The Jim Snow Laws

Everyone raised in the Unites States over the last fifty years has been required to memorize the official dogma regarding Jim Crow laws. These were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States. The official version preached to this day is that they were draconian restrictions on blacks preventing them from having a normal life. Modern blacks are told that their condition is the direct result of white discrimination against blacks via these laws.

Now, there is a debate as to the intent and the effect of these laws, mostly because the Left has re-imagined that period in American history. The official version of the Civil Rights era is a fantasy with little connection to reality. What is not under dispute is that these laws existed and they had a negative impact on blacks. Black institutions did not receive public support. Blacks were denied access to the legal system, which often denied them justice when the victims of white malfeasance.

The best argument against these sorts of laws is that they created a second class of citizens, as a legal construct. You cannot have democracy if you have second class citizens, as democracy assumes all men being equal before the law. If the effect of Jim Crow was separate and equal, then maybe they would fit into democracy. In reality, they were separate and unequal, even accounting for the differences in the races. Therefore, as a legal construct, they violated the ideal of equality before the law.

While not always written into the legal code, certainly not explicitly, the Jim Snow laws are just as offensive to the ideal of equality before the law. The evolving legal construct under which whites are treated different from non-whites is a variation of what existed in the South during segregation. While the intent of Jim Crow was to keep the races separate, the intent of the Jim Snow laws is vengeance. It is part of the blood libel against white people in America.

The most recent example is the firing of hockey coach Bill Peters after allegations of racist remarks made by the coach came to light. Peters admitted to using the magic word when addressing a black player ten years ago. Why a Nigerian was in Canada playing hockey is never explained, but Peters admitted to the crime. He was first required to publicly grovel for his crime. He posted an open letter apologizing for blaspheming a black, then he was fired and forever banished from hockey.

Now, his behavior may be unprofessional, but coaches have never been known for being polite or sensitive to the feelings of their players. Even so, the crime happened a decade ago. There’s no evidence this is an ongoing thing. Maybe there is a case to me made that he should apologize to the black guy, but only a lunatic nurses a grudge for a decade over mean words. Instead, it is assumed he is a racist, because all whites are racist. This just proves it. Therefore, he must be banished.

This type of situation could never happen with a black. For starters, blacks use the magic word in their everyday speech. Good whites break into reverent tears whenever they hear a famous black utter the incantation. It’s like a magic spell. Further, non-whites are free to rage against whites without restriction. The New York Times hired Sarah Jeung because she hates white people. Michelle Goldberg has a prominent position on the pages of the Times, because she hates white people.

This double standard does not stop with the war of words. Blacks are now allowed to murder whites if they can claim the white was racist. In the case of Michael White, who murdered a white man in cold blood, the assumption of racism was enough to give him a pass. The N-word pass has become so embedded in the culture that every black accused of wrong doing claims he was reacting the use of the magic word by the white person he attacked. This is the latest example.

The default assumption of the Jim Snow laws is that whites are relentlessly racist and always motivated to harm non-whites. Therefore, whites are required to prove they are not acting on racial bias. In the case of Curtis Flowers, this claim is now going to the Supreme Court. No one doubts he killed these people in cold blood. The issue is that whites cannot be trusted to render the verdict. After all, it assumed they are so racist, they cannot be trusted to convict a black killer.

The heart the Jim Snow laws is a blood libel. Whites are guilty by the virtue of being descended from whites. They have inherited their guilt. The fact that this assumption is at odds with reality is immaterial. The people in charge of the culture hate white people, so the Jim Snow laws are enforced. In the case of Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman, they were sent to prison for the crime of being white. They are in jail, having been denied the basic legal right to face their accuser.

The main differences between the Jim Crow laws and the new Jim Snow laws is the intent of the laws and the temperament of the people enforcing them. It has been forgotten, but most blacks were fine with segregation. Jim Crow was about preserving two distinct cultures in the same place. Jim Snow is about wiping out white culture and the white people defending it. Unlike the defenders of Jim Crow, the Jim Snow proponents will never relent. Their vengeful hatred will never permit it.

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175 thoughts on “The Jim Snow Laws

  1. While not exactly disagreeing w the premises of the OP here, a perhaps cynical or callous way of looking at this is that life is a struggle and before, whites were culturally and mentally strong and thus instinctively guarded their Darwinian group interests.

    Once whites started to act weak, other groups sprung at them like wolves against a weak bison. All this call for ‘historical/racial/whatever justice’ is just instinctive Darwinian testing and probing for weakness. Judge Darwin dispassionately stands aside, only keeping track of who survived and reproduced and who did not, whatever the reasons. As Clint Eastword said in a movie, ‘deserve’s got nothing to do with it.’

  2. I’m normally a fan of these posts, but that news story is a pretty bad piece of supporting evidence. The dude charged a nog to the ground and was stabbed in the back. Isn’t that essentially the story of what happened to sweet angel Trayvon (albeit with a gun)?

    IMO if you’re a grown man and you charge a stranger at full speed and take him down, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself dead. There’s a lot of ambiguity in that case, and calling it an instance of ‘civilization hating whitey’ is pretty far fetched.

  3. I’m just guessing here, but I imagine Mitt Romney (aka Pierre Delecto) will be the last Goodwhite to realize there is a war against European peoples unfolding. I can see him visiting a concentration camp in South Africa to verify that the whites there are, indeed, being humanely treated.

  4. I am sure that I am not the first to broach this but I wonder if white people could or should adopt the mafia model for self-preservation? Together with strict rules of “omerta” and association by recommendation only.

    If that does happen, then I nominate the zman as “capo di tutti capi”.

    • Something like that is what needs to happen. We say we can’t vote ourselves out of this, which is true.

      Most politics through history didn’t have voters. Policy was still changed and influenced in plenty of other ways.

  5. The only way I see to possibly reverse this is if the Tribe decides it is in their self interest to do so. They are trying to shield themselves from this anti white jihad they are fermenting and so far it is working.

    We need to make sure it quits working. The tribe needs to be seen as the most privileged of all whites so much so that the Holocaust can’t be used as a sufficient excuse to not let them suffer with their fellow white bigots. There needs to be outrage at the Tribe’s over representation in top schools and work especially Wall Street, Hollywood, the Supreme Court and the media.

    Of course we can’t be the ones expressing this outrage or we will be prosecuted as Nazis. This has to come from the tribe’s pets.

  6. The biggest black pill of this anti white racism is that it is increasingly supported and enforced by the good whites. If you went to university and want the approval of other people who went to university, you cannot publicly oppose this anti white racism. To oppose it, you risk your career, financial wellbeing and social standing.

    Even worse, whites increasingly need to be strident ethno masochists to prove that they are not bad whites. Single white women who have been to university seem to be pretty much on board with this already. Beta males will have to up their anti white game if they want to get laid and have a bug eating kid fathered by an alpha male.

    • I’m a little more white pilled lately.

      They hold the ground right now but they’re losing it. There’s signs all around that white identity is gaining momentum. I see it in how people talk. You see a guy like Fuentes who’s message isn’t much different from Jared Taylor making inroads into the mainstream. Taylor has been shunned and hidden for most of my life, his ideas never gaining much traction despite being far more eloquent than people like Fuentes. People are more willing to listen to the message now. Younger people don’t think brown people are magic, and aren’t satisfied being told they must sacrifice themselves for them.

      Yes, the propaganda still flows free. But there is an event horizon with propaganda. Once people catch on its bull, then the more they use it, the more people are convinced of the opposition position. It’s like how Soviet expats are the most ardent anti-communists despite massive propaganda their entire lives.

      If the establishment had any self control they would cut the anti-white propaganda, and hate hoaxes for a few years to stop people noticing, but they can’t stop themselves.

      As much as it’s disheartening to watch hate hoaxes, affirmative action, toxic whiteness conferences, and other injustices, every single one is a chance to wake people up. To tell them “that will be your children.” Like Pol Pot preaching by the craters on American bombs, every injustice is an opportunity for our side in propaganda.

      First we build a following, then organization, then influence. That will take a while but we have to start somewhere. And at the very least it’s starting. Hopefully it isn’t too late.

      • Things are changing but not fast enough. By the time whites get a handle on what is happening in mass, they will be a minority unless the Tribe can be made to panic that the anti white jihad is bad for them. I don’t hold out much hope for that because they are still fighting the Tsar and think that any year when whites are in power it is Germany 1933. They haven’t been kicked out of 109 countries because they are quick to moderate their approach

  7. it would be great if you would write a whole column on the case you mention, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman. The only articles I see on it are MSM and cast them as ruffians who attacked people. The video makes it look like a fair fight between willing participants.

  8. Interesting article today, in India violent monkeys are being tracked with AI facial recognition, then captured and sterilized. I think I’m getting an idea!

  9. As whypipo become a minority in America, situational awareness becomes even more important. It is becoming increasingly clear the legal odds are stacked against you (the Philly prosecutor is of the small hat persuasion), no matter how deep your pockets are.

    Had not heard of the Schellenger murder case, but in that instance and in the case of the Proudboys both probably could have been avoided just by not being there. Not saying don’t live your life, however in this new paradigm folks should think twice about that late night adventure while under the influence or just having a good time.

    Also, take up a combat sport not to become an expert fighter, but to know you should not judge a book by its cover, and also to understand your physical limitations.

    And yes conceal carry and train to use it if the law allows it, but always keep in mind situational awareness and avoiding trouble will always be your best defense.

  10. The mindset that eventually led to today’s anti-white climate in the United States was kicked off by the Supreme Court’s famous ruling in Brown v. Board of Education that “in the field of public education the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’ has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.”

    This is brazenly illogical. Separate is not inherently unequal. The world is full of things separate from one another but equal in law (as citizens are supposed to be as a matter of principle in court cases), in virtue, efficiency, esteem, you name it.

    The Supremes could have simply said, in effect, the schools in this district are shown to be unequal in quality and you will proceed to make them genuinely equal or face severe penalties. I think most segregationists would have accepted that and 65 years of bitter conflict could have been eliminated or minimized. Instead, Brown v. Board initiated the reign of judicial social engineering in which politics, not honesty or fairness, has prevailed and ultimately corroded black views of whites.

    • “The world is full of things separate from one another but equal in law (as citizens are supposed to be”

      Sigh. If only libertarians had stopped right there, instead of being used as cover for institutional criminals.

      Pride parades, MeToo, Drugwar, and Rising GDP are professionally funded war campaigns, not regular citizens who are simply tired of getting beat up.

    • And the next case before the court would show that the schools were inherently unequal because they produced different outcomes.
      Back to square one.
      Unless and until the simple, politically unacceptable truth of GIGO is acknowledged there is no solution.

  11. As prime examples of what a vague idea like “equality before the law” can do in the (((wrong hands))), I give you “all men are created equal” and its Orwellian implementation in the 14th Amendment.

    Jefferson’s fatal phrase in the Declaration may as well have been written by Saul Alinksy, who advised (((radicals))) to “make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    The profoundly Jewy but often strangely-counter-Semitic Ayn Rand clued da goyim into this scam. She criticized Kantian altruism for demanding obedience to impossible ideals which forced any man who wanted to survive to disobey them, and in so doing, accept “unearned guilt.” A guilty man is not proud and will not resist the yoke.

    Equality before the law is just such an ideal. It cannot be implemented without wholly external limiting conditions which violate its spirit if not its letter. A sane society assigns equality to a third, fourth or even lower-tier status in its heirarchy of principles, first among which should be the good of the people.

    Like muh free market, equality before the law is something you worry about only after the top-tier interests are first satisfied.

    We are nation of White clans and tribes who prefer equality among Whites where it’s practical, not an atomized mass of deracinated equals who would like sane, safe communities but only so long as equality comes first.

    Pompey famously told the Roman Senate who sought to black-letter his veterans out of their promised retirement “stop quoting laws to us, we carry swords.” *

    Time for Whites in America to say “stop quoting laws to us, because we live here.”

    * For this quote alone, I hope Dante’s Virgil is reading Plutarch to John McCain in Hell.

  12. Z – do you ever see laws being passed that are effectively “13 do 13” laws or whatever the demos are in the state? Like if Georgia went blue, they would pass “30 do 30” laws where blacks couldn’t be more than 30% of state prison population.

    • As the “Dear Colleague” letter O/Holder sent out to schools “strongly suggesting,” that they must “discipline” more whites so there will not longer be”disparate impact” on the black kids? (Which “Real Clear Investigations” site showed accounted for the Parkland shootings?)

      Or Soros’ s AGs deciding not to prosecute certain crimes anymore because there is a “disparate impact” on “black communities”? (Check turnstile jumping in NYC and thefts under $1000 in Chicago — or the plans Chelsea Boudin, new DA in San Francisco has for that city.)

      “Second City Cop” website has the average Chicago cop’s opinion on that, as well as their opinion of the Cook County DA’s letting repeat offenders of specific groups go off with ankle bracelets, or not even that if they are friends of Michelle obama, as in the Jusse Smollett case.

  13. I work side by side with a number of blacks in a vibrant mid western city.
    Whites think that blacks think like MLK, the I dream stuff. Most blacks I work with think like Malcolm X. An antagonism attitude toward the white man when the opportunity presents itself. The other thing is that middle class Blacks will defend the gangsta no matter what. That is what Ferguson Missouri and Michael Brown showed. Blacks are very tribal and the average normal white person neither understands tribalism of the black nor the tribalism of the usual suspects properly.
    It’s like the old joke where the teacher asks her students to write something about the giraffe.
    Little Joey Martin writes the Giraffe has a long neck.
    Little Susie Smith writes the Giraffe has long legs.
    Little Benny Cohen writes the Giraffe and the Jews
    And little Jamal Jones writes the Giraffe and the blacks
    That is in a nutshell what many whites miss about other peoples.

    • I often come across good whites professing that race does not really exist, we are all the human race. I like to ask them if they’ve ever informed a black person that they don’t exist?

      Most blacks see these type of people as fake. Which they are. Whites think if they speak honestly about race than blacks will think they’re racist. When in fact blacks think they’re racist regardless of what they say, they’re just trying to judge whether they’re also liars.

      • In real life, it is impossible to win a debate on race with a black person. At best you get a draw. Most “well-meaning” white liberals will see any black rage as justifiable no matter how wrong they are on facts. The most you can do is act sheepish and hope the black interrogator goes overboard and alienates some of their own side. Treat every black debater as the equivalent of Jussie Smollet.

        Particularly with younger readers, the old Boomer standbys of “I have black friends” and “I’m not racist but” don’t work. Sadly, this is why the Candace Owens of the world exist. Because blacks can argue with other blacks about race.

  14. Good post Z-man.

    I grew up as Jim Crow as dying out. No one of either race was against segregation. Keeping the races separate was far more peaceful than the situation today as most here already know. It is time for the white race to start fighting back. I hope to live to see the race war and to take part. Small chance at my age but one can hope.

    By the way, you should have mentioned that the magic word ends in “er” and if it ends in “a” it is somehow very different. Although whites are still not supposed to say that either. The reason the n-word is so bad is that it describes the target perfectly. Everyone knows what you mean and the diverse one live up to it all the time. Witness inner city Detroit. (I was alive when it was still called “The Paris of the Western Hemisphere”. But then Paris is no great shakes anymore either.

  15. I don’t even think Jim Crow was about keeping anyone down. It was about keeping the dysfunction and crime of black neighborhoods out of white neighborhoods. The fact that blacks are incapable of living in anything but squalor on their own was blamed on whites. But their squalor required no intervention from whites.

    The proof is that ending it didn’t lead to black crime and dysfunction ending. It just led to it being brought to the white neighborhoods.

    • Demographically blacks were the outright majority in a couple Southern states, and in most cases a larger share of the population in 1900 than at present. During Reconstruction freedmen voted monolithically for the Republicans, with enough scalawags and carpetbaggers to control most states. Reconstruction only ended because of paramilitary intimidation.

      The goal of the freedmen was to tax the planters in order to fund infrastructure, and corruption for that matter as well. A secondary goal was to cause plantations to fail, so sharecroppers could buy the land. The Bourbons wanted to keep the property taxes low, which is actually still the pattern in much of the South, Texas excepted.

  16. Perhaps HG Wells “The Time Machine ” was a prophecy ?

    The clueless white Eloi feeding themselves to the Morlocks

    Don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. Certainly not until all the boomers are dead. Even then our children are being fed the same propaganda we were.

    Hell, even the homeland of my ancestors is being run over these vibrants all in the name of diversity !

    No, until we expose the puppet-masters and protect our youth from them the demise of the white man will continue.

    just my .02

    • I know I’m getting sidetracked here, but this is an interesting comparison of two The Time Machine movies, 1960 and 2002.

      Black Pilled points out that in the 2002 movie, the Eloi are persons of color, and the Head Morlock is literally a really, really, really white guy.

  17. The Batson Challenge is a complete hamstringing of jury and judge selection. Pretty soon no attorney will be able to use a peremptory challenge against a minority because only an inference of bias is required.

    • Liberals like to talk of “upward mobility”, but they don’t like talking about “downward mobility” which would anger their professional class base in the Acela Corridor.

      In the same way, liberals refuse to acknowledge that they want white males punished more, even though it is mathematically required. It’s not as if liberals don’t need some white males to vote for them. It’s that they have cultural impunity and aren’t forced to reckon with these problems.

    • Every lawyer above the age of Woke that I’ve ever worked with (or against) has used race as a primary criteria for jury selection. Fortunately most Dindus give you ample collateral excuses for dinging them, but this is why Big Other is ramping up the enforcement. Toxic precedents like Batson and other “racist juror” do-overs give crooked judges for Team Globoshlomo a pretext to throw out any verdict they don’t like.

      Publicity is the only counter-strategy. Make the public Notice when orcs are turned loose on the White population by genocidal Wokies on Team Shlomo.

      • After the distant Victory, I hope the schoolbooks quote Exile like we did Napolean.

        I’d say like Machiavelli, but “The Prince” was meant to be a mockery, not a game plan.

    • Like PDT’s travel ban of (only) 7 (of 58) muslim countries that the judges decided against based on their judging of his “motives”? (Barr gave a good speech about that in front of the Federalist Society a few weeks ago.) Actually, the entire 8 years of BO, going unchallenged no matter how brazenly unconstitutional his actions were, are an example of this.

  18. “The people in charge of the culture hate white people.” (1) Is this so? (2) If so, how can this be? (3) If it is so, what course should be taken (the answer depending at least in part upon the answer to #2)?

    • This is a good question. It is helpful to retrace our reasoning for questioners of good faith.

      The conclusion that the elites hate traditional whites is an inference because the elites are not required to state their true feelings.

      Perhaps the most elegant demonstration that elites hate whites is the hysterical response to “It’s Okay to be White.” Other disclosures are the insistence that only white countries have a moral obligation to embrace replacement levels of immigration and that whites are forbidden to take pride in their history.

      • LineInSand said, “It is helpful to retrace our reasoning for questioners of good faith.” That’s how the question(s) were intended. Pointed simple questions lead to careful analysis, which point the way toward and can result in effective real-world solution strategies.

  19. Reconstruction of the entire governmental system. Schiff and Nadler trying to kill off our voice in Trump, Soros paying for anti-white prosecutors. All of this MAKES you sign up for belonging to the anti-black/brown racist club. Some guy wrote a good piece to the effect, “I was not a racist until you gave me no choice but to be a racist.” Western Rifle Shooters Association a few weeks ago.

  20. It would seem that white America (or the New Englanders who make the decisions for the rest of us) failed a “sh*t test” with blacks, just as men did with women. We got civil rights for the same reason we got feminism. I remember watching “Full Metal Jacket” with some black soldiers and they were mesmerized by R. Lee Ermey’s dealings with “Snowball” character. I think blacks think whites who aren’t racist are p*ssies. I think these blacks are right.

  21. We don’t have to watch the NBA, listen to rap music, or prop up clowns like Candace Owens and Rob Smith.

    But our people keep doing it. We don’t have the courage of our convictions. We want to just sit back and grill.

    • Partly because no one on our side has made a cogent argument that these things are bad for normies.

      Look a lot of whites know things are going bad to worse – Trump’s economic bubble has only helped the top 5%, the rest still aren’t benefiting from it.

      But it’s not like there is a site they can go to or short e-books that explain why the neo-globalist PC/MC agenda is destroying the country, etc.

      The only thing close enough is Tucker Carlson’s book. Our side needs to step up.

      One of my long standing complaints of the DR is that their leaders are lazy buggers with no communication skills. Look our side needs a site(not a blog for nerds) where normies can get the 411. Our side should also be producing pamphlets and flyers to be distributed in colleges and public schools and white neighborhoods. The fact our side refuses to use the latest in computer printing and tech to our advantage is just a sign of how inept our movement is.

      Hell I can’t even honestly call it a movement.

      • Eh, I tend to believe people need to find their own way here. Forcing the red pill down someone’s throat, they tend to vomit it out. Millions and millions of Americans have heard the term “alt right”, but very few ever supported it.

        P. Casey of AIM does flyering on university campuses. This isn’t the most technologically or artistically adept outcome. Our people often have the problem that they don’t build and host their own sites. Many, like myself, are also ignorant of GenZ favored social platforms like TikTok. But I’m rather skeptical of using new technologies, favoring using old shoe leather organizing, and reviving fraternal orders.

  22. Some brave historian needs to revisit the creation of Jim Crow laws back in the 1890s. Let me spell out what I mean.

    The decades following the Civil War were extraordinarily violent in the South, especially for Blacks. Once Reconstruction was over and the last of the Federal troops were withdrawn it became even more violent. Blacks had gone from slaves to free people in an instant and under law, at least, they were the legal equals to Whites. There was one glitch however, no Whites, north or south accepted Blacks as their equals as a result in the 1870s and 1880s there was wholesale violence toward Blacks. To liberal whites in the south (I don’t know if that’s an accurate term for the 1890s) this situation was untenable, so to my thinking the reason they created Jim Crow laws was in order to carve out a safer legal space for Blacks. What was acceptable and safer public behavior for Blacks was now clearly spelled out in the law, not to punish Blacks but to curtail White behavior. And the new laws produced results as the numbers of lynchings steadily declined. Black on Black violence also declined and continued to do so up until the end of Jim Crow in the 1960s.

    The history profession is so pozed today that I doubt any working academic would dare research the above hypothesis. To do so would result in unemployment and banishment.

    • The Old Left view on Jim Crow was that it was a compromise by the Bourbon Democrat faction of Southern politics, against rising anger by agrarian Populists. Many of the voting restrictions aimed at blacks were also aimed at poor whites, with the “grandfather clause” being a reaction. The Bourbons were unwilling to lose their labor force, and they didn’t want black and white sharecroppers regaining political rights. Certain Populists eventually migrated back to the Democrats, with the most extreme calling for repatriation; but they were drowned out by the Bourbons.

      Jim Crow laws stopped getting more restrictive around the time of the Great Migration of blacks, which accelerated during the Wars. Agriculture was slowly mechanizing, and the crop balance was changing from labor-intensive cotton. So the Bourbons and Populists weren’t disappointed to see blacks moving North.

  23. Jim Crow reduces competition from whites. If blacks couldn’t go to a white hotel they had to have their own. I’d b for a law no whites allowed in hotel Patel. Then we would have to support our own people.

    • First, they have to take all white money. When we no longer have it, then you will see “No White” hotels and businesses.

    • The most popular and commercially successful sport in black America once upon a time was baseball, and specifically Negro League baseball. The glory of integration ended all that and is unironically and religiously celebrated each year on Jackie Robinson day. Now the most popular sport in black America is Negro League basketball. They are consistent. We are not.

  24. Separate but equal. When you study the Supreme Court case, Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, you get the feeling that all blacks were NOT fine with segregation. Watch the movie with Sidney Portier and Cleavon Little–yes, the guy who used the magic word often in Blazing Saddles. The NAACP and their Howard University associates apparently thought that blacks would advance by mixing the races in schools, but to this day that has not proven to be the case; in fact, you could argue that all-black Howard U did such a good job educating its students, without whites, that they were able to brilliantly win their groundbreaking case. No, the mixing most often results in lower quality schools for everyone else. Furthermore, the entire public K-12 system is so heavily weighted in favor of destroying the ability to create the strongest individual-minded innovator, and at least an individual who can be self-sufficient. You can’t both mix the races and destroy the path to individual achievement for those who are simply more intelligent. But this is the crowning legacy of public education going back to the fifties, and actually starting earlier with John Dewey.

  25. Jim Snow laws eventually will become written into legal code. Once the Dems have a permanent presidency (starting in ~2020 to 2024), the judiciary (starting 2020/2024 and finishing ~2040) and the House (~2020s), they will start to codifying anti-white affirmative action.

    Businesses, colleges, banks, etc., will no longer just be allowed to discriminate against whites. They will be required by law to discriminate against whites. Housing will be forcibly integrated, not just by neighborhood but by block or even address. (See Chetty).

    Darker days are coming, but from them, we’ll win. The mask will come off and many (though, sadly, not most) will wake up.

    • That sounds crazy, and hopefully it will sound crazy to the whites we’re trying to wake up. I think you’re right, though. If not required discrimination, then certainly some type of reparations to blacks coming from whites’ pockets are coming. With whites increasing minority status and decreased political power, along with the impossibility of equal achievement for blacks, virtually any plan is possible in order to justify getting non-whites achieving at the same level (or ahead) as whites.

      • I don’t know about reparations. Blacks are still 13% of the population. Hispanics are willing to team up with them to take whites money. But reparations doesn’t benefit Hispanics. I think we may be at peak reparations talk. As Hispanics increase their power in the Democratic party they will run hispanic candidates and tell blacks don’t speak until spoken to.

        • Mark Taylor, 3-man press: you and me against the stronger him, afterwards we’ll settle accounts.

      • Wolf Barney, there’s a reason They always pick impossible fantasy plans, such as Climate Change, or Equality.

        Those are not the battles They intend to win, those are chimeras.

      • “… getting non-whites achieving at the same level (or ahead) as whites.”

        Wolf, I see this thought repeatedly stated or implied over and over again in discussion. Seems contradictory wrt common belief in HBD science. Any minority on par intellectually with Whites can make it—and then some—today, right now, in our “racist” society. And AA has put about the limit of mediocrities into the system that it can handle—our political class comes immediately to mind.

        A society which promotes incompetent, or less competent, members to high functioning positions within—at the expense of more competent members—reduces the general economic well being of that society. SA is our current and most infamous example.

        That’s not to say that we can’t as a society commit suicide, just that at some point the effort will be apparent to all and no one will be the better for it. At some point, Whites will go “Gault” when there is no purpose in holding such a society together (as one can not share in the fruits of one’s labor). If the theory of the “smart fraction” proves correct, the society we have can not maintain itself without substantial White contribution and inclusion.

    • Nothing is more clarifying than poverty. I seem to only hear the annoying platitudes we’ve all come to despise from middle and upper class whites.

    • How do we win? Zman is very silent on this and as are people like you since it’s not happening without a bloody ass race war that will make the last civil war look like a kegger.

    • We already have discrimination against whitey built into law. It is called affirmative action and whites have put up with it for a long time. It has been expanded to include anyone who makes it over the border and whites are now putting up with that

      • Not quite, My-Comment. Where do you think Trump came from, winning election against all odds? Once it becomes clear that voting won’t work to fix what’s wrong—when the Left cements itself into permanent anti-white power—THEN you’ll see a switch from voting to something else. The question is, what will that be?

  26. It will not take too long for message to seep out to blacks that white people can now be murdered with impunity. And then a lot of white people will be murdered.

    • Perhaps that will set off the race war that has to come. After that the war to eliminate the white left-wing. This is not going to end all peaceful and nice.

      • All objective evidence points to the opposite of this. There have been several sacrificial lambs offered up at the altar of Die-versity and not only has there been no ‘race war’ (LOL!) there has been nothing but obsequious bowing & scraping as a response. Yes, even the murder of your own child is NOT enough to wash away the Original Sin of white guilt.

        See: Mollie Tibbets parents – They literally asked for more illegals and even ‘adopted’ one to live in their house!

        See: The nice young gent who just had his neck cleanly opened on a london bridge a few days ago. He was an 25 yo SJW college student and got his just rewards for his insanity. His father’s official statement: “We know Jack would not want this terrible, isolated incident to be used as a pretext by the government for introducing even more draconian sentences on prisoners, or for detaining people in prison for longer than necessary,”

        Literally, their kids were murdered and they want nobody punished for it, and in fact, we need MORE illegals, more Mudslimes, more Die-versity until white blood is raining down in every street. There is no saving these people, nor should you try.

        The best play right now is, move FAR away from diversity and let the ones that wish for their children to be sacrifices like the Aztecs murdering children for their gods to be as close to their pets as possible. That way, they can all be eradicated and they can gladly die knowing ‘at least we aren’t rayciss!’. Those of us far away will build & harden our communities for that day when eventually there is nowhere left to go or they start to seek us out.

        I’m actively working towards this right now in my own life having come VERY close to being a victim of a Jim Snow incident of my own. You are insane if you are not aggressively making moves of your own.

      • There’s some of that going on in a backhanded way. Followers of good whites mouth platitudes about looking out for blacks, but if I were to bring up the constant stream of dead bodies dragged out of the more…colorful parts of town they would give me nothing but blank looks: it wouldn’t even occur to them that blacks killing each other by the bunches is even something worth worrying about.

    • King Tut, that’s what I’m seeing. We’re to be the bottom-tier Untouchables in this caste system, the new niggas.

      Blacks have been quoting The Purge, as well.
      Remember, they are “televisually educated”, according to a prominent Black spokesman.

  27. This is why a white NAACP is needed, and will be started, necessity being the mother of invention. I would donate. Literally take the NAACP mission statement and put “white” in all the blanks. The NAACP was founded and funded by whites by the way, as the lazy n words didn’t even have the social capital to do something like that. Naturally this new white NAACP should have a PO box to send cash, and a bitcoin link, for whites in sensitive positions.

  28. Any white man that has ever been convicted by a jury that had any other color than white then he needs to be appealing his conviction because the Supreme Court ruled that we aren’t peers…

    • Our “peers” are our own ethnicity. This is why it’s extra dangerous for whites to live in highly vibrant locations. You have it right with your location. In places like CA or NY especially, every day is just another opportunity to have a Bonfire of the Vanities like incident where you run over a thug gangsta (they spring out from the sidewalk like deer) and then have the entire community, including liberal whites, use the legal system to destroy you.

  29. The Jim Snow proponents will relent once blacks achieve and behave at the same level as whites. That’s when our society will be equal for all….What’s that? You say that’ll never happen because of innate racial differences? You’re a bigot and a terrible person for saying or even thinking that. Now, on with the never-ending anti-white program…

  30. Just spend some time on 4/5 in NYC when a couple vibrant types get into some sort of piss up. Mind you it is impossible to discern what the beef is about since 75% of the exchange is variants of the “F” and “N” words all mushed together.

    • In Cali we have the slow zombies.
      In NYC you have the fast rage-zombies.

      That’s what’s heartbreaking about reading Taki’s cultural caviar, when he reminisces about swells and gals and late nights in the Big Bagel. Watching ‘The Deuce’ series, I see Dinkins let the black pimps loose downtown, and now everybody walks fast with their heads down. Don’t make eye contact.

      (PS- I want thank a reader here, in the early Z-days, for that memorable phrase,
      “…with all the eeking and ooking going on…”)

  31. I’m the only redpilled person I know in real life, in a very white, middle-class milieu, and sometimes I just feel like I’m going to lose it and start shrieking Wake up! wake up, you idiots, before it’s too late!

    I’ve got to give the Brainwashers credit, they did a good job.

    • The tales of injustice Zman linked to fill me with rage. If you can find a way to calmly discuss that facts of them with your friends they could have a similar effect. I realize this is easier said then done.

    • The brainwashing is fantastic. I was brainwashed and it literally took decades to pass through it. And I know this sounds arrogant but I’m more intelligent than most people and more inquisitive and I read things that I find intellectually challenging and it still took decades for me to overcome the brainwashing. I just don’t even see how it’s going to happen on a large enough scale

      • It will happen on a large scale as whites suffer more. I am not HOPING for this, and I am not happy about this fact. However, the truth is that most people develop their specific and general beliefs mostly as a reaction to their own personal experiences. The more whites are victimized by the system the more likely they will be to overcome their conditioning.

        • You’re right Henry, whether you’re happy about it or not. It’s called “oppression” and it’s what Zman is elucidating. One of the effects of oppressing a group of people is that you drive them closer together. The more you oppress (and hate, and slander, and libel, and demean, and kill, and dispossess), the more you drive them together. Not a happy thought, but perhaps a positive one.

        • Excellent suggestion. James is in Z’s blog roll.

          There is a lot of stuff at James’ site. Articles tagged “Harm City” and “Ghetto Grocer” are good places to start on race reality topics. (For those not in on the joke, Harm City is a play on Baltimore’s epithet of “Charm City”.) Persons interested in unarmed combat (and non-firearms combat) will also find much of interest. He’s a good guy and I am proud to call him a friend.

      • I was in a similar boat. But look at what a young guy has available to him to first wake up and then cross the great divide versus 10 or 20 years ago. What took you or me two decades to do will take them 5 or 10 years. For the next group, a couple of years.

        People worry about us losing demographic ground. They’re stuck in the past. They still believe in the United States and democracy. As along as there are millions of whites in this “country” we can create our own world in time. I don’t care how many other groups are here. We’re more capable.

      • Whitney,

        I agree. It’s hard to see anything happening on a large enough scale in time to turn the tide.

        But keep hope, pressure is building. Those who hate us dont seem to be able to recognize the warning signs and continue to double down.

        One great thing history teaches us is that we don’t really have a good eye for recognizing the massive currents that move mankind. At least not contemporaneously.

        A weak spate of French wheat harvests eventually lead to the supremacy of a minor Corsican lieutenant. A loser Serb anarchist takes a few poorly aimed shots at an Arch Duke. Something as simple as Mr. Carrier’s little invention changed the course of human trajectory.

        You never know what spark or sparks might ignite massive change.

          • Whitney…the writing muse is perched on your shoulder today. Your story is my story. I woke up 10 years ago only because I worked in downtown Oakland at EBMUD, drove into the Oscar Grant first riot, worked graveyard (solo moving water around the East Bay and Diablo Valley) on lockdown…just me and a few IT guys and a few security…during a couple of riots a block away, had to dodge psychotic very aggressive black homeless, threatened with death on BART by black thugs, and on and on and on. What really scared and alienated me was the prospect of appearing the only wake-up, and if other whites were waking up they sure didn’t show it.

            I don’t harbor much hope for the whitey wake-up until in each geographical location whitey people get attacked and some killed, and enough people then know somebody who was killed….and get woke scared.

            Am glad to live in reasonably safe southern Utah….Northern is not that safe. Am sad to see my Mormon neighbors so unbelievably unworldly and stupid about the descending reality. What pisses me off is they’re so Goddamned obstinate and purposely blinkered up, will tear at your eyeballs if you point out to watch and pay attention. They have money and travel everywhere, and ignore the gathering danger. Remember the LDS couple killed on a London bridge by an ISIS terrorist a couple years ago. What was once good advice from the LDS Church (love your neighbor as yourself, don’t make judgment) has now become a disarming tactic by the church authorities (bring in illegals for cheap labor/LDS big business) that when reality hits them, it will be a mighty big disfiguring wallop filled with pain, confusion and loss. The LDS world back here has thrown the door open, is quickly losing it’s safety and is in for a massive shock. The cognitive dissonance is growing.

            15 years out from becoming California.

      • Gen Z’s proving resistant from the get-go. For a variety of reasons, the conditioning just isn’t working on them like it used to – credit historical distance, overreach by the indoctrinators, or just general word-to-world mismatch, but I have a lot of hope that the narrative of Holocaustian Zio-American exceptionalism is losing its magic. And that’s real Progress.

        • Cognitive dissonance and propaganda overload have reached critical mass. Implosion is imminent.

          • White kids in black schools know, just like lots of white adults wake up if they go teach or volunteer in them.

    • This is a religion, its a caste system like Hinduism, coupled with worship of blackness, and religions are very stubborn things

    • What the establishment has done well is allowing us a release valve. Even in the UK, views alone won’t get you sent to prison. But the minute you try to organize, the police infiltrate. It is not that the average person is truly unfamiliar with our way of thinking. Rather, it is that they see only the unrefined version, or think that we are actively plotting insurrection.

      It also helps that mainstream politicians and media are very good at making it appear that “something is being done”. They also work to cover up the misdeeds of leftist pet minorities, lest a narrative form.

    • I’ve found that casually dropping “I’ve never lived through a societal collapse before- it’s interesting” as a reply to some anodyne comment like “whatcha up to” sorts the sheep from the goats pdq ,

  32. The sooner whites wake up to the fact that the other side wants you dead and it’s not just a political disagreement the sooner we can start building a society away from them and get ready to defend ourselves…

    • Lineman, if “they” don’t admit to wanting us dead then for sure they want us poor and a new class of victims. Perhaps, then, whites will know that poverty leads to crime, so they think, and as Obama actually stated, “It is your turn.”

      The left has this notion that POC’s commit crimes solely due to being poor. I often comment on a parallel to the movie Trading Places, where the Duke brothers (Koch brothers?) made the white guy poor and the black guy rich, on a $1 dollar bet to see if their behaviors would change, and they did change. The government, like the Duke brothers, has the power to do this, and they are doing it right now. But most whites won’t resort to crime if we wake up and return to the teachings that I can only describe as solidarity and subsidiarity, or strong value based local communities. This blog gets that right.

      I never get a single positive comment about that movie analogy, so I’m probably wrong, or it’s a mere glimpse into the obvious.

      Good article today. It cleared stuff up for me.

      • Pro, for my 2 cents, you get a positive comment now.

        They deliberately get it backwards.
        Crime leads to poverty, not poverty leads to crime.

        If you can’t live or work safely, your neighborhood will remain poor.

        Criminal justice philosophy has been (((inverted))). The incentives have been (((inverted))). Inversion, turning the real upside down, is the #1 instinctive tactic in culture war.

        The perps are now the victims– of racism, or the system, or of something whitey did.

        • Anybody who actually has to produce things knows this. I consider myself a productive person. I built my home. I restore cars. I work a day job. I build things. I know how to fix things.

          I know right down in my bones that criminality causes poverty. If I had to worry constantly about everybody stealing my shit every time I turned my back – I’d just stop. There reaches a point where the effort just isn’t worth it any more. It’s FAR easier to be a criminal than it is to be a productive person. That’s why functional societies punish criminals harshly. Once you open Pandora’s Box and stop punishing crime – everything falls apart.

          My analogy is that it has taken me YEARS to build a home. I know it would take me 15 minutes, a can of gasoline , and a match – and a bare amount of physical labor – to burn it all down into a pile of ash.

          That’s the difference between productivity and crime.

          Once crime starts “winning” – productivity just gives up.

          Because it has to.

        • No doubt….they don’t act that way because they’re poor….they’re poor because they act that way.

          • They don’t mind if we stay alive, but they plan on us being their dhimmis and knowing our place, as well as teaching us not to do it again whenever we get uppity, such as during the 2016 election. They need us around to keep paying the jiyza.

    • All the propaganda and brainwashing in the world isn’t enough to stop people from realizing something is wrong. One day in the ghetto is worth years of watching nice blacks on TV.

      To a degree, I’m heartened by Asians and Indians moving into upper-middle class white neighborhoods. Well-off whites are finally getting a bit of the treatment that working-class whites have been getting for decades. Revolutions always start with the middle and upper-middle class.

        • Forgot them. They’re hopeless. This is about the next generations. It starts with us and ends with them. We’ll be long dead before whites emerge from this. As Z says, we’re planting trees that we’ll never stand in the shade of.

          • Shit happens a lot faster than that once it gets going. Z is seriously underestimating the Left and their bloodyminded fanaticism toward whites.

            Too many on our side are like Sailer who thinks it’s still 1985 and that we have 50 or more years before SHTF because the Left hasn’t given us boxcar rides to the local quarry.

            Well they have declared war on us but our side has it’s collective head up it’s Buckley worshiping ass. WTF do you call blue collar whites being genocided by Chinese opioids to the tune of 60,000 plus a year?

            Or our country being flooded by over a million illegals a year and corporate America replacing white workers with Pajeets and Chens?

            Or our kids being poisoned in public schools by leftist agitprop and Globohomo?

            If the DR can’t recognize this as a full on assault on Heritage whites, it deserves to be exterminated.

          • Yeah, started off with blue collar whites being outsourced, obviously. Salt of the earth, socially conservative, bla bla bla. Well know. Now they are intsourcing the white middle class, but again – it’s males, and traditionally conservative / moderate fields, such as IT, engineering, and R&D. Somehow liberal white fields such as marketing, HR and parasitical areas like NGOs are still white.

            This is clearly an attempt to destroy ALL white males. I think that the white parasite class will be disposed of with ease in the end… they’re getting the hard people out of the way first.

            So far the replacement of the white technical class is going great – barely even a peep about H1b except or some bullshit websites. At least the blue collar whites rioted against NAFTA… Karen won’t know what has hit her…

          • Karen *likes* Pajeet. He never talks back, makes her feel stupid, or hits on her. So what that the new ordering system was a year and a half late.

          • “[Pajeet] never talks back, makes her feel stupid, or hits on her.”

            This is sarcasm, right? First, NAPALT. Now, the pieties having been disposed of, generally, Pajeet is often condescending to co-workers he believes to be “beneath” him. But Pajeet is good at sycophancy, so it’s the worst of both worlds: sucking up and shitting down. Ego tends to be entirely disproportionate to ability; the Western virtues of modesty and humility are frequently entirely absent.

            And don’t even get me started on hitting on white wimmenz. Though usually it’s worse with Pakistani than Indian men.

          • Getting the “hard” people out of the way to do what exactly?

            Maybe they ought to go read up on some German history – say the 1918-1935 timeframe.

            Building an entire pool of pissed off and unemployed white males doesn’t seem like a particularly winning move on the part of the globohomo left if you ask me.

        • Boomers are all seniors and other than a handful of them, don’t matter any more. Their time, their nation and their ideas, outside of a few 30 year old boomer types are dead.

          The future belong to the radicals now.

          Now DC and various states are scared spitless of this but there is nothing than can be done. Sooner or later the US as configured is over and will end with a whimper or either in Right Wing jackboots or hellfire

        • I don’t know why some of you dipshits think that Boomers are the non-racists. Every person I’ve ever known who’s older than me has been FAR more racist than I am. Boomers aren’t the generation that has gone thru years of “love the black man” training by the schools and the media.

          That would be the younger generations.

          You know – the ones who are making all those commercials on TV that show a racial blind society – and a 50% black population.

          • It’s a fixation, the stereotyping according to generation, as if we all just read “The Fourth Turning” and are really, really impressed by the “ground-breaking concepts” therein. The left does the same thing, only it’s melanin and genitalia with them.

    • There will be no awakening. Just generations of rot, decay, abuse and humiliation with ever more obsequious grovelling. The needed lessons will take generations to impart, and whites will be made to SUFFER until those lessons are learned. Instead of an awakening, you will see a gradual reconstruction of white consciousness away from entitlement and narcissism and towards that of a despised minority whose lands have been stolen, wealth stripped, culture debased, identity stigmatised and has fallen from greatness.

      Coupled with this will be a boiling off effect as liberal whites basically die off through sodomy, contraception or miscegenation.Then and only then will there be fertile ground for solidarity and collective moral courage to grow.

      • I agree that this process will unfold over decades, not years. Just as we lost our way over centuries, not decades. But we can help. We don’t have to stand by idly.

        Whites will slowly start to wake up. It’d be nice to have already-established secret (and later not-so-secret) communities and organizations for them to turn. Our job is to start building those communities and organizations. It’s the job of the next generation to move those communities and organizations out of the shadows and to start fighting back. It’s the job of the next generation to win.

      • Dirtnap,

        I suppise a byproduct of what you suggest will happen is the improvement of the black race. Killing the golden goose of white industriousness will also kill all the gibs. No gibs to be had: no support for pumping out kids by numerous daddies, no jobs for the angry/sullen black/woman routine, no encouragement to be shiftless.

        Essentially, set the stage back prior to the 1960s.

        • Penitent, a time-travel movie for you:

          “The Terminegro. Sent back into time to get the gibz and bring them back to the future, as they had run out up there.”

          (Ok, I was going to say the Termanigga, but you are an upstanding man.)

      • There will be no awakening.

        We’re in the middle of it: Brexit, the Trump Revolution, the European New Nationalist parties, the collapse of the political center, not just in the West but all over the world, the collapse of the MSM. Even the Swedes are starting to smell the fika: The Sweden Democrats are now the biggest party in Swedistan in three consecutive polls.

        No, the question is: will anything come off it?

        • Will anything come of it? Good question. But this is only round one or as we like to say in the states, the first inning. Hell, this is the top of the first. Whether we win or lose each day isn’t too important; it’s whether we move forward a bit, wake up a few more people.

          I hear more comments from people. Small comments. Very tentative, but more than I heard five years ago, much less ten. I could be wrong, but I swear things are changing under the surface.

          • CoaSC, I agree. I have noticed this on FB feed where even some of my normie friends are starting to look a bit pink around the gills.

            On the surface, the waters appear calm and unperturbed but that’s because everyone knows that the penalties for any public expressions of non-wokeness can be draconian. It’s like everyone is just waiting for someone else to make the first move. Britain has a pre-prison riot atmosphere right now.

            Beneath the glassy surface, the water is deep and murky and the currents are stirring.

          • I could be wrong, but I swear things are changing under the surface.

            Yes, it’s just a matter of breaking through the levee, and the deluge will commence.

            They’re taking great strides in Sweden these days, with the government media and academia in full-blown panic after the latest polls, globohomo shills abandoning ship in droves.

            Sweden – as you may expect in a dictatorship – has a huge alt-media sphere of a very high quality, but alas only a fraction of it is being translated; translation is expensive, so most of the alt-media reports you see on Sweden, have been curated by the kosher right or are directly made for a Patreon-supporting English public, like Red Ice or Angry Foreigner.

            There recently was a summit of Swedish alt-media honchos, and the atmosphere was jubilant, triumphant, almost. One of my heroes, Mikael Wilkert, reported with wonder that they had become a “true grassroots movement”, with the emphasis on roots: they were not only alternative, but now were gaining a broad public support and finance.

          • “I swear things are changing under the surface.”

            Absolutely. I see this even with my progressive friends and colleagues.

            But hitting them with the dissident world view all at once is too much of a shock (the Roman frog was not boiled in a day, so to speak), so one starts with small doses, on areas where they have a natural inclination already. Never lie or seek to deceive, but not ALL the truth needs to be put out there at once. Meet them partway, then leave breadcrumbs, whenever you can, to help them find their own way toward our side.

      • IDK, in Canada I’m seeing more and more grovelling coming from the whites as they address their new POC overlords. Essentially a “please don’t hurt me” type of mentality.

        It might be an evolutionary strategy that happened to some whites. Essentially a “play nice” cooperation evolutionary strategy to work together to survive the harsh winter conditions in NW Europe. Essentially, goodwhites have this gene and badwhites don’t.

        Either way, I honestly don’t see whites waking up anytime soon here. Sadly Gen Z is brainwashed too. Not necessarily super left wing but they all try to fit in and act like negroes (including white, asian, indian, and arab kids).

    • Exactly. The same people who preach about how “Israel can’t be expected to negotiate with muh Muzzies who want them dead” are willing to accept “democratic” selections made by people who want them dead, their kids brainwashed and raped and who think it’s funny.

      Walking away from the table is the only peaceful solution to that dilemma. If they choose to make peaceful separation impossible, that’s on them.

      The real tragedy of the Civil War wasn’t that the South seceded, or failed – it’s that they were forced to take up arms in the first place because Yankee Puritan merchants put their Other-worship and greed ahead of their kin and country.

      • Amen Brother… Walk away and set up our own table and when they come for what’s on ours because theirs is bare we have the wherewithal to drive them from our shores…

    • Hard to do cause whites don’t have self awareness.

      I was on a manga forum of all places, where a jewish boy talked about how white nationalists are acting extremely uppity & that Trump needs to be removed so that things return back to normal.

      Jewish kids are aware of their historical role & are doing their best to emulate their forefathers.

      White kids think life is about getting a blowjob & playing video games.

  33. The way that the “conservatives” and “president” Trump have done nothing about these cases is a disgrace beyond words.

    • Why are people surprised? Trump showed what a coward he was at his San Jose rally where said nothing when the mayor and chief of police bused in blacks and cholos to beat up Trump supporters. What did he do? He fled the state like a coward.

      • I was waiting for Trump and Sessions to drop the hammer on the San Jose mayor and police chief for clear federal civil rights violations but there was nothing but crickets. There has been three years of serious politically motivated violence against his supporters and the Tweeter in Chief never even mentions it. Imagine what would happen if city government officials were conspiring with right wing groups to attack Obama supporters at his rallies. Do you think Loretta Lynch would have turned a blind eye? Do you think Obama would have said nothing?

  34. It feels like we’re moving towards some kind of endgame now.

    I’m just not sure our side is ready.

    A lot of well-fed whites don’t even know there’s a war on.

    • We aren’t ready Babe even on here how many people are actually building Communities which is the second step of the process after waking up to the facts that the other side wants us dead…The good thing is people are starting to see the need of doing so I just hope there is enough time to do so…

      • The waking up is the key. Whites are a smart, resourceful people. We will find a way . . . if there are enough of us.

      • Stories like this one are just so black-pilling. They are a stark reminder that there is a war against us being waged and that they own everything.
        At least in a war you don’t get sent to prison with more people who hate you for the crime of defending yourself.

        • Tars,

          I too found my hackles rising along with my bile after this post by Z.

          Perhaps we should use these reminders to keep the fire of our indignation and love of our people kindled.

      • Lineman, you should periodically repost that link from yesterday. And we should all pass it on to as many normies moving our way as we can. This is pretty much the attitude of most of clownworld.

      • Communities are a start but the real key to a win is future oriented goals.

        The Left has these, albeit stupid and unrealistic ones and is willing to do what it takes to achieve them.

        We should also make such goals.

        Also a lot of the leave me alone and live and let live ethos needs to be revisited. If we are to have a functioning society our institutions need to be reclaimed, our social fabric restored, our businesses must work in the national interest as well as the private ones and our technology especially networking must be controlled.

        Running away to the redoubt at best just feeds chaos. If we are wanting order, the Dissident Right will have to have some plan to get it.

        It’s a daunting task but it is achievable and will give benefits far beyond running of to the Rez ever would.

        • That’s why f2f is so important so goals can be talked about and the way to get there can be gone over with lots of input from all those gathered…

          • Agreed .

            However upright goals like “what would a Dissident Right society be like.” often benefit from public discussion.

            Not all goals are for the public, no ones are but there are lots of things that benefit from the public space.

            Sharing helps wandering normies, the less committed and various maybe friendly people understand what the heck is going on and what we want to achieve and why the should hop on our bandwagon.

            There is lots of room for fellow travelers so long as the subversion can be managed. Not our people, not our thing but friendly and we can use all the genuine help we can get.

            I suppose discussion can help our enemies but they can suss out our stuff anyway and a movement can do fine without leaders at the start, it can’t do without goals.

            Even though you and I would benefit from having a few drinks together and eventually will we don’t need to do that to say stuff like “hey we need divorce reform and here is why.” and in fact it’s better to do in in the open

            People also need to have the feelz for what DR society would be. We can’t promise perfect but unless it is rationally better and more importantly feels better to live in, there is no point in making such a society.

        • Suggestion: Until we can get rid of gov schools, get good people in the classrooms, teaching. Consider it for yourself, kids or mid-life career changers you know. No reason to give up the schools just because “but we don’t like them.” They’re what we have right now.

    • It’s the well-fed whites who are perpetuating this.

      It’s the manicured white kids who grew up reading Uncles Tom’s Cabin, watching Roots, or going to see Mississippi Burning – and, especially when at a young age, develop an unbending lust for “vengeance”, as Mr. Z calls it – who have fostered the mentality of white=evil, black=good. The whole basis of the modern political scene is derived from this, a pathetic and adolescent interpretation of reality. But it’s an old game. Nietzsche referred to the SJWs of his day as having the mentality of “pubescent schoolgirls”.

      Today our universities are run by pubescent schoolgirls, for pubescent schoolgirls. Lots of people know this is true but just smirk or laugh it off. That is, until one day they realize their kids’ schoolteachers preach the stuff, the lawyers and judges hold the stuff as sacrosanct, and media most of all is power-mad with feeding the misplaced rage of its Oprah-watching audience.

      • All true. However, the propaganda and indoctrination can backfire. Once whites wake up to what happened to them, how they were tricked and cheated, they are pissed off.

        It takes a couple of years to really understand what they did to you, but once you get it, you see them for the monsters that they are. The bigger the con, the more angry the mark when he finds out.

      • A perfect example of (((well-fed Whites))) perpetuating this crap is the TV show “Ray Donovan” which can be seen on Amazon Prime. The show is appallingly degenerate and, sadly, two of Hollywood’s most conservative White actors are used to push the narrative. “Ray Donovan” is Coastal White America today and it is frightening.

        • This show is a big red pill. It deserves a Joseph Goebbels lifetime achievement award. You could sit JG in the editor’s chair and he wouldn’t change a scene. It’s a world in which all of the puppeteers are Jews and everyone else is a an easily manipulated savage brute. Do their bidding and you get gibs. Don’t and you’re worm food. It is a world the Jews strive to create. Any white not completely tethered to the pozz seeing this wants to sew an SS patch on his wardrobe.

          The idea of the JG award is that of a movie reviewer on Unz writing under a pseudonym. The little hat people because they’ve had a free run for so long have developed a streak of arrogance married to a lack of self-awareness. A lot of the propaganda they produce has the opposite affect of what they had intended: Archie Bunker, Falling Down, etc.

          Here is the gold-standard for this sort of thing.

          • Yves. Good read on Cabaret. It was on my list to watch movies that I somehow kept dodging. Now I’ll put it down for a pass. Thanks.

            I did make it through Berlin Babylon with quite a bit of fast-forwarding through the smuttier scenes. Maybe some folks got all jazzed by the hedonism… at least the storyline didn’t really provide for cardboard cutout Nazis. It involved Imperialist German sympathizers, but of course they made them sufficiently evil because… you know… Germans… am I right folks?!

            Actually, i had the same reaction the Unz writer had to Cabaret. At least they were trying to burn down the nihilistic wasteland that was Weimar… and all my sympathies were with the “villains”.

          • Trevor Lynch says “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” is pure, calculated kitsch, the product of two Jewish songwriters

            I take exception to that! It just so happens that quite a few people, who know nothing of the movie Cabaret, quite like the song. Even when I sing it (though I have trouble with the A to D transition in “but gather together to greet the storm” — “greet” always comes out off key). True story.

            More seriously, I’ve never been able to sit through the entire film. I’m always seriously creeped out by Joel Grey’s character (or maybe the actor, who knows), and repulsed by Minnelli’s character. Plus the cabaret music is vile. So on those points I’d have to agree completely with Lynch.

          • One problem with saying “the Jews” when we’re actually thinking of elite, globalist Jewish intellectuals is, it means that Sheila Rubenstein down the block, who has no more power or desire to change things than we do, gets a rock thrown through her window, whle the Bush, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Cuomo, Pelosi,Macron, May, etc. families get off scot-free.

            We do ourselves no favors when we act like the left and inadvertently stereotype whole groups that would end up being on our side.

        • Such synchronicity. Blacks have been quoting ‘Tulsa 1921’ to me like it’s true history. Yes, white Klan were actually dropping bombs from airplanes as they massacred black Tulsa!

          That’s from the leaden HBO Watchmen series, the intro in the first ten minutes.
          By the second episode it had become so unwatchable- and I have developed a very high tolerance for racewar propaganda- that I switched to the engaging, well written Ray Donovan and binged on the entire first season (available for free on ATT-TV Now, my first time streaming.)

      • Booby:
        Nice Nietzsche reference. For the middle class “bourgeois”, they are the last man as he described them, seeking only comfort security and superficial pleasure. Both are symptomatic of a highly materialistic secular society.

        They have no short term incentive to accept reality as it stands, because it means their fantasy of suburban casual negro worship every Sunday comes to an end, along with their entire worldview. If we are to get them to accept reality, it involves convincing them that there is something past the void.

        • Thanks, Tacitus.There is a serious case of narcissism at play here. As the Unz link I posted shows, news isn’t even a reporting of events anymore, it’s a selecting of events which reinforce the worldview of those who imagine themselves the heroes… heroes fighting the forces of evil from their white suburban gated communities while watching The View.

          The 60s really solidified the fantasy in pop culture. The left no longer even knows it lives in a fantasy.

          • Booby:
            What you have described is the literal (as in actual, cutting through all the esoteric symbolism) application of magic: altering other people’s perceptions of reality so as to influence their actions without their conscious awareness or understanding.

            Lord Bacon made mention of this effect, the ideological bubble, in his Novum Organon Scientarium. He called it Idola Theatri, or idols of the theater. A good way of understanding his core point is that men’s minds may be poisoned when their judgement is informed by (what are in effect) stage plays in lieu of actual reality.

    • We shall see in the next election. I would disagree with you… I am seeing normies falling out of the matrix everywhere… but they don’t know how to proceed. That is understandable; because we are all largely in the same boat. Our blog host has graciously outlined the problem and has compared and contrasted Jim Crow with Jim Snow. The million dollar question is… what do we do about it?

      I have some ideas.

      – we admit and acknowledge that our parents and grandparents were NOT heartless monsters. They understood blacks and their limitations. They were indeed intolerant in that they would not tolerate unsafe neighborhoods. They felt they should be able to leave without locking the door. They should be able to leave the keys in the car without having to worry about it. They wouldn’t tolerate unclean communities or drugs or the immorality that went along with that. Today we take all that crap for granted in our own white peoples and we seriously need to turn that around. We cannot unfcuk the black man until we do the same for ourselves. We are coming to a point where we probably will have to police our fellow whites… and that violence will be required.

      – because most blacks are low IQ it does not mean they are also without value or ethics. Our ancestors lynched backs because when you deal with low intelligence people or animals, the rules have to be simple, and punishment for breaking them has to be brutal and swift. You don’t spank the dog next week because he peed on the carpet today. You beat the tar out of him today so that he doesn’t crap on it tomorrow. Properly raised and trained blacks can be a net contribution and positive for us. No, race is not a social construct… but most of it’s negative effects can be negated by training and conditioning.

      – we have to bring back the Magic Word and use it. In the before times both blacks and whites understood that there was indeed a difference between black people and niggers. We’ve let the left run away not only with our morals and ethics, but with our language too. Being a nigger is no better or worse than being an idiot or a Democrat. Nor should there be any social stigma for calling a spade a spade.

      It’s time to get off the couch, men.

    • All the people who can grow food and fire a weapon accurately at more than ten feet away are white. And speaking of white, there’s your pill for the day.

      • Yes. After the year 1917 and ca 50 million dead we used to call those people a Red Army. Before 1917 we laughed them out as a “snowflakes” and believed that tens of millions firearms and millions of WW I experienced soldiers and officers can defend us. …Well, we were wrong. And leave those Jews alone. Jew is important person and does not do the dirty job. Jews were leaders but all the murder job was made with white liberal hands. Like you today. Rich Jews like Soros do not fight on the streets, white Antifa does this. White liberals can grow food and can use weapons and when you do not believe, you get a same lesson what we got in 1917.

        • Good points.

          Right wingers are far more delusional about this stuff than the left; it’s tiresome.

        • Juri – those are good points , and quite true. the most vitriolic SJW ‘ are from all white areas like Portland Oregon and Iowa. they seem to me to be completely impenetrable to reason and evidence .

    • “Whites don’t know there’s a war on.”

      The war is over as evidenced by their controlling all institutions. We’re in the mopping up and consolidating phase now.

      • We’re in the dissident phase now. They control everything but can’t run anything. That’s their Achilles Heel. We’re not being controlled by an efficient machine like the Party in 1984; we’re being controlled by delusional Jews/Good whites and their POC minions.

        They can’t run the show. That will become apparent over time.

        • Quite so, if you want to see liberal control just look at Los Angeles, Seattle, San Fran, etc. Complete disasters that are getting worse each day.

          • Those cities still meet the needs of the elite. As long as there is a big enough supply of Asians to help it function for the elite, they don’t need it to function for the middle class or working class. Hispanics are a good fit because they, at least so far, are not as aggressive or entitled as blacks and don’t demand that they be in control. They are willing to let whites, the Tribe and Asians run the show

      • The First Culture War is already lost: the inmates already own the asylum. What we are now in is the Second Culture War, which is a war for our survival because the inmates want to raze White Carthage and then salt the ground. It’s either we defend & endure or we get PissEarth

      • Ia a complex, highly technological society. there is a IQ threshold, below which that society can no longer function. Somebody used the term monkeys flying airplanes. When the white fraction falls below that threshold, and no one knows how to turn the lights back on, then maybe the Jim Snow laws ease up?

          • A parallel worth considering. However, Zimbabwe certainly, South Africa less so, were not the complex society that we are. We have more “airplanes”. There was a lot of outside pressure and world condemnation pushing South Africa to give up white domination that we may be feeling increasingly as our power and influence is seen to be disproportionate to our number.

    • Good whites know that there is a war on, but they don’t care. They got theirs. If they have kids they send them to the finest schools, they live in white enclaves, and life is good. Fewer whites means less competition. Crime? Disfunction? Chaos? What me worry? I just hire more security personnel or move to Costa Rica until the storm blows over. Countries, places, home – all fungible.

    • I’m old enough to remember the forced busing in Boston , I have friends that had to put up with going to schools in good towns that were suddenly full of “inner city” kids. And I can remember when that picture of the guy with the flagpole beating the black guy was in the newspaper.

      My father grew up in NYC – and him and his friends are in their 70s and 80s now and still tell the occasional “racist” joke.

      I don’t know ANYBODY in my age group who is a black loving liberal. Mostly they just keep their mouths shut about the whole thing. Women these days disapprove when you go around telling jokes about blacks and calling them the N word, so most men keep their shit in check. Maybe the younger generations have been more wholly indoctrinated – I don’t know.

      If the endgame you’re talking about is open attacks against whites – I’m not really all that worried about which way this is going to go. In fact I hope that those open attacks are on their agenda. It will make resolving this whole thing a lot easier than the current long slow grind.

      Once the attacks start – open attacks, murder – etc. , then I am VERY confident that the “racism” of old will resurface in a heartbeat. The younger generations who have been more fully indoctrinated are going to have a tough time seeing their pets attack them – but nobody I know will have much problem turning on a dime. They’ll probably actually feel a bit of relief knowing they can just be open with their true feelings now.

      I personally think the POC are playing with fire. I hope they decide to juggle the torches. I think they’ll drop them and burn down their own house.

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