Biologists have been puzzling over extinction events since forever. Trying to figure out why some species went away is a natural curiosity for those who enjoy solving puzzles and it has some bearing on our own existence. It’s why old western towns remain tourist attractions or why people visit ancient ruins. Stand in the Valley of the Kings and you can’t help but wonder how it all happened. Why were these people here? Why did they do what they did? Why did it all fall apart?

The social sciences gloss over this by asserting that the people in the age of decline did not really think they were in decline. I’ve never accepted that argument. I think they knew, just as we know now. We can look at this story and see it for what it is – cultural suicide.

One of Swedens financial newspapers recently uncovered a secret group of bureaucrats who go under the name “Mottagande” (Reception). They are preparing Sweden for 400,000 asylum seekers of which 130,000 children over the next 5 years. The new Swedes will stem mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. The government hopes they will bolster the economy.

There are at least 4 non-elected bureaucrats who are running the group and preparing Sweden for its new population.

1. Max Elger, works for Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson

2. Lars Westbratt, works for Minister of Justice, Morgan “only 1%” Johansson

3. Erik Nilsson, works for former communist and current Minister of Employment, Ylva Johansson

4. Annelie Roswall Ljungren, works for former illegal immigrant and current Minister of Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi

Reactions to the news were primarily negative and notorious anti-establishment tweeter @SinglaSlant was quick to act and criticized the individuals for choosing to live far away from the multicultural Sweden they are working full time to create.

Sweden is a country with roughly 9.5 million people. According to their government, 1.5 million are foreign born. Adding another half million breeding age foreigners not only raises the foreign population to 20% of the whole, it puts the nation on track to be majority non-Swedish in a couple of generations. The people in charge of Sweden are trying to wipe out the Swedes.

Why would anyone do that? What possible reason could they have? Self-loathing is the only thing that is plausible. How can a people collectively decide to eradicate their kind?

One day in the future people will stand on Swedish ruins and wonder what happened to the people who build those things. They will wonder why they went away. The answer is they simply gave up.

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  1. Theories that I’ve batted around (from most likely to least likely):

    • Elites believe that there is no way to maintain industrial competivity without importing low cost laborers (would think that all would realize that this hasn’t been working plus you would think that even the densest bureaucrat would get that capital deepening is the way to go).

    • Elites are scared out of their minds by the civilization-crushing effects of concurrent low fertility and deflation. In other words, they see importing immigrants as the lesser of two evils. This presupposes that the elites know history and non-marxist economics.

    • Corruption. The elites are being bribed by the Gulf Arabs to take the excess population from Dar al Islam. If so, how are the cash flows being hidden? Or is the quid pro quo deferred or non-cash? Hidden rebates on oil? In support of this argument: it is probably cheaper for the Oil Arabs to export Muslims that to continue to pay to prop up places like Egypt and Yemen.

    • Societal death wish. I suppose Spengler, the Asia Times and PJ Media columnist, is as likely to be right as anyone about this, though the fall in civilizational confidence and birthrates seems to be most tightly correlated with post-secondary education, female emancipation, and (in one study I saw) availability of TV to the saturation point in a local population. The amusing thing about this theory is it tends to validate post-modern feminist theory. Before the pill and female emancipation, men were impregnating their uneducated, more-bitter-with-each-child-wives against their wills. Where the post-modern feminists are wrong, is that it was never the sex that women didn’t want. It was the pregnancies and kids. Once they had the education and tools to stop having kids, many (most?) women have made the decision to end civilization. Fun!

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  3. Perhaps we could examine the possibility that the democratic form of government is merely following the law of it’s own nature since these late stage democracies are all running along similar paths to suicide. Except, possibly, Japan, but they were late to the game. Democracy is the rule of the most clever, the most insincere, and the most ruthlessly manipulative. A mob can only be led by the gun or the nose. We’re nose people. Our twelve score and ten are about up. Good riddance.

  4. To echo Kathleen’s point in a way: I see many tribes coming to the west from their own ragamuffin nations, but very few (if any) non-believers going the other way. At this rate there will be very few left in Bigdogistan and an awful lot of unhappy folk crammed into smaller northern European nations.

  5. It is simply unfathomable to me that the Swedes would willingly commit cultural suicide by continuing to import Moslem barbarians. There are over 50 Moslem nations. There is only one Sweden.

  6. The Swedes have always been such a beautiful people, why do they want to dilute their brand? They were among the few that migrated as far as they could away from …..oh well you know what I mean.

  7. Also- dunno if anyone noticed- but in the wake of the stories about ‘no-go zones’ in European cities- a ton of folks posting on Facebook and other social media about how ‘no-go zones’ are a myth- “I went to the banlieus or to Rosengård and didn’t get killed so therefore, there is no problem. It reminds me of the way the smart set used to talk about New York in the ’70s- or the reports of the political pilgrims who went to the Soviet Union in the 30’s!

  8. This whole topic makes me ill. My grandparents came from Sweden- I speak the language, and I have many friends and relatives there. I see the country disappearing in front of my eyes, certainly without the consent of a good chunk of Swedes. The problem is, and perhaps the Surveyor can correct me if I’m wrong, that all of the institutions of Swedish life are in the bag for the New Sweden- the government, both major parties, the press, the schools establishment and the universities- all committed to the destruction of the traditional Swedish nation. Mind you, they would not phase it that way, of course, but that’s what it is. The Sweden Democrats are the only party that brings the national question to the table, and they are absolutely vilified in the press and at the univerities. When I talk to my relatives, who are mostly normal folk with normal jobs, they will express reservations about this brave new word, but my teacher friends are totally in the bag- and don’t recognize that the problems in places like Rosengård and Rinkeby are not because of Swedish ‘racism’, but because of the culture of the new ‘Swedes’. Självmord indeed. At least I won’t be around to see it.

  9. “The people in charge of Sweden are trying to wipe out the Swedes…Why would anyone do that? What possible reason could they have? Self-loathing is the only thing that is plausible. How can a people collectively decide to eradicate their kind?”

    In the Post-Biological Age, ideology supplants instinct. These people are no longer citizens of Sweden, but citizens of a trans-national Progressive machine. The goal is to keep the machine running. If they can’t do it with Swedes, they’ll do it with whomever; ethnicity is irrelevant to the functioning of the Therapeutic-Entitlement State.

    After WWII, the newly emergent Therapeutic-Entitlement states of the West were kept afloat by the fact that more citizens contributed to the various entitlement rackets than drew down on them. Now that the situation has reversed, collapse is looming. That cannot be allowed to happen. With birthrates falling below replacement, the only solution is mass immigration.

    This is not the mass immigration of the 19th century, the goal of which was to provide workers for the rapidly expanding industrial system, nor is it the mid/late 20th century illegal influx that existed to keep wages low and provide cheap domestic labor for the over-class. Amnesty is the lynchpin here – the illegals must be normalized and allowed to pay taxes into the bankrupt entitlement systems.

    Contrary to some of the hysterical assertions on the right, this is not about creating a new class of voters who will keep Progressives in power – that is merely a side benefit. All the votes in the world will not keep a bankrupt system in place. The goal is revenue. Note that here in the U.S., the Republicans want the same thing as the Democrats, minus the citizenship, because citizenship is irrelevant; it’s all about the Federal ID card that opens the gate to the tax system. I suspect that after a bit more fake national debate the current population of illegals will be granted some form of second class status that withholds voting rights while granting just about everything else.

    In saner days, when faced with depopulation and a declining tax base, the ruling class would institute draconian marriage legislation; create strong social and legal sanctions against childlessness; and criminalize abortion and sodomy: the instinctively, polymorphously-perverse sexual instinct was forcibly channeled toward procreation through marriage. In the Post-Biological Progressive Age this is no longer possible, although some societies with a remnant of traditionalism, such as Russia, are moving in that direction. Therefore, our modern rulers move to Plan B, which is to let in the hordes.

    The people who run Sweden and the rest of the West are not self-loathing – on the contrary they love themselves and the machine they have created. They are not eradicating their kind – they are perpetuating it. They are just operating with different categories than the rest of us. But they are playing a dangerous game. They think they will run the machine in perpetuity, and that they may somehow remain divorced from the imported fellahin. The Romans thought so too. When more traditional methods failed due to a perfect storm of plague and war, they too let in the hordes. The hordes, of course, ended up owning the Empire.

    But not before they managed to wreck it.

  10. Despite writing about this topic regularly and coming to the same conclusion it is always shocking to read.

    I would like to point out that your numbers regarding foreign population aren’t entirely correct unless one takes the government statistics to heart.

    One of the first things I uncovered on my blog was the SCB’s questionable way of measuring the demographics.

    Using different variables for foreign population, such as the following, puts the number at 25% in 2008

    I) Born abroad
    II) Both parents born abroad
    III) One parent born abroad

    7 years have gone by since the so I think it is safe to say that the number is at minimum +30% by now.

    Ethnic Swedes will be a minority in Sweden around 2040-2045.

    According to the official statistics ethnic Swedes will never appear to be a minority because measuring with such variables is deemed racist.

    For the record I am not fully Swedish and considering the declining birth rates among ethnic Swedes and the fact that we live in a globalised world this was bound to happen but I would prefer it if they let the demographic shift occur in its own time and not on steroids via an open-door immigration policy.

    • Interesting data Swedish Surveyor. I fully admit to knowing little about Sweden, besides cheering on their women’s curling team.

      What’s baffling is this desire to get it over with on the part of Western elites. Future anthropologists will puzzle over how we allowed our people to be taken over by suicidal maniacs.

  11. I never thought the Vikings would give up so easily, but they have. Ragnar Lodbrok will be spinning in his Valhalla…

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