Never Forget

One of the odd results of the mass media culture is a sort of collective amnesia in which we forget things almost as fast as they happen. The Jeffrey Epstein murder was a big deal and then it was forgotten. The fake investigation was forgotten while it was happening, as by now everyone knows the drill. The result of the communications revolution is that the public lives in a permanent state of now. Yesterday and tomorrow no longer exist, as they are not in the frame of the permanent now.

The phrase “conspiracy theory” now applied to anyone dredging up old scandals or old controversies. You can be sure that next year, anyone mentioning the FBI spying scandal will be called a conspiracy theorist. This happened with the white wash of the Clinton e-mail scandal. Within the frame of the present, the event happened, the good guys won and the event was moved out of the frame. Anyone bringing it back up is treated like a lunatic talking about how they saw Big Foot.

As dangerous and taboo as the recent past may seem, there are useful lessons to be drawn from the last decade or so. For example, there was a representative from Illinois way back in the far away times of 2014. His name was Aaron Schock and he was considered a rising star in politics. All the right people liked him, because he was an extreme open borders globalist. Peter Singer was a big supporter. Schock used to make videos like this one where he promoted demographic replacement.

Schock had to resign his seat when it was learned he was stealing money from his campaign to finance his unusual lifestyle. He was charged with 24 criminal counts in Federal court related to his theft from his campaign. Despite his pro-family positions, he kept turning up at gay bars and in photos with gay dancers. In other words, he was a complete fraud, a paid actor hired to fool the voters. These are the types of people hired by guys like Paul Singer to corrupt and subvert conservatives.

You’ll note that Conservative Inc. has developed a real taste for sexual deviancy over the last decade. Charlie Kirk is fond of hanging around openly gay men at his college speaking tours. The most fruitful lines of attack thus far by the groypers was simply pointing out that TP-USA looks like gay disco. Kirk, standing in front of a sign that reads culture war, next to a flamboyant homosexual, while mocking normal young males is a great visual. It brings it all home to people.

Of course, Paul Singer is just one guy, so he is somewhat limited in what he can do with his billions to warp the political process. Even billionaires are limited in how much they are allowed to give the actors they hire for these roles. That’s where operations like American Enterprise come into the mix. In case it has been forgotten, they were the ones helping poison millions of America with the opioid crisis. At this point, calling it a holocaust is not unreasonable, given the numbers.

American Enterprise, in addition to housing Jonah Goldberg, is also big into promoting sexual deviancy. They have a whole section dedicated to it. They also have a tranny in senior management. Giselle Donnelly used to be Thomas Donnelly until he decided to reintroduce himself to Washington as a trans woman. AEI, by the way, is a big supporter of Ben Sasse and was a big supporters of Aaron Schock. Also of note, Paul Singer, the small town killer, is a major donor to American Enterprise.

As scary as it seems, this is why it is useful to rummage around in the recent past, particularly when it comes to Conservative Inc. These scoundrels have been able to hide in plain sight, because they can rely on their media organs to constantly shift the focus to the next thing. That’s the role of talk radio and right-wing rage heads like FNC’s Sean Hannity. They fill the air with noise over the latest outrage, so no one takes notice of what their paymasters are doing in the shadows.

The great scandal of Conservative Inc. is not that these people were just stuffing their pockets with donor cash. It’s not that they took bribes to promote the sale of opiates to unsuspecting Americans. It is not a case of an institution becoming corrupted by material temptations. The real scandal is that Conservative Inc. was always this corrupt and dishonest. It was always a bust-out. It was always just another tentacle of a ruling class that hates and despises the people it rules.

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159 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Here’s an idea: stop making a big deal about sexuality. They could throw 1000 LGBT people at you and it wouldn’t be a big deal without the social conservatives who care more about restrictions on sex than they care about liberty in general.

  2. In case it has been forgotten, they were the ones helping poison millions of America with the opioid crisis. At this point, calling it a holocaust is not unreasonable, given the numbers.

    I almost have tears of rage reading that.

  3. The tribe yearns for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin.

    Why pretend to be surprised? This has been their standard for many years now! They screech incessantly about their six million, and indeed that was evil. But they say not one word about the fifty million they helped their Messiahs murder. But then those were only mostly Goyim anyway.

  4. until you get rid of jewish law, jewish math/banking — not a goddamn thing is gonna change — tough decisions? not really – it’s your ass that’s on the line — no more speaking in hushed tones about the truth – when you study real history it all begins to make sense… at least the strategy

  5. Yet another reason that the amateurs need to be involved at the local level, before the ‘professionals’ screw things up. You better believe that there were people in his life who KNEW him to be a fraud, long before this.

  6. That’s the role of talk radio and right-wing rage heads like FNC’s Sean Hannity. They fill the air with noise over the latest outrage, so no one takes notice of what their paymasters are doing in the shadows.

    If this is so, I would have expected Glenn Beck to be of more utility as he does these kinds of exposes drawing links left forgotten… but he comes across more useless than the rest.

    • Glenn Beck suffers from the simple fact of looking and acting just a bit too crazy for normal people to accept on a regular basis.

      As our host regularly reminds us, we need to be aware of and keep the crazies away. In the long run they can only hurt us, regardless of what they say in their more lucid-sounding moments.

  7. you are talking about apples and oranges. I had a 30.06 in my wall locker at Camp Pendleton. Issue weapons aren’t the same thing. although in certain places there was no armory to speak of such as you would find in garrison.

  8. When it comes to bait-and-switch, I think of a Muslima TSA fondling a Catholic nun in the Dallas airport.

    Or the five blacks I saw, to my rage and shame, since I said nothing, barking at an elderly white lady who couldn’t get out of her wheelchair.

    Fight ’em over there.
    To prevent domestic terrorism.

    Muslims and Blacks as our guards, who woulda thought.

  9. The power players that rule from the shadows and cripple us common folk with insidious memetic programming and despair-fueled addictions are largely reliant upon printed money and jackboot enforcers. But their numbers are small compared to the Heartland citizenry currently possessing about a 400 million firearms and billions of rounds. I like our odds.

  10. I’m generally black pilled, but there also is a lot to celebrate here, no?

    People are onto Conservatism, Inc., Charlie Kirk running around with black face Milo shows how out of sync Conservatism, Inc., is with trends on the Right. The fact Singer, an evil bastard who should join Soros in a fiery pit, even is mentioned by name in an unflattering broadcast–on Fox, no less–is amazing.

    The nuttery from the Left and its assets in Conservatism, Inc., is directly correlated with the latter’s failure to serve as an effective Judas goat these days. Honestly, even when the Deep State conducts a Black Flag operation, probably in a Red area next time because New York City would just evoke laughter in 2020, how many of the rubes would be willing to lift a finger to “fight them over there?”

    Things truly are terrible, but the collapse of the Controlled Opposition is a very positive development. Who knows, it may not even be too late. Must be the holiday cheer or something.

    An addendum along the same lines: the information overload/amnesia cuts both ways. The ludicrous Russia and Ukraine hoaxes and ops have failed miserably in part because without a new hook that comes with bells and whistles, people just ignore the bullshit after five minutes. Trump literally could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and get by with it because it would be forgotten in a matter of hours. He would do well to remember that factoid after re-election and unleash hell on earth. There even is a possibility he will.

    • Con Inc is a lot stronger than we thought back in 2016 when it was so easily brushed aside. But appearances were deceiving. National Review still had donors to keep the operation going, and other Con Inc groups like Heritage, AEI and FedSoc suffered no loss of face among the base.

      Those of us here are volunteers that get emotionally drained. Con Inc are paid an upper middle class salary to live in charming DC suburbs, with the ever present threat of exile. They are physically incapable of demoralization as long as the check clears.

      • They cannot be demoralized but they can be and were devalued. If Conservatism, Inc. were a stock it would be a great time to unload it. The investors will cut their losses eventually but the longer they pump cash down the rathole the better for us, really.

    • I agree. We’ve never actually woken up faster.
      It’s an exciting race against time and momentum. The Revolution is getting televised!

  11. What Tucker can’t mention is that Singer and most of the Vulture capitalists are members of the tribe. When you view the rural citizenry as a possible threat and disposable you feel no compunction in seizing an opportunity to destroy their lives if you can profit from it. This attitude has now infected most of the elite.

  12. No surprise that Bill Kristol is big buddies with Paul Singer. How many of the Bulwark Boys are on his payroll? Lets fact it the Rich have gotten really, really good at legal Bribery. Its not just “Campaign donations” its hiring their wives and relatives for Fake Jobs at outrageous sums, or giving $$ to some fake Foundation, or just giving the Pol a Goldman Sachs job after they quit/retire. And if they’re a former President, they get to make Speeches for $100,000 a pop. If they’re D’s the publishing houses will pay them millions for a book no on reads. I don’t know how we fight back except stay vigilant.

  13. Z Man said: “Never Forget.” “The real scandal is that Conservative Inc. was always this corrupt and dishonest. It was always a bust-out. It was always just another tentacle of a ruling class that hates and despises the people it rules.”

    “The Last Refuge.” Here’s a little something else we should never forget.

    “WOW – OAN Stunning Lutsenko Interview – Outlines: Marie Yovanovitch Perjury, George Kent Impeachment Motive, Lindsey Graham Motive to Bury Investigation…”

    P.S. I just posted this a few minutes ago but the time stamp at the lower right sez 4 hours. What’s up with that?

    • Lindsey Graham is in on this, too. Pretty much all of them are. That’s why Trump soft pedals this stuff, because the Reps in the Senate will boot him out right quick, if Trump goes full throttle to expose what’s really going on. It’s all a dance, and even Trump is dancing, in his own way.

  14. Zerohedge citing study indicating that 46% of US Military families view Russia as an ally. Brass blames Trump, of course. Trump needs to clean house at the Pentagon.

    During the 2016 election I told all my friends with kids in the military that President Clinton was far more dangerous to their kids than President Putin. Looks like many military families have learned that lesson.

    • Why is EVERYONE being brainwashed into thinking Ukraine is our super important friend, and Putin is the NEW HITLER? Its all very weird, but Americans seem to have this compulsion to go on crusades against foreign “Bad Guys” – whether they’re actually “Bad” or not.

      • The Deep Staters cash in on the Ukraine. There is no money to be laundered from aid to Russia.

        • There is a significant minority of the population, mostly allies of sorts to us, who have no idea what is going on, but have the smarts to reflexively assume that reality is in the other direction, when the media tells them what to believe.

        • Jack;
          And that’s probably why the Cloud Folks hate Putin. He stopped the looting of the Russian resources by the usual global suspects.

          Having moved among a few of them in the ’60s at big U, I was shocked and surprised by the sudden school-of-fish turn of the hive mind against Russia. They used to looove Russia when it was commie. Made sense when you remember to follow the money.

  15. “The most fruitful lines of attack thus far by the groypers was simply pointing out that TP-USA looks like gay disco.”



  16. Conservative Treehouse has a must-read article posted today, discussing the likely assumptions in tomorrow’s release of the Inspector General’s report. It all goes to “intent”, and how all the wrong things done to us and ours had no “intent” behind them, so are assumed to not be fundamentally wrong, but simple harmless errors in judgement, that need to be tightened up at the institutional level. Likewise, to extend the notion, we (and Trump, for example) don’t actually need to do anything wrong to be guilty, because we have bad intent in our very nature. This is much more important than the “today” element in that report, of seeing justice done or not done.

    This plays to our discussion here, because the framing is being solidified, as an important and ultimately extremely poisonous element of that report. That framing says we are guilty, wrong, and evil people, because we intend to not follow the paths set for us by our “betters”. Likewise, our “betters”, and their proxies and minions, are free do do whatever they want to us, because their intent is to “help” us see the light, not to injure or kill us.

    This is a special sort of crazy, but one that is being sanctioned and established, right before our eyes. It is how we will soon be prosecuted for thought-crimes. Not thought-crimes actually expressed (although everyone here but TD has already overtly committed those foul crimes of expression, to be memorialized forever), but those we are likely to conjure up, based on the profiling and background of people such as ourselves. Hate makes it easy to justify and sanctify killing, if the proper framing is created. It is being created around us as we live and breathe.

    • So question Dutch will our side form up before the purges or wait till after when it will be next to impossible…The answer to that is what keeps me up at night sometimes…

      • We have two strikes against us. One is “normalcy bias”, where people assume tomorrow will be the same, more or less, as today. Two is that many of our allies still trust the system, that the President has our backs (can he truly do so, even if he wanted to?), and that we can vote our way out of this, by following the Constitution and our own better natures. My pill is deep black today. I would like to find that great path to a better future, but it seems awfully hard for me to find these days.

    • It’s a helluva thing to arrive at the conclusion that your country and its entire governing apparatus is a joke.

    • Thanks. So hard to keep up, I can hardly wait for tomorrow.

      So, ‘thought pre-crime’?
      “I had to do it to you before you were going to do it to me”?

      Con Inc: “Dissidence hasn’t really harmed anyone, maybe, but it’s a gateway!!”

    • Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, procedures will be improved, an expanded training curriculum will be developed.

  17. Using the word “holocaust” to describe the opiate mass murder will instantly put you on the wrong side of certain people. The word “holocaust” is now a sacred word, that only belongs in a sacred space, guarded by sacred people. It’s a word that’s gated off from the masses.

    Tucker clearly isn’t long for cable news. The Singer story likely put some wheels in motion for next year. Not to mention his “Conservative Inc.” statement. Some off-hand remark with be parlayed into his removal. You can’t have a vocal WASP on prime time calling out our national situation. Ratings be damned. You can’t have a show on Fox News and open the coffin to show that the magician is not actually sawing his assistant in half. It ruins the cheap magic show.

    If you look at Sean Hannity, and reflect on every man you’ve known to be a serial cheater on his wife, what are the chances that he’s doing that? I think the odds are pretty good. Everything about him screams busted in a Four Seasons.

    • The boycott crews aren’t targeting Hannity, are they? Hannity is a mid-wit, controversy-adverse, shill for Conservative, Inc. His audience are the elderly and his “stories” broke on the internet five days before he reports them.

      • “His audience are the elderly and his “stories” broke on the internet five days before he reports them.”

        I laughed out loud at that! So true.
        My gods, I think he’s still saying Assad gassed his own people on the cusp of victory, isn’t he?

  18. “That’s the role of talk radio and right-wing rage heads like FNC’s Sean Hannity. They fill the air with noise over the latest outrage, so no one takes notice of what their paymasters are doing in the shadows.”

    Even after half of this essay parrots DIRECTLY from Tucker Carlson, the man who precedes FNC’s Hannity on TV every night. Someone whose views I generally respect ought to be doing better than this.

    • You’ve got it the other way around. TC has begun parroting lots of things from this side of the divide for a while now. Singer has been a topic on the dissident right for at least 2 years if not more. And groups like the AEI have been characterized as Kochsuckers since at least the 2nd Bush (W) term.

      • The Kochs became an obsession after 2009, when their funding of AFP created much of what we know as the “Tea Party”, diverting it from its vague Ron Paul or populist beginnings.

        For whatever reason, Koch Industries isn’t a major defense contractor, so it wasn’t as much a target as say Halliburton was during the Bush years.

      • That case gets hard to make when such an essay appears the very week TC hits both of those topics. At a certain point, it seems the Zman does himself and his cause little good by burning 3/5 of his calories clawing and scratching at people like Hannity (for whom I personally have little use) who remain firmly on the right and yet work different ground in different ways. He works on the daily events in politics. What else are you going to expect?

        • Sean Hannity has a much larger audience with Boomers, who vastly outnumber everyone else on the Right. The salvation of the civilization, remote at best, depends upon these Boomers waking up while they can still “vote” an authoritarian government into office.

        • BJ, it’s called a preference cascade.
          Tidal waves need time to build.

          Or are you pissed that the Zman has time to hear the news?

  19. One small quibble. “Yesterday and tomorrow no longer exist, as they are not in the frame of the permanent now.” This is true for anything that violates the narrative. However, past events that can serve the narrative become an ever-present ‘example’ of the evils that are being fought against. From Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Emmett Till, Matthew Shepard, all the way up to the Holocaust, African Slavery, and Jim Crow, these events, translated into grand myths, provide a template for the present to be grafted onto the grand narrative of progress from a tyrannical past into a Utopian future. These stories are are not used as history, at least as history was traditionally understood. Instead, they are examples of the evil people, in the now, who want to do these evil things, today, and it’s only the brave progressive journalist/activist/politician that stand in their way.

    • Excellent.
      Our stories are our software, our guidelines.

      Rewrite the “if-then” code, hacking the software, you can guide the tanks and bombers.

  20. So it turns out that Conservative Inc. is, in fact, nothing more than a ghey mafia.

    “We gotta have a sit-down with the bawss and somebody’s gonna get fisted”.

    • You know it’s really weird how many sexual deviants are attracted to being tools for Conservative Inc. Makes me wonder if that’s a hiring criteria.

      • Keeps ’em loyal! I think it has been a criteria for the Inner Party for longer than we realize. Nebraska Boy’s Home, anyone?

        The thing is, the straights upstairs said nothing. Nothing. Yet they must’ve known.

  21. The main take-away is that Conservative Inc. as well as the rest of the ruling class HATE normalcy. They hate the traditional family unit, real believing Christians, and decency in general. The truth is not in them.

    I don’t think it over the top to point out that we are being ruled by satanic people who are in thrall to Lucifer. You will never vote your way out of this mess.

    • I live in the DC area. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years.

      Jews fear (and thus hate) flyover whites. Jews have been indoctrinated in the church of the “holocaust.” To them, every gentile white is just one bad recession or mesmerizing politician away from turning into a Nazi and putting them in cattle cars.

      Gentile whites in the area despise flyover whites but don’t really think about them much. They don’t fear flyover whites the way Jews do – and thus don’t exactly hate us. They just find us icky so are fine with our demise, which they consider justified.

      By the way, both groups are fairly traditional in their own lives. They’re generally married, spend time with their kids and volunteer in the community. They don’t hate normalcy, but they do either hate you and me (Jews) or feel pretty good about our death or enslavement.

    • Read those Bibles carefully. You will see how horribly astray we are.

      Keep in mind, the Devil has even infiltrated many Churches. Including the Southern Baptist Convention.

      Pulling a lever at the ballot box won’t defeat Satan. He is timeless and we got lazy in the past couple centuries.

      • The good news is that he has no power over us, he cannot be everywhere, and he already has been defeated when Christ went to the cross. His servants will continue to try to make things worse, but take heart that Christ has risen and has destroyed death.

    • Well there is a strong tribe element that bankrolls Conservative Inc and they really, really hate us. Heck just look how Conservative Inc kow tows to AIPAC and that every GOP presidential candidate has to get their blessing to run.

      That’s where the Satanic influence comes from.

      • Rwc,

        Check out my comment above. Yes, they hate us. They hate us because they fear us. There is no bigger bogeyman for Jews than Europeans. Yes, Muslims want to kill them (in their minds), but Muslims are idiots and controllable. Asians are just foreign and not a threat.

        We are what keep them up at night. They want us gone. If you put yourself in their mindset, everything becomes very clear. If I thought someone was trying to kill me kid, I’d lie, cheat, steal and kill to stop them. That’s where they are with us. Those on are side who get made at them need to understand their mindset.

        • I had this realization a while back. I think I summarized it as:

          “Most things become exceedingly clear when you realize that the Jews’ greatest fear is the Christian white male.”

    • Again, more purging by the Z Man. So, Mr. Stoval, as a supposedly reasonable man, do you believe in his gleeful statement on Mr. Sailer’s fine blog that Martin Luther, the 95 Theses guy, was a pedophile?

      Refer to Comments 42, 170, 171, 180, 182, and 187.

      I inquired what evidence his claim was based upon. He has yet to defend with zeal that particular statement despite my repeated entreaties. I continue to wonder why he refused to indulge on such an important matter that he brought up in the first place.

      Seems to me that this thread is the appropriate time for him to come clean, considering that a number of fine posters here are Lutherans, or recovering Lutherans, who subscribe to the same political, economic, and social theories as he does. So, if indeed Martin Luther, again the 95 Theses guy, was diddling pubescent boys or girls, it would behoove him to showcase that proof so we can once and for all renounce that particular sect of Christianity as being borne of “evil intent”.

      Right, Mr. Stoval?

      But, more importantly, it will enable him to demonstrate he are NOT part of “Conservative Inc.” and its corruption and dishonesty.

      Right, Mr. Stoval?

  22. “Kirk, standing in front of a sign that reads culture way, next to a flamboyant homosexual,”

    It must be an error. It must be “culture war”.

  23. The only political choices are monarchy or oligarchy. All democracies become oligarchies, and so-called republics are ex post facto codification of oligarchy, eg the “founding fathers.”

  24. Well, this may be a grandma-tier simpleton take, but here goes:

    I think a lot of people understand that the public doesn’t have a lot of time to pay attention to politics, not only because a lot of individual members of the public have limited intelligence and attention spans, but also because capable people are just busy with their own affairs.

    And I think there’s an assumption that we delegate political matters to politicians because they’re good people and we can trust them to do the right thing.

    The problem is that this assumption is totally wrong. Not only is our political class not made up of good people, more and more it’s made up of bad people who intentionally go into politics in order to do bad things.

    And those bad people are consciously aware of the limitations of the public with regards to intelligence and attention, and have developed a political science specifically to exploit those limitations.

    The result is the sociopathocracy you see today. The bad people in politics drive out the good and the system is rotten all the way through.

    • The result is the sociopathocracy you see today. The bad people in politics drive out the good and the system is rotten all the way through.
      Yes it is which is why we need to be forming an alternative which can be a refuge for those of us who are sick and tired of being in a corrupt system…

  25. Epstein and everything related to him. Notre Dame Fire. Mandalay Bay shooting. The ‘screw your optics’ and Wal-mart ‘ear and eye pro’ shooting guys.

    Poof! Like freaking Kaiser Sose.

    • Independent and alternative media are indispensable for those following the stories you mention (e.g., Whitney Webb and Ry Dawson for the low-down on Epstein.) Sometimes foreign media, too. The corporate-owned media and their lackeys in the USA are doing their best to censor and de-platform alternative voices.

  26. Conservative Inc. was always a useful puppet show put on by the GOP donor class. Before it existed, these people were giving their money for other purposes, always in support of vaguely liberal causes. You could never quite pin them down. Think of shysters like Earl Warren as governor of California, a guy you would have assumed would be a reliable team player. Hardly. The thing about the GOP that normie cannot get his head wrapped around is the fact that the Republican party was born in corruption. Using money to bribe or extort your way to power was always a feature, not a bug. The fact that the Democrats took up the same techniques later and morphed into a blatantly leftist party should not blind us to the fact that the GOP is just as crazy and just as manipulative. The two are modern day versions of the Optimates and Populares. The real struggle is about who will wield power and for what purpose. Labels are now meaningless.

  27. The increasingly flamboyant gheyness of Con, Inc. and Dems alike demonstrates that perverts are the ultimate political footsoldiers of the eternal Current Year present.

    Apparently bereft of any concerns for past or future beyond aspiring to horrendous sexual diseases or post-op complications which will cost dozens of times their per capita share of social capital, motivated solely by the desire to penetrate and/or scissor anything, including our social fabric, they are the perfect empty vessels for the hollow pseudo-religion of Woke political activism.

    This is a fact that old & busted victim constituencies like Blacks, Muzzies and newly-jilted “natural conservative, ghey-hating Catholic” Latinos are discovering to their dismay.

    Gheys and their trans-vanguardians are the new hotness and the tip of the queer spear aimed at the tender parts of sane reproductive society.

    They’re here, they’re queer, they are not going away, and we’re going to have to deal with them.

    Challenge accepted.

    Contra General Jackson, this Stonewall Brigade cannot be trusted to fight independently for a greater future goal. Absent the sternest supervision and incentives, their obsession with immediate, intense and super-disgusting gratification makes them fit only as shock troops, apt pun half-intended.

    Mayor Pete’s Potemkin normalcy marks him as one of their Uruk-hai, engineered to daywalk among normies at great individual cost and expense compared to the standard, run-of-the-mill butt-goblin.

    As I’ve said before, tranny and gay stuff is the weak spot to start hammering at Globoshlomo and get some social leverage for rollback.

    The reaction of Chad & Becky Normie to butt-stuff is a litmus test for us. Those who submit to this most outre and frankly monsrous level of Leftoid madness are almost certainly irredeemable. Those who still retain enough non-Bug blood to recoil in disgust can be saved. Call it social triage.

    That which does not Jill us makes us stronger.

    • The political divide is more and more shaping up as simply The Healthy versus The Unhealthy.

      That is, psychologically healthy people who want to do well at their job, find good books and movies, and have happy kids–versus psychologically unhealthy people who want to molest children, get people to mutilate their (and their children’s) sex organs, and in general find meaning only in perverse causes–the more perverse the better.

      The problem is that the Unhealthy, not having normal lives, can commit themselves 100% to their evil ends, whereas the Healthy are occupied with their regular lives. That’s why so many political institutions have been infested by disgusting, evil people.

      • Serious question, what about the non-whites who also want to be Healthy? Quite honestly alot of non-whites (in fact more) are “Healthy” people… I could walk down my street right now and poll 10 Arabs/Pakis, and not one of them would say they support gay “marriage”. How many whites? 10, or 9, maybe 8.

        This is where the issue is for us – would you rather live with white Globohomos, or with non-white Healthy people? Keep in mind the non-whites are directed to hate us by the Globohomos as well.

        We have serious spiritual Work that must take place among white people. Unfortunately a vast number of us appear to be marked as writeoffs.

        Homosexuality is called the “white man’s disease” in Africa…

        • “Serious question, what about the non-whites who also want to be Healthy?”

          I wish them well, but they are not my family nor will they ever consider me part of their family. And we are both right.

          I will clean my own house and live among my own for those who are not family will never understand me nor I them. They can be my ally but not dwell in my home for my home is for family and they are not my family.

          • Perfect answer to a most difficult question.
            Kudos to both UFO and Citizen.-

            And Babe: “whereas the Healthy are occupied with their regular lives. That’s why so many political institutions have been infested by disgusting, evil people.”

            Bioleninism at it’s finest, rewarding the zealous.

        • UFO,

          You are right, there is a sickness among Our People. You see it vividly n the cat ladies and among many youths. Its source is the poison issuing from media, entertainment and societal institutions.

          As for healthy non-whites… that is interesting. I’m not a purity guy ala Stormer. That way lies a madness cycle. I also dont mind the presence of a small segment of compatible others.

          Maybe look at “I could walk down my street right now and poll 10 Arabs/Pakis…” as part of the problem.

          That should sound, in a healthy America like, “I could poll all ten of the Arabs/Pakis in my city…” (and everyone would nod because we all know exactly who and where the only 10 Arabs/Pakis in our city are and exactly when their restaurant’s hours of operation are…)

        • UFO – Given the prevalence of AIDS in Africa, I don’t think Whites are the ones spreading The Ghey. Pakis and Arabs have a well-known reputation for buggery as well. A famous study from years ago in Mexico found practically no one who would admit they were gay, but after more detailed questioning, found lots who had participated in butt-stuff with other dudes.

          Calling Whites the gay race is a flex by non-Whites, including Jews who are 3x more ghey than Whites per capita.

          Globohomos or Dindu-Dirkas is a kosher-sandwich choice we don’t have to make. Strong White communities that don’t tolerate degeneracy will lead by example. Most normies will follow the leader. The few committed to degeneracy can live in the urban favelas and AIDS themselves into extinction with their exotic pets.

          • Agree. The “gay race” moniker is a result of white culture CELEBRATING buggery. That signals a very diseased society – more diseased than the sexual act itself. Normalizing sodomy is bad enough … glorifying it with flags and parades is several degrees worse.

    • Why is this not the most upvoted comment?

      As I write this, there is a war raging on Twitter over the proposal that we should ban pornography and prosecute those who make it. (Personally, I am moderate on this issue, favoring mere flogging for a pornographer’s first offense, stocks for the second, and reserving public hanging only to those reprobates who offend on a third occasion.)

      You will not be surprised to learn that conservatives like Kat Timpf and Brad Polumbo are among those most vociferously arguing in favor of allowing the viewing of strangers engage in A2M and other innocuous consensual activities. (You may be surprised to learn that Matt Walsh is on the right side for once.) Their main rationales are that a) pornography is consensual viewing of consensual activities, no business of anyone else’s, b) it is solely a parental responsibility to limit access to pornography for children, c) that other things are also harmful, and d) that pornography is a form of expression, and speech is also a form of expression, therefore pornography is speech. And we have the First Amendment in this country! What are you, some kind of socialist?

      And with this last argument, we witness the final descent of conservatism into the postmodern intellectual abyss. Acknowledging that pornography is not, in fact, speech (as of course it isn’t) would mean that the government would have to define what forms of expression are speech, and which are not. Never mind that governments necessarily draw arbitrary lines like this every day, in every sphere of human activity, and that conservatives blithely accept this reality in almost all cases. But when it comes to preventing tweens from viewing bukkake? No sir, this is where we draw the line!

      OK coomer.

      • Pornography is prostitution.
        Every whore should be using the
        “I’ll film it so that you can have the only copy to share your expression of sexuality with friends if you’d like.”
        pickup line as a later defense in court,

        • It’s not free speech, it’s commercial speech, subject to regulation.

          I think that’s why ICANN never developed a seperate .xxx category, they were paid not to. Porn paid for the Internet backbones, much as Prohibition and then drug laws paid for the proliferation of corrupt puppets.

      • Murray: It’s very important for us to make the distinction between political speech and degenerate filth. Political speech should be given the widest deference, but as Justice Potter Stewart famously said of porn, we know porn when we see it.

        This is why we saw the Talmudic attempts to conflate porn with free speech in the transitional 1970’s – 1980’s, with VHS porns being intro’d with “educational” messages or even readings from muh Constitution.

        Timpf and other alleged “free speech extremists” wouldn’t risk their pretty little careers to defend us Nazi racists’ rights to free speech, but they have no problem defending outright filth.

        This is a prime example of the “tactical libertarianism” that the neo-con Right has used for years and we need to call it out.

        There is no “hypocrisy” in banning degenerate filth while demanding free political speech. Apple-orange, and anyone saying otherwise has an (((agenda))).

    • Exile,

      Mayor Pete juxtaposed with the fighting Uruk-hai.

      I have reached the outermost edge of the interweb universe and found it… hilarious.

      Thank you, Sir

    • Over the course of the past 5-10 years I’ve gone, reluctantly, from being pretty open-minded about the role of gays in society to a position that, come the revolution, they will have to go back into the closet, permanently. I have numerous friends and relatives who live openly, yet privately, gay lives, and I have no ill will toward them. However, that does not negate the fact that, as a political force, the gay community has been an unmitigated disaster for the country.

      The gay community pioneered what I call the TANP model for social change:
      Tolerate: “You don’t have to approve of my lifestyle, but you have to tolerate my choices and treat me with respect.”
      Accept: “You don’t have to like my lifestyle, but you have to accept that this is the way I am.”
      Normalize: “Being gay is a perfectly normal lifestyle that should be treated as equivalent to being straight.”
      Promote: “I don’t give a damn about your stupid religious beliefs. Bake me a wedding cake, you bigot.”

      The inescapable fact is that once our society caved to this model for gays we lost any ability to draw moral lines, which took us straight to the clown world worship of LGBTQABCDEFGHIJK… And we all know the pedophiles are next in line for the TANP project. In clown world, I can’t find any reason to condem Jeffery Epstein. That’s not a world in which I want to live.

      • I think the most probable case is that male homosexuality is a paraphiliac condition that derives a large portion of its thrill from the ineradicably transgressive nature of the acts in question. (Lesbianism is a different animal entirely.)

        When sodomy was criminalized and open homosexuality was strongly discouraged, a homosexual could satisfy his urge to transgress merely by attending some underground bar or by taking a guy home with him. The social impacts were minimal because the transgression was invisible.

        But when a society celebrates sodomy and raises homosexuality to the altars, what’s left to transgress? Even urinating on a guy on Folsom Street in front of children loses its thrill when everyone applauds. So homosexuals, just like unruly children, are driven to ever greater extremes in order to find some line, some final point, where society finally says “enough”. And sooner or later they’ll get it, and they’ll secretly be glad, because daddy will finally have shown that he cares.

      • That or beastiality…I would say pedophilia will be one of the last ones they try…I wonder what knot conservative Inc will tie itself into to justify that one…Once it stopped being a mental illness for anyone of those letters it was just a matter of time…

        • Put me down for “Legalized Adult Incest by 2030” in the “Next Great Perversion to be Declared Awesome by the Elites” pool.

          The work towards normalizing incest by the media is well advanced (Game of Thrones, etc.) at this point. They need adult incest approved of first to open the door to legalized pedophilia. After all, the vast majority of child sexual abusers are familial abusers (fathers, uncles, older siblings) so the trick will be to portray parent- child sex as a good, safe space for the little ones to create their sexual identities.

          I happen to believe that legalized beastiality will be the last pervert domino to fall because the animal rights folks will fight harder to protect animals than a fallen and corrupted society at large will to protect children.

          • Heck, the easy way to introduce Islamo- semitic rule is

            first, intro the perversion
            next, intro the Islamic reaction as a solution- no Brownshirts allowed

            You’ve replaced Christianity as the ruling power, and now the hypocrisy of Islam is the social ethos.

            They have all the sexual deviations in spades, yet still social climbers can shout public piety while raping everything in sight.

            With the side benefit of force-breeding soldiers, while the crazed women oppress each other to get ahead.

        • Bestiality doesn’t humiliate the slaves enough.

          They must be made to swallow their shame, and far, far, far more potential puppets drool at kids.

      • It goes back further. The same arguments used to justify homosexual perversion were used to justify contraception and no-fault divorce.

      • Guest,

        On the gay issue, I’ll offer my unsolicited Christian view on it if you’ll permit me. I understand it must be difficult for gays. I’ve heard some say they wish they were normal, it’d be easier. I’m sure some are born defective but it seems many were molested during sexual formative years or earlier. We are all sinners and worthy of pity, mercy and redemption. We can emulate Christ and forgive and guide.

        As for your TANP loop, that is different. Therein lies wickedness. Christ loved the sinner for their individual failing. Forgave them personally and always instructed them to “go and sin no more.” They had fallen away from God and he reunited them with Him.

        Christ was unforgiving of those that sought to drive a wedge between others and God. He reserved his most vitriolic condemnation for the Pharisees for creating that division. They weren’t sinners in his book… they were the Wicked. The advocates, clergy and media people encouraging sexual deviancy and forcing us to kneel and do homage to their sin (as indicated in your TANP cycle) are the Wicked and undeserving of anything but rebuke and damnation.

        I dont mean to be preachy but these exercises help remind me of the spiritual difference of the two. Thank you for opening the subject and letting me opine.

    • Huh. In ages past, gay blades WERE the shock troops, the berserkers, the front line.

      Almost like there’s a war on, eh?

      • Alz – At the risk of pedantry, I’ll use your comment as a springboard to refute some pro-homo assumptions common even in our ranks.

        The “Sacred Band” were outliers, not the norm, and they weren’t shock troops – they were elites. The Greek-gay thing in general is dubiously-sourced with self-referential exaggerations by the usual suspects in the Woke History crowd and self-interested homosexuals in Our Thing. i.e. the homo fringe of pagan-gang.

        I don’t think we have solid history on barbarian berserker boy-lovers being a norm rather than an exception either. Almost every source on barbarian culture was either Greek or Roman until the Middle Ages, they made no pretense at objectivity (even Tacitus with his noble savage Germans), and none of them were exactly Lewis & Clarke in terms of first-hand knowledge.

        The Romans adopted Greek culture wholesale and still brutally punished pederasty and butt-stuff in the legions. This is evidence against the idea that homosexuality is a natural thing that pagans didn’t repress like muh Christians, which is the usual shuffle the promoters of homosexuality try with their cherry-picked history. The reason Suetonius and so many other purple-prose biographers of Roman culture wrote of famous homosexuals was to smear and defame those so accused.

        This piece is a good look at what both sides have to say, from Greg Johnson to modern Greek “fascists.”

  28. I think I’m developing a nose for paid infiltrator shills. Consider Brad Polumbo (

    Just some guy who appeared out of nowhere, who seems to have no achievements or qualifications in right-wing thought, and is just presented to us as a conservative “thought leader.”

    Aggressively gay. Followed teen-content accounts on Instagram until he got caught. Pushes the literally fake-and-gay line of conservatism is gays and blacks and working women hating socialism together, yah!

    And if you look at his Twitter feed, he has dozens and dozens of posts about how people who ride Uber have a statistically very small chance of getting raped.

    Now why would any “conservative” have a fanatical need to push that particular point, apart from financial considerations?

    These people are a cancer on our society.


    Update LOL: I just noticed that the banner on his Twitter background is the quote: “The Daily Stormer has dubbed me a ‘Semite-loving homo con.’ Guilty? I guess?”

    Who is he signalling to here?

    • There’s a group in Phoenix called the Goldwater Institute that did some good work about a dozen years ago fighting a free money giveaway to a local sports team.

      If you check them out now, all you see is advocacy on the urgent issue of “home sharing”, which simply means that they’re getting a big check from GloboHomo Superstars Airbnb.

    • Michael Anton coined the term “Flight 93 Election” where he compared the Republican party to the Washington Generals. (For young ‘uns: that was the team that always played the Harlem Globetrotters entertainment to lose.) The problem for the GOP was that the label caught on. Even the normies who may have believed the GOP was on-the-level were suddenly disabused of that notion when holding both houses and the presidency they did nothing the voters elected them to do.

    • A fake and creepy looking person, with a fake name (Polumbo?).

      You know Con Inc. is controlled by the same people as the “left” because they have the same moronic strategy. When something is failing, double down. When the Groypers expose Kirk’s top (yes that kind of top), aka Gay Negro, as a fraud, what do they do? They go out and find an even gayer person to lecture us! Double down! Triple down! It’s still HER turn!!

      In fact, it’s beginning to seem that “the left” is actually controlled by Con Inc. Ever think of that?? Damn. Both sides of the neo-liberal coin, benefiting the ultra rich “fiscal conservatives” and Zionists.

    • Polumbo works with a crew of similar shills (Fry, Lowe) at the DC Examiner, owned by “Woke Phil” Anschutz, an oligarch from Colorado that has been active in oil/gas and the entertainment business.

  29. Grifting is now normal and accepted by our entire political class. I watched a guy that Cotto Gottfried interviewed on You Tube.
    It was about the Donald. The guy was saying how Trump was corrupt and nuts but the guy went on and on about how the Clinton Foundation’s books were examined and all was on the up and up.
    Of course it was!
    Grifting in Conservatve Inc by the Charlie Kirk types is no different and commonplace as the Clintons.

  30. I think the central flaw of democracy is that it … isn’t democratic.

    That is, in our system, so many rich and powerful people can interpose themselves between regular people and the levers of power that nobody represents the people.

    I think that’s why the powers that be hate populism, as opposed to “democracy,” so much. Because populism implies that the concerns of regular people are being taken into account–something the “democrats” don’t want.

    • Populism is the real ur-democracy, the rage that boiled up even in the most elitist and despotic societies when the rulers violated all bounds of noblesse oblige and duty to the land and people.

      It’s substance over process, the raw Will to Power to stand against armored troops with pitchforks, torches and grain scythes and say “you may kill some of us, but you won’t kill all of us before we take all of you down,” because you have nothing more to lose, you’re mad as Hell, and you’re not going to take this anymore.

      Democracy as advertised today is process-worship, a fig-leaf that elites occaisionally wear to cover their dangly bits when they’re not waving them in our faces or rubbing them on some 14 year old girl from Florida.

      The real deal still scares the sh+t out of them.

    • Agree with the premise but the flaw of democracy is universal suffrage. Next time you go to WalMart or McDonalds, remind yourself that every one of those zombies is a voter. Rich and powerful people can interpose themselves because a plurality of voters are functionally anesthetized and/or illiterate. Populism is jolting to the elites because they can’t fathom how Joe Normie isn’t happy with his 72″ TV and supersized fries.

      • Limited suffrage gave us universal suffrage.

        Joe Normie is happy enough with his 72″ TV and supersize fries to go along with the program.

        • This was done by the elites who recognized that universal suffrage would benefit them because it neutralized the voters who had skin in the game.

          It’s like what they did to the proposition system in CA, after Prop 13, the elites flooded the ballot system with bogus or misleading propositions to prevent other legit propositions from passing.

          Now neither would have worked well had it not been for the MSM that kept the population in the dark on purpose. This is why the MSM was the first thing the ruling class bought up.

          • The franchise was originally restricted based upon property qualifications, rather than taxes paid. Such a system only works where property taxes are the sole source of gov’t revenue.

            A system today would presumably limit the franchise based upon payment of “net income taxes”, which faces a constitutional bar. Perhaps easier would be to disenfranchise those with delinquent taxes.

    • Democracy can only exist in areas the powerful aren’t interested in such as small town elections, otherwise there’s too much at stake to allow it.

      Today is no different from the past. Just like any other time period you study, the oligarchs are in competition with each other while the unwashed masses are passive. They stampede us against their advetsaries; back and forth, to and fro, hither and yon because we have no volition as a group and as individuals no influence beyond our immediate friends and family. We The People are politically powerless- always have been; always will be -we can’t affect the power game except through mass action which we can’t organise ourselves.

      Tl;dr democracy is a bed time story to make us feel special.

    • Party politics in a democracy thrives on party loyalty by forming a group that is not natural. Capable normal men will engage in politics but their primary loyalties lay elsewhere: family, church/community, close friends, etc. They will engage with politics around election time but otherwise they will busy themselves with the normal rhythms of life. If the politics gets clownish and awkward they can simply walk away and do something more useful. Those who stay in politics need to stay in politics or they will lose social position.

      For political parties to remain strong and grow stronger they need hardcore loyalists. More often than not these people will turn out to be marginal. The influence of the party and their position in that party jumps them up to a social position they could never achieve by normal means outside of democratic politics. This is why all democratic party politics devolves into a freak show. Without the ability to direct political action they all remain 2nd and 3rd tier wannabes, if even that.

      Retaining a republic among capable like-minded white men is difficult enough. Allowing for near universal suffrage in a multi-culti tower of babel is to cater to the worst of our kind and to their alliance with outsiders and other parasites.

    • Had every Athenian citizen been a Socrates, every Athenian Assembly would have still been a mob–Madison

      Choice by the people themselves is not generally distinguished for it’s wisdom–Jefferson

    • Sperg’s comment shows that we want regular people to influence the laws that govern them. james wilson’s comment shows that most regular people are unfit to govern. Quite a quandry.

      My unsatisfactory answer is that, even when the nation is white, every system has fatal flaws. The most we can hope for is to be ruled by those who love us, and there is no system for ensuring that.

      But are there ways to encourage that outcome? Ethnostates, localism, and 100% taxation on wealth above a certain amount are the best answers I can come up with.

  31. The masses are like epileptics watching a Media-created strobe light. Images and information flashed into the brain with the speed of light. Eventually the people are driven to a Grand Mal seizure or worse – complete madness.

    Conservative, Inc., Leftist, Inc., none of it matters.

    The Deep State is in charge as evidenced by the US Navy training Saudis to fly military aircraft sold to them by Trump and the people who really decide things. The Saudi “pilot” who shot-up USNAS Pensacola was sold a hunting license and a non-hunting firearm(45 Glock) that he was not entitled to and passed our “sensible” gun control background check.

    Government, Inc. is a big club and we’re not in it.

    • Not to hijack your primary point, but why, oh why, are military bases gun-free zones? OK, so don’t give weapons to the bean-counters and lawyers who masquerade in uniform. But what about that young junior officer standing the watch? We train these guys to place massive ordnance on overseas targets yet can’t trust our warriors with a .40 sidearm? Ludicrous. Schizophrenic. Next news item.

      • Military bases aren’t gun free zones. I was armed many times doing duty back at Camp Pendleton, and all the time in the field. Traditionally, all combat arms store their weapons in the armory (usually a short walk from the barracks) so the armorers can do the repairs and issue them to the boots as they hit the Fleet.

        It all boils down to trust in your brothers in arms. If you need to be armed among your own, then you might as well hang it up, because military discipline no longer exists or unit pride. Back in the old days, you didn’t need to worry about various foreigners or muslims wearing your own uniform trying to kill you. Essentially, we’re watching the military cohesion break down in front of us.

        But remember, our gay/black/muslim/female generals and admirals insist that diversity is our strength!

        • Let me guess. Thanks to the increased “diversity”, there’s now the “black clique”, the “Latin clique”, the “Muslim clique” and within them the “Arab clique” and the “Paki clique”… and the straggling white guys who somehow still haven’t formed any groups so they’re friendly with everybody, but only trusted by the other groups about 50%.

          Just wait for the war with Iran, you will see how much the “Muslim clique” loves their country… and it ain’t America. That’s why tptb need a common white enemy (Russia). White guys are the only ones who won’t say “stop it now, we’re killing our own here!”

          Anyways, can’t blame the racial aliens for this, they were invited in with the red carpet. We evolved to be different for millenia, jumbling us all together now isn’t going to work. It just won’t.

          • I don’t know how it is now. I only know how my unit worked from 2001-2005. It was a male only combat arms Marine unit. Every officer over that span was white, except one badass Korean. The senior NCOs were mostly white, except the Motor T and Comm chiefs. Whites were still a majority of the rank and file. We had our own group, and we ran the show. An artillery battery has to select for intelligence, thus, low IQ negroes and Mexicans were underrepresented in our ranks. Off duty, the whites, Mexicans, and blacks would socialize within our ethnic groups with some outliers crossing over (your Tejano rednecks would be with us Southerners, but your wannabe white rappers would be the tokens in the black side of the barracks.)

            And we were real Marines then, not the pozzed bullshit wearing our uniforms today, and certainly not the gay ass army, navy, or the ultimate fags in the Air Force.

          • same here, albeit different generation. infantry unit, C1/9 as a matter of fact. It was almost all white, did have a black plt sgt and a black first sgt for a time. both were good. the black snuffies were useless, there were maybe two in the platoon. That was in the days of the beast, and crackers and all that other race hatred. I did know one Puerto Rican who said he was there for training for the revolution. Basically no matter how much everyone is supposed to be green, the differences are still there.

          • Absolutely. I was a FDC geek. Not once have I ever met another 0844 that was a negro. I also never recalled any of the chiefs of the piece on the gun line being negroes but one, and again that’s over 4 years in a firing battery.
            As for the Mexicans, they outnumbered the negroes in the battery, so we never reached the critical mass of sullen negroes required to destroy a unit (or neighborhood, city or country).
            And the quality of the Mexicans varied by MOS. The gun crews were pretty good, the Mexican gun chiefs were damn good (they had to be because battery gunny was ruthless at weeding out incompetence) the comm dudes better, and the worst were the motor T turds, because those are the rejects that recruiters know wouldn’t make it in other MOS’s. Even the Tejanos and Baja Mexicans would usually not associate too closely with the East LA cholo gangster types, so there were cliques within ethnics.

          • These are the same Marines that skyrocketed Mattis to the top so he could push for tranny integration. The poz has been around a very long time.

        • As a vet you know what I’m saying though – most bases are thousands of acres manned by a paltry few armed MPs. The tenant commands have OODs and watches that are NOT armed but are qualified to be armed. Or consider the many tenant facilities that are open to poorly vetted contractors and Guatemalan groundskeepers. Soft underbellies galore. And when I lived in Base housing and was informed that I needed to keep my guns in the Armory … my armed “security” were rent-a-cops at the main gate. Suffice it say I didn’t comply.

          BS. It’s not right and downright idiotic for unarmed military watchstanders to rely on a handful of Marines and MPs who may be miles away from a potential flashpoint.

          • You know the answer to that. We need to return to the ethos and ethnic composition of the old armed services- And that’s not happening until the globohomo run “military” gets slaughtered on the battlefield by a non-pozzed opponent that’s a near peer instead of an illiterate goat fucker from the mountains of Durka Durka Stan. Only then will we, if we’re lucky, get another chance to rebuild a proper armed force, and one that won’t have to police the globohomo empire and can focus on the proper role – regional defense and security, not global hegemony. Foreign policy and the composition and military ethos of the uniformed services go hand in hand.

            Think about how the Red Army finally was able to recover from the baleful influence of the Party commissars. They almost didn’t. It took catastrophic defeat to finally make the Soviets understand you can’t have a politicized military and win wars.

          • Brother, we’re on the same team. And absolutely, +1 to your comment on the ideal future and the probable pain we’ll have to endure to get there. But in the here and now I’m just stating the obvious: that it’s asinine for qualified military watchstanders to be unarmed. We’re working at cross-purposes to conflate the problems of empire with an unarmed watch.

          • not only is it not right but it is criminal. coming back from afghanistan, my pocketknife was a dangerous weapon, the day before I had grenades and a basic load.

        • They are gun free zones. A civilian permit means nothing in military bases. The characterization of the armory is misleading. A locked vault where only a couple of people have access and no ammunition is stored is of zero value. There’s a reason nobody ever shoots back in there incidents. Even if someone did get to the armory and find an armorer to unlock the weapons they would still need to get ammo from miles away also locked and secured by someone completely different.

          If someone was ever able to jump through the unlikely hoops to obtain their rifle with ammo for self defense then they would find themselves court martialed along with anyone who helped them.

          • I think you’re missing the point. The military cannot admit the problem exists because once you start arming your own to protect your own troops against each other, you’re signaling you’ve lost control.

            Militaries are built on trust- because if you can’t trust each other back on base, then you can’t trust each other in combat. Once the military signals that no one can trust each other by arming everyone, the whole house of cards called military discipline collapses.

            And when I walked 500 yards to my armory, I drew ammo right there, because the armory itself always had ammo to distribute to the guys doing duty that required it. Every time one of our fire direction computers hard drives left the locked safe, it was under armed guard, because it was classified secret.

            Have you ever been in? If not, you don’t know.

          • For over 20 years and never seen an Arms room with ammo. I’ve also moved around mountains of secret material and never seen or used an armed guard. Are you describing a field exercise? Or garrison?

            Whatever, maybe it’s different services or different era’s because what your describing is foreign to me.

  32. Congressional GOP Rising Star, throughly embraces Globalism, infinity wars for Israel, and White Demographic Replacement.

    Remind you of anyone? It should.

      • Most of them know they’re not human. With some of them I look at them and say “aw…he thinks he human.”

    • The meme that the GOP is “conservative” is absurd.

      Why have people forgotten that it was Republican Earl Warren who mandated race-mixing in schools, Republicans Ronald Reagan and Nelson Rockefeller who signed abortion into law before Republican Harry Blackmun declared abortion a “Constitutional right,” Republican Anthony Kennedy who declared sodomy and anal marriage to be constitutional rights, Republican Ronald Reagan who permanently banned full auto, and Republican Donald Trump who banned bump stocks without compensation?

      “Conservatives,” my ass.

      • Xman…Plus Ronnie Raygun signed an amnesty for tens of millions of beaners, which turned California Blue forever. But the wise men of the repubs/faux conservative outfit could never have seen that coming, could they?

  33. On one side of the coin is the argument that the American electorate has the attention span of a gnat, is easily shuffled along from gawking at the crime scene, and doesn’t seem to comprehend the gravity of the what is occurring right in front of their eyes.

    The flip side is that very few seem to buy the schtick being presented to them. Political partisans will echo the approved narrative, but that often seems perfunctory at this point. Americans may move along from one crisis to another because they know the whole thing is rigged. Everyone is dirty and on the take. They know the folks in the uni-party aren’t going to make any drastic changes or clean up their acts. Public confidence in government is in the tank and the media is in the bilge.

    Public distrust, dissatisfaction and disillusionment are areas that we can capitalize on.

    Of course there is still the edge of the coin to consider; our collective IQ has plummeted and we are doomed morons.

    • “On one side of the coin is the argument that the American electorate has the attention span of a gnat…” I don’t know whether or not that is true but I can tell you that the same thing is often said about the British electorate.

      However, is it true? I am not so sure. By every standard that can be objectively measured, trust and confidence in our institutions is dropping precipitously. There has to be a reason for that.

      Agree that Joe and Jane Normie are not brandishing pitchforks but that may be because the good times are still rolling, i.e. there’s a chicken in every pot and a cornucopia of Stuff (TM) within easy reach. So who wants to make trouble and risk losing that?

      It doesn’t mean that they’re content with the status quo.

      • Tut,

        I think we are in concurrence. I laid out a few aspects but as you can see from my positive side takeaway I come down on the side of distrust and frustration. Whether that comes from endless politocal promises unfulfilled, non-stop rancoring by pundits, identity-politics divisiveness, clear graft, a two tiered legal system… your guess is as good as mine.

        As you said though, the good time are still rolling. Eventually they don’t and the bill comes a’due. Until then seeds need sewing for when the chicken runs out.

      • >Idon’t know whether or not that is true but I can tell you that the same thing is >often said about the British electorate.

        Who cares? America isn’t England. England is a lost cause and its white population are sheepish pushovers.

        • The way internet tough guys like you dismiss entire populations is laughable.

          On most metrics the US is closer to the void than England or even Sweden but I wouldn’t be stupid enough to write off the US.

          On a personal level how are you not a pushover?
          What are you doing in your life to pushback?
          Is it nothing?

          You ran away from your country to hide. True cowardice.

          • ‘Man up!’
            ‘Shame on you!’
            ‘Shame, shame, shame and blame!’

            Give me a break, Ethel. This is not sonething women can comprehend.

    • Public distrust, dissatisfaction and disillusionment are areas that we can capitalize on.
      Which why we need to have something to offer them… I think sometimes people are just fatigued by everything because they can’t control or change it so they just have the whatever attitude and keep their head down plugging away for the machine that is eating them slowly… Communities would give them the opportunity to say no I’m not ok with that and give them a way to opt out of the craziness and build something for the future…

      • Communities would give them the opportunity to say no I’m not ok with that and give them a way to opt out of the craziness and build something for the future…

        Right. In the bleak prospects bearing down on us, only this makes sense. Complaining won’t help. Voting won’t help, except in marginal ways and perhaps to buy a little more time to turn things around. Violent rebellion will only provoke more repression.

        Creating communities, plus institutions (e.g., media), as dissident alternatives offers promise as the Establishment breaks down.

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