagine. The modern leftist is like a bear protecting her cubs. Any perceived threat is met with overwhelming aggression. You see it in the language. They conflate ideas and statements with actions. Holding a contrary opinion makes them feel unsafe, as that opinion is viewed as violence. They need safe spaces, by which they mean the removal of anything and anyone that contradicts their sense of self.

This is the real cause of what is behind the social media purges. From the perspective of a radical, everything in their space is theirs and an extension of their self. When a contrary opinion, or even an oblique reference to one, shows up in their twitter timeline, it feels like a home invasion to them. Those women posting about how they are literally shaking or sobbing because their favorite cable show had a bad person as a guest are not exaggerating. They were physically effected by the experience.

It’s an important thing the alt-right got wrong about their on-line activities. They still assume the reason they get thrown off these platforms is because their ideas are so powerful. In reality, their ideas are meaningless. The reason they are removed from the platforms is the same reason one would kill a snake. It’s not that the snake poses a threat to the ecosystem. It is that the snake is a personal threat. The person kills the snake because they can’t feel safe until they know it is dead.

The ultimate cause of this highly personal radicalism is the same thing that is driving dissident politics. The dehumanization, that is the result of post-national liberal order, is creating a growing number of people looking for something to fill the void left by community, identity and culture. For some, it means a deep dive into their own psyche where they live hiding behind the sandbags of their own peculiar traits. For others it means a search for community and fraternity.

The sorts of people drawn into the politics of self are not new to humanity. These people are not the victims of a new pathogen or chemical contamination. It’s just that in the past, our societies had evolved cultural and institutional ways of channeling these people into defined roles. The obliteration of community by global capital and the destruction of culture through multiculturalism has destroyed everything that gives meaning and purpose to life. That’s why they are so angry.

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235 thoughts on “It’s Personal

  1. I think of it as the Feminization of Politics and Social Interactions. It’s an extension of the female way of dealing with dissidents:

    You completely DESTROY them.

    I’m not kidding. Women don’t just try to best another. They gather their supporters for an all-out assault on the individual, using tag-teams, group attacks, and utilizing tactics such as gossip, innuendo, cutting off their enemy from ANY interaction with ANY member of the group (which is enforced by treating any dissenter to the same brutal treatment).

    Women have NO mercy. The concept of a truce, or a negotiated peace is beyond them. If forced to compromise, women will use underhanded means to void all of the provisions they agreed to.

    • This is such absolute truth. This very thing ruined education and is now spreading out to destroy medicine, science, law, media — you name it. God, I hate it.

  2. Hey I’m not sure if older Zman post automatically shut down comments after a certain amount of time but I was trying to reply to a guy on Zman’s OKC visit write up name Mis(ter)anthrope but was not allowed to comment for some reason. I saw a few folks from the comments section connecting with folks in their area and it sounds like we live pretty near each other. Let me know if you are interested in chatting.

  3. My hypothesis is that these folks assume they occupy the higher moral ground, therefore anything you do or say is irrelevant, and everything they do is justified and morally correct. They see conservatives or people to the right of them politically as Hitler incarnate himself. Since they occupy the moral high ground, they don’t tolerate arguments or anything you say even in if one uses logic, rationale, or facts to explain your view – all they hear/see is that you are Hitler incarnate. With that perspective, they really don’t care what you say, what your argument is, or what perspective you have and never will.

  4. “One reason for this, obviously, is that many people attracted to the Left are mentally unstable, so their politics are just a vehicle for their pathology.”

    Agreed. But why do we have so many more bat-shit crazy people? I offer than the falling away from belief in God, the Christian God, left people willing to believe in any damned thing. And they do believe in things of the damned.

    Call me crazy if you want but I think we are seeing Lucifer’s grand plan unfolding around us.


    PS: I am using Firefox with success today. Weird. It just started working again. It has not been updated at this location — just started working.

  5. Another thought:

    This is an extreme example of what happens when children are brought up fatherless. I would bet that 99% of these modern snowflake far leftists had no father around or else saw their fathers very little, or at least one or two standard deviations higher than the average.

    Broken home children. Divorces. Dad and mom never married. Feminist mothers. Etc.

    So many children brought together, combined with mothering protection, created men too afraid of their masculinity to have ever engaged it and women who have no knowledge of how to deal with male anger and aggression besides crying or screaming. In the past, fathers would have made the boys toughen up, and the girls would have had, in their father, a practice model on how to deal with them when Dad got angry.

    • except that those who claimed “POC” went to the opposite extreme, proving that if there was no Daddy, they would be Daddy, and no Mommy (of either sex or any level of authority or kindness) would tell them any differently. So the ones you mentioned joined together with the new “Daddies” of the culture, aligning with and hiding behind them, which is why “It’s okay to be white” is NOT okay to say, think, or feel.

  6. “The dehumanization, that is the result of post-national liberal order, is creating a growing number of people looking for something to fill the void left by community, identity and culture.”

    This is the heart of the matter. Well said and intuited.

    Maybe that’s our key, as many others here have stated about building communities.

    If traditional organizations on the right have pozzed themselves into oblivion or at least made themselves ripe for harvesting by the skin-dancers… then the Progressives are plagued with an inability to maintain a coherent organization without atomizing.

    Whether its Lineman’s remote town-building or Z’s suggestion of using trad fraternities as a meeting place, giving people that are salvageable someplace solid to meet and bond is our greatest hope.

  7. This may or may not be true but at the end of the day, the left seems feminine hysterical to me. The left seems to me to represent the complete collapse of masculine values. No choice but to reassert those values.

    • This may or may not be true but at the end of the day, the left seems feminine hysterical to me.

      Indeed. And like a woman, the left will push and push and push as long as they meet no resistance. (0:56)

      Leftie is hungering for the pimp hand, yearning for someone to lay down the law for him. That’s why Islam gets him moist.

  8. The driving force of this behavior is rampant narcissism, which epidemic among adherents of the ‘progressive’ Left. The narcissist cannot abide any experience that questions their ‘excellence’ and entitlement. Since narcissists are often sadistic in their defense mechanisms (‘gaslighting’ being a common tactic), it stands to reason that they would seek to destroy that which ‘threatens’ their sense of being the center of the universe and always being right.

    • Bless you. It was horrible to be in the schools during the age of “give them self-esteem,” when you could see how entitled they already were and feel the rage already exploding whenever they were told “no.”

  9. Here’s the paradox. If someone like that XR freak is worthy of despite, my own anger and loathing drives the zeitgeist that is crushing individuals in the rising purity spirals. The answer to the paradox is simple, but difficult. I refuse to react emotionally to ideas, no matter how inane or outrageous. As Zman has repeatedly tried to make clear, we have already lost the culture war: the ideas championed by globohomo are never going to support or nurture us. But neither are they likely to truly injure us as long as they remain mere emotional outbursts. The mantra of my childhood was “Sticks and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me.” To be clear, if someone makes it personal and actually attacks me or mine with malicious intent, then vendetta must be the response. I will strive to make them pay with money, reputation or even blood. A successful outcome cannot be guaranteed, but the attempt can.

  10. But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    2 Tim 3:1-7

  11. “Holding a contrary opinion makes them feel unsafe, as that opinion is viewed as violence. They need safe spaces, by which they mean the removal of anything and anyone that contradicts their sense of self.”

    One nit to pick here. –Some– of them are this soft and limp, true. Others have learned that using keywords like ‘unsafe & violence’ for things like speech sets off alarm triggers in our ‘helicopter mommy nanny state’ we currently live in. This will bring the schoolmarms rushing to your aid backed by enforcers and ultimately enforcers with firearms.

    I’ve lived this reality. An off hand comment directed at basically nobody was twisted into a ‘I feel my life is in danger’ narrative and ran all the way out to the police who came down like a ten ton hammer.

    These people know DAMN well what they are doing and know that if you are a victim class (read: anyone but white male) the system is now well weaponized to destroy any white male you point & shriek at. This means Human Resources, Campus Administration, Police, Courts, Tech Overlords, whatever. Anyone with an authority to punish or harm you will be utilized for that purpose and they know the words that bring them running with their over-protective white knighting. MeToo, Title IX bullchit with young men being thrown off campus lives ruined, HR being weaponized by careerist turbo b1tches, etc etc. All people acting like completely helpless puss1es to get people erased and removed.

    • We see exactly what you’re talking about with the journalism “students” at Northwestern. And their peers in the student body who want a free hand to commit political violence without police interference.

      There are some truly disturbing psychological undercurrents now laid bare on the surface of American public and social life. They’re right out in the open for all to see, now. (Many won’t look. Yet. Eventually, they’ll be forced to.) Last night in going through Twitter reading about Tucker Carlson (he was “trending” for a while, for some reason) I noticed the following beliefs appear again and again among woke online leftists and progressives:

      1. The media is amplifying — if not acting as an accessory to — “fascist” movements worldwide, and by default enabling the rise of authoritarian, rightist, anti-Semitic movements that will kill them.

      2. Social media does nothing to tamp down these voices; it encourages them.

      3. The left has lost control of government and we are moving rapidly toward a worldwide police state based on Christian, white, European values. (In part thanks to #1.)

      4. Capitalism and corporations are complicit in this as well.

      They have nearly the same beliefs about the media as we do, but from the other side of the mirror. They think they’ve got a gun pointed at their heads. Further, they believe most major institutions are actively pushing conflict and division — if not outright civil war — due to *fascist influences*. In other words, they are losing and heading back toward the death camps as we speak. It’s *their* values that are under attack and are up for extermination, if you will, by international capital and militarism.

      I didn’t collect a lot of evidence for this — I noticed it among a few dozen tweets, maybe — but it was somewhat startling. I wonder how it is possible for us to even begin to discuss political and cultural matters when two people on the same street in the same city have such radically if not psychologically-disparate views of reality.

      Quite sad, that we have been manipulated like this. Allowing mentally ill people — such as transgenders — to assert “rights” in public fora, and to then promote the idea among the impressionable and naive that criticism of such rights amounts to fascism, creates an implacable cognitive and epistemological wall. When those “rights” are taken away — as they inevitably will be, nature will intercede — those on the left will resort to violence in reaction.

      It’s almost as if a parent were to give candy to an unnaturally-large 7-year-old for a year, allow him to grow maniacally dependent upon glucose, and then cut it all off at once. The natural state of things for him will then be a diet of unlimited glucose, and when it is stopped, he will destroy the house and everyone in it in rage.

      The progressive NPR left is far, far, gone due to this, and they won’t come back willfully. An economic collapse might forestall the inevitable end result of this; if not, well…

  12. True communists and leftists (hyenas, not Scar) believe that we just need the right evironment and utopia will be achieved almost instantaneously. We represent not just a mere obstacle but a force that will stop their vision from becoming reality.

    They react similar to how Christians would react if simply being an atheist would actually kill God.

  13. Puritans run amok.
    In three words that is how I describe the modern day left.
    Along with racial and ethnic intrests that oppose Christian Western Civilization tag along for the ride.
    Africans, Hispanics, liberal Jews….
    But at the end of the day as someone here said we are to burned at the stake if we oppose this religion as it marches to power.

  14. “Community” is a strong talking point. Building an actual community is tricky. History says the strongest communities are religion-based. Jewish, Asian, and Muslim communities are obvious confirmation. As the Christians lost their religion, they also lost their community.

    Tom tried to blend Believers and respectful non-Believers with the Declaration. That might be a starting point.

    • Division over religion is self-destructive for all factions in Our Thing.

      Christians will be Voodeo-Christianized in a White-minority nation, Pagans don’t have the raw numbers and based atheists don’t have “die for my beliefs” guys in numbers – most can be bought off b/c no future to worry over once I die.

      An ethno-state can incorporate religious pluralism if the religions render unto Caesar. Curb proselytization & expel those who insist on theocracy.

  15. Nice post about the eternal struggle we all have in making sense of the world. A wise man can move inward to contemplate his standing and look outward to see his connection to his environment. A wise man can make corrections to his identity when that identity does not work for him anymore. A wise man can see the nuance of an argument and understand that language has limitations. A blind man looks inward for answers and stays there, unconscious to the world around him. A blind man reinforces his tortured identity in an attempt for relief. A blind sees what he wants to see, this is the world we live.

  16. “The obliteration of community by global capital and the destruction of culture through multiculturalism has destroyed everything that gives meaning and purpose to life.”

    And look at how easily it was accomplished.

    Eons to build a civilization. 2 or 3 centuries to plant the seeds to weaken it. A handful if decades to finally obliterate what 1000 generations had painstakingly created.

    We are either ruled by an ancient adaptive throne and alter that embraces our past to chart our future…or we are rules by the untethered worst of our kind in league with parasitic malignant outsiders.

  17. It’s not that hard to understand. These people were born of the bring down “the man” or “establishment” mentality.

    Problem is, they’re now “the man” and the “establishment”. The war is over. The left won 50 years ago. What this is is the new establishment unleashing its reign of terror upon all enemies of the revolution. Enemies MUST be found, lest enthusiasm for the revolution wane.

    Lenin did it. Stalin did it. Robespierre did it.

    To quote Ecclesiastes ” There’s nothing new under the sun.” if you’ll pardon a Biblical quote from an agnostic.

    • Leftism is by its nature, perpetual revolt. In the 50’s and 60’s the mainstream of society was against sexual liberation, therefore it became a natural cause of the left. Today, all of society has become sexually liberated, porn watching, good suburban women with the baskets of sex toys, therefore the left has to rebel again, making sex so personal that only you are atomized in your own category with your own peculiar fetish. With each victory, the army pushes over the horizon to the next cause, and then eventually, when it exhausts itself, it turns back on the very path is was on, having to redefine that path. The redefinition of biological reality, menstruating men, is in reality the left’s attempt to look to the heavens and shake their fists at God himself, and his creation. Rebellion against the laws of nature is a rebellion against God. It’s the same “cult of reason” that ran amok during the French Revolution, ending in the Reign of Terror. The only thing that puts these people back in the bottle is brutal, physical force, and telling them “because we said so.” A militant counter revolution.

    • Part of why I like pushing long-term strategy is the hope that this mess follows the French Revo arc & devours itself. Even the Reds only lasted 3 generations or so and from Nixon to Reagan they looked like they’d be permanent. Reading dystopian fiction from the 1980’s is so weird now because they just vanished from any possible future. Clarke’s “2010” is a clunker in that respect and I loved that series.

    • Booby, it’s never “over”. If the USSR could implode 70 years after the great revolution—including 30 years of the absolute dictatorship, implementation, and enforcement of Stalin, the Leftist revolution in the USA will never be secure.

      I agree, that enemies being discovered/created, does energize the Leftists. But eventually, the people’s patience/credibility wears thin as it has in all such “utopias”. No one buys the bullshit at some point and it all comes tumbling down. The only question is how long can the people be fooled. In that, the USSR had a comparison system to look at, the USA. Such was helpful in exposing their governments’ lies.

      • The (((Leftists))) in Russia ruled over Russians, and so sooner or later the Russians weren’t having it any longer.

        Here in America things are different. The Leftists have no intention of ruling over Americans (which is to say, White people; only Whites are Americans). They wish to destroy Americans, at first through immigration, dilution, mongrelization, diminished fertility, and cultural and societal degradation. They’ll get around to flat-out murder when the numbers make it feasible. The Leftists intend to rule over the foreigners they’ve brought to replace us. At first it will be easy, because the new country is so much nicer than their ancestral shit-holes, they’ll be grateful just to stay. Eventually they’ll wise up and revolt, but since there are infinity paupers eager to take their place…

        But the main thing is to eradicate White people. That is the Prime Directive. Even if the Orc Empire collapses after the White people are gone, the Tikkun has still been olam’ed. (((Mission Accomplished))).

        • We’re being dispossessed by a multi-front cultural and political swarm attack that’s taken 150 years to play out so far. If you have any quicker solutions, we’re all ears.

      • Compsci

        By “over” the Booby means the fight for control of the state. It’s over. The left won when it seized control of the universities. Those who oppose the left have to change tactics. It’s not a democratic competition between alternative views, it’s overthrowing the dictators who have taken over.

        We’re underground now. The Booby doesn’t advocate a violent revolt, not because the Booby’s a pacifist, he’s not. Violence is what the left wants us to do because it gives them the excuse to send in the police and military, and yes, the media will cheer them on, and so will the “moral” majority.

        Your USSR example is a good one. Starve the economy. The working people have to stop supporting the state. Stop working hard; stop being a good citizen; stop consuming; stop supporting the economy.

        The state should dissolve anyway. It doesn’t serve anyone but the parasites. Let it implode and see what new states emerge from the refuse.

  18. May I offer another theory? I am a Yesterday Man so the obvious caveats apply: I could very well be full of beans.

    But these people were not always unhinged. My family of progs, for example, years ago… were average joes just like us. Looking back on it, the only difference was that they would listen to some turd brained politico – usually a liberal – That Would Make The World A Better Place. So they would vote for it and whatever it proposed… And, they would get what they wanted too – good and hard. When things didn’t work out, it couldn’t be that their ideas were flawed – it HAD to be someone’s fault. THAT is the vector that Lefty uses to inflict serious mental illness on himself. We see it everywhere: why did Hillary lose the last election? “It was those damned Russians!!!!”. Or, “It was that awful icky green cartoon frog named Pepe…!!!” Or, “It was a basketful of deplorable racists and haters….!!!”

    There’s nothing personal or focused in that at all! Hillary is merely scrabbling for excuses. You can be on your way to work and have your lights knocked out by some random black baboon because you’re white. Yesterday Don Cherry got fired by Sportsnet and the producers of Hockey Night In Canada because he said that Canadian immigrants should wear poppies on Remembrance Day…because Canadians do that. The guy is 85 years old, intentionally dresses like a fop, and is a harmless performance artist. Even the liberals loved this eccentric performance artist. They will burn anybody now.

    There is nothing “personal” here at all. Lefty is trapped in a world that is falling apart for reasons that he doesn’t understand. When he gets sandbagged by the consequences of his actions or by reality – he needs someone to focus his rage on. ANYONE will do. Obviously a heretic, or a dissident or an apostate would do – but if one isn’t available, they will manufacture one. We are nothing to them except possibly convenient props for the various morality plays they currently have in process.

    This is why I am optimistic and cheerful about you young Dissidents. You guys actually think. You read, and you can think critically and look ahead. To mangle Z’s metaphor – they are the snake that WE will eventually have to do something about. And when you do, it has to be done with the same dispassionate objectivity that you would use for the snake. If you let your hurt and anger run away with you… you could end up hurting yourself the same way they did.

  19. It’s only a matter of time:

    Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in suit against gunmaker Remington.

    • I saw that this morning. Shameful, back door gun control. All kinds of games will have to be played with LLCs, the domestic firearms industry itself will be wiped out. Nuisance lawsuits driving costs up 10 fold. Land of the Free by the way.

      I think I’m going to stick my hand in a band saw today and sue DeWalt.

      • It’s a continuation of the Deep State coup. They have(and are continuing)to “back-door” the abrogation of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments. “Democracy” has failed miserably.

    • Suing Remington out of existence will not reduce gun supply. The technology is too simple and others can and will step into the fray. It will probably raise costs, but so what. Let’s see what the mal-advertisement legal action angle brings.

      • Yes, let’s see what this brings, as the facts are absorbed by the dead eyes of a San Francisco jury. Or one of countless jurisdictions like New Jersey. Look at what happened with RoundUp. (If anyone likes the RoundUp Decision they’re part of the problem). You don’t open up cases like this without destroying livelihoods.

        • Of course, Remington closes, jobs are lost. But does such affect the product of interest, firearms, and how? Separate issue.

      • Take a look at the DROS list in CA. The state tells us what to buy. You think future lawsuits won’t be tied to this? You think State Atty. Gens like mine aren’t salivating over this? You think they won’t put their thumbs all over the scale? This is a disaster. You think there won’t be some Tobacco Settlement lawsuit that drives every handgun into a luxury purchase? The “let’s see what happens” crowd never gets it. So sick of that line. I know these people and I know what’s going to happen. I don’t want some back alley 3rd printed gun. That’s not freedom.

    • If the gunmakers are smart, they will figure out a way to get taxed, thus tar babying the government to their hip. Sure, prices would go up. But at least guns would be available and legal. One of the reasons cigarettes are still legal is all the tax money the government would otherwise lose.

      • And the two or three major gun manufacturers left will be forced to play ball, two bullet clips, mandatory biometric handle grips, etc. The gun version of a Prius with the F350 banned. It’ll never end, with all the small manufacturers going bankrupt. They already are taxed. It doesn’t matter. By the way, I don’t see $8.00-$10.00 per pack cigarettes to be anything more than rapacious and parasitic. Smokers die early and save Medicare costs.

        • You’re probably right. The gun taxes would not generate enough revenue to stop the confiscation. BTW, you have hit on one of the great misperceptions about smokers. Most people believe they are a burden on health care costs. But actually, they typically die before they hit the really expensive years. I’m not saying that’s good, but they are a net plus to the economy.

    • Learn to build your own AR-15. Now! It’s deeply self-satisfying, easy and cost effective. Once you’ve learned built one, you can build another, then another… keep calm, get prepared and be better than the hordes invading our Western Civilization.

      • Reloading’s a must-have-skill, too. Going to add that one to my resume the next time I’m settled enough to have the equipment handy.

  20. Part of the reason Conservative Inc lost was that they NEVER got personal. To them, it was a parlor game. Lefty weaponizes losers. Maybe we should do the same.

    • Not now. Maybe after the Dissident Right has real power and its own news/entertainment organs. If you weaponize losers on our side, you’ll end up with swastika waving thugs doing exactly the kinds of things the liberal media loves to publicize. The media is the enemy. They have incredible wealth and power. Don’t poke it in the eye unless you have a good strategy.

      • The strategy is to make our leftist overlords lash out indiscriminately, which hurts innocent bystanders, who then become embittered and ripe for politicization. It’s exactly the model of political warfare (note that I am saying POLITICAL WARFARE, not MILITARY WARFARE) that the left and resistance movements has used successfully for two centuries. Using disposable assets like losers, might I add. Is it cold blooded? Absolutely. Is it effective?
        You’re smart enough to know the answer.

    • I agree. For instance, your cousin is willing to never speak to you again for voting for Trump, but Trump voters will be polite to their cousin who openly complains about white people. And bystanders see that if they want peace, only being on the left will bring that to them, because only one side is engaged in war.

      I’m tired of hearing how we should just get along with people who disagree with us politically. The left will never agree to it. And our “political” disagreement is whether me and my children are evil, and what punishment we deserve.

      I want those people out of my life, out of my town, and out of my country. Step one is accepting we’re in a war, and they are the enemy.

      • There are ways of doing all that without stepping into lefty’s media traps. If we weaponize our dumbass losers, they will end up in those traps. Every. Single. Time.

  21. @theZman “The whole woke movement is a blood lust, an effort to cause real harm to people by denying them the ability to live.” So simple and profound. I would add “The whole progressive movement…”
    I now see my desire for action/direction, as I’ve posted here before, mis-valued your continued value to me as Spotlight/Microscope/Telescope to Clownworld.
    Mentally I’ve shifted toward building what’s next, shed my lifestyle elements that support the elite everywhere possible (entertainment, shopping, services), and work toward physical community building (carefully entering into that now).
    Not only is it obvious NONE of this world can be saved, I see it as a fools errand. I/we will escape this dark gravity that is pulling downward at opportunity. RocketUp.

  22. “The idea is that personal experience is intertwined with larger social and political structures. One’s personal choices reveal one’s politics. Consequently, one should make personal choices that are consistent with one’s politics.”

    As a corollary, this statement also reflects how much easier it is these days to become a “political activist”. You no longer have to show up to meetings, agitate in front of factories, or organize large groups of people behind a message. You simply have to exist, and tie your existence to a greater message/movement. This gives the moment mass, while reducing the barrier to entry to participation.

    Its also while everyone appears to be a crazy person.

  23. >In reality, their ideas are meaningless.

    Doubtless that felt good to write, but you know it is not true.

    • The Left did not care about the content, beyond what it signified about the person behind it. The alt-right was pretty much just paleo-conservatism wrapped in a highly stylized and humorous form of racism and antisemitism. Once the Left figured that out, it became a rallying point for them and remains so today.

      • I know guys who fit that description but some consider guys like Greg Johnson, Frodi, and the TRS roster as AR, and you’ve appeared on FTN and other pods like MoTC that many would label AR.

        Where do you personally draw the distinction between who has worthy potentially winning ideas & who was just dressing up old ideas for show?

        • Greg Johnson has written a lot about the alt-right, much of which I think is correct. He never liked Spencer, so his opinion of the alt-right is colored by that a bit.

          My own take, and I should do a long post on it, is that a lot of people adopted the label without much thought. It was a catch-all term for people willing to embrace some degree of biological realism and unwilling to support the conservatives anymore. That meant you had fascists, Nazi larpers, paleos, racists, antisemites, etc. all in the same tent for a while. The narrow circle around Spencer, however, is what I now think of as the alt-right. They were invested in the label, not just appropriating it.

          I also think many people outgrew the alt-right. Spencer never did anything to turn the thing into anything more than a vehicle for his personal brand. That’s why they were plagued with constant infighting. It became a cult of personality, so everyone was jostling to be Spencer’s best buddy. Those looking for something more mature and more serious moved on from the alt-right.

          • We’re on the same wavelength. I came late to the party in terms of Spencer so I never thought of the AR as “his” thing. The guys from Radix and were a mixed bag at best, IIRC. Stormer’s been a sh*t-show, they’ve hit every point on the compass from costume-Nazi to “AmNat” MAGA to White Sharia but Greg seems to have as much affinity for Anglin as disdain for Spencer, for some odd reason. Personality or history stuff, not my concern.

            A post would be great to help guys who feel like “their guys” are being downvoted.

          • I’m not sure Greg has a lot of enthusiasm for Anglin. His opinion is a bit more nuanced. Greg is in many ways an old fashioned Liberal. He’s willing to have a friendly disagreement with anyone, as long as the person argues in good faith and is professional.

            We need more of that attitude.

          • If it comes out in the grand wash of time that Duke and Spencer were controlled opposition, I would not be surprised. Just a feeling.

          • I’ve been familiar with Spencer for a long time, since he was a young editor at American Conservative magazine. From there he edited Taki’s, then on to his own thing, Alternative Right. Rather than controlled opposition, I think it’s more ego with Spencer. Since he had been at this for awhile, he probably thought it’s his time to lead it, and saw it as an opportunity.

          • He always has sort of struck me as a bored rich kid who latched onto different esoteric political philosophies until the Alt-Right struck a nerve and he got semi-famous, which appealed to his ego.

      • And Z are we then gathered here to purge or denounce the Alt Right as Buckley purged the Birchers?

        What I liked about the alt right is what I like about the groypers- they’re fighters.

        They’re not hiding in the shadows.
        There are no shadows, the DS can and may well have all our names already. Its a question for the DS of resources, priorities and threat.

        No threat, no fight, no priority.

        Harmless grumblers will eventually go, but go they will even if last.

        Even if they had the best ideas.

  24. This young man is Godless, yet brimming with religious fervor. A Lost Soul in search of meaning and purpose, so he’s winging it with the material at hand, weaving the current day Narrative(s) together like a mockingbird.

    He would be aghast to recognize the very form of his ”struggle” is straight out of Christianity. Same with his guilt, redemption, sacrifice – even the fact he is preoccupied with all of this and that he is on a holy quest.

  25. The greatest concentration of fire by the Marxists has been directed on the family. A few in my family seem to feel compelled to “feel their pain” instead of bitch slapping them back into reality.

  26. Zman, in the article to which you have linked, the writer makes it crystal clear that the real target of their movement is “European toxicity”. It’s an anti-white movement.

  27. Exactly. Community, tribe, a history to be proud of and a place to feel safe. That’s what Globohomo has destroyed and that’s what people need most.

    Neither the Left nor Conservative Inc. can ever offer whites a home, a family, a true community. The Left hates whites, attracting only self-hating whites. Conservative Inc. offers only material comfort but spurns identity, especially family identity.

    We can. If we build it, they will come.

      • Yes. The eternal issue. I’ve always been a bit squeamish about the whole parasite thing, but it’s hard to deny that they won’t leave us alone. If I had a homeland of my own, I would have moved there. But they don’t. Yet they don’t want to become us either.

        Despite all of their power, they need us but we don’t need them. I understand why blacks need us, but they should be able to create their own society and kind of have with their homeland. Yet, here they are.

      • Goes all the way to Egypt. Sold their half-brother into slavery, he helps Egypt build and prepare for a famine, they show up in Egypt, and never leave.

    • WHEN we build it. @Exile posted a comment a few posts ago that struck me. We must build alternatives to everything. Banking, services, retail, entertainment, etc. Only spend in clownworld businesses when there is no alternative, or to maintain your “normie” mask…
      Z’s recent podcast include his statement about building mass in the shadows. So wise. Waking normies should only be pursued because we love them and see some hope they can think on their own, or they have distinct value to the coming Age of White (AoW).

      • Newbs should only be admitted to an existing DR community when everyone agrees with it – existing community harmony & safety takes precedence over growth & recruiting. A lot of churches have pozzed out because they went for quantity over quality. Focus more on growth from within – raising our own families & teaching them, keeping kids in Our Thing rather than running off for the bright lights.

        Something others have mentioned that I need to hit on as well – emphasize culture over politics outside our own inner circles. A lot of us are pretty extreme politically compared to even hardcore country boys and it’s going to be important, especially in the early going, to maintain cordial relations with the locals, at least until we become a strong local presence in our own right. Ideally there should be communities for just Old Guard where we can raise kids safely and maintain more stability and more “exposed” outlier communities where newbs can be vetted and trained and our own “refugees” from doxxing, etc… (who may be infiltrators, turncoats etc) would be sheltered.

      • We have neither the time nor the security to build anything.
        Nor will we if we don’t fight.
        This is nature and she does not negotiate, certainly not with hunting pack animals just because we learned to grow plants and make things.

        If we were supposed to run we’d have four legs. If we we’re supposed to crawl on the ground we’d have scales.

        Again – the Left are not the only broken people. We’ve lost the will to fight. Mind you it may return.
        The fighters and their spawn will survive, the weak will be culled.

        This is America – there is no place left to flee. If America falls into their hands the world will not be safe either. The great global stability peacemaker already before our eyes – and on our watch – transforms into the maddest Emperor ever.
        A Predator Drone in Drag.

        Which doesn’t mean its intrinsic power, resources, and matchless position (safely away from Asia or Europe) that power does not go away. If we won’t fight for them the Latins will (good soldiers).

        We can offer the lost souls nothing, we will not even keep what’s ours.

        Fight, or extinction. That’s the choice.

        • Let’s try building something tangible and realistic to fight for. That will help settle the questions of who, when, where and how we fight or whether we run and where. “America” can wait until we’re able to maintain some clan-sized villages first.

          • Oh Dear – lets build something THEN we’ll discuss defending it, but only at such small size as to be indefensible, someday, something, etc.

            The smallest size we can defend is the nation. Or the race, which will need a nation, so here we are. This has been established for centuries.
            The previous system was Kings and nobles – who do not exist now.
            Before them Empires, before that nations.

            Anything smaller than a nation can be crushed by the resources of a nation. That’s why the Left wants to destroy European nations and America – so that the many small groups can be dominated. We should not make their task easier.

            Instead we should take back our own nation by whatever means necessary – it is the prize the enemy seeks and so should we. Especially as we’re doomed if we don’t.

            There are no shadows to hide in, there is no Galt’s gulch. There is no something better to wait for to defend someday. Defend who and what you have now or lose what and who remains. And lose it justly for being weak.

            DON’T, Don’t have children – think of the reproach in their eyes when they realize you failed them?

            You have only now, you have only here. Fight for it, not the fantasy world being peddled.

            You won’t defend the fantasy, if you won’t stop running and stand like men. Die and do so meekly, as you lived meekly. At least then to your own mice self you were true.

          • You have no practical suggestions to offer. Just “fight!” Fight who, how, where?

            Don’t have children? Seriously? Did you just suggest that?

            Out of one side of your mouth you say only a nation can fight a nation, but then tell a bunch of disorganized dissidents who’re a minority of a soon-to-be minority to “fight” anyway?

            Whether from a fool or fed-poster, we don’t need “friendly” advice like this.

        • What are you proposing we defend, and how? The Koreans, Vietnamese, Afghans and Iraqis would disagree about “no shadows,” and they faced the full brunt of the US armed forces.

          • And they never quit.

            Never mind that they fought in the first place, which is the giant step that can’t it seems be taken.

            And PS; they never faced the full might of the US Armed forces. When at any point they did it was over – and had actual sound occupation methods been followed and further when they were there was no more resistance.

          • None of those wars ended in US victory. When was that magic day when it was “over” for the Norks, Cong, Taliban or Shia? It was over for us – we left Korea and Vietnam divided. and will eventually admit defeat in the ME Forever Wars as well.

            Tell us how you’d fight, here and now, no pussyfooting like us pansies.

            Give us your plan so we can tell whether you’re our next great leader, a bloviating Boomer-Waffen or an instigator.

    • Main difference is, in the left, there is no one. On the right, there are a few fighting. We all have difference of opinion as to whom, but Jordan and Nunes fighting off the show trials is fun to watch and stimulating to the heart.

  28. I was just thinking about what will happen to all these online platforms when they have expelled all the bad thinkers. Same for the woke corporations, when they have banned all bad thinkers. It will be tough (for the bad thinkers) for a short while, then they will reorg without the leftists. New platforms and institutions will arise, and the leftists will be quarantined in the abandoned places.

    • Ha! I feel that way about Chick-fil-A. It’s a safe space for conservatives. They’re actually smiling white people working behind the counter . You woke people can have the fights at Popeye’s. I’m not interested

      • I don’t fear the stupid Negroes at Popeye’s. I fear the jackbooted WASPs and Mormons sent by Jewish and WASP Deep State functionaries standing athwart the door to the local gun shop.

      • I like Chick-fil-A as well, but here the staff and customers are at least half minority, but the environment is the same as you described. Very nice. There is something else going on here. Most fast food places I no longer visit because I simply don’t trust them. What has Chick-fil-A discovered that they ignore?

    • Sadly, we have a deep well of morons wanting battle the Left on these platforms. The reason twitter keeps a guy like Spencer on their site is they can always drag him out when they need some one to play drooling Nazi. Back in the before times, David Duke served this role. They would call and he’d come running to be on TV.

      One of the encouraging things about the groyper rebellion is they have quickly brought others into the game. Guys like Scott Greer are now aiming their fire at Conservative Inc., rather than liberal media. It’s becoming hip to hate the gate-keepers. That means it is not hip to play punching bag for the Left.

      • The Con Inc. cannon-fodder can’t seem to block a punch from the Right. (sorry-not sorry to Popeye McCain on that one). They positively bask in the abuse heaped on them by Trigglypuffs and have a dozen counterpunches ready, but one right hook from Chad Normy and they’re spitting “but I defended yur freedums” through split lips.

        • I have noticed how bad these guys are. It isn’t that hard to come up with talking points that muddy the water enough, at least at a Q&A.

          Now, a full-on debate with a Z-Man type asking follow-up questions would destroy them, but you’d think that they could at least handle a question without follow up.

        • The GOP is a bigger problem for us than the Left. Without Fifth Column Cucks legitimizing the smears against us, stealing our thunder and putting normies to sleep b/c “good guys are in charge,” we would soon be as influential as the DR parties in Europe and elections might matter.

          • You’re welcome to waste the rest of your life defending the Potemkin redoubt of conservatism. When Ephialtes Prager & Benedict Ben sell you out, don’t forget who told you so.

            Divisions don’t matter when your leadership is full of traitors.

  29. I just went on the message board for my favorite hockey team, where they had a thread about the firing of Don Cherry, and posted “It’s OK to be white”. In minutes I was banned from the board! It’s just too easy.

    • DC’s at least half Our Guy. Going to be a shame when they finally poz hockey, but it’s just a matter of time.

      • It’s been coming for a long time. The CBC crammed female announcers and vibrancy of all stripes down the viewer’s throat a long time ago. And it’s almost impossible to find a network hockey broadcast on either side of the border without a POC as part of the studio team.

  30. Your mind and body have evolved to react to instinct, the evidence of your senses and past experience. The NuTru Faith demands that you agressively and consciously filter these inputs

    The load this puts on the NPCPU is tremendous. We used to talk about the “Progressive pause,” the processing phase where a Lefty would receive input and the Windows hourglass would spin in their eyes as their brain virus-scanned the information for Hate.

    This did not happen in the Before Times. You might have looked around before you told a gamer joke, but “pass the salt” didn’t trigger a “what did you mean by that” subroutine.

    Everyone but we Haters today is walking around on eggshells because they fear the hair-trigger temper of their fellow Wokies. This makes their own triggers even more sensitive.

    Since the consequences of using the wrong pronoun when asking for the salt, or “salting down” by asking a PoC to pass you some salt can be life-changing, the fear is constant and severe. For all that we mock the “snowflakes,” they really do suffer from constant, repetitiive traumatic stress.

    The only form of release Wokies are permitted is the Two Minutes Hate. All the confusion, angst & fear can be transmuted and off-loaded. Sweet release. Dopamine increases, norepinepherine drops, serotinin uptake slows. The buffer is flushed and the cycle can start again, building with every social interaction. Repeat until the chips are fried.

    Like the aprocrypal frustrated nympho, Wokies are begging for release. Almost every meme works on them because they’re yearning to trigger. Cold takes, hot takes, old takes, doesn’t matter, so long as it’s delivered with some version of the Covington smirk.

    What they call Hate is just our way of Loving. With our cruel mockery, we heal. Our mission is noble, and the masses need our help. So Hate on someone today & help them feel better.

    • ” We used to talk about the “Progressive pause,” the processing phase where a Lefty would receive input and the Windows hourglass would spin in their eyes as their brain virus-scanned the information for Hate.”

      In my experience here in the Occupied Territories of NY, I liken it to the TDS “spittle” explosion. It does not take much, firsthand experience here – “responsible” professional men, affluent men – just start, literally, yelling “trump-trump-trump!” while saliva shoots from their mouths.

      Another version I came across was just shouting, “republicans always lie, republicans always lie!” Spittle-splosion.

      Now I won’t dox the two men I know that own those outbursts – as you, here would be shocked, shocked I tell you … one a pharma industry $10 millionaire, another a senior VP at a big-name magazine EVERYONE here would recognize.

      But the above are IRL examples of how a little dialectic jammed the mental software of two highly educated, affluent men I personally know. Both sad, and a little entertaining at the same time.

    • I miss the old left I once new, who loved Russia, hated and distrusted the government — ESP INTEL — and who threw around the word “love” like today, they throw around “hate.” As a bonus, the urgings were to “Be mellow, man,” and “Do your own thing.”

    • That upsets me to no end. How in the hell would you rather work at a desk job AND live in a glorified coffin? Given the choice, I’d rather ditch the desk job and work in Nebraska, say, where I could at least have a whole house and some land for cheap.

      • Cuz they want the bright lights, big city.

        We should push Joker as the actual norm. We can push garbage, public defacation and crime too. It worked in the 70s and for reasons discussed the Dems bought it back. Old joke is a conservative that’s been mugged.

        A liberal is a conservative that’s been arrested was the counter.

        Now the citizen gets terrorized, pissed on and arrested if he notices who’s doing it.

        Yes your future is Sweden, but its Malmo not paradise.

      • They honestly believe that they are superior to the dumb redneck country folk. Doesn’t matter how bad their conditions in the city are. They still look down on everyone else. I live in a decent sized city, and my acquaintance in Toronto is always talking about how this place is a shithole, etc. Meanwhile, he spends half of his income on rent and can’t even afford a car. Lives a totally meaningless and unfulfilling existence – he has admitted so himself.

        So, let’s let those morons think they are superior while living in the Bugman pods. More space for the rest of us.

  31. This topic reminds me of the Gibson Bakery treatment it received from Oberlin College in Ohio, and its student body, after a student was caught shoplifting. The personal vengeance the Gibson family received was not based on fact; it was apparently a perceived “racial” discrimination charge which damaged the reputation and commercial viability of the bakery that has been in business serving students, faculty and staff of the college for 100 years. The attitude and behavior of the administration and the students toward Gibson’s seemed to stem from a deep animus, a blind hatred and raging belief that the Gibson’s were evil and that they deserved to be personally ostracized and driven from existence.

  32. Yep, I know the type. Angry, anti white, anti society, anti Christian. Just wants to tear everything down. He’s very bitter and complains about everything.

    Why? He doesn’t know. He’s on SSRIs, is an alcoholic, a pothead, and deals drugs to pay for his drug habit.

    These kinds of people are just depressing to be around.

      • The latest edition of the Atlantic magazine (editor Jeffrey Goldberg) has a cover story that worries about a new civil war. Executive summary: it may happen and it’s all Trump’s fault.

        • Trump’s fault, and the rapidly decreasing working class White demographic that supports him.

          Question from the Atlantic article:

          Will Trump’s demographic meekly accept his impeachment or electoral defeat, or will they fight?

          • As we get closer to election day, we can expect that question to be probed much more deeply and frequently. After all, we can’t have non-lefties acting like, well, lefties. Dissent will instantly, with the swiftness of a raised right hand, no longer be patriotic.

            Until it is again.

          • Things will go as they go, impeachment, reelection, and so on. Roll with it, that’s all you can do. To get angry about it is to fail, and it weakens you and saps your judgement. You have no control over the big things, just the little ones and the ones that are up close and personal.

    • The link was truly enlightening. I need to re-think the Civil War. Lawrence, Kansas then and now is quite telling about the war’s legacy. Just ask Kobach, right? Shit.

    • They don’t care because the police, courts and DHS/DOJ are on their side and they figure if things go pear shaped and we fight back they’ll have the police and Feds gun us down and they will.

  33. This essay brings to mind how ineffective conservatism is in opposing leftist ideas. Instead of zeroing in on the lust for power and revenge which drives radical groups, and stopping it, conservatives are always taking lefty’s demands at face value. Naturally, the Overton Window keeps shifting while gullible conservatives run around attempting to be “fair” to emotionally damaged people. Silly fools like Rich Lowry pursue lofty ideals like justice and equality while their sly leftist opponents are pursuing power for its own sake in order to humiliate perceived enemies.

      • Getting through it means always keeping your wits, not letting the emotions and rage take over, and serving any retribution ice cold. The emotions of the other side are a weakness to be exploited.

    • I liken the nightly news on Fox to “breast cancer awareness…”

      I am aware of cancer. And I am aware of breasts. What of it?

      So the big, “breaking news” … night after night. Like “crime awareness.” What of it? Who cares if the guvment is riddled with felons, defending their sinecures to sell us all down the river for filthy lucre if NOTHING is ever done about it.

      It would prolly be LESS depressing NOT to know – as knowing, with no orange jumpsuits, perp walks, Killary swinging from an overpass … reduces morale. Maybe that is the intent … since all sides reporting are still selling GEICO® ads and $uch…

  34. Just look at the final scene of the Wickerman movie (original version). That is really how they would like to deal with us. As much as I loathe these pathetic scum, the most I could muster would be a classic fist to the face. I still hold to my credo of never messing with another man’s family or his income.

    • the most I could muster would be a classic fist to the face.

      I imagine myself after the revolution, a colonel of intelligence operations or something, with a nice menacing uniform designed by some famous dude, and there I am, sat behind a desk, facing Leftie with a puzzled frown, looking at his paperwork while playing with my rubber stamps:

      “But I don’t understand, Mr. Leftie! Why would you want to live in a bland, monocultural hellhole of racist white people? I read your tweets, and everything tells me you and your family would be a lot happier in Sweden.”

      “But I’ve reformed and…”

      And BANG! My favourite rubber stamp comes down like a guillotine blade: “Application Denied”

      • Mine is that a few people close to me have been really dismissive, even though they have no idea the depths of the redpilling that I have travelled. When they need safe passage out of the crazy (which is what I see as my future role, to get the good people out of the area when things come down), is “I don’t know what you are talking about, and I don’t know how to help you (wink)”. I would be quite willing to help people who I disagree with, as long as they have always respected my space and my opinions, but those who belittle what I stand for in virtue-signaling exercises are o-u-t out.

  35. These people. It’s all white supremacy, white supremacy, white supremacy. They live this life of ease and plenty with no idea of how we got here and no one around them who has a living memory of anything else, and since it’s all ethnography all the time that’s all that matters.

    I’m reading a book right now called The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine by James Le Fanu. I’m in the rise part and it is absolutely stunning what happened in the first part of the 20th century in medicine. These people denigrating Western medicine because they hate white people in favor of Homeopathy or some such nonsense are just Illuminating one of Chesterton’s fences, they don’t know why they’re tearing it down and they have no idea what’s going to happen after it’s gone.

    I’m still laying in bed. I ordered seven different boxes of Christmas cards this morning, stamps from the bank and updated my Christmas card list. I’m not looking forward to doing the Christmas cards, it takes a lot of time and my hand hurts when I’m done. My life is so hard

    • The medical field is going to get much, much worse. One of my daughter’s is applying for medical schools now, she has a great GPA, years of clinical experience and her MCAT scores were in the top 1% but she is not getting that many interview offers and I can only assume it is because she is not sufficiently diverse. Pretty much every medical school has a diversity officer in charge of trying to get as many non-Asian minority students as possible to apply so their graduating class photo isn’t a bunch of white and Asians kids. From what I am hearing the same is happening across the hard sciences.

      • Don’t forget that each time diversity quotas are increased, certain allowances must be made to enable the diverse to pass the coursework, internships, etc. There are usually pretty good (but can never be named) reasons there wasn’t much diversity beforehand.

        On the receiving end, we’re already seeing the ‘benefits’ of so much diversity. A new provider is faced with intimidating menus of diagnostic tools: thousands of possible lab tests, radiology, etc. For many of them (way too many), it’s like putting a monkey in an arcade. It will eventually try out everything, have fun with some things but ultimately truly understand very little of it.

        I always recommend that any patient, when their provider orders up some tests, ask them why and what they hope to learn from it. If they can’t explain it in simple terms, they probably don’t have a good understanding of it either.

        • This is why all the efforts to “desegregate” the schools – and allow women into previously all male schools – was a crucial inflection point that signaled the coming degradation.

          People on the right want to know where to apply their efforts – well trying to subvert the laws that have basically outlawed all male schools is a crucial issue.

          You may not be able to completely subvert the diversity laws – yet, but I believe the removal of women from male spaces is a crucial issue that will help to stem the tide of degradation. Males operated differently in the absence of women. And even with the introduction of diversity – in an all male environment I think the worst effects of that might be mitigated by the time honored methods of forcing compliance – and PERFORMANCE used by high performing male organizations down thru time.

          If a bunch of white males were allowed to just “haze” the way they were allowed to a few decades back – a lot of the “diversity” would be driven out of the higher schooling. The higher performing Asians would likely ride it out and excel ( I believe there’s a lot of evidence for this already) – but the lower performing “diversity” would be drummed out.

          You have to remove females from the equation though – somehow.

          I believe the opportunities exist to do this – and strangely enough it’s the stupid feminists and MeToo!’ers and so forth who can likely be manipulated into creating an environment amenable for all male schools (again).

          • I taught in an all boys HS for ten years. The lads did well without the social pressures of tits and asses in the room.

            Then, in the public schools, I was exposed to women teacher educators who felt that girls weren’t getting a fair shot to excel in mathematics, so the psychologists got rich selling cooperative group learning to assist the female learning modality even though boys would rather compete. Not that you’d be interested but Stanford was invaded by a British math educator, somewhat despised by the male Math Dept. faculty and she threatened to have two of them arrested by state police for challenging some of her research that she was pushing for the famous “Math Wars” in CA. It really pissed her off that she had to use a mens restroom, and one of the men placed a potted plant in the urinal. She’s a real piece of work.

            The upshot is that girls are surpassing boys, and that is just fine with them.

        • Bingo, as increases in enrollment are based on “diversity”, standards must invariably go down—otherwise, “racism”.

          In my long life, I can remember minority doctors as being a cut above the rest because of difficulties in getting into such training. “Talented Tenth” stuff. Now, you’d be a fool to have one as your physician. Indeed, a while back I received some information from my provider which outlined the process for requesting a different physician based on race. So such is even recognized and procedurized.

          As too with any health care provider and diagnostics, the trend is to “treat the numbers”. One needs to be careful here. Blood pressure, lipids, cholesterol, sex hormones, etc. are reported back as 95% levels by population, sex, and age. But that is entirely different from pathology.

          My question when told of high”ish” BP is to immediately question what is the pathology we are attempting to prevent and just what is the “right” BP for me—not what the rest of the country runs at. Of course, the pathology, such as hardening of the arteries, can be checked—albeit expensively, whereas it is cheap and quick to put you on pills to lower such—and the physician feels it’s a “good day’s work”. Nonsense.

          • ” I received some information from my provider which outlined the process for requesting a different physician based on race. So such is even recognized and procedurized.”

            I would bet nearly anything that this is only for POCs to request POC doctors. A nonvibrant (white or yellow) wanting to divest themselves of a vibrant physician will: a) fail using this procedure, b) have something highly damaging entered in their “permanent record”. There are ways of “firing” your doctor, but this race-based one sounds like a trap, unless you’re an official victim minority.

            As to the blood pressure thing, I could go on for a VERY long time about that, from the pathophysiology to the epidemiology, but unless someone really really cares, I’ll leave it with just two comments. First, of course they’re only treating numbers; it’s a law of averages and population-based associations (“correlations”) thing. You personally may be some mutant [1] who does fine at 150/90 for whatever reason, but there is no way of figuring that out (because the end-organ damage — cardiac, renal, arterial, neurological — takes decades to fully manifest). Second, MDs and hospitals are graded (i.e. pay, reimbursement) by their ability to meet guideline-directed target values among their patients.

            [1] mutant: not meant as an insult, BTW

          • Agree with the cautionary note re: race-selection for your MD. The NIH in the UK is now officially denying care based on raycisms. Trying to change your doctor because they’re a Pajeet (who’s more likely to be less qualified, a Dr. Feelgood opium dispenser, rapey, etc…) will almost certainly haunt your permanent record.

            A model White Civil Rights Act would include protections against misuse of medical information as part of a broad package of Title VII style protection vs. doxxing, employment denial, internet access, financial deplatforming, and parental rights in education. Not a remotely practical idea at this point, but something we should work towards to the extent we can work the system at all in the future.

      • Younger friend with 4.0 from Princeton, magna cum laude, knows multiple languages and wrote a brilliant senior thesis, two doctors who are parents and an older sibling who’s also an MD.

        Had a hell of time getting admitted to med schools. Ended up choosing one that is generally considered lower-tier, and she’s in there with trust fund rats who literally applied to 80, 90 med schools hoping to snag just one offer of admission, along with the usual diversity and inclusion suspects who — quite honestly — just don’t belong near the medical profession. She’s terrified. First time she’s had to confront just how bad it is, and I don’t think she’ll make it through, to be honest. She doesn’t see the point. It’s very, very bad right now. And once these people get in, they’ll lock everyone else out. It won’t get better.

        Younger people will soon have to grapple with the question of how they’ll survive in 25-30 years when medicine in the US is on the level of the 3rd world. And viruses and pathogens are everywhere due to incompetence and degeneracy.

        It’s just ridiculous. This ideology is destroying everything.

        • That is something I am quite concerned about.

          Not only is the quality going down, the number of patients is increasing (due to mass immigration) faster than the number of doctors. The Canadian wait times are out of control.

          What kind of diseases, and antibiotic resistant bacteria are being spread by our fellow vibrants? I have a feeling they have quite a bit of resistance to things we are not resistant to, based on their time in the slums.

          Furthermore, in the UK they are now talking about denying healthcare to racists and sexists.

          So yeah, the future will be fucked. Those without kids will be fucked even harder… Quite honestly I expect my life expectancy to be around 70. Not a great outlook.

          • Yeah, I saw the PJW story about the NHS but it didn’t say what he claimed it did.
            PJW is not the smartest although I think he is coming round to a more “realistic” political view.

      • If she has the stomach for it, she can game the system. Create a domain that launches a new Lesbian Pride “organization” that she heads. Maybe a nice LLC, or Subchapter S corp along the same lines. Wear that skinsuit and cram it down the throats of the PC decision makers until she gets where she needs to be.

        I still recall dealing with people in academia as my kids made that journey – what a bunch of total toadies, bureaucrats – but mostly midwits that would be outsmarted using things like their own “student handbooks” and such – litigating issues outside of the courts to benefit your kids. Been there, done that, don’t miss it or them.

        • I actually half-jokingly suggested to her that she self-identify as a lesbian or gender fluid or something. With her scores, if she were black or a degenerate she would be choosing between every Ivy League school in the country.

      • “The medical field is going to get much, much worse”

        It already has. Go to your favorite web search service and type “[name of hospital] internal medicine residency program” or [N-o-H] surgery residency program”, then poke around until you find the “Our Residents” page; usually this is laid out with photos, much like a yearbook page.

        A huge proportion of training programs are now heavily South Asian (Indian/Pakistani, a.k.a. “brown”), with no few MENA and a still lower proportion of sub-Saharan African. Not American black: African or Afro-Caribbean. This is particularly true of the mid and lower tier community hospital programs. The big academic-hospital programs (read “highly competitive”) tend to a higher proportion of Jews and East Asians. But overall the proportion of “generic whites” in the training pipeline is steadily decreasing at both academic and community programs.

        While I have had some excellent “brown” colleagues, an all-too-common pattern (particularly in community hospitals) is one of disproportionate ego relative to actual skill; lack of interest in actual patient care; treating non-MDs, including skilled persons such as nurses, as menials; and excessive testing and “procedurizing” to max out MediCare billing.

        People are taking notice, and angry. As an example, I was out in San Bernardino county, California recently (on private business, not professional) but had opportunity to speak with dozens of regular folks. Many expressed dissatisfaction with their medical care (the MDs where I was skew heavily brown). What was interesting is that no few of my informants (whites, Hispanics, and few blacks) were now willing to name names, so to speak. The funniest thing was when an 83-yo white lady, very mannerly and polite, said “those people” witheringly while pointing to her forehead and tapping out an imaginary dot.

        Finally, I have experienced this firsthand more than once, when family members were hospitalized. (Now admittedly the worst recent cock-up was by a young white male doctor [hospitalist] who didn’t understand the difference between mild diastolic dysfunction and heart failure [story redacted], but the general trend is valid.)

        • Upvoted. A close relative – my age – went through the usual medical industry trajectory after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. The false hope “we will fight!” Then the ancient “Whipple Procedure” – the usual chemo…. basically made him hate life until it left him.

          So in the Occupied Territories of NY, we see all these shining TV ads for SLOAN KETTERING. Just the other night, I said to my bride, “remember doctor XXXXX, the not American doctor that pulled that shit on our dear XXXXX!” The doctor in our collective recollection had come in to set up a “shunt” that would drain abdominal fluid, a terminal procedure. However, no one had explained to XXXXX and XXXXX’s spouse that he was, indeed, about to die.

          Doctor not American … brutal. Total lack of empathy. Marches in, blows the entire thing up…. haughty,, marches out. In comes another one, a woman to “help”. She had no bedside manner either, it was like a ten cent error at the five and dime store had been made. “Oh, yeah, you will never be able to ingest food again, “no one told you?”

          All this fake rah-rah “we’re going to fight!” bs the whole way till that point.

          The SLOAN KETTERING shitshow also includes moaning, head-shaved people on gurneys in the hallways. Mourning loved ones leaning over them. A total charnel house – I found myself there more time than I cared to be through this entire ordeal. The sunshine never felt better, even the stinking NYC summer “air”.

          My relative got him the hell out of there there, whereupon he ended up at a local hospital where they morphined him to death to end it. A miserable death at the hands of the medical industry.

          And yes, to your point. Yes. In my experience, you need to be your OWN doctor – remind your dermatologist, after you have already had Squamous carcinoma hacked off your carcass – “uh, don’t you think you should look at my scalp and the tops of my feet during a semi annual body scan?”

          “Oh, uh, yeah…”

          Sure was quick to suggest that full face chem peel $$$$$$$ payday…

          Nursing home care: a sad joke.

          Hospice: a sad joke.

          Just hit my 375 word limit. I could go on and on as could many here no doubt…

      • I hope she gets into med school. Before I taught in the public high schools, Mathematics, I taught in good private schools. I fear for our science and engineering capabilities in this country. I was one of the few who always raised questions about the system, but was always told to shut up and restrict my comments and energy only “towards what we could conceivably control.” But we could not control anything, especially transmitting knowledge, when the system denied exactly that. I feel sick.

    • White supremacy is just a fact. Because when you are sweating profusely, thank Mr. Carrier, a white man. When you are sick and need treatment, thank white men who developed cures. When you take a dump and you don’t have to coexist with it, thank white men who developed sanitation. I could go on and on, and I did with my recently graduated from college son, who although he’s economically conservative, held a bit of social liberalism and scoffed at the distinctions among races. So, when I started telling him exactly how white men have made life better, he became very quiet.

  36. It’s true that I’m finding community and fraternity over here in our thing, but I believe the most important reason I’m drawn to the dissident side is that it is necessary to have a defense against the fanatical Left.

  37. “The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements,” by Eric Hoffer, will give you a good explanation of the types of folks that are drawn to radical or extremist movements.
    EVERYBODY should read this book; is it a classic.
    Basically, individuals who join these sorts of groups have personal feelings of insecurity, hopelessness and believe that nothing is within their control; so they join groups of like minded people; i.e., total losers.
    Yep, they are total losers, but extremely dangerous.

    (just check out the pictures of arrested ANTIFA types; they literally are all freaks; no wonder they hate themselves and everything else. If I looked like them I would cover my face and head too).

    So when a Mike Savage says that liberalism is a mental disorder or when Zman says lefties are full of rage, they are both 1000% correct.

    Though I read this book years ago I still recall being shocked when Hoffer recounts that in 1930s Germany, it was oft found that the most zealous nazis were former communists. While this may seem incongruous, it totally makes sense given the personality defects that are common to the sorts of individuals attracted to radical groups.

    Of course, all movements require leaders and it is those leaders that have the gift of public rhetoric and an innate sense of what and how to state those things that move the masses to action. It is no accident that Hitler, Mussolini , Lenin and Trotsky, just to name a few, had this gift.

    • It is true that many of the most vocal opponents of a movement are former members. When people who were committed move from one religious system to another, it is common for them to spend a lot of time publicly denouncing their former faith. I think it helps to confirm in their own mind their decision.

      • That’s part of it. More so it’s a matter of venting the criticisms you couldn’t or wouldn’t voice when you were a loyalist. Particularly on your way out of a movement, you’re holding back on saying what’s increasingly evident in terms of flawed logic, hidden agendas and other forms of Noticing.

        You still hold back when you’re inside the circle, but once you repudiate them, you can finally say what’s been eating you for awhile. I knew in my gut that Objectivism was a cult of especially weirdo libertarian a**holes for a long time, but some of those a**holes were still my friends and I wasn’t yet comfortable with normie-cons.

        • Same here. I was isolated though so I never associated with other objectivists in person. What did it for me was the lack of any guidance regarding the issues I was noticing that are so dear to the dissident right. That and the constant infighting I witnessed. It’s a shame though, some of the technical philosophical aspects still appeal to me, though the people do not.

          • Rand for whatever reasons exposed us to some good ideas and a decent blueprint for what catabolic collapse would look like with AS – sanction of the victim, Attilas & the Witch Doctors, examples of how academia and media allow a tiny minority to control an enormous population, etc… Whether there was some crypto-agenda involved, she was a rogue Jew, whatever, the ideas still stand on their own.

    • Can a revolutionary movement win without harnessing the zealots? I’d like to believe that rational and dignified individuals can overthrow an oppressive order by themselves, but I kind of doubt it.

      Revolutionaries are probably correct to enlist the angry men. That may be a deal with the Devil, but it also may be the only way to win.

      • That was certainly the case in the American Revolution. Washington did not like fervent crazies, but he used them.

        • The Boston Massacre and the original Tea Party don’t strike me as carefully considered actions. John Adams even defended the British soldiers who were attacked at the Boston Massacre, presumably to uphold public order, yet we praise the hooligan instigators.

      • The zealots, IMHO, have to be mobilized at least initially to enable the leaders to seize power. But once in power, many of the zealots can be liquidated and the most power hungry and ambitious men can take over and/or the leaders can finally show their true colors.

        This latter group – the ones that ultimately lead – need not be so devoted to the religious tenets of their cause ; the acquisition and maintenance of power now becomes the predominating factor in their decision making.

        As examples Hitler wiped out his ideological partner in crime, Ernst Rohm; Stalin wiped out ALL of Lenin’s inner circle; Castro’s true colors came out upon his assumption of power (he fessed up that he was a commie and several of his guerrilla compatriots had to flee Cuba or Castro had them killed); Chavez/Maduro when in power totally “forgot” to help the masses.

        The liquidation (or removal of or the fleeing into exile) of fellow travelers seems to be par for the course when a radical movement takes power.

        • Napoleon had his own round of liquidations as well, though by the time he began his power grabs most of the truly crazy elements had been wiped out or nullified. He’s interesting in that he participated in some of the last efforts to push back on the crazies before, rather than after, his Ascension.

      • In a word no. If it doesn’t have emotional energy of men willing to fight and die behind but just a bunch of aspie nerds it’s doomed.

        Consider this: We got our labor laws and nice working conditions because a bunch of working class whites with a grade school education fought and died for them. They went up against Pinkerton men, hired thugs and even National Guardsmen and had knock down gun battles and brawls with.

        It was not achieved by some office clerks.

    • In Douglas Hyde’s “Dedication and Leadership” – he points out that a lot of the Commies – were fallen away Catholics.

      It sort of looks like if you step back – and take a dispassionate look at the situation – there’s a portion of the population that is just looking to be led around by the nose by a dynamic leader. This probably points out a real problem though: the left seems to completely chock full and saturated with a whole bunch of zombies looking to be led. We’re really going to be in for it if some dynamic leader comes along to direct and lead that zombie army.

      It’s unfortunate that they won’t just lay around on their couches and leave everybody alone

        • I believe he was mostly talking about commies in Great Britain. The dynamic was probably a little different in places like Russia and Germany.

      • My grandmother was raised in the Mormon Mexican colonies, Colonia Juarez, by 3 sister wives. She dumped the very staunch and married a Catholic, which set her up for great strife. My father was raised in SoCal by a staunch Mormon mother and in a religiously conflicted household. His father prevailed and said when The Boy turned 16, he could make his own choice. A year later he got a scholarship to UC Berkeley and came out a Trotskyite. You’re spot on about moving from one strong religious identity to another. My father was Ferociously against mainstream religion, particularly LDS.

        My mother was upper class, went radical and went slumming with her beloved working class pets. She thought my father was an early hot version of Che Guevara minus the bullet to the head. Well…just because Dad could yell through a bullhorn didn’t mean his skills could translate to the bed. So her religion became alcohol.

        Oddly enough Dad frequently mentioned Eric Hoffer. Guess he read into it what he wanted to.

          • Yeppers…..He broke the mold when he made me. He said, “You’re a handful. Whew! Now move along….move along. Git!
            Exile… can ghostwrite.

          • PS: I wasn’t raised Mormon. Was raised secular in the Bay Area not far from the People’s Republic of Berkeley. My mother hated my father’s Mormon background and was deeply embarrassed by the distant past polygamy. So I’m about as much a Mormon as you are hon.

      • Carlsdad, thanks for linking the Hyde information. I am stunned after reading just the intro by North. I don’t know what to say. At this point all I can think to contribute is that as the CC has shrunk — and this most likely due to what followed the 1962 seminar, Vatican Council II — and the shrinkage in both clergy and membership may be another reason why elements in the Church (Jesuits) seem to have abandoned white European descendants in favor of the much larger Third World people. Crap, that’s probably a wrong analysis too, but like I said, I’m at a loss for words. I’ll read the whole thing soon.

        • The Catholics seem to have concluded that since their ham-fisted modernization efforts have failed to impress young Whites, they have to evangelize pre-modern Squats & Dindus instead.

          Catholic leadership spent the last 100+ years wallowing in decadence and burning through their legacy capital rather than finding ways to show how their faith is necessary, practical or even viable in the modern world. “Because we say so” only goes so far and only with some people.

          When they finally realized the pews were emptying, they rushed into Vatican II pandering, basically cucking to modernity rather than meeting the challenge and throwing Baby Jesus out with the bathwater.

          VDH talks about how Classicism as a discipline has crashed due to a similar failure (“Who Killed Homer?”).

          • I know that the Fifties up to VII the Church was in it’s American heyday. Trads all like to talk about Grace Kelly saying the Rosary while in her dressing trailer on set. But you must be correct since John XXIII wanted to open the windows to the modern world and air out the Church. It seems that Satan entered through those windows.

    • Ironically, our local Progressive women’s group has “Activism is the antidote to despair” as the tag line on their FB page. I guess just guzzling wine while their banker hubbies were down in the city banging 20 y/o Russian chicks just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

    • There are people with a mental illness colloquially known as cutters. These people literally cut themselves. They need to find evidence that they are alive. They have an inability to feel, so they cut themselves to try to feel pain. They are lost, and often depressed and angry. Joining a radical angry mob may be a substitute for cutting yourself.

  38. The re-establishment of the community and culture of the dissident right realist will require a great effort on our part. What we will have in the end could end up to be many things. I see no need to create a false persona. Let’s get this party started.

    • In the last TDS episode they were talking about setting up LLCs. Attracting capital and then using it to get power. To paraphrase: the weakness of the neoliberal system is that it can be bought. Raising capital is a must. But since few of us have much capital, it’s a good idea to also form communities not just of like-minded people, but of skilled people. Pretend it’s the apocalypse: find the guy who is like-minded AND has a skill to contribute to keep the community going.

      • That’s what I’m doing here in the Bitterroot anyone that is like minded and skilled or at least willing to learn a skill are welcome to come join me…We have plenty of skilled artisans that don’t mind teaching if you’re willing to help them as well…

        • I’ve got the LLC stuff down – MT law can’t be any more complicated than CA. I can always shovel actual bullsh*t when the legal kind isn’t needed.

        • Email? Will be travelling to the “parks” in your area next summer. Maybe we can do some huck & coffee.

        • Strategies & tactics speak for themselves. I’m not inviting “personalities” to anything I’m involved with so I’m not sweating who’s a “fed” and who isn’t. Every group should handle their own vetting and we all should work in a decentralized “cell” structure. If the Feds want to chase me across the Western wilderness because I’m a Z-Man or TRS subscriber, they’re welcome to waste the resources.

          • Exile, you’ll advance the 14 Words far better by not being locked up on Chief Lieawatha’s reservation this time in 2021.

            You’re a smart guy and we need more like you. Careful whom you associate with.

          • I appreciate the sentiment, no sarc. I’m not close enough to any bright lights to get zapped and I’m paranoid by nature.

        • Don’t live in fear Brother that’s what they want is for people to be trembling behind your door hoping that they aren’t coming for you this time…

      • One of the annoying features of LLCs (in my day job context) is the ability to obscure their ownership. Bug by day, feature by night. States & countries vary but it’s widespread enough to have gummed up some high profile cases like the Panama Papers.

        As to “no need to create a false persona,” none of us should be too quick to shed our anonymity. Anyone openly rolling under their real name is a security threat to his DR community. I’m dox resistant myself but there’s no upside in self-doxxing, and it potentially harms normie friends and family as well as brothers and sisters in Our Thing.

        • All that matters now is skills and community. Anything that hampers that (ideology, drama, insistence on online presence) needs to be tamped down hard. In many cases, we need to sort for skills and attitude before any ideological priors. If they aren’t Antifa and can do/learn a valuable skill, they’re fair game for a community building project. Being engrossed in the political soup is a negative, not a positive.

          • I agree with the caveat that this kind of “ecumenical outreach” is for our outward-facing communities. Core communities that are more permanent (and thus more vulnerable to doxxing, lawfare etc) and where kids are the focus need to be more insulated from recruits and other potential unreliables. These new proto-homelands are for guys who are down with the whole program & have been well-vetted over time.

            I also think we need to develop the ability to pick up and move on short notice, scattering or relocating our people as a group, like pre-medieval Germans, Our Special Friends and Gypsies. I’m working on some short fiction this week to show how this would operate in near-mid-future practice. Having a good group skill set, particularly in the trades, would be a big part of that.

  39. To deny the tenets of progressivism is to attack their religious system. The average leftist is as intractable and unreasonable as a Kentucky King James Only Primitive Baptist. So sure, it is deeply personal to them because arguing with them is tantamount to heresy. The only difference so far is that, for now, the Left can’t literally burn people at the stake but that day may be coming soon. We aren’t going to convert the Left to our side because we have facts and better arguments, just like you can’t convince any other fundamentalist zealot.

      • Are you a zealot?

        I probably am to the powers that be, although I like to think that my chains of reasoning are valid and that my grammar is pretty good.

        • I am not a zealot. I always make a distinction between the personal and the political. Nor am I religious to any great extent. Looking back on my long life, I can see how my parents’ and my generations made grievous political errors, and I remember the trauma it caused me in my youth and early manhood after realizing this. I’m not interested in tracking down the foolish leftists and cucks I have known personally so I could gloat. I’m interested in making sure others recognize them for what they are and keep them out of positions of authority. If I were a zealot, I’d wear an armband…or a mask.

    • Arthur…At least the Kentucky Baptist doesn’t want you dead for disagreeing with him.The Liberals want you dead. Your ideas are violence to those people. Remove the safties on your weapons.

      • In the immediate term, the Deus Vult sorts are live and let live or maybe they’ll let Jehova sort it out.

        Long term? I’m not so sure. History is always bloody.

        The kind of tolerance where moral men, non religious, righteous pagan or monotheist can be around each other with killing is rare.

        If our people end up tasting blood, getting that thing of great value back is unlikely.

        Those of us who are moral but care little for Christianity and its trappings need some caution and have little incentive as of yet to help restore Christendom.

        Caveat though, if some treaty can be had, setting moral standards that all agree on, than its best for all of us to work together.

        I’m not going to post the meme that was on WRSA the other day , it’s a little rough for this place but neo viking and neo knight together sounds right to me.

    • I knew someone who went KJV Only…the zealotry and lack of coherence do indeed make an apt comparison with the ANTIFA Left.

      • Don’t knock the KJV. If it was good enough for Abraham and the apostles, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

        • The apostles were hunted down by an agent of Abraham the Lucifer. That fed, using scripts written for him by his clerks, went on to claim primacy of the movement led by the Christ’s brother and common-law wife, James and Mary Magdalene.

          The Christ and his people were trying to STOP the rise of Abraham the Lucifer’s faction, the faction devoted to bringing the Bloody Messiah.

          Learn the political backstory, to learn their tactics. The whole KJV is a political story, with examples of battle strategies.

          • Fools! The one question you have never asked- what is the nature of THEIR messiah?
            The one to come for the first time?

            Why would you believe he is the same as yours, the One they crucified?
            Which deceiver told you that message?

            Saul of Tarsus, yes?
            Did the Kingdom come, or peace?

          • So odd- Eusebius, “the Liar”, switched his religious-political affiliation, then went on to compile the NT through trickery and intimidation.
            Most of the NT is… letters by who?

            The NT became the official doctrine of the State. The Magic Paper, which must not be questioned, yet is constantly “interpreted”.

            Sound familiar?

            The gospel is, they still couldn’t stop the expression of the Spirit that is in us.

            I only ask that we read the Book properly.

        • Now that’s funny. The KJV wasn’t around at the time of Abraham, for one. The Catholic church took the church to England and it was a political organization at the time after the emperor at that time made them the state church and took the holdings of all other religions and gave them to the Catholics when he shut down the others. The came the reformation came because the catholic political organization made changes to their bible vice staying with the original that the reformers objected to. King James taking offense at both ordered his version be written of which he had final approval and founded the Church Of England. Two last points: 1) he wasn’t made king until 1567, and 2) I bow to no earthly king.

    • “The average leftist is as intractable and unreasonable as a Kentucky King James Only Primitive Baptist”
      Or zombies! They are closed to reason, reject facts and logic if it contradicts their worldview and are not amenable to negotiation. This ideology needs to be seen as a highly infectious (and possibly incurable) mental disease. And the people infected as carriers. The zombie apocalypse is truly upon us.

      • Thank you. Was starting to think the whole comments section was going to ignore the theme of the piece here and just talk about Christianity.

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