The White House Rape Conspiracy

Americans are not fond of conspiracy theories. They make good movie devices, but most Americans take things at face value. In fact, people who promote conspiracy theories tend to be written off as kooks. The 9/11 Truthers and the Birthers are two notable examples. Franklin was right when he said that “three can keep a secret if two are dead.” The entirety of our news business relies on blabber-mouths telling tales out of school. People simply cannot keep secrets.

But, that does not mean there are no conspiracies. The other day Steve Sailer connected the dots between the authoress of the infamous Rolling Stone story and Stephen Glass, the fabulist who duped the Left many years ago. Sabrina Erdly was a classmate of Glass and she wrote a glowing article about him. That connection says nothing about the veracity of her claims, but it adds a nice bit of color. Erdly is not someone who thinks fabricating stories is a bad thing.

Here’s where things get interesting. One of Erdly’s sources for her tale, is a woman named Emily Renda. She is a UVA grad who brought the alleged victim to the attention of Erdly so she could write about her. It turns out that Renda was not just a concerned citizen. She was working for the White House and was part of the Administration’s new crusade to end the alleged rape culture on campus.

University alumna Emily Renda, who worked with the White House Task Force last spring and interns in the University Office of Student Affairs, said the new campaign will change the language used to discuss sexual assault prevention.

“Men weren’t particularly engaged with sexual violence prevention because the only thing we were really pushing as part of [it] was ‘don’t rape people,’ which is not exactly a very proactive thing to tell people to do,” Renda said. “The language is starting to shift more to healthy conversations about healthy sexuality and consent, and having those for both men and women as kind of an engagement point.”

Renda said the changed approach will involve men who have felt alienated and broadly characterized as perpetrators of sexual violence, as well as women who have felt alienated and broadly characterized as victims.

“This campaign and the stuff that U.Va. is already doing, is irrespective of gender saying ‘it is, in fact, our responsibility just as individuals and humans, regardless of our gender,’” she said. “It’s a lot about pulling back on the victim-perpetrator dichotomy we were using before.”

“It’s On Us” follows the path of University initiatives like “Hoos Got Your Back” and “Not On Our Grounds” in stressing the importance of bystander education and intervention against sexual assault.

“We intended for ‘Hoos Got Your Back’ to be an introduction to bystander [intervention], and to raise awareness for how important bystanders can be in fighting sexual misconduct,” Eramo said. “We kind of considered it our first step, and our next step is working on developing and implementing some training programs for students, so I think you’ll see more of that coming towards the end of this semester and into the spring semester.”

“It’s On Us” will work alongside the University’s sexual assault awareness groups to empower the initiative on Grounds.

“What [“It’s On Us”] will hopefully do is augment the messaging we already have,” Renda said. “The hope is that “It’s On Us” can … be some sort of sub-campaign within [the] broader, more University specific [groups], because we want to keep the language that’s relevant to our community, while still looking into the national prevention effort.”

So, we have the White House, as part of its political strategy, pushing the bogus rape culture stuff. We have a member of the administration feeding a bogus story to a social justice warrior, who dutifully writes a highly fictionalized version for a progressive website known for its click-bait journalism.

Now that’s a conspiracy you can sink your teeth into!


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  2. I haven’t seen this much cooperation or means and ends since Horst Wessel and the Reichstag Fire.

  3. “…change the language used…”
    “The language is starting to shift…”
    “…the messaging we already have.”
    “…keep the language that’s relevant…”

    Miss Renda’s perfect primer for successful propaganda, a/k/a The Big Lie.

    NAZIs in hell are selling piping-hot ice water.

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