The Flynn Puzzle

Imagine you are out and about and you come upon something that is so incongruous, you can’t help but take note of it. Maybe it is a car parked on the roof of an old barn or a cat chasing a horse around a field. The thing itself is not all that interesting, but its improbability or its incongruousness is what gets your attention. How is it possible that a horse is afraid of a cat? Why would someone put a car on a barn? The strangeness of the possible reasons is what draws your attention.

That’s what is happening with the General Flynn case. Originally, it looked like the same old political shenanigans we always see in Washington. The establishment wants a scalp to parade around so they find a patsy to frame for a minor crime. In the case of Flynn, the inner party needed some red meat for their crazies. Over time, it became clear that the FBI had framed him and the careerists in the system were working to prevent that reality from becoming explicit to the public.

At some point, it was too obvious to everyone to maintain the charade, so the information that was being hidden for three years was made public and the DOJ moved to dismiss the case. The people who conspired to frame Flynn were not being charged and the people who systematically concealed information from the courts for three years were not fired. Instead the whole thing would be made to go away. At some point, Flynn would be paid for his trouble and his silence.

Then, the judge went crazy and started doing things to keep the case open for no obvious reason. He invited outside parties to file briefs with the court and then assigned a retired judge to act as prosecutor, going so far as to give him leeway to bring new charges. At the same time, someone rounded up a bunch of former justice officials to lobby the court against dismissing the case. The defense has now filed an appeal asking the court to force the judge to follow the law.

The whole thing is so bizarre, some are wondering if the judge presiding over the case has possibly had some sort of mental break. He’s had a reputation for being a stickler for procedure and for being tough on prosecutors. He was the judge who handled the Ted Stevens case, where the FBI and DOJ conspired to frame then Senator Ted Stevens on corruption charges. Many expected him to react in a similar way once it was clear that General Flynn had been framed by the FBI and DOJ.

Instead, Sullivan has gone bonkers in what appears to be an effort to drag this out for months or maybe even years. Since the Supreme Court has been unanimously clear on this issue, the odds of this going on much longer are slim. Sullivan has to know that a few weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 9-0 decision, authored by Justice Ginsburg, that took judges to task for similar actions. In fact, that case is eerily similar to what Sullivan in doing in the Flynn case.

We are in Sherlock Holmes territory now. That is, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. In this case, what we are seeing cannot be explained by an ongoing conspiracy to frame Flynn. That horse left the barn a long time ago. Similarly, we can eliminate a cover-up. The DOJ has released the documents exposing what happened. Other disclosures make clear that Flynn was a target of the Obama administration for years.

One possible reason for the actions of the judge is that he has been blackmailed or extorted by people involved in this caper. If that were the case, they would have forced him to shut this thing down a long time ago. Flynn was forced to sign a confession years ago, so the judge could have sentenced him and called it a day. Appealing a confession, even a coerced one, takes years. Flynn would have done his time and been free by the time the case made it through the courts.

Another possibility is the judge knows something that he cannot reveal, but that maybe this new outside prosecutor could reveal. That would make for a great plot to a movie or TV drama, but the legal system does not work that way. If he had some secret intelligence, he could easily have it passed to Flynn’s defense team. He could order the people with the information to appear in his court and answer questions. There is no reason for the judge to play cloak and dagger this way.

Now, there may be some political benefit to dragging out the Flynn case. It is possible the Democrats think they need to maintain this charade in order to maintain the larger charade of impeachment. In an effort to gain access to secret grand jury testimony, they have told the court they are preparing another round of impeachment. The trouble with this scenario is they would be better served with the Flynn case being dismissed, so they could then wave it around as part of some conspiracy.

There is the possibility that the Flynn case is tied to something that has yet to be revealed to the public. Maybe as long as Flynn remains in legal jeopardy, he is prohibited from talking about certain issues. After all, the FBI did threaten his family at one point. There’s no escaping the fact that Obama himself had a personal interest in the Flynn case.  There were high level meetings in the Oval Office about what should be a trivial issue. Why does Team Obama hate Flynn so much?

That seems to be the turtle on the fence post here. Flynn is not some big shot political operator with a lot of enemies. He’s one of the thousands of careerists who will work with both parties. It was President Obama who made Flynn director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, thus beginning his civilian career. He probably would have joined the next administration, if asked, regardless of the party. General Flynn was on his way to becoming part of the semi-permanent ruling class.

Something happened in 2014 that turned the Obama people against him. His term as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency was ended. A systematic leaking campaign to the media about Flynn started around the same time. When he joined the Trump campaign, it appears the Obama administration began a surveillance operation against him, using not only the FBI, but the NSA, CIA and even Treasury. People at the very top of the Obama administration had some reason to hate General Flynn.

The puzzle is what could it be? It is entirely possible that this whole sordid affair is like the Watergate scandal. That is, people far down the food chain from the White House abused their power in some petty political shenanigans. Then they cooked up tales of Flynn working with the Russians as a cover story. By the time this was obvious, lots of administration people were implicated in a cover-up. Like Watergate, a minor scandal grew into a monster that consumed the administration.

Alternatively, maybe the full reading the Flynn case, once all the shouting and disclosures are done, will reveal a wide-scale, systematic use of government institution for political operations. People forget about Lois Lerner using the IRS to harass conservative groups in the 2012 election cycle. There’s now a whistle blower claiming Treasury was spying on Team Trump and others. Perhaps if any of these cases is fully revealed, it threatens to reveal a much bigger picture.

All of this is fun speculation and none of it could be true. The problem is none of the explanations offered up so far to explain the Flynn case make any sense. Throw in the bizarre behavior of the judge and it suggests there is something behind all of this that is much bigger than General Flynn. The extraordinary efforts being made to run out the clock on all of this suggest it is vitally important to permanent Washington. Solving this puzzle may be the only reason to vote for Trump this fall.

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142 thoughts on “The Flynn Puzzle

  1. I’ve encountered a few rumors online that Flynn referred to Obama as “that niigger” in his conversation with the Russians.

    As crazy and stupid as it is, that may well be the reason that Obama hates him so much and be “the secret info” that’s driven Sullivan insane.

    It should also be noted that neither a recording or transcript of the call has ever been made public. And that Susan Rice just called for it to be released unredacted.

  2. To wax whitepill; In the end this is a power struggle of centralization that will fail- because it isn’t possible. America is too large and has always had too many groups for monolithic governance. It always has been. We’ve had federated political arrangements since the Iroquois Confederation as a consequence.
    Followed by the articles of Confederation. The Federalist Constitution we are still under: which birthed 85,000 distinct political units, in 52 states and territories each with its own militia (now called National Guard) and 20,000 plus distinct law enforcement organizations. Ultimately the enemy will probably fail- because it simply can’t be done.

    Federations that betray constituent members will unravel. The good news is the likely successors are Heritage Americans. We’re the largest and strongest, especially if it comes to a fight. That’s actually our strongest card, and the only one left to play besides submission and extinction.

    Thankfully our enemies are intrinsically vile cowards, as well as neurotic wrecks.

    Simply – get ready and organize something innocuous around men of our own kind- innocuous so as to avoid attention – and the enemy’s madness will finish off whatever legitimacy they have left. Merely have a few good friends, 8 is enough. 8 coincidently is a squad. That’s enough.

    Squads build armies, trust me its that way and not the reverse. 8 is enough.
    A sportsman’s club is fine. Or a fishing club. Events and human nature are taking care of the rest.

    Don’t bother with politics; it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are- people are saturated and exhausted with politics. Get 8 men, and wait.

    • This on the same day the CDC admitted, via a stealth edit many caught, that a core tenet of Coronavirusism is false. It DOES NOT spread, as a rule, by touching surfaces where it has been. If you take out the “easily transmitted by touching surfaces,” there simply is no way to justify the lock downs. It is the biggest story today and few have noticed.

  3. “There is the possibility that the Flynn case is tied to something that has yet to be revealed to the public. Maybe as long as Flynn remains in legal jeopardy, he is prohibited from talking about certain issues. ”

    Being in continued legal jeopardy, allowed to be free under a bond that can be revoked, necessitates silence. I don’t have a clue as to what it is, and frankly Flynn might not even be certain, but there is little doubt there is a concerted effort to force him to be quiet.

    • Either he knows where the bodies are buried from Obama times, or they think he knows where the bodies are buried. The most transparent administration evah. Yeah, right. Classic projection.

      • What difference would it make where the bodies are? Seriously. Look at all the revelations that have already come to light. If your a member of the Washington crime syndicate you are protected. Prosecution? Fugetabutit.

        • I’m one of those nutjobs who believes that there’s more to Pizzagate than a Megan Kelly interview. So yes there are some things that cannot be touched because too many are implicated.

  4. A fellow that lives near me placed a VW Beetle on top of a shipping container he uses for storage. I asked him why he did it and he told me he finds it amusing. Never underestimate the ability of people to expend significant resources for trivial purposes.

  5. There is not puzzle here. Simply today generation( after 40 years of left wing and marxist education ) intelligence service workers are the same people who was traitors in 50s an 60s and get the electric chair .They control everything and they think that are untouchable. That come in normal way from the world what we ourselves set up after Second World War.This people won the war mostly with our help .They slowly are destroying Usa and that cannot be stopped trough any free elections .Siding with Soviet Union and communist China ( we help them when we go to war with Japan ) instead choose neutrality seal our future .There is not out of this without bloodletting near as big as that in Second World War.

  6. There’s that old wives’ tale about elephants being scared of mice, but horses being scared of cats? Never heard that one, but if you got put some serious money behind a campaign to convince people that horses are afraid of cats, I have no doubt that pretty soon a lot of people would believe it.

  7. If The Secret is big enough to cause the Deep State to go through all of this trouble to crush Flynn, it may be big enough to destroy the Deep State. I cannot imagine what could be big enough to do that, though. You’d have to think in terms of thriller plots.

  8. If Sullivan’s task is to extract a pardon of Flynn from Trump, that would be an explanation.

    • The Harvard professor Lawrence Tribe (of the tribe) tweeted just that. Force Trump to pardon Flynn was his tweet.
      This could be nothing more than a Christian Gentile and Jewish skirmish.

  9. I had to refresh my memory, but I believe the reason sentencing was held off was because of Mueller. His investigation supposedly gave Flynn light terms for cooperation. The thing is, there was nothing there. Maybe the judge is simply a jilted lover? Sure, he played the part of the hard case judge with the prosecutors. He had time while Mueller built his case. It also enhanced the look of a fair trial. Meanwhile, he was convinced Flynn was a traitor. Instead of anything coming to light, Mueller’s case evaporates, and it became apparent that the DOJ has nothing on Flynn. Now the judge is casting about looking for any way to get Flynn.

  10. Flynn probably came across something like obama sucking some guy off and that caused obama to become enraged. I really think we are getting close to that point in The Godfather, when all scores are settled. Someone like Bush would let this slide because he was part of the same team. But Trump knows it’s do or die for him, that his family will be hounded endlessly unless he gets rid of basically the entire dem party. And a fair number of RINOs, too. My theory is that lots of pols in both parties have been taking payoffs and so forth for years, and Trump is going to clean all of them out in one GoT power play. By including RINOs, it looks bipartisan!

    • The question is, does Flynn really know something other people don’t, and how does persecuting him forever keep him quiet about it, or is he the one guy who gets the book thrown at him in a system where the “law” is arbitrary, capricious, and somewhat randomly applied? Did Flynn simply run into a judge and a court that has a hard-on for taking down a swamp creature that has turned against the swamp? One mark of totalitarian regimes is that things are often done to people for little reason at all, other than they were the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time, when someone’s skull needed to be cracked.

      • No Flynn does not know anything that others don’t know. If he did, he would be dead. Suicide most likely but perhaps a most unfortunate accident.

    • That’s the thing. I get why Team Obama may have hated Flynn and wanted to see him jammed up and lose his job. Petty spite is a common motivator in Washington. What does not make sense is why they have dragged this out for year and are now trying to drag it out even longer. They want this guy in legal limbo forever for some reason.

      • Perhaps to push Trump into a pardon before the election and use as a Dem campaign point?

    • Ty for the link to the Scott Horton interview.

      His view that Flynn fell out of favor with Obama admin due to his disfavor with Iran (Ben Rhodes driven) detente is compelling. This answers the thezman’s question, “People at the very top of the Obama administration had some reason to hate General Flynn.”

      Also interesting to hear his view that Flynn was not “our guy” in the Trump admin. Just another neocon supporting war in the ME, war on Iran rather than Isis.

  11. Flynn is an ongoing threat to the Iran deal money. No doubt there are still secret agreements in place where insiders get special allowances to break the law and sell Iran weapons stuff forbidden to non insiders.

  12. ‘Contractors’ had been using intelligence databases available via the FBI’s counter-intelligence division since 2012. See Judge Conyers letter regarding FISC/FISA abuses for details. The databases were used to surveil all kinds of people, but most likely those who were considered ‘opposition’ (though opposition to whom or what is not entirely clear). Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse has good data on this. I think the Judge (like Bar, and like Conyers) are afraid that the scale and scope of US government surveillance of US citizens is going to get out into the wild and enough Americans are going to start asking questions about WTF is going on that the who FISA/FISC/surveillance state system is going to have justify itself to the American people. Flynn isn’t the only one who is being treated strangely. What about Assaunge? The recent evidence released from Crowdstike’s testimony indicates there’s no evidence of a Russian hack of the DNC server(s). Therefore, there cannot be a ‘espionage’ crime for which Assaunge is guilty. Why is Assaunge still in jail?

    • All very good questions. One of the answers is $1.5 trillion a year that the defense/industrial complex gets to do what it does. Flynn was at the controls of that machine at one point, and fell (or was pushed) into the combine below it. Many people fall into that combine, both innocent and guilty. Ask any villager in Afghanistan or Yemen. You go out to milk your goat one day and your whole village is wiped out, despite the fact that the “bad guys” were five miles down the road in a cave. Flynn had no problem acting the part. But there’s no morality in that job description. Much like the job description “porn star” certain moral hangups have to be dropped before doing that. Rooting for Flynn would be like rooting for Sammy the Bull against the big guys. So why, after everything J. Edgar Hoover did, is his name plastered all over that FBI building? Maybe the country of Thomas Jefferson died decades ago and this is the aftermath. As old boomers talk about “muh mask Freedum” at Costco.

      • ” Maybe the country of Thomas Jefferson died decades ago”

        I died among other things by his extra-constitutional purchase of land from the French.

    • Whatever you think of Barr–as a Washington insider I think he clearly realizes he has “the wolf by the ears”

  13. There’s no such thing as a coerced confession in this country. We don’t yet put jumper cables on nipples like some other countries. If they had something on his son, maybe his son did something stupid, and also, like dad, opened his yapper in front of authorities. There are such things as stupid confessions, and unintended confessions, which happen when you talk to criminal investigators or prosecutors at ANY time.

    Flynn was arrogant. He was a DC player lining his pockets like the others. I don’t feel sorry for him. Anyone in his role isn’t a good person. It’s a line of work for maladjusted people. Maybe he saw Obama go at it with Reggie Love in the kitchenette. Who knows. But this is no reason to vote for Trump. This sounds very Q like. Trust the plan, vote for Trump. The judge will be beaten down by the appeals court. A dog whistle was blown by big Democrats, before this happened, to do exactly what he did, and he’s a party hack (Clinton appointee). This is window dressing a bad situation, that will be tossed on appeal.

  14. I think there are a number of threads coming together on this one.

    Trump is not part of the DC crowd, the one where everyone has dirt on everyone else, and leverages it. Hence the intense fascination with trying to find any dirt on Trump, by any means necessary.

    Flynn is part of the Trump crowd, so persecuting him is a proxy for going after Trump.

    Flynn is also a warning to anyone who might go against the DC crowd, that they will never let you go, no matter what.

    The ultimate crime here is not the spying. The spying is means to an end, to head off discovery of the ongoing multi-billion dollar looting of foreign aid budgets through kickbacks to the politicians and their co-workers.

    Stringing out and doubling down on persecution of anything Trump is a signal of loyalty to DC, so that special rewards will be given when DC gets control over the Executive Branch again.

    The out for the DC crowd is to win the presidency this year, it’s all they have right now. Which means the candidates must be pliable members of the DC crowd–Biden, Harris, Abrams, some of the more militantly lockdown governors. So that all the discovery and potential prosecution of criminal behavior by the DC crowd is buried, lickety-split, and the rip-off of the federal dole can resume.

    Vote-by-mail (or by e-mail) is the tool by which the election is stolen, and there is no other easy way to steal it.

    The Wuflu lockdown through the fall must be maintained, at any cost, to ensure vote-by-mail.

    The election will be stolen this fall, because this is existential for the DC crowd. There is nothing more important in life for them, than getting back the golden ring. Grandma needs to die of Wuflu, our economy needs to shatter, and innocent people need to be hounded into a lifetime in prison, if that is what it takes.

    Trump and anyone in DC who worked constructively with him, and their families, will be hounded for the rest of their lives, as retribution and as a warning to others. Do not cross DC. They are entitled to steal a big chunk of whatever is going on, and don’t you little people forget it.

    • Dutch, absolutely true that the Wuflu has to continue through fall and maybe ending on November 4th. In addition to ensuring cheating….er voting by mail it keeps Biden from speaking extemporaneously before 100 people crowds and Trump drawing 15,000 people crowds.

      Loved the e-mail alternative. Hadn’t thought of that option which would make the Biden victory even more of a blowout. Also has a nice smirky Clinton e-mail we can get away with anything feel to it.

  15. So I read the other day that Flynn was of the view that Russia wasn’t a threat at all, and that China was. I’m ex-military and have a friend who is still in, and during 2014-2017 he worked on one of the NATO HQ working with the highest ranks. He was and still is adamant that we were preparing to war with Russia and would have started it about 3 months after Hilary’s victory. Flynn I’m guessing wouldn’t go along with the narrative. Cast your minds back to Hilary’s campaign where she promised to shoot down Russian jets over Syria. So Syria was to be the trigger in my view, which is why OPCW were under so much pressure to blame Assad for the jihadist false flag chemical attacks. I think Flynn was seen as the fly in the ointment of that plan.

    • I think your friend is totally correct about a Clitler administration plunging us into WW3.

      Just look at her bloodlust over Libya.

      • Why would Hillary care so much about Arab countries? Why would she want WW3? Is there a hidden motivation?

        • I can only speculate as to why a war with Russia, but here are two ideas – purely speculation.

          If you want to get rid of patriots, start an attritional war. Look at Britain post-WW1.

          There is speculation that many US politicians are compromised by China (Diane Feinstein seems to be). In terms of US/China dynamics China is to the US what the US was to Britain in 1900. To go from Pax Britanica to Pax Americana, the UK needed to do something utterly stupid such as WW1. Maybe the Chinese (with the help of corrupt US politicians) want to replay the history book. It also gets Russia out of the way. They see China as their long-term strategic threat btw as they are worried China will move north and take Siberia.
          After the carnage, the swamp gets to run the US forever using Chinese style social credit scoring. Think of ruling in hell rather than serving in heaven.
          I’m sure there are others with different and possibly better ideas.

          • The US is done already and doesn’t need an attritional war to get rid of the patriots.

            The US has been chased out of Iraq, Lebannon,Somalia,California,Vietnam etc

            There’s no fight left, and there hasn’t been for a long time.

        • Oh, I think it’s far more base than that.

          Part of it is to show how tough she is. Part of it is holdover hatred of Putin for pushing out Yeltsin and shutting down the looting of post-Soviet Russia.

          Then, there is the interesting tidbit from the 2004 alternate history/time-travel sci-fi novel, “Weapons of Choice,” where the US Navy fleet portrayed is flagged by the aircraft carrier USS Hilary Clinton, “….named for the most uncompromising wartime president in the history of the United States.”

          You can bet old Hill just ate that right up when it was pointed out to her.

        • Line;
          I don’t think Hillary gave a rat’s azz about the ME. But added turmoil = added $$$ to the skimming pot just like in Ukraine as SamlAdams mentions above. It is no coincidence that destabilization by The Cloud Folk favors countries with resources to be looted by NGO world, as Bernie’s bestie L Trotsky would have said.

  16. Going full Conspiratard…

    Flynn did collude with the Russians…and a whole slew of other countries about the very same subject but there’s no charge of collusion with the other nations. The Russians were a useful villain…but why no discussion about what all of this collusion was about?

    Flynn called and lobbied many foreign governments about something the Israelis wanted. I forget the details but it had something to do with settlements and something related formulating in the UN.

    The Obama administration did whatever Shlomo wanted but they often did so reluctantly with a bit of foot dragging. His admin was full of post-colonial hotheads who sided with the Palestinians. Flynn being a lifelong soldier in the service of ZOG (generals are political animals and get to be generals because they understand where interests and the power for those interest lie) saw this foot dragging as unproductive. He probably brought this to the attention of certain circles. Those circles probably lit a fire under the Obama admin and probably threatened to use their considerable resources and control over all media to send the administration into a tailspin. Even a delay is considered unacceptable…just look at how they turned on Bush,Sr. and cut the legs out from under his reelection campaign for a similar delay ( delay not cut).

    The true believers in Ogumby’s admin would have been driven apoplectic over this and sought revenge. This threat affecting the prospects for the whole administration would have draw in Obama and his inner circle. Sholmo would get what he wanted when he wanted it but someone had to pay. Flynn set it off thus Flynn had to pay a price.

    Russia Russia Russia is just the grandchildren of immigrants from the Shtetl painting a convenient mark on their favorite bogeyman. No one mentions the actual subject that set this off because everyone in government is tied into it. All players are better off with Israeli interests and all of Washington’s collusion in always serving those interests remaining in the shadows. The Zealots would get their pound of flesh and no one would ask the wrong questions.

    One of the problems with democracy is that there are too many chiefs in the teepee so the longer things get dragged out the more conflicts have an opportunity to arise. The Flynn case had passed its expiration date so it needed to go away. A decision made too late. Maybe.

    The decisions by some to not let it go may be convoluted but the Judge is a curious one. Emmet G. Sullivan. A product of Howard University (All Black), a long serving jurist, a stickler for procedure with a lifelong ringside seat to seeing how things really work and a lifetime of learning to look away when things violated certain boundaries. He’s on the 18th hole. Maybe he just got tied of playing along. A lot of Blacks are just as tired of LittleHat manipulations as are a lot of Whites. Letting the Flynn circus run a bit longer and opening up access to the case may allow and force deeply buried interests to work free of the muck and bubble up to the surface.

    Collusion over what…was never part of the discussion. All parties seem to have an interest in this now going away…before inconvenient question begin to be asked. Whose interests are that universal in Washington?

  17. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what I, as an individual, could do to slow the deterioration of the country. I joined the NRA, and continue to support them, and I send a couple of hundred bucks to Tom Fitton at Judicial watch from time to time. Makes me feel good watching their efforts.

  18. Zman: You often say “biology determines everything.” I think it applies in the case of the judge and Obama. The judge called Flynn a traitor and accused him of treason for his criticisms of Obama and his policies back in December at the first hearing. I bet the prevailing attitude in Lagos is that anyone who criticizes Obama is a Klansman. Not a big stretch from there to treason.

    But I agree that there must be something else going on here. I’ll vote for Trump regardless.

  19. Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Brennan ran a company called The Analysis Corporation, which is a major private contractor providing IC support the federal government intelligence network. This entity has been covertly mining the NSA database for dirt on Congress (and other US citizens) since at least 2010, and using this information to blackmail or intimidate politicians who opposed or otherwise interfered with Obama policies. This is the secret that Flynn was going to expose.

  20. Sometimes there’s just not one single explanation. I’d argue for a twofold one here: Whatever happened to turn Obama against Flynn (that’s the real mystery), and the judge going full retard. I have no idea what caused the first, but the second is caused by what the shrinks call “narcissistic injury.” The judge got himself lots of public by bagging a high-profile scalp — in fact, framing Flynn was the only caper the #Resistance actually managed to pull off successfully. He’s not going to let that go, since it’s central to his identity.

    • I think the 2nd part is the big chunk of the issue. If you’ve never seen a full TDS sufferer it can be a sad thing to watch. This judge is Stage 4 TDS so this was his way to ‘stick it’ to Trump indirectly. Black Obama appointee judge able to destroy a decorated white general. A f-cking do nothing affirmative action hire lawyer in a black robe able to take down a white man near the apex of the military? It becomes obvious when you couch it in those terms.

      On top of that, the weakest link in our system is the Supreme Court, and courts in general. The Founders who did a great job with “checks & balances” somehow thought that putting 9 lawyers in black robes for lifelong appointments whereas the President is out every 4 years was a good idea? I can’t wrap my mind around such a gross oversight.

      But this spills down to judiciary in general. Judges are -really- hard to dislodge once appointed and they know it. This is why a bad judge can be a life destroyer for huge segments of the population. If anything needs to be overhauled is that removing a judge from the bench should be MUCH easier than it currently is. You can act like an a-hole often when there is no consequence for bad behavior.

      • Slight correction, not appointed by Obama but they are thick as thieves because ‘bruvas down for da struggle’, anyways, you get the idea…

      • Black jurist in DC? This sort will carry water for Obama from here to the grave. All he needs to know is that Obama hates Flynn. He’d sentence him to life it he could. As far as he’s concerned, he’s doing the Lord’s work.

  21. The idea that Trump will work purely for our goals is ludicrous. Trump works for our goals if they fit Trumps goals and Trumps goal is to be looked upon as “Great!” and “Great!” American President and leader.
    This is what got him in deep shit with this virus thing.
    The virus played to Trumps weakness, he could stand in front of the American people every day as a “ Great! ” leader.
    Well he did that.
    And the economy of the Trumpsters crashed around him and is still crashing.
    So now Trump will pivot back to the Trumpsters because the election is getting close and he must be that “ Great!” leader for the Trumpsters again now.
    You know? Sign that birthright citizenship executive order as soon as he takes office.
    But on the positive side Trump moves the Overton window on issues that can be discussed by normie conservatives having a beer at a bar and Trump has exposed the media to those same normies as the bastards they have always been.
    Trump is our guy. He is just not the guy we will really need.
    That person has not arrived.

  22. I haven’t a clue what’s happening. But it does show infighting among our oppressors, and infighting within the ranks of your enemy is always a good thing.

    Our enemies are monolithic in terms of their hatred for us, but they are definitely not united. That will only increase over time as the you get the Jewish faction, the Bernie Bros-type white faction, the Indian faction, the Asian faction, the Muslim faction all vying to control Deep State via their black and Hispanic minion politicians.

    • Maybe it’s crazy but I could see the bros turning nationalist. I’m kind of rooting for them to come out on top. The cheap labor problem is a gateway to race realism.

  23. I doubt the swamp can ever be drained because of human nature. Certain types will always seek power and the public will always let them have it. But can we at least send some of the malefactors to jail so the others think twice?

  24. The only reason to vote for the president this fall ? The president is an outsider wading into an organized crime syndicate. The fact he’s still standing speaks volumes of the man regardless of what you think of his personal demeanor. In fact it’s that brash NYC attitude that has put his enemies off their game.

    As someone else has already pointed out Insider politics is having the dirt on somebody or somebody makes the phone call getting you a position. Either way you’re going to behave yourself because you don’t want the people making the call to look bad or have them air your dirty laundry in public.

    If the agency or department is not on the public radar their problem children can be quietly pushed out. Once you’re in the spotlight even for a trivial matter plus a couple of whistleblowers can be devastating.

    It’s unlikely anyone would go to jail, but it will certainly keep the heat off the president and think that’s the ball that’s been set in motion.

      • Yep. But still I am more and more on the edge of packing it all in wrt voting. Every year, the vote process here gets more and more corrupt. At a point voting get worthless and not voting—as a protest—gets more appealing.

    • Remember that scene in Independence Day when the President walks into Area 51 and demands entry and access to everything, because he’s the frikin’ President?

      Still waiting for Trump to walk over to CIA/FBI central with his team of handpicked investigators and tell them that he’ll be looking at …everything, you know because the’s the frikin’ President?

      Seriously, how does the senior executive not have this authority to manage his own branches? How can any of the CIA/FBI work product be shielded from the top legal and statutory executive?

  25. It seems pretty clear that the fall election is well on it’s way to being stolen. the mailing of millions of ballot “Applications” out for here in Michigan means every cat lady will get 9 ballots for each of her cats.

    • Yes Miforest. The dems are conducting seminars all over the country to advise aliens on how to vote and get away with it. The dems have no intention of losing this election. They will do whatever they have to do and their methods have already been field tested.

      • Trump did nothing in the 2018 House midterms when every single contested race went blue (what are the odds?) after the votes continued to trickle in days, and weeks after the election day. Now one of those districts has been won back by the Mexican Republican guy, probably to put R’s to sleep on the issue (it wasn’t voter fraud – a Republican can still win!)

        In Florida, where they kept finding more votes in Broward Co. for the Senate and Gubernatorial races, Trump started tweeting about the fraud, and the counting stopped. Interesting.

        But yeah, unless Trump has some massive hidden strategy to fight voter-fraud, the Dems will win in a landslide.

    • That has been my gut instinct all along. As lazy as he is, I have no doubt that the gay mulatto was knee deep in all the corruption that occurred during his administration. He may not have planned it, but I’m sure he was least aware of it.

    • Agreed. But what could have he done that was awful enough to prevent his future installation on Mt. Rushmore?

  26. The Flynn case is one aspect of a behind-the-scenes conflict between the military and intelligence branches of the deep state. Flynn came in and immediately ordered an audit of the tens of thousands of unmasking requests that were happening even before Trump’s campaign. These were done mainly through contractors, who are not covered by whistleblower protections or record-keeping rules. Mike Rogers (head of NSA, another military guy) had stopped the process in the spring of 2016, and warned Trump about wiretapping in November. Remember how people noticed that Trump had surrounded himself with generals? More recently, the FBI can no longer run queries on signals intelligence collected by the NSA. That function has moved to the military, even though the FBI is still running conventional (non-political) investigations. If Trump gets reelected, look for more talk on disbanding and rebooting the CIA and FBI (not saying it will happen, but that there are people above my shitposter paygrade who’ve been saying it should be done). Seeing two CIA guys captured by the Bolivarian fishing brigade in Venezuela doesn’t help with the symbolism. The CIA is useless or worse, the FBI is tainted beyond redemption, and both need a clean reboot.

  27. Wow, a corrupt African President, never heard that one before. Africa wins again.

  28. The most likely explanation for the Flynn hit job is buck stops here, bigger than Watergate, presidential political surveillance, with connections to Snowden, Julian A. and Seth Rich. Or, having some fun, that Seal Team 6 was sent to shut up OBL, as news was about to leak that the CIA knew where he was and who was harboring him all along, and why. Or, better yet, sniff, sniff, is that pizza?

  29. Pay no attention to the truth behind the curtain. If and when the truth is revealed, nothing will happen. Nothing will change. Maybe someone will be sacrificed. Maybe. Regardless of what is revealed here there will be no justice. Sometime all you need to know is that you don’t.

    • ”Sometime all you need to know is that you don’t”
      But we do know the general outline; ‘ Trump is dumb to anger the ” intelligence people ,they have 6 ways to Sunday to go after him” Trying to figure out details is a kremlinology .

      • Truth.? Justice? The American Way? The fabulists in government work overtime to fill their rice bowls. Like vindictive women they obfuscate omit and lie to punish their rivals or people they harbor a deep hatred of. Whatever their reason the crossroad of morality is not a choice for them. Rationalizing their actions is par for the course. Limiting their power only goes as far as their honor takes them. Which is not very far. No honor. No morals. We do know that much. That may be all we need to know. Caning and hanging is an appropriate punishment for these crimes. Asset forfeiture and banishment sound good too. Or all of the above. For the worst offenders.

  30. Flynn had planned a substantial overhaul and reorganization of the intelligence services. I had always assumed that was the motivation for taking the guy out (and maybe Petraeus too). But once he was out, why keep it going? There really is something fishy. Are they just trying to drag it past the election?

    • That makes some sense. I’d never put anything past the CIA. Even Chuckie Schumer knows better than to butt heads with them. CIA May have just been resisting a restructuring and/or an audit.

      Always assumed the Prateus thing was just Hillary taking out a future competitor for the presidency after Barry was out. It did show terrible judgement, dipping his pen in the (crazy) company ink.

    • Drake;
      Not only that but Flynn wanted an audit of where all the $$$ went in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both were reason enough to want him gone. And in 2014 he was.*

      But that still doesn’t explain the post 2014 vendetta** and the ‘target fixation’ by The Obamanation that Brings Desolation. It’s almost as though there is some group that is using ‘Flynn target fixation’*** as a stratagem. Dear God I hope this is the case_!
      *And also reason enough for the swamp to want both wars to simmer on indefinitely.
      **’Sacked as Head of DIA = Problem Solved’ I would think. Disgruntled generals writing up their memoirs are not exactly uncommon in The Imperial Capitol and, by all evidence, pose little risk to the swamp.
      ***Target fixation is the dangerous military situation where all your assets simultaneously disregard their mission orders and focus on taking out some one particular target. Makes you vulnerable to a knockout punch from another direction. How the IJN lost the Battle of Midway, in no small part.

  31. It is strange. Perhaps the judge doesn’t want a dismissal because that would end all discovery, and the emergence of more sordid details. Dismissal allows everyone to walk away.

    • Discovery in this has been awful for the defense team. The whole missing original 302 “dog ate my homework” is a disgrace…as is the entire practice of a 302 form anyway. Recorded transcripts, anyone?

      If I wanted a “law enforcement “ agency that could literally make up anything and then use it as unassailable “evidence” against you, I’d come up with a 302 form.

      How is this still possible? Oh right…it’s by design.

      • Trumps should (among the huge overhaul needed- I’d abolish it) stick it to the FBI in a couple of petty and very loud ways.
        1. Demanding that the FBI headquarter building not be named after a corrupt pervert known for blackmailing congress ( Imagine the fun with any member of Congress who objects: “So you think blackmailing Congress should be celebrated then? I guess we’ll have to have a good look at you.)
        2. Have the Justice department;s DA disallow any reports of questioning not supported by a taped record of the questioning.

        Just for shits and giggles.

        • Demanding that the FBI headquarter building not be named after a corrupt pervert known for blackmailing congress

          Would you say things have been better or worse at the FBI (and in Washington) since Hoover’s death?

  32. It’s clear the Trump Impeachment over Ukraine was to cover Biden doing the exact thing they accused Trump of doing. The audio leaked yesterday makes this not even arguable anymore.

    The Flynn case is likely not similar though. It sounds more like petty backstabbling and impotent anger that consumed everyone in its path.

    • Yes – Seemed like the Dems pivoted in that direction immediately after Biden’s bragging about arm-twisting the Ukrainians went public.

    • That’s my hunch, but the meetings in the Oval Office with Clapper, Comey, Rice and others is what makes no sense. Clapper seems to have been sent in to convince Obama that there was a real threat of some sort. The Rice memo to herself, which is pretty weird, even for Washington, suggests she was concerned about something. The whole “Dear Diary, today I committed no crimes” thing is too weird to ignore.

      Let’s not forget that the Clinton campaign is mixed up in all of this. I’ve often wondered if the real issue is that Clinton was selling access out of the State Department. The hundreds of millions that flowed into the slush fund were not by accident. Maybe the Obama people covered that up and all of this spying stuff was in an effort to avoid any leaks.

      • Z Man;
        First off, we ought not just assume that Rice’s memo is true in any meaningful way. Anyone who can go on 6 or 7 (?) Sunday cable shows on one day and repeat the obviously stupid lies about an obscure video causing a coordinated heavy weapons attack on a US Consulate in Benghazi Libya can *easily* lie in a ‘memo to self’.

        But since both acts are in worshipful service of ‘Teh One’, maybe there is a connection. The memo, at face value, ineptly distances The Light-bringer from personal responsibility for the plot against Gen Flynn and fits Comey, the looming doofus, to ‘wear the jacket’ as they used to say in Chicago.

        P Obama’s ‘dog whistle’ broadcast to the faithful leaked on Sunday, mentioning ‘perjury’ (not what Flynn was charged with). On Monday, the judge jumped up and appointed a fellow swamper to investigate Flynn for ‘perjury’. Am I the only one to think this uncanny (in a bad way).

        Why was P Obama involved *at all*_? That’s the big mystery. Did Flynn find his real birth certificate_?

        • Funny thing is that Yates testified that only she, Obama and Comey were in the room. And Rice indicated the White House counsel told her to write the memo. I wonder if she put herself there and wrote it since a certain attendee couldn’t very well write the memo himself.

      • I saw a lot of memos like that. They happen when some cock-up has been or is thought to have been contained. Interpretations of events have been settled, the “facts” have been agreed upon, low level players have been thrown under the bus as needed. An official story is then very quietly documented.

        Ideally such memos are never again to be read by anyone. But of course the containment could always be breached, due to some collapse of consensus among the parties involved or where, as here, some outsiders with power learn about the mess. In the commercial context, this might be new management after a takeover.. In national politics this should never be an issue.

        Butt in 2016 the unthinkable happened and an actual outsider came in. Then after a lot of maneuvering the containment started to fail

        It’s not so much a CYA memo (that is generally pointless) as a reminder to all the perps of what their story was and to keep it straight.

      • Where I think you are onto something is what I’d call “foreign aid laundering”. Ukraine seems to be a center of this—aid flows in–along with NGOs employing the extended families of the elite and cuts of that money flow back to the mandarin families. Bursima was just one of the sloppier versions since Hunter was too impaired do anything that looked superficially legit. Had a brief corporate exposure to the Clinton Foundation/CGI in the way back times (they seem so quaint now). If you dug in it was simply a bundling operation with a big skim for the house built on a corporate “membership” pyramid scheme. But it kept the whole Clinton network employed and the Clintons in their accustomed lifestyle. Flynn may well have been attuned to these shenagins.

        • Saml;
          Concur. And, I’d expand the skimming to war contractors in the endless ME wars. Flynn was looking for an audit of the latter.

          This matter may even include risk to the CIA’s invisible parallel economy too: A pretty good reason for their seemingly implacable hostility, no_?

          The CIA was rumored to have started out in this by sending heroin back in caskets from Vietnam to the US in order to finance their secret war in Laos (according to AF lore at the time)*. If true, then Malcolm X was right, of all the crazy sh*t that went down in that turbulent time.

          At any rate, CIA’s known network of secret prisons requires a parallel network of front businesses to finance it, or at least to launder the ‘black budget’ through. An audit puts all that at risk.
          * Those stories had a strong folkloric aspect so they could very well be false: Always according to somebody somebody knew, never highly specific, made the teller seem all-wise and all-knowing without his having to produce any evidence, yet having a patina of being possible by explaining the otherwise inexplicable, etc.

  33. Very good article in the NYT of all places comparing Trump to Orban and basically calling Trump a clown for not seizing more power during the fraudvirus crisis:

    “But in Trump both qualities are swamped by the far more important aspects of his character — a chancer’s fear of claiming any power that might lead to responsibility and someday blame, a showman’s preference for performance over rule, a media addict’s preference for bluster over deeds.”

    • That is weirdly honest. Gave me disturbing visions of how Hillary would have handled it.

    • Well, no, this is just the The Old Grey Whore being disappointed that Trump did not overstep his role under the Constitution, wherein the powers not specifically granted to the Federal government are reserved to the states and to the people, this being, after all, a republic specifically embracing this further – but, by design little spoken of – separation of powers between the Federal and the States’ goverments. This division of responsibilities sketched out in the 9th and 10th Amendments goes beyond, and in parallel to, the separation of powers delineated (albeit overlapping powers, to keep things interesting) within the Federal governing structure between its Executive, Legislative, and Judicial components.

      The Old Grey Whore wanted Trump to overstep these bounds, and behave as if he were an autocrat. Then their hypocritical howls of offended republican (small r) virtue would have been unceasing, while in reality the whole exercise would be just another ploy to bring his administration into disrepute. Because if there is one thing Democrats (and many Republicans) abhor, it is reinforcing the knowledge that our political undergirding is that of a republic, with states as entities possessing actual agency; the constant initiative since the War Between the States has been to “progressively” (term chosen with care…) gut this notion in favor of that of states as mere administrative units under a centralized, Federal command.

      Vide: discontinuance through Constitutional amendment of the original stipulation that state legislatures appoint their Federal Senators to better assure that they are mindful of their responsibilities to their own state; the constant recourse to the Interstate Commerce Clause to get the Federal camel’s nose under the tent, the construance of the meaning of this clause being sedulously expanded over time; the imposition of Federal mandates, the funding of compliance to which winds up being – surprise, surprise – funded by Federal grants. The list goes on and on, the ratchet only turns one way.

      Trump did not overstep, and this was important in two ways:

      1) The states’ rights were respected, and they were free to fail, too, in how they responded (Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, et al), so the opprobrium for ill-considered, heavy-handed measures might be assigned to these autocratically-inclined leftists;

      2) When the very basis for Trump’s winning the election in 2016 centered on the existence of the Electoral College, clearly another Constitutional provision aimed at vitiating the strength of large, populous states in their otherwise disproportionate power to rule the smaller, less populous states in all matters economic and cultural, for Trump to arrogate powers unto himself that would undo this balance, and likely end up distorting things in favor of those larger states, would be supremely stupid. It would also have the effect of serving the argument of the left that the one, national election should be decided on an unfiltered, unrestrained, national popular majority headcount. That would collapse all decisionmaking into the hands of the large populations of leftist-dominated states. So long federal republic, and basically the ability of the culturally and fiscally conservative populations of having any further impact would be forever lost. They would then be set up to play the role of the despised, retrogressive kulaks, delivered up to the leftist meatgrinder, as per usual.

      And come to think of it, what do we see being acted out right now, but an extended destruction of the small, and independently owned business community, the last remaining vestige of the free yeomanry whose right to a continued existence was envisaged in the Constitution as originally cast? The left wants ro ensure that all members of the hoped-for, unitary state would become clients, unmediated by individual rights in property under law. No insulation from the unitary state’s power, no matter how tenuous, is desired by the left.

      Of course, some exception is made for the rights of the big, artificial, immortal “persons” who are corporations, but even here, since they are legal fictions, and not flesh and blood citizens, their rights are merely conditionally granted by the unitary state, and in no way inherent, and thus subject to revocation at the behest of the unitary state. These corporations assuredly understand this, so their craven adherence to The Narrative of the Pandemic, should not come as any kind of surprise. And the prospect of scooping up all of the business, and the properties both real and intellectual of the entrepreneurial and small enterprise world that they wish, and the enhanced ability that would arise from the fallout of the shutdown to set the terms of employment and wages of formerly independent citizens provides yet another incentive to play along.

      Nothing can be permitted to stand in the way of this program, hence the desperation to shut opposition down. The left is salivating at the prospect of The New Normal, the one that they would control lock, stock, and barrel. The Biden corruption, the gross illegalities seen in the Flynn case (and more widely in the power grab of the Surveillance State) are windows into the program, windows that must be slammed shut.

      Mystery? What mystery?

      • The Constitution didn’t survive Washington. His use of troops to collect a tax on a drink in Pennsylvania is nowhere listed therein.
        When Jefferson pissed away a chunk of money illegally buying land from the French, the future was certain, we’re just living in that rather than the imaginary constitutional one,

        • The Lousisiana Purchase wasn’t foreseen by the authors of the Constitution. I am, on balance, glad Jefferson decided to go rogue in that instance.

          • Agree, Vizzini. At the cost of no blood and a modest amount of treasure, he removed a foreign power from the neighborhood. The country at that time was still very much what we’d like it to once again become and the Louisiana Purchase strengthened the United States. I can’t imagine the intrigues that would have followed by allowing a European nation to maintain such a presence on our border.

            Now imagine a scenario in which the right people in your hometown pooled their money together and were able to quite cheaply and voluntarily remove the vibrancy from the community. You wouldn’t because it would potentially violate some bylaw?

          • fuck yeah, the louisanna purchase was a good deal! Alaska to. Maybe israel should buy the west bank.

        • I see your point about Washington’s actions in response to the Whiskey Rebellion. But, the taxation of whiskey, treated as currency on the frontier, was largely Hamilton’s baby. He wanted everyone to be ensnared into a money economy, and barter didn’t fit the paradigm. Hamilton wanted the new United States to pay off its war debt, most likely so that US credit would be good enough to attract European investors to support his plans for development of an indigenous manufacturing base to bootstrap the economic prospects for the future, therby freeing the US from reliance on foreign suppliers of industrial goods. (In current moves to reestablish US manufacturing from the current extensive reliance on China, one sees a similar logic). Technological prowess is a fundamental element of national power; a complete technological cycle from raw materials, to scientific/engineering skills, to manufacturing, culminating in both saleable exports as well as military power, is the idea. Otherwise, the nation risks being trapped into a reliance on hawking natural resources, or agricultural products for the foreign exchange needed to compensate for its lack of technological independence, and never rises to autarchy.

          It didn’t hurt Hamilton that Washington owned one of the largest whiskey distilleries in the nation, and as President he could scarcely avoid paying his own taxes. This would make him receptive to Hamilton’s plan that would make all such producers subject to the same taxes. Tough luck for the cash-poor, hardscrabble Scots-Irish frontiersmen who ran an economy largely centering around the alternative currency of whiskey, though. Not the first time, and certainly not the last, that a productive group was broken to the wheel of coastal elites, eh?

          My internet namesake, Mr. Jefferson, was up against some worrying circumstances. He wanted the new nation to expand westward, sustaining the future of the independent yeoman culture that he considered basic to the well being of the hard won Republic. But a European power hemmed this growth in to the west, and worse yet, they controlled the chokepoint at the end of the Mississippi River that served as the entrepot for goods transported down the river, the only economic way to move these goods from areas beyond the Appalachians to market. And worse yet, although the French were not unfriendly, there was no guarantee that the control of the mouth of the Mississippi would not fall into the hostile hands of the Spanish, or worse yet, the British. The very fact that Napoleon found himself in such a bad financial position that he thought it needful to sell these vast, rich territories for a quick cash infusion put an exclamation point on the genuine, imminent peril of having a hostile power take the nation’s west hostage. Fast forward to Andrew Jackson’s defense of New Orleans in the War of 1812, or the bad news for the CSA when they lost control of New Orleans in the WBS to comprehend the direction in which Jefferson’s thoughts were trending.

          So, act he did, basically presenting the Congress with a fait accompli. A bit hypocritical when as the Executive, he did an end run on Congress, but speed and stealth were crucial.

          Also, my man Jefferson founded West Point. Albeit not a big fan of standing armies, he was savvy enough to know that a core of military professionals was needed to give you a chance in the event of conflict with a European power. Particular emphasis was placed on military engineering, an essential element in defensive strategies.

          In a somewhat similar fashion, Jefferson saw the importance of maintaining and exercising naval forces in real world contexts. At this time the Barbary Pirates of Muslim North Africa were an international scourge, not only in the Mediterranean, but even on European Atlantic coasts. European states began paying them protection money to leave their flagged vessels unmolested rather than to spend on suppression through their navies. The infant US could not afford the protection money, but did depend on overseas commerce, and consequently was subject to the pirates’ depredations, and the taking of ships’ companies for ransom was part of these.

          Jefferson resolved to build up naval and marine forces (where the Marines’ Hymn reference to the halls of Tripoli comes from) to attack the Barbary states to eliminate these problems. Long story short, despite viccisitudes, they proved victorious at last, and the pipsqueak US made European ransom payers look weak.

          In these ways, he was quite different than the image often portrayed; he got major shit done, establishing important points of order for future generations of Americans.

          • Jersey;
            Damn fine geo-political defense of your cyber name (nom de cybier ?). Excellent and informative read.

  34. I’m repeating myself on this theme but … sociopaths. Their actions are often inexplicable to rational beings, but once you realize their motives are fueled by a diabolical desire for chaos and destruction then a lot of the shenanigans begin to make sense. Not trying to be simplistic, just following Occam’s philosophy … and having spent some time in the White House during the Clinton years I have some insight on the people attracted to governmental power.

    • Good to hear from you again, Capt S. Yes, they are sociopaths. Inexplicable actions. We should keep that in mind. Andrew….yes, they are all comprised. Yes, it’s about their culture staying and growing power.

      However, the overarching diabolical dilemma is…they’re running the cards by constantly bringing in endless illegals. Endless tribes demanding gibs…..from us. Trump didn’t stop this. Citizenship is now meaningless. They’re about to flip Texas blue. Utah will go in less than 10 years due to lefty white flight bringing the same CultMarx values. This is the demographic reality. Bleed the queen….run the cards. They’ve got us. Game-Set-Match. That’s the ultimate. Everything else is stimulating mental masturbation. Interesting to puzzle out but not the dominant game. Decade upon decade of their controlling tyranny.

      And what did Flynn know about the Bengazi debacle?

      • And good to hear from you RFR. I’ve been keeping up here, just not commenting much. And you’re exactly right on the demographics.

        On a positive note, got a new whizbang 3x sight for my battle rifle. Warriors have eyes that age just like anyone else. But that’s my healthy response to game-set-match!

        Oh – and get this – I listed a bull calf for sale on craigslist … stupid me wasn’t keeping up with supermarket events so I listed it at a relatively low price. The phone and email lit up. Then a bidding war started. I let him go for asking price to a family that has their stuff together. But rather than noodling through what the sociopaths are up to next, the smart move is to do what homesteaders have always done … tighten up the perimeter fences, hoe the garden beds, get a broody hen on a nest, and stack the firewood.

    • Obama always struck me as someone that would be vengeful, petty little fuck to anyone that refused to worship at the altar of Obama. Think Flynn got sideways with Obama on the Mideast and Obama and his band of mediocrities couldn’t let it go.

  35. For those that aren’t familiar with the ways of the Imperial Capitol. Anyone who is anyone is compromised. It is not what you know or who you know, it is who sent you. Once you realize that fact, everything makes sense. People are surprised when their congress critter goes native after going to the Imperial Capitol. First, they were already compromised. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have gotten picked to run for “the job”. After awhile the “compromises” add up. It makes it easier for the head honchos to keep the rank and file in order.

    As an example. There was that one from California, the one that had the unusual living arraignment. If you don’t think that the big wigs didn’t know about that, I have a bridge to sell you. They look for people like that. That way they can be convinced to vote the way they are told. The reason she was “convinced” to resign was because there wasn’t much invested in her. That’s also the reason why a certain party goes to the mattresses when one of their senior members gets in trouble. They will fight tool and nail to save them. They have a lot invested in them and next time when they need that person to vote a certain way, it is guaranteed.

    Now, what does that have to do with judges. What makes you think it isn’t the same way. These people all know one another. Most judges are left to decide most cases. However, when there is a close one, they get a visit. The powers to be know where the skeletons are buried.

    On a related topic. Some people aren’t compromised. That is one of the reasons that President Trump is so hated. There isn’t anything they can hold against him. Another person who isn’t compromised is Associate Justice Thomas. Why do you think they despise him so much? And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with how he rules on cases.

    • I like a lot of it. It rings true.

      The only problem I have with that is that it ascribes a level of intelligence, intent, and competence to the people involved.

      A lot of these people at the top aren’t that bright. In fact, more than a few of them are pretty damn dumb. Their fart catchers and lickspittles are even dumber. If these guys were that competent, they wouldn’t be running a geriatric dementia patient for a presidential candidate. Or any of the other clowns like the fake indian, the butt blaster, the whore, etc etc. Sure, people that are compromised can be used… but they can also compromise their users too.

      My rod and gun club is run by geriatric retired seniors. I stopped going to executive meetings, and flat out refuse to participate in club executive functions out of fear that I might actually choke one of those old bastards to death – because they will drive you nuts with their petty bullchit. They tattle on each other like children. They lie about each other, they’ll screw the club members to take cheap shots at their rivals, and sometimes they’ll forget where they are and what they’re doing. There’s a lot of geriatrics in the ruling class and their doings strike me the same way those old stubfarts at my club do. A lot of old horses need to get put out to pasture.

        • Great subthread here started by Andrew, with solid dialogue from John and others.

          Whitney here adds the crucial element—perhaps in a jesting spirit, but with serious intent I believe.

          Call it naive if you like, but there is indeed something diabolic at work. That’s been true from the beginning, of course; but in our time that diabolical force has become emboldened, and let the mask slip in a deliberate way to announce its presence (perhaps I should add “for those with eyes to see”). The whole Epstein-pedo revelation—just the fact of it, and then the contemptuous manner of its “resolution”—was enough to open one’s to the ugly realities beneath our anodyne society.

          As for the intelligence (or lack of same) of the players who’ve come to light, it’s their very mediocrity (cf. Lois Lerner, etc.) that argues that large numbers of people have completely imbibed this sinister spirit.

      • The Soviet apparatchiks weren’t especially bright either, but the system kept them firmly in line for a long time.

        • From Wikipedia bio: “Flynn is a registered Democrat, having grown up in a ‘very strong Democratic family’ “.

          I’m trying to summon some sympathy for this character, but so far I don’t have much.

        • Yep… we’re living in the Soviet Union, except with better porn, weed, and craft beer.

      • The issue is not intelligence, but relative intelligence and self-preservation. It doesn’t take a group hiding in a back room issuing instructions take make things happen. Most of these people are compromised in one way or another. All it takes is one person indicating a direction and the rest will follow. There are groups that have been doing some questionable things, and not necessarily coordinated. The adage “follow the money”. If someone starts something that deflects attention from a topic, others wanting the same deflection, will support the effort. One only has to look at the incestuous relationships between the “news media” and political persons see how things work.

    • Well said & truthful. But I think your thoughts need to be wedded with those of John Smith. The dimwitted ones are the pliable ones – the people who can be bought are also hyper-narcissists … they have to get to DC because they’ve got something special to offer. This is the set that usually show up on TV & love the spotlight. They often get committee chairmanships or rise to the top in their department (e.g. FBI). You’re absolutely correct – these low-IQ (but often highly pedigreed) politicians are compromised and highly manipulable. But who is doing the manipulating? Who is recruiting these people? Who is cultivating these community organizers to become President? Sociopaths.

      • biden is a feature , not a bug in the system. His handlers will run everything. that’s the way they want it.

      • Perhaps the same guys that got Epstein are pulling the strings?

        I wonder if a massive tectonic shift in the political landscape isn’t happening right now? Consider: in the past, the mass media did indeed control public opinion and national discussion. There isn’t any self respecting dissident here that would be allowed to speak or ask the wrong questions in a public square. It used to be that guys like Bill Clinton or Buckwheat Obama would face tough questions. If some idiot like Clinton messed up, stuck himself in the wrong hole and it went public – the mass media was their for damage control. “Ol’ Bill wasn’t a racist!!! He’s just a good ol’ boy doing what boys will do…!!! Don’t be such prudes!!!” The rulers were untouchable.

        But now, the game has changed. On social media, the Donks get their feet held to the fire. Why DOES Kavanaugh get raked over the Me Too coals for an appointment, but a pedo like Slow Joe get a pass? If you have dirt on you, you can rest assured it WILL leak out, and the fart suckers in the media and other gate keepers can’t help them now.

        Perhaps conservatives will start actually fighting when Leftie puts up his dukes? We are seeing hints of that too. Say what you want about Trump – he told Cankles to her face that she should be in jail, why she should be there – and he did it right in her own back yard on TV. Pepe the frog did the rest on the internet and the old bitch is probably still fuming about it.

        The parties may well find themselves in a situation where they had better clean house… or We The People might clean it for them…

    • Yeah, having a perversion or pecidillo is the price of addmission to the club. I’m starting to think the Flynn inbroglio has something to do with israel. He, and epstein for that matter, were israeli agents.
      A internecine fued between israel and American jews? Israel seems to be getting everything from Trump. American jews may hate the israelis but they will cover for them when push comes to shove. I’m confused, to be sure.

  36. “Solving this puzzle may be the only reason to vote for Trump this fall.“

    I actually think Trump will be able to accomplish 10x his goals if he is re-elected.

    Dealing with a three year Russia Collusion scam (which republicans were involved in perpetrating), an impeachment, Kavanaugh = rapist , a senate completely uninterested in anything but lowering taxes, enormous personnel problems (mostly trump’s fault) which have mostly now been fixed, and having no government experience previously…
    If he’s re-elected I think he will be much more effective (so long as senate stays republican ).

    That said I think his re-election prospects are 30% despite China joe being senile — the deep state will stuff ballots to an extent we have never seen before.

    Also, the avenues for the deep state to take trump out are narrowing:

    – impeachment was boring and people tuned it out after russiagate. this is a red flag for deep state because they need public enthusiasm & participation for their strategies to work

    – shitlib inspector generals being purged now (like the state department one just now)

    – NSA staff has been reduced including the obama holdovers

    – richard grenell as acting DNI has put an end to mark warner’s games in the senate intelligence committee

    – Hawaii judge style nationwide-injunctions seem to be less effective

    – obama’s spying is starting to come out

    So now deep state is desperate & they have resorted to crashing the world economy over a fraudvirus to keep trump from being reelected, and will MASSIVELY ballot stuff.

    If trump wins, even if the house stays democrat, i don’t see impeachment gaining any steam at all.

    • “I actually think Trump will be able to accomplish 10x his goals if he is re-elected.”

      But what are Trump’s actual goals? If you assume it’s the things Candidate Trump talked about, then you have to ask yourself if he actually wants to accomplish them.

      No doubt Trump was hampered by the Russia hoax/impeachment, the courts, the Deep State in general, etc. But there’s little evidence that Trump is doing what he can. One example: he was going to sign an executive order to end birthright citizenship. He didn’t. If he had, it may have been ineffective. But he didn’t try.

      • Or vetoing any budget that crossed his desk for wall funding. He’s ‘monitoring the situation’.

      • I’m really losing sympathy for this argument. Trump was never going to kamikaze his way to America First. Politics is about moving the ball down court. The Right’s worst sin is Sloth.

        There is no grand revolution where we kill our enemies and reset the clock. There is only the slow grinding fight. We have to capture institutions, change laws, survive court proceedings, start lobbying groups and present policy papers.

        Stephen Miller has done more to stop immigration into this country than any other human being on the planet. That took him decades of political maneuvering through the Senate and various politicians.

        No one is coming to save us and staring wistfully into the distance dreaming of the boogaloo is pointless. Accelerationism is a cope.

        Trump is a tool to an end. A tool that many factions are fighting over. But that’s politics.

        • Good points, but the counter to this is we are on a verge of a demographic victory for Democrats which will put them in power for 100 years. The California process applied on a national scale. Republicans already can’t win the popular vote due to Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, white women, illegals and ballot stuffing. Once Texas turns blue it’s game over – Trump might be the last Republican president ever. We need / needed someone to try to achieve dictator power to counter this in an immediate & harsh way. Trump isn’t our guy, though, but he can delay the finalization of this demographic victory for Democrats at least, hopefully until Our Guy comes to town.

          • Lets do a thought experiment . after the typical third world coup , the plotters impose a general curfew , to prevent any opposition from organizing. check
            they size control of all forms of media and choke off all forms of opposition communication . check.
            They suspend any kind of constition of charter of rights so that their forces and supporters are unrestricted while they consolidate power. check.
            They loot the treasury for themselves and their supporters. check .
            They roll out the new regime once they consolidate their power. in progress.

            thank goodness that could never happen here.

          • The country will always be run by 50/50 Dems/Repubs. The question is where on the political spectrum this uniparty governs from. So it will definitely drift to the left, but the uniparty will be maintained to give us the illusion that we have some input into our government.

          • Of course, the illusion of democratic input is essential. In that manner the “social contract” nonsense can be used as justification when the authoritative crackdowns ensue. However, the number of folk who fail to partake of this “social contract”—as indicated by the mediocre election turnouts—continue to bear witness to this lie of public input. I suppose they might require voting as they do in other countries, but that’s so 20th century. I’m betting we will simply go to internet/online voting and fudge the numbers needed. 😉

          • Accelerationism got us Biden and a bunch of pissed off Bernie bros. Dems pulled the trigger a lot sooner than they wanted to and made themselves look bad.

      • Trump is literally one guy who has powerful enemies on both sides. There is a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats small as it may seem to us on certain issues.
        Senile Joe is old and is likely to pick a black female as a VP, which her one heartbeat away from the presidency. She is even more race conscious than Obama. Living in Lagos on the Delaware, I can tell you what living under such race conscious people is like. I don’t want to see that replicated at the federal level. We already were seeing that under Obama. Obama instituted a completely retarded school scheme where blacks couldn’t get disciplined. Then there’s black lives matter. These things are barely scratching the surface.

        I live in a swing state where my vote may actually count and I plan on voting for Trump again, really no matter what happens. No matter how bad the present may seem, things can always get worse.

      • How would an executive order override a high court decision and a Constitutional Amedment? Perhaps that’s why he thought better of it.

      • Decoupling from China. Conservative Treehouse does a good job of talking about this, showing Trump’s moves in the last few years:

        1.> Tariffs
        2.> Engage other Asian partners (Vietnam, Japan etc)
        3.> Create incentives to bring back said manufacturing jobs. Deregulations, tariffs again, tax breaks.
        4.> Get rid of NAFTA (eliminate the loophole that China was exploiting).

        Among other things, I’m not doing sundance’s research justice here, but it’s a super important issue that you could pinpoint is the root of many of America’s current ills.

    • ” I actually think Trump will be able to accomplish 10x his goals if he is re-elected.”

      God, how many times have I heard this before.

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