Irreconcilable Differences

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Viewing the after action reports on cable news and on-line, I can’t get past the fact that the chattering class remains thoroughly perplexed by what they are seeing. The script says they are supposed to coo over Farina and her poll numbers will soar. Then they will put on the serious face and tell us why one of the dwarfs is the only sober choice. The dwarf will win the nomination and they will all live happily ever after.

Instead, it’s as if someone has removed the CPU from the robot. Rather than working as expected, it is running amok, smashing up everything and threatening to kill the soft graceful people who inhabit the world of the chattering classes. The only thing missing from these reports on Trump is to have the chattering skulls huddling together as they read from the prompter.

Part of what we’re seeing is the chasm between the managerial class and the rest of us. The folks on TV or writing for the mainstream sites imagine they have a good bead on things. After all, they read each others blogs, books and columns. They talk to all the smart people that traipse through the studios. They even send foreign correspondents out to places like Cleveland and Denver to report on what’s happening out there, beyond the perimeter.

Another part is that they are programmed to think that politics is simply a fight between the two sides of the ruling class. Their bosses engage in ritualized combat over who gets to be in charge for a while. Instead of fielding champions to battle it out in the pit, they give each other tongue lashings on TV. The peanut gallery still gets to give the kill sign, but it really does not matter who wins as they largely agree on everything anyway.

That’s what is so confusing to them. Most of these people are simply unaware of the vast body of opinion outside the their bubble. They have this huge blind spot that the rest of us call reality. The chattering classes don’t get the Trump Effect because it’s not supposed to exist. In fact, it can’t exist. Contemplating it is on par with noodling over the existence of magical elves riding unicorns.

What we’re seeing on TV and the Interwebs is just the glitter path. There’s a huge chasm between the ruling class of American society and those over whom they rule. It’s not simply a disagreement over the direction of society. In many respects, the duty of the ruling class is to guide their subjects to the right policies. In a sane society, the people in charge are smarter and more knowledgeable so they better be more right than the masses.

No, the dispute today is over the nature of society and it is an irreconcilable dispute. The ruling class of today imagines a world that does not include a thriving, rambunctious middle class that participates in the decision making. They imagine a world that looks a lot like feudalism, where  the people are kept, like pets or farm animals. It’s a world that cannot accommodate the English speaking world’s idea of a citizen.

The choice before us is a simple one. Either the ruling class gets a new people or the people get a new ruling class. The ruling class, to their credit, have figured this out a long time ago. Mark Zuckerburglar is not spending millions to thwart reform efforts because he is a greed-head. It is an article of faith among the billionaire class that their survival depends on ending the concept of citizenship and that’s best achieved with open borders and mass migration.

The people may be finally catching on and that’s why patriotic parties are rising up in Europe while America is having Trump-a-paloosa. The people supporting these efforts are committed to working within their traditional processes. That means winning elections, passing new laws and reforming the ruling class. The people supporting Trump are not ready to cross the Rubicon and have a boiled rope party – yet.

Social reform works when the people in charge are driving the reform. There are no examples of successful reform movements that were not supported by some elements of the ruling elite. That’s important to keep in mind when analyzing what’s happening in the West. Similarly, most bottom-up reform movements have been crushed by the people in charge. The exceptions are those that ended in revolution.

The other night, one of the dwarfs quoted Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”  This was in reference to the civil disobedience over homosexual marriage.

The irony, of course, was lost on all of them. In that letter, King was making a point to the white ruling class of the South. That point was this. They could either negotiate with King and dismantle the legal discrimination or they could deal with the mobs in the streets. King was betting that they lacked the stomach to open fire on the mob, which meant they had only one way out.

Donald Trump is not Martin Luther King and there are no mobs in the street yet, but the situation facing the ruling elite is the same. The ruling class has been slowly diluting the value of citizenship by extending the benefits to millions of non-citizens. The hope was that sentimentality or fear would keep people from noticing. That’s no longer the case. People have noticed. From here, the ball can only roll down hill one way.

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  2. The folks that did as their betters told them stayed home and didn’t come to this country. We got the hell raisers, the rule breakers, the ones that just wanted to be left alone. They live in a country where you are told what light bulbs to buy, what toilet to use and what kind of food to eat. Other countries dump their criminals on us and they get benefits, housing and welfare, which the citizens pay for. They get no benefit from this and have to live with the resulting crime. I think a lot of folks have had it. And all the old arguments- he’s not a conservative, he’s lying, he won’t do what he says– won’t work when the people we voted for have already done those things. I don’t think the elites are really ready for 1968, part two.

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  4. No, the dispute today is over the nature of society and it is an irreconcilable dispute. The ruling class of today imagines a world that does not include a thriving, rambunctious middle class that participates in the decision making. They imagine a world that looks a lot like feudalism, where the people are kept, like pets or farm animals. It’s a world that cannot accommodate the English speaking world’s idea of a citizen.

    In case anyone disagrees with you, just point them to the European Union for an observable experimental proof. Some English are resisting, but their ruling class is driving them hard into the continental feedlot.

  5. “Either the ruling class gets a new people or the people get a new ruling class.”

    Yeah, its pretty much this.

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  7. You know these sonofabitches running things, all of them, they don’t grok how easy they have had it. The only resistance to them has been between those deciding who gets to run the regime for the next stage of strip mining the rest of us of our inherent wealth and freedoms necessary to rob us blind.

    They find it complexing now?
    Brother, they don’t have a clue.

    Just wait to see what it is like when they screw the pooch on this election sham.
    The gloves are coming off. They are, because these fools do not understand when you fuck with good people who have had quite enough, at a certain point, they become people who are righteous and out to eradicate the source of tyranny and will not stop, can’t be reasoned with, or reckoned with. There is no longer any reason to do so.
    That is no BS either. Its not conjecture. I’m talking about people who are born into liberty to begin with. The state and its actors can deny us our freedoms all they want, lie and cheat and thieve and murder us all they want, it does not eliminate something essential about us. Something primal and natural born. If anything it gives us strength and resolve. It reinforces something indomitable in us.

    They better cut the crap and wise up. Whats going to happen is going to be ugly and nasty and brutal if they pull a fast one on us again. And it has nothing to do with “permitting” us to vote our way out of this shit sandwich they have served up.
    This is essential, its recognition that this is our country, our land, our happiness, our business, and take your “laws” and regulations, your administrative dictatorship, your constitution, and shove it up your arse.
    Because what you fuckers don’t seem to get, we, our liberty, our primal freedoms, they come first, and last.
    We don’t need them. They need us.
    This ain’t about Trump, or any of the worthless bastards.
    This is about us.
    It is their last chance, the last of tolerance for their malice corruption and treason.
    There is no more tolerance for them remaining after this, for those of us, who are the productive and the critical reasoners of liberty. Its wore out.

    There is no turning back once the die are cast if they pull this ruling elite who is the next anointed ruling mandarin crap with us and Trump.

    You all watch what happens. The sonofabitches are going to get desperate. They have such an inflated right to rule over us, it blinds them to how pissed off and fed up, down right disgusted, people are.
    I’m saying they will soon show just how much they believe their hubris and omnipotence entitles them to do, regardless of any mitigating concepts and realities of sovereign will and consent on our part. This is the true entitlement class on display here. This is primal stuff at stake. This isn’t taxation, or obamacare, or undefended borders, or the NSA, militarized regime bureaucracies, ATF gun running, even mass murder like Waco. This is about the one thing that makes us a free people, natural born clingers to traditions and faith and guns. It is the crux of us. These tyrants lording over us and meddling in everyones, the entire worlds affairs not withstanding. That for all their “power” in all its putrid forms, it’s we who are the glue that keeps it together regardless, from falling apart, this land from loosing its sanity.
    That is what is at stake here.
    That is for all the marbles kind of thing.
    Trump is the line in the sand between liberty and tyranny. It has nothing to do with Trump being president. That doesn’t matter one bit in the scope of things when you get down to what matters most. But Trump has everything to do with the truth, its our will, or is it their tyranny? Which is it? Trump is the canary in the coal mine. That canary better not go tits up. They cross that rubicon there is no turning back. There will be no reason on God’s green Earth to obey their diktat, any of it. It will be a cascade preference for unlimited comeuppance richly deserved with a vengeance, and on like Donkey Kong.

    There was more than enough for everyone. This great society, it was the goose that laid golden eggs on a platinum platter and shat diamonds.
    But no, even that wasn’t enough. They have squandered it all, and now they want the tiny bit that is the essence of us.
    I don’t think so.
    Not if I have anything to do with it.
    I think I’m far from alone on that score.

  8. This is why all those people shouting “Trump is a Nazi!” drive me even more nuts than that kind of thing normally would. Trump really IS using the campaign tactics of National Socialism, very effectively. The choice being offered by traditional politics, they said, was between an international elite and a formless revolutionary mob. You can be an anonymous consumer for international finance capital, they said, or you can be an anonyous cog in the Soviet machine.

    OR you can vote for us, where — whatever else happens — you can be German again.

    Absolutely nobody in the commentariat gets this. Ann Coulter nailed part of it, with her now infamous tweet about all the candidates at the debate running for President of Israel. But even she thinks Trump is a part of the intra-elite fight; she doesn’t realize that President Toby Keith really is the ideal for a vast swathe of middle America… and that a vast swathe of middle America is finally feeling emboldened to say so.

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