Our Revolutionary Age

If one were to conjure just one image to explain the French Revolution, it would be of the sheltered and self-indulged Marie Antoinette saying “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” when told the peasants were starving. Perhaps framing it alongside an image of the peasants in the streets, desperate for food. The story is apocryphal, but it probably stands as the most enduring image of the Revolution. The decadent and indifferent ruling class on one side and the desperate peasants on the other.

Even though the story is not true, it works as an explanation for what happened in 18th century France. On the one hand, there was a ruling class that was increasingly out of touch, physically and culturally removed from the people. On the other hand, the people were evolving away from the ruling class. The growth of what we would call a middle-class was changing the nature of France. It is the psychological separation that drove the political dynamic, leading to the revolution.

It is a useful image to keep in mind as the political dynamic of this age continues to move toward crisis. A reason the ruling class hates Trump with such intensity is for them, he is one of the peasants showing up at their party. He is the dirt monster, a golem called into life by the evil Dirt People. It’s why his policy proposals and actions have no impact on them. Their hatred for Trump is not about policy, but about what he represents. He is the unguarded door to their world.

There is no better example of this chasm between the Cloud People and the Dirt People than the ridiculous charade that is the impeachment show. The foreignness of the whole thing is its main feature. Act one had a collection of people with strange names talking about strange places. Act two was obscure people from the academy. Word comes that the Democrats, the inner party of the Cloud People, will accuse Trump of treason, for the high crime of existing in their midst.

The thing is, none of this is very good theater. Instead of colorful figures presenting their case in dramatic fashion, it is weird strangers arguing on the basis of their assumed authority as rulers of the land. The cries for impeachment are every bit as entitled and self-indulgent as Marie Antoinette saying “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.” These are people so disconnected from the rest of us, they assume things about themselves that no rational person would assume. They are hot house flowers.

In a way, it is fitting that the inner party will nominate Joe Biden as their nominee, rather than one of the minor party figures. No one on stage captures the essence of elite detachment quite like Biden. This is a man who has never had productive employment in the dreaded private sector. Instead, his back story is a collection of entertaining fictions conjured over drinks at various Washington watering holes. The story of Joe Biden is a parlor tale for the entertainment of the ladies.

It’s why Biden is always ready to challenge some restrained old fellow in the audience of his campaign events. This has been his game for decades. In the fantasy world in which Biden lives, he is a tough guy. The ladies in the salon all swoon when “Working Class Joe” breaks bad on one of the staff. That’s because these people are living in a highly orchestrated charade, in which winners and losers are determined in advance, based on criteria that have no meaning outside the Cloud.

This disconnect is why senior members of the intelligence services were happy to break many laws to spy on Trump. It’s not that they were terrified by the Dirt Monster coming to Washington. It’s that their life is a game without consequences. In the fantasy world of the Cloud People, the worst thing that happens to you is you fall off a few invite lists for holiday parties. Maybe you get a letter in your file down at party headquarters, so you can’t get that sweet White House gig you always wanted.

The much-awaited Inspector General’s report on the FBI will be a white wash, because in Cloud People land, the only real punishment is a few negative sentences in a report no one will read. Dirt People go to jail, face real hardships and have to answer for their actions. That sort of stuff is for the peasants, not the beautiful people who are defending democracy. That’s just not how things are done in Washington. If the Dirt People don’t like that, well, “qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”

This is why, by the way, the propagandists will never get in the same room with well-spoken dissidents. Ben Shapiro was pantsed by a kindly old man on the BBC, because Shapiro is incapable of defending himself in the real world. The TP-USA people were humiliated by school boys asking tough questions, because they have been cultivated to live in the hot house of Conservative Inc. None of these people would last twenty minutes on stage with one of the sharper dissidents.

This is, in part, what drives the censorship on-line. When the propagandists opened their sites to comments, they assumed everyone agreed with them. Then they found out that the Dirt People thought they were foolish and dumb. The comments were closed. The same thing happens on social media. These hot house flowers get crushed by dissenters, so they demand the sites be purged of dissenters. They are pulling the blinds down so they don’t have to look out at the peasants in the streets.

Modern America is now a revolutionary place. Like the aristocracy in 18th century France, the Cloud People are incapable of reforming themselves, because they are incapable of seeing themselves as we see them. They have become entirely divorced from the rest of us. The people who rule over us may as well be foreign occupiers, as they have no idea who it is they rule nor do they care. To them, the Dirt People all look alike, smell alike and act alike. We are not them.

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  2. A reason the ruling class hates Trump with such intensity is for them, he is one of the peasants showing up at their party. He is the dirt monster, a golem called into life by the evil Dirt People.

    I disagree.

    IMO the reason that they hate him is that he has repeatedly called them incompetent morons. Which they are, and deep down I think that they know that it true. Worse, he not just calls them out but demonstrates success in multiple fields. His success in governance will cement their inferiority forever. Even worse, he not only calls them idiots and produces superior results but does so while mocking the feminized pieties that have defined them for the last two generations. He’s a throwback to a more masculine age, where men were judged by their accomplishments, feelings were for sissies and people loved winners not whiners.

    The cloud people are fine with dirt people joining their ranks as long as they first graduated from the progressive cotillion and go along to get along in the club.

  3. WTF with this IG report? Of course it was a whitewash of the system. That’s a given, but Ivanka was friends with Steele? There’s a curve ball. Just friends? Very odd. Maybe Trump used whores in Moscow after all. Wouldn’t be shocked in the least.. Way more interesting than the phony impeachment charges. This is like King Lear II.

  4. I enjoyed reading this one. My take was different about Biden being crowned by the DNC: they need the black votes. Nothing more. Still, this essay was a masterpiece.

  5. It’s hard to determine whether America’s Cloud People are more vicious than stupid, but they definitely are both. A discredited government/nation/society can stumble along a long time, but as noted some time back what cannot go on won’t. They will get meaner and nastier and not even realize it is fueling their hanging. I long thought the United States would implode in twenty or thirty years but the blatant idiocy our Cloud People have demonstrated recently has accelerated the time schedule. The House impeachment inquiry wouldn’t fool a credulous school girl, but the wildest part is those who have orchestrated the circus think it’s a smashing success.

    My guess is it will end when something catastrophic happens to a coastal city, be it terrorism, natural disaster, whatever, and the sheer indifference of the masses pushes the Cloud People to formalize the divorce. Short version: 9/11 would be farce this time.

  6. We assume that things will go on as they have, with no serious and jarring events. That may not necessarily be so. An American crack up in the coming decade is a good possibility, with increasing intra elite competition, and increasing inequality, according to historian Peter Turchin. There is an essay at link below by a political economist that discusses the present class structure in the US, and it’s pretty insightful, as well as hilarious at times.


    Here’s one graf from it…

    “Initially, the new conservative apparatus was fairly successful. But institutions built on ideological conformity inevitably tend to ossify. They also tend to be populated by mediocrities who are only there because they cannot make it into the top-tier institutions. After the rest of the professional class decamped to the Democrats, this husk was all that remained of the politically active professional elite on the right. The conservative institutions became as detached and self-refer­ential as the “postmodern” academy they criticize, and they long ago ceased to have any significant influence on broader elite discourse. Today, their main offering to new recruits is the chance to someday apply for affirmative action for conservatives.37 The result is a highly stratified and largely dysfunctional Republican Party: a few billionaires and corporate interests (mainly those who cannot fit into the more attractive progressive neoliberal program) pay their second-rate propagandists to offer a discredited and incoherent policy agenda to an increasingly disaffected voter base.”

  7. The dirt people will only rebel if they have a strong leader to follow. They aren’t going to have one.

    The non ending jihad against Trump is directed at any would be rebel leaders to show them that they better not even try. On a smaller scale crushing anyone who stands up to Antifa serves the same purpose.

    Besides, the white dirt people, the only ones concerned about this, no longer matter. The new Americans are here for the gibs. They see impeachment as another victory in getting what is Whitey’s. Single women are the same way. The coastal cloud people get all their status from allegiance to the cloud. They won’t rebel.

    Have fun larping with your guns though.

  8. I lived around DC most of my life (now in FL). Perhaps this is a bit off topic, but I was amazed by the Gentrification in formerly awful* parts of DC — median homes valued at 200, 300K? Black population has dropped from 70% to 50% in <50 years. Based on the asking prices & rents, you'd think that all the neighborhood-destroying "civil rights" stuff had been repealed and the country had returned to the living quality we had in 1947 [smirk.] A lot of money has been made by the real estate tycoons and their government enablers. The revamped areas are nice, but being the pessimist I note that this is 2019, not 1949. The dangerous ghettos are still only a few blocks away. DC, said one article is one of the most gentrifying cities in the USA…I wish them luck! Maybe you'll have 24-hour police protection and armed escorts to and from the Starbucks,Whole Foods, as well as on the rapidly-deteriorating Metro system. Just 40 miles North, Baltimore probably holds a more realistic lesson for what the future holds. Philladelphia seems to be in a race with Baltimore as to see who can deliberately not arrest, and if that fails, then fail to prosecute the most violent criminals, and if by some misfortune the perp is found guilty, then either parole him or minimize his prison time. (Actually that's not a bad idea: just tell the criminals that surrounding jurisdictions might be harsh on them, so stay in the hood.)
    *If you check the crime stats, I don't think it's really less awful. sure compared to 1991, but not compared to 1951…

    • It’s all riding the wave of the tsunami of taxpayer/Fed money flowing into Washington and NoVa.
      All unaccountable contracts and consultants.

  9. The Zman’s “Cloud vs Dirt people” still says it all.

    That needs to be the next Hundred Hands meme sticker.
    Just put “Cloud people vs Dirt people”, and everyone will immediately understand.

    I think this will clarify things in the common mind. A Ferryman moment, bringing them to our side.

    Get commenting on normie sites, folks!

  10. “it probably stands as the most enduring image of the Revolution”

    And then you google noyades…

    I don’t think Trump is dirt people. His father was a millionaire, he’s a billionaire, he knows everybody in new york politics and golfs with ex presidents, he’s just not inner circle cool kid. He’s like the new kid in school who was cool at his old school but it isn’t quite accepted. Now he’s hanging out at the cool kids malt shop and they want him removed.

    Lately I see the whole politics/business world as a clique. They’re people with individual power playing for status within their social set -the cloud- and we’re the peanut gallery. We’re here to stroke their egos; hang on their every word, boo the heels and cheer the heroes otherwise they have no use for us.

    • Say what you will of Trump, he connected with the dirt people and got 63,000,000 of them to elect him president. He goaded the managerial state and its media and apparatchik supporters to rip off their masks, thereby exposing much about how the system works.

      Since the Dissident Right or whatever it’s called hasn’t yet delivered White Wakanda or Honkeytopia, we have to get what we can in the present reality.

  11. “Wages have stagnated and while equity markets have risen, fewer U.S. adults are invested in the stock market than in 2009. Compensation for chief executive officers in America’s largest firms is now 312 times the annual average pay of the typical worker, compared with about 200 times in 2009, 58 times in 1989 and 20 times in 1965, according to a 2018 report by the Economic Policy Institute.”

    • And our life expectancy has been in actual decline for three years now. The first time since the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. No other statistic screams that we’re in trouble like this one. In another era it would be front page news. In this era it’s a boring stat.

  12. While the chances are slim to none, a conviction and removal of Trump by Congress would hasten what’s coming. And Trump would wave the bloody shirt on his way down. Although much of his constituency would go into insulin shock before reaching the town square with pitchforks. At the very least the circus will be in town all winter. And Trump will be ring master no matter the outcome. The 2020s are coming in like a lion. The new decade approaches. The decade of consequences.

    • “The 2020s are coming in like a lion”

      A new Roaring Twenties? Can we Make the Charleston Great Again?

  13. The problem with Joe Biden is that he outlived his constituency. Some naive Rosie the riveter type in an inner 50’s era suburb, who spent her career in a union job paying $7.00 a month in health premiums. Over 90% of them are gone now, and the rest are hanging by a thread. He has to rely even more heavily on the Shenequas who “ain’t got time.” In the internet age it’s just harder to keep that con going. “Working class joe” with the biggest house in Delaware shuttling around on private jets. Dan Rather never would have covered it in 1985. The internet covers everything. A similar thing happened in pre-revolutionary France. A more literate population just wasn’t buying it anymore. Much of the newly middle class was reading very destructive material, a lot of crackpot philosophers, and they created that bloodbath. But with that destructive philosophy also came a lot of new knowledge about how the cloud people at the time were living, and they didn’t like it one bit. This is why our elite depends on illiterate peasants from Chiapas pouring in. They’re too ignorant to cause trouble. What they don’t understand is that the Chiapas peasant is a net taker, who is only hastening their demise through destruction of the budget. But these people, with their punched meal tickets, have no concept of money, much like Marie Antoinette. Take a look at the budget, and anyone can see the looming destruction.

  14. Once again, Zman = Fantasy Slayer. Very succinct and clear. Thank you.

    Of Dissenters (are we a formal noun?), what are the options in light of this post?
    Ignore the Cloud People? No, very real consequences in meat space for trying to go your own way.
    Engage the Cloud People, and their system? As adjunct strategy, perhaps.
    Resist the Cloud People, and their system? My heart says yes. I believe they will start it, or we will. But I know we’ll finish it.

    There is wreckage coming, regardless of what trajectory this mess takes.

    • Great points. I’m with option 3, and given our relatively unorganized and small number I’d say the resistance has to start with civil disobedience and an embargo on woke culture. Secession, household by household, morphing into community resistance. And the Church needs to end the era of liberal compromise and idolatry of nation-state … a strengthened, confident, masculine church culture should be leading from the front in efforts to revitalize community. Think Nehemiah.

      • Amen and amen. I like the word “embargo”, Capt. Compounding small decisions and small behaviors, to reject modernity. God, family, neighbors…then the rest.

        • Embargo is a good word. It reminds me of all the Nice White Ladies at my sons’ Christian schools – who still took their kids to Disney movies and taught them that race wasn’t real. That garbage needs to cease – household by household, marriage by marriage.

          • Exactly. It’s not a boycott to starve corporate wokesters into submission … that isn’t going to happen. It’s an embargo to preserve that which is ours, specifically our children. They can be brainwashed by tee-vee and government schools, OR they can be immersed in all-things-good/true from Western Civ. Those who try to strike a balance WILL lose their kids.

  15. Revolution yes, but not like the past. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot etc did not personally kill or imprison tens of millions of innocents. They all acted through a corp of Jackboot thugs in government service, and contrary to popular belief, most of these Jackboots were ordinary men conditioned to follow orders from on high. That is their plan for here as well. The Cloud People want us to war amongst ourselves (patriot vs LEO decimation) thereby allowing them easy cleanup after the smoke clears. A different paradigm in needed. Not a mob in the street, but a laser aimed at the rot.

      • They will employ false-flag provocations to stimulate hot conflicts between any groups that include robust men. The goal is to get these groups to eliminate each other and shrink the pool of potential combatants before they make an overt play to seize control of the government. Don’t play into that trap. This won’t be a war of opposing armies. It will be a surgical elimination of the cancerous cells in the sky. Technology is your friend.

  16. If you have an opportunity to mingle with our ethereal rulers you will notice that a small handful rule over the rest by fiat. Not all of them Chosenites. Outside of this small group the rest are deadwood. Many are so pickled with pills and booze it’s amazing clownworld has made it this far. Others are simply frivolous in the same way useless members of royal houses are frivolous and useless.

    But that small group who do rule their milieu are an amoral vicious group. Their protective army are the very people who should be standing shoulder to shoulder with us. The middle-class suburban salaried corporate worker and outlet shopper. These people will fight like Achilles against anyone who threatened the status quo. It is the bourgeoisie who protect the cloud people.

    Destroying communities killed culture and any sense of communal interests. Uprooted high agency men make excellent mercenaries.

  17. A better analogy of what’s going on today is not the French Revolution but Indian Rebellion of 1857 during the last days of the East India Company (EIC).

    Just like India under the boot of the EIC, the west is now run by global corporations who are completely unaccountable to the public, but yet they have huge influence over government through the use of lobbies and financial backing of the ruling class.

    Even here in Europe, and probably in a similar way in the US, just like the EIC did to the locals in India, western governments continue to suppress and control us by passing laws that make innocent men criminals. They remove more money out of our pockets and take our property through unjust laws (e.g. government taxes disguised as “fees”, eminent domain and civil forfeiture) while telling us “they know what’s better for everyone”.

  18. Their whole worldview is a lie. That is why they cannot allow us to talk to people. We’re right and they know it. They are so afraid that people will show up, hear us and walk away a new convert no matter what they say. If they could best us in a debate, there would be a lot of dissident debates.

  19. I wonder what will be the spark in the US that causes mass protests. Like in Chile, where raising the subway fare was the last straw. I’m not expecting revolution or civil war, but something more than the Tea Party.

    • The spark, if people can pull themselves away from the TV and restaurants, could very well be when the “feckless old ladies” of the GOP, and they are legion, vote with the Democrats to convict Trump. Most of the elite Senate Republicans have wanted him out ever since he took office. And that Alabama governor whom Trump drug to victory just sent a real “feckless old lady”, based on everything I’ve read about her, to the Senate to convict him when he could have sent Doug Collins to defend him. I don’t know how Trump gets anything done since he’s so busy pulling knives out of his back.

    • Subway fares in Chile have nothing to do with last straws. This is an Antifa type op backed by Allende types who are looking to recreate Allende 11. Nothing more. Chile is the only well functioning Spanish speaking country in SA.

  20. Many of those sent to the guillotine in the French Revolution couldn’t even comprehend why they were going there. We have the advantage of understanding what those in DC don’t. We have the opportunity to rid ourselves of our normalcy bias. We have the opportunity to prepare for pretty much any outcome. We have the ability to look at things for what they are, and to understand and internalize the current instability. Success goes to those who are both prepared and who are also flexible. Things aren’t going to play out on the basis of anyone’s plans or expectations.

  21. Please tell me I’m not the only one who hopes this analogy gets played out to the same conclusion. When we finally see guillotines set up in the Imperial Capitol I will feel that the dissidents have finally won. Of course, we can stop the analogy at that point…

  22. However, Marie Antoinette has been an excellent mentor to today’s ruling class. American peasants have disposable income, well-stocked supermarket shelves, and entertainment-on-demand that includes 7/24 propaganda. By no means would I want to instigate a devastating depression or cataclysmic war, but that’s usually the necessary precursor to cultural or political revolution.

    In the meantime our dissident minority doesn’t need to “doomsday prep” as much as cultivate robust resiliency and separateness. We don’t just need more gardens and guns – we need audacious resolve. We’ve thrashed out what we DON’T want: we don’t want to be subsumed into the downward cultural spiral. Ergo, lifestyles must change, and every presupposition scrutinized. We have to educate our kids differently – separately. We subvert laws against free-association. We find our entertainment outside of woke institutions. We abstain from mouthing the Pledge of Allegiance … that word “indivisible” was for a united, homogeneous people. We have to go full embargo in every woke arena. None of this will adversely affect the ruling class but it WILL go towards building our very own, unique, parallel, separate culture. In a word – segregation – in every sphere of life.

    • The French were mostly not starving. There was competition between various constituencies on taxes, tariffs, and benevolences from the powers that be. Some poor harvests made things worse. What seemed to push things over the edge was the sense that everyone was able to have and express an opinion, and people learned how to form up mobs to push things their way. The rest of it seemed to follow the script laid out by rule of the strongest, as expressed in the streets and “public opinion”. Sound familiar?

    • The “prosperity” is largely an illusion being upheld by central banks printing money. If we could not print money to import consumer goods, we would probably be a lot poorer.
      When the status quo changes, it is going to change very quickly. Our entire way of life is dependent upon thousands of cargo ships docking at our shores to give us the stuff we cannot make anymore. Even our home-grown food is highly reliant on foreign imports.

    • My younger son is a nice guy – and he is just not into the political or race-aware talk my husband and I and our older son engage in. However, I reminded him the other day (he generally likes kids and I adore them – but I glare at the non-White ones and he chided me for this) – every one of those little brown or yellow kids he sees is a direct challenge to him and his brother and any progeny they may hope to have. Every single one of them is taking a White child’s spot at university or a job from a White guy. They are literally taking food out of White children’s mouths. That shut him up for a bit – it finally hit home. We must, unfortunately, stomp on that natural White spirit of compassion and decency and cultivate a certain ruthlessness. This is a fight for survival.

  23. Marie Antoinette’s quip may be apocryphal but (i) brioche was, unlike today, much cheaper than regular bread; and (ii) it is easy to forget that histories (and quips) are written by the “victors.”

    “Time and time again, American history books, even the ‘old’ Catholic textbooks, make Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793) the scapegoat to justify the horrors and excesses of the French Revolution, which, after all, was only a more radical French version of our own American Revolution that ‘liberated’ the people from the evils of monarchy.

    “In fact, it was because Marie Antoinette was aristocratic, generous-hearted, and courageous that she became the target of the lies and defamation campaigns of the revolutionaries …. The false image of the frivolous heartless Queen bent only on amusing herself and satisfying her whims and passions was artificially created for posterity and included in history books, with the aim of etching this image into young malleable minds. Such a process leaves deep, long-lived impressions, difficult to erase.

    “For the facts on all points in this case are quite the opposite. The French Revolution, as with many succeeding revolutions, did not rise spontaneously from the discontent of the people. Its ideas were born from the Enlightenment thinking that circulated in the Masonic lodges, spread through the societés de pensée. From there these new exciting notions infiltrated the conversation salons and to the multifarious semi-secret clubs, so numerous in that epoch. Their perpetrators desired the destruction of the sacred hierarchy of both Church and State in their hatred for the remnant order of the Age of Faith.

    “The real Marie Antoinette did not despise the people. To the contrary, the Queen of France had a compassionate, generous-hearted spirit and a genuine feminine concern for the plight of the poor. It was well known at the court that it was only necessary to reach the ear of the Queen with a tale of financial misfortune or personal misery to receive a pension, dowry or alleviation for the woe. At the beginning of her reign, she relieved the people of the tax known as ‘the Queen’s belt’ with the remark ‘Belts are no longer worn.’ However, it is not this quip that has survived as legacy for posterity.”

    The above is taken from a “book-review on the work: Trianon, A Novel of Royal France by Elena Maria Vidal.” The novel is “historical fiction written by Elena Marie Vidal. *** The fruit of years of research, the book attempts to correct many of the popular misconceptions of the royal couple, which secular and modern historians have tried so hard to promote.”

    • A great example of how the “narrative” can be more powerful than the truth. Our main stream media depends on continuing this sort of thing.

    • Good post! Some of the recent scholarship that I’ve read indicates the “French Revolution” started more as a coup d’etat than a spontaneous rebellion. Louis XVI was aware of the problems and was trying to make refoms, but was blocked by other factions of French society. In general, monarchies such as the Bourbons, the Hapsburgs, the Romanovs, or the Hohenzollerns probaby had more genuine concern for the people of the areas they governed (although they often made misguided decisions–World War I) than the present Washington-New York-Hollywood-Silicon Valley elite has for the rest of the American people.

      • After blowing their wad supporting the American Revolution, I don’t know if France’s ownership of the Mississippi River territory was paying off.

        Were the money-men coming to collect?
        Was the Revo an attempt to Wiemar France?

    • Excellent comment. Not only are histories written by the victors, but the point about the Queen “becoming the target” of the revolutionaries. We see the same thing today, with who the SJW attempt to freeze and polarize and eliminate the target du jour.. The problem is it works – time and time again. People generally are stupid and malleable. That’s a problem without a solution, but one we need to learn to work with.

    • Tm2t;
      Great point. The French aristocrats became despised/delegitimized.

      ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ must be put up everywhere.

      • So when I see “Epstein didn’t kill himself”, does that mean someone else killed him, or is he still alive? Just askin’.

        • Dutch;
          Seriously_? Epstein, regardless if actually dead or alive, it opens the door to the obvious discussion with normies, based on evidence already in the press, that Epstein was a long term serial pedo predator who evidently serviced many, many Cloud degenerates: Not least including the HillBilly Klintons and His Lowness, Randy Andy from the UK.

          And, more importantly, it clearly illustrates that he had protection at the highest globohomo levels for many, many years: Ask them why and how_? IOW it is irrefutable evidence that The Cloud is rotten through and through.

          Much like the slander of Queen Marie accomplished back in the day. Ferryman meme for us today.

          • I simply enjoy questions that have more questions inside of them, like a Russian doll. “Epstein” is a good meme, though I am partial to a general “FOAD”, because everyone knows who we are talking about on that one. I’d love to see “FOAD” posted everywhere in California.

  24. My fellow peasants haven’t felt enough pain. Armed uprisings are places with people living in mud huts and dirt floors. Basically with nothing to lose.

    Not to say there isn’t a festering anger amongst white populations. The French with their yellow vest crusade has shown signs of whites reaching the breaking point.

    For now Legacy Americans will continue to keep working obscene amounts of hours and not seeing much beyond their front bumper.

    Globohomo owns the narrative and Americans can’t see who’s truly responsible for their misery. Instead they’ll just take it out on the next person in traffic.

    • It’s actually not the hungry who rebel. 18th century France and 19th century Russia were actually beginning to recover from their economic malaise. But they faltered and the people feared that the bad times would return. We not only have to experience hunger, but we must fear its return.

  25. One of the reasons the cloud people have perpetual rule is because the red and blue dirt people are okay with their own side’s cloud people. They fall for the fake election narratives spewed out every four years. It is the other team’s cloud people that are evil. Thus, the revolutionary anger has a ceiling of 50% of the population.

  26. When we talk of out-of-touch elites, I know that the mind naturally settles on leftists and the Parenthesees.

    But let’s not forget the out-of-touch (or maybe just bought-and-sold) Republicans, often white, who are still pushing for more immigration, both elite and Amerindian. This despite Trump, despite Tucker, despite the rise of the alt-right and nationalism.

    They’re like those mosquitoes so desperate to suck your blood that they disregard their own safety as they fasten on your skin.

    Like the mosquitoes, these traitors have to be squashed.

    • My GOP senator (red state) recently co-sponsered a bill to prioritize and streamline the flow of Syrian refugees into our country.

      I’ve called his office about this before and I called them again this morning to point out that the fact that a Saudi brought here to train with our soldiers and killed a number of them shows that we have no ability to vet immigrants and the bill should be abandoned.

  27. I had the opportunity to listen to a 98 year old farmer from the Midwest this past weekend.
    His striking words were.
    “We will do nothing until we are hungry”
    The peasants were hungry in 1789 France.
    We are not, yet.
    Until some real pain comes our way and not just from some bug eyed cloud person staring at us through our tv screen.
    Nothing will happen.

    • Indeed. While the slow decay underway may not bring hunger any time soon, the majority of the population lives atop a complex and efficient system that relies on a great deal of things going right in order to deliver the standard of living we enjoy.

      It would not require much of a disruption to bring hunger – or worse: the panic of an unknown future.

      In this scenario, the bluetopias will feel the vibrancy they are always celebrating.

      I was recently in the deep south where my brother lives. The fatness is real. But sadly it is not the ‘fat and happy’ variety.

      There is suffering. They may be in caloric bliss but they are a long way from thriving. It is heartbreaking to see what has come of our people.

      I keep hoping the hunger pains will be spiritual. That the ruination of our culture and our nation will arouse an awakening before the empty bellies of children compel us to take action. But you are probably right. The curse of abundance will have to play out.

    • “We will do nothing until we are hungry”

      Eventually after they pack the Supreme Court I expect the new People’s Republic to start land confiscation of farms like in Zimbabwe. If the Chinese get the farms the US will still have food but lower quality unless they food mostly goes to China. If the farms are given to the blacks and browns we may see a food supply crisis and we may get our revolution.

      They other option is if the People’s Republic jacks up taxes significantly so that Juan can be guaranteed free Healthcare the minute he steps over the border. As France shows whites won’t riot to save their culture but they will to save their pocketbook

    • A couple of years ago my own 98 year old father said precisely the same thing in another way: Enough people are comfortable TODAY, so they will take no action.

  28. A reason the ruling class hates Trump with such intensity is for them, he is one of the peasants showing up at their party.

    Once a week or so, Louis XIV would open the gates of Versailles to let the local peasantry witness their ruler eating lunch and gawk at the opulence of his abode.


  29. One thing people always puzzle about in history is how ruling classes could just continue on despite clear and convincing evidence (in retrospect) of how seriously sideways things were going–and why they failed to take relatively simple steps to correct for the problems. Ditto for F-500 companies that effectively failed. Well everyone is getting a real life lesson. Will things crater tomorrow or a year or ten years from now? Who knows? These things are like Hemingway’s observation on bankruptcy..”gradually, then suddenly”. Who would have figured some fruit vendor torching himself in North Africa would lead to governments collapsing? Stay tuned and always remember “PACE”– Primary, Alternate, Contingent, Emergency in your planning. Whatever happens won’t be linear.

    • Sam;
      Having participated in the F50 corporate side of the matter, I think the ‘gradually’ part explains the complacency in the face of obvious (to me) trouble developing. That plus enforced inertia due to a bad management culture. The plan keeps getting almost made. If you individually change something drastically and anything goes amiss, be sure you’ll get the blame from your ‘colleagues’ for any and all shortfalls, etc.

      Trivial example: Nobody would be the first to let their folks go home when the snowstorm starts, even though no useful work is getting done that day, everybody is on the phone about the storm, the roads, travel times, etc. This was because then they’d get the blame for missing the shipment plan for the quarter. But just as soon as one manager does it, everybody else follows suit immediately: Plant closure chicken contest.

  30. It’s been clear for some time that the Democrat Party (and not a few Republican partisans) represents foreign interests over American ones. Liberal immigration from foreign lands, post-national pretenses, a global tax on Americans’ energy use (aka Climate Change Action), a bleed-out of American jobs to foreign competitors, promiscuous courting of foreign student applicants for university admissions that rightly belong to American citizens first, and generous foreign aid regimes are just a few of their promised give-aways to their foreign clients.

    And, after twenty-plus years of taking foreign bribes from some very tough people, they now have to deliver. The Arabs, Russians and Iranians play for keeps, and expect their nefarious agendas to be carried out. In this light, Pelosi’s impeachment gambit is not designed for American ears; it is the Democrats’ publicized peal to their foreign clients that “We are doing all we can to deliver.” It is their desperate last-ditch effort to ward off their external creditors who, if the gambit does not work, will demand their heads in repayment.

    The Democrats’ treasons are numerous, as, like Yassir Arafat, they present one face to foreign audiences and another one to American audiences. All of which makes their pending accusation of treason against Trump all the more transparent: they are simply accusing him of what they have been doing for at least a quarter of a century.

  31. In my lifetime I have witnessed several acquaintances who have either married into the Cloud People Society, or have clawed their way financially into its orbit. Their behavior has undergone a concomitant change, as well. They are like the astral elves in LOTR who walk about majestically robed and speak in beatific tones about the need for tolerance of other cultures and vigilance against environmental damage. These people are not even aware of how food gets to their table.

    • I live in both worlds and managing the cognitive dissonance often makes your head hurt. One has to remain very, very compartmented.

      • Same here. Sometimes the BadThink side comes out and I poke them a bit. They look at me like I shit on their rug. It’s great.

        • I’m deep cover. It’s useful. Remember the old Viet Cong maxim about being a fish swimming the sea of the people….

      • “What? No, you can’t mean that! You’re one of US!”
        Heard that more than once.

        But, cloud people are no more in complete conformity than we are. I think the aggressive pushing of LGBT (especially the “T”) is peeling off a proportion of Good Whites. Example: Last week I went to lunch with colleagues. A woman told us her first grade son’s class has regular LGBT teaching sessions, plus, her boy was told “You can be a girl if you want. You just have to take some medicine.” Even the non-Hate Thinkers were very upset to learn of that.

    • LOL. I was banished from a family just like that. As I was getting cycled out the airlock, I told them all that if they thought a Trump was bad… “just wait until you see the next guy! He will make Trump look tame! It will be you guys that put him in office too!” The look on their faces was fear.

      And then I went swooshing out into The Void to become a nonperson.

      I managed to catch a ride on a passing spaceship crewed by deplorables, dissidents, racists, antisemites, and other black hearts and turdies… and I learned to laugh about such things.

      And how to strop a bayonet to a razor edge… 🙂

      • You should have told them : ” Trump is your own damn fault – YOU put him into office “.

        That usually gets them shrieking and howling: “Wha? What are talking about !?”

        “Look you dipshits – YOU put Trump into office. It’s VERY simple. Pretty much ANY other candidate except Hillary would have made the majority of Republicans and/or conservatives go back to sleep and vote for one of other 12 useless turds that were clogging up the Republican primaries back then. But you had to go and nominate Hillary. And she had to go do what Hillary does – which is lie , cheat – and steal. Even the right wingers I know – knew damn well that Bernie got shanked – by Hillary. Hillary has been opening her commie pie-hole for decades on what she is for – and what she would do. So when the Republican field demonstrated clearly that they were the typical useless turds – and Trump opened his pie hole and said he was going to run – the die was cast. YOU ELECTED TRUMP. Always remember that. We just cast the votes. Don’t bitch to me – this is your own damn fault! “

        • LOL – That’s exactly what got me thrown out the airlock, as a matter of fact! 🙂

          If I had lied, or been mistaken they wouldn’t have given me the time of day. They would have just smiled and ignored it. It was the fact that it was true – and they knew it was true. They all do.

          The civil war, when it comes… I think, if we’re lucky – will be remarkably short. As our blog host notes, those people live in an artificial environment that is very costly and maintained – by the exact same people they hate – guys like us. When the revolt comes and the Dirt People walk off the job – I’m thinking the military will go with them and cleaning up will be fairly easy.

          One can hope, anyway.

        • I never thought I would say this, but here it is: Thank God for Mrs. Bill, then, if she was the boil that demanded lancing. She finally performed a public service for her country, after all her years harridaning her way through life and the jobs she got only because of her husband’s Arkansas used car dealer shtick, which to my despair weaved its successful spell in the nineties.

    • I live in the DC area. What amazes me is the openness of the disdain that the Cloud People show toward Trump and flyover whites, particularly southern whites. They will call Trump supporters idiots, racists, women-haters or worse in a gathering of 20 people or more.

      They either can’t comprehend that some of those people voted for Trump or they don’t care. Either way, it shows how sure they are that we’re defeated. If I said one thing against Hillary or Obama, their heads would explode (I know because I have) but they have zero fear of retaliation for trashing on Trump or flyover whites.

      • Re: Their heads would explode…………..

        You’re not exaggerating. I’ve told this story before – but it bears repeating to back up your point. During the run-up to the election before Obama’s 1st term in office – a number of us were sitting around the lunch table at work discussing who we were going to vote for. One of my co-workers – who was well known for being a leftie – sat down as we were talking and asked “so who is everybody voting for in the election?” .

        When it got around to me – I responded with ” I can’t cast a vote for him – but I hope Obama gets elected”. His eyes lit up and he seemed all happy – and he asked ” Why?!”.

        I answered: “because the way I see it – if Obama gets elected he’ll bring about the collapse of liberalism in this country and destroy the Democrats as a viable political party”.

        Then I went back to eating my sandwich.

        When I looked up from taking the bite he was walking away from the table – quickly. One of my buddies was laughing his ass off – and said ” WOW – you really pissed him off – his face turned beet red and the veins were bulging out of his neck!”.

        So yeah – their heads will DEFINITELY explode! 🙂

    • I take your point, but the analogy is not the best because the high elves of LOTR actually -were- the noble and more superior race in both looks & virtue. Men were categorically and objectively lesser and more rapacious and greed driven. Our situation is the polar opposite of that, but the vast gulf between the race of men and the first elves I understand. (just flip the virtue leaning)

      That being said, like Citizen of a Silly Country I rub elbows daily with the most egregious social climbers & strivers due to me being squarely positioned in the heart of Sodom on Potomac. It is a very ugly and also fascinating thing. You would f-cking marvel at how detached from objective reality the vast majority of these people are. Openly classist, sexist, and racist so long as it is against the poor white trash, rednecks, oppressive white males, etc etc. These conversations happen openly in public places & private gatherings. Imagine that in reverse about black criminality or how wahmen basically destroy everything they touch politically? LOL.

      People I grew up with who use to be race realists and pretty salt of the earth types breathed enough swamp gas over the years that I scarcely recognize them anymore. That shows you how powerful this propaganda is to completely alter the personality of someone in a 1984 Winston 2+2=5 type of manner.

    • I’m sorry to harp on this point, but you men absolutely must get your women under control. It’s always women insisting on “love is love,” or “be nice,” or “toleration.” It’s always women bringing their kids to drag queen story hour, or telling you how nice their gay friends are. It’s women that buy into those commercials featuring the perfect blend of the White and the others at every gathering (funny; we went out to dinner with friends the other night and a large contingent of Han came in and went into one room together – no diversity there; two other tables were full of well-heeled Negroes – no diversity there – can anyone recommend a guide to restaurants where primarily White people go?).

      Part of the reason men don’t act is because our society has become so feminized. When most men – White men – can tell their wives and daughters and girlfriends to shut the f—k up and get out of the way, because they are a big part of the problem – then we might make some progress (just as my husband very properly warned me, at the start of our dinner out the other night, to watch my words and volume due to the nearby diversity). This does not entail more women commenting at dissident right sites or becoming spokesmen – it involves women going back to where they belong – i.e. supporting their men, not constantly challenging them.

      I may speak rather bluntly here, but at home, even when we disagree, we both know my husband is the head of the household. My dear, sweet, extremely Christian friend from West Virginia has a backbone of steel, and she also makes sure her husband knows just how much she appreciates all he does and how much she relies on him. I truly feel for those here who’ve changed and whose wives are still Nice White Ladies, but you’re going to have to drag them, kicking and screaming, into the real world. And if you have children, you need to teach not only your sons to be men, but your daughters how to be women – what their role is, how femininity can be strong without being shrill, and how a real woman supports her man. Your wife cannot teach your daughters what she doesn’t know and really understand and live herself.

      • “Get your women under control!” Ha! Jesus Christ on a bicycle! Our paths have got to cross someday. You are The Enforcer.

      • I got my woman under control, 3g. 😉. The key is to marry a woman with the same values, as all else follows naturally after that.

        • Not so easy. Don’t tell the woman you are courting what your values are so she cannot lie about hers. Let her do all of the talking.

  32. The big difference between now and the French Revolution is the French peasants didn’t have 400,000,000 guns. Of course they also didn’t have tens of millions of Africans in France either.

    • True. But the French government (either state or federal) didn’t have a couple of million cops and military personnel whose salaries and pensions relied on the government remaining in power.

      • Correction. The salaries of those millions of cops and military personnel rely on A government in power, not THE government in power.

        • When your and your family’s welfare are on the line, you’ll stick with what you know. I live in the DC area. Trust me, these guys have a big steak in keeping the government afloat.

          • Let them feel the pain of crony capitalism downsizing like the rest of the peasants out here!
            The cloud people need to eat some dirt!
            We have been eating it with low wages and health and education cost inflation and no cushie pensions.
            The pitchfork people are coming for them eventually and sooner than later.

          • Only effective vehicle for accomplishing this is refusal by tens of millions of legacy americans to file income tax returns. Only effective strategy short of violence left open.

          • DC area?! Holy moly Citizen.. Get while the getting’s good. I don’t like your chances, or those of our fearless leader in Lagos! I’d make like a tree and leave!

        • During the first years of Barry the Kenyan the Republican Party controlled the Governorship and both legislative body’s of about 30 States.
          Fuck all happened.
          The money continued to flow to fund Mexican Lesbian Literature degrees.

      • The number of law enforcement personnel in the US looks like it’s in the range of 1.1 million.

        UPS employs something like 440,000 people in the US.

        FedEx employs about 425,000

        Why does this matter? Because after Broward County “law enforcement” shot up the UPS truck and killed the driver – if all of the local UPS and Fedex employees had responded in kind and showed up down at the local Broward County Sheriff’s headquarters and shot the shit out of the place – they would still have made a pretty big dent.

        Plus the Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t be getting any ammo resupply going forward – because they just really pissed off the people who would have been delivering the boxes.

        The police and the military are not omnipotent.

        Dorner showed that.

        So did Iraq and Afghanistan (and Vietnam for that matter)

        • Oh, they can be defeated, maybe even easily, by a serious white push back. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t expect them to side with us at first. They have too much to lose.

          It’ll only be when they see they their pension might not be so safe or that they might not be so safe that they’ll have second thoughts.

          • Good point! France is presently in the throes of a major transportation strike over the issue of pension reform. One interesting aspect is that the Ministry of the Interior has assured the gendarmarie (the French national police) that their pensions will not be affected. There are, however, a number of police organizations that are disaffected with the way French police are treated. The number of French police suicides are quite high. I don’t see a similar trend at the moment in the US, but it could be a game changer. Imagine a police strike, or a police mass demonstration in a major uS city.

          • Be interesting to see how the white police respond when more and more of their job is enforcing openly anti-white laws. Maybe they’ll just think of their salaries and pensions and do their job, but it would wear on you.

            Especially, if you’re fellow whites start to shun you and call you the traitor that you are.

          • I have several ‘friends’ who are fed agents & cops. They follow orders because like all good attack dogs they are conditioned & trained to do so over long periods of years. You won’t see much critical thinking from that crew until the wheels are REALLY off and they themselves are in danger.

            Most will gleefully trigger pull on whoever they are ordered to do so to, there is a great deal of historical precedent for this BTW. Not as much for trigger pullers refusing to carry out amoral / unlawful orders.

          • Let’s see:

            (1) Ruby Ridge: White cops / feds had no problem murdering white woman and white infant. The white rank and file cops / feds did nothing to support Randy Weaver or whites in league with him. The white rank and file cops / feds did nothing to bring their profligate colleagues to justice. Let us not forget that it was a liberal white lawyer who did a hell of lot more for Randy Weaver than almost anybody else.

            (2) Waco: White cops / feds had no problem burning, incinerating, and murdering scores of white woman and children. The white rank and file cops / feds did nothing to support those murdered. The white rank and file cops / feds did nothing to bring their fellow piggy parasites to justice.

            (3) Gordon Kahl: White cops / feds had no problem murdering Gordon Kahl. The white rank and file cops / feds did nothing to prosecute their brethren who perpetrated the murder.

            (4) Charlottesville: Cela va sans dire.

          • Apex;
            Often you’re right. But not always.

            Most revolutions are triggered by a preference cascade against the amoral/unlawful orders by the few armed troops *on the spot* that spreads. Can be passive as in the cossacks letting the commies crawl away under their horses instead of sabering them as ordered in March of 1917. Or semi-active as in Yeltsin being given a tank to ride against the KGB in 1990. Or active such as in Romania in 1989.

            That first act of mutiny can be the detonator. But the bomb doesn’t go off unless the accelerant charge goes off next. That’s the preference cascade being transmitted to and taken up by nearby armed units. The generals, being worthless hacks, shyte themselves because their orders suddenly aren’t being obeyed anymore and they have no idea of what to do: Situation rapidly gets out of hand and a useless, clueless local elite suddenly folds.

            Used to be called the inevitable accident: Frustration builds and builds and suddenly some trifling event pulls the trigger and a few previous order followers suddenly reconsider and it spreads. This is an uprising as Sevarian says on his site.

            A mutiny that spreads rapidly becomes an uprising. An uprising that is armed can become a revolution if it spreads widely and quickly. The revolution succeeds if the revolutionaries consolidate their control faster than the forces of reaction can form and move on them.

            Lots of chances that can misfire, though. An out-of-touch and incompetent elite help those chances a lot.

        • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: remind your NormieCon relatives that “The Blue” they’re so big on backing will be the ones doing the “coming and taking” when the time comes.

          Cops are not our friends.

        • We used to get these briefs from 3 and 4 stars…guys who had divisions pre surge…..these guys would preach about leadership and all kinds of shit. I just looked at them ” you guys lost in Iraq and can’t figure a way out in Afghanistan…maybe less time at Harvard and more learning how to close with and kill the enemy. How many guys resigned because the ROE or strategic plans were too restrictive or didn’t allow for victory…NONE!!! Mattis got fire along with Stan MacCrystal …NONE!

          • How many people did the decent thing and refuse to perpetrate the war crimes of Iraq and Afghanistan?
            Even fewer.
            Fuck the mercenary killers,

        • I don’t know how many people our local Sheriff’s department employs. In the unlikely event they decided to attempt to pacify the belligerent hillbillies of the south part of the county and the ornery farmers in the north, the answer would definitely be “not enough.” They wouldn’t get past the first farm outside of the county seat. Then again, I think our Sheriff, like a lot of rural Sheriffs, would side with the rebellion.

      • Citizen,

        Good point on the military and cops. Feeding your family ranks high in decent men’s minds.

        Less wargaming about how to fight the police and soldiers with plucky yeoman partisans and more hypothetical exercises on how to gain control of the paychecks.

        Reframe the battle space.

        Yes, most cops and soldiers will reluctantly crack down on friendly dissidents because they need to support their families and extend their loyalty to their comrades on their right and left shoulder.

        Become the paymaster or de facto authority and they will gladly crack down on your opponents whom they likely despise.

        • On the military, my concern is that — even if the individuals in the military are personally sympathetic to the DR cause — they will be scared that failing to follow orders, especially in a civil war type scenario, could get them not just fired but also court-martialed, or even taken aside and shot for treason.

          I’m imagining a hypothetical scenario where President AOC orders the police/military to go to each person’s house and sign a Firearms Disclosure under penalty of perjury, and then confiscate all disclosed firearms. Then, if you disclosed zero firearms and later turned out to have one, you’d be subject to jail time and so on. Furthermore, it would be cross-referenced against various government and Big Tech databases (think “the entire contents of Gmail”) that would be data mined for evidence that you are likely to own a firearm. If you were deemed “likely”, a search warrant would be issued for your house. In this scenario, the now-packed Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment only applies to government-controlled militias and is no longer an individual right.

          Would we actually be able to stop such a thing?

          I wish I could say that this scenario is “implausible”, but each year that goes by, my estimate of its probability goes up.

          • Albino;
            Could happen a lot sooner if the Rino’s in the Senate try something shifty.

            And you don’t need more than a dozen or so armed guys on the spot at the time to trigger a preference cascade if they think that their buddies all think the same way they do.

            We had a few apt aphorisms back in the day about this.
            – *Do not* issue an order if you’re not pretty damn sure that it will be obeyed.
            – When in doubt, ask the senior NCOs.
            – If one armed trooper say BS to your order, he’s in big trouble. If 100 say BS then *you’re* in big trouble.

          • Right, I agree that if everyone flips out all at once and says “fuck this”, the government would be unable to enforce its will.

            On the flip side, if the Left can pick off its enemies slowly/one by one, the Left wins. And, no surprise, this is how the Left works. Small changes to the law each year which eventually add up to big changes. More immigration each year which eventually adds up to huge percentages of the population. And revenge/retaliation against individuals and companies that dare to take any sort of Right point of view.

            Sometimes the Left is still dumb enough to overreach big time and then we get a reaction like the 1994, 2010, or 2016 elections. Unfortunately that reaction tends to accomplish little and then the Left resumes its game of creeping forward one baby step at a time.

            Things could change if we both start playing by the same rules. We will always lose if the Left plays offense and we play defense. Likewise, we will always lose if the Left aggressively deplatforms and fires people expressing Right views, while the Right sticks to a doctrine like “free speech” and refrains from punching left.

            Free speech is purely a defensive doctrine. We can, and should, use it (and everything else we’ve got) as one of our backstops, or as a legal defense in court, every time the Left tries to come after us. But in addition to that, we have to start deplatforming the Left ourselves (on our own platforms where we set the rules) and getting Antifa/SJW types fired from THEIR jobs.

            The Left is infinitely ruthless and already does these things. We will have to take off the gloves and be ruthless ourselves.

          • Perhaps nationwide lists should be kept for the most egregious SJWs and when one calls for plumbing, electrical, or car repair service we decline to provide the service. “Sorry, we’re booked up”. Our own version of deplatforming.

      • After all opposition has been removed and The Party has full uncontested power, that’s when the loyalty to cops, military, and teacher pensions ends.

        “Hey, you fuc^3d up. You trusted us.”

    • the French peasants didn’t have 400,000,000 guns.

      TBF, neither did the French army, but a good illustration of how guns don’t make revolutions, people do.

      • And it is the middle class that starts revolutions, not the poor. Look at Hong Kong, Brexit, and France today. Look at Tiananmen back in the day, and Iran in 1979. Always the middle class.

        • Dutch,

          Agreed. That’s why I’ve always said that the invasion of middle and upper-middle class neighborhoods, schools, local politics and workplaces by Asians and Indians will help us far more than the invasion of working-class areas by Mexicans.

    • Ahh yes the proverbial ‘mountain of guns’. Strangely, they are all still collecting dust or sitting well-oiled and unfired. Funny that… not trying to be obtuse but this ‘muh mountain of guns’ thing is sort of tired because it goes along with ‘muh constitution’ and all the rest. You need the -courage- to take action 10000% more than the weapon. That is severely lacking and I’m starting to doubt that there is any transgression grand enough to ‘light the spark’. Men of a different era wouldn’t have tolerated even half the shyte we’ve endured and I hear only crickets.

      What pray tell, is going to move this mountain of fire spitting steel into hands instead of storage? You realize White South Africans were also heavily armed as well, right? When you have no WILL to fight, you don’t. Period.

    • Whilst our domestic squabbles are underway, and when we are weakened and vulnerable, and the rest of the world is being entertained, what will our adversaries do? Will they take sides? Will they seize the opportunity to strike? North Korea, Iran, Russia, China? Maybe Canada annex Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont? Maybe we give California to China as a peace offering – solve a whole heap of our problems. Alaska and Cuba to Russia. Unload Puerto Rico. What happens to Israel?

  33. The continuation of the ever present whitewash. Day in. Day out. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Theses aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Relegating the powers that be in the cloud to enumerated powers only will go a long way in returning liberty to the dirt people. The States will be forced to pick up the slack. Self government functions better on a smaller scale. As in autonomous State and local governments allowing for greater self governance. Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

  34. Well, let’s be honest. A major ((contingent)) – certainly, the most powerful contingent – of the ruling class never considered themselves a part of us. They are now and always were foreign occupiers.

    What changed over the past 50 years is 1) they took complete control via money and the media and 2) those who once considered themselves a part of our people no longer do. Either way, American whites no longer have any representation among our rulers. Indeed, we are particularly hated and despised. Plan accordingly.

    • Speaking of honest talk and that major contingent, Sunday’s FTN show about impeachment was outstanding.

  35. Life and society simply don’t work reliably over a longer time frame – unless consequences are enforced for bad actions. The left constantly tries to jam “consequences” down our throats for every action they perceive as bad – but “conservatives” refuse to respond in kind.

    I think that’s a good part of the reason why we are at – where we’re at.

    I’ve argued with “conservatives” for decades now – that every single time the lefties jammed something else down our throat – some effort should have been expended to just refuse to pay for it. The typical response was ALWAYS ” if we don’t have taxes we won’t have roads – and schools !”.

    Which was obviously (only somewhat in retrospect) – just a blocking maneuver to enforce the will of the leftist run state. I can tell you that I would constantly make the argument that a simple look at the actual budget of pretty much ANY level of government would show clearly that their tax revenue could be reduced by at least 50% – and still have ample funding for roads and schools. But *something else* would have to go – and be eliminated completely.

    I can’t recall a single time I ever got a single normie conservative Inc. type to ever admit to this point. The only ones who would ever bother to actually look at the numbers and comprehend – were patriot or right leaning libertarian types.

    In the end – what the conservative inc. types were doing was just simply refusing to enforce any sort of consequential action onto the ever growing leftist run swamp monster.

    When the SHTF time finally comes – and consequences start to get enforced, I would highly stress to those of us doing the enforcing that they wipe from their minds any thoughts of running away. No thoughts of a run-away Galt’s Gulch in the middle of the country in “red” states should exist in their heads.

    The thought that the dissident right needs to get cemented in their heads is not that WE should run away – but rather that THEY should be purged.

    I keep hearing the word “secession” – when the word you should be thinking of is “decession”

    Don’t run away from Washington D.C. – kick them out. Congratulations D.C. – we all voted and you’re no longer part of the nation any more. Hope you can survive as an independent city state.

    Congratulations NYC – you’re no longer part of NY state – or the USA any more – hope you can survive on your own as an independent city state.

    Offense not defense should be the mindset going forward.

    Start telling the lefties to their faces: we are kicking your asses out. Better start thinking of how you’re going to survive as independent entities.

    • I like that attitude.
      Create some city states for them.
      Govern the way you want in your city states.
      But we keep the food, the electricity, and the arms so we can shut your ass down if needed.
      I like it.

      • The lefties have been howling for a while about how it’s the cities that produce all the wealth – and “do all the work”. Recently there was even some turd in CA that was calling anybody who lived out in the country a dumb turd.

        Well let’s prove that theory out.

        Disconnect the cities from the country. Disconnect them from the tax base (that includes the suburbs) – and make them survive on their own.

        Then we can find out who’s full of shit – and who isn’t.

        • There are a lot of city states such as Singapore that are not self-sustainable, yet do quite well. It would be a race between the coastal areas’ ability to import enough food from overseas to sustain itself and the heartland’s ability to export enough food and oil overseas to sustain itself.

          It would sound a lot like the agrarian South vs. the industrialized North, but a big chunk of what remains of US industrial capacity is now in the heartland as well.

          If we were simply uneasy neighbors, the coastal areas would be fine. If we were actually at war, well, it would be rough for them. They have a big population, but would they really be able to field a decent army from the American urban population? Would they be able to project force deep into the heartland? Could they stave off attempts to blockade and sabotage, starving the population? Would the heartland react like Afghanistan, simply becoming an unconquerable guerrilla territory? Would leftist cities in the middle of the heartland — Austin, Denver, Chicago, etc., fall into line with their parent states, or become enemy outposts?

          I’m sure people have wargamed it.

          • Militarily speaking I think the city states would lose – if for no other reason than just the fact that their limited land area would not give much opportunity to hide forces.

            They could be blocked from the sea thru naval forces. They could be pounded into dust thru air strikes similar to WW2. They’d have limited ability to strike back since they’d be so geographically constrained they wouldn’t have any place to really hide their military capability. Sure – fighting IN the city is probably the worst type of fighting there is – so that’s why you don’t do it. You just strangle them from the outside.

            Which is exactly why I think people ought to start thinking of kicking out the urban centers – INSTEAD OF seceding. Why the hell should we give up the country ? – they broke the rules, they want their own “paradise” – fine: GIVE IT TO THEM.

            They can have their cities – and we keep everything else. But the kicking out vs secession thing is I think a crucial difference. One is saying “we are in charge – you suck so you’re out of here” – the other is saying “you’re in charge – but we don’t want to obey your cray cray rules – so we’re leaving”.

            It’s the difference between abandoning your own house to your crazy teenage daughter – vs kicking her ass out of the house and telling her to go make it on her own.

            And the other crucial thing is: Once they’re kicked out and are separate national entities – if they get out of control they can start a war and be legitimately attacked.

          • The left has already messed up flyover country severely through non-military policies and they don’t seem to have any intention of stopping. Not to mention the dissident right is far from dominant in anything besides internet autism. It has no influence on industry or the military whatsoever, and at this point I would be very skeptical about it’s ability to form an effective resistance.

            The “cloud people” control the military and most importantly, have extreme wealth. They could easily destroy the dirt people militarily ( but that ain’t their style) or simply let them rot on the vine.

      • The cities are parasitical. They cannot survive on their own and even if they could, they need the dirt people to feel superior to. They think they set what is and is not their own identity but it is only an opposition to what the dirt people do.

    • Punishment is the key.

      Note that the left uses both legal and illegal methods to try to punish its opponents.

      But the “conservative” uses neither legal nor illegal means to punish!

      Doesn’t basic common sense predict how that will work out?

      But that’s the NAP in action–libertarianism (= 2019 “conservatism”) being just political eunuchism.

      A big part of Our Thing is winning people over to the AP.

      • So-called “conservatives” are conditioned to believe they can’t win and pursuing punishment is futile. In academia leftists can use violence, death-threats, shouting down, whatever means they wish, and they get away with it. If a conservative so much as uses the wrong word in the wrong context he gets punished.

        But since they’re all “cloud people”, as Mr. Z calls them, they don’t know that that’s not really reality. It’s campus reality. They don’t know that other realities exist.

        Unfortunately, this has been going on for so long that campus reality has metastasized to the greater polity. To the courts, the media, the schools, etc.

        Trump showed how toxic the real world is to the intelligentsia, but the so-called “conservatives” of the intelligentsia haven’t clued in. They never will. They come from the campus world. It’s all they know.

      • A clever combatant gets various factions of his enemies to punish each other, while avoiding such a thing on his own side. We need to get batter at that sort of thing.

        • If we had a political groups, I’d use some of the money to fund Dems like Omar of MN who push back against the man behind the money. She hates us, but she’s useful.

          • For all the posturing here as 4GW adepts, if truly we were then this comment on basic divide and conquer would have 20 upvotes.

          • We always assume the Dems are held together by their hatred of whites. This is only half right. They’re also held together by one source of money which keeps them on message.

            Provide alternative sources of funding and you will cause all kinds of problems.

          • We don’t need political groups per se, individual funding works great. Just get 500 people sending Omar $40 a piece will do wonders for her motivation.

            Years back I worked for a company called SAT(science and applied Tech) the owner one Dr. Majumder got a couple dozen of his engineers to send Sen. Kerry $2000 each in campaign contributions. In return Kerry got SAT some very fat Navy contracts for a new missile. A missile that would never work. Overall SAT was awarded close to a hundred million.

            Point is you need to get a bit creative and get our side to loosen up on their wallets. For the price of two Big Mac meals and a seeing a movie you can alter politics in this country.

          • A couple of million dollars could cause chaos in the Dem party. (TPTB) run the show over there because they control the purse strings for election campaigns and think tanks.

            Start funding black, Hispanic and Muslim candidates who are willing to speak the truth about who runs the show in overwhelmingly Dem districts and the Dems have a major problem.

          • Tucker had some ‘Rat on the other night and they both agreed that both political parties needed to shed their Wall St./Banker Cabal financiers for their particular party to have success with the populist wave.

            It’s a short step from “Wall St./Bankers to (((The Chosen.)))

          • Not precisely en pointe, but applicable nonetheless – lyrics to Sabaton’s “The Art of War” –

            I stand alone
            And gaze upon the battlefield
            Is all that’s left after the fight
            And I’m searching a new way to defeat my enemy
            I’ve seen enough of death and pain

            I will run – they will hunt me in vain
            I will hide – they’ll be searching
            I’ll regroup – feign retreat they’ll pursue
            Coup de grâce I will win but never fight [mercy killing]
            That’s the Art of War!

            Breaking the will to fight among the enemy
            Force them to hunt me
            They will play my game
            And play by my rules
            I will be close but still untouchable
            No more will I see suffering and pain
            They will find me no more
            I’ll be gone

            I will have them surrounded
            They will yield without fight overrun

            Coup de grâce

            I will win but never fight
            That’s the Art of War

            Broken and lost
            Tired of war
            They’ll surrender to me
            Caught in my trap
            There’s no way out
            Fail never again

            I will run – they will hunt me in vain
            I will hide – they’ll be searching
            I’ll regroup – feign retreat they’ll pursue
            Coup de grâce I will win but never fight [mercy killing]
            That’s the Art of War!

          • Excellent, 3G! A man must know his limitations. And so must a woman. The Range is not a strategic thinker. Glad I’m not strategizing for them to play by my rules. Identify those that can and coattail in their dust. Bleed the Queen…..the new action Hayduke Lives!

    • Two thoughts:
      Before we had income taxes, we had roads, bridges, schools, colleges, hospitals, charity, an Army and a Navy.

      Bigger: if we run away, they’ve taken territory.
      That constitutes a war victory- for them.

    • every single time the lefties jammed something else down our throat – some effort should have been expended to just refuse to pay for it

      What exactly do you have in mind? Once the spending has been voted in, unless it can be repealed (which there are never seemingly enough votes for…) it seems that we are left with a choice between a bunch of bad options: more taxes, more debt, printing money, or debt default.

      The best idea I can come up with is a way to get only the SUPPORTERS of the spending to pay for it. That is, shift the burden of paying for the Left’s garbage onto demographics that are mainly Left.

      The best real example of this would be the repeal of the state and local tax deduction in the 2017 tax bill. As you might expect, the usual suspects are PISSED about this, because it shifted the burden of paying for bloated state governments onto the people who voted for those governments… rather than having the rest of us subsidize it.

      Unfortunately, the morons who drafted that bill failed to make that change permanent, so when it expires in 2026 or whenever, we’re back to the old system. As usual, the Right is stupid and expended political capital on getting a TEMPORARY change to our laws that automatically expires… rather than focusing on making PERMANENT changes to the law (even if they are small changes), resulting in a ratchet effect in our favor.

      The Left isn’t dumb like this. The Left plays the game such that its victories are permanent and its defeats are temporary, and is often happy to trade a temporary defeat or two for a permanent victory. (Why we’d agree to such a bad deal is beyond me…)

  36. I don’t hope for much in the short term, but I do hope that I get to watch a Trump versus Biden debate. It will probably come to blows or literal dick measuring. Two overconfident, braggart Boomers going at each other would be great entertainment.

    • I suspect it would end poorly for Biden. His whole act can only work in the hot house. His old tough guy thing worked on a pansy like Paul Ryan, because the Cloud is full of pansies like Ryan. For all his faults, Trump is not a pussy. He’s also going to needle Biden into blowing up. People simply asking questions gets Biden angry. Imagine Trump standing there saying Biden was taking bribes from Ukraine through his drug addict son.

      I’m surprised Biden has made it this long. I will not be shocked if he finishes fourth in Iowa and New Hampshire and his black support then evaporates.

      • Just asking Joe when the last time he had an actual “working-class job” on stage would be hilarious.

        • Well, he did just say something in IA about stacking spaghetti sauce. Maybe that was a working class job he held. Seems suited to his skill set.

      • What a combo for a debate. Biden who is incredibly thin-skinned for a politician and Trump who is a master at finding your sorest spot.

        Trump would have the hardest time with Warren. She’s a scold, an old-fashioned church lady for the modern religion. She fighting for a greater cause and would see Trump as a low-life heathen not worthy of even listening to. Trump wouldn’t rattle her.

        • Possibly. But Warren is also a proven liar, a race whore, and batshit crazy… and even the women are seeing it. She’s basically Hillary all over again. I think that on an intellectually honest based debate… the fudge packer would probably give him the toughest go.

          • Warren always seems totally demented. The bug eyes, the wild gestures. I’ve even convinced my wife to laugh at her whenever she opens her mouth.

          • The proven liar, race whore, and batshit crazy man is Trump. He enjoys making things up as goes along.

          • Americans still reflexively are disgusted by fudge packers. I think Butt-whatever would get a solid percentage of the Dems in a poll but he’d lose them in a real vote due to the squwick factor.

          • Blacks won’t vote for a fudge packer. Cankles is going to jump in and this time, by God, she’ll go to the Rust Belt. She’s on drugs and won’t win a rematch.

      • Seriously. Biden is the quintessential bully. He cannot handle any criticism at all. And then bizarrely, Saturday Night Live did a skit where all the cool kids are the Elite and Trump is the nerd who they are bullying. Our Elites are actually divorced from their own consciousness.

      • Seen Biden up close on several occasions. His one skill is glad handing a crowd. Had he not come from a state that you can fire a .22 across, his political apogee would have been as an alderman in a place like Chicago. Plenty of hands to shake and sufficient graft to keep the family (even the idiot kids) afloat. He’s been wrong on every significant issue since the 70s and still kept his job.

        • Methinks not enough people have seen the tapes of his hands below the breasts of 9 year old girls. As crazy and as stupid are the American voter, most will recoil in disgust when those pictures are run on TV.

      • Biden had to run to power the impeachment narrative. You can’t be messing with your opponent if he isn’t your opponent, after all. As soon as they’ve drawn that sorry spectacle to a close he will step down, for whatever contrived reason that they have no doubt drawn up long ago. It’s a big reason for the rush to draw articles. They don’t want Iowa to make it clear he has no actual support.

      • Then how does he become the nominee? The press left him for dead last June and he’s been limping along ever since.

    • Doddering NYC blowhard versus an even more doddering nursing home runaway. Geriatric blood sports? Could be fun.

      • The “debates” are a farce. Lincoln, Douglas, those were debates. The moderators are Libs and the rules of engagement are absurd. Why even have a moderator? “Senator, you now have 30 seconds to respond to his response.” Why not just let the puppets have it? Because the candidate wouldn’t agree to those terms, that’s why. They may embarrass themselves.

    • I don’t think Biden will end up being the Dem candidate. He’s a slow motion train wreck. If he wasn’t such a vicious old bastard I’d almost feel sorry for him as he slips into dementia in front of a national audience. Almost.

      • I agree, Biden ain’t going to be it. The crazies can’t wait four more years so they will have to bring in someone from the former A team. Who, I don’t know.

        • The Dems are intentionally throwing this election and normalizing what they’ll do in 2024 when demographics ensure they can’t lose.

          Get ready for gun confiscation and thoughtcrime laws.

        • Still have my money on The Angry Eyed B**** Michelle pulling a last minute. If Trump had to debate her or just run against her, can you imaging the Richter Scale roaring hysterics from the media, no matter what he says and every word he says…. he is Raaaacist!! He hates wamyn and will throw your daughters to Kavanaugh to ravage!! Wants to eat your children! Will kill all the border jumpers! You’re all gonna die if Orange Man gets in! The climate will dump on your head and the ocean will tsunami the whole world!! The world’s at sixes and sevens, and the dogs are sticking to the sidewalk!

        • They don’t have a candidate. Rep. Green told us. They’re toast in the election; afterwards, they’ll start the real trouble.

      • You’ve got to admire his strategy for locking up the Black Church Lady vote:
        ” All the little girls I fondle are white, not a piccanniny among them”

    • For me it looks like war now and battle lines are settled. Democrats may rent the Lenin corpse from Putin , run this corpse and get as much votes as Hillary did. This is all pro Trump or against Trump now.

    • Technically… Biden isn’t even a Boomer. He is part of the Silent Generation between 1925 and 1945. Interestingly, this generation has not produced a President. And hopefully never will.

  37. All of which means we must be prepared to pin the blame on the usual suspects in the event of an economic downturn.

    The cultural preparation for much of what we are trying to do is incomplete, but everyone already hates bankers and that is our opening.

    • Most people hate bankers, Congress, politicians, foreign brown rich people, increasingly the Juden class, just naming “bankgsters” as the rallying call is the same circle-jerk that’s been hanging around since the ‘80s; albeit in more limited nuances. There’s plenty of “openings”, the dear question is thus – are you ready to do what is needed when the time comes or are you content to sit and masturbate from the sidelines? Not trolling, it’s a serious question. Everyone always has a suggestion for what everyone else should do, but more often than not their own preparation and fortitude more resembles that of quicksand. “Do you even lift, bro?” is a meme, but does carry the connotation that bettering yourself is far more profitable in the long run, it to to mention puts you in a better position when shit goes south.

      • From what I have seen – most people can’t even get the shit in their heads straight.

        If you can’t do that – then all of the guns , and all of the lifting- and all of the “prepping” – really won’t come to much.

        I am on a forum where there is a lot of talk about carrying – and self defense. Usually it revolves around which holster to use, which pistol do you carry – what caliber – etc. These are the subjects that most people seem to think are the most important when talking about self defense.

        I think the most important thing is something much different. The most important thing is the ability to get pissed off enough that you could wrap your hands around somebody’s neck and look into their eyes while you choke the life out of them.

        If you have that – then all of those other things are secondary. Because you will find a way to defend yourself when the time comes – even if it means grabbing a narwhal tusk and plunging it into an attacker’s heart.

        If you have all the “correct” hardware – but none of the will – then it’s highly likely you’re going to fail when the time comes.

        The same level of “thought” is going to have to be applied to all of the Congressmen, banksters, Juden class, foreign brown businessmen – etc.

        One guy with the “correct” mindset is not going to change things.

        It’s going to take millions.

        That’s why the mindset issue is (I believe) – the MOST important thing.

        • While never in the military–was in the emergency services business for a couple decades. Mindset is important. But what I learned is that, skills aside, training and mental preparation is about making things that every natural instinct tells you not to do, become automatic. And be able overcome the brain fog and tunnel vision that adrenaline/cortisol dumps naturally create. It’s come in handy on more than one occasion.

        • That’s why I give myself this daily reminder:

          S18, just remember:
          These people want to destroy everything your ancestors built, they want all of your stuff, they want all of your money, they want you dead, they want your children as sex toys…and they think it’s funny.

          That’s enough to keep me going.

          • Yes …. but………..

            Can you visualize grabbing one of those people around the throat – and choking them until you see their eyes go dead?

            Because if not – you’re not “there” yet.

          • We’re not gonna know who’s for real until game day, you never know that.

            You could improve your chances of finding such men by associating with them at the local gun club, or biker club, vets at amvets vfw etc.

            For non vets/FF seriously gun culture is indeed a distinct sub culture and identity, even lib sociologists notice now.

            And yes train. Equip. DECIDE NOW.

            If you can’t do the killing thing* you can still help and share the risk especially support in protracted conflict.

            * I get it. I even sympathize. Its not fun. Its disgusting. Just share risk of life and liberty and you’re fine with me, I think others too.

          • Re: They want all your stuff.

            Listen to this Stephan Molyneaux interview of a listener from Chile – apparently they’ve got an out of control Commie infestation down there , and one of the things the bugs are looking for (sounds like they’re mostly college students) – is to rewrite the country’s constitution – to take away protections for private property.

            So yeah – they want all your stuff:


        • I think this is what it really boils down to. I’m law abiding, do what I’m told to an extent but still maintain a healthy skepticism of Federal law enforcement. I spent 25 years in the military as a combat arms Officer and enlisted Marine. Its ingrained that I follow the rules…but at some point if things go south, what will it take to recognize the tipping point? Nobody wants to assault the breach by themselves. I live in Texas, I suspect if things get bad and we have a true Texan in the Governors mansion, I’ll take my cues from there initially.

          We don’t have ANTIFA here in any great numbers. I was part of a small number of paid close protection folks for a Dana Loesch appearance. There were a maybe a hundred other armed folks “protecting” her. The ANTIFA folks that showed up didn’t amount to much. They won’t clash with conventionally armed people who aren’t armed in some bizarre mad max fantasy cosplay.
          They appear to be better organized than the Right and they show up in numbers…atleast adjacent to their liberal strongholds. I guess I’ll ask what the folks in Iraq asked…”tell me how this ends”. I suspect with a whimper instead of the bang many of us suspect.

          • Maybe it’s bang, whimper, more bang. We don’t know. Iraq didn’t have to get screwed up- in 03 they were eager to work with us and Bremer blew it. The same cycle is repeated over and over again.

            You raise a key question; what will the enemy do?

            Perhaps what he does? Chaos?
            See Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Arab Spring, Color revolutions. THIS is what they do / chaos. I’d pick that as most likely and most dangerous course of action.

          • The other thing is…we will be, atleast in the beginning, the insurgents.

            I think the active duty military will sit on there hands initially as they won’t know what the hell is going on. Even if some elements respond to a crisis like the LA riots or Katrina and things get out of control, most active units won’t deploy and they will have “pause” to react. Local law enforcement will have the same “pause” as they are in the communities they police. I have no illusions about the Feds. I think horrible shit can happen at the local level and then these folks will step back.

            But my point is that until the military decides who they will back, we’ll be alone but my hope will be that we’ll have the revolutionary zeal like a Vietcong or Taliban that the feds or deployed units won’t. We were killing people we hated, had zero in common with and they we lost, they outlasted us. The folks we’ll be facing will be us….there is a ton of facets to this conversation.

          • The question is “When does it start?” Wiser heads always advise defense, or a reaction to something. Don’t get blamed for being the instigator. This is not going to go underground for 30 years, like after the sixties.

        • You are correct sir. As we say here in Texas,”We have to open a can of Whoop ass and rub it in with gusto”.

        • Driving home tonight it dawned on me that the Marxists truly believe that we are not the ‘stuff’ of men 100 years ago. They most likely believe that we haven’t been tried and that we will not follow through. But while in general that might be valid, it doesn’t take more than, what, 5 or 10% to get the job done.

          Virginia will be the petri dish, perhaps.

      • Had the benefit of a ringside seat to the last crisis. The bankers are out of money and they only pulled off the “conduit” trick to save Goldman by the skin of their teeth the last time. It is always a good time to look inward and do what you can to improve your own resiliency and that of people that matter to you. Like most things it is not how good you are at predicting the future, but what skills and mindset you’ve practiced to deal with a stochastic present.

      • >since the ‘80s

        Yes to most all of that.

        There has always been a vanguard, but mass cultural preparation was largely impossible in the US before the widespread proliferation of social media.

        Unlike in 2007-2008, there is now a transnational vanguard that can not only jam their signal but also propagandize on a global scale.

        I don’t think they will be able to Madoff their way out of it this time.

    • Let us be honest- the usual suspects are guilty. They are also the core around which the enemy is organized and led in media, govt, law, and conveniently this week they put forth some of their most bizarre and repulsive specimens. The two grand inquisitors are the usual suspects, we can go on. These are not victims, they are volunteers.

      Further they are openly nervous, indeed borderline hysterical wrecks. They are per historical norm defecting- this is a norm from the Spanish Inquisition through Heydrich (look at a picture of Heydrich).

      This leaves the practical Questions of what to do with harmless innocents and defectors. Here I say; leave the harmless be – strike them and you’ll miss your opportunity to strike enemies. Opportunity is a musket shot – one chance, one volley.

      Defectors; use them as Trump does. Never trust them, but use them. They know who’s guilty and how to get them.
      Nor should we reward proven loyalty to the nation with lumping them in with the guilty – causing the rest not to retire but fight desperately. It also appears better than indiscriminate and stupid actions that smash innocents and guilty alike. It would especially not play well with even our most resolute fellow Americans.

      As I’ve said – we made the mistake of trying to share not rights but power- conflating rights with power. This was madness- and 50 years of power struggle and associated disorders flow from THAT mistake.

      Our end state; enemies removed from power – we whites in power, we keep the power. Let them have rights, we keep the power. Its best for ALL- the rest are lost at trying to manage – they can’t manage.

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