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Minority populations in any society have faced the twin problems of expulsion and absorption by the majority population. On the one hand, they need to play an important enough role to be needed by the majority, but not become a threat. On the other hand, they need to maintain enough separation between themselves and the majority in order to keep their people from fully assimilating and disappearing. Assimilation in America, for example, has erased much of late 19th century immigration.

The Amish are a popular example used by people interested in demography as well as human behavior. Beginning in the early 18th century, these mostly German Anabaptists began moving from southwestern Germany to Pennsylvania. They were rural people, so they settled into rural parts of the colony as farmers. They setup their unique communities and exist to this day as a unique and separate minority. Amish in America number about four hundred thousand.

A theory for why this tiny minority that lives outside modernity has managed to survive is that they have become more Amish over time. That is, the traits that make them Amish have become more intense in the population. This has been a natural counter to the increasing pressure of the modern world, which seeks to homogenize everything to death. As the tentacles of cosmopolitan globalist get stronger, this defense mechanism of the Amish has grown stronger as well.

The theory works something like this. Let’s assume a range of Amishness that runs from one to ten. One is the least Amish and ten is the most Amish. In the early years, the average Amishness of the group was around five. Some people were attracted to the community for reasons other than the rural, separatist lifestyle. Others were extremely attracted to the whole package that defines the Amish community. Let’s assume a normal distribution of Amishness in the community.

Over time, the people closer to the low end of the scale would peel off for one reason or another, deciding to leave the community. The sorts that were just in it for religious reasons would find a community of people who shared their beliefs, but also engaged in the modern world. Every generation, the people lacking the Amish trait would be tempted to leave the community. In time, the average Amishness would increase as the low score left and the high score multiplied.

This is not just a cultural issue. There is a biological component. Just as height is a function of genes, personality traits are also rooted in our genes. This unique sense of belonging was most likely part of this people before they embraced their particular religion in the Reformation. Inside the group, the more intensely Amish will be more fertile, while the rest will be less productive. Every generation, the most Amish of the Amish would outnumber the least Amish, increasing over all Amishness.

That’s the very shorthand version of what is called boiling off. Something similar has probably been happening with ultra-orthodox Jews. Those Jews with the traits that are selected for by the cult rise in status, get married to a female inside the cult and have lots of children. Those lacking these traits, are not only less desirable, but less interested in wearing fur hats in summer. They will be less likely to marry a member of the cult and reproduce. They may leave and take their genes with them.

These populations of ultra-orthodox Jews have developed a natural barrier between themselves and the host society. Anyone who has had dealings with the ultra-orthodox knows they are like space aliens. In fact, they are like extremely obnoxious space aliens, who seem to oblivious to their surroundings. Their hostility to outsiders is so intense and instinctive, it presents a barrier between them and everyone else. Even other Jews, maybe especially other Jews, find them impossible to tolerate.

This raises the question as to whether some form of this has played out in the more secular Jewish community. Ethnocentrism most certainly has biological roots, growing out of endogamy, the habit of marrying within the group. This was true of Ashkenazim for a long time until they reached America. In the 20th century, these Jews were faced with a set of conditions for which they had no natural defense. That is, they faced no strong hostility from the majority society.

Beginning in the middle of the 20th century, the Ashkenazim could marry outside the group and participate in all aspects of society. The result being lots of the less Jewish members simply blending into the surrounding population. First, they lost their connection to the faith and then they lost their connection to the identity. Lots of Americans have a Jewish grandparent or great grandparent, but have no connection to Judaism or Jewish identity. That was lost in the past.

Unlike the Amish or ultra-orthodox, over all fertility among Jews has plummeted, so the highly ethnocentric are not producing children faster than Jews are defecting. The overall size of the Jewish community has declined of late and current fertility numbers suggests a sharp drop in this century. Still, if the highly ethnocentric marry within the group, the result over time could be an increase in ethnocentrism. Those with strong Jewish identity will be the those with extreme ethnocentrism.

Of course, without the more secular and assimilated Jews around to police the ranks for excessive expressions of ethnocentrism, the hyper-Jews begin to dominate. That could be why the modern media age seems to be festooned with Jews like Michelle Goldberg and Ben Shapiro. There are no moderate Jews around to muzzle these people or at least moderate them. From the perspective of outsiders, these extreme voices of ethnocentrism become the voice of the entire Jewish community.

This raises another angle. As America becomes majority-minority, the same sorts of pressures will shape white populations. Southern whites, for example, will probably become more Southern. Those with a strong sense of community will marry others with the same traits and have lots of kids. The Southern whites, who wish to live as urbanite bugmen, will head off to urban areas to die. This will repeat in all regions and over time, the regional culture will become more intense.

That’s not the only possibility, of course, but it is good reminder that numbers are not all that matters in demographics. The Amish have survived in a hostile world by becoming more intensely Amish. Jews have survived all over the world through endogamy and ethnocentrism. Cultural and spiritual intensity, like fanaticism, are force multipliers. They allow small groups to punch well about their numbers, even less intelligent people like the gypsies.

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  1. I think the “boiling off” hypothesis is quite plausible, but I have a quibble with this:

    Inside the group, the more intensely Amish will be more fertile, while the rest will be less productive.

    As long as they stay within the group, I see no reason to think that those with lower “Amish scores” will be any less fertile. They might not be as totally at home in it, but they will still be living full time in a quasi-pre-modern culture that values family and children, and they won’t be using birth control. Why would they have fewer children?

    Further, the boiling off hypotheses doesn’t require this to be true. It is sufficient that those with low scores are more likely to leave (i.e., boil off) than those with high scores. The additional hypothesis of differential fertility within the group is entirely unnecessary.

    • PS- from “Sending Leftists to Venezuela”

      “they want Communism with Netflix, where we want Mayberry with space travel”

  2. Not to be contrary but the example of the Amish “boiling off” is not what we have experienced. In the time we have lived in Amish country, around 9 years, we have seen a remarkable loosening of the rules. Cell phones, power push mowers, solar panels for electricity. These are Old Order Amish but the elders in the church are fighting a losing battle against modernity. You should see my Amazon order history, it is full of stuff we order for the Amish. What is really killing them is not the technology, it is the affluence. More and more disposable income makes it easier to pay people to do stuff for you. Sure the women might have a small garden to keep up appearances but they do all of their shopping at Wal-Mart. The lure of American consumerism is poisoning their culture.

  3. Regarding Space Aliens, an American in Cambodia said that every morning, the family had bats for breakfast.

    Freaking Denisovians. Way too strange for a proper Neanderthal to ever understand.

    And, as Ann Coulter said, my kung pao bat tastes a bit off. But, those restaurants!

  4. My wife and I spent some time around Gettysburg some years ago and we made a point of visiting local Amish area and specifically local establishments (farm type ma and pa hardware stores) so we could meet and speak to the locals. These farm stores are actually very easy to find. Just look for a parking lot full of horse drawn buggies with young people sitting around outside drinking Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper.

    We actually thought we would be able to somehow connect with these relics of our past and speak with them in our “native” language. As those of you who travel know, language is the universal bond. Anyway, it was rather unfortunate to discover that what they actually speak is so far removed from German as to be nearly nothing more than a local dialect that just sounds Germanic. None of the locals, even the really old ones, understood a word of proper high German.

    It was a bit sad actually. As much as they obviously want to remain connected to their heritage, time dilutes all things, even in Lancaster country.

    • I don’t think there’s anything sad about new language generation from dialect diversion, especially in an expanding population. Chaucer would think I’m speaking gibberish.

  5. Somewhat unsettled by Jan.21’s “White Progressives”, I read about the brutal inhumanity of Moslem slavery, but then I came across the British practice of “shanghai-ing”.

    The Brits weren’t just kidnapping white near-slave labor for ships, no, but also for factories, farms, everything- including the Colonies.

    That got me thinking: I blame the Bolsheviks, but not the Stalins. Why not?

    Or the rape of Berlin- it wasn’t Jewish soldiers raping everything in Germany between 8 and 80.

    Now we see the White Left and Right bifurcating into separate peoples.

    It seems we’re seeing the setup to another Brother War, this time within each of our former borders.
    Both sides are hoping the Boil-off becomes a Cull.

    • Whites just don’t get along lol.

      Time for yet another decimating intra racial war to destroy even more of our strongest Genes. In a time of high fertility this is okay but ever since ww1 it’s disastrous.

  6. “… personality traits are also rooted in our genes.”

    Human cellular energy management biomolecules have structural similarity with bacterial energy management biomolecules because they have common allelic ancestors. The physical neural basis of sapient thought in humans is, in a similar way, encoded in a genome which is itself an evolved extension of the simpler neural structures possessed by the instinctual-behavior-only common ancestors we share with ants, dogs, and whales. (How does an ant know what to eat, fight, or mate with? How does a human?)

    Each of us spends a substantial portion of the waking day with the instinctual ‘hindbrain’ determining behavior. The degree and temporal persistence of individual efforts to unshackle the reasoning mind varies as a function of biological inheritance. Race is just shorthand for genomically similar human subpopulations. Each has its own distribution of individual capability to unshackle.

    Culture is software running on sapient hardware with genomic blueprints. If a given subpopulation doesn’t have enough members capable of running a cultural program (like high trust or Christianity) then no amount of television-mediated conditioning is going to change them. The leftist project WILL fail because biology is real. That’s why the left always turns to violence (if they aren’t stopped first), because the only way to ensure equality of outcome is to punish the different. Separate nation-states for separate nations with respect for borders is the only stable solution.

  7. What an exciting prospect! If “boiling off” projects the descent of our current population, then is there a subsequent “distilling” of high IQ white groups? What happens if these trad traditional smart white folks find urban densities of their own? Who can guess the wonders they would create!
    Or, do you suppose, the ticks and parasites will fight and clamor for the last drop of value from this new utopia?

    The collapse, at scale, seems obvious. But what of the condensed, aware and durable population of our people that emerge? Give me some of that!

  8. “Southern whites, for example, will probably become more Southern. Those with a strong sense of community will marry others with the same traits and have lots of kids. The Southern whites, who wish to live as urbanite bugmen, will head off to urban areas to die. This will repeat in all regions and over time, the regional culture will become more intense.”

    This has been the pattern for about 20 years. Even in Southern urban areas, there are clusters where this phenomenon can be seen, almost like there were specific, distinctive ethnic neighborhoods once in major Midwestern and Eastern cities. In Memphis, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Nashville and other larger cities this is happening. Generally, though, the cities as a whole are less Southern and the suburbs, exurbs, and rural areas are more and more Southern as you suggested.

    The United States rapidly is atomizing as a whole, too. Americans move less and less from one geographic region to another. It’s very likely there will be a dissolution within a generation or two unless some new federal/local relationship can be fashioned.

  9. The Amish even have a built in pressure valve called rumspringa.

    Interestingly a hotelier friend of mine had some Amish guests (a married couple) on rumspringa . when he asked about it, they said its growing less important and less common which suggests the Amish are increasingly well Amish and no longer need this safety valve as much which matches what Z was saying.

    I also note by any standard they have crazy high fertility , five to seven is the norm and for the first time in history have become a majority group in one rural Pennsylvania county.

    Another thing to consider, bug hives select for for bug traits , a focus on self and material consumption among others, These are all contra reproduction which suggest just as Rome went from 1 million to 10 thousand, the hives will die back too.

    I live in California and see elements of that here . My neighborhood is reasonably young , reasonably cheap with Whites and Latinos but a lot fewer children than you would expect.

  10. I don’t think the Amish (or the Space Aliens) live “outside modernity”.

    Rather they live within postmodernity — and largely on their own terms.

    Which is an incredible achievement.

    • They are living on borrowed time. They are a function of a white society that is well on it’s way to extinction. When white society is gone, their protections will go as well.

      People are ignoring the fact the Left and the elites are dismantling the country. Opening up prisons, turning felonies into misdemeanors thereby giving a green light to criminals. Ending stop and frisk, etc.

      And what’s happening in VA is a test run for the rest of the gun owners in the U.S.

      The Mexican cartels now control the drug trade in the U.S.

      Corporations are replacing white workers with foreign imports. Boeing is now larded up with Pajeet management and coders. The Feds and Wall Street are pumping Fentanyl into white middle communities to wipe out them out.

      What part of war on whites doesn’t the DR get? Maybe it’s just me because I grew up in So Cal and see the shit storm first hand.

      In time there won’t be any place left for non rich whites to live in safety and peace.

      • Amish don’t believe in violence, even in self defense if their lives are at risk. They will die and go to heaven rather than shoot to kill. They literally fled from Germany because they wouldn’t stand up and defend themselves. No undeveloped white country to flee to now.

        • I’ve talked with a number of young Amish men, and I have a strong feeling that they would not let their families or communities be vandalized by violent thieves. Lots of Amish in northern NY, and every one of them seems to have a gun for hunting. I know they are supposed to be pacifists, but when push comes to shove…

  11. ” they are like extremely obnoxious space aliens, who seem to oblivious to their surroundings.”

    The hostility btw the Orthodox and normal people in Williamsburg is such that the former will not infrequently walk into traffic or the path of cyclists, because they literally do not see goyim. Fact.

    • I have witnessed many times. When I lived in Boston, they would walk right into people on the sidewalk, as if they were not there. People think it is aggression or rudeness, but it appears to be a bizarre obliviousness. I ride out in the county here in Lagos and there are a lot of Lubavitchers nearby. It’s not uncommon to see them walk right in front of a cyclist or even a car.

  12. My Favorite Topic!! When you are always blackpilled, think of nothing other than, if current birthrates hold (and they’ve held for 120 years) then by 2200, the Amish will number 300MM in the USA and blonde hair and blue eyes shall not perish from the Earth.

    Remember, around 1900 Amish population was 5k. Now 400k. Watch it continue to explode. The midwest, including PA, MI, OH, IN, WI, etc., within a generation (maybe two), will never vote Dem again.

    • Suburbanization will wreck them soon enough.

      It’s just as well though; the Amish are passive, inbred retards. Definitely not a group to admire.

      • Not a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes these days, either. They do look alike and that is not good for future demographic prospects, either.

  13. Don’t forget the Mormons. They are a much bigger, better organized group. They marry young, marry within the group, and have lots of kids. The less committed boil off into generic American culture. The more committed stay that way and have 7 kids. They keep trying to find converts in Africa and South America, but keep falling back in finding their growth from young families having lots of kids in Provo, Boise, and Mesa.

    • It takes a certain level of self control to be a devout Christian or mormon that only whites, some arabs, and asians have. Islam is unironically better for blacks, Mexicans and most arabs.

      But yeah the mormons are pretty pozzed on race now. Support mass immigration. As I said, whites are just not equipped to deal with this situation. I would like to hear some theories why.

      Only 1-3% of the current white population seems to be equipped with the Gene of self preservation and ethnocentrism.

    • Yes. The Mormons are at TFR 4 I think. Thus, although starting from a larger base, they will not expand as fast. However, the reconquista of Colorado, NV, AZ, NM shall continue apace. Dems will lose those states forever.

    • I visit Utah frequently The poison pill in Morman ideology is Universalism. They think they can organize the world but globohomo is already organizing them back. Think Mitt Romney.

    • They also bleed members at a staggering rate although they never tell anyone that, plus they believe some stuff that even by organized religion standards is pretty crazy. The mormons are headed for a serious schism soon as the super-conservative ranks get fed up with the leadership surrendering on race and sexual morality.

    • “They keep trying to find converts in Africa and South America, ”

      No, the purpose of the missionary work is to reinforce on the young Mormons themselves the wisdom and importance of the choice they have made to live within Mormonism: It exposes them to dregs created by other choices.
      I had this explained to me by a senior LDS guy as we were negotiating a $200 million deal involving a play on the Yen iirc.
      This was twenty odd years ago and it seems to me they’ve lost the plot a little since then.

      • That seems to be very true – the LDS churches outside of the US bleed members and constantly need to be subsidized. The Utah kids that come back from their missions either leave the church completely disillusioned, or are fully committed. It also seems to me that the Mormons in Utah can afford to be generous to outsiders and refugees because the native Utahn is having 4 kids on average. Even if one leaves, it’s no big deal, and the newcomers will never seriously compete with locals.

  14. Demography is destiny. In two or three hundred years, all the D and C climate zones will be populated by Amish farmers, the B zones by Muslim goat-herders, and the A zones by savages running naked through the jungle poking each other with pointy sticks.

    Ethnic parasitism is not a viable strategy in the long term. Your host will either weaken and die, or wake up and kill you. There will come a day when no one who accepts a ride to the welfare office is ever seen again.

  15. What I find strange is that people who just “happen to be Jewish” or even half-Jews like Bill Maher or Tim Wise seem to demonstrate the unpleasant traits more than the side-lock and velvet kippah types. Pretty sure Soros doesn’t go to synagogue (though I can see him practicing human sacrifice in some Mithra/Epstein “Eyes Wide Shut” temple while Hillary drinks blood from a goat skull). Kevin McDonald has noted that Zuckerberg mostly wastes money on teaching dindus to code rather than pouring dough (thus far) into Israel. In high-school I went to a Jewish neighborhood to see my math tutor (shocking, I know) and went into a Kosher restaurant once. This Jewish kid in all black literally slapped his glass on the table and shouted, “More coke!” when he wanted a refill; I understood better where Mencken was coming from at that point.

    • I’ve noticed this too. I think people like Zuck, Soros, and Maher actually ARE very religious. They have boiled off the supernatural elements of their religion and left the secular ones. This also means they don’t waste their time in the synagogue or chanting at the Wailing Wall and have more time for political mischief. This may also be why they all come across as so unpleasant (Maher in particular). They are the pure essence of the archetype of the pious prick.

    • Not an original observation that half-breeds (think Obama) are the most virulently anti-White and obsess over their non-White ancestry. They don’t feel comfortable in their skin.

      I looked up what Mencken wrote about Jews.

  16. Good article. And a reason that blacks and browns can assimilate together but assimilation into white societies and intermarrying whites in large numbers is another more difficult step.
    But we certainly see the media on our TV’s telling us it’s the future.
    Whites lost their ethnic identity through intermarrying. Jews to some degree also but they do still have Jewish identity that survives in many cases in America. Whites not so much.
    Now all the powers who rule us need to do is make the white identity a negative identity. Our ethnic identity is gone as whites.
    Makes me think more about E Michael Jones ideas on identity.

      • Brazil if we’re lucky. They don’t have affirmative action and whites have no illusions about “coloured” behaviour and race.

        Rhodesia or worse if we’re unlucky. Nobody knows how dumping a bunch of middle eastern and asian trash into one powderkeg is going to work out. It’s certainly a horrendous mix.

  17. The same Orthodox Jewish radicalizing that’s happening in NYC is also happening in Israel. Mainstream Jews just want to sit on the beach in Tel Aviv and not have kids, while the radicals are far out-producing them. This will end in having enough demographic political power to strip Israeli arabs of their citizenship and voting rights, and eventually banish them, making Israel 100% Jewish within its borders, but this will also turn Israel into a pariah state like 1980s South Africa. This same process, worldwide, will roll back globalism and will be a major challenge to the coast to coast nation that is the U.S.

    • Part of the original basis of the U.S. was separate communities, but cooperating and finding a reasonable consensus on the big stuff. We have forgotten (and have been jammed up by our “betters” to forget) both halves of that deal. We will be better off if we can find our way back.

    • Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the middle east.

      The Ultra-Orthodox live off of welfare while the men go to yeshiva, scam the government in various other ways and dodge the Israeli draft. They’re widely hated even by their fellow Jews in Israel.

      Ultra-Orthodox are only obligated to behave ethically towards their fellow Jews, who, in their eyes, are only fellow members of their sect. Not adherents of different ultra-Orthodox sects nor non-ultra-Orthodox Jews. That’s why they scam both the US and Israel governments.

      I think that Israel is the modern equivalent of the ill-fated Crusader Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, doomed because it depended on outside support. US support will not continue in a third world America.

  18. And everything that you describe on a religious and ethnic level is compounded at the species level. Mean IQ is declining across the board because our current environment neither culls the stupid nor engenders fecundity among the intelligent. The best and brightest become affluent and then spawn fewer children, not more. And the dimmest go on welfare and then make babies in order to get more government gravy. That is the artificial selection driver of the modern age.

  19. Perhaps joining one of these groups (or pretending to) is a way to survive future turmoil. The left ignores these groups or think they’re quaint. They are not considered deplorables even though they probably vote for Trump and/or have similar beliefs. Here in southern Ohio are many German Baptists. The women dress oddly like the Mennonite/Amish women, but they drive cars, use electricity and have indoor bathrooms. i believe they allow outsiders to join.

    • Having known well some Mennonites, and maybe having Quaker roots a couple of generations back, it seems to me that part of their deal is that they need to isolate themselves. If they mingle with the broader culture, they seem to get confused about how to express themselves, or how to properly practice the the things that form a basis of their thing. The melting pot is supposed to make it all work, but instead I see it jamming people up, internally, and making them unhappy and confused. There is a good reason for separatism.

      • Dutch, that is 100% true. The Amish essentially have no converts, we know one young woman who is trying to convert because she is dating an Amish boy but it isn’t going to end well. Conservative Mennonites are just about as bad, we were a very conservative Christian family, 8 kids, my wife covers her head, etc. but we never could quite fit in with a local conservative Mennonite church. The barriers are just too high. It often felt like the conservative Anabaptist groups like the Amish, Mennonites, German Baptists and Hutterites, were more wary of other Christians than they were of the unbelieving world.

    • Mennonites drive cars, use electricity and have indoor bathrooms.

      And some Amish homes, even old order Amish, you’d be hard put to tell the difference: they’re as clever as Hasidic Jews at legalistic workarounds of their strictures.

      • I still vividly recall driving in Lancaster County, PA on a beautiful spring day around 1990 and seeing a family of Mennonites driving in the opposing lane (going quite fast actually) in what appeared to be a mint condition Model T. That seemed to be how you could tell Mennonites from Amish. Mennonites drove perfectly maintained ancient cars. It was sort of like Cuba except the clock stopped in about 1925 instead of 1958.

        • There are different kinds of Mennonites. Some are nearly indistinguishable from normie. Some dress modestly. Some only drive black cars. Some have buggies like the Amish.

      • In the hinterlands of Deep Ohio, early morning, there was the typical big house with not one wire or phone line leading to it.

        On one side of the yard, the bonneted missus, in bare feet, was grumpily digging in a pile of pig manure, wheelbarrow beside her.

        On the other side, there was the mister in suspenders, belly and beard jiggling merrily, as he happily chatted on his brick cellphone next to his new F150. Twas parked by the carriage.

        Heh. Seems they’ve got their priorities in order!

  20. Interesting. What you’re saying is that the Amish are tribalizing, becoming a people. In 300 years, they’ll have their own language.

      • It’s amazing how fasts white can integrate and take it up, too; accents and all. Knew someone who joined an Amish community as an outsider and the change was remarkable.

      • Well, it’s more of a German dialect, it doesn’t have an orthography. Yet.

        A rule of thumb is that you’re not a language if you don’t have your own bible. That’s why Norwegian is a language while Irish is just bastardized English.

        • True, but there has been enough drift now that Amish and Palatinate Germans struggle to understand one another. On the other hand, only the Old Order Amish maintain the dialect.

          • On the other hand, only the Old Order Amish maintain the dialect.

            I see.

            Fascinating people. In principle, I’m with Ramz on the subject of women trampling our wheat fields, but you can’t deny the allure of Amish wifecraft.

          • We lived for 10 yrs in an OH county that had lots of Amish. The women were bused around to homes as domestic servants and the guys worked at private schools as maintenance workers, driving trucks and repairing gymnasiums etc. They are very inbred and have tragic diseases/mental retardation/birth defects that they just cover up. They kindly take care of the disabled child but accept that it won’t live long. Hard to see them suspicious of medical facts. In a word, their family tree doesn’t fork! Same with polygamous Mormons, but even more extreme inbreeding there.

          • That’s true. Was in Lancaster once and some German tourists were trying to talk to the Amish in German. It was rough going. They eventually switched to English.

          • My grandfather grew up speaking it. He didn’t teach his kids because he didn’t want them to be made fun of for being Dutchy. One of my great regrets is not insisting he teach me.

            All the same it’s alive and well and it’s not just the Amish speaking it.

        • The Irish have a language. It’s Gaelic and it might die out because the English suppressed its use in education and commerce during centuries of brutal occupation. Efforts to revive it were begun in the 20th century and it is mandatory for primary and secondary education; but it has only really taken root in areas of the western part of the isle. The Irish had a Bible in Latin long before the Danes. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Book of Kells, housed at the university in Dublin. The Irish were great missionaries well before the height of the mediaeval period, and they preserved the old faith; while the Danes succumbed to the Reformation, with its sola Scriptura driving the need for a vernacular Bible. So your quip is specious and out of character from your typically cogent commentary.

          • A complete Irish Bible was printed in 1690. The Danes beat them by only 140 years.
            Here’s an “Ancient Clan March” if you want to hear what Gaelic sounds like.
            English translation:
            Hail, oh woman, who was so afflicted,
            It was our ruin that you were in chains,
            Our fine land in the possession of thieves…
            While you were sold to the foreigners!
            Oh-ro, welcome home
            Oh-ro, welcome home
            Oh-ro, welcome home
            Now that summer’s coming!
            Grace O’Malley is coming over the sea,
            Armed warriors as her guard,
            Only Gaels are they, not French nor Spanish…
            and they will rout the foreigners!
            May it please the King of Prodigy that we might see,
            Although we may live but one week after,
            Gráinne Mhaol and a thousand warriors…
            Dispersing the foreigners!
            Maybe you know it as “Drunken Sailor.” Of course, the Irish are what you would call “pozzed” now.

          • The Irish have a language. It’s Gaelic

            The Irish HAD a language. Today, they speak the language of Oliver Cromwell; their laws are written in English, their courts hand down rulings in English and their universities speak English, all official documents are issued in English. Even Yeats himself spoke only English.

            it is mandatory for primary and secondary education

            Which is another way of saying that Gaelic is their second language.

            The Irish had a Bible in Latin long before the Danes.

            Certainly. Ireland was one of the earliest European centres of Christian scholarship, and Denmark was heathen well into the early Middle Ages. But a Bible in Latin is a Latin bible, not an Irish one – my point is not about religion, but that a bible in the vernacular offers a standard reference work for spelling and grammar.

            A translated Bible is more of a proxy for the existence of a centralized tribal political structure, it is not a scholarly definition of what constitutes a language.

        • The Amish use the Luther translation of the Bible but the dialect they speak is pretty different, and they can’t communicate directly with Germans or Dutch. It is interesting that the Old Order Amish around us do all of their school lessons in English and only use “German” in their “German” classes. Pretty much the only time I hear Amish under 60 speaking in their own language is when they are saying something they don’t want “English” people to understand.

          • In my neck of the woods, the Amish seem to exclusively use dialect amongst themselves. They use English when talking to Englishers (and make no mistake, it’s fluent English), but the rest of the time they switch back to their native tongue.

          • I was recently working with a pair of Hasidim; they spoke Yiddish to each other, but spoke perfect fluent English to the Hispanic workers (two of the Hispanics were American born & spoke perfect english.. two others hardly spoke a word of english.)
            Also, although I’m nominally Jewish, I can’t stand those guys. I find that they have very little understanding of American culture and workplace norms.

    • I’ve speculated in my more sci-fi revelries that eventually we may be forced to use something other than English as it becomes ever more laden with infinity-pronouns and ever more qualifiers to avoid offending some remote tribe of transgender astronaut/sheep herders. There’s also the “gibberish problem” as different groups mangle the language in different ways. I often find basic Spanish easier to understand than whatever Indians are saying in their version of English.

      • English is remarkable in having dozens of different ways of saying almost anything, being an amalgam of Latin, French, Anglo-Saxon roots, and many other contributors. It’s both a virtue, as it makes expression in English full of interesting choices, but a drawback (especially in an age of multi-culti) because it’s easy for tribes to form their own dialects and slang. This linguistic centripetal force can create barriers to understanding.

        In French and Italian (and I am guessing Spanish) the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary are much more limited. That makes them easier to learn than English. I sympathize with foreigners trying to understand English with its massive stylistic range.

        • I heard some dude on the internet make this interesting observation about food: when the food is out in the field, muddy, smelly and noisy, it is called by its Anglo-Saxon name: swine, sheep, calf, fowl, cow.

          When it’s been cooked and is ready for polite company, it is called by its French counterpart: pork, beef, veal, poultry, mutton.

          Just putting it out there…

          I sympathize with foreigners trying to understand English with its massive stylistic range.

          That’s the fun part.

          • Makes sense, William the Conqueror and company were more concerned with the end product as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon peasants who raised the animal.

      • Johnny55 said “In 300 years, the Amish will rule America with an iron fist…”
        Christianity is in for the ass wiping of a life time. In 300 years America won’t exist and the Amish will be fertilizer in mass graves.

        • “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
          ― Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness

        • Felix_Krull said: “If the Amish ruled America, they wouldn’t have iron.”
          They wouldn’t have the RQ-170 Sentinel CIA-operated drones either. Ya can’t run an empire these days without those. Not to mention lots of porn and fentanyl.

  21. Perhaps someday in the heartland of our dystopian united states of economy the story of our people will note the era of saint Obama as the great boiling off. When half our people decided to embrace white hate and become something else, melting into the mocha of modernity, while the rest of us circled our wagons and dug in.

    I get the blood part. The hostile world is a centrifuge. Buy where I wonder about our people is the soil part; the connection to the land and what role that will play – if any, as the great clown world spins.

    Rejecting modernity and migration seem to be central to these demographic concentrations.

    I don’t think the next chapters of our story will be an exception.

    Luckily there is still quite a bit of land. But the debates around technology and cloud run infrastructure and the fight/flight of relocation are interesting to contrast against the demographic examples here.

      • For sure pozy. It goes with our need for economic security within our own communities, not the superhighways lined with globohomo mines that we have now.

        Part of the challenge is that we don’t seem to be very good at curating the cloud infrastructure to choose what is best for out people and rejecting those things that are plainly pozz vectors.

        The speed at which these vectors are incorporated and deemed essential leads me more toward an Amish level of skepticism, even the seemingly silly technicalities around “ownership” of these tools.

        When people get upset that facebook is banning crimethink or youtube is demonetizing them or Amazon is stealing their IP and selling counterfeits, well that just the price of doing biz on their roads. At some point your “luck” runs out and you hit a mine.

        You can make money, carve out a living even. But can this approach support a dissident community? What about when white hate is the official law of the land? At what point does separation include our own infrastructure?

    • “… Where I wonder about our people is the soil part; the connection to the land and what role that will play – if any, as the great clown world spins. … Luckily there is still quite a bit of land.”

      There is still quite a bit of land, but almost all of what’s left is already dedicated to farming and resource extraction — support for the urban masses. The rest is mountain, desert, etc. unsuited to large-scale settlement.

      How much “connection to the land” does the megacity dweller on the 18th floor in a high-rise condo forest feel? There’s a reason the globo-corporate state wants the population herded into high-density urban centers, where they are cut off from anything but economics and entertainment. This “we need more breeders to buy more stuff” / “they need more concentration” mentality has taken over the world’s prediction/planning rackets. Even the basically humanistic James Howard Kunstler has drunk the Kool-Aid of densification.

      We don’t need more people. We don’t need more land. We need more brains.

    • Sure. We can believe this entirely objective article. “Look! We’re disappearing! You don’t have to worry any more about us, goyim!”

  22. The same thing is happening to our people. Left wingers demonstrate their virtue by marrying outside their group and having 1 or 2 transgender children. We will be fewer but better and that is fine. Rosie’s Drift, the Battle of Mogadishu, and numerous other incidents prove that numbers, low IQ, and high time preference are no match for organized and disciplined force.

    Be thankful that fate has found you worthy of being tested and live up to the mighty deeds of your ancestors. You are the descendants of winners who defeated other tribes and took their women. They did not come so far and risk all just to have you fail.

    • I think you meant Rorke’s Drift and your spellchecker didn’t want you to talk about that. I’ve noticed my spellchecker seems to be a (((spellchecker))) sometimes when I type hateful things about hatefacts.

      Here’s an awesome song about it by the Swedish band Sabaton. The lyrics (printed in the video) are quite poignant given what’s happening to Sweden and the West overall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emKPydpF7Aw

      Then of course there’s the classic movie with Michael Cain.

  23. Hmmmm.

    You cite religious examples here and use them to good effect. We may well see the same phenomenon apply politically too.

    Consider the shitlibs: they emasculate their men, abort their children, and actively undermine their own families. This is fine in times of ease and largesse… but when things get critical, suffice it to say that Darwin and Murphy do not suffer fools lightly.

    In the meantime, trad families are on the rise on the political right. Hostility to outsiders and predation is growing. I myself am confronted with aspects of the JQ and race I would never have noticed before.

    There is a lot of boiling going on every where now, and all we have is political correctness to keep the lid on that melting pot.

    20 years. Max.

    • I know you’re Canadian too… I wish I could agree but even at the trad prot churches with biblically sound preaching, mixed race marriages are taking place, rap music is popular for younger people, and the whites still lack enough ethnocentrism.

      In Ontario whites have responded by going ultra liberal and it’s a big blackpill. The majority of young whites are stoned out of their minds most of the time.

    • John Smith’s point gives me the warm and fuzzies with respect to millenial americans. Muh ge-ge-generation consists either of 1) urbanite bugmen galley slaves that are mentally, financially, and physically incapable of progeny, or 2) family-centered traditionalist reactionaries. My generation won’t have to talk of the Third Way bc the Second Way will no longer exist. The middle is dissolving faster than Joe Biden’s denture cleaning tablets.

    • I’m seeing more and more awareness show up on other sites I check out.

      I see it in comments on Youtube. I see it on other forums. Still a lot of whining from the normie boomercon types about “racism” and shit like that – but I have noticed that if you keep carefully poking people they start to take notice.

      The comments from the POC are usually the best arguments you can use to make your case – since they usually do and say stupid things to make the case for you.

      Here’s an example of what I’m seeing – read the comments:


  24. I made this point the other day. American Whites are likely going through a genetic bottleneck. Those who don’t want children no longer need to have children to have sex. Whites with low levels of ethnocentrism will marry non-whites.

    The remaining whites will be more family oriented and ethnocentric, which probably means more conservative and religious. Becoming a minority group will only intensify this process. Liberal, multi-culti whites are a genetic dead-end. Even if they have kids, those kids will be a mix, and the mystery meat crowd will be no match for unified, ethnocentric groups.

    • The data supports this, mixed kids have by far the worst outcomes. Graduation rates, suicide, mental problems all much higher than average. They kill themselves at an even higher rate than white kids, and that’s with media, academia et. al. constantly praising them while disparaging and maligning our kids. Imagine how bad off they would be if the environmental situation was reversed.

      • Fash, mixed anything is a problem. The mixes stifle honest and open discussion and problem solving, as everything has to be filtered and watered down to accommodate the “mix”. The racially or culturally non-mixed can aggressively deal with problems and issues, with community support of the proposed solution, instead of hedging and argument all around about the best course of action. Black gangs are brutal, but there is a clarity of action there.

    • Maybe – depends on the mystery meat mix. A White-Asian MM is at a far different level than a Black-Hispanic MM.

      • White asian mixes have their own massive forums/subreddit communities dedicated to hating on their white dad and complaining about their lack of a sense of identity. They, especially the wamens, make blacks look positivity pro white in comparison. The males in particular seem to struggle massively finding dates and socially integrating. See Elliot Rogers.

        • Yeah I know a couple of asian dudes who were adopted as infants by whites and they still have identity issues.

          • Asian-“Americans” born to Asian parents have identity issues, man. Ever been on Subtle Asian Traits? It might as well have been White Man Traits because almost every single post was “white folx do X” “white folx don’t do Y”. East Asians, especially Han, have freaky brains.

          • Would they have preferred to remain in an orphanage, neglected and possibly starved to death? That would have been their fate if not adopted.

            One reason Americans adopt Chinese orphans (almost all girls) because they don’t want to deal with a baby mama who changes her mind and wants the kid back. Solve one problem, get another.

          • If you can’t get a White child, get an North Asian. There are plenty of non-Asian colored children to adopt, but I suspect deep in one’s heart is a knowledge that such is a dangerous practice—even when the child is ostensibly White. I’m going out on a limb here with absolutes, but I have never seen a non-White adoption that has panned out, nor a White adoption that has not been problematic. Exceptions of course where adoptions are within family trees and such.

    • To be honest, as the number of young whites is close to matching the young POCs in Canada, I’m not noticing an increase in ethnocentrism. The young whites are just assimilating into the POC culture – talking in beginner ebonics, obsessed with basketball, claiming they’re “embarrassed” to be white.

      Ironically the boomers are becoming ethnocentric now but it’s far too late for that.

      Things have gotten really bad here since Trudeau won in 2015. But from what I’ve seen, most whites are just not equipped to handle mass migration.

      • Most young whites have the culture the TV gave to them. Whether or not they know it they were taught to be childless, middle-aged professional gay men throwing a party.

        • That’s true. If you’re taught your whole life that you’re useless, a loser, living on stolen land from the Indians, an evil racist, and inherently sinful (with no path to salvation), you’re going to start acting that way. I see most of my young adult peers as emotionally stunted man children, who can’t make it through a tough situation without grabbing for the bong. It’s sad, but it is what it is. I try to show them a better path.

    • A thousand times this. Shitelibs are literally breeding themselves out of existence. TFR at 1.1 and that is likely inflated.

      • It’s shocking to see how few children these people are having. Even from the Gen X generation, the urban white peers of my father were not having children. The TFR was less than one for his friend group from high school.

        Same thing at work, it seems like over half of the whites just aren’t interested in having kids. Some are married, some are single, some are dating. But the contrast is stark: there are about 10 white men currently under 40 who plan on having no kids. There are three of us, who will (2 Christians and one motorcycle guy who seems like he will).

        This alone skews the distribution from 10 Liberal, 3 Conservative, to 10 Liberal, 9 Conservative (assume 2 kids each) and then 6-0 for us in the next generation. Of course children don’t necessarily align with their parents’ political views, but it’s interesting to note nonetheless.

        • And therefore, keeping the poz away from our children as they work through the “education” system should be one of our paramount goals.

          • Don’t absentee, don’t hover, don’t ego trip. Family comes before the individual. For kids and parents alike. That seems to be half the battle.

        • Here’s a Boomer example. Wife has a close group of 5 grade school friends. They get together every year. Now everyone is 60ish. Results: Wife, 2 children; friend 1, 3 children; friend 2, 0 children; friend 3, 0 children; friend 4, 0 children; friend 5, 0 children. That’s 6 women, 5 children. You do the TFR math. I’d note as well that 3 of the girlfriends could not even manage a husband—and no, they are not Lesbians. Sigh.

    • All white people 200 years from now will have a patriarchal attitude toward women and a shoot-on-sight attitude toward diversity, like the North Sentinelese but with better weapons.

      • Ironically, the Jews and their golems are putting us through a great sandblaster; the caked on dirt and rust is being stripped away to reveal the gleaming sword underneath. We are being purified.

        Let’s just hope that there are enough of us when the time comes. 2.5 centuries of industrialization and 1+ century of propaganda have done one hell of a number on us.

  25. Even though it’s popular in these circles to largely blame Jews for convincing whites to trade in their trad families for dildoes, keep in mind that Ashkenazi Jews do the same thing. Cat ladies and dog moms are not just whites…they are Jews as well. The J-leftists don’t have many kids either. Just remember: Chuck Schumer has a lesbian daughter, and that’s a blessing of liberty (for us).

    • Well that’s the problem with being psychotically vengeful aint it? You profligate a virulent immuno-supressive mind disease that infects the host to think down is up, virtue is vice, and unity is weakness, well don’t be surprised if that virus becomes contagious and some of your own are infected as collateral damage. It’s tempting to laugh as them but really them being infected as well probably makes it even worse for us since they still hold the levers of power and them falling victim to their own mental poison will likely cause them to ignore the problems created by it. I mean they had whitey locked down as cannon fodder for their desert homeland, but because of the virus whitey has become much weaker and less combat ready. I’m just amazed at the level of hated exhibited by these psychos. They have cut off their nose to spite the face.

      The white pill is that their decadence has caused serious PR problems for them and the sleepers are beginning to notice. Epstein, weinstein, schiff etc. Very high profile and very not crypto. Especially Epstein, my god that has gotta get even the dimmest noggins joggin.

    • Well, his other daughter married a Jew so the boiling off continues.

      Btw, here’s what Schumer said when he first heard heard about the boyfriend who would later become her husband:

      “When she talked about him, she said she had a boyfriend named Shappy, and I was a little worried because Shappy doesn’t sound like a Jewish last name,” Schumer said. “But that was his nickname. His last name is Shapiro. He’s a wonderful boy and we’re very happy.”

      I’m sure goy senators could get away with saying the same thing except using the word “white” instead of “Jewish.” I’ll give Jews credit. They don’t hide their hypocrisy and disdain for us.

      • Two friends married Jewish fellows and converted, but their husband’s families were angry with them marrying Gentile girls and one was disowned. I wonder what Ivanka Trump Kushner’s in-laws think of her. She seems to have embraced Jewishness. I guess that she’s a useful idiot serving Jewish and Israeli interests at the highest level. Imagine if it was discovered that Donald Trump remarked in the past that he wished that she married a Christian boy. That would be grounds for impeachment.

        • What do you IF he remarked? He has on numerous occasions joked that Ivanka could have married Tom Brady , instead of Jared. She went out ona date with Brady, I think. He said it as recently as a couple of years ago. That is why Giselle keeps him away from the POTUS.

      • Just read this tidbit about Charles Schumer in a NY Post article about his daughter’s lesbian wedding. By the way, his daughter is fat. Surprise, surprise.

        “Alison Schumer, 29, is a six-figure product marketing manager at Facebook — which has donated about $50,000 to her Democratic Senate minority leader dad, a vocal defender of the social media titan on Capitol Hill.”


        Facebook gives his daughter a well-paying job and donates to his campaign and, he, in turn, defends them. Quid pro quo, anyone?

    • What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a liberal Jew? Donald Trump has Jewish grandchildren.

    • Fragmentation within the Jewish community has always been a survival strategy for them. It has given them the ability to survive in one form or another but never allowing them to achieve great numbers in comparison to the hosts they’ve come to depend upon. This strategy goes back to the Book of Genesis. Jacob married in-group. His brother Esau married a Hittite. If one was wiped out the other would survive. This has been their strategy since. They lose some of their people to the ‘other’ but a core always manages to survive. Some Jews became members of the other ancient tribes of the Levant. Some became Hellenized ,Romanized, assorted types of Europeans (the Ashkenazim are genetically half way between Arabs and Europeans).

      Within the societies they live you will find them taking all points-of-view in order to control the breadth of those positions. Ayn Rand and Rosa Luxemburg are not at the extremes. They are two sides of the same coin: they are both nihilists. Social arrangements are to be determined by the economic structure of that civilization. They both worked at undermining family, community, faith and traditional culture. They worked for the same end from seemingly opposite poles not through conniving but by instinct, one honed over the eons. They defined the spectrum. One favorable to their tribe.

      These arrangement repeat themselves one thousand times in a thousand different ways in every age, the same patterns going back to the Egyptian New Kingdom. This is the kosher sandwich. It is a strategy that has given them a long history but one that has made them extremely insular and extremely dependent upon a host. They survive by dividing us and then dividing their forces. They have a hand in their rise and fall but they are also subject to unforeseen events affecting the hosts.

      Their culture is parasitical and chameleon-like: they have been Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians…Greeks, Romans…Spaniards, Portuguese…French, German, Russian…Americans…they now attempting to becoming Chinese and whatever else. All the while remaining Jews.

      At its core their culture is full of negative covenants:Jews con Gentiles. Its expression is a strategy of assimilation, infiltration, undermining and altering. At times they’ve killed off their host, in other times events they had little to do with brought a period to a close…but a wily parasite can always find another host.

      • I agree, but I suspect that new host will not be the Chinese (or Japanese or Korean). For one thing, they don’t look alike. That may sound silly, but it’s a powerful reminder that the other person is from a different tribe.

        People joke that if Jews’ faces were blue for a week, the masses would wake up to how powerful they are. Well, to the Chinese, Jews basically have blue faces.

        Jews have painted themselves into a corner. Muslims hate them because of Zionism. The West will fall apart and Jews won’t be a loved group afterward. The Asians won’t accept them. Africa is, well, Africa. That leaves Eastern Europe or South America. Maybe if some authoritarian takes over the U.S., Jews could find a place under him.

        However, I have faith in the Jews. They’re an amazingly wily people. They’ll find some new host to screw over.

      • “Fragmentation within the Jewish community has always been a survival strategy for them. It has given them the ability to survive in one form or another but never allowing them to achieve great numbers in comparison to the hosts they’ve come to depend upon.”

        This is a brilliant insight, Yves. You offer many paths to explore; but what comes to my mind is how Assimilation vs. Separation constitutes one of the major Scriptural themes.

        The Bible seems to come down on the side of Separation, but only nominally. Again and again we’re introduced to extremely assimilated figures (Joseph the Vizier for example) who prove to be play a functional role within the “separated” group, especially in moments of crisis. “Assimilation” shows itself to be more akin to infiltration.

        Maintaining the totality of the spectrum is itself the survival strategy, as I think you’re saying.

  26. Both the Amish and Jew benefited from a largely benevolent majority.

    There is no guarantee the white population will be left alone to become “more white”.

    Whites could end up like the Zoroastrians in Muslim lands, persecuted to various extents and slowly dwindle over time until they are almost nonexistent

    • Read a book called Lost White Tribes by Riccardo Orizio. It’s like a premonition in a horror show

    • Exactly. The Amish wouldn’t have thrived in Zimbabwe. And despite their overblown tales of pogroms, Jews have generally been allowed to live their lives without much interference.

      Jews were bred to deal with whites. We are their natural host. Asians and Indians aren’t, and Jews will find them much more difficult to live among. Blacks without money from whites are also a problem for Jews; they’re dangerous and not profitable. Again, how many Jews are doing business in Zimbabwe.

      • Again, how many Jews are doing business in Zimbabwe.

        I think you’ll find an awful lot of them in the gold and diamond trades in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries.

        • LOL, even after the genocide in Haiti, there were the special people again, running their schemes!! I mean, trading…

    • Well, you need about a 95 IQ to operate a modern society. Maybe a little less. For example, Baltimore has seen the black population rise to about 70%, while the white population has crashed below 30%. This should have meant the city failed much sooner, but the white population that remained was the class that could insulate themselves from the problems and those who had status in the old order. The city IQ probably did not fall through the minimum until the 1970’s, but even then the people running the city were the legacy smart fraction.

      Left alone, the city would have collapsed a long time ago. Instead, the state props it up in various ways, thus avoiding collapse. Still, most everything is slowly falling apart. That’s because the average IQ is probably around 93, being very generous with my estimate. Such a model cannot work for a whole country or even a state. California is failing because of white flight and brown ascendancy.

      Put another way, things fall apart long before whites are pushed to the brink.

      • California and Texas are states to watch. They are the future. California is ~37% whites and 63% nonwhite. If you assume 100 IQ for whites, that’s obviously 37 IQ points. The nonwhites are mostly Hispanic at @ ~92 IQ but with a significant portion also being Asians ~100 and mystery meat – lets say 96 IQ – and a few blacks ~85. So let’s put nonwhite IQ at a combined 92. That’s 58 IQ points (63% X 92).

        California’s combined IQ is now ~95, so it’s right on the edge. And that’s what you see. They’re having a hard time maintaining the society and infrastructure built for a 100 IQ state. Luckily for whites in California, Hispanics are much easier to work with than blacks, but you still need engineers and accountants along with ditch diggers.

        Texas is going through something similar.

        Basically, the cracks are starting to show as those states’ overall IQ is hitting ~95. What happens when the country’s IQ hits 95 and there’s not enough money to transfer around to maintain the infrastructure?

        Fun times ahead.

        • In South America, the answer has been authoritarianism combined with stratification. Something similar will emerge in America, but with a much larger elite class. Jews and Asians will have to ally with whites or face expulsion. America will look more like Sparta than Athens.

          • Democracy doesn’t work in multi-racial or multi-religious (if people take their religion seriously) societies.

            Democracy doesn’t work in societies with an IQ below ~95.

            We’re heading for both. Only an authoritarian regime will be able to keep society functioning.

            Jews’ money and organizations aren’t nearly as effective in such a society. The ADL is scary to you and me, but not so much to Pinochet.

          • Wouldn’t be surprised. The Trump is a fascist hysteria speaks volumes. Lefty reads the tea leaves.

          • An extreme example of this was Iraq. The idea was that if we bombed hard enough and got rid of Saddam then rainbows of freedom and unicorns of democracy would appear magically “because everyone wants those things in their heart”. Sadly it was murder and tribal vengeance that most Iraqis wanted in their hearts and they certainly got it.

            Iraq was a fake nation held together by force, Yugoslavia was another and fell apart the same way. America is not far behind.

          • There was talk in the early 1990s after Gulf War the Prequel about breaking Iraq up into three nations: Shia south (where the oil is); Sunni middle; and Kurdish north. the Kurds enjoy a high degree of autonomy as a result of the Iraq War.

            In 1960, America was a nation, but it isn’t anymore. It’s both an economic zone and empire. Nothing holds us together except force, welfare state bribery and the common desire to make a lot of money to buy a lot of stuff.

          • I assume that Latin American White elites never had any illusion about the mestizos, Indians and Blacks they ruled. In recent years, they make may noise about “equality,” but I wonder with the fading of the liberal Age of Enlightenment and the rise of the Age of Demography, that too will fade away.

          • You’re missing one thing. The white elites hate us and want us dead and gone. And there is no way any government in the U.S. will allow ordinary whites to segregate. Try it and they will send the police to bust it up.

            Yes there is economic-social straticaton for the rich whites like those in Palo Alto or Hidden Hills..But unless you have 7 figures to spend on a home, forget about it.

            Not to mention that as CA gets more brown the quality of life nose dives. I live in CA and see it happening. Our ER’s look like a TJ bar. Schools are a disaster. Police response? Unless it’s a shooting or a fatal hit and run – don’t bother.

        • Citizen, I see the South Americanization/Mexicanization of California happening already. The brighter factions are simply abandoning certain areas of the state and ring fencing them off, avoiding them and staying away. VDH lives in one of those ring fenced areas, and that’s why he suffers so at home. Half the state will be gated soon.

      • I think the people who followed the money to America will leave when the money leaves. If people came to America to create a third world nation I believe that would be a first in history. Not sure of that but I can’t think of another instance. There’s an inertia to the third world attitude. It takes carrots and sticks to motivate those folks. Nation building isn’t their thing.

        It’ll last as long as whites think they can afford the luxury. Or the Chinese will colonize the place.

        • People who see the US only as an ATM machine, will leave as soon as the ATM runs out of money.

          Third world immigrants didn’t come to create a third world nation per se – they wanted to replicate the old country in the new, but with a higher standard of living. They took for granted that the US would continue to be a first world nation The reality is that as the productive, self-reliant and intelligent portion of the population dwindles and the non-productive, parasitic and/or stupid portion of the population increases, it will be increasingly difficult to keep society running at a first world level. What’s even worse is that Whites are discriminated against in favor of incompetent non-Whites.

          Normies should junk the belief that people who migrate to America want to become Americans. In the 19th and early 20th Century, many European immigrants came here, made their money and left. There are large number of “Overseas Chinese” in southeast Asia and the Philippines and a lesser number of Indians in Malaysia who are all more economically affluent than the natives but are not tied to these lands. They’re ethnically and religiously different.

          • It’s amazing to me that the Left is still able to cultivate sappy sentimentality with these “coming to America” stories about immigrants who assimilated successfully and yet also likes to push multiculturalism.

            Orwell’s notion of doublethink was quite prescient. It seems to characterize a lot of their views – “gays are born that way”/”gender is fluid”, “race is a social construct”/”we need to have preferences in favor of certain races in hiring”. It’s part of the more general talent for compartmentalizing information that most people use to some degree. Trying to construct a rigorously self-consistent world view hurts too much for most. Religion has always taken advantage of this and the modern world’s dominant faith of Leftism does too.

          • They don’t think, but adhere to the latest libthink, which might change next week.

            Modern-day liberalism is so crazy that they need to double-down on the propaganda and censor or doxx those who disagree. In this sense, reminds me of Brave New World.

            It’s been said that everyone has a godhole and want to believe in something. If they lose faith in God, the Buddha, etc., they’ll believe in something else. Totalitarian dictatorships violently suppressed traditional religion and, in its place, promoted a personality cult around the current or a past leader or thinker and his writings. Adolf Hitler and his Mein Kampf, Mao Tse-Tung and his Little Red Book. Still see this North Korea.

            The modern-day holy trinity of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity is a modern-day religion in the West.

            Watch what people DO, not what what they SAY. A liberal may declare diversity to be a source of strength, but where does she live? Who are her friends? Most importantly, where does she send her children to school? The late, great Joe Sobran once remarked (something to the effect) that “In mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from the KKK.” Calling them out on their hypocrisy is useless because, to a liberal, what counts is saying the right things, holding the right attitudes, and, in a politician, voting the right way. Actions don’t matter.

          • Ris, you nailed it. The odd thing is that having the proper expressions of attitude somehow absolves one of the improper expressions of actions taken. A convenient out, I must say. Personally, I am more in favor of outright owning one’s actions, but that is a very dissident thing to say and do…

            And of course, pointing out that actions do not match attitudes is. just. not. done., it’s impolite or something.

          • Tea party activists often discussed Saul Alinsky’s “Rule for Radicals” and suggested pressuring liberals on Rule #4 – “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” Calling a liberal a hypocrite is pointless. It’s rude (conveniently) and the accusation with roll off like water on a duck. Their “morality” is very self-serving.

          • If that’s what they were trying to do – to apply pressure to lefties – then they’re seriously misunderstanding how to implement Alinsky tactics. And they’re also exemplifying why right wingers just continue to lose over and over again.

            I used to read a guy named Gary North – and he addressed Alinsky tactics. He pointed out one good example of how college students used Alinsky tactics to get a policy they disliked repealed. In this case the policy was one against chewing gum. To get the policy repealed – they got enough students together to chew gum and just leave the gum everywhere. The resulting mess just overwhelmed the “system” and forced the school administration to repeal the policy.

            The way the right wing wins by implementing Alinsky tactics – is by forcing the left to suffer the consequences of their own policies. Does the left want to ban guns by forcing everybody to register them? Fine – register them – and then make them all disappear. Bury all the guns in the mountains and report them all as stolen. Or wait until they come around to confiscate and the SWAT teams will find your safe empty. A bureaucracy that has records of 100 million registered guns to confiscate – that cannot find a single registered gun – will spin itself into the ground trying to make all of it’s own paperwork “work”.

            Want to bury welfare? Divorce your wife and refuse to support her – her and the kids can go on welfare, and after she’s got a Section 8 subsidized apartment you can move in – just like a negro.

            Pay cash for everything. Stop using credit or any other sort of traceable economic transactions.

            I read Quora on occasion. A couple of persistent questions on Quora are “what to do about somebody bullying my kid” along with ” why do schools let bullies get away with hitting my kid”.

            Seems like a persistent problem that bullies get away with smacking around the normie kids – with the tacit support of the school administrations. So what is there to do?

            Become a bully.

            Tell your kid: “hey you were at the meeting in the principal’s office – you heard what he said – they basically support the bully. Seeing as how that is the environment we live in – you know have my full support to start bullying the shit out of everybody – including the teachers and the school administration. Just make sure you beat the shit out of that Billy kid who beat you up. I will never punish you for any of this – and apparently you won’t get punished by the school either – as long as you’re perceived to be a bully”

            That’s how you Alinsky clownworld.

            Just “questioning them on their hypocrisy” – doesn’t accomplish shit.

            You must actually make them PAY – thru concrete actions.

          • Carlsdad – Great post! I agree 100% There is a saying that some people only learn the hard way.

            I remember back in the 1990s discussions about burying firearms.

            I thought that one way to hit the Libs was to locate Section 8 housing in Liberal neighborhoods. Let them live with their pets and suffer the consequences. The Usual Suspects are the first to flee when the neighborhood darkens.

            Suing them is another tactic. Nicholas Sandman’s family sued the Washington Post for $275 million and eventually was awarded an undisclosed sum of money.

            The point is that they can’t get away with what they do. Make their lives miserable. Don’t commit the crime if you don’t want to do the time.


          • Sandman was not “awarded” a nickel, the Post “settled” for an undisclosed amount. There is a difference. An award is public and can be interpreted as a warning to others as to the consequences of their recklessness. A settlement is often little more than “get lost” money paid, and often worked into a business plan as the cost of doing business. The consequences of a settlement are therefore left to speculation. It may not be seen as a deterrent to the Left—and therefore a victory for the DR.

    • Bingo. Z is missing context in a serious way.

      We not only suffer from hostile browns but a white ruling class that wants us dead and gone and doing everything to make it happen.

      We are not going to be allowed to live in peace in gated communities. The elites won’t tolerate that. Look how hard they try to prevent us from organizing at any level.

      Imagine what CA will be when we have a Mexican governor and assembly. It will devolve into Juarez in short order. We already have a cartel presence here, the Mexican gangs have infiltrated the Los Angeles Sheriff’s dept and the elites are freaking out over it. There are cops with prison style tattoo’s(hidden of course). You don’t get those unless you’re part of a gang. If you’re not you’re asking to get killed.

      Some gated communities will exist but only for the white ruling class and those who have the serious money. Like those who have millions sitting in the bank and stock market. Otherwise, you swim with the Morlocks.

    • It’s probably their last cohesive trait. Ironically, Jewish males often marry white–very white and blonde–chicks just to mentally stick it to the goyim and in the process miscegenate their way out of existence.

  27. ” As the testicles of cosmopolitan globalist get stronger,”

    I’m assuming you meant ‘tentacles’, but it’s definitely funnier this way,

    • Well, I think they’re having fewer children and testosterone rates are cratering, so perhaps the testicles of the elite are getting weaker, more enervated, their loins “un-girding.”

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