The Negative Mind

For a very long time, the radical conception of politics was the struggle between the radicals advancing society forward and reactionaries trying to block the way. In this formulation, the radicals push for reform and the reactionaries concoct an argument against it and the resulting struggle advances society forward. The result is imperfect, so the ideal solution from the radical perspective is to eliminate the reactionaries, who stand in the way of the project and the path of human destiny.

Strangely, the modern Right has also embraced this view. This was not always so, but the conservatism that evolved in the 20th century fully embraced its role as the dancing partner of radicalism. Bill Buckley made this clear when he said, “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.” Note also the need do the yelling when others are not inclined to do any yelling.

Superficially, this was an effort to own the insult, a pose to signal indifference to the self-righteousness of the radicals. There’s a bit of self-dealing there, as it assumes a bravery on the part of conservatives that has never been observed in the field. At the core, however, is the acknowledgment that conservatism as Buckley and others imagined it in the 20th century could not exist without radicalism. Conservatism was just one prop on a set that was built to feature the radical agenda.

Of course, this is an entirely negative identity. There is no internal mechanism to define Buckley-style conservatism. In isolation, it is like a pathogen looking for a host. It can only be kept alive through artificial means. This reality means that Buckley-style conservatism could never defeat the radicals, as to do so would be to sign their own death certificate. In time, this evolved into a sort of battered wife syndrome, where they needed the radicals to win every fight in order to feel alive.

The thing is, the radicals were not entirely self-determined. If we assume the birth of radicalism was the French Revolution, what defined it at its conception was an opposition to the established order. Radicals opposed tradition and order, seeing those as superstitions and cowardice. The way forward was to abandon those things in pursuit of human destiny, so naturally the radical must always be opposed to convention and orthodoxy. The radical was born to be in opposition.

In the 20th century, as liberal democracy became the norm in the Anglosphere and the nations under its dominion, radicalism blossomed into its own negative identity. To be on the Left meant opposing normalcy. Whatever normal people were doing, the radicals had to oppose and try to wreck it. This is explicit today in the grievance studies rackets, where they endlessly go on about disrupting and overturning what they imagine to be their oppressors. It’s all about opposition to normal human relations.

Modern politics is a dynamic between two co-dependent worldviews that must oppose one other to exist. This dynamic between two entirely negative identities has come to define modern liberal democracy. The radicals search around for things they must oppose and the conservative are constantly examining the radicals for what it is they plan to oppose. Once some novelty is discovered, both sides feverishly engage in well-established dance that always ends in the same place.

Take, for example, the issue with Joe Biden. He has a long reputation for being a guy who gropes women, often in public. He seems to get off on it. He’s not a rapist or a sexual predator. He’s just a weirdo who likes to grope women. According to the current sensibilities of the Left, he should be torn to pieces and fed to the dogs. After all, women have come forward with specific complaints and his behavior. In the Kavanaugh hearings, they said we must believe all women.

Of course, the Left is not all that interested in this. The conservatives are up in arms at the alleged hypocrisy. How can they support the absurd claims about Kavanaugh, while ignoring the quite believable claims about Biden? Predictably, the conservatives are putting on their outrage faces and doing the self-righteous indignation act. Soon, they will be outraged that the Left is not shamed by their own hypocrisy. That’s always the next phase of these political dramas.

The thing is, the Left is not indifferent or ignorant to the obvious hypocrisy. They are energized by it. Seeing the conservative apoplexy is what makes them feel alive, because it means they have disrupted and subverted the status quo. Who they are, what makes them what they are, is entirely dependent on the outrage and anger of the people they oppose. When the conservatives put on their angry face and appear to be confused, the radicals have become self-actualized.

What may have happened over the generations is liberal hypocrisy has evolved into a form of caudal luring. The radicals naturally embrace hypocrisy as it lures in the conservative, causing them to act in a way that validates the radicals. Unlike a snake or shark that uses its tail to lure prey, the radicals are not hoping to destroy their opponent, but rather they are sustaining themselves. As an entirely negative identity, they need the outraged conservatives in order exist.

This dynamic between two co-dependent negative identities that has come to dominate liberal democracy may be at the root of the crisis in the West. With no positive vision of the future and the endless struggle between two political forces with no natural reason to exist, nihilism becomes the default. At some level, both sides feel the despair that must come from knowing the pointlessness of their existence. The result is a manic quest to plumb the depth of cultural despair.

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215 thoughts on “The Negative Mind

  1. Another very good post.

    Though I wouldn’t say the left has a purely negative identity of itself. Seeing conservatives get all upset is part of the fun, but the fact that society IS drifting in their preferred direction means that something is positively driving it that way. Stuff that was considered insane by nearly everyone a few years ago is now social policy. It didn’t happen by accident.

    The problem with conservatism is that it is not an ideology but a justification of a temperament. That’s why conservatives can exist within the communist party, something that would be logically inconsistent if conservatism was an ideological condition.

    This is why Chambers parted company with the National Review. He knew that modern conservatism was “go slow” leftism. He understood that modern conservatism was built on the same conceptual pillars as the left. A modernism that is acceptable to conservatives is still a modernism in the end. If you’re interested, read some of the books by James Gregor. For example, he clearly shows the common intellectual heritage of the fascists and the socialists, it was a difference in theology not a difference in first principles.

    What we’re seeing now is the replacement of the Christian West (with its values) by the Materialist one (with its). And this change has been affected by both conservative and radical interpretations of materialism. Dostoevsky saw this years ago and it’s why Chambers was a big fan.

  2. This is a really good post. So many “own the libs” articles are breathlessly written from the point of “we’ve got them this time!” without realizing that hypocrisy doesn’t faze the left at all. The left is a perfect lesson of what Z argues: first make war, then establish principles AFTER you win. The left has no principles, so it doesn’t see hypocrisy: it only wants to win.

    I know Takimag might not be looked on too favorably here, but I still like many of their writers, especially David Cole:

    The article does a great job revealing what progressives have in mind for us (legalizing all antisocial behavior from coloreds, up to and including murder), but it still falls into the typical frame we all fall into, which is wasting time pointing out progressive hypocrisy.

    Instead of getting outraged, just throw sand in the gears. Egg on the rape allegations against Biden. Instead of Bronx juries, form Scarsdale juries whenever a white man is accused of something. Use instant tanner to “fund raise” from leftists on the dark streets of their gentrified hoods. Someone below said that they didn’t want to fall into the #MeToo trap, but to me that is the typical “muh principles” conservative response: “I’m not going to stoop to /their/ level!” Stoop, throw sand in the gears, and render #MeToo and all their other battle tactics useless.

  3. Best essay of all.

    Modern Leftie can’t tell you why a particular stand is appealing, but they do intuitively grasp what maximizes cognitive dissonance – and jump on it!

    Rightie’s attempt to reconcile the Left’s actions with Leftie’s “principles” is a submissive maneouver. Twitter conservatives find it endlessly amusing to return “rules for radicals” scrutiny back in Leftie’s face, but it’s only because they have no other framework from which to attack in a meaningful way. Because conservatism has no philosophical basis – it is barren. Ultimately, the Buckley ”Conservatives“ want the same thing as Leftists – to utilize the government to their own ends.

    Tucker perfectly understands this, and has made a new extended career out of populist conservatism – agitating like the Right’s version of Elizabeth Warren at times.

  4. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden can fondle women with impunity because feminism is just the Ladies Auxiliary of the Democratic Party.

    Conservatives cannot say that; they must pander to female voters by pretending, or actually believing, that feminism is something good.

  5. Zman: “Take, for example, the issue with Joe Biden…The thing is, the Left is not indifferent or ignorant to the obvious hypocrisy. They are energized by it. Seeing the conservative apoplexy is what makes them feel alive, because it means they have disrupted and subverted the status quo.”

    True, but not with the Biden example or other instances of their hypocrisy being exposed. Hypocricy is a bad look for anyone. The Left is energized by outraging the bourgeoisie Right by weirding-up tradition. Not by one of their own f*cking up their own agenda. (I’ll give you that the Left may be proud to always win any skirmish even when they’re exposed as hypocrites. But this is just pride in winning no matter what they do.) Anyway, I’m not making any big point here. Just didn’t agree with your example.

    • If hypocrisy mattered to the Left, they would have done something about it generations ago. When the ends always justify the means, the other side screaming hypocrisy is just conformation that things are going well.

      • The official narratives give each side a (plausible? useful?) backstop while the trajectory is always in one direction. Both sides mock us relentlessly because, sadly, their constituents respond to soundbites and promises rather than effort or results.

  6. The big difference between the left and the right in the US is that the left always has concrete policy objectives. Standing there yelling “stop!” is useless. One simple approach is to rescind any policy gains the left has made whenever the right can. The fact that they never do this should tell people something. Winning the debate is fine for the high school debate club, but the reality on the ground always wins out.

    • Indeed. The yelling “stop!” turned out to be theater as was made clear when the so-called “conservatives” held the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for two years and did SFA on the issues they campaigned on for eight years. One thing you can say for the left is that they act on their issues. In present-day USA All politics is theater. The winners are always the same: Wall Street, the Banksters (TOO BIG TO FAIL!!!) and the multinational corporations.

    • How many Republicans spent years running on the issue of repealing Obama care and then did nothing when Trump said he would sign the bill. McCain didn’t let brain cancer deter him from actually saving it in his final official act.

    • The big difference between the left and the right in the US is that the left always has concrete policy objectives

      Good observation. Specific objectives lets you see if you’re succeeding or not. Fluffy talk does the opposite.

  7. The play goes on and on because both radicals and conservatives are comfortable with their roles: in this corner, the Destroyers; in that corner, the Complainers.

    Destruction — of tradition, of values, of relationships — is kind of fun for radicals. It’s easy, because it’s a painstaking slog to build social norms that work most of the time for most people, and a cinch to knock them down once you get a little momentum going. And the radical gets an ego massage out of the iconoclasm: I am the future! I am progress! I will never run out of projects calling for my genius because life is an endless slum clearance program!

    If being a Destroyer is a pathetic self-image, being a Complainer is just as empty. The conservative as defined in our modus vivendi quickly slips into a feeble but comfortable opposition. He is a professional Viewer with Alarm. He can explain at length why the Destroyers are wrong’uns, then cut it to fit any available space. No thought required, just a stockroom of don’t-tread-on-me clichés. Give me that old soft shoe and watch me dance!

    The Destroyers aren’t going to let go of the role that has been so rewarding for them. Not many who think of themselves as conservatives will evolve from their silk-robed protest (unless things break down in ways too awful to think about). But a critical mass of dissenters, even if temporarily small in numbers, can still rewrite the script.

  8. The fundamental distinction shouldn’t be radical vs. conservative or Left vs. Right. It should be Truth Seeker vs. Power Seeker. The former is oriented to the transcendental values of truth, beauty and goodness. As Joey Junger pointed out, studies show that conservatives are happier in general. This makes sense, as they are more cognizant of the transcendentals. Even a small, fleeting experience of truth or beauty brings joy. In contrast, the life of a power-seeking radical is, as Severian has put it well, merely to eat, sleep, rut and strut. There can never be enough fame, glory, and riches; a taste ignites an insatiable hunger. Thus, they lead lives of frustration and envy. Choose wisely.

  9. Perhaps two negative identities can generate a positive. The positive identity is, of course, the Balkanization of the Western world into more or less homogeneous ethnostates and ethno-city states. Rather than the current regime of large, diverse nations riven by inner cultural strife bending the knee to global organizations, there would be a minutely particulated mosaic of fully independent polities concerned almost exclusively with the well-being of their own citizens. I think this positive identity could be rendered rather pulchritudinously, indeed.

  10. “This is explicit today in the grievance studies rackets, where they endlessly go on about disrupting and overturning what they imagine to be their oppressors. It’s all about opposition to normal human relations.”

    Exactly. And a couple of bumper stickers serve as evidence: “Subvert the dominant paradigm.” and “Why be normal?”

  11. The left/libs may very well be energized by their hypocrisy and feed off the right’s reaction/outrage over it. It’s surely tiresome these days to still listen to Rush et al talk about it over and over, as if it even matters anymore. If there are no consequences for the hypocrisy, who cares? The left almost always get what they want in the end anyway.

  12. Another Pulitzer Prize worthy blog post. Yes, we are a dysfunctional society and culture. Yes, this insanity is self-reinforcing and fecund. Yes, it is prima facia evidence that we are deteriorating as a species. And finally, yes, if we are to survive as a species, we must return to the original model of evolution in which the gene pool is cleansed of negative traits that reduce our robustness.

    • We ought to nominate Z for a Pulitzer for commentary. Just for the fun of having the judges read his essays.

  13. There’s no such thing as a conservative anymore. We have conservatives going full #metoo on Biden. Sorry lady, was the post of VP not enough for you to come out with this? She should be mocked and ridiculed for a 30 year after the fact groping recount, not slobbered over by the Sean Hannitys’ of the world. I haven’t seen Hannity but I know he’s slobbering in outrage. Yesterday the Treasury Dept. (led by the orange demigod of conservatism) took out another $3 Trillion loan. Not even a peep. Not even an eyebrow raised. So, how exactly is the modern conservative different than AOC? Conservatism was always a toothless opposition, no it’s a blind, deaf and toothless opposition. We have to experience the grand finale of radicalism for a true conservatism to be born. And it will be born of starvation in what once was a land of plenty. Nothing can be built in this environment. So little can be sustained. So the country has to be punished by reality, which still exists.

  14. Of course this phoney battle between left and right is just theater for the masses. Washington DC has turned into the WWF. Both sides engage in over the top theatrics performing for the crowd and then go have a beer after the show.

    The left is steering this ship down the path of degeneracy and white replacement. Any serious opposition is met with lies , deceit , subversion and even death. Until the left gets any serious opposition the good ship USS America will continue sinking.

    • The engine room is already flooded. The Fed will eventually have to buy nearly every bond out there. Within a couple years it will have a balance sheet approaching $30 Trillion. So I guess we don’t have to pay taxes right? Over 5000 years of recorded human history and humanity has finally figured out how to credit money to keep everything going, from pensions to airlines to govt. budgets without a downside. To to think everyone had to get up and work for a living and pay taxes over countless generations….

  15. I used to get fired up over the calling out of hypocrisy by the Fox News hosts and Rush Limbaugh now I just grow weary of it all.
    Nothing positive comes from the 24/7 media parade. I think some of that calling out reactionary stuff is ok but it has to be somewhat informative not just constant shouting hypocricy!! I can take a little of Tucker Carlson but not Shaun Hannity.
    And the left really does enjoy causing normal people to be enraged.
    Normal people were once offended by Elvis giratting his pelvis.
    Now it takes homosexual sex on the big screen to offend us.
    Before long that will be passe and it’s on to pedophelia before the outrage begins.
    Modern culture really is a slow burn into nihilism.

  16. Don’t forget the financial aspect to the binary dance.
    The radical movement gets money based on a 75 year record of successful political action. Big money always bets on the winning horse, and woke capital loves making money and wrecking normal things simultaneously.
    For the establishment right, the ploy has to be different-they always sell outrage porn vaguely promising to “fight” it, which of course never happens because if they actually won there’s no more domestic enemies to fight. The left avoids this because there’s no end to permanent revolution.
    On either side, the funds come rolling in…

    • If I have to hear “I’m fighting for our values” one more time from a RINO hack politician, I am going to puke.

  17. First off we have no real Conservative movement. Buckley was controlled opposition much like the current GOP conservative leaders are. Sadly the SR has proven unable to replace the fakes with something real.

    The Biden dust up is pure Kabuki theatre by the GOP and Conservatives to avoid the real issues that face the country and people.

    Illegal immigration
    Importation of foreign workers to replace Americans
    The off shoring of critical industry to China which makes us their bitch.

    They know full well huffing and puffing about this does nothing except distract the base from the ass reaming they are currently getting. Look at Breitbart it has nothing but social fluff that Limbaugh would be talking up.

    Those with long memories can remember we did the same to Clinton which achieved nothing.

  18. Left/Right, Prog/Cons, Civic/International, BioCultural/BlankSlate, Pastoral/Freakshow…these are all lost souls looking for group cohesion and identity. We’ve been steadily destroying the identities we evolved with for centuries so people have been groping for new ones long before any of us were born. They are all false since none have deep roots in organic tradition. All new identities make attempts at mass appeal with roots that are an inch deep. We now spend our lives playing musical chairs with our identity. We’ve gone from one revolution after another and have completely altered the structure of how our civilization evolved and functioned since our ancestors were hunting Redtail deer and Woolly Mammoth. We make club-footed rationalizations about building and rebuilding communities as if we were demi-gods who could bend and replace nature’s laws and forge to fit our fantasies.

    The Revolutions of 1517 to 1648: We destroyed the balance between throne and altar and deEuropeanized all forms of Christianity. Blood communities(eons old) became diluted and often destroyed by an adherence to ideologies.

    The 1st Industrial Revolution 1750 – 1830: This began the long process of man changing the pursuit of his material needs into man pursuing an insatiable plenty at the expense of everything else.

    The Revolutions of 1789 to 1848: Any meaningful vestiges of the old order, any differences in caste, any hint that nature was more generous in its gifts to one group over another or more generous to one man than to another was now, at least theoretically, out the window.

    The Second Industrial Revolution 1850 to WWI:. The final blow to blood ties within the civilization and the final inversion of nature with man and culture now in service to capital and production.

    The Decadent Revolution: 1945 to the eventual collapse. Every fork in every road is a bad choice. We can slow the collapse but we can’t avoid the collapse.

    The last dance for some version of Clownworld between Libs and Cons is what we get when an age enters its abyss. Reform is dead. Dissident communities need to form to ride out the needed collapse so they can have a determining hand it what gets rebuilt and how it gets rebuilt.

    • This is possibly the worst thing they have done to us, diluted and made meaningless our American identity. To be an American is now simply to possess a piece of paper that says you are one. It’s big gaping whole in our collective psyche and the lack of any there there has caused a great deal of mental anguish for our people. We are the west, we are Europeans, and we have contributed more to human advancement than any other race by leaps and bounds and we should be damn proud of it. This brainwashing program that we have been put through to convince so many of us otherwise is an egregious crime and the perpetrators behind the implementation of it deserve the harshest possible retribution.

      • The Left has largely succeeded in making the case that the Right is crazy (projection, anyone?). That’s what the university is all about, setting in place an academic argument that the Right is crazy. Now the Right tries to argue that it is really the Left that is crazy. The whole country is caught up in this game, fed by the politicians and the media, for their own benefit. If the country is stupid enough to vote for the groper and whatever else follows, so be it. I do not have the time or the energy for this. A path out of the wilderness would be nice, but my sense is that the path out means checking out, going my own way. Reforming from within seems impossible.

      • Flash G.,about a decade ago I had to fill out a govt. form asking for my “social identity “. I wrote N W European in the box even though both sides of my family have been here since the 1600’s. American was no longer an option. I awakened to the fact that I had crossed the river.

        • We crossed that Rubicon in 1965 friend. Hart-Cellar Act. People just didn’t realize it at the time because it was sold using bald faced lies and it’s effects were slow to materialize. They boiled the frog slowly.

  19. This is why I am a Third Positionist. The red team and the blue team are both anathema to me. The blue team seeks to destroy all that is decent, natural and normal and the red team is too subverted and retarded to meaningfully oppose it’s dancing partner. The right continues to lose ground until the left goes to far and then the right gets power again. But all it does with that power is slow the rot temporarily. It never reverses it. It’s too cowardly, benign and subverted to take the necessary steps.

    Trump won by talking about deporting tens of millions of brown people and reversing globalization, after two years passed and nothing happened a great many people stopped giving a crap so the blue team took back the house. It makes absolutely no sense for the red team to continue to import third worlders who vote 90% for the blue team, yet they do it anyway. Why? Because they are controlled opposition, a fake resistance to mollify the public so that the people really in power (donor class, made up mostly of small hats) can continue to do what they want and boil the frog slowly without scaring it too much.

    If we want things to change we will have to stop playing this rigged game and instead flip the board over entirely. Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

      • I’d say the most effective way to flip it would be to take the energy and money you would have before spent on the red team and instead apply it to helping build up in our people a collective sense of identity and ethnocentrism. It’s obviously what the ruling class fears the most because it’s what they censor the most. Why does every racial group but whites have racial advocacy organizations? La Raza, ADL, CAIR, SPLC NAACP, etc. Talking about that to people is a good start to flipping it.

  20. “The thing is, the Left is not indifferent or ignorant to the obvious hypocrisy. They are energized by it. Seeing the conservative apoplexy is what makes them feel alive, because it means they have disrupted and subverted the status quo.”

    While there are a few around the margins who will be nauseated by the Left’s hypocrisy, they constitute a distinct minority. Most people simply don’t care and that includes moderates and the apolitical.

    Conservatives never will be more than poseurs and, as you wrote, negative personalities because to do otherwise would force them to admit the system they support is a failure. The Dissident Right can exploit things like the Reade matter if it ties them to the obvious assertion our liberal democracy has failed and has become a farce. Chipping away at the edifice helps discredit and ultimately damage the central authorities (this is the best aspect of the failed coup; it has exposed the political police as the utter criminals they are. The warranted distrust will come in handy eventually). Knocking out small pieces is slow but, unlike the Buckley nonsense, it is substantive and more productive than yelling.

  21. If this doesn’t sound like the inner life of a crazy woman, I don’t know what does. Which raises an obvious solution: don’t lose your head.

    It’s been said a million times because it’s true— we’re suffering from a testosterone deficit.

    • These “crazy” women can serve capably as the handmaidens of the corporatocracy. Here is another one of my favorite forms of communicating reality, an account of a true event.

      I have this car purchased new, that has rust in two spots due to a design defect. The manufacturer has a multi year “rust through warranty” they tout. I do my research, and said company makes it a practice to dodge warranty claims.

      Being game, I decide to give it a shot. I contact the dealership, “can you email us pictures?” Sure, and they have my information on file, as they regularly stream ads at me. I send the photos in, no reply. Busy with other things, a couple of weeks go by.

      Ring them up, “we didn’t get an email, can you send again?” Sure, and I do so. Still, no reply.

      I spin by, and meet a chubby young woman that “handles warranty claims”. She says “I sent you an email.” To smoke out the lie, I ask her nice to forward me her copy. She looks over the car, does not take any photos of her own.. Says she will get back to me.

      Wait. Phone. Message. Wait. Phone. Message. I go by again and she says she sent it to their regional office in New Jersey. Another woman, an African American that I finally get on the phone after multiple tries. She says that the claim has been “denied” Will not give a reason, very smarmy. Does she have a manager? “No, I am the manager.”

      “Anyone you report to? “No, I am the manager.”

      At this point, the choices were litigate, go all over social media, or just nail a couple of cheap steel after market parts, and install. The latter course of action was chosen and the few hundred bucks eaten to keep the car nice.

      These nice women did a nice job stiffing a nice customer nicely.

      • This is like an extended version of the 24-hour airline ticket cancelation policy.

        Anyone foolish enough to think they will get a refund will be sorely disappointed when they receive a time-limited credit toward a ticket on the same airline.

      • One reason for the feminization of the workforce is just this. Sometime, probably back in the 80s, employers figured out that average women, while generally uncreative and dumber than men, were also excellent flaks willing to say and do anything to waste the customer’s time. This is also the genius of Indian call centers. Of course you can’t understand what they’re saying, that’s the point. This is why the globalist business model works so well. You have a small engineering team of smart men somewhere, preferably a country that still doesn’t care too much about Xirls-in-STEM, to design the product, you have Chinese drones in a sweatshop making it, then you have Indians or black wammen taking calls when it doesn’t work. Everyone but the guys at the very top gets paid shit and the wealth continues to trickle upward into the hands of a few oligarchs.

  22. Buckley was squatting athwart his warped, solipsistic view of history, squawking Look At Me. Pass me the more pages of NR.

  23. I see a parallel to the twisted dance of left/right in the old PUA/game praxeology.

    Namely, the idea of ‘frame’. Simply, frame is the mindset, the psychological internalization that you are the ‘prize’.

    In politics, it is that your side is Right. But in either case, if you do not believe this and assume the sale, your lack of confidence and conviction means you will not hold frame and thus be pulled into theirs.

    While neither left not right have a ‘positive vision of the future’, there is a difference that defines the relationship. That is the left creates and holds the frame – and when the right engages, he enters that frame. I.e “thats raciss”, “I am not a raciss because reasons”

    And by nature of doing so, assures that they will never lead the left away from insanity because you cannot lead someone from inside their frame.

    And the left, knowing the right is attempting to seduce them without a frame of their own is content to toy with them, extract resources, attention, purpose etc.( they do not see the right as a real man, just a male.

    A man or politic without a strong frame is neither a threat or an attractive mate.

    The right is a thirsty bet male trying to win over the thot by letting her lead and then attempting to demonstrate strength and confidence by qualifying himself to her according to her rules and definitions.

    Instead the right should have his own ideas and live as if those are anointed by truth and refuse to engage the thots on their terms, by their definitions.

    Having and holding frame is power. Power also accrues to the side that needs the other side less. That power is attractive; people will naturally draw toward those ideas.

    • That whole dissertation can be summed up in one sentence: the right needs to stop following the left’s narratives and create their own.

      • But we just don’t care like they do. They’re obsessed, we’re not, the end.

  24. At some point in time, one must ask what would be the best path forward for mankind. Certainly the progressive left or the Buckley conservative are both poison to the society. Russia seems to be maintaining a white culture better than the rest of us. I find that ironic.

    If you care about the future and your decedents, what can we do? What are we to believe? Over at the site where “everyone is high IQ” and there are no “gammas” they claim that Boomers are to blame for everything bad that every happened in all of history. OK, perhaps we did it all with time machines; but NOW WHAT?

    The left is using the State+Corporation to destroy us all. I would guess that weakening the State and the Corporations would be a good first step.

    Does anyone here recall when the media was mostly locally owned or owned by many small companies? They were not perfect, but it was much better than today. Could it be that centralization is the enemy of us all.

  25. People are still looking at the surface.
    The stats show there was never a pandemic, and there never was. That is the story.
    I know people may be bored with it, but there is really no other news that compares.

    Biden is for our humiliation and to sow chaos and distraction.

    Proceed from there and don’t care if you’re called a conspiracy nut. If you deviate you are actually part of the problem. Some blogs are starting to continue on with other stuff like this was just another hiccup. Get really radical and call for more divisiveness than just with races, that is so passé. Lose friends and readers.

    • Biden demonstrates that the leftist hive mind knows it can rule through any president of its choosing. They prefer a sock puppet in the White House…THEIR sock puppet.

      • “All white men are creepy like that”

        Either it’s more propaganda, or else it’s a sex scandal for cougars. Cripes, the TV audience is getting old.

      • The last non-sock puppet before Trump was Reagan. with Obama being the worst. Once they convinced him that glib laziness was intelligent coolness, they could get him to front for anything.

    • It was a bad strain of the flu. They knew how to treat it 3 months ago – with the stuff CNN objected to and Governors banned.

      • I’m convinced that if President Trump wanted to fiinally end abortion, all he would have to do is tweet that he loved abortion.

    • As an adjunct to this point, I believe elevation of Dr. Fauci to living sainthood is another proof we are living in a de facto gerontocracy.

      A sane society would have replaced him 15 years ago. A more humorous society would have laughed this fossil off the podium several weeks ago.

      Unfortunately, we live in a dour, insane society that is totally innumerate with a grasp of science that is somewhere between the Dark and Middle Ages. So here we are.

      • The fact that Fauci worked for, and Brix’s daughter still works for Gates’ vaccine arm gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  26. This is why both the left and the right fear one thing over all others: Our building our own community. They’re terrified of being ignored and, later, abandoned, losing our material production, social capital and their needed foil.

    You can always tell that the other side (SJWs, cuckservatives, sandwich fillers, etc.) are full of crap because they never want to build their own community. They only demand that we change our community to fit their needs. They have nothing to offer – and they know it.

    • Amen on that Brother…They can’t produce, build, or create all they can do is be a parasite until they kill off their host…

      • They will never leave us alone. We have to build communities to keep them out.

        I have no idea how we’re going to accomplish that, but it’s our only hope. And they will do everything in their power to stop it. They have to. Their world falls apart without us. But if we can create one defensible (and I don’t mean with guns) community, it’s all we need. Just one beachhead of normal whites who push back:

        1. Culturally (demand the schools not trash whites, demand churches respect our people, build historical societies that honor past, etc.)
        2. Economically (hired guys fired for telling the truth, support businesses that support us, etc.)
        3. Legally (legal organizations that sue anyone and everyone and that defend our people from lawsuits)
        4. Politically (advocacy organizations, money to politicians, think tanks, political organizations)

        . . . and we win.

        • Good ideas, but how do you prevent degeneracy from coming in?

          The whiter the social group, the more degenerate it is. An all-white environment permits women to be whores, allows people to use recreational drugs. One benefit to Arabs and Pakis moving into my city is that they made the clubbing scene so dreadful that fewer white people want to go out. Back in the 80s things were really wild here.

          Very few non-white people are “finding themselves” by travelling to Europe and sleeping around and getting blackout drunk every day.

          The fear is that we create a nice white society, things are nice, but within 1 or 2 generations the good times have created soft degenerate people again.

          • Whites weren’t always the pansies you see today. We did just fine for thousands of years. Cull the herd, and we can bounce back. I also think witnessing what happens to whites who don’t join the community and live among the brown horde will open some eyes.

            It also won’t hurt to keep out the Chosen People. Letting them take control of the media, parts of the gov’t and academia certainly accelerated our demise. They have their own land, let them live there. No hard feelings.

          • UFO, the diversity isn’t likely to leave anytime soon. And not too worried about the degeneracy thing – that’s putting the cart before the horse.

            If we do get an all-white enclave in the midst of the diversuhtay and an entrepreneurial spirit decides to cater to our community by opening up an all-white [den of degeneracy], I’ll be there with my bat to break the windows and tell him to skip town before I burn it down around his ears. There are dozens of other men here willing to do the same.

          • UFO – Read Harold Covington’s books for an idea of what an authoritarian right White government might look like. For at least a generation or two, authoritarianism would be an absolute necessity. Just as the proverbial old testament Jews had to wander around the desert until all those who had been slaves were dead, so too will any White community need to enforce strict and specific community standards. You can’t take people who’ve been raised on the pozz and expect them to suddenly appreciate virtue. There will need to be punishments and – vitally important – expulsions. Banishment.

        • Part of it is building a community for us. Nothing fancy, no big houses or nice curtains. Just functional and minimum. That helps keep Lefty at bay. They won’t want to steal things and places that don’t suit them, and we get left alone for us and ours. They won’t want to walk into a room full of people that have none of their allies in it. They won’t want to live in a neighborhood where no one is like them. Our job is to keep our community that way, for ourselves.

        • Your first sentence is correct. They will not leave you alone. The rest is charmingly naive.

        • Oak Park has been able to accomplish something similar through a remarkable web of financial and legal rules that leverage the logic of integration against the goals of the integrationists. For example, because they are so committed to integrated communities, and because they know that communities flip to non-integrated whenever the racial balance gets too out-of-whack, they create marketing departments that will assign people to apartments based on race.

          There are a number of other levers they use, important among them is a very dense legal structure that makes getting hold of someone to sue a challenge. There was a large paper discussing their structure a few years back. It’s the model to borrow, I think.

    • Why would they want to build their own community when they have already conquered the whole country…

  27. Liberal Democracy was born when reason and intellect guided MEN. The modern mess we’re in is what you get when men and WOMEN are guided (and guiding the flock) by muh feelz. Welcome to the Matriarchy!

    • Just looking at the mask wearers we see how easily women are flocked. I will see couples in the market, the female with a mask and the male without. Despite the futility of her position she will not be seen without a mask. Two under forty women I work around wear masks outside as well as gloves, as a religious duty. They both exclaim that they just want people to “get along” which is their genetic imperative as mothers, but as each is not a mother, the duty becomes to see all obey. The relentlessly clever men who rule over us demonstrate they do actually know how to control women, if not their own.

      • Yep, mask wearers. I’m beginning to take a strong dislike to them. Stores now reopening are requiring them—for employees and customers. Those that require for customers will no longer get my business, albeit wife continues to make excuses for them and patronize them. And, as you alluded to, since I don’t/won’t wear a mask, said wife will contract any disease through me. Logic however is not her highest value.

        • So wear an old pair of underwear partly over your face, keeping the eyes, nose and mouth areas open. I added an old bra to mine.

          Let them know you are laughing AT them and not with them.

      • I was in a store the other day that had not yet made masks mandatory. Several women looked at me and muttered to their husbands that they thought everyone should be wearing masks. I really wanted to fake sneeze on them, but why give them a hate orgasm.

        • I would immediately tell my wife to mind her own business. Part of a man’s function is to teach women how to filter their goofiness

    • Women value consensus and will close ranks to strangle dissent. It’s how they are wired biologically.

  28. “The result is a manic quest to plumb the depth of cultural despair.”

    I’m thinking the only thing that will shake us out of this is some outside force that threatens us with imminent destruction. Of course, the state we’re in destruction would not be a surprise.

    • You mean the Rona doesn’t threaten us with imminent destruction!? ‘Pon me word, I thought jackals roaming through the streets and devouring putrifying corpses was just ’round the corner…

  29. And the rejoinder is that conservatives need radicals to do something outrageous.

    Edit: per Joey Junger, make that professional conservatives. All of talk radio is “did you hear what so-and-so said?!”

    • Talk radio did a lot of damage to the conservative movement. Even with all of the commercials, the shows are pretty long and so there is a lot of air to fill. But despite having 2-4 hour time slots, they are structured in such a way that there is never more than 5 minutes at one go. So you have to fill a lot of air time 5 minutes at a time and so no serious deep dive into any subject can ever be made.

      Meanwhile, the left has things like NPR, paid for by the tax payer where they can have 30 minutes or more of uninterrupted time to talk about a subject and take a reasonably deep dive into it.

      As usual the Cuckservatives lose and proud of it.

      • Then again that could be why the right is good at memes. Modern people don’t have the attention span for deep dives. That puts the left at a serious disadvantage.

        I’d rather we be able to dig into topics too, but at least the right has learned to deal with it effectively. Cuckservatives notwithstanding.

  30. Cheerful thought for the day:
    “At some level, both sides feel the despair that must come from knowing the pointlessness of their existence. The result is a manic quest to plumb the depth of cultural despair”.
    Have a good one ever’body.

  31. The Joe Biden stuff doesn’t really interest me except to the question of whether or not the party will try to drop him. If he was a strong candidate without dementia, I doubt we would have even heard about this woman. How many times has he run for President and / or VP since he supposedly groped her?

    • Agree. I tend to think it is the Dem party coming up with these new findings/revelations. There is a good segment of the leadership that want to remove him and simply appoint their new, better, preferred, candidate at the convention. But they can’t seem too brusque for fear of turning folks off.

      • Really that’s a good move by them. They used him to get rid of Sanders and now they can dump him to make a fake case of proving their PC bromides.

    • “The thing is, the Left is not indifferent or ignorant to the obvious hypocrisy. They are *enervated* by it. Seeing the conservative apoplexy is what makes them feel alive”

      I think you meant *energized*.

      enervated: without vigor, force, or strength; languid.

      • Maybe it’s
        [iˈnərvāt, ˈinərˌvāt]
        supply (an organ or other body part) with nerves.
        “caudal luring”- good one, had to look it up.

        • Honestly, I wrote this at two in the morning, as I could not sleep for some reason. I no longer remember what I was going for there, but energize expresses the thought correctly, so I changed it. The funny thing is I never use the word “enervated” in my writing or speaking.

  32. Conservatives don’t point out the left’s hypocrisy because they’re surprised by it, or to try to shame the left. They do it because it works at giving them power. In a mass democracy, power comes from winning elections, and winning elections comes from persuading a large number of normies who usually don’t pay attention to politics, who know next to nothing about serious policy, and who vote based on vague feelings about the candidates. If shouting about the left’s hypocrisy on #MeToo can convince a few thousand suburban Karens in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina that Biden gives them the creeps, that the left doesn’t walk their talk, and that Trump is the lesser of two evils, then conservatives retain power for four more crucial years. Which means that they confirm a few hundred more federal judges and get to decide who replaces RBG, that they get to pack the permanent bureaucracy with loyalists who will dominate it for the next 30 years, and that they determine who gets let into the military’s highest layers of leadership – which is important because those are the leaders who, when real trouble comes, will decide whether to handle it like China in 1989, or like Russia in 1991.

    Don’t like it? Me neither. I hate the fact that I live under a system in which power gets handed to whoever is better at insincere pandering to masses of stupid people. But that’s the system we’ve got, and we can either play by its rules or end up shut out and steamrolled by it.

    • This is why, as much as I personally cannot abide him, Sean Hannity has an audience, and a purpose.

    • Well said. RBG is 87 and Breyer will be 82 in a few months. That alone keeps me rooting for red team for awhile longer.

      • As much as we need to get past the notion that Nine Kings in Black is an acceptable form of governance; having aforementioned monarchs on our side during what’s to come can’t hurt.

  33. Well, I would propose that we are about to plumb the depths of that cultural chasm we see yawning before us in the shape of demographic hell. Vdare published an article today about Georgia being on the brink of turning blue. Basically, that strange white man’s dance between Conservative and Radical is about to become irrelevant. As Tennyson put it, “…different faces, other minds…” All that beautiful Greco-Roman architecture meant nothing to Atilla.

    • Yup, the whitey issues are quickly becoming irrelevant. The non whites think our debates strange: not just arguing over guns and abortion, but even arguing between generations, music tastes, best cars etc.

      Interested to see what will happen: if we keep arguing amongst ourselves until extinction, or if we start acting more tribally.

      Personally I’m at the point where I feel much more of a connection even with white liberals than non whites. I suspect most of the libs also feel more secure around white conservatives, though they would never admit that.

      • In a subway car full of non-whites, the lib edges cautiously toward the nearest fellow-white without regard to political suasion.

        • And everyone tends towards the center car where the transit cop is stationed. Former NYer here.

          • Experienced at few times on NJ Transit from Penn Station NJ to Penn Station in NYC.

      • “the non-Whites think our debates strange: arguing over guns and abortion…”

        Well, it is basic human nature for any dominant group to subdivide into smaller, conflicting rival groups. Islam takes over Spain, then the fitna splits it into rival factions, then they lose Spain, etc etc.

        The problem with Whites right now is that they still have the delusion that this is still a White country that they own and control, and so they think they still have the luxury of splitting into rival White factions for the fun of arguing; they do not yet see that they are in fact owned and controlled by Jews who hate them, and are surrounded on all sides by POCs who also hate them, and whose dearest wish is to slaughter all the Whites, take their stuff and rape their women.

        The illusion will shatter when Trump is defeated, and Jewish gloating and crowing over the permanent defeat of Whitey will be so loud and so omnipresent you can hear it on Saturn. Suddenly Whites will come to their senses and it will be too late.

        btw, actual Whites have no real disagreement about guns or abortion. All non J-hypnotized Whites agree that guns are good for Whites, but not for negroes or anybody else; and that abortion is bad for Whites and a matter of indifference for everybody else. It is simply J-influence and J-hypnosis that have made these debatable issues.

        • “Suddenly Whites will come to their senses and it will be too late.”
          — Someone’s optimistic. I’m often of a mind that what whites are left 100 years from now will be living in heavily armed enclaves a’la many groups in Lebanon.

          • I’m not as pessimistic since no one other than the most religious is having children.

            Race wise the Black TFR is only a tiny bit higher than White below replacement and they have higher mortality.

            Latino fertility is dropping faster than any other group.

            More likley the US will be another country in the Americas, like Uruguay or Argentina maybe.

            The other likelihood is that the US goes out like the USSR and breaks into several nations. This half rate crisis has already shown how brittle the system and a recovery is not probable.

            Its bad enough that the NYC Police Benevolent Union wants an end to policing social distancing before the policing collapses and this is early on!

            Its going to worse but every crisis has its opportunities.

          • “More likely the US will be another country in the Americas, like Uruguay or Argentina maybe.”

            Sure, if it were just Mexicans. And if all the immigrants had a shared religion, language, and parent country. And had a low percentage of Africans. Then maybe we’d be like Argentina.

            How are the Brahmins going to act? How about the Chinese. Will Affirmative Action affect us? How about the media constantly stoking racial hatred against whites? These variables lead me to believe that we will be far worse off than Argentina or Uruguay, which are decent places to live, however with lower economic prospects for its residents.

            The USA / Canada melting pot, of hundreds of alien culture, PLUS the fact that Anglos / Nords are much harder for non-whites to assimilate with than Meds / Hispanics, means that we are in for a zombie horror creation.

    • It will be interesting to see who is able to transition from partisan politics to racial identity. It will be hard for either of the two primary groups, brainwashed for generations.

  34. I walked over hypocrisy Hill a long time ago and it doesn’t incite me into sputtering rage anymore but I do find that I am shocked that the Democrats are nominating a dementia patient for president. It used to be hard to shock me and now it seems like a pretty regular occurrence.

    Meat shortages are on the way. Do you think this is what happened at the end of the Bronze Age? This is the missing piece. Everyone just started hiding under their beds?

    • That’s why they want a black woman as VP. Can you imagine President Stacey Abrams?

      • I’m all for it. That’s going to give a bunch of white people clarity when the hammer comes down

        • Truer words were never spoken. There’s nothing better for curing a bite wound than a little hair of the dog.

        • Whitney, I’m not so optimistic. At the same time you discussed clarity developing in White peoples’ thinking wrt Pres Stacey Abrams, I was musing on the millions of Whites that—in the chaos of such a low IQ ideologue’s administration—rationalizing it to fit their religion of equality. Such is the strength of their cult.

          • Abrams as POTUS plus whatever human detritus comes along with her admin would certainly be the acid test of the equality religious belief system.

          • When I read ‘Abrams’ I still think ‘tank’. Another thing about to change in an insane world.

        • That’s why it won’t be her, it will be some semi-unknown gray-man like Tim Kaine

          • If we have to have a semi-unknown Gray Man, I’d prefer the type that come from Roswell to Tim Kaine

      • No but the left can. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the end game. Biden is the perfect foil for the plan. If he can beat orange man then resign for “health reasons” boom – p.o.c. women president. Just like using the courts to subvert the will of the people using dementia Joe as a coke mule to deliver their chosen one doesn’t sound that far fetched.

      • Think Michelle Obama for vice president. Half a year after Biden is elected, he’s in an Alzheimer’s care home, Michelle is president and whoever pulled Barack’s strings is pulling Michelle’s.

        • Somewhere the odious Valerie Jarrett eagerly rubs her hands together in anticipation.

          • Her raisin-like inner thighs also rubbing together in anticipation of Michael/Michelle’s arrival. Glistening.

          • Dude!! For cryin’ out loud, I’m struggling to keep my last meal down.

        • And Michelle would be worse than Abrams. She’s not as stupid, but as hateful—if not more so, and that would make her more dangerous.

    • If it’s the bronze age, who are the sea people? Well, probably nobody. Because for the most part, the sea people actually left the countries they raided instead of existing as parasites for denerations.

      • It’s not the bronze age. Today it’s nothing-to-see people, and they are fooling nearly all the people all the time.

    • The Dems ran a serial rapist for president and no one cared. They know their base is so stupid they’d vote for any warm body.

      Food shortages are fucking scary,. That’s a sign of a system near complete collapse. You really, really don’t want it to come to that.

      Whites are not up for a fight and will lose badly. I saw how they handled governor blackface and it was a disaster. Lots of stupid white men with guns and not a ounce of common sense.

      • If it comes to that die free or be a slave. Your choice.

        As for VA, well what did you expect? It was a protest and all those guys carrying guns didn’t want to shoot, they wanted to be left alone.

        The Left never ever does that and as such, knowing that people cling to elections and won’t do anything , does whatever it wants.

        Ultimately power is taken, not asked for. It was that way at the time of the Founding Fathers and when they didn’t get enough , they took it.

        We aren’t quite there yet, I’m still pushing an election or two but unless its on the agenda, you’ve already lost.

        Decide what you want, get organized and dare I say, embrace collective action for collective goals and even collective punishment if needed.

        And notice I said Collective three, nay for times and Stalin didn’t show up.

        Individualism above all else is a losers creed and as awful as it is to contemplate, your value is how you relate to others, You can be the wisest greatest man in ten centuries but if no one knows who you are and you don’t share it, your greatness is irrelevant

        To paraphrase JFK “Ask not what you can do for yourself but what you can do for your people.”

        And yes if telling people things they ought to know and taking care of your family and making friends is all you can do, so be it. We aren’t all heroes but we all have things to do.

        Oh and a last thing. Get off your but and vote for the least awful choice. It might, tiny chance fix something and will give a bit of time to get ready for alternatives.

  35. I think the key heuristic of leftism now can be summed up in two words: instinctive perversity.

    I think most people have an inborn sense of what is right: treating people fairly, not harming children, the importance of family, not having a disgusting appearance, etc.

    So the left-wing training consists of getting people to intuit this natural morality and then … go against it.

    Probably not one in 100,000 leftists have actually read Gramsci or Marx or the Frankfurt school or whatever, but they instictively turn like a flock of birds towards what is most degenerate.

    But that puts rightists in a logical trap: if rightists make a fuss, then, as the Zman says, leftists will get off on that. But if rightists don’t resist, then the degeneracy will probably just march on anyway.

    Probably the only way out is through some sort of … (*wracks brain for nonfedposty language*) … non-democratic means.

    • Z has commented on this in the past. It’s best to completely ignore them and not engage. It is only a waste of time and energy . Better to prepare yourself and your family for what is likely to come. we have no voice or power in the mainstream. Subversion is our only way to not only survival but possibly to ultimate success.

    • There’s a certain level of perversity instinctive in all people; a functional society teaches us that it is a negative and to suppress that instinct. This is why little kids pick their noses, to give but one example.

      What we have now is a celebration of perversity. It’s a negative identity masquerading as a positive one. And most of the perversion being celebrated is even more gross than nose-picking.

    • Part of the problem is social sciences, psychology, sociology, philosophy and so on. It is expected that you not only learn the textbooks, but that you process them in a critical manner; rote learning is only half the job done.

      So you have this incentive to formulate something entirely new, and when millions of people try to make up new theories, they need to venture further and further away from common sense in search of untrodden ground.

      Because common sense is gauche: if you’ve spent five years studying sociology and psychology, and all you have to show for it is boring old common sense like your dad used to teach you, well, obviously your education didn’t make much of a difference, did it?

      In other words, to be taken seriously by your academic colleagues, you need to hold opinions that differs from those of the hoi-polloi, and the more your opinions differ from common sense, the more refined and keen your intellect.

      If you visit a library of sociology or political science, you’ll find at least fifty different main bodies of theory, each incompatible with each other – fifty different analyses of the sociological. But none of these theories are wrong! 49 of them are out of fashion, but if you can find an old professor to indulge you, you can graduate with a specialty in, say, cybernetics, a marginal political theory from the seventies.

      A textbook in a real scientific field like math, physics or engineering, will look pretty much the same as it did in the fifties and does in any non-Mohammadan country in the world.

      • Felix, it’s hard to deconstruct mathematics—but you’d be wrong if you suggested it hasn’t been tried. 😉

        Great insight wrt current academic situation. So you have a background in academia? If not, you were smarter than I was—took me damn near a lifetime to figure the scam out.

        • Political science, I’m afraid, and no, I wasn’t particularly clever. I had no idea what I was signing up to – I wasn’t even interested in politics, it just sounded like cool, indoor work with no heavy lifting and you’ve got to have some kind of edumacation, right?

          The upside is that Denmark is a small country, so it was very easy to get to talk to real players if you told them you were writing a paper. At one point, I sent out fifty requests for interviews to former and incumbent ministers plus a number of permanent secretaries. I expected perhaps a handful of positive replies, but only eight turned me down. Unfortunately, I had no idea what to ask them about, but they were mostly nice people and I got a lot of interesting inside baseball and scandalous anecdotes. None of them uttered a single word about political theory.

          My advice to young people interested in politics is to study history. If you come across a political theory, stomp on it before it multiplies; theory presents itself as a short-cut to being smart, but is usually just a fancy way of playing dress-up with ideas and opinions you’ve come about in (more or less) sensible and honorable ways. It is never the case that theories help you form opinions on real-life issues. They are at best a distraction, at worst about pitting the tax slaves against each other.

          If you’re an ethno-nationalist, you’re on my team, that’s my theory.

          • My advice to young people interested in politics is to study history.

            I suggest statistics and salesmanship. You will be accorded tremendous credit for insight and intelligence if you can slice and dice numbers to support your positions and skillfully undermine an opponent. You will rapidly ascend the power structure until you are asked to do things for others that your conscience does not permit ( presupposing you’re not a narcissist or sociopath) if you can sell yourself and the positions you are instructed to represent by your owners to the target audiences. Leave history for self-betterment and fun provided you have time, unless you wish to teach history as an adjunct.

          • I wasn’t suggesting anyone actually pursue a career in politics, rather than simply trying to understand why our overlords hate us, but basic statistics is extremely useful for most careers.

        • I wonder if Z-Man as read this one on Xirl Science

          I could take a break when I didn’t feel like working, when I was just not focused. I could work on a problem step by
          step. I had no time limits. I could just take it as I wanted to take it because it is my experience.

          I’m so glad that Professional Engineers don’t have time limits and can just take a break when they don’t feel like working.

      • So you have this incentive to formulate something entirely new, and when millions of people try to make up new theories, they need to venture further and further away from common sense in search of untrodden ground.

        But only in one direction, because you also have to please your masters. No academics are venturing farther to the right who hope to get tenured.

      • I hold a Ph.D. in psychology, and this is absolutely true. In the social sciences, truth is created and not discovered. Pure relativism.

      • As I like to say, the road to tenure takes only Left turns for the basest of motives: Capitalism, baby! It’s easiest to see in a “discipline” like English. Only original “research” gets published, but how can you find something NEW to say about, say, Shakespeare? At this point, you can’t even find something bizarre to say about Shakespeare, as it has all been said. The only answer, then, is radical politics — some Ubangi war chant is actually better than Shakespeare, because Frantz Fanon etc. But it goes for History, too, and indeed all the Liberal Arts. What caused the American Civil War? Jeff Davis and Abe Lincoln were secretly gay for each other. (I would bet lonnnnnng money a dissertation with this exact thesis exists at a third-rate cow college somewhere).

    • Babe

      You’re spot on about the average Leftist. But the same can be said for a lot of so-called conservatives who will vote against their own best interests repeatedly because some millionaire in a suit who has a talk show says to.

      And why is that? Because what passes for organized conservatism has been controlled opposition since Buckley’s time. Buckley IMO was a freak and faggot of the worst sort, a insult to heritage whites whom sadly couldn’t see the insult being paraded in front of them.

      As far as a way out of this?

      First off to understand war has been declared on heritage whites and their culture and understand the opposition wants us dead and gone.

      However too many on the Right and DR sill think they can ride it out.

  36. Imagine a boxer who only blocks and evades but never hits back, how’s that gonna work? You cannot win if you are only on defense.

    • You can’t box with a lunatic, MYS. Have a debate with a Xirl Scientist. Or a Negro. Or a queer. Or a neoliberal Joo. If you win it will be because you’re a racist, a sexist, a phobe, or one of the other Bads. The best course of action is to walk away. Like gambling, any contests with Leftie are going to be a sucker’s game. They have the advantage going in, and they are more than willing to cheat.

      The best course of action is to walk away. The trick will be to do it in such a way that Leftie is left holding the bag and the bills for his malfeasance.

      It can be done; we’ve done it already with the mass media. People got sick and tired of their dishonesty and bias and just stopped reading. Their subscriptions and readership dived, as did their ad revenue… and today people laugh at CNN.

      Going back to your analogy, Leftie doesn’t even belong in the ring. Biden doesn’t have to be Me Too’d… his dementia will take care of him. He’s a senile, dirty old man. The rude jokes write themselves. Leftie doesn’t have a sense of humour… that might be an odd excellent avenue of attack. Consider: Hillary Clinton lost the election to Pepe The Frog.

      We need to change the game and force Leftie to play us on our terms. There’s probably any number of ways of doing that.

      • You can’t retreat forever, that’s making the punching bag’s mistake described above. If the other guy is a lunatic, it’s combat not boxing and hence dangerous to life and limb. So you do what you have to do to stop him.

    • Willy Pep supposedly won a round without throwing a punch. He was sort of a Fistic Fabian/ Lettow Vorbeck of his day: “He who hits and runs away, lives to fight another day.” – Guglielmo Papaleo Buckley and the others standing athwart history would have been wiser to get out of the way and let their opponent charge off a cliff. In fact, I’m still not sold that this thing has to be won in the public square. Benedict Option/Homeschooling/ Intentional Communities work pretty well. Conservatives do have more children than liberals (maybe that’s why they bring in ringers from the 3rd World to replenish their ranks)

      • “Conservatives do have more children than liberals (maybe that’s why they bring in ringers from the 3rd World to replenish their ranks)”

        Oh my gosh. That’s why. We know it’s hate- of ‘our kind’- yet they can tell themselves it’s love, and only h8ers are against love.

      • Who was Willy Pep? Lettow Vorbeck was an amazing leader of asymmetric warfare.

      • The Benedict Option has been tried and tried tried and it doesn’t work. Go back and look at the 1960’s, all these men saying forget the public square I’ll concentrate on my family, my neighberhood and my church. But in each they got outflanked and defeated because the culture is not on their side. TV and cinema corrupted his children and in many cases him as well. You cannot escape being corrupted, not you, not I not anyone. The Benedict Option pretends that you can.

        • Yeah, you try to do everything by the book, you try to stay out of the shrill fray of politics and postmodern culture, be ‘a rock’ in your local community. Then one day you son comes home and says “I think I might be a girl”. Then…..

    • And worse is that the fight is rigged.

      Really folks you think the TPTB would actually allow us to have a real say so? Every time we do speak up or oppose something, the ruling class just has one of their court puppets shoot us down with a new fatwa.

      You think VA went blue on it’s own? NO. For some reason the GOP didn’t tun candidates for a lot seats that one particular year. And viola the Dems flipped a state.

      This is how we went from a nuclear family to lunatic parents cutting off their little boy’s dick to turn him into a girl in less than a decade. There are dozen more examples out there. And today you can’t get a GOP pol to oppose it.

      People compose complex intellectual explanations why our side gets fucked over but it’s simple, The game was rigged against the little people for a long time. but we never saw through the smoke and mirrors put up bu the ruling class.

      • It’s completely rigged. What’s driving the lunacy is harder to say. I think it’s a civilization collapsing on itself in degeneracy, partly b/c of lost masculine virtues and testosterone levels. Such an environment is rich hunting grounds for raving lunatics and sociopathic cynics.

  37. Something that makes me think the left needs the right more than the opposite are all the studies I’ve seen (regardless of the source) that confirm conservatives are happier in general. There’s that old Bukowski poem, “A Fresh Wild Wind Blowing” in which he talks about how most of his misery stemmed from being around miserable people (mostly crazy women, obviously). All I need to be happy is to be away from them. They’re miserable either way. I think they know it and it enrages them, which is why they seek events to disrupt and follow us wherever we try to meet without them (the inverse doesn’t happen):

    most of the women, were gifted at
    hating-blaming my voice, my actions, my presence
    blaming me
    for what they, in retrospect, had failed
    I was simply the target of their discontent
    and in some real sense
    they blamed me
    for not being able to rouse them
    out of a failed past; what they didn’t consider was
    that I had my troubles too-most of them caused by
    simply living with them.

    I am a dolt of a man, easily made happy or even
    stupidly happy almost without cause
    and left alone I am mostly content.

    but I’ve lived so often and so long with this hatred
    my only freedom, my only peace is when I am away from
    them, when I am anywhere else, no matter where-
    some fat old waitress bringing me a cup of coffee
    is in comparison
    like a fresh wild wind blowing.

    • Yes, because our side lives more congruent with Truth. But until our political animals operate based on this fact – and that the left is inherently weaker because of this and is thus reliant on the right for its daily bread, it does not matter that we are Right.

      At least not on any kind of timeline that is very appealing. The entropy of lies will fold, but slow dancing until some collapse scenario inspires a reformation is not a very positive political strategy.

    • There is no organized Right in this country. We have the GOP who hates the average white working and meddle-class as much as the Dems do except they hide it better.

      As far as the Left goes there are two parts to it.
      1) The foot soldiers who take their orders from the super rich and globalist class.
      2) The ruling class who controls them and the GOP.

      All the theatrics we see are for public consumption and are meaningless. Most are simply distractions. The things that are important is the legislation that gets signed in the middle of the night with no public overview and court edicts that rearrange our society in ways that a dictator can only dream of.

    • The “we have something they don’t so they’re jealous” argument is tempting, but I dunno. I think that most liberals are perfectly content to disparage and moralize nonstop. They do have their own happiness, it’s just the happiness of comparison.

  38. The hollowness of the conservative position is shown in the fact that they merely want to complain, not punish.

    Whatever you want to call our thing, one of its defining differences of conservatism is that if we ever get any kind (or all kinds) of power, we will use it to punish.

    • What differentiates us is that we want a divorce. We’re like a guy in a very bad marriage who has finally realized that it’s over. There’s no hope. Indeed, he doesn’t even hate his wife anymore. He recognizes that she is what she is. Why keep having the same arguments. He just wants out so he can start a new life without her.

      As the saying goes, the opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference. The Left, cuckservatives, feminists, sandwich fillers, they are fear our indifference and our leaving. They need us both emotionally and materially – and they know it.

      • Btw, this is my issue with Sailer in the nutshell. He keeps wanting to have the same arguments with the other side. He doesn’t want to admit that the marriage is over and we should move on and create a new life. He’s like the battered wife keeps hoping her husband will change if she can just explain in the right way why he should stop hitting her.

      • I’ve always thought that the opposite of love is hate and not apathy, just like the opposite of 1 is -1 and not zero.

          • Well, one could argue that maybe we don’t live in a binary system… but insofar as we do, the opposites are not Left/Right, or conservative/liberal.

            The opposites are White/POC, or else Jew/White (where White means European Christian.)

            In the Jew/White binary system, POCs do not exist as an entity unto themselves, they are merely weaponized mercenaries to be deployed by the Jews in their nonstop never ending war against Whites.

        • Lawman, my opposite of love is “indifference”. Love motivates one individual toward another. In a sense, so does hate. Both create a bond/connection. Where one fails we often see it change into the other. A clean break therefore is through indifference.

      • The desire to cut and run and get a divorce isn’t strength. Its existential weakness , sloth and cowardice manifesting as indifference.

        Even worse, the cut and run attitude shows the lack of a moral center. You don’t have any ideas worth paying a high price or really much of any price for.

        On top of that it is a losing proposition as the other side thinks its righteous and therefore isn’t going to stop until they are forced to stop.

        • Separating isn’t necessarily “cut and run.” India is a useful example. They created Pakistan to separate from their troublesome Muslim population. The Muslim remnant in India still causes problems, but it was, overall, a successful action. Expulsion and genocide were simply not viable solutions. The same holds true in the US. The non-European and leftist segment of the population is simply far too large to deal with any other way. Carving multiple nations out of the US is the only really possible way of establishing a nation that reflects the interests of the historical population. If you carved California and the east coast urban corridor from Boston to DC out of the US, plus a couple other city-states, the entire balance of electoral power in the remaining US would shift.

          • Who gets nukes and who does not? Or does the U.S. transfer all nukes to an international body? Why would any group agree to leave without nukes? India and Pakistan split before either had lethal militaries. How could that work today? If the leftists admitted large numbers of Muslims, for example, they could be overtaken by a suicidal muzzie faction that started popping off nukes.


          • That the logistics of separation are complex is self-evident. That’s not really an argument against it. Expelling, imprisoning or killing millions of people is also pretty complex. And monstrous.

          • Glioblastoma multiforme is pretty complex, too. And monstrous. We don’t know how to save people diagnosed with it. Perhaps someday we shall preserve life. But to attempt to separate glioblastomas from desirable tissue is more than true brilliance can manage for now and to go at salvation by committee, well, you may as well use an axe. No can do Chief without grand violence and external opportunism. Disagree, show us an achievable blueprint.

          • Well, there were some fairly nasty and bloody massacres in1947 as the populations of the Raj packed up centuries of uneasy coexistence to get to their new ethnostates.

          • But I think the massacres were less numerous and bloody than they would have been without Pakistan, because the Muslims had someplace to go.

      • I would welcome a divorce – if it were that simple. But without punishment for creating the environment that fostered that urge to run away – it will just happen again, or – they’ll just constantly be harrassing and undermining until you finally realize – the only way to ever reach a point where we can live in some semblance of peace – is that they must be punished.

        There is a problem with punishment though – to some people it just doesn’t matter – they’re so screwed up in the head that they welcome it, they’ll actually torment you until you punish them to the degree they think they deserve.

        There’s simply no getting along with these people and being able to live “normally”.

        They need to just be eliminated.

    • Only after the parasites who are causing the rot are removed can the process of healing begin. First step is firmly identifying and exposing the causes of the problem, the second is excising them. I don’t care as much about punishing the parasites as I do about removing them from power. But I’m fine with whatever method is the most effective.

      • FashGordon – Here’s where Citizen is correct – the parasites are merely doing what parasites do. As you said, remove/excise them. The traitors are the ones who need to be publicly punished.

    • It’s worse than that. It’s the SOP the GOP always uses during a election year when they want to avoid talking about real topics that actually impact ordinary Americans.

      The GOP knows that Trump can’t run on immigration, or stopping the importation of foreign workers, stopping off-shoring or any the issues he ran on in 2016. Worse he’s sitting on a crippled economy that he crippled.

      So it’s bullshit wedge issues and social fluff for Trump.

    • Punish whom for what? I’m not disagreeing with you; I’d just like to hear more. And what kind of power do you mean?

      • Well, that easy to get started. First, those in the government who are clearly guilty of sedition. Second, those in the media who are clearly aiding those guilty of sedition, and those who are aiding China. After that, we can go after all of the state Governors and other officials who have assumed authority they have no right to.

        That should keep the hangman busy for a while.

          • I guess we have to start somewhere. Being that I used to work in media, I’d recommend them, that way, we won’t have to hear about all those sad politicians and their grieving families once we come for them.

            I’m practical that way.

          • I’m in the media, too, and no sector of society more richly deserves a vicious comeuppance than it. That said, when the fecal matter comes in contact with the rotor, the advertising execs will be my special project. No element of society has more purposefully harmed white people than them, although professors of “education” run a close second.

          • Seriously! No mention of lawyers or bankers? That list is a good start, but far too short.

          • We’re not all rope-worthy. In fact, Our Thing could certainly benefit from additional legal guidance and lawfare. And if you disagree here, I shall sue you for trade libel, label libel, labial libel, blood libel, blood simple (made that one up), salamanderslander (on a roll) inter alia. You are on notice! Also, it’s trite to kill all the lawyers.

          • Xaimowitz, Xerstein, Xyakobaum, Xreenblatt … very curious decision to save. Mazeltov!

        • Look how quickly the list grows. Punishment isn’t a viable option until after separation: people need to have somewhere to go as an option to facing the hangman. I don’t want to live in Robespierre Mark II’s America, either. I’m a habitual dissident. Sooner or later even the revolutionaries on the dissident right will they’ll come for me, too. Nobody is pure enough.

      • Who? Everyone who wronged you and dragged your society from America to the pest hole it is now.

        For what? Wronging you and dragging society into a pest hole.

        And power is obvious. You can do what you need or want with manageable repercussions.

        Honestly if thing come to that, its all going to be summary, informal justice , not trials and reading from law books. The only reason you’d d all the ceremony is for the optics and if you have power, well you needn’t carte that much about optics either.

        And in case anyone asks, no your side isn’t entirety different than the other guys. What makes you better is what you want is rational, achievable and in time leads to a great place to have families and carry on societies goals and ideas.

        • The purpose of a trail is the establish guilt or the lack of it. Where guilt is already firmly established, no trial is necessary. It’s for this reason that we (historically) do not have trials for pirates. Guilt is established as soon as they set foot on a vessel that is not theirs.

          With the pols and media, we have all the documentation we need to prove guilt without the need of a trail.

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