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Since we are rapidly running out of road in 2019, it seems like a good time to address some common questions that come up from time to time. Something that has gone unnoticed over the last year is the number of people moving into dissident politics is growing, despite the efforts of the ruling class. When big shot pundits feel comfortable using terms like “cloud people” in public, it suggests the people on the other side of the great divide are at least looking over at what’s happening here.

A question that comes up with some frequency is what people can do to support the cause of dissident politics. It makes sense. Once you have come to terms with the fact we are in the demographic age, you want to support your team. There’s also the fact that people attracted to this type of politics are the type used to solving problems and fixing things that are broken. Sitting around bitching about things being broken is not what comes natural to those drawn to this side of the great divide.

The first rule of organizing is to develop as many on-ramps as possible for people to come into your thing. The reason outsider politics remains fringe is it tends to have just one entry point and that door is guarded by weirdos. The libertarian movement never got out of the valley of weirdos, because it deliberately disconnected itself from the mainstream, despite so much help from Conservative Inc. The key is offering many paths to entry and not being ideological about those paths.

For example, 2020 is an election year. There are few good candidates running, but there are some worth supporting. No, they are not “our guys” and no, winning elections will not result in the changes we seek. The way forward for us is not going to be through the ballot box, but elections can open doors to our side. Despite all the screw-ups and mistakes, Trump has opened a lot of doors for us. Lots of people had their eyes opened about demographics through the issue of immigration.

If politics is your thing, consider supporting these candidates:

Again, there is no voting our way out of the problems of democracy, but engaging in the process can open doors to our side. A guy like King winning is social proof to a lot of people who quietly agree with us, but maybe don’t know it. This was the sole value of Trump winning in 2016 and will be the only value of his winning again in 2020. It validates the opinions of people who are heading this way. When you learn that your taboo thoughts are not uncommon, it liberates the soul.

There is another angle to this. If you are in these areas where populist candidates are running, even if it is a guy running for dog catcher, volunteer for the campaign. What you will find is that there are other bad thinkers doing the same thing. These campaigns have become an underground meetup for people in dissident politics to recruit people into local groups. If you are in a local group, find a candidate close to our side and get your guys to volunteer. It’s a great recruiting tool.

That is, of course, the main thing we should be doing. Getting people of like mind together in real life is the foundation of any movement. The story of every successful mass movement is normal people getting together in real life for fellowship, support and community building. If you don’t know anyone local, sign up for AIM. They have local groups all over now. It’s not just young people either. They have men of all ages in their chapters. It is a good thing to support.

Another way to engage likeminded people in real life is to attend events where our people meet, like American Renaissance. They will be holding their annual convention in May this year. It has not been announced, but the tentative date is the last weekend of May. There will be other events coming up like the Northwest Forum, which is held in Washington State. There are a lot of plans for events in the works this year and they will be posted here and elsewhere as the details emerge.

Finally, if the best you can do is throw money at the cause, there is no shame in that as there is no shortage of donors in this thing. American Renaissance and VDare are two groups that do a lot for the dissident cause. Solo acts like Steve Sailer and Paul Ramsey are examples of individuals, who can always use a few bucks to help keep the lights on and food on the table. Paying NetFlix every month may ease the pain of your demise, but giving that money to dissidents may save your kind.

It’s not just about donating to our guys. You can also buy the books written by our guys, which is is a great way to support our media. Conservative Inc. is a great book by one of our great young writers. It’s a good book to give to your curious normie friend. If you are into fiction, pick up a copy of Faction by Karl Dahl. For something witty and funny, there is Galaxy Mindset. Greg Johnson has a lot of books for the dissident reader and he can always use our support.

Of course, the best thing you can do, the most important thing you can do, to support the cause is be a prince among men in your daily life. Men follow men. By setting a high standard in your personal life and being a respectable face to skeptical people about these issues, you become one of those many on-ramps to our thing. If you are the sort of person people admire, they will admire your politics. The reddest red pill is the realization that you are the message. Never forget it.

For sites like this to exist, it requires people like you chipping in a few bucks a month to keep the lights on and the people fed. It turns out that you can’t live on clicks and compliments. Five bucks a month is not a lot to ask. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription, make a one time donation. Or, you can send money to: Z Media LLC P.O. Box 432 Cockeysville, MD 21030-0432. You can also use PayPal to send a few bucks, rather than have that latte at Starbucks. Thank you for your support!

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  1. When I read ” When you learn that your taboo thoughts are not that uncommon, it liberates the soul ” I believe it was the best sentence I have read on this blog. I will try to post this on everything I can.

  2. Z-man, you have asked for $5 a month which is $60 a year. My problem is that for several reasons I must just send cash. There will be no way for you to tell it is me other than the two fifties in a card. Sending late this week.

    More importantly, I offer my prayers for your work.

    ~ Mark

    • Mark:
      I have the same issue.

      With what is coming for us I will only:
      1. Send denominations of $5, $10, or $20 in cash.
      2. Literally use rubber gloves to touch the cash and the envelope.
      3. Use a sponge to dampen the envelope. DNA lasts a long time so do NOT lick.
      4. Keep several of these envelopes in my car so that when I am away from home which I am a fair amount I can mail it from a post office away from home so at least it is not always coming from the same Post Office stamp which would indicate where I live within a few miles.
      5. Put different fake return addresses on the envelope so that it is possibly less likely to be stolen by the Post Office employees.

      So Z will never know who the cash is coming from and it may be stolen from time to time. But…………..

      Welcome to hell.

  3. As we move forward as people of the far right (I hope dissidents are ready to go there) we must consider two important things: the individual and the state. But there is one far more important to consider: the nation. When we think of the “nation” we are normally thinking of “the nation-state” but the STATE is NOT the nation. The “nation,” is not the same thing as the state.

    “Contemporary libertarians often assume, mistakenly, that individuals are bound to each other only by the nexus of market exchange. They forget that everyone is necessarily born into a family, a language, and a culture. Every person is born into one or several overlapping communities, usually including an ethnic group, with specific values, cultures, religious beliefs, and traditions. He is generally born into a “country.” He is always born into a specific historical context of time and place, meaning neighborhood and land area.” (from ’93 by a far right academic many here profess to know of)

    “While the State is a pernicious and coercive collective concept, the ‘nation’ may be and generally is voluntary. The nation properly refers, not to the state, but to the entire web of culture, values, traditions, religion, and language in which the individuals of a society are raised. It is almost embarrassingly banal to emphasize that point, but apparently many libertarians aggressively overlook the obvious.” (ditto)

    In the age of “identity politics” everyone seems to be supporting their own nation EXCEPT for the dumb-ass white people. And this has been going on for some time now. It is high time we present the real right — one that takes care of its own.

  4. Now at least I have some New Years resolutions:
    1. Start smoking pipe tobacco. At my age, I’ll be dead before it kills me.
    2. Stop tithing to a church that wants me dead and give it to the DR voices of my choice.
    3. Join a social club.

  5. It’s simple. Be the person you would want to dwell with.

    It’s a peculiar form of separatism, where you set yourself apart, and then draw in others to your way of thinking and acting.

  6. I love AIM but I’m afraid my name will be put on some future roster that will be subpoenaed in some future “hate thoughts” crime and I’ll be outed among my peers and lose everything. Being a dissident today is like being gay in the 50s. Where’s the Stonewall riot for dissidents? The abnormal now controls society. The normal are the new outsiders.

    • Round here there are several antifag and other commie outfits that have been hunting and doxxing AIM members – all with the help (and publishing) in the local smut rag.

      They have somehow got ahold of the private chat system used by AIM as well as other info on communication and meeting protocols. Several people have been harassed by these thugs and the media.

      The media here characterizes AIM as a “neo-nazi alt-right hate group” or other variant of such.

      Of course this is to be expected, but your concerns are real.

      There is a counter intelligence need with groups like AIM to mislead, harass, and doxx the legions of basement dwelling violent fascists.

      There won’t be media help of course but they can’t be allowed to so easily operate either.

      Trump is not right often but he is right about the media being the enemy. He said ‘fake news media’ is the enemy; I say ‘All media is the enemy’ until they prove otherwise. If they don’t in short order they should be treated accordingly: as a tool of the violent left.

  7. Can confirm that Kirkpatrick works on people who use terms like RINO but don’t know what a cuck is.

    • It ends with this:

      1789: Mayer Rothschild organised the French Revolution, and mass murder of the French aristocracy, to seize control of the French economy by privatising the Bank Of France.

      1803: The Bank Of France was privatised and a National Debt, to be paid off by income tax, was fraudulently established.

    • Thanks. It’s a story that has been repeated somewhere over a hundred times in the past 1500 years.
      Clearly not often enough.

      • Let’s work on repeating a story that’s been told 109 times before; and this time let’s make sure we never need to do it again.

  8. Remember the “Inner Circle and Outer Circle” concept. Successful secret societies used this in the past. Practice entryism against the Deep State.

  9. Well, I used to be an Episcoal priest and before that a low level legal official and before that a university instructor and before that Navy enlisted serving NSA. After facing up to the facts that the Church had changed into something else in my diocese,and that I was unemployable due to traditional positions on marriage and sexuality, I started over as a laborer back home in my hometown.
    My loyalty is first to family and Church and then to my people. I will be volunteering for one of the candidates Z listed above and I am always on the lookout for a good volunteer opportunity in my community. I like to get my hands dirty, but I’m done with the nasty business in progressive dominated organizations I hope to meet some folks with like views. I’d be happy to wear a Z lapel pin. God bless you Zman and all you other good people

    • Penny for your thoughts, given your background. Have multiple young ones and despite not having personally been raised religious, have recently begun attending local Episcopal church in accordance with family background. It is pretty liberal and so is priest, though to her credit she mostly seems to try to remain neutral-ish. Is this a waste of my family’s time and money?

      • PvtPls, I encourage you to attend with your family. To regularly worship reminds you and your wife and children that there is an ultimate, timeless reality that is above and beyond this experience. I hope it is for you a time and place to experience the true, the good, and the beautiful. Also, a space to experience community and serve God and other people

        I really wish the Episcopal Church were not in the shape it is in and I left much I love and many friends behind. The conflict between progressives and traditionalists was even less black and white than I thought a decade or so ago: some of those progressives are kind and fair minded people and some of the traditionalists turned out to be self-serving assholes.

        So, go there. Make sure there is a good Sunday School for the kids. Appreciate the Book of Common Prayer– it’s a treasure. Pay attention to the youth program and be prepared to be proactive and put your kids in a conservative evangelical congregation’s program or a Catholic youth program.

        God bless

  10. Alas, the NC State Board of Elections “canceled” Mr. D’ Abrosca’s candidacy mid-December, stating that he had not been affiliated with the GOPe for 90 days prior to filing. He has an appeal hearing in January, but I am less than sanguine regarding the possibility of his prevailing then.

    Be that as it may, I will do what I can to assist him in defenestrating the squishy Mr. Rouzer, if not in 2020, then in 2022. If we are still allowed to vote then…

    • This is the thing dissidents need to learn. We have to be masters of the paperwork, because that is what the people in charge use as a defense.

  11. “Again, there is no voting our way out of the problems of democracy” -Z

    The second rule of clown world

  12. As to meetups, I saw in my spam folder that the Bad Madres had indeed accepted me, for which I’m grateful.

    Dammit! My favorite people too, as I wanted to interview each a bit. I’m struggling to get things together so that I might develop some more professional tools for us and a side career as a traveling, subterranean canvasser for our thing- with an eye to the self-supporting, economic end.

    Forgive me, but California’s AB5 means I’m once again exiled from my birth state for a time. I must flee by New Years Eve or be out of business, to reorganize elsewhere.

    I didn’t know when to mention this, so let me thank D and L in advance. I was hoping I could get Exile to bash me with a chair, it’d do us both good. High times!

  13. If you are the sort of person people admire, they will admire your politics.
    This is such an excellent essay, Z. A sense of personal responsibility is what makes a free society possible. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Great points Z. The other day I was listening to Jared George @ The Great Order on Millenniyule. He made a really important point about positivity and forward momentum. I’m paraphrasing here but it’s important that those of us who have been in this for a while don’t succumb to the black pills. When we hate post something it should be balanced with much more positive action. For every zerohedge post I make, I should and will try and balance it out with much more white pill content featuring our successes and and the glory and achievements of our people on alternative platforms.

    • You know what helps me is getting together in person with others of like mind…You don’t even have to talk about dissident ideas but normal everyday items and it will still lift your spirits up…

  15. The last point is especially important to my situation. None of the following is an original idea of mine but I want to repeat details here. Try to be a visible model – well dressed and groomed, well spoken, in reasonable physical condition, not being an obnoxious a-hole out in public or on the road. Show up for work everyday ready to work and work at the highest possible level. Silently and carefully compete against the non-European types and silently band together with your fellow European types (this has to be done intelligently as a defensive measure against the maniacal SJW types.) Stop being lazy and forking money to 3rd world laborers – mow your own lawn, fix your own plumbing, wash your own car, do as many hands-on fix-it yourself tasking as possible, stop throwing money at Taco Bell, McDonalds and Starbucks who employee 3rd world immigrants and cop-disrespecting low life. God please stop watching monkey ball.

    Conversations with family, friends and co-workers can be delicate. Most white people are not ready for our political vision. My political take to them is that of self-discipline, self-reliance, self-responsibility, self-accountability and hard work as a means and an end to maintaining self-respect in a world gone mad with trans-sexualism, reparations and the unending victimhood mentality. Deus Vult !!!

    PS – I’m volunteering for Steve Knight (CA 25th congressional district) come 2020.

    • Also, if you really must have someone else mow your lawn for you, take notice of the crews that work your neighborhood; if any of them avoid hiring lots of brown people, think about hiring them. Better yet, find that local kid who is trying to earn some honest money.

    • Started changing my own oil after I was “served” by an all Arab oil change place. Now I do most of my small repairs. Big repairs are done at a family owned shop where all the staff are white.

      Stopped eating out at fast food after the crews had been switched to ugly Indians with ugly beards. Do almost all my own cooking now and am health conscious. Fast food gives me the shits now, it really is a poison.

      So many little things you can do. And yes, quietly connect on a deep level with other europeans, even if they aren’t on our side (as long as they aren’t fanatical anti whites). Youd be amazed how eager they are for a deep connection with racial kin; they might not even realize it.

      • I just changed gas stations after 6 years when I strolled in after filling up and noticed it was entirely staffed by Indians (of the street shitter variety)
        I checked out the next one first by strolling in before filling up.

    • 2A, great points. On aesthetics, I am a big proponent of dressing the part.

      Where I live the casual sad-sack perpetual 12yo snowboarder look is rampant. Between the soymales and the outdoorsy hoodie types, rare is a man dressed in masculine functional well-kept western wear.

      Just so happens thats what I wear almost exclusively. People notice. Always positive feedback. And I back it up with my language and demeanor.

      I suffer no fools and reward those who present well with a reciprocal level of respect. I ignore ugliness and slovenly people and very thinly veil my disappointment in them.

      Our thing has manifold opportunities to separate from the fray of homogenized globohomo.

      This is an area I press on with male friends. We will conjure our community out of our own actions. nobody is coming to the rescue.

  16. Out here on the left coast you can get a Oregon state tax credit of $50 per person for contributions to a political campaign or PAC. I sent mine to A grass roots organization fighting the one party state.

  17. “The libertarian movement never got out of the valley of weirdos” because libertarians tend to be progressives with autism. If you cured their social blindness, you’d get a bunch of ordinary center-leftists. Uncured, you get “muh individualism” because most people object to sacrificing (via taxes, regulatory compliance, etc.) for the benefit of others when they perceive no connection to them. They have trouble grasping social relationships except as analytical constructs, and they’ve rationalized the defect into an ideology.

    • I think the “Libertarian Movement” bit is a mis-statement.
      It’s more an attitude of mind than a political movement. I use it as a first check on anything: Why does this need anything other than free association? and then, if it does, What’s the lowest organizational level at which it can be achieved? (Subsidiarity)
      then, How do we keep it under control?
      As soon a what is the antithesis of politics becomes a political movement, you know the grifters have taken over.

  18. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri might qualify for the list?
    I am hoping Tucker Carlson takes a step into politics and gets traction with the normies as we go forward.
    I was at a conference with Carlson in which he hinted at a future political career. Carlson also said at that conference that he expected to eventually get booted from Fox. He also said Trump was too close to Goldman Saks and would not take us where we needed to go.
    In my mind Tucker or Kobach is the next step.
    Someone normies can be comfortable with.
    They ain’t us but they lean toward us.

    • Well said G and I don’t think at this time any of us would be electable so we have to go with those that are but are favorable to us…

    • Hawley? Some concerns:

      First, he has a Stanford undergrad, Yale law, and judicial clerkship pedigree. That background is great for the ruling class, in general, and the academy, the judiciary, the government / media complex, and the deep state, in particular.

      Second, he has waffled some on the 2A. He supports strengthening background checks. He supported the banning of bump stocks. He has also sent mixed signals on red-flag laws.

      Third, he voted to prevent the President from lifting sanctions against a number of Russian companies.

      Fourth, he admires the progressive gas-bag, cheerleader for empire, mass-murdering Teddy Roosevelt.

      Fifth, he supported the U.S. Embassy’s move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

      Sixth, he opposes BDS.

      Seventh, he supports the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.

      Yeah, with ((( friends ))) like this, who needs enemies.

      • The Senator Hawley replaced was Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill whom was not looney enough to help us drive normal folk our way but still bad enough to harm us.
        Hawley was a step up from Claire and the noise that he has made in hearings against big tech and censorship is at least some noise that might help us.
        Hawley is also a step up from the other Missouri Senator RINO Senator Roy Blunt.
        A step up is a small win and Hawley is a step our way even if he has ties to the usual suspects foreign lobby.
        Who doesn’t in DC at this point in history?
        Until we get wealthy elites willing to step up and finance our politicians we will be at a disadvantage for getting the type of politicians we desire.

      • Dan Carlin referred time TR as a “racist Peter Pan,” which sounds pretty darn awesome to me…but your point about Empire is well-taken.

  19. Amen to all these points. I particularly like concept of multiple on-ramps and the idea of supporting like minded candidates for any office at all, both as a way to infiltrate the system and as a way to meet other “dissidents.” Zman is so very right, there is no percentage in sitting about complaining. Any small step in the right direction is better than stasis. Good one Zman.

  20. Great essay as usual Z.

    It’s pathetic that there are so few politicians running that amount to much but it is what it is. I knew of the other 3 but had never heard of Foxworth.

    I checked out his site and the answer he gave for running was basically “what am I going to tell my boys about why their country is like it is and concluded with this answer.

    “The only answer that I can truthfully give them is that this happened because they live in a nation of cowards, and their father is one of them. Since I cannot bear to tell my sons this truth, I have decided to do something about it. I pray that you will join me.”

    Absolutely chilling. So if not us; who? And if not now, when?

    I will be in New Orleans next month and if I can I plan to stop by his headquarters. It will be nice to see and talk to actual humans. And, of course, I plan to bring x number of $20 bills to donate to the cause.

    • I accept that is generally true, but there are exceptions. See Donald Trump, who was encouraged to run as an entertaining pied-piper figure but unexpectedly ended up winning and the establishment has spent the last 3 years trying to overturn that election result. Trump’s caving on immigration and the wall is confirmation of your idea, though. Our faceless, nameless rulers are there and dictating our fate.

      • After Trump’s election but before his inauguration Oliver Stone’s series The Putin interviews aired and in it he asked Putin what he thought of trump and what was going to happen and Putin’s response was, America has a vast bureaucracy, and Trump will be very limited in anything he can do because of it. I think back about that a lot. Putin knew what he was talking about.

        • Yes, i saw an interview with Putin (not sure it was Oliver Stone’s) and he commented that some great men with great ideas are elected in the U.S., but after that some men in dark suits with black ties visit the elected president, and then after that their policies, especially regarding foreign policy, remain the same neo-con regime-change crazy, meddling policies. Putin knows. But for him, Russia would be a rump state, looted by western and Russian jews; he had to imprison one and go after others to end it. It’s still a delicate balance where they’re trying to rid Russia of corruption. If I see Trump going after Soros, I’ll believe Trump is truly confronting the draining of the swamp. Otherwise, we’re cooked and it’s unfortunately going to lead to revolt.

          • Ursula, sadly Trump’s not the kind of hard man Putin is. Business is not the world of politics and intel in terms of hardball. Going broke is the worst fate Trump has ever faced. Playing Russian realpolitik means losers get shot in the basement of the Lubyanka.

            Trump’s not been tempered in that kind of conflict and reality, nor has any Western politician. He will not take the risks necessary to win. This is a flaw of democracy that Z has often pointed out. Our officeholders have no sense of ownership in their statesmanship. When you’re only renting the car, you’re not going to risk hurting yourself to save it.

            Putin’s more popular with his people than any Western leader including muh Trump – and very importantly, he’s less popular in Israel than he is at home.

    • It seems that one obvious exception would be local school boards. Many positions run unopposed, which is what the left saw and took the opportunity. Now, we are all paying the price. What say we begin at home and start taking those seats back?

      • Once elected, what do you do to support homeschooling?

        What position do you take on the teachers’ union demanding an across the board 8% per annum increase in compensation?

        What position do you take on the Superintendent’s initiative to hire more tranny teachers, teacher’s aides, and administrators?

        Do you call for an end to your district’s receipt of federal payola?

        Do you call for a rollback on overall local educational outlays?

        What do you do about all of the administrative positions in your district?

        What do you do about affirmative action?

        • Are you looking for answers or just being rhetorical?

          The answers to most of those questions are probably obvious to most everyone here.

          • Yes, I am looking for answers because the road will fork and you will have to choose.

            I have no quarrel with your premise that school board seats are often uncontested and therefore present an opportunity.

            Implicit in your premise is the proposition that many of us could win and find ourselves on the school board without promulgating our true positions.

            However, if we wanted to make a difference, we would soon have to be a difference.

          • And if there’s anything Nice White Ladies keep tabs on, it’s the school board. Show your true opinions or try to cut the endless increase in funding and find yourself pilloried by said NWLs. Remember, it’s for the children. And all those NWL teachers fresh out of college filled with SJW zeal to “make a difference.” I’d steer clear of the school board, guys.

  21. Actual involvement and all forms of contributions indeed are needed. I especially like how you phrased it here: “(b)y setting a high standard in your personal life and being a respectable face to skeptical people about these issues, you become one of those many on-ramps to our thing.” How we conduct ourselves and appear to those almost ready to take the first step are of paramount importance. It’s why AmRen’s insistence on coats and ties at its gatherings is more than affectation.

    This actually has been a very good year for the movement. Intentional or not, Trump’s exposure of the Deep State has awakened millions of people to how utterly corrupt our system is. So has the impeachment, which is a blatant Jewish project; the grotesque and disturbing Semitic visages of the key players has caught the attention of the types previously ready to put freaking Israeli flags in their yards.

    The events unfolding in Virginia to disarm the populace will radicalize millions more and present an opportunity to strike back at the corrupt oppressors. That will be a gift that keeps on giving and there will be a huge influx of foot soldiers into Virginia ready to assist in any and all ways. 2020 will be a key year for us. Battle lines have been drawn and are being drawn, and now it will not be a kamikaze mission to respond in all ways, which was not previously possible.

  22. I appreciate the practical yet uplifting spirit of the closing paragraph. Best wishes for a healthy and productive new year, Z-man.

  23. As far as creating On-Ramps goes:

    Optics are CRITICAL. We cannot have slovenly weirdos as a public face. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, and probably has ill motivation.

    And for the love of God, don’t appropriate another country’s past military symbols.

    • Meme – the most important thing about optics is getting the message across that we’re not a single movement that can be tarred with one brush. I don’t have to worry as much about punching Right if people understand the difference between supporting common goals and supporting everything that comes out of every DR’s mouth.

      If you worry too much over optics you feed the idea that we have something to hide or be ashamed of. It legitimizes the enemy’s smear tactics. Con, Inc’s hand-wringing over its optics is an extreme example we want to avoid. We can draw distinctions and maintain a respectable distance without turning into purity-spiraling Church Ladies. Keep to the Third Position between cartoon Nazis and Zio-cucks.

        • LibertyMike, sounds like you’re describing Matt Heimbach to a “T”….if you’re not familiar with him, look up the word “cuckbox” to see how that turned out.

  24. First, common ground. Everyone hopes that catastrophe can be avoided by a grassroots rebirth of commonsense and peaceful change leading to amicable solutions to the many problems that currently afflict us. Awakening “others” and building communities of common interest is “mainstream” social medicine and the option of first resort. BUT, if that doesn’t work in time, there needs to be a Plan B. Survival is the imperative, not feelgood glad-handing in coffee klatches. Some of us need to work on that problem too.

    • That’s why you build Communities in areas that are good for survival as well Brother…That way your killing two birds with one stone… Which is why I’ve recommend the Bitterroot Valley for some time now…

      • Agreed. My haven is a high mountain valley in the Central Rockies. Plenty of buffer between me and the nearest cesspool of urban chaos. But isolation is mitigation, not solution. Eventually we will have to fight back, because sooner-or-later, tyranny will comma knocken no matter where you are.

        • Starting with the tax man! Increasingly the brown/black utopia will be depending on increasing property and sales taxes to keep their thing going. Can’t escape those. As others have said, they will not allow us to live separately in peace.

    • I’m for keeping an iron in as many fires as possible. We need guys monkey-wrenching & gathering oppo research inside the system, guys who’re off-grid and guys who can operate in-between. We also need to make it safer and easier for guys to just donate to these efforts on the sly with reasonable confidence that their money will be used for something besides muh Gorilla Pillz and ladyboy vacations.

      No one has the One Weird Trick that wins it all for us on a short timeline. To the extent I push back on people who’re working to advance a postive strategy it’s usually where they’re saying “we have to do it 100% this way” or “your idea will never work b/c reasons.”

      • Well said! We need to be active on all fronts at this point. As far as I can see, there is no single, pivotal area where we can win big — but lots of places we can win small, infiltrate, convert, throw sand in the gears… The journey of a thousand miles and all that.

  25. If you can get half a dozen or more like-minded individuals together who are able to pool some cash, rent out an inexpensive storefront in a cheaper part of town and turn it into an “art gallery”. (With all the legitimate paperwork etc). Since just about anything now can be considered “art,” you can hang anything you like on the walls and call it art and nobody can gainsay you. Just don’t hang anything controversial: your gallery is NOT “the crazy WN gallery” it is just a blasé anodyne place with a banana duct-taped the wall or something.

    Start an underground club using the gallery as a base or off-hours clubhouse (the gallery is only open Wed.-Sat. 3-5 pm or “by appointment”), collect dues from the members and use the dues to “buy” the “art” every month, so the place stays afloat. Keep it all very proper and legal and above-board, however that works.

    Of course if some of your wine and cheese gallery “openings” and “private events” just happen to be full of lively political discussion of a certain bent, or if you publish DIY chapbooks full of essays and reprints of certain well-written short blog essays, well that’s just part of a lively cultural scene.

    • I like your thinking!

      Or a men’s club. Lots of harrumphing. Men need that. Or something like the Masons without the weirdness. A little secrecy to pique interest. Invitation only. Somewhere you can speak freely. Fight Club without the fighting. I’ve had these discussions with drinking buddies.

      • We’re doing a little get together later this week. One of my agenda items is how to gradually bring in others. Half probably would qualify as DR, the others more mainstream. But we mostly have to stay deep cover simply because of our jobs (couple of ex SC clerk law partners in there for example). It’s pick and spade work.

        • Sam:
          Pick and spade work indeed. It is amazing that the country I used to live in is gone and the Orwellian overlords reduce grown men to have to be so careful simply in having face to face conversations.

          I can’t imagine how tough it is for people who have young children and fear losing their job for performing such a revolutionary act as engaging in free speech.

          What a country, huh.

          • I can’t imagine how tough it is for people who have young children and fear losing their job for performing such a revolutionary act as engaging in free speech.
            Which is one of the reasons I push so hard for Community so that doesn’t happen and is a draw for those who have had it happen to come to…

          • Lineman:
            Absolutely, absolutely.

            I have checked out Bitterroot Valley because of you and it looks interesting. My family will never move there but if I can at some point…..

            I will be in Utah in April for about a week. Just saying……

      • I’ve actually been in far-right men’s clubs in the Large Northeastern Metropolis (TM) where I live. Lots of harrumphing. Going there gives me a very refreshing sense of safety. I’m sure there’s a lot of CivNats there, but I’ve actually had discussions with various members about our Demographic Age, and they don’t like it at all. Planting seeds.

      • Spread around to existing organizations… i.e. Highland Games, Hibernians, Am Legion, or Emerald Society. You won’t see a great slew if diversitah at those. Though I did see a black tranny bag piper (insert joke here) at a Highland Games once.

        Yes I know some of these are Irish organizations and a grip of folks here have a beef with the Irish. Never been one for purity vortex spinouts but they’re white now. 😁

        • The civic angle is a definite plus. Get involved in the community. Be admirable, like Z said.

          Sportsman’s clubs are great for that too, at least where I’m at.

          • 100%. Gun clubs are natural recruiting grounds for us and hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen in general are already at least halfway to Our Thing as a group.

          • That comes from a site that I think was called Stuff White People Like. They had a gag primer for black folks on getting along with whites.

            It went something like,

            White people like St. Paddy’s day and are cool with letting you tag along and will even buy you beer and shots. Eventually they will begin to tell you about how their Irish ancestors were once enslaved and discriminated against here in America. If you want the white/Irish people to keep buying you drinks DO NOT SAY “Yeah, but you’re white now.”

          • Sorry Liberty,

            I was most certainly NOT trying to be hurtful. I was referring to my post.

            A co-worker was reading the gag over his shoulder and a bit about white people faking soccer enthusiasm.

            I think that was the site. I haven’t actually seen it myself so I couldn’t be specific enough as to what windowless panel van they were driving nor point out on the doll where exactly it touched me. 😁

          • In my part of Liverpool the debate was whether the Irish qualified as human.
            A fair slice of Ireland falls on the wrong side of the extended Hajnal line.

    • Marry this to Z’s suggestion of volunteering for the most populist adjacent minded campaign to network with potentially like-minded wrong-thinkers and you may be off to an excellent start.

      • Another version of Z’s idea would be to identify obscure races for offices nobody votes for, run a respectable-looking, likeable person as a DR candidate with no real expectations of actually winning, and use the campaign as a pretext for networking and organizing, forming structures to be put to good use later.

        One practice that Jews have which is extremely useful and practical, something the DR should imitate, is this: they form seventy-bazillion tax-exempt non-profit organizations, all fueled from small donations. These places are not the big heavy hitters like ADL, they are little things like the National Council of Jewish Stamp Collectors and what-not. The purpose of the org is, it has a great letterhead and a nice website, sounds important, runs a small office with a few interns and a small paid staff and a bunch of older volunteers. It provides useful summer-job experience for high school and college kids, looks impressive on a resume (the World Jewish Forum of Letterheads is always going to look impressive). There’s enough money in the budget to give an entry-level job to a few college grads too dim to get into law school, gives them important networking and organizational skills, and a leg up — their first job right out of third-tier college was something better than Starbucks.

        DR needs to start funding things like that, orgs with impressive names that can run on a small budget, in order to seed experience in the younger folks.

        • I’m not sure this is the best idea. Way back in my semi-younger days, I was very active in the beginnings of the California Green Party (I know, I know…). They would do this very thing, but not so much with the obscure races. They’d run people who weren’t remotely qualified or interesting, just to get their party name on the ballot. What it did was make them look like a joke. Ok, more of a joke than they actually were. Overall, it hurt them and reduced their credibility with the people they were trying to win over.

          Regardless of the race we run people for, we need to always make sure they are qualified and interested in holding the position, should they actually win.

          • The lesson being to be picky about who you nominate or support. Definitely important to focus on building credibility in the beginning.

    • Don’t underestimate the power of good art. My wife ran an art museum for a while and I was always impressed at the quality of really good art out there. I’m not referring to college students who have a couple semesters under their belts and throw a bunch of “mixed media” around and call it art. Rather, it’s the older people who spend their entire lives learning their craft and doing real work that you want–REALLY WANT–to have in your home.

      One of the horrible things the left has done in their march through our culture, is destroy our perception of creativity and art. We are expected to think that graffiti, urine, and juvenile splatters created by kids is “art”. We are supposed to applaud obnoxious noise and “beats” as music. Fuck that shit. Real art takes discipline, study and mastery of a craft.

      Just as we support the thinkers and doers on our side, don’t forget to support the artists. Part of reclaiming our culture is reclaiming our sense of beauty and creativity.

      • I have a BFA (long story). Showed my work a few times, sold a little. Didn’t want the MFA debt. Got disillusioned with the art world because it seemed you get ahead by gutting beauty and culture. But you’re right. It might be time to put my skills to good use. Thanks for that!

        • I encourage you to discover your art again. In the last two years I have done this and it is nourishing (and difficult).

          Before I wrote this comment, I was practicing one of my compositions in time with a metronome, wondering why I write music that I can’t easily play.

        • Painter, light it up!

          I went through something similar. Gave up my art for years.

          Then, after cutting loose from the progressive aspirational life I took it up again.

          I am not that good. But I know what is beautiful and that what moves me likely moves others – and that fact is no accident. There is communion in what we create.

          The art markets are totally pozzed – but worshipping ugliness cannot hold; beauty wins out.

          Let the nihilists and suicidal progs consume the degeneracy smeared on canvas.

          Real people, our people, are starved for the beauty of the human experience reflected in our creations.

          The pozz market is fleeting virtue sognaling. Actual art is eternal.

          I know wealthy progs into art. They go to openings and blather on about the black tranny finger painting its trauma. The may even buy it. For conversations with their lessers.

          But when it comes to their mountain homes and studies where they actually live, they have beautiful paintings and sculptures of landscapes and icons of visceral life in the west.

          Creativity is a divine gift. Don’t hide your light behind the bushel of pozz.

          Our side may not curate the galleries, but we know truth and beauty when we see it.

          • Screwtape and Line,

            Well said… As personal advice to others and on a larger scale for our movement. Thank you both for broaching the subject.

            Art and beauty is needed desperately for Our People.

            I dont think dissidents can personally underestimate the power of defining space in their lives for art. It can be a balm to the frustration, anger and worry that accompanies dissident politics. Carving out time for good music, visiting art museums, or personal creations (even if it is craft or artisanal pursuits) help armor the soul and remind us why we fight for our ancestors.

          • When my big woke corporate work home, years ago, dictated cheap art prints in fancy frames for all employee offices, I jumped all over the two available Bierstadt prints. Woodpile Report stuff. They don’t do the original art any justice, but I have kept the prints through multiple office moves, and they never fail to elicit comments and conversation when people are in there for the first time.

          • I have to admit, Woodpile engendered an appreciation in the natralist paintings for me. I’ve always enjoyed the bucolic works (probably because my Sainted Mother loves them). I just had to stop looking at the nature paintings in terms of exact replication of the terrain and also quit looking for the ambush and tactical advantage points in the scenes.

        • Hey thanks, both of you. Suppose I’ll pick up the brushes this winter. I get to be creative at my job, so it’s not like I haven’t had an outlet, but I do love pushing paint around.

    • Living in Virginia last year I noticed many small towns had a Ruritan Club. Most seemed very active. Quite a few announced concealed carry classes, and women’s firearms training, on their signs. These places were tucked in throughout the remote areas of the state, and looked well kept up. We should likely consider joining this type organization were they exist …. already established infrastructure and often like-minded membership.

      • Primi, I’ve seen Ruritans all over VA, too.
        I never thought to ask.

        I wonder how many similar, old-line associations of that type there are…?

        Side thought: how many antiques barns back east give demos of how to use the old hand tools? Or have clubs that do?

    • Bookshops, “private libraries,” museums, even bars or coffee shops and anything else where people sit around and have conversations also work. Serving booze or food obviously comes with a regular-business ton of work and compliance stuff, so YMMV, but this is the kind of physical presence stuff I’d like to see more people address to flesh out our overly-online existence.

      Trade associations and “consulting groups” are another angle with less compliance hassles.

      All of this can be part of a parallel-shadow-networking strategy that’s given legal heft by formal LLC’s set up to make their members and participants dox-resistant.

      These are subjects I want to focus on in some detail in my own stuff.

      • I’m thinking about niche entries in actual producer sectors. For instance, at the end of a long chain, the Sikh are now selling their own diesel fuel.

        Farming, animals, mining, energy, coops; ‘Barefoot’ doctoring and lawyering;
        Trades recruiting and schools

        The NGO idea, above, is a good one, thanks Doof, and by gum I’d love to see real paintings and sculpture again.

        Remember, the Crisis we should all prep for is what folks 150 years ago called daily life:
        …no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart.

      • I’m eyeing niche biz of actual producers.
        For instance, at the end of a long chain starting with persimmons, the Sikh are now selling their own diesel fuel.

        Farming, animals, energy, mining, co-ops;
        “Barefoot” doctoring and lawyering;
        Trades recruiting and schooling- use the big boys. Used machinery. Warehouse/brokerage.

        The NGO idea is great, thanks Doof, and by gum I’d love to see real paintings and sculpture again.

        Remember, one Crisis we prep for is what folks 150 years ago called daily life:
        …no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart.

        • That last bit is from this ad:

          The Lost Ways

          Short, sweet, essential, for $37
          So this miser is getting it now for the immediate survivor value, since I’m not a prepper or Ol’ Remus.

          Ex., the edible or medicinal weeds in my front yard, in the abandoned lot?
          I can use that Right. Now. Or on the run.

          • The tools I’d like to develop are guides and legal form kits to actually get into such niche biz, training, or markets.

            Also, making venture presentations for same;
            Networking templates for similar and cross-supporting buildouts.
            Aggregator resource wikis. Inventory, B2B, stats, or LLC lawyers and school board races.

            Tactical market planning; targeting and capture: who needs us?

            Not fancy, no- but eyeing the potential of all those abandoned hay farms in bootheel Missouri, for instance, or the neglected giveaway warehouse space in Memphis.
            Or the millions screwed by the system.

            We’ve got to support ourselves, yet we must do it in the distributed modern environment.

          • One further thought, the System has developed an alternate virtual economy of government feeding government.

            If we are to survive, we must be able to feed, build, heal, and nurture our own.

            The Real, while they focus on predatory pacification. A secret rebellion, like the 300 year war of the Han against their Manchu overlords.

            A Vision, or glitter? Choose.
            You choose to do, or not do, every thing in your life. What you can, where you’re at.

          • Alzaebo, so many lost skills and knowledge! Thats a good idea.

            I have been getting into foraging and herbalism over the last several years. Been making some rudimentary elixirs and such from plants I grow in my garden. So much to learn.

            Recovering from surgery over the past few months I have been doing a lot of reading. Read “One Second After” and then the sequel “One Year After”.

            Apocalyptic suspense/adventure has been a big genre lately, but I found those books to be a pretty good fiction of what might play out. Its chilling . Really gets the wheels turning.

            The starvation and lack of medicine is one thing, but what kept gnawing at me was how essential family and real community become when the lights go out. And how I am largely on my own.

            Having resources to survive is one thing, defending a perimeter 24/7 from 50,000 ‘refugees’ from fallen cities and violent roving gangs is something else entirely.

            The scenario is terrible to ponder but is also appealing in its sudden obsolescence of all the noise and ‘tech’ and social garbage.

            Of course in our daydreams we all assume we survive lol. I think thats why those post-apocalyptic stories are so popular these days. Modernity is not quite the path to Utopia we are told.

            Reminds me I need to get to the dentist before the lights go out. Died from a toothache is a real thing.

  26. The biggest factor will be the inevitable financial apocalypse, whenever that finally happens. The DR will explode in popularity. Thank God there are people on the right who don’t cede economic populism to the socialists.

  27. You can also buy the books written by our guys

    I’d buy any Zman anthology just like that (*snaps fingers*).

    A couple of us were brainstorming titles deep in the comments a while back, so I’ll just pull out some favorites:

    This Will Not End Well
    Hurled into the Void
    Our Thing
    Cloud People and Dirt People
    The Demographic Age
    We’re Not Voting Our Way Out of This
    You are the Message (new!)

    • I’ve been slowly chugging away at the book project. It will be all new stuff, but longer form essays. I do short essays here and I have it down pretty well. I want to try my hand at longer form essays, so that will be the book. Hopefully spring.

  28. I’ve always agreed with that position Z-man and hope others will see the light there as well. The last politician here that I had the most alignment with got his head handed to him after one term in office. How am I or the “cause” better off with him out and a Lefty in? No, I’d have been better off with him a bit less in your face and at least punching in the right direction. But I do recognize and respect those “accelerationists” out there in the group. We are fellow travelers, not adversaries.

  29. “Paying NetFlix every month may ease the pain of your demise, but giving that money to dissidents may save your kind.”

    This is an excellent point and if you totaled up all the subscriptions to the pozzed out stuff like this including your cable subscription you can take that money and donate it monthly to someone that doesn’t hate you. All these devices are just propaganda machines but you can take control of what you expose yourself to. Even z-man is a form of propaganda but I’ve chosen to embrace it

    • Never financially support people who hate you. I got rid of my cable for non-ideological reasons, but I never got it again for ideological reason. I cancelled Netflix the day I saw the trailer for Dear White People. Not only is paying them financing the enemy, even worse, is getting the POZ into your and your children’s brains watching the crap. Sadly, this stuff goes way back further than most people realize. I was recently watching some 1930s hour long movies based on a serial call Mr Wong. The white chief of police is a babbling moron while Mr Wong, who solves the cases is the wise, cultured Chinese guy with the Oxford education. Today it’s not nearly as in your face and it is more widespread. Pretty much every TV show I manage to catch in some way is loaded with propaganda.

      • Tars, indeed. I remember—and more importantly, my son remembers—our drive to his school one day and our discussion of the money Jack Nicholson was making with his role in the original Batman ($50M and growing). My goal in these discussions was always to get him to “run the numbers” mentally—an easy way to tell when the latest news story was pure bullshit, as most are.

        With the info from the news account on the radio, we estimated that good old Jack was getting about $2-3 or so from every ticket sale to the movie (at that time). So I put the question to my son, “Would you give Jack Nicholson $3 if you met him on the street?” (This question asked in light of his Leftist political stances.). Of course, the answer was “no”. So my response was, “Well, consider that next time before you buy a ticket to his latest movie—you are using your own money against your interest.”

      • Yeah, something like today was going on in the 1930s. I saw it in the MGM cartoon Goldilocks (1939) where Father Bear was a bumbling imbecile. (((They))) cut that shit out right quick when they needed white men to fight Hitler.

      • In addition, do financially support the people who like you, who respect you, who advocate for you. Keep it in the family.

    • that is good advice. the problem is netflix other services provide a lot of utility for a single fee. there are however hundreds of ppl online on the right who want your money. who is most qualified to get it.

    • Watching almost any TV show from the 1970s, 80s, or even 90s is a tremendous eye-opener. Most of them would never be permitted today because of how politically incorrect (i.e., realistic) they are. Jokes in the sitcoms offend all the protected groups. The day is not far off when these shows will be taken off streaming media because of hurty feelings.

  30. Already in the process of picking a roster of 2020 candidates to support, though emphasizing those that can take back districts lost in 2018. Know this doesn’t meet the ideological purity test, but there is just as much utility in removing the left center portion of the Democrats–and leaving the party in the hands of the Tide Pod Evita wing. I also have to be careful about getting on searchable databases. We’ve already got nutters using databases to search up Trump contributors around here. Will also be making a list of additional content producers to support. It’s tough having to live in deep cover.

    • Agreed. I’ve often said that we should vote for the most insane liberal option if there is no sane plausible option from the GOP. A mentally unstable loon would be better for us in the Ben Sassy seat than that soy faced cuck.

      • You have opened up a target rich environment there, Zman. They’re all fuck’in insane liberals if they aren’t dangerous leftists.

        • Hoagie, I thought the same thing about yesterday’s target rich environment.

          It’s like we’re all carrying a lamp, trying to find the one honest man.

      • Acceleration is under-appreciated due to many things, residual patriotism among them.

        What’s best for “America” is no longer what’s best for Us, and it hasn’t been for a long time. I know there’s a spectrum of dissidence around here but I think being “post-American” is a good defining line.

        We’re almost universally united in looking for a better, different future and moving past the idea that the USA as a 50-state CivNat multicultural union is either worthy or capable of preservation or restoration.

          • Exactly what I said in the last paragraph, Shel. What Townhall thinks of as “America.” It’s a shallow fake vision of capitalism as a moral force and the whole Onward Judeo-Christian Soldiers mythology that’s been used to justify the unnecessary horror of total war since the Civil War.

        • A lot of the problem with all Leftist revolutions, whether the kind they had in Russia or China or the slower moving cultural revolution of the last 50 years here is that they target the most productive people in society as objects of derision and destruction. This makes sense from the point of view of the *mechanics* of revolution. If you are a cynical elitist who craves power but are not currently IN power, any society has a ready-made rabble formed from the left side of the Bell Curve types. Spandrell goes into great detail about this –

          This is also why many smart people who should be reacting with alarm go along at first saying “see, it’s working out OK”. That’s because a smart radical movement keeps things much the same at first, allowing most people to live peaceful and prosperous lives even if they are among the “Kulak” class. This is also easy to do since the rabble isn’t smart enough to notice that the revolution is all rhetoric and no follow-through. Of course this is what the Maoists and Stalinists couldn’t do. They started killing people too soon. Our Left, which was (re-)born in the 1960s hasn’t made that mistake so far.

          Eventually though, the older smart people retire or die and the younger smart people get wise to the scam and start taking measures to “cheat” the system in various ways. Our society also has the unique problem of the demographic shift, which basically means that the younger generations are somewhat smaller and a lot dumber. The number of people who can do useful things declines and the growing rabble demands more than symbolic control over things. This is why Biden and Pelosi are being replaced by idiots like AOC and that woman with the bathrobe on her head.

          For these reasons I tend to think that the “50-state CivNat multicultural union”, if it ever existed, actually had a heart attack and died on its feet about 50 years ago. It’s just that giants take a while to hit the floor.

          Anyway, thanks for posting and getting me thinking about this stuff Exile. I always enjoy your stuff and your travels add an international dimension that is often overlooked. American whites MUST find a way to team up with our friends across the sea more.

          Happy New Year to you all!

      • The problem with this trick is that when lunatic left grab the power, you may not get back it very soon. In the Russia wise people let Lenin to power for be clowning himself. But later wise people cold not get rid from him anymore.

        • Juri, as things stand in the West there’s nothing stopping that from happening now. No establishment-recognized opposition force would stand in the way of totalitarian measures being used against BadThinkers. – see Con, Inc. or the neoliberal defenders of “democracy.”

          The only thing we can end up with through acceleration is a more honest, overt tyranny rather than the velvet glove, stab-in-the-back variety we already have.

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