Dear Black Friday

One of the little known truths about dissident politics is in order to get paid for a holiday, you have to work the day before and the day after. That sounds pretty rough, but you do get paid time and a half if the the holiday has the word “black” in it. That means a Black Friday edition of the Power Hour. The hardest working man in dissident show biz is not going to miss an opportunity to remind everyone of that fact.

This time of year is actually the slowest time of the year for site traffic. I think it holds for listening, but the metrics I have are not very reliable. The Spreaker numbers are not very accurate and the other platforms don’t have any measures. My guess though is the podcast audience shrinks along with the site traffic. People into this stuff have jobs and this is a busy time for the employed. Lots to do before take time off.

Given that this is the time of the year when American give thanks and think about their good fortune, a letters episode seems appropriate. I’m also now fully caught up on all correspondence for the first time in a long time. I have a few items left over, but those are outside the normal mailbag. Otherwise, the inbox is clean, the nail bag is empty and the secret e-mail account is also clean. For that I am thankful.

After the last one of these, someone asked how I pick the questions to use. The simple answer is I use those that I think are interesting. Questions about myself or about general politics are not all that interesting to people. Questions about subjects I don’t cover in the blog are much more interesting to me, so I assume they will be interesting to the audience. I could be wrong, but that’s the method to the madness.

Since I know everyone will be out donating their savings to globohomo today, you can now do so to the sound of my voice. I will not be partaking in Black Friday. Here in Lagos, every day is black Friday. I will be working around the house on some chores I have been saving for the long weekend. Arbeit macht frei. I’m also working on the book this weekend, trying to get that project off the ground finally.

I’m also now on something called Deezer, which I am told is more popular than Spotify, which banned me last year. I looked up the respective audiences and Deezer does appear to have a bigger audience, even though I’ve never heard of it. My guess is it caters to a European audience, but I’m just going off the fact that it is based in Europe and run by Europeans. Regardless, it is another option for you.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00 Opening
  • 02:40 Cheating The System
  • 08:15 Nick Fuentes
  • 15:45 Debating
  • 20:00 Speaking Truth To Idiocy
  • 24:30 Collapse
  • 30:30 Contraception
  • 36:00 Markets
  • 39:45 Feminine Community
  • 44:15 Personal Stuff
  • 49:45 Thank You

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120 thoughts on “Dear Black Friday

  1. WRT the question of using government “welfare” or not.
    The straightforward answers is absolutely.

    That such an answer causes some internal conflict in white people demonstrates a flaw in our legacy culture.

    I suppose that it is driven by guilt and fear that using available aid when it is not absolutely necessary means that the aid will not be available for the truly needy. This internalization of the “spirit” of the program was a positive aspect of culture and communities at one point in time, when they were smaller, local and organic. That time, however is long past. The spirit of the law has been replaced with the letter of the law. Adhering to an obsolete social norm at this point, is a suckers game. One of the ways that globohomo oppresses us. I’ve seen this play out in my own family numerous times, with family refusing to access programs that they’ve paid into for decades out of misplaced pride or guilt that they can get by without it. Meanwhile the welfare bureaucracies are actively recruiting new recipients from immigrants who have just arrived (legally and illegally) who have no compunction at all about taking such aid.

    A major cultural difference that I’ve noticed between legacy white Americans and blacks and immigrants is the conception of the individuals relationship with government. The legacy Americans believe that we are the government. Which is to say that it is an organic part of our people and culture. Ripping off the government means ripping off your neighbors, friends, family and yourself. The immigrants and blacks mostly view government as them. A force exogenous to “the people”, ultimately an occupying power based on force. Ripping off such an entity is not stealing from friends and family, if anything it’s getting back some of what they’ve taken illegitimately. So there’s no problem with using and abusing the aid offered by the entity and also no obligation to obey or defend it after taking the aid.

    The thing is that the immigrant’s view of government is more accurate than the legacy Americans view. Government may have been an organic part of our communities at one time, but that time is long past and the idea that “we are the government” continues on mostly out of social inertia.

    So, take as much of their money as you can. Follow the letter of the law but game the system like an illegal alien.

  2. Dear Z. I was wondering if you had a link to the section mentioned about 20 mins in? If you could post one that would be excellent. Thanks a million for the excellent content.

  3. I just finished listening to the podcast and it was enjoyable as always. Yours is one of two podcasts I listen to. I don’t usually enjoy listening to people talk mostly because they’re too long-winded and talk about themselves too much so I’m in favor of you not talking about yourself. Good call.

    Also, I want to second the recommendation for The Demon in Democracy by Ryszard Legutko. Excellent. And from that book I picked up The Captive Mind (1953) by Czesław Miłosz. I can’t recommend that highly enough. I listen to it on Audible.

  4. There’s still our unofficial holiday out here in the backcountry where the Whiskey Rebellion happened. We call it the first day of buck, and when I was a kid, we got the day off school for it, and a lot of rural schools still do, but Martin Negro Kang wasn’t a holiday, and never will be out here where 95% of my county looks just like me.

    According to the Game Commission, there were 175,000 hunters last year.
    There’s still a real country and culture out here, if we cultivate it.

      • Picked up the taste in the army… wasn’t half bad if you could convince a mess sergeant to throw on some biscuits instead of factory-grade Wonder-like bread.

  5. OT: looking at pics from HK, of American flags being waved, and posters of Trump-as-Rocky, with the sense of a large wave approaching the PRC. Here’s the thing the arm chair intellectuals here just don’t get (due to their personal circumstances being so sour); he inspires hope. He gives people the confidence to fight back, maybe only in little hard to measure ways, but for real. But you guys enjoy the brine, after all, the future belongs to you!

  6. I am from Appalachia and live in a large urban area now . I have an answer for the question of public assistance . The people of paleness should absolutely take what they legally can . If you look at who pays into the system , it’s taking our own money back . If it helps you to have and raise a family , then for god’s sake do it . I have worked dammed hard all my life . my wife too. all my kids do . then I go see the poverty the globalist have caused with their “free trade” and “environmental rules ” in Appalachia , all the small towns in it Midwest, and even here in our industrial urban area . when I hear young people say ” I cant afford to have a family” it drives me berserk. the lower classes seem to be able to do it . THEIR kids will rule our lives in a couple of decades and people like millennial woes who have no descendants will wonder what happened .
    For the majority of us , there is nothing in life that adds to your well being like family.

    If a you are not like that , then that’s OK.

    But if you would like one , then use whatever means are at your disposal to support them . Marry your woman in a private ceremony that affirms your faith. leave the government out of it . If your family need more support, the wife can get benefits. and dammed well should .

    • Agree and raise you – they should have an ACORN-style approach to what “legally” means as well. Everyone’s risk-tolerance is different and I don’t want to see anyone jailed, but there’s a lot of grey area to play in when it comes to white collar shenanigans. Just sayin’.

  7. Vox Day challenged Fuentes to a debate to shut the up the groypers. The groypers kept screwing with him and so he issued a debate challenge that would force him to talk about a subject that would get him banned, which forced Nick to back down and not debate.

    He can get pretty cringey. As he says, video is not his strong suit.

    • That’s why Beale’s only a net positive instead of a solid ally. What possible interest of the dissident right on the whole is served by that debate?

      It stinks of grasping for leadership, pimping muh brand and cheap-shot revenge for the trashing his boys (ie Cerno & Milo) righteously receive from the harder right.

      If VD wouldn’t counter-signal so hard against the further right, he wouldn’t get trashed by the groypers. Too many guys in and around Our Thing are too worried about past insults, bantz and e-peening.

      Vox could just say “those guys are my friends, I’m not going to disavow no matter how much you trash me” or “Nick and I have had our problems in the past, but let’s focus on the enemy.” Instead, he has to stick his chin out and peacock about debating.

      I’m not going to watch two minutes of Our Guys or adjacents debating each other unless one of them is an outright cuck and traitor. Neither Nick or Vox have grounds to lay that charge on the other guy. Brother-wars need to stop even if the brothers in question are often cringe.

      • The use of “Beale” shows you’re either a Leftist, or someone with a chip on their shoulder regarding Vox Day.

        • What’s your position on “Marshall Mathers” vs. “Eminem”?
          Serious question, not meant as an in-your-face.

    • Vox Day has done more than 90% of the goofballs on the Right – but he’s banned a lot of “Alt-Retards” and they always jump at the chance to sneer at him.

      And I dunno why Zman thinks Vox’s such a slooowww talker. I’ve listened to him debate and he’s not slow at all. Finally, leaving aside the specific Vox-Fuentes debate, I see nothing wrong with debates IN GENERAL on the Right. They are entertainment, they stir up interest and are great advertising. We don’t need to be killjoys – spending every second – in uber-serious attempts to win final victory.

      • Our movements lack hierarchy, or what Max Weber called “rational-legal authority”. Instead we have a cast of characters that depend on “charismatic authority”.

        Our so-called content creators aren’t reporting to superiors, and often refuse to recognize a responsibility for, not to, their audience.

        Vox has antagonized many of his former allies in the manosphere, and Fuentes has been thrown out of two partnerships (RSBN, Allsup) because he ran his mouth.

  8. My great grandparents clearly understood how sex worked… the two pairs had a combined 20 children or something.

    They fucked all the time back then, and men had far higher T counts. The truth is that “hook up culture” and “muh sexually empowered wahmin” is resulting in far less sex for most people than traditional Christian morality.

    As usual with the “left”, they are completely upside down. Obviously by design.

    • I don’t believe “they f*d all the time”. My grandfather was always frustrated, plus he said that his father claimed to have only had f*d 5 times=same # children they had. Or maybe it was just high T whining. Pwhipped cucks must run in my family.

  9. The comment about advising young men not to join the military is correct, but you arrived at it the wrong way. Go back to your own comments about how you do business – where you’ve let people go even though you liked them, and promoted others you didn’t – it was just business.

    So it goes for wars. All wars are about money and power, sometimes sex. Yes, going to war for money and power makes sense – especially in the middle east where they are hellbent on exporting terror, racism, slavery and their pestilent religion. We may not like those wars, or the people in them – but at the end of the day it’s just business and everyone has to make a buck. If some moslem mutt wants to stop that he needs to be killed without a second thought. Ultimately, wars are just business by another means, and fighting them is no different than fighting your rivals at work. The dissident, at some point will have to grow up and accept this as it is just the way the human animal rolls.

    The reason not to join the military is that it is now a colossal failed social experiment. It’s bad enough that it is infested by degenerate and unqualified vibrants, wahmen and queers. Half of the command structure is now pozzed as that recent kerfuffle with the navy SEAL that lost his Trident shows. It’s so bad, the CIC had to step in and order the navy to unfcuk itself or he would do it for them. The perps involved were white officers making war on their own men.

    That in turn could be another very large bump down the stairs.

    • A Chinese admiral boasted that they could sink two USN carriers with their ballistic missiles. In such a scenario, which means 10K fatalities at minimum, imagine what will happen on the rest of the task force. Female officers were responsible for at least one of the destroyer collisions. Imagine that under combat.

      Sink the carriers, the other surface ships might surrender. Imagine the PLAN towing them into Shanghai, as occurred at Trafalgar and Tsushima. That’s the end of the US.

  10. A sad aspect of Thanksgiving in our mainstream culture is that it’s always anti-family. I’m seeing so many memes being posted on “humour” pages on Facebook. They are complaining about having to see their family, saying that they are smoking weed so that they can “deal” with being around family, just having “friendsgiving”, etc.

    Seems sad to me. I can count many flaws among all of my family – including my own – but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend time together. You only get one family.

    • This is a long standing “thing”. A lot of people with an extended family have one or more relatives that are always causing a ruckus at family get togethers (not just thanksgiving). I think it was presented more in a humorous vein in the past, before Hollywood went shitty altogether.

  11. Uhm, abortion is directly aimed at limiting black and brown births. Always has been. The fact that a few whites make use of it is incidental.

    Surprised you didn’t mention the cost of family formation as a factor in birth rates.

    • With the question, “Is abortion wrong?” I always have the counter-question: “Who’s getting the abortion?” If some strident lunatic feminist wants to show she’s empowered by destroying her offspring in the womb, she should go nuts. Hell, since the womb is part of her body, the best way for a woman like Lena Dunham or some other empowered female to fight the patriarchy would be to destroy the whole “baby factory” by putting a gun in their mouth and pulling the trigger (call it “seizing the means of production”). Never interrupt your enemy while he (or she) is making a mistake.

      • I’m still anti-abortion but if it’s going to happen let it happen to what Ed Dutton calls the “spiteful mutants.” The psychotics will tend to self-limit to the extent the shunning of others doesn’t suffice to cull them.

        Dinduishas, mucho-mamis and other Sun Person breeding stock are a different order of problem.

        Dutton’s Knot is part of the solution for their more wayward offspring but I’m also down with pay-to-spay to keep those numbers in check.

        • How many people are only for abortion because it thins out the enemies ranks…If we didn’t have that tax on us I think abortion wouldn’t even be an issue…

          • I would hope that few who count themselves among Us find a White woman murdering her White child desirable, no matter how debased she might be.

            Miscegenation muddies the water, honestly no sarc intended.

            Even then that kid is at least half-White and that confuses my racial radar. There are so many mixed births nowaydays that I’ve settled on my “mixed-race suburbs” option for apartheid, keeping White core areas pure and letting the cities wallow in diversity for better or worse.

            IIRC, the South Africans used their “colored” classification in similar fashion, allowing the non-purely-Black more privileges, but it’s been years since I studied the nuts & bolts of that system as they put it into practice.

          • It’s not all that. The US hit below replacement fertility in 1973 and it was 85% White and easy divorce and abortion were both very new. It was also much higher trust.

            Urbanization makes life much more expensive, tech lowers wages and of course urban life is full of distractions like TV, Internet and all that.

            After making it homogenous, bringing back patriarchy if it could be achieved might help . However that is predicated on men wanting it. The work reward ratio is lopsided for many men and a couple of generations who have no idea what it’s like might not bite.

            In that sense the man friendly early feminists were right. Feminism would also liberate men. That liberation of women and partially of men though destroys complex social orders.

            No patrachy, no complexity. No complexity and no modernity.

        • It’s better long term to make your society more homogenous and a society that was say 90% or more White could be kept fairly sane with a light hand and a little boot to keep the crazy commies in check.

          It requires a great deal of ugliness to achieve and cheap labor and “big universalism” will resist tooth and nail.

          As for abortion, 10% of White pregnancies end in abortion which is awful and the US has rather high rates, top ten globally.

          However it’s been in decline about 2% every year for quite some time but this is more a product of birth control , celibacy and sex ed than change of ethics.

          Truth is unless you ban rubbers, the pill, IUD, and diaphragms , abortion or not a lot of babies aren’t going to be born that otherwise might . If you do this ban. people will still use homemade contraception or abortifacients. Attempts to do away with this basically puts the government in the bedroom.

          It’s not a surprise that the lowest abortion states Idaho , Wyoming, South Dakota are also rural, underpopulated and have stable families.

          As for getting fertility up. Don’t bother trying unless you are willing to pay through the nose for small gains.

          The more urban the US becomes, the less babies that will be born. This is a natural product of cities being a meat grinder on populations and of technology.

          Amazon just fired that shop clerk or if another jobs was available, made labor worth less wages. This means less babies, wages up or babies down.

          A lot of directed social and economic change might serve to stabilize the population some but it would be a very regulated system and even a Dissident Right may lack the knowledge and ethics to pull it off.

          If the US was made mostly homogenous , over time it will decline to equilibrium. Maybe 150 million maybe less. During the decline it will be far more pleasant to be here.

          That is IMOP what we need to do, let it shrink naturally and gradually as the only people with large families are religious, you’ll get the moral and religious people suited to the Constitution.

      • I just thought about how that can be a really clever response. Since the argument goes nowhere anyway take the position that you’re in favor of abortion but only for certain people. Then refuse to say who as they go crazy.

    • Contraception is something of an IQ test, especially with older forms that require daily dosage.

      Nowadays birth control is provided “free”, and this is pushing down fertility rates via the loss of “unintended pregnancies”.

      Medicaid pays for half off all births, something I find immoral. It is disgusting to birth a child you cannot afford. In a just society this would be considered the most un-masculine of acts.

      • Behave socially or get socialism.

        Wages have been pushed down year after year especially for poor and working class people being measured percent GDP less than half of what they were in 193 when the population implosion started

        Worse the cost especially of housing are insane in most areas with work and opportunity.

        Telling people “you can’t have children” and not being willing to create conditions in which work gets resources is morally genocide.

        So either you ensure that working families can get a bigger chunk of the pie and work is spread out or get socialism.

        This doesn’t mean you can’t be intolerant of out of wedlock pregnancy or expect people to pull their weight but you also can’t have cheap labor or the convenience of automation. Every job lost to Amazon or a kiosk is a vote for socialism.

  12. But Zed, they are not cheating the system, they qualify legit for these programs, that’s the problem, and if i had to do things all over again, i would hook up with one of these white trailer trash queens and have a dozens of kids, and i would have more money than working two three minimum wage jobs, for real, without irony, you even quality for a bigger apartment with every additional kid. Talk about enjoying the decline and perpetuating the white race in the process!

  13. Taking money from the government is not a moral issue. If you can get it, take it. It’s no different than finding it on the ground.

  14. Z, you should do a movie review every once and awhile, like Steve Sailer used to do for “American Conservative” or Edmund Connelly over at “Occidental Observer.” Nothing super-hero or poz’d, but something that might yield an insight or two. The new Jimmy Hoffa movie with Pacino is good, has some religious heft since Scorsese is a pre-Vatican II Catholic. Funny how the “corrupt” guys like Hoffa, Nixon, or Huey Long were so much less corrupt than the people prosecuting them for corruption. Sort of reminds me of something. I guess that’s the worst thing about the Anglosphere, that the only crime is bad taste, and liking bowling and hating Communism is enough to put a target on your back.

      • There might be a lot of other people doing it, but their take on it doesn’t interest me. I stopped going to a lot of those alt right sites because they were so steeped in pop culture, essays about what Beyonce’s last video had to do with the Spenglerian Decline of Western Civilization, or something like that. Z’s lack of pop culture consumption (outside of some music) would make his perspective fresh.

  15. I grew up in a rural Scott’s Irish settler environment where the family hated welfare because it meant that we were dependent on an outsider and we did not want to be dependent on anyone.
    But today the globo homo enterprise is making independence much harder.
    I agree that welfare is not good for the soul but today it may not be shameful to take it as long as we recognize the dangers in the system giving it.
    A kinda similar mind struggle is that if you are a flag waving white Christian.
    How do we honor George Washington?
    As Christians?
    How do we honor a man who rebelled against a Christian King?
    That Christian king only wanted taxes.
    Yet we wave the flag and name cities after Washington.
    Another one of those let’s think about this issue.

    • These aren’t necessarily “mind-struggles” – they just require the archaic art of contemplation and discernment. E.g. Welfare and altruism are fine things when community-based, voluntary for the giver and dignified for the receiver. As welfare morphs into theft/extortion and enslavement, though, that’s shameful.

      I’m signed up for that “flag-waving white Christian” gig … some careful contemplation of Romans 13 along with a study of the myriad of biblical rebellious dissidents leads me to believe that GW confronting tyranny was manifestly honorable. It only becomes a mind-struggle when the Christian syncretises his biblical worldview with that of the progressive skeptic.

      The globo homo enterprise makes independence harder because they successfully work to pollute our life-space with incessant noise and propaganda. Once the dissident secedes from the nonsense there’s now time to read and think, and those things that were formerly mind-struggles are no longer.

      • The Mormon Church runs a huge welfare network for members and a Mormon friend explained how it worked.

        A member can apply for assistance, but must work in return. As my friend put it, “If the only thing you can do is fold towels, then fold towels.” This enables the recipient to retain her dignity because she is working (someone has to fold the towels), but discourages the sense of entitlement that comes with just being given assistance. Once a month, they skip meals for one day and donate what they would have spent on food and drink to give to local needy members. Plus, tithe 10% of their earnings. Very 19th Century thinking which I approve of.

        • That’s similar to what I used to say as a normie-Con about welfare – sending them a check is a big part of the problem, not only from a dignity standpoint but from standpoint of reinforcing the idea that you have to do something to get something to the best of your ability.

          Even if we just had dole-wallas take the daily bus to the gubmint work farm, dig ditches and fill them in at the end of every day, it would be better than making the long walk to the mailbox the sum of a man’s labor.

          • Just giving someone something encourages a sense of entitlement and there will never be an end to their demands for more.

      • It’s still a mind debate no matter how we juggle it, I think.
        The Apostle Paul lived amongst Romans that were many times more oppressive to his Christian constituents than the later King George ever was to the colonies but not one word about rebelling against Ceasar.
        However having said that.
        I would pick up my rifle and join Washington.
        Oh the contradictions we face!

  16. When our boys were little we spent Black Friday at the zoo. Now, I don’t leave home if I can help it. The Han and Pajeets and normies will be out en masse, queuing up for cheap Chinese crap they don’t need. I have to take my younger boy to work, so I’m going to work out today – hey, how better to spend my birthday than killing myself on leg day? Spend as little as possible today, fellow dissidents – don’t get roped into globohomo’s consumption frenzy. Warm and fuzzy thoughts to you all.

    • May your sons be strong and your squat heavier.

      On a related note, the best looking woman at my gym are always found among the barbells and dumbbells. So hopefully your husband notices and appreciates your efforts.

    • Same to you, lady! And happy birthday! 🙂

      I fell out of the holiday Matrix ages ago too. When holidays become a time of hardship and stress… something is deeply, deeply wrong.

    • Happy Birthday!
      Good on you for not skipping leg day. (I’ve skipped leg day, and well, everything, for way too many months. “Busy” is no excuse, it’s just lack of self- discipline.)

      Not spending money today. I’m at the office getting caught up on the non-paying academic parts of my job: Somehow I ended up agreeing to review three de novo manuscripts, must go over the revision of a fourth MS that got resubmitted, and play “Associate Editor” on a fifth. This is going to be all day, once I stop playing around here…. The peer review process operates on free labor. (/eyeroll)

      Got a late start this morning. I found my driveway blocked off by a beige 4-door sedan parked diagonally at the end of the drive. Think extremely inept parallel parking. Now I live in a decent suburb of single-family homes plus a few side-by-side duplexes, so this was weird. It looked like a TV cop drama where the good guys block the bad guys from escaping. A vague thought of “Am I being SWATTED? By really inept cops?” did pass through my head briefly.

      But the car was empty except for some brown cardboard packages and a shawl on the front seat, and a partially-eaten bowl of oatmeal (spoon still in it) on the backseat floor. But no human type person. My next door neighbors were out of town, and the lady across the street had no idea who the car belonged to, so this was a mystery. I figured I’d do some yard work, and wait a little before calling the tow truck. Sure enough, about 20 minutes later a Nigerian woman (I could tell by the accent and the physiognomy) walked up to the car, saw me and asked, “Oh. Am I blocking you?” “You’re parked across the end of my driveway, so, yes. I was just about to have your car towed.” Says she, “Well, I’m sorry. I had to check on a patient, and wasn’t sure of the address. It won’t happen again.” Then she drove off.

      I went inside to get cleaned up after the yard work. When I came out a beat-up Honda sedan was idling across the street, with two Africans (not American blacks, African Africans) in it whom I had never seen before. They were blocking access to my recycle bin (which had not yet been emptied) so I walked over, made a point of noisily dragging the bin clear of the shadow of their car, and peered into their rear window. They put their crappy vehicle in gear, went up the street, made a U-turn and went past my house. I was leaving for work anyway, so I hopped into my car and followed them. They pulled over to let me pass! A block later *I* pulled over and ostentatiously photographed them as they went by.

      We shall see what happens when I get home tonight. My thought is that what with the holidays and all, it’s Package-Stealing Season again.

    • I’m with my family in Calgary for a hockey game (go Hitmen!). We truly hate Black Friday and would normally avoid the mall, but it’s our only day here and the Lego store is there, so away we went. My rough observation is that it was about 50% white and the rest were the various colors of the rainbow that Canada has very enthusiastically imported.

      • You’re lucky that it’s as high as 50%.

        Yet the remaining whites keep flooding into the supermarkets like good little cattle, racking up credit card expenses at companies that fund their dispossession.

    • The dreaded “leg day”… so easy to find other things that absolutely need doing that day. Personal experience talking here.

  17. Pardon my ignorance….I am new to your awesome site…when you say you are in Lagos, is to to conceal your actual location? I didn’t really think you are posting from Nigeria! Lol.

    • Lagos-on-the-Chesapeake, another great city brought low by the Great Migration when the South’s outdated farm equipment festooned itself all over the rest of the country’s lawn.

      Christ, I used to not be this racist. It must be part of being a minority.

      • I am not a whitey nor even a Christian, but I know exactly where you are coming from….lol. But then again, the nickname my friends affectionately gave me when I was growing up in Michigan was : the redneck Indian….I love those guys…lol

  18. Another cunningly deviant American export – Black Friday. If there’s one calendar day that indicts us as materialists-par-excellence it’s this shopping day from hell. Those who choose the rodeo of massed humanity in order to save a few bucks are confirmed madmen.

    My insignificant protest will include reclining on a hay bale whilst listening to the podcast, and watch the cows contentedly chew their cud.

    • I heard from a long-time English friend yesterday that Black Friday is now a thing there. And, in the nature of things, the knock-on effect is that Boxing Day, which is when they had their holiday-related sales, is going away.

      Globohomo won’t rest until everywhere has the same anodyne ‘holidays’. We’ll all have Multicult Day, Eating Day, Shopping Day, Summer Day, Winter Day, Tax-Paying Day and in the time-honored method of appropriating existing festivals and changing the details, the vernal equinox will be the annual Castigating, Scourging and Crucifixion of Whitey.

      • Boxing day sales were not really a British tradition. Boxing day in my family is a bit like Thanksgiving seems to be ie a time for all the extended family to meet and spend the day together.

        The crowds which appear for these sales often seem to be very diverse.

      • “Globohomo won’t rest until everywhere has the same anodyne ‘holidays’. ”

        Almost. There will always be those holidays celebrated by only a miniscule percentage of the population, that everyone nonetheless must know about.

        Puts me in mind of a story from my childhood. So my father was a professor of engineering. One day at the beginning of the Fall Semester he walked into the house shaking his head, with a weird combination of anger and amusement on his face. At dinner he told us about it. Dad had been laying out the mechanics of the class, how grades would be assigned, dates of the tests, and so forth.

        When the midterm date (a Friday) was announced a student raised his hand and pointed out that date was a Jewish holiday. Then the following little exchange took place.
        Dad: Right. People celebrating that day can take the test the following Monday.
        Student: [holiday name] is not “celebrated”. (I forget which holiday it was, but from context, probably Yom Kippur.)
        Dad: Uh, okay. Then people observing [holiday] can take the test Monday.
        Student [angrily]: That’s not the point. Scheduling a test on [holiday] forces me to be treated differently. It’s disrespectful.
        Dad [exasperated]: You’re being accommodated. That’s respecting your religion. And this is still a Christian nation!
        Student [now standing up]: You’re being anti-Semitic. You should have known that [holiday] is not a day of celebration.
        Dad [now good and truly pissed off]: Yeah? Other than “Chinese New Year” name one, single Chinese holiday and I will apologize to you. Otherwise you can sit down, or leave.

        That was over 40 years ago. These days I can’t even imagine what would happen to a professor (regardless of tenure) who said “This is a Christian nation” to his class. And admittedly, that student was so over the top it was probably more a case of crazy person than ethnoaggression. It only happened once in Dad’s 45-year teaching career, but it sure made a lasting impression on him. (And he was very proud of himself for the quick comeback under pressure — the student sputtered a few seconds then sat down without another word.)

        • There is a pervasive sense among The Tribe that the world was created for their benefit and non-Tribals must accomodate them. Goes with being The Chosen People.

    • The infinite appetite of globohomo aside, I never understood how so many men are able to spend all day shopping with their wives or girlfriends. 5 minutes in a shopping mall or department store is 4 minutes too many for me. The sensory overload gives me a headache. I walk out of one of those places feeling as if I’ve had all of the marrow sucked out of my bones. My wife can shop all day and end up buying nothing or some item she hadn’t intended on purchasing.

      Not going shopping together has been a not insignificant part of a long and happy marriage.

      • YMMV. Shopping day is for most girls what a fishing trip is for most guys. You can learn a lot about your wahman if you can play along, especially if it’s just the two of you on a given expedition. And good ones will love you for it, just like a guy loves a wife who shares the urge to bust a cap in Bambi-daddy.

        I can maintain that frame for about a half-day. If you really take her hamster out for a run, you can tire the little guy out in about that much time. A little overstimulation goes a long way – and I don’t just mean that kind, you dirty pigs.

  19. Pleased to report that Black Friday here in Oslo was lily-White. I spent the last few hours shopping & dining around the cental city and saw only a few flecks of ash in the snow.

    Not for lack of trying by the Merchants of Menace, though. This weekend I’ll share a pic or two of some prime miscegit-prop I saw. American TV-worthy.

    We had about a foot of snow last night so that may have given the NuWegians a case of Hut Fever for a few days. I’m raising a glass to Ymir’s wrath.

    • When I used to work in the service industry, we had a code word for the dindu nuffins and we called them all Norwegians so we can talk openly without anyone knowing what we were talking about. That’s a weird coincidence. Makes me think I might actually know you

      • We used “Canadians,” IIRC. The actual Norwegians I’ve met here who are based enough to crack wise on their “new countrymen” at all just drop the n-bomb, no half-measures, no crypsis. I’m hanging with a pre-vetted crowd for the most, though. The naggering nabob knob around here has definitely been cranked to “11” and the media is down to cuck.

        • That is fantastic to hear! I posted a link up in the comments where a woman receiving award for looking at sexual harassment in Archeology got laughed off the stage by the men in the audience. And it wasn’t snickering it was full throated laughter. Makes me really happy.

          • White pill for sure. Archaeology and anthro have been two of the most cucked fields forever. Those are front-and-center arenas for Our Thing, too.

            Praise Ymir for Greg Cochran as well, might as well have another, sundown comes at 4:00 pm here.

        • Years ago on Joe Rogan’s podcast, someone said they referred to Blacks as “Mondays,” because nobody likes Mondays.

  20. I work n a bank and I get to look at everybody’s finances. EVERYBODY rich is on the dole. For example a big developer told me he needs cheap 30 year HUD loans to be profitable. IMHO if you don’t take gov. Money you’re a chump. In fact the bank i work in got bailed out by TARP.

    • Do you really work in the bank or are you part of the cleaning crew?

      People who are racist and not intelligent as a rule

    • Exactly. In bust-out America, the man who prides himself on muh self-reliance is sadly just a sucker. It’s your money they’re spending, Whitey. At least try to get some back, by hook or by crook.

      America is a room full of strangers with one hand on a steak knife and the other on a light switch. Don’t be the only one empty-handed when darkness falls.

      • “At least try to get some back, by hook or by crook.” I hear you and if you’re talking about cashing a SS check then I get it. But a lot of federal/state money that’s tossed about (e.g. for me it’s very generous agricultural grants & energy subsidies) comes with strings attached; those strings are double-braided nylon sheathed in titanium, shackling me to the federal/state teat. Free money ain’t free, especially when it’s accompanied by a 23-page contract in 8-pt font, as offered to me in a recent “grant” from the USDA. I’m persuaded the underlying purpose of grant money is to put people in harness.

      • Conservative talk radio heads like Limbaugh just love to promote self-reliance and hyper individualism. Because it’s a great way of keeping people poor and disconnected.

        El Blimpo would go out of his to discourage people who were loaded up with medical debt for from being unemployed for too long rom filing for bankruptcy, etc. The Tribe talk show hosts like Prager were even worse, they tried to reframe being a debt serf as something virtuous.

        If whites had any brains they’d stop listening to these purveyors of personal impoverishment.

        • Some would argue that America is already a full blown Western European-style socialist society.

          It just ain’t for you. You whites keep up that “bootstrap mentality” and just keep on being tax serfs.

          If you start to Notice all the myriad of gibs the others are loading up on… housing, phones, food, cable, medical, affirmative-action jobs and scholastic opportunities, etc… we’ll just ideologically trip you up with the argument that one day, pert’ near your death, we’ll send you a little social security check which will get drained to make up for the cost of meds you’ll be assigned and “not covered” in our free Medicare. See you like the social spending too, you hypocrite.

          Sarcasm aside. If you feel you need it, I suggest you take back that which is comfortable to you. I promise you’ve overpaid in other areas, done without, or are driving an older vehicle than some of the gals frequenting the welfare office. It isn’t envy. Envy is a sin that at its heart is untoward jealousy. This is a reaction to theft, which is righteous.

          7 Trillion, with a T, is one number I saw that has been spent on social spending since the inception of the “War on Poverty.” What could we have done with that money had we applied it to our advancement? Mars colonies? A cancer vaccine? Automated food harvesting advances making it unnecessary to import the third-world to keep ourselves overfed? Seven Trillion.

          If you need it. Go get it. It is yours. I’ve worked hard, and been blessed by Him for our efforts… but dont think I wouldn’t go get what I’ve paid for many times over should the need arise.

        • Rush is a great example of hereditarianism. Literally outcast by his esteemed family, with no formal education; he nevertheless achieved greatness via his high Verbal IQ.

          He’s awful when it comes to morality. Four marriages IIRC, meaning large divorce settlements. Drug addiction and obesity.

          And worst of all, he refuses to promote any sort of boycotting. The only time I recall him advocating any collective self defense was urging people to tactically vote Hillary in 2008 to prolong the Dem primary.

      • One of Z’s letters expressed concern that taking benefits when one didn’t really need it would accelerate the decline…

        That’s the whole point.

        • I’ll keep reading but must admit I don’t understand the reasoning. I’m not comprehending how going into parasitic harness could be considered an acceptable guerilla strategy.

          • It doesn’t have to be parasitical, it can be obstructive and a drain on resources: take a parking ticket to court, file a complaint about road conditions or anything you can think of that will chew up man-hours. Mail empty return envelopes from solicitations, make them spend time and money on trivialities. If enough people do this it will gum-up the works.

        • Good catch. I didn’t even notice it.
          There is a reason our ancestors made homosexuals stay in the damn closet. We need to relearn that lesson!

        • So another young feminazi in training basically who has NO interest in men, hence the ‘queer’ part, other than to grind them into paste because ‘muh sexshul harazzment!’.

          Same old playbook as always another young indoctrinated idiot looking for some payback against old white men. It’s all so tiresome…

          I will say it again, the VERY best thing that could happen is to grant their wishes. Simultaneously. Tomorrow, all white males simply don’t show up for work at the Anthropology departments around the world. Let us see all the amazing new research & ideas that feminist turbo b1tches and their diversity pets produce. It is good at least these guys punched back hard by literally laughing her off the stage. If we could replicate that across all industries & disciplines this would stop in short order. They are children throwing tantrums and no adult has stepped in for a spanking in a long long time.

          • Most of the men in academia are lefties. If the men stopped showing up, those departments would steam on into the void at current course and speed. Nothing would change.

            In the real world, however, you’re right–things would grind to a halt.

          • Steady on with that spanking stuffy, Apex. God knows what door wood open for Mx. Femiwhackzebutt. Plus she’d lose her home base of harridan harpies. Jeez!

    • ‘As I was being introduced, they said ‘she’s been researching sexual harassment in archaeology’, to which a large group of older men laughed. Fully laughed – to the point that the presenter had to say ‘it isn’t funny’.

      Hahaha! This is fantastic!

      Remember how Zman said we’ll know the revolution is near when one of these crazies steps up to give the party line, and everyone just laughs?

      We’re getting there.

      • Somewhere in my travels I read that laughter , decision, and sarcasm are the most powerful weapons there are in eating tyranny. This whole globohomoworld thing is for the most part so stupid and crazy that laughing in their face should be very easy. But yet it doesn’t happen. Which probably shows how much of a lack of courage there is in most people.

    • This little girl anthropologist went on a dig, was hit on by someone she didn’t like, and that became her PhD thesis.

      • Shrugger,

        “This little girl anthropologist went on a dig, was hit on by someone she didn’t like”

        or wasn’t repeatedly told she is a kickass superstar who doesn’t have to wait her turn and defer to older more experienced individuals in a field that happens to be male dominated.

        Either way, I like the Orwellian subtext that the laughing men couldn’t be individually identified (but by Gaia, if we could there’d be heads rolling! ) and the strongly worded letter from some male head grand poobah disapproving of the mens’ laughter.

        The next step after these much needed bouts of laughing SJWs out of rooms is to identify, after the fact, the knee benders and allies of the SJWs. Identify, isolate and relentlessly remove them from their positions.

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