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Every once in a while, one of the major polling outfits will ask Americans about their views on freedom and liberty. Most Americans think they live in the freest country on earth and they are pretty happy about it. By freedom, people assume it means being able to go about your business as you see fit, holding whatever opinions you like and saying what you like, within the bounds of decency and common courtesy. Most of all, it means the government is not going to harass or torment you.

There was a time when that was true. If you are over the age of forty, you remember when people were free from coercion, regarding civil rights. People in this country were free to live their lives and speak their minds. For people of a certain age, it feels like it was not that long ago when even the most intolerant people would say “I may not agree with your opinions, but I’d fight to the death for your right to say them.” No one says that anymore, as no one believes, especially no one with power.

In current year America, we ban books. The government does not ban books, but private companies refuse to sell them, so the effect is the same. Of course, almost all books are sold by one company now, a company that laughs at the laws and the political institutions that write those laws. If the people at Amazon decide your book is not to their liking, they will stop selling it. Greg Johnson has been reduced to mailing people copies of his books because Amazon disapproves of him.

Now, the so-called conservatives will claim that major corporations like Amazon just avoid controversy. It’s not about politics but simply trying to avoid getting tangled up in controversial topics. Yet, Amazon is happy to sell books on bizarre sexual predilections and the promotion of self-harm. That sort of material is not a problem, because it is not a problem with the ruling class. Greg Johnson’s politics are a problem for the people in charge, so he is banned from selling books on-line.

Of course, people with unapproved opinions could sell their own books and magazines on-line, but the banks and payment processors refuse to do business with them. It’s not just a few banks and payment processors that refused to do business with people holding unapproved opinions. It’s all of them. Sites like Counter-Currents, VDare and American Renaissance have searched far and wide for a payment processor, but no one will take their business. The banks behind the processors have decreed it.

It is not just a few isolated troublemakers getting the business from corporations. Normal people curious about opinions outside the protected zone have real fear of being harassed, just for the crime of associating with these people. The media, the people who used to proudly say they speak truth to power, are always on the lookout for someone they can destroy, for the crime of associating with people deemed unacceptable. Major media outlets now see themselves as the keeper of orthodoxy.

In fairness, most Americans would dismiss that as the sort of first-world troubles that don’t affect most people. Maybe that’s true, but America is now a country that holds political prisoners. That is, there are people in jail primarily for the crime of holding unapproved opinions. It’s not just political types who lost the game of insider game playing in Washington. Normal everyday Americans are getting jail time for the crime of holding opinions that the ruling class finds unacceptable.

Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were given four years in a New York penitentiary for the crime of being associated with Gavin McInnes. They were jumped by left-wing street thugs and won the fight. They were arrested, but there was never any effort to find the men who attacked them. There was no effort to find witnesses either. Instead, the police and court relied on material provided to them by Antifa. When he sentenced them, the judge made clear he was doing it for their politics.

That is not an isolated example. Over the last decade this sort of thing has become so common that it is just an accepted part of daily reality. If you belong to a group holding unapproved ideas, you have to go to great lengths to meet in secret in order to avoid being attacked by state sanctioned mobs. If that happens, there is a good chance the police will charge you rather than the mob. The thing political dissidents in current year America fear is that the government will become aware of them.

There used to be a time when Americans associated this sort of thing with totalitarian states or South American dictatorships. The communists would never allow people to hold unapproved opinions. They smashed up illegal printing presses and banished dissident writers. Third world dictators sanctioned mobs to go around harassing people they saw as a problem. The communists are all gone and there are no more South American strong men. America is no longer a free country either.

This reality should be evident to everyone now. Government has spent the better part of the last two months closing shops and forcing people to stay indoors. They are creating bizarre and ridiculous rules for when people must go outside. Cops are pushing people around, harassing mothers at parks and otherwise carrying on like highly feminized goon squads. It’s hard to claim you live in a free country when you need permission from the government go outside to take a walk.

The remarkable thing about this is none of the things described above would have seemed plausible a generation ago. Conservatives liked to claim Bill Clinton was an autocrat, but no one seriously imagined he would so something like this. Left-wingers really thought Bush was Hitler, but even they did not think this was possible. In what feels like the blink of an eye, things we used to think were outside the realm of possibility are now normal. We have slipped into the darkness.

If you are of a certain age, the new normal is particularly tough to fathom. You spent much of your early life being told that the long struggle against communism was all about preventing exactly this. The whole point of America, its reason to exist, was to prevent exactly this from happening. Maybe it was always a big lie. Maybe it is the result of forces too complex for anyone to fathom. It really does not matter. The result is what matters. America is no longer a free country.

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270 thoughts on “Welcome To America

  1. Z says principles don’t matter. But principles do. Free speech matters. How many Americans would really disagree?

    This movement, since free speech is under assault, needs a secret language. We should start with a symbol. Something anyone can spray paint. The symbol should arouse curiosity. If people see it everywhere, they will notice. The symbol should convey free speech, or the lack thereof. Is their a gifted designer in the house?

    • Fredomwarrior, you and so many others here simply do not get it. The republic that those guys sweated bullets to give us is well, truly and literally FUBAR! There is no solution now short of armed rebellion and/or civil war. None! And this time there will be no Ft. Sumters. No big events to kick things off. Just more SOS-DD creeping tyranny.

      (Some days I’m damned glad I’m old and won’t live to see the worst of it.)

  2. Political prisoners? How could you forget James Fields? The kid got life PLUS 419 YEARS and nearly a half-million dollar fine for what would otherwise be 15 years for manslaughter — at best.

    Why? because the kid texted a picture of Uncle A. He’s NINETEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD, for God’s sake!

    The Soviets only gave Solzhenitsyn eight years in gulag!!!

    • I thought about it. I just thought the New York two were more egregious. Fields was sentenced for political reasons, but he was charged for an actual crime. The NYC guys were charged at the request of Antifa for the crime of being right.

  3. When asked what sort of government the members of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 had produced, Franklin is supposed to have responded

    “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    It would appear that we have failed to do so and our nation is far more totalitarian than we even realize.

    I was not aware that books – and even authors’ entire bodies of work – were being banned but I have no problem believing that it is happening. After all people are “deplatformed” from social media all the time. It is but a baby step from there to “deplatforming” authors. The government need not ban books when left-wing goons at retail outlets and banks make it impossible for authors lacking the left’s imprimatur to publish dissenting views.

    Neither was I aware that we now have political prisoners languishing in prosons right now, although I was well aware of wholly politically-motivated prosecutions. Events have demonstrated that, when there is little to no downside to doing so, leftist jurists are well disposed to acting less on the law and more on their own political ideology. Hell! We have an Associate Justice sittong on the SCOTUS bench who has broadly intimated that she approves of such activity.

    I have been fond of telling people for quite some time now “Land of the free and home of the brave. Says so right here on the lable.”

    Sorry, Dr.Franklin.

  4. south american strongmen now work “within the democratic framework”. just like the post cold war establishment wanted. just like America wanted. after all, it’s because this “framework” has also been abused in America really well.

    this “totalitarian democracy” turns out to work even better in south america, don’t need nearly as many tanks or actual law enforcement – just a media willing to do the local elites demands, and play the game of red vs blue as a distraction while the voting is rigged and the crime and commodity business cycles scare the harder-working/more religious/higher-IQ-breeders away. in south america’s case, the game is between getting f’d by the imf and covetous corporate goodwhites or getting f’d by the chinese and covetous bureaucrat browns. as of now everyone down there is fully locked ironically, save semi-chad Bolsonaro and old-timey sandinista Ortega in Nicaragua – meaning, both the regular left, even Maduro, and the neocon right, reacted with the same totalitarian procedures. again, just like North America now. btw, just saw the Canadian drama teacher ban rifles, to the joy of many newly imported darkies.

    fwiw the last time south america was truly united and rooted was in the mean colonial Catholic times. since then it’s just been political alliances choosing which new empire to serve as rootless peoples, only once or twice every few decades do they find a fleeting match. we are like a divorced mom jumping from deadbeat to deadbeat – english/american/soviet/chinese. who would have thought liberalism would have broken up mighty empires? it seems it just took longer to wear down the North Sea whites, who spread it in their Prot ways anyway.

    to combat this, we need roots, so the growing stem of dissidence doesn’t dry up.

  5. Every distinct profession or specialized body in a society ( usually of men but not always)) that has a distinct ethos attracts co-natural personality types not necessarily to its advantage.
    The RC priesthood in the 20th century especially in the developed countries began to attract a higher than normal percentage of homosexuals and ephebophiles.
    Police work will attract a higher than normal percentage of bullies and sadists.
    If the institution or governing body however is well-regulated, well-led and careful of its image and values of probity and justice, these elements can be handled; self-censoring, monitored, disciplined or even expelled when necessary.
    If not ( as one sees in the RC Church), these elements become more and more to the fore and eventually destructive.
    There has always been the type of cop who is happy to gear-up like a medieval knight and toss an old lady to the ground , or beat the heads of unarmed demonstrators with riot sticks because he is ordered to “police” the way his superiors want. Or for that matter, to strangle some fat mentally disabled black dude for the crime of selling loose cigarettes, as we’ve seen in NYC.
    I think that at least some of the police shootings of “youths” that set off the “BlackLivesMatter” movement and riots might have been averted if the cop had been an experienced old school type instead of some young buck screaming “Get on the ground!” like a scared lunatic and reaching for his nine-shot hand gun.
    There’s a real change coming over this country, as the Z Man wrote, we are no longer free.

  6. Squabble: parts of. I live in Houston. The local judge has issued tons of insane orders. The local police have written her rather nastily worded letters saying you are insane and there’s no way in hell we’ll enforce any of this. I’m sorry if the Lagos police are not so enlightened.

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  8. How is that you still have a PayPal account? 😀

    Only skimmed today’s article, but theme reminds me of the old Jefferson Airplane song (title forgotten) that says “We are outlaws in the eyes of Amerika”. Back then you’d get in trouble if you smoked pot and protested the right wing, today you can legally use pot (many places) and can get into trouble if you protest the Left Wing !

  9. Most Americans no longer value freedom. Slavery is freedom. The only group of Americans who are still strongly in favor of traditional freedoms are the white conservatives – in other words the heritage population.

    Case in point, YouGov fielded a poll about whether the lockdowns violate conditional rights. Sadly only a plurality (not a majority) of Republicans felt they violated their civil rights. Even sadder, Republicans were 2x more likely than Democrats to feel lockdowns violate constitutional rights.

    This same dynamic can be seen in surveys on free speech on controversial topics and gun rights. The Good Whites and our replacements simply don’t value freedom as we think of it.

    America is finished as a free country and that freedom isn’t coming back. There is no popular demand for it and our betters don’t want it.


  10. “In current year America, we ban books. The government does not ban books, but private companies refuse to sell them, so the effect is the same. ”

    No, it’s effect is not the same. ONE private company may ban the book, but another company may enable the book to be available.

    “America is no longer a free country.”

    It is a free country, you just say that because you are opposed to certain restrictions that normies desire.

    • This comment makes me understand perfectly Z Man’s argument for why lolbertarians should be beaten to death.

    • And ONE private company can be a monopoly with the power to circumnavigate laws. You know that’s all we’re saying, right? Do you deny that monopolies are bad?

      “It is a free country, you just say that because you are opposed to certain restrictions that normies desire.”

      You’re sinking into semantics. The point is that with each day America is less and less free. At the very least, some of these restrictions are counterproductive, and our ‘leaders’ refuse to listen to any side but their own.

  11. The feds were just as draconian in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century but common opinion was on their side. As soon as William McKinley had drawn his last breath Emma Goldman was hunted down and arrested. Sacco and Vanzetti. Objecting to US involvement in WWI was a ticket to social ostracism. Citizen posses hunted down guys who failed to show up for induction.

  12. At this point in time crushing majority of people doesn’t come even close to realizing nature and magnitude of the changes that are happening in front of their eyes, in broad daylight. There is growing anxiety, as some primal instincts tell them that this is not just another bump on the road and it won’t end well for anyone, but there is stronger force at play that still gives them good night sleep, at least for now.

    I spoke with some people over the weekend, some make 100k ish living in big pharma, others are up to the same speed in NYC government, so, hypothetically, not the most feeble minded people out there. At some point it went down to my skepticism of some news network because of their narrative being skewed by Chinese influence, and to them it sounded on a par with “inter-dimensional child molesters”.
    These people have absolutely no idea what is going on right now.

    it looks though like they won’t be fortunate enough, like boomers, although even for many of them this is still uncertain, to live their lives with reality never catching up with their ignorance…

  13. An author, the late, great Kage Baker, on clandestine chocolate in the PC future:

    “Not only illegal, much worse, it was immoral.”

    • Alzaebo – You are the first person other than myself that I know who has read Kage Baker – I loved the ‘Company’ books. For those interested, they are a type of time travel/enhanced humans and altering history. And in their present (our future) no one can eat meat, and animals are not pets but ‘companion,’ etc. First book (of 10) written in 1998.

      • Thank you so much 3g4me, The Company is a shining treasure. Kept me going through some dark days, I loved loved loved her stories.

        Man, did she nail the PC future. The wild adventures through all history- CroMagnons included- and yet such a kind love of human nature. R.I.P., Kage, you brought joy to my life.

        • Plus, I always wanted to tell her I found Alex! In our era, he’s living as a factory night worker in Rochester, NY.

          That longish blonde hair, that horsey face, his simple pleasure- he was just off shift, taking a dawn ride on his Harley in the fresh green hills of late spring.

  14. Here in Britain they’re totally onboard with the lockdown. I don’t watch TV but several customers have mentioned to me the anti lockdown protests in the States. They portray them as ignorant rednecks and Trump supporters endangering the sensible majority. I suppose that’s the angle the BBC has been heavily pushing.
    We are truly a defeated people. On Thursday nights, the people go out at 8pm and clap for the State health provider. Never mind that it’s now only providing dubious treatment for Kung Flu, or that it has form for bumping people off (Staffordshire/ Gosport). Hospitals are nearly empty. Got cancer or heart problems? Tough shit.
    People don’t actually want to go back to work. There’s no drive or urgency about anyone anymore. Their level of understanding is that the Government will carry on providing for them for ever.
    Reality and destruction, coming to a well known island soon..

    • About right. I’m waiting now for the permanent “anti-gathering” laws to be rolled out. Purely for our own good, of course. Most Brits will cry with joy.

      • Unless, of course, they’re 10,000 Muslims praying in the street, or 10,000 African “refugees” sh*tting by their street tents.

    • Some dude emailed me because he heard I was gathering people for a rally. Rhymes with “Pee Party.” They intercept all of the grassroots movements and corrupt them with paid retards who are invariably interviewed by MSNBC. They get to define the movement.

      Online, they trolled us mercilessly. Always about Trump. They wanted to render us standard “peebaggers,” polarize us, and be done with it.

  15. Guys, CNN just said that daily COVID fatalities will “soar” (God, I’m starting to hate that word) to 3,000 in June.

    Why do I believe that they plan on running this Fail Mary until forever? I know that’s completely insane, but some of them really do want to string out the lockdowns interminably.

    • It may be cruel, but I’ve reached the point where I want to throw Stalin back in their pozzed faces: “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” No one that I know, let alone love and cherish, has died from Wuflu. All the continued hysteria will do is amp up the compassion fatigue. I not only don’t care about these deaths; but I want demographics. Who, of what sort, are the dying? My suspicion is that no such information will be forthcoming, lest it confirm evil, racist HBD science.

      • Yeah, nobody is even touching the COVID data for fear of subdividing it. It’s taking a lot of sweat to properly cook those books.

      • Maus – the few statistics released from overseas already confirm ‘evil, racist HBD science.” In the UK, the Hindus have been harder hit than the Paki Muslims. Some 45% of their medical ‘victims’ of covid have been non-White where only about 15% of the health workers are (these figures are drawn from memory and may be inaccurate, but the gist is the same). In Sweden, some 60% of the covid patients in March were Somali immigrants. One can see how many of the ‘sainted victims’ in the US are black, hispanic, and/or obese. Amazing what a little noticing can do.

    • 3000 eh? That is a coincidence.

      CDC Just Subtracted 30,000 from the Official Covid-19 Death Count according to Thomas DiLorenzo

      Then Bill Sardi did a post on the missing 30,000. Most interesting.

      “(For those of you who haven’t been paying any attention at all to the avalanche of death count numbers that has completely dominated all of the tv, radio, print, and internet news for two months now, they were all reporting deaths at over 67,000 until Sunday evening. That number is still all over the Web. Look it up. The number given in the link to the CDC above is in the 37,000 range, hence the 30,000 subtraction).”


      Note: as an aside, I was looking at last year’s death totals because of the Flu according to the CDC and saw 80,000. Why do flu deaths never count as much as Corona.

      • Dear God, it’s such a shite show. I just see it going on and on and on and on…

      • Interesting link. It confirms what I’ve been suspecting all along. Guaranteed the first public event we have after this is the pride parade.

      • Sardi is confused. The 67,000 number included people who also tested for influenza and/or pneumonia. The CDC, in the same table, gives the number of dead from only COVID as 37,000.

        The daily number of deaths is going down, which means the pandemic is ending. Their will be no resurgence in June because the number of susceptibles is falling.

        • You did not read the article or you have trouble with comprehension on this one. The 37,000 is COVID weekly totals. But if you add up daily numbers you get the 67,000. The daily totals should add to the same as the weekly totals. Get that? BUT IT DOES NOT. That led to many people have a cow.

          You don’t seem to appreciate what is being written about.

    • Lawdog – Because your sneaking suspicion is spot on. They are already talking of it going through June in certain states, and are already warning of its return in November. It’s why the phrase “the new normal” sets your teeth on edge, because this cringey, whiny, anarcho-tyranny police state is here to stay.

      • Those are the new talking points-

        “second wave”
        “multiple waves”
        “not affected by sunlight”
        “stacks of bodies”
        “millions dead”
        “just wait, you’ll see!

  16. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but maybe our failure can be explained by the fact that we just don’t possess the required level of human capital on the political right.

    Most members of the enemy ranks are balloon-heads but their leadership is clever, cunning, ruthless and professional.

    It stands to reason really; if you’re ambitious and want high status and a good life, which side would you join?

  17. “In current year America, we ban books. The government does not ban books, but private companies refuse to sell them, so the effect is the same.”

    Public schools (which are run by State Governments) ban books all the time. Try finding ‘Catcher in the Rye’ in your local high school library. Fact check Wikipedia for book censorship in the United States. By the way, Amazon is a private company so it can sell, or not sell, whatever it wants.

    “If the people at Amazon decide your book is not to their liking, they will stop selling it.”

    So what? They have every right to. Just like bakers don’t have to make cakes for gay customers who are not to their liking. How’s that a problem? If you don’t like Amazon, or your local bakery, feel free to go somewhere else.

    “…there was never any effort to find the men who attacked them. There was no effort to find witnesses either.”

    And that has never happened anywhere else, at any other time in America’s history?

    “Government has spent the better part of the last two months closing shops and forcing people to stay indoors.”

    So Americans’ should have continued to go to work, go to school, and act like nothing’s going on is a good idea in your opinion.? You honestly think 18,000+ dead New Yorkers, in less than three months is a “normal” effect of the flu?

    “The remarkable thing about this is none of the things described above would have seemed plausible a generation ago.”

    America has been oppressing the rights of it’s citizens since it published the Constitution. Let’s start with the Sedition Act of 1798, followed by the Espionage Act of 1917, Executive Order 6102, Dennis v. United States – 1951, and let’s not forget good o’boy George Dubya and the Patriot Act.

    “America is no longer a free country.”

    Please tell us when it WAS a free country?

    I’m guessing you ain’t much of a history buff. Y’all might want to read up on that sometime.

    • Government allows Amazon to rig itself as a monopoly, then allows Amazon to ban books. It doesn’t take a genius to see that something might not be on the up-and-up with that.

    • “So what? They have every right to. Just like bakers don’t have to make cakes for gay customers who are not to their liking. How’s that a problem? If you don’t like Amazon, or your local bakery, feel free to go somewhere else.”

      Uh, the gay-hating bakers haven’t established a Machiavellian cake monopoly that makes it nearly impossible for homosexuals to buy cake. See what I mean, compadre?

      Amazon’s tyrannical power and scope has compromised the market, and its ubiquity constitutes a threat to civil liberty. Bringing up sexually-charged baked goods doesn’t do much to refute that contention. Are we supposed to suddenly fall for that argument because we “hate gays” or something? Did your superior officer even brief you today? I expect better for my tax dollars.

      “And that has never happened anywhere else, at any other time in America’s history?”

      …What the hell does that have to do with what we’re talking about? “Oppression haz happened before!11!!11!!” So what? How does that mitigate the enormity of now?

      “So Americans’ should have continued to go to work, go to school, and act like nothing’s going on is a good idea in your opinion.? You honestly think 18,000+ dead New Yorkers, in less than three months is a “normal” effect of the flu?”

      Strawman that evokes the famous “WALL STREET OR HUMAN LIVEZ” dichotomy. Doesn’t work. Many of the measures states have taken (based on really, REALLY low quality data to boot) are overkill. Am I to trust your side, which is built on TikTok videos, vaginal hysteria, and hyperventilating ponces?

      “Please tell us when it WAS a free country?”

      When you could visit 7-11 without a hazmat. When you could kiss your grandmother goodbye. When we weren’t being encouraged by state officials to snitch on each other. When our movements weren’t tracked and stored in real time. Oh, and I almost forgot: when I could go for a walk in the fucking park.

      “I’m guessing you ain’t much of a history buff. Y’all might want to read up on that sometime.”

      Wow, ad hominem capped with sanctimony. Isn’t that combo what lost you the last election?

      • Correct as usual, Lawman. If Amazon or a company similar in reach and scope was unusually conservative and promoting such views with such effect as Amazon does, you’d have howls from Congress to either break the company up, or to pass law making them adhere to the 1st Amendment as some sort of pseudo government entity.

        • It’s insane, isn’t it? Bringing up bakers who have the audacity to be strict Christians in relation to what is essentially a rogue corporate government? I worked for that rogue government, and believe me, Amazon will do anything and everything — including sacrifice the safety of its staff — for a buck. I remember stopping to help an old man figure out his scanning device. Two minutes later, I was admonished for “wasting too much [company] time.”

    • ObviousConclusion – spoken like a true ‘tardian. The government is corrupt and oppressive, and that’s bad, but private companies can do whatever they want, which is good, except they can’t refuse to publish books by blacks, gays, and trannies, because that’s hate. As far as your mythical 18k dead New Yorkers – almost no New Yorkers are Americans, and 18k is about how many new magic paper/magic dirt Americans they admit or squat out in a few weeks’ time. Yawn.

    • Um, bakers DO have to make cakes for gay and tranny customers. Every baker thus far has been court-mandated to either bake the cake or have their business shuttered.

      This comment makes me understand perfectly Z Man’s argument for why lolbertarians should be beaten to death.

      • As he said, some day our progeny will ask their parents from whence the pagan custom of beating libertarians arose. The parents will not be able to answer definitively.

  18. Americans were a very different people from the in the 70’s when I was a teenager and young adult . the people were a little older who were teenagers in the 60’s were very different from those of us a little younger than them , and these older than them. they are still very different than any other age cohort. they are absolutely and completely immune to logical reasoning and evidence on anything. they are also irrationally hateful of all traditional Americans.

  19. I was an avid reader of SF as a kid. Mostly I was reading dads stuff from the 50s and 60s. Norton, Hienlein, asimov… I found myself losing interst in it in the 90s. I thought it was me maturing. The HUGO anthologies were terrible and boring, Finally read a Delaney book that explored weird family structures and decided to try other genres. What i only realized recently was that the SJW movement was taking over SF during this period. They ruined it. Made it unreadable and depressing. I really hate these people.

    • I find I have to stick to the military Sci-Fi or read the old-timers. Ringo, David Drake, Niven…

    • It happened in the 60’s, and it was called “New Wave.” It was largely a British thing and not especially SJW, although SF now is thoroughly SJW.

      The distinguishing characteristic of the New Wave was despair and dystopia. It completely replaced the optimistic stories of Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury et al. Blade Runner is a typical product. So is the Alien series. Star Wars and Star Trek are more old scholol, although it has a strong SJW stink.

    • Wow, that would get me fired up if every church didn’t have signs for free ESL classes and were running refugee resettlement rackets.

  20. Been reading Moneyland by Oliver Burroughs. Highly recommend.

    The way corruption works in say Ukraine is that through favored crony bidding and shell corporations the vast majority of the budget is moved offshore to various accounts. Connected middle men and senior pols make out like bandits.

    Lower officials are paid peanuts and depend on bribes to survive.

    Corrupt all the way down.

    His blind spot is not seeing the same thing here. All that pc stuff, minoritarianism etc is just Western nations being as corrupt as Ukraine.

    The FBI? Totally corrupt. Democratic and Republican parties? Totally corrupt. Denny Hastert, Pelosi, Biden, McConnell? All corrupt and getting take offs.

    No one but idiot true believers cares about Diversity. It’s just a club to protect the corruption.

    At least, here in California there is an open revolt. People like the beach. It’s why they are here.

  21. Any social organization or unit is ultimately striving for a structure. This is normal as all of these entities want to survive. The opposite of structure is chaos. If too much chaos is present, the structure is disorientated and tries to find a way to survive. An unconscious desire to keep adding more and more structure is understandable when the present operating structure looks vulnerable. I always laugh when small government shit-libs say all we need to have is smaller government. They don’t realize that the structure they are talking about will do anything to survive, i.e. intelligence agencies.
    When the continent was founded, you could just keep moving west and morph a new structure that suited you if the present structure did not represent you, hence regional cultural differences. It makes sense that in the past 100 to 150 years the march of creeping bureaucracy set in to try and keep the growing population under control (immigration).

    Just look any group that is trying to survive and gain control of any situation. It’s a natural process. I don’t blame any religious, political movement, or corporate conglomerate. All they are doing is trying to gain control of the situation through more and more structure. Inevitably, over time if the structure becomes too heavy it dies. (((Banking Systems))) That is now what we are seeing in the United States of America.

    • “Just look any group that is trying to survive and gain control of any situation. It’s a natural process.”

      So are cancer and murder. That doesn’t mean we have to “just live with” them. We should prevent & treat cancer. We should blame and punish murder.

      The fact that there’s a Spenglerian cycle to civilizations and organizations doesn’t mean we should either be anarchists or fatalistically accept (((globohomo government and finance))).

      We can and should strike a reasonable balance between anarchy and oppressive government. When institutions become corrupted, we can and should reform or replace them.

      And when they’re too big to reform or replace, we have to walk away, literally or figuratively.

      I do blame every religious, political movement, or corporate conglomerate. I’m not a detached scholar studying bugs in a terrarium. I live with and care about other people and we can and should make things better where we can.

      The error lies in trying to make things perfect.

      • We preach ‘better not perfect’ to encourage people to move from paralysis to action in my current line of work.

      • “ When institutions become corrupted, we can and should reform or replace them.”

        There you go again Exile, stealing shamelessly from the Declaration of Independence. 😉

        • Which the Founders “stole” from Martin Luther who stole from Wycliffe who stole from Cataline and the Gracchi….

      • I agree with you, the point I was trying to make is that you have to be conscious of what the system you are living is trying to achieve. Once you do, then it’s much easier to treat the cancer or deal with the murderer. I just don’t believe that most sheeple will take the time to drill down and see the erosion of of a perfectly adequate structure they live and work in. You are absolutely right, there is no such thisng as perfection, but don’t tell a lefty!

        • I suspected you might – didn’t mean to come across as slamming you specifically. There’s a lot of irony-detachment coping and INTP/J intellectualism that goes on with Our Guys – I tend to trigger on it.

          There’s a definite cautionary tale in what you’re saying with respect to trusting institutions simply because they’re old enough to be part of a tradition. Look at Pope Pachamama, the FBI and the US gov in general.

          I’ve been chasing a good take on where personnel and machinery interface for a long time and your comment is in that maddeningly ambiguous borderland.

          Catholicism and fascism embody the risk/reward of strong hierarchy with bad/good personnel but Protestantism and democracy demonstrate how egalitarianism and process just present a different, equally bad-if-not-worse set of problems.

          The only workaround, albeit not a panacea, is to head upstream from systems and process – get the biology right, let the culture grow from it and structure institutions that are compatible with First Things like kin, tribe and race.

          Improve the pool of artistocrats and subordinate and distribute the money and media power in such a way that democracy can operate in harmony with it, sort of what Aristotle admired about the tripartite Spartan structure and what Republican Rome evolved into prior to the Punic Wars.

  22. “America is no longer a free country.“ That about sums it up with
    the addendum about what America is. A sad joke would be one description especially for those of a certain age.

    Back in the day, as we old timers like to say. Back in the day I was proud to be an American even with all the ills that I saw. Now, I am just a taxpayer and consumer who lives on planet earth. Oh, and a member of the most evil group that ever existed; an unrepentant straight, white male.

        • The core of the problem. A people can survive insane regimes provided they are not replaced.

  23. I remember as a kid and teen there was a common colloquialism that we would use in place of a shrug: “It’s a free country.”

    No one uses it much anymore of course. I do it from time to time, mostly to annoy lefty. Doing it in front of them has the same effect as biting down on tin foil with metal fillings. They cringe every time.

  24. The pace of “America’s” deterioration has escalated incredibly rapidly over the past five years or so. The 2017-18 swine flu epidemic was just as bad, if not worse than Coronageddon, yet the current crackdown would have been virtually unthinkable even so short a time ago. As far as I know, such radical measures were never even contemplated. Alas, “America” has been sucked into a fascistic vortex from which it will never emerge. I have often pointed out that America changed more from 1964 through 1969 than it did from 1970 to the present. I now amend the later date to 2015. America is now going through a new bout of degradation similar to what it experienced in the mid- and late-60s. This instantiation will be the last.

  25. “If you are of a certain age, the new normal is particularly tough to fathom.”


    • And just to drive home the point, if they trace a comment like yours, there’s the red flag laws. ‘First amendment??’, that’s funny. ‘Police state’ is no exaggeration in the ‘free world’.

      • Aye. TPTB have counted on not just their foot soldiers in law enforcement but also the well-trained products of public schools to enforce these lock downs via shaming techniques. We may have a hard time getting to the elites in their ivory towers, but we can box the ears of the snitches so that the elites realize one avenue of tyranny has been closed off to them.

  26. It took just 6 weeks for the Land of the Free, home of the Brave to turn into a country of people cowering in the land of the Flee!, home of The Plague!. I would not have thought it.

  27. If we ever figure out a way to go around the censors and do it effectively, a nice comfy jail cell will be waiting.

    Cantwell thought he found a way around the censorship and the weaponization of financial institutions. Now he is sitting in a prison cell without bail and refused mail access even as convicted murderers are released because of Coronavirus!

    • You mean “Doxer of Ricky Vaughn and close Hunter Wallace associate Christopher Cantwell?”

      • I disavow. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make what happened to him just. The guy makes our job harder simply existing and acting like a freak. That doesn’t mean he should be sitting in jail while murderers get released.
        He is a political prisoner.

  28. If you are of a certain age, the new normal is particularly tough to fathom

    Sure, but those people are “Boomers” and who needs THEM? They’ll die off from Chinese Lung-AIDS soon enough while taking money from SocSec and Medicare, draining the yout’s …..so good riddance!

    • I’m Gen X, born in 1969, and I vividly remember the old America, which was still alive and kicking, despite being under assault, until about 2000.
      September 11th is probably a definitive line, a clear mark of before and after, although many of the radical changes obviously started in the late 60’s.
      Remembering life in the 70’s and 80’s, and how far we have fallen, is quite bitter.

  29. [The tyrant] threatens not only the bodies of his subjects but also their spiritual welfare, since those who seek to use rather than to be of use to their subjects oppose any progress by their subjects since they suspect that any excellence among their subjects is a threat to their unjust rule. Tyrants always suspect the good rather than the evil and are always afraid of virtue. They seek to prevent their subjects from becoming virtuous and developing a public spiritedness which would not tolerate their unjust domination.

    ~Thomas Aquinas

    Tyrants seek to atomize their subjects because a strong community would not tolerate the tyrant placing his own ends above the good of the community.

    • BTP +100 for citing the perennial wisdom of the Angelic Doctor. As insightful today as in the 13th century; and a reminder that we’ve always grappled occasionally with the ill effects of tyranny.

  30. It really did happen fast. Someone had a phrase, “there are decades where hardly a week happens. And there are weeks where decades happen.” He was talking about Covid-19 but it could apply to a lot of things. From 2000 to 2010 and then again from 2010 to today, leftist lunacy really accelerated.

      • We could learn a lot from Lenin about fomenting revolution, even if we disagree with his ideology, which I do.

        • The way Mao got the people on his side is also a valuable lesson in the seizing of power. I don’t want anything to do with cults of personality, but that came later. At first it was all about convincing the people that the Reds had a better method of improving people’s lives and it was quite effective.

  31. America is only 60% white… and 55% white among the people actually shaping the future (20s and 30s). Probably less because the 55% includes Arabs Jews Persians and Italians. So why are we surprised that the nation’s political structures no longer resemble what they used to?

    Trudeau just went on a major gun grab. Conservatives are outraged and screaming at that neutral arbiter (aka the sky) how the ban doesn’t make sense, bla bla bla. What they ignore is that the country is only 65% white now and non-whites aren’t so fond of guns. There’s a few token brown guys, or Muslims “enjoying their freedoms” at the range but these conservatives think they’re the rule and not the exception. They’re never getting their guns back because it’s not their country anymore.

    • The fundamental difference is that guns are a critical part of the white, European, Christian, masculine culture that founded the United States.

      I can’t think of another culture where this is the case. So, of course people in those cultures have no understanding or interest in the right to bear arms and they never will.

    • I would revise those statistics down even further UFO – primarily because of the the vast numbers of illegal aliens but also, as you mentioned, because the “non-Hispanic white” bracket includes N. Africans, levantines, ME, and some central Asians. I’m not opposed to accepting some of those types into the white group, particularly if they’re Christian and right-wing, but that is a very small minority.

      IMHO, the population percentage our group currently holds in this country hovers just above 50% for all age groups in aggregate. Perhaps as high as 55. The under 30 cohort is probably more like 45. There’s some overlap with the whiter, right-wing Hispanics.

      Edit: the easiest way to calculate our numbers after the 2020 census will be to subtract the Muslim population from the non-Hispanic white pop. That will include some black Muslims but there are some non-Muslim non-white Hispanics too so it’s a wash. Then to triple the estimated illegal alien population. That non-Hispanic white remainder divided by the illegal alien-enhanced total population will give a good idea. My bet is it falls around 50%.

      Edit 2: From Wikipedia – Demos of the USA:

      “Non-Hispanic Whites make up 60.7% of the country’s population, though some Latin Americans consider themselves to be fully white on the Census.[12] When this is taken into account, white Americans with no Latin American ancestry make up 52.7% of the population”.

      So after accounting for illegals and semites we may already be under 50%…. Their source is https://data.census.gov/mdat/#/search?ds=ACSPUMS1Y2018&cv=RACWHT&rv=HISP&wt=PWGTP

  32. “If you are of a certain age, the new normal is particularly tough to fathom. You spent much of your early life being told that the long struggle against communism was all about preventing exactly this.”

    I was told that yes, but I never believed that. I know this will sound nuts, but I really expected this sorry totalitarian mess since the early 70’s. I never thought the strategy of market anarchists trying to convince people one at a time that the State was your biggest enemy would really work. It did not. Hell, it is an impossible sale here on this side of “the great divide” where people claim they see how bad things are.

    They say that Satan’s greatest trick was convincing people he does not exist. I say his second biggest trick was convincing people he is not using the State to destroy you. And to have to have a certificate that you received a poisonous vaccination against the common cold causing Corona to be able to buy and sell was foretold by barely educated Baptist preachers in Knoxville more than a half century ago. They just called it the “mark of the beast” and wondered what form it would take.

    As I have said, there is no way you are going to vote your way out of this mess. I also look around and don’t find many real men left in our society. None in the west except maybe in eastern Europe and Russia where the men were made strong in the caldron of communism. Perhaps white people will survive in Russia if the Empire does not nuke them in a final act of “kill whitey”.

    We are in a deep pile of poo, and I wonder how long those in charge are going to let Z carry on here — unless he has value by having people on the far right come here so they can be listed in some data base someplace.

  33. Land of the sheep, home of the bedwetters.

    I don’t ever want to hear about the Revolution again, other than the fact it was a tax dodge for Washington, Jefferson, and the rest of the Colonial ruling class.

    • Maybe half the colonists were in favor of the Revolution. Less than a quarter lifted a finger to support it. Kind of a miracle it succeeded. The lesson from lots of revolutions is that a hard-core minority willing to fight and die can often beat an indifferent majority.

      • And also that people prefer local government by those like them. There were many American Tories, but the king was far away while the colonial legislatures and local esteemed businessmen were very near.

      • And if today we have a hardcore minority of dissidents battling an indifferent majority? I mean, for all the blackpilling that goes on these days, on this site certainly, the fact is that history is rife with examples of people in exactly our position moving mountains. From the American Colonists to the commies who swept through China one village at a time. I hope we never forget what we’re capable of — if we have the will.

      • Miracle? Massive support from France , support from much of Europe and even British establishment.

  34. It’s a decay from within. How to stop it?
    We can’t.
    But we will survive it all. There are some reasonable normal people left in our population, just not enough of us.
    The last 60 years or so have really reduced our numbers but we do still exist.
    I have been reading about the manner in which Roman civilization declined.
    We are living in something akin to that.
    We will last calling ourselves the United States as long as the Fed can print money and the dollar remains the world currency.
    After that?
    Who knows.

  35. I’m asking for the help of the older guys with good memories: When did non-governmental deplatforming start? Of course, you could argue that it started with the Allies winning WW2 or Adam eating the apple, but I’m focused on post-WW2.

    As a youngster, I got the message that you couldn’t say that only f@gs and needle-drug users got AIDS, but I was too young to care. Didn’t John Rocker get sent to reeducation camp?

    What were the first non-governmental punishments of free speech?

    (George Lincoln Rockwell used to hold rallies in the 1960s.)

    • Just a spitball, but really saw it take off when leftists invaded HR and Communications operations in large corporations–combined with the push to “go global”. You didn’t want to offend your new global partners–e.g. Disney and the ChiComs. Meanwhile SJWs were infesting HR departments–since nobody with any common sense wanted those shitty jobs. Executive managements are essentially spineless and afraid of having picketers outside their offices. It accelerated in the early 90s and social media simply made it universal–so now the local coffee shop can be mobbed if the owner makes the mistake of giving to an unpopular cause.

    • I went through grade school in the 70’s. Not being a racist meant not calling blacks “niggers”. “Tolerating” gays meant not beating them up.

      • Yep. The watchword then was “tolerance”. Now, I can’t tell you how many “training” programs have been forced to attend where “tolerance” and simply treating people according to their worth and contribution in the workplace has gone to the wayside. Instead I’m supposed to “embrace” and “celebrate” every single lifestyle choice someone chooses no matter how irrelevant to getting work done. Hopefully will be retired before the “embrace pedophilia, bestiality and plural marriage” seminars become the norm. The notion of private vs. professional lives has gone by the wayside.

        • @samladams –

          There was an old joke of an Englishman who announced he was moving to Australia. His reason being that when he was a kid homos were killed, once he got a bit older they were fined, then tolerated and finally embraced. And he thought he’d better move to Australia before homosexuality became mandatory.

          This joke was still funny when I was a kid. Now we’re all out of Australias.

      • I went through grade school in the ’60s and still remember boys calling each other ‘faggot,’ and the fat kids were always picked on. My elementary school was all White. In 7th grade I got my first second-hand experience of divorce – with various kids having new last names and having to work out with teachers what they would go by henceforth. In 9th grade a black girl got pregnant and people would either stare or look away, but no one congratulated her or offered to throw her a baby shower (unlike all the church groups now). In college, after a group discussion in which someone’s black male friend participated (I went to a women’s college), he called the next day to ask me out. I was literally shocked (had done nothing to give the impression I was interested or open to such) and awkwardly refused, and no one called me a racist.

        I was amazed at all the veiled Malaysians in northern England when I attended graduate school, and when my English flatmates made the situation a bit too uncomfortable for the Chinese woman assigned as a flatmate she left in tears – and no one was forced to attend any cultural sensitivity training. In Moscow in the early ’80s all the Americans socialized at the Marine bar, and everyone knew (and many said) that for some reason the beautiful Scandinavian girls were wild to sleep with all the blacks, but no American women did.

        When I returned to the US I noticed all the central Americans around DC/northern Virginia and their verbal catcalls when merely walking down the street. Then in grad school most of the foreign students were pro-Bush (the elder) while more of the Americans loathed the memory of Reagan. In State Dept. training there were a number of radicals and a few outspoken conservatives, and I knew which side I was drawn to. But it really wasn’t until after we returned to America full-time in the mid ’90s that we started seeing, reading, and hearing about all the enforced ‘equality’ garbage – and our suburb, although unfortunately filled with Asians of various stripes, had almost no blacks – you could go weeks without even seeing one.

        Now they’re everywhere, along with the Asians and the Mohammedans, and until the corona hysteria Whites would be perhaps 10-20% of the people in any local environment (grocery store, bank, library, etc.). If you don’t remember anything much before ’85, you’ve never known what a free, primarily White country was. I did, and I mourn it every day, but there’s no going back. There’s only forward and through. It’s why I don’t care about politics or economics or right versus left. I want a future for White children and I want it desperately.

        • A couple yrs ago I worked with an old black ex-military guy who had been stationed in Germany in the 70s. Guy had some crazy stories about how wild the German women were to hop in the sack with him. In these kind of stories there are inevitably exaggerations, but I’m amazed at how often women with no experience with Africans find them so intriguing.

        • 3g4m, what a great exegesis of the Fourteen Words. I join in your sentiment. Thank you.

      • Without intolerance there can be no standards worth keeping, any more than there can be good without evil. Intolerance is increasingly a virtue in this tired society.

    • The Frito Bandito perished in a concentration camp about 1969. That is the first incident of peesea I’m aware of.

    • Line, its funny…er…sad…er…ironic watching how businesses and academia changed. Luckily my first go-round in academia was in the 70s where they still had free speech and you had the ability to do research without worrying about facts and conclusions. Much of my interaction with corporate HR was in the 80s and 90s so did not get much but was starting to see it come.

      Actually worked in a fairly exclusive firm and it was like “Mad Men” even in the 90s. Probably one of the last of its kind. Back into academia in the current century and was able to miss most of the “diversity” and “equity” beatdowns, I mean meetings before I retired. But for grants, I only covered topics that I knew I could or I would never get another grant to do research. Would not be in a room with a female with the door closed. Reeducation camp was always looming.

      • Line, I owe you a better answer.

        At the moment I am listening to “Questions” by Buffalo Springfield. Actually have listened to it several times. While I am sure the members of that band would proclaim me evil now they have no idea that what they were able to do is not possible anymore. They are incredibly rich but they pulled up the drawbridge for young white males to follow them.

        Sounds very bleak I know but what I am really doing now is just Ghost Dancing….Just Ghost Dancing to a past that is….well, past. I have a nice house and the very nice room I am in with great stereo and speakers with a nice garden behind it is becoming very hard for young white males to obtain. That time is never coming back and it was so magic. Don’t know really what to tell you.

        Except this. We fight or we die. Period.

    • The big hidden question is “When and how did dissent first get a national platform?”
      The Founders and their ilk were famously “Pamphleteers” producing small circulation propaganda sheets for a local market. They became, of course, part of the Oligarchy. Tthe oligarchs assiduously sought, and gained control over the next century to the point where Hearst famously could forment a war with Spain through his Newspapers.
      “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the War”

      The Oligarchs Foundations were primary tools in this with the Rockefeller Foundation and its re-purposing and control of education (University of Chicago etc) becoming so problematic that Congress investigated via the Reese Committee in the 50’s.
      In the 60’s Catherine Graham openly said that The Washington Post’s job was to decide what news the people saw, etc etc,
      The same timeframe saw the flourishing of the CIA’s Opertion Mockingbird media control program.
      Small Samizdat magazines continued circulation, just like in the Soviet Union.
      The big revolution was in the 90’s with the ubiquitous Internet and later Web. That allowed the peasantry unfettered access to both create and consume information and opinion outside corporate control with perhaps the first decade of the 2000’s being the high point.
      With the cartelization of the web, the oligarchs have largely re-established control.
      The Government/Non-Government split is a bit of a chimera.
      The same people control both.

      That’s my view,

    • Don’t forget the draft and press gangs seaching attics. The evangelical Protestant revolutionary abolitionist movement grew like a weed in the 1840’s, and it only took twenty years to blast off. People like a purpose, and especially so when it is seen as the winning hand. It is exactly as Tocqueville saw it; the devil in democracy, and only in democracy, is equality.

      “Democratic communities have a natural taste for freedom, but for equality their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, and invincible: they call for equality in freedom; and if they cannot obtain that, they still call for equality in slavery. Men are much alike, and they are annoyed by any deviation from that likeness; far from seeking to preserve their own distinguishing singularities, they endeavor to shake them off in order to identify themselves with the general mass of the people, which is the sole representative of right and of might in their eyes. However the powers of a democratic society are organized and weighted, it will always be very difficult for a man to believe what the mass of people reject, or to profess what they condemn.”

      This was written in 1835, and we haven’t yet gotten the message. It’s no less true in Sweden or Norway, it is merely made more ridiculous in a multi-uncultured society. Equality, a fine thing, is but the poison of democratic societies. Ardent, insatiable, incessant, and invincible. Our prog masters get it, and they mean to rule it.

  36. What we need is a parallel society/economy that runs on something like Bitcoin or Ripple. No more censorship. The dakweb is a limited example of such an economy.

    >Of course, people with unapproved opinions could sell their own books and magazines on-line, but the banks and payment processors refuse to do business with them. It’s not just a few banks and payment processors that refused to do business with people holding unapproved opinions. It’s all of them. Sites like Counter-Currents, VDare and American Renaissance have searched far and wide for a payment processor, but no one will take their business. The banks behind the processors have decreed it.

    These sites rely on bitcoin. This is also why the us govt. is trying to regulate bitcoin as they do everything else. If bitcoin can actually bypass govt. censorship, it will fulfill its promise as an alternative to what we have

    • That is spreading more insidiously through all of financial services–now insurers are gradually refusing to underwrite manufacturers that do a certain percentage of work for the firearms industry–even if they do not fabricate the final product. Try running a machine shop without property and workers compensation insurance. Ditto for ranges and shooting clubs. States will advocate liability insurance to own a firearm as part of the “common sense” legislation–then crackdown on anyone providing it (see NY + NRA for reference).

  37. There was a documentary made, back in the mid-’80s as I recall, of the state-run “child care” system in the old USSR. The documentary was filmed at what was billed as a typical facility where the children were all penned up in a semi-circle shaped play pen reminiscent of a panopticon. Except that in the place of the “observation tower” were the nurses’ stations where the children were never more than arm’s length away from one of the several nurses watching over and caring for them. I remember watching that documentary (I’ve looked for it on YouTube but have never been able to find it) and laughing and sighing all at the same time. It really was a tragi-comedy in the truest sense of the term.

    My wife gets very emotional anytime we drive past a public grade school at 6:00pm and see the multitudes of children on the play ground waiting for their parents or grandparents (or some other guardian in their lives) to come pick them up. She always says, with tears in her eyes, “those poor, poor kids.” My reaction is more of disgust.

    Back in the early ’90s a new building appeared on the campus of my home town school bearing the name, “Early Childhood Development Center.” I read it aloud as my father and two of my sisters were traversing the parking lot to go to a football game, remarking that “Early Childhood Development Center? I thought that was in the home.” My younger sister (who is 12 years younger than me) popped off, “what do I care; it’s a free baby sitter.” To which our father answered with a scolding the likes of which she will never forget as long as she lives.

    The younger generations have no clue how far we’ve fallen, just in the last thirty years! Robert Lewis Dabney wrote in The New South, that the world had grown up and forever grown past the kind of freedom our forbears enjoyed, not because the new generations were better than the old, but exactly its opposite – the old system was and is too good for the new generations.

    • Worked with many people over the years that grew up in the old Soviet system–equality for women meant they had to bust their asses in the same drudgery as men, just to get enough to live on. But we used to joke about all the “Young Pioneers” crap they had to go through. All but a few true believers knew it was bullshit, but if you didn’t perform all the rituals you’d get identified for “special treatment”.

    • My lady runs a pre-school company. One of the biggest complaints she gets when new parents are enrolling their possessions is the 10-hour rule. Which means no child can be left in their care for more than 10 hours per day. The problem isn’t the double-income parents working long days, though that is part of it. The problem is the parents want to leave their kids at “school” while they go to the gym or hair parlor or grocery store after work. Luckily most gyms have daycare. So the actual problem is the extra logistics of transporting the kids to a different provider. And by logistics I mean the kids’ internalization of their low priority and burdensome existence.

      Cry freedom indeed.

      • And to the contemporary female, gym does not mean “work out”, it means “stand around looking cute in $200 tight pants.”

        • There really needs to be a rule about saying things that sound good but aren’t the least bit true. Now if you wanna talk about middle-age women who read a book on the recline-cycle while moving their legs in slow motion, then you’d be closer to reality.

  38. G. Gordon Liddy, “When I was a Kid, This was a Free Country.” A fascinating walk through my childhood in the 40’s and 50’s. The last chapter is his version of Watergate. I didn’t realize what a nut he was until I read his autobiography but this book is worth a read.

  39. Two immediate takeaways–contrary to popular wish, the Staatspolitzei ain’t gonna come over the peoples side and second, there are more volunteers for the local Committees for the Defense of the Revolution than were volunteers lined up at recruiting offices on 12/8/41.

  40. I can’t help but conclude that the ancients had it right: tyranny is man’s default state, and the jungle will always reclaim the clearing. For the vat majority of us, our “freedom” was just a social habit inherited from our ancestors, no different than drinking coffee instead of tea. For every person i know who is upset by the lockdown, I know ten who passively accept it, and twenty who get some kind of quasi-sexual thrill from scolding and ratting out their fellow citizens. Wasn’t it Aristotle who said men are naturally slaves? He was right about women, too.

    • “Man’s default state” overlooks the significant difference between races. A general “human nature” is actually quite minimal. The human natures of various races are quite real and different. Don’t generalize from Africans to Danes, for example

      • Ok, but look: anyone who says “don’t generalize from Africans to Danes” assumes the latter are better than the former. Which would be fine, if the latter weren’t embracing their slavery with all their hearts and souls. I’m around Diversity a lot – they’re mostly bemused by the lockdown, since getting ordered around by \ depending on Government is their daily life. It’s Whitey who can’t wait to hear some new regulation to obey, the more ridiculous the better. If we’re at the top of the ladder, then it’s turtles all the way down — slavery is man’s default state.

        • Sure, the Danes embraced slavery, but what about the Africans? You’re a history professor, which race ended slavery?

          • We seem to be talking past each other. Which race is embracing its own slavery **right now**? Hint: It’s the race to which the words “Karen” and “Cuck” apply.

          • Yes, we are, in the main, embracing our own enslavement. However, there remains a significant chunk of us–1/3?–who never will. I’m not sure you can say that of any other race.

  41. With an old friend recently and tried to point out exactly your message of lost freedoms. He got angry claiming all my information was bogus. Tried citing verifiable sources and just got the ” talk to the hand “.

    It’s as if he knows deep down inside something’s wrong yet can’t come to grips with it because it’s too painful. We still friends so there’s hope yet 🙂

    Men want to be free. That is America’s heritage. We know what demographic makes things happen. There are forces in play to keep those good men down. May we find the strength and courage to take back what is ours. We Did Build It !!!

    • Information and statistics have nothing to do with freedom. Either you are free or you aren’t. You aren’t. Your friend doesn’t even miss it.

  42. And it will become less free.

    As the old ideas die with the people who remembered and cherished them, there will simply be very few people left who even think in terms of freedom. “Fairness,” “equality” and “anti-racism” will be the driving goals of our increasingly non-white politicians, not freedom.

    Indeed, to them, your freedom is a hindrance to their goals.

    “Freedom to allow you to continue being racist!”

    “Freedom to allow you to continue your American apartheid!”

    “Freedom to allow you to continue enjoying your white privilege!”

    The Enlightenment ideals were always a hothouse flower, only able to grow and survive due to an unusual and ephemeral environment. That environment is changing, ironically mostly caused by the flowery ideals themselves.

    Imagine what Pres. Harris or Abrams or AOC will do with the FBI when they get their hands on it. Imagine what kind of judges and Supreme Court justices they will appoint. Imagine the kinds of housing, tax and employment laws they will get through a Democratically-controlled Congress.

    If we don’t build our own communities, we will become the helots of their community

  43. America is no longer American, by appearances. The narrative will break when enough people realize this. Things are getting worse in the short term, but that’s only because we’re living through the end of something. Tptb are trying to hold on. It’s darkest before the dawn.

    And I’ll say my great disappointment with Trump is that he’s turned out to be weak. He’s presiding over this. Never expected him to be perfect, but he keeps rolling over.

    Idk maybe he’s in on breaking the narrative, but I figure that’s above a president’s pay grade.

    • “America is no longer American.”

      Exactly. Biology>Culture>Political Ideals. Change the biology and, eventually, you change the political ideals. Freedom was and is a white WASP guy thing.

      Other groups just aren’t big fans of it. And, you know what, it probably doesn’t work for them, which is why they don’t use adopt it. That’s why you have different nation-states.

      • America is still here, though. The owners. Old money with land holdings, ‘heritage’ Americans. Big and small people. We’re America, and the rest operates with our consent only. There are greater powers than money and politics. Even kings are kings of a nation. The nation is the source.

        • The one bright spot is that our erstwhile overlords are soft people. Reliant on others to do their dirty work. But they do possess tools that the Stasi or NKVD could only have dreamed of.

      • Biology>Culture>Political Ideals

        One of the most important, and unapproved, realizations.

        • A culture is nothing more than a sentient biological collective over a period of generations. Without biology there is no culture, and therefore without biology there are no political ideals. Biology wins, every time.

  44. Cancer typically progresses very slowly in the beginning and very quickly near the end. And the pace of change can be an effective barometer for when you enter the terminal end-stage of the disease. Mom & Pop retail stores are shutting down permanently now and soon there will be tons of vacant commercial real estate. Ghosttown commercial districts are coming to a city near you very soon. The reality freight train is bringing on a load of real hardship. Time to practice your aim and renew those calluses. What else is there to do with your government enforced leisure time?

    • Harden your heart and your body. Maybe we get out of this, but the likelihood of “Grahams Rules” going into effect is higher than ever.

        • Full version–1. NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Whether an event lasts a few seconds, a few hours, or even a few days – you have to work as though nobody is coming to save you.

          2. You are your savior, so start working because EVERYTHING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You are your security, you are your medic, you are your rescuer.

          3. You are your own best resource to SAVE WHO NEEDS TO BE SAVED. Nobody wants to save your life more than you, so set yourself up for success by having the simple tools and knowledge to do so: do what you can with what you have. Recognize that nobody is in a better position to start saving your life than you.

          4. Sometimes saving lives means you have to KILL WHO NEEDS TO BE KILLED. It has been almost 15 years since I first wrote “the more effective you are at taking a life, the more successful you’ll be at saving one” and nothing in the intervening time has changed my mind. Be swift, be decisive, be final.

          5. Mostly, ALWAYS BE WORKING. There is always something you can be doing to improve your position. Always. Because nobody is coming to save you.

    • And giant corporations that were able to weather out the lockdowns through deep pockets and bought politicians will swoop in and buy everything….

    • “Cancer typically progresses very slowly in the beginning and very quickly near the end.”

      So does bankruptcy.

    • The day before the lockdowns I wrote a pamphlet saying the same thing that you’re saying here. When I handed it out, people either listened sympathetically and vowed to do absolutely nothing or said I was irresponsible and a danger to public health.

      I just wish something could’ve happen sooner. All those business; all those dreams…

  45. Back in the day, you’d hear “it’s a free country” as shorthand for “do what you want.”

    I’ve noticed people don’t say that anymore.

  46. All true, unfortunately. Soooo, where to now? Suggestions? Solutions? (The ugly reality does bring into sharper focus the arguments of the accelerationists.)

    • Organizational experience won’t ever be a negative. Get involved with your local anti-quarantine group.

    • Jim, we are pinned down but not defeated.

      As a math guy, I think of this as the point at which you’ve been given a problem that you can’t immediately solve. You do research, you try a bunch of different things, but you don’t stop trying. Life is surprising and you only win if you show up.

  47. Torba from Gab was optimistic for Bitcoin as a payment processor that would reach critical mass any time now. It seems that’s the tech nerd’s version of ‘two more weeks’. A lot of dissidents are coming to the realization it would probably never happen and cryptocurrency is only useful funding small operations far outside the overton window..

    Went to VDare’s site and noticed they allow credit cards, but no such luck from Amren.

    Money is power, which is why the first goal of any dissident political operation is to either make your enemy waste away away so much cash and other resources on futile measures that they collapse, or find rich people who can feel safe funding your optics-friendly cause.

    • Cryptocurrency is the ultimate tracking device for feds. Every transaction is committed to the ledger. Anonymity is pretty much impossible with (basic) cryptocurrency. And yeah, there are ways to protect transactions, sort of, but *can* be traced and require technical sophistication. Cash and gold do not (though serial numbers on cash are still a problem, though most places don’t record cash serial numbers, yet).

  48. When I was young, people used to say “It’s a Free Country” quite often – usually in response to a dumb idea.
    My grandparents would probably have said the same thing to people who think hiding in their houses for months is the right response to the flu. They wouldn’t be able to wrap their heads around a Governor telling them they have to do it – even if it bankrupts them. Both of my grandfathers had shotguns above their mantles to deal with those kinds of idiots.

    • I agree with the sentiment but nobodys pappy used those shotguns on anything but rabbits. Just as nobody in my hardcore genx cohort is going to use muh AR15 on anything but steel plates and paper silhouettes. But at least there were men in the before times who used plainspeak to make their views known. All this cower inside stuff is just the embodiment of decades of holding our tongues. Even my most redpilled buddies will tapdance around the coul d’ sac to avoid putting their wives in an awkward social channel with the other strong independent women on the block. Maybe the covid is changing this. I hope so.

      • You beat me to it. I don’t really mind the open cowards, but the ‘muh 2nd’ people just irritate me. They are never going to use the guns, so what good are they? The gov can mandate every 3rd child killed as long as they have their guns, they will excuse it and continue to threaten ‘should tyranny ever arrive’

        • If they file off the front sight they can at least use the barrel as a dildo.

      • Family story. My grandpa used to trap muskrats. Figured out someone was robbing his trap, so he took his rifle and set up nearby in the woods. Guy comes along and picks up the trap. Grandpa puts a bullet in the animal in the trap. Guy slowly puts the trap down and walks away. No more theft!

        • Way impressive indeed! Now a training goal for me. For my true family training story, one of my fun methods is to set up small plastic animals (lions-tigers-dinosaurs-bears) and blast them rapidly, both shotgun, 38 and 357, competing against myself. They’re hard plastic, hardly dent and I do it over and over. When I’ve had enough, time to sit on the tailgate with the trusty 22 and plink at plastic critters hidden in sage brush.

          • Point being my grandpa used his for more than hunting. And it’s safe to talk about something that happened 80 years ago on the internet. My (hypothetical) grandkids will have stories too.

        • I tried trapping when i was a kid. Tragicomedy. I caught a great horned owl, two crows and the neighbors dog. The dog and owl were fine but the crows were not. Who knew that crows and owls are natural enemies?

        • Some few years ago the ‘house next door’ was being robbed and vandalized on a semi-nightly basis. I was mostly oblivious to the problem until the neighbor (who had just recently purchased the house and had been working on it) confronted me, face-to-face, questioning whether *I* was the burglar. Well, strike that, his wife confronted me face-to-face, not him. But anyway,…

          Once I got the full story as to what had been going on ‘under my nose,’ I told the woman, in no uncertain terms, that I would take care of it. So, I posted myself, the next few nights, close to their property, loaded shotgun in hand. About the third night, wee hours of the morning, I hear the burglars make their way through the woods and begin to jimmy at a window at the back of the house. I raise the muzzle of the shotgun and fire – Boooom! At which point the intruders scurry away in haste. I fire again (into the ether), then pronounce in no uncertain terms, “don’t you ever come around here again you SOB!; if you do, I’ll shoot you grave-yard dead!”

          “Grave-yard dead” seems kind of superfluous in hindsight, but it has a nice ring to it nonetheless. We never had a problem with burglars after the firing of those warning shots.

          • She confronts you and the break-ins stop. Coincidence? NO? She probably thinks her confronting you put a stop to it to this day.

      • “is going to use muh AR15 on anything…”

        Ok, try this thought experiment. Those bad men went to the Capitol in the Michigan Reich, armed.

        Were they:

        1. Set upon by Antifa.

        2. Set upon by the local version of the NYPD goons, one that literally sat on your head as it was pinned, face down on concrete.

        3. None of the above.

        Bing-bing-bing. If you answered ‘3’, you are a winner. Not to mention those “cowering in fear”, boo-hoo. Now let’s try another thought experiment.

        Those bad men that went to the Capitol in the Michigan Reich, armed, were not set upon by goons in police uniforms nor Antifa because:

        1. The police are a benevolent force for good, our heroes in blue.

        2. The local Antifa were too busy raking their lawns, planting their gardens and picking up stray trash on their streets.

        3. The adversaries were afraid.

        Bing-bing-bing. If you answered ‘3’, you are a winner.

        Now, do you want to take another crack at denigrating our 2nd Amendment rights, fool? Any question why they want to disarm you?

        • Homer, dont be so triggered. Your straw story is poorly constructed but thats here nor there.

          You are, however, supporting my point. You think I am ‘denigrating the 2nd amendment’ when I am in fact indicting those who use the moral self-licensing of larping about their guns to stand idly by when using their words and personal choices and tradeoffs regularly available to them are too hard. Meh.

          The real denigration is tilting at windmills with muh guns when sons and daughters are whores and soyboys and status is more important than risking social capital to hold up what is right from what is wrong.

          We are not yet in a shooting war. 350 million guns but the commies are in charge and have been for decades. So what gives? Where have all the big men and all their guns been hiding?

          I’ve been shooting since I was a kid. From the backyard bb gun range to the ROTC rifle course. I am fit, healthy, and strong. I have been practicing martial arts for a decade. I say this not to qualify, because frankly your obtuse comment doesn’t deserve it, but to illustrate for the others the crux of the issue: none of that matters if I lack the courage to win the engagements before the shooting starts.

          IOW. My most useful weapon is that IDGAF what some prog bitch thinks – and so I live the truths every day. And those come with costs and tradeoffs. Real ones that I have paid and continue to pay.

          The 2nd is under duress not because there aren’t enough men with guns but because too many of those men think owning a gun makes them a patriot and thus they needn’t tend the soil beneath that tree of liberty.

          If the hellmouth opens, I will be ready, and alongside, presumably you and your AR.

          But there is a lot of fighting that does not require a gun that has been abandoned because its easier to post facebag pics with guns than it is to confront the gradual decay of our people, one cul de sac at a time.

          It is that dereliction of duty that my post denigrates.

          See you at the range.

          • So basically the hordes have crashed the gates and you’re waiting for someone else to start the hostilities before you jump into the fray. In the meantime, you’re playing Rambo in your backyard…as the whole neighborhood gets eaten alive.

          • I do not know whom this comment is aimed at. It is hysterical and off the mark, no matter the target.

            Ownership of a nice shotgun serves legitimate personal purposes. To list just a couple, home defense is one. Another is that the suitors of ones daughters know there is a father with said shotgun, best to be honorable and polite.

            None of this has anything to do with “hordes”.

          • “is tilting at windmills with muh guns when sons and daughters are whores and soyboys”

            It has nothing to do with “AR” anything and the same points hold true if one carried a vintage, double-barreled shotgun. Cowards are not going to rush you.

            There is no correlation between gun ownership and what you have described. In my personal experience, the effect is quite the opposite.

            Speaking of opposites, my snark seems to have you all hot and bothered. Or to use the term, “triggered”. That is regrettable, as even among reasonable people, high emotions tend to lead to less than logical thoughts and actions.

            Speaking of logical thoughts and actions, arriving at the capitol of the Michigan Reich armed for self-defense was logical, even if based only on the outcome that did not include the legally armed protesters NOT being set upon. In terms of their actions, collectively as gun owners they chose not to open fire on their political foes.

            I doubt “whores and soyboys” are the progeny of such men. E tu?

      • Your sentiment is spot on. One glimmer of hope is that we have progressed as a people from passive aggressive somnambulation. To aggressive passive aggressiveness. At least we can’t see the scowls with all these maskfags mumbling under their breath at us for not complying with today’s arbitrary communist dictate.

    • One had a shotgun, the other a Walther he picked up during the war–handier as he often had to go out to the warehouse he ran in the middle of the night to deal with the alarm going off.

      • What the heck. Why is everybody talking about what thier grandpappy had. Don’t we have any contemporary gun nuts here?

        • I have my dad’s Walther PP, confiscated from a German POW in WW2. Today’s aficionados would say .32 ACP is too underpowered. But if you train vigorously to put the round in an eye socket at 7 yards, it’ll get the job done.

          • Yeah it’s like the old meme. “I have 3 guns and the goverment confiscates 2 of them. How many guns do i now have.”… “11, because I lied about how many gun i own.”

  49. I got my teeth clean this morning. I already had the appointment on the books and they opened up this morning so I went because this is all bs anyway. They took my temperature. I asked the girl what it was and she said 73. When I expressed dismay she said oh mine was 73 too but at least it’s not high. This is such a pathetic theater routine we’re all playing but the worst part is it is Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Good luck finding anyone in real life who thinks the way you do.

    I’m pretty sure I ended the relationship with my aunt and uncle last night because I insisted he stop sending me hysterical diatribes about the Wuhan flu. I just find them enraging

    • As Drake said, might want to have her get that thermometer checked. 73 Fahrenheit is room temperature AKA deceased. 🙂

      • One more covid death that could have been prevented if we had shut down that dental office. Worse, not only is Whitney now a covid death. She is also still being allowed to walk around and spread the virus.

      • Exactly.

        I have an 18 mo old at home. So I’ve gotten pretty familiar with taking a temperature. We have the old fashioned stick it in yer’ butt thermometer – and we bought one of those point it at him types too. So MULTIPLE times – when he got sent home from daycare for “running a temperature” we’d pull out both of the thermometers and test him – and *sometimes* the rectal would actually show an elevated temp – but there wasn’t one single instance when I could get anything approaching a fever level temp out of the external thermometer. Usually it would read a temp in the mid to high 80’s.

        Which was leading me to the conclusion that the things just simply don’t work – unless maybe you have a device with some sort of extrapolation going on internally ( external measured temp of 83 = internal temp of 95 , or some such thing).

        So when this Cornholeya virus thing got going – and all the news reports showed the minders in China taking forehead readings of people to determine if they had a fever or not – my first thought was “virus theatre”.

        But when the virus started spreading here – to elevate the level of the experiment – and because I wanted an excuse to buy one ( I can use it for working on the car and finding heat leaks on the house) – I bought a FLIR infrared thermometer.

        Here’s the thing – I STILL can’t get a reading out of that device – which shows what I would consider to be “real” body temp – like you would get with an internal thermometer.

        So after 18 months or so of trying to use an external thermometer to measure body temps – I still haven’t seen any results I would consider to be accurate.

        I’m thinking this external body temp measuring has a very high bullshit quotient.

    • “I’m pretty sure I ended the relationship with my aunt and uncle last night because I insisted he stop sending me hysterical diatribes…”

      My choice has been a bit different, in terms of deployment. Instead of triggering the people in my sphere that were sending me lame-brained texts and emails, I blocked them without a word. Ghosted them, using the modern parlance. On my Android slave phone I have a feature that allows me to “Block” a number, no calls nor texts. This feature may not be useful against phone # spoofing scammers, but it is effective for those with a static phone number.

      Same for email, block them by creating a Spam rule at the service end, before it makes it into your email client. So it is zapped and you do not have to even see that an email came your way from, let’s call him for our purposes, “nutboy”. Or the Karen version.

      I thought this approach sounded Draconian, for friends and relatives. It does not feel that way after a couple of days of excising each mental boil on your peace of mind ass. No arm waving. No blow up.

      Fuck off in peace.

      Unless you are mission critical in my life, that is my approach.

  50. Now that the our rulers have committed themselves to this path they need to drag it out for as long as they can. The shut down has created more dissents of many stripes but as this drags out it will also make more and more people dependent upon the government. Few had much faith in the USSR but they had no other options. The more this drags out the more people will distrust government but in contrast the more dependent they will be forced to become on government. That forced dependence will after time become more and more routine until few will bother to object or even notice.

    • Soviet Union kept chugging along because Russians are fairly smart. Right now they have some success censoring because there’s enough whites and Jews still around to keep things running. Our future is far worse than that.

      On the bright side, in the future the state will lack the competence to oppress us as much.

      LAPD has already been infiltrated by the cartels. Old competent boomers are still running many critical companies and systems. This will change and we go to Brazil, or worse, Venezuela, or India mixed with africa. Juan up the street is a nice guy, but when everyone in the country becomes Juan… then you get mexico.

      • I see one little beacon of hope in all of this…Being away from the mind and spirit numbing demands of the hamster wheel, many people are taking measure. How that works itself out is yet to be seen.

        btw, yes apply for the CERB, again and again and again…

  51. (((forces too complex for anyone to fathom))), Fixed That For Ya.

    I know it is easy to find j00s in the sandwiches (h/t Goad) but when I say that I don’t just imply tribals. I imply all the far left infiltrators that have been leaking this poison in slowly for six decades now. We are simply seeing the culmination of them, smartly, playing the very long game. “The long march through the institutions” indeed…

    And furthermore, you would have to be completely obtuse to not notice the outsized tribal influence in all these ‘movements’ and the degeneracy that swims parallel to them. Likewise, I think the rational minded among us understand not all tribals are the same. We are specifically talking about those with the sinister agenda when we call out these insidious infiltrators.

    As an aside I knew we were finished when I got the ‘Roger Stone’ treatment of the machine gun toters dragging me out of bed at 4 am for saying mean words to a minority. That is when you know you’ve crossed into some post-America hellscape because that would have been unfathomable not even that long ago. And as you mentioned this jack booted thuggery for political reasons only is becoming more & more prevalent.

      • Ref Goad: 5 -10 minutes wasted I’ll never get back, although it was a reminder of why I never vist that old horn dog’s web site.

    • The line about antisemites tasting Jews in their sandwich predates Goad by about fifty years. Funny, but I have not visited Taki in so long I can’t remember the last time. I visited today and and kept getting a warning about my browser blocking ads, but there are no ads on the site. They solicit for subscriptions, but subscribing offers no benefits. Weird.

          • Taki comment section back in the day was the best. This place next best thing.

          • They shut it down a year or two ago because the antisemites were dominating. Too gauche or something.

        • I’d be embarrassed to comment and have people know i was actually a subscriber. Ditto NRO. I’m getting really sick of these intectual cowards. I have fantasy about going on a NR cruise, getting riproaring drunk, and laying into thier, invariably, fleshy faces. I bet my fist would sink in a good couple of inches prior to meeting significant cartilagius or boney resistance.

      • Left Taki’s for dead once Queen Mandolyna took a guillotine to the commentariat. Haven’t been back since and never will.

    • Yeah, I forgot to say good morning to whomever our Federal “minder” is here.

  52. I think that if we just write some well-reasoned articles about the virtues of classical liberalism, that will bring them around.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of concentration camps. But we’ll try your way first.

    • If someone pointed out the irony of it all, they would become ashamed of the double standard.

    • My brother thinks that record low black unemployment and corona government checks will yield a mass of blacks voting for Trump. Poor guy is going to get hit with the baseball bat of reality.

      • It’s disgusting and infuriating how whitey has been trained to seek his desires through the well-being of other groups. Like how the right can only validate its political process through blacks and Hispanics, as if these people even matter. Nothing is legitimate unless Candace Owens green lights something.

        Reminds me of white guy friends I had growing up – and still today – who’d immerse themselves in another culture to find meaning and purpose, like Japanese culture. Nothing wrong with Japan, but I had white friends growing up who would get REALLY into Japan: they’d travel the country, learn the language, learn the society’s art and culture, get deep into manga, karate, and Samurai codes, and all that. I would always wonder why, because Japan never interested me in the slightest, but now I know: white guys aren’t allowed to take pride in their own accomplishments and culture – which easily outstrips the rest of the world – so they have to appropriate another culture and do Sailer’s “flight from white” if they don’t want to be adrift, do drugs, overdose, and die. It’s a survival and coping mechanism. White Jews are another example: from the 50s to the 90s they were just lumpenprole whites busy with science and engineering, but now they have to reallllly set themselves apart with Jewish mysticism to survive.

        Our ruling class has decreed that there’s no such thing as white culture (an absurd assertion for anyone who’s self-aware: it’s so omnipresent that it touches every facet of the modern world; it even has jump-started the east from their medieval, then communist, slumbers) but the decree is the first step to genocide. Why the ruling class wants whitey out of the way so they can lord over a smoking ball of shit peopled by useless, incompetent brown rabble is beyond me: sure, lording over such a world and effortlessly selling it Product will be easier, but who’d want to be mayor of a landfill?

        • Obviously, (((tyhey))) want white culture out of the way because white culture is the ONLY culture that has ever stood in the way of world government, and the only culture that even has the concept of individualism or liberty.. (((they))) figure that we have invented nearly everything that will ever be invented, so they need rid of us in order to set up their talmudic world governmnet. The ‘darker races ‘ inclusing and actually especially the chinese, have no concept of ‘Western’ or Christian culture and act [willingly] as disposable worker bees.
          The other answer – and the root one at that – is that the jew hates white people. Period. Part jealousy, and partly due to their dna. Yes, I understand that the modern jew is 90% khazar, but that percentage which is even Adamic is traced to esau edom, cain and amelek. Read your Bible – see what God thinks of them and see whaat they think of True, White Israel. It all becomes pretty plain once you understand that…

      • Can he say it with a straight face? I just tried to say it out loud – couldn’t do it.

      • It is truly amazing that siblings of opposite views of reality can come from the same loins. Tell your brother that he can be assured that as soon as 9% of blacks vote for Trump, we are in Hell and it has just frozen over. Then watch his reaction as the returns trickle in. Ha, ha.

  53. “First world problem” used to be a cutesy little shorthand to remind us that we should be grateful for the comforts our culture has carved out of the landscape.

    Now I sense that the phrase is just one more NLP mantra to divorce us from the idea that our culture has unique attributes that produced the very thing we call “first world” – and to instill a sense of shame where pride once resided.

    How dare you cling to your first amendment when people are facing virus death! How selfish.

    The idea that the multitude of things that separate us from the very real third world are frivolous and not worthy of defending because *something* else should be deemed more important primes us to accept a new order of things. The new normal.

    Which happens to be more like the third world shitholes that the rest of the world is trying to escape.

    Just like how relativism renders us closer to the apes in celebrating our most base impulses, the deflation of “first world” values in this death by a thousand cuts will render us closer to the killing fields of the filthy continents.

    I see this definition of “problems” taking hold wherever liberty is being subordinated for compliance and submission, for our own safety of course.

    Just wear the mask already.

    • Wear the mask; live in the pod; believe the media; eat the bugs; watch the entertainment; respect the cops; trust “our” government… Get in the boxcar.

    • Penetrating observation. I would add that, when I hear somebody use that phrase, I get the sense the user is trying to guilt YT. Hence, “The saintly indigenes of the developing world are oppressed and starving, while whites, who caused all their problems, are complaining because they can’t get a haircut.”

    • Oof.

      There’s too much cognitive dissonance for even normie-cons to pretend the nation he wrote that song for still exists.

          • Epaminondas said: ” But (((they))) never did.”

            Seriously man, blaming other people is pure crap. WE ALL, in our own way tossed our liberty in the trash. Who among us would have risked their lives to insure the liberty of their neighbors? Who will do it now? Sins of omission and commission. Years of eather doing nothing to stop the rot or contributing to it. What kind of people just stand by and let the buccaneer Capitalists and Pseudo-Communists take over their whole damned country? Are those kind of people worthy of freedom and liberty? But hey, it wasn’t just us, was it? It’s been the last five generations of Americans who were too busy, too scared too lazy or too committed to the system to oil up their carbines and saddle up. As for me, I won’t be on this roller coaster that much longer. As of 9:15 tonight PST I’ll be 67 years old. So there ya go, old age does have it’s advantages.

          • I’m sure I fell short in some ways, but I didn’t do too poorly in others. In fact, considering my circumstances, I’d say I did close to my best. I’ve just turned 28; I’ve not had enough years of “adult brain” life to say that I have chosen to throw my liberty into the trash. Although I do regret one thing: smoking too much pot.

            Happy birthday, sir. Whenever I don’t know where I’m going, I turn to people of your age group for guidance.

          • Lawdog

            My advice to anyone your age is simple. learn to speak Polish and Hungarian.

          • Spanish and Arabic. Guess I messed up.
            Polish is hard, but maybe I can swing Hungarian.

          • I feel sorry for you lawdog. When I came to this country 52 years ago the old timers had a saying — you do what you like It’s a free country. You could hear that often ,it was a way to close a discussion. I havent heard that expression in a long time. Some here sold their birthright for a bowl of porridge but are blaming the (( others))

          • Hey Bologna-boy – until you let/or pull the scales from your eyes you’re gonna be stuck in neutral — jewish bolshevik talmudic usury is behind 90+ percent of ALL the world’s problems — don’t believe me – wade on in to the deeper part of the research pool – it’s all there hidden in plain sight

          • Chimp Sackless said: ” jewish bolshevik talmudic usury is behind 90+ percent of ALL the world’s problems .” Maybe. But it’s also behind most of the worlds ice cream. And I, like the President, will take two scoops.

          • It’s a toss-up to which group has the worst sense of humor, jew haters or SJWs. 😂

      • Every nation has to lose its innocence at some point .

        Anyone who longs for something hard to obtain must also realize that often what they want is for their children or often grand children not them.

        This won’t make you feel better but well before this Covid stuff, the US was a goner since it was no longer is capable of carrying on its ideas and values. No one even immigrants wants children which is surest way of saying F This .

        I’m not convinced anything short of turning off modernity can change that. The disruption of the Internet doesn’t mesh well with human needs, Hell I’m not sure TV does.

        • Yes, yes, yes! I think reliance on the internet is a bad thing for the human mind. It’s like we’ve become its slaves.

          • Some good, a lot of bad. This should surprise no one.

            If you want an example of extreme disruption, consider the effects of online dating and how it meshes with female hypergamy

            TL;DR guts marriage and makes what marriages do occur less stable.

            Truth is the Left isn’t wrong to censor. Its what they censor that is wrong.

    • That’s a favorite WRSA meme too.

      Truth is that nobody wants the current system nobody has a real alternate plan toward something better and nobody wants to be the guys to destroy a continent sized county. Therefore nobody does anything.

      Its also doesn’t help that the Right dissident and otherwise craves order and prosperity. Revolutionaries whether ballot of bullet do not or at least not alone. They crave power and revenge on their enemies every bit as much.

      That craving gives you something to sacrifice for.

      FWIW that spirit is out there, the vast normie popularity of Fight Club and more recently the Joker (both Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix versions ) with a burn it down ethos shows that.

      How it can be used to political ends, who knows.

    • That’s not a crime, all you are doing is referring to a twitter thread.

      In the US the Proud Boys went to prison, in the UK some idiots on twitter wrote something critical about michael gove and sarah vine.

      People type anti-white remarks on twitter all the time in the US, you want zman to write articles every time that happens?

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