The Narcotic of Anti-Racism

Political and social trends are looking more and more like weird cults that people join for a short while and then abandon for some new crackpot thing. Just a few years ago the comments sections of websites were filled with nutters ranting about the glories of sodomite marriage. Then, the sodomites were thrown out of the temple and trannies were the new thing.

Anti-racism is looking like one of those trends that may have a long shelf life. I saw this in the NYTimes. If you look at the comments, you can see why it is so intoxicating to the lunatics on the Left. This comment from a kook named Tim C is emblematic:

I literally do not find “anti-white” bias and “reverse racism” valid concepts. Race is a concept no one in America do not want to discuss. And by that, I mean, white Americans. Rather than have an intellectual proactive discussion that produces proactive solutions that push social progress, all we do is point blame at the victims and do not think to comprehend why white America aggresses without responsibility. We cannot be post-racial when we have not even been racial.

Those sentences are barely English – literally! But, you can bet he felt great after having typed them. He got to bang on publicly about the pale penis people, thus showing his piety. That’s the thing about anti-racism. it’s hard to mock someone for it. Start yammering about trannies or even sodomites and people will snicker.

In many respects, anti-racism is the perfect topic for the Cultural Marxist. The pale penis people will always be with us so there is no “winning” or end game like we had with homosexual marriage. Since blacks will also always be with us, the disparities are a social constant.

The key to these modern movements is that the promised land must be just over the next hill. That way, the believers can feel their are getting closer so they get worked up in a frenzy at anything that is seen as an obstacle. As the Greeks learned in the Peloponnesian War, fanaticism comes easy when the enemy is evil.

Sailer think the whole enterprise is coming apart, but I don’t know. Hatred of the pale penis people has psychic rewards that can’t be easily replaced. Even homosexuals get tired of being around homosexuals so having the gay friend gets old quickly. Being anti-white, even if you’re white, is all upside and no downside. It’s like heroin that helps you work harder and be more conscientious, as well as be in a perpetual dream state.

Just scan through those comments. They are clawing each others eyes out to get to the top of the piety pole. They are rats hooked on coke banging at the little button to get their next fix. That does not go away without something filling the void.


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8 years ago

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9 years ago

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9 years ago

Well there’s always sexism, ageism, income inequality, environmental justice, etc. Oh they will always find new causes or recycle old ones – in perpetuity. My new tact is to try to ignore them. I will not discuss, “have a conversation”, or in any way engage with leftist thought drivelers. Reason fails when faith presents.

ed in texas
ed in texas
9 years ago

It does sound like “Tim C” is playing buzzword bingo. Proactively. I wonder if he could express his comment in alternate terms, i.e. not use the buzzwords, but use the meanings of them instead.
Them we could evaluate whether he actually understands what he’s saying, or trying to say, or if it’s just your basic 15 seconds of gibberish thing.