Strategy, Tactics & Discipline

One of the longest running debates on this side of the great divide is about how best to work through the thicket of taboos created and maintained by the ruling class. Because so much of observable reality is now off limits, it is nearly impossible to contradict the prevailing orthodoxy and maintain a position in the public square. For example, there can be nothing interesting said about crime, because no one is allowed to discuss the demographic reality of crime. The facts themselves are taboo.

One side of the debate argues that the only way to break a taboo is to break a taboo, so the only way forward to is to talk frankly about these things. In the case of crime, for example, the dissident must always interject the demographic facts about crime into the debate, even if it makes the beautiful people shriek. Since most people know the facts, the shrieking by the beautiful people actually advances the cause. This line of reasoning is extended to all taboo subjects universally.

The other side of the debate points out that the taboo breakers always end up in exile or condemned to some ghetto. In fact, their deliberate breaking of taboos ends up reinforcing the taboo, as no one wants to end up like the heretics. Instead, this camp argues the dissident must come up with clever language that subtly mocks the taboos, but narrowly adheres to the rules. The recent use of the word “jogger’ is an example of complying with the taboo, while undermining it.

The taboo breakers counter that this just results in an endless search for approved language to hint at unapproved things. It is just a form of self-deception, where the clever think they are in revolt when in reality they are just asking permission. The optics guys counter this by pointing out the obvious. The taboo breakers are removed from the process, so in reality their tactic is just quitting the game. Rather than take on the system in a meaningful way, they mutter epithets in their ghetto.

The heart of this debate is the paradox of the marketplace. Contrary to popular mythology, markets eventually end up with a limited number of choices, unless some external agent, like the government, intervenes to maintain a balance of options on both the supply side and the demand side. In the case of the marketplace of ideas, it means the range of acceptable opinion eventually collapses into a narrow range. Inevitably, what the market decides is who will control the market.

Anyone alive in the early years of the personal computer will recall that a walk through the computer section of a department store meant a dizzying array of options. There were dozens of computer makers. It was not just different labels for the same hardware and hardware standards either. The technology was different from one maker to the other, with different operating systems and peripherals. Many companies were searching for the right solution for the home computer.

Eventually, the marketplace “decided” that Microsoft and Intel would control the market place for personal computers. They colluded with one another to drive most everyone out the business. The government did not step in to prevent their collusion, preferring to let the market work its magic. Today, all personal computers are the same. Sure, you can be a weirdo running Linux or Apple, but that is a tiny fraction of the marketplace that is tolerated because they are no threat to the dominant players.

Political opinion in western liberal democracies works the same way. Over time, a few parties have come to dominate, becoming the mainstream. They are not identical with one another and they do have real fights for power. They have simply agreed to a set of rules that will regulate their fights for power. Put another way, they have come to define the marketplace of politics in such a way that ensures they will be the dominant players in that marketplace. Democracy put them in charge – forever.

Now, this is usually when a certain type of critic jumps in and claims this group or that group secretly controls things behind the scenes. Personalizing a process is like anthropomorphizing your pets. It is satisfying because it takes something complex and makes it simple. In the case of pets, the owner gets the satisfaction of thinking his dog loves him for how he treats the dog. In the case of politics, personalizing the process avoids thinking about the systemic issues, which can be complex.

A good example of how the marketplace of ideas operates in a liberal democracy is in this story from Germany. The AfD has been forced to purge one of the leaders of the radical wing, because of his associations with a taboo group. Technically, he is being forced out over not being honest in his statements about those past associations, but in reality, it is about acceptability. The moderate wing wants to engage in respectable politics and that means following the rules.

This is exactly the problem conservatives in America faced in the 20th century when they sought to participate in politics. In order to participate in the marketplace of ideas, they had to follow the rules and remain respectable. In the case of the Buckley crowd, respectable meant agreeing to the prevailing moral orthodoxy. They had to embrace the open society, egalitarianism and the blank slate. Any of their members who refused had to be tossed out in order to maintain respectability.

The taboo breakers look at the optics guys and say, “See, when you agree to the rules you eventually come to defend them against the rest of us.” That AfD story is a pretty good example. In time, the system will eliminate one member after another from AfD until the party is indistinguishable from the main parties. At some point, the party will become respectable. The paradox of democracy will result in the “alternative” for Germany being indistinguishable from the status quo.

The optics side will note that the reason the radicals get purged is they almost always lack the necessary discipline to participate in much of anything. They say and do things impulsively and fight stupid pointless battles. In the case of the AfD guy, if he was as smart as he imagines himself to be, he would understand how this works and be prepared for it, but instead he refused to comport with reality. This is the story of taboo breakers everywhere. They always lose site of the goal.

In reality, there is no voting your way out of the inherent defects of liberal democracy, so the taboo breakers are right to reject conventional politics. On the other hand, politics is always about persuasion. You can only persuade people by addressing them where they are, not where you hope them to be. That means maintaining enough respectability to be able to address them in the public square, even if it is in the shadows. In fact, the edge of the public square can be an attraction, as people like intrigue.

The key to any alternative politics in liberal democracy is that it must be both a critique of the system and operate on the moral high ground. This requires the discipline to sublimate tactics to strategy. It also means policing the ranks to weed out those who simply refuse to place the strategy before their own personal desires. Strategically breaking taboos, in anticipation of the response, can be good outsider politics. Similarly, maintaining enough respectability to remain viable is essential.

In the end, alternative politics in a liberal democracy comes down to attracting high quality people, disaffected by the short comings of the system. If there is a genuine alternative, then there is a genuine choice. This has always been the defect of outsider politics in western liberal democracies. The alternatives are unreasonable and therefore attract the marginal and the unstable. A real alternative will maintain discipline and sublimate tactics to the strategy of being an authentic alternative.

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269 thoughts on “Strategy, Tactics & Discipline

  1. “they have simply agreed to a set of rules that will regulate their fights for power”

    gee whiz, how… victorian.
    wasps gonna wasp.

    of course, “the key is” having your cake and eating it too… but how? we all know we need a respectable and truthful enough movement to separate (white) wheat from chaff; while interesting and easygoing enough that we can recruit anything other than:
    -loner decadent neurotics trying to figure out a smart Odinism (or other whitopia in the sands of time) that never was, and/or
    -useless IQliebers who think they can understand what averages mean so they feel smart, and/or
    -relatively based peeps influenced by their earlier western lines of thought, however correct or not they may be, and thus unable to see compromise.

    so the key really is, not what we should do to win, but how?

    however, all this assumes that the game (remember, victorian-style) allows through its rules this utopian moderate racialist alternative that will save us all. in fact, the game is so deep in control, it’s bred enough millions that will tell on their neighbors to avoid this alternative to happen. so, not matter how much overton window washing and moving, you will need to love Christian patience, persistence, and martyrdom – and resurrection, as the tragic pagan white tales only give us more depression, whites got enough grunge already thanks. heck, you will probably also have to argue on aesthetic and religious grounds for the preservation of all races, as IQ-based Faustian powertrips won’t cut it in the optics window. in short, you will need a whole appealing aesthetic-lifestyle movement to back up your intellectual one, otherwise get branded angry sexless nerds in a basement. of course, “selling out” is possible along the way, it’s a thin line.

    and even then… you will be rejected tons, specially by the women that currently are indeed the majority voting bloc and acting like it. and, will always have cycles of good and bad, false prophets among you every so often. so idk. i just hope whoever said “you just need 20%” was right.

    if not… we’ll need a Caudillo to kick up the WASP chessboard to the ground.

  2. A defect or handicap of alternative politics in a liberal democracy is that a true opposition party has difficulty attracting ‘high quality’ people because they have too much to lose , unlike those genuinely disaffected or dispossessed by the system . Cranks , malcontents and assorted trouble makes are welcomed into the ranks of dissident organizations that hunger for more members and a wider following.

    As that system creates more and more malcontents through legalized discrimination against them , based upon conspiracy theories such as White privilege and Systemic Discrimination and quack science such as ; equalism and blank slatism , as well as special privileges for pathological misfits such as ; insane sluts , homomaniacs and travesties , those that have become alienated or outcast , also become poor role models for a nascent dissident movement .

    As opposition grows it becomes a political formulation concerned with its public relations effort , which is informed by the advertising industry and what sells in a consumer society , where the enemy controls the mass media .

    The ‘ opticians ‘ become more concerned with image than with integrity and advocate for the ‘ optics ‘ of a beer commercial , with fit young men and fetching young tarts , promoting what’s “acceptable”.

    Eventually , the most unique and energetic members are purged because they aren’t photogenic or they talk out of turn . Grandpa may have been a hardworking stud in his youth but he sure lost his looks in retirement . The same with working men , that may carry a few extra pounds , because unlike homos , they have more important things to do then worry about their image.

    What happens is that the Controlled Media Astroturf , which is used to create Social Proof , becomes the standard for a real world opposition . The reality is that , real people do not match up to the Hollywood or Madison Avenue image that has been planted in peoples minds.

    The fact is , the most active members of the opposition aligned against you , constitute an alliance of aggressive moochers , who have habits , lifestyles , fashions and physiognomy that most people find repulsive . The entire ‘ progressive stack ‘ is a coalition of ugliness , with jews and pseudo intellectuals leading crazed feminista tarts , gaunt homomaniacs , freakish transexualists , White hating militant negroes , grasping latrinos , unpleasant hadjis , murderous kebab , miscellaneous illegals and assorted wack-jobs.

    In comparison Trump supporters seem nice, normal, happy and well groomed . They look WHOLESOME and NORMAL. Arrayed against them are a democratic coalition of freaks and weirdos . They look like they’ve slept rough for three days after escaping from a secure mental lockup. They are DEFICIENT and DEVIANT.

    I know which side I’d rather be associated with.

    Your aged grand father or your portly uncle may not fit the controlled media standard of masculine beauty , but taking back your country isn’t about living up to the image created by a fashion industry run by homomaniacs . Many of your potential supporters are more strident , less diplomatic and not subject to the linguistic prohibitions imposed upon you by a malicious and hateful elite. That they do not use their tongues like a practiced whore , does not diminish the need to include them and to voice their concerns.

    As for attracting women , please note that some of the roughest most unpleasant , least photogenic men I’ve ever met , were bikers and their club houses were filled with various sorts of women none of whom had any say , in anything that the bikers did , or decided to do .

    Hail Victory !

  3. I am willing to admit that I am not what I would consider a lonnngggg term strategic thinker, but, as mentioned in an earlier post, it seems to me the time for change/action is getting short – not only time, but numbers. I realize something that creates a flash point is a potentially big risk (Charlottesville), but do we really have the time & numbers to play the long, strategic game?
    There are times recently, when I think of those armed protesters in Lansing… My thoughts turn from peaceful, armed protest, to storm the damn building – take that worthless Whitmer and any other politicians that can be rounded up, hostage, put the fear of God in them, and then… I don’t know. Of course Trump et al could never support such an action and nor could anyone else in power, at least explicitly. They could possibly end up martyrs if it went that far, but could that be the touch point? Again, I don’t know – probably (most likely) just fanciful daydreams, but if this lock down an subsequent economic damage intensifies, as I see it, all bets are off.

    • Chris,

      While there may be some potential tipping points that would bring a fast result, I think it would be very hard to identify and target them. I think the way forward is to get busy organizing locally, all of us, and then push, and collectively reinforce success wherever it bobs up.

      Put another way, we can have a short game that is strategy yet doesn’t (entirely) rely on arguing our way to success.

      We’re seeing a form of this emerge during the Kung Flu. All it takes is for a few jurisdictions with sympathetic sheriffs to stage a form of peaceful rebellion, and it puts the state government into an impossible bind.

  4. You can’t blame the marketplace for being asymetrical.

    Microsoft and Intel “won” because fo network effects and sunk costs. If you buy thousands of dollars of software and it runs on brand X, you buy brand X. There weren’t many alternatives to the Apple II or C64 during their time.

    A simple example. You live in Lagos. There are many other areas in the country that are better on most of the metrics you worry about. But you don’t move.

    Mike Shedlock (“Mish”) is finally about to leave Illinois, the Chicago area I think, for Indiana.

    Or the Libertarians in NY or CA that complain about the state, but say as a minarchist (statist) I should move to North Korea. No, they should so they can complain even louder since they seem to prefer to live and whine.

    I’m in Wyoming. And quite happy. But the limited lockdown brought out the worst as in one neighborhood there were a spate of vehicle burglaries – now we have to lock our cars at night.

    The thing is there are frictional costs (Moving is about as fun as a root canal), and opportunity costs. And if you need to live near an aging parent, you might be stuck. But it is still a market preference, and it is free. It is more expensive to write your own software or go against standards.

    As to the taboos, usually the penalty is minor and petty and you can get around them unless you wish to “take the ticket” as Owen Benjamin says. And it is usually something small. Maybe it is being a blue checked one of the twitterati. Maybe it is an easy income stream.

    The problem is when you believe you have no soul so you think there is no cost in selling it to the flesh, world, and devil.

    The fear of ostracism or any such pain is not unlike the hedonist that doesn’t care and just wants pleasure – that of an animal – and if things get too bad, a painless suicide. Or the even more nihilistic drug addicts who are in slow but eventual “terminal bliss”.

    There are the brutes who have no reason, but there are the bots who have intelligence, which isn’t artificial, but don’t will anything higher, either longer term (“for our posterity”) or transcendental (art).

    • “You live in Lagos. There are many other areas in the country that are better on most of the metrics you worry about. But you don’t move.”

      You may be a bit less cocky when Wyoming starts getting Somalian refugees and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Which I hope doesn’t happen.

    • I don’t “blame the marketplace” for anything, because it’s an abstraction. This is the fundamental reason “the marketplace” has to be governed by human beings for human interests – one thing Tucker gets right.

      The idea that Microsoft et al won through some kind of Randian competition is lolberarian moonshine. Jeff Bezos isn’t John Galt and Lauren Sanchez isn’t Dagny Taggart.

      As to the “bots” and “reason,” your entire syntax and metre including “Brutes” is pure Randroid boilerplate. I did that gig for two decades and sadly sounded just like this.

      Did you take up smoking because Queen Ayn did, too?

  5. So, what the HELLo does all the ” freak media” [eventually] boil down to: what is each individual’s current PHYSICAL “situation/circumstance? Is the CMM – Critical Mass Moment – imminent? Come Nov 3, the “reckoning be upon us”? I fucking-well hope so, cuz it be “bring-it” time – UNlock, fire-at-will time! Individual Rights/Liberties affirmed or . . . DEATH – on to the highest/supreme “jurisdiction”! STEEL Oneself in REALITY or STEAL oneself in delusion. Hoo-rah – NO FEAR.

  6. Interesting post Z. Interesting. The biggest problem to be faced is the fact that democracy (liberal or not) is the worse form of government imaginable. The ancients knew it was horrible.

    So, the founders tried some highly restricted form of democracy called a “republic” which slowed the decent into depravity and tyranny for a bit — but only slowed the decent.

    I found out in my youth that getting women or friends was made easier if you listened to people. People love it when they think you are listening and not just waiting for your turn to talk. So, I formed a habit of listening to people.

    Listen to people enough and you will understand how very stupid are the people who vote. I am not kidding. I mean they are very stupid.

    There will be no voting our way out of this as the vast majority of people are too stupid and uninformed to understand the issues.

    Oh well, in the end, God’s will be done.

  7. The current “moral high ground” is just a hill for us to die on – slowly, one issue at a time.

    You can’t win a moral argument by accepting the other side’s moral frame.

    As our Israeli friends like to say “you can’t share power with people committed to your destruction.”

    For over 50 years, we’ve tried to out-liberal the liberals and out-Talmud the Tribe.

    We’ve been “holding liberals to their own principles” – the “double standard” argument – for 50 years. We’ve tried voting for “real conservatives” since Reagan. We tried the “Contract with America” in 1994. We’ve tried the “libertarian-conservative coalition” since the late 90’s. We’ve tried Janissary Zio-cuckery (we hate Mooslims too – they’re mean to feminists and fruits!) since the aughts. We’ve tried the “seize the GOP” strategy since 2010.

    In our latest exercise in futility, we’ve been whipping “The Mule” since 2016. Turns out, he’s been whipping us.

    Every one of these strategies requires systemic blessing and systemic influence. The opposition isn’t stupid enough or divided enough to let us sneak up on them. Voting would only matter in a legitimate democracy. Does anyone believe we have one?

    The only way to beat a rigged game is not to play. We don’t have any crooked card-dealers on our side who’re going to help us “Oceans 11” our country back. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.

    Russians lived for 70 years under a totalitarian (((Bolshevik))) state and managed to develop black markets, samizdat information networks, off-the-books employment and housing and every other element of off-grid society necessary to support a dissident community of internal exiles.

    They worked inside the wires but outside the System. They kept themselves anti-fragile and socially aware and passed on that knowledge to generation after generation of future rebels.

    And one day in 1991, some oldsters who remembered the darkest days of the Great War, October Revolution, White-Red Civil War, WWII and the Cold War woke up to find that the system had run out of fantasy-fuel.

    In their lifetimes.

    They didn’t vote with their purple thumbs or Make Russia Great Again hats – they voted with their hearts, their minds and most importantly, their feet.

    PS – James Allsup defeated Styx Maynard-Hammer 6 gorillion to zero. Good job, James. Check the Ralph Retort Killstream for play-by-play.

    • To the “moral high ground” argument, always remember two things. The first is that the other side doesn’t play to be right, they play to win. Being right and telling the truth have nothing to do with their power grabs. Which leads to number two, that the other side will use any frame necessary to advance their movement. Chief among them is to constantly reframe and rewrite history, knowing that we get hung up on what the truth actually is, and fall for playing defense against their ginned-up historical lies (did you know that, according to the NYT, “believe all women” was an idea conjured up by the Right?). Don’t argue with them, laugh in their face when they say things like that, mock them mercilessly. Push back in language they can hear.

      In the meantime, their obsession with rewriting history and reality will take them down a road of lies, and lead them to live in their own house of mirrors. That is to our advantage, as long as we keep pushing to topple things over for them.

      The “moral high ground” is by us, for us. It is a weak weapon, in a battle of wills against enemies that recognize no moral boundaries.

    • Exile, you always craft so many great one liners.

      “The current “moral high ground” is just another hill for us to die on – slowly, one issue at a time.”


  8. Is there any solid definition of what it is that “our side” wants to accomplish? That would help in deciding how to go about it.

    While we’re at it, who’s “our side”, anyway?

    • What is your definition of a “solid definition?” What, moreover, is anyone else’s definition of same? “Our side” fragments easily when such a definition is to be had.

    • Lorenzo said: ” While we’re at it, who’s “our side”, anyway?”

      Excellent question. My advice is simple. Form your own tribe of peole that look, think and act just like you do. Then be absolutely loyal to your tribe. . Victory is life.

    • It may sound silly, but that is precisely why there must be a meeting of those who call themselves dissident rightists. There needs to be some sort of a congress in relatively friendly territory (Oklahoma City, Wichita, Omaha, etc.) where we hash out our core principals and begin formulating an agenda for realizing them.

  9. Z Man said: ” In the end, alternative politics in a liberal democracy comes down to attracting high quality people, disaffected by the short comings of the system. If there is a genuine alternative, then there is a genuine choice. This has always been the defect of outsider politics in western liberal democracies. The alternatives are unreasonable and therefore attract the marginal and the unstable. A real alternative will maintain discipline and sublimate tactics to the strategy of being an authentic alternative.”

    Hahahaha! Sweet! You spend fifteen paragraphs describing how “alternative” political movements have to eventually purge their most unique and energetic members because they look goofy on camera. Then they get busy being neutralized by playing nice and following all the rules to the point that they just become another component of the status quo. And then by heavens, in the sixteenth paragraph you suggest we do just that. I keep forgetting that most of the people on this site are white collar professionals who wouldn’t be caught dead in a photograph with Bob and Hank down at the bass pro shop wearing their wadders and MAGA hats. But what you never knew is that cousin Hank was always your Grandmother’s favorite.

    In the meantime, America is under house arrest and staring directly into the abyss. And to be honest with you, I don’t think joining the H. L. Mencken club is going to be very helpful. This is why the left always wins. They couldn’t care less about optics, or anything else for that matter as long as they get what they want. We are just about to the point where we have nothing left lose. When are White people going to wake up and act accordingly?

    • Some of the “ white collar” types here including myself are perfectly comfortable both at the HL Menchen Club and skinning a squirrel or a deer and getting our hands dirty.
      The Z is a blue collar working class guy himself.
      I think you might underestimate your audience here.

  10. I’m weary of talk. So I’ve doubled down on work. Work on my property, work on my marriage, work on my homeschooled (not crisis-schooled) kids, work on serving my neighbors (lots of old people).
    It appears I missed the logical window to sell the house high and relocate to “my people”. So I (we, my wife is based) have chosen to dig in where we are. I cannot wait for a leader of our thing. Not that it would not be valuable to have a leader, per se. I would certainly find hope in seeing organization, direction and action of our people. But I’m determined to strengthen what I can, educate and protect my kids, and remind them that 300 years ago (yes, documented) our ancestors hit the shore of VA as indentured servants ready to bust their ass for betterment after paying their debt. So after the great die-off, my kids will be there building. That’s my goal.

    As for the public square. Meh. They can have it.

    • Every time I hear the “just move” thing I recognize that the poster has no idea what my resources are, and yet judges me for it. Maybe I chose to stay in the land my ancestors founded. Maybe I have elderly parents. Maybe a lot of things the Saint Ronnie people push are just uninformed.

      • Ro, that’s your decision. You go your way, we’ll go ours. Levels of commitment differ. The only blame lies in criticizing or holding others back because of your own personal concerns.

    • Sound philosophy. For some people all they can improve is themselves—their power over things not in their control limited.

      • I offer that for ALL people, investing in improving their circumstances provides the greatest ROI. I believe that the system cannot be reformed. My current position does carry some influence and power over others but it’s clear to me that thinking I was changing anything (on the “inside”) was self-deception. Coupled with the downside risk of being doxxed, the path forward is to wear the mask on the inside while rapidly getting durable on the outside.

        • Exactly. Politics will be tactically useful as a monkey-wrench here and there – voting for guys who actually support something we do because it’s somehow to their advantage. But playing the system to win wasn’t even viable in 2016 – we just got fooled.

          Let others worry about “America.” Let’s worry about our own families and communities first. We’re not voting a better future for today’s or tomorrow’s kids. We have to build it out from the ground up. Mannerbunds to families to neighbors to small towns.

          • Amen, Exile. We got fooled, indeed. The System attempts to account for outliers (read Red Pilled) by pretending they are rebelling, when we simply played by the invisible rules without knowing it.
            There was an interview in Waiting For Superman (an accidentally base documentary on the state of education) with, I believe, an ex-NY, NY Superintendent. To paraphrase terribly, he tried everything he could to “save” at risk kids (as reflected in school metrics) within the system. He said he woke up one day and realized if he could not get ahold of them as toddlers, they were lost (again, I’m paraphrasing on the spirit of his comment).
            As for me, I hope to build loving, smart, durable kids, for what’s next. Community for us then becomes finding worthy mates.

    • I cannot wait for a leader of our thing.

      You are a leader of our thing. You’re just doing it at local level.

      If we follow your example, before you know it we’ll have a form of revolution on our hands.

  11. It is all about force. Viable political force must be able to defend their supporters and attack enemies. You can attract high quality people but maximum, you get is the yesbuts. Yesbut is the guy who agrees with you under 4 eyes but says that he has his career and mortgage and family and so on. Mr Kavanaugh is high quality and nobody wants to be treated like him. It was never about court, it was about scaring society. In Poland, they do not have intellectuals but they have drunk football fans in case if any high quality supporter get hurt. If in this world is possible win with arguments then we would not need guns and armies.

  12. One element of our present situation, and particular to it, that I don’t see mentioned here, is the absolute ongoing failure of the status quo in our culture. If dopey gropey Joe Biden is the best the status quo has to offer, they are doomed. If library tranny story hour and men competing in women’s sports is the name of the game, they are done. If criminalizing going to the beach is going to remain in place this summer, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

    All we need to do, right now, is to act like normal, intelligent human beings. The status quo Clown Show is in full swing, and many normal people are appalled. We need to provide a home for them to go to. Will it be enough, especially over time and the demographic changes underway? Maybe, maybe not. But if we can offer some sort of escape from the locked down, locked out, screaming Mimi status quo, we could find quite a few situational allies among people we normally would ignore.

    Normies are noticing that certain governors are doubling down on lockdowns, even now. They are noticing that “China is asshoe”, and that bringing jobs and business back is important. They are beginning to understand that the Russia/Ukraine impeachment move was completely bogus. They are beginning to see the outlines of the Uniparty and how it serves interests that they don’t share. They are getting very sensitized as to the spying and intrusion that goes on every day through the smartphone and the Alexa. They can see how bogus the “climate crisis” has been. Most importantly, they are starting to laugh at all of it, and enjoy memes that make fun of “Dr.” Bill Nye, and Karens, and that play up the dancing pallbearers of Ghana. All are of a piece in legitimizing people such as ourselves, as long as we come across as normal human beings.

    All the hard work is being done for us. One can’t buy the publicity that Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream freezer or Cuomo’s sending Covid patients into senior facilities gives us. Trying to debunk malaria treatments for Wuflu, simply because Trump talked about them and is using them, is insanity. Normies are not blind to all of this. Many are underground supporters of Trump, and a significant subset of those people actually support what we believe in. We simply need to not scare them off. We can be more open about homeschooling, a bit more low key about communities, and very careful with the separatism language. But the powers-that-be have stumbled and bumbled into opening the door very wide for us. We would be fools not to recognize that, and not leverage it to our advantage for as long and as widely as possible. Keep up the pressure all day, every day, but in a way that makes us fun and easy to hang out with, not the guys on soapboxes ranting at the assembled crowds. It’s there for the taking, the hard part is done.

    • Their system is catabolic, like we’ve said before. Survive, come together, raise large families, teach them right and wait for events to work their black magic on the crumbling system.

      The USSR didn’t fall because Russians elected a based savior or fired on troops in the streets. It just fell over dead. The future really does belong to those who show up for it (and know what to do.)

    • This is an excellent post. I especially like the “situational allies” bit. I’m not trying to go all “blacks are secret conservatives and hispanics are secretly for low taxes” here but if we emphasize our enemies totalitarian and frankly absurd (tranny story time) aspects we will even find some support among (certain) non-whites. Given the demographic shifts that have already occurred this could be very important. I’d say that for the immediate future the emphasis needs to be on freedom and freedom of association and freedom of movement. The insanity of the lockdowns is apparent to people of all types and something the enemy handed us to use against him.

      Just be a normal person in many cases also means being a calm person. The bizarre status quo we have shares many of the qualities of past totalitarian regimes and movements but, well these people are also not your great-uncle’s Uncle Joe Stalin. The topmost levels of the system are of course made up of powerful men but their operation is infested with hysteria prone Karens at all levels. Meme warfare and ridicule are especially effective at pushing them over the edge into overreaction. Trump is a master at this and can often get them shrieking with just a smirk and a calm demeanor.

    • One more thing – on the subject of Dopey Gropey Joe. I still can’t bring myself to believe that he is anything but a feint to throw the Trump people off balance and that they will pull Bloomberg, Cuomo, or some other shmuck (probably a Governor) out as the last minute changeup.

  13. Both the galvanizers/taboo-breakers and the persuaders/optics bros are just different gear ratios in the same machine. In the comments, Hoyos mentions Christian martyrs. All of those people were galvanizers/taboo-breakers and they helped to keep Christianity alive in difficult times, just as much as did those who secretly spread the Word. Different gears, same transmission.

  14. Here is an example of a “respectable conservative leader”. The former State Senate President in Idaho has retired and taken a position with the National Institute for Civil Discourse. The goal of this organization is to return “civility to government”.

    Founding members of this group include Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. National board members include great Americans like Tom Daschel, Christine Todd Whitman, Madeline Albright, Donna Brazile, Colin Powell, Robert Reich – you get the picture.

    I met this guy at an academic event. I will acknowledge that he is a very slick speaker and knows how to work a room. This retirement “job” is obviously a payoff for keeping the Idaho Republicans on the reservation.

  15. It is impossible to operate within liberal democracy and achieve what we wish. Therefore, we must think outside the confines of liberal democracy. And what that means is some form of separation which can only be attained through a credible threat of painful violence. This does not mean violence will be necessary. But it does mean we frighten the establishment so badly that they let us go our own way. Continuing to work within the system, I’m afraid, is a fool’s errand.

    • With you until violence. How could we expect to coordinate and execute such a campaign?

      • Mainly guerilla warfare. We have lots of weapons, men who know how to use them, and we know our own terrain.

        • Well, don’t you think that kind of sustained, asymmetrical warfare requires some kind of advanced communication system that is resistant to corruption and interception? If so, what is that system?

    • “Hate speech” is considered violence, even painful violence to some of the snowflakes. That’s ok by me. If it causes them to shriek in agony, all the better.

  16. In the end, all politics is about personal ambition and desires, if not for oneself, then for their immediate clan. What benefits them? The system (of government) will always attract the highest quality people (I don’t mean bureaucrats, they’re nothing), I’m talking about the donor class to politicians. If not directly involved, they will have livelihoods closely associated with the participants in that system. Outside politics are for outsiders. Outsider politics are for people who don’t operate well in systems and who see the system damaging their livelihoods. While the two dissident options above are the current state of affairs, the third option will emerge in time. This is when they system itself has so many overlapping claims on such limited resources, that once insiders are moved to the perimeters. Who will fight harder for change? A man who never lived on the right side of the tracks? Who never had the status of insiders, the health club with the good towel service and aromatherapy massages? Who never dined at the best restaurants? Or, a group of people who once had that, but an overloaded system had to cut them loose? Those will be the people leading the charge one day. How many of the founding fathers ended up with printing contracts and postal road maintenance contracts that were once awarded to insiders in London? The revolution was really about London keeping all of the good contracts for themselves and not spreading the loot to a highly ambitious aspiring gentry, who knew what money and power could buy. Men who were tired of being pushed to the perimeter.

  17. From personal experience when confronting Normie aka “Joe six-pack ” they immediately go on the defensive and ask where you’re getting your information ? When citing various blogs like this one they reply why should I believe that guy ? Have tried to point out the lies and deceit from mainstream media but with simple people my guess is if it’s on TV they think it’s legitimate.

    The election of President Trump has shown average people are getting sick of the tranny story time hour, yet they can’t entirely break free of their indoctrination. Media’s unrelenting assault on the president as being crass and unpresidential makes them feel uneasy.

    And still the left endorses every sort of perversion and assault on the American way of life. How are normies can turn a blind eye to this is anyone’s guess. Right now it seems like mocking is our only effective tool against the left. The president has used it very effectively. It seems childish but may be the only way to reach the more simple-minded voter.

    That human desire to be with the in group and not look foolish. Here’s hoping for another four years of President Trump for a chance to keep our message alive

    • Look, when Joe Normie’s beloved Status Quo (aka go along to get along) leads to 60+ million unemployed, then maybe alternative ideas may gain some traction in his lemming brain. Until then, derision is the only way to deal with old Joe, unless he is your customer and you have to suck his ass via your silence.

      POTUS Trump came to the realization that name calling and derisive nicknames were effective tools, perhaps, as a native New Yorker. As one of them myself, I can tell you that the use of those tools immediately puts weaker people on their back foot. As an added bonus, you get to have fun with the weaklings, and we are in a target-rich environment right now with middle aged men driving alone in mask and gloves. There is no way you are going to “reach” these rodents with clever arguments. Wait until they drop 100 lbs. due to starvation and have a vacant look in their eyes as they shake a can of coins begging on the street corner.

      • We just got an economic collapse. We shall see if this jars some marbles loose. I’m betting it does.

          • I’m in California and we have the basics. Things got tight for a while and TP for some reason is still a bit short.

            Wealthier areas have basically pre mess level stock and at a good price at least for now.

            Over the long term? Honestly its not possible to say. The State is utterly bankrupt, down 57 billion I think and behind on unemployment payments.

            They have no idea how they are going to get out of the mess at all. There was a assumption of a bailout from the Feds but that probably isn’t forthcoming.

            If I had to hazard a guess I’d say the economy will contract by about 35% or so on a long term to for good basis, more if trade with China is curtailed as the President wants.

            This is huge , unprecedented and unless its fixed in a fairly short time, all hell will break lose.

            The level of inequality is making people go hungry and many of them are armed,

            We won’t know what will happen till November though my guess is the balance of power will shift a bit Republican but when they vote loot over fix, it will shift back.

            I expect to see oscillation for some time and nothing to get done till its gets to be too dangerous not to do something.

            My guess is a just minting a basic income or a welfare state.

            Oh yeah along the way the people in charge will try to gin up a cold war with China given the White House is claiming openly that China deliberately infected the world with COVID 19

            This is as the Brits say bollux but its about trade and of course Thucydides Trap as China threatens to displace us.

            We are far too weak to fight for any length of time lacking manufacturing and supplies to my guess is we’ll try for a cold war to build up military manufacturing till we feel confident on at least being able to defend our allies without going nuclear.

      • Plus, making fun of each other is just plain fun. We do it for sport here in the NE

    • “From personal experience when confronting Normie aka “Joe six-pack ” they immediately go on the defensive and ask where you’re getting your information?”

      I experience the same thing! Everything must be referenced back to some sacred “article” or another, even if the argument you are making only requires basic logic and/or common sense.
      I think this is just pure projection on their part. They lack the ability to think originally, and are largely unable to analyze and critique in any objective capacity. So they assume that’s how everyone operates.
      They also only read or follow a few mainstream sources as well, and always appeal to authority. If CNN/Rachel Madcow/Dr. Fauci says B, than who the eff are you to say anti-B!?

      Also, its a nice way to try and strawman you. They are hoping that like them, you get all your information from pretty much one source, such as or

  18. Outstanding essay Zman although I have doubts that there is such a thing as a “marketplace of ideas” in the same way there’s a marketplace of goods & services.

    In any event, this thing was pretty much constrained into its current form by 1868. After that, it was only a matter of time before its full elaboration. We just have to remain on the periphery and point out the contradictions until it collapses in on itself.

  19. I’m not so sure. Crafty has its place. Going to the streets to take our beatings may have a place as well. Some days i get the sense that the system is very fragile and that sharp ruthless kinetic actions might bring it down. For sure it is a fine line between cowardice and playing it smart.

    • Organize.

      Then the fine lines between smart and cowards is in a much better position to self- delineate.

      The idea that you talk > then go to streets= win is fatally absurd.

      But if we have 100, and ten stand up and move forward, and the others have only 8 – see?

      Right now they own the streets, and we don’t show. Thats how they win.

      Organize. Then there is actually something to send to streets, even if fraction of smart talkers.

      • You can put millions on the streets like the 2004 anti war protests and unlike in the 60’s the establishment doesn’t care.

        Ultimately playing in the street is stupid unless it leads to and organization for defense and eventually a core of people to take power.

        You will lose guys but every movement has a Crispus Attucks or a Horst Wessel or whatever. There will be loses, just try to make sure its not you and remember how getting power, best if by elections would allow you to right wrongs

        Dissidents need guys that are polite well spoken and able to mouth the platitudes needed but you also need guys while well dressed and normal looking would give cartel members pause in their viciousness.

        That along with good tactics and strategies and an insatiable thirst for power and sometimes revenge is how you win.

        And yes this means elections too.

        Upside our society is so brittle right now, a granted nasty flu not even on par with the Spanish Flu much less SARS in lethality caused our economy to shutdown and fall apart. it became the literal worst economy ever.

        So far the USG has managed to leverage China’s lack of being forthcoming in its favor to help maintain dollar hegemony but the persistent unemployment and poverty that will shank that and eventually works in our favor.

        We aren’t to virtual wheelbarrows though we do have breadlines and but its looking more Wiemar out there day by day.

        Smart dissidents would be figuring out how to use this to get power.

        As to those worrying about liberal democracy.

        You can have a tradition driven system but the last thing you want is the old system back. It clearly didn’t work.

        Why bother with a failed system that rife for subversion?

        Build something that lasts that you can stand having your decedents or those of you allies if you are childless live in.

        • I actually see no use for the streets, I see the essential need for groups of men.

          The only use for the streets is the same use for hills, rooftops hint hint, but you have to have men to do anything.

          Sure, fugx protest politics.

          Meanwhile – organize.

          And let me return the rebuke; we don’t actually have info that says they don’t care about RW or antigovt protests, the left reacts as if it cared a lot. Baby steps, man steps, men run.

          If you’re looking for Born To Lose as a plan – you’ve come to the right page, but wrong poster.

      • Tried something like that. Once we hit 1000, deluge of trolls. Got blocked. Got a few weird emails and other crap that freaked me out.

        Leader of the tea party from an adjacent state contacted me to “fly the flag of Trump.” Shit got weird. I bet he’s a fed who’s paid to bring conservative movements to heel.

        I dunno, I just think these people have been using the lockdown to strengthen their technological stranglehold. The pandemic really brings out the dissidents, and the aggressive ones can be flagged.

        I think, in terms of logistics, the internet is a dangerous place for coordination.

        • Agreed. No matter what the Internet requires a considerable effort to police as our versions of hasbara and other troubles abound.

          Ultimately organization at first is going to be small tight groups in meat space , WRSA 15 men or less until the groups can grow in size.

          This can be done.

          Michigan and other Militias are sizable have managed to keep decent order and keep nutters out.

          Also optics count. Tiki Torch Nazis and anyone using any roman salutes or certain kinds rhetoric in any place that for any reason can be filmed must get the boot.

          This especially includes ex members of Leftist groups like Antifa.

          Be polite with them, talk with them , learn from them but never forget they are a liability.

          • Yeah, Meatspace is the place. Especially as they begin to automate more of their surveillance technology.

          • The US can no longer make steel. maintain nukes or get this make precursor chemicals for ammo or medicine. This along with mass permanent unemployment and a highly disgruntled population is going to make any kind of mass surveillance state very difficult to maintain.

            There is even talk of ending mass incarceration and while that can be used free to quell dissent its very dangerous. They let out a pedo to lock up a dissident is bad optics to every group .

            The US is basically a bankrupt 3rd world nation and just hasn’t figured that out yet.

  20. “Sure, you can be a weirdo running Linux or Apple, but that is a tiny fraction of the marketplace that is tolerated because they are no threat to the dominant players.”

    Apple went Intel and made a deal with Microsoft to run Office. Microsoft will happily sell you Linux virtual machines on their cloud platform. You’re more right than you knew.

    So how do we use this pattern to suit our interests?

    • After a while the marketplace shifts rapidly. ARM chips are the future because of cost and power consumption.

      Privacy and cost with a massive global depression have fueled renewed interest in desktop Linux to match cloud deployments. Azure has 60% deployments Linux and it’s like 85 for AWS.

      Most devs run mac or Linux.

  21. We need children who have been sufficiently indoctrinated who can go into the belly of the beast (the elite universities) without being susceptible to their propaganda and can come out the other side while still having our values and understanding of the world. Nobody has been able to accomplish anything in the last 75 years or more because the left has always been able to get to kids and make a comfortable living doing it.
    While we can prevent this for smaller children even up to high school through home schooling, we cannot prevent this in the universities.

    The failures of any dissident movement to get anything done are not going to be turned around by ‘the right tactics’ of trying to convert people who cannot be converted because they cannot think clearly about the subjects. You can talk to people about just about any subject you care to name that has nothing to do with our subjects and they will react rationally to it. But the second you start broaching certain subjects they become very emotional. Children who believe in the tooth fairy are conditioned in a hundred different ways about how evil our ideas are. Without some very serious culture shock, you just cannot undo this kind of programming. It is not a way of thinking, it is who they are as people. It is their identity and their values.

    Without getting to children and the young and as long as daycare through the university are run and staffed by SJWs, this is never going to change. Our progeny will be having these conversations 50 years into the future (just as we are having the same conversation dissidents were having in the 60s). They will only be different to the extent that clownworld changes into demonworld. The outrages of the day will only be different by how much worse they are.

  22. I love the Zman, but I literally have no idea what this article is recommending.

    Maybe you could give us a concrete example?

    • Z wants to have conversations with reasonable people and magically over time a critical mass will build and something will happen.

      There is a long list of things that mustn’t happen mostly cuz looks bad and will drive away reasonable people, there is no plan besides a lot of cups of coffee for what will happen.

  23. If we continue living in under a liberal democracy, we will simply lose, because all other groups are set against us, and our high quality people are for the most part going to go where the money is, which is definitely not alternative politics. If we can force freedom of association on the system, we might have a chance, but that will not occur without radicals pushing us towards that goal. The ‘high quality’ people will always sell out the radicals, so what the hell good are they?

    • This is a huge issue. High quality people have the most to lose by fighting the system and the most to gain working within it. They have the money to insulate and isolate so why put their necks on the line?

      We simply have to hope that a fair number of quality people can see that their plan can’t last, that many of their children and grandchildren won’t be able to insulate and isolate.

    • If they don’t stand for anything more than the almighty dollar, they aren’t high quality. The situation reflects how screwed up our priorities have become.

      There’s a world of talent out there who could dominate these clowns, but they don’t get a chance because they don’t play the game. Think of all the successful mediocrities you went to school with and all the talented people who didn’t amount to much.

  24. What can we say without getting purged? 😉

    The premise above seems to be we can’t vote our way out of this, but by being reasonable within certain tolerated and disciplined limits we can talk our way out of this.

    No, we can neither talk nor vote our way out of this, voting of course is a far more concrete step than talking.

    Organize I say, it doesn’t matter what.
    Organize for power.
    Yes screen nutters, but organize.
    People will join and follow an organization, they will not follow reasonable talk only.

    • Yep. I’m all for talking and bringing people to our side, but we an organization. We need the ability to hit hit back. You don’t have to beat the bully, you just have to make it worth his while to leave you alone.

      But the organizing is the hardest part. The organizations have to ostensibly about other things. Otherwise, they are targets and will get killed in the crib.

  25. “ Contrary to popular mythology, markets eventually end up with a limited number of choices, unless some external agent, like the government, intervenes to maintain a balance of options on both the supply side and the demand side.”

    Years ago I emailed somebody I heard on LRC podcast (might’ve been Gary North but I’m not certain). Don’t remember what I said but I remember the reply was to think of the market as an auction where everybody brings money but one guy brings a gun. If I was smarter then I’d have replied everybody should bring a gun, just to keep things polite.

  26. A certain type of critic prefers to frame the “wignats vs. optics” debate as “socially crippled quasi-criminal wignats” vs. “nice Trad Chads in suits.” And you can’t build a good straw man without a frame.

    The very term “optics” tells you this is about fashion sense, not complex systemic critiques. We don’t call it the “immoral oversimplifiers vs. moral complex-process-respecters” debate.

    The latest struggle for headship of “The Movement” is more like a student council race than the Red-Blue horserace. Jocks & Nerds vs. Slackers & Stoners.

    Behind every wonky debate in our current fight for Movement Council President, there’s a past history of embarrassing social flubs and mean-girl gossip – wearing the wrong costume to a party, dating a seventh-grader, calling someone a mean name, being kicked out of someone’s clique or having a bad case of the Gay.

    But in the end, it’s not like the student council really runs the place anyway. Nerd or Stoner, the student council president just does what administrators with actual money and power want. He’s only there to make it look like the kids have a say. And his future ambitions in the real world of behind-the-curtain politics will depend on how well he sells it.

    As for “moral high ground,” trying to out-liberal the liberals (aka DR3) hasn’t put many trophies in the case over the years but that’s another comment for later.

  27. Agree with all of these points (and I think Z does a great job clarifying the choices), however, I think one underlying issue must always be remembered when it comes to understanding our strategic goals: We’re not voting our way out of this.

    Yes, we all know this, but it’s important to remember. AfD needs to operate differently than dissidents in the United States. Germany still can vote its way out of this, so AfD should tailor its tactics toward the goal of becoming a viable national party in the system and pushing its agenda as part of coalitions that needs its votes in the Bundestag.

    That ship has sailed for us. The demographics and the two-party system of the United States mean that the Dems and POC will permanently control the presidency in a decade or so. They likely will hold the House as well. Think California but with more racial animosity.

    Yes, we want to persuade as many whites as possible to join our side, but our long-term strategic goals must acknowledge the reality that we’re never going to be a major player in the political system in the way AfD can be.

    Our long-term strategic goals are more about carving out a place for our community and defending it than becoming a dominant political player. We have to be powerful enough to make it not worth messing with us. (Over time, the larger society likely will become more and more dysfunctional allowing our community more and more autonomy – or, at least, that’s the hope.)

    So why does this matter? Because it means that we don’t need to convince the vast majority of whites, just a portion. Our strategic goals will be different from AfD, which can still operate within the system and hope to change that system. We can’t. Our long-term goals are as much as building an alternative community/system as it is about convincing other whites to join it.

    That all said, Z’s points are spot on.

    • Euro parties also operate in more proportional parliamentary systems where a plurality gets you a seat at the table. Huge difference. The US winner-take-all system is more tailor-made for fake opposition and covert uniparty politics.

  28. I think there is a role for both the people in the square who operate at the fringes and those who speak truths and are then de-platformed. Provided it is all part of the same strategy. Those who speak truth can say it outright, those in the square can state the opinion of ‘those who speak truth’ but don’t have to own the opinion. So maybe like in chess the ‘damn the torpedoes, ramming speed’ chaps are in fact willing pawns to hit the machine straight on, with the more valuable ones in the public square capitalising on what was said.
    What this really needs is a mission, strategy and a campaign plan. So (being British) here’s a hypothetical mission:
    ‘By 2030 I want the majority of Europeans (including UK) to embrace repatriation of 80% of all migrants (who arrived after WWII) to their ancestral homelands.’
    1. Understand there is a 4th generational war against the west and it needs to be fought the same way (UK this is sometimes called ‘full spectrum approach’). This does not in any way advocate violence, this is simply the concept of using soft power (changing opinion and occupying the moral high ground) rather than hard power.

    2. Understand that key to this is the women’s vote. Women are herd creatures that base their decisions on two things: Do I fit in? and Does this make me a good person? Get the women on board and the Simp men will follow across to our thing. Whoever is left has no political voice and doesn’t matter.

    3. Work on the low hanging fruit first, namely: Terrorists, rapists and members of grooming gangs not born in UK/Europe. Followed by asylum seekers (we will build refuge cities in Africa and Middle East for processing applicants to safest near country to their country of origin). Followed by violent criminals, gang members. Then the permanent welfare recipients. Remainder of law abiding but welfare topped up low wage earners will be offered grants to re-establish themselves in their ancestral homeland.

    Campaign: Coordinate with the brave and sacrificial to agitate for terrorists and rapists to be deported. Use those on the square to repeat those talking points using nice compassionate words, so that middle class families can discuss around the dinner table without appearing racist…….Once the deportation concept is acceptable, then the frog can be ‘de-boiled’, we can work down the list and all go back to normal by 2040.

    Or something like that.

    • This is sound thinking, Damian.

      From my own perspective, there are two challenges we need to deal with in parallel: (a) getting organized and (b) overcoming the uniparty’s lock on the political process.

      I’m in the (painfully slow) process of finding a second place out in the country. My city place is a hive of greens. But when I land in the country place, it’ll be worth trying some organizing. There’s scarcely a country jurisdiction out there which doesn’t have community organizations that need motivated volunteers, especially the kind good at working the system to get public money.

      I intend to start that way. Find a friendly organization, make myself useful, do some discreet ‘community organizing’, link up with likeminded groups, and try to create some political leverage.

      If we can each cleanse our AO of leftist influence, it would start adding up.

  29. Spoken like a true coward.
    Thinking about strategy & optics & framing makes some sense when there are real life repercussions to your speech.
    But if a so-called man can’t simply be honest & say exactly what he thinks when he is anonymous, he is just gutless.

  30. The best way the progressives weakened resolve was through persistent Concern Trolling. You can see the effectiveness in this with regards to making sodomy socially acceptable. We were told how they just want understanding and privacy and attacks on their lifestyle will only lead to suicides.

    As the more moderate people threw their hands up and said, “Whatever, just don’t bother me”, they just squeezed the vice and demanded not only tolerance, but acceptance, and just shifted the rhetoric to a more aggressive stance. Then the same moderates threw up their hands again and said acceptance is fine to keep the peace. Viscerally, moderates still have a disgust of sodomy, as is seen with the study that most people have the same reaction to sodomy as seeing maggots, but their gumption to fight has been whittles away to nothing.

    The problem is the right prides itself on being straight-shooters, while the left is perfectly happy with being disingenuous bastards if it means reaching their goals. In a gynocracy where physical confrontation is verboten, guess which one is more effective?

    • Problem isn’t that they’re sneaky and we’re straight shooters it’s that we’re NOT straight shooters. It’s like boxing, a boxer can’t just ape someone else’s style willy nilly, he has to pick a style that plays to his strengths. We “shoot straight” only in ways that benefit the left and are curiously silent when we could be taking ground. Anyone wonder why the left gets to own compassion and creativity when we outstrip them in charity and the high arts (at least historically)?

      • > We “shoot straight” only in ways that benefit the left and are curiously silent when we could be taking ground.

        Think you have a good point. Could you elaborate with some examples?

        • Sure thing. We shoot straight about the market and some causes of poverty, namely that people are motivated by self interest and a lot of poverty is caused by crime and shitty behavior, and not just the other way around. While true, the left perverts this into “you hate the poor” and some dimwit right wingers double down and say basically “fuck the poor, pull yourself up by your bootstraps!” which plays into the lefts hands fast.

          We also shoot straight about the need to learn useful things, STEM and so on. The left perverts this into saying we don’t care about high intellectual pursuits and some dimwit right wingers play into the lefts hands by doubling down and saying “fuck the liberal and creative arts, get a real job” which even pushes our own talented young people away from the arts (our best ability to propagate ideas) and into jobs reliant on the system, not entrepreneurial work. It also makes us look like barbarians,

      • “The problem is the right prides itself on being straight-shooters, while the left is perfectly happy with being disingenuous bastards if it means reaching their goals. In a gynocracy where physical confrontation is verboten, guess which one is more effective?”

        Couldn’t agree more with this. In terms of debating with normy-leftists, people on the Right need to realize that the Left hardly ever debates “in good faith.”
        When you enter a debate you need to understand that your intentions are not the same as their intentions.
        Their goal is not to compare ideas and theories so as to come to a better understanding on a topic. It is not their intent to learn anything new at all mostly because they think they already know all there is to know on the topic.
        They merely want to “win” an argument, to stroke their own ego, to project their vitriol on you, or to propagate the party-line. No amount of rationality, facts, reason, logic evidence etc. will change their mind.

        I think alot of current Leftist politicians understand this, and cultivate their propaganda accordingly. The right just tries to “own the libs through fact and reason.” They are thus always REACTIONARY.
        But when have the masses ever responded well to mere “facts and reason” much less become riled up and impassioned by such? In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to resort to propaganda, but when the enemy has the masses under its spell, you are left with no option.

        • Would be beneficial if L. Graham (R – SC) were to take this to heart.

    • The problem isn’t even being straight-shooters versus disingenuous bastards. It’s the gynocracy at the root of it all. If your wife has you sleeping on the couch because you weren’t ‘kind’ to the neighbor or made an issue out of something that she decided wasn’t a ‘big deal,’ then you are shackled from the start. Every married or semi-committed ‘dissident’ must control the women in his life. Partner with a hot but out of control woman and end up with stupid and out of control kids. Lead your own family before trying to lead anything else.

      • Sister if I had a nickel for every married guy I talked to that said he couldn’t move because the wife didn’t want too I would be a rich man…It let me know who really wore the pants in that family…

      • 3g, you may be as smart as my wife, and she has the advantage of being a Appalachian and the daughter of the wisest man I ever knew.

        Good on you.

        • Mark – I’m actually a pain in the rear, but I’ll take that wonderful compliment re Appalachian women. No genetic connection but a huge emotional one. And my best friend is a proud hillbilly from West Virginia.

  31. “Inevitably, what the market decides is who will control the market.”

    Should be quoted in bold type on the frontispiece of every economics book.

  32. I understand the choice between playing the longer term strategic game vs. damn the torpedoes and charging up San Juan hill. The left has been subverting our culture & society for decades – many would probably say from the 60’s, but in reality it’s been far longer than that. A book I read a while back titled “The Dispossessed Majority” by Wilmot Robertson was written back in the 70’s and it reads like it could have been written yesterday. Talk about a black pill! At any rate, it seems like we’re running out of time to change hearts & minds incrementally. Between the mass immigration crap and the relentless daily casualties inflicted by the left and their henchmen joggers ( to say nothing of the virus hysteria) the time is seemingly short…

  33. Just as we cannot vote our way out of the mess we are in, we cannot “talk” our way out either. Habit is too powerful, and once someone has been seduced into parasitism, they are not going to change their stripes no matter how eloquent or “strategic” your rhetoric is. So, how best to use language and communication? To educate and inspire the non-parasitic cohort of the population in the ways of survival in this Brave New World. And to acquire the skills that will be needed to survive. And to be ready to arise when the Ponzi scheme eventually collapses.

  34. One foot in…One foot out…

    When Eisenhower was president the acceptable alternatives were the segregationists and the paleocons.

    From Johnston to Carter the acceptable alternatives were how to integrate at a reasonable rate, how to budget those programs without breaking the bank and how to rehabilitate dissenters without using the National Guard.

    From Reagan to Clinton the acceptable alternative was to give everyone a stake in the market by undoing the last of the old ties that once held communities together. Everyone would now be beholden to market demands and opportunities.

    From Bush through Obama the war on whites required more of everything non white and anti-white. The alternative position was to only ask that everyone adhere to a malleable constitution as needs and attitudes progressed. If the market ticked up then we were in the tall grass. No worries.

    Now the alternative is asking for the right to tread water so we can slow down our suicide rate, accept tranny story hour as long as they have background checks, a right to be heard on public platforms as long as we don’t mention, race, our group interests nor the hypocrisy in how crimes are defined and punished according to group interests… and not to have our sons turned into androgynous wimps and our daughters into butched bitches or fodder for mulatto stud-farms. If we rattle the cage enough they will give us American Nationalism: poison by the dropper instead of by the spoonful.

    Cthulhu has only drifted one way since the end of the war. Keep playing their game and we’ll keep getting their desired results. Online communities need to start transitioning into IRL communities. We need to build both. Any interaction with Clownworld needs to be treated with bemusement, sarcasm, eye rolling and derisive laughter. To engage them in good faith is to agree to play on their field with their fences. You lose before you even begin.

    Our host has a couple of excellent example in how to interact with syphilization.

    Ask for a reasonable accounting for some failing on our part and watch our enemies ask for the moon. Reparations…

    Bemusement at the Gate Keepers Ball…

    Every interaction should yield their hysteria or the farce that brings focus to their true intentions.

    • Paleocons as we know them were never acceptable only some neo type or watered down version.

    • Regarding IRL communities: some of us cannot afford to relocate. 20+ years ago I built where I could afford to do so knowing it was in the predominantly black part of town (what once in Texas would have been called “Niggertown”). It was not where I wanted to settle but it was where I could afford to build. I am probably the only one who doesn’t vote straight-ticket Democrat for a couple of miles in any direction. I’ve had a Nyberg Threeper flag torn down and a Trump 2020 flag torn down but I just put new ones up and my cowardly neighbors got the message and left the replacements up. I also installed a small, motion-activated video surveillance system and sent the HOA (non-deed mandated) president video of my 1st Trump flag being taken down with a warning that I would shoot anyone taking a 2nd flag down on sight. Texas law justifies use of deadly force to protect property from malicious mischief after sundown.

      • Really that was the only place you could find to build and that was in a black section of town…Like the whole rest of US was closed off to you… Sometimes you have to be a pioneer and forge a new destiny for yourself rather than being ok with the crumbs of where you are at…

      • The highest concentration of dissidents in the US is in Queens. Queens is the VFW – VeryFewWhites. Very very few. Any other whites in your neighborhood who aren’t slumming are probably also dissidents.

      • I would not needlessly antagonize my neigbors in your position. it reduces the quality of your life. It does not really help them see our side of things. you can have a small influience there by befriending any neigbors who are not idealogs or anti wh bigots and simply saying that all politicians are crooks so voting is a waste of time. ueually it’s actually true.
        If you are a person of faith , talk to them about the importance of fathers and such. anything that may cause them to be less enthusiastic about the woke. Show them pictures of ” Drag time story hour” and tell them you heard it’s coming to their area. one of my parents lives in the same situation you are in and that has helpped them have a better life even though they live amomng people much diffrent from them .

      • Bill – not sure of your family situation or age, and finances are always a hurdle, but the old saying “when there’s a will there’s a way” comes to mind. Check out testimonials written in Backwoods Home magazine (as one example) … a lot of poor but talented people have comfortable homes made with their own hands for well under $10K. You just have to break out of the mindset that all housing is $100/sf and that quality housing is fabricated by expert contractors. When the next crisis erupts (and there’s always another germinating) you do NOT want to be in that neighborhood you’re describing. Find a county with relatively lax housing inspections and go build a hooch and outhouse until you get more money. (The outhouse shouldn’t be needed for long … I built a redneck-engineered septic system with three 55-gal drums and an assortment of PVC piping. Been working for well over a decade.) All that said, make a plan and make it happen.

  35. The optics guys counter this by pointing out the obvious. The taboo breakers are removed from the process, so in reality their tactic is just quitting the game. Rather than take on the system in a meaningful way, they mutter epithets in their ghetto.

    Yes, breaking taboos is a kamikaze move. You will be removed from the game. OTOH, breaking taboos eventually has an aggregate effect. Sure, Bill Ayers’ tactics got him removed from the game, he’ll never be able to win an elective office. But, ultimately, so what? It’s hard to ignore that while his reputation is in the toilet, his team ultimately still won.

    That is how we came to where we are today. All the taboo breaking eventually wore us down until we were used to it. The individual taboo breakers may have ended up badly, but in the aggregate, they won. Persistently chipping away at the stone eventually paid off.

    This is why I don’t consider the alt-right a failure. Yes, they’re disgraced and defunct, but they did score their point. While the political movement itself is dead, the ideas that spawned it couldn’t be doing better.

    • Sure, Bill Ayers’ tactics got him removed from the game, he’ll never be able to win an elective office. But, ultimately, so what? It’s hard to ignore that while his reputation is in the toilet, his team ultimately still won.

      Yes his team won and unless I am mistaken Ayres is living handsomely as a tenured academic and is the ghost co-author of a best-selling book. Sounds like a decent level of success to me. Especially for a former domestic terrorist and one-time member of the FBI’s most wanted list.

      • It’s worse than that. He finally read Alinsky, dumped the bolshevik look, and burrowed into the primary education racket, which he directed.

      • Bill Ayers is obscenely rich. Inherited from his father.

        Money buys protection.

        We don’t have poor communists. But rich ones.

        It’s the revolt of the rich against the middle class.

        • The “CARES” Act is “TARP” on steroids. And all the same people are made generationally rich because the same people are still in charge.

  36. Anonymous free speech is at the heart of effective taboo-breaking.

    Our memes are what will break the conditioning.

  37. I don’t see how the required degree of sophistication is possible without some sort of organization in place which can set policy, punish and reward. Furthermore, the organization would need the real power to exclude the unwashed, however defined. Otherwise, we are left will loose collections of competing essayists.. To my mind, everything depends upon system failure or ossification to the degree that serious minded hard men can come forward and create their own reality. If, somehow, the Establishment manages to keep the old junker on the road and running, we are cooked.

    • I think there must be an understanding that living to fight another day is the chief virtue of the dissident. Liberal democracy is as totalitarian as communism. The lesson from communism is that head long charges are suicide. The strategy must be to drive up the cost of maintaining the regime, by stimulating its worst instincts. Look at the resources expended to track down people posting “It’s okay to be white” signs. A hundred such campaigns and the police is no longer able to function.

      • > Liberal democracy is as totalitarian as communism. The lesson from communism is that head long charges are suicide.

        There’s a man from the Unite the Right rally that is serving a multi-life sentence to teach us that lesson.

        Let’s hope it sticks.

        • There’s a man from the Unite the Right rally that is serving a multi-life sentence to teach us that lesson.

          The thing is, while you are correct it is largely a hindsight issue. In anyone’s wildest imagination would they have guessed a 400 year prison sentence when a bruva can go out and do a triple homicide and still get out in time to see his grandkids if he’s lucky?

          Poor Mr.Fields won’t be helped and he probably wouldn’t even have done anything different because the overreaction is absurd to the point of farce except a young man is going to die in prison basically for nothing.

          I’m sensitive to this because of my own experience. I had never see egregious overreaction until it happened personally. I got lucky, he did not. My point is we are having to walk on eggshells because what is going to set them off next and land you in prison? Maybe soon you will have to keep your eyes lowered so as to not make eye contact w/ a minority and make then feel unsafe. You see the slippery slope here?

        • That poor kid, James. The police say that he was crying when he got out of the car after the incident and his GPS was set to take him home to Ohio.

          • I’ll tell you what would work best: a fake vaccine. Announce it, give it to everyone, bingo, back to normal society and activities with no change in the course of the epidemic. Those who weren’t going to die of this thing before being vaccinated still won’t die, but they’ll be empowered to get out from under the bed.

      • ‘Inverted Totalitarianism’ by Wollin is a good book that speaks to the oppression inherent in liberal democracy.

        I don’t count it as a great book because Wollin was writing as a Leftist and he needed a stronger editor.

      • Hence the ever-expanding surveillance state and its willing Stasi. Now your browsing history is up for grabs. At present they may need bodies willing to rat out their neighbors, but that will change.

        • Passed by a procession of cops earlier today. Four on motorcycles, followed by what looked like a couple of cop-painted hummers, and a couple of other vehicles with the slogan painted on the rear “Gifted by Drug Traffickers.” No clue what they were doing, but they work arm in arm with the Karens and the AWFLS. And many a ‘dissident’ has a Karen or AWFL in his own home.

      • One more shutdown do to the flu of the week and nothing will be able to function period.

        We can goose the economy into fake numbers but factory industrial production, unemployment , retail spending , credit , and everything else that matters is at an all time low. Housing defaults, Debt defaults, all time high.

        Its awfully hard to run around chasing down flyers when the stores are empty in everywhere but rich areas. Not much fun to be a cop either.

        The US is going to recover from this, partially but the foundation was never truly strong and now is so weak that a little push can knock it over.

        So many scenarios that benefit us if and only if dissidents can learn to cooperate for common goals.

        If we can’t, we’ll time wounds all heels.

      • Driving up the costs are fine and dandy but so far our side has failed miserably at it or leverage it.

        Here’s what I would do,. At the bottom of each flyer would a be a internet address for more info., The site would have maybe a half a dozen pdfs that deal with truths that are now deemed taboo by TPTB.. They don’t have to be long maybe 2-4 pages each for quick reading.

        Here a possible list
        White heritage and our contributions to civilization
        Black on White crime
        Why we need borders and immigration limits
        There are only two sexes.
        The myth of magic dirt
        Why Post-Modernism is toxic,
        Why is modern architecture so ugly.
        Why is the nuclear family important
        The monetization of culture,
        Why some cultures are better than others

      • Note – the following is not merely an ‘opinion’ – I was the embassy contact with the ‘dissidents’ in my last foreign service post (with necessary language skills, constantly being followed, etc). Those ‘dissidents’ in the former communist nations were never more than a tiny minority. They considered themselves separate, a definite ‘intelligentsia,’ and couched their criticism of the regime in terms of principles. What brought down those regimes was not principles, however, and most people there still don’t give any more of a damn about politics than the normie here.

        It was the young people who had an immense, pent-up desire to travel and experiment – with music, with clothes, and with culture. That is what we need to harness. You are wasting your time with the mass of people over 40. It’s Whites who’ve been raised being hated and marginalized, particularly the men, who are the best targets of opportunity. And the younger men without the worries of their families being vulnerable are the most vital target of all. Yes, we need to play a long game, but a focused one. Every ‘dissident’ who sends his kids to public school or allows his wife to lead the family is a dead end.

        • If this mess gets fixed within our respective lifetimes, one day I will buy you many, many beers, and listen to your stories.

      • I’m unaware of any communist state afflicted by the demographic blight with which “America” presently contends. The PoC seem to be just peachy keen with the whole Lib-Dem agenda. Not only will they not help us, they will harm us while defending Lib-Dem to the hilt.


    “Well now we’re respected in society
    We don’t worry about the things that we used to be
    We’re talking heroin with the president
    Well it’s a problem, sir, but it can’t be bent

    Well now you’re a pillar of society
    You don’t worry about the things that you used to be
    You’re a rag-trade girl, you’re the queen of porn
    You’re the easiest lay on the White House lawn
    Get out of my life, don’t come back
    She’s so respectable”

  39. “The key to any alternative politics in liberal democracy is that it must be both a critique of the system and operate on the moral high ground”.
    Great. As long as that’s then my definition of what constitutes moral high ground. Or would it be yours, or….?

  40. What is the saying? “Politics is war by other means.”

    Maybe the other way around.

    Prepare for when “Jaw, jaw, jaw is better than war, war, war” doesn’t work in the slightest, as is getting very evident.

  41. It strikes me that the balance between the two poles is the tightrope DJT is trying to walk. He has not been able to go far enough to satisfy us,yet he is still in the game. He is giving me at least enough hope that I am not yet totally black pilled.

    • Look around you. Those people wearing masks outside will never stand athwart the current. We are lonely. Accept it and figure out how to deal with it

      • Slackmac. You got a point there. Mask wearers. It’s like the movie, “They Live”. The mask is like the glasses the protagonist wears—it sees all who are aliens. The mask wearers reveal all who are poz’d. They believe the narrative and accept the demands of Big Brother for self sacrifice to the greater good. The only redeeming part is that it *also* reveals who is on our side—those who refuse the mark of the mask.

        Was in a car dealership this weekend. It requires all employees to wear a mask, via the edict from local political authorities. Chairs must literally be six feet apart. Big sign on the entrance doors, “We don’t shake hands, nothing personal. It only make sense”. Paperwork tossed back an forth. No test drives with sales personnel. Terrible, right?

        But wait. Upon some friendly discussion with folk, wife and I stated we were *not* mask wearers, but understood their need to keep their job and toe the line. We just asked that they accept that we might have to ask them to speak louder and perhaps repeat themselves from time to time. The salesman looked to the right and then to the left, then removed his mask to reveal a big grin. Pulled his chair up and we got to talking like human beings. 😉

        • Call me a cuck, but I wear a mask in grocery stores to be polite to the old people who may feel vulnerable and for the clerks who don’t know what a ridiculously healthy dude I am.

        • I have not worn a mask once in the Arizona, where I live. I did wear one while working in California in March. I concluded this was a pointless exercise before I returned to blessed AZ. I’ve been seeing patients all along. Many of them have masks on. I don’t ask them to, unless I need to look in their mouth, but most of them remove their masks as soon as I close the door. I give them a big smile when they do so. Positive reinforcement, anti-poz one patient at a time.

  42. Events, sir, events. They change what is and what is not acceptable in public discourse.

    Even though I dumped on him regarding coronavirus hysteria a few days ago, Greg Johnson made a brilliant observation in his most recent podcast. Trump’s election, Johnson said, had ended the gentleman’s agreement between the established parties that discussions about immigration, endless war and so-called free trade were off limits. Regardless of what Trump promised and failed to accomplish, he has permanently changed the terms of the debate.

    The aforementioned coronavirus has turned the terms of debate in our direction, too, on key issues. Globalism clearly is on the ropes. The Buckleyites and other neoliberals have had to cede ground on what cannot be imported, trying to limit that concession to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It is a losing battle for them. Immigration is endangered as well as the armies of unemployed menace the ruling class and fear of diseased border jumpers increases. H1b visas are still passed out like candy but increasingly that has to be hidden and increasingly it is called out. It will take time but the entry of these topics into respectable conversation is a positive development.

    In Europe, nationalism has been given a healthy jolt as individual states do what is in the best interests of their citizens to combat coronavirus. The EU is listing. It’s not just the Visegrad Group any longer that thinks in terms of what is good for the country.

    This is exploitation, ultimately, and it cannot be praised enough.

    • I’ll happily cheer on the events while remaining pessimistic about reform and the prospects for nationalism. Much as I’d like to see civic nationalism work, along with constitutional Federalism, we’re still stuck with demographics and a permanently sundered culture. Universal suffrage is the Achilles heel – the taboo subject of all taboo subjects. Personally, I don’t like to focus on the positive optics or the handful of folks who are temporarily disenchanted by globalism or government overreach … it’s not indicative of where we’re truly headed.

    • Trump is not some sort of savior, he is an early means to an end. He is doing precisely what I hoped he would; being a bull in the elites’ china shop. I had hoped things would be smashed quicker, but the damage is snowballing now and unmasking more of the cockroaches and detritus that’s we all knew was there, but couldn’t really put a finger on it. I’m hearing more and more people grumble and speak out about the corruption and that is when o start inserting the red pills. Little ones at first, slowly, then in increasing doses .

      • Otto , the absolute extreme screeching and all the crazy things they are willing to do to try to get rid of him tells me he is more of a disrupting force than I could have hoped for.He probably is clueless, and I hold no delusions that he is what so many of us hoped he would be. But they really really hate him for some reason.

        • Once this stupid flu is no longer in the news, the Dem’s first item of business will be to get rid of Trump because of X. (X will be something none of us has yet heard of and it will be purported to be worse than Coronavirus.)

          They only have one play. It’s a Hail Mary, all in to get rid of the Orange Man. Remember the Pathological Liar: if you didn’t believe one whopper, he simply upped the ante on the next one.

      • Trump was a shot across the bow to the Republican Party (and the Democrats to a lesser extent,) especially after the Tea Party was successfully pozzed. His success in attaining the presidency has shown just how entrenched the power structure is and what lengths they will go to in order to maintain it. I don’t expect a whole lot out of the man, but he has shown that a challenge is possible.

  43. I think what you said about picking one big issue front and center, and leaving the personal hobbyhorses on the periphery, is a good strategy generally. You used Nigel Farage and Brexit to make the point. Looking at Germany, a good example of how this can be effective is the cross-section of people who’ve come together to protest the “Abstand” (Corona distancing crap). Some of them think it’s a plan by Bill Gates to microchip us all, others are anti-vaccination types, and there are some old school Greens and some Browns (although I think some of these are Verfassungschutz plants). But despite the psyops against them and the bear-baiting by the media, they are keeping their eye on the ball, which is that it is not okay for a militarized police force to pepper spray someone for shaking another man’s hand in a grocery store.

    One point we have in our favor is that the fake moral high-ground our master class supposedly has is beyond threadbare. These people are degenerate perverts and clowns. Celebrities still lend them a veneer of beauty, but people are getting tired of that, too. Witness the delight normies took in Ricky Gervais eviscerating the beautiful people at the Golden Globes, or how people retched on the celebrity rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” (I swear that song did more damage to Western Civilization than the Frankfurt School).

    • It’s hard not be blackpilled and although I thoroughly expect oppression to increase, the worm has really turned on several fronts in ways that favor us.

    • Farage is a great example. Note how many of the taboo breakers hated him. They could not get past their petty issues to see the bigger picture.

      • Trump is like Farage too. I have to watch myself because I sometimes beat up on Trump in front of my nephews and they just are not where I am at politically. Trump is good for us. He is a disrupter even though he will rarely follow through on the disruption with sound policies.
        And Trump brings the wrath of the loons down on us, but even that can help us, because the loons just randomly attack all conservatives, they can’t help themselves.
        Which in long run is good for us.
        Even with all Trumps faults Trump opens more minds for us than he closes.

        • “Do no harm” should be our mantra. We should keep our heads and make sure we fire in the right direction. Lobbing grenades into your own ranks is not helpful. The Bush family never figured that out.

          • I dunno; I feel like the racial animus towards whites is well understood and largely accepted by society.

      • I still like A B Prosper’s formula for a strategic goal, or platform if you prefer:

        “Under the Dissident Right, America is a great place to have a family.”

        In fact, we don’t even have to mention the DR. It would be sufficient to use ‘make America a great place to have a family’ as the gold standard for any policy position or political activity. It is as applicable at all level of politics, from your house to the White House.

        While no idea is completely immune to idiots, especially idiots with an agenda, this strategic goal / organising principle has the advantage of being sane, obvious, emotionally compelling, and inherently good. It would also drive the left nuts, because making them argue the case at every turn would expose their perverse weirdness and also wedge the bejesus out of their BioLeninist coalition.

    • Yes, use other non-verboten issues to introduce more controversial ideas. Income inequality and the plight of blue-collar workers can be used to discuss immigration.

      Affirmative action can be used to discuss racial discrimination against whites and Asians. (Always include the Asians as a shield.)

      The tougher one is Freedom of Association. But you get the point.

      • Exactly right Citizen also just a caveat you have to be a presentable person also if you want your message to be accepted…If you’re like the bum on the street corner holding the sign that the end is near even if you’re correct 😉 no one is going to pay attention…

      • Let not allow the trillions continually paid out to keep all of Wall Street’s players in the game while paycheck America gets crumbs and drawdowns to be hidden and memory holed.

        We are also going to have long term unemployment problems and an ever growing problem with the employment participation rate…while legal and illegal migration continues…now being sold as necessary to rebuild America.

        These are big fat targets with wide appeal.

      • Just had a back-and-forth with a normie who couldn’t believe I said the civil rights act led to a lot of bad outcomes. I listed a few: gays leading scout troops, atheists as officers of campus Christian groups and, saving the best for last because I’ve heard him bitch about this very thing, section 8 housing in neighborhoods that don’t want it.

        The thing was sold to us (I’m old enough to have been reading the newspaper every day at the time) as applying to the public sphere, seating areas, what sort of thing. What was discrimination in public affairs was freedom of association in private ones. Both were outlawed.

    • The “vacinations ” could have a bug theat result in sterility. they are ALWAYS preaching overpopulation damages the environment , and we should have less kids . or mayby I’m just noid. ya never know.

      • You know, I was thinking the same. Polio? Sure! But for this bullshit? Why didn’t we make an important vaccine.

    • Another reason this may work comes from the Bolshevik Revolution. Some people opposed agitating for small things like fewer hours when it didn’t necessarily lead to socialism. But others said the cohesion from having a popular goal and achieving it created the “group.” The goals of the group could later be modified after it already existed.

  44. Of course the one constant in all of this is lefty’s control of 90% of the media. In the case of sports, fashion, and entertainment, it is almost 100%. It is difficult to swim against that kind of current, and it is a sobering thing to contemplate the state of mind of so many millions ensnared in those media coils.

      • And of course our own side keeps shooting itself in the foot. American Renaissance banned me from commenting about a week ago. They won’t say why. I don’t make nasty racist comments there, so I’m left to speculate. And these are people I gave money to!

        • Yea there is something hinky going on there I noticed awhile back…It’s almost like your ok if you stick to a certain narrative but if you go off track then they delete you…

          • I keep asking them to point me to the comment that pissed off someone there. Crickets. They took down all my past comments. I’ve been “disappeared”. Using the enemy’s tactics seems a bit strange.

        • I haven’t been banned by Amren yet, but only some of my comments go through. And their ‘comments of the week’ always include ones by people advocating getting along, it’s only culture not race, etc. That happens to be a majority of their commenters, of course – peruse their comments from today and they are almost indistinguishable from comments three months ago – or three years ago. I’m surprised that Gregory Hood is still here.

      • In a marvelous shooting oneself in the foot moment, Harvard wants to discuss criminalizing homeschooling at the exact moment millions of quarantined Americans are discovering homeschooling isn’t that bad and get to see what teachers are teaching their children first hand. Don’t want to be a Pollyanna but silver linings are real.

        • The anti-homeschool lady is working on tropes from two decades ago. While it’s true homeschool was facilitated by conservative Christians in its beginning, it’s expanded to being very non-partisan and you’ll now find plenty of pro-homeschool zealotry from left-wingers.

          It’s an ineffectual attack that does more to discredit Harvard than discrediting homeschooling unless they get all their propaganda organs together for a full-fledged assault.

        • Things are so bad that even homeschooling isn’t enough. Progressivism is so ingrained in our culture that it really is difficult to keep the messages out of our and our children’s heads.

          • Things are so bad that even homeschooling isn’t enough.
            Yes I agree which is why you need a strong Community and Church to help raise them…

          • yes, a faith group that is at least not hostile is an essential part of home schooling.

        • There will be a huge market for private tutoring over the internet, or outright online schools. It’s potentially a mortal wound to public schooling.

          I wonder if teachers realize they’ve been declared nonessential. All I see is the odd starved-for-attention yard sign or hear about is impromptu teacher motorcades. I guess few have thought about it since they’re still being paid for now.

          • *Sigh* What has become of my profession? Teachers are making the kids *more* socially retarded. If it weren’t for that, I could argue that we’re still needed. But of course, EVERYTHING has to conform to prog narrative.

            I do love teaching, but we need to rethink the way we do things. Actually working, for one, would be a good start.

          • Good teachers need to go online and offer themselves as alternatives to government schooling. There is a huge market there waiting to be tapped.

          • Wise old guy advice is gratefully accepted. Also, consider your suggestions implemented.

          • Public Schools is the one place left in the USA that a child is in danger of being injured physically and mentally.

        • What Harvard wants, Harvard usually gets. Not immediately, but in the future. I imagine homeschooling will be outlawed within 10 years.

          • Well, at the moment home schooling can’t be easily prohibited as the aspect of schooling is a State right and long recognized as one. However, I can see a Dem federal government attempting such usurpation in the future.

          • You might be unawares that the system of government we all operate under in the good ol’ “land of the free, home of the brave” hinges on the idea that Congress (meaning the U.S. Congress) has authority to “occupy a field,” and “intend a complete ouster” whenever it gets a feather up its ass to do so, and at that point (which the federal courts usually determine in their vaunted “opinions”) your “state right” (whatever it might be – homeschooling? Sure, why not?) flies completely and irretrievably out the window. I won’t provide a link, just enter the search terms as I pronounced them above – “occupy a field and intend a complete ouster.” Tenth Amendment, you say? Ha! Don’t waste my time.

          • But talk about bad optics for the left. I know they can afford it, but damn, would that offend people. Even lefties would be bent out of shape about it; to suggest that they, the intellectual elite, don’t know any better? Ha.

    • Keep in mind though that many people (possibly most?) really, truly despise the media, it’s just that nothing else is on offer. I don’t know any normies even who like or read or respect the NYT. Or if they do like the media, it’s stuff like “Rick and Morty” that’s really pushing it. I don’t know any 20ish White kids who listen to contemporary music, they all listen to old Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth records, a lot of time on vinyl.

      Can you imagine the thought that Sonic Youth is now ancient history? Yet here we are.

      • Leftists imbibe media Kool Aid uncritically. That is one reason why a majority of Americans still support the manifestly insane Korona Krackdown.

        • See, I’m not even sure that more than a plurality supports this drivel anymore. All I know is that those who do support it are vocally insane.

      • Have you recently listened to what passes for popular contemporary music? Or even alternative contemporary music?

        Do so, and you will immediately understand why youth still listen to Sonic Youth and Fugazi.

        • “Fuck you, and you, and youuuuu
          I hate your friends and they hate me too

          I’m through, I’m through, I’m throuuuuu
          It’s that hot girl bummer anthem

          Turn it up and throw a tantrum”

    • For all intents we’re living in the successor of the Soviet Union. We either learn to act like subversives or get stomped on.

  45. “The key to any alternative politics in liberal democracy …”

    This is where I get stuck – ARE there alternatives to mob-rule in a democracy? Our cultural travesties are baked in the cake of universal suffrage along with our pledge of allegiance to “one nation, indivisible.” One of the taboos is that we’re not supposed to mention the potential fracturing of the US along cultural and racial lines, but methinks that’s got to be central to the long-term, strategic view. I think secession is going to be key, but since that word is loaded with bad optics, we have to be working towards collocation and community in areas that are most friendly to our cause.

    • “secession is going to be key, but that word is loaded with bad optics”

      That is why I prefer the word “partition”. The truth is, I believe an honest return to federalism, if it were both practical and philosophically sound, could result in effective partition without doing away with the (ostensibly) functional political entity known as the United States.

      States’ rights for District 12!

      • Secession/Partiton would work, which is exactly why they will never let it happen.

        • I don’t think it will work though, we’re too mixed in. Even 10% of Manhattan voted for Trump (realize how much of a bitter hard case you have to be to even show up to the polls to vote R in Manhattan). Most of the red states are just over 50% red, which leaves a whole lot of blue. Even deep blue places often are surrounded by deep red areas. Plus no one is partitioning out the nuclear arsenal, so you’d be left with unstable vulnerable rump states with giant built in 5th columns.

          • I wonder how mixed in the Muslims and Hindus were in India at the time of the 1947 partition into India and Pakistan. If I recall correctly there were major displacements of population at that time. Not saying the same will happen in the U.S., at least not in the ner future, but I wonder about the situation at mid-21st Century.

          • Partition has happened throughout history, which totally confutes arguments that it can’t. The first step toward making it happen is hoisting in the fact that it can.

          • Yes and it’s always led to civil war and intractable conflict, India, Ireland, Cyprus, Former Yugoslavia, etc. Trying to do it here won’t work, because the left won’t let us go and many right residents won’t want to join caravans into the hinterland with whatever’s on their backs. Most of us want a better country not living in fucking 1991 Sarajevo hoping for the best.

          • The Soviet republics broke away from the USSR with minimal conflict. Slovakia and the Czech Republic separated peaceably in what’s known as the Velvet Partition. If you allow yourself to be hemmed in by what the Left will “let us do,” you deserve to suffer under the Leftists.

          • He does have a point, the USSR broke up without war because most of the Rebublics could became nation states dominated by one people, the main reason the Russians let it collapse is because they were the suckers paying for the whole thing, of course there are still some lingering problems to this day. a break up of the US could be just as peaceful, but I suspect there will be blood because the stakes are just so high. the elite in the US don’t want to see their power just melt away which is what would clearly happen when states start to leave

            Also an alternative White ethno state run along basic alt right principles would be too successful, the world must not see this state emerge

            Right now all this talk seems like madness, but in five or ten years time, who knows

            Put your trust in God, but mind to keep your powder dry

          • But that’s what I’m saying, the Czechs let Slovakia go, the Russians don’t care about independent states they can absolutely force to toe the line if need be, the Left will absolutely use force to keep us in. I don’t mean waiting for Leftists to give us the OK, that’s insane, I mean it won’t be a peaceful partition. I mean I hope I’m wrong, but I think we’re delusional if we think we can get a successful secession going when we can’t even protect someone from being fired for shit they say on Facebook.

          • People want the fruits if victory without fighting.

            That doesn’t happen.
            Why should they give up?

            The partition of an Empire is not tgr same as partioning a country.

            There are other inescapable problems – above all geography.
            No competent power in North America would settle for anything less than atlantic to pacific. Only competent powers win wars. So it isn’t just the Left will march on you- everyone will. I would. It would be the worst thing we could do to our offspring – and if it took a century we’d still reunite. Our greatest advantage is geographic. Everything can be surrendered or cast aside – but not that. Nor will it come to pass, not to last.

            The Soviet Empire by the way was partitioned externally – by us.
            Oh sure the locals; but operating from that moment to this one under our protection. The other version is romantic nonsense.

          • If violence is necessary, then violence there will be. Beats going out with a whimper.

          • The proper attitude toward the Left is not to worry about what they’ll let us do but to calmly but firmly tell them to go fuck themselves. Of course they won’t let us go. Parasites never willingly let go of their hosts. As for caravans to Sarajevo, I’ll take that over living in a gyno-communist police state.

          • “Most of us want a better country…”

            You are not going to have one … EVER … as long as it is infested with leftists and diversities. The solution space (reality) is what it is, and it doesn’t care that you don’t like any of the options.

          • We worked OK as an 80-90% White country. We don’t need to be 100%, just a supermajority. Obviously there will still be opposition remaining in our country after partition, just as there are still Muslims in India. But trimming off the huge liabilities like coastal California and the urban Boston-DC corridor would totally change politics in the remaining country.

            Some of the remaining troublemakers will migrate to areas where they are welcome.

          • Here I go beating my dead horse again, apologies to those who have heard me say this on here before:

            Our greatest enemy, since at least 1860, has been other whites. (((Those who hate and fear us))) did not create this division, they have just exploited it, and nothing they and their representatives are doing to us would be possible without the collusion and support of a slim majority of our own people.

            If a solid majority of white people ever comes to feel as we do, then God have mercy on our traitors and our enemies alike, no matter how outnumbered and how few white people are when that day comes.

          • It’s not a slim majority, it’s a large minority. It only becomes a majority once the minority votes are included.

          • V, I would hate to think that a minority of our own folk could keep the majority of us down, even as divided as we all are. I’ll concede the possibility. And if you’re right, then the struggle will be easier.

          • Trick is absolute freedom of association. Yep, we once lived in some very mixed areas, but folks knew where they belonged and where they didn’t. That’s a start.

          • Partition need not occur along present state lines. Parts of states, overwhelmingly rural, will be calving points. Those areas are red to the bone and are sick to death of being dictated to by blue cities and their black mobs.

          • Yes, the counties in those areas are talking about joining Idaho, creating “Greater Idaho.” Those areas in WA, OR, CA have little in common with Seattle, Portland, Bay Area/LA.

          • Precisely. Additionally, eastern Colorado, and northern Michigan. Hell, even upstate New York is rational and conservative compared to NYC, and separatist rumblings have been heard there.

          • Just this week we learned that Baker County (Eastern Oregon) has sued the state and our Xrrl Governor over the lockdown. The Oregon Supreme Court has tied the thing up for now and I don’t know the latest news but this kind of thing is what we need to see. We can add the lockdowns to 2A infringements on our grievance list and Statement of Partition (or whatever we end up calling it).

            Since partition will end the American Empire perhaps some of the savings from no longer having to garrison the planet can be put into some kind of relocation fund to allow people on both sides to move to where they feel welcome more easily. My wife and I are planning a trip soon to Idaho and might make a detour through there on the way. Speaking of which, are any of you in Idaho? It’s on my spreadsheet of possible relocation states. The move would be easier than trying to get to somewhere like Tennessee as well.

          • Poz-

            I live in slc at the moment. Driven through and around Idaho a clutch of times. IMO it’s Utah lite, strong Mormon presence and lots of snow. If you don’t mind that you’ll probably like it. Mormon girls aren’t hard on the eyes either if you have sons

        • Apartheid. Somebody will make the connection. Or separate but equal.

          Then again attitudes are shifting that way, so it might be possible in the future.

    • I don’t think democracy in itself caused this. Public school and now daycare caused this.
      Now, perhaps they only became targets because of democracy, but either way they did become targets and has spread progressivism and the liberal part of the liberal democracy to the people.
      Mandatory public education was designed for purpose in the first place. Initially it was to create factory workers. Now it is to create progressives. This is why they will arrest parents who do not force their children to attend. This is why even the lowliest employee who has any interaction with the kids needs to go through the indoctrination system themselves. It is a self perpetuating machine.

      • Oh yes, democracy itself caused this. We were raised with a religious respect for democracy and so we never saw what was always in plain sight. Plato did–
        In the oligarchical State drones are disqualified and driven from office, and therefore they cannot train or gather strength; whereas in a democracy they are almost the entire ruling power, and while the keener sort speak and act, the rest keep buzzing about the bema and do not suffer a word to be said on the other side; hence in democracies almosteverything is managed by the drones…. The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness. This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears above ground he is a protector–
        Democracy is doing exactly what it is born to do and yet we think to fight it on it’s own terms. Mankind is heirarchal by his very nature. Democracy has not changed that, it has changed the heirarchy, and that is the problem.

        • In the oligarchical State drones are disqualified and driven from office

          Evidence? Oligarchies are just as nepotistic to drones as they are competent people. The idiot nephew of the oligarch will have an easier life than the brilliant son of the coal miner.

      • This is why they will arrest parents who do not force their children to attend.

        Every state has provisions for homeschooling (though some are pretty harshly restrictive, most aren’t), and every state allows private schooling. There are plenty of ways to get your kids out of the system.

        • There are plenty of ways to get your kids out of the system.

          Well, you named two so “plenty” is probably not the right word.

          I live in, arguably, the most homeschool-friendly state in the “union.” The restrictions here in God’s Country are few and fairly lax by comparison to other states. But they’re there nonetheless, and are enforced from time to time. None of my children have ever attended a public or a private school in this state or any other. Enforcement of the State’s rules for homeschooling seems to hinge, in my experience and in this state, upon how willing the homeschooling parents are to do their “civic duty” as good and loyal citizens and essentially inform on themselves. That is to say to notify the state and/or local authorities that “I’m a homeschool parent, come do your worst.”

          Private (Christian and otherwise) Schools aren’t much different than public schools inasmuch as they’re a part of the system. This is because private schools emulate their public school counterparts in philosophy of education and methodology. It’s understandable because it’s all private school educators really know, but that’s another story. There is one big difference, though (between private and public schools) – privates can, and do, discriminate against “troubled” students and their troubled families; whereas publics cannot, and don’t.

          • As a teacher (math) I can say that homeschooling with good parents is absolutely the best for the child.

            Next comes a good private school that seeks to educate and not indoctrinate.

            Next we have a really good public school. They exist and it is usually the upper middle class parents that make it so.

            Next down the line we have the mediocre private school.

            Bringing up the rear is the majority of public schools, especially if they are “diverse”.

            I can say this; a woman should raise many children and teach all of them. I taught calculus to a kid in high school in the mountains after his mom said she just could not home-school him anymore; the boy was too far ahead of her. He was a great person, a good Christian and the smartest kid I ever taught. (145+ at least) To my surprise momma had him well prepared.

      • Infiltration and eventual rule by a hostile group caused this, which in turn caused demographic dispossession, which debased democracy. Public schools are fine if they are run by our own, although I think private schools and homeschooling are great.

    • One key to successful secessionist rhetoric is to couch it in patriotic terms. We are not seeking to destroy America but to recreate it in a form far more faithful to the Founders’ conception than the current heinous bastardization. We must appeal to rather than repel those with sentimental attachments to the US.

    • Great point. The eighth book of Plato’s Republic predicts that democracy invariably leads to tyranny. There are no alternatives to democracy; it is terminal

    • Dissolution, fragmentation, specialization, and Reformation are natural processes. Organisms do this to maximize survival. No need to advocate too much or participate too much. Staying diligent and making sure others know workable alternatives exist when needed works. We all know the poz isn’t working. It’s falling apart before everyone’s eyes. It’s only a matter of time. It will happen, eventually.

  46. People also forget that the emperor’s new clothes is a fairy tale, with a fairy tale ending, once some obvious contradiction is pointed out, the cry will NOT be taken up by others, that’s the most fairy-taily part.

    • If I’m not mistaken, in the original version the crowd rose up and killed the kid that pointed out the Emperor’s nakedness.

      • “But he hasn’t got anything on,” a little child said.

        “Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?” said its father. And one person whispered to another what the child had said, “He hasn’t anything on. A child says he hasn’t anything on.”

        “But he hasn’t got anything on!” the whole town cried out at last.

        The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.

      • the crowd rose up and killed the kid that pointed out the Emperor’s nakedness

        Somebody has been reading too much Ibsen … a real enemy of the people.

    • Paradoxically, it worked for Christianity eventually. A lot of martyrs for a long time, and then, basically total victory, I’m all for cynicism, but it’s only half the truth.

      Ultimately, truth telling is valuable because it’s the only thing that works long term. It’s why the West dominated for so long, when you honor truth you get more of it and eventually things like reliable shipping and hand held firearms. Or you can be like China, See Deer Point Horse, and end up getting bullied by much smaller Japan, ultimately relying on Western inventions and technology to turn it around.

      • I began to notice the wrong things and asking the wrong questions about 10 years back. I began coming up with drastically wrong answers about 7 years ago. I did this all right smack dab in the middle of some seriously pozzed shitlib families and from then on it was an exponential function: I started out disagreeing with small stuff here and there and then it became a torrent. The men were easy. If they objected to anything I said or vice versa, we laid it out and chewed the points over and at worst… we’d agree to disagree. If things got to uncomfortable we talked about something else. In the early days most agreed or saw my side of things.

        The problem was the women. They’d react with rage and hatred. Andy man can tell you, “You can’t reason with women…” They could never let things go either. That started slow too. At holiday dinners they’d gang up on me (or try to) but I wouldn’t have any of it. That alone made them livid. They went from catty to rage and hate and I responded with mocking derision. When their husbands laughed at them that was that for that. You could tell that some husbands “were going to get it when they got home!!!” In a heartbeat, after some adjustment, the husbands in the family went from amused indifference to angrily siding with their women. I suppose they thought they were protecting them or supporting them. I became angry in response and then it was over. I was just done, families can’t work like that. You have to believe as the hive does (ie the women) – or you can hit the road. I was found guilty of all the White Bads and also to be in league with You Know Who… and was banished to the hinterands.

        Having been through the red pill/exile process I can tell you that there will be no reasoning with such people. The most productive, the most efficient way of doing things is to walk away. If you are in a vibrant workplace, the wahmen and vibrants will be facts of life you can do nothing about. When their inevitable failures start to pile up they will go hunting for scapegoats – and you won’t want to be around for that if you are white and male. They will destroy themselves with their beliefs and do it happily. They are the crusaders and martyrs and you – well y’all know what you are. Zeig heil.

        The strategy now is – learn how to fight. Learn how to survive. Yes, it is going to get that bad. Anyone that denies this wasn’t paying attention to our recent pandemic debacle.

        Best of luck to ya, folks.

        • Nowadays I just point out that registering to vote means that you are eligible for jury duty. This works surprisingly well, and I can do it without admitting to Conservative leanings. They can then be laughed at for VOLUNTEERING to perform a CIVIC DUTY at a very low rate of pay.

          These are people who want benefits, and want other chumps to pay the costs and do the duties. Even a small risk of “spending August being sequestered at 10$ a day” is enough to make them rethink the whole politics thing – unless they’ve got their nose in the .gov feedbag, they are getting only crumbs left by the crooked scum.

          Making leftist associates shut up their brainless propaganda regurgitation is about the best result I can reasonably hope for. Laughing at them while sniping from cover is fun, too.

          • I like jury duty, though I’ve only been called once. I look at it as an opportunity to engage in jury nullification if the opportunity arises.

          • Use caution. Should you be selected for a jury, the judge will ask the question whether you are able to judge the facts and accept the law as instructed by the judge—not your personal acceptance or interpretation. You must say yes, or be dismissed.

            In deliberations, the mere mention of JN may cause one or more “normie” jurors to “rat you out to the judge”. You will then immediately be removed from the trial and prosecuted by the judge—perjury or contempt. This has been done many times in these matters.

            If you wish to act your conscious, then you’ve got to act stupid and simply vote to acquit no matter how intense the pressure from fellow jurors. Deny the facts, never the law.

          • I have been called 5 times. I have been dismissed as not good enough every time. I even said “jury nullification” one time. I thought the prosecutor was going to have a heart attack.

          • Adjudging from the avatar, you are an American grey squirrel. We don’t take kindly to your sort participating in our jury system, all you tend to say is “nuts”, although you are welcome in our kitchens together with brown gravy. Mere squirrel :>]

        • john, you need your own wife and kids, and a faith to ground yourself in . Roosh seems to have found a home in the orthodox , some guys are Trad cath, some of the mormons aare tight knitt and pretty realistic. remember to have a good life while fighting the good fight, and that means your own family. or at least a group of friends , the real kind, not “sportsbuddies”

          • Already done! 😊👍

            Perhaps our biggest loss in the culture wars was the loss of our faith. When I recovered from my banishment I began questioning everything I learned in the hive, up to and including creationism. I had been a lifelong atheist but upon much reflection and study, I converted. Christianity, properly observed, is like a martial art for the soul. We found a small chapel out in the country that made for a wonderful community. The men walk the Christian walk. The women are beautiful, warm and intelligent. The kids are a handful.

            If you struggle with big brain issues like the JQ, the faith can shed a lot of light on it and give you some real perspective. If you’ve gone through the wringer with shitlibs in your personal life as Roosh and I have, you can start working at putting yourself back together. Not only that, you can help others do it too.

            I’d like to see the Dissidents and real Christians form some kind of alliance, to be honest. They could learn a lot from each other, and both be the better for it.

        • John, wasn’t it you who said you were so estranged from your lesbian (?) daughter that certain of her Lefty buddies had talked about paying you a visit, until they figured out that you were probably armed?

          Forgive me if I’m confusing you with somebody else, it’s an inspiring story.

          • It was, D. It happened long ago, when the culture wars were just starting to heat up, and none of us Yesterday Men knew what to do about it. I got out of the Hive, but some of the other men In my family stayed behind in the thick of that liberal lunacy and tried to ride it out. Maybe they thought it would blow over, or that they could change minds. There have since been more estrangements and divorces, from what I’ve heard. Some of the men got raped in divorce court and left in truly dire circumstances they’ll never recover from. The kids are stuck trying to grow up in single parent families with crazed women at the helm and now they are having horrible problems of their own. In my former family a lot of people are starting to notice the wrong things, and ask the wrong questions now…so maybe there’s hope in that. Plus, the Dissidents are here now. They don’t shut up when they’re told, they speak and think for themselves and they do it very well. So maybe there’s inspiration for all of us in this somewhere. I certainly hope so.

            Time will tell.

          • Thanks again for sharing. I’m the same age as Zman, I often look around and wonder wtf happened. Seems like it happened slowly and then all at once at the same time.

    • Trolling works best imo. See OK sign and ‘It’s OK to be white.’ Simultaneously breaks the taboo and mocks it, exposes the thought police and idiots. Absolutely brilliant tactic.

      Whatever penalty you pay comes from the thought police, who are seen as thought police. It’s not as risky as it was a couple of years ago.

      • Senator McCarthy was right about Communists.

        General MacArthur was right about China.

          • He said that if we really wanted to win the Korean War, we had to nuke the bastards after they crossed the Yalu and came in on the side of the NORKS. He was relieved of his command by Truman.

            Seventy years after the war started, we still have troops in Korea are still technically at war with North Korea…

    • ST:TNG’s “Chain of Command”, echoing Orwell’s1984 is the better analogy.

      “I see 5 lights”. “THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!”. Zap!

      (I found a LED anywhere light with 4 LEDs which I plan to use during the next indoctrination session: “I see 5 lights”… “What are you, a pentaphotophobic bigot! Hater!”).


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