Bend Over

Here it comes. The great Republican sellout of their voters is coming earlier than anyone expected.

Trying to avoid a showdown over immigration, House Republican leaders are moving to make a deal with Democrats to pass a spending bill that would keep the government running past next week.

The emerging strategy follows legislation passed Thursday by the House declaring President Barack Obama’s executive actions to curb deportations of immigrants in the U.S. illegally to be “null and void.” That legislation wasn’t enough for some conservatives, who complained that the only way to stop Obama’s actions on immigration would be to forbid them in legislation that must pass if the government is to stay open.

Republican leaders are opposed to that course of action, fearing a government shutdown that they don’t want, and they plan to rely on Democratic votes to pass a bill to keep the government going.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday that Democrats were committed to keeping the government open, but she warned that Republicans could lose their support if they include too many contentious so-called policy riders in the spending bill, on issues like school lunch nutrition standards and water quality.

“We haven’t seen the bill. But there are some very destructive riders in it that would be unacceptable to us and, I think, unacceptable to the American people,” Pelosi said.

“The responsibility to keep government open is theirs. If the bill is anything that we can support, we will,” added Pelosi, who has more leverage in the negotiations because of Boehner’s likely need to rely on her to deliver Democratic votes.

The spending bill would pay for the operations of most government agencies for a year while extending the Homeland Security Department operations only for a few months. Homeland Security includes the immigration agencies that would carry out Obama’s executive actions, so the approach would allow Republicans to revisit them early next year, once they have control of the Senate and a bigger majority in the House.

“We think this is the most practical way to fight the president’s action,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said.

Several conservative lawmakers sounded resigned Thursday to being ignored by Boehner, who with a bigger majority next year will have more room to maneuver around balky tea party lawmakers.

My friends on the Right get cross with me when I say there’s little difference between the parties. They pound their shoe on the table shouting “There’s a world of difference between the parties!” The fact that no one can ever point to anything where the parties differ all that much is ignored. People want to believe.

Between now and the 2016 election, ObamaCare will become more entrenched and Obama will incrementally amnesty 20 million illegals. Occasionally we’ll hear shouts of protest from Weepy and Droopy, but they will do nothing about it. America faces the same problem the Brits are struggling with now. In America, there’s no party for the majority, just two parties trying to represent the elites. In Britain the void is being filled by UKIP. No such possibility exists in America so we’re doomed to state-party rule where the official parties are just the two faces of the ruling oligarchy.

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Joseph K
Joseph K
9 years ago

Wow, I though the Cruz/CFR connection was only floating around the conspiracy sites like INFOWARS. Looks like POLITICO figured it out:

Cruz is the biggest of frauds. He recently told a crowd of Jewish donors that he “was not all that conservative”. He very publicly threw the Middle Eastern Orthodox Christians, an imperiled minority that has been in existence long before Muhammad crawled out of his cave, because he needs Sheldon Adelson’s bucks to run for President. The conservative cultists who have been drooling over this guy are going to be shocked if he ever achieves real power.

Joseph K
Joseph K
9 years ago

I’ve predicted for the last year that once Obama commits to executive amnesty, the next shoe to drop will be a border security bill. Sure enough: When that passes, Manchurian Conservative Ted Cruz, who despite all his rhetoric is in accord with the leadership on immigration, and who’s wife, as member of the Council of Foreign Relations, was a member of a task force advocating for the North American Union (, will pronounce himself satisfied. At that point, some version of the Gang Of 8 immigration bill will be passed, and Obama’s executive action will be codified by Congress… Read more »