Liar’s Poker

The case of General Flynn, which has dragged on for years now, may finally be reaching a denouement. He was charged with and pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI during the Russian collusion hoax. For reasons that have not been clear, he was never sentenced. Now it appears he may never see jail and will instead see his case dropped and his guilty plea vacated. New evidence shows he was framed by members of the FBI and Department of Justice.

As is standard procedure in this age, state media has been silent on the matter, but alternative media sources are reporting on the release of classified documents hidden by the government from Flynn’s defense team in violation of the law. Thousands of documents held by his former defense team and hidden from Flynn and his new attorney’s until now have also been released in what appears to be a damage control operation by the law firm Covington & Burling.

What these new FBI documents reveal is the FBI and Department of Justice carefully planned to entrap General Flynn by tricking him into making inaccurate statements about his activities during the campaign. They did this because they wanted to remove him from his post in the White House and hoped he could be manipulated into making accusations against other administrative officials. Then they systematically lied about what Flynn said to them in his interview with the FBI.

Compounding this is the fact that the FBI and Departmental of Justice systematically withheld all documents that could be used by Flynn in his defense. One way they did this was to hide them in the special counsel operation. This prevented anyone, not just Flynn’s defense team, from discovering the plot. The sudden release of long withheld documents by Covington & Burling suggest they may have been part of the plot to entrap Flynn and get him to plead guilty to a crime.

At this stage, only a partisan fanatic thinks the principals in this whole Russian collusion caper were operating in good faith. You could make the argument that their behavior was unethical, but not necessarily illegal. Even if their actions violated the law, you could argue they did so in the belief they were within the bounds of the law. With these new revelations, it is clear they knew they were breaking the law in an effort to frame General Flynn as part of a much larger conspiracy.

One thing that is now confirmed with these new revelations is that the Special Counsel was always just part of a larger effort to cover-up this conspiracy. In fact, that was the whole point of it. The FBI and DOJ officials involved in the conspiracy would hide all of the evidence inside the counsel’s operation. This would make it impossible for the defense lawyers to access and very difficult for Congress to access. It would also prevent the administration from looking into it.

Another outrageous aspect to this case is that it appears that Flynn’s original defense team, Covington & Burling, may have been in on the plot to frame him. It’s not all that clear at this point, but the best that can be said of their actions on behalf of their client is they are the worst law firm in the country. They exist because they have resources and know how things work in Washington. Despite this, they made the sorts of errors TV writers would find too ridiculous for a legal drama.

There’s also the fact that this sort of behavior by the FBI and DOJ is business as usual, which underscores the corruption. This is not a couple of renegades. This is just how things are done by the government. They frame people for crimes then work to prevent them from getting a proper defense. The FBI has a long history of framing the innocent, but it was always confined to the field offices. Now it is clear that the institution is rotten from the head to the tail. It is hopelessly corrupt.

It is also increasingly clear that the weaselly Rod Rosenstein was the man tasked with orchestrating the cover-up after the election. He manipulated Sessions and Trump into firing Comey and then agreeing to the Mueller charade. The only purpose to that operation was to cover up the illegal spying. Then there is Comey, who claimed under oath to be the guy who ordered the Flynn investigation. He may have arrogantly admitted to initiating multiple Federal crimes.

Of course, the big question in all of this is whether Washington is so hopelessly corrupt that none of this amounts to anything. In banana republics, the judge in the case would be assassinated or intimidated into ignoring the facts and sentencing Flynn to jail. We may not be there yet, but the lack of any substantive investigation into the FBI corruption suggests no one will be charged with anything. The principals in this scandal are now in high six figure positions in Washington, living the good life.

Now, it is possible that Bill Barr was not prepared for the scale of corruption that has been revealed in this case. He may have truly thought it was a few bad apples that went off on their own. Once the scale of the corruption was known, he had to change course and bring in outside help. It’s just as possible that he is part of the problem. He is friends will most of these people. His role in this could simply be part of the how Washington is neutralizing Trump and preparing him for expulsion.

There is one puzzle that gets no attention. Why would the government keep delaying Flynn’s sentencing after he agreed to the deal? They said he was cooperating, but he had nothing to offer them and they knew it. Perhaps he was just a prop to maintain the greater narrative of the Russian hoax. By dragging out his process they could feed fake news to state media, claiming it was from Flynn. That’s seems to be a too cute by half, given the reality in Washington, but it is possible.

Ineptitude is always a possibility. There’s also the fact that highly corrupt institutions tend to have lots of internal intrigue and conflict. The old line about thieves sticking together is a myth. The corrupt man has no honor. As a result, the last stage for the corrupt institution is when the people inside beginning to scheme against one another to the point where they undermined their mutual efforts. Maybe that’s where things are in Washington now. It’s just one big game of liar’s poker.

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  7. They wanted Flynn to lie, and implicate others perhaps he refused, and that is what dragged out his sentencing.

  8. In a federal prison in Florida, John “Zip” Connolly is kicking himself for staying in Boston after he and the Winter Hill mob rolled up the Anguilos, saying no to the promotion to DC.

  9. Deep state posts are the worst posts. Necessary, for sure. But the subject makes you feel so helpless and screwed over. As would follow from the topic, the comments were almost absurdly depressing as well. Now we’re thinking Trump won’t even win? Man, we all need to get laid.

      • The media has rendered Trump into an SJW rhetorical device. Just mention his name around a far left type and they stiffen up like the Manchurian candidate. What a wonderful tool to control public discourse! Also, I’ve noticed many leftists seem to think they offend us by attacking him. As if we’re supposed to be defending him or something?

        Not to mention he’s exhausted. Maybe he’ll wind up like Biden by the end of his term. I’ve seen him almost keel over during a press conference more than once.

        Honestly, I can’t see how it matters at this point. Sure, there’s still hope; but that depends on where you are.

  10. And we rhought this Mueller-Flynn crap was bad?

    Nah. Here’s bad, from BackRowHeckler at Kunstler’s:

    I used to doubt you when you stated capitalists funded the revolution in Russia. Not so anymore. In the early 30s the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse; their currency was worthless and they resorted to counterfeiting American dollars and British pound notes for foreign exchange. That’s about when Treasurey secretary Paul Mellon, one of the five wealthiest men in America, stepped up and bailed out the Bolsheviks by contracting to buy all the priceless art the Bolsheviks had looted from the Hermitage museum, and from hundreds of churches and monasteries dynamited in ongoing atheist anti Christian campaigns. Mellon knew perfectly well where the art was coming from but he could care less. A few years later Roosevelt and Treasurey Secretary Henry Morganthau contracted with the Soviets to buy all the gold they could mine at the Kokyma camps north of the Arctic Circle — even providing trucks and ships to transport gulag prisoners to this uninhabitable region. About 3.5 million men and women were liquidated at Kolyma, about 1/2 worked to death (it took about 4 months) many more shot, tore up by guard dogs, or beaten to death with the butts of Mosin Nagant rifles. They died at Kolyma in many different ways apparently, which both Roosevelt and Morgenthau were aware of.

    (In the middle of WW2, none other than the VP of the United States, Henry Wallace, visited the Kolyma camps as an honored guest, and liked what he saw. He spent about a month there, touring the Potempkin village gulag honchos built for him too see. This has to be one of the most astonishing events in US history, a sitting US vice president touring a extermination camp during wartime)

    ps- at his death J.P. Morgan was found to actually own 19% of his stated wealth; the rest was owned by Lord Rothschild’s bank in London. He, too, was an agent, engineering the 1907 Panic which culminated in the 1913 Federal Reserve and income tax, which paid for WW1.

    Further, the first claim of the “6 Million murdered” was in 1917, in Russia, not post-WWll Germany

  11. You do realize how incomprehensible this game is to those of us not in that world.

    Thanks to the host for making what we’re seeing a bit easier to understand.

    • You go first and get things started. No? Me neither, and there ain’t nobody a’comin’ to rescue us.

  12. Lying to a federal agent is probably the number one charge filed by the criminals infesting the FBI. This is how the scheme works……once the criminals pinned to a badge find a pigeon they ask the intended victim if they can “ask them some questions”. If the sucker agrees at least two agents, sometimes more, will show up. One of them doesn’t ask questions and may not say anything. This agents job is to take notes. These notes are NOT word for word, just whatever the transcribing agent chooses to write down. Other agents will speak and ask questions. After this “interview” the note taking agent will “transcribe” thse notes into a written transcript of what they ALLEGE was said. But this “transcript” is based on brief noted and the agents “memory”….and there is no way to verify the accuracy of this “transcript”. There is NEVER EVER an electronic record of this visit. If the target of persecution attempts to record the interview they are told recording is not allowed. They may even be threatened with arrest for seeking to document the encounter.

    Some time later…..days, weeks, months, whatever, another “interview is sought. The agents will have the benefit of being able to refer to this “transcript”. The intended pigeon may not even know this document exists and will NEVER be allowed to see it. The same subject matter as the first visit will be discussed and if their victim doesn’t answer the queries the second time with essentially IDENTICAL answers they are arrested and charge with lying to a federal agent. Which is ironic as it is perfectly legal and common practice for a federal agent to LIE TO THEIR VICTIM. ANY answer that isn’t the same for both interviews is considered defacto proof the victim has lied to the agents. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to beat this charge as the agents won’t record the interviews and won’t allow their victim to do so. It becomes the word of one mundane citizen versus the word of two holy badge monkeys who have been annointed with governmental authority with the legal presumption that thy are infallible and would never lie. Once they have you over this barrel they own you. It becomes “do WHATEVER we tell you to do, say WHATEVER we tell you to say or spend YEARS behind bars”.

    The ONLY way to keep from falling into this orchestrated entrapment is to NOT TALK to federal agents (this applies to local and state badgemonkeys also). If they insist you must speak to them then you tell them the ONLY circumstances under which you will speak to them is at your lawyer’s office with the ENTIRE event electronically recorded by your lawyer. I guarantee that under those conditions the agents will refuse to interview you. They DO NOT WANT a record THEY don’t control. So remember boys and girls, NEVER talk to the “man” when he asks you to without benefit of counsel.

  13. Boomer and Xer micks need to wise up: Shlomo has changed the agreement and they are now fair game.

    They always were, of course, but not it is out in the open.

  14. Surely there is someone in D.C. who would be willing to sell out his tribe for a good deal, right? I mean, the Chinese bought them a few years back, so we should be able to buy them back.

    I wonder if Trump isn’t part of the problem. If you plan on double crossing the thieves you work with at FBI, you really need to be sure you will get paid, Trump has an annoying habit of selling out the people who sell out for him (Bannon, Gorka, Flynn, etc.), so that might be part of the problem. Benedict Arnold never got paid like he wanted by the Brits & nobody wants to end up like him.

  15. The biggest surprise for our traitors and liberal billionaires is that .Their hate for whites who establish this great country is so big that secretly they wish China to win .But their blind amoral ideology do not undestand how civilization is build and keep .They will be in shock next day if their wishes come to fruit ,when they see what Chinese have in store for them .The hell will look not that scary.

    • They’ll cut deals and sell us off for live harvest of organs without anesthetic. Our “elite” are psychopaths and sociopaths. They’ll get along just fine with the PRC leadership.

  16. The fedgov is irredeemably evil. The weight of the past few years’ evidence has displaced Hanlon’s Razor in this particular judgment. Malice and incompetence are not incommensurate and we see now that they coexist in the fedgov’s operations. I no longer see a conflict between my oath as an attorney to support and defend the Constitution and my willing the dismantling of the fedgov, as I did when attributing its failures to mere stupidity and incompetence. Those call for reform, albeit a difficult and protracted one. But malice is the hallmark of a tyrant and calls for destruction. It is time to water the Tree once again.

  17. “As a result, the last stage for the corrupt institution is when the people inside beginning to scheme against one another to the point where they undermined their mutual efforts.”

    The fact that every ethnicity under the sun has representation in D.C. lends credence to this interpretation. The Burger King’s kids club band of merry men will probably not have a high trust quotient.

  18. Trump is in like Flynn. Getting the house back looks pretty doable; all those one term dems in Trump districts are goners (for a start). The man will unveil his plans for a second term (big infrastructure projects) before the election; he will go optimism while the dems go doom and gloom. He is the Casius Clay of politics.

    Here’s the math for any big name Dem thinking of jumping in when joe is pulled/dies. Why go up against Trump and get bloodied (and probably lose in a way that kills future runs), when you can easily out wait his second term?

  19. Regarding C&B, Big Law is an enormous conflict-of-interest swamp.

    It’s foolish to believe that these firms are capable of much less compliant with self-policing and “firewalling” as required for ethical practice. Frankly those rules should have been amended long ago to a much stronger “appearance of impropriety” standard and stronger limits on what conflicts can be waived voluntarily.

    The industry (no longer a profession) also tolerates an enormous amount of “insider-referrals” where buddies will ostensibly provide separate representation but collude in reality on a level that doesn’t protect the client’s best interests and doesn’t respect fiduciary standards in general.

    Flynn would have been better off exercising the Snowden Option than trusting a pack of Big Law shills in the “free world.”

    • You could cut and paste this to the big Accounting firms as well. And the big trading firms, which bet against their own clients on the other side of the house. The whole country is just a twisted den of conflicts right now. Money has never talked louder. Open…gratuitous…fraud. This is why I’m getting the compound in Montana one day, with a no trespassing sign.

  20. How does anyone, ever, say anything other than “Lawyer, now” to the FBI?

    I understand why dummies do it; I don’t understand how anyone with an IQ over 90 ever says anything to the FBI without a lawyer and 3 cameras rolling while continually updating the proceedings to a secure server in real time.

    The FBI should be functionally done for: NO ONE SHOULD EVER ANSWER ANOTHER QUESTION TO THE FBI, EVER.

    FBI: “Can I get you a glass of water?”

    Perp: “Lawyer.”

    FBI: “Are you comfortable?”

    Perp: “Lawyer.”

    • Yeah, well when Covington & Burling shows up as your lawyer and exchanges familiar pleasantries and knowing winks with the FBI agents you may as well have cooperated.

    • Note that neither Tucker Carlson nor Sean Hannity bothered to mention that nobody put a gun to Flynn’s head or that he was a moron for talking to them; to the contrary, they depicted Flynn, a life-long swamp creature, as a naive innocent who was entrapped by people Carlson has described as mediocrities.

      • Flynn folded like a cheap suit and confessed to an apparent non-existent crime when they threatened his son. Hardly the same stock as the Founding Fathers and yet many on the right make him out as a hero. He hurt Trump badly when he plead guilty in December 17. I also remember the ABC news clown Brian Ross who said that Flynn was going to admit to Russian campaign collusion in his deal and the stock market dropped 700 points almost instantaneously.

  21. “As is standard procedure in this age, state media has been silent on the matter, but alternative media sources are reporting on the release of classified documents hidden by the government from Flynn’s defense team in violation of the law.”

    I don’t know about silent. The state media has been forwarding this to all the usual controlled opposition. In fact, the other day some youtube ad was tossed at me related to this very matter; furthermore, it informed me that it knew my political orientation, age group and gender. That is not a proper rhetorical response, but it is a wink-wink. They’re watching. I’d say they have been for a long time now. It’s in my face every day: “You’re a younger male!” “You’re a conservative!” “Buy our products!” They’re even “mirroring” me: getting successful looking people my age to try and sell me shit. It’s totally sick.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if corporations were teaming up with top scientists to manipulate public thought. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they develop systems that intensify surveillance based on a person’s political orientation in relation to the state. In fact, I think if there’s any response coming, it’s going to be that one. Though I’ve since settled into the reality of lockdown, I can’t forget how fucked up these people have made things.

    But a part of it makes me smile. They know we are right; that’s why they won’t engage us in formal discourse. They may tell themselves we’re not important enough, but that’s just a roundabout way of saying “I’m afraid of what might happen if we discuss this.” TVs are now reserved for mainly the consumption of politically approved products.

    Just thinking that if Z ever appeared on one of those alphabet soup shows, it would result in an XK-class (end of world) scenario. Lots of other commenters here, too. Not even talking about smarts but in allegiance to the truth.

    I think we should all decapitalize youtube and google (affects noun, not verb.) Just think it would really piss them off if lots of people started doing it.

  22. I still have not figured out why the deep state went after Flynn; why was he targeted?
    Of all the people in/near Trump they could have gone after, they chose Flynn??

    Does anybody know?

    • He was not wealthy and his son was questionable in his ethics and a source of leverage for them.
      Biden’s unethical son was fortunate to have a father whom our rulers tolerate and is useful.
      Flynn position was a possible threat to them.

    • I carry two bags: things “that I try to figure out,” and “some other shit.” This one definitely goes into the latter. It’s the deep state. Good luck applying Newtonian Physics to it unless you get a good leak.

      Failing that, there’s always incompetence.

    • Because he knew where the bodies were buried in the Obama administration. He and Mike Rogers (who warned Trump about wiretapping) were insiders who were dangerous. Mike Rogers retired in 2018, probably saw the writing on the wall with Flynn.

  23. The Flynn sentencing likely got repeatedly postponed because everyone in DC, including the judges, knew that the scam was on, and didn’t want their name on the piece of paper that sent the guy to the slammer.

    The idea that interviews/interrogations are not recorded, and that instead the Feds get to “write notes” as the evidence of the interrogation, is so completely Stasi in nature. It tells you everything you need to know about how things actually operate.

  24. The FBI is corrupt from top to bottom, as we see here. In fact, they subsidized career criminal Whitey Bulger for years and probably engineered the wheelchair-bound killer’s murder in a West Virginia prison. It’s correct that none of corrupt will face justice because unlike for normals due process works in their favor. In Byzantine Rome, for instance, Justinian could pull the eyes out of Count Bellisaurius to prevent his enlarging his influence. Internal government affairs aren’t as dramatic now but similarly effective.

  25. If you want to read a hair raising book about Mr. (((Rosenstein))) I recommend “Licensed to Lie” by Sidney Powell. It’s about the Enron litigation years ago. I believe she’s also working on this Flynn case, as her specialty is untying knots on appeal. Just a terrific book. No, these problems aren’t confined to field offices. They never have been. The biggest problem here is that Flynn, much like some of the Enron defendants, made the mistake of talking to agents, without counsel. Even the most ignorant ghetto Shanequa knows that you never indulge law enforcement…ever. You never go in thinking you’re going to “air your side of the story” and all is well it ends well. They’re not interested in the truth. They’re interested in building a case. Truth has nothing to do with it. No legal system on earth is about truth. It’s about process. The best way to air the truth is to let whatever government official, local to Federal issue you a piece of paper that says “Subpoena” or “Summons” and that’s when you show up with attorney and say nothing unless directed by your attorney. Flynn made a terrible mistake, he should have known better. The world is littered with people like Rosenstein and bad Law Enforcement types. It’s a dangerous place. It’s still better than being charged in China, Saudi Arabia or some other place.

  26. No one involved in this will ever hear a cell door slam shut behind him/her. Biden becomes pres-elect after the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Then this all disappears in a puff of smoke. Or, perhaps it doesn’t. Perhaps it all ramps up again to go after former president Trump. Perhaps Donald Trump will be the only one to hear a cell door slam shut behind him.

    • I think it’s very possible that the crazed incompetence/overreach/corruption of the past few years gets swept under the rug in a Biden Administration. Biden will literally be asleep at the wheel as Washington goes back to pre-2016 mode, and Trump will be memory holed. The press will still have to find things to hyperventilate about, but they won’t get another Trump. I don’t think Trump will be locked up. He’ll be allowed to be the same ultimate lightning rod after office. (If he gets assassinated it will be by a rogue person.) They would’ve removed him by now if they wanted, and they can always rig an election anyway.

      • The one lesson from these people is that if something is even a tangental threat they will never give up. And they love using rules and procedures they have corrupted.

        Its why they are obsessed with show trials.

        If Trump is not controlled opposition I would expect him to be hounded until he dies. And then onto his children and anyone else from the admin that pushed back and removed out at the next election.

        The maniacal glee that would be found from a bankrupt and jailed Trump would be orgiastic for these automatons.

        • I agree. Therefore, no civil rights for these people. They should be rounded up post haste. Constitution be damned. It’s dead anyway. Only we are so stupid as to believe in constitutionalism. The first demonRat government after Trump will institute gulags. Why wait? (I know this is a useless vent).

      • Maybe they’ll keep Trump. Slap him around for four more years.

        He’s also easy money for the press.

  27. Banana Republic indeed. It would take banana republic solutions to fix it. Like taking out your enemies. Perhaps that’s the problem. We vote one man to go into the viper’s den to fight Sin City alone.

    Now if you had a General with the backing of the military to launch a coup . . . . Perhaps that’s why the last administration purged the military of any opposition just to cover their bases ? You can only kick a dog so many times . Hopefully someday we’ll find our Viking genes and fight back !

    • There’s no such thing as “good government.” The only thing to quibble about is its limitations and the extent of private domain. The best form of government is a strong family. Since we now have a population raised like alley cats, in single parent households, private domain is obliterated by the all encompassing state. The state is the new father. We’re a nation of unstable bud trimming renters with no future. Why should be have any semblance of justice? Vile citizens have vile states.

    • “Hopefully someday we’ll find our Viking genes and fight back!”

      Your genes have already been expressed. It is your childrens’ genes that are targeted. Every day. Every. Single. Day.

      • Those genes invented and built the mighty armadas of WWll. May we find them again soon.

        Plus, that there is a revenge fantasy worth living for.

  28. First, under Obama’s leadership, the DOJ/FBI/CIA etc. were seduced into becoming de facto criminal enterprises. And that is no trivial thing. And the problem persists to this very day. Second, the corruption is systemic, and worsening, like a cancer. And like cancer, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Strong medicine is needed quickly if there is to be any real chance of remission or recovery. And the Flynn episode is the tip of the iceberg. Far, far greater crimes are still hiding in the closet.

    • The FBI was and the CIA were corrupt from inception. The CIA was the US face of the supra-national “intelligence org” (AKA the Deep state) with the help of the criminal networks developed by the OSS.

      It has worked for its own purpose since its set up. Any similarity to a US agency living or dead is purely coincidental, as thy say in the movies. Lots of foreign war setup was just to enable its own drug running money laundering, which is how it funds itself (Vietnam, Afghan etc)..

      The FBI was Hoover’s corrupt lever from day dot and were simply in a power struggle with the CIA until he died. They just got caught up in a reverse take over by the supra-nationals and became a de-facto localized arm of this.

      Its a big organized crime racket and we ain’t in it.

      • People were alway led to believe he CIA to be a right wing organization. It was always left, in synch with the entity which gave it cover, State. That has only become apparent to normies in recent times. The permenant government that Frank Roosevelt built believed itself to be fellow travelors with the Soviets, a more sophisticated face of the same coin.

        • When Southern Normies wake the fuck up, Deep State gonna need to bring in the Hessians to fight its wars.

          • They’ve got Latinos though it will be a lower tech army.

            The US isn’t going to fight a peer or near peer power anyway. They have working nukes and its very possible do to tritium decay and general rot of the rubber and plastics parts, we may not.


            A bit from the article

            By the early 2030s, the viability of the entire U.S. nuclear deterrent is at risk from an inability to produce tritium for nuclear warheads

            That’s 15 years off more or less and nothing has been done from the time of the article.

            About the only war we could do is maybe Iran but they’ve been careful about provocation.

            Also we haven’t really been able to recover fully from the long war in the Gulf and Afghanistan and we may lack some critical parts.

            IMO US military is no paper tiger , it hits hard but like an aging boxer it lacks endurance for a long war and any serious fight might knock us out.

      • Largely exempt from the host government’s own laws. “Oversight?” Oh really? When so much of it is hush-hush, how will it ever be verified? I’m not sure who said it first, but if you compare any government with so-called organized crime, you will see very little difference in actual functions. Sometimes it even gets comical, like when drug lords are doing “public works” (clinics, etc.) for the peons in Latin America, because the civil governments cannot even provide basic services, due to their own corruption!

  29. Keep in mind that they are willing to go to these extremes against an administration that if left alone would only slow down the replacement of whites and not stop and/or reverse it.

    A recent pew poll found that 2/3rds of all Americans want a halt to all immigration. There was no breakdown by race for a good reason because white opposition is probably north of 80%. As things continue to decay and volatility increases the extremes they employed against a Trump slowdown will seem quaint. It’s not time to prepare, it’s time to be prepared.

  30. Nothing is gonna happen and they have the Wuflu as a cover to release everything when nobody is paying attention. America’s government is corrupt from head to tail. Even if they could send a bunch of these criminals to prison, the entire system is corrupt and whoever replaced them will just become corrupted. It would be like replacing fish in a toxic fish tank. The system cannot be fixed.

    • i agree that the WuFlu crisis has been a godsend for the oligarchy, a deus ex machina for the incompetent. It’s a fun exercise in an alternate timeline, where there is no WuFlu, to think of what “crisis” may have been able to run interference for either the DOJ shenanigans or the Fed Reserve shenanigans or the coming economic recession, or all three. War with Iran maybe?

  31. What if Trump shuts down the FBI!? I bet $$ that he goes after the federal bureaucracy in general, in his second term.

    • I doubt there is a second term, but his record thus far says he may tweet about it, but will not try to anything. Trump is just a bullshitter who got lucky.

      • That will require MASSIVE voter fraud. You’ll have to write a post with your thoughts on that.

        • The push for nationwide mail or online voting due to the Chinese flu scare would easily facilitate massive voter fraud. If the Dems swap out Biden for Cuomo, it won’t be necessary. Trump barely won the first time. A growing number of people are angry about the lockdowns, a majority still fear the virus more. Don’t underestimate the number of Americans who would gladly sign up to get paid to stay home and stare at screens all day.

          • More depressing is the fact(?) that many of them are money ahead to dispense with the job thing and just collect unemployment and other benefits.

          • “the number of Americans who would gladly sign up to get paid to stay home and stare at screens all day.”

            Gods I would. That was my original goal in jumping for the brass ring. 30 years of research I’ve missed now.

            Betcha they won’t jubilee any debt, though. UBI will be a scheme to keep the rehypothecated loan cash flows going.

        • I have full confidence in the deep states ability to pull off massive voting fraud. Here or other countries. They’ve plenty of practice.

          • Notice how in the 2018 midterms and all the special elections after 2016, ballot harvesting was always used to increase the Democratic margin in too-close-to-call results? Almost without exception, the ballot harvesting never increased the Republican results in these close races. How is that statistically possible?

            The fact that no Republicans have raised a stink about this – not even the candidates who “lost” have raised a stink – shows how they’re in on the fix. They know their role is to provide a palliative escape valve for old white people, and they faithfully fulfill that role.

            It’s actually the one and only thing “conservatives” have been able to conserve: the ability to faithfully serve as the escape valve for white people. The sooner the escape valve of the GOP collapses, the sooner white people can reorganize to promoting their own explicit interests. There’ll be a lot of missteps and backfires along the way, but at least the GOP won’t be sucking up and neutralizing all the energy and momentum.

          • Do white people really care though?

            As whites, especially young whites, are plummeting drastically as a % of population in Canada, I expected to see increased in-group solidarity.

            Shocking, it’s actually showing that we have *less* in-group solidarity. Whites are increasing self-destructive behaviors – drug use, video games, negro culture, lower birth rate, lower marriage rate.

            Young white men are totally vapid and seem effeminate, and cling on to negro culture as their last shred of “masculinity”.

          • Votes cast from American citizens abroad are probably only counted if they go to the “correct” persons. It’s a claim I’ve heard in nearly every country I’ve been with with a substantial American expatriate community.

        • No, it doesn’t need to be all that massive. Just in a few strategic places like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

      • Trump’s bluster and bravado method of operation is adequate for closing real estate deals, especially when the people you have working for your organization have the same goals as the owner. In reforming a government bureaucracy that views him as the enemy and is actively working against him it is useless. That does raise the question of what kind of man could realistically get elected President and effectively reform the government. I doubt such a man is alive today.

      • No. They will not go to jail. Don’t forget, they are trained in all kinds of methods. ( terminate with extreme prejuidice ring a bell?) If they get desperate they will get dangerous.

      • Trump was the last gasp of a declining demographic. He will not win a second term, and he will be the last nominally “conservative” President before what comes next.

        • Well, whites as a whole are a declining demographic. The whites who do not hate themselves / are “Americans” are actually growing as a % of whites, slowly, mostly due to differential fertility.

          GOP could easily be winning for a long time ahead if all whites voted as they do in the South. Or if Trump actualy implemented the MAGA agenda.

          The 35-45% chunk of anti-white whites is what is dooming us (and them). Our treatment of the natives is humane compared to what is coming for us.

          • The problem is that is not possible for him in that very moment to implement the MAGA AGENDA..The deep state have behind them 80 percent of the mighty financial and economic power what is USA.So literally said he cannot simply do it.

          • To my shame I learned that the two kings before Cromwell, Charles 1 and another, also sold off the Irish in droves into slavery.

            It’s not all just the J’s. They facilitate industrial-scale anti-whiteness with their frameworks, but there are already too many anti-whites in white populations.

        • All you have to do is look at California. Schwarzenegger got his second term and promptly capitulated to the liberals. Now the Dems have a perpetual lock on the state and we are treated to a vortex of progressive degeneracy as the spiral to outdo each scheme hastens. Bullet Train to Nowhere; Sanctuary State; Prison Sentencing “Realignment”; $500 Cash for Each Undocumented (read illegal) Immigrant; etc. The outrages never cease, and the taxes never decrease.


          • Maus – and the Whites who stay make no difference but keep on paying, and the Whites who leave Californicate wherever they decamp to.

        • Trump understand that we are on crossroads and loosing our civilisation only on his instinct.He can not grasp fully the situation.He have done what is possible from man with his intelectual power ,but that power is not near enough to understand the great complexity of the situation.What i want to say is. If that was back in 1776 .he will be the soldier who keep the door when the Founding Fathers discuss strategies.

      • There probably is some fierce quarreling in the Biden campaign (or the Washington establishment, because the two really are the same) over who the VP pick should be. Everyone understands that the VP will be levered into POTUS shortly after the “election,” so there probably are some factions emerging that we aren’t privy to:

        There’s probably a faction that has concluded that since Biden has the black vote all locked up by himself, he doesn’t have to pander with a black woman VP pick and instead can pick a milquetoast “working class” white or mystery meat woman that has a strong enough personality to whipsaw suburban white women and even a large enough margin of working class white men back into the Democrat fold. This would be a twofer “lunch pail” ticket that is just strong enough to pull enough 2012 Obama-to-2016 Trump normies in the rust belt back to the Democrats because they’re tired of Trump’s blovating and just want to be left alone in front of ESPN.

        This faction understands the huge risk in putting someone like Stacey Abrams in the VP slot. Since she doesn’t come from the talented tenth, she lacks the impulse control and intelligence of Obama, and there is a big risk of her visceral, unceasing hatred of white people becoming too big of a handicap. She’s already going around endlessly barking about how she is owed the throne and how she can’t wait to start rounding up white people, so she’s a liability. Biden already has the black church ladies – who actually don’t care much about Abrams anyway; she appeals only to a tiny sliver of loud ex-BLM militants – locked up anyway; why would his campaign risk creating another evil Clintonesque figure waiting for the throne that immediately turns off white men, Latino men, and even many white women?

        The counterargument to this is that the coalition of the fringes grows ever stronger in the Democrat Party. They might have the clout within the Democrat Party now to simply demand the installment of people like Abram, the white vote be damned. While this is a very risky gamble, it just might be possible to pull off an explicitly anti-white campaign while banking on the inability of the GOP to use the Sailer strategy to save itself. The Democrats’ anti-white inertia could really overwhelm the GOP’s lethargy and an Abrams VP pick would at least be interesting and clarifying.

      • right, if only he was as smart as you are. how do you go through life being such a pessimist? why do you even bother getting out of bed in the morning? You are a constant stream of doom and gloom.

      • “I doubt there is a second term, but his record thus far says he may tweet about it, but will not try to anything. Trump is just a bullshitter who got lucky.”

        If that’s true then we’re fucked six ways to next Sunday. Lucky bullshitter or not, Donnie is the only chance that there MIGHT be some change.

        Without him, it’s Katy bar the fucking door.

    • Trump is walking a fine line in DC. If he pushes too far, the Deep State will go mega nuclear. Right now they are nuking the national economy using the Rona as an excuse, but they still have Arkancide in the quiver. Do not underestimate the desperation of the entitled elites.

      • My leftie friends are all on the “burn it down” train because they’re as frustrated as we are. “Everyone is created equal” didn’t bring Utopia.

    • If he gets a second term, he will no longer have to pander to his voters, but can devote all his attention to buying favors with people who matter, people who can do nice things for him and his family.

      As Ann Coulter said, whatever we’re going to get out of this guy, we need to get it before the election.

      • oh yes, please use Manhands Fran as some kind of voice of authority. Guffaw. She is the biggest fraud out there…

        • Karl, the speed with which MAGA turned on Coulter is astonishing. She had more to do with getting him elected that any other pundit out there and she hasn’t changed her tune nearly as much or as often as Trump has.

          MAGA was one thing and I fell for it – but Meme Trump Great Forever is a personality cult. Fool us once…

          • Queen Ann lost a lot of MAGA-support when she happened to notice that Trump had ousted Team Bannon, stuffed his cabinet with neocons and invited his kayak son-in-law to the WH, given him a top level security clearance: “How many fucking Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

      • One of many, but last Friday’s podcast had this immortal line about human affairs:

        “They take care of the people who take care of them.”

    • There will be no second term. Trump himself doesn’t seem to be particularly enthused for a second term. He wants to get back to his casinos and country clubs.

      Trump’s margin in the rust belt was so tiny in each state that this time that margin will easily be swamped by a combination of fraud, lethargy and loss of enthusiasm (I know I’ve given up voting for anything), demographic replacement, and general anger about economic turmoil.

      • Simple birth / death data from PA and MI since 2016 are enough to make him lose. More old white people have died off, than have become of voting age (let alone right wing young people). Black population is staying steady and of course other non whites are exploding in growth on top of that.

        Even if all immigration had been banned on January 1, 2017, he would likely still lose MI and PA.

        Orange man is done, barring a second lightning strike.

        • West Pennsylvania needs to secede. I’d draw the line direct north from where the Susquehanna leaves the state, after kicking out all the Harrisburg folks who were born in Philly & its Suburbs. The Ghettos (i use that term in it’s original sense) in Pittsburgh and ghettos (in the current sense) of Erie won’t be enough to overcome the rest of the state.

      • Plus this time there is no opponent that was viscerally hated (Clitler). Biden’s a corrupt doddering senile old fool, but people just don’t viscerally hate him.

        On the plus side, I think trump’s loss will eventually prove to be a relief to the dissident right. We’ve stagnated since 2016 because we’ve been distracted over and over again breathlessly wondering “will trump do this right thing this time?” only to be betrayed time and time again.

        With that distraction gone and clear enemy lines redrawn, the dissident right will be able to refocus on organizing in the shadows. Tech censorship will remain, but the left isn’t particularly smart or well-organized, so in their victoral sloppiness they’ll redirect some of their anti-white hatred to the infighting over spoils that history has shown always characterizes the victor.

        The one real loss will be trump’s judicial appointments, but even these might not be a big loss. Most “right wing” appointments gradually drift left – even Gorsuch and Kavanaugh don’t have the balls of Thomas or Scalia for Chrissakes!

        With Trump’s near-constant betrayal out of the way, we’ll be able to move on to focusing on ourselves.

      • Deep State has allowed the angry idiots to front the deal (Hillary, Obama, Biden). But the real work will be done by smart people working in the shadows (Soros, and the invisible people one level up from him). One day the angry idiots will drop off the radar screen and the real deal will show up in true Terminator style. Enjoy the clown show while it lasts. It’s sad but funny to watch so many people try to prop up drooling Joe. But the shit’s getting real, very soon.

    • Karl, what stopped Trump from “draining the swamp” in the first term? What’s going to be different this time around (if he wins)?

      Plan-trusters and Q-Dips please explain – and don’t forget to account for the likelihood that House & Senate Dems will be even stronger in his 2nd term.

      • The “he has to wait till the second term to do anything” trust-the-plan crowd always makes me laugh. Every president tries to cram through as much as possible in their first 90 days, and in their first term generally, because a second term is never guaranteed.

        Trump (and the GOP) had the senate, the house, a majority of governorships, and executive power all in his/their hands when the left was still punch-drunk and staggering around in a lost and confused infighting haze.

        They did nothing. Trump had his pulse on the mood of the people, but had either no heart/effort to follow through on delivering for them, or no understanding of the politics and brutal procedural warfare it would take to actually deliver. Whichever of these two it was (or both), he deferred to advisors when he should have understood that most Washington “leaders” have actually been led around the nose by advisors since the Civil War, and that he would have had to conduct a very unusual top-down exception to the trend by attacking the kritarchy like the near-dictators of FDR or Wilson, or Huey Long in Louisiana. I don’t think he ever really understood this.

        If only Trump had taken up the mantle of near-dictator that many accused him of; the executive branch has evolved to allow near-dictatorial power for anyone who is able to recognize, fight for, and use it. But this evolution of executive power has been paired with the evolution of the administrative state, so the latter is always ready to take over whenever they detect a weak leader. This is the REAL system of “checks and balances” that is time-tested that has kept the US from collapsing. Our parallel-track system, like most others, is set up to accommodate a dictator in those rare cases where a leader knows how to seize and use power, but it’s also set up to allow others to step in and rule from the bench or from the back office in case the leader is brain-dead. We’re a lot closer to Saudi Arabian monarchy or even the Chinese Communist Party than we think.

        Trump has been one of the weakest leaders ever, deferring on almost everything. Bush and Obama were led around by their noses too: they too were astonishingly weak leaders, deferring to others on almost everything.

        Bannon is no friend of our side, but he knew the power of the administrative state and how to capture it and use it to one’s own end; why any of his knowledge never really entered Trump’s head is a mystery. The “intelligence community” is not a cunning leviathan; it is an awkward, error-prone, clumsy dinosaur and it can be played against itself and destroyed. The vanity and insolence of bureaucrats can be used to destroy bureaucracy. Trump never really put his heart into this battle; he never really intended to fight if he was more interested in playing nepotism and deferring to his airhead kids (who in turn are deferring to the usual lobbyists). At that point he WAS the administrative state.

        Trump deserves to lose for his naivete, lack of effort, and unwillingness to put down Twitter, but the GOP deserves to be bloodied into extinction for their evil cynicism all these decades. They don’t have naivete or outsider inexperience to hide behind!

  32. I think the “special counsel” crap was just too useful to give up. If watching Hillary all these years has taught us anything, it’s that these people are as lazy as they are corrupt. Why fix what ain’t broke? And since they know Trump’s going to pardon Flynn anyway, might as well milk everything they can out of it… then turn around and yell about how Trump’s pardon is illegal, and off we go with Impeachment 2.0.

  33. “Of course, the big question in all of this is whether Washington is so hopelessly corrupt that none of this amounts to anything.”

    The answer would seem obvious. Has there been any good faith effort to dismantle the FBI, or even reform it? Of course not. It’s a fairly good bet the FBI/DOJ maintain Stasi-like files on elected officials and career bureaucrats that would make Hoover blush. As long as the FBI stands and the federal court system is not dramatically overhauled, the United States continues its slide into the USSR II. The only question is whether American troops will act more like their former Soviet counterparts who refused to fire on the people or the Chinese who mowed down thousands at Tiananmen Square. The smart money is on the latter.

    The only citizen response available is to get on federal juries and nullify the government cases, which likely will be met by abolition of trial by jury.

    State-run propaganda outlets may refuse to cover the Flynn story, but like the citizens of the old East Bloc, most Americans are aware and either indifferent or supportive. That’s what it takes to maintain a corrupt police state.

    • Not defending the Chicoms, but did they mow down thousands at Tiananmen? What’s funny is it never occurred to me that they didn’t until I came across a piece just within the last few days that claims this is a myth, repeated so often by our media that nearly everyone believes it. I don’t know.

      • Early reports indicated most of the students were murdered. It may have been crap, admittedly.

      • They did it like is nothing for them.You do not know what communism really is if even ask that .This is only one small drop in the rivers of blood what they shed in last 75 years .They killed no less than 80 MILLION innocent people starting in 1947. .Communists called them “enemies of the state” as usual. When that title is given to you the killing was performed in the most brutal slave labour camps.When person reach one of this prison camps, immediately understand that the mercy will be actually bullet in the back of the head next to the wall ,than the death what awaits him or her there…

        • You must have missed my opening comment, where I plainly said I was not defending the Chicoms. The point I was making was the unreliability of our media in reporting events. If Tianamen wasn’t a massacre, there were many others, adding up into the millions, so it seems we agree on that, ok.

  34. Russiagate is a mystery to me, it has hurted the Democrats more than Trump or the GOP.

    I think the DNC used Russiagate to keep the Left anti-war crowd out of the party like Tulsi Gabbard, while appearing “tough” on Russia they get friendly with powerful Neocon money men who like to think themselves as “Liberal Interventionists” anyway.

  35. So what was it about Flynn that it was necessary to frame him to get rid of him? Was it just collateral damage to get to orange man, or did he know too much about the various scams?

    • That’s another angle that goes unmentioned. They targeted Flynn because they had been secretly recording prominent Americans. they picked him because of his lack of wealth and his position in the administration. Of course, they knew about his phone calls because the Obama administration had been routinely “unmasking” Americans picked in foreign surveillance. This corruption had become standard operating procedure in the Obama White House.

        • Given his credentials as a three-star who came up through military intelligence, I’m rather surprised myself. The guy could’ve chosen retirement at any time in the last 20 years and gotten himself sucked into the private sector for untold riches.

      • Obama was the perfect emperor for the Praetorian Guard. Corrupt but too lazy and disinterested to actually direct any real operation. They could run the show as they wished.

      • For nuts & bolts reasons, NSA clones and archives almost all EC riding the trunklines & satellite transmissions. This is called the Master Database. In theory, querying the database is restricted and supervised. But humans are fallible and corruption happens. This is what Flynn was going to blow the whistle on. Privacy is extinct. Big Brother is real.

        • I always liked the loopholes. Bamford’s “Puzzle Palace” (about NSA history) is a fascinating read. For example, if the USA wants the goods on a US citizen, they’d ask an ally (such as UK) to spy on him, and then they share the intelligence. See, technically the USA did not spy on one of its own citizens!

          • That was true under the Echelon system, but they don’t have to go through that rigmarole anymore. Bamford wrote a more recent book which the name escapes me regarding NSA surveillance post-9/11.

          • The Patriot Act and its tentacular extensions in combination with everybody online 24/7 removed the requirement for five eyes collaboration.

      • The intelligence community may well have murdered President Kennedy for the same thing. Why would he think he’d be treated better?

        In any case anyone in the Spy Game ought to know you can’t trust anyone even those supposedly on your side. You just pretend you do always ready to stab first.

        I’m a civilian with zero intelligence background or experience and even I know this. How professionals don’t is mind boggling.

  36. So it took a little over 200 years for the United States to get its own Praetorian Guard.

    Even Democratic politicians must be noticing what could happen to them if they get on the wrong side of Deep State – and what power they could yield if they can get control of its apparatus. But as Z notes, this level of power always creates factions vying for power.

    One thing we can know is that none of those factions will ever be on our side.

    • 200 years? The guard has had some form of existence since the Tenure of Office Acts (1820, 1867). Congress has long sought to prevent the president from executing executive authority and replace it with managers appointed by them. Technocracy has been the goal for generations.

      • Yeah. The “United STATES” as founded died in 1860. We’re living in a Federalized simulacrum of what the Founders actually created.

  37. Why would anyone talk to the FBI, especially high ranking officials who should know better?

    • “Thank you for your service.” Patriots and true believers in the Flag believe they are part of the same system as the fed DOJ/FBI and other alphabets. To protect and defend the constitution and all that. Perhaps guys like Flynn are still coasting on the fumes of their service: a massive blind spot to the actual powers that be and their corrupt ways. After all, even us regular joes carry on as if the magic paper in the Smithsonian unites us to some higher cause and cloaks us in some protections from tyranny even though a modicum of noticing should divorce us from that notion forthwith.

      • Most people believe the TV. They think cops are all hard-boiled detectives seeking the truth, not (generally) thugs seeking power over others (except for the token badwhite cop who plants drugs, while the heroic hoodrat turned officer brings him down).

        • Why do you think media is chock a bloc with shows about the heroic FBI and police. Its all police state agitprop.

          I can understand this a bit If Whites start to have the same view of the police as Blacks and Latinos, the State has no natural allies.

          This is already occurring, working class and poor Whites have poor relations will law enforcement and the Middle is shrinking.

          Media is also losing its stranglehold as well.

          Ultimately police can fix those damaged relationships pretty easily by being part f the community and exercising common sense. This is why in some Red areas, counties and even big cities (Vegas and Phoenix) people will actually help police.

          Change is hard though as the ingrained habit of tribalism and obedience to authority along with the paycheck and the Job complicate things.

          • I think this is humor but I’ll play straight man.

            I’d call an ambulance.

            Hippies don’t exist any more though the ones I knew as a lad were the Edward Abbey sort and quite good at handling things.

            As far as crime prevention when seconds count the police are only minutes away .

            I’ve found not going into sketchy areas, not doing sketchy things and when you absolutely must do those things traveling with well prepared friends is better than any amount of policing.

            Now there are uses for the police, occasional rescue and dealing with organized crime and gangs even a few guys can’t handle but most of what they does act as law enforcement.

            That seems like a good idea but if the law is wrong and its method of creation is wrong, enforcing it becomes wrong. Fruit of the poison tree.

            If police can’t or are not allowed to avoid enforcing wrong laws or worse they want to enforce them, than they are in the wrong.

            Ultimately a free people needs to be responsible for its own defense . How we make that work in a highly mobile society with divergent moral systems and personal ways of living is a challenge but the DR wants anything like the old USA at a future point, they’ll have to address it.

  38. All this plus we have governors and mayors making seditious power plays to implement more of their hidden agenda. Except it is not so hidden and this is a radical power grab.

    None of them including the deep state are retreating and the blowhard in chief is wholly inadequate to the task of resisting. The rot and corruption is way beyond even my jaded mind can handle.

    • I read today that the Governor of Colorado has banned people from traveling more than 10 miles from their home for outdoor recreation. We will be just like the serfs in the middle ages who never left their hovels. My local Mayor and city council just cancelled a rodeo scheduled for late July. It has taken place annually for the last 108 years. Our county has had 17 reported cases of Corona virus.

      • Newsom is closing all of California state beaches and parks. The F-U resulting from that move should be entertaining.

        • People are already quite angry about this as the blow dried one is on TV right now trying to explain this BS away with “flattening the curve”

          I suspect he may have flattened his career prospects and Senate plans though.

      • Chicago’s beaches and parks were closed Day One and the Governor and Mayor have stated they want summer closed. Everything — softball fields, soccer leagues, kite flying areas, festivals, concerts in the parks, garden walks, farmers markets and art fairs. Until at least fall.

        I live on Lincoln Park and can see the lake. I am not supposed to enter either one. Lately, I’ve been jogging and riding the park periphery, receiving a few jackass comments from mounted police (in riot helmets) but most of the police were pulled and redirected to the Westside so they can shut down the black’s defiant house parties.

        Blacks have been moving out from the city and whites moving in for more than a decade. This trend is over. Everybody except the LatinX will be leaving the concrete canyons which are increasingly feeling like federal supermax. Chicago used to be a great city to live if you had money but even if you are financially comfortable now the place just sucks donkey balls.

          • The local Chicago rags this morning prominently featured the bust of a *white* house party on the NW side. You won’t see *black* printed anywhere but the writers emphasized the *white* aspect of host and attendees, and Mayor Hair & Nails (“Groot”) issued a statement “the law will apply equally no matter who you are.”

        • Believe me brother, you have nothing to fear from Chicago “Mounted” Police. A more milquetoast group has never been seen.
          As for running and biking in the park, take it from an actual get his hands dirty, answer calls for service policeman assigned to 018,(the district you speak of).

          No one is laying a hand on anyone.

          In fact, a gimp in a black Park District car chases folks around trying to get the park area clear. When he asks for assistance, I simply tell him to call when the Constitution is suspended or amended. He doesn’t like me too much.

          The rank and file of most departments know that enforcing the edicts of blow hard Governors will only lead to listing assets and lawsuits.

          We may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but self preservation is one of our strengths.

          Finally, yeah, Chimpcongo used to be a nice place to live. But now, you can pay thousands of dollars in taxes, and still have Orcs slinging rocks and blows in front of your house. It boggles the mind.

      • When first elected, some “insider” proclaimed the great and good news that the super-rich had changed their minds, decided to side with Trump.

        That they did.
        Trump was a pump-and-dump.

        So was Ike. Bernard Baruch was his master. The elites raised enough money to stage the Cultural Color Revolution that followed in the 60s.

        (The Laurel Canyon kids were sons and daughters of New England’s Old Money.
        The abolitionists staged a second Civil War, but this time without the shooting. They had senior advisors with long experience.)

        • “But both Puritans and their financiers were the slave traders, weren’t they?”

          Fully recompensed, both the lenders and the owners. Britain near bankrupted itself making them whole for the “loss” of their assets. The loans to recompense the owners were finally paid off in 2014, some 144 years of payments.

          Who paid, who profited? What about the U.S. and others? I suspect this was the seed capital of today’s elites.

          And, they didn’t hold their assets, but dumped them on the hated Dirts.

          Meat shortages now.
          American Dirt workers were too expensive.
          This is your country on globalism.

          • As they said back in the day Join or Die

            Americans unwillingness to do that, to even consider common or collective anything , hell we don’t even marry and start families much now got us the boots on our neck we deserve.

            In real life the strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.So it is as it always has been, so it will always be.

        • Recommended reading “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by Dave McGowan. He traces the MIC/Intel connections of the counterculture heroes that the media sold to America – Zappa, Stephen Stills, Jim Morrison (father was a Navy admiral!), John Phillips (Mamas and Papas singer attended the US Naval Academy) and many others. Interesting information and speculation about the Laurel Canyon scene of the 1960s and how so many of the musicians of the day had family connections at the highest levels of the establishment.

          • I slogged through it a few months back and came away unimpressed. It was an amalgamation of rumors and innuendo that ultimately had no conclusion or unifying thread. It just petered out in the end. Then I looked at some other stuff he’d written and he came off like a real tin-foil crank.

  39. “At this stage, only a partisan fanatic thinks the principals in this whole Russian collusion caper were operating in good faith”.
    That’s stated as though would only be a few partisan fanatics. I’ll warrant there are millions of them.

      • And to go after whitey. The full force of this giant, powerful, wholly corrupt organization is coming after all of us on this comment thread eventually.

        • Ordinarily I’d agree and reply with something about living on your knees/dying on your feet.

          But for reasons that will baffle future historians, GloboHomo decided about 2 months ago to take their overwhelming advantages and light them on fire.

          • Federalist-

            Corona, and specifically the 2nd order effects of it.

            When tax revenue collapses, things will start getting “real.”

            This in and of itself won’t be the killing stroke, but there will be other mistakes that will make it worse.

          • And then they’ll be a giant tax hike. I think the mayor of Nashville said it was going to be in the neighborhood of 32% or something crazy like that. And it’s going to be on all the people that were able to work from home and not lose their paychecks and tell everyone else to stay home while they ordered from Amazon and instacart. I’m looking forward to that.

          • MMT will blunt the serious effect of revenue collapse on the feds. The states are another matter, since they can’t print money.

          • IMO there will not be a recovery except for a few rich and maybe enough to pay the praetorian guard.

            My reasoning? Right now something like 65 million people can’t pay their credit cards now and its only going to get worse

            The money printing won’t help that much since most of it is going into the stock market and into the hands of businesses that are of little real economic value.

            The pittance going in the hands of workers, hell he half that actually got the stimulus will be gone on back rent or for food which will not help much.

            Nor will a state bail out if it happens accomplish much. And note taxes can only be raised to a point. There are tons of lower tax States that will take the productive members of others states

            The small business loans can’t help much either since the consumer base is gone

            Finding a way to get wages to recover and for what little money there is to not to go to preps and debt reduction is like pushing on a string.

          • Agreed. I’m thinking there will be some pent up demand, but it won’t last the summer. It’s going to be a hard lesson in where wealth actually comes from.

          • Not that the people in charge will actually learn anything. After all you can’t teach a man something his job requires he not know.

            That said Cali will be having serious capital flight and capital loss in not too short a time. They don’t plan to open until like July and once they do, many businesses won’t reopen.

            Federal funds will have run out and they will be HUNGRY for revenue. Anyone with anything to lose will be out the door, hopefully remembering to leave any bad habits , especially voting ones back in Cali.

          • I’m at a loss to understand this lack of understanding amongst the demonRat governors. Perhaps they think the feds will support their 6 month closed for business order with a gazillion dollar relief bill? Our demonRat mayor has suddenly realized that city budget is in trouble though he was enthusiastic about the quarantine.

          • The Democrats figure that once President Trump is gone and there is a Democrat President, the Federal Reserve will be ordered to just mint as much money as they need to stabilize the pension system.

            This doesn’t seem very likely but the US is extremely dysfunctional so who knows. I think President Trump will be reelected and the Senate will stay Republican and so the butchers bill will come do sooner than they think.

          • It’s a perfect storm of factors. Biden is part of it as few people really want a senile President and the chaos of the last few months (and years really) means that, for all but the committed SJW fanatics in the blue hives, stability and normality (Trump) will seem the better option than the continued chaos of a new administration and then even more disruption when Biden dies or becomes incapacitated and he’s replaced by whatever nutty diversity hire he picks for a running mate.

            Then there’s the fact that the blue hives seem to have decided, as MemeWarVet says, to have a bonfire of (their) vanities. What they seem to be doing is playing for time by extending the lockdowns while the Red States and even Red regions in Blue States* are opening up and Trump is encouraging this. So hurting people economically in L.A., San Fran, NYC, is going to swing the election how? Those people weren’t going to vote for Trump anyway while having the Red areas opening up and putting people back to work (with Trump’s encouragement) will shore up his support in the Red States and get Red voters in the still locked-down Blue areas to rage-vote against Biden/Whatever in November.

            * One encouraging bit of local C19 news here is that a major employer in rural Oregon has apparently decided to re-open in defiance of our xirl governor’s orders. There will be more open defiance in coming weeks and months and eventually only the blue hives themselves will remain locked down. A better demonstration of what life will be like under Leftist authoritarians could not be arranged unless people were given time-travel vacations to the USSR in 1948.

          • This isn’t a Republican vs Democrat thing. Both groups are equally bad . Playing along with party loyalty kayfabe is about as productive as believing in pro wrestling at this point.

            Truth is, our system roots and bones is corrupt probably beyond repair and entering its decline and collapse spiral.

            We are at the point in which the best thing to do is to learn to organize for common goals where we can. If we win, great, some problems get solved and we get at least some of our country back.

            If we fail we’ll have organizational skills and the moral high ground for what comes next.

        • Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I don’t think it’ll get that far. I sense people are losing their willingness to tolerate this crap for the sake of stability. Whether or not the lockdown is a redpill moment, it’s got people mighty pissed. Letting them out of their cages won’t stop many of them from directing their rage and mistrust at the political establishment. Trump admin’s lack of action notwithstanding, things are looking bad for Leviathan.

          • Trump actually buys some measure of tranquility during the corona lockdown. Imagine how restive people would be if Cuomo, De Blasio, and Newsom were running things.

          • we’ve got both Cuomo and DiBlasio around here (Brooklyn NY) but from what I see on the streets every day, nobody is restive. Everybody is compliant.

          • From the Peoples Republic of NJ, things look pretty quiet here. It seems that 90% of the people are still hiding under their beds. Almost total submission. Not exactly the home of the free and brave.

          • It’s a different world outside of Megalopolis. Even here on the fringes there’s plenty of frustration. People might wear the mask to go for groceries but they don’t like it. Every day I hear somebody complaining about it in public, usually multiple people. Not to mention ire over the lockdown. Traffic is picking up this week, people aren’t staying home. If that’s happening in central PA, I imagine there’s a whole pissed off continent out there.

          • Various parts of Trenton, most likely the war memorial. Though it’s been shut down before. I tried to get a bunch of people to go and a few weird things happened to me, so I’m just not going. I really really want to, but I don’t trust the state at all at this point. Those reservations wouldn’t normally matter, but I have a child coming in three months.

            I’m frustrated, but I’ve also kinda checked out of this whole environment. Honestly, fuck Jersey. Whatever benighted soul it once had has long been suffocated by red tape, exorbitant taxes, and bureaucratic indolence.

          • Get hell outa there, small towns in the Rockies are great, real folks, real life, moved here nearly 4 years ago, Thank God !

          • New York and New Jersey don’t have all that many Americans any more and the ones that remain are scared or don’t care as they rarely leave home or are enjoying a rather long vacation.

            There also isn’t much point in protests, no matter how big they are, they get ignored and most people me included don’t want the consequences of forcefully removing the establishment.

            The US isn’t one country anyway, its like 11 or more. If it could be divided easily by borders, we could just end the farcical union peacefully and by default lawfully but as long as big cities exists in Red states its far more complex..

            The easy way to see just how bizarre the US has become is that upstate NY has more in common with Appalachia than NYC.

          • I’d say the point of the protests is to get one’s feet wet. Something about learning how to organize. (Yeah, I know there’s more than one way to do that.) People should probably be trying it, if only for the experience. Maybe it’s enlightening; who knows?

            But to your point, yes, the protests are worse than ineffectual. That’s why I’ve decided to just leave, and in the next two to three years at that. Family is coming too, and so are some of my fiance’s family. Home is somewhere in America — in fact, I think there may even be more than one — but it sure as hell ain’t up here.

          • The organizational aspect has value but with the consequences of said riots being so heavy for Y/T there ought to be other ways to get the very needed organizing done.

            Aesop the Raconteur has been an ass of late but with a few exceptions his advice of don’t play in the street is still good.

            That said unless we make very good decisions we are only a few months from serious food related instability. Even L.A. has long lines at food banks and so Andy Texan may get his wish about riots commencing.

            No idea how such a thing will play out or if people will just bunker down instead but enough hungry people are a threat to order.

            I suppose it really matters little. Long term the US is toast and everyone knows it. All China or Russia or anyone else has to do is wait us out till out natural contradictions take us off the map.

          • Yeah, but I can’t get out in a few months and neither can most others. I have food and a stable source of water in a more rural area than where I am now, but that’s a last resort. I’ve begun the process of moving my life from da nort to the middle of Georgia. I want to be around my own people (armed) when shit really hits the fan, which will probably occur, oh, 5-10 years or so.

  40. Of course, the big question in all of this is whether Washington is so hopelessly corrupt that none of this amounts to anything.

    Yes. Next question.

  41. Barr and Durham are a big question to me? I like Joe Digenova and he keeps saying it’s coming, it’s coming. Justice that is.
    I wonder though? Is the game to play out the clock and get rid of Trump? I kinda think so.
    I think this bologna virus response is going to hurt Trump both by people whom think he was incompetent and also by his supporters who will experience massive job losses.
    I think mail in ballots are coming and the left will do everything it can to rig the election. Once the left gets power again all national elections will be rigged.
    I don’t expect much from our justice system.
    Hope that I am wrong.

    • No big question there gdg. Barr was the tool during rubi ridge who allowed Lon huriachi to walk scot free for murdering Vicki Weaver during that “siege” he’s been part of the performance for a long tome. Nothin will change. Is business as usual.

    • Yes, this is probably a run out the clock game. We are six months from an election, and the Barr/Durham investigation has been going on for a long time. Why wouldn’t they have started frying the small fish, and get them to roll on their bosses, as is typical in these things. If they wait a little longer, the Biden AG can simply shut down all investigations, and this is buried forever. All we will have left is Lindsay Graham talking about talking.

      I also share your fear about this harming Tump. The Dems game is to lock down as long as possible, and then pivot to blaming Trump for the economic damage.

    • Barr appears to be playing both sides of the fence. String things out to no conclusion if the administration changes in January, or pursue things if Trump wins and actually exercises some real power in the next term.

  42. The corruption, malfeasance, and criminal behavior at all levels of our so-called government is breathtaking.

    • As others have said, that should have happened long, long ago.
      This republic, now rotting Empire, will collapse with a whimper, depleted and exhausted.
      The entire foundation is rotted, and there are far too many termites burrowed in and feeding, to change anything.
      Many folks see how rotten it is, and the corona has exposed that for all to see, but the corona has also paralyzed half the population with existential dread, and they just want to line up and get their Gates approved vaccine so they can go back to “work” propping up a class of high functioning sociopaths like Bezos.
      There is no way to turn this ship around.

    • Agree. Way too many unoccupied lamp posts.

      OT: Anybody laying odds we’ll be able to gather together in groups to celebrate the 4th? My money says we won’t.

  43. So cruel. So awfully cruel to raise hopes and expectations of so many, that justice will be administered, while we, properly cynical, know full well that nothing will come of this. How much time did the Clintons serve? Obama will get the same exact sentence, as he is innocent of all charges. How much longer can the Republic survive as those in our number, Cynics Anonymous, swell.

    • While of course it would be gratifying to see some heads roll, it doesn’t really matter at this point if Justice is served on an individual scale, because the deed is already done, the mission was accomplished, and that cannot be rolled back.

      IOW the Trump presidency was successfully hobbled and derailed and disrupted, all its original MAGA policy goals neutered and negated, by the Flynn affair and the Russian Big Lie (stop with the cutesy “hoax” already) and the thousand other affairs like it. The larger point of things like the Flynn case was to cause a competent staffing shortage in the Trump top ranks, by targeting and terrorizing any and all capable personnel from working for the administration. Look at the rotating clown car that has been Trump’s top staff: that is true only in part due to Trump’s deficiencies in judgment. A major aspect is that seasoned and capable players were warned away, threatened, their families threatened and so forth, against working for Hitler J. Satan-Hitler.

      The damage is done, Trump’s presidency has successfully been made a fiasco, and that is in the history books. You can sue the Covington firm for malfeasance all you like: these people got everything they wanted, and that cannot be undone.

      • I agree with you, and as blackballing as it is to watch unfold, there is some hope. The best part of the Trump Presidency has been to watch it all laid bare. I’ve encountered a few CivNatNormie types who scratch their head and wonder aloud if the system is beyond hopeless?

        The one true success of the Trump Presidency has been its ability to make people question their long-held assumptions about the American Empire.

      • “it would be gratifying to see some heads roll.” This brings to mind (ok, “brain cell” in my case 😶) another idea. The problem is not only that our government is corrupt (are all of them?) but that they are incompetently corrupt. An individual or cabal that was skilled in the arts of politics (not to say ethics) would have found a scapegoat, a sacrificial lamb, call it what you like, to take the blame. Whether he was guilty or not. While my first-hand experience in seeing the institutional ineptitude of government agencies is mercifully limited to seeing the dullards in the military (1980s) and lower-level “equal opportunity” hires in DC positions (1999-2000), seems like the rot infects at all levels. We are doomed.

      • EP: “…it doesn’t really matter if justice is served…”

        It sure does. Would you say the same thing about a murderer, after all, you can’t restore the victim to life? The purpose of government is to allow us to live in a civil society, with laws, peace, and justice. Without laws, life would be nasty brutish and short. Yes, we cannot undo all the damage that was done, but still, punishment, revenge, and setting the record straight are critically important anyway. Let history reflect the truth of what happened. Prosecute and punish the guilty, exonerate the innocent. I know, not going to happen, as our despicable leaders don’t know their Hobbs.

    • How much longer can the Republic survive

      Who says it has? I’m not sure Franklin would agree that it has.

  44. Here’s hoping that as the first act of her new ascension to the throne, Kim Yo Un unleashes a strategic nuke on the District of Corruption. Just pray that Trump is a few states away at one of his rallies.

  45. Spent a couple of years having to work with a DC firm, similar to Covington, during an investigation initiated by a person who subsequently resigned in disgrace from office. One takeaway was that this firm was part of a “good old boy” network where people move seamlessly from these firms into government and private practice and industry and back again. See Eric Holder for reference. Its all about cutting deals that advance those personal agendas, not providing effective defense. Add in the fact that Covington screwed up the FARA filings, those lawyers had every incentive to move Flynn off the table and pick up a few markers with Mueller’s people (for later use) as quickly as possible. In my own experience, strongly suspected that the senior officer (who was close to retirement) was more eager to strike a deal with that particular AG since he was seen as a political “comer” and this person had political ambitions. Plus sending a few deca-millions in fees to that particular firm could yield a lucrative “of counsel” position if plan A didn’t pan out. This is the reality of our overlords. Nothing here is a surprise.

    • Yep, the back-scratching system is fully developed now. The pay-offs and expectations on all sides has more or less be codified – if not written down. Everyone knows what’s expected and what they’ll get down the road.

    • I have observed the same. D.C. law firms are notoriously incompetent and it becomes obvious if something actually goes to trial. Nonetheless, the D.C. bar will tolerate about anything as long as the right folks pay the right folks and don’t rock the boat. No state should have a reciprocal law license agreement with D.C. as its attorneys are simply fixers.

      • All they wanted to do was cut a deal that would enhance their standing, damn the fact set. It was obvious when I had to give depositions and reg interviews. The shameless sucking up was astonishing. Effectively ended up defending myself. Had given enough deps in contract litigation to be pretty good at giving the bare minimum answer, not filling pauses and staying completely poker face and chewing as much of the time as possible on document review and question reframes.

        • While in most jurisdictions cases generally settle or are pled, just look at the number of actual jury trials in D.C. and contrast it with any other jurisdiction. All federal judges tend to be lazy and shiftless, but those in the District are the worst and will punish the party they think responsible for actual litigation.

          • Mark Steyn had a running commentary on his case as it “progressed” through the court system in the District of Columbia. It makes for shameful reading; how could a court system sink this low? It made the legendary Jarndyce v. Jarndyce case of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House seem a model of judicial efficiency.

          • It’s been stated before (perhaps on this very blog): the process is the punishment.

          • It’s been stated before (perhaps on this very blog): the process is the punishment.

            Been there; done that; got the T-shirt. Spent 14 months in the jaws of leviathan. When I finally got my lawyer to tell the prosecutor’s office we wanted to go to trial they folded like a house of cards. That was in 11 & 12. Took me 4 years to pay off the lawyer. Had to take out a 2nd mortgage. All defendants – criminal or civil – ought to have to enter the courthouse through a specific door with the following legend inscribed over it,

            “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

    • This is replicated in the defense/intel contracting world. These folks slip back and forth to whet their beaks when appropriate, and return to gov’t when they need to refresh their connections and influence. Corruption is not a strong enough word for this.

      • There has always been an element of “honest graft” in politics. I recall an old example a professor gave using old man Daley’s system in Chicago. If an alderman came in and wanted jobs for his “guys” the deal was this–Daley would authorize a couple new bus lines through the ward or some additional sanitation service. Or fix some roads. The guys got those jobs. Sort of a win/win. Now, as Z consistently points out, the real graft has consolidated at a level where it is totally disconnected from any societal benefit. Just guys trading tax dollars back and forth and the benefits inure to a tiny upper crust of society. Even here in NY, DiBlasios hiring spree was not for more cops, FFs, or subway guys. It was for thousands of Assistant Commissioners of Why People Oppressed and Not Diverse Enough. Who then do things like piss away a billon dollars on a mental health initiative where no one (including Cuomo’s auditors) can figure out where the money went.

    • It works as long as the guys with guns allow it to work. The important thing is to make sure the Praetorians stay paid.

  46. In any country that values justice, this level of false prosecution deserves the death penalty. Sortez la guillotine!

    • Luckily we have social justice. Where the death penalty is applied over time to those people who fail to sufficiently embrace Progress. The justice you speak of – and the pursuit of such, is called ‘conspiracy theory’. If you don’t know the difference, you haven’t consumed enough NPR.

    • And should these miscreants skate, the damage will be irreparable. The corruption will spiral completely out of control. We’re already in unknown waters. And because of the internet, millions know it.

      • And should these miscreants skate, the damage will be irreparable.

        From where I sit they already have and the damage was already there else it could not have transpired the way it did.

    • The fact of the matter is that Flynn is a traitor, and Trump is covering for him, regardless of the Z-Man’s posturing.

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