Gasp! Women and Men May Be Different!

As I get older I’m surprised by how much is forgotten.  One’s memory is supposed to fade as you age, but society’s memory is not supposed to fade. Yet, it seems like we are getting dumber. The crush of information that comes at us probably has something to do with it. Our brains simply can’t hold everything that comes at us. Still, it seems like someone would remember that everyone knew Bobby Riggs threw the match against the lesbian tennis player when it happened. I was just a tyke at the time and I recall the adults laughing at the thing. I’ve gone my whole life assuming the whole thing was a setup. The mafia angle is probably new.

The funny thing to me is the strange persistence of the feminist lunacy about the differences between the sexes. Biology is not a social construct, yet the idea persists. We have a mountain of evidence now from the military and it is clear that women can’t do the same things physically as men. It turns out that 10,000 years of observation was indeed correct. That’s why there is one set of standards for women and another for men. It is also why we will never see women in combat units. They simply cannot do what is required. Yet, saying it in polite company gets you sent out of the room if you’re lucky. Most likely you get an earful from some screeching harpy.

The magical thinking does not stop at physical skills. Since 1901, women have made up four percent of the Nobel laureates in Medicine, two percent in Chemistry, and only one percent in Physics. The number of men with an IQ of 145 is seven times that of women. At the highest levels,  the ratio is 30:1. On average, men are clearly better at mathematics and dominate the higher IQ groups. Men are also over represented in the low end of IQ, which makes sense evolutionarily. Human society needed a smart fraction, but also a strong violent fraction. Someone needs to be in charge, but someone has to be willing to carry out the orders. Women, in contrast, have to be good at bearing and raising children, which requires neither high math skills nor great physical courage.

Despite the mountain of evidence and 10,000 years of observation, put “women not good at math” and you get back pages and pages of links to stories claiming the facts are to be ignored. Hilariously, the counter to decades of test score will be a paper in Psychology Today. That’s like asking the local palm reader to prove gravity is just a state of mind. But, there is too much invested in feminism to let facts get in the way so here we are, revisiting a story from forty years ago.