The New Hope

One of the unique features of the current year is the very large gap, the great divide, that separates conventional wisdom and its critics. On one side, the conventional side, people still operate inside the moral framework that formed up in the 1960’s and blossomed in the 1980’s. On the other side are the critics and dissidents, who are operating under an entirely different framework. Not only is there no overlap or areas of agreement, there’s little contact between the two sides.

This is a new thing. In the 1980’s, as the neoliberalism was coming together, critics and enthusiasts occupied the same physical and cultural space. On TV chat shows, old school conservatives could challenge new school conservatives about trade and immigration policy. Paleo-libertarians could challenge both sides of conventional politics on money, economics and social policy. Newspapers would run columns by columnists, who questioned the emerging orthodoxy.

That’s not something you see these days. For example, read conventional conservative websites and they are nothing but the same dull mush they have been churning out for the last few decades. There are no lively discussions about immigration or the impact of the demographic changes. National Review hardly bothers to cover Trump. They just seem to be waiting it all out, hoping the bad man goes away. Otherwise, they carry on like 2016 never happened and that mob to their right does not exist.

The Left is actually much worse. Take an evening and watch the left-wing cable chat shows and you will find yourself in a world of make believe. It’s a useful only in that it is a glimpse inside the very weird world of the Washington chattering classes. Again, the days of having on contrary opinion are long gone. Instead, these shows and the print publications that fuel them are like choirs. They sing familiar tunes to the faithful in order to drive away all doubt. The one true faith is all you see.

This strange insularity is, in part, what is driving the dissident right. Every day refugees from the other side turn up on this side, looking for answers. After the six millionth recitation of the catechism, even the timid start to wonder why things never seem to get better for the bulk of Americans. The funny guys with the frog things at least offer some comic relief. Traditional Christians find themselves on the same side as racists, because the people on the other side made it so.

An illuminating example of this hard divide between orthodoxy and dissent is this post by Steve Sailer, reviewing a book by conservative thinker Christopher Caldwell. Sailer describes his book as “an explosive rethinking of history since JFK’s assassination that comes to the reactionary conclusion that the only salvation for American conservatism is to repeal the sainted 1964 Civil Rights Act and restore the constitutional right to freedom of association.”

Right away, that should cause most dissidents to stop and wonder how it is possible that such a conclusion is novel in anyway. As recent as the 1980’s, critics could openly talk about the negative consequences of the Civil Rights Act. Into the last decade, legal scholars could publicly question disparate impact, which is one of the deformities that has arisen from the arguments behind the civil rights. Today, none of this is possible on the other side. Those things can only be spoken of on this side.

That’s why Caldwell’s book will be treated like an original document by the people on the other side of the great divide. The sorts of topics and modes of thought increasingly common on this side of the great divide are completely forgotten on the other side of the great divide. So much so that many people on that side, even the smarter ones, are barely away such thinking exists. It is as if they live in a universe that now operates by a different set of natural rules. It truly is a great divide.

Now, it must be noted that Caldwell probably does pay attention to what happens on this side, as best he can. He has to dodge the morality police, so perhaps that is why he chooses to frame his critique as he does. Still, it has the feel of someone, after having done everything they could to get their way and silence their critics, discovering they were wrong all along. Instead of rehabilitating their critics, however, they proudly claim their arguments for their own.

That’s not what’s at work here. Caldwell, as far as anyone can tell, has not been standing with the harpies, as they drive out the unbelievers. He’s always been a skeptic of the prevailing orthodoxy. He is, however, an insider, a house approved critic, who speaks to that audience. His book is not aimed at dissidents, but at the sorts of people he socializes with at book parties and conferences. He is one of them, not one of us, even if he does not share their loathing for us.

This does reveal a truth about any possible reform movement that could arrest the decline of the West. If the other side is to regain their wits and begin to turn back from the abyss, they will have to do so believing they are the ones sorting this all out. They will not credit the people they drove away, for the crime of questioning what turned out to be a defective orthodoxy. Reformers need the legitimacy of insiders, which means maintaining the gulags for the old heretics.

Even so, what Caldwell’s book suggests, however, is that there is some leakage between the dissident right and the prevailing orthodoxy. It is not a one-way mirror that divides the two sides. Some of things on this side are slowly making their way over. For those hoping for a peaceful transition back to normalcy, there’s the white pill. One book here, one speech there and before long, the other side has their Khrushchev. It is a thin reed, but it is some hope for a soft landing.

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180 thoughts on “The New Hope

  1. Interesting. Perhaps some of the left have realized their lunacy has gone too far ? Or the drag queens and street thugs are proving too much for their delicate sensibilities ?

    Sadly the negro worshipping and virtue signaling are alive and well in the upper middle class, white communities. Even after the obama housing gets built, the ex-cons move in with their feral children and the crime rate spikes . . . .white normie keeps whistling past the graveyard.

  2. Interesting post,thanks for the link to the Sailed article. However to me it feels like, too little too late, rather like Trump’s Damascus moment regarding China. China is now too big to be bullied back into line and the multiculti managerial juggernaut is now simply too vast to turn around. There is no way that the tens of millions of welfare dependant migrants can be returned peacefully, or the millions of state employees who currently administer the nightmare can be told to find employment in the private sector. It looks like we’re riding this train to the end of the line wherever that may be.

  3. The Dirt People know they got, and are getting fucked in the ass by rich douchebags. They opened up the floodgates to destroy a workin man making a decent wage. Sent manufacturing to mexico, china, timbucktooo. The jews bought the politicians. We’re now a garrisoned underclass, ruled by traitors, thieves, pieces of shit used to the good life. You know what? They fucked with the wrong bunch of people.

  4. Caldwell’s ‘The Age of Entitlement’ is going to function as an intellectual ‘on-ramp’ for some normiecons who would never have the guts to say that the Civil Rights Act (CRA) — and perhaps the concept of ‘minority rights’ itself — was toxic and created the conditions for the annihilation of American solidarity, at least to the extent that there was such a thing. The CRA weaponized the US State against American Whites. Southerners, who had already had this happen to them once before, were very sensitive to the logic of the CRA and how it, essentially, made White Americans second-class citizens in the land of their ancestors. The CRA can be undone and should be. With unflinching will by White People, it will be…one way or another.

    Diversity = Death
    Separation = Survival

  5. “The other side has their Khrushchev”
    Khrushchev could be negotiated with and opened the door to dialog between the west and the Soviet Union but don’t we want a Gorbachev across that divide?
    One who opens the door for the collapse of the prevailing order and the rise of something else like dissident politics?
    I am probably asking to much?
    Listening to the latest Paul Godfrey on Cotto Godfrey stream he seems to think it’s an uphill battle for dissident politics in the west.

  6. The pendulum always swings back. It generally comes back with a lot of vengeance dribbling off the edges. The more ludicrous or tyrannical the present system, the consequences of supporting it bite you on the bum.

  7. The hardest thing for most of the younger people to grasp is that I don’t owe any of the others a damn thing. I don’t owe the dindos any welfare, affirmative action or special help of any kind. I don’t have to have blacks or mystery meat in my circle of friends or associates. In other words, I consider myself free.

    I see this idea of “white man’s burden” as total bull shit and it is time to let the damn others do for themselves. The State is the main obstacle for people living in peace as they are forcing people to associate with each other when they should be separate. Freedom of association is one of the main freedoms.

    • My immediate reaction, is that the younger people of whom you speak immediate reaction would be a resounding, indignant “how dare you” (with a Danish accent)

  8. “ After the six millionth recitation of the catechism, even the timid start to wonder why things never seem to get better for the bulk of Americans.”

    Six millionth… I see what you did there.

  9. All the normie noticing is great, but there is a bigger problem here. Note Trump’s Middle East peace plan. Basically an enshrinement of the status quo on the ground, with big gibs for all sides to accept it (not entirely different from how the Irish troubles finally were put behind us). But the Palestinians reject it, because their entire culture is wrapped around the cosmic wrong done to them by the Israelis. Similarly, the Left sees the noticing and the Trumping as an affront to who they are, and they are simply not ready or capable of letting go of their “cause”. It will be a knock down, drag out, no matter the righteousness or logical correctness of our thing.

    • If I were negotiating against the Israelis over anything, I would not trust one thing Trump had to say on the subject. It’s not as if he’s impartial (Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Bibi-smooching, wholly owned subsidiary of Sheldon Adelson, etc…)

      No deal with a Jig-nat can be trusted. Ask Iran about the nuclear deal. Hell, ask the Palestinians about the Oslo Accords.

      And after what Trump did to Soleimani, I wouldn’t be inclined to even show up for a meeting with an American, or let one know my whereabouts in general.

      The US has earned a reputation that we’re not worth negotiating with. Sooner than later that is going to start biting our ass in all sorts of ways.

      Palestinians aren’t my people and I’d send them all back, but blaming them for not signing another one-sided “peace” deal is unfair.

      They’re on the demographic upswing and Israel’s slipping (Hezbollah fight, Syria, etc). Jews are swinging into high-controlling mode in response to all the Defcon 1 anti-Semitism they’ve manufactured.

      It’s in the interests of my Whites of America to see Israel humbled and exposed, so we can run our own affairs without Israel’s massive foreign interference.

      • The fact that there were no Palestinians involved should tell you all you need to know about that particular “negotiation.”

        • I wouldn’t trust the Israelis either, but the knee-jerk rejection thirty seconds into the announcement means there is no room for negotiation. The Palestinians cannot negotiate away their world view, or allow to have it traded away from them, no matter how sweet the deal. Trump is naive or simply posturing, to think there is any deal there that can be done. The Left is similarly positioned vis-a-vis us, and we need to keep that in mind.

          From another angle, Trump is being similarly naive if he thinks taking an obviously dead-end position on this will win him the Jewish vote. What works for him in business, the media, and sports, which is doggedly pushing forward, no matter what, devil take the hindmost, may not work so well with the black vote, the Jewish vote, and the DR vote. We’ll see in November.

  10. Why is Zman obsessed with NR? He’s said it himself, many times; they’re old news, old hat, and they’re cucks. Who cares about them? Let them wither away in their own space. Please, never mention them again.

    • They’re still the flagship outlet for Conservative, Inc. They’re worth monitoring for Intel on “polite” conservative opinion until they go down the drain in the next year or so.

  11. The operant conditioning of most Americans to “blank-out” of any non-approved source of information is strong and it has the grifter-side-bonus of making their plagiarized ideas seem new to most of their well-fenced and well-patrolled flock.

    Whenever then need a “bold new initiative” ala Harzony’s Traveling Fiddler Show, they just peer into Our Darkness, sugar coat one of our hate-takes and voila: a “groundbreaking” book tour with numerous talking head engagements serving up softballs about Big Brain’s hottest new take – usually something we were kicking around 3-5 years previously.

    Team Grift are starting to seriously feel the pinch of their (ostensibly) divided loyalties as their fawning interpersonal entanglements with Big Other are increasingly obvious and the media in general plummet in public opinion.

    They have gone to the well too many times. The bucket of tears for the Lost Cause of Conservatism is dry. The Boomers are Conservatism’s last generation. Even feeble nepots like Bill the Lesser & J-Pod are giants compared to the “next generation” of conservative leadership.

    Horseface Charlie & a bunch of gay mullatto MAGA-trannies will not be remembered a generation from now. We’re in a transitional period that chafes a lot of us to wait through, but time really is on our side.

    • Exile, I don’t think one has to “blank out” alternative media. I think you have to seek it out. And you’ll be confronted with “unsafe” and “virus” message alerts every time you click through a link.

    • If that isn’t an opening, I don’t know what is.

      Younger people- the breeders, including new grandparents- are the engine around which society revolves.

      We’re the only reality-based source out there.
      They need us to reach them, to tell them what they need to know.

  12. What complicates things is that both sides have lost control of the narrative, thanks to social media. The left has demonstrated no ability to control woke Twitter, and on the right we have comments sections in general which while some have tried to stamp them out or bring them to heel are still going strong. The two work differently. Woke Twitter functions as a way to gain status for left wing virtue signalers while right wing comments sections function as a way for people to anonymously speak unapproved thoughts while being able to see how not alone they are. The prime mover of the right now is the Trump voter, not Trump. Trump is merely their instrument. It’s just a big vote of no confidence in the right wing establishment, which on the whole has gone relatively quiet since the Trump election. Some on the left seem to realize this threat but beyond that realization don’t seem to know what to do about it.

  13. Agree. A similar case is Rusty Reno’s book, _Return of the Strong Gods_, which is very capable of outlining precisely what our complaints are, while offering the absurd hope that the elites who jacked everything up and who profit from the jacking will change course.

    • Tucker Carlson book Ship of Fools was a warning to the Cloud People to clean up their act or face retribution. Our own Z man has warned for years that we’re not voting our way out of this mess and it’s not going to end well.

    • “the elites who jacked everything up and who profit from the jacking”

      A perfect summation.
      This ain’t yer granpappy’s capitalist economy anymore.

  14. Forgive me for pissing on your optimism, but take a walk on any college campus and eavesdrop on a conversation or two. Every university has now become an insane asylum of Leftist dogma. We’re talking brain-dead zombies who think Bernie is the new Santa Claus and endless free stuff is their birthright. I don’t think highfalutin intellectualizing is going to dent that problem.

    • Like everywhere else, there is a silent majority on college campuses that don’t go for the progressive BS. Once people get wise on the student loan scam and the ROI on college “education”, you’ll see fewer green-haired retards and more “This is library!” types. That said, colleges in the West, at least since the sixties, have been leftist. When I was young, I was leftist (though not an activist). This is just something we have to contain and ridicule. But I doubt it’s more than just young people being retarded.

      • marko you are out of touch. there IS NOT a silent majority on college campuses . my last one just graduated . in the last 12 years I have spent more time than you could imagine on 4 different campuses in the Midwest. The students are true believers who will end a years long friendship over a comment that indicates you don’t sufficiently hate the bad man , hate other pale people like themselves , or fear the eminent destruction of all life on the planet from climate change . It is the most depressing thing in the world to see the bug eyed intensity they have for their beliefs. it’s scary too. they clearly harbor an aching burning desire to do harm to deplorables. My son related a story to me about how a group of girls who were friends saw his turmp flag hat in his closet when he was getting his coat out . At fist they laughed because they thought it was to be “ironic” but he told them no he really liked him . a couple of them actually were brought to real tears at this because they really liked him but couldn’t be friends with him any more. He was not bothered by that but It shows you where their thinking is.

        • The problem is those girls weren’t “thinking”. They have been sucked into some sort of odd social variant of a B.F. Skinner operant conditioning program, and this is what happens. This is what we are are up against. Would that it was only “thinking” that we are fighting, not “conditioning”.

        • I tend to agree with Marko,based on my sons’ views and college experiences. Did your sons male friends feel the same way? I doubt it. Even if they did, I think many males, especially in college, go along with it all in order to get into girls pants. Once they get into the work world and see how things actually work, many change their views rather quickly.

          • The silent majority stayed silent in the 70s and 80s. Now we are the silent minority.

            Young white people are pozzed as fuck.They think they deserve to be a mistreated minority. Personal experience. There was a brief window circa late 2015-2017 when young white men were going kind of rightwing… but they clamped down so hard and after Charlottesville it all ended.

          • It starts well before “trying to get into girls pants”. Starts in middle school and grade school when they are taught they are evil and useless.

            And btw, the male pua/club whore is just a male version of the feminist – promoting promiscuity, abortion, and not having children. Those guys who spend all weekend at the club for one hookup a month piss me off. Dereliction of duty.

          • I wish this were true. But look at AOC – 30 with “work experience”. The “university products” are already matriculating into power and reaching into boardrooms.

        • Eh, I stand by my perception. Also, chicks don’t count. If Kublai Khan were in power they’d be shilling for him too. As a wise man once said, “women are 50% of the problem, but 100% of the p***y”

  15. Um, don’t look now, but it appears Murray may have thrown white men under the bus. From Sailer’s review of Murray’s new book, Murray on white privilege:

    “Class is a function of privilege. People have historically been sorted into classes by political, economic, and cultural institutions that privilege heterosexual white males and oppress everyone else, with genes and human nature playing a trivial role if any. People can be re-sorted in a socially just way by changing those institutions.”

    So white men were on top because we unfairly imposed institutions on others that put us in that spot? What’s more, is he telling nonwhites to change (overthrow) those institutions to put themselves on top and us on the bottom?


      • I’m hoping someone who reads his book will show me how that quote is out of context. It just seems so unnecessary. That quote won’t protect him so why make it.

    • I think that quote was Murray stating the conventional orthodoxy of progressives, not what he (Murray) actually believes. Just prior to that quote, Sailer included another quote that he made clear was Murray stating progressives’ position, not his own. Sailer did a poor job introducing the second quote, IMO. I had to read it a couple of times.

    • Murray is well known anti-Trumper who openly supports race replacement of whites.

      He’s about as low as you can go.

      • I don’t know what Murray’s position on Trump,is, but you’ll need to show me where he supports replacement of Whites. I’ve read most of his stuff. Cite references.

  16. The timeline between a non-radical reform and a regime overthrow is now too short. We’re destined to have a political upheaval rather than new voices in the echo chamber. I think the dissident right’s new Mantra after March should be “Bern it down.”

  17. How many of us on this side of the line began our journey in a manner similar to where Caldwell now  stands?  Looking for possible solutions.  Looking for a soft landing.

    If we still had the demographics of 1970 I’d be full of hope.  Things are too far gone. It’s either our tribe or a coalition of other tribes.  Undoing the ’64 Snivel Rites Act and allowing for the freedom of association, meaning separation, is not possible for our enemies.  Whites and their civilization are Satan to many. Whites as tax cattle to others are a necessity.  Caldwell is either on his way to our side…or 6 months from now he’ll be explaining why his brief flight of fancy could never work.

    As with many on our side, in my heart I hope for some form of cultural detente. That this nightmare will find a peaceful way of resolving itself.  As Zman has observed, over the decades the differences have become so entrenched that we no longer have a common language through which we can have a discussion.  Hope and attempting to make overtures are a good thing.  Maybe Caldwell will succeed where 1000 others have failed.

    Let’s watch how this plays out. If he begins to make inroads then let’s see if we can help to build upon that. But if he gets himself unpersoned or is forced to recant then we should begin dramatically accelerating the costs of forcing us to play along.

    • YV, you are more optimistic than I am. IMO there is too much institutional entrenchment, mostly on the other side, demanding and needing the uncrossable divide that we currently have. Now we are getting huge bankrolls employed to roll the system their way. Read up on billionaire Donna Stryker, to understand how Colorado mysteriously went blue, and how the tranny thing came out of nowhere. Soros bux are in there, too. All because Donna’s brother Jon is gay and got his nose out of joint about things. The radical left is learning how to buy their way into power, and has no intention of slowing down or giving an inch.

      • I think you’re right. Sometimes I get these gasps of nostalgia, hoping that some unforeseen event will return the world to some semblance of normal. Even if that chance is minuscule. But you are right, the other side is too firmly determined to have their way no matter the costs, even to themselves.

        • Yves, I do the same thing. I think its a normal thing for those of us who exist in dimension A known as reality, to cling to some expectation that laws of nature will force normalcy back into the system.

          But if we look at what these horrible people are willing to do to their own children in the name of progress, both in terms of blood sacrifice to lubricate the systemic evil they propagate or just for the fleeting status bump of woke signaling, the rigid determination is clear.

          It will collapse, but given they are already okay with child sacrifice, the scenarios required for a reset look pretty bad.

          As for those kids. They are not okay. And their best hope is a geriatric professional grifting bolshevik who is promising moar of everything that has already driven them all mad.

      • I recommend John Q. Publius’ series on Maine’s subversion – multi-parter over a number of months last year at his own site (, Unz and Occidental Observer. It’s a ruthlessly-detailed look at the decades-long multi-front swarm attack on a shitlib White state by every faction of globoshlomo – Woke capital, civil rights, immigration, poverty initiatives, taxes, prison sentencing, gays, trannies, wahmen, on and on.

        We need separation and insulation from these people. Their insitutional networks are too deep to overcome by traditional means. The more physicaL, social, cultural and economic distance we can put between Us and Them, the better.

        You don’t beat a rigged table – you walk away from it.

  18. Look at Tulsi Gabbard – she’s your basic leftist with socialist economic and gun-grabbing policies, but has slightly diverged from current Dem orthodoxy on foreign policy. Rather than debating it out with her, she’s accused of being a spy and excluded from the debate stage. It’s bizarre to me.

    • Tulsi Gabbard is a reasonably normally functioning adult in the room. The Dems can’t have one of those running around, it makes their game look really bad.

      • I think she sincerely believes her economic and big-state nonsense. The only thing that really differentiates her from the field is that her motivations are not based on a hatred of the commoners.

        • Yup. Reasonably normally functioning adults don’t simply hate people they disagree with, and they kind of like people, in general. That is a separate thing from policy positions.

    • No, the thing that makes Tulsi so radioactive is not foreign policy. I wish it were.

      But if that were the case, she would be treated more the way Conservative Inc treats Rand Paul: with the sort of courtesy you extend to the views of a retarded cousin.

      No, the sodomites hate Tulsi and everything flows from that.

      So far the greatest benefit of the Gabbard campaign has been to show us where we should be striking: the deviant clique in general and the trans group in particular.

      The left’s moral logic has elevated a mental disorder to a position of near-supremacy and that is a gift to us.

      Fracturing the left is as important in the current year as bringing people to our thing. If we can wedge the left apart it will send people this way naturally.

      This discussion concerning the ‘immorality’ of Sanders accepting Rogan’s endorsement is worth reading:

    • Well they’ve been teaching people the tactic of argumentum ad shriekium for a long time. So when one of their own deviates a bit from the program they point and shriek at her too. It’s amusing but I have no sympathy for her either.

  19. Hope? Nah. Don’t believe in it any more. I figure I have three strikes against me.

    1) I suffer from S.A. – Super Annuation. I’m old. I’ll be 69 in a few months. IMS, Rahm Immanuel’s brother – the “medical ethicist” – is/was all for offing people at 70 so my living this long is a crime against humanity. Side note: With the exceptiion of Buttigieg (if an author tried using a name like that for a gay character their editor would nix that in a New York nanosecond), all the prog front runners are older than me. Where’s Rahm Immanuel’s brother when you need him.

    2) I also suffer from what I call HCMD – Hereditary Congenital Melanocyte Deficiency. I’m “white”. Being white today is NOT a positive trait.

    3) I suffer from XCD – X-Chromosome Deficiency; I only have one. I’m male.

    Old, white and male. Three strikes against me in today’s society.

    • Boo Hoo, you had good times that our generation even can’t imagine
      I don’t much care about me because I had a good time too
      1990s not much crazy than these day, for god shake every person I met were all healthy white person

      When you surprised that society suddenly treat you dirt
      I am surprised that our cultures, existence wipe out, replaced to bottom of the bottom and you didn’t notice about it

      I’m concern about what will happen to our ethnic group when i died
      Please, left behind all those “what about me” nagging to Woodstock dumpsters

  20. I was born Over There. My mother is a Nasty Woman. My in-laws are progs. Big Bro and Pop were union slobs. I grew up with the gas lights on 24/7. You cannot possibly imagine the loneliness and desolation and despair. For me, just finding you guys was a profound experience. I was thrown into the glorious vibrant and diverse workplace as a kid. I grew up with toxic femininity. By the time I got my nose rubbed in homosexuality and social justice… I was done in.

    Another white pill, if I may: many red pills are not optional. We tend to forget that. God… or Darwin and Murphy, if you prefer – will not be mocked. I obediently took mine and eventually made a full recovery. One is advised to recall what happened to those young shitlib women that refused to heed warnings to go hiking and vacationing in Dirkadirkastan… only to get raped and beheaded for their troubles.

    I submit that change Over There will be fast, simple and brutal when it comes.

  21. That Sailer review was interesting for a number of reasons, but what caught my and many other’s eye was Sailer’s conclusion to Cadwell’s fears for the future:

    “So, what is to be done?

    While Caldwell’s book is rather despair-inducing, it’s worth pointing out that even a constitutional crisis might have a judicial solution. The post-1964 regime is based on rather obvious lies and libels. Hence, it’s imaginable that intelligent and resolute Supreme Court justices and their clerks could bravely find a resolution that doesn’t take us back to Jim Crow but instead extends the current protections against racist oppression by the majority to the coming white minority.”

    There’s your great divide on our side of the great divide. Impossibly, Sailer chooses hoping that some future black and brown judicial elites will show mercy on whites once they have the whip in their hand. Sailer had the perfect opportunity to say that the time had come for whites to start organizing and fighting back, that this path is our future if we are to have one. But he didn’t. Why?

    In essence, Joe Normie has to make two journeys, not one. First, he has to learn to think differently to realize that the world “operates by a different set of natural rules.” Sailer made that journey long, long ago.

    But then Joe Normie has to make the second journey. He has to understand that those different set of natural rules require whites to behave very differently to survive, that the country’s laws and institutions are a mirage and won’t protect him, his family or his people. He has to realize that what was the United States is dying and isn’t coming back. This journey is even more difficult than the first. Hell, even the great Steve Sailer hasn’t made it.

    Luckily for us, every day, signs that the what was the United States is dying appear, making it easier for Joe Normie to give up on it. But some will never go down that path.

    • I spotted that Sailer gaffe, too. It really irritated me that he couldn’t figure out that whites can’t “have it all”. By accommodating the Other, we guarantee our own destruction. Jim Crow laws were there to PROTECT whites, not to humiliate blacks and make sensitive Goodwhites feel bad.

      • The crime rate skyrocketed in the 1960s and one of the reasons was that Blacks were let off their leash to run amuck.

        • Off the leash. Heck, by ’68, on trips uptown, us kids counted streetwalking hookers like my kids counted VWs on a road trip.

        • They’re skyrocketing now because “police now only arrest and seek charges if a juvenile has a prior court history.” Now every offense becomes a pro forma “first offense” until the perp graduates, based upon his age, into the world of adult crime.

    • Btw, I’m not trying to trash on Sailer. He’s a great guy. But people who read him need to told that just waking up to this stuff isn’t the end. They need to be shown/told the two best quotes that I’ve seen to understand that we need to mobilize:

      “They hate you and want you dead.”

      “We’re not voting our way out of this.” Or it’s corollary for the intellectual Sailer crowd “We’re not debating our way out of this.”

      Those two quotes woke me up for the second journey.

      • You’re captured the “Sailer Dilemma ” well. But with him and with many like him I think it’s a heart vs head debate. Sailer and many like him are deeply attracted to what we once were: in their hearts they are emotionally tied to being civnats. This has a very powerful hold on them. There are millions and millions of intelligent people who are well read in the history of our nation and are deeply attached to it and its legacy. Having to admit that it has come to an end and is no longer redeemable is still a step too far for many. In the colder recesses of their minds they understand it’s over but that umbilical cord tying them to our past still has a strong hold on them. Another straw or two and maybe…? Many may never be able to take those final few steps.

        • I completely understand. It took me awhile to reach this point. And to be honest, it’s pretty overwhelming when you realize the truth of the situation. It’s not something most people want to think about.

          It took me a couple of years starting to feel frustrated on Sailer’s comment board to get here, but I didn’t know there was an alternative. We need to let them and others know that there are people trying to do more than talk.

        • If you were a kid in the fifties, it would be understandable. It’s hard to think of that being gone…but it is.

      • You forgot “This isn’t going to end well.” I make these statements in personal conversation and no one disagrees.

      • Just as a mental experiment, imagine how much less severe the problem would be without “the vote”.

      • I think you give Sailer entirely too much credit. His is a GOP minstrel show for the Paleo Right. Like Andrew Anglin for the Natsocs and E. Michel Jones for the Traditional Catholics, Steve is promoted to keep the mass of white dissidents from abandoning or voting against the GOP by keeping them excited about the latest Progressive shit-show. When the GOP dies its well-deserved death, from demographic change and selling out its base completely, there will be a great deal of “retirements,” and Sailer will assuredly be among them.

    • >Sailer had the perfect opportunity to say that the time had come for whites to start organizing and fighting back, that this path is our future if we are to have one. But he didn’t. Why?

      bad things happen to people who write such things. He is more of a social observer than an activist.

      • Agreed. In a sense, it’s not his job to get his readers to make that second journey; it’s ours. I don’t comment over there much, but I should probably start again, not to say anything about his post but to nudge his readers toward going beyond debating.

    • Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and tens of millions of Normies will be dipping their Doritos into seven layer dip from Mexico and cheering on players that openly proclaim their hatred for Heritage America.

      • Not me. Haven’t watched football or basketball for many years. Instead, while I’m spending a couple weeks in Virginia for work, I’ll take advantage of the weekend to visit a historic site or two.

    • “We can’t vote our way out of this.”


      I ain’t saying that it’s a sufficient precondition, but T gets re-elected and continues picking good judges is certainly a necessary precondition.

    • Is Sailer never read any history books or news?

      Hutu-led government, Haiti revolutionary army slaughter their own kind for being “moderate”
      And Jews totally blood libeling their former host: Egyptians, Rome and others
      There’s no mercy on us, only total enslavement and exploitation is waiting

      Damn, Theodore Roosevelt truly yesterday fairy tale, our people are such begging babies

      No wonder Jews so overconfident that openly smear to white people

  22. Letting the bad guys get away is a bitter price for peace. Generations later the nation goes through it all over again. That’s liberalism I guess.

    I bet before this iteration runs its course they’ll say justice is a white racist construct. It’s there between the lines as it is.

    • I bet before this iteration runs its course they’ll say justice is a white racist construct. It’s there between the lines as it is.
      Oh it is already happening in some cities Brother…

    • It’s been done and has been cited already. Moynihan called it, “defining deviancy down”. He was one of the old time “good” Democrat Liberals. The corollary to this I call, “defining mediocrity up”. Doris Miller is the most recent example.

  23. Z, are you familiar with machine learning? Because it is increasingly being used (in combination with various Markov models, seeded by “journalists”) to write articles that are guaranteed to offend and inform no one, and stay on script.

    Co-incidentally, machine learning is also being used to extract whatever core nougaty information there is in articles, cutting out machine generated fluff. IEEE has articles describing these processes.

    I think of it as automated quality control for the propaganda mill, ensuring everyone stays in their “reality” bubble.

    • Or rather it’s a cheap way to draw views from people already into their bubble. Since the average person is not readily equipped with critical thinking skills, AI works (as in fools) fine for them.

      Decades ago, there was a program written as a joke for sports news. Even then sports news was so full of banalities and cliches as to be a joke. The program reported a baseball game and accepted as input the teams, the inning and the hits. From that it produced a “report” of several hundred words (you choose). The results were quite convincing.

  24. I suspect Caldwell is a retrenchment. The old neo/normicon line has become indefensible to anyone not an NPC, so Conservative, Inc. is cutting a new line of trenches to keep the Huns from crossing over into dissident-right-land. Caldwell is the next Hazony/Peterson-type gatekeeper.

    • In other words, he’s back in the kitchen turning the heat down a tad on the frogs? (“Don’t bring them to a boil too quickly!”)

    • Maybe. But freedom of association is a nuke. If he’s gatekeeping, he’s giving away the sine qua non of the whole defensive strategy.

      • He knows full well as long as there is a USG and SCOTUS, the CRA will remain inviolate

        He says it because it’s good copy and knows full well the ruling class will never allow it unless it’s at gun point.

    • I haven’t finished it yet, but Caldwell doesn’t read to me like a gatekeeper. Time will tell as with most things.

    • I don’t think that’s quite fair. Caldwell has been straddling the normie/dissident line for quite a while. I would put him in the same Adjacent category as Michael Anton and Tucker Carlson. In fact, many knowledgeable people believed Caldwell was the author of the “flight 93 election” before it was revealed to be Anton. These people are important, because they push the outside of the envelope in Normieville.

      Whatever his limitations, Caldwell does not deserve to be compared to a Zionist fraud like Hazony. His book is fascinating, and in its way, courageous.

    • About a third of the way through. His case is making plain the attack on freedom of association and its consequences. IOW he is cutting the legs out from under The Civil Rights Act, describes it as an alternative constitution, and seems to believe that it is rational for whites to believe we were screwed in the exchange of FoA rights for Civil Rights. I dont see gatekeeping, but, only 1/3 through.

  25. Even if we managed to prevail, there is no way our side should ever submit to being ruled over again by cucks and opportunists. A reckoning will have to come with Conservatism, Inc.

    • If you asked me in January 2017, I’d have said that the reckoning had come and no Cuck would rule the GOP ever again.

      How wrong I was.

      • Same here. But we had more than a decade of Trump being against endless-war in the ME, questioning Saudi involvement in 9/11, Chinese espionage, etc. And in the twinkling of an eye his positions reversed.

        • Trump is not a fighter, he’s a BS artist. There is no way he could survive in NYC by being a fighter. The system would have ganged up on him.

          Point, he folds like a law chain where pressured.

          • Yeah, he folds which is why America is in another war in the ME, border is still wide open, no wall being constructed, no travel ban from ME hellholes etc. Trump is good even better than Saint Reagan.

  26. Another white pill is to take interpersonal conversations as a more realistic gauge of the conventional wisdom. I am friendly with people who are both left-progressives and normiecons. When we delve into politics…gently…there is no viciousness, and 9 times out of 10 there is an unspoken acknowledgement that politics is highly personal, and even though I may not agree with you, I won’t think you’re evil nor shut you down. In my experience, it’s the people who watch cable news who are the most aggressive. (Except for Tucker fans.) Social media brings out the worst in people, but it is just an id release valve. I am more interested in how people behave in person. As long as you don’t get memey and discuss the JQ (at least right away), there is actually a lot of agreement, or at least understanding, between our side and other normal people. I have had some surprising conversations in the last few years. I do think there is “leakage”, as Z says. This bodes well.

    • There is leakage, but there is also a lot of doubling down and digging in on the other side. Only when they see a situation where they think the coast is clear, will we see the depths of their anger and hate. It is being held back and hidden right now. Don’t allow yourselves to be surprised by it.

    • I’ve quietly observed that there’s a lot more “noticing” going on. Where there’s been faint progress is in shedding the fear of discussing the obvious. We’re moving in the right direction, though.

      • There is a lot of noticing going on now, but be aware that noticing is officially verboten. We are in that weird place where people pretend not to notice, and the authorities pretend they are not making lists and taking names…

        • if you read these columns or post here , you are on the list. they will give us half rations in the gulags for this .

      • I agree. People are saying things I’d never hear a couple of years back. Immigration, discrimination against whites, etc. People are noticing.

        They don’t have an intellectual framework to put it all together, much less what to do about it, but something is changing out there.

    • Same here. My issues were/are the endless ME wars, mass immigration, and debt/bailout/money printing. (Hence my late-onset Trump Derangement Syndrome.) 😉
      Seriously, has anyone ever done such an about-face once elected to office without justification?

      • Trump is not the messiah, but about face? Every other Republican since Nixon has done an about face once elected. Trump is arguably the best of the lot by far.

    • In the 1980s I attended an MLK adulation at the local Unitarian Church.
      We were all surprised when one old man got up to the open mic and said that it was perhaps premature to worship MLK before all the dust had settled. He was met with stony silence, but I said to myself “hmmm.”

      • Even the Soviet Union after Stalin passed a law prohibiting the naming of holidays and buildings and cities and such until at least 5 years after death.

    • Can confirm. Boomer deacon at my very conservative parish announced the parish offices would be closed for observance of the Great Martin Luther King. So much cringe…

    • Thanks for the link. It’s always worth it to read Francis. I always enjoy telling my normie-con friends about the “true” MLK. The plagiarisms, communist ties, orgies, aiding and abetting a rapist. It’s not what they want to hear, since holding MLK in high esteem makes them feel virtuous, and they love that content-of-character-not-color-of-skin stuff.

      • That was a time early on wrt the beginning of AA. Whites still assumed merit wrt job placement and such, so took umbrage to such antics as with MLK. Now after decades of AA for Blacks and Browns and Women and gawd knows who else, such is the norm. Indeed, such lying must be the norm since these folk can not progress on their merit. We must lie about their achievements or lower the standards for achievement or both.

      • “Shots Fired,” a collection of his essays, a man ahead of his time. Some of us get a small bit of wisdom late in life, Francis got a lot early.

    • A lot of people (whites) went along with it for the same reason they later voted for Obama, in the hope that we could finally bury the endless playing of the race card.

      • Just emboldened them to make further demands and other groups stuck their hands out and screamed “me too!”

    • One attack on MLK is to evaluate him as a person: all the plagiarism, promiscuity, one alleged rape and the sincerity of his race-blindness. This is good for what is, but it doesn’t attack his ideas.

      Another attack is on his ideas and what they have wrought. Spencer took this approach when he named MLK the “patron saint of white dispossession.”

  27. Eh, ether way works I guess. I still prefer the version where the ‘chattering classes’ gets the axe or a rope. I want to sit on the Capital Lawn, eat some ballpark food and watch Zman operating madame guillotine with extreme precision and extreme prejudice.

    • My vision is one of giant “dunking birds” lining the National Mall.

      Imagine a long dunking arm – each with a politician strapped to the end of it. The arm dunks into large tank …. full of piss and poo. Visitors get to get up on a stage next to the dunk tank – and put in their own contribution.

      Meanwhile the politician/media figure/globohomo operative who is mounted on the end of the arm has just enough time out of the tank to grab another breathe before he’s dunked back in again.

      You could televise it all on CSPAN. You could take a trip to DC with your family to add your own contribution to the tanks – and see your “favorite” politician taking his turn on the arm. Online betting could be setup to take odds on how long each prisoner will last on his/her respective dunk session.

      “I’ll put down $500 on RBG not lasting a half hour!!”

      ” I’ll put down $1k on Adam Schiff going 3 whole days – that guy looks like he’s sucked a lot of shit in his life – this should be nothing for him!! ”

      A guillotine is too merciful.

      • Love it!

        Let’s also add a bear/eagle pit, room with an electric floor, a pedal-powered brain-bashing machine, and most importantly of all, a roller coaster that dumps its occupants into a furnace.

        • Come on, MemeWarVet. If we can’t win without succumbing to depravity, we don’t deserve to win.

          “I and the public know
          What all schoolchildren learn,
          Those to whom evil is done
          Do evil in return.”

          — W.H. Auden

  28. I am about halfway through Caldwell’s book. He is just killing Reagan for not coming through on anything other than tax cuts. He has several pages on the 1986 immigration sellout. This has to be shocking to the Conservatism, Inc. Reagan worshiping grifters Caldwell mingles with in Washington.

    • I hated Reagan for some vague reason, and not because I am a former center-leftist. It wasn’t until I found the dissident right did I realize why I hated him.

    • Caldwell makes sense of the political events I’ve lived through (I’m 72). It’s like watching reruns, this time with commentary that tells you what actually happened. And you’re right about his hanging Reagan out to dry.

      For a young guy wanting to know how we ended up here, this is a good place to start.

    • I realize now that Reagan was our last hope, and he whored us.

      Trump is fun (and useful), but he’s more a rearguard action. Reagan was where we lost.

      • Reagan was all we had in ‘80. He may have failed, in the long run, but he was an enormous “F-you” to the worthless political mandarins of the day, who tried to block his every step. Sort of like Trump today, who will also likely to be looked at as a failure in the future, by people who will never understand the intensity of the institutional opposition to everything he attempts to do.

        • I’m not ready to party on Reagan’s grave either. It’s like tearing down Confederate statues. The man was born before WWI and was a product of his era. Globohomo fought him every step of the way and he had little help from anyone who held the levers of power.

          • Something else to keep in mind is that, from what I read, Reagan was driven to bring the Soviet Union to an end. It’s easy to come down on everything he had to give up since the evil empire is no more. An immigration amnesty seems like small beans when you’re constantly living under the specter of nuclear annihilation.

            Now that’s not to say that perhaps the risks weren’t being weighed correctly, but Reagan did have to get his Cold War and economic goodies through a Democratic house and senate.

          • Reagan did nothing for collapsing Soviet Union. Angry people broke the system from inside. Reagan story is very much like today “Russian meddled the elections” in the US.

          • Reagan tricked the Soviet Union into an arms race that finally bankrupted them. Whether by chance or intent, he scared them into an arms competition, whereas other Presidents choose appeasement. Sounds like Trump sort of.

            Gorbachev attempted to prevent a popular uprising and regain popular support by going soft on repression and the rest is history. The old USSR—like a company in failure—had to shed captive countries. Bush I and then Clinton lost a golden opportunity to work with Russia and attempt a re-approachment. (Again, sounds like what we now are experiencing once more with the Russian bogeyman BS from Dem’s. )

            Instead they listened to the neocons and pretended that we were the sole superpower and now could do anything we wanted on the globe. Putin finally gained control from that alcoholic clown Yeltsin and pulled Russia out of the tailspin we put them in. (Remember it was Milton Friedman who advised them to give shares to the Russian people of the State owned monopolies. Which in turn allowed the crooked oligarchs to buy up the country’s strategic assets.)

            It was extraordinarily painful and Russia will never forget. What goes around comes around.

          • Soviet union collapse because of the collapsed oil prices, if oil was still $/barrel in late 1980’s, bet they would’ve found a way to survive.

          • I do not believe Reagan should be celebrated for allegedly helping to collapse one Empire in order to further empower and spread, in many ways, an even more toxic and dangerous one. I would prefer that the Soviet Union had not fallen, but rather had transitioned to an authoritarian Third Way system, dropping the dogmatic Marxism-Leninism, and selectively introducing (and controlling) markets, among other reforms.

            Yegor Ligachyov, Second Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985-1990, was one Soviet official coming around to a Third Way position:

            I am very fearful that still relatively traditional and sane Eastern Europe and Russia will ultimately fall to the magic of liberal democratic capitalism. I think it will elevate elites with interests and thinking very much the same as the elites of Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. I also fear that the masses of Eastern Europe and Russia will follow suit and become, again, very much like the masses outside the old USSR. Nothing is more vital than checking the spread and continuance of liberalism, the further empowerment of the Western liberal elite, the spread of our ever more demented and disgusting system of plutodemocracy, open borders/globalist capitalism and concomitant reduction of living standards in the Western world, consumerism, hedonism, individualism, social decay, Western mass media and education institutions churning out NPC’s by the millions, et al.

          • Dutch and KGB: The whole reagan thing is strident kabuki theater, ignore it. The pro-Reagan position boils down to “Sure it was a defeat, but he WORKED REAL HARD to get that defeat.” Shove THEIR “muh tax cuts” back up where they came from; reaganomics was a disastrous failure for our people.
            “The once-steel fabric of the Union Man/was sold and bartered away/ by the money wolves in the Reagan years.”
            Results matter. He sold us down the river for personal (fleeting) fame. Reagan is equivalent to Hart-Cellar, and will be remembered as such.

        • Maybe, but he caved on amnesty and immigration reform. We had a shot at saving the country, and he failed to take advantage.

          Did the media hate him? Yes

          Did his own party back him on this? Probably not.

          Maybe Reagan wasn’t a whore, but he sure as hell wasn’t a leader. What’s more important, defeating a dying Soviet Union or putting your country – your people – on the path to destruction?

          • Reagan was a product of his time. That time dictated that the greatest threat to Americanism, was communism. He could not know, as the CIA and NSF did not know, that communism as promoted by the USSR was about to collapse of it’s own inconsistencies. Indeed, it wasn’t until records in (now) Russia were opened that the CIA and NSF were found to be way off the mark in their estimation of the USSR threat.

            Reagan missed the aspect of HBD, because there was little knowledge of HBD in the literature at that time and further, the diversity hoard had yet to appear over the horizon. America was still White and increasingly prosperous due to such people, yes that would be the “Boomers”.

            BTW, Reagan was absolutely correct, his economic plan increased the tax revenue substantially, however, spending increases overtook any increases in revenues. This was the trade off Reagan made to increase his military. Bad trade.

            Where Reagan made his greatest mistake was in trusting the “loyal” opposition wrt immigration and immigration reform. He was dealing with lying snakes. Amnesty was traded for “future” reforms. Which of course never happened. Another bad trade.

            Then came Bush, who traded increased taxes for future spending cuts. Some people never catch wise. On the other hand, the people were not fooled this time. Bush got the foot in a three way race. Unfortunately we got an even bigger charlatan, Bill Clinton.

          • I remember being one of those people who believed that the 60s had been an anomaly and that Reagan was the correction back to normality and sanity. I even still thought this on the eve of the ’92 election. Poppy Bush was a poor replacement for RR but we all voted for him thinking this Perot guy would quit after he made his point. Having seen the ever ballooning catastrophe that started in ’92 and has snowballed ever since I now realize that it was Reagan who was the anomaly.

            Being young I didn’t realize that the moral rot in America’s institutions had continued to expand after the hippies went home and cut their hair and was well advanced even by 1980. I also had no real understanding of the power of demographics. As a white kid from Baltimore I had experienced HBD firsthand but didn’t connect it with anything larger in the world as a whole.

            After reading a lot more on the history of Leftist movements and the actions of Leftist governments I came to see the 1960s, not as some alien plant that had grown from a seed in a meteorite but as just the latest new shoot from the social utopianism that had been lurking in the ground for 200 years and periodically produced a new stem. Until we can kill that root, we will have no peace. No one man can do that. That’s the lesson of Reagan – and Trump.

            That said, and in spite of the “failure” of RR and Trump, I do see the signs of exhaustion in this age. I definitely get a sense that the ruling class is playing for time and doing their own upscale version of prepping. The current trends, of differential population growth, of third world migration, of enstupification, of femminization, of nanny government expansion, of globalization, are on a collision course with reality and sooner rather than later. When this happens the sky will be full entire of flocks of Black Swans and we’ll have our pick of which ones to throw a saddle on and ride.

          • “Reagan was a product of his time.”

            Apologists invariably employ this line to explain away intellectual and worse, moral failings of any particularly powerful individual. I’m a big fan of Genghis Khan history. The guy was a huge butthole. Killed tens of millions of people, raped his way across a fifth of the globe, etc. that in recent decades it’s been fashionable for historians to gloss over his gross moral failings because hey we have the modern world we have today.

            Slight exaggeration for comparison done on purpose, but you’re pulling the same crap. Just stop.

          • And your vitriol wrt RR explains what, your myopic bitterness? A Genghis Khan comparison is a ridiculous stretch that produces no insight into the man, or the times, and the feelings of the nation that put him in office.

            Moral failings? What, how? Silly rhetoric without support.

          • That’s an important point, CompSci – that Reagan’s presidency spanned a more well-functioning society all around. The border problem wasn’t really seen as an overwhelming “threat” yet, because George HW Bush’s NWO globalism hadn’t been introduced yet. Middle America still had a manufacturing base. If anything, the border problem seemed more of a cultural annoyance as people began remarking on the English/Spanish language demands. Roaming homeless persons were a new puzzling phenomenon that took up most of societal head scratching. Black/white relations were generally pretty good (right up until Obama’s antics).

            People WERE annoyed about the amnesty, but the good faith understanding was it was to be the last compromise (and not a GOP way of life).

            Reagan’s secret sauce laced with humor and charm was the flip side of Trump’s sauce of caustic scorn. Each was most effective for their time.

          • Correct. One can agree with your points and still without ranker conclude that Reagan failed in (or perhaps better put, did not perceive) what are now seen as more important problems that were budding during his presidency. Lost opportunities, but whether they could be foreseen is doubtful. Is there anyone in the past that passes the “Monday morning quarterback test”. Please enlighten me.

          • I was taught that Reagan and Poppy Bush were aware of the work being done by Leo Wanta and others to buy up Soviet industry and collapse the USSR. I mean, there was a lot more to it but that was the just. Hence, they would have been aware of the very real “chance” they would, “tear down that wall.”

            Apparently their was a 420 billion dollar bond issued to find the shenanigans. Amazingly, the bond was due on 9/12/2001. I was told the bond cleared anonymously as the FED had loosened the requirements to secure the realm in the aftermath of 9/11. Cheney had written the policy months earlier just for such a scenario.

            That ends my featured conspiracy viewpoint.

          • @Compsci: Check out a book called ‘Russia’s Path’ by Kotz and Weir. The Soviet system did not collapse of its own inconsistencies, it collapsed because of Gorbachev’s botched reforms toward liberalism, and from a segment of the Soviet elite who foresaw greater prospects for themselves via an American style system (“That truck driver’s dacha is the same size as mine!”).

            This segment of the elite gained control of mass media under Gorbachev’s reforms, and became ever more brazen in their attacks on the Soviet system, helping to sway public opinion in favor of their program. Soviet output and consumption continued to rise through 1990, when the final, most radical stage of Gorbachev’s reforms, a dive into liberalism, set off thorough-going chaos. The shortages in consumer goods during 1988 and 1989 (although overall output and consumption still rose during these years) were a product of the reforms of the previous few years. With loosened central planning, lower levels of the system greatly increased worker pay (at the expense of investment in capital stock and, therefore, future output), while price controls on consumer goods remained in effect, thus effecting a shortage of them. Other Gorbachev reforms added to the economic difficulties.

            These economic difficulties were utilized by the ascendant pro-West segment of the Soviet elite as justification for still more botched reforms toward liberalism, and the process continued until the system imploded. The economic difficulties of the Soviet system in the late 1980’s no more proved their system “refuted and defunct” than did the Great Depression prove capitalism wholly “refuted and defunct”, and demand a full-on dive into socialism/communism. It was a crisis largely created, and taken advantage of, by liberals within the Soviet elite (intellectuals and media figures to a large extent, who have likewise been effecting positive change elsewhere in the West, lol).

          • You forget (or maybe you weren’t there), amnesty was supposed to be a one time thing with a border crackdown, strict penalties for hiring illegals, and immigration law strictly enforced thereafter. Three million sounds like a drop in the bucket now. There was also an almost successful assassination attempt.

          • Yes, and what we began to learn—at least I did—was that Congress could never be trusted to fulfill such future oriented promises. Of course, that just enhanced the shear agony of watching future legislation proposals, such as Bush I’s tax hikes for spending cuts compromise.

          • No one’s going to listen to 3 hours of rambling discussion. If FTN is serious, they’d better make better use of my time.

        • Dutch, I get that. He was a reaction to the leftist aggression of the times, and whether or not he was responsible, he presided over the end of the Soviet Union. But the point is, we are left to deal with the defeats we have suffered, because Reagan and Conservatism Inc. did not deal with the domestic enemies, who I think are more consequential.

          • Amen to that, and really the father of modern Con. Inc. is that loser Barry Goldcucker. It requires a special kind of Cuckservative loser to get crushed in a 442-89 landslide in an America that is 90% white. Goldcucker’s “legacy” can be summed in 3 words – The Johnson Administration.

            Amazingly, Goldcucker had nothing to say on JFK or LBJ, but he had time to attack a very popular Republican – Dwight Eiserhower. Eisenhower was 10x the leader and winner Goldcucker ever was. Goldcucker also supported Bob Dole in 1996. In a way, Reagan was amazing considering that he was a Goldcucker conservative

      • That was my feeling at the time. That we would not get a second chance. It’s what drove my rage at Bush 1. He almost smirked at us, “You didn’t really think we were going to let Reagan roll back anything, did you?”

          • I would say his idiot son was worse. Poppy actually bucked our “Greatest Ally” and got hammered for it after GW 1.

          • Chief of Staff James Baker: “F*** the jews, they don’t vote for us anyway” and “Don’t worry, Jews remember the Holocaust, but they forget insults as soon as they smell cash” Ooh. He was right.

        • Well, Bush I had at least one redeeming aspect. He spoke widely and often wrt “the new world order”. So much that I remember thinking this doesn’t sound good—indeed, it sounded traitorous. I kept giving him a pass on the assumption he was talking about the USA as the world’s only superpower and new dictator de jour.

          Took me two decades to understand what the hell the new world order was that he was speaking about. Sigh.

    • Reagan had to deal with a hostile Congress as well as the deep state. Partisans will always be disappointed by leaders nominally in their side because they will be unable to deliver on most of what they promise. What’s the alternative, go with their opponents? Half a loaf beats starving.

      The valid counterpoint is that compromise leads to a ratcheting decline. Which side you pick depends on your time horizon. In the long run, the empire will fall. The question is when. In the long run we’re all dead.

  29. About a third of the way in reading Caldwell’s book, and it’s worth it. Excellent analysis of how we got to where we are today. The capsule histories are worth it alone on how civil rights was used to pry open and rip apart American society, how Reagan failed, how the immigration gates were opened up, etc.

    “Reaganism was, like most political movements, a mix of high philosophy and low tactics. It cut deadwood out of the New Deal economy and guided American institutions as they began using computers, junk bonds, non-unionized labor, and outsourcing to re-establish the economy on different bases. It secured for another generation of Americans the exorbitant privilege of using the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and getting to write the rules of international commerce, an outcome that had seemed uncertain when Reagan took office. It helped end the Cold War. And it began a process that by the early years of the following century would render American society unrecognizably inegalitarian, even oligarchic.”

      • Middle-aged Baby Boomers worship the man. Here in NJ, there are plenty of pols who call themselves “Reagan Conservatives.”

        • Reagan was the last popular Republican President. Dem’s worshiped JFK then and now Obama—both arguably failures in their Presidencies. Boomers have nothing to do with it per se. It is just that they were the cohort that grew to age during Reagan’s ascendency. Hopefully, the newer generations (X, Millennials, Zoomers) will grow up with much less faith in the political process.

        • Really? I thought most of the NJ repubs were more moderate. The one conservative in Congress they had got voted out in 2016

      • Reagan the man who gave America:

        1) Asset forfeiture
        2) 1986 Amnesty
        3) 1986 Machine gun ban
        4) Mulford Act
        5) No-fault divorce

        Any other wonderful Reagan “contributions” I missed?

  30. In 2016 it suddenly became possible to speak openly about forbidden subjects. We will see more stuff like Caldwell’s and Murray’s books from The Anointed.

    • In 2016 it suddenly became possible to speak openly about forbidden subjects.

      I believe the magic sauce here is online anonymity. I figure that accounts for at least fifty percent of the Trumpentriumph in 2016. As The Crimsonpilled Buttpirate said, “give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you the truth.”

      • One of the secret herbs and spices might be Darwin and Murphy. It doesn’t matter what your politics are. If you play stupid games eventually you will win stupid prizes.

      • Agree 100%…all you needed to do is use a CB radio in your vehicle…the anonymity seemed to have given King Kong size balls to everyone…

      • Even in a private group on Facebook, you will use name. I don’t know how many people sign up for Facebook and use a fake name.

    • The triple parentheses ((())) came into vogue when mentioning the name of one of The Usual Suspects.

      • The triple parentheses is arguably the single most effective and revealing meme of all time. TRS created.

        • (((A)))(((n)))(((n)))(((o)))(((y)))(((i)))(((n)))(((g))) (((a)))(((s))) (((h)))(((e)))(((l)))(((l))), (((b)))(((u)))(((t))) (((i)))(((t))) (((i)))(((s))) (((e)))(((f)))(((f)))(((e)))(((c)))(((t)))(((i)))(((v)))(((e))).

    • To read Sailer’s quote above, he (and most of his generation) still think this thing based on the 1789 Constitution can be saved.

      I’d venture most of us have come to the conclusion it cannot.

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