Salty And Savory

“Workers of the World, Unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!”

It is May Day, which used to be a pagan feast day, but was co-opted first by Christians and then by Socialists and Communists in the 19th century. In Europe it is associated with labor, as well as the politics of labor, but in the United States it is mostly associated with sandal-wearing goofballs from the local state university. There will be no labor celebrations this year due to the virus lock downs. Like labor movements all over the West, we have been successfully atomized and isolated.

This week’s show is not about labor or the labor movements, as I did not think of it until I was flipping my calendar over this morning. Maybe next year I’ll do a podcast on Marx to coincide with the holiday, assuming we are allowed to have podcasts. Given what we are seeing happen in America at the moment, it is not unreasonable to think that Chinese-style censorship will be the norm here very soon. The beautiful people certainly think it is a good idea and they tend to get their way.

I’m getting a little salty about what is going on, but I’m trying hard to maintain my reasonableness. There are plenty of people ready to go onto the public stage and scream like banshees. These protesters in Michigan are a good example, although one has to wonder if they were hired to play the part. That is a tried and true tactic of the American political class. It was first used on the Left, but then the Left borrowed it and now uses it on everyone.

This is why political organizers have to maintain high standards. it’s hard for outsider movements to do it, as they are programmed to recruit anyone interested, but that;’s how the people in charge subvert the opposition. These organic protests will be subverted by lunatics, many of whom are on the payroll of state actors. Their job is to provide the bad optics, so the mass media can then tarnish the protests with images of lunatics in the among the protesters. it’s an old game, but it works.

You can’t help but wonder if what we are seeing is just a dry run for something more permanent in the future. I don’t think this was premeditated. It is just a good example of how events can take on a life of their own. One things leads to another and before long the best of intentions results in a madness consuming the people who set of the chain of events with their good intentions. Like the radicals of the French Revolution, our rulers are now captive to events they set in motion.

Like many people I’m losing my patience for this ridiculous charade. As the evidence stacks up it is clear the lock downs were a terrible idea. It is time to go back to our normal routines, but the people in charge have the whiff of authoritarianism in their nostrils and like a rutting beast they can think of nothing else. They are now busy dreaming up more insane restrictions just to humiliate people. It is increasingly difficult to remain a reasonable person. I’m getting a little salty.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Reaching The Limit
  • 12:00: Libertarians (Link)
  • 22:00: The Pirate’s Cove (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Republicans Being Republicans (Link)
  • 47:00: The Conservative Case For… (Link)
  • 52:00: The Bank Of Nook (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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264 thoughts on “Salty And Savory

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  2. Anyone know what happened to that guy who used to host Fash the Nation with Jazz Hands? The guy with the smooth deep voice. He left the show about 8 months ago. Dude was cool as hell. Those two made a great team. Up there with Pat Summerall and John Madden. Sick flow between them. Jazz was the spaz. Other guy was laid back. Funny guys. Just wondering if he’s doing a podcast on his own now, or if he’s totally out of the game. As a mellow dude, I think he was just done with all this noise.

    • Ethnarch. He has deep knowledge of history, law, and business. He was living in some Asian country. Don’t know what happened.

      • I don’t mean Ethnarch. I mean JazzHands more regular partner. I forget his name. Ethnarch was the more scholarly and older sounding guy.

        OK, I just checked old episode on FSN YouTube. The guy I’m talking about is Marcus Halberstram.

        • Marcus resigned. The cruel joke was that he finally got a girlfriend. He and Jazz originally founded the show. He had stoner charm. “Dude, fuck those guys!”

          • Funny. Stoner charm, yeah good way to put it. Sucks that he quit. There’s nothing like a great duo. I still listen to Jazz and new guy. But nothing comes close to Jazz and Halberstram.

  3. Re: “Like many people I’m losing my patience for this ridiculous charade. As the evidence stacks up it is clear the lock downs were a terrible idea. It is time to go back to our normal routines, but the people in charge have the whiff of authoritarianism in their nostrils and like a rutting beast they can think of nothing else. They are now busy dreaming up more insane restrictions just to humiliate people. It is increasingly difficult to remain a reasonable person. I’m getting a little salty.”

    Z-man, to use the IT quote, “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature….”
    Proof of that particular pudding lies in the various measures at the local, state, regional and national levels clearing the way for the call-up of National Guard troops, possibly their federalization. POTUS has also quietly preauthorized the mobilization of the Marine Corps Reserve. Gee, is it just me or does it almost appear as if TPTB are looking for an excuse to tighten the screws on the American people.

  4. Ironically, the Karen Phenomenon has only proven what the dissident right has known about the sexes all along: that men prefer to work while women prefer to remain at home and support the household.

    Look at the different reactions to the lockdown: the Karen reaction that we should stay at home for a few more months, or until we get a vaccine, or maybe even forever is overwhelmingly female. The “liberate” reaction, as seen in Michigan, is overwhelmingly male.

    The dissident right has understood this split between the sexes all along. The Karen aversion to returning to work reveals that most women have never really been all that happy being thrown into the rat race. The “let’s all just stay home” pressure is part of an innately female desire to stay at home looking after the kids, running the household, and using peer/shaming/scolding pressure to maintain social norms. Woman is truly happiest staying at home peering from behind the curtains to make sure the neighbors don’t step out of line.

    Men, on the other hand, are not suited to domesticity. The overwhelmingly male pressure to open the country back up reveals that most men need to be out of the house doing something with their hands, even if it is just tapping at a computer. Men are bred (breadwinner) for the rat race, not women.

    The correct response to the lockdown would be to lift it for men, but leave it permanently in place for most women. Special exceptions would be carved out for nursing, secretarial work, some teaching (the teaching of girls; only men should teach boys), and some other niches, but otherwise women should be encouraged to remain at home to support households, raise kids, and maintain social norms, as all the Karens inadvertently revealed during this lockdown. While the attention of suburban and rural women would naturally refocus on their kids, a special collection service could go around to all the childless urban women, confiscating their cats and redistributing them to children. Childless urban women would then be permitted to leave their apartments only to find mates, but not to return to work. Their Karen energies would therefore be redirected into maintaining households and raising children instead of twitter posting.

    The post-lockdown unemployment rate would also be greatly alleviated by the removal of Karens from the workforce. Paired with a permanent immigration moratorium and repatriation of all non-legacy Americans to further raise wages – as was the case after WWII – it just might be possible to squash the second Great Depression.

    • I find myself in total agreement with you one this one. Women should not go to work. Period.

    • That would be nice at work. The number of nice guy beta orbiters constantly smiling at, and talking to and hoping for a fuk from the single women is annoying.

      I sound like a grump (maybe they’re just friendly people) but the same betas don’t put nearly as much effort in talking to the married women.

      Talking to women isn’t inherently bad but the beta orbiters piss me off.

    • Yep agree completely which is why my wife doesn’t work instead stays home raising the kids, tending a garden, keeping the house clean, etc etc…

  5. Share your frustration Z-man. Our Rhino jackass of a governor just declared mandatory face masks for everyone out in public !

    The last time the colonies saw this kind of tyranny we were throwing tea into the harbor ! 🙂 Of course any rebellion will be met with even more crackdowns ! If they want to turn this into a Banana Republic then then our tin-pot dictators should meet the same fate once the natives have had enough.

    P,S. Don’t be too hard on the president.The man tries to hold a press conference and instead is surrounded by baboons throwing verbal feces at him. He still has my support.

    • There is plenty of rebellion going on here in California however it doesn’t get reported.

      The thing people don’t get about protests is that they mostly don’t work.

      The largest protest in human history, a giant millions of people march against the Gulf War back in the early part of this century was ignored.

      Sometimes a well organized voting campaign can work but only sometimes and it must be done by people who understand that most people will say and do anything to get elected and than cheerfully lie and backstab those who put them in. for the establishment.

      Getting people fanatical enough to follow through and with a support network enough to protect them from the establishment is the key.

      Don’t be like the Tea Party , all focused on money and than get your guys bought off.

      This is what I suggest as the other options are far less pleasant and any sane person would like to put them of if possible.

      Upside if they do become necessary your organization will serve you well in taking power by any means necessary.


    There are rumors that Trump will force everyone to get a poison jab to satisfy Bill Gates and the rest of the poisonous vaccine crowd.

    I realize that many even on the right think that vaccines are safe and effective; especially when developed in a hurry — but do you agree to MANDATORY jabs even for those of us who can’t take the immune system destruction of these “magic injections”.

    Can’t the rest of you stop “protecting” me?

    • I agree that vaccines should (usually) be voluntary. I concede that vaccine — like anything — can have a downside. But I give the “preponderance of the evidence” to Jenner (discoverer of smallpox vaccination). Nearly three centuries of science and medicine validate the value of vaccines. Yes you should be free to refuse it. But the government has a similar right to (say) refuse you to enter a foreign country that requires proofs of immunization, or for a child to attend a school. In “normal” times, the government can and (rarely) does impose what seem Draconian measures to the libertarian. I think there was a case with the SARS virus a few years ago, where a known carrier intended to travel overseas against medical orders. The government used its Public Health Service (?) power to quarantine him, something very rarely done. Call me a big government apologist if you like, but a rational argument can be made to confine (temporarily one hopes) a person who poses a clear and present danger to others, yes even if he’s committed no crime; in this case that a deadly disease could be spread about. And surely, some types of regulation is required during the present crisis, even if nobody will agree on the specifics. Covid-19 ain’t Spanish Flu, but it’s not the common cold either.

      But yes, I will be highly skeptical of a brand-new vaccine like one for Covid-19, by definition not well-tested. Let the other guys be the guinea pigs. There is an old saying: “The pioneers get the arrows, the settlers get the land.”

    • Mark, that’s the killshot.

      Doesn’t have to be fast or obvious.
      No vaccine, not one, is tested for cancer-causing compounds or adulteration.

      The bus has about reached it’s destination, almost time to get off.

      • Certainly, no drug, or vaccine made in China should be involuntarily administered. Made in China, from dog food to toothpaste, caveat emptor.

  7. The very fact that we had oodles of young men who wanted and still want the economy to crash and burn, deriding it as “stonks” and “muh gdp” tells you something about the West. It tells us that young men have no stake in the society and while they might not rise up to fight against it, they will not fight for it, nor will they work terribly much to prop it up, if at all. In fact, they’d rather drain it of all the yangbucks or trumpbucks they can get.
    I cannot help but support them in their desire to no longer be chumps. Some of the oldsters who still have a stake in society will find it creepy, disgusting or even scary, but to a young man who has no legal way of keeping his dignity, yeah, destroying the economy is not a bad deal at all.

    • If you like pop music, look up Bloodhound Gang’s 1996 hit “Fire Water Burn”, it is the musical analog of what you just posted 😀

  8. The truth is painfull and difficult to accept .But we deserve what we are getting .We lost our civilization at Stalingrad.In history there is sometimes centuries past and nothing of importance or any change is happening.And then one day something comes what will change everything for next 100 or even 200 years.For us in last 150 years that was SECOND WORLD WAR.We think and historians write immense volume of books how our heroic Generals and soldiers won the war against very ,very bad enemy .It’s absolute obvious now without any shred of doubt for me personally that we actually lost this war and won only the battles . There is this one time in history when you have to make the right choice to keep your civilization .We made the wrong choice in the only moment when matter for us in last 200 years.Unfortunately, there is no way coming back from this moment of absolute importance now .There is before and after the war. It’s like before and after Jesus .Or Muhammed.It’s like mathematics .2+2=4 .It will never amount to 5.The flow can be stopped only if turn the river back.To do that will cost unlimited amounts of energy.This energy can be paid only with huge ammount of blood.I’m not pessimist.I try only to think realistic.The problem is that every single day past we are loosing another pint of our blood .So is not yet ,but soon we will not have enough energy left to turn the tide.

    • You really should stop thinking of the United States of America, which was an interesting experiment in republican government that lasted exactly 72 years. We’ve been Leviathan for twice that now so think small and ideas will start appearing once again.

  9. “It’s a shame the coronavirus didn’t sweep through Washington and kill off all the fiscal conservatives.”

    Agree completely! McConnell’s stance on infrastructure spending is infuriating. Never voting GOP again here.

    These scum are tripping over each other to shovel bailouts to billionaires and corporations (in the downtime between their insider trading), and to funnel even MORE foreign workers into the country WHILE THE REST OF US ARE LOCKED DOWN, but when it comes to throwing a little money or job security or infrastructure repair to the little guy, they start moralizing about the need to tighten purse strings.

    FUCK THE GOP. Since they’re not willing to save my job, help out with expense problems that they caused, fix my street, or repair my sewer and water lines, they’ll never get my vote again. They’ll take the votes of working white guys at the same time as they gleefully watch those white guys OD on deregulated Sackler drugs, ship in indentured serfs to take that guy’s job, and shovel money to corporations that muffle that guy’s speech. The GOP Q is way, way, way bigger than any “JQ” and the GOP needs to die.

    • PS- good news. Listening to the farm report.

      Ethanol corn is getting it’s azz kicked- the Iowa primary will be affected.

      But! Meat processing is backed up, but they are rarin’ to go. They’ll stretch a bit to feed the animals a few weeks in anticipation of pent-up sales, so meat should come back soon.

      • Late detail- the plant(s) shut down were Chinese owned, they had brought in foreign workers using the church programs.

        Part of the deal for Tyson to expand into the Chinese market.

    • “Knock one out on Pornhub! Wait…you were doing that before this three-ring circus.”

      I’ve heard that commercial many times. The Ad Council should be scotched post haste. They pump out endless radio spots that promote globohomo, on our dime.

  10. Boo on you today! Yes, Libertarians are probably closer to today’s Democrats: legalize pot and open borders. We’ve had the latter de-facto for decades. 🙁 They’d also favor the internet porn industry. It is (mostly) a victimless crime (if it were a crime.) “Your daughter” showing off her body for pay? So what? If she is over 18 or 21, she is an adult and her life is her responsibility, not Mommy and Daddy’s. (Yes, this assumes is not living under your roof.) In my laissez-faire opinion, the government should not be the moral arbiter of people’s private behavior. Yet once such behavior starts to impact innocent bystanders, yes the government should step in. But this would also entail letting people crash and burn, in the wonderful words of the old testament, “They have brought it upon themselves.” But of course, THAT idea is unthinkable to Democrats!

    • The idea that you can or should divorce legality from morality is one of the worst errors in lolbertarian thinking.

      How would re-criminalizing both drugs and porn make America a worse place?

      Every counter-argument relies on slippery-sloppiness like “first they came for…” Black-letter precedents are pretextual – see your “living Constitution.” If there’s a will, there’s a way and just because we outlaw porn doesn’t mean we’re going to execute political dissenters.

      We’ve tried this your way and despite the black-letter clarity of the First Amendment, we have political censorship AND legal porn, as well as state-mandated anti-religiosity – the precise opposite of what the Founders intended for each issue.

      • It should be made/kept illegal if for only one reason—lack of responsibility/accountability on the part of the user. That’s where Libertarians get it wrong, they assume accountability on the part of the individual where none exists in the welfare state as we know it today.

        In other words, you can be a no account drug addict and regardless of your irresponsible behavior you will be given free emergency care, allowed to live, shit, and pan handle on the streets, and so forth—while those who work hard for a living foot the bill. A similar argument can be made wrt our current free for all sexual liberties—liberties found no where in the Constitution except in the mind of a few pea brains on the Warren Court.

        • Concur. I advocate the type of freedom where a person is free to do as they wish but only until they start making trouble for others. Half of society’s problems is too much freedom, not enough responsibility. I say, “let people have sex as they wish.” But there’s a stick with the carrot. How about this? If a woman gives birth to a child she can’t provide for, the government should step in and take the child away. What today’s society forgets is to take follow-up actions to prevent future problems: Permanent sterilzation for the woman. And for the man, if he can be located. Since most of these people are on welfare anyway, a national DNA registry would make it easy to identify who is guilty. Was statutory rape or some other offense involved? Then DNA would be prima facie evidence. Send the bastard to prison. The means exist, but not the will.

      • Read your American history. It wasn’t that long ago that people were not only harassed, but put into prison, for voicing politically unpopular ideas. Also, there will always be limits to government power, even in a totalitarian dictatorship. If forced to choose between the two, should a person be imprisoned for what some of us call “consensual” or “victimless” crimes? Isn’t the man who sold a bag of pot a bit less of a danger to society than the robber, the rapist, the murderer? And don’t give me the “We’ll build more jails” canard…you can’t magically wish goods and services into existence any more than the government can 🙂 Like it or not, the man smoking pot and watching porn in the privacy of his own home is rather less a danger to others than the guy who breaks into your house when you’re gone, robs the local convenience store, or for that matter, fathers a load of bastard children. Shouldn’t the penalties be different? One thing we HAVE lost since mid-20th century is the ability to keep undesirables out of our community, whether they’ve broken the law or not. I wish I could offer you that: would you accept legal drugs and legal porn for others, if you got the freedom to keep Blacks, or druggies and perverts, out of your town? I sure would!

      • Almost anything that gives this state more power at the current time will make things worse and this includes fighting porn and drugs.

        Need I remind you that no matter how many people we lock up in jail and we’ve broken the global record drug use doesn’t go down. Unless you are willing and able to seal the borders and arrest, convict and either jail or execute tens of millions you can do nothing about drugs at all.

        Oh yeah well you could keep the lockdown up forever and ban all imports I suppose. If you tightly control prescription drugs, maybe this would work. Its not worth turning the USA into an even more permanent prison for this goal.

        As for porn, get real. Don’t assume your tastes are shared by any significant number of people. Disliking porn makes you the nutter since self reported in 2018, 98% of men and 78% of women use the stuff.

        This doesn’t count erotic literature, sexy romance novels either just pictures . Musingly I’m in the 2% too but I know I’m an oddity.

        Banning porn is as ridiculous as banning water. and I’m not sure you can get anyone to convict on charge or even enforce the laws. Florida tried with 2 Live Crew decades ago and was litterer laughed out of court

        Lastly, morality.

        Yes the core of US morality is Christian and in theory we are awash in church going people, this is not a Christian nation at all. If it were we would not have porn, mass adultery, single moms and easy divorce.

        This was imposed on us true but it it was also what people wanted as they became less faithful. And yes its not good for people but if you try and force them to think your way, you aren’t different than the Left trying to force us.

        Frankly and no offense to you but Conservatives even DR ones cannot seem to understand the world we live in. I swear they need a Commissar with a cattle prod so if they discuss any solution that fails to take the real world people and conditions in 2020 into account they get a zap in the nuts.

        You have lost the war on porn, war on weed in some areas, war on gay for younger people , war on divorce and single mommy hood and if we were smart we’d end the war on drugs.

        The only reason we don’t allow prostitution is all the Karens though we’ve probably lost that too.

        We can close the border, repatriate some people , loosen guns laws with great effort and control trade but the moral front is toast.

        Maybe people will have a relfgious revival or out breed the less religious over time or maybe they won’t. No one knows but policy must deal with real people including the 49 out of 50 people that use porn and the countless who like weed too.

  11. ‘nurses and healthcare workers are heroes’ meme is as cinge-worthy as it gets.

    i dont recall anyone in 2016 talking about the sailer strategy.. If by appealing to whites, that predates him by a long time anyway . Even the term human biodiversity predates Steve, too. , having been coined in a 1994 book by that name.

    regrettably his legacy is hurt by writing crap like this

    it’s hard to believe someone who is otherwise so skeptical of govt. and media narratives wrote this. This is like something strait from I had to double-check the the author to be sure it was him.

    we lost , not because of the virus, but because of giving up everything else (“Cutting off the nose to spite the face” ).

    • “Our future servants are heroes”

      They are making servitude a status thing.
      You get regular feed, a stall, and major brownie points.

  12. For the “what if a White nationalist did it” file – imagine Our Guys carrying “Tyrants Get the Rope” signs in an unauthorized public protest in Michigan.

    Legalize tranny stuff, drugs & porn – no worries. Give unlimited gibs to Coloreds of Person and let Whites die of despair and poverty – no biggie. But this is their bridge too far.

    The old Tea Party base’s energy has been so misdirected into self-destructive tactical libertarianism and fenced-in by rayciss and soshuliss third rails that none of these Whites are demanding – in the face of an impending Depression – the same gibs that non-Whites demand in normal times.

    Every sign in that crowd should read “Whites Want Dem Programs” and “We Want More of Our Money Back Now.”

    We built it, we paid for it, but we’re supposed to be ashamed of making the same demands others make when the fleecing process is now cutting Whites to the bone.

    Astroturf aside, some of the protest-anger is righteous but it’s almost perfectly off-target.

      • You target your targets, I’ll target mine. If someone’s still so invested in lolbert economics that this still isn’t “the right time” for them, I’d rather focus on guys further along in the red-pill process. You’re welcome to small-pill the others.

    • I’m having flashbacks to the Bush years lately. The meatheads have taken over again. Bellicose talk, overtures to blacks, carrying water for Israel, and now an unprecedented crisis. I don’t know that the neocons have wormed their way back in but it sure stinks like them. Things have gone off the rails. At least Trump isn’t a warmonger but I’m concerned they’re backing him into a corner.

  13. Flow charts….

    That’s what we need…more flow charts…🍓🍓

    And the flow chart should never make clear that all the things that are supposed to happen won’t, and all the things that aren’t supposed to happen will….

    Why yes today is Corporate America at its finest; as white shit coolies for Pajeets… how did you know?

    Pajeet says call if any problems.

      • The discussion becomes exhausted, that’s all. After a bit, so many comments are made that one can not read them all and/or respond. This is not a bad thing, at least for Z-man. Audience growing, word getting out.

        • Can someone suggest a better way to manage these comment sections? I tried an RSS reader and it wouldn’t even download more than a fraction of the comments I know are here 🙁

  14. I know we’re all adults but I still could have used a little warning about stump porn. I went ahead and fast-forwarded through that. I’m sorry I even know that’s a thing

      • As a matter of fact I am a racist. And I said that aloud to someone just recently. Do you know what their reaction was? Mild stuttering and then they literally blocked it from their minds. It was fascinating

  15. My commercial broker told me major national chains have come to him, asking for a list of prime properties currently held by small businesses that could become theirs. He’s under orders to make unsolicited offers to come in as “saviours”.

    We’re sorry you cannot afford that expensive lease. We’ll take that off your hands.

    “Please understand… it was all business. It wasn’t personal.”

    • That is the real parallel with Weimar that folks don’t consider. All those special people with vast artwork collections (real art, not Zman’s ‘pain’ dribbles) got them from people in desperate financial straits. They bought them for a pittance and then proudly proclaimed their ownership, as though they were the patrons of the great Western artists and musicians forever, not merely taking advantage (as usual) over unfortunate others in need precisely because of machinations by other special people. Like a snake with its tail in its mouth, it never ends.

    • This was one of the Cloud People’s most desired outcomes from the plandemic.

    • And he does the job? Mercenary, part of the the problem imo. At some point you have to realize there are more important things than money, status, career.

  16. Last weekend it was hot as hell here in So Cal so a lot of people went to the beach. Little Shitler Newscum didn’t like people going to the beach. They weren’t practicing “social distancing” to his approval. Now the beaches are locked down, right down to the bike paths and restrooms. It’s going to be in the 90’s all weekend again. Welcome to the Soviet States of what was formerly America.
    The rage is building fast.


  17. If she is voted in again that would mean it’s every man for himself. Here in NYC in the part where Russian immigrants live there is plenty of people in the streets . Russians dont trust the gov. They are not scared so much and are used to hardship. The yuppie part of town is deserted in comparison, the yuppies locked themselves in maximum security.

  18. Our Conservative Degenerate cites the 1948 SCOTUS. This is after 16 years of an extreme progressive stacking the courts. Before the FDR court started overturning centuries of law, the courts repeatedly held that pornography was not protected speech. FDR appointed EIGHT judges to the SCOTUS!
    It was the courts, starting with the FDR stacked courts that have pushed all of this buffoonery on us. There is a damned good reason Congress amended the Constitution to prevent this from happening again. OF COURSE it was a progressive that did it.
    Thank God JFK was assassinated! Who knows what evil he would have done. He was as popular as FDR and probably could have gotten a lot of evil pushed through if not for the assassination. Had someone assassinated FDR, we might have avoided the war. WW2, might have been a fairly minor war without FDR.

  19. Here in Cali, Gov Newsom is fukking up big time with his beach closure “edict”. Tons of push back and criticism. He can kiss a second term good-bye.

    • Yup. A love of the beach is nearly universal among Californians.

      When people around the world think of California, they visualize the beaches.

      It is a provable fact that UV light from the sun kills viruses.

      Newsom’s messing with the beach going into a warm spring weekend is the dumbest thing he could do politically.

      • Sacramento is just up the road from the San Francisco Bay Area, and the politicos there think everyone in the state is like the Bay Area folks, either too stoned, too soy, or too spergy/smart to not follow directions. Not true.

      • They’ve also closed a lot of the outdoor spaces like state and national parks in CA (e.g. Yosemite).

        So much healthier for people to huddle in urban 100+ unit hives breathing central air…

        The people who best rode out previous pandemics were those who dispersed to the countryside and left Athens, Rome & London to stew in their overcrowded, unsanitary urbanity.

        • I’m unaware of any reports of serious outbreaks of disease on Indian reservations and they’re about the poorest communities in the United States. But they’re largely rural and viruses don’t spread well in out of doors environments.

  20. “Like many people I’m losing my patience for this ridiculous charade. As the evidence stacks up it is clear the lock downs were a terrible idea.”

    There is plenty of evidence that lock downs are a terrible idea. Copious amounts detailed by real experts in relevant fields and positions. But to me, the Hong Kong Flu of 1968 that I lived through is the real evidence. It was much, much worse than anything else in my lifetime and we did not do anything but keep on running the world as always.

    Real men ran the world then. I was in high school and we kids did not really know what was going on since at our age we could barely be hurt by the Flu. Moms and Dads worked on to make sure we kids were taken care of.

    My what a difference 50+ years make.

    • I was 14 in 1968 but I have no recollection of any reports of an influenza pandemic. My reccollection of 1968 is that it was dominated by the Vietnam War the DNC convention in Chicago, and the May demonstrations in France. But you’re right, real men, even if they were misguided, were in charge back then.

  21. The Cares act is hundreds of pages of funding left wing causes out to 2024! McConnel couldn’t wait to sign that shit, but suddenly is a fiscal hawk when it comes to physically fixing our broken country! If jobs are to ever come back, we need working infrastructure. Typical Republican cuckoldry!

  22. A pretty girl caught me looking at her a bit to long yesterday. I just smiled and said, “sorry but I thought you were someone else, she wears the same kind of mask”. Her eyes just smiled and we walked away.

    • It is weird looking at women in the store these days. I wonder if dress styles might revert to something more modest in the aftermath.

      • If I were single, I’d be taking advantage of this time. I feel like some of the ladies are starved for affection. I tried to ask my fiance if I could do my part to sate their hunger, but unfortunately, my jaw is now wired shut.

        • Come on Brother which is it girlfriend, fiance, wife, pregnant pick one and stick with it otherwise everything else you say is suspect…

          • My fiance is is perfectly aware of my foolin’, and sir, foolin’ don’t necessarily mean foolin’ around!

      • Yes – noticed today all the women in short-shorts and halter tops and flip flops and . . . masks. Cognitive dissonance, thy name is woman.

      • Yes, they are called “hijab” or “burqa” depending on the country 😈

    • I met a girl who sang the blues
      And I asked her for some happy news
      But she just smiled and turned away

      Don McLean

  23. The Commie Cough reaction is amazing. A month and a half ago were going into lockdowns to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. It was never sold as the cure.
    Now the curve is flattened and there is no chance of the health system being overwhelmed. But the goalposts are nowhere in sight in Blue states. Governors are tossing out impossible to meet “testing” standards and other complete nonsense as per-conditions for reopening. And some people are fine with it while their neighbors are bankrupted over nothing.

    • The wheeled goalposts are the main tip off the response to the WuFlu has nothing to do with public health.

    • And everyone scurries around in masks as if there’s this dangerous ‘miasma’ floating in the air. I swear to God it’s like being back in the Middle Ages, with panic over this unseen ‘killer.’ Further evidence, if it was necessary, that most people are too stupid to do much more than breathe without assistance. Germ theory of disease? What a virus is and how it’s transmitted? Nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ science. We got religeeeun and the big bad microbes are gonna get us all (I only wish).

    • That “universal testing” is what scares me.

      They’ll choose who eats and who starves, who lives and who dies. Who can vote.

      Worse, it’ll be based on a reaction from the common cold. (1/3 of common colds are caused by a coronavirus.)

      The corona test doesn’t test specifically for covid-19, that’s why they’re claiming ’33 mutations’.

      • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German physician, maintains that the test is not specific for COVID-19 and picks up other coronaviruses. He further maintains that, without the test, this pandemic would have passed mostly unnoticed until epidemilogists crunched the numbers in the summer and concluded that 2019-2020 had been a particularly bad, late-breaking flu season.

  24. To keep it simple, it’s a Jezebel spirit. Jezebel was done in when her servants turned on her.

    What is it about that subversive kind of tyranny that it can’t be defeated from without? Yet it takes some calling out to set the wheels in motion. The soviets met the same fate. It’s puzzling.

    • The ‘wait for a vaccine’ people are moral monsters. They know it can’t be done, but calling for forever lockdown makes them feel morally righteous and will then act smug and justified when one person dies of Covid after lockdowns end. Their only real morality is their dopamine response.

      • Another manifestation of the utopian mindset. It’s not that you can actually get there, it’s that you can screw over the people you hate along the way. And they know it.

        • Yep. Its like divorce court. They call it “family law” with a straight face and then proceed to destroy families in ritual killings on the way to utopia.

          The eat-pray-love cash and prizes delusion of the oppressed and “just not happy” wife is a well known fantasy – even by the yoga and bumble “still got it” cohort.

          But the hate must be fed, so they will roast their golden goose just to hear it squeal. And the law ordains the whole thing because ‘think of the children’.

          The only difference between utopians and sadists is that utopians dream of a future where clothes have no buttons.

      • I wish them luck to develop a vaccine. However, my duty as a Pessimist requires me to parrot the plausible line heard elsewhere: the common cold is an example of the family of coronaviruses. They are known to exist in hundreds of varieties and mutate often. It is for those reasons that there has never been a vaccine for the cold.

        • Ben. Yep, and there probably never will be. Mutates too fast—if the number of COVID-19 variants now extent I hear of is true. One thing about capitalism, if there was a reasonable cure for the common cold, we’d have had it years ago and the discoverer would be fabulously wealthy.

          That’s not to say, there might not be a semi-effective vaccine announced. There is need for a rationale to get everybody feeling it’s safe to leave the house after all. I’m predicting we‘ll get something out there for PR purposes and then learn to live with a partially effective vaccine as we’ve done with the Flu. If this thing quits at 80k deaths, we’ll learn to live with that. It’s primarily old folk and those citizens are at the end of their productive lives anyway. (And I’m one of those folk, but I’ll take my chances.)

          • I’m more fearful of a hurried-up vaccine’s unanticipated side effects than I am of the virus itself. I remember the swine flu vaccinational fiasco of 1976.

          • No matter how bad our epidemic is, at some point we will HAVE to leave the house, if only to find food and water.

            I see my comment got +8; usually I am in the negatives 🙁 I really need to find an RSS reader/editor to do this easier…

  25. The foundations of the entire global order have begun to shake so hard that I sometimes catch myself wondering “Is this is even really happening?”

    Which is the same thing I wonder when I see that so many who did so much in 2015-16 are, so far, failing so seize the main chance.

    2020 was always going to be the wrong year to spend infighting, defending Weinstein, denying the Holocaust, attacking groypers, debating immunology, etc.

    But now we are being given the opportunity to stamp a Nationalist vs Globalist dichotomy on the brains millions of Americans.

    We blame globalism for everything and get everyone around us to do the same.

    This is the shot. There is no other. Not in 2020.

    Such a message is not only factually accurate, it is morally justified, politically expedient, and easy to remember.

    The trauma from this experience is going to last for the rest of our lives. This is why the most important thing is to brand it with a meaning that will last even longer.

    I do no understand how so many of our guys either cannot or will not see this.

    • I’ve called it al qaeda virus. Somebody more clever called it koranovirus. It’s the new boogieman at any rate. That’s the idea that needs to be driven home.

    • Absolutely. Get involved with NormieCons resisting this nonsense now; for the most part they have no political experience and it’s a great opportunity to network with Salt of the Earth people whose guns and numbers will come in handy when things get worse (which they will).

      • I don’t want to dampen any activism, but this reminds me of getting involved with the Tea Party in 2010 after spending the 00s fighting immigration. We did stop those fVckin’ W amnesties but the Tea Party amounted to nothing.

        Smart people say, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” However, times change and sometimes the same action will yield different results.

        Life is complicated. We must keep trying.

        • Organization is key to any kind of political or martial success but any organization that wants to succeed but be aware that subversion is the law of the land.

          Also any group that starts as a tax protest is suspect. The questions of the day aren’t taxes but deeper social and cultural issues.

          Well meaning groups like the Tea Party don’t get that no tax policy can fix the US, only radical change and a bunch of old farts in tricorne hats aren’t the guys for the job.

          And yes I know many Tear Party guys were younger, they just struck me as country clubbers not people out there helping the only people that matter, the working and the middle

          If society used tax policy to make sure that there were no rich but there was a working and an upper middle, it would do fine. We can’t get rid of the poor but we don’t need the rich either

          Oh and I define rich either as say 50x the minimum wage or the way they did (inflation adjusted) in 1952, over two million a year.

          We can live without people having that much money, well so long as we limit corporate money as speech but that’s another story.

          • The highest and most destructive tax is not on income or consumption, but on the right of free association. The hidden cost of approximating this right in action are manifold. The insult to injury is that the majority of economic taxes paid are then spent to increase the cost of free association. I don’t know much about tax law but I do know that its not okay to be white and the cost to ‘have nice things’ grows faster than inflation by some exponent that would make coronachan blush.

  26. The politicization of Covid means you have to buy into all of the associated BS that gets attached to it.

    If you think Covid is no different than the flu…then some monkey business with the numbers means all the numbers are suspect and even harmless precautions such as masks have to be considered part of the circus act.

    If you think Covid is much worse than the typical flu…then you have to agree to going into the catacombs for an indefinite period because even though it’s spread far and wide…this will magically put the genie back into the bottle.

    Covid has spiked but it’s also plateaued within 20% of the high end. Here in the land of the free it’s holding at a rough average of 25K/30K new cases per day and 2K deaths per day. Even if the numbers are fudged 25% it’s still pretty significant especially if they keep bouncing around within the same frequency range. A long slow negative slope may still go on for months. We’re going to end up with some very serious numbers. Even though the population is 2x what it was in 1958/59 the numbers may end up with similar proportions. Flu counts from past years included deaths from the flu for the whole year not simply for a few months. We’re already at 60K+ since early March. The year still had a long way to go with a death and infection rate that has plateaued well above the median. Gray areas: if I had cancer and was undergoing Chemo and after a treatment wandered disoriented into traffic and got run down by a bus…did cancer have nothing to do with my death? Are all the white men OD’ing on prescription drugs only dying of their own hands… or does the war on white men have something to do with it? In 1958/59 they didn’t hide form it nor did they pretend it was no big deal.

    That said the lock down is taking a bad situation and making it worse. The econ stuff has been covered. Putting more and more decision making power in the hands of people who should be swinging from lamp posts is going to carry costs we’ll have to deal with. “Celebrating fat chicks in scrubs” does have a certain comedic value to it. But this is exacerbating a more deep-seated problem: the further pussification of men and women. We have spent to much time and energy during the past two generations trying to wall off nature, both its true gifts and its unforgiving hand. We now need to over-protect all children, all adults and even those who are about to buy-the-farm from nature’s inevitabilities. Our unwillingness to live a full life with all its pleasures and risks has been squelched by our timidness. This damages boys more than any other group. Not letting boys engage in stupid boy stuff which often risks life and limb makes them timid boys for their whole lives. (They are for the most part oblivious to the risk while they’re doing it. Then later its,”Holy Shit! that could have ended very badly…”)

    Our ancestors always lived with death and the threat of death. It isn’t going away. Trying to hide from it is silly. Learning to live with it puts more focus on the spirit of being alive and how you value your time.
    If men had a more rough and tumble youth they’d be better men. They would neither pretend Covid was no big deal nor would they hide from it. And they assuredly wouldn’t put up with shrill martinets setting the rules. And if a foreign tribe were to show up and demand endless accommodations and an ever increasing hand in decision making…death’s door would be much wider.

    • The 60k death figure is VASTLY inflated. They’re already rechecking death records for the past 6 months and relabeling many of those deaths as from covid. Those numbers will keep climbing until they’re closer to their vaunted models. I’ll keep waiting (and hoping) for the piles of bodies.

    • Regardless of the exact numbers of deaths—60k, 80k, or double that on a yearly basis. We miss the problem when we compare it to the Flu or other large scale disease outbreaks. We have never had a disease that to my recollection is so focused (mortality-wise) on a certain segment of the population (+65) as this one. We’ve never had a disease outbreak that I remember that has quarantined the healthy and in essence shut down the economy and beggared the population.

      My general thinking is that this present, poorly focused, lock down will never be repeated for this disease again (or perhaps any other) as the country could not stand it economically. COVID-19 will burn its way through the susceptible population and then be treated as a recurring annoyance to be lived with.

  27. “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm; but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”
    —T.S. Eliot

    • From Eliot’s “Little Gidding”:

      “And last, the rending pain of re-enactment
      Of all that you have done, and been; the shame
      Of things ill done and done to others’ harm
      Which once you took for exercise of virtue.”

  28. Amash was perfectly happy to be a Republican back-bencher until Trump started getting tough on trade with China – which interfered with his family import business. He and Reason are funded by the Koch’s who’s #1 issue is open trade with Chi Coms.

  29. We’re saved.

    (((ToTheRescue))) and if it works; Fine.

    Someone put up a meme showing banks and rows, floor of sophisticated servers – PORNHUB SERVERS

    Then a broke down 8086 UNEMPLOYMENT SERVERS.

    As far as the Michigan gun bearers;
    Best to take things at face value until proven otherwise. They could be false oppo, but without facts and evidence otherwise the Armed Ham Sandwich is probably just armed Hams (pun intended). Also cheer up, armed fake oppo and fake oppo in general has a pronounced tendency to become real.
    See AFL-CIO, HAMAS, for that matter the Bolsheviks.

    • My brother is a gun collector/hunter rights type of guy here in Michigan.He recognizes the type and they really are a pain in the ass to the rest of 2A people.

      No those morons are real, larping as real rights advocates. Zman is right, all movements need to police their ranks. Doesn’t matter if they are planted or real. Stop them.

      • People with guns don’t bother me but I guess that makes me an oddball. Never understood why a country that enshrined the 2nd would be uncomfortable with people actually exercising it. It’s not like they were making threats.

        I get it. I don’t open carry because somebody would cry, but still. People!

      • As a Canadian, on the verge of new gun bans courtesy of our pink socked prime minister… I’m sorry. But I LIKE the idea of those arseholes in politics having guns pointed at them.

        I am black pilled now too. People will need to be shot before they back off some of this. You Americans will be thanking God Almighty for your 2A and patriots before this is over.

        • Agree with Smith. Somebody’s got to plant the flag, or dip their toe in the water.

          We need to know we’re not alone.

      • The rest of the 2A people are troubled by armed protestors?

        I think perhaps the “morons” are the real 2A types, and are a pain for the hunter / gun collectors?

        The 2A ain’t real anymore, and none are Americans. We’re all re-enactors at this point. But the 2A has naught to do with hunting or gun collection.

    • The (((Clowns))) are coming to save us! HURRAY!
      It’s hopeless. Only the Second Amendment can save us and even that is a stretch. After all, if you teach kids that tyranny is actually freedom, you never have to worry about those guns. They will stay safely locked up in the gun safe.

  30. Im personally struggling not to become black pilled about America. Its one thing for the media to be filled with lies, but more and more it just looks like everything is fake. The alt right turned out to be as gullible with the media as anyone else so long as it fit their ideology and narrative. The same media that says white people are bad and deserve to be oppressed forever told them the virus would kill us all and they believed it. Gell-Mann indeed. The alt right turned out to be committed ideologues as well, more worried about narrative than anything, and surprisingly ended up sounding like bernie bros except edgy and racist. Also in trying to bridge the left-right divide is has begun to appear generally that much of what we think of as right wing is just the left wing without as many taboos.

    Other “right wing” figures i wont name like a certain blogger who is more concerned with pimping his money making projects that go no where except drain his followers of money, are just using edginess to make money.

    Women are convincingly crying on camera about not being protected at hospitals they dont even work at, or calling face masks rape in order to get attention or troll idk. It might be funnier if we werent swirling down the drain while its happening.

    Perhaps someday something real will get started and be done in this country but i wont be holding my breath. I used to think Europe might be worse of than America but i think ultimately America will be worse off because of both its hyper individualist culture making it impossible to organize anything other than a shitshow, and the fact theres just too much money and power crowding everything out so that something dissident cant sprout organically.

    Perhaps something can change after things get worse and we get less tolerant of nonsense but it seems impossible to predict even the next 5 years so who knows.

    The complete crapshoot the public space has become is imo the best evidence of who our ruling class is. Its exactly the kind of confusing, over-the-top, theatrical nonsense they would thrive in. A world where exciting stories and drama drive the train rather than anything grounded in reality. It really has been amazing to watch these last 5 or so years.

    • From a distance Europe seems to be in much better shape. Better demographics. A history of tribalism, i.e. you’re not just white, you’re French or Irish or German, something to rally around. Smaller countries so less distant and powerful governments. Less dominant tech companies. Eastern European countries showing how it’s done.

      I’ll make my stand in my land because these are my people, but our best chances are in Europe. At that point, Felix Krull might need to adopt my future grandchildren.

      • I emigrated for good in January. (If someone had told me in the 1970s that I would prefer Europe to the U.S. I would have said that they confused me with my evil twin.) I now live in the south of France. My wife is French, so that helps. It’s crazy at the moment with Emmanuel Macron and his lockdown but at least there’s the Rassemblement National with a quasi-realistic immigration policy. France is, however, rapidly becoming an Afro-Arab country. If I were a younger man, I’d consider Poland, Hungary or even Russia. My daughter is facing some difficuot choices.

    • If recent events have convinced me of anything, it’s that the vast majority of people deserve to be dominated. The idea that even 1% of people deserve their rights enshrined in a constitution is a joke.

      I can only hope that it is God and those who would do his will on Earth, who can dominate the people, and not the evil liberals who control the United States today.

      • I would merely add that the vast majority of people also seem to have a deep-seated need to be ‘led’ by some type of perceived ‘authority’ in just about every aspect of their lives. This seems to fill some of the emptiness in their lives.

      • My husband was criticizing me the other night for holding people slow to change or catch on in such contempt. He’s right, of course, and intellectually I do understand that people aren’t that bright, or can only move so far so fast – either politically or ideologically. On a gut level, however, it drives me nuts to have to coddle people who are supposed to be independent and thinking adults. I expect to coddle children; indeed I revel in it. I’m not running for office and don’t want to lead anything; I realize I’m the last one you want to use to try to convince anyone to come to our side, but I just don’t have patience for stupidity and willful blindness, and to still think everyone’s an American and a ‘good’ person and ‘everything will be fine’ because it always has at this point is a combination of both blindness and ignorance that I consider beyond the pale.

      • Freedom is for a religious., homogeneous, moral mostly rural people. We don’t have any of those traits.

        As far as doing Gods will, Christian teachings say its your job. Waiting around for others isn’t going to work.

        Just be careful, seeking power for even righteous means is fraught with peril . Not getting it as much as having it and avoiding the utopia or puritan trap is challenging.

        Do what you utterly must and no more lest you fall into the trap set by the Adversary.

    • The Alt Right was a case of a product getting rushed into the mass market before it was ready for public consumption. When you have fags and clowns at the forefront like Spencer, Milo, and Vox Day… you’re not going anywhere.

      But… properly played, they could make an excellent bad cop playing off the dissident right’s good cop. It has been a marginally successful tactic for me when I argue with lefties. I tell them, “The way you guys are acting right now justifies Trump all the way. And, if you keep going the way you are… the next guy along will make a Trump look like a saint!” Most of ‘em will vapour lock and you can just see the visions of goose stepping hordes and swastika banners going on in their minds.

      The Alt Right had a lot of great ideas.

    • “…just the left wing without as many taboos.”

      You misspelled “tattoos”.

  31. Top news on the classical public radio in Chicago this morning: “For the first time, since WWII [dramatic pause] the Chicago Symphony summer program [another dramatic pause] is cancelled.”
    The plague is over. Our rulers have jumped the shark.

    • I can’t help but notice how many people are bringing up WWII every chance they get. It’s retarded. There’s not even a comparison.

      • It’s deliberate. The whole ‘sacrifice for the good of the country’ and ‘we’re all in this together’ and particularly the scrubs-clad fatties ‘on the front lines’ is to make you feel part of a team. Your neighbor cares about you (enough to snitch). The globalist producing your medicines in China cares about you. It’s all very soothing to the typical AWFL and the patriotards eat it up. The boomers are reaching unknown heights of patriotism and bonding by wearing masks and social distancing. It makes me want to scratch out all their eyeballs.

        • Of course it. This was the last time the “nation” felt it was a nation.

          Of course it was 90% White heavily industrial and you know so different than now, it might as well have been Ancient Mesopotamia but the Boomers grew up in a mass of WW2 agitprop and old people aren’t usually up to shrugging off the conditioning.

          That said the youngest Boomers are 56, AARP ready seniors all ans the oldest 74. They don’t matter nearly as much a fact which no doubt spurs them to fake attempts to increase generational self importance via faux patriotism.

      • WWII brings up “pleasant” memories for us. The last time as a nation we remember being truly united in a cause. I can understand the number of ref’s to WWII we are seeing. However, that was a different world with a different people, most all are dead now and their heirs have sold the birthright they were bequeath for a bowl of porridge—or in modern parlance—pornography, abortion, feminism, globalism, and the like.

  32. LOL. Is this the hill you’re going to die on, Z? It’s nice – I like it! It’ll do. We are all getting fed up.

    I went off on my family 5 or 6 years ago much the same way. “Fuggoff with your narrative! No, gays are not healthy and beautiful people. No, there is no such thing as global warming in the way you understand it. No, your bitchy, unhappy women will not be telling me what to say and think….” I walked away from those liberal lunatics but that wasn’t the end of it. After I was excommunicated those nutters went after each other on the most ridiculous things. Three generations of family went “poof’ and disappeared like it never existed.

    Yes, they hate us. No only enough to ruin us – they’ll want to try and kill us at some point too. And we will have to kill them right back. And after that, we will have to fill the pot holes in the streets….

    It won’t be long now. Necks will need to be stretched before this is over.

    • I just don’t see it happening. The only necks we tend to stretch are our own. Better we use them to direct our heads in different direction.

      I think there needs to be a mass exodus of dirt people from cloud cities. This was happening in NJ/NY before the pandemic; now, it’s even worse.

      After our migrations are as demographically significant as the movements of Mexicans, then maybe we can talk.

      • The other aspect of migration that doesn’t get a lot of air time in the ‘stand my ground’ vs ‘flight to white’ debates is that the others are already migrating and have been for quite some time.

        What good is it to move to Boise if it is full of Portland-Seattle-SFO goodwhite progs that have fled the inevitable results of their toxic ideas?

        For me it (migrating) is not just about more fertile soil for my community but it is also about reinforcing those places as inhospitable to those would-be progs who are looking to cash out of bluetopias and cash-in on the dirt.

        Where I live, the city to the south has long held a reputation as being “too conservative”.

        Setting aside the christcuck and tradcon elements behind that rep, this reputation has been really effective in eliminating the city as an alternative for most of the garbage. But the cost of living draw is starting to change that. That’s the front line of this war of geographical attrition.

        While the reality is like most cities it is still far more lefty than it should be. But it is also a step in the right (heh) direction compared to the hellhole that is my current city.

        The virus charade has further illuminated the stark divide between these two places.

        So I am moving there. And when my goodwhite friends remark “oh isn’t it super conservative down there?”, you know because abortions are not celebrated in the town square, I will tell them “unfortunately not. But I am hoping to help change that”.

          • Future USA if there is one will have to rebuild an electoral system around preventing structural drift.

            Our was built when going to a different area was arduous enough to be a cause for rebellion

            That needs to be fixed.

            My preference is must be 21 own property free and clear , be married (no gay marriage) , have 2 children (may adopt if medically needed) and must have lived and worked in the State for 10 years or for persons in certain jobs, be registered there (think Army here)

            Voting is mandatory and non voters may not hold or be appointed to any office.

            To be sure, none of the above is also mandatory and binding, baring candidates

            This won’t stop all the creep as people from areas with high housing prices end up moving into the Hinterlands but it will slow it down tremendously.

            You want to take your family to Boise from Cali. Great. You need to get acclimated to the local system first. Takes a decade.

        • “The other aspect of migration that doesn’t get a lot of air time in the ‘stand my ground’ vs ‘flight to white’ debates is that the others are already migrating and have been for quite some time.”

          Well, the former option is already impossible (at least where I live + adjacent states), so that’s out. The second option demands careful research, grit, and luck.

          Most of the goodwhites who go south are not looking to contaminate their sociopolitical exaltation. Badwhite city-folk, though, are a different story. So I’m looking at who’s down there as well as the surrounding counties. There will definitely be cultural issues as I learn the nuances of true southern culture; that’s okay.

          I think what I’m trying to say is that the affulent, goodwhite left who make the move down south take assimilation less seriously. They’re already enlightened; why change? And because they need constant reaffirmation of their moral superiority, they’ll no doubt surround themselves with those who are like… themselves. Wouldn’t the rural world’s ambient racism trigger their asthma?

          Again, I hope to avoid such people through careful research. That probably means buying land in a place more than two leftist acquaintances refer to as “hick.”

          • “Hick” is the way to go…it’s a sort of immunity to the goodwhite virus. And it’s cheaper too.

          • Careful, though. ‘Hick’, ‘cheap’, and ‘trailer trash’ also translates as ‘meth labs’.

            (They’re pretty easy, though. And usually still rather polite! Just let ’em know, firmly, that No, You Don’t F*ck With That, and they’ll stay away.)

          • that’s why the goodwhite prefers the midwest, easier to step over. also the weed and the rockies and vegas/sxsw not so far.
            they move south only to florida, new orleans, atlanta, dc area, you see the pattern: buying up black hoods and gentrifying with their hipstervilles. they haven’t got the strength to go into the southern hinterland… yet. but they make inroads, example college towns.
            just a matter of time. again, all flowing from that “separate is not equal” ridiculous dogma.

        • Colorado Springs? If so, thanks for helping to reinforce the voting population with non-pozzed voting. Moved down there a couple years ago with my family, we really regret not doing it before the flood of California money inflated the real estate, but still the best choice I’ve made as a lifelong resident of what used to be the best state in the union imo.

          • Sub, yeah thats the spot. The real estate market went nuts – especially over the past 24 months, so we were priced out of buying. Ive already bought high and sold low once. No thanks.

            I hope to one day make a bigger move because as rightly noted here CO is well on its way to CA status. My lady has a good job on the front range otherwise we would have punched out entirely.

            Infrastructure, “quality of life”, business climate, and the damn perfect weather are real draws. Having done it myself, the CA to CO transition is about as easy as it gets. Lotsa sunshine and lower taxes and real estate positive arbitrage.

            But the anti-reality clowns are gaining more control every passing year and there is really no political party or even consensus among whitefolk that seems to want to put up a fight. I know Im preaching to the choir.

            I saw the same thing out west. Its all about making money and insulating. There is no outward stewardship other than all the polarizing western issues: water, mining, energy, guns, and “schools”.

            I’ve been through the CA insanity. Not inclined to do it again but CS will be an improvement, no doubt.

            Watching both CA and CO fall of the map has been a real tragedy. Still nothing compared to a lot of the Midwest and NE, as the economy here is strong. But that just drives the libertarian delusion that much more, effectively gatekeeping people from forming-up with pitchforks.

            Right now I just want to have a beer on a patio in the spring sunshine. Something that will happen in El Paso county long before Denver.

          • Yep, it’s a damn shame what has happened here. I know Michelle Malkin will probably get me some dirty looks here, but this video is a good look at how the Cali money was able to co-opt CO politics to the point that we now have a fag governor who is signing legislation which is directly contradictory to the will of the voters expressed via ballot propositions.


            If it weren’t for the fact that both mine and my wife’s familys live here, I would have left for WY or somewhere awhile ago, but gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Best of luck with the mask mandate and whatever other nonsense that piece of shit Hancock comes up with.

        • Basic Husband and I were talking over coffee this morning. He informed me Any Twosome Newsom was hectoring his people that they misbehaved over the weekend by going to the beach, it was naughty and there would be consequences for their bad behavior. Modoc and Orange County have declared they are opening businesses and screw off Newsom. We think within 3 months after the final openings, the flood gates will open and people will flee en masse from the totalitarian blue states to red states. Expect Utah will balloon up. With mostly the wrong people. This state will flip blue within 10 years and this wave will push it quicker. Already the tipping point has been reached in the Salt Lake corridor with lefty wahmyn in political control. Cedar City and St. George will receive the brunt of the Camp of Saints refugees from Nevada and California and predict Utah to flip blue within 10 years, swelling into a western blue corridor north to south.

          Living in cities creates a hive mentality. People are disconnected from where their food is raised. No understanding of real western/rural ranching and agricultural issues. Everything is brought to them. They are so much more dependent on the Nanny State to take care of them. Hence demanding more gibs and hatred for those who push back on their Nanny stuff. Ironically hatred for rural folks culture while demanding they produce. Bite the hand that feeds them.

          As blue state people rush in and bring the hive mentality and the disconnect from the reality of producing their stuff, the red states will begin to fail just as the blue states. As the lefties wear leather shoes, eat arugula and flash around their iPhones, they disdain the miners-ranchers-farmers that produce their stuff.

          Please become familiar with the problems and successes of the west. These issues trickle down to you wherever you live. This forum is our “community” and the western issues are You too! Whether land grabs, water grabs, stupid fire fighting, 2nd Amendment gun rights, mining, ranching means yummy meat, how grazing herds in rotation increases quality of grasslands, and so on, these are issues that affect you. Think beyond urban hive mentality.

          • “Living in cities creates a hive mentality.”

            Question is, can sincere northerners adapt? And how can you deter those who can’t?

            “People are disconnected from where their food is raised. No understanding of real western/rural ranching and agricultural issues. Everything is brought to them.”

            Well, without fresh white (urban) faces who have a genuine passion for improving their lives, living with and raising their food, raising more than two children, and eschewing liberal norms, you’re screwed anyway because you’re being outbred. Many of the people who flee won’t be blue.

            What else are we supposed to do? Some of these blue states are talking about shutting everything down FOR A YEAR. In another universe, that warrants the death penalty.

          • There are still areas in the USA where “good whites” will never venture. They would rather die than deal with hard core redneck natives. Some of these areas are quite beautiful and are very inexpensive.

            I know a lot of people on our side have, or would like to, relocate to currently sparsely populated areas in the mountain west. I can understand why as it is a beautiful area. However, I am worried that these areas are all eventually going the way of Colorado as more west coast lefties are also moving in.

            I believe Colorado now has a twink as Governor. In my mind, there is no coming back from that.

          • MA, take a look at the Appalachians, Ozarks and Smokies if you’re not sold on the West. If you have an income that’s not totally dependent on local traffic, your “expat” bucks will go a lot further and your redneck neighbors will be better company than Hickenlooper’s blue-purple fruits & nuts.

          • Exile, those are precisely the areas I was referring to above. I would also add the Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas and Southeastern Oklahoma. This area is similar to the Ozarks, but much less developed. The locals are still hardcore white rednecks with some Choctaw Indians mixed in on the Oklahoma side. (Although most of them are mixed and pretty assimilated in the redneck culture. )

          • East Tenn. Paradise. Got a med school. Health care important if you looking for a place to retire.

          • I get it. People want to keep their communities nice, and that means maintaining some kind of equilibrium. Outsiders are a threat to that.

            Unfortunately, though, our governor is completely insane.

          • And your governor was voted in by lots of people who “want to keep their communities nice.” The point being, good intentions are irrelevant. Being ‘nice’ is irrelevant. If the people moving all bring along their same basic assumptions (diversity, inclusion, equality) then ruination ultimately follows. The area of northern Arkansas I want to move to already has an infestation of Chicagoans, buying up acreage and building cookie-cutter mcmansions. Most of them are old and grey, though, so they should be easy enough to subdue when the time comes.

          • “And your governor was voted in by lots of people who “want to keep their communities nice.” The point being, good intentions are irrelevant. Being ‘nice’ is irrelevant. ”

            Firstly, I am exempt from the ranks of these people. I do not vote and I don’t think most people are qualified to vote on most issues.

            (That’s the problem with this democracy shit: it enables and propagates a culture of “niceness” that good plebs are taught to uphold. If our thoughts are constantly bombarded by state controlled media, doesn’t that taint the integrity of the public vote? Same as it ever was, I guess.)

            Second thing is that certain people who are high in psychological openness can and do adapt and assimilate well. They learn languages, pay taxes, buy property, raise kids. And if on top of all of that they are loyal friends to their neighbors? That satisfies me. Still, it’s true that only a small number of others would be beneficial. And even at a true minority level, they tend to vote as a block. It can make things tricky.

            Third, we do not deserve to suffer simply because we reside in New Jersey. (I know, I know).The state is dreaming are dreaming if they think their current strategies will culminate in anything more than an economic shart. Yeah, they’re fools. Maybe they’re even our fools. But that shouldn’t mean that we all have to suffer them.

          • Lawdog, remember Lineman in Bitterroot Montana. He’s calling for young families and workers- and he makes north of 300K per year.

          • Range, that’s why I’m looking at places where Californians fear to tread. Winter is a harsh mistress even today and the worst of the Sun Bugs can’t live without UberEats. Colorado and Utah are pretty much off my list because you guys have too much convenient infrastructure laid in for Ski Bugs already.

          • Yes, exactly. Places like that. It’ll be hard at first, but the determined can (mostly) master it and live simply and fulfilled.

          • Isn’t it the under-15s who are already white minority?
            That means La POC will be voting en bloc in 3 to 5 years.

            Voting for their interests, for their representatives, as they have already been heavily organized.

          • The problem is that whites don’t think of themselves as a block. Yes, you can tap into the sentiment (like Trump did), but I think it’ll take some time to develop.

          • @ Lawdog Re: “The problem is that whites don’t think of themselves as a block.”

            It isn’t simply that they “don’t” think of themselves as a block – it is that the powers-that-be have moved heaven and earth to keep that block from forming in the first place.

            Personally, I think identity politics is an idiotic way to run things, to structure a society – but if that’s the system we have, then each identity group ought to be able to organize around its own common interests and work to promote them on that basis.

            The trouble is that the Cultural Marxists (communists) are fine with blacks, Latinos, feminists, LGBTQ, Muslims, etc. having their own blocks and interest groups but people of European ancestry a.k.a. whites? No way! We aren’t allowed that privilege.

            What has been constructed since the 1960s, in fact, is a variation on the old apartheid society found in the former Rhodesia and South Africa. Only this time, it is whites at the bottom – in particular rural, Christian, conservative/traditional whites – and everyone else above them.

            This reverse apartheid is held to be a positive good, since “the man” had it coming for all of the things that were done to POC in the past. Ahuh… well, the problem with that is that people of European ancestry who are alive today did not commit those crimes, those alleged wrongs. If they occurred, they were committed by people now long dead and buried. How does punishing us for their sins make any sense whatsoever, morally or otherwise? It isn’t as if guilt can be inherited and passed down the generations….

            All the present regime is doing is assuring that the oncoming generations of Europeans will be radicalized to hate the present status quo. Maybe that’s not what they think they’re getting, but it is probably what they will be getting – and hard.

          • You don’t really think you can vote your way out this mess do you? I mean miracles happen but what the DR wants is not going to be given to them easily even if they win an election.

            There is always some holdover judge or backstabbing cabinet member out there to engage in law-fare or sabotage

            Power has to be taken.

            That said it might be possible to use legal means like FDR did and organizing for legal political activity is the way to go.

            If things go hot, the better organized people will have the best chance at a win anyway.

            Decide what a DR society will be like and what goals can be discussed publicly and which cannot

            Organize to achieve those goals legally with the right people to do the right things

            Get it done and take as much power as you can grab again legally.

            Ultimately if your movement is at all done properly, you either win or if things go hot have the 10% or 20% determined core you need for the society you want.

            Ecclesiastes 4:12

            “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

          • Me, vote? They just sent me my mail-in. Might as well just write my choices on a Lite Brite

          • I’ve been visiting Utah sense 1980. I believed then that bringing the Olympic games to Utah was a fatal mistake. Normies had an undefined fear of Mormanville and tended to avoid it. Once there, it quickly passes. Then comes the deluge.

    • eastern MT and north of Helena towards Idaho is good. Sad thing is, you’ll have to write-off Missoula and Bozeman soon…California tech money and retirees. Housing costs are night and day between Billings and the cities in Western Montana.

      The race against Tester is a good example of the libertarians messing things up, they siphon off a few percentage points every election and keep the fat turd in office. Some even drop out after many absentee ballots have been cast, happened last election, what a joke.

      • Yea libertarians like Z said are just another wing of the Communist…If they truly care about liberty they would run a candidate for the Republican nominee like in Kenneth Royce’s book Molon Labe…

        • Thank you for the inadvertent recommendation – I’m always looking for books to take me from clownworld into the world of ‘Wouldn’t it be nice . . .” Just added it to my kindle.

    • To distort Nietzsche’s famous line about the abyss: If the Church excommunicates you, you can also excommunicate the Church from you.

  33. News from Canada:

    Trudeau to pass “military style assault weapons” ban in the coming days. Maybe today.

    Never give an inch, usa. People here bash the muh 2a people but… we could use it here.

    • Do your people have an American deep south/midwest-like contingency? Somewhere you can go if they start demanding your DNA?

        • Indeed. It’s important to have at least some balls. In fact, I think we should say thank you to our balls every day.

          Testosterone: For sex AND getting shit done!

        • West Canada? Alberta is only 69% white lol. Vancouver is like 5%.

          Maybe used to be right wing but it’s being spruced up by diversity like the rest of canada.

          Regional diversity is a thing of the past I’m afraid.

    • Poor Canada. Still no surprise, Trudeau has been waiting for his opportunity for some time just hoping someone would go nuts.

      Of course the guy doing this has illegal weapons but that never stops the political scum.

      • Montreal chicks are gorgeous, but I hear the word “Canada” and I start to get drowsy.

  34. “They are now busy dreaming up more insane restrictions just to humiliate people.”

    This. The ruling class it out for revenge against the proles who increasingly dismiss their authority. There is a substantial portion of the populace who enjoy the humiliation, too. It’s bizarre.

    • While many do enjoy the humiliation, as that is what gives cucks their sense of purpose, most do not experience it as humiliation because there is no shame or loss of status. Quite the opposite. Heeding the directives of State endorsed high-status “experts” for the good of the People, is an act of solidarity.

      But either way, the proles dismissing authority is a problem for both the karens and cucks as well as the State.

      This has me very concerned that there is another clown shoe waiting to fall.

      The justification of “contact tracing” is already there and will be folded into the existing surveillance infrastructure while the “new normal” social conditioning has come from seemingly nowhere to defining the moral and social framework of everyday life.

      We are ripe for an “unprecedented” event.

      • I think the “contact tracing” is the most ominous of the new developments. That one is truly scary.

          • Line, yes. Toggling off location services only limits overt location tracking but the regular function of cell tower communication and the rest of the built-in “features” of smart phones (maps, gyro, motion, camera, etc) send and receive data constantly.

            The permissions aspect can be limited but not eliminated as long as the phone is on.

            Apps are also getting increasingly clandestine in how invasive they are in terms of data collection. Most apps and built-in features also force the issue, ie If you want it to work, you have to agree to be tracked.

            Most people don’t even go that far and just run around with the most sophisticated surveillance device ever created in their hand the whole time.

            Like everything else, the default setting is “opt in” and to actually “opt-out” pretty much requires abandoning the tech entirely.

            I am still trying to shut off all the spying my new laptop does as part of its normal default setting.

            It really bothers me but is also fitting of where we are in current year. Everything keeps getting more bloated, invasive, and demanding while the actual utility offers very little in return. Just like our overlords.

          • Line, Screw – yes, it’s all sold as “improvements to your user experience” when it’s really more shekels, more Big Data for Them.

            Burner phones FTW but if you want to go truly “dark,” no phone is safe.

            McAfee was on Myth of the 20th recently, being a contrarian as usual, but he’s worth a listen as one of the prime targets for Deep State surveillance currently “in the wind.”

          • Get a PinePhone. Install Linux on it and use the hardware kill switches to turn off what you don’t need.
            Of course, the cell towers will still track you, but at least you will be sharing less information directly.

          • Is the PinePhone a real product? It sounds to me like the old “B.C.” comic strip where the telephone was a tree 🙂

          • Remind me again why I give a shit if they know my current location. People disappear every day. Besides, no cloud person is ever gonna see me as any sort of threat.

          • Sure, but if They want to disappear you, it is much easier if they know your whereabouts 🙂

          • LITS, if the battery is in the phone and the phone is not in a Faraday cage, then the short answer is “Yes”.

          • better yet drop the phone off at your church before you head out to wreck havoc. I caught Mcaffe on 20th to. One of his pionts is to use active misdirection.

      • “We are ripe for an “unprecedented” event.”

        Make that another unprecedented event. Contact tracing obviously is state surveillance by another name, but for the children a/k/a the elderly and infirm. Agreed thoroughly the implications are chilling.

    • The Governor of Nevada said yesterday that re-opening will be “based upon Nevadan’s behavior.”

      Have Kindergarten-level expectations, get Kindergarten results.

      • I DO NOT react well to be treated like a child. Particularly by something so worthless as career politician.

        • Yup.

          I absolutely hate pols who try to, “protect me from myself,” or, “are doing something for my own good.”

        • It’s all part of the klitarchy. Everyone be niiiice and take turns and observe all the rules. Women are the destroyers of civilization.

          • Female think is a symptom not the cause.

            The cause is a lack of organization and common purpose. That destroys society.

            Our society is basically childless , unmarried, irreligious, friendless atomized consumers.

            Despite this being tech largest generation in US history it has the lowest recorded marriage rate and despite tolerating, nay encouraging single mothers, the lowest fertility rate among fertile age women as well.

            Nothing else matters more than this.

            What this says is our social memes are so bad no one is buying in.

            That must change and the future citizen must be a family man with friends, social organization, relegation if we can manage it.

            This will not be easy to do but failure means no society.

      • I mean… Nevada and other states are increasingly populated by low IQ indios and mestizos…

        Not only that but babied and pampered by the state to the point of child like behavior. American born “POC” are some of the biggest children simply because they have no responsibility or accountability.

        So yeah it’s annoying for you, but it’s not meant for you. It’s from the benevelant white motherly overlords to their low IQ pawns… it’s no longer a white country and standards will drop accordingly.

        • I live in a heavily Mestizo area and while many enjoy looking like a bandit they think it is as stupid as we do.

          Blacks feel the same way and are at best begrudgingly compliant.

          They also aren’t having children unlike back in 2007 where there was a baby bump everywhere, now ain’t a baby in sight other than a handful of Whites and others who moved out the hinterland to afford kids.

          • they will comply anyway, so long as the free school meals (not just lunches anymore) are disbursed with gloves.

            fwiw among the Hispanics it is the whiter ones more scared. they do tend to look to Italy too much for their own good sometimes. Bolsonaro is an exception, and thus some white Brazilians are not scared of the virus either, fuhrerprinzip at work. however, some lefty whites that pander to the browns are also trying to impeach him. typical.

            on the other hand it is the darker blacks the more scared about dat spookey virus – and the ones who tend to wear masks more often.

            it is true though, on average the Western POC are also more pozzed than the browns in their homelands. but, among those who move to the hinterlands, are many rural mestizos who still breed and are brought “before the crops rot in the fields”. so the FuturAmish will have competition.

    • The other day, while waiting for my next assignment, I saw a young mom out for a stroll pushing a baby carriage with a 3-5 year old walking along. The small child was wearing a mask, unlike his mom. I waved to the nice ldeand advised her that the little boy – being under 10 – did not have to wear a mask. “I know”, she replied, “He wants to wear it.” He thinks it’s fun.”

      I took this as an indication the Karens and Cucks have succeeded in acclimatizing the next generation to the “new normal”. Damned glad I’m 69 and so won’t have to live in that world much longer. Starting to get all Mencken-y and am having to work hard to resist the urge to roll up my sleeves.

  35. “…the people in charge have the whiff of authoritarianism in their nostrils and like a rutting beast they can think of nothing else.”

    I am stealing that one, ZMan! That’s gold.

    I also like your use of the word charade. I’ve been trying to come up with a single word that fits this nonsense, but that’s the best, so far.

  36. I had a history teacher while I was in high school remark that late in Czarist Russia there were many Agent provocateurs who were more or less, double agents. Specifically he cited “Bloody Sunday” when a ‘peaceful mob’ was gunned down while they were protesting near the Czar’s residence. Basically the story told to me was that the mob had been infiltrated by state actors who were going to agitate the crowd to try and overthrow the government, but then had the thought “you know while I’m here, why don’t I…try to over throw the government!”

    I thought the story was malarky, but when I later fed it to a level headed and knowledgable historian I know he said that it was well within the realm of possibility at that time in Russia, so who knows.

    • That is actually the case; the controlled opposition became real for the Tsars.

      However; the same thing happened in France with the Jacobins (created by Duc of Orleans) with the Bolsheviks (Ludendorff) with the CPUSA and the ALF-CIO, with the Baathists and Wahabbi in Iraq, HAMAS, PIJ in Israel, we can go on. Point being never assume its a fake oppo, and it can quite become real oppo.

      I’m generally not in favor of deceit, certainly not fashioning the instruments of your destruction.

      We can actually add Hitler being “co-opted” by the German conservatives he later shot in 1934.

      • I’ve been re-reviewing the French Revolution recently…I’d forgotten what a smarmy POS the Duc de Orleans (Phillipe Egalitie, he called himself!) was.

        Can’t say he didn’t get what he had coming to him, especially after approving of the same for his First Cousin, King Louis.

        • The French Revolution is the shedding of societal norms and constraints, so people could freely act out their hard-wired selfishness, cruelty, and barbarism. The societal constraints and norms are quickly being shredded here and now. There is no reason to believe that 21st century Americans are fundamentally different than the 18th century French.

        • the smarmy liberal king, the worst of all worlds.
          the Bourbons were parallels to the neocons, willing to play the game and get canned, as long as they remained in the game getting their cut.
          i do wish Louis Napoleon and the Kaiser had been friends instead of enemies, they had some things in common. but there were those old Gallorroman-Germanic, Catholic-Protestant rivalries. besides, the Catholic reactionaries knew the dangers of liberal democracy first (their citizens less able to cope with it naturally as well) and thus reacted stronger, perhaps too much; leading the German Empire to simply replicate the liberal industrial powerhouse their Anglo cousins had done and allying with them in squashing both communists on the left of “classical liberals” and likewise those on the right of the “official right”: traditionalist rural and small town forces that later abandoned neocon monarchism and proposed nationalism and fascism. this meant subverting Southern and Mitteleuropean and eventually Eastern European nations. sadly eventually the Kaiser himself would be subverted too. besides, some degree of communism was a tool of them anyway, as it became obvious the masses it harnessed in the name of international brotherhood of man could become a tool. at least the Church would give to Caesar what belonged to him – but thus She had to be subverted too.

  37. Don’t get salty. When events start to mess with one’s head, I’d recommend reading about Alexander the Great’s encounter with Dandamis in India. I see the Virus and our Ruling Class as Alexander. We should all be Dandamis.

    For levity, the Galaxy Song in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life is probably the best comedic song ever made. That has gotten me through many a salty period.

    • Nice. I also catch myself singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Life of Brian.

      • I think my favorite MP song is the one from “The Money Programme”. After that, the one from the “Bruce’s Philosophy Club”. Both from Flying Circus.

    • We can’t all be Brahman. I’ve got a few more cycles before I could even be considered Moksha-worthy.

    • “So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure,
      How amazingly unlikely is your birth;
      And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space,
      ‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth!”
      Eric Idle is a genius! And more suitable for polite company than “Sit on my Face” 😀

      • divinely unlikely, yes.
        Monty Python was smart, though i can’t laugh as much. must be my age.

  38. TS Elliot said, and I am paraphrasing, that at some point you are humiliated to the point that you cease to be humiliated, at which point you are free to speak your mind.

    • I know Eliot pretty well and can’t place the quote. Can you find it?

      The closest quote I can find is,
      “The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
      Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.”

        • The Cocktail Party (a play, 1949):

          I have had quite enough humiliation
          Lately, to bring me to the point
          At which humiliation ceases to humiliate.
          You get to the point at which you cease to feel
          And then you speak your mind.

  39. Tucked in among the voluminous media pseudo-analysis of the Chinese virus is the news that once again, after 48 years, government and private agents are going to send men to the moon. What is the purpose of this effort? Other than victory in an international competition for prestige? Sure, as is always the case, proponents point out that the technology that makes this possible has spill-over effects that enhance our life here on earth. No way these kind of technological advances could occur without a lunar expedition.

    Private firms, Musk and Bezos creations foremost, are involved in the project but their efforts aren’t necessarily an exercise in free market capitalism. They want the same subsidies they get for other techie charades. If the battle against pandemics is so critical maybe the space explorers should direct their time and money to solving fogey failure in nursing homes instead of putting landers on the moon.

    • I picture a gay dude doing the voiceover.

      “Thatss, like, one ssmall sskip for mahn…”

    • If we get to space we can and indeed must to even maintain space achieve escape velocity from the muds.

      Its not an option. Escape velocity Off Earth requires escape velocity from specific gravity of muds.

      So who GAF if Musk and Bezoes and fuck it North Korea get a Subsidy ?
      Junk bonds just got $1.45 Trillion in direct purchases from the Fed. And in this context of Casino Socialism comes talk of free markets?

      The specific gravity of muds being really in effect less it seems the real drag of libertardians. go pack a bowl and give up politics, economics or reality.

      A mud we can thump and they’ll stop.
      Whatever can we do about libertArdians?

      In a choice between Musk and Rand I pick Musk.

      Good day.

      • I gave you an up vote because while I think your opinion is wrong, so was down voting it.

        The sooner the West forgets about “progress” as a goal and starts to want to “conserve” what we have, the better off we will be.

        The simply matter is a society that can barely keep meat on the table and isn’t bothering to have families or babies cannot have luxuries like a Space Program.

        In any case colonizing Mars and the Moon is basically impossible and going to the nearest Class M planet at 1/10 C a speed we cannot reach would take 40 years.

        And the rest of us are far better off grounding Elon Musk for good than allowing the rich to pull an Elysium so they can escape the consequences of the polices they espouse.

        Screw space travel.

        • I’m an avid SF fan and it amuses me when, even in the real world, intelligent people claim that colonizing space is an option. It’s not very sensible economically. Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” posits a successful lunar colony that grows and ships needed food back to Earth. Now of course fiction is not meant to be taken seriously and Heinlein has his dry humor. This is where (or popularized) the phrase “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” And when you find out what the pie in the sky would cost, it makes sense to stay down to earth. A final problem, rarely mentioned by the Utopian dreamers, is this: even if we could “escape” to some other world, why would anyone believe that we would not bring along the same problems that we are trying to escape from? This is the only home we have; hopefully we’ll learn to take better care of it, but I’m not holding my breath.

          • it does seem certainly illogical for Science!-liebers to argue that a species totally evolved and suited for the Earth’s environment (as if, meant to master it) can colonize other planets intrinsically different in atmosphere and resources.

            and that’s without arguing the needed resources from here to take us there are so costly, they could be better spent here…

        • Nonsense. We can’t not afford space.
          It’s the only escape from the favelas.
          Settle for meat on the table and you’re the meat on the table.
          Asking for society to put meat on the table is how we got into this mess. Vastly enriching the rich BTW, raising morons and Karens to a technocratic idiot oligarchy.

          As far as space can’t be colonized; we already do.
          See skylab, Mir and ISS.
          If we can’t colonize mars then we build our own cities in space, eminently doable as we’ve already built small villages.

          “A society that can’t afford to put meat on the table…’..let the rich live off the consequences of their own policies…’

          Comrade: are you kidding?

          • Don’t try the Red Scare nonsense here.

            There is no such thing as can’t not afford, None of can afford to die of old age yet we still do

            Besides for the amount of cash and development effort required your Space BS we could build an army beyond any imagination , crush the favellas and still have enough left to build a society worth living in rather than this dying one.

            Fact is friend, no one gets to run away to space and at the rate things are going, there won’t be anywhere on Earth to go either.

            One nasty flu and you get a global economic collapse and very possible exacerbate a super famine

            And yes unless you have been living under a rock there have been shortages and President Trump just had to invoke more or less martial law to prevent the collapse of meat part the food system.

            And in case you want Libertarian babble, this isn’t the fault of the government , they were considered essential but of the corporations hunger for cheap labor and unwilling to pay for good workers and hygiene They don’t get to run away and givens the way they treat people, well its not safe for the rest of us either,

            One nasty flu and you get a global economic collapse and very possible exacerbate a super famine

          • You go to the moon because it is cool. Its a good jumping off piont for the solar system. Our planet is lucky to have a moon. As far as cost, insignificant. the time of a few 1000s engineers and a nuclear reactor or two. Come on guys, I know we are a bunch of cranky racists, but have a little vision. Whites have north america and australia becuase we are natural explorers. As soon as they figure out how to rope in a big asteriod made of gold the discussion will be academic anyways. And as far as building an army, to take on the favellas… We already have that. It answers to the wrong leadership.

          • it’s not wrong to explore, but just be cost effective, like whites naturally are too. else we gonna get a bunch of lost colonies and nothing to show for it. going and landing is easy if enough money is thrown, 60s computers could do it. colony-building? the rich meanwhile can go off to Dubai artificial islands or New Zealand bunkers, so the rope in will be from the political situation. the new space race is set up to be a piss contest between US/West and Russia/China/friends. it can either be just to show off and give out to tech billionaires, or go endlessly for better and worse. idk, just think there’s more pressing problems. in the Kennedy era a lot was better.

          • I generally enjoy your posts AB but for this one – no, just no. I just looked up the budget for NASA in 2019, 21.5 billion, the defense budget for 2019 – 686.1 billion. So it’s the other way round I’m afraid. For the cost of our super-army we could fund 30 NASAs and begin serious efforts to colonize the Moon and mine the asteroid belt. Hell we can probably do that with only 1 NASA but 30 of them working in parallel would speed things up enormously.

            As for the global economic collapse, that wasn’t caused by the virus but by the panic that spread in a population already terrified of the slightest risk and also an innumerate one that failed even to be risk-averse in a sensible way. This timid, feminized mentality is THE problem. It’s why space exploration languishes, it’s why there’s no real progress in medicine, it’s why our super-army picks “Godzilla vs. Bambi” fights with shitty ME regimes whose soldiers surrender before a shot is fired instead of defending our actual borders from the immigrant hordes.

            Finally, let’s imagine that we get everything we want. PoC populations stop expanding, subsidies for child rearing start white population expansion again. The world will still be in need of energy, metals, especially the rare earth elements that the Chinese currently have a corner on. A robust, expanding white civilization needs space exploration. The sci-fi writers of the mid 20th century all saw this and were backed up by the scientific establishment as well. The failure of will and vision came later and is what caused the disastrous turn away from scientific progress and towards wacky social experimentation.

          • Colonizing space is not the same as the existing space program and would cost hundred or thousands of times more.,

            It costs vast more to ship food/water/air and other supplies to the moon much less Mars than anyone can afford.

            Colonies here on Earth had to be self sufficient and send back cheap or super useful resources otherwise they will be abandoned.

            No asteroid mining isn’t going to do it and if we went down that route, that isn’t a colony. It a few robots and a couple of techs making globocorp rich.

            We also don’t need these things as the developed world has low fertility and that is almost certainly never going to go up only down except by immigration from less developed nations.

            Its not the age of overpopulation hysteria far more Children of Men

            On top of that mess it was nearly impossible to get women to go to colonies.

            Louisiana back when it was French had to clean out its prions and nut houses to get enough women to keep huge number of male citizens from becoming metis or going native.

            We don’t have to worry about Martian hybrids , they lay eggs. OK EBR joke there but women are not going to live in super max millions of miles from homes just because people think its cool

            Could a functional USA or China put a few guys a lunar base? Sure. But that’s not a colony

            Can a functional USA or China send a few guys to Mars? Sure. But that is not a colony.

            Nor of the Globohomo Opression Station Elysium a proper colony.

            Why people want to colonize a planet with essentially no air, soil that is toxic waste (percolates are deadly component of rocket fuel) no usable water and high radiation is beyond me.

            On top of that it many not be possible to even have children on the Moon or Mars do the low gravity.

            If the US becomes functional and stops turning into Brazil and than somehow becomes 85% White, heavily industrial with a small financial sector , low low unemployment a growing population heavily into the right parts of STEM, and the urge to do it we can reignite the space program.

            Otherwise most stuff going up just spies on people, send com signals and we do a tiny amount of exploration and learning.

          • Nobody cares if a mining colony, here or in space, is a nice place to raise kids or a nice place to live. In fact, this is something we want the Beckys and Karens to stay home for. The purpose of a mining colony is mining and initially it will be high value minerals and then later people will realize that it makes a lot more sense to build spacecraft and larger structures from resources you harvest in space than bringing them up from earth. No one but the feminized and morally adrift West is standing still on this either. The Chinese certainly arent. Neither are the Russians or even India. The Chinese already have a near monopoly on rare earth elements here on earth. They want to extend that to the whole solar system. Will we let them?

          • The population of Russia is half that of the US and is less than 1/10 ours.

            China is a bit better off but they won’t be after the blowback from the Covid issue.

            As far as rare earths, we have plenty in the US. We just don’t want deal with the consequences of mining or hell any heavy industry.

            So to be clear, this will not change. Our financier bosses will not permit it and if there was a rebellion, there won’t be enough left to do anything with.

            A one half White Leftist financier run USA is not going to space in any serious way.

            The real solution is one i know no one wants a to hear. Find a way to eliminate demand for exotic materials. Use less, want less, make less and just live instead of worshiping at the alter of progress and more stuff.

            In the short term, sure we will need to protect ourselves with high tech tools but industrial society does not have a future long term.

            No sense prolonging the agony, dial it down slowly and naturally and as the collapse unfurls, we’ll be far better off since we’ll have made the needed changes.

          • gather what resources in space to build what?
            just send miner robots, give government a cut of the profits, and call it a day.

          • With the looming meat shortages, perhaps we should consider other meats for the table. No need to read Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal,” but if you know the theme, in the modern era we probably don’t have enough orphans, but we could substitute homeless, elderly and illegal aliens (who won’t work in the packing plants any more anyway, due to the epidemic.) Or perhaps this is a time to finally impose that Leftist Vegan diet… 😀

          • They throw away all those aborted fetuses. Pretty wasteful if you think about it. Bet baby is is tender.

          • that is indeed a part of their plank yes.
            i believe one of the reasons for Hitler’s failure was going full veggie around 1937 or so. some people say it was because his niece’s suicide. he was overprotective of her. when she died, he wanted his animals more than ever. around the same time he decided to go past what he had achieved in the first
            Four Year Plan, and installed war economy and moving up around neighbors. my kingdom for Danzig and Konigsburg.

          • Nah dealing with the non whites and favelas is very easy. We just don’t have the will or the stomach.

          • orbital space stations are not easy to live on. look up all the diseases astronauts suffer.

            if the will to flee is so bad (typical north sea/prot), just build islands on the sea and get over it. recover those seafaring roots while at it.

            or just force the meat on the table. no need to guillotine the rich… at least not all of them. simply make the masses’ presence felt. you may laugh at the inferior browns and their thuggishness, but they do keep you out of their hoods don’t they? meanwhile whites have to be proper, because… the (((college professors))) said so? heck, even Catholics up until the 60s knew to tolerate but not approve intermarriage, ask Italians and their contentious relations with blacks in the hood…

        • To abprosper.
          We have to think that having another branch of humanity in another planet is an insurance if this planet and life on it is destroyed. With technology advancing the way it does that could happen. In 1986 some officer in Soviet Union saw ,by mistake our rockets coming. it was his job to push the button . He assumed that maybe it was a mistake and didn’t do it. Basically he screwed up because he was human. Next time a machine will not screw up. Also when men walked on the moon it was a high point Of humanity. We either move forward or we move backward. China started exploration when its technology was equal to the west but stopped it and stood still for 500 years. Europeans got moving and that caused enormous progress in everything from math to medicine not to mention technology. Now China is moving and we are standing still. At least Trump told NASA to go to mars.

          • Wanting to colonize uninhabitable planets in case this planet becomes uninhabitable is obserd on many levels…

        • if the rich go on space, it will be like Wall E, them living fat and happy and useless being coddled by machines on nursing ships, while “Old Earth”… whatever it may be of it at that point.

          and indeed it will be the rich going to space. if i see children who will live in the 22nd century, and of course all our efforts failed, i shall simply tell any descendants to become a servant of the rich going up there (better if some phony Christian one).

          and then… sabotage their efforts.

    • A huge chunk of the American under consciousness and national myth is the idea of progress unending and that somehow manifest destiny includes “the stars”

      Its absolute nonsense of course.

      Now as for China wanting to go the moon, it gains them prestige. From a practical point, if progress stops, China doesn’t care so long as they are important and rich.

      • Don’t forget there are minerals in space. Soon there will be money to be made in space and then it will get going really fast. With DNA manipulation a different branches of humanity will be established in Space. Either this or we are fucked. Don’t forget Sci-Fi is somethin mundane when you look back on it. With my age I am already living in a Sci-Fi world.

        • Assuming that costs would be reasonable which is questionable,
          There is going to be less and less demand as we continue to reverse industrialize

          And yes we are already doing this. Its a demand side problem and before we even consider space we have to reform the family structure and push fertility up.

          1.6 or lower everywhere is not going to cut it as the global population of developed nations has had low fertility-for nearly half a century and its not going to stop.

          So you understand the issue ,while you can’t project population projections forward, within a couple of centuries it won’t be Star Trek but the majority US population will be Amish

          • some will be Amish. other will be AMC. others will stick with whatever rump folk Catholicism remains around the sp*x.

            besides, if you get your DNA spliced up so much that you can live in space, will you even be human? it’s one thing to get modded Crispr-babies free from their… erm genetic material donors’ AIDS, it’s another to change how whole organ systems work. it will take a lot more abortions, and i don’t know if the modern world can afford much more; specially among those whose “high IQ” overboard love of secularism and Science! and Space! also somehow makes them love abortions too. almost as if they lacked enough roots…

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